This is the 72nd Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover.

This is the 15th Sonic & SpongeBob Special

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob & the Mixels

Main Villains: Plankton, the HenchCombats & Major Nixel

Story #1: Transcript

Crossover Crisis, Meet the Mixels

(In the world of the Mixels)

(It was a beautiful day today & we see the Infernites

Infernites (From Left to Right: Zorch, Flain & Vulk)

, known as Flain, Vulk & Zorch are relaxing in their lava pools in the Infernite Kingdom.)

Flain: (sighs) This is living. I wonder what the Cragster Compadres are doing today?

Vulk: They like to dig back in their kingdom.

Zorch: Yeah, prehaps we can play a little game of cards for fun?

Flain: That's a good idea. Let's invite them over.

(At the Cragster Kingdom)

(We see the Cragsters

Cragsters (From Left to Right: Krader, Seismo & Shuff)

, known as Seismo, Krader & Shuff are discussing together)

Seismo: Krader? Shuff? Who you think is greatest shiny hunt hunt?

Krader: Me greatest shiny hunt hunt.

Shuff: Me greatest.

Seismo: Me greatest shiny hunt hunt.

Krader: CONTEST!

(The Cragsters begins to find shiny things & suddenly they heard a telephone ring & Seismo answers it)

Seismo: Hello?

Flain: (in phone) Hey, my cragster compradre. Wanna have some fun later?

Seismo: Ok, Flain. We Cragster love to have fun. (turns to Krader & Shuff) Krader! Shuff! Flain in phone, want us for rad fun! Rad fun!

Krader: Call in Electroids to join in too?

Shuff: Yeah! More fun for everyone! (begins calling the Electroids, using the phone) PickupPickupPickupPickupPickup...

(At the Electroid Kingdom)

(We see the Electroids

Electroids (From Left to Right: Teslo, Volectro & Zaptor)

, known as Volectro, Teslo & Zaptor are working on an invention, until they hear a phone call from the Cragsters)

Volectro: Hm? There's-zzz a phone call.

Telso: I got it. (answers the phone) Hello?

Shuff: (in phone) Hi Electroids. Wanna join Cragster & Infernite for fun!

Telso: We Electroids love to have zzzz-super fun!

Zaptor: Oh boy! Super Fun... (zaps) Time!

(At a Grassy Plains)

(The Infernites, the Cragsters & the Electroids arrived to have fun.)

Flain: Hey guys! Are we ready to have some fun?

Seismo: Yeah, Flain! Rad fun! Rad fun!

Flain: Then let's get it on!

(Suddenly a blue wormhole appears in front of the Mixels)

Flain: What the?

Vulk: What was that?

Zorch: Might be a good place to check out, eh?

Shuff: Me no go in there.

Teslo: This-zzzz must've been a wormhole into another world.

Zaptor: This could be a saftey hazzzzard.

(Suddenly the wormhole begins to inhale the Mixels inside)

Seismo: Uh oh.

Mixels: (screaming) AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

(In Mobotropolis)

(The blue wormhole spits out all 9 Mixels into the city & lands with a bump)

Flain: What just happened?

Krader: Where me?

Teslo: We're in another world, this wormhole hazzzz inhaled us inside & spits us out into... (zaps) a new world.

Zorch: Well, whatever's going on, we need to figure out on how to get back to our home.

(Suddenly they heard a voice coming from Tails, who is with the Knothole Freedom Fighters)

Tails: Sonic the Hedgehog over there!

Sonic: (notices the Mixels) Looks like someone's off the beaten path, Tails... and they are robots, no less!

Flain: Hey there. My name is Flain.

Seismo: Me Seismo.

Sonic: (turns to Tails) What do you think, guys? Should we rush them?

Krader: Huh?

Antoine: They're robots, mon ami! They might be ze last of Robotnik's badniks! If they are female... one part Ooh-la-la and two parts treachery!

Bunnie: (is a bit angry) Antoine! Is that how you think of me?

Antoine: Au contraire, mon cherie! I was really recalling a bad experience I once had!

Shuff: What they say, guys?

Volectro: They say that they would rush at us-zzzz! We might be in DAN...(zaps)...GER!

Vulk: What are we gonna do?

Telso: Let's mix it up a noach! (holds up the cubit)

Volectro: My favourite (zaps) time of the day!

Zaptor: Yeah!

Volectro, Teslo & Zaptor: (holds onto the cubit) MIX! (mix to the max, shining bright light)

(The Knothole Freedom Fighters we're blinded by the light)

Sonic: Wait! What are they doing?! They're combining themselves with some cube, Sally!

(The light fades away to see the Electroids have mixed to the max)

Electroid Max: Let's get Mixel!

Sally: Scatter!

(The Knothole Freedom Fighters tries to run away, but they got electrocuted by Electroids Max)

Knothole Freedom Fighters: (falls down, knocked out)

Electroids: (defused)

Zaptor: Well look at that. They'll be waking up for a short time.

Flain: Let's get outta here!

Seismo: How do we go home?

Krader: Still find shiny thing!


Vulk: That's a good idea. Let's find something powerful enough to teleport us home like a portal.

Telso: (detecting high levels of energy) I detect high levels-zzzz of energy coming from a floating island over there! (points to the Floating Island)

Flain: And that's where we must go!

Volectro: How do we get to a floating island? We can't fly.

Zorch: (spots a hover craft) Over there!

(The Mixels hops on the hover car)

Zaptor: Does anyone know how to drive this-zzzz thing?

Volectro: I'll give it a try. (turns on the engines & then flies the hover car to the Floating Island.)

(As they left, Spongebob comes by)

Spongebob: Hey guys, do you need some...(surprized to see the Knothole Freedom Fighters) Guys! Are you ok?

Sonic: (waking up a bit) Wow, those bots really pack a punch. (chuckles & then passes out again, feeling dizzy)

Spongebob: Whoever they are, this could be trouble. (notices the hover car is missing) Now where is that hover car? I thought it was broken down. Or was it?

(What they didn't know is that from the Mega Chum Bucket, Plankton had watched all the action with his HenchCombats)

Plankton: Aha! So that's how we'll take out these heroes: Evil versions of those bots called... uh... what are they called?

Redbot: They are known as the Mixels.

Yellowbot: They seem to be trapped here in this world by mistake.

Plankton: No time for guessing how they got here. We got work to do.

(At the Floating Island)

(The Mixels arrives at the Floating Island, but crashes when trying to land)

Volectro: Whoops! Maybe I zzzz-should've learn how to land this thing too.

(The Mixels hops off & looks around)

Flain: Are you sure this is the right place, Teslo?

Teslo: Sure I'm zzzz-sure! There's a way in. (points to a sign that says "The Zoot Chute")

Shuff: "Zoot Chute"? Who Zoot Chute?

Krader: Me don't know.

Vulk: (notices the Zoot Chute opening) Guys, is that the Zoot Chute?

Zorch: Yeah! Last one down is a rotten Nixel! (begins sliding down the chute) WHAA HOOO!

Flain, Vulk, Krader, Seismo, Shuff, Volectro, Teslo & Zaptor: (begins sliding down the chute after Zorch)

(Zorch lands inside the Chaos Chamber first)

Zorch: I WIN!

(The rest of the Mixels falls down on top of Zorch, but Zorch moves out of the way with his super speed.)

Zorch: Sorry guys.

Vulk: That's ok.

Telso: I think I hurt my mouth.

Krader: I think I hurt my south.

Zaptor: (spots the newly created Master Emerald with Mammoth Mogul trapped inside, frozen) Say, what's that?

Telso: (realized that the Master Emerald has super high levels of energy) Found it! It's the one! It's powerful enough to sent us home!

Shuff: Giant shiny thing, it beautiful.

Krader: Yeah. Beautiful & huge.

Seismo: Me wanna touch it. (about to touch it)

????: Who invited you here?! (appears to be Knuckles the Echidna)

Vulk: Hello there. Who are you?

Knuckles: Knuckles the Echidna! Guardian of the Floating Island defender of the Chaos Emerald... and the one who's gonna kick serious butt if you try anything stupid!

Teslo: Chaos-zzzz Emerald? Oh right, of course: you might be defending it's amazing power source, you must be very interested of this much power.

Knuckles: What's it to you? Now back away from there before I get really mad!

Flain: But we need it to get back to our world & back to our tribe kingdoms, before those Nixels come by & ruin our fun.

Knuckles: Your world? Nixels?

Zorch: The Nixels always ruin our fun & tried to keep us Mixels away from our cubits.

Volectro: Do you mind if we borrow it so we can go back to our home world?

Knuckles: It sounds just peachy. You better not touch it, otherwise you'll be sorry!

Seismo, Krader & Shuff: (already touching it, admiring it) Wow! Pretty, pretty, shiny, shiny.

Zaptor: Uh...(zaps)...oh.

Knuckles: (gets very angry) You sneaky little...!

Flain: Pull out the cubit, pull out the cubit, pull out the cubit!

Seismo: (pulls out another cubit) You no stopping us from getting home!

Seismo, Krader & Shuff: (holds the cubit together) MIX! (mixes to the max & becomes Cragster Max)

Knuckles: What the?!

Cragster Max: Time to crush your rush! (forms into a boulder & crushes Knuckles towards the wall)

Knuckles: (falls down & gets up slowly) (growling) You!

(Suddenly Knuckles got electrocuted at the back by Teslo)

Teslo: Quick, let's get outta here before Knuckles wakes up!

Flain: On the count of 3! 1, 2, 3!

(The Mixels concerntrates on the energy of the Master Emerald & uses it to create a blue wormhole from before & goes through it, not knowing the Master Emerald is being sucked inside as well.)

(With Spongebob)

Spongebob: (arrives in another hover car & goes down the zoot chute & arrives in the Chaos Chamber) Where are you guys? (notices the Master Emerald is gone) No!

(The Floating Island begins to fall)

Spongebob: (goes upwards, because he's lighter) Whoa! AAAAH! (falls down) Oof! (gets up) I gotta go in there & get that Master Emerald back! (goes through the blue wormhole, before it closes)

(Back at the World of Mixels, in night time)

Spongebob: (exits the wormhole, looking around) Now where can this Master Emerald be? (spots the Infernite Kingdom, the Cragster Kingdom & the Electroid Kingdom) Wow! This place is incredibly amazing! Now which place could they be hiding? (notices the Electroid Kingdom's lights on) Hmm...

(At the Electroid Kingdom)

(Inside, pan slowly across the table. All 9 Mixels are playing poker.)

Vulk: (lays down his cards; he has a full house-10's over 2's)

Krader: (lays down his cards; 6, 3, 10, a Jack & 8)

Shuff: (lays down his cards; 3, 9, 6, 7 & a Queen)

Volectro: (lays down his cards; he has a full house-Jacks over 3's)

Zaptor: (lays down his cards; he has a full house—5's over 2's)

Flain: (shows his hand, also a full house—kings over 7's)

Teslo: (lay downs his cards; he has a full house-9's over 8's)

Seismo: (reveals his cards, which make a full house of 4's over 6's)

Zorch: (shows his four-of-a-kind-aces with one 5, which beats the others) TADA!

Krader: Aw man! Zorch wins again!

Zorch: Today is my lucky day after all! (pulls the pile of poker chips closer towards him)

(Suddenly Spongebob bursts in, lightning cracking behind him. Camera cuts to Flain, who looks quite nonchalant.)

Flain: Welcome to the Electroid Kingdom, where the Electroids live. You're just in time. You got the last 5 cards, cause the Jokers doesn't count.

Spongebob: Whoever you are, I noticed something terrible happened today! First the Knothole Freedom Fighters we're knocked out cold by a group of strange attackers, then the Master Emerald was stolen & there is a big blue wormhole...!

Flain: Whoa, whoa, whoa, chill out my yellow compardre. Can you please start over?

Spongebob: Ok.

(Spongebob turns around and walks back to the front door; camera follows him there. He leaves. Pan back to Flain. Long silence.)

Flain: Um... after you came in, buddy?

(Back to the front door; Spongebob pokes his head in.)

Spongebob: Oh. Sorry.

(Bubble transition to Spongebob on the couch, Vulk is sitting beside Spongebob, patting him on the back, Teslo is sitting next to the other side of Spongebob, and Seismo & Volectro are sitting on the arms of the couch, as the other Mixels looked on.)

Spongebob: And so after I arrived at your world, I came all the way here.

Zaptor: Yeah, zzzz-sorry about that. We didn't know that this-zzz Master Emerald has been dragged along for the ride.

Krader: We didn't know that shiny thing came to us by itself.

Flain: Yeah, I can't believe that we've accidently mistaken your friends, as goons for those Nixels.

Spongebob: Nixels?

Zorch: Those Nixels are bad news. That's why we've always carry out cubits for emergencies when we run up into any of them.

Shuff: Sometime work, sometime no.

Spongebob: What do you mean?

Flain: There is a mix, a max & a murp?

Spongebob: What's a murp?

Seismo: Combo go wrong.

Spongebob: Ohhh. I get it. So we must mix it wisely.

Teslo: We'll go back to their world you call "Mobius"-zzz & agree to never fight each other again.

Spongebob: Agreed.

(Suddenly, a blue wormhole appears from outside the Electroid Kingdom)

Spongebob: And about that going back to Mobius? We don't have to. Look!

(Spongebob & the Mixels all noticed Plankton & the HenchCombots, emerges on the Chum Mobile, aka the "Chum Pod", along with 4 Jack-2 Bots.)

Spongebob & the Mixels: (goes up towards Plankton & the HenchCombots)

Vulk: Who are you?

Plankton: (laughs evily) Fear not, Mixels. If you all behave, I won't have to do anything nasty. All you need to do is to hand over the little yellow sponge named Spongebob, who happened to be the All Star Warrior. What do you say?

Krader: We no tell you anything! (throws a rock at Plankton)

Plankton: (got hit in the head) OW!

Bluebot: (laughing at Plankton)

Plankton: (bonks Bluebot on the head & looks angry at Spongebob & the Mixels) So you dare to defy me, do you?

Flain: As a matter of fact... (holds up a cubit) ...we do.

Flain, Vulk & Zorch: (holds onto the cubit) MIX! (mixes to the max & becomes Infernite Max)

Plankton: What the?!

Infernite Max: Oh yeah! Let's get mixel!

Plankton: Attack!

(4 Jack-2 Bots charges, but we're easily melted down to a puddle by Infernite Max's flames)

Plankton: What?!

Infernite Max: Is that all you got, dude?

Plankton: That's it! You have given me no choice but to...!

???: "But to" what, cyclops?

Plankton: (turns to the wormhole) Sonic?!

(Sonic, Sally, Tails, Knuckles, Bunnie, Antoine & STH Rotor has appeared from the blue wormhole)

Sonic: I see you have intense robots, let's see if I can...

Plankton: If they we're mine, I would've gained an easy victory, but no, those Mixels are friends with the same yellow idiot, that I've been trying to destroy all day!

Infernite Max: (defused)

Volectro: What are you doing here in the land of...(zaps) the Mixels! (laughs)

Sally: That's what we want to know as well.

Plankton: I have no reason to tell you, in any case I'm busy with my 3 new robots. Farewell.

Plankton & the HenchCombots: (flies away in the "Chum Pod", along with 3 large steel crates)

Seismo: Where's he going?

Shuff: Come back!

Knuckles: Of all the...!

Spongebob: Let's just ignore him... for now.

Tails: Say, weren't those the same robots that attacked us?

Flain: We're really sorry about that.

Mixels: (in union) We're sorry.

Telso: We didn't know.

Zorch: We thought you we're spy guys or something. (to Sally & Bunnie) No offence.

Bunnie: Non taken sugah.

Zorch: Names Zorch. The fastest Mixel around.

Sonic: Did you say fast? I'm all about speed!

Zorch: Me too!

Flain: My name is Flain, the leader of the Infernites & these are my friends, Vulk, Krader, Seismo, Shuff, Volectro, Teslo & Zaptor. And you already know Zorch.

Zaptor: So what brings-zzzz you here?

Sally: While we're passed out. (pulls out NICOLE from her inner pocket of her vest) NICOLE had figured out Plankton's plan with her new super hearing update. NICOLE, can you please download the file for Plankton's latest plan up to date?

NICOLE: (on Sally's hand) Searching Sally... (shows the latest plan by Plankton, through hologram) It appears that Plankton have discovered a way to create Nega versions of the Mixels & use them to capture the real Mixels.

Teslo: (whistles) That's one smart... (zaps) hand held computer.

Sally: Thank you, but now what?

Sonic: Huh?

Spongebob: What do you mean by that, Sally?

Sally: We still haven't any idea where we are or how to get where we need to!

Flain: Oh yeah, we almost forgot. Welcome to the land of the Mixels, Mixels Land. Where every Mixel is unique.

Spongebob: That's very nice, but we might need some help on putting a stop to Plankton. (cleans up the ground & place the puddle inside a trash can) There.

Shuff: Uh, you guys lost?

Sonic: We're lost, alright...

Sally: ...and right now, it's imperative that we find the Chaos Emerald immediately if not sooner!

Krader: Chaos Emerald?!

Teslo: Oh, you mean Master Emerald.

Seismo: But Knuckles look very mean. How...?

Knuckles: Not "how" why is the question I want to answers to! I was in a hidden grotto on the floating island left unconscious, because of you Mixels, until I felt the cold rush of water pouring in!

Mixels: (feels a bit bad about it)

Knuckles: Considering the Island hovers among the clouds, I didn't need to be a high council member to know something was major league wrong! Once outside, I could see the full scope of the problem... that it was way beyond anything I could handle on my own!

Mixels: (feels really bad about it)

Knuckles: With everyone on the island trying to cope with the disaster... that didn't leave me with many options!

Zaptor: We're sorry about knocking you out, but the Master Emerald has loads-zzz of power for us to get back home.

Vulk: We'll show you where it is.

Sonic: That was easy.

Spongebob: A little too easy.

(As everyone enters inside the Electroid Kingdom, the Mixels noticed the Master Emerald is gone)

Flain: AAAAAAAAHHH!!! The Master Emerald is gone!

Knuckles: What?! Then where is it?

Spongebob: Someone took it, but who?

Sally: Oh? Still hate admitting when you need a helping hand, Knuckles? Some things never change! Nicole... begin playback commencing with the arrival of Knuckles! Focus on the key points only!

NICOLE: very well Sally. (shows the Mixels on how Knuckles arrives) Twenty minutes after our encounter with the unknown group, Knuckles arrived! Upon compriring notes, it had been deduced they originated from some other location...


(We see the Knothole Freedom Fighters & Knuckles at Mobotropolis)

NICOLE: Sally, I'm getting an incoming message through an Electroid communication systems. (shows the Knothole Freedom Fighters & Knuckles, a hologram of Spongebob)

Spongebob: (appears as a hologram) Hi guys. I figured I need some help.

Sonic: Spongebob? Where are you?

Spongebob: I'm at the world of Mixels, in Mixels Land. I am at the Electroid Kingdom, the Electroids are working on a communication device, so we can sent messages through a hologram.

Knuckles: If the Chaos Emerald were here on Mobius, I'd know it!

Spongebob: And now we have to get the Master Emerald back.

Sally: Maybe NICOLE could pick up a trace that you couldn't!

NICOLE: Scanning...

Spongebob: (waiting)

Sally: Well?

NICOLE: My sensors record no sign of energy waves normally emanating from the Chaos Emerald anywhere here on Mobius!

Knuckles; Swell.

Spongebob: What does that mean?

NICOLE: Confirming Knuckles' worst fears immediate preparations were begun in regards to retrieving the Floating Island's only chance for survival...

Spongebob: Then you must get to the world of the Mixels, through the Nexus. I'll see you later. (his hologram dissapears)

Plankton: (appears in the Chum-Mobile with the HenchCombots) So, he's at the world of the Mixels, eh?

Bunnie: Plankton! What y'all doing here?

Plankton: Thanks for the info, I can send my 3 newest inventions for Spongebob to meet his doom along with yours. See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya, litterally. (flies the Chum Mobile through the portal to the Nexus, while it's carrying 3 large steel crates)

Tails: Wait! Come back here you...!

Sonic: We have to go after him!

STH Rotor: And I got just the thing.

(At a Garage)

(We see that STH Rotor have finished a brand new yellow vehicle with blue decals, 3 wheels, 1 at the front & 2 at the back. as the Knothole Freedom Fighters & Knuckles arrives inside)

Knuckles: Dig the set of wheels! Was this one of Robotnik's... or what?!

Sally: Rotor found it abandoned months ago!

STH Rotor: I've yet to find any indications as to it's origins! All I know is that it's a beauty... (hops on) and it works!

(The rest of the group hops on the vehicle)

STH Rotor: Everyone all set? Then speed ahead! Next stop... the cosmic interstate!

(The group rides in the vehicle to the Cosmic Interstate, while Tails flies overhead)

Sonic: (spots the Chum Mobile with Plankton & the HenchCombots riding in it) There they are!

NICOLE: I'm picking up strong chaos energy readings, Sally!

Sally: Have you pinpointed the location, NICOLE? We don't want to overshoot our mark!

NICOLE: (shows an image of the world of the Mixels, in the location, Mixels Land) Over there, Sally! That world! Plankton is heading straight towards it through portal.

(They all go through the blue wormhole to the World of the Mixels)

(Flashback ends)

NICOLE: Once I locked onto the signal... I followed it down to here!

Krader & Shuff: Huh?

Seismo: What she say?

Sally: What NICOLE is saying... is that the Master Chaos Emerald is somewhere in the vicnity... and time is definitely not our side!

Spongebob: Especially when Plankton is on the loose.

Sally: Will you help us? (smiles)

Flain: (smiles) Let's get Mixel, guys.

(Montage of the Mixels grabbing every single cubit they can find, with help from Spongebob, the Knothole Freedom Fighters & Knuckles.)

Flain: That's every cubit we can find.

Spongebob: Is everyone ready?

Sonic: We're always ready.

Spongebob & Flain: Then let's get it on! (looks at each other in surprize & then smiles each other)

(Later, we see the gang are riding in the vehicle as Spongebob & Zorch are running beside it & Tails is flying beside them.)

Zorch: Oh yeah! That's what I call speed!

Sally: Picking up the Chaos Emerald yet, NICOLE?

NICOLE: Affirmative, Sally! Utilizing the electronic map grid I'm picking up via satellite transmission, I can display the locations of ourselves in relation to the Chaos Emerald... and continuously transmit the data to the onboard navigational computer!

Krader, Seismo & Shuff: Huh?

Sally: Translation?

STH Rotor: The computer is sterring the buggy, programmed by NICOLE!

Cragsters: Ohhh...

Telso: I think I'm in... (zaps) love!

Volectro: Me too!

Zaptor: Me three!

Spongebob: I think the Electroids love technology.

Vulk: That explains why they are very smart.

Teslo: According to my senses, the Master Emerald is coming from... (notices Nixels Land, which is white with grey tips) There?!

Flain: (gets a bit determined) Nixels Land. That place is very dangerous.

Sonic: Just the way I like it. Who are those Nixels anyway?

Vulk: They intend to break our cubits so they break us.

Bunnie: Oh mah stars! You might be in danger.

(Suddenly they heard a swarm of Nixels coming from behind them & they noticed that the swarm of Mixels are chasing them)

Nixels: Nix, Nix, Nix, Nix, Nix, Nix, Nix, Nix, Nix, Nix, Nix, Nix, NIX!

Flain: (alarmed at the sight of the Nixel Swarm) Oh Schnixel!

Sally: (gasps) NICOLE, accelerate the speed.

Spongebob & Zorch: (hops inside the vehicle)

NICOLE: Increasing speed Sally.

(The Vehicle increases it's speed as they are heading towards a gorge.)

Spongebob: We need to jump the gorge!

STH Rotor: We need a ramp!

(The Nixel Swarm then begins to jump very high, getting ready to tackle them in the air.)

Zorch: Watch out!

Sonic: Turn now!

NICOLE: (programs the vehicle to steer to the left)

(The Nixel Swarm then falls down the gorge, screaming)

Spongebob: That'll learn ya.

Tails: (spots train tracks & a bridge that can help them across the gorge) Train tracks up ahead.

Seismo: Tracks? Where?

Spongebob: If there are train tracks, then that means...

Knuckles: (spots a train station) Train Station!

Zaptor: Quick! Into the train!

(The gang hops off the buggy & enters inside the train, as it begins to go forward on the train tracks, crossing the bridge)

Flain: Wow, that was intense.

Spongebob: But we've made it this far. We betta make sure we save our cubits for Plankon.

Teslo: What does your sensors tell you, NICOLE?

NICOLE: (in Sally's hand) According to my sensors... the chaos emerald is somewhere ahead in this car!

Sonic: Be ready for anything Sal!

???: (angry tone) Aha! There you are you meddling Mixels! (appears to be Major Mixel
Major Nixel

Major Nixel

, leader of the Nixel Swarm)

Mixels: (now angry at Major Mixel) Major Nixel!

Spongebob: This day just keeps getting better & better.

Flain: What are you doing here? We've tooken care of your Nixel Swarm.

Major Nixel: It took you a bit longer than we expected, but we knew you'd come after this little bauble regardless!

Sonic: How would someone like you know anything about the Master Chaos Emerald?

Spongebob: And what do you mean by "We"?

??? #2: Glad you asked. (appears to be Plankton & the HenchCombots)

Spongebob: Plankton!

Plankton: That's right! And this info that would be telling! Suffice it to say that I know you all quite well! Major Nixel has become my newest members, like with the Snowmads.

Knuckles: Really? I don't ever recall ever stumbling over you either, bub!

Plankton: Oh, but you already have. Don't you remember, you knucklehead! When would you ever learn that... (notices the Nixel Swarm entering the train through the door & windows of the train cars) Wha...?! Well well, looks like you haven't completely taken them out. Jack-2 Bots...

Major Nixel: And Nixels...

Plankton & Major Nixel: ATTACK!

Spongebob: Watch out!

Seismo: Let us fight back!

(Spongebob, Knuckles, the Knothole Freedom Fighters & the Mixels begins to fight back against the Jack-2 Bots & the Nixel Swarm.)

Spongebob: You're butt is mine, Plankton! (spindashes at Plankton)

Plankton: (throws Bluebot at Spongebob)

Bluebot: AAAAH!

Spongebob & Bluebot: (crashes into each other, but Spongebob is now caught by the throw from Plankton as well & crashes into the Master Emerald, with Bluebot accidently charges up the Master Emerald with an electric charge from his robotic head.)

Shuff: Are you ok?

Spongebob: Ouch. I didn't know Plankton had it in him with that new body of his.

Bluebot: (notices the Master Emerald, opening up a wormhole back to Mobius) Uh oh.

(The train then goes through the wormhole & everyone begins to feel the speed pulling them back)

Zorch: Whoa! What's going on?

Sally: Grab hold, everyone!

Sonic: Sal!

Krader: Me feel sick!


(At Planet Mobius)

(The green wormhole spits out the train, which lands on the train tracks, heading to Mobotropolis & we see that everyone, including, Plankton, Major Nixel, the Jack-2 Bots & the Nixel Swarm are all knocked out cold.)

Plankton: (knocked out, feeling dizzy) Gee Karen, can't I just have another Krabby Patty for 10 more minutes? @_@

Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot: (getting up & then goes up to Plankton)

Bluebot: Master? Are you ok?

Plankton: (gets up slowly) (sighs) I'm alright, just dizzy. What do you think I was ok for?

Redbot: Everyone's knocked out cold, as well as the Nixel Swarm & Major Nixel.

Plankton: Well, it's about time. Just get this Master Emerald back to the Mega Chum Bucket, otherwise it's on your head!

Greenbot: Yes sir! Yes sir!

Plankton: With this Master Emerald, I'll know that the Chaos Emeralds' energy will be the perfect source of power for the Master Jack-X. Once it is fully activated with all the ingredients that we needed to find, the Plankton Empire will be the dominators of the Multiverse! (laughs evily, but pulled a muscle in his stomach) OW!

Yellowbot: Is something wrong boss?

Plankton: I think I gloated so hard, I pulled a muscle.

(The Train arrives at a train station in Mobotropolis & Plankton, the HenchCombots & Major Nixel, who is out of his dizzy trance, carries the Master Emerald out of the train, while the Nixel Swarm & the Jack-2 Bots carries Spongebob, the Knothole Freedom Fighters, the Mixels & Knuckles to the Mega Chum Bucket)

Major Nixel: Haha! We've finally got those heroes, especially the Mixels! Now we did our part, give us the Cubits so we can destroy them for good!

Plankton: Actually, the deal is far from over. You see, I'm beginning to like these Cubits, they are the perfect source of my new set of Jack-2 Bots.

Major Nixel: What?! But those cubits are hazardous to us Nixels!

Plankton: AND they are very useful for us, once I create the exact replica of the Cubit called the "Nega Cubit".

Major Nixel: Why didn't I think of that?

Plankton: That is because you & your kind rarely think. Now if you excuse me, I've got some Nega Cubits to build.

Major Nixel: (growling angrily) HOW DARE YOU! NIXELS!!! GRAB HIM!

(The Nixels surrounds Plankton, snarling at him)

Plankton: That would be a fatal mistake. Jack-2 Bots... (snaps his fingers) Release the beasts!

(The Jack-2 Bots opens the steel crates, & exploding out of them, are the Nega Versions of the Max Mixels. The Nega Infernite Max, the Nega Cragster Max & the Nega Electroid Max. They are all Black & Dark Purple)

Plankton: Behold, the Nega Max Mixels! Stop those traitors!

Major Nixel & the Nixel Swarm: (screaming in horror)

Nega Infernite Max, Nega Cragster Max & Nega Electroid Max: (roars as they tackle through the Nixel Swarm & attacking them, along with Major Nixel)

Major Nixel & the Nixel Swarm: (we're knocked out one by one)

(Major Nixel's P.O.V.)

Plankton: (goes up to Major Nixel) Nighty night, traitor. (punches Major Nixel at the face, knocking him out)

Major Nixel: (blacked out)

(Everything went black)

(Normal P.O.V.)

(The camera fades in to see Major Nixel & the Nixel Swarm waking up in a cell with Spongebob, the Knothole Freedom Fighters, the Mixels & Knuckles.)

Major Nixel: What the?! Where am I?

Knuckles: We're in prison.

Sonic: Aw great, not this again!

Spongebob: So this is what the Mega Chum Bucket Prison look like.

Bunnie: Now what are we gonna do now, y'all?

Major Nixel: I don't care! I want to get outta here!

Sally: All we need is a plan. NICOLE, how do we... (suddenly notices NICOLE is gone missing) Where's NICOLE?

Major Nixel: And where is that Nixel #574? There's only 999, there's suppose to be a thousand of them with me!

(With Nixel #574)

Nixel #574: (is under the train seat, still knocked out, but then wakes up when he hears NICOLE)

NICOLE: (beeping as she wakes up) Hello? Sally?

Nixel #574: Nix? (notices NICOLE) Nix, Nix, Nix!

NICOLE: Let me translate for you. You said "Who are you?".

Nixel #574: (was amazed) Nix!

NICOLE: You must help me save our fellow friends. Will you help me?

Nixel #574: Nix? Nix, Nix!

NICOLE: I know that I can't do it alone & neither can you. So we have no other choice... we have to work together.

Nixel #574: (sighs as he picks up NICOLE & nods) Nix!

(Nixel #574 then carries NICOLE inside, sneaking past the Jack-2 Bots, trying to get inside the Mega Chum Bucket's prison)

(Inside the Mega Chum Bucket)

Plankton: (turns to the Jack-2 Bots) Remember, no one gets in or out! Understand?

HenchCombots & Jack-2 Bots: Yes, Master Plankton.

Greenbot: We'll make sure no one gets by us.

(They didn't know that Nixel #574 is carrying NICOLE to the prison cells. The 2 spot a Jack-2 Bot guarding the cell with the gang inside)

Jack-2 Bot: (guarding the cell)

Zorch: Can't we talk about this?

Jack-2 Bot: No.

Spongebob: How's about a Krabby Patty?

Jack-2 Bot: No.

Nixel #574: (sneaking up behind the Jack-2 Bot) Nix, Nix, nix?

NICOLE: Commencing hacking... (connects the wires on the back of the Jack-2 Bot, hacking it) Hacking Complete.

Jack-2 Bot: (now hacked & unlocks the Prison Cell, freeing Spongebob, the Knothole Freedom Fighters, the Mixels, Knuckles, Major Nixel & the rest of the Nixel Swarm) You are free to go.

Knuckles: Wha? How did he...?

(The gang notices Nixel #574, holding NICOLE in his hands)

Sally: It's NICOLE!

Flain: With a Nixel?

Major Nixel: How in the world...?

NICOLE: We have something to tell you. We have to work togeter.

Mixels & Major Nixel: WHAT?! WITH THEM?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Sally: NICOLE is right. Plankton's army is strengthening his army for an even bigger purpose.

Sonic: Why would he want the Master Emerald? Bet it's for no good, I assure you.

Knuckles: No doubt about it. Let's get going.

Seismo: Me no like Nixel!

Major Nixel: And I don't like those Mixels!

STH Rotor: We have no choice. Like NICOLE said, we have to work together.

Mixels & Major Nixel: Fine. We'll do it.

Spongebob: First things first, it's time for a plan & I got one. Major Nixel & the Nixels will be in Phase 1. Listen... (whispers the plan)

(In the Mega Chum Bucket's War Room)

Plankton: (examining the Master Emerald with a super computer) Hmmm... such amazing power! If the Chaos Emeralds has the same power, they would do very nicely.

Redbot: Very interesting.

Yellowbot: We really like those things.

(Suddenly they noticed the Nixel Swarm have arrived, along with Major Nixel)

Major Nixel: Hey! You are gonna regret this! And I really hate myself for saying this, but I got 3 words for you.

Bluebot: What's that?

Major Nixel: (groans & says the 3 words quickly) Let's get Mixel!

Redbot: What did he say?

(Suddenly the Jack-2 Bots we're ambushed by the heroes who have mixed together with their cubit)

(The mixed heroes are: a Spongebob / Flain Mix, a Sonic / Zorch Mix, a Knuckles / Seismo Mix, a Sally / Volectro Mix, a Tails / Vulk Mix, an Bunnie / Krader Mix, an Antoine / Zaptor Mix, a STH Rotor / Shuff Mix & even a NICOLE / Teslo Mix.)

Plankton: What the?!

Spongebob / Flain Mix: Let's get Mixel & let's do it, to it

Plankton: Jack-2 Bots! Stop them!

Jack-2 Bots: (charges at the Mixed Heroes)

Bunnie / Krader Mix: We don't think so buster! (begins bashing at the Jack-2 Bots with his/her roboticized arm & Krader's arm)

Sonic / Zorch Mix: (begins spindashing at the Jack-2 Bots with his firey spindashes) Can't catch me! Tag, you're it! Tag, you're it!

STH Rotor / Shuff Mix: (digs underground & then drills through the Jack-2 Bots) Dig that, Plankton!

Tails / Vulk Mix: (flies up with Tails' two tails as helicopter blades & swoops down, punching at the Jack-2 Bots with Vulk's fists) Uppercut! Yeah!

Antoine / Zaptor Mix: (unleashes his sword, which is covered in electricity & slashes at the Jack-2 Bots, electrocuting them, causing the bots to explode) Shocking development I must say.

Sally / Volectro Mix: (notices Plankton about to release the Nega Max Mixels again) Oh no you don't! (grabs Plankton & begins electrocuting him)


Knuckles / Seismo Mix: Now then! Where is Master Emerald? (rams through the Jack-2 Bots like a bull, while punching them down) Answer me!

Plankton: Why would I tell you? How did you mix? I thought only Mixels can do that!

SpongeBob / Flain Mix: (squirts lava from Spongebob's pours at the Jack-2 Bots, melting them) However, I used a bit of my All Star Energy to evolve the Cubits into much more powerful cubits so that they won't Murp ever again. (spots the Master Emerald) There it is!

Plankton: (his antennas droop down a bit in shock) Life my luck.

NICOLE / Teslo Mix: (electrocutes the last of the Jack-2 Bots) Do you wish to surrender peacefully?

Plankton: That'll be the day! (presses the release button, opening the steel cages, freeing all 3 of the Nega Max Mixels) Stop them! Keep those heroes away from the Master Emerald! The downloading of the data of the Master Emerald is almost complete!

Nega Infernite Max, Nega Cragster Max & Nega Electroid Max: (charges)

Spongebob / Flain Mix: Let's mix it up a noach! (holds up another cubit)

(The Heroes all hold their cubits again)

All: MIX!

(The Heroes begins mixing to the max, this time max group are the Infernites, the Cragsters, the Electroids, Spongebob, Sonic & Knuckles in one group, Sally, Bunnie & NICOLE in another group & Tails, Antoine & STH Rotor in the final group.)

Plankton: Now what?!

Infernite Max: Hey Plankton, guess we won't be seeing your latest creation ever again.

Cragster Max: Cause they're bad news for us.

Electroid Max: And guess what? We're not alone!

Spongebob / Sonic / Knuckles Max: Now we're talking!

Sally / Bunnie / NICOLE Max: The Master Emerald belongs to the Floating Island!

Tails / Antoine / STH Rotor Max: So give it back!

Plankton: Never! Get them!

(The 6 Mix Max Heroes begins their battle against the Nega Max Mixels, they are all evenly matched against each other.)

Plankton: (notices the data is complete) Oh goody. The Data's complete.

Redbot: Now, let's grab the Master Emerald before... (notices the Master Emerald is stolen by Major Nixel & the Nixel Swarm) Uh-oh.

Plankton: (notices) Hey! Give it back!

Major Nixel: I don't have time for babysitting with you & those heroes. I have other plans, Nixels! Stop them all! (begins retreating with the Master Emerald)

Infernite Max: I knew those Nixels can't be trusted!

(The group, including Plankton, the HenchCombots & the 3 Nega Max Mixels then begins attacking the Nixels with no mercy as they head outside)

Cragster Max: Stop!

(The group then defuses back to normal)

Seismo: You no steal shiny Master Emerald!

Major Nixel: Since you can teleport your way through a blue wormhole because of this Master Emerald, me & my Nixel Swarm will be taking it to take over Mixels Land once & for all! Observe! (uses the power of the Master Emerald to teleport everyone back to the world of the Mixels)

Sonic: This is whacko! There's only one nut-job I know of capable of this... and he bit the big one! Just who are you?!

Major Nixel: I am Major Nixel and...

Spongebob: I believe that's a rhetorical question.

Major Nixel: (easily enraged) You are easily irritated by this! The Nixel Swarm & I back stabbed you all at the back! And I don't care what you do because you're not gonna live long enough to find out! (uses the power of the Master Emerald to teleport everyone back to Mobotropolis in Planet Mobius)

Flain: You have got to be kidding me!

Plankton: Major Nixel, you traitor!

Major Nixel: I'll get even more traitorous when I'm finished with all of you & this city quickly or do it painfully slow! I can never decide cause that would be splitting Mixels! (laughs evily)

Knuckles: (near Major Nixel) Maybe I could make the choice for you, Mac! How about neither? (uppercuts Major Nixel)

Major Nixel: AUGH! YOU!

Plankton: (summoned more Jack-2 Bots) Step aside!

Major Nixel: (summoned more Nixels) Not if I take the Master Emerald from you first!

Knuckles: Whether or not you know me doesn't matter What does... (begins concerntrating on the Master Emerald's power) is that I've a job to do!

(However, this angers Plankton & Major Nixel & the 2, plus the 3 Nega Max Mixels, Jack-2 Bots & the Nixel Swarm begins to charge at Knuckles)

Sally: Smash any enemy before they can even get near Knuckles! Everyone!! Attack!! (got punched by a Nega Cragster Max) Augh!

(Spongebob with the Knothole Freedom Fighters & the Mixels, Plankton, Major Nixel, the Nega Max Mixels, the Jack-2 Bots & the Nixel Swarm begins fighting each other and preventing them from attacking Knuckles)

Spongebob: (spindashes at the Jack-2 Bots)

Knuckles: (still concertrating) Man oh man... not sure... I can do this! (hears his father, Locke the Echidna's voice)

Locke: (in Knuckles' mind: Look inside yourself Knuckles!)

Knuckles: Father...?

Vulk: (punches a group of Nixels)

Locke: (in Knuckles' Mind: This is what you were born for!

(Suddenly, Knuckles is mentally attacked by Dimitri the Echidna)

Dimitri: (in Knuckles' Mind: Don't listen to him, Knuckles! Your destiny is to rule the a Universe!)

Seismo: (stomps on the Nixel Swarm, group by group)

Zaptor: (zaps the Nega Cragster Max with electricity)

Zorch: (zooming around the Nixel Swarm, making them dizzy)

Bunnie: (punches a Jack-2 Bot)

Knuckles: (manages to block Dimitri)

Locke: (in Knuckles' Mind: I gave you abbilities far beyond any Echidna, my son...)

Sonic: (spindashes the Nega Infernite Max)

Teslo & Volectro: (zaps at Plankton & Major Nixel)

Sally: (smacks Nega Electroid Max with a slap at the face)

Knuckles: Setting our sights a tad high, aren't we, great uncle Dimitri?

Antoine & STH Rotor: (tackles Major Nixel & Plankton)

Dimitri: (in Knuckles' Mind: Only you can make the choice whether to porerly use or squander the gift I provided!)

Major Nixel & Plankton: (pushes Antoine & STH Rotor aside, noticing Knuckles with the Master Emerald & starts running towards Knuckles)

Shuff: (emerges from underground, tripping Major Nixel)

Krader: (does an elbow drop at Major Nixel with his big right arm)

Knuckles: Even if I don't understand... what choice do I have but to listen to my father?

Plankton: Hah! (notices the Master Emerald is glowing) No!

Knuckles: So much power...

Plankton: (charges towards Knuckles)

Knuckles: So much energy...

Spongebob: (notices trips over Plankton nearby Knuckles)

Plankton: (falls down) Oof!

Knuckles: All I want...

Plankton: (about to get up)

Spongebob & the Mixels: (begins dogpiling Plankton & Major Nixel)

Major Nixel: Get off me!

Knuckles: ...Is my world...

Spongebob: (to everyone, except Knuckles) It's gonna blow!

Knuckles: ...restored to ME! (uses a Chaos attack to put reality back together, and erase the memories of everyone there except Spongebob & the Mixels)

Spongebob & the Mixels: Whoa!

(The flash of green light covers the entire area & the camera fades out white & then fades in back to Mixels Land, where the Mixels look around & notices Major Nixel & the Nixel Swarm we're knocked out silly by the blast)

Flain: Whoa! What happened to him?

Zaptor: Well look at that. Reality is fixed. Knuckles have fixed it.

Vulk: With a mix it.

Mixels: (hi-fives each other & throws Major Nixel & the Nixel Swarm back at Nixels Land)

Krader: What now?

Zorch: Cookironies, anyone?

Mixels: Yeah! (begins running off to get a big bag of Cookironies)

Zaptor: So, two Mixels & a Nixel walked into a juice bar...

(Back with Spongebob in Planet Mobius)

Spongebob: (arrives back at South Knothole) Wow, what a day. And this is sure is a big day.

Patrick: (goes up to Spongebob) Hi Spongebob, what did you do today?

Spongebob: Well, it's a long story.

Spongebob & Patrick: (goes back to the hut)

(In the Mega Chum Bucket)

Plankton & the HenchCombots: (wakes up)

Plankton: What just happened?

Bluebot: I don't remember.

Plankton: I don't either. Wait a minute, the Mixels! At least we have the Master Emerald data & we know that the Chaos Emeralds have the same power as the Master Emerald.

Redbot: We will begin our search for the Chaos Emeralds, pronto.

Plankton: If we find Knuckles ever again, he's going to regret this. Oh yes, Knuckles. You will regret this.

The End

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