This is the 68th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover.

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, HF Rotor, Edd & The Blues

Main Villains: Plankton, Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five

Story #1: Transcript

Running to Stand Still

(In Knothole)

(We see the entire village is empty, not a soul in sight)

(Suddenly, we see Blue streaks of light zooming around Knothole Village while being followed by Yellow streaks of light.)

(We see Mecha Uncle Chuck, Tails, Zaktan & Edd monitering the top speed from those streaks of lights.)

(The 2 streaks of lights stopped revealing themselves to be Sonic & Spongebob)

The Blues: (noticing this) Wow! (laughs)

Blue Bird #1: Wow, they sure are fast.

Blue Bird #2: Yeah, we wanna be fast like them!

Blue Bird #3: Yeah & it's gonna be awesome!

Spongebob: (panting) Wow... if I would be faster... I would... catch up... to you by now.

Zaktan: (with Edd) Spongebob, your top speed is 749 miles per hour.

Edd: You nearly broke the sound barrier.

Spongebob: I know. If I did, I won't be able to hear anything. (laughs)

Tails: Holy swiss cheese, Uncle Chuck! Your instruments are going...

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Yes. I know Tails... haywire!

Zaktan: Yes, we know. And it's very fast.

Tails: Yeah... cool!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: It's worse than that, my youthful friend...

Edd: The device is malfunctioning.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: And it appears my device is done for!

Zaktan: I'll get the mechanic. (calls Avak) Avak, get over here please? The device is done for... again.

Avak: (on phone) On my way.

Ed & Eddy: (arrives)

Eddy: Did you guys see those streaks of light?

Ed: They're preaty, guys.

Patrick: (arrives as well) Yeah, preaty lights.

Zaktan: That's Sonic & Spongebob.

Patrick: Oh.

HF Rotor: (arrives) Hi guys, what's going on?

Zaktan: I don't think it's the best time. (points to Mecha Uncle Chuck & Sonic)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Sonic! How are we supposed to determine your maximum speed if you accelerate too quickly? You know it wrecks the equipment every time!

Eddy: Yeah, Spongebob learned to slow down the acceleration.

Spongebob: The same way I learned to drive a van?

Eddy: (gets a bit annoyed) I thought we agreed to not think of this ever again.

Avak: (arrives with a box of tools) Avak is the man for your job. I'll get it fixed in no time. (begins fixing the moniter)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: What in the world are you rebelling against?

Sonic: Whaddaya got? (leaves)

Zaktan: Sonic, don't be like that!

Tails: Boy... talk about attitude!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Certainly not gratitude! Hrrmmph!

Eddy: Say, that rhymes.

Patrick: I don't get it.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: You would think that leaving the big city would enable my nephew to unwind! After all, isn't that the reason why he came back here?

HF Rotor: I don't know, but Sonic's a bit cranky about what happened to his parents.

Edd: I think it's best to stay out of it for a few minutes.

Spongebob: Then come on guys, we're gonna be late for a gathering today.

(At a gathering)

(We see all of the All Stars members are here, including Sonic, Geoffrey St. John, STH Rotor, Dr. Quack & Sally Acorn)

Sally: (giving a speech) Fellow mobians! Loyal citizens! I'm glad to see all of you gather here today!

(We see Bunnie, Antoine, Amy Rose, Tails, Rosie & the rest of the crowd watching)

Sally: Hear me and know that this day wouldn't possible without your courage and heroism! Sure, there were times when we were frightened... uncertain whether Robotnik would close his fist about us in an iron grip to squeeze the very humanity out of our souls!

Xplode: (in thought: Like Shang Tsung.)

Sally: Yes. They we're chaotic times, but now it is time to establish order!

Twilight Sparkle: And now it's time to represent the following heroes who have contributed in this fight & have done the most important missions for recreating order & restoring peace across the land.

Sally: I give you Doctor Quack... our royal physician... whose healing skills will help put our kingdom on the road to recovery.

Dr. Quack: (smiles)

Twilight Sparkle: Zaktan... whose talents of intelligence around each corner of Robotropolis can use them for great progress for this contribution to restore peace as 2nd in command of the All Stars.

Zaktan: (smiles)

Sally: Rotor... whose technological talents can turn Robotnik's weapons of war into engines of progress...

STH Rotor: (smiles as well)

Twilight Sparkle: Avak... the mechanic who can use his talents to transform useless junk from Robotnik's junkyard into vehicles that can help us stop the Plankton Empire's plans.

Avak: (waves as he wields a wrench)

Sally: Geoffrey St. John... whose own sense of justice will set the standard for that of the entire state...

Geoffrey St. John: (smiles)

Twilight Sparkle: Astro Boy... whom he has kokoro, which is japanese for heart, which gave him the talent to help robots & humans make peace.

Astro Boy: (smiles)

Twilight Sparkle: Spongebob Squarepants, the All Star Warrior whose speed, power & brains will help us take out the Jack-2 Bots when we're in trouble.

Spongebob: (waves hello)

Sally: And Sonic... whose speed and popularity will round out the membership of a new council...

Sonic: (was bored, looking at his watch)

Sally: ...Dedicated to restoring order!


Sally: We will no longer be know as Knothole villagers from today onwards we shall be mobians of Mobotropolis once again.

(Sonic's P.O.V.)

Sonic: (felt sleepy)

Sally: Tomorrow...(Sonic's hearing begins to bring down a little, barely hearing the Princess) blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...

(Normal P.O.V.)

Spongebob: (smiles, but notices Sonic had fallen asleep with his head on the table) (sighs) Guess Sonic needs a nap.

(At the Devil's Gulag)

(We see a black boat with a Plankton Empire symbol on it & we see that Plankton, the Jack-2 Bots & the Pipo Monkeys are on it.)

Plankton: There it is. Pipo Monkeys, find Specter's & the Freaky Monkey Five's cell & get them outta there with this teleporter ray gun. (holds up a teleporter ray gun & gives them to the Pipo Monkeys)

3 Pipo Monkeys: (salutes) Ukki, Ukki! (begins climbing up the Devil's Gulag)

(We see the prison on the Devil's Gulag as they quietly sneak on top of the walls & they spot the Rebel Underground, pushing large hover platforms, carrying the crystalized Kodos & Uma)

Rebel Underground Soldier: Liuetenant Smiley! Commander Fleming! Isn't that Warlord Kodos? What in the world happen to him?

Solder #2: It's quite a story, but if you've got a minute, I'll tell you...

Plankton: (in communicator) You 3 hide under those floating platforms, they'll take you inside the prison.

3 Pipo Monkeys: (nods & then begins crawling under the floating platforms & hanging onto them)

(Back at Knothole)

(We see the All Stars are seeing Sonic, who is still asleep)

Lindsay: How long is he sleeping?

Spongebob: I don't know. He slept at the conclusion of the meeting.

Tails: (tapping Sonic) Hey, Sonic... wake up... Sonic...

HF Rotor: Hello?


Sonic: (suddenly awake) YIKES!

The Blues: (laughing hysterically)

Edd: Well, that's one way to wake up Sonic the Hedgehog, who is sleeping on the job.

Tails: Sonic!

Sonic: Like, man, Tails & Eddy! What're you trying to do? Scare the speed outta me?

Edd: We apologize for that.

Tails: I didn't want to wake you from your sleep, but what about the test?

Zaktan: You we're supposed to do that 10 minutes ago.

Tyler: Come on man, we can't lie down on the job.

Sonic: I wasn't sleeping. I was remembering... (notices Mecha Uncle Chuck) (sarcastic) Oh, great. Who invited him?

Owen: Is it a party?

Pinkie Pie: Ooh! I love parties! Can we celebrate?

Tails: Sonic! Who do you think is running the...

Sonic: (normal) I was being sarcastic, guys!

Ezekiel: Huh?

Pinkie Pie: What does "sarcastic" mean?

Twilight Sparkle: It means you say the opposite in disguise.

Duncan: Watch this... (turns to Tyler) Hey Tyler. (sarcastic) Nice muscles.

Tyler: Wow, thanks. I was working out and... (realized something) Hey!

Duncan: (normal voice) (laughs) See? Now that's sarcastic.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (gives Sonic a pair of headphones) Now, remember, these headphones are protec...

Sonic: (a bit angry) Like, I didn't already know that!

HF Rotor: (now confused)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: This device is very frag...

Sonic: Sure. Sure.

Yellow Bird: ?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: And remember...

Spongebob: Uh, Uncle Chuck?

(They all noticed that Sonic had already run off with the headphones)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: be careful. Hrrrmpph! Gone!

Lindsay: Why are Sonic & Mecha Uncle Chuck fighting each other?

Gwen: Um, Lindsay? Have you forgotten what happened when Sonic noticed her parents for the first time since 10 years?

Lindsay: Sunny has parents?

Tails: Uncle Chuck?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Yes Tails...

Tails: What does "Sar-kas-tic" mean?

Duncan: (groans as he facepalms) Somebody tell him.

(The scene changes to Sonic, while they are having a confession through the headphones, Sonic's wearing, along with his goggles to shield his eyes from the sand)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (in headphones) It means my nephew has a lot on his mind. That's what it means...

Sonic: (begins running across the great plains of Mobius)

Spongebob: (in headphones) Like when missed his parents & was very sad about them being roboticized & kept it as a secret. I think that's the reason why you & Sonic we're arguing.

Zaktan: (in headphones) Exactly.

(The scene changes back to the All Stars back at South Knothole from a long walk)

Edd: (sighs) Guess Sonic needs some alone time after all.

The Blues: (sighs)

Blue Bird #1: Yeah.

Blue Bird #2: Who would've thought?

Blue Bird #3: Even we remember a conversation not to long ago.


(The Flashback begins to see 3 Blue Birds, known as the Blues, watching Sonic, Sally, Mecha Uncle Chuck, Tails & Amy Rose)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I've given it much thought, Princess. The decisions was difficult to mak, but I've decided that only you could help our plight.

The Blues: (quietly) Huh?

Sally: I think your idea is brilliant! Since Mobotropolis is too crowded, Knothole would be the ideal place for the roboticized Mobians to live until we find a way for everyone to live in harmony.

Tails: Wow! A real robotville, Amy!

Amy: That rules completely!

The Blues: (smiles happily as they like the idea)

Blue Bird #1: Cool, what do you think it means?

Blue Bird #2: Let's get a closer look.

The Blues: (hopping closer)

Sally: I'll just have to okay the move with my dad.

Sonic: Don't sweat it, Unc! King Acorn is a righteous monarch! It'll haappen PDQ!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I hope so...

The Blues: (looks at each other)

(Scant minutes later...)

The Blues: (talking with Tails & Amy)

Blue Bird #3: And then I said "I know you are, but what am I?"

The Blues: (laughs, but stops when they saw Sonic) Hi Sonic.

Sonic: Say, where'd everybody take off to?

Tails: Both Sally & your Uncle left for Castle Acorn...

Amy: ...To petiton the king.

Blue Bird #1: Why'd you ask?

Sonic: (got angry & stormed off) Oh, great! Just great! Can't a hedgehog even put on a fresh pair of running shoes without everyone going out and trying to change the world without him?

Tails: Huh?

Blue Bird #2: Is Sonic ok?

Amy: He's exaggerating!

Blue Bird #3: We better go after them. Let's go Blues.

The Blues: (follows Sonic)

(At Castle Acorn)

(As the Blues arrived, they commentate during the flash back)

(The Blues spotted Sonic, who spotted his uncle and Sally, and from their expressions realized that their petition had been denied.)

Blue Bird #1: Prehaps he is.

Blue Bird #2: For stopping some several yards away from the King's castle, Sonic witnesses a sight that sinks even his, the swiftest of spirits.

Blue Bird #3: He doesn't need to hear what the princess says to know her father's response. He can see it on his uncle's face.

Lindsay: (interrupted a bit) You don't mean?

Blue Bird #1: Yes, the world is changing...

Blue Bird #2: ...but is it for the better?

(End of Flashback)

Blue Bird #3: We'll never know.

Spongebob: That's weird, the Sword of Acorns is the only thing that can cure the crystalization of King Acorn.

Zaktan: How was it denied? It's impossible for a Sword of Acorns to fail like that.

Timon: Unless...?

Pumbaa: Unless...?

Spongebob: (gasps as he realized the vision of Mammoth Mogul with the real Sword of Acorns) The one we had is a fake. Mammoth Mogul made the switch, he knew our plans all along.

Boggy B: No wonder he targets the All Star Order.

Spongebob: Someone else is targeting the All Star Order, but the question is: "Who?"

(In the Devil's Gulag)

3 Pipo Monkeys: (still hanging on, under the floating platforms, carried by Fleming & Smiley)

Smiley: It's so hard to believe it even after being told! How did Kodos ever manage to escape from the Zone of Silence?

Fleming: You heard the lieutenant... He was a pawn to the evil Ixis Naugus. When Ixis escape the zone. Kodos has freed too.

3 Pipo Monkeys: (let go of the floating platforms, landing on both feet & notices Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five inside a cell with a very confident Snively, who heard the news)

Specter: It's about time you showed up.

Pipo Monkey #1: Ukki, ukki! (holds up the Teleporter Ray)

Monkey White: That's my teleporter ray! Our master, Plankton haven't forgotten about us.

Pipo Monkey #2: Ukki, ukki?

Pipo Monkey #1: Ukki, ukki. (teleports himself, the other 2 pipo monkeys, Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five back on the boat with the teleporter ray)

(Back at the boat)

Plankton: (notices the evil group arrived via teleportation) Excellent, monkeys. You see, I can even be a monkey whisperer. Now let's get outta here before they sound the alarm.

(The Alarms went off after he said that.)

Monkey Blue: Too late, let's blow this popsicle stand!

Monkey Yellow: There's a popsicle stand?

Plankton: (begins to drive the boat in a fast pace, away from the Devil's Gulag)

(Back inside)

Snively: (in thought: Eh? What's this? Ixis Naugus? King Acorn's former royal wizard? Returned? This is the most interesting thing that's happened since the boss was ultimately annihilated. Tell Ol' Smiley more, you flat-tailed freaks...

(At the beach)

(We see the All Stars spying on Sonic, Tails & Mecha Uncle Chuck)

White Bird: (to the Blues) Are you sure about this, boys?

The Blues: (nodding yes)

Blue Bird #1: Yes.

Blue Bird #2: Uh-huh.

Blue Bird #3: That's right.

HF Rotor: They're talking again.

Edd: Are you sure this is wise?

Sonic: (tapping the sand off his sneakers)

Spongebob: (to Edd) Shh... (whispers) Let's be quiet for a minute.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (holding the headphones) Oh well, so much for this highly expensie... sand-encrusted, wortless piece of scram metal! Why are you running so blindly, lad? You're barely paying attention to the test!

Tails: Do you think we'll ever really know how fast Sonic is, Uncle Chuck?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Better chance of detemining that than of trying to figure out what's eating at him Tails! (checking the blueprints) Now, let's see here. The influx hydropropellerators should account for water resistance and... ah! Perfect!

Vezok: Hm?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: On your mark... get set... go!

Sonic: (begins running in super sonic speed, running on the ocean very quickly & yet he is still a bit mad)

Ed: There he goes.

Spongebob: Helicopter Rotor, make sure he doesn't drown underwater. Take Vezok with you.

HF Rotor: Okie dokie. (carries Vezok & flies after Sonic with his helicopter blades)

Edd: Well, I found the Blue Birds & once I entered inside, things get a bit... depressing.


Edd: (enters inside Castle Acorn)

The Blues: (notices Sonic talking to STH Rotor)

STH Rotor: So that's pretty much the score, good buddy!

Sonic: Now, let's me get thing straight, Rotor... you wanna take a little time off to look for your folks this whole mess with Robuttnik started... but the Princess said no?44

The Blues: (looks at each other) Huh?

Lindsay: (arrives) Hi Blue Birds.

The Blues: Hi Lindsay.

Sonic: Rotor, believe you me when I say that I know exactly how you feel. Let me handle this.

STH Rotor: I knew you would good buddy I knew you would.

Sonic: Well, if a guy can't follow his heart what can he follow? (turns to the guards) Hey! Tall, dark and gruesome, let me in.

Spongebob: (arrives) Hey guys, how's it going?

Guard: The All Star Warrior's here. The Princess is expecting him. (let Spongebob, Lindsay & the Blues past)

Lindsay: (notices Sonic is behind Spongebob, hiding from the guards) Hi Sunny, how are y...?

Sonic: Shh... I'm sorry, but please keep walking.

Lindsay: Ok.

(The group walks inside & notices a meeting)

Dr. Quack: But, Princess! There's no way that we can get a hospital up and running in two days flat!

Avak: It's nearly impossible.

Sally: We'll have to find a way!

Geoffrey St. John: He's right, Sally! There's also no real way to have a man-at-arms on every street corner to protect the roboticized mobians from crazed mobs!

Astro Boy: We have to keep on trying. We will never give up hope.

Spongebob: Hi guys.

Zaktan: Oh hello, Spongebob, Lindsay, Sonic & the Blues. What can I do you for?

Sonic: Sal, we've gotta talk about Rotor, and before you go tellin' me I'm way off-base, let me just say one thing... you of all people should know what it's like to want to find your parents!

Sally: I do, Sonic!

The Blues: She does?

Sally: Yes, but I also know about duty and sacrifice. Look at our city in ruins.

Spongebob: Is there anything we can do?

Sally: We need Rotor's technological skills now more than ever if we're ever going to get back on track!

Avak: I can use an extra hand around here.

Sally: Tell him it won't take too much longer, I promise.

Sonic: (exits)

STH Rotor: So, how'd it go?

Sonic: Well, I... uhh...

The Blues: (gulps)

Spongebob: Let's just say that Avak need extra helping hands.

(End of Flashback)

Vezok: (comes back with Sonic) There.

HF Rotor: We found him.

Spongebob: Sonic, please if you tell us what's gotten into you, we will be ok.

Sonic: I'm still mad at Uncle Chuck for keeping my parents a secret. You would've already know that by now.

Blue Bird #1: Yes, but I think it's best for you to apologize to your Uncle Chuck.

Blue Bird #2: And also Uncle Chuck needs to apologize too.

Blue Bird #3: If you & Uncle CHuck apologized together, you can be buddies again.

Sonic: (sighs) Sometimes, I feel a bit disappointing on so many levels. I gotta go.

Edd: Would you agree on apologizing him?

Sonic: Yeah, I gotta go... in a sonic second! (runs off back to normal)

Timon: Okay?

Pumbaa: Anyone up for exercise?

(Back at South Knothole)

(We see the All Stars are doing their exercise to keep their strength up in Eva's gym)

Eva: Alright, you must keep strong! Now go! 1, 2, 3, 4! Bend! Kick! Lift! Faster!

Spongebob: Whew, this is gonna be quite a workout.

Katie & Sadie: (notices a giant hamster wheel) Wow!

Duncan: (notices Sonic & Mecha Uncle Chuck near it) Well, look who decided to join us.

Eddy: I wonder what are they up to now?

Spongebob: Let's go.

Eva: Are you stopping for that? Keep moving!

(Suddendly the All Stars continues their exercise under Eva's instructions)

Squidward: How are we gonna distract Eva so we can figure out what's going on?

Justin: I got this. (gets up) Oh Eva.

Eva: What is it?

Justin: (takes out his shirt, revealing his perfect abs)

Eva: (was lovestruck) Wow, he's so beautiful.

(The rest of the gang leaves Justin to distract Eva)

(With Sonic & Mecha Uncle Chuck)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Well, we've performed tests on air, land and sea... let's see how you hold up in an artificial environment!

All Stars (minus Justin & Eva): (arrives noticing this)

Sonic: (inside the giant hamster wheel) An artificial environment? I thought I'd already been in one.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: What ever do you mean?

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (looks each other)

Sonic: Well, telling somebody their folks are dead when they're really not is sort of like making them live in an unreal... phoney... false... artificial world.

Tails: Ooh, boy. This is not cool.

Vezok: You're telling me.

Sonic: (starts running, spinning the giant wheel around)

Spongebob: (sighs) Uncle Chuck?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Yes, Spongebob?

Spongebob: We need to talk. Alone.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: But what about the test?

Edd: It's ok, I'll check the progress for you.

Spongebob & Mecha Uncle Chuck: (goes to a bush)

Edd: (checking the speed from Sonic) Hmm...

Owen: Anyone else got a story?

HF Rotor: I've seen Sonic not too far away in Mobotropolis only a few hours ago.


(The flashback starts in the streets of Mobotropolis, formerly known as Robotropolis)

HF Rotor:

HF Rotor: (eating a sandwich) Mmmm, sandwich.

Sonic: (yawns) ...since I'm forcced to sit on this dumb councl. Maybe I should petition to rename this town "Dullsville"!

HF Rotor: Hm? (notices Sonic) Hi Sonic! (goes up to him)

Sonic: Helicopter Rotor? What are you doing here?

HF Rotor: Enjoying a nice delicious sandwich, why?

Sonic: Never mind.

???: Sonic!

Sonic & HF Rotor: (turns to see Rosie with 3 children, a young black female mobian cat named "Sasha", a young male mobian bear named "Rory" & a young male mobian tiger named "Snaggle")

HF Rotor: (waves hello)

Sonic: Rosie! What're you doing here?

HF Rotor: And those kids are so adorable.

Rory Bear: (chasing Sasha Cat & Snaggle Tiger) "Raargh! I'm the evil Dr. Robotnik and I'm gonna metalize you!"

Sasha Cat: Run!

(The 3 children ran away)

Rosie: Playing of course! Look at them! They're off on some exciting adventure!

HF Rotor: Cool.

Sonic: Don't say that word!

HF Rotor: Huh?

Rosie: What word? Adventure?

Sonic: I told you not to say it!

HF Rotor: What do you mean?

Rosie: Why? What's the matter?

Sonic: Well, I hate to say it, but everything stinks now that Robotnik is gone!

Rosie: What?!

HF Rotor: Sonic, have you forgotten about Plankton & his whole Plankton Empire?

Sonic: It's not the same.

Rosie: Sonic, are you feeling all right?

Sonic: Well, at least when Buttnik was still alive I felt like I was making a difference. Now I feel like my hands are tied while my shoelaces aren't!

HF Rotor: Okaaaay?

Rosie: That's not such a good combo for you!

Sonic: No, it's not.

HF Rotor: It's not?

Sonic: How can we rebuild the city if we can't even stop long enough to realize that everyone has their own problems?

Rosie: Well, I understand how you feel...

HF Rotor: So did I.

Sonic: You do?

Rosie: Sure! When I was younger, my cousin & Sally's Mentor Julayla used to tell me one important thing...

HF Rotor: Yeah? What's that?

Rosie: The only difference is the one you make. Do you understand sort of?

Sonic: The only difference is the one you make... the only difference is the one you make... (stands up) Yeah! I think I do! (begins to walk off)

HF Rotor: Thank for the tip, Rosie. (gets up) We gotta go now.

Rosie: Where to now?

Sonic: Where else? To make a difference! Thanks, Rosie! (walks off)

HF Rotor: Bye! (flies off using his helicopter rotors, back to South Knothole)

(End of Flashback)

HF Rotor: Rosie told me that the only difference is the one we make!

Spongebob: Very interesting.

All Stars: (minus Eva, Justin & Tyler) (agreeing to the tip, Rosie gave)

Lindsay: What do you think, Tyler?

(However there is no sign of Tyler)

Cody: Where's Tyler?

Duncan: He went to get some chow.

Black Bird: In the woods?

Owen: Now why does that feel wrong?

(With Tyler)

Tyler: (walking, looking for bananas) Bananas, I gotta find bananas! (spots a banana tree) Bananas! (begins climbing up the tree, but falls off & crashes in the bush) Ow! Darn it! All I need is a banana! Is that too much to ask?

(Right on cue, a hand, holding a banana, gives the banana to Tyler)

Tyler: Huh? Oh thanks, I... (notices a strange egg shaped bot, called the Eggbot) Uh? Can I help you?

???: Of course we can. (appears to be Specter, along with the Freaky Monkey Five)

Tyler: Specter?! How did you...?

Specter: Master Plankton has big plans for you! Grab him!

Freaky Monkey Five: (tackles Tyler)

Tyler: AAH! Aw, come on!

(Back with the All Stars)

(We see the All Stars in the Great Forest, with Sonic & Mecha Uncle Chuck, while Tails is chasing a dragonfly.)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (turns to Spongebob)

Spongebob: (nods)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (turns to Sonic) Sonic... we have to talk! Hedgehog to hedgehog! And I don't mean about your top speed... or whether you can run on land, sea or air.

Edd: It's something else.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I want to talk about... your folks...

Patrick: (notices the dragonfly & chases after it, chuckling)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Boy, Julian Robotnik sure messed things up for all of us, didn't he?

Sonic: Whaddaya mean?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Well...

Harold: You see... it's a long story.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Don't you see? If you had know that your parents were alive...

Tails: (accidently crashes into a tree)

Patrick: (crashes into a tree too) Again! Again!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: ...You would have never stopped to think until they were free!

Spongebob: That's why Uncle Chuck have told us his secret.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Robotnik would have used your emotions against you and cost us the war.

Zaktan: That is why we keep this a secret & so should you.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Please believe me. (extends his hand)

Sonic: (hugs Mecha Uncle Chuck) I do... I do. It's all part of making a difference.

HF Rotor: Exactly.

Sonic: (felt the strong breeze) Say, why the strong breeze all of a sudden?

Waspix: I don't know but it feels nice.

Tyler: (from offscreen) (screaming) HELP!

Spongebob: That sounds like Tyler.

(They noticed a shadow carrying Tyler away & the being is actually the EggBot)

Sonic: Holy Hannah!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: What in tarnation?!

Lindsay: Tyler?!

Tyler: Guys! Save me!

(They also noticed Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five following the Eggbot)

Spongebob: Specter?! How did he...?

Sally: (in Sonic's communicator) Sonic! Come in Sonic! Where've you been? Was your communicator broken?

Sonic: Uhh... yeah, but it's fixed now!

Sally: Good! We need you & the All Stars back here pronto!

Spongebob: Specter has escaped from prison & also, Tyler's captured & we must save him before it's too late.

To Be Continued...