This is the 65th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, Avak, Dudley & Kitty

Main Villains: Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five

Super Transfromation Debut: Cooper Thief SpongeBob

Story #1: Transcript

Sly Cooper & the Gang in... The Ape Escape! (Part 1: Prolouge)

(In Paris, in the Universe of Sly Cooper, in night time)

(We see someone on top of a building & it appears to be a raccoon thief wearing his thieving mask, blue cap & blue sweater, holding a cane that makes a Capital C or a Question Mark, called the "Cooper Cane" & he is actually "Sly Cooper")

Sly: (narrating) I should properbly start from the beginning. The name's Sly, Sly Cooper & I'm a thief from a long line of Master Thieves. Infact, thieving is the family business & business was good.

(Now we see blue images of Sly Cooper's Ancestors appearing one by one)

Sly: (narrating) My ancestors have inherit the book, passed their legacy down from generatioin to generation since Ancient Egypt, learning & writing their special & secret techniques in an Ancient Book called the "Thievius Raccoonus".

(Now we see an ancient book called the "Thievius Raccoonus")

Sly: (narrating) Anyone who read it, learn to be specially sneaky. I get the chance to earn it, because of what happen to my parents.

(The screen changes to an 8 year old Sly, peaking from the closet to see their parents attacked by the Fiendish Five)

Sly: (narrating) It all started when I was 8 years old. Sir Raleigh, Muggshot, Mz. Ruby, the Panda King & Clockwerk, who we're known as the Fiendish Five attacked our home. Having finished off my parents in the process, they tore the pages from the book into 5 pieces & have escaped to 5 different far corners of the globe.

(Now we see an 8 Year old Sly at an Orphanage, with the Cooper Cane. We see an approaching 8 year old turtle, named Bentley & an 8 year old hippo, named Murray)

Sly: (narrating) However, the orphanage I land in wasn't all bad. It's there I met 2 guys who have become my life long friends & teamates. Bentley... The brains of our operation, the super genius. And Murray... Our enforcer, the muscle.

(Now we see 8 year old Sly, Bentley & Murray planning to steal a jar of cookies & it was highly successful)

Sly: (narrating) The 3 of us have grown up in the same orphanage where we bonded over stealing a jar of cookies, our very first heist & we've became best friends ever since.

(Now we see a grown up Sly, Bentley & Murray checking the blueprints while Murray is eating a cheese burger.)

Sly: (narrating) Our teamwork, skills & reputation grew stronger with each heist.

(Now we see Sly, Bentley & Murray have stolen priceless artifacts & treasure from other thieves)

Sly: (narrating) We manage to face other thieves in the process, but pushed on. If there one thing I learned is the golden rule of becoming a Master Thief: You only steal from other thieves.

(Now we see that it's Sly, Bentley & Murray back in their old paris hideout. It takes place when Sonic, Robotnik & Shao Kahn started fighting each other)

Sly: (narrating) One day, as we prepare for another heist...

(A white explosion from the Ultimate Annihilator appeared from the country side & the Cooper Gang noticed this.)

Sly: (narrating) When a white explosion just appeared right in front of our eyes & the next, gone. We don't know what's up, but it's a good time to check it out.

(We now see the Cooper Gang driving in the Cooper Van towards the country side & stops to see that the Cooper Gang saw a portal to the Nexus, being guarded by Jack-2 Bots.)

Sly: (narrating) When we got to the explosion we noticed a portal... which is under guard. We don't know what's up, but whatever's inside, that's we're gonna find out.

(A Jack-2 Bot marches by, but was ambushed by the Cooper Gang, pulling into the bushes, shutting the bot down. Then the Cooper Gang gets inside the Jack-2 Bot disguise with Bentley on the top & Murray on the bottom & then marches towards the Jack-2 Bots.)

Sly: (narrating) With the bots doesn't recognise that it was us in a costume, the last person I was expecting to run to on this investigation...

(Suddendly the Jack-2 Bots we're attacked & electrocuted by an orange female fox with waist-length blue hair tied in a braid at shoulder level. She is wearing a dark blue bra top, a choker which her Interpol badge hangs from, light brown leather jacket with her sleeves are now rolled up above her elbows, yellow gloves, dark blue miniskirt & brown boots. Her name is Carmelita Fox.)

Sly: (narrating) Was Inspector Carmelita Fox.

(Carmelita Fox then turns her attention to the last Jack-2 Bot, but was actually the Cooper Gang in disguise. She then spots Sly Cooper's tail hanging from out of the disguise, realizing that is Sly Cooper inside that suit.)

Sly: (narrating) Apparently, I never thought she had her eye on me. Infact, I'm kinda been counting on it. Then again, I should never underestimate Inspector Carmelita Fox.

(Carmelita Fox pulls out her signature Shock Pistol & shoots at the Jack-2 disguise, but the Cooper Gang manages to get out of the suit & escapes through the portal in the van, with Carmelita Fox chasing after them)

Sly: (narrating) So now, I've got a lot of explaining to do, but we've managed to escape inside the portal along with the van.

(In the Nexus)

(The Cooper Gang arrives in the Nexus, amazed by the ancient structure of the Nexus, until Carmelita arrives in front of the van)

Sly: (narrating) We are amazed by the ancient structure of this place, but the moment was broken when Carmelita caught up with us & I had to be honest, the sparks we're really flying between us.

(Suddendly, they all noticed something coming out from the Portal to the universe of "Ape Escape" is an army of Pipo Monkeys emerging from the portal, along with Specter & 5 silhouettes of the Freaky Monkey Five)

Sly: (narrating) Those monkeys appeared along with their white monkey leader named, Specter & the top monkey group called the "Freaky Monkey Five".

(The Cooper Gang looked at each other & then Murray begins driving the van inside the Giant Portal to Mobius, not knowing Carmelita Fox has hopped on from the back of the van, hiding from the Cooper Gang.)

Sly: (narrating) We managed to escape & also, Carmelita has her ways on planning an ambush, even it means secretly following us wherever we go. And apparently with all these things happening multiversal as Bentley proclaimed, we are in for a very long trip.

(The screen fades into black & then the title of "Sly Cooper" appears, saying "Sly Cooper & the Gang in..." from the upper left & then we see a stampede of Pipo Monkeys running towards the screen, commanded by Specter himself, just like in Ape Escape 2 & it's the original "Ape Escape" Title saying "The Ape Escape!"

(In the grassy fields near the Great Forest)

(We see the All Stars relaxing on a grassy field like they mostly do when there are no missions today.)

Spongebob: (sighs) What a beautiful morning & it looks like it's gonna stay that way all day.

Rainbow Dash: You're right, even though I'm a Pegasus that controls the weather back at Equestria, I guess we can't control the weather from other universes.

Fluttershy: Which is like the Everfree Forest.

Zaktan: Relax guys, we have a free day today.

Avak: Exactly.

(As they continue to talk to each other, they didn't take notice of the Cooper Van appearing from the wormhole, which has appeared from behind the trees & the bushes)

Dudley: I see your point, but does anyone have a bone?

Edd: (sighs) We don't have a bone, prehaps we can buy a T-Bone Steak for you.

Kitty: (sighs) Dogs.

Owen: Did someone say "Steak"?

HF Rotor: I love T-Bone steaks!

Hot Head: I'll cook some for you, Owen & Dudley.

HF Rotor: Oh boy!

Eddy: Maybe some Jawbreakers for me, Ed & Double D?

(The Cooper Van begins to drive up to the All Stars, slowly)

Congar: Calm down, one at a time. It's for the best.

Timon: Like what? Having grubs for myself & for Pumbaa?

Togera: That's not what he had in mine.

Avak: That's it, I'll be in my van! (turns around, only to ran straight into a Van's slide door)

Ed: Avak got a van!

Patrick: Cool!

Avak: (pulls his face off of the door) That's not mine.

Preytor: And it looks like it belongs to someone else.

(They didn't take notice of the Cooper Gang noticing them & stays hidden, while Carmelita spots the All Stars)

Carmelita: (readies her Shock Pistol) You can't escape this time, Cooper. (aims at Avak) Even in that disguise, I know it's you.

Avak: (trying to push the van) Well, All Stars? Can you please give me a hand?

Ed: [holding up Noah's hand] Found one! [He snorts.]

Noah: Ed, this joke is older than Double D's Mesozoic fossil collection.

Ed: Whoops, there it goes...yep. My brain stopped.

Carmelita: (shoots electricity at Avak with her Shock Pistol) GOTCHA!

Donkey Kong: (notices the electricity) Huh?!

Avak: (gets electrocuted) AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!

Boggy B: What the...?!

Avak: (falls down) Kineticlops!

Kineticlops: It wasn't me, I swear!

Astro: He's right, look! (points to Carmelita Fox)

Carmelita: Sly Cooper! You're coming with me!

Avak: We are not this Sly Cooper!

Carmelita: Whoever you are, you must know where Sly Cooper is. The van is here, but where could that lying ringtail be?

Spongebob: (spots Sly Cooper inside the van, along with Bentley & Murray) Hm?

Sly: (whispers to Spongebob) Help us out, please.

Spongebob: Huh? But why?

Sly: Trust me, we can help you out.

Spongebob: Alright. (to Carmelita) Say, what's that over there? (points to the forest) Is that Sly Cooper & his gang?

Carmelita: (readies her Shock Pistol) There you are, Sly Cooper! (heads into the forest) You & you're gang are under arrest by order of Interpol!

Eddy: Interpol?

Edd: I believe that is the Police from Europe.

Dudley: The fox lady is gone.

Rigby: For now anyway.

Sly: Thanks, now let's hit it!

Murray: Buckle up boys!

Kitty: Hey! Where do you think you're going?

Sly: We have a score to settle with those monkeys, especially with that ultra intelligent monkey leader.

Mordecai: (gasps) That sounds like someone we know.

Spongebob: Specter. Where is he at now?

Bentley: He & those other 5 special monkeys are hiding inside a cave over there. (points to the cave, which is glowing white)

Avak: Other 5 monkeys?

Reidak: Sounds like the Freaky Monkey 5, that Specter was talking about.

Eddy: Aw great.

Spongebob: Alright, let's go.

Kitty: No way! I don't trust those thieves. They are against police order of T.U.F.F. HQ.

Dudley: Come on, it's our only chance to stop Specter's plan.

Kitty: (growls & then sighs in defeat) Fine. Let's go.

Spongebob: Let's get going!

Murray: Hold on! (drives the Cooper Van towards the cave)

Spongebob: (starts running in super sonic speed, following the Cooper Gang)

War Monsters & Skylander Giants: (carries the rest of the All Stars, following them as well)

(As they heading towards the cave, Hakann noticed a pink car speeding right behind them & they noticed that the driver is Carmelita Fox)

Carmelita: COOPER!

Hakann: (looks alarmed) AAH! Quick, the fox woman is back!

Sly: That Carmelita is angrier as ever. She's really quite lovely when she's angry.

Duncan: Uh less talk, more speed.

(The All Stars & the Cooper Gang begins to go even faster, as they are getting closer to the cave)

Bentley: Faster Murray!

Murray: You got it chum! (drives the van faster)

Tree Rex: We're almost there & I can see light from inside that cave.

Dudley: We're coming to get you, Specter! To take you down!

Spongebob: Hold on!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters & the Cooper Gang enters inside the cave & we're enveloped by a flash of white light & they have ended up in a new black & white noir zone called the "Discovery Zone")

Avak: Whoa.

Mordecai: Where...are we?

Donkey Kong: I don't know.

Katie & Sadie: Whoa.

Harold: Cool! A Noir version of a zone.

Zaktan: He's right...

Bentley: And it looks like...

Zaktan & Bentley: It's a new zone.

Zaktan: And it's called...the "Discovery Zone".

All Stars & Murray: Whoa...

Geoff: Dude.

Eddy: Yeah, wow.

Edd: (examining the group, to see that there colours are still here) And it appears our colours are still here.

Murray: Now that's weird, but cool.

Spongebob: Alright, first order of business is to track down the Freaky Monkey 5, one by one.

Applejack: Alrighty then. Let's go, y'all.

Avak: We got some monkeys to catch.

(They head off, while Carmelita arrives in the zone, stopping the car)

Carmelita: Well played, Sly Cooper. (smirks) Well played.

Sly Cooper & the Gang in... The Ape Escape! (Part 2: I, Monkey)

(We see Spongebob running down the road with the rest of the All Stars being carried by the Skylander Giants & the War Monsters down the road, while the Cooper Gang drives the van following them)

Sly: (narrating) The road trip gave us time to study on the first member of the Freaky Monkey Five, Monkey White.

(The scene changes to see Monkey White
Monkey White

Monkey White

which has white fur, white gloves, blue shoulder pads, white cape, metal pants with brown straps, hi-tech goggles with green & red lends & a special Pipo Helmet which is grey & it looks like a Roman Soldier. The scene changes to his appearances in Ape Escape 2 against Jimmy & in Ape Escape 3 against Kei & Yumi.)

Sly: (narrating) He was the most intelligent member of the Freaky Monkey Five, he even built a Robot Jimmy & a White Robot Dragon.

(Now we see Specter with Monkey White along with other 4 silhouettes of the Freaky Monkey Five)

Sly: (narrating) However, after being beaten 2 times, he had news that Specter commanded him & the other members of the Freaky Monkey 5 to go to another universe to conquer it.

(Now we see Monkey White inside a lab, laughing like a mad doctor, showing his teeth spread out away from each other, then the scene changes back to the All Stars & the Cooper Gang continuing their trip down the road, where they are now in Japan.)

Sly: (narrating) When he was in the lab, his inventing skills as chief machinest is unpredictable & is a very loose cannon. We better watch our backs to take him down, in his secret laboratory somewhere in the hi-tech city of Japan.

(The scene then fades to black, showing the title of Sly Cooper "Sly Cooper & the Gang in..." in the upper left of the screen, while the scene shows an army of White Robot Battle Suits with Pipo Monkeys inside them & Monkey White is rising up in front of them from the bottom of the screen, with the green & red lends from his goggles glowing & the next title appears in silver futuristic words & it says "I, Monkey" & we can hear Monkey White's evil laughter as the title "I, Monkey" appears on screen)

(The Scene changes to the city of Japan, known as Tokyo, where the All Stars & the Cooper Gang hides out inside an abandon warehouse)

Owen: Cool, we have a warehouse as a hideout.

Duncan: And it's perfectly abandon.

Spongebob: Right.

Bentley: Hold up guys, I noticed something odd about the "Thievius Raccoonus". It's glowing a gold aura.

Spongebob: Hm?

Bentley: And that would mean...? The All Star Warrior that I've been researching about is near.

Spongebob: Yes, that would be me.

Murray: Whoa! An All Star Warrior, that is awesome!

Sly: Amazing. I have a feeling that my ancestors have heard about your role of an All Star Warrior.

Zaktan: And the All Star Order?

Reidak: It stats here that the All Star Order are an ancient group created by a long line of All Star Warriors.

Sly: Interesting, it's just like I'm from a long line of master thieves of Coopers.

Meltdown: Holy cow! We never knew that the Cooper Line have a history with the All Star Order.

Trent: I wonder what that means?

Spongebob: It appears that this book also had a history with the All Star Order, that's why it's glowing.

Sly: Hmm, prehaps it's time that I showed the new All Star Warrior some moves & tricky techniques of my ancestors.

Bentley: Are you sure about that Sly?

Sly: I'm sure Bentley, now stop worrying. This is gonna be a piece of cake.

Patrick: Did someone say "cake"?

Spongebob: Alright, I'm ready.

Sly: Then let's begin your training.

Spongebob: (nods)

(The training montage begins with Sly showing the exploits & secret techniques of his ancestors, to Spongebob, starting with Rioichi Cooper's Ninja Spire Jump & the Leaping Dragon Technique)

(Then Sly Cooper shows Spongebob how to do his ancestor, Tennessee "Kid" Cooper's Rail Walk & Rail Slide)

(Next Sly Cooper then shows Spongebob how to do other techniques like the Raccoon Roll, similar to the spindash, the cap bomb, making fake copies of himself & also Slytunkhamen Cooper's invisibility technique)

(After being showed by all of these techinques from Sly, Spongebob then begins practicing, one by one, each time he gets better & better, until he does those secret techniques from Sly's ancestors perfectly.)

(After the training is complete, the Thievius Raccoonus then shoots a golden beam at Spongebob, loading the data into Spongebob's morpher, earning a new form)

Spongebob: TRANSFORM! (transforms into a new morph called the "Cooper Thief", which he is wearing the same clothes Cooper is wearing, only black with black matching pants)

Zaktan: Interesting, the 3rd Morph is called "Cooper Thief". With this morph, you can sneak into bases & hideouts very quietly without setting off alarms. This is very useful for sneaky missions & for spies too.

Kitty: Alright, we're going in.

Bentley: Alright, to get inside Monkey White's headquarters, you have to go through that air vent, but watch out for lasers. In order to shut down the lasers, we have to do it from the inside.

Bouncer: The War Monsters, the Skylander Giants & I are too big, we will be the back up, incase things get very hairy in here.

Dudley: Good luck.

Cooper Thief Spongebob: And once we see any Pipo Monkeys, we'll trap them in a Monkey Net. We'll use it to capture all of those Monkeys.

Sly: Roger that, time to pull off the Master of Disguise.

Cooper Thief Spongebob: Right. How do we do that?

Tree Rex: Remember the Jack-4 Bots disguise incident when we first met you guys?

Lindsay: Huh?

Beth: We get it now.

Cooper Thief Spongebob: We're too big to be monkeys, so Jack-2 Bot disguises is our only option.

Zaktan: Right. (notices the Jack-2 Bots marching outside the base along with the monkeys) Here comes the bots along with the monkeys.

Kineticlops: Time to get sneaky.

(From outside the warehouse)

Jack-2 Bots: (marching by)

All Stars & the Cooper Gang: (ambushes the Jack-2 Bots, emptying their robotic bodies so it can be light & hollow)

Gwen: Alright, the disguises are ready.

Cooper Thief Spongebob: Sly & I we'll meet you inside.

Twilight Sparkle: Good luck, guys. And becareful.

Cooper Thief Spongebob & Sly: (nods & then begins climbing up to the rooftops of Monkey White's HQ by climbing up on the pipes)

All Stars [minus Spongebob], Bentley & Murray: (puts on their Jack-2 Bot disguises & then walks up to the Pipo Monkeys, capturing them with their Monkey Nets)

Vezok: Dismiss!

Bentley: Ok, I'll be out here guarding the place, while you head inside & find that switch to those security lasers.

Justin: I think we can handle that.

(The All Stars [minus Spongebob] & Murray heads inside, while Bentley begins guarding Monkey White's HQ)

(Inside Monkey White's HQ, we see loads of White Battle Suit Robots walking around & everyone was amazed by the size of the inside of Monkey White's HQ)

Murray: Whao.

Courtney: How did one intelligent monkey created all...that?

Xplode: He might be tougher than we thought & remember we're in this together. Now we must find that switch.

Zaktan: According to the map of this HQ, the switch to the lasers in the Air Vent should be somewhere in the security room.

Dudley: Any ideas? I think they're watching us.

Kitty: Just stay calm & act like a Jack-2 Bot.

(The All Stars [minus Spongebob] & Murray begins to walk normally, as the Pipo Monkeys who are watching them suspeciously or stupidly)

Dudley: Greetings fellow robots, beep! We're here for extra security, beep! By order of Plankton himself, beep!

Avak: That's close so far.

Astro: Alright, let's follow the map & it'll lead us straight to the security room.

(The group begins to go to the security room, as Spongebob begins to call from his walkie talkie)

Cooper Thief Spongebob: (in communicator) All Stars, come in.

Mordecai: It's Spongebob. (answers) Yes? What's the status?

Sly: (in communicator) Spongebob & I made it to the rooftops, let us know when you shut down the security system.

Tyler: We're working on it, I think.

Zaktan: (spots the door to the Security Room, with the Pipo Monkey exiting the room, drinking coffee) Aha. (nets the Monkey with the Monkey Net) Got one. Alright, we're going in.

Murray: Don't worry guys, the Murray will guard the door for you, like a bouncer.

Thok: Thank you Murray, that will be most helpful.

(The All Stars [minus Spongebob] enters inside the Security room while Murray stands in front of the door, guarding it)

(With Spongebob & Sly)

Sly: (spots Carmelita, driving towards the HQ) Looks like we got company. And it's Carmelita.

Cooper Thief Spongebob: How did she get here?

Sly: She have her ways on tracking me down.

Cooper Thief Spongebob: I hope the gang can hurry this up.

(In the Security room)

(We see the rest of the All Stars entering inside the security room, which has multiple tv screens, showing the rooms that the security cameras are showing.)

Thunder: We're in.

Noah: Ok, now we can get this over with.

Rigby: (notices the multiple buttons on the security controls) Wait, which button was it?

Cody: Hmm...this could get tricky.

Heather: Great.

Dudley: Prehaps it's this one. (presses a button)

(The camera shows the security lasers from the 5th hallway we're activated, accidently shot a White Battle Suit Robot at the butt)

Pipo Monkey: (from inside the mech) (felt the pain from the laser & pops out of the suit, screeching) UKKI! (runs off, rubbing his mech's rear)

Dudley: Oops.

Rainbow Dash: (laughs)

Ezekiel: Can I try, eh?

Jetbug: Ezekiel, wait!

Ezekiel: (presses another button)

(The 2nd camera shows the security lasers from the 3rd hallway we're activated, accidently shot 2 White Battle Suit Robots at the rear)

2 Pipo Monkeys: (pops out from the mech suit, feeling the sting from the lasers, screeching) UKKI! (runs off)

Zaktan: Wait, those security lasers are the Mech suits weaknesses. Those are the right kind of lasers we want to weaken the mech suits. We may guard the security room for later.

Hakann: (spots the same 3 Pipo Monkeys, running this way, still screeching) Here they come! (nets those 3 Pipo Monkeys with the Monkey Net) Gotcha! 3 more monkeys back at the Monkey Park.

Edd: Interesting. (writing his notes) Security lasers, Monkey White's mech suits' weakness.

Ed: Cool light show!

Patrick: Preaty lights.

Courtney: (sighs) Kitty? Can you help me out here?

Kitty: Hold on. (presses a button, shutting down the security lasers from the air vents) You're all clear.

(With Spongebob & Sly)

Cooper Thief Spongebob: (hearing Kitty's sentence) And not a moment too soon, Carmelita's on her way to us.

Sly: We're going in.

(The 2 begins to head inside the air vent, going through it, not before Carmelita reaches to the roof top)

Carmelita: (growls) That ringtail will be locked up for good! (notices the air vent, which is already opened & smirks) There you are. (enters the air vent)

(Inside the hallway)

Cooper Thief Spongebob & Sly: (exits the air vent hatch from the ceiling & lands)

Cooper Thief Spongebob: (spots a Pipo Monkey, about to enter inside the White Robot Battle Suit) Oh no you don't. (nets the Monkey with the Monkey Net) Gotcha!

Sly: Nice catch. Now let's go & stay in the shadows.

(The 2 then begins sneaking around the hallway, without getting caught from the monkeys & they reach the security room where Murray is guarding)

Murray: Hey guys, those Jack-2 disguises really work like a charm. "The Murray" can handle the guarding from anybody villainous!

Cooper Thief Spongebob: Thanks Murray, take 5.

(Spongebob, Sly & Murray heads inside the security room to meet up with the rest of the All Stars)

Cooper Thief Spongebob: Hey guys! (transforms back to normal)

Spongebob: I'm back.

Twilight Sparkle: Welcome back Spongebob & Sly, we've managed to find out the Mech Suit's weakness. It's the security lasers itself.

Avak: (turns on communicator) Bentley? Are you getting all this?

Bentley: (in communicator) Yes, I've got all of that. I've downloaded the map of Monkey White's HQ into my computer. Time to begin Operation: Mechanical Madness.

Sanford: Very well, what's the plan?

Bentley: First, we need to get all of the Monkeys popping out of their Mech Suits, cause it's nearly impossible to take them out & to do that, we need to launch Security Lasers at the Pipo Monkeys' rears & when they come you're way, capture the monkeys with the monkey net. That'll take care of the guards.

Zaktan: Next, we need to carry all of the Mech Suits into the trash, so that no evidence is found by Monkey White himself.

Twilight Sparkle: Yes & once the Pipo Monkeys are all captured & the Mech Suits destroyed, we'll make our way to the Laboratory to capture Monkey White once & for all.

Spongebob: Right, let's get to it. Is everyone ready?

Sly: I was born ready.

Xplode: The All Stars, are ready for action.

Murray: I'm pumped!

Bentley: I am well prepared for the mission.

Dudley: Then let's do this!

(The All Stars begins pushing buttons, activating the Security Lasers, hitting at the Mech Suit's rear, causing the Pipo Monkey to pop out of their Mech Suits, screeching in pain as they started running away the same direction where the first 3 monkeys are headed, while Murray uses his strength to knock them all out silly)

Murray: Oh yeah! The Murray has striked again!

Spongebob: Thanks. Now to capture all of the Monkeys!

(The All Stars begins to capture all of the Monkeys with their Monkey Nets while Sly & Murray continues to knock out the more fierced monkeys of the bunch for them to catch)

Sly: The monkeys are all out.

Avak: (nets the last of the Pipo Monkeys) There. Last one.

Pinkie Pie: Wow! Those monkeys are cute.

Fluttershy: Oh, I hope we don't hurt them too much.

Bridgette: Don't worry, they'll only be dizzy for a few seconds.

Kitty: Uh, hello? Mech Suits to put away.

Reidak: Right, sorry.

Congar: Allow us.

(The Skylander Giants & the War Monsters begins picking up the Mech Suits & throws it down the trash chute, causing them to be crushed into little pieces)

Tree Rex: And done.

Magmo: Let's go, we don't have time to lose.

Dudley: He's right, time to take Monkey White down!

(In Monkey White's lair)

(Monkey White spots the All Stars, Sly & Murray, who have taken out the Mech Suits & Monkey White is started to get angry)

Monkey White: AARGH! Why those insolent pests! In that case, they leave me no choice but to execute my special Battle Suit, the Robot Titan. I'm so clever! AHAHAHAHA! (goes inside the cockpit of the Robot Titan & heads off to his lab)

(In Monkey White's Lab)

(We see the All Stars & the Cooper Gang, without their Jack-2 Bot disguises, all together again)

Bentley: Well done, the plan is going perfectly.

Squidward: Whatever, can we just get this over with, so we can leave?

Mordecai: Chill dude.

(Suddendly, the Robot Titan appears, smashing through the large corridor)

Monkey White: (inside the cockpit of the Robot Titan) AHAHAHAHA!

Spongebob: He's here!

Monkey White: So, you have finally made it this far. Here, TRY THIS!

Robot Titan: (slams his fists at the ground)

All Stars & Cooper Gang: (wobbles a bit & falls, except Spongebob & Sly)

Sly: That was too close.

Boggy B: (feeling dizzy) I know what you mean.

Rigby: Aw what?! He has a giant robot. That isn't fair.

Spongebob: Alright, Monkey White. The Robot Operation stops here!

Monkey White: You're supposed to be frighten! This Titan has reigned firey death, upon many a valiant knight.

Donkey Kong: Are you sure about that? He doesn't look that tough to beat us all down.

Monkey White: What?! You dare to belittle my greatest creation?!

Xplode: Yes, we do dare.

Kitty: Now prepared to feel our wrath, while I use my 10 claws! (extends her sharp claws)

Monkey White: Hah! There's no way that's going to happen! I have orders from Specter to take over Japan for future technology!

Avak: That's not going to happen, banana brain!

Donkey Kong: (laughs, but then stops) Wait, why am I laughing about?

Monkey White: Shut up!!! Well, now that you know the secrets of my Robot Operation, I'm afraid I can't allow you to leave here! I was going to be King of Japan, but I guess that will have to wait.

Sly: Alright, come & face us all! That is if you have the guts to do it alone.

Monkey White: That's it! Change of Scenario! (captures them, minus Spongebob & Sly, in a net & hangs them up high)

Murray: Whoa!

Twilight Sparkle: Help!

Spongebob: Don't worry, we can figure this out!

Sly: Time to show what you've learned. Let's take this monkey out, Cooper style!

Monkey White: (pounds his fists together) You're time has come brat!


(It was an intense battle, Monkey White has the advantage thanks to his intelligence & technology. Spongebob & Sly manages to survive the battle for a long time, by attacking at the Wind Up devices on the Robot Titans, which are the weaknesses to the bot. After many attacks being thrown at each other, the Robot Titan can't take much more damage & explodes, leaving Monkey White dazed while Spongebob & Sly came out on top.)

Spongebob: Just like the old days, only faster.

Spongebob & Sly: (cuts the net, freeing the rest of the group)

Bentley: Nice work, Sly & Spongebob. You two have done it.

Patrick: What'd they do?

Squidward: Oh, uh... yeah.

Yellow Bird: We could've done this better ourselves.

Astro: But you two have found the weak spots & use it against your enemies. Well done.

Timon: Yeah! You did it!

Monkey White: (coughing, emerging from the Chum Pod) This victory means nothing, nothing I tell you! You're no match for Monkey Blue, the fastest member of the Freaky Monkey Five. (coughs 2 times) You'll see. A western town from the Outback of Australia is so well guarded that...a snake couldn't slither in...without...setting off...the alarms (groaning in pain) But I'll be back!

Heather: Quick, catch him!

Tyler: (runs after Monkey White) I got him!

Ezekiel: (runs after Monkey White) No, I got him!

Monkey White: (flies away, retreating to somewhere else)

Tyler & Ezekiel: (crashes into each other) Ow! (feeling dizzy) (in union) Which way did he go? Which way did he go?

Bentley: Oh drat! (facepalms)

Preytor: Nevermind him, the next best thing is that we've saved Japan.

Spongebob: Yeah, now let's get outta here!

(The All Stars & the Cooper Gang makes their getaway, the same way that escaped from the hands of Carmelita Fox.)

Sly: (narrating) Monkey White may have escaped from our grasp, but Japan was safe & Monkey White's Robot Operation was ruined.

(We see Carmelita noticed that the All Stars & the Cooper Gang got away once again)

Sly: (narrating) And also, Carmelita almost had us, but we've managed to escape from her again.

(The scene shows the next morning, we see the All Stars & the Cooper Gang enjoying their stay in Japan)

Sly: (narrating) The next morning, we get to stay at Japan for the whole day to see the futuristic sight of Japan, before we plan our next move.

Sly Cooper & the Gang in... The Ape Escape! (Part 3: High Speed Showdown)

(Back at the Japanese Hideout)

(We see the All Stars & the Cooper Gang looking up on the computer to study upon the next member of the Freaky Monkey Five, Monkey Blue.)

Sly: (narrating) After a nice stay at Japan, we study on the 2nd member of the Freaky Monkey Five, which Monkey White pronounced him as Monkey Blue.

(We see the info about Monkey Blue
Monkey Blue

Monkey Blue

, his appearance is a tall Monkey wearing a Blue Jacket, a Blue Cape, Blue Gloves, Blue Pants, Metal Boots, a special blue cowboy hat Pipo Helmet & he is holding a large gun shaped like a banana & is riding on a Unicycle with an engine & handle bars & pedals to make it look like a motorcycle, but with one wheel.)

Sly: (narrating) He was the fastest member of the Freaky Monkey 5. When he lack in power, he was definately needed for his speed. And he had an past as well.

(The scene changes to Monkey Blue, wearing his Blue Police Officer outfit, facing off against Jimmy)

Sly: (narrating) Turns out he wasn't always a cowboy. He started out as a police officer monkey, only for the monkeys out there, but was defeated by Jimmy.

(The scene changes to Monkey Blue back in his Blue cowboy outfit, facing off against Kei & Yumi.)

Sly: (narrating) When Specter, the Freaky Monkey Five & their monkeys creates mischief by using their television shows on "Specter TV", Monkey Blue likes 2 things: Fame & Cowboy Movies, but was defeated by Kei & Yumi in the process.

(Then, the scene changes to Specter along with Monkey Blue, Monkey White & the other 3 silhouettes of the Freaky Monkey Five.)

Sly: (narrating) Monkey Blue always wants to be a Gun Slinger & Specter can make that a reality. Monkey Blue was the fastest member of the 5, but he will soon know that Spongebob will become even faster than him in a showdown of Speed at a western city at Australia.

Spongebob: (smiles)

(The scene then fades to black, showing the title of Sly Cooper "Sly Cooper & the Gang in..." in the upper left of the screen, while the scene shows a western town with a dirt road in Australia & when a wanted poster of Monkey Blue is seen floating in the breeze, it was suddendly shot at the center by Monkey Blue who has suddendly appeared after the poster blew away offscreen & then another title from the bottom of the screen, appears with a speed meter, reving up, showing the words "High Speed" & then finally the same poster lands next to those words, showing a western like word from the back of the poster, saying "Showdown".)

Monkey Blue: Go back to your Mama! (turns away from the camera, showing his back, holding his gun, pointing it upwards)

(The Scene changes to the All Stars going through the desert while being carried by the Giants & the War Monsters, while the Cooper Gang follows them in the Cooper Van)

Dudley: Whew, this place is hot.

Avak: What do you expect, it's the Outback.

Edd: (spots a western town) There's our location.

Owen: (spots a large fence all around the western town) Why is there a fence around here?

Spongebob: Looks like this place is guarded. Monkey Blue is here.

Sly: And you know, it's more like a fort than a town.

Bentley: You're right & it appears to be like a ghost town.

Katie: Except with Monkeys.

Sadie: We're ready to catch as many as we can.

Harold: But where is everyone?

Xplode: This could be dangerous. Some monkeys can be wielded with guns, so we better watch out.

Gwen: Good point.

Avak: Now, the first thing to do is to take down that gate over there. (points to the front gate)

Reidak: And no worries, we can knock out those monkeys from the roofs with our Zamor Launchers.

Meltdown: Alright, when we take out that gate, it's showtime.

Crusher: Stand aside, this is a job for a Giant. (rams through the front gate, breaking it into pieces)

Tree Rex: Nice one, Crusher.

Congar: Now we can capture those monkeys.

Bentley: Hold on, look! (points to the Jack-2 Bots, along with the monkeys) Those Jack-2 Bots are with the Monkeys again.

Twilight Sparkle: These Jack-2 Bots might be distracted by either us, or those corrals with bulls, cows & sheep.

Zaktan: Prehaps we can distract them so we can sneak up behind them & take out the Jack-2 Bots & capture the Monkeys at the same time.

Sly: Now you're talking.

(The All Stars & the Cooper Gang begins to sneak in, while Reidak snaps the Jack-2 Bots' necks)

Reidak: (shrugs) Eh.

(They reached to the corrals & they noticed the locks on the corral)

Boggy B: Those locks are always a problem.

Thunder: I got this. (punches at the locks with his Crush Claw, breaking them) Tada!

(Without the locks, the corrals we're open & all of the bulls, cows & sheep begins to run free around the town)

Jack-2 Bots: (got rammed & stabbed by bulls & their sharp bull horns)

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (shoots Zamor Spheres at the Pipo Monkeys, knocking them off the roof)

Pipo Monkeys: (feeling dizzy, knocked out)

The Piraka: (nets the Pipo Monkeys)

Vezok: Gotcha!

Murray: Look at those bulls go! They are tearing through the Jack-2 Bots.

Dudley: Amazing!

Kitty: We might need a safe house to prepare our next objective.

Sly: And I know just the place. (turns to an abandon bell tower)

(As the All Stars head inside the abandon bell tower, we see Monkey Blue on his signature moterized unicycle coming towards the western town)

Monkey Blue: (looking at the destruction of the Jack-2 Bots, which has caused by the bulls) Well, well, well, looks like we've got a couple of no good sherrifs roaming around here. Time to exterminate them from this town. (holds up his banana-styled revolver as spots Carmelita's car heading this way) And I know just the trick.

(At the Abandon Bell Tower)

(We see that the All Stars & the Cooper Gang have safely made it inside the bell tower)

Spongebob: Alright, we're inside. Now it's time for a big plan.

Bentley: Ok, first we must check out Monkey Blue's plans. One of us must go through an air vent to get to Monkey Blue's sherrif office to figure out what's his top secret plan.

Kitty: I think I can handle that job.

Zaktan: Once you have the infomation, we will know where Monkey Blue is heading now.

Kitty: Right. (heads outside & then goes through the air vent)

Red Bird: Good luck.

(With Kitty)

Kitty: (crawling through the air vent & spots the sherrif office, through the air vent hatch)

(We see Monkey Blue talking to 3 Pipo Monkeys, wearing cowboy costumes & 2 Jack-2 Bots)

Monkey Blue: (to 3 Pipo Monkeys) Alright, listen up! We're going all in. Our ace in our sleeve is gonna put those intruders down & we're gonna learn'em you don't yank a rattlesnake's tail unless you get bit by one! Finally we'll rob the western bank & finish loadin' up that train & haul all of the loot out of this town & to Specter. I, Monkey Blue am going to make millions! (accidently shoots the Jack-2 Bot down with his revolver)

Jack-2 Bot #1: (falls down on the desk, shutting down)

Monkey Blue: Eh...oops.

Jack-2 Bot #2: Dang it, Monkey Blue! Watch where you pointing that thing! That was my partner!

Monkey Blue: (points his revolver at the 2nd Jack-2 Bot) (his voice becomes more menacingly) Are you talking to THE "Monkey Blue"?!?!

Jack-2 Bot #2: Whoa, there, whao!! I'm sorry! I didn't mean nothing!

Kitty: (whispers) So that's it. A western heist on the rail road. I've gotta warn the All Stars & the Cooper Gang.

(Back at the Abandon Bell Tower)

Avak: A good ol fashion western train heist. This should be interesting.

Twilight Sparkle: Alright, thanks to Kitty Katswell, we figured out Monkey Blue's plans.

Bentley: Now it's time for Operation: Rail Road Rally.

Zaktan: First, we must catch up to the train by going at top speed to make it to the caboose of the train.

Bentley: Next, we have to net the monkeys from inside the train carts.

Twilight Sparkle: And we must watch out for Jack-2 Bots. That's where the Piraka comes in.

Sanford: The Piraka will take out the Jack-2 Bots, while Hank, Deimos & I make our way to the Train's control room where it's heavily guarded by Jack-2 Bots & Monkey Blue is in that control room of the train.

Duncan: And finally, once the Monkeys we're captured & the Jack-2 Bots are destroyed, Monkey Blue will be all alone & that's where we strike back.

Spongebob: Sounds like a plan. Let's do it, to it!

Murray: Yeah! I'm pumped!

Xplode: Alright, Murray. Start the van, cause we're going on a train heist!

(At the train station)

(We see a train chugging down the rail road, carrying about 4 to 5 train carts & a caboose)

(Now we see Spongebob, running down the dirt road, next to the rail road track, while the rest of the All Stars [minus Giants & War Monsters] being carried by the Giants & the War Monsters & the Cooper Gang catching up to them at high speed)

Bentley: Faster, Murray!

Murray: You got it, chum! (drives faster)

Spongebob: Alright, we're going in!

Giants & War Monsters: (jumps up & lands on the roof of the caboose)

Spongebob: (jumps up & lands on the caboose)

Sly: (on the roof) (smirks as he jumps up & lands on the caboose as well.

3 Blue Birds: (enjoying the breeze)

Nitroblast: Show time, Piraka!

The Piraka: (nods & then heads inside the caboose, destroying Jack-2 Bots in the process)

Reidak: All clear.

Pipo Monkeys: (screechs as they noticed the Piraka inside)

Astro: (flies inside & then nets the Monkeys with the Monkey Net) The Caboose is all clear.

Deimos: See you at the control room.

Hank, Sanford & Deimos: (traveling on the roofs of the train carts, heading straight for the control room)

Jack-2 Bots: (appears on the roof of the carts)

Togera: Look out! (stabs at the Jack-2 Bots with his blade like spikes)

Jack-2 Bots: (shuts down & falls off the train)

Hank: Thanks for the save.

Hank, Sanford & Deimos: (continues their way to the control room on the roof)

Sly: (nets the Monkeys from inside the 2nd cart) Got them right here.

Dudley: (puppy punches a Jack-2 Bot into pieces)

Duncan: (pulls out a metal bat & then whacks at the Jack-2 Bots with it)

Jack-2 Bots: (growls)

Owen: Oops.

Pumbaa: (rams at the Jack-2 Bots with his strong tusks)

Jack-2 Bots: (falls down)

(As they continue on ahead, the All Stars & Sly Cooper captures all of the monkeys & destroys the Jack-2 Bots)

Mordecai: (panting) Phew, we did it.

Rigby: Yeah-uh, now all it's left is to stop that Monkey Blue.

(With Hank, Sanford & Deimos)

Hank, Sanford & Deimos: (enters the control room)

(Instead of this room filled with Jack-2 Bots like they expected, they noticed a tied up Carmelita Fox, tied up to a chair)

Carmelita: (her mouth was taped up) (notices the 3 & narrows her eyes in anger)

Deimos: What the?!

Sanford: (turns on his walkie talkie) Guys, we have a problem. It's very unexpected, but Carmelita's tied up in the control room!

Sly: (in walkie talkie) Hold on, I'm coming to save her!

Hank: Sounds like Sly Cooper has got a thing for Carmelita.

Deimos: Yep. Right now, why would Monkey Blue capture Carmelita?

Sanford: Monkey Blue is very lucky to change his plan a bit.

Deimos: Uh huh. (removes the tape from Carmelita's mouth)

Carmelita: AAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Sanford: Deimos!

Deimos: What?

Carmelita: (growls at the 3)

Hank: Now you done it.

Sanford: Never mind. (to Carmelita) What happened?

Carmelita: That tall Monkey wearing a blue cowboy costume had kidnapped me when I arrived here at Australia.

Deimos: Monkey Blue.

Hank: I think Monkey Blue is trying to get Sly to save Carmelita so that he can take him out easily.

Sanford: That would complicate the mission.

Deimos: (to Carmelita) Sorry, nothing personal.

Carmelita: Don't you dare!

Deimos: (places the tape back on Carmelita's mouth)

Carmelita: (mumbling angrily)

(Suddendly Monkey Blue comes back & spots the 4)

Monkey Blue: You're not that raccoon, but I can go for the next best thing.

Hank: Oh yeah? Face us!

Monkey Blue: Not this time! (wraps the lasso rope around Hank, Sanford & Deimos)

Sanford: Great.

(With the rest of the group)

All Stars (minus Hank, Sanford & Deimos): (following Sly)

Spongebob: Wait, come back!

Sly: If I don't do something, Carmelita is doomed.

Applejack: Don't worry, y'all. We're here to help, even though you had a crush on her.

Courtney: (facepalms)

Ultra-V: Courtney, you're not helping.

(They noticed a wanted poster of Monkey Blue, floating in the breeze)

Sly: (grabs the poster & reads it) That guy is a real ego-maniac.

(Suddendly they heard music coming from a music box, Monkey Blue's holding)

Hakann: Hey! Who's there!?

Monkey Blue: (on his Moterized Unicycle, holding his banana-style revolver & his special music box) We're you looking for me?

Boggy B: Yes, we we're.

Monkey Blue: You're sherrifing days are over. Ain't nobody's faster when it comes to slappin' iron, kid!

Avak: Preaty confindent of yourself, aren't you?

Beth: (gulps)

Monkey Blue: (opens the music box) You wanna try me? (chuckles) I'll be famous when I put you down. Then I'll...

(We see that the music box contains a picture of a girl monkey named Monkey Pink inside)

Monkey Blue: I'll ask Pink out for a date...

(The camera changes to a close up of Monkey Blue's face)

Monkey Blue: And then...(laughing evily)

(We see that the All Stars are now confused at first, but realized Sly's point)

Fangz: You're right, Sly. He is a ego-maniac.

Sly: Alright, where's Carmelita?

Spongebob: And where are Hank, Sanford & Deimos?

Monkey Blue: You mean...(shows the group, Carmelita, Hank, Sanford & Deimos trapped inside a crate)...these 4.

Carmelita, Hank, Sanford & Deimos: (mumbling because of the tapes taped on their mouths)

Monkey Blue: And about those Jack-2 Bots. (snaps his fingers)

(Jack-2 Bots emerges from the larger crates, breaking themselves free)

Monkey Blue: I've made a trap to trap you all. There is no way you can stop this train to Specter.

Sly: Alright, I guess it's time that we knock your block off. (readies his Cooper Cane)

Spongebob: Now I'm ready!

Xplode: We'll take care of the Jack-2 Bots, you two will take on Monkey Blue!

Sly: Right, good luck.

Monkey Blue: As soon as this music box stops, we draw!

Spongebob & Sly: (looks determined)

(The Music box stops playing & Monkey Blue begins to rev his Motorized Unicycle)

Monkey Blue: Here we go! (drives off the train & then speeds up to catch up to the train)

Spongebob: Whoa! Hold on!

Sly: (holds onto Spongebob)

Spongebob: (jumps off & follows Monkey Blue in super sonic speed)

(The rest of the All Stars [minus Spongebob, Hank, Sanford & Deimos] begins their battle against the Jack-2 Bots as Spongebob & Sly continues follow Monkey Blue)

Monkey Blue: I'll teach you the rules of a gunman. (begins shooting bullets at the 2) Take that!

Spongebob: (dodges out of the way) Whoa!

Sly: (dodges) That was too close.

Bentley & Murray: (drives up to Spongebob & Sly in the Cooper Van)

Bentley: Hold on, Sly! We're coming!

Spongebob: Don't worry, I can't spindash Monkey Blue while I'm carrying you Sly, but you can try to slow him down by whacking him with your Cane.

Sly: Roger that. It's time to stop that Speed Demon.

Murray: Oh, yeah! Good ol fashion high speed chase! The Murray is always ready!

Spongebob: (speeds up to Monkey Blue)

Monkey Blue: (shoots multiple bullets at the group) Take that!

Spongebob: (dodges & then throws Sly at Monkey Blue)

Sly: (lands on the Motorized Unicycle) Mind if I drop in for a quick ride.

Monkey Blue: What the...?!

Sly: (whacks Monkey Blue with his Cooper Cane)

Monkey Blue: Augh! (falls off & then quickly gets back on the Motorized Unicycle & speeds off) Not bad.

Sly: (jumps off & lands on top of the van)

Monkey Blue: (shoots multiple bullets at Spongebob) Take that!

Spongebob: (dodges the bullets) I got him! (jumps up & then spindashes at Monkey Blue)

Monkey Blue: Augh! (his special Pipo Helmet glows yellow instead of blue) You're getting really good at this. (speeds off) Gonna getcha! (throws multiple dynamite at the Cooper Van)

Spongebob: Look out!

Murray: Hold on! (drives the Cooper Van faster to dodge the dynamite)

Sly: Nice driving Murray. Now to take him out.

Spongebob: Right. (to Monkey Blue) Hey! Over here!

Monkey Blue: (turns back to see Spongebob)

Spongebob: Nyah, nyah, nyah nyah, nyah! Nyah, nyah, nyah nyah, nyah!

Monkey Blue: Why you little...!

(Suddendly Monkey Blue went up on a rocky ledge like a lamp & then crashes back on the train's first cart between the control room & the 2nd cart)

Monkey Blue: URGH!

Spongebob: We got him!

Sly: Thanks guys.

Bentley: You're very welcome, but he's not finished with us yet.

Spongebob: We'll do the rest.

Spongebob & Sly: (jumps up & lands on the first cart)

(We see the rest of the gang have defeated the Jack-2 Bots)

Black Bird: Hey guys, we've taken care of the bots for ya.

Duncan: (uses a crowbar to open the crate, releasing Carmelita, Hank, Sanford & Deimos)

Carmelita: (spots Sly) Cooper! I got you, you thieving two-faced raccoon!

Sly: Hey Carmelita, funny meeting you here.

Raw Jaw: Uh, guys? (points to Monkey Blue)

Monkey Blue: (getting up slowly) That's it, we're gonna fight!

Carmelita: (growls) As much as I love to see Sly Cooper in jail, but nobody kidnaps Inspecter Carmelita Fox & gets away with it! He's mine! (readies her Shock Pistol & turns her attention to Monkey Blue)

Thok: Hm?

Sly: (holds his hand up to stop anyone from interfering) It's ok, Carmelita's got this.

Spongebob: It's best that we stay out of this.

Carmelita & Monkey Blue: (facing each other)

Monkey Blue: On the count of 3. 1... 2... 3... GO!


(The two are locked in a western showdown, shooting their guns at each other with Carmelita shooting electricity from her Shock Pistol & Monkey Blue shooting bullets from his Banana-Style Revolver. The All Stars & Sly takes cover from the shots being thrown. In the end of this epic showdown, Carmelita comes out on top by a nose by giving Monkey Blue a surprize attack, electrocuting Monkey Blue into submission.)

Carmelita: You're coming with me!

Monkey Blue: (groaning in pain) To think, being defeated by a's very embarassing. I failed you Specter, including you Monkey Pink.

All Stars & Sly: (comes out from hiding & approaches to Carmelita & Monkey Blue)

Corroder: Monkey Pink, eh?

Kitty: Who is she exactly?

Monkey Blue: Forget it! I'm not gonna tell you anyway! If you want to get pass her, you're gonna have to get pass Africa & cross paths with Monkey Yellow first. (coughs) And believe you me, you don't wanna (falls down, feeling dazed)

Vezok: (nets Monkey Blue with his Monkey Net) Gotcha! We got him!

Carmelita: Now, about you all! I'm placing you all under arrest for helping that lying ringtail escape and...(notices Sly had dissapeared) What? How did he? (notices the All Stars already have left, avoiding from getting themselves caught from Carmelita herself) What the?! Where did they...? (spots Sly Cooper's Insigne saying "Sorry, but we've got some work to do. P.S. I'll call you.") Cooper!

(Back with the All Stars & the Cooper Gang)

(We see them, driving away towards the sunset)

Sly: (narrating) With Monkey Blue captured, we've managed to slip from Carmelita's grasp. I hope I can patch things up with her. But right now, there's no stopping right now & we have 3 of the Freaky Monkey 5 left. The 3rd member is sure to try to stop us from getting to Specter.

(Now we see the group, watching a rodeo with the Mane 6 giving Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Vezok & Squidward a pony ride for the "Bronco Buck" competetion.)

Sly: (narrating) We took some time off in the Outback for a little rodeo party...

(Now the scene changes to the All Stars & the Cooper Gang heading towards to Africa by plane while the Cooper Gang are in disguise with Sly dressed up as a Teen Punk, Bentley dressed up as a Cowboy & Murray dressed up as a Business Man)

Sly: (narrating) Before we pack up our things & head off at the West in the heart & soul of the savannah, also known as Africa.

Sly Cooper & the Gang in... The Ape Escape! (Part 4: Soul of the Savannah)

(Now we see the All Stars & the Cooper Gang, who are in normal clothing, are now in the African Savannah, hiding the Cooper Van in the bushes)

Sly: (narrating) We arrived at the African Savannah. And we need to know the next member of the Freaky Monkey 5 as best as we can. The 3rd member is the largest member & also the oddest out of the group...

(The scene changes to see Monkey Yellow
Monkey Yellow

Monkey Yellow

, which he has yellow fur, extremely large & fat, wearing his Purple Sumo wear with black crossed arm bands & pants, blue robe tied around his arms & tied at the back, his green hair all puffed up with a special Sumo-Crown like Pipo Helmet appearing from front of his hair, dark grey gloves, white socks & red sandles with purple straps.)

Sly: (narrating) Monkey Yellow.

(The camera changes to Monkey Yellow battle against Jimmy in a sumo ring)

Sly: (narrating) He started out fighting against Jimmy, but he lost & also the first monkey out of the Freaky Monkey Five to escape from being captured. And when we say his history was big, we meant REALLY big, litterally.

(The scene changes to a Giant Monkey Yellow eating an overdose of Vita-Z Bananas)

Sly: (narrating) After eating an overdose of Vita-Z Bananas, he was sent on a rampage, but was defeated again by Jimmy.

(Then, the scene shows Monkey Yellow facing off against Kei & Yumi)

Sly: (narrating) And we can't blame him, he is the oddest member we would ever face in his battle. Especially when he is up against Kei & Yumi, which he had lost to the 2.

(Now we see Specter along with Monkey White, Monkey Blue & the other 2 silhouettes of the Freaky Monkey Five, making way for Monkey Yellow to set foot in Africa.)

Sly: (narrating) Now he's at Africa, there's no telling what he'll do, unless we're one step ahead of his plans to take over Africa.

(The scene then fades to black, showing the title of Sly Cooper, "Sly Cooper & the Gang in..." in the upper left of the screen, while the scene shows a sunrise, showing the whole beauty of the savannah & also the silhouette of Monkey Yellow while the title appears in the sun saying "Soul of the Savannah")

Monkey Yellow: Here we go! (preforms sumo hand push moves towards the camera) Hiiya! Hiiya! (preforms a sumo pose & he froze in place)

(The scene changes to the savannah being enveloped by bright light from the sunrise)

(We see the All Stars & the Cooper Gang wakes up from the beam light from the Sunset)

Spongebob: (yawns) Morning everyone.

Timon: Morning. It's good to be back in Africa, right Pumbaa?

Pumbaa: You betcha, Timon.

Bentley: Ok, we might need some intel to know where Monkey Yellow is at now. We might need to do some recon.

Dudley: Camera work, right?

Bentley: Correct.

Xplode: Alright. Let's start searching. Everybody, let's go.

Spongebob: Alright. But first, we'll check in the Cooper Van's new upgrades. GSP?

Rarity: Check.

Spongebob: DVD?

Owen: Check.

Pumbaa: Emergency bacon?

Timon: It's not bacon, it's beacon! Emergency BEACON!

Pumbaa: Sorry.

Geoff: And check.

Murray: Thanks for the upgrades guys. Everyone's ready. Let's do this!

(The Cooper Gang begins to drive in the Cooper Van while the Giants & the War Monsters carries the rest of the All Stars along with them.)

Fluttershy: I hope we get to see some lovely African Animals.

White Bird: (spots a Rhino Crossing sign) Look, a rhino crossing. Stop!

(They all stop)

Xplode: (checks the GPS which has a Yellow Dot which is the Cooper Van) The Yellow Dot is us.

Boggy B: I think you're right.

(The GPS then shows a Red Dot coming towards the Yellow Dot from the left side of the GPS map)

Crusher: Say, what is that red dot?

Kitty: (spots something coming) Uh oh.

Avak: What is it, Kitty?

(They all noticed something charging to the left side of the Cooper Van & it's actually a Rhino charging)

Timon & Pumbaa: RHINO!

(The Rhino then rams at the Cooper Van 3 times)

Murray: Hey! Watch the van!

Fluttershy: (notices something wrong with the Rhino) Oh my goodness. (flies up to the Rhino)

Meltdown: Go! Go! Give it some gas!

Murray: You got it chum! (drives the van faster, getting away from the Rhino)

(The All Stars [minus Fluttershy] makes their escape from the rhino)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: RUN AWAY!

Spongebob: Wait, where's Fluttershy?

Sly: Oops.

Astro: I'll get him! Gotta fly! (flies after Fluttershy with his Rocket Feet & spots Fluttershy tending to the Rhino) Huh?

Fluttershy: It's ok. (nuzzles the Rhino's nose gently)

Mane 6 (minus Fluttershy): (notices Fluttershy)

(The Rhino shows his front left foot)

Fluttershy: (notices a thorn in the Rhino's front left foot) Oh, you poor little baby.

Astro: Hm?

Rainbow Dash: Little?

Fluttershy: Now this might hurt for just a second. (grabs the thorn with her teeth & pulls it out from the Rhino's foot)

(The Rhino roars in pain a bit)

Astro & Mane 6 (minus Fluttershy): Fluttershy!

(Instead of attacking Fluttershy, the Rhino nuzzles Fluttershy)

Fluttershy: (giggles) You're just a cute little rhino aren't you? Yes you are, yes you are.

Astro: You're very nice with animals. How did you tame it?

Fluttershy: I didn't. All it took is a little kindness.

Astro: (blushes a bit)

Mane 6 & Astro: (heads back to the group)

Astro: My temperature have risen a bit, but no short circuit. What is wrong with me?

(Back with the Heroes)

Spongebob: Are you guys ok?

Rarity: Fluttershy's ok.

Twilight Sparkle: She must've help the Rhino get it's thorn from it's foot.

Rainbow Dash: Just like she helped that Manticore with her compasion.

Bentley: Amazing. Fluttershy can communicate with animals.

Donkey Kong: Incredible. Is everyone ok? How do you feel?

Owen: Actually I'm feeling a little hungry.

Zaktan: You're in luck. We manage to get some lunch for ourselves since this morning. Fresh from the resturant.

(The All Stars & the Cooper Gang [minus Astro, Robo-47, Ultra-V, Bouncer, due to being robots] begins to eat their lunch while Astro, Robo-47, Ultra-V & Bouncer recharge their powers)

Murray: Mmm! Delicious! I wonder what kind of resturant is that? Maybe we can come back to that resturant later.

Mordecai: Hm, Hm. Agreed.

Rigby: Yeah-uh!

(After lunch, they arrived at a grassy field, which is empty out here.)

Timon: (checking the GPS to see the Yellow Dot again) Human technology, you gotta love it.

Red Bird: (spots a whole lot of red dots appearing from the bottom of the GPS) What's that?

Noah: Don't tell me that was Owen's stomach.

Congar: I don't think so, it's awful loud even for Owen.

Sly: I think I know.

(They all turn around behind them to see a stampede of Wildebeasts heading straight towards them)

Rainbow Dash: STAMPEDE!

(The All Stars started running away from the stampede, while the Cooper Gang follows the All Stars in the Cooper Van)

Black Bird: Go, Go, Go!

Sly: (spots Monkey Yellow on top of a low cliff) There he is!

Monkey Yellow: (laughing) Run my Wildebeasts! Run like the wind! Soon, I'll become the King of Africa! But first, I'll get dressed in the right suit for Africa.

Mordecai: Let's get him!

Kitty: Never mind him! Let's get to safety & see where he is heading first.

Duncan: Yeah, but first we have to get away from the stampede!

(They all nodded & then heads deep into the jungle, getting away from the stampede of Wildebeasts)

Monkey Yellow: Those sneaky devils. They we're adorable when they tried to get away. (chuckles)

(With the All Stars & the Cooper Gang)

(They are seen inside the jungle, building their own African hideout out of large leaves & strong thick sticks)

Tree Rex: (places 3 logs & a large flat square piece of wood to create a square table) There.

Bentley: Ok, we know Monkey Yellow intentions to become the King of Africa, but we don't know how he is gonna do it. So we will have to track him down at night time, since he'll spot us going up to him in land, so we'll have to travel by boat to do that.

Zaktan: Fortunately for us, our hideout is close to the start of the river.

Twilight Sparkle: All we have to do, is to build a boat & track down Monkey Yellow without being seen.

Mordecai We've built a boat to look like a duck before. This time we'll build a boat to look like a tour boat.

Xplode: And also, we need disguises so that Monkey Yellow won't recognize us.

Sly: Alright, let's whip up some disguises & let's get to work.

(At a clothes shop, they all disguise as completely random tourists, with Spongebob as a surfer, Twilight Sparkle as a valley girl & even Owen dressed as a Mime)

(Back at the Africa Hideout, they started building their tour boat.)

(And after all of that building, the tour boat is finished.)

Applejack: (dressed as a Cowgirl) The boat's ready to go.

Spongebob: We're all set.

Thumpback: I'll swim across the river, you'll follow me & when I signal you to stop, stop the boat.

Dudley: (dressed up as a clown) Right. We're on the job.

Boggy B: (dressed up as a rich person) Sorry Giants & War Monsters, you are all too big to fit on the boat, your weight will cause us to sink. Thumpback is the only one that can swim in water.

Togera: Uh, hello? I'm a monster that can swim underwater too!

Ultra-V: Don't worry, Preytor, Swarm, Ninjini & I will use our Feat of Strength to carry the rest of the War Monsters & Giants while we're in the air.

Preytor: Let's try it.

Preytor, Ultra-V, Swarm & Ninjini: (uses their Feat of Strength to lift up Congar, Robo-47, Kineticlops, Agamo, Magmo, Tree Rex, Bouncer, Crusher, Hot Head & Eye-Brawl upwards, flying high)

Ultra-V: We're ready.

Spongebob: Then let's go.

(The All Stars & the Cooper Gang then goes down the river on the tour boat while the rest of the War Monsters & Giants stays hidden from up in the air)

Thumpback & Togera: (swimming ahead of the group & spots Monkey Yellow & signals everyone to stop, which they did)

Preytor, Ultra-V, Swarm & Ninjini: (still flying in mid-air)

Monkey Yellow: (chuckles) My, my, the caves will be perfect for prison cells, if the caves only have one entrace & one exit, and they are one in the same & also, a prison is perfect for my new African Fortress.

Thumpback: (whispers) An african fortress? That's where he's hiding out.

Monkey Yellow: Nobody would ever guess the location is somewhere inside around 4 trees would make a square for a bird's eye view. (waddles off next to the river)

Togera: (whispers) Heh! You're messing with the wrong All Stars. (to the All Stars & the Cooper Gang) Go.

(The All Stars & the Cooper Gang continues to follow Monkey Yellow for a few minutes.)

Thumpback: Stop.

(The gang stops & hides, when Monkey Yellow stops as well.)

Monkey Yellow: Mmm! Delicious Fishing Rivers are indeed delicious & yummy. My special Sumo Gates are invincible, as long as they are no one this powerful enough to take them down by force & hope that my Monkeys are distracted by Bananas. (continues waddling off)

Thumpback: (whispers) Interesting. Did you guys hear that?

Donkey Kong: (whispers) Yep & we can probably help those monkeys out. (chuckles)

Togera: Go.

(The All Stars & the Cooper Gang continues to follow Monkey Yellow again for a moment.)

Togera: Stop.

(The gang begins to stop again.)

Monkey Yellow: Even if those guys I've seen from before get to the Sumo Gates, they'll figure out that the right ammount of strength is from the power all 16 giants. Very powerful indeed & also they have to hit in the center too. (chuckles as he waddles again)

Harold: (whispers) Excellent, keep flapping those big lips of yours.

Thumpback: Go.

(The All Stars & the Cooper continues to follow him, but there's no sign of Monkey Yellow as they pass the tall grass)

Lindsay: Where'd he go?

Beth: I don't know but we might wanna find them.

Timon: She's right, there are Alligator infested waters.

Pumbaa: Don't be silly Timon, Alligators are in the human mucky swamps in North America.

Bentley: No, these tributaries are home too...

(Suddendly, a bunch of crocodiles ambushes the tour boat)


Timon & Pumbaa: AAAAHHH!

Sly: (whacking the crocodiles with his Cooper Cane)

Thunder: I got it. (smacks the Crocodile with his Crush Claw)

Murray: Nobody ambushes the Murray! (grabs the Crocodile's tail & then whacks the other crocodiles with the crocodile he's holding & then throws it back in the river) All done!

Spongebob: Good, now floor it!

(The All Stars begins to retreat further forward, getting away from the Crocodiles)

Geoff: Dude, that was a close one.

Squidward: I think I'm having chest pains.

Patrick: I don't feel so good.

Squidward: No Patrick, don't!

Patrick: (burps loudly) Sorry.

Squidward: Ugh! Tell me that swamp vapours.

Bentley: Get down!

(The All Stars get down, hiding from Monkey Yellow who emerged out of the trees & lands on his feet & looks around)

Monkey Yellow: Hm? (shakes his head) Now I gotta get ready to trap the wild animals for Doctor Specter to shave their fur for his prized fur coats here & now. (chuckles) Good thing I've put the crocodiles in the moat, that surrounds the fortress. (waddles away & found his fortress)

(The Pipo Monkeys lower the draw bridge for Monkey Yellow to cross)

Monkey Yellow: (enters his African Fortress)

(The Pipo Monkeys closes the draw bridge & closes the Sumo Gates)

Bentley: So that's the whole plan.

Drilldozer: Sounds like it.

Edd: Let's return to the hide out to plan our next move.

Harold: I'll prepare the map to the path to get to the african fortress.

Bentley: And I'll prepare the map of Monkey Yellow's african fortress.

(Back at the African Hideout)

Zaktan: Alright everyone, we have enough intel to plan our next move to take down Monkey Yellow.

Avak: Yeah, Monkey Yellow has played King of the Jungle for the last time.

Bentley: Alright, first we have to take out those crocodiles, so they won't bother us while the War Monsters & the Giants smash their way through the Sumo Gate to destroy them.

Twilight Sparkle: Before we do so, we have to open the drawbridge from the inside, that's where Donkey Kong comes in. He has to take off his tie & puts on a fake Pipo Helmet we made out of a coconut shell, a jar & lots of fire flies, because we know some Pipo Monkeys are not that bright, but those Jack-2 bots are too bright to fool.

Zaktan: Murray, you & the Piraka will have to take down those Jack-2 Bots so we are all clear to fool the Pipo Monkeys, once we're inside & have destroyed the Sumo Gates, we'll capture those monkeys & take out Monkey Yellow once & for all.

Spongebob: Alrighty then, when do we start.

Sly: Our plan begins at dawn.

(At Monkey Yellow's African Fortress, the Next Morning at dawn)

(We see 2 Pipo Monkeys & Jack-2 Bots guarding the Fence & the Moat, until they noticed Donkey Kong without his tie & wears a Fake Pipo Helmet)

2 Pipo Helmets: (notices Donkey Kong)

Donkey Kong: Greetings, open the door!

Jack-2 Bot #1: A little muscular to be a Pipo Monkey, aren't you?

Jack-2 Bot #2: Who are you?

(Suddendly someone taps the Jack-2 Bot at the shoulder & the bots turn to see Murray)

Murray: Who is he, you ask?

Jack-2 Bots: (turns to see Murray & the Piraka, who are with him)

Reidak: That's a question you'll have to figure out in the scrap heap!

Murray & the Piraka: (begins attacking the Jack-2 Bots)

Donkey Kong: (to the Pipo Monkeys) Ukki, Ukki. I am the new Pipo Gorilla. I bring in the "POW" to those intruders.

2 Pipo Monkeys: (going bananas for Donkey Kong, not knowing he's in disguise of a Pipo Gorilla & then turns to the Pipo Monkeys from the inside)

Pipo Monkey #1: Ukki, ukki!

Pipo Monkey #3: (turns to Pipo Monkeys #1 & 2) Ukki, Ukki. (lowers the drawbridge & opens the Sumo Gate for Donkey Kong) Ukki, Ukki!

Donkey Kong: Ukki, Ukki! (enters inside the fortress)

(The rest of the group emerges from a nearby jungle)

Spongebob: Donkey Kong is in.

Sly: This should be interesting.

HF Rotor: Time to take out those Crocodiles!

(The All Stars & the Cooper Gang begins to take down those Crocodiles one by one, knocking them all out cold)

Tree Rex: Now, it's a job for the Giants & the War Monsters.

(The Giants & the War Monsters begins to charge at the Sumo Gates, ramming them with their combined strength, tearing the Sumo Gates down one bye one until they create cracks at the last Sumo Gate)

Bouncer: Almost there, we can do this.

Togera: That last Sumo Gate is strong, we need a little more back up.

Fluttershy: I got an idea, if you don't mind.

Pinkie Pie: (smiles happily) Okie dokie lokie.

Fluttershy: Okay, here goes. (takes a deep breathe & then whistles)

(With the sound of Fluttershy whistling, the same rhino charges at the Sumo Gate)

Timon & Pumbaa: Not again! RHINO!

(Instead of attacking the All Stars before, the rhino rams through the last Sumo Gate, breaking it through.)

Sly: We're in, nice work Fluttershy.

Fluttershy: Thank you.

Astro: Alright, time to catch those monkeys.

(The All Stars & the Cooper Gang begins to surround the Pipo Monkeys)

Pipo Monkeys: (looking around, until they saw Donkey Kong)

Donkey Kong: (wearing his tie again, grinning as he takes off his Fake Pipo Helmet) Gotcha!

(The All Stars & the Cooper Gang begins capturing all of the Pipo Monkeys from inside the African Fortress.)

Spongebob: (panting) That's all of them.

Rigby: (panting) We did it!

Mordecai: (panting) Yep, we've worked hard to capture those monkeys & taking out the Jack-2 Bots. Cause we're a team.

Bentley: Only one thing left to do & that is taking out Monkey Yellow once & for all!

Murray: (spots a giant wooden cage dropping down) WATCH OUT!

(Murray only manages to push Spongebob, Sly & Donkey Kong out of the way, only for the rest to be captured inside a wooden cage)

Sanford: (not impressed) Not again.

Dudley: How do we get out now?

Kitty: (groans) Why does this happen to us when we're capturing Monkeys?

Sly: Phew. Thanks Murray. You did your best.

Murray: Your welcome. I'm only happy to help, but who set the trap?


Spongebob: I have a feeling I know.

(Suddendly, ????? drops down from the sky & lands on both feet & it's actually Monkey Yellow, who is now wearing a more Tribal like outfit with a new Tribal Crown)

Monkey Yellow: My, my, my. (chuckles) You must be the same group of intruders who escaped my stampede.

Donkey Kong: Are you wearing a Tribal outfit?

Monkey Yellow: Indeed I am. (chuckles) How'd you like my new Fur Skirt, my fossil necklace & my Tribal paint all over my body. It's really suits my new African ways to take over Africa. (chuckles)

Murray: Let my friends go or else we're gonna put the Smack in Smack Down on you, punk!

Monkey Yellow: (chuckles) You must have a very good waist line. But that doesn't matter now, Doctor Specter asked that I take care of you, here & now. (chuckles)

Spongebob: Alright, buddy. Let's see what you got against all 4 of us!

Monkey Yellow: My, my, my. All it's left is 7 Skunk Tails for the finishing touches of my crown. (chuckles) And the best way to get some skunk tails is from fresh live skunks themselves! (removes the curtains, revealing to be the same 7 Girl Skunks from before, who are actually the Guardians of the Chaos Emeralds)

7 Skunk Girls: (in another wooden cage)

Purple Skunk Girl: Help!

Vezok: What the...?!

Dark Blue Skunk Girl: (waves hello to Vezok) Hi handsome.

Vezok: Wait, that was you 7! Disguised as 7 Amy Roses!

White Skunk Girl: Sorry.

Green Skunk Girl: You would've know our true forms.

Gwen: (hiding behind Trent) Sorry, but skunks totally freak me out.

Red Skunk Girl: Sorry, but those Girl Skunk forms are actually our true forms.

Trent: It's ok, Gwen. I'm here for you.

Gwen: Thanks Trent.

Owen: Uh, one question. Why do you want Skunk Tails for your crown?

Monkey Yellow: Because my big friend, they smell like cheese! (chuckles)

Cyan Skunk Girl: (blushes in embarassment) Sorry, we intend to cut the cheese when we're nervous.

Timon: Sheesh & I thought Pumbaa was gassy.

Noah: And I thought Owen was a ticking time bomb of noxious gas fumes.

Monkey Yellow: Now that the conversation is over, you'll have to get your friends back if you beat me in a Sumo Ring.

(They all noticed the Sumo ring that they are in.)

Monkey Yellow: Now please be careful with me. (chuckles)

Sly: That monkey is a female maniac.

Spongebob: Actually he's a male.

Donkey Kong: No, I think a female maniac is when a Male wants to be a female.

Meltdown: Sheesh, now that's all kinds of wrong.

Monkey Yellow: Ooh, my body. You can't just simply attack my body you know. You or me, I wonder which one of us will fall out of the ring first.

(They turn attention to the giant tacks being set up)

Monkey Yellow: (chuckles)

Sly: This should be interesting. Let's take him down.

Murray: My favourite time of the day! Time to kick some butt!

Spongebob: Let's do it, to it!

Donkey Kong: Yeah! For our friends!

Monkey Yellow: Then LET'S GET READY... to tussle!


(This battle begins to get intense as the 4 heroes tries their best to find Monkey Yellow's weakness, it took some tricky manevuering, but they devised a game plan to take down Monkey Yellow. First, they'll dodge Monkey Yellow's charge for Sly to whack at his rear with his Cooper Cane, causing Monkey Yellow to fall into the tacks, felt the pain so hard that Monkey Yellow jumps up. Next while he's distracted rubbing the sore spots, Murray will ram Monkey Yellow towards the center of the ring. Third, Spongebob will spindash at Monkey Yellow's head, causing him to fall down on his back. And finally, Donkey Kong will jump & then slams his fists on Monkey Yellow's stomach, causing great damage. They continue the same game plan over & over again, until Monkey Yellow is out for the count, which is he is now.)

Murray: Oh yeah! Now that felt awesome!

Donkey Kong: Monkey Yellow, you're days as King of the African Jungle are over!

Monkey Yellow: (panting as he gets up) You...! That really hurt!

Sly: What's the matter, you stomach can't take the pain?

Spongebob: (laughs) That's a good one, Sly.

Monkey Yellow: (felt a bit wobbly) Don't get too full of yourself just because you won!

Sly: What do you mean?

Monkey Yellow: I was on a diet, you know. So I wasn't eating enough Vita-Z Bananas! I couldn't fight well 'cause my stomach was half-empty, that's all!

Sly: We're doing you a favor. What kind of monkey, shaves fur from animals.

Spongebob: That's cruelity to animals & there's no honor in that.

Monkey Yellow: I don't care what you say! You'll never defeat Monkey Pink! She was gonna be the superstar for the United Kingdom, that's all! So next time you'd better watch out! I'll get you, boy! (about to retreat, but was stopped by Murray)

Murray: Nobody retreats from "The Murray"! (uppercuts Monkey Yellow's jaw)

Monkey Yellow: AUGH! You've got me! (falls down on his back & was about to get up)

Donkey Kong: (jumps up) BANANA SLAMMA! (slams his fists at Monkey Yellow's face, knocking him out)

Sly: Thanks Murray & Donkey Kong, you two are the real heroes & don't you forget it.

Spongebob: That's right! (nets Monkey Yellow with his Monkey Net)

Murray: Aw shucks, thanks guys.

Donkey Kong: (slams the wooden cages, destroying them)

Red Skunk Girl: Thanks guys for trying to save us.

Green Skunk Girl: You guys are awesome.

Spongebob: Thanks, but how did you get here to Africa in the Discovery Zone?

Purple Skunk Girl: It's a long story.

Donkey Kong: (spots Carmelita's pink car approaching) Let's talk about while we get outta here!

Bentley: Quick, back to the van!

(The All Stars, the Cooper Gang & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians of the Chaos Emeralds makes a retreat to the van with the Giants & the War Monsters carrying the rest of the All Stars to safety while the Cooper Gang & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians of the Chaos Emeralds following them by driving in the Cooper Van)

Sly: (narrating) Monkey Yellow is captured & his african empire of Pipo Monkeys & Jack-2 Bots are defeated. And Carmelita's approach to the fortress, cued our exit.

(We see Carmelita checking another Insigne, Sly Cooper had left behind.)

Sly: (narrating) Having just missed us, I've left behind my Insigne for Carmelita. I'm impressed how well she took it.

(The scene changes to the All Stars, the Cooper Gang & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians back at the African Hideout)

Sly: (narrating) The 7 Skunk Girls, who we're known as the Guardians of the Chaos Emeralds, explained the whole story on how they are captured.

(The scene changes to the 7 Skunk Girls, who we're returning to the Nexus after the whole Virtual Reality incident from the previous episode.)

Sly: (narrating) They said that disguised as Amy Rose to warn the All Stars about Robo Robotnik 2.0's top secret plan. However, they acted too beautiful & it's too much for Vezok to handle. So they sented NiGHTS by the power of the portals of the Universes.

(Suddendly Specter & Monkey White, Monkey Blue, Monkey Yellow & the other 2 silhouettes of the Freaky Monkey Five arrived along with the Jack-2 Bots & the Pipo Monkeys)

Sly: (narrating) When they returned, they we're captured by Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five & we're taken to the Africa Savannah in the Discovery Zone.

(Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five then captures the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians & we're taken to Mobius in the Discovery Zone in Africa.)

Sly: (narrating) The next thing they know, they are playing the ol' "Cat & Mouse" game. They said it's completely crazy. But once we saved them, they would help them in their time of need.

(The scene changes back to the African Hideout to see the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians, smiling at the All Stars & the Cooper Gang)

Sly: (narrating) They really looking forward to help us take out the other 2 members of the Freaky Monkey Five.

(The scene changes to the All Stars, the Cooper Gang & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians enjoying their day on an African Safari.)

Sly: (narrating) Before we get to the United Kingdom, we manages to take a break by enjoying the rest of our day in the African Savannah in a safari before we head to the United Kingdom for the next mission.

Sly Cooper & the Gang in... The Ape Escape! (Part 5: Rainbow Rocks)

(At the United Kingdom)

(We see that the All Stars, the Cooper Gang & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians have arrived at the United Kingdom & they are all inside an abandon castle.)

Sly: (narrating) We arrived at the United Kingdom to study up on the 4th member of the Freaky Monkey Five, Monkey Pink.

(We see the group then begin to check on the data of Monkey Pink.
Monkey Pink

Monkey Pink

Monkey Pink's apppearance she has pink fur & blonde hair & her clothes looks like a medieval princess, with a special pink princess hat like Pipo Helmet, wearing a purple long sleeved shirt with her sleeves goes up to her wrist & middle finger, pink bracelets, purple belt, white baggy pants with pink ring like sleeves & pink slippers with green gems.)

Sly: (narrating) Like Monkey Yellow, she had a long history.

(We see Monkey Pink, wearing her casual valley girl singer suit, battled out against Jimmy, but lost two times)

Sly: (narrating) Looks like she is a type of monkey from the Freaky Monkey Five who learns magic abilities & never gives up.

(We see Monkey Pink, back to her princess like outfit, had battled & lost to Kei & Yumi)

Sly: (narrating) And also, after losing to Kei & Yumi, she simply escaped & vanished.

(Now we see Monkey Pink escaping from Kei & Yumi through teleportation)

Sly: (narrating) They thought it could be the last of Monkey Pink, but boy we're we wrong.

(We see a video message being sent by Monkey Pink telling Kei, Yumi & Aki about how she freed Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five)

Sly: (narrating) And also, the first time ever, Monkey Pink was the first member of the Freaky Monkey Five to free her teammates & Specter himself.

(Now we see Specter talking to Monkey White, Monkey Blue, Monkey Yellow, Monkey Pink & the last silhouette of the Freaky Monkey Five & the scene changes to Monkey Pink on stage)

Sly: (narrating) When she have plans to become a superstar in the United Kingdom, those plans end tonight.

(The scene changes back to the All Stars, the Cooper Gang & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians, preparing their plan to stop Monkey Pink)

Sly: (narrating) And we can't let Monkey Pink escape from our grasp like what happened with Monkey White escaping. Capturing Monkey Pink is going to be a real challenge. And we know just how to lure her out.

(The gang turns to see the Mane 6)

Mane 6: (they realized they are the main part of the plan)

(The scene then fades to black, showing the title of Sly Cooper, "Sly Cooper & the Gang in..." in the upper left of the screen, while the scene shows a hot pink background & the silver words covered in a rainbow aura appears saying "Rainbow Rocks", we can an electrical guitar playing.)

(The scene changes to the city of London, from the United Kingdom to see the All Stars, the Cooper Gang & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians are seen at watching from their Castle Hideout)

Bentley: Ok, it's time to get Monkey Pink out from hiding. She is very intelligent & probably one of the trickiest members of the Freaky Monkey Five to capture.

Zaktan: That's why we have to play smart & ruin Monkey Pink's dreams of becoming a superstar by fighting fire with fire. As in fight superstar with superstar.

Twilight Sparkle: Alright, my friends & I will make some changes. I'll practice my Equestria Girl spell so my friends & I are ready for luring Monkey Pink out.

Spongebob: Alright then. We need Squidward for Phase 1.

Squidward: Great, what should I do now?

Spongebob: In this job, you're the All Star Artist.

Squidward: (looks surprized) Artist?

Sly: That's what Spongebob said, All Star Artist.

Squidward: In that case, it's my time to shine!

Xplode: Good cause we need your creative art vision to paint over Monkey Pink's posters that is hanging up all over town to make them look bad & make your paintings stunning.

Spongebob: You got all that, Squidward?

Squidward: I got it all. Time for the artist to go to work. (heads outside)

(In the city, we see Squidward painting all of his self potraits on Monkey Pink's posters all over town, covering them all up)

(30 minutes later, Squidward heads back to the hideout)

Eddy: (in communicator) Whoo hoo! Nice work, Squidward. That's all of them painted & covered up!

(As Squidward finally head back to the hideout, back at the city we see 2 Jack-2 Bots laughing at the Monkey Pink poster which has Squidward's head painted on Monkey Pink's head, replacing it)

Monkey Pink: What are you laughing at you idiots? (notices all of her posters being covered up by Squidward's self portraits & gasps) My beautiful posters! If I find this artist, I'll bust his fingers & thumbs! And even, his pinkie.

(Back at the castle hideout)

Bentley: Great job, Squidward. We really got Monkey Pink under her skin. Time for Phase 2.

Avak: Sly & Spongebob, you two will have to steal Monkey Pink's special golden Microphone. It's her prized posession & she is saving it for a special ecation like this one. It's her biggest concert ever.

Sly: And it's time for this microphone belongs to someone else.

Spongebob: Time to transform. (transforms into his Cooper Thief form with the power of his Morpher)

Cooper Thief Spongebob: Let's get to it!

Reidak: Use this. (gives his Buzzsaw to Cooper Thief Spongebob)

(On top of a roof of a building)

(The 2 spots the delivery truck driving by & they nod each other, saying to each other that they are ready)

Sly & Cooper Thief Spongebob: (jumps down & lands on top of a delivery truck)

Cooper Thief Spongebob: (holds up Reidak's buzz saw) I sure hope Reidak doesn't mind if we barrow this. (uses the buzzsaw to cut a hole in the truck's roof) Done.

Sly: (steals the Golden Microphone & places his Insigne to replace it) Let's hit it!

Cooper Thief Spongebob & Sly: (heads off back to the hideout with the Golden Microphone)

(With Monkey Pink)

Monkey Pink: (notices the delivery truck) Finally, my special golden microphone is here. (opens the truck's storage, only to see Sly's Insigne) What?! (growls as she goes into a rage) COOPER!!!

(Back at the Hideout)

Sly: What a score!

Cooper Thief Spongebob: Yeah! Phase 2, complete! (gives Reidak his buzzsaw back) Here you go. (changes back to normal)

Reidak: Gee, thanks.

Astro: Alright, time for Phase 3. I've scanned the area & it appears that a large banner has been hung up by Monkey Pink.

Duncan: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Sly: Looks like it, now let's go rain on Monkey Pink's parade.

Spongebob: Ed, Edd & Eddy, you three have to cut the banner down. If it's the last straw, there is no need for Phase 4.

Edd: Got it.

Kitty: I'd rather make the job faster with my 10 claws.

Dudley: No way, my chomping skills are faster than your claws.

Avak: We don't have time for all that, we gotta get going, the 2 of you will be going with Ed, Edd & Eddy. Ok?

Dudley: Now we're getting somewhere.

(With Ed, Edd, Eddy, Dudley & Kitty)

(They 5 arrived at the bridge where the banner is hung up)

Eddy: Man, look how high it is.

Ed: (grabs Edd) Fly Double D, fly! (throws Edd up to the banner)

Edd: AAAH! (grabs onto the banner, hanging onto it) Help!

Kitty: Ed! That's not how you...

Ed: (grabs Kitty) Fly, Kitty, fly! (throws Kitty up to the banner)

Kitty: AAAAHH!! (grabs onto the banner, hanging onto it with her claws)

Dudley: Wow, nice.

Ed: You're turn Eddy.

Eddy: (steps back a bit) Not again, I'm not going up there!

Kitty: (groans & then slashes the ropes to the Banner on the bridge, taking it down & floated down with Edd) There happy. Now don't do that again.

Ed: Don't do what, Kitty?

Kitty: (facepalms) Forget it. Let's go.

(As the 5 left, Monkey Pink noticed them run by)

Monkey Pink: Why are those All Stars...(notices the Banner beginning to sink down to the ocean) NO! My Banner! (roars in anger) Those vicious lolly-gagging All Stars...! (breathes in & out) I can't let this anger get the best of me. I'm heading back to my concert, which is also a lair. (heads back to her Concert Stage inside the theater, which is actually her hideout)

(She didn't know that Dudley, Kitty, Ed, Edd & Eddy are hearing every word she said)

Edd: Interesting. Phase 4 will begin & Monkey Pink's lair is at an old United Kingdom theater. We have to warn the others.

(Back at the Castle Hideout, after Dudley, Kitty, Ed, Edd & Eddy have returned.)

Zaktan: Looks like it's Phase 4 time & the girls are ready to shine. SkunK Girl Guardians, all 7 of you have to become the Performing Dancers for an extra boost of the ratings. Because we know that Monkey Pink wants to be at the top always. That's how we get her out of hiding for real this time.

Bentley: But ever since we've stirred up trouble against Monkey Pink, she has boosted up security by deploying Jack-2 Bots to guard the entire concert stage so no one can interfere. That's where the Mane 6 & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians came to play.

Edd: While they distract the Monkeys, we'll have to quietly take out the Jack-2 Bots while the show goes on without being caught.

Avak: Alright, girls. Time for you to shine.

Purple Skunk Girl: We'll try our best.

(They all noticed the Mane 6 appeared in their Equestria Girl forms [EG for short], looking more humanoid, except the colour of their skin.)

Equestria Girl Twilight Sparkle: So, uh... how do we look?

Hero Factory Villains: (drops their jaws in awe)

Thunder: I think I'm in love. (faints)

Timon: Perfect.

Sly: Now then, let's get to work.

Spongebob: Monkey Pink, you're days are numbered!

(At the Theater)

(The All Stars, the Cooper Gang & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians enters the theater from the backstage)

Xplode: Is everyone ready?

Edd: The Mane 6 & the Guardians are in position.

Spongebob: Alright, good luck.

(The All Stars [minus the Mane 6] & the Cooper Gang heads off to their positions, getting ready to quietly take down the Jack-2 Bots)

Courtney & Gwen: (raises the curtain)

(The Pipo Monkeys from their seats notices this)

Pipo Monkey #1: Ukki, Ukki?

Pipo Monkey #2: (shrugs) Ukki ukki.

Jack-2 Bot #1: (notices the curtain being raised) Hey! The show hasn't even started.

Jack-2 Bot #2: What's going on?

Jack-2 Bot #3: Explain yourself.

(However all they can see are the Equestria Girl Mane 6 along with the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians all dressed up as rock stars, getting ready their instruments)

Jack-2 Bots: (their jaws drop in surprize & awe)

Pipo Monkeys: (their jaws drop in awe & in a split second, they begin to love them)

EG Rainbow Dash: Hello, United Kingdom! Are you ready to rock?

Pipo Monkeys: (begins to cheer for them)

EG Rainbow Dash: We can't hear you!

Pipo Monkeys: (cheers louder)

EG Rainbow Dash: Then let's shake some tail!

(The Equestria Girl Mane 6 & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians begins to play their instruments perfectly, with Rainbow Dash with her Electric Guitar, Applejack with her Electric Bass Guitar, Pinkie Pie with her Set of Drums, Fluttershy with her Tambourine, Rarity with her Keyboard Guitar & Twilight Sparkle with the Golden Microphone & with the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians, dancing perfectly & beautifully, that the Pipo Monkeys & the Jack-2 Bot are distracted for a very long time)

(As the music continues to play perfectly, the All Stars [minus the Mane 6] & the Cooper Gang begins to quietly take out the Jack-2 Bots, shutting down their systems one by one & then secretly hide behind the seats, awaiting the Pipo Monkeys to be hypnotised by love at first sight.)

Blue Skunk Girl: (blows a kiss at one of the Pipo Monkeys)

Pipo Monkey #1: (got smacked by a blow kiss & sighs happily) Ukki. (faints) :D

Spongebob & Sly: (gave each other a thumbs up)

Pipo Monkey #2: (holding a stack of cash for the girls)

Pipo Monkey #3: (sighs happily at the sight of the EG Mane 6 & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians)

Pipo Monkey #4: (flexing his muscle for them & winks)

Pipo Monkey #5: (sniffs a rose & sighs happily)

Pipo Monkey #6: (holding his chest in love as he wraps his right arm on Pipo Monkey #5's shoulder)

Sly: (waiting paitently)

Spongebob: (looks at the Pipo Monkeys & waves his hand in front of them)

Pipo Monkeys: (no respond, still looking lovey dovey at the EG Mane 6 & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians)

Geoff: (gives the girls on stage a thumbs up)

EG Mane 6 & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (exits the stage, stage right)

EG Pinkie Pie: (winks before she exits)

Pipo Monkeys: (sighs happily)

Zaktan: Now!

(The All Stars [minus the Mane 6, who are changed back to normal] & the Cooper Gang nets all of the Pipo Monkeys)

Ezekiel: That's all of them.

Astro: Alright, all it's left is Monkey Pink to capture.

Owen: And that would mean...?

Corroder: The last memebr of the Freaky Monkey Five won't stand a chance.

Eva: Indeed he won't.

(Suddendly Monkey Pink appears with a raged look on her face)

Murray: Whoa!


Sly: Uh oh.

(Meanwhile with the Mane 6 & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians)

Rarity: Wow, the popularity of ours went up the roof higher than Monkey Pink.

Applejack: That means Monkey Pink should've been here to stop us.

Twilight Sparkle: (gasps) Oh no, the divide & conquer plan. Monkey Pink was waiting for the right time to get us bit by bit!

Green Skunk Girl: That's not good.

Red Skunk Girl: We have to help!

White SkunK Girl: Right!

Blue Skunk Girl: (nods) Let's go girls!

(The Mane 6 & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians comes back to the seats, to notice that the rest of the gang are missing)

All Stars & the Cooper Gang: (hanging inside a net)

Spongebob: (groaning as he gets up) What happened?

(The lights went out, causes the Mane 6 & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians to hide)

Jack-2 Bot: Ladies & Gentlemen. We are proud to present, the Diva of the Freaky Monkey Five.

Monkey Pink: (appears from her pink aura teleportation, floating in mid-air, looking upwards)

Jack-2 Bot: Her beautiful face is enough to drive any monkey wild & now here she is in her first ever musical performance, Monkey Pink.

Monkey Pink: (turns to the trapped gang) Now don't mess up my premier. :D (her face is now raged) Do you understand me?!?! >:)

Eva: Why don't you let us out & see how fast I can make you cry!

Monkey Pink: Tough words coming from an All Star.

Spongebob: Eva's right. You can't win, you're outnumbered!

Monkey Pink: But still, I've managed to captured you all with a strategy! And now my first musical, watch & you will know that you'll never be as great as I!

(Suddendly a magic magenta beam hits Monkey Pink at the gut)

Monkey Pink: Ouch! What was that? Who did that?

Twilight Sparkle: (offscreen) I did!

(The camera turns to see the Mane 6 & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians looking determined at Monkey Pink)

Monkey Pink: Wait just a minute. They say you rescue those 7 Skunks from Monkey Yellow, right?

Pinkie Pie: Wow! How did you know, are you a pyschic?

Monkey Pink: No I am not a...! (sighs) Look, just forget it! You're not making any sense!

Twilight Sparkle: (winks at Spongebob)

Spongebob: (winks at Twilight Sparkle)

Sly: (uses the Cooper Cane to try & cut a hole big enough for him & Spongebob to escape, which he did successfully)

Sly & Spongebob: (exits the net quietly)

Monkey Pink: But you're preaty good, aren't you?

Sly & Spongebob: (now behind Monkey Pink)

Sly: Flattery will get you nowhere.

Purple Skunk Girl: That is right, there are 15 of us & only 1 of you.

Monkey Pink: I wasn't finished! But I'm sorry to say that there's room only one at the top.

Spongebob: What do you mean?

Monkey Pink: I sing, I dance, I even act. It's only natural that I be the one at the top!

Sly: Hmm, how do you go well in a circus? A Freak?

Monkey Pink: (growls) I am not a freak!

Cyan Skunk Girl: (sarcastic) Suuurre, your not.

Yellow Skunk Girl: And besides, you can't run away forever.

Monkey Pink: Quite true, quite true. How's about I chumley escort you over here.

Applejack: Hold up, what's the catch?

Monkey Pink: Oh, not much. Just a little play I like to play with my annoying guests. I want to see how well you pay attention.

Rainbow Dash: What do you mean?

Monkey Pink: Well, I'll unleash my mighty mojo magic upon you. If you repeat what I do, you'll dodge it just fine.

Spongebob: And if not?

Monkey Pink: You'll get zapped! (laughs as she opens the concert walls revealing a secret temple with a chasm filled with water & teleports to the other side of the chasm)

Sly: A little Voodoo "Simon Says" huh? Sounds easy enough.

Spongebob: Alright Monkey Pink, perpare yourself, chowder head, cause here we come!

Twilight Sparkle: And also, we'll do more then dodge it.

Green Skunk Girl: Any idea, how to get over to the chasm.

Rainbow Dash: Fluttershy & I would lift you all here, but all of you are too heavy.

Sly: Well you don't have too.

Thumpback: (goes through a bigger hole in the net, freeing himself along with Preytor) We'll be ready for you guys. (jumps into the water of the chasm) Hop on.

Spongebob, Sly, Mane 6 & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (hops on Thumpback's head)

Thumpback: (swimming towards Monkey Pink)


(As they got closer, Monkey Pink begins to shoot blasts of magic at the group in a rhythm. They responded by dodging the blasts out of the way, while Twilight responded by blasting magic of her own, countering the projectiles in the same rhythm that they we're shot at.)

(The 1st rhythm is Left, Left, Left. Up, Up, Up. Right, Right, Right. Left, Right, Left. Right, Left, Right. Left, Up, Right. Right, Up, Left. Left. Up. Right. And finally, Down.)

(This went on, until Thumpback reached where Monkey Pink was & then Spongebob, Sly, the Mane 6 & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians tackles at Monkey Pink, causing her to teleport to another room in higher ground, with her Pipo Helmet flashing yellow instead of blue, with an annoyed look on Monkey Pink's face.)

(Spongebob, Sly, the Mane 6 & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians, this time using some sort of skull totems, repeated the rhythm process with Monkey Pink. Only this time, Monkey Pink shot her blasts a lot faster and in a slightly more chaotic fashion. The Group, with little more difficulty on their part, dodging the shots once again, while Twilight counterd them once again with her own blasts of magic.)

(The 2nd rhythm is now Left, Right, Down. Right, Left, Down. Left, Left, Up, Up, Right, Right, Down. Right, Right, Up, Up, Left, Left, Down. Left, Right, Left. Up, Down. Right, Left, Right. Up, Down. Slowly Left, Right, Left. Normal Up, Down. Slowly, Right, Left, Right. And finally, Normal Up, Down.)

(The group reached Monkey Pink & tackled her again, causing her again to teleport to a different section of the room, with her Pipo Helmet flashing Red instead of Yellow & now Monkey Pink unleashes her Rage mode, with an extremely angry look on Monkey Pink's face.)

(This time, riding on Preytor, Spongebob, Sly, the Mane 6 & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians went forward flying towards Monkey Pink for the last time. Only this time, a now raged Monkey Pink sent the magical blasts at an almost psychotic rate. The group barely dodges them, while Twilight barely countered them; one actually almost hit the group, but they we're lucky enough to dodge/counter that blast.)

(The 3rd & final rhythm is now Left, Right, Left. Right, Left, Right. Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up. Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Up. Left, Up, Right. Right, Up, Left. Left, Up, Right. Right, Up, Left. Up, Up, Up. Up, Up, Up a little bit faster. Up, Up, Up a lot more faster. And finally, Up, Up, Down even more faster.)

(After all those magic blasts, Monkey Pink begins to feel tired, but Spongebob, Sly, the Mane 6 & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians prevailed & reached Monkey Pink for the last time. Before Monkey Pink can unleash her rage again, the group suddendly tackles her for the last time & before Spongebob can spindash at her, the Mane 6 blasted Monkey Pink with a blast of rainbow with their Elements of Harmony, knocking her down for the count.)

Spongebob: (was a bit surprized) Nice finish there, girls.

Fluttershy: Um, thank you. That's very nice of you. I was a bit assertive.

Pinkie Pie: So, Monkey Pink. Are you ready to give up?

Rainbow Dash: And admit that the All Star Freedom Fighters are better than you?

Monkey Pink: Give up?! Give up? No! I will never give up!

Sly: She's going to make run for it, grab her!

Spongebob: (spindashes at Monkey Pink) Hold still!

Monkey Pink: (jumps up) I SAID NEVER! (about to use her magic to create a shield, but the magic backfired on her by exploding, pushing her backwards, crashing to the wall & falls down to the floor with a thud) No! My powers! (growls) You'll pay for this! (panting as she is on her hands & knees) But I gotta admit, you've certainly got some rhythm more than I do, All Stars. I envy you, litterally. But it won't help you none if you're fixing to go after Monkey Red. He's tough, with a captial T. (coughs) If you go poking around his stronghold in China, you're likely to get poked back!

Sly: Yeah, well if he is like the rest of you, I think we'll manage.

Monkey Pink: But I'll be back for you! I'll come back stronger than ever! You! You destroyed my dreams of becoming a superstar! You'll pay for this! I SWEAR YOU WILL!

(Suddendly Monkey Pink got sprayed by skunk gas, which was sprayed by the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians.)

Purple Skunk Girl: Not in your life, sister. (nets Monkey Pink) Not in your life.

Preytor: Well done gang.

Thumpback: Now let's go get the rest of the gang out of that net.

(The scene changes to the All Stars, the Cooper Gang & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians leaving the United Kingdom, with the Cooper Gang & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians in the Cooper Van)

Sly: (narrating) With Monkey Pink is captured this time, that's 4 Monkeys down, only 1 Monkey to go. We manage to leave right under Carmelita's nose. And speaking of Carmelita...

(We see Carmelita checking the wreckage of the Jack-2 Bots)

Sly: (narrating) She is suspecting our preasence here back at the Theater & I've kinda been counting on it.

(The scene changes to a closed down Theater)

Sly: (narrating) With the theater out of comissioned, the gang & I get a well deserved break.

(The scene changes to a city from America where the All Stars, the Cooper Gang & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians are relaxing at Pismo Beach)

Sly: (narrating) We've enjoyed our stay in America, at Pismo Beach. It was beautiful to see. But the last member is still out there in China.

(The scene finally changes to China to see a Red silhouette of the last member of the Freaky Monkey Five, who Monkey Pink called him, Monkey Red.)

Sly: (narrating) The last member called Monkey Red is still somewhere in his stronghold at China. And I know things have gotten a whole lot tough.

(We can hear Monkey Red's evil laughter)

Sly Cooper & the Gang in... The Ape Escape! (Part 6: Kung Fu Ape)

(Somewhere at China in Night Time)

(The All Stars, the Cooper Gang & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians arrived at an abandon Temple for their hideout to study on Monkey Red, the final member of the Freaky Monkey 5.)

Sly: (narrating) We arrived at China to study on the last of the Freaky Monkey Five, Monkey Red, before we head directly towards Specter.

(We see Bentley checking the data on Monkey Red
Monkey Red

Monkey Red

. Monkey Red's appearance is that he's muscular, has brown fur, wears a special Pipo Helmet that looks like Bruce Lee's hair with a Pipo Helmet bulb on top of it, wearing his signature super hero vision goggles, a Red Chinese Fighting Tank Top like armor with Orange strips & white sleeveless stripes, red gaunlets with red pads on the back of his hands, red pants & Black & Red boots & his top revealed Monkey Red's abs.)

Sly: (narrating) He said that he was the leader of the 5 & he is super strong.

(Now we see Monkey Red wearing his wreslter outfit, facing off against Jimmy.)

Sly: (narrating) However he was defeated by Jimmy.

(Now we see Monkey Red back in his Chinese Kung Fu outfit, facing off against Kei & Yumi, only for the scene change to Monkey Red knocked out when he fall out of the 3 staircase stronghold.)

Sly: (narrating) And apparently, he also said he is the #1 Hollywood Action Star in Specter TV. However, it's all passed by the wind, if you know what I mean.

(Then the scene changes back to the group, thinking about the situation)

Sly: (narrating) Well, we have found Monkey Red & we're ready to take him down. We might be in for a tough battle & the first order of business is to take out the Jack-2 Bots & capture the Pipo Monkeys first.

Spongebob: (readies his Monkey Net)

(The scene then fades to black, showing the title of Sly Cooper, "Sly Cooper & the Gang in..." in the upper left of the screen, while the scene shows the tips of the mountain while we see Monkey Red balancing easily on top of the tallest one)

Monkey Red: Let's do it! (performs kung fu stances, but wobbles a bit & regains his balance & his palms begins to ignite with flames

(Then large firey flames appears above Monkey Red, saying "Kung Fu Ape" causing the sky to turn dark for effect, before the scene fades into black, except the firey words that have stayed a bit for a few seconds before it fades into the black scene)

(The scene fades in to see the All Stars beginning to plan their first move against Monkey Red's plans)

Twilight Sparkle: Alright, it's time that we put a stop to Monkey Red's actions against China. But first, we must do some recon camera work.

Spongebob: They're right. We might need to figure out what Monkey Red is up to first.

Sly: Alright then. Let's see what Monkey Red's up to. If there are any Jack-2 Bots around, it's on.

Owen: Good luck you guys.

(The group begins to set out to do some recon, to see the Jack-2 Bots carrying Fireworks towards Monkey Red's Chinese Stronghold)

Bentley: Interesting, fireworks.

Edd: Something tells me this is not going to be a firework show.

Thok: What would Monkey Red want with Fireworks?

Sly: The same way the Panda King would done for crime. Use fireworks for crime.

Spongebob: This would be interesting & spectacular at the same time.

Xplode: Aw snap! Look over there! (points to Monkey Red, walking towards the Jack-2 Bots)

Kitty: Get down.

(The All Stars, the Cooper Gang & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians begins to hide in the bamboo forest)

Monkey Red: Alright, Jack-2 Bots! Remember my instructions. No one gets in or out of China, you understand? Monkey Red have spoken!

Jack-2 Bots: Yes sir.

Monkey Red: Good, now if you excuse me, I have some work to do before the real plan of taking over the planet begins now. (walks off, laughing evily)

Dudley: Real plan?

Geoff: Dude. This could be serious.

Murray: I wonder what it is.

Spongebob: Anything that it has something to do with monkeys conquering the entire planet, like Specter always dreamed.

Sly: Spongebob maybe onto something.

Purple Skunk Girl: He's right, Specter wants the monkeys to rule a planet, but why?

Bentley: That's what we're going to find out. Let's keep on Monkey Red's tail to see where he is going. He may lead us to his stronghold.

Ezekiel: Okay? How do we do that.

Spongebob: Time for a quick spy squad search.

Sly: Right.

Avak: I'll tail Monkey Red while you tackle against the Jack-2 Bots & capture the Pipo Monkeys.

Harold: Good luck. Maybe someday I'll get to show my mad skills of a ninja!

Eddy: Just don't do anything stupid.

Avak: I'm on it. (begins to follow Monkey Red from the rooptops)

(The rest of the gang begins to ambush the Jack-2 Bots, destroying them & capturing the Pipo Monkeys with their Monkey Nets)

(With Avak)

Avak: (stays out of sight)

Monkey Red: Hah! Those All Star chumps will never stand a chance against a Firework attack! (goes up to the gate & then goes through the gate & enters his stronghold, before locking the door with 3 locks)

Avak: Looks like those locks might be a problem. (heads back to the group)

(Back with the Heroes)

(We see the All Stars, the Cooper Gang & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians have returned to the Temple hideout)

Bentley: Ok everyone. Thanks to Avak's intel, we know where Monkey Red's stronghold is. But there are 3 locks, we'll find those locks to unlock the gate without raising the alarm.

Zaktan: The first key is somewhere inside a Firework Factory which is created by the Jack-2 Bots for weapons for Monkey Red's arsenal. We'll have to destroy the factory & get that key.

Twilight Sparkle: The 2nd key is somewhere with the Pipo Monkeys, but for reasons unknown.

Harold: And also the 3rd & final key is somewhere on top of the tallest building in China. We'll have to walk use the Spire Jump & rope walks to climb up this tower.

Owen: I'll find out what the Pipo Monkeys are up too.

Murray: I'll go with Owen, just in case. The Murray is ready for back-up!

Hot Head: Alright then, let's do this!

Red Bird: Alright then. Spongebob & Sly we'll get the 3rd key, Owen & Murray we'll get the 2nd one & the rest of us we'll get the 1st one.

Black Bird: Let's get to work.

(With the group, minus Spongebob, Sonic, Owen & Murray)

HF Rotor: I'm ready to go!

(The group begins to invade the Firework Factory, taking out the Jack-2 Bots in their path)

Patrick: This is fun! (throws the Jack-2 Bot away with his strength)

Edd & Eddy: (holding onto Ed)

Ed: (uses the Batter-Ed to ram through the door down)

Astro: (scans the area & spots the 1st Key inside the safe) There it is.

Sanford: Keep those bots occupied. (begins to crack the safe)

(The group continues to take down the Jack-2 Bots while Sanford grabs the key after cracking the safe)

Sanford: I got it.

Deimos: Well done.

Bouncer: Let's go!

Crusher: We don't have time to lose! Time to blow this popsicle stand!

Hot Head: (launches lava at the Fireworks, lighting the fuse) Go, Go, Go!

(The group begins to retreat as the Firework begins to blow up, displaying a firework show in the sky)

Patrick: Wow, preaty lights.

Eddy: Now that's what I call a firework show.

Hakann: Nice one, Hot Head.

Red Skunk Girl: Indeed, now let's go.

(The group then retreat into the Bamboo forest again, only to see Owen & Murray inside the Cooper Van along with the Pipo Monkeys in their Banana carts, getting ready for a race.)

Ultra-V: Owen, Murray. What's going on here?

Owen: Sorry guys, Murray & I drove into that Chinese Resturant for some lunch.

Murray: But then Pipo Monkeys suddendly appear in front of us, bugging us to race around the track 3 times for a key.

Sadie: We might need that key.

Katie: Yes it's very imporant.

Izzy: Oh boy, I love a good race chase! You can do it, Big O!

Owen: Thanks Izzy, we'll try our best.

Murray: And besides, they're a bunch of monkeys. We've got this under control.

(The race begins & the race is on. The race is very intense & thanks to getting nitro boosts, Owen & Murray have finished the first lap. The second lap was getting a bit tricky, but pushed on to the final lap. After a big race around the track, Owen & Murray we're in first place & won the 2nd Key.)

Owen: Whoo hoo!

Murray: Oh yeah! That felt great!

Cody, Tyler, Agamo & Magmo: (nets the racing Pipo Monkeys)

Agamo: Only 1 key to go.

Magmo: Indeed, let us regroup with Sly & Spongebob.

(The group then heads to the tallest tower where Sly & Spongebob are at now.)

Sly & Spongebob: (climbing the tallest tower & reaches the top)

Sly: (grabs the 3rd key from the top) Got it. We're coming back down.

Spongebob & Sly: (comes back down & lands on the ground on both feet)

Vezok: Did you get it?

Sly: (holding up the 3rd & final key) Right here.

Owen: (holds up the 2nd key) Got it.

Sanford: (holds up the 1st key) Here.

Bentley: Now, let's head to the gate & unlock those doors.

(The group nods & heads over to the gates to the stronghold & unlocks them & enters inside the tough thick stone walls which made a square around the stronghold.)

Dudley; (notices the fireworks from the top of the roof) Look!

Kitty: Hmm...

Monkey Red: (opens the front door & exits) Well now All Stars & Cooper Gang, I'm surprized you made it this far.

LeShawna: And who the heck are you?

Monkey Red: An excellent question! I'm the #1 Hollywood Action Star! Monkey Red! (flexes his muscles) Such power! (runs very fast) Such agility! (gets into his battle pose) Yes, I am indeed an entirely new breed of action star! My kung fu are much, much greater than yours!

Sly: Hm, alright big guy. I'll tell you what, you tell me about those real plans, that your blabbering about & we'll save you the embarassment of taking you down by us.

Monkey Red: (chuckles) So you knew about my decoy plan, aren't you. The firework plan of mine is just the beginning. The real plan known as the "Planet of the Apes" plan begins now! You will see. While Mobius is distracted by our monkey army & the Plankton Empire's Jack-2 Bots, we will launch from our giant base in orbit around the entire Planet Mobius in all of the zones of Sonic the Hedgehog & that's...!

(Suddendly Specter appears from a moniter behind Monkey Red)

Specter: Hold on there, Red, that is quite enough...

Monkey Red: Ah, if it isn't my glorious leader, Specter. Thank you for your advice, your leadership.

Avak: Oh drat! (facepalms)

Specter: Don't you think it's about time to take care of these meddling fools?

Monkey Red: Yes, Master Specter. You just sit back, relax & enjoy what I'm gonna throw at them.

Specter: Indeed, I will. Indeed...

(The moniter turns off)

Monkey Red: Heh! Sorry, but your time is now UP! (launches an army of Red Jack-2 Bots)

Red Jack-2 Bots: (gets into their kung fu stances)

Avak: (facepalms) Oh double drat!

Monkey Red: Get rid of them! (enters inside his stronghold)

Bentley: Ok, we all know what to do now. Time to kick some butt!

Murray: My favourite time of the day!

Spongebob: Let's do this!

Hot Head: Right!

(The All Stars, the Cooper Gang & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians begins to attack at the Red Jack-2 Bots, who begin their attack against them with their Fire type attacks)

Eddy: (throws El-Mondo Stink Bombs at the Red Jack-2 Bots, explode on contact)

(The El-Mondo Stink Bombs & the Fire combines to create an amazing explosion, burning down the Jack-2 Bots)

Hot Head: Wow! Now that's on fire!

Mordecai: Come on! Let's go!

Rigby: Yeah-uh!

Hakann: Not so fast. This is a job for the fire types to take out Monkey Red.

Spongebob: Hot Head & Hakann we'll come with me, the Cooper Gang & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians, let's go!

(They all nod as Spongebob, the Cooper Gang & the Skunk Girl Guardians heads inside Monkey Red's stronghold as the rest of the gang continues to fight more Red Jack-2 Bots)

Monkey Red: Ha Ha! Are you ready to be destroyed? (pulls out his signature 2 spiked clubs) This place will be your grave!

Sly: Alright, time to see what a real leader can really do?


(The first part of the battle begins as Spongebob, the Cooper Gang & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians take on Monkey Red. True to his word, Monkey Red's kung fu is much greater than them in one & one. But together, the group defeated Monkey Red together, but Monkey Red gets up quickly anyway, not giving up.)

Sly: Are you ready to give up? We've beaten you, now stop your reign right this instant!

Monkey Red: (gets up quickly) I'm just toying you up to now! Come on, if you really think you can beat me! (jumps up through the hole in the ceiling, heading towards the 2nd floor)

(The group follows him, while taking out Red Jack-2 Bots along the way, only to see the 2nd floor is too dark to see.)

Spongebob: Where'd he go?

Hot Head: I have an idea. (unleashes his flames from the top of his head & the palm of his hands, brightening up the room to see Monkey Red)

Monkey Red: Why you...! No matter, I'll take you down without the dark anyway! (hollers as he charges)

Hakann: Keep him away from Hot Head! (got punched by Monkey Red)

Monkey Red: You're soft! (got sucker punched by Red Skunk Girl)

Red Skunk Girl: That's enough coming from you! (her fists ignites with flames)

Bentley: It appears the Red Skunk Girl has the ability of fire. Interesting, each of the Guardians have their own attributes. They might be useful in battles.

(The group begins to battle Monkey Red, keeping him away from Hot Head & they manage to take Monkey Red down again.)

Monkey Red: (gets up normally) Okay? Now I'm gonna get serious! Come on up here, that is if your brave enough! (jumps up through the hole in the ceiling, heading towards to the 3rd & final floor)

(the group begins to take down more Red Jack-2 Bots as they head to the 3rd & final floor to see a room which is a narrow line with blades from the lower floor, spinning around in a circle like spinning blades)

Murray: Whoa! We don't wanna fall down there.

Spongebob: There he is! (points to Monkey Red)

Monkey Red: (from the other side of the narrow floor) Hey, Sly is it? You know, this girl! (reveals Carmelita, who is strapped to a large fire work)

Carmelita: (was gagged by duct tape on her mouth) (muffling angrily)

Sly: Carmelita!

Monkey Red: Ah, ah, ah. One step forward & she gets it!

Purple Skunk Girl: That's low, even for you!

Monkey Red: That's why I'm the leader! I think outside the box, plus I'm super strong! There's no way you can put this fire out pal!

Dark Blue Skunk Girl: Speaking of which, we sure know how to dissapear.

(The 7 Skunk Girl Guardians begins to spray their skunk gasses around the group)

Monkey Red: Hey! What the...?!

(When the gas clears, the group we're nowhere to be seen)

Monkey Red: Where'd they go?

Sly: (comes down next to Carmelita & unties her) Shh...

Carmelita: (was confused a bit)

Sly: Hey! Meat head!

Monkey Red: (turns to Sly & was surprized to see that he rescued Carmelita) !

Sly: Never underestimate a Cooper.

Spongebob: (comes down & lands) Go! (charges at Monkey Red from behind)

Monkey Red: (turns to see Spongebob) Oh no.

Spongebob: (spindashes Monkey Red in full speed)

Monkey Red: (was blown backwards)

Sly & Carmelita: (moves out of the way)

Monkey Red: (crashes through the wall & falls off the building) AAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!! (crashes to the ground)

(The rest of the All Stars all noticed Monkey Red's crash landing after they taken care of the Red Jack-2 Bots)

Monkey Red: You're skills are greater & more superior than mine. (coughs & then was now unconscious)

Eddy: (nets Monkey Red) Got him!

(Spongebob, Hakann, Hot Head, the Cooper Gang, the 7 SkunK Girl Guardians & Carmelita comes back down to ground level & exits the stronghold)

Eddy: That's all of them!

Edd: The last one.

Corroder: All of the Freaky Monkey Five are defeated.

Squidward: Finally, can I go now?

Bentley: Not yet, we still have Specter to deal with.

Spongebob: I wonder where could he be?

Owen: He can be everywhere?

Bentley: I did a cross analyse on where Specter is hiding out & it turns out that he's not on Planet Mobius. Which leaves us with one option left.

Tree Rex: And I know where. (turns his attention to the moon) The moon.

Bentley: Incredible. Specter's base is at the moon.

Tree Rex: Monkey Red said something about orbiting something around Planet Mobius. That's where Specter's hiding out.

Sly: (removes the duct tape from Carmelita's mouth)

Carmelita: Ow! As much as I like to see Sly behind bars, but no one, not even Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five kidnaps Inspector Carmelita Fox & gets away with it! Speaking of which, there's something I must show you.

Spongebob: We'll talk about it on the way back to the hideout.

Avak: Alright, let's get back to the hideout.

(The All Stars, the Cooper Gang, the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians & Carmelita heads back to the hideout)

(At the temple hideout)

(We see the group gathered to hear about Carmelita's info about Specter's top secret plan)

Carmelita: (narrating) When I saw that lying ringtail...Ooh! That two faced thief!

(Some of them are a bit scared of Carmelita's anger, even Sly is a bit scared)

Carmelita: (narrating) I should've smack that smug look right off his face! I... I... I...!

(The 7 Skunk Girl Guardians did their best to calm down Carmelita which it worked)

Carmelita: (narrating) I should probably finish my story.

(The scene changes to Monkey White's lab after the group escaped)

Carmelita: (narrating) After the Cooper Gang along with the All Stars escaped after defeating each member of the Freaky Monkey Five, I decided to follow my nose & take a look around.

(Carmelita notices the blue prints to the top secret weapon & begins to notice the 1st piece of the top secret weapon.)

Carmelita: (narrating) After examining each lair of the 5, I was stunned to see 5 pieces, being seperated to each lair they deliver to Specter.

(We see Carmelita discovering each of the 5 pieces from 5 lairs from the Freaky Monkey Five)

Carmelita: (narrating) And even more shocking, Specter has finished the top secret weapon from a Space Colony.

(Now we see Specter finishing the Top secret weapon)

Carmelita: (narrating) I was so surprized by the time I reacted, I was captured by Monkey Red.

(Now we see Carmelita being captured by Monkey Red)

Carmelita: (narrating) And now I know that the Cooper Gang we're involved in this. Why was I not surprized?

(The scene changes back to the temple hideout at night, with Carmelita looking angry)

Carmelita: (narrating) I don't even know what made me angry. Didn't bust the low life monkey or being trapped in China with that lying ringtail.

(We see Sly tries to give Carmelita a red flower, but she already head back inside.)

Carmelita: (narrating) The only up side to this, that those 7 guardians are well mannered & the All Star Warrior was a gentleman.

(Finally we see Carmelita with the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians & Spongebob. As they greet Carmelita, she smiled a bit.)

Sly Cooper & the Gang in... The Ape Escape! (Part 7: Monkey See, Monkey Do)

(In the Morning)

(We see the All Stars & the Cooper Gang preparing a rocket ship, for space travel.)

Sly: (narrating) Time for a little payback. Specter is the last monkey left & he is at the moon, preparing his final phase.

(With the rocket finished, the All Stars, the Cooper Gang, the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians & Carmelita enters inside the rocket ship)

Sly: (narrating) With Carmelita, having no choice, but to join us, until Specter is down for the count, we have prepared the launch.

(Bentley activates the rocket & the group then begins to blast off, up, up & away into outer space in the rocket ship.)

Sly: (narrating) And it's off to the moon we go.

(The group begins to examine about Specter's history, starting with him as one of the popular monkeys in the Monkey Park)

Sly: (narrating) Specter was one of the most popular monkeys in the monkey park, that is until he turned to evil because of a special, yet unfinished model of a Pipo Helmet)

(Specter puts on his signature Pipo Helmet & then turns to evil, starting with commanding the Monkeys to escape)

Sly: (narrating) Specter, who became addicted of wanting to rule the world along with his Pipo Monkeys, has become the Monkeys' glorious leader, but fails to take out Spike, Jimmy, Kei & Yumi as a result.

(We see Specter facing off against Spike in Ape Escape 1, Jimmy in Ape Escape 2 & Kei & Yumi in Ape Escape 3.)

Sly: (narrating) And now he's even more ready than ever, after his losses. We begin to notice all 5 pictures, each of the 5 pieces of the top secret weapon that Carmelita took with her camera. Carmelita said that the top secret weapon is called the "Monkey Cannon".

(We see the blueprints of the Monkey Cannon, with a concern look on the group's faces)

Sly: (narrating) Whatever the Monkey Cannon is for, it could be Specter's greatest creation ever made. And there's no turning back now, we have only 1 chance left. Either we stop Specter & destroy the Monkey Cannon, or fail & allow Specter to rule all of Mobius.

(The group then saw Specter's new space colony, which is called the "Space Station SARU-004")

Sly: (narrating) The final battle against Specter's plan, is upon us.

(The scene then fades to black, showing the title of Sly Cooper, "Sly Cooper & the Gang in..." in the upper left of the screen, while the scene shows Specter's throne, turning around, causing Specter to turn to the camera, smiling evily as his signature golden "Specter TV" sign glows & then Red words appear saying "Monkey See, Monkey Do".)

Specter: (chuckles evily)

(The scene fades out to black & then fades back in, seeing the rocket ship that the All Stars, the Cooper Gang, the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians & Carmelita are in, heading towards "Space Station SARU-004".)

Bentley: Ok, there's no stopping now. Specter is hiding in Space Station SARU-004. His previous Space Station was blown up by a self-destruct. So we don't have any time to lose for "Operation: Monkey Be Gone".

Zaktan: First we have to enter our rocket ship inside the docking bay. We can't sneak our way, the security system is stronger than Space Station SARU-003 itself. We have no choice but to attack through the Jack-2 Bots to get to Specter.

Twilight Sparkle: But the problem is, in order to get to Specter, we have to get there the hard way. It's the only way to get to Specter. There's so many ways that Specter can keep us away from him, but the easy way to do this is to shut down the security system like before.

Edd: And with the security system shut down, there won't be any security left. Specter doesn't want to make it too easy, so he's incredibly tricky to catch.

Harold: Also, we have to take out the Monkey Cannon first, whatever it does, it's not good.

Spongebob: We have no other choice, we have to get inside the docking bay, the hard way.

Kitty: Why?

Dudley: The landing gear is not working...

Spongebob & Dudley: And there's no place to land!

Murray: Hold on guys! I'm going for it! (pilots the rocket even faster)


(The rocket crash lands inside the docking bay, alarming the Jack-2 Bots)

Jack-2 Bot #1: Halt, idenity yourself immediately!

(The rocket ship's door opens & the first coming out is a charging Carmelita, deliving a round-house kick to Jack-2 Bot #1. breaking it's robotic head into pieces)

Jack-2 Bots: (charges)

(The All Stars, the Cooper Gang & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians begins attacking the Jack-2 Bots as well, helping Carmelita taking out the Jack-2 Bots)

(The Montage begins with the group passing through the laser security & the laser shots.)

(The group then continues their way around the space station from studio room to studio room, destorying Jack-2 Bots in sight, shutting down the tv shows of Specter TV in the process.)

(The First one was the bad future scene, the second one was the underwater scene, the 3rd one was a monster fight scene & it reminds the War Monsters the good ol days & the 4th & final one was an outer space scene.)

(Next the group begins to go through fire type rooms with multiple traps & a few puzzles along the way, but pushed on)

(Then they reach to the testing room where they noticed the Miniture Version of the Space Station SARU-004 equiped with a miniture version of the Monkey Cannon, which it fired multiple beams at the group, which they dodged out of the way)

(After they shut down the security system, they ran into 3 steel doors & the Giants uses their Feat of Strength to knock them all down)

(The Montage ends as the group finally arrive in the main throne room of the Space Station, which is extremely large & very vast.)

Spongebob: We made it.

Mordecai & Rigby: (panting)

Specter: (on his floating throne, turns to the group) I've grown tired of waiting.

Sly: Specter! This ends here!

Avak: Yeah! We've got a beat with you, punk!

Specter: What do i care about you anyway, eh? My plans have reached their final stage!

Dudley: What plans? The "Planet of the Apes" plan?

Kitty: What is that all about?

Xplode: Why would you come up with a plan like that?

Specter: Why not? I'll tell you.

(The scene changes to the example image of the space station, the SARU-004, which is equiped with the Monkey Cannon, pointing at Planet Mobius)

Specter: (as he explains the plan) This space station, the SARU-004, is equipped with the top secret weapon, the Monkey Cannon! I will activate it, and...

(The Monkey cannon fires a white beam at Mobius, turning the entire population into Monkeys)

Specter: ZAP the planet! Right down the middle, turning the entire popilation of Planet Mobius into Monkeys! After that, I will return to Planet Mobius & the entire planet will worship me as a god, after all. I AM the Monkey's glorious leader.

(We see Specter was being worshiped as a god by the entire population of Mobius who are now Monkeys wearing Pipo Helmets.

(The scene changes back to normal, facing Specter)

Specter: So what do you think? Both a brilliant and peaceful solution, eh? That's my "Planet of the Apes" plan! I'll accept your thanks, now...(notices the group are surprized & a bit shock) Hmm? What's wrong? Monkey got your tounge?

Spongebob: We've faced many villains at the past, but you Specter...? You are the worst!

Sly: Yeah, turning the entire population into Monkeys is very dangerous.

Bentley: Indeed, who knows what will happen!

Specter: Why thank you, that is why I'm more powerful than I ever was! (turns on the Monkey Cannon) Switch ON!

(The Monkey Cannon begins to appear from the center of the SARU-004, charging up very slowly)

Computer: (male voice) Monkey Cannon, charging up in T-minus 50 minutes.

Sly: Stop right there!

Spongebob: Stop this madness!

Dudley: Stop it right now!

Kitty: By orders of the Turbo Undercover Fighting Force, you're under arrest!

Specter: So, you're getting serious now. Very well... and so now... Come and watch the finale of my Planet of the Apes Plan! (enters inside a pod) And stay out of the way!

(The pod comes out & it was actually a Giant Specter's head coming out)

Cyan Skunk Girl: What?

Reidak: Uh oh.

(Suddendly, 5 chambers begins to open, revealing 5 giant robot vehicles, one white, one blue, one, yellow, one pink & one red & each of them inside are actually the Freaky Monkey Five)

Mordecai: The Freaky Monkey Five?!

Rigby: They're supposed to be captured!

Monkey White: (inside the white robot vehicle) Not every member.

Edd: We forgot to capture Monkey White!

Monkey White: That is right & it's all your fault that I'm free! I've had enough time to free my captured members & build 5 robot vehicles that can fuse into the Ultimate Giant Fighting Robot!

Hero Factory Villains: Ultimate Giant Fighting Robot?!

Monkey Blue: (inside the blue robot vehicle) That's right!

Monkey Yellow: (inside the yellow robot vehicle) We've been waiting for this day!

Monkey Pink: (inside the pink robot vehicle) Now that we're back together again along with Specter...

Monkey Red: (inside the red robot vehicle) It's time that we finished what we've started!

Specter: (inside the Giant Specter head like pod) Indeed! Perpare for the combonation transformation!

Freaky Monkey 5: Right!

Specter & the Freaky Monkey 5: (presses the big red button in each of their robot vehicles, combining them all together)

(The Red Robot Vehicle begins to transform into the Muscular body of the Ultimate Giant Fighting Robot)

(The Yellow Robot Vehicle begins to transform into the Right Arm of the Giant Robot, fusing it with the Red Robot Vehicle)

(The Pink Robot Vehicle begins to transform into the Left Leg of the robot, fusing it with the Red Robot Vehicle)

(The Blue Robot Vehicle begins to transform into the Left Arm of the robot, fusing it with the Red Robot Vehicle)

(The White Robot Vehicle begins to transform into the Right Leg of the robot, fusing it with the Red Robot Vehicle)

(And finally the Giant Specter Head like pod flies up & attaches it to the top of the Red Robot Vehicle body, completing the fusion transformation)

(Now we see the Ultimate Giant Fighting Robot in full view to see it's even bigger than the War Monsters & the Skylander Giants)

Specter: Mega Monkey Megazord, complete!

Harold: Whoa!

Murray: Now that's one big robot!

Squidward: I've heard of Power Rangers, but this is ridiculous!

Carmelita: That can't be good.

Dudley: I don't know, he can be cool.

(Suddendly the Mega Monkey Megazord begins to ram at the Giants & the War Monsters, knocking them down easily)

Tree Rex: Augh!

Congar: That monster is strong.

Rigby: Maybe no one will notice.

Zaktan: We'll have to take them down ourselves.

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (goes up to the Skylander Giants & the War Monsters, using their magic to heal them slowly)

Sly: I have an idea. It's time to divide & conquer, Bentley & Murray are with me. The rest of you, Distract them! (heads off & then jumps on the Mega Monkey Megazord's left foot)

Twilight Sparkle: Alright. We'll be ready.

Bentley: I get it now.

Bentley & Murray: (follows Sly)

Carmelita: (follows the Cooper Gang)

Eddy: Wait, distract them how?!

Ezekiel: (grabs a rock) Get outta here! (throws a rock at the Mega Monkey Megazord, but it does no damage at all)

(The Mega Monkey Megazord turns to the gang, readies it's weapons)

Justin: Uh oh.

All Stars: (begins running off)

Mordecai & Rigby: AAAH!

(Without the Skylander Giants & the War Monsters, the gang has to distract them long enough for the Cooper Gang & Carmelita to sneak inside the Mega Monkey Megazord by letting it chase them)

Sly, Bentley, Murray & Carmelita: (secrelty enters inside by going through the attached limbs & are now inside the Mega Monkey Megazord)

Zaktan: They're inside, now what?

Purple Skunk Girl: We're trying our best to heal the Giants & the War Monsters & we've did.

(The Skylander Giants & the War Monsters load their data into Spongebob's Morpher)

Togera: The morph should be ready now. But we need the Mane 6 to help.

Avak: I get it now. Spongebob get ready to transform, but don't say "transform", until they say.

(The All Stars & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians begins to charge to large open spaces)

Computer: Monkey Cannon charging in T-minus 30 minutes.

HF Rotor: I can't watch. By golly, I love this job!

Dudley: We're in position!

Crusher: Alright Spongebob, perpare to transform on 3.

Hot Head: 1, 2, 3!

Spongebob: TRANSFORM!

(Spongebob transforms into his new morph, the Monster form. Spongebob's size is now 100 feet tall, he is green all over, his eyes are red instead of blue, grows big point eyebrows, sharp claws, sharp teeth & mushrooms. He has become Monster Spongebob.
Monster Spongebob

Monster Spongebob


Monster Spongebob: (roars)

Total Drama Gang: Whoa!

Tree Rex: (turns to the Mane 6) Quick girls, use the Elements of Harmony to control Spongebob.

Mane 6: (controls Monster Spongebob with the power of their Elements of Harmony)

Twilight Sparkle: He's ready.

Bouncer: Twilight & Rarity, you got the arms. Applejack, you got the legs. Pinkie Pie, you got the cannon, loaded in his mouth. Fluttershy, you got the brain, just in case you're losing control of Spongebob. And Rainbow Dash, you got the laser eyes.

Applejack: You got it, partner.

Specter: (growls) Now you make me angry, I'll bring no mercy to you all!

Rainbow Dash: Bring it on!


(The battle was truly epic, both fighters we're both matched, each punch & kick being thrown at each other to damage the other. None of them have the will to give up. However, thanks to the Cooper Gang's & Carmelita's sabatoging the Mega Monkey Megazord from the inside, the robot begins to slow down a bit, causing Monster Spongebob to gain an advantage of the situation & finally after 5 more minutes of an epic battle, Monster Spongebob begins tear apart the Mega Monkey Megazord, zord by zord, until there was a bunch of pieces. Monster Spongebob was victorious.)

Monster Spongebob: (roars in victory)

(Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five comes out of the destroyed Megazord, feeling a bit dizzy, barely unconscious)

Specter: No! How is this possible? Not even a monster can defeat this marvelous machinery.

Sly: (with Bentley, Murray & Carmelita) (whistles to them)

Specter & the Freaky Monkey 5: Huh?

Sly: (holding the loose nuts & bolts & a box of tools) Like I said, never underestimate a Cooper. By the way, I believe these nuts & bolts are yours.

Specter: NO! Fine, you win! You win! But I'll be back with more Pipo Monkeys!

Monster Spongebob: (holding a giant Monkey Net) More monkeys, then... CATCH! (nets Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five) (chuckles as he transforms back to normal)

Spongebob: That was awesome! We did it!

Kitty: Why are we forgetting something?

Dudley: (chuckles)

Computer: Monkey Cannon charging in T-Minus 15 minutes.

Avak: Aw man! We forgot about the Monkey Cannon!

Edd: If we don't do something in the next 15 minutes, the planet will be populated by monkeys instead of mobians!

Spongebob: How we stop it?

Patrick: (notices a button & sign) S-E-L-F-D-E-S-T-R-U-C-T. (presses the button)

Computer: Self Destruct has been activated 10 minutes til detination.

Patrick: There we go.

Xplode: Nice work Patrick, now let's get outta here!

(The All Stars, the Cooper Gang, the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians & Carmelita begins to run towards the Escape Shuttle, which is surprizingly big enough for everyone, as they all head inside)

Murray: Hold on! (activates the Escape Shuttle)

(The Escape Shuttle begins to fly away as the Space Station, the SARU-004 explodes.)

Spongebob: We made it! Now let's go home.

(The gang heads back to Mobius & then lands perfectly right next to the Cooper Van in China, where they left it.)

Sly: (narrating) After that dramatic battle, I thought for sure Carmelita & I can work out our differences.

(As they all got out, Carmelita aims his Shock Pistol at Sly.)

Sly: (narrating) But she was never predictable. Then again, neither have I.

(Sly smiles & then grabs the Shock Pistol & kisses Carmelita before the Cooper Gang drive away in the Cooper Van, while the All Stars & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians rides on top of the War Monsters & the Giants, waving goodbye)

Sly: (narrating) I know it hasn't gone exactly by the book, but in times like this, you just gotta improvise. And I hope I can steal something even more precious than Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five.

(Carmelita blushed a bit, but noticed the Cooper Gang has escaped, she was angry at first, until she noticed a captured Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five along side him. After realizing this, Carmelita smiles as she watched the Cooper Gang drive away.)

(Now the scene changes to the same cave the gang entered inside & the All Stars, the Cooper Gang & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians exits the cave & said their goodbyes as the Cooper Gang drives away, not knowing Carmelita was hiding on the Cooper Van, hanging onto the back of the van. While the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians heads back home to the Nexus)

(The All Stars wave goodbye to the Cooper Gang, Carmelita & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians.)

(The Camera freezes the scene, & then zooms out to see Sly checking the postcard that the All Stars have sent to them)

Sly: (narrating) We've got our wish & we're back at Paris. Life is good. And everything's back to normal.

(The Cooper Gang smiles each other & then Sly looks up at the moon.)

Sly: (narrating) And something tells me, our adventure is just the beginning.

The End

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