This is the 63rd Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, Twilight Sparkle, Zaktan, Xplode & Hank

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik Prime Shao Kahn, Scorpion, Shang Tsung, Sheeva, Kano, Kabal, Goro & Kintaro

Character Transformation Debut: Thunder God SpongeBob

Story #1: Transcript

Armageddon has Begun!, Shao Kahn's Wrath (Endgame: Part 4)

(At the Mega Chum Bucket)

Plankton: Everything's all according to plan. (chuckles evily)

(At the sound of a lightning flash, Plankton turns around to face Raiden)

Raiden: Plankton. I request an audience.

Plankton: Intruder! You dare approach me? Guards! Stop him at once!

(However, the Jack-1 Bots mysterious did not respond)

Plankton: What the? Where are my guards?

Raiden: Prehaps the prophecy was wrong about you. Or prehaps the All Star Warrior sensed, as I do, that there is conflict within you.

Plankton: Huh? What do you mean?

Raiden: Something whispers to you that circumstances should be different. That you should know about the profercy more like the All Star Warrior does. You are much more like Sindel than Shao Ka--

(Raiden sees another vision, one of Sindel brainwashed and screaming.)

Raiden: But... she is dead...

Plankton: Whoa, hold on, wait a minute. Who is this Sindel you speak of & why do you--

Raiden: You need answers, Plankton. I can help you find them, if you will trust in me.

Plankton: Hm? This betta not be a trap.

Raiden: I intend not to interfere this time. Go to Robotnik's old command center. Much will be revealed there.

Plankton: Wait a minute, that was destroyed by the self destruct button that is installed in...

Raiden: Yes. It is. And why is that?

Plankton: I... don't know. Tell me more about...

Raiden: You must discover your true path of the profercy. Alone. (He walks off and teleports away offscreen)

Plankton: (sighs & then walks off) King Pig, you're in charge while I'm gone.

(But he didn't know is that Baraka, who has watched the whole exchange, snarls ominously and also leaves.)

(At the streets of Robotropolis)

Plankton: (walking towards the wreckage of Robotnik Prime's command center when a growl attracts his attention)

Plankton: Huh? (turns around to see Baraka alonside Sheeva) What are you doing? I'm not here to fight you.

Sheeva: Shang Tsung no longer has need of you. (holds two of her arms up to stop Baraka from intervening.)

Plankton: What do you mean by that?

Sheeva: He is terminating your agreement. And you!

Plankton: (puts on his latest invention, the Electrical Gloves) Not this time!


(They fight. Although unprepared to take on a member of the Shokan race, Plankton & his brand new Electrical Gloves prove to be up to the challenge. After a heated fight, he manages to defeat Sheeva.)

Plankton: I need to have a talk with your master.

Baraka: (roars and charges forward, blades unsheathed) This fight is not over.

Plankton: You mean to finish me? You couldn't even stop Spongebob!


(They fight. Baraka's fury, as ferocious as his blades, is still not enough to defeat Plankton's tricks and skill. The Tarkatan nomad is soon lying on the floor next to Sheeva.

Plankton: Now this fight is over. Shang Tsung has turned on me. I need to find out why.

(Inside the lab of Robotnik Prime's old command center, we see clones of Plankton & his Eggman Form together inside liquid tubes, but with lots of differences from each clone.)

Plankton: What in the name of...? What's going on here? (backs away) This is getting creepy.

(Plankton notices a Tarkatan Clone of Plankton & his Eggman Form, still wearing the same Eggman clothes as the real Plankton)

Plankton: Huh? He looks!

(The clone suddenly opens it's eye, revealing them to be of the same orange glow as a Tarkatan's. Gasping, Plankton backs up.)

Plankton Clone: Brother. (sits up & gets off the table, opening his green dragon wings) It's been a long time (smiles, revealing his sharp teeth) Let's be a family.

Plankton: I don't care who you think you are, but the bottom line is that you're a monstrousity!

Plankton Clone: (unleashes his tarkata blades) How dare you!


(They fight. Plankton finds out the hard way that the clone is able to use magical powers and is not averse to getting violent. Nonetheless, after a long battle, Plankton manages to see the Plankton Clone through the fight, by finding the weakness right at the clone's eye. And eventually the clone is left unconscious on the floor.)

Plankton: It's not easy being green.

(Before Plankton can finish the clone, Shang Tsung walks into the Lab.)

Shang Tsung: That is no way to treat your sibling.

Plankton: Shang Tsung! Do you think my new partner will stand for this... these... cloned abominations you have created here?!

Shang Tsung: I am merely perfecting you, master. As difficult as that might be.

Plankton: Enough! I will drag you before Shao Kahn by your pointed beard!


(They fight. Despite the sorcerer's recent revitalisation, Plankton's fury & his new electrical gloves gives him the edge in the fight. She soon has Tsung on the floor, beaten.)

Plankton: Get up. Now! (picks him up by the shirt) You will stand before my partner and confess your deeds. (turns around & shoves Shang Tsung forward & leaves the lab with him)

(In the Mega Chum Bucket)

(Tsung is kneeling with two Tarkatan guards standing over him.)

Plankton: I would not disturb you, my loyal partner, if this matter were not of upmost importance. I felt you should know what Shang Tsung has been doing as of late. This conjurer has created horrid cloned replicas of me-- crossbred with any type of blood, like Saurian, Shokan & Tarkatan blood! One was alive-- and attacked me with no remorse!

(Shao Kahn stands from his throne and walks toward Shang Tsung. He looks toward Plankton, and then to Tsung... and motions with his hand that he rise.)

Shao Kahn: Well done, sorcerer.

Shang Tsung: (bows his head and smiles before standing.)

Plankton: What?! You know... You... approve? How could you? My own partner!

Shao Kahn: I am your emperor! The Prophecy was weak like you.

Plankton: Wait how did you...

Shang Tsung: Baraka heard you speaking with the Thunder God, Raiden. That conversation has jeopardize our new plan.

Plankton: You new plan? What are you talking about?

Shang Tsung: Shao Kahn will confess the plan to you.

Shao Kahn: I will annihilate you & the All Star Warrior to break the prophecy once & for all. Once Lord Fuse is resurrected, I will use all of the souls power to take him down & fuse his powers along with mine, so that I will become the true conqueror of Planet Fuse!

Plankton: Raiden was right. You tricked me so that you would annihilate me!

Shao Kahn: I am not the only one who has tricked you. (turns to Shang Tsung) Shang Tsung.

Shang Tsung: Yes, my lord. Presenting Shao Kahn's newest partner...(opens the doors)

(The doors opened, revealing to be Dr. Robotnik Prime)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Well, well, well, what have we here.

Plankton: Robotnik?! But how?

Shang Tsung: While you we're busy, we have given the chance to free him by ordering Sheeva to let her go.

Plankton: Why you little...?!

SHAO KAHN: (To the guards) Escort him to his new prison cell. I will make an example of him.

(The guards restrain him, carrying him off to his prison cell)

(As the Tarkatan guards escort Plankton off, Pythor appears from his invisibility & then follows them outside of Kahn's view.)

Pythor: We have failed you, Master Plankton. Now we will make amends.

(In the Dining Room of the Mega Chum Bucket)

(We see Teridax, Von Nebula, Fire Lord, D.O.O.M., the Chameleon, Bird Brain (along with Zippy, Owl & Bat), the Bad Piggies, Goliath Prime, Vegon, Raptros, Zorgulon, the Rahkshi, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus enjoying their lunch, while Zhang Jiao, Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu & Tiki Tong we're in the Armoury)

Pythor: (appears from the door) We have an emergency, Plankton is betrayed by Shao Kahn & was replaced with Robotnik Prime

Bird Brain: Why would he do that? Has he gone completely nuts!

Owl: Who?

Bird Brain: Shao Kahn!

Skales: What would he do?

Pythor: First things first, we have to break Plankton out of prison.

Von Nebula: Very well, let's begin!

Teridax, Von Nebula, Fire Lord, D.O.O.M., the Chameleon, Bird Brain (along with Zippy, Owl & Bat), the Bad Piggies, Goliath Prime, Vegon, Reptros, Zorgulon, the Rahkshi, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor, Acidicus, Zhang Jiao, Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu & Tiki Tong: (nods & then charges towards the prison cell, attacking the Saurians, the Tarkatan Horde & even the Shokan)

Sheeva: (guarding Plankton's Prison cell as jailer) If you had not dishonoured yourself by--

Snaptrap: Hey!

Sheeva: (turns to the group) My orders are clear. No one is allowed in the Tower.

Raptros: As you can see, I am here.

Sheeva: Here to help Plankton escape! You would deny his execution? The only means of regaining his honour?

Raptros: We have very different concepts of honour, Shokan.


(They fight. Sheeva has quite the difficulty fighting someone with as much agility and reach as Raptros does, even with two extra arms to help her. The battle soon ends with Sheeva unconscious.)

Raptros: Not much of a jailor, are you?

Teridax: (releases Plankton out of prison) You are now free.

Plankton: Thanks.

(Suddendly they hear a sound from behind the door to the Prison.

Baraka: Stop them!

Mileena: Do not let them get away!

Vegon: (Head #1) Sounds like we got company. (Head #2) And it's not good. (Head #3) Let's get outta here!

Plankton: (nods) Right.

(Plankton, Teridax, Von Nebula, Fire Lord, D.O.O.M., the Chameleon, Bird Brain (along with Zippy, Owl & Bat), the Bad Piggies, Goliath Prime, Vegon, Reptros, Zorgulon, the Rahkshi, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor, Acidicus, Zhang Jiao, Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu & Tiki Tong exits the Mega Chum Bucket, getting away from the Forces of Darkness)

Fire Lord: We must contact, Krekka, Nidhiki, Vezon & the Kankers!

(With Krekka & Nidhiki)

(We see that Krekka & Nidhiki have got a phone call while Crocbot continues to explain anything else to Bunnie, Antoine, Walt Wallabee & Barby Koala)

Krekka: (answers the phone) Hello?

Snaptrap: (in phone) It's Snaptrap! The Forces of Darkness have gone AWOL! Get over here quick!

(As they begin to talk, they didn't know that Crocbot have lefted & Nightwolf has chopped a STH Combot in half with his Tomhawks)

Nidhiki: Alright, we're on our way!

Krekka: Uh, but where's that?

(Now we see Nightwolf backing away, standing clear from the explosion coming from inside the cell & Nightwolf heads inside to see Antoine, Bunnie, Walt & Barby are all ok)

Plankton: (in phone) We'll be at the Floating Island for a meeting to take out the Forces of Darkness so they will work for me again.

Nidhiki: And King Pig?

Plankton: With us, because King Pig said something about Snively having the last laugh. Whatever, just get to the Floating Island, fast.

Krekka: Right, we're on our way.

(We can see Tekken Combots & STH Combots enters inside the cell to check it out, only to get destroyed by Nightwolf, Bunnie, Antoine, Walt & Barby.)

Nidhiki: Come on, we don't have time to lose!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (hurries off, not knowing Nightwolf have been hearing them)

Nightwolf: It appears that Raiden has done Plankton a favor. His work here is done & so does mine. (follows them)

Bunnie, Antoine, Walt & Barby: (runs down the hall way)

(At the Floating Island)

(We see the All Stars are still confused by Sonic, Knuckles & Geoffrey St. John in a stand off)

Hakann: Shouldn't we go help Sonic again?

Ed: Yes we should.

Vezon: This time you're not coming out of this Island alive!

Kanker Sisters: Let's kiss our boyfriends!

Sonic: Listen up, Knux! I need your help to clear my name! I'm being framed!

Geoffrey St. John: As personal guard to King Acorn of Mobius. I deputize and command you to help me bring Princess Sally's assassin to justice!

Knuckles: What?! Puh-Princess Sally...dead?!

Mordecai: Crud.

Knuckles: I told her you we're no good...arrrr! (charges at Sonic)

Sonic: No! You gotta believe me...don't...(got tackled by Knuckles)

Geoffrey St. John: (in thought: Can't get a clear shot at the hedgehog...)

Sonic: (spindashes his way out of the tackle)

Knuckles: Ghurrrgh!

Scorpion: (in thought: It is time) (suddendly tackles Spongebob & Sub-Zero)

Spongebob & Sub-Zero: ! (got tackled) AUGH!

Xplode: Scorpion, what do you think you're doing?!

Eddy: I knew we should've trust that spectre!

Avak: (turns to Eddy) We?!

Spongebob: That's it, you're gonna get it Scorpion! You betrayed us for the last time!

Scorpion: You speak only with me!


(They fight.)

Geoffrey St. John: You e-mailed that move, RedBone! Hold that spin, traitor! Smiley...Fleming...turn loose the hounds!

Corroder: Not this time!

Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz & Scorpio: (tackles Smiley, Fleming & the Tasmainian Devils)

Sonic: (dodges the arrow) No chance! No matter how fast you are...I'll always be faster!

???: (invisible, behind Sonic) Say's you, loudmouth! (grabs Sonic's arms)

Sonic: Hey...what the...?!

Thok: Espio!

Espio: (appears from his invisibility) You can run, but I can hide!

Sonic: Ummmf! Espio the of the Chaotix!

Justin: Now what's going on?

Blue Bird: I hope my 2 triplet brothers are here now.

Geoffrey St. John: By order of King Acorn...

Knuckles: Stuff that, pal! I give the orders on the Floating Island!

Espio: That's right! I only listen to Knuckles!

(The battle is even more visceral and bloody than when the elder Sub-Zero fought Scorpion. Unprepared for the increased power of the younger's ice attacks, the hellspawn specter finds himself at the disadvantage and Sub-Zero mericilessly presses the attack. After a hard fought battle, Spongebob & Sub-Zero finally knocks Scorpion to the floor.)

Sub-Zero: For my brother!

(As Sub-Zero prepares to finish Scorpion, Dulcy suddendly lands in front of everyone)

Dulcy: ENOUGH!!

Rainbow Dash: Dulcy?!

(As everyone was distracted by Dulcy, Scorpion took the chance to teleport away via flash of hell fire)

Espio: Although I have been known to listen to a dragon every now and then...

Sonic: Dulcy! In the nick of time!

Hakann: For you & Scorpion anyway.

Boggy B: What do you mean?

Hakann: Scorpion got away...again!

Duncan: He can't be far.

Dulcy: As you know, dragons cannot tell lies. That is why we can sense the purity of truth and I know Sonic is not lying about being framed!

Knuckles: A dragon's spoken word as fact.

Spongebob: That's right.

Sonic: Now will you listen to me, St. John?!

Geoffrey St. John: Our real enemy is trying to divide and conquer us! Instead, we must team up! Fleming, bring your plane into this clearing!

Fleming: Yes, sir!

Kitty: Alright, looks like our work here is done for now.

Dudley: Yep. We might be needed even more for new jobs.

Espio: What's your next move, Knux?

Knuckles: Out of respect for Princess Sally, I'm going along to help Sonic. I want you to assemble the Chaotix and guard the island until I get back...

Dulcy: I don't think I'll fit in a plane, Sonic...

Sonic: That's okay, Dulce! You've done more than enough...chill! We'll take it back to Knothole!

Spongebob: Right, let's go!

(Suddendly Plankton, Teridax, Von Nebula, Fire Lord, D.O.O.M., the Chameleon, Bird Brain (along with Zippy, Owl & Bat), the Bad Piggies, Goliath Prime, Vegon, Reptros, Zorgulon, the Rahkshi, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor, Acidicus, Zhang Jiao, Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu & Tiki Tong appears from the bushes)

Plankton: Stop! Time out!

Spongebob: Plankton?!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (arrives)

Von Nebula: We're in a meeting to stop Shao Kahn & Robotnik Prime.

Twilight Sparkle: I think the best solution is to require the unthinkable.

Plankton: You mean...bitter rivals fight as one! Plankton Empire teams up with the All Stars?!

Eddy: Well, if you put it that way. Exactly.


Timon: What are we gonna do? Put the 2 villains in a rocket & send 'em to the moon? Besides Plankton, you said you'll do anything for your Plankton Empire. Don't you remember?

Plankton: (begins to think back)

(Flashback begins to see the Plankton Empire driving back to the Mega Chum Bucket, inside a giant flying vehicle called the "Chum Carrier")

Plankton: I'll do anything for all of you, my precious Plankton Empire, even teaming up with the All Stars to battle an even bigger threat to our glorious empire.

(End of Flashback to see the Plankton Empire [minus the Forces of Darkness] along with the All Stars heading back to Knothole, along with Sub-Zero)

Plankton: (now very annoyed) Crud again.

SpongeBob: Remember this, everyone. You must not let emotion overpower you.

Hank: Your visions. What causes them?

Spongebob: I felt that someone sent them to me. Perhaps to ensure some outcome.

Sanford: Or to prevent one.

(Spongebob gasps again. Another vision appears in his mind, this time of Princess Celestia.)

Princess Celestia: Remember this, All Stars, "He must have the heart"

(The vision disappears.)

SpongeBob: "He must have the heart". Those are the words of Princess Celestia that has set my mind a long time ago, during the Underground Zone incident. I believe it is Plankton who must have the heart. (takes off Xplode's Rainbow Amulet)

Xplode: (was too busy to notice)

SpongeBob: This amulet was forged by the Elements of Harmony. It cracked & changed from rainbow to purple here in the present after my first vision of Pure Devil Xplode. If we choose wisely, the future will be secured, Pure Devil Xplode will be sealed forever inside Xplode and the cracks healed & the color changes back to rainbow.

Sanford: We trust you will make the right decisions.

Hank: Indeed.

SpongeBob: We must trust in the Multiversal Gods. (puts the Rainbow Amulet back on Xplode)

Xplode: (still too busy to notice) Did you say something?

Reidak: Remember, focus.

(At Downunda)

Shu, Wei, Wu & Yuan Shao's Army: (spots the Tekken Combots)

Mecha Sun Jian: There they are.

Taishi Ci: The fate of Mobius hangs in the balance.

Pang Tong: If we do not do something about this, Crocbot will surely prevail! Neither propriety nor justice are serve. Still, to secure the future of the land, we must fight!

Zhang Liao: Excellent! We must begin the attack!

Xiahou Dun: Very well.

Cao Cao: All units, attack!

(Shu, Wei, Wu & Yuan Shao's army begins their attack at the Tekken Combots)

(Back at Robotropolis)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Come in, Crocbot!

Crocbot: (in communicator) What?! Look, I'm dealing with an uprising here at the prison camp! The mineral ore we've mine is already on it's way to you!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Ahhh...that's all I wanted to know...Robotnik, over and out!

Shao Kahn: Excellent. It seems that the ore is ready for loading.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Ha! Once I get the ore, my ultimate annihilator will be operational! At which time, I will unleash the UA's power on the village of Knothole, erasing it from existence forever! I must return to my slumber chamber before the ore arries. I want to be well rested for my Ultimate Victory! Ha Ha Haha! (goes inside his slumber chamber & goes to sleep)

Shao Kahn: Perfect. Shang Tsung, has the Prototype been completed?

Shang Tsung: We are nearly finished, my lord.

Shao Kahn: Good, Plankton has betrayed Robotnik & I betrayed him, now I shall do the same...(turns to Robotnik's slumber chamber)...against Dr. Robotnik Prime.

(Back at Downunda)

Liu Bei: (looks around to see that all of the Tekken Combots we're defeated) That's all of them.

Jiang Wei: My master. Look! (points to a blimp, carrying the ore back to Robotropolis) It's heading back to Robotropolis.

Xu Zhu: (spots Bunnie & Antoine sneaking inside) Bunnie & Antoine are sneaking aboard the blimp.

Pang De: Is there a way for us to get inside that blimp.

Ling Tong: I don't know, but look how high it is.

Mecha Sun Jian: If the blimp is heading back to Robotropolis. We shall pursue it by boat in the sea.

Sun Quan: Very well. Prepare the boats, we'll have to join in the battle as well.

Yuan Shao: Indeed. Move out!

Shu, Wei, Wu & Yuan Shao's army: (heads off to the beach & then hops on the boats, pursuing the blimp)

(With the All Stars & the Plankton Empire [minus the Forces of Darkness])

All Stars & the Plankton Empire (minus the Forces of Darkness): (spots Drago, Kano & Kabal taking STH Rotor & Tails)

Twilight Sparkle: There they are.

Swatbot #1: Come on...faster, specimens!

Tails: (shudders) Looks like the end of the line, ol' buddy...

STH Rotor: (spots something in the distance) Wait...what's that over head? It's...

Swatbot #2: ...It's an AirPlane!

Spongebob: ATTACK!

(The All Stars & the Plankton Empire [minus the Forces of Darkness] begins their assault against the Swatbots)

(We see Knuckles glinding down towards the Swatbots while Sonic & Geoffrey St. John using parachutes to gently float down)

Geoffrey St. John: By the scepter of King Acorn...charge!

Jack-1 Bots: (we're reprogramed by Shao Kahn & charges at the group)

Spongebob: Here they come!

Plankton: And here comes their successor. (activates his brand new Jack-2 Bots
Jack-2 Bots

Jack-2 Bots


Drago: Don't just stand there, you rustbuckets! Blast them out of the sky!

STH Rotor:'s Geoffrey...Knuckles...and...(gasps)...Sonic! They're working together!

Tails: Let's join them! Come on, it for Princess Sally!

Kano: What the?! Black Dragon, stop them!

Plankton: Jack-2 Bots, attack!

(The battle begins with the Jack-2 Bots taking down the reprogrammed Jack-1 Bots easily, because they are more upgraded than the Jack-1 Bots)

Plankton: My brand new Jack-2 Bots are working perfectly!

Vezon: Well good for you.


Ed: Mobius is not their salad bar!

Hakann: Alright!

Timon & Pumbaa: WHOO HOO! YEAH!

Pumbaa: Take that you yellow belly!

Timon & Pumbaa: HOO HOO HOO HOO!

Spongebob: (spots Kano & Kabal) There you are!

Twilight Sparkle: We're ready!

Kano: We'll break you both like match sticks!


(They fight. Even thought Kano & Kabal we're skilled warriors from the Black Dragon Clan, they are no match for the All Star Warrior's new powers & abilities & Twilight Sparkle's powerful magic)

Twilight Sparkle: Sure don't want any more surprizes like them.

Sonic: Okay, we've played around enough! Time to get down to business! (turns to Drago) YOU!

Drago: Who? Me?!

Zaktan: Well, well, well. Looks like we've found the traitor!

Drago: (begins to run off)

Xplode: After him!

Sonic & the All Stars: (starts chasing Drago down)

The Chameleon: We'll take care of everything here.

Chef Pig: Huh-huh-huh! We'll catch up to you later.

Bad Piggies: (crushing the Jack-1 Bots flat)

Drago: (notices Sonic & the All Stars catching up to him) Oh, no! He's catching up! He's catching...(got hit in the head by a rock which is thrown & falls down, knocked out)

Spongebob: Huh? (notices Hershey) You did this?

Sonic: Hershey! Say, what'd you do to him?

Hershey: Guess you could say I was paying him back...for Princess Sally's death!

Sonic: Huh?

Xplode: What do you mean?

Hershey: I should have known not to trust the creep! He told me I'd be helping the Freedom Fighters! Instead he tricked me with Robotnik's technology! When I cut that rope, Sonic, I thought it was Snively who was hanging...but it was really Sally!

Owen: Ouch.

Duncan: That explains why Sally is falling.

Gwen: It wasn't Sonic's fault after all.

Heather: Wait a minute, you did this?!

Hershey: (crying) Oh, Sonic! What have I done? Everything you've been through!

Spongebob: Twilight & I should've stopped you, but that was all in the past that we can't change.

Twilight Sparkle: And we can affect the future, just like Lightrahk said.

Sonic: You never mind that, Hershey...(begins to walk off) You were duped...we were all duped...

Meltdown: Should we go now?

Squidward: What? What about Hershey? Shouldn't she be in jail because of all this mess?

Edd: I'm frightened.

Astro Boy: It's best to give her another chance.

Hank: Very well. Let's go.

(Back in Robotnik Prime's lair)

Shang Tsung: Robotnik Prime has woken from his slumber.

Shao Kahn: (nods)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (yawns as he exits his slumber chamber) Well, did I miss anything?

Swatbot: The cargo you requested has arrived safely from Downunda, but our troops have informed us that Sonic has liberated Knothole Village!

Baraka: And in other words, Kano & Kabal have been defeated, so is Drago.

Shang Tsung: How disappointing.

Dr. Robotnik Prime; Ahhh, good news on one hand must beget bad news on the other. Well. What of it? What? Wipe the grease out of your tin plated earlobes, twits! That rodent is nothing to me! He's less than nothing! And that's retty danged small, if you ask me!

Sektor: Don't count out the All Stars, they have make a big difference, increasing the Freedom Fighters' chances rapidly as we speak. Do not under estimate them.

Shao Kahn: Send in Goro & Kintaro, we shall defeat them once & for all.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Ahhh, finally my plans are coming to fruition! Let the hedgehog come! I'll bake him a cake with so many layers!

Shang Tsung: Their uprising shall be punished.

(Robotnik Prime & the Forces of Darkness didn't take notice of Bunnie & Antoine hanging to the support steel beams up in the ceiling)

Bunnie: Holy hannah, Antoine! Walt & Barby helping us smuggle ourselves out of Crocbot's prison camp was one thing...

Antoine: (whispers) Shhh! Oui! I know, but we had no idea zee true scope of Robotnik's plan!

Shao Kahn: (in thought: The plan is nearing to opperational.)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: There can only be one point of view on this world! Mine! Oh, those smelly furballs! How I abominate them!

(Robotnik Prime & the Forces of Darkness returns to Robotnik's old command center)

Snively: Uh, sir...? (points to the moniter, showing Sonic) It's him! It's him! After all we've done, he still won't give up!

Sektor: Just like a virus, those All Stars keep on coming back.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: We'll just have to see about that!

Shao Kahn: Prepare for defending the city from intruders!

Shang Tsung: As you wish, my lord.

(Outside of Robotnik's HQ)

Sonic & the All Stars: (notices the missiles launching towards them & then begins dodging them)

Sonic: (in thought: If I modulate the frequency of my speed while I run real fast, according to Uncle Chuck's thoeries...I should be able to create after images of myself! Enough to mess with any opponent!)

(We notice that the missiles went through the after images of Sonic & Spongebob, due to their super sonic speed)

Spongebob: (notices the Plankton Empire & the Shu, Wei, Wu & Yuan Shao's armies approaching to join in the fight against Robotnik & the Forces of Darkness) Looks like we've got back up!

Plankton: I will never forget that betrayal. I'll show that Shao Kahn what for!

Goro: (emerges from the front door) All Stars! (roars)

Hank, Sanford & Deimos: (goes up to Goro)

Hank: Alright tough guy. Now you face the 3 of us!


(They fight. Like a pack of hounds, Hank, Sanford & Deimos begins taking down Goro together, first by cutting him down to size, by attacking Goro's knees, causing Goro to kneel down & then begins attacking him at the face. After going in a pattern 3 times for a long time, Hank, Sanford & Deimos have taken Goro down)

Sanford: Goro is down.

(We see that they have taken down all of the Forces of Darkness minus Shao Kahn)

Deimos: Everyone else is down for the count. All it's left is Shao Kahn.

Goro: No, not nearly so.

All Stars: Huh?

(Suddendly they heard loud stomping coming from inside Robotnik's lair & suddendly another shokan bursts through the front doors, roars in anger & the shokan appears to be Kintaro



Kintaro: (roars)

Mane 6: (gasps)

Courtney: Another one?!

Hank: Oh man. Looks like an All Star's work is never done. Spongebob, Plankton head inside & face Shao Kahn, we'll take care of the Shokan.

Spongebob: Be careful.

Plankton: You too my empire.

Kintaro: I will eat your heart!


(They fight. The tiger Shokan proves to be the most intense fight of their lives. It takes everything the group has left in him to remain in the battle, but they eventually manage to fight his way through Kintaro's defenses and take the melee to him. Finally, the mighty Kintaro have manages to defeat most of his opponents, only to be fallen to the soul winner, Hank J. Wimbleton's onslaught and is left unconscious on the floor.)

Hank: (panting) Is everyone ok?

All Stars [minus Spongebob & Hank] & the Plankton Empire [minus Plankton & the Forces of Darkness]: (groaning in pain)

Applejack: Hoo-wee! That shokan's stronger than a titanium steel barn in the future.

Hank: But it's ok, the shokan's down. Now all it's left to do...

(Hank never finishes the sentence, as Goro stabs at the back of Hank's head with his signature weapons, the Dragon Fangs.)

Pinkie Pie: AAH!

Sanford: HANK!

Deimos: NO!

Goro: (punches Hank through the wall)

Hank: (his head begins to bleed)

Deimos: Hank's down!

Fluttershy: Oh dear oh dear oh dear!

Twilight Sparkle: (uses her unicorn magic to cauterize the red spot on Hank's head, stopping him from bleeding) It's ok, he only lost a tiny ammount of blood, but he was unconscious.

Goro & Kintaro: (growls)

Goro: You're next!

(Suddendly two ice blasts freeze Goro and Kintaro where they stand & we see that it was Sub-Zero who have froze them in place)

Zaktan: Sub-Zero?

Thok: Thank goodness in a nick of time.

Sanford: Hank's injured.

Sub-Zero: And I see Twilight has stopped the bleeding.

Boggy B: Yeah, but Hank needs a medic as soon as possible.

Sub-Zero: I must go to continue my search for Scorpion.

Xplode: But I need your help to get him t--

Sub-Zero: There is a medical room to the south. You can help Hank with some medical supplies stored in there. (walks off)

Mordecai: Wait, what about...?

(Goro and Kintaro begin breaking free of the ice they are bound in.)

Kitty: No time! We gotta get to the medical station & fast!

Rigby: Aw what?!

Eddy: Great.

Congar: Come on. (picks up Hank) We must hurry. It's all up to Spongebob & Plankton for now.

Twilight Sparkle: I hope Spongebob is ok.

Rigby: That medical station betta be close!

(The All Stars [minus Spongebob & Hank] carries Hank to the medical station to fix his wounds just as Goro and Kintaro break free of the ice.)

Kintaro: Their treachery shall be punished!

(With Spongebob & Plankton)

Spongebob & Plankton: (looks around to see Bunnie & Antoine, leaving)

Spongebob: Where are you going?

Bunnie: Sonic ordered me & Antoine to get outta here.

Antoine: You must go now!

Spongebob: No way! Plankton & I have a score to settle with Shao Kahn.

Plankton: If he's facing against Shao Kahn, then I'm helping Spongebob.

Spongebob: Sometimes an All Star's gotta do what an All Star's gotta do. Now please go!

Bunnie & Antoine: (looks at each other & then nods & continues leaving)

Plankton: This is it. I am ready!

Spongebob: Me too. By the way, why are you helping me?

Plankton: Because Raiden showed me the prophecy.

Spongebob: Raiden?

Raiden: (from off-screen) He is here. (teleports inside via blue electricity) You two are up for the challenge. You two both have required the unthinkable. Bitter rivals fight as one. Be warned, if you fail, none of us we'll survive.

Spongebob: Then it's time to take down Shao Kahn.

Raiden: Before you do. There is something you should know. Your the first All Star Warrior to witness the power of your brand new All Star morph transformations. I grant you the power of the Elder Gods! (shoots blue electricity from his eyes at Spongebob)

Spongebob: (felt the power surging through his body) TRANSFORM!

(Spongebob transforms into his brand new & first ever "All Star Morph" Thunder God morph, which is the same as Raiden, which is white robes & a straw hat, the only difference is that the vest is Yellow instead of Blue)

Plankton: I don't believe it, this Morph is called the "Thunder God". According to the data on my computer, this morph allows you to use electricity & the morphs are multiple times more powerful, representing each element. For now on, if your elements have reached the certain ammount of power, the morph is ready to load new data. (in thought: And if that happens against me, it might be very embarassing)

Raiden: Good luck, All Star Warrior & Plankton. You're will need it. (teleports away)

Thunder God Spongebob & Plankton: (spots Sonic)

(With an uncharacteristic demeanor devoid of humor, the lone hereo makes his way to Robotnik's war room, not knowing Thunder God Spongebob & Plankton are watching him)

Sonic: (enters inside) Okay, "Julian", stop fiddling with those controls...and turn around!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Impeccable timing, rodent! I've nullified your friends' vain attempt just in time too...nullify you! (shoots a laser from his roboticized arm at Sonic)

Sonic: (dodges) It's not going to's just not going to happen!

Plankton: (spots Shao Kahn) There he is.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Oh, but it will! This relatively confined space prevents you from making optimum use of your speed...(punches Sonic) the advantage is mine!

Sonic: A strategic error on your part with great costs...the lives of everyone in Knothole Village!

Thunder God Spongebob: (gets a vision of Knothole Village inside the pocket zone) That has never happened! (shoots yellow electricity at Robotnik Prime)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (got electrocuted) AAAAUUUUGGGHHH!

Sonic: Wha? (notices Thunder God Spongebob) Spongebob? What are you doi...

Shao Kahn: (smacks Sonic away)

Sonic: (crashes into the wall) (groaning in pain)

Shao Kahn: Well, well, well. If it isn't Spongebob & Plankton. You have come to your sences.

Plankton: This time you won't get away!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You fools! I will more powerful than I ever was!

(With Twilight Sparkle, Zaktan & Xplode)

Twilight Sparkle, Zaktan & Xplode: (takes down 3 Swatbots)

Xplode: That is all of them

Zaktan: Quick inside!

Twilight Sparkle, Zaktan & Xplode: (enters inside to see the Ultimate Anihilator as a cannon)

Twilight Sparkle: It's a cannon.

Xplode: Oh, a cannon. Where it is pointing at?

Zaktan: According to my calculations, it's pointing directly at the satalite.

Xplode: Why's that?

(The cannon fires at the satellite, activating )

Twilight Sparkle: Whoa! We're too late to stop it now.

Zaktan: We haven't failed yet. The rest is up to you, Spongebob.

(Back in Robotnik's war room)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Stage one satellite activation is complete...initiating stage two...otherwise know as the Knothole Wipeout!

Plankton: It's about to fire!

Shao Kahn: Tarkatans, stop them!

(The Tarkatan Horde charges at the duo)

Thunder God Spongebob: Not so fast! (electrocutes the horde, minus Baraka)

Baraka: (roars) You will pay for this! I swear you will!


(They fight. Thanks to his new morph power, Baraka doesn't stand a chance against Spongebob's new Thunder God morph form. The battle only lasts a minute as Baraka was slammed down to the floor.)

Thunder God Spongebob: You shouldn't be running with those.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Five...Four...Three...

Sonic: (waking up, noticing this) (in thought: Knothole Wipeout? That sounds like...) (chokes)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Two...One...(notices Shao Kahn)

Shao Kahn: (whacks Robotnik Prime with his hammer) Zero...(presses the button by slamming Robotnik Prime's face right on the button on his chair)

Plankton: Oh man.

Sonic: NOOOOO!!

(With but the press of a button an energy beam of immense masnitude is unleashed focused on one specific location, Knothole, but what they all didn't know is that Spongebob's vision was true, Knothole was sent to the Pocket Zone, 3 hours into the future)

Shao Kahn: (chuckles, succeeds into evil laughter)

Plankton: Wow, I never thought that this is the most beautiful plan I've ever seen. It has the most beautiful sight & I got the best seat in the house.

Thunder God Spongebob: (sighs) Sometimes I don't understand you.

Plankton: Why thank you.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (wakes up) Huh Wha...? (notices the moniter showing Knothole Village have dissapeared) After all this time...Knothole and it's citizens are elminiated!

Sonic: (felt sad) N-nooo...all my friends...everyone that ever mattered...(gets angry)

Thunder God Spongebob: Uh oh.

Sonic: (spindashes towards Robotnik Prime) Everything all gone! Because of you, Robotnik!! (yells) You better run, Robo-butt cause there won't be much left when I'm through with you!!! (uppercuts Robotnik Prime) Ahhrrrgh!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Ehhahhh!

Shao Kahn: Witless fools. Don't you know who I am?

Sonic: (still angry) The murderer of my friends!

Shao Kahn: I am Shao Kahn! Konqueror of Worlds! You will taste no victory.

Thunder God Spongebob: Shao Kahn, it's time for the biggest fight in our lives! Prepare yourself!

Plankton: (his new electrical gloves begins to power up) I'm ready!

Sonic: (to Shao Kahn) You will taste your own blood!


(They fight)

(Back with Twilight Sparkle, Zaktan & Xplode)

Twilight Sparkle: (placing the bomb inside the Ultimate Annihilator cannon) It's done.

Xplode: Care to do the honours, Zaktan?

Zaktan: With pleasure. (starts the countdown to the bomb) Now, let's get outta here!

Twilight Sparkle, Zaktan & Xplode: (begins to high tail it out of Robotropolis)

(The bomb explodes, destroying the Ultimate Annihilator system)

(Back in Robotnik's War Room)

(Shao Kahn is every bit the mighty warrior he claims to be, with control of both dark magic and superhuman strength at his disposal. But Spongebob & Plankton manages to even the score with their toughest warrior yet, meanwhile Sonic, who is fuelled with vengeance at seeing his friends gone, takes it to the doctor and Spongebob, Plankton & Sonic dishes out an absolutely brutal beating. Finally, after an epic battle, Kahn & Robotnik we're knocked to the floor.)

Thunder God Spongebob: On your feet!

Shao Kahn: (struggles to his feet, barely conscious)

Computer: (Deep male voice) Warning! Warning! Ultimate Annihilator system crash! Crossed circuits will result in intermalized energy emission! Destruction of war room...imminent!

Plankton: (looks around)

Computer: Probability of resulting shock wave destroying everything in it's path... 99.99999% Positive!

Plankton: This can't be good.

Thunder God Spongebob: It's about to blow, let's get outta here!

Plankton: And I'm desperate enough to believe ya.

Thunder God Spongebob: (grabs Plankton's shoulder) Hold on! (teleports himself & Plankton via yellow electricity)

Shao Kahn: (panting)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: How I hate that hedgehog! I've lived to see one dream come true...the destruction of Knothole Village and everyone within it. All that matters now is the pleasure of eliminating you once and for all!

Shao Kahn: (turns on communicator) Forces of Darkness, the Ulimtate Annihilator is gonna explode! Evacuate immediately!

(Everyone begins to evacuate except Sonic, Dr. Robotnik Prime & Shao Kahn himself)

Shao Kahn: This isn't over, Spongebob. I will finish you. You will never be rid of me! I am superior!

Sonic & Dr. Robotnik Prime: (looking each other with angry eyes, staring at each other)

Shao Kahn: Now then, there's only one thing left to do...(his aura glows green again)

(Although conscious of their impending doom, at this point, both combantants feel they have nothing left to lose...After years of exchanging insults and vows of personal destruction, all is said and done. The only recourse left is...)

Shao Kahn: FIGHT!

(Sonic, Dr. Robotnik Prime & Shao Kahn hold nothing back. It is nothing but one punch after another, each matching each other blow for blow. The control room is pandemonium, as the three combatants duke it out, with Robotnik and Sonic fighting as speeds that it's difficult to keep up.)

Shao Kahn: (roars)

(The two are locked together ready to continue the fight when the Ultimate Annihilator explodes, creating a huge shockwave)

Shao Kahn: (felt the huge shockwave, white beams emerging out of him) No! No! No! NOOOOOOOO!!!

(The huge shockwave explodes, deafens everything to white. It leaves nothing. Everything is gone; there is nothing but white for as far as the eye can see. Nothing but an empty white void.)

(From out of nowhere, we see Thunder God Spongebob emerging from the white void)

Thunder God Spongebob: I?

(Someone else emerges from the white void, it is also a mysterious & fearless woman wearing white & black clothing, a fighter of peace. Her name is Jun Kazama
Jun Kazama

Jun Kazama


Jun: Welcome All Star Warrior.

Thunder God SpongeBob: Who are you?

Jun: I am Jun Kazama. For many ages, All Star Warriors have protected the Multiverse from the forces of evil. You have earn you place with the All Star Order & become the first ever All Star Warrior to have your own unique power, the "All Star Morpher".

(Jun's hand glows white & makes an All Star Morpher appear on Spongebob's right wrist)

Jun: With your ascensing into the pantheon of becoming a Master All Star Warrior, you must choose your top students as the new protectors of the All Star Warrior.

Thunder God SpongeBob: With the aid of the All Star Freedom Fighters, I SpongeBob Squarepants, leader of the All Star Freedom Fighters managed to defeat Shao Kahn & Dr. Robotnik Prime. With Robotnik Prime gone, he will never see the light of day. I choose Twilight Sparkle, Zaktan, Xplode & Hank J. Wimbleton.

Jun: Very well. The choice is done. Good luck, All Star Warrior & may the Multiversal Gods watch over you. (teleports away)

Thunder God SpongeBob: (nods)

(The screen fades out white & then the screen fades in back to Thunder God SpongeBob who have returned to Robotropolis)

Thunder God SpongeBob: (spots Plankton) Plankton! Are you alright?

Plankton: (on the ground, on his back) I'm ok. (chuckles as he gets up) I never felt so alived. The bottom line is: "Thank you for saving me."

Thunder God SpongeBob: You are welcome. Well, it's time to head home.

Plankton: Indeed & this time, our alligence will be over by tomorrow.

(Suddendly they heard rumbling coming from Robotnik's HQ)

(The rest of the All Stars & the Plankton Empire notices that a Giant Prototype Jack Bot with a Giant Black Cross on his Chest & it was the Prototype version of the Master Jack-X & the one driving inside the cockpit is none other than Shao Kahn, who had actually survived the ultimate annihilator blast)

Zaktan: Look out! It's Shao Kahn!

Shao Kahn: I say again, you will never be rid of me! It appears you all survive the shockwave blast from the Ultimate Annihilator all except for Dr. Robotnik Prime. He is gone forever, thanks to you. But it appears that you All Star Warriors have always find a way to defeat me! Remarkable.

Thunder God Spongebob: Always?!? So you're also the one that has a history against the All Star Order, how old are you?

Shao Kahn: Perfection has no age...

Dudley: Wait, is he immortal?

Avak: Well, duh.

Shao Kahn: I have defeated Onaga a long time ago to earn my rightful place as ruler of Outworld. I have kept my immortality for thousands of years. I will never die to the likes of any mortal. And now I await the day when I would finally eclipse the All Star Order's heroic reputation.

Kineticlops: What are we gonna do?

Plankon: We'll have to use team work in order to stop Shao Kahn & the prototype of the Master Jack-X, because the prototype is an unfinished model. It would be unstable, the only way to stop it, is by using my Electrocution Rays, a machine that can shoot electricity at anyone, weakening their strength. I was saving it against you, but I guess that will have to wait.

Thunder God Spongebob: (spots Sonic unconsciouss inside the cockpit) Sonic's ok! But he is captured, we have to get him out of!

Thunder God Spongebob: (ascends upwards)

Prototype Master Jack-X: (flies upwards with a built in rockets on it's back) (shoots green lasers)

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodging the lasers)

Skylander Giants: (activates the 1st Electrocution Ray & fires electricity at the Prototype Master Jack-X's head)

Shao Kahn: Urgh!

Tree Rex: Here's a tip, you can shoot at the electrical gaps we create to damage him!

Thunder God Spongebob: (shoots yellow lightning bolts at the Prototype Master Jack-X)

Shao Kahn: Augh! You're soft!

Prototype Master Jack-X: (his robotic face is a bit crippled after the attack) (shoots more green lasers)

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodging the lasers)

Donkey Kong: Banana Slammer! (activates the 2nd Electrocution Ray & fires electricity at the Prototype Master Jack-X's legs)

Shao Khan: Urgh! You pest!

Thunder God Spongebob: (shoots yellow lightning bolts at the Prototype Master Jack-X)

Shao Kahn: Gah!

Prototype Master Jack-X: (his legs robotic skin crippled a bit after the attack) (shoots more green lasers)

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodging the lasers)

Sandford & Deimos: (activates the 3rd Electrocution Ray & fires electricity at the Prototype Master Jack-X's back)

Sanford: For Hank J. Wimbleton!

Shao Khan: Stop!

Thunder God Spongebob: (shoots yellow lightning bolts at the Prototype Master Jack-X)

Shao Kahn: Augh!

Prototype Master Jack-X: (it's jetpack begins to spark a bit) (shoots more green lasers)

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodging the lasers)

Astro Boy: Let's rocket! (activates the 4th Electrocution Ray & fires electricity at the Prototype Master Jack-X's right shoulder)

Shao Khan: Stop you fools!

Thunder God Spongebob: (shoots yellow lightning bolts at the Prototype Master Jack-X)

Shao Kahn: Augh!

Prototype Master Jack-X: (it's right shoulder begins to cripple a bit) (shoots more green lasers at Thunder God Spongebob)

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodging the lasers)

War Monsters: (activates the 5th Electrocution Ray & fires electricity at the Prototype Master Jack-X's legs again)

Shao Khan: Stop your foolish resistance right now!

Thunder God Spongebob: (shoots yellow lightning bolts at the Prototype Master Jack-X)

Shao Kahn: URGH!

Prototype Master Jack-X: (it's legs begins to cripple even more & then it's legs explode, causing the jet pack to explode as well & then falls down with a huge crash)


Togera: Nice finish guys, we got him!

(Suddendly the Prototype Master Jack-X has activated it's emergency giant rocket booster to replace it's legs, ascending itself up again)

Kineticlops: Wow, that's one tough bot.

Agamo: No kidding.

Shao Kahn: You're not gonna foil my plans this time!

Thunder God Spongebob: We'll just have to see about that, won't we?

Prototype Master Jack-X: (activates it's machine guns from it's shoulders & shoots multiple lasers at Thunder God Spongebob)

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodging the lasers)

Preytor: Here's another tip, you can absorb electricity & use it against the robot while you're in your Thunder God Morph transformation.

Mordecai & Rigby: (activates the 6th Electrocution Ray & fires electricity at the Prototype Master Jack-X's right arm)

Rigby: In your face!

Shao Khan: (growls)

Thunder God Spongebob: (shoots yellow lightning bolts at the Prototype Master Jack-X)

Shao Kahn: Augh!

Prototype Master Jack-X: (it's right arm begins to cripple a little bit) (shoots multiple lasers at Thunder God Spongebob)

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodging the lasers) Phew.

Boggy B: (activates the 7th Electrocution Ray & fires electricity at the Prototype Master Jack-X's left shoulder)

Shao Khan: You're beggining to annoy me!

Thunder God Spongebob: (shoots yellow lightning bolts at the Prototype Master Jack-X)

Shao Kahn: Augh!

Prototype Master Jack-X: (it's left shoulder cripples a bit) (shoots multiple lasers at Thunder God Spongebob) Hold still you miserable rodent!

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodging the lasers) I'm not even a rat.

Angry Birds: (activates the 8th Electrocution Ray & fires electricity at the Prototype Master Jack-X's head again)

Shao Kahn: Stop!

Red Bird: Now!

Thunder God Spongebob: (shoots yellow lightning bolts at the Prototype Master Jack-X)

Shao Kahn: You are nothing!

Prototype Master Jack-X: (it's head cripples again) (shoots multiple lasers at Thunder God Spongebob)

Thunder God Spongebob: Timon, Pumbaa! (dodges the lasers) It's your turn!

Timon & Pumbaa: (activates the 9th Electrocution Ray)

Timon: FIRE!

Timon & Pumbaa: (uses the 9th Electrocution Ray to fire electricity at the Prototype Master Jack-X's left shoulder again)

Shao Khan: (roars in anger)

Thunder God Spongebob: (shoots yellow lightning bolts at the Prototype Master Jack-X)

Shao Kahn: Augh!

Prototype Master Jack-X: (it's left shoulder robotic skin comes off, exposing the left shoulder of it's robotic skeleton)

Shao Kahn: (growls) You annoying little pest! I will rule this world!

Prototype Master Jack-X: (shoots multiple lasers at Thunder God Spongebob)

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodging the lasers)

Mane 6: (activates the 10th Electrocution Ray)

Twilight Sparkle: Time to show Shao Kahn what true power of friendship is all about!

Mane 6: (boosts up the 10th Electrocution Ray with the power of the Elements of Harmony & fires rainbow electricity at the Prototype Jack Bot's left arm)

Shao Kahn: AAUUGGHH!!

Thunder God Spongebob: (launches more yellow bolts at the Prototype Master Jack-X)

Shao Kahn: No!

Prototype Master Jack-X: (his left arm cripples a bit & was electrocuted even more by the rainbow electricity powered by the Elements of Harmony & crashes down to the floor)

Sonic: (falls out of the Prototype Master Jack-X, still unconscious)

Rainbow Dash: (catches Sonic) Got him! (gives Sonic to Tree Rex) Let's get outta here!

Thunder God Spongebob: It's not over yet. Look!

(The Prototype Master Jack-X begins to activate it's emergency armor, looking like Shao Kahn's armor with Shao Kahn's trademark warlord helmet with features a skull-like design with a long crest at the forehead, spiked shoulder pads, similarly designed gauntlets & a skull medallion embedded in two straps that intersects across it's chest & then the Prototype Master Jack-X flies upwards again)

Black Bird: Whoa.

Yellow Bird: Yeah. Wow.

Thunder God Spongebob: I don't get it. You're so familiar with the All Star Order, you must have known I'm next in line to become the next All Star Warrior. If you hated the All Star Order so much, why did you let me live when you created a plan to gain Lord Fuse's powers?

Shao Kahn: (chuckles) Because I wanted to show the multiverse that without the All Star Order, the line of All Star Warriors means nothing.

Thunder God Spongebob: Oh, I get it, that's where you're wrong. The All Star Order doesn't create All Star takes All Star Warriors to create the All Star Order.

Shao Kahn: ENOUGH! It ends here. I'll finish you like I'm gonna finish the thunder god, Raiden when I'm done with you. Then the All Star Warriors will be erased & the only true ruler of the Multiverse will be Shao Kahn, Konqueror of Worlds! Today, I become THE Elder God!

Thunder God Spongebob: Not on my watch. Let's fight!

Prototype Master Jack-X: (slams his right fist at Thunder God Spongebob)

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodges to the right)

Prototype Master Jack-X: (slams his left fist at Thunder God Spongebob)

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodges to the left)

Dudley Puppy & Kitty Katswell: (activates the 11th Electrocution Ray & fires electricity at the Prototype Master Jack-X's right gauntlet)

Shao Kahn: Enough!

Thunder God Spongebob: (unleashes golden lightning bolts, which are stronger than the yellow ones, right at Prototype Master Jack-X's right gauntlet)

Prototype Master Jack-X: (it's right gauntlet is destroyed, along with it's right arm's robotic skin, exposing the right arm's robotic skeleton)

Shao Kahn: Augh!

Prototype Master Jack-X: (slams his left fist at Thunder God Spongebob)

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodges to the left)

Prototype Master Jack-X: (slams his right fist at Thunder God Spongebob)

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodges to the right)

Total Drama Gang: (activates the 12th Electrocution Ray & fires electricity at the Prototype Master Jack-X's left gauntlet)

Owen: Yeah, baby! Whoo Hoo!

Shao Kahn: You weak pathetic fool!

Thunder God Spongebob: Don't try to hide your fears! I know you're scared! (unleashes golden lightning bolts, which are stronger than the yellow ones, right at Prototype Master Jack-X's left gauntlet)

Prototype Master Jack-X: (it's left gauntlet is destroyed, along with it's left arm's robotic skin, exposing the left arm's robotic skeleton)

Shao Kahn: No! I will never give in to no mortal!

Prototype Master Jack-X: (slams his right fist at Thunder God Spongebob)

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodges to the right)

Prototype Master Jack-X: (slams his left fist at Thunder God Spongebob)

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodges to the left)

Prototype Master Jack-X: (activates it's Jack-Cannons from it's back, launching missiles at Thunder God Spongebob)

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodging the missiles barely)

Hero Factory Villains: (activates the 13th Electrocution Ray & fires electricity at the Prototype Master Jack-X's left shoulder pad)

Xplode: For Sally Acorn!

Shao Kahn: You are nothing!

Thunder God Spongebob: (unleashes golden lightning bolts right at Prototype Master Jack-X's left shoulder pad)

Prototype Master Jack-X: (it's left shoulder pad is destroyed)

Shao Kahn: You're soft!

Prototype Master Jack-X: (slams his right fist at Thunder God Spongebob)

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodges to the right)

Prototype Master Jack-X: (slams his left fist at Thunder God Spongebob)

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodges to the left)

Prototype Master Jack-X: (launches more missiles at Thunder God Spongebob)

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodging the missiles barely)

Piraka: (activates the 14th Electrocution Ray & fires electricity at the Prototype Master Jack-X's right shoulder pad)

Zaktan: Take that you fiend!

Shao Kahn: Enough!

Thunder God Spongebob: (unleashes golden lightning bolts, which are stronger than the yellow ones, right at Prototype Master Jack-X's right gauntlet)

Prototype Master Jack-X: (it's right shoulder pad is destroyed, along with it's right shoulder's robotic skin, exposing the right shoulder's robotic skeleton) (unable to move it's arms)

Shao Kahn: You little pests! You'll pay for this!

Thunder God Spongebob: All it's left is the medallion & the helmet to take out)

Plankton: Look out! Incoming missiles!

Prototype Master Jack-X: (launching multiple missiles at Thunder God Spongebob)

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodging the missiles barely) Whoa! That was close!

Plankton: (notices those missiles are homing missiles) Watch out!

Thunder God Spongebob: (dodging the homing missiles)

Eddy: Just one more to go boys.

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (activates the 15th & final Electrocution Ray & fires electricity at the Prototype Master Jack-X's chest, right at the skull medallion)

Ed: Knock knock!

Shao Kahn: UGH! You fools!

Prototype Master Jack-X: (the skull medallion is destroyed along with the 2 straps, causing the bot to feel dizzy)

Shao Kahn: I've lost control!

Thunder God Spongebob: (charging towards Shao Kahn) Incoming Headache! (goes up)

Shao Kahn: Huh? (notices the homing missiles heading straight for the Prototype Master Jack-X) Oh no!

(The homing missiles hit the Prototype Master Jack-X hitting it in a tremendous explosion, & the bot is heavily damage, but the head is still intact as it crashes down one last time)

Thunder God Spongebob: (lands & turns back to normal)

Twilight Sparkle: Now's your only chance, Spongebob!

Zaktan: You've got to get to his head and destroy it before his auto-reconstruct circuitry kicks in.

Xplode: There's a auto-reconstruct circuitry?!

Plankton: (chuckles nervously) Was going to use it against you again.

Spongebob: (speeds up to the Prototype Master Jack-X & then spindashes at the bot's head multiple times, beginning to crack the warlord helmet from the bot)

(The Warlord helmet was now destroyed & before Spongebob can use his final spindash attack, he heard Shao Kahn, who is barely conscious)

Shao Kahn: (panting) (weakly) All Star Warrior! You will never be rid of me! (coughs) Shao Kahn is superior!

Spongebob: In your dreams, Shao Kahn. In your dreams. (spindashes at the Prototype Master Jack-X's head, destroying it, also hitting Shao Kahn at the chest)

Shao Kahn: AUGH! (crashes towards the wall & then emerges from the large hole he created from that crash) (groaning in pain & then falls down on his knees & then falls down on his stomach, knocked out)

(The All Stars & the Plankton Empire, plus the Forces of Darkness all witnessed the conclusion of the final battle between Spongebob & Shao Kahn)

Shang Tsung: I cannot believe. The All Stars...have won.

All Stars: (cheering for Spongebob's biggest victory against Shao Kahn)

Zaktan: Spongebob has saved Planet Mobius.

(As with Spongebob's victory before, a light from the heavens shines down on him, the Elder Gods noting his victory against the powerful Shao Kahn.)

Raiden: (had been watching the battle all this time) The Elder Gods have spoken. The Realm of Mobius is free from Shao Kahn.

(The Plankton Empire minus Plankton begins to walk away, heading back to the Mega Chum Bucket)

(Spongebob then turns to face Raiden, who bows his head in congratulations. Spongebob does the same.)

Twilight Sparkle: (smiles)

Zaktan: (gives Spongebob a thumbs up)

Raiden: My work here is done for now. (walks off)

Spongebob: Where are you gonna go now, Lord Raiden?

Raiden: Wherever the wind takes me, no matter where I end up, I will still be protector of Earthrealm. May the Elder Gods watch over you. (teleports away via flash of lightning)

Rainbow Dash: That was so awesome, Spongebob!

Thok: Congratulations.

Meltdown: Way to go, Spongebob.

Eddy: Woo hoo! MVP, baby!

Spongebob: Thanks guys, but I feel a bit light headed. (falls down, feeling dizzy)

Twilight Sparkle: (giggles) You deserve a good night's rest.

Plankton: I wanted to thank you all for stopping Shao Kahn. There is no longer something I am needed for now. The truce will be over by tomorrow, but I know Spongebob makes an impressive All Star Warrior.

Zaktan: Yeah. By the way, would you like us to carry you back. I know we're on opposite sides, but we're are happy...

(Suddendly, once they turn back to Spongebob & back at Plankton, Plankton dissapeared, somehow have run off back to Mega Chum Bucket)

Zaktan: help.

Mordecai: Man, sometimes I don't get what Plankton is up to now-a-days.

Rigby: I hear ya man.

Patrick: Goodbye Plankton.

(Later in the Great Forest)

(The All Stars are seen carrying Spongebob & Sonic back to South Knothole. And Hank J. Wimbleton is fully healed, but has bandages around his forehead
Hank's Madness Combot 3 Form

Hank's Second Form (Madness Combat 3)


Hank: (now wearing bandages around his forehead) We're almost home.

(The All Stars took notice of Knothole Village which is fully intact, meaning that it has returned to the future.)

Zaktan: Hubba-wha?! I don't believe it! Knothole Village is back to normal.

Twilight Sparkle: Guess Spongebob's vision is right.

Xplode: And you're right.

Squidward: Great, now we gotta put Sonic into bed.

Applejack: Alrighty then, let's put Sonic & Spongebob into bed.

(Serveral hours later...)

Spongebob & Sonic:(wakes up inside their beds)

Sonic: Whe...where am I?

Spongebob: Who turned out the lights?

Dr. Quack: About time you came to your senses! You're in the medical facility back in Knothole!

Spongebob: (in thought: Wow, I was right after all.)

Sonic: (gets up in shock) Oh my gosh! What? But I saw Knothole get destroyed!

Spongebob: Calm down, Sonic. Calm down.

Dr. Quack: Easy, lad! Everything's fine!

STH Rotor: Knothole wasn't destroyed, Sonic! However, because we were hit before the U.A. overloaded...Knothole now exists in a temporal rift three hours in the future...almost like a zone of it's own!

Spongebob: Now I get it.

STH Rotor: In fact, many zones we're created when Robotnik unleashed his device!

Spongebob: Wow, I never knew that. (in thought: New zones, huh? Looks like we got a mystery on our hands.)

Dr. Quack: You saved us all! I only wish I was as brave as you!

Sonic: What do you mean, Doc? I no comprende!

Spongebob: Me neither.

Dr. Quack: This whole mess came about because of me!

Sonic: Wha-at?

Spongebob: What the?!

Dr. Quack: It wasn't intentional, I assure you!

Spongebob: Can you explain to us what happened while we're gone in the void?

Dr. Quack: I'm not sure I even know how to explain!

Spongebob: Please do.

Dr. Quack: Robotnik had detected my neutron chip the main component of the Dream Watcher.

Spongebob: The time when Discord invaded King Acorn's mind, right?

Dr. Quack: Yes. Robotnik "tuned in", tracked the location of Knothole and learned of King Acorn's return from exile.

Spongebob: Whoa, Discord is good at keeping this ultimate plan a secret. Must've been Phase 1.


(The flashback begins with the Swatbots capturing Dr. Quack & King Acorn)

Dr. Quack: While you were detained recovering the King's Sword, Robotnik has sent his storm troopers out to get me and the King who he replaced with a robot duplicate!

Spongebob: Which Scorpion had destroyed, right?

Dr. Quack: Yes.

(Flashback changes to Dr. Quack getting thrown into the floor of Robotnik's war room)

Dr. Quack: Once I was brought before him, Robotnik explained to me that my device was key to his elaborate plans of revenge and world domination.

(Flashback changes to Dr. Quack in horror of seeing his family in chains)

Dr. Quack: At first I refused to help, when he had Snively kidnap my wife and children, I was left with little choice.

(Flashback changes to Dr. Robotnik Prime with Drago)

Dr. Quack: Since he was afraid you might interfere, Robotnik appealed to Drago's greed and lust for the easy life. In turn Drago set you up using Sally as the fall!

Spongebob: That explains it, but what I don't get is, "Why is Robotnik gone"? Shao Kahn said so.

(Flashback changes to Dr. Quack witnessing Snively altering the Ultimate Annihilator)

Dr. Quack: That is a good question which I'm getting to that. But Robotnik didn't know was that his nephew Snively had other plans. I noticed he altered the Ultimate Annihilator to affect only one organic pattern out of the many originally programmed.

(End of Flashback)

Spongebob: You mean...Snively betrayed Robotnik Prime?

Dr. Quack: You can say that, since only Robotnik could now be affected by the device, I kept quiet and prayed events would take the course they eventually did!

Spongebob: So Dr. Robotnik Prime is gone for good.

Sonic: And Sally?

Dr. Quack: I did the All Stars a service. She nearly died from her fall, so it was easy to convince everyone she didn't make it! Especially Robotnik! Then I had her placed in a stasis tube, disguised as some sort of fancy memorial, so she could heal and recover!

Spongebob: Whoa. I guess everything did go according to plan.

Sonic: You mean...?

Dr. Quack: Yep! Sally's alive, Sonic! But she's in a coma...and I couldn't tell you when or if she'll ever come out of it!

Sonic: (jumps out of bed) What am I doing here then? If there's anything I can do to help Sal...I've gotta do it no matter what! (runs out of the door, spotting Tails, Bunnie & Antoine) Hi, guys! Mission of mercy! I'll get back to you! (runs off outside)

Spongebob: Whoa! Talk about running out of the door. (gets up from bed) Heh. Good luck Sonic.

(Back at South Knothole, we see the All Star Freedom Fighters are having a big party to celebrate their biggest & final victory against Robotnik Prime)

Spongebob: (arrives back)

Twilight Sparkle: Sonic went to see Sally, did he?

Spongebob: Yep.

Vezok: You like the party? Pinkie Pie started the party to celebrate! Join in the party & have some punch!

Spongebob: Thanks Vezok. (gets a cup of punch)

Pinkie Pie: To Plankton for his help of stopping Robotnik Prime!

All Stars: Here here!

Spongebob: To Plankton!

Zaktan: Tomorrow, our alliance with Plankton is over & we can get back to fighting each other as All Stars vs. the Plankton Empire. This victory wouldn't be possible without Plankton & his empire to stop the Forces of Darkness & defeat Shao Kahn.

Xplode: Yeah! Sally is gonna be so happy that Robotnik Prime is gone! (realized something) Oh snap! I almost forgot! She's still in a coma! I gotta go!

Spongebob: Might I see your Rainbow Amulet please?

Xplode: Sure, here. (gives Spongebob his Rainbow Amulet) See you later! (runs off outside)

Hank: Xplode? Where are you going?

(no answer)

Hank: Xplode?

Spongebob: (looks at the Rainbow Amulet amulet expectantly... only to find the Amulet has changed from Purple to Dark Blue & more cracks appear among it.) (quietly) What? (ponders the meaning of this with a look of worry)

(With Xplode)

Xplode: (heading towards Sally, who is inside the stasis tube) Sally! Sally! (notices Sonic coming towards it) Huh?

Sonic: (opens the stasis tube)

Sally: (in a coma)

Xplode: (wondering what's going on)

Sonic: (whispers) I love you, Sally! Please come back...(kisses Sally's cheek)

Xplode: (now a bit worried)

Sally: (wakes up slowly) W...what did you say, Sonic? (gets up slowly)

Sonic & Sally: (embraced each other with a kiss)

Xplode: (gasps as he is heart brokened)

Sonic: I said...I'm just happy to see you again!

Sonic & Sally: (smiles happily together)

Spongebob: (narrating) And so, it wasn't long before order has restored...

(Camera cuts to Dr. Quack along with his family & his patient, King Acorn. who is on a wheelchair, still crystalized)

Spongebob: (narrating) Doctor Quack was exonerated due to externuating circumstances, and resumed looking after his patient, King Acorn. Mrs. Quack and the children are doing fine, thank you.

(Camera cuts to Hershey)

Spongebob: (narrating) Hershey was forgiven for being Drago's dupe. With the Black Dragon out of the way for now, Hershey's now a model citizen again.

(Camera cuts to the Knothole Freedom Fighters, plus Amy Rose celebrating)

Spongebob: (narrating) The Knothole Freedom Fighters, plus Amy Rose welcomed back their friend Sonic with wide open arms and begin planning a big celebration, which is very ironic that the All Stars & I celebrated Robotnik Prime's final defeat back at South Knothole.

(Camera cuts to Geoffrey)

Spongebob: (narrating) Because of his actions that against Sonic while he was being tricked, Geoffrey St. John was reinstated as commander of his majesty's secret service. He awaits his next mission.

(Camera cuts to Drago in cuffs)

Spongebob: (narrating) Drago was sentenced to the Devil's Gulag. Something about a cold day in a warm place was mentioned as to how long his sentence would run, but I can guess that he would be here for a very long time.

(Camera cuts to Snively)

Spongebob: (narrating) As for Snively...well, that's another story for another day! Because his whereabouts are unknown to us.

(Camera cuts back to Xplode looking on at Sonic & Sally being happy together)

Spongebob: (narrating) As for Xplode, he didn't get very happy upon seeing Sonic & Sally together, because I know that Xplode has a crush on Sally, but I know deep down, he was worried & I've figured out that it wasn't Plankton who must have the heart. It was someone else, but who? That's a question I have to figure out for a very long time.

Xplode: (sighs sadly as he walks off slowly & sadly)

(Back at the Mega Chum Bucket)

(We see that Plankton along with his Plankton Empire officers, plus the Forces of Darkness who have no choice but to serve with Plankton instead, are discussing what to do next.

Goro: Shao Kahn is finished.

Plankton: Who would replace Shao Kahn, after this tragedy.

Baraka: Mileena is his heir. She should rule.

Krekka: Yeah! I think...

Shang Tsung: Mileena? She exists only because of my sorcery.

Snaptrap: This is making my head hurts.

Shao Kahn: And you breathe because I restrain mine.

(The Plankton Empire turns around. Much to Plankton's shock & disbelief, Shao Kahn is indeed alive and walking toward them - albeit shakily and with a hand on his former chest wound, with Quan Chi by his side.

Shang Tsung: Emperor!

Kintaro: You live!

(Everyone except Tsung bows before him.)

Plankton: I can't believe it, you survived! But how?

Shao Kahn: I am not so easily killed. Quan Chi accelerated my recovery.

Nidhiki: Anyway, it's good to have you back in the Plankton Empire where you belong.

Zhang Jiao: Indeed.

Shang Tsung: Emperor, I--

Shao Kahn: (to Shang Tsung, angrily) Not. One. Word. Because of you, Outworld can no longer merge with the realm of Mobius!

Plankton: With the Prototype of the Master Jack-X destroyed. It is clear that the prototype is nearly invincible, the real one will begin sooner or later.

King Pig: In the meantime, we must think of a stradegy to stop them now.

Pythor: All we have to do is to think outside the box. A new recruit even.

Quan Chi: There may yet be an alternative, Emperor.

Plankton: There is indeed, Quan Chi. And I choose...Specter.

Shang Tsung: Uh-- Specter?!

(Shao Kahn holds his hand up. Tsung immediately shuts up.)

Shao Kahn: Do you mock me? Sindel's ward prevents me from setting foot in Earthrealm.

Tiki Tong: While Specter is being recruited, we'll have to let Snively & his army join in our alliance, now that Snively is in charge of Robotnik's Empire.

Plankton: Specter's motives are a mystery, including Snively's.

Quan Chi: (to Shao Kahn) Have you considered why your wife and empress chose to betray you in this particular fashion?

Shao Kahn: Of course. But even after millenia, her motives are a mystery.

Quan Chi: She realised that the safeguards afforded by the Elder Gods through Mortal Kombat are but fiction. She sacrificed herself to give Earthrealm protection the Elder Gods could not. So Earthrealm could not suffer as had Edenia.

Shao Kahn: Indeed.

(The scene cuts to Quan Chi & Noob Saibot, arriving at Robotnik's old war room)

Quan Chi: I have mastered the spells necessary for her resurrection. Her ward will be nullified. And with it the barrier that prevents your entry into Earthrealm.

(Quan Chi & Noob Saibot both saw Robotnik's old war room chair)

Quan Chi: I will return her to you, of course. You will find her much more... cooperative.

Shao Kahn: This is a very magnanimous offer.

Plankton: And also the offer of having Snively to join forces with us is genius!

Quan Chi: I wish only to serve, Emperor.

(Quan Chi & Noob Saibot heads up to Robotnik's old war room chair, only to see Snively is very happy, smiling deviliously)

SHAO KAHN: I am weary of sorcerers, Quan Chi. Prove your worth. Bring her to me.

Plankton: And it's time that our new alliance is about to be created.

(The conversation ends as Snively is chuckling evily)

Snively: Yes! (laughs evily)

Noob Saibot: (readies himself in a combat stance)

Quan Chi: (approaches to Snively) Snively.

Snively: Quan Chi.

Quan Chi: Plankton looks forward of creating an alliance with you.

Snively: Plankton! Yesss.

Quan Chi: (motions to Noob)

Noob Saibot: (lets his guard down)

Quan Chi: Our alliance have been formed.

Snively: Big round guy finally let Sonic defeat him. Well don't celebrate too soon, hedgehog. Now it's my turn. (laughs evily) And this time, I'm not alone!

Quan Chi: (to Noob) The invasion can now begin.

(In an Unknown Location)

(We see a white monkey man, wearing a Grey special Pipo Helmet, along with his black tuxedo, brown shoes & a red bow tie, but his face is hidden. The white monkey man is watching the events of Planet Mobius through his giant moniter screen)

???: Well, well, well. Things have gone completely interesting in this universe. Shall I go & say hello?

(The moniter shows Plankton)

Plankton: An excellent idea, my friend. Welcome to the Plankton Empire... Specter.

(We see that the white monkey face is now shown to be. none other than Specter



Specter: (smiles evily)

The End?

Season Finale Transcript

(It is night time & the Season Finale Theme Music begins the All Stars continues their celebration.)

(We see Rarity goes up the stage & then starts to sing the lyrics of the song while everyone hang out & enjoy the party)

Glamorous future, is an excuse for tiredness, pretending it doesn't matter

(We see The Piraka teaching them how to do the "Piraka Dance", starting by stomping 3 times each foot, clapping their hands 6 times with each step)

Tender affection similar to the sea, solitary facial features, hoping for fate to consolidate

(Now we see Sanford & Deimos are discussing their times back in Nevada with the Hero Factory Villains [minus Xplode], who are very impressed)

Wander, mankind's various flavors and experiences, future, shining and bright

(Now we see Mordecai & Rigby dancing along with the Angry Birds [minus Big Brother Bird], with Rigby spinning his head in a circle very fast like he's letting his hair down)

Wish you good fortune, with all my force, warm pulse is still rigorously running

(Now we see the Skylander Giants & the War Monsters exploring the beauty of the Great Forest together & lies down on the soft green grass looking at the stars at night)

Look past, sink into an embrace, nevermind

(The Mane 6 are talking with Ed, Edd & Eddy, which Duncan & Ezekiel are spying on them, but Rainbow Dash heard something, which causes Duncan & Ezekiel to run off)

Lonely hours, dream-like past

(Donkey Kong is seen eating bananas along with Congar, enjoying eating the bananas together)

Confirm, self realization

(We see Timon, Pumbaa along with Dudley & Kitty accidently disturbed Togera's slumber & started running away from an irritated Togera who had woken up from his slumber, while Big Brother Bird saw them being chased by Togera & squints his eyes. Togera notices Big Brother Bird squints his eyes in annoyance & stops. Then Big Brother Bird smiles as Timon, Pumbaa, Dudley & Kitty sigh in relief.)

If it's possible to wish, an artistic scenery, still will, appear before the eyes

(Blue Bird spots his 2 Blue Bird brothers & then 3 Blue Birds are very happy to see each other again. Astro Boy notices this & smiles at the sight, also Fluttershy comes up to Astro & the two smiled each other)

Past events, all are like unintentional gatherings, believe, future unlimited

(Boggy B spots Shu, Wei, Wu & Yuan Shao's army enjoying the party as well, eating, drinking water, talking to each, laughing together. Boggy B feels happy.)

Wish you good fortune, with all my force, I am even more happy for you than I am proud for you

(The Total Drama Gang we're doing the Piraka Dance, taught by the Piraka, only for Owen to accidently crash into his Total Drama friends, one at a time & Owen feels embarrassed & shrugs, chuckles nervously, causes Avak to facepalm & Thok to roll his eyes)

Look past, sink into the past

(Finally we see Xplode outside watching the stars sadly about Sonic being with Sally. But then, SpongeBob & Twilight Sparkle walks towards Xplode & stops beside him)

Wish you good fortune, with all my force, no because, no because, no because

(Xplode notices them & SpongeBob & Twilight cuddles each other & Xplode together in warmth as they continued watching the stars together. Xplode notices this & hugs the 2 back. Xplode begins to smile as Zaktan & Hank watched them also, feeling happy together. The 5 begins to watch the stars together.)

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