This is the 61st Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, Twilight Sparkle, Zaktan, Xplode, Vezok, Reidak & Tyler

Main Villains: Plankton, Shao Kahn, Scorpion, Shang Tsung, Kano, Vezon, the Kanker Sisters, Dr. Robotnik Prime & Snively

Story #1: Transcript

The Hunt is on!, Sonic & Scorpion Team Up?! (Endgame: Part 2)

(In Knothole)

(We see that it is a stormy day today & we see Vezok being taken away by the guards, who did not know that he was in disguise as Sonic the Hedgehog, thinking he is the real Sonic)

Vezok: (still wearing his Sonic the Hedgehog disguise) (being carried by 2 Rebel Underground guards) Say, where are you taking me?

Geoffrey St. John: I said you're going to the Devil's Gulag, it's been defunct since the Great War ended!

Vezok: I see your point. And the reason is...?

Geoffrey St. John: (gets a bit annoyed) Have you forgotten?

Vezok: Technically yes. I don't pay attention to meetings anyway. Don't tell Zaktan. Sometimes we all make mistakes. And the one I made is a doozy. Something never expected to happen is happening.

Geoffrey St. John: Shut up, you traitorous hedgehog! (punches Vezok's stomach, but got his hand hurt in the process because he also didn't know that Vezok is wearing armor) Ow! What did you have this morning, Iron?

Vezok: (chuckles) Now I get it & that punch tickles. Guess that's a mistake you made when I have Iron this morning.

Geoffrey St. John: You're the one who made the mistake, mate...and it'll be your last!

Vezok: Sounds like someone's getting cranky.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (with Mecha Muttski) (breaks up the fight between Vezok & Geoffrey St. John) That's enough! You're supposed to escort my nephew, not eliminate him!

(They reach Antoine's plane)

Vezok: Nice plane you got there.

Antoine: Next time bring your own plane! You brutes better not put zee scratch on my beauty!

Vezok: I wonder if that was Antoine worried about?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Don't worry, Sonic, we'll get you back!

Geoffrey St. John: The plane & my men will certainly be coming back, but with any luck...we'll never see Sonic the Hedgehog again!

Vezok: (his phone rings & answers it) Hello?

Spongebob: (in phone) We have a new plan. Proceed with Phase 2.

Vezok: (nods & puts the phone away) Hey Geoffrey. You're right, you will never see Sonic the Hedgehog. Instead you'll see...(removes his costume revealing his true self) VEZOK PIRAKA! (starts ramming through the guards, breaking the shakles off of him)

(They we're all shock to see that they are tricked by Vezok)

Geoffrey St. John: What the?! It's an imposter!!

Vezok: (hops inside the plane, taking out the guards, throwing them outside like he was a wild animal) Let's blow this popsicle stand! (starts driving the plane while it's still on the ground, smashing through the crates) OH YEAH! Just like in the Demolition Derby!

Antoine: Me Plane!

Geoffrey St. John: Code Red, Code Red! We've got a wild imposter on the loose!

(The Guards tried to stop the plane, but they we're blown away by the plane's speed & power)

Guard: My leg!

Geoffrey St. John: Aw jeez!

Vezok: Welcome to Air Piraka! Thanks for flying! (reaches the Knothole runway)

(We see the rest of the All Stars noticed Vezok arriving with Antoine's plane)

Spongebob: Nice driving Vezok.

Applejack: Go Skylander Giants & War Monsters, y'all too big to fit in th' plane

Rainbow Dash: And carry Owen with you, he's afraid of flying.

Giants & War Monsters: (nods & then runs off outside of the Great Forest, carrying Owen)

(The rest of the All Stars enters inside Antoine's plane)

Waspix: Not to complain here, but we're kind of trapped here.

(They all took notice of the guards charging at the front of the plane)

Zaktan: Relax guys, once we take off. They won't be catching us up in the air.

Izzy: Yeah! Let's go go go!

Eddy: Yeah, cause they're gaining on us!

Mordecai: Anytime you want to punch it, Vezok.

Vezok: You got it, chum! (begins to drive the plane faster & faster)

Kitty: We're ready for take off!

Twilight Sparkle: Do NOT slow down, Vezok!

Vezok: I never do!

(The plane begins to move faster & faster, much to the guard's surprize & horror)

All Stars [minus Giants, War Monsters & Owen]: (felt the speed) WHHHOOOOOOOAAAAAA!!!!!

(The plane then takes off when the guards begins to take cover)

Rainbow Dash: YEAH! See you later, Geoffrey!

Geoffrey St. John: I can't believe this! Outfoxed by a blue piraka, how humiliating. (to the guards) Don't just stand there, after them! And while we're at it! Find the REAL Sonic this time.

(With Sonic & Scorpion)

Scorpion: (appears via flash of hell fire with Sonic)

Sonic: Whoa! Where am I? (looks around to see that he is in a vast grassy fields)

Scorpion: We're out of reach from any pursuers.

Sonic: Why did you help me?

Scorpion: We both have something in common, we both set out to kill someone. I was sent by Quan Chi to take out Sub-Zero

Sonic: That wasn't me! I didn't kill Sally Acorn!

Scorpion: I see, you didn't. Fortunately for you, I am here to help.

Sonic: You are? (raises his eyebrow)

Scorpion: Sounds like you don't trust me at all.

Sonic: This whole mess started when Sal got orders to invade Robotropolis from her dad...a guy supposedly turning to crystal! And now that same king has exiled me to the place of my boy-hood nightmares...where's my dad used to tell me all bad boys and war prisoners were sent...the Devil's Gulag! How'd he get better go fast and...

Scorpion: Your story is is the different king who exiled you...(slowly holds up the robotic head of "Auto King Acorn")

Sonic: What the?! It's a fake robot?!

Scorpion: Indeed. Robotnik has created the Auto Automaton version of King Acorn himself. Do you trust me now or not?

Sonic: (thinks about it for a moment & then sighs in defeat) Guess I have no choice. Mind if you help me remove my shackles?

Scorpion: (uses his hell fire to melt the shackles off of Sonic)

Sonic: Thanks. I never knew you're siding with me.

Scorpion: We'll keep this a secret. Come, we must go. (walks off)

Sonic: Scorpion? Where are we going?

Scorpion: Away.

Sonic: (sighs) Guess I have no one else left to trust. (follows Scorpion)

Scorpion: Good, now let's go.

(Sonic begins to narrate as he starts following Scorpion)

Sonic: (Narrating) I never felt like this before. Not one single joke or wise-crack escape my lips...for the first time in my life, I am devoid of humor...& it's the first time in my life, I truly understand the meaning of body is on autopilot, as I will fight like I never fought before...this is fortunate, for my brain is otherwise occupied faster than myself could ever travel, images really does flash before my eyes, dominating my every thought with 5 things.

Sonic: (thinking about 5 things dominating his every thought)

Sonic: (narrating) 1. Being with the All Stars & Scorpion, trusting nobody else.

Scorpion: (looks determined)

Sonic: (narrating) 2. Without the All Stars helping me out for the first time since a long time ago, my sense of isolation & seriousness both grew & has profound an emotional effect on me.

Sonic: (his sence of seriousness & isolation grew)

Sonic: (narrating) 3. I see the prone body of Princess Sally. 4. I see the look on my friends' faces. And 5. I see myself in chains. Only when I further burdens his confidence, realizing I have inadvertently destroyed a possible supply of survival equipment does my mind regain control, making myself aware that this minor battle is over.

Sonic: (looks at Scorpion & then becomes serious)

Sonic: (narrating) This is it, this is the true test of war, strategy & friendship. I will do anything to rescue all of Mobius! No more jokes, no more wise-cracks! Nothing but action, adventure & seriousness in a war! But first things first: I have to learn how to trust Scorpion's instincts.

(With the All Stars)

All Stars: (searching for Sonic)

Ed: Nope, no Sonic around here.

Reidak: Nothing.

Fangz: Nada.

Bouncer: He's not here.

Preytor: But we're heading towards Robotropolis territory.

Sleuth "Doggy" Dawg: (was inside the plane, in shackles) Looks like I wasn't the only double agent! What did Robotnik promise Sonic...his very own chili dog chain?

Boggy B: Sleuth "Doggy" Dawg? What are you doing here?

Sleuth: I never really left. But... Haw! Haw! The once heroic sonic, reduced to a chained-up con! You tear me up!

Timon: Say, how's about you go back to jail & teach other jailbirds how to hunt. AHHH HAAA!

Zaktan: Calm down everyone, Vezok needs to concerntrate.

Vezok: I don't have to.

Geoff: And why's that, dude? Is there a problem?

Vezok: Yeah & it goes Swatbot! (points to Aerial Swatbot with glowing green eyes, meaning they are Plankton's Swatbots)

(However, Plankton's Swatbots are now Dark Green & Lime Green instead of Grey & White & had the "Chum Bucket" Bucket Helmets replacing the original Swatbots' heads)

Plankton's Swatbots: (in union) All hail Plankton. All hail Plankton.

Patrick: (screams & then hugs Squidward) Hold me!

Sierra: (hugs Cody) Hold me please!

Cody: (gulps)

Spongebob: What's going on here? Why are the Swatbots siding with Plankton?

Pumbaa: Don't they work for Dr. Robotnik?

Twilight Sparkle: Not anymore.

(Suddendly the plane got shot down & begins to fall out of the sky)

Edd: We're going down! Brace for impact!

Twilight Sparkle: Hold on! (uses her magic to teleport all of the All Stars & herself out of the plane)

(The plane crashes to the ground)

Plankton's Swatbot #1: All life forms are alive, but unconscious.

Plankton's Swatbot #2: All Stars have teleported for escape.

Plankton's Swatbot #3: Proceed to capture All Stars.

(With Shang Tsung)

Shang Tsung: (inside the King Acorn's hut) With the Auto Automaton out of the way, it's time for me to act. (shape-shifts into King Acorn)

"King Acorn" (Shang Tsung): No one will suspect a thing.

Drago & Kano: (arrives inside)

Drago: Ahh, your royal higness, forgive my interruption of your meditations, but I'm glad we've caught you alone!

"King Acorn" (Shang Tsung): Your reports are always welcoem, faithful Drago!

Kano: Shang Tsung, with a whole Freedom Fighter group against Sonic, no one can stand up to ya.

Drago: I'm sorry to report that the plane has been captured by All Stars, but then has crashed miles away from the planned destination...! The MP's are okay and snoop is still in custody, but...Sonic has escaped by someone named Scorpion.

"King Acorn"(Shang Tsung): Pity, it appears that Scorpion has Sonic with him. They will have to be hunted down like a hound...or by hounds! Send in St. John at once...

Drago: (nods & heads off to find Geoffrey St. John)

Kano: When Geoffrey St. John comes, I will stay out of sight.


Kano: (stays out of sight)

"King Acorn" (Shang Tsung): Your men have failed me, Geoffrey! Sonic the Hedgehog has escape!

Geoffrey St. John: ...But my men are the finest trained soldiers anywhere!

"King Acorn" (Shang Tsung): Even when they trained to hurt themselves & cower like cold blooded cowards.

Geoffrey St. John: But your majesty, I...

"King Acorn" (Shang Tsung): And no excuses! I won't have a murderer free in my soon-to-be-restored Kingdom!

Geoffrey St. John: (kneels down) Forgive me, your majesty! I'll roust my men immediately! And I make you this pledge...if it's the last thing I do I will recapture that hedgehog!

"King Acorn" (Shang Tsung): (in thought: Famous last words.)

(With Sonic & Scorpion)

Scorpion: (enters inside a cave) This way.

Sonic: (covering his footprints with giant leaves) Got to cover my footprints...prevent those MP's or any more Swatbots from tracking me! (arrives at the cave) Don't know if those Swatbots we're on patrol or a special mission, but that was one time I was glad to see 'em!

Scorpion: We should be safe here for a moment. Once we've rest, we'll keep moving.

Sonic: (nods & enters inside the cave & lies down on his back) Gotta rest...can't believe what's to think back...they didn't even let me see Sally's fact, Uncle Chuck related something similar when he visited me...

(Flashback begins with Mecha Uncle Chuck with Dr. Quack)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: ...And I'm telling you, I want to see Sally's final medical report!

Dr. Quack: No! The King has ordered those records sealed off limits to everyone!

(Flashback changes to Mecha Uncle Chuck with the Auto Automaton version of King Acorn)

Sonic: He said he protested directly to the king with no luck...

Scorpion: Because he's not the real King Acorn. I've beheaded the fake robot King Acorn.

Sonic: Yeah...

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (not knowing that Auto King Acorn was a robot) In all due respect, if I'm to fully investigate these proceedings...

Auto King Acorn: There will be no investigations and no proceedings! I will pronounce sentence at dawn!

(Flashback changes to Mecha Uncle Chuck visiting Sonic in prison)

Sonic: And he didn't need any of his espionage experience to realize something was way past uncool...

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I think our "Campfire Pow Wow" revealed the truth...there is a traitor or traitors in our midst...and I know it isn't you! Don't give up hope, Sonic! I know I won't until Justice is served!

Sonic: He was the only one who got past the shock and had his stuff together.

(The Flashback ends with Scorpion answering who is the Traitor)

Scorpion: Drago...

Sonic: Huh?

Scorpion: Drago Wolf.

Sonic: But why?

Scorpion: He wasn't alone.

Sonic: (his mind reels in turmoil) (goes to sleep)

Scorpion: (turns to Sonic & then answers the communicator) Plankton, come in. Sonic's asleep. Shall I take him out while he's sleeping?

Plankton: No. Wait until Geoffrey, the All Stars & Sonic got together, plus others if they get into any snooping.

Scorpion: Very well. I will wait as you command. They will all speak only with me.

(Back at the Mega Chum Bucket)

Plankton: (turns off communicator & turns to Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Snively: (in his prison cell)

Plankton: Enjoying the cell? No? Good. This time it's my time to shine, so don't get any ideas! These new Swatbots that I've created to not hurt any villain except you.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You'll never get your victory! Because if you don't release me! I'll have you roboticize piece by piece! Well? Answer me!!!

Shao Kahn: (slams his signature hammer at Dr. Robotnik Prime's head, knocking him out)

Snively: (gasps)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (knocked out)

Plankton: You'll thank me later.

Snively: Wait! Take me with you!

Plankton: (grins evily) Swatbots, release Snively.

Plankton's Swatbots: (releases Snively, but keeps Robotnik Prime inside)

Snively: Oh thank you thank you thank you thank you! You'll never regret this!

Plankton: Wow. (to Sheeva) Sheeva, secure the prison. (heads off to the main throne room)

Shao Kahn: (follows Plankton)

Sheeva: Yes, my lord.

(Back at Knothole Village)

Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Ce & Yuan Shao: (secretly hidden)

Cao Cao: We have suspecion that there is a traitor among us.

Sun Ce: We're spying on Drago? Is there a reason why?

Yuan Shao: The reason is that Drago have been absence without the Wolf Pack's permission.

Liu Bei: (notices Antoine & Bunnie approaching) Someone approaches.

Bunnie: (hurries up to Antoine) What's up, Antoine?

Antoine: Shh (whispers) Very be-zarre! Moments ago, Drago, and then "Le Pew" got zee private audience with zee king!

Sun Ce: It's only Antoine & Bunnie.

Cao Cao: We must find out what they are planning.

Bunnie: (hiding behind a tree) These are terrible times, sugah!

Antoine: (whispers) Really?! Then why have we not been granted zee same privilege?

Bunnie: (hiding under a hanging log with Antoine) (whispers) Ah don't know! But at least it confirms that Geoffrey is genuine!

Antoine: (looking through his binoculars) (whispers) Perhaps. But Drago? He never claimed to be in zee king's confidence! And during Sonic's judgement, why did he keep zee distance from zee Wolfpack?!

Liu Bei: That is a mystery even our army wants to know.

Antoine: (notices Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Ce & Yuan Shao) Shh. (whispers) Keep your voices down.

Cao Cao: Hmpf.

Bunnie: (whispers) Ah don't know! But y'all realize that we've been following Drago, don't ya?

Antoine: (whispers) Oui! I have said that I was destined to be his majesty's number one soldier...and if zee king cannot see the Great Forest for zee trees, then I will do my duty as zee raider of zee traitors!

Yuan Shao: (holds his hand) Hold up. Drago's coming.

Sun Ce: And is that...Kano?

Liu Bei: This could be interesting.

(With Drago & Kano)

Drago & Kano: (enters inside)

Drago: Hello, dear! The future "duke" of Robotropolis is home! And in appreciation of your help, maybe I'll make you my future "Duchess"!

Hershey: Leave me out of your future! I've done my part...and that's enough!

Drago: (gets a bit angry & pulls Hershey's arm, pulling Hershey closer to him) Don't that that tone with me! You're into this up to your pretty neck!

Kano: Besides, we're just getting started.

Hershey: You're hurting my arm!

(The 3 didn't know that Bunnie, Antoine, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Ce & Yuan Shao are watching them)

Drago: Then you listen here! Sonic has escaped Geoffrey's men! But St. John himself has been ordered to hunt him down! I'm sure he'll find him, and with any luck, they'll eliminate each other!

Kano: But if that doesn't happen, Scorpion will take the both of them out instead.

Drago: Now keep yourself ready! Plans may dictate the need of your services again! (heads outside)

Kano: And remember, you're working for the Black Dragon now. (leaves)

Antoine: Did you hear?

Bunnie: Yes! And you're right...we've got to follow him!

Antoine & Bunnie: (follows Drago & Kano)

Liu Bei: The Black Dragon are a dangerous group of thugs. We should do something about them

Cao Cao: Indeed. The Black Dragon will remember that they will not mess with the Wei Army, remember that Liu Bei!

(Suddendly they heard smashing, bashing & crashing coming from the directing Drago & Kano we're headed)

Sun Ce: What was that? (looks through the binoculars to see Antoine & Bunnie captured by Plankton's Swatbots, Drago & Kano) So much for that idea. Any more ideas?

Yuan Shao: We must do what we must. Drago had betrayed us thanks to Kano. We must track him down.

Liu Bei: Very well, let us go.

(With the All Stars)

Tree Rex: Thank goodness that you are all safe.

Congar: Indeed.

Owen: I'm so happy that my bretheren are all together at last. I shall never let go.

(Suddendly Tasmanian Devils appears from the bushes, being leashed by Geoffrey St. John & his Rebel Underground)

Owen: Ok, let me rephrase that.

Geoffrey St. John: Well, well, well, if it isn't the All Star Freedom Fighters who have gone AWOL.

Izzy: Hi skunky skunk.

Gwen: (gulps)

Trent: I forgot to mention that Gwen is scared of skunks.

Geoffrey St. John: With these Tasmanian Devils who have not fully evolved, they can track Sonic's scent even from a far away distance.

Spongebob: Wow.

Geoffrey St. John: And since you helped Sonic escape. I'm afraid I'll have to arrest you all, starting with...(points to Pumbaa)...the pig.

Pumbaa: (gets angry) A pig?

Timon: Uh oh.

Pumbaa: Are you talking about me?

Avak: (sly smiles) He called him a pig.

Pumbaa: (gets a bit more angry) Are you talking about me?

Corroder: (sly smiles) (to Geoffrey) You shouldn't have done that.

Pumbaa: (gets even more angry) ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ME?!

Rainbow Dash: (sly smile) (to Geoffrey) Now you're in for it.

Pumbaa: THEY CALL ME "MR. PIIIIIIIIG!" (goes beserk, charges & then rams Geoffrey, the Rebel Underground & the Tasmainian Devils into a tree)

Geoffrey, Rebel Underground & Tasmainian Devils: (hanging on the tree branches, feeling dizzy)

Spongebob: Nice one Pumbaa. They'll be knocked out for only an hour or more, give or take. We need to teleport somewhere else before they snap out of their dizzy trance.

Twilight Sparkle: I'll transport us, near enough to Sonic. Hold on! (uses her magic to teleport the All Stars & herself, somewhere near enough to Sonic)

(Inside the caves)

(The All Stars had appeared a moment ago, looking around)

Eddy: Maybe you could try for even nearer next time? Where are we?

Twilight Sparkle: I will inform you the instant I know.

Spongebob: This must be a cave, but which one is it?

Reidak tries fiddling with his wrist-comm.

Reidak: Wish this new tracking device worked in here.

Tyler: This is just like my time at Area 51. We were goin' around in the--

Reidak: Give it a rest, will ya? Makin' my ears hurt.

Tyler: Sorry. So what's the deal with you and NICOLE anyway? It's only a computer!

Reidak: It's not like that. NICOLE is Sally's hand held computer.

Tyler: If Lindsay was under my command? Oh I'd be so--

Reidak: You'll wanna stop talking now.

Tyler: Sorry...But if it's not like that, then you won't mind if I--

Reidak: (can't take it anymore) That's it! Time somebody shut you the heck up!


They fight. Reidak shows next to no restraint while beating the heck out of Tyler. After a while he has the jock beaten and on the floor.

Reidak: How you like that, Mr. A-List?

Zaktan: Enough! Reidak, you will restrain yourself.

Reidak: Yeah well, I--

Twilight Sparkle stops him with a raise of her hoof because she heard some ominous giggling.

Ed: Uh, what was that?

Eddy: Oh no. It can't be!

??? #1, ??? #2 & ??? #3: (female voices) Ed, Edd n Eddy, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Xplode: Someone approaches.

Reidak: Good. Maybe somebody else needs their butts whooped. (walks up to the newcomer, the Kanker Sisters.)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: KANKERS?!

Reidak: You lookin' for somethin'?

Lee Kanker: Looking for our boyfriends!

Marie Kanker: They are very dreamy.

May Kanker: Let's kiss'em!

Vezon: (arrives) Stop where you are! I'm here for Sonic the Hedgehog!

Reidak: Sorry, not gonna happen!


(They fight. Reidak, Ed, Edd & Eddy shows that they can work together when it comes to fighting and doesn't hold back on the 4 villains. Eventually the Kanker Sisters & Vezon are put down for the count as well.)

Reidak: Wrong place, wrong time.

Eddy: That's what I'm talking about!

(Tyler & Lindsay approaches Reidak, rubbing the back of Tyler's bruised head.)

Tyler: Feel better?

Reidak: Uh, listen, Tyler, I--

Tyler: Don't worry about it.

Heather: Guess we know where we are now.

Spongebob: Yes. And where we must go.

Dudley: Let's do it.

(They take off, leaving Tyler alone.)

Tyler: Uh, um--

Duncan: C'mon, Tyler.

Tyler: (catches up to them)

(With Sonic & Scorpion)

Scorpion: (still guarding)

Sonic: (sleeping, dreaming about feeding Muttski a chilly dog) (talking in his sleep)'t eat my lunch...

All Stars: (arrives)

Spongebob: (shoves Sonic a bit) Excuse me? Sonic? Wake up please?

Sonic: Huh? What the? All Stars? What are you doing here?

Eddy: We have come to help you.

Scorpion: (notices the All Stars) All Stars.

Rainbow Dash: Scorpion!

Zaktan: I see you're still guarding Sonic. But why?

Scorpion: Because of Sally's promise. Because of Sally being dead, she can't help me find my family's true killer. But until I can find out the truth, Sub-Zero is my top priority. But I will not kill Sub-Zero.

Fluttershy: (smiles)

???: Will not...(appears to be Sub-Zero)

Sub-Zero: Or cannot.

Scorpion: You!

Twilight Sparkle: (gets in between of Scorpion & Sub-Zero) Ok, I think that's close enough. We can't fight now! Look! (points to Geoffrey St. John entering inside the caves with the Rebel Underground)

Spongebob: Quick, hide!

Sub-Zero: I see we must work out our differences, Scorpion. But I don't trust you.

Scorpion: I don't trust you either.

(The All Stars, plus Spongebob, Scorpion & Sub-Zero begins to hide)

Geoffrey St. John: You men, go that way! I'll search down here! (begins searching)

Sonic: (runs off)

Edd: It appears that Geoffrey has woken from his short coma.

Hakann: Great, now what?

Boggy B: We have to keep him busy before he finds Sonic.

(Suddendly Sonic & Geoffrey St. John then collide and begin clashing, holding nothing back as they fight throughout the cave)

Boggy B: Too late.

(At Knothole Village, we see "King Acorn" (Shang Tsung) meets with the assembled Wolf Pack, Knothole, and Substitute Freedom Fighters)

"King Acorn" (Shang Tsung): Since it has been years since I last do so, and in lieu of all the recent events, I thought it high time I held court! First, let me say that despite the unfortunate fates of my daughter and Sonic, I am quite pleased with the heroism you, my loyal subjects have demonstrated during my exile!

Substitute Freedom Fighters: (looks at each other)

"King Acorn" (Shang Tsung): You have all done well. However, your efforts have obviously been futile! There has been too much fighting and too little progress...which I attribute to your general lack of ability what so ever.

Tails & STH Rotor: (shrugs each other in confusion)

"King Acorn" (Shang Tsung): That is why I have seen fit, for the good of the kingdom, to reinstate the position of the warlord in our realm called the "Mobius Realm". I think you'll find my candidate more than experienced to do the job...that needs to be done for good! So without further ado, let me make amends by what: introducing all of you to your new leader. Loyal subjects, I am pleased to introduce our 2 co-rulers of Mobius...

(Suddendly, Plankton & Shao Kahn enters inside with Plankton's Swatbots)

STH Rotor: Plankton! In knothole?!

Plankton: And don't forget my new partner, replacing Robotnik: Shao Kahn!

Shao Kahn: It is good to conquer a realm once again.

STH Rotor: (activates the Party-Hearty Quadra Sonic Rock 'N' Roller & shoots at the 2) Not in this lifetime!

Shao Kahn: (felt the beam & it has no effect on him) (laughs out loud) An anemic effect from ineffecualt freedom fighters. (smashes the weapon into pieces with his hammer)

Plankton's Swatbots: (surrounding the Wolf Pack, Knothole & Subsitute Freedom Fighters) All hail Plankton. All hail Plankton. All hail Plankton. All hail Plankton.

Plankton: (notices Mecha Uncle Chuck) Well, well, well. What have we here. Uncle Chuck & Muttski...this would explain the destruction of Robotnik's plans & my betrayal. I should thank you with a gift...but in order to do so, you two just in need of an attitude adjustment! (bashes Mecha Uncle Chuck's & Mecha Muttski's heads together)

Mecha Uncle Chuck & Mecha Muttski: (got hit)

Plankton: In fact, you are all in need of attitude adjustments! That is fine, after partner & I do have the time...

Shao Kahn: I know you all can feel it. It is the end of all things. (readies his hammer & he glows green with the energy of the souls he has consumed) Armageddon.


(Back with the All Stars, plus Sonic, Scorpion & Sub-Zero)

All Stars: (looking for Sonic)

Harold: Where did he go?

Beth: (points to Sonic & Geoffrey) Over there!

Geoffrey St. John: You murdered her!

Sonic: I didn't do it!

Geoffrey St. John: You killed the woman I love!

Sonic: Don't you say that! You only love yourself! I loved her!

Xplode: No you idiots! I LOVE HER MORE!!!

(Everyone stopped dead in their tracks at what Xplode had said)

All (minus Scorpion & Sub-Zero): O_O

Xplode: What? Just because I'm a former villain, doesn't mean that I don't have a heart.

Mordecai: Aw, forget it! (sucker punches Geoffrey St. John in the face, knocking him off for a second) Let's move!

All Stars, Sonic, Scorpion & Sub-Zero: (starts running to the nearby exit, only to lead to a ledge overlooking a waterfall with no apparent avenue of escape)

Sonic: Argh! No!

Spongebob: Ok, bad idea.

Rigby: How are we gonna get there?

STH Rotor, Jetbug, Waspix, Preytor, Ultra-V, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Astro Boy, Swarm & Ninjini: (jumps off)

Pinkie Pie: Oh boy! I love jumping!

(They all noticed Geoffrey)

Geoffrey St. John: There'!

Spongebob: There's only one to do.

Owen: Teach that bully a thing or...

Spongebob: JUMP!

(The All Stars, plus Sonic, Scorpion & Sub-Zero jumps off the ledge without hesistation, landing on STH Rotor, Jetbug, Waspix, Preytor, Ultra-V, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Astro Boy, Swarm & Ninjini, who are flying in the air)

Owen: (falling) TOOOOOOO!!!! (lands on Swarm) Huh? We're alive!

STH Rotor, Jetbug, Waspix, Preytor, Ultra-V, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Astro Boy, Swarm & Ninjini: (flying away. carrying the rest of the All Stars, plus Sonic, Scorpion & Sub-Zero)

Owen: (screaming) I forgot I'm scared of flying!

Spongebob: It's ok, we're free!

Timon: (to Geoffrey) See ya later, sucker!

Geoffrey St. John: No! Not again! Not again! I'll find you!

Justin: Yeah, right.

Katie & Sadie: Whee!

Donkey Kong: Next stop, Freedom!

(The gang fly off into the sun set)

To be Continued...