This is the 59th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

This is the 12th Sonic & Spongebob Special

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, Boggy B, Timon & Pumbaa

Main Villains: Mammoth Mogul, Fearsome Foursome (Sergeant Simian, Lightning Lynx, Flying Frog & Predator Hawk), Pythor P. Chumsworth, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus

Story #1: Transcript

Battle Royal!, Freedom Fighters vs. Chaotix (Part 1)

(We see a bustling planet called "Kerwan" in the Solana Galaxy & the camera zooms in to see that it was home to a gigantic city of Metropolis.)

SpongeBob: (Narrating) It all started when Jack-1 Bots mysterious being order to take over about 2 universes without us even knowing, but thanks to Mecha Sun Jian being the spy, I was on the right track.

(The camera then begins to look around the places of the giant city of Metropolis.)

SpongeBob: I sent Boggy B to help me with one universe, while Timon & Pumbaa went to the other. These new heroes we've encountered will be unlike anything we have seen before.

(Now the camera fades in to see a Giant Jack-1 Bot rampaging through Metropolis.)

Giant Jack-1 Bot: (roars)

(A Lombax native name Ratchet, along with his long-time robotic companion and friend, Clank, arrived at the scene)

Ratchet: (holding his signature weapon, the OmniWrench)

Clank: The best solution is the simplest, Ratchet: hit it in the knee.

Ratchet: His knee?

Clank: Yes, it will cause a chain reaction, disabling it's internal retro-formation modulator. Would you like me to hit it for you?

Ratchet: No, I got it Clank. (charges at the Giant Jack-1 Bot)

Giant Jack-1 Bot: (notices this & is about to charge)

Ratchet: (throws the OmniWrench at the Giant Jack-1 Bot's head like a boomerang)

Giant Jack-1 Bot: (got hit in the head)

Ratchet: (catches the OmniWrench & hits it in the knee)

Giant Jack-1 Bot: (gets a chain reaction & then begins to fall down on his back)

(Another Jack-1 Bot arrives & then charges at Ratchet)

Ratchet: Whoa! There's another one!

(The Giant Jack-1 Bot is about to punch at Ratchet, but 2 bazooka rockets flies straight at it's arm, destroying it, followed by the Bubble Blast Surge Fist hits the Giant Jack-1 Bot at the head, destroying it as well)

Giant Jack-1 Bot: (falls down on top of the 1st Giant Jack-1 Bot)

Ratchet: Uhh, This is unusual.

(Both Ratchet & Clank noticed Spongebob & Boggy B, who we're behind the golden portal that has formed)

Spongebob: Quick, get in!

Ratchet & Clank: (nods each other & then hops through the portal)

Spongebob & Boggy B: (follows them as the portal closed)

(Meanwhile, somewhere in Haven City. We see a hovercar being chased & ambushed by Jack-1 Bots & we see that a long pointy eared human named Jak was driving it to get away from the bots & the other who is screaming was an orange ottsel named Daxter)

Daxter: (screaming)

Jack-1 Bots: (flying after them, using built in jet packs)

Jack-1 Bot: Halt, in the name of the law. Plankton will arrest all future enemies of the state!

Daxter: Parachute...(checking the trunk of the hover car, throwing stuff out of it, not knowing the stuff Daxter threw out hit the Jack-1 Bots one by one, slowing them down, but still going at the same pace)...Parachute!!

Jak: (spots Timon riding on Pumbaa, outside of the golden portal that has formed) (gets an idea)

Timon: Quick Pumbaa! We may be cowards, but we're fast cowards!

Jak: C'mon Dax. (stands up on the hover car)

Daxter: (hops on Jak's shoulder) You know, Jak. I trust you. (gets scared) But this is nuts!

Jak: (jumps off)

Daxter: (holding onto Jak)

(The hover car crashes towards the Jack-1 Bots)

Jak & Daxter: (lands on Pumbaa)

Pumbaa: Oof! (still standing)

Daxter: (a bit uneasy) Oookaaay.

Timon: Pumbaa, step on it!

Pumbaa: (starts running on all 4 hooves, carrying Timon, Jak & Daxter on his back, heading towards the golden portal that has formed moments ago) Hold on! (enters through the portal with Timon, Jak & Daxter)

(In the Jungle of the Floating Island)

(We see 2 golden portals opening, releasing SpongeBob, Boggy B, Ratchet & Clank from one portal & Timon, Pumbaa, Jak & Daxter from the other portal)

Clank: (looks around) This world does not match any of my star charts.

Jak: (notices Ratchet, Clank, Spongebob & Boggy B & grabs Ratchet by the neck) Alright, furball. What's the big idea?

Ratchet: We didn't do this!

Timon: Calm down everyone. We can explain everything.

Ratchet: Wait a minute, what are you trying to tell us?

Pumbaa: We've brought you here because your worlds have been attacked by Jack-1 Bots. But we've tooken care of them.

Daxter: No wonder those bots are creepy looking.

Boggy B: Tell me about it.

Clank: My sensors indicate that a gravitational anomaly has opened a rift in space-time, a wormhole into another world.

Daxter: Well, who ever brought us here won't need a wormhole when I knock 'em into outer space!

Spongebob: Like Pumbaa said, we've brought you here to save your worlds from those Jack-1 Bots created by Plankton.

Jak: So it is you who have sent us here.

Ratchet: (holding his OmniWrench) Perhaps this is plenty reasonable. Let's settle this.

Spongebob: Ok, but I'm warning you that I'm an All Star Warrior.

Daxter: You? A little yellow guy? (laughs & then hops on Jak's shoulder, giving him his signature weapon, the Morph Gun) Show him Jak! Show him what we're worth!

Boggy B: (pulls out his signature Bazooka) Alright, you're asking for it.


(Even though Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter are very great fighters with their weapons against Boggy B, Timon & Pumbaa. But however they don't stand a chance against Spongebob's new All Star powers & Spongebob now becomes the sole winner for his team)

Spongebob: Sorry, but I've warned you.

Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter: (getting up slowly)

Daxter: Whoa! Where did those moves came from?

Ratchet: Looks like looks can be deceiving.

Clank: Indeed, according to my sensors, the yellow sponge has an golden aura around himself. The golden aura is from the famous All Star Warriors who has been chosen from each era to save the Multiverse, passed their powers down to the next All Star Warrior for generations since.

Jak: Pretty impressive for a strange yellow sea creature.

Spongebob: Thanks, but I can take what I can get.

Ratchet: How's about we can teach you anything we can to help you in battle.

Jak: We will train you to become a better All Star Warrior in battle.

Spongebob: I love training!

Boggy B: Alright then. Let's begin!

(The Training Montage begins with Ratchet showing Spongebob how to use the OmniWrench & Spongebob begins to tighten the large training bolt, Ratchet approves this. Next, Jak shows Spongebob how to use the morph gun & Spongebob begins to shoot at the targets with it.)

(2nd, Spongebob was told by Ratchet to hit the Mokujin dummies, to which Spongebob did with the OmniWrench, then golden bolts begin to appear after the Mokujin is defeated & then Spongebob collects the gold bolts)

(3rd, Jak told Spongebob about the Eco, the Green Eco contains the power of healing & growing things, even restorting health. The Blue Eco contains the energy of motion, for faster speed & reflexes. The Red Eco increases the user's strength & power, increasing the chance of defeating more powerful enemies. And finally the Yellow Eco can allow the user to shoot fireballs at longer distances.)

(Then Spongebob begins to collect the Eco, feeling the power flowing through him while collecting golden bolts at a super fast pace & then stops to see that he carried multiple golden bolts. Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter we're impressed, including Boggy B, Timon & Pumbaa.)

Boggy B: Outstanding, Ratchet's training has gained your very own OmniWrench to collect golden bolts & speaking of bolts, Avak said that he is working on new weapons & new vehicles at his new Workshop back at South Knothole, the work shop is called "Avak's Mech Tech Workshop". Once you've collected enough gold bolts for any weapon that is available, Avak will complete the new weapons & new vehicles for us.

Timon: It'll be much more easier with new technology now that you're collecting the gold bolts for now on.

Boggy B: Yes, but remember, you can collect gold bolts after you defeat your enemies with your new OmniWrench.

Spongebob: I got it.

Jak: Here, you can use this to get the Eco. (gives Spongebob a brand new "Extra Power Eco Container")

Spongebob: Thank you.

Boggy B: Nice! And Jak's training has gained you the ability to collect the Eco with your new "Extra Power Eco Container". Now that you can collect the Eco, the Green Eco means "Extra Health", the Blue Eco means "Extra Energy" & the new "Extra Speed", the Red Eco means "Extra Strength" & "Extra Attack Points" and finally the Yellow Eco means "Extra Long Range". Once you've collect each Eco, your Extra Points will increase.

Pumbaa: That would mean if you're low on health & or energy, you can use the Eco to recharge yourself, just in case.

Spongebob: Right. (hears some sounds) Wait. What's that? Boggy B, Timon & Pumbaa, you 3 stay here.

Boggy B: Alright then.

Spongebob: Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter, you're with me.

Daxter: Uh? Kid, where are we going?

Spongebob: To find out if the Knothole Freedom Fighters are here or not. (heads off)

Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter: (follows Spongebob)

Pumbaa: Now what are we gonna do? I'm very happy that Spongebob is growing up so fast. And being happy always makes me hungry.

Timon: (gets annoyed & then grabs Pumbaa's mouth, closing it, to shut Pumbaa up) Don't pout! I hate pouting!

Boggy B: Good point.

Timon: Now listen you two, do you think we're gonna find a whole bunch of bugs & health crates? All lined up nice & neat in an appetizing buffet? Waiting for us to walk up & eat them?

Boggy B: (notices something in surprize) Uh Timon?

Timon: Yes?

Boggy B: (points to something offscreen)

TimoN: (looks surprized)

(They all noticed an "All-u-can eat Bug & Health Crate Buffet", filled with thousands of bugs & health crates)

Timon: (looks excited) Boggy B & Pumbaa, we've found Shangri La!

Pumbaa: (looks at the bugs & health crates)

Timon: Potato bug salad, pinto-bettle, fruit fly cocktails... (picks up some earth worms & places them on a leafy plate with roach dressing) Roach dressing!

Boggy B: There are loads of Health Crates, any kind of size we want. Like a small 25+ Health Crate, medium 50+ Health Crate, Large 75+ Crate & Extra Large 100+ Health Crate!

Timon: This is wonderful! (looks even more excited to see the boxes full of aphids & dives in them) Aphids! Oh Pumbaa, you know how long it's been since I have Aphids. I mean really good Aphids. Not so Store-board Aphids. I love Aphids! (starts eating the Aphids)

Boggy B: And I love Health Crates! (starts eating the Health Crates, increasing his health faster than the naked eye)

Pumbaa: Gee, I don't know. Something's fishy guys, I'm not so sure about this!

Boggy B: (holding up 2 Health Crates) Come on Pumbaa. Lighten up, it's free!

Timon: (holding 2 leaves filled with earth worms) Oh! Make a pig outta yourself! Oops! Too late, you already have!

Timon & Boggy B: (starts laughing)

Pumbaa: (snorts in annoyance, grumbles)

Timon: (continues eating the grubs in bowls)

Boggy B: (continues eating Health Crates, increasing his health)

Pumbaa: (feels a bit uncomfortable & a bit annoyed at the same time)

Timon & Boggy B: (noticing Pumbaa & then burps after they are finished with their meal)

Boggy B: Excuse me.

Timon: So, what's the matter?

Pumbaa: It's just that...all those bugs & health crates, sitting out like this. Don't you think it's, well, a little convenient

Boggy B: A litte convenient?

Timon: Pumbaa, it's incredibly convenient! And without a reservation, it's like they knew we we're coming!

Boggy B: (grabs a Small Health Crate) Presto! There it is, right in front of me...!

Timon: (with a shopping cart filled with bags full of grubs) One stop shopping convenience!

Boggy B: Yep. (eats a Health Crate, increasing his health again)

Timon: (salutes) I salute, whom' ever thought this up.

(Timon & Boggy B didn't know that a familiar Constrictai General had crept behind the 2, reading to attack)

Timon: I'd love to shake his hand.

Skalidor: (readies his tail)

Pumbaa: (notices Skalidor & screams) BOGGY B!!! TIMON!!! O_O

Boggy B: What's the matter?

Timon & Boggy B: (notices Skalidor)

Timon: Aah, waiter! What a delightful establishment you got here.

Skalidor: I do?

Boggy B: Yeah. Timon was just saying that he would love to shake his head. But you're a snake, which is a pity. (laughs)

Timon: But I digress. (hops on Skalidor's head) You wouldn't happen to have any ants, would ya?

Boggy B: And do you have any Super Health Crates that increased the health twice than the Extra Large Size?

Skalidor: Ants? Super Health Crates?

Pumbaa: (grabs Boggy B & Timon & pulls them closer) Timon? Boggy B? Are you two absoulutely sure that's a waiter?

Boggy B: Yes, Pumbaa.

Timon: Of course we're sure. Now where was I?

Skalidor: (thinking & gets the idea) Yeah, the ants & the Super Health Crates. I'm sorry about the Super Health Crates & the ants. I'll go get some. (slithers off)

Boggy B: (when Skalidor left) What an idiot.

Pumbaa: I don't know, guys. A snake, a Constrictai from the Serpentine serving us dinner. Don't snakes usually try to eat us or am I crazy?

Boggy B: I was playing along, so I can figure out what they're up to, duh. But those Health Crates we're so good, I can't stop my addiction of more health.

Timon: Pumbaa, Pumbaa, Pumbaa. We are in a foreign land. We must cast aside reconceptions of what is right & wrong & greet the very cultures of the world with open arms.

Battle Royal!, Freedom Fighters vs. Chaotix (Part 2)

(We see Sonic, Tails, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, STH Rotor & Dulcy are on an expedition on the Floating Island,

Sonic: How come there's no sign of Knux on a battle?

(Suddendly, the Chaotix members, Vector, Espio, Charmy & Mighty came out from hiding & is on top of a ledge which is a bit high above them)

Vector: That's cause we just finished defeating our enemies...thank to the mistic power of the King's sword! In fact it was so sweet we've got orders from Knux to bend you packin' without it!

Spongebob, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter: (arrives at the scene, noticing this confrontation)

Sally: But...what about Knuckles solemn vow?

Sonic: Vow, shmow! Looks like what I've always said is still true...Ol' pointy head can't be trusted!

(The Knothole Freedom Fighters begins their fight with the Chaotix)

Ratchet: Are you guys seeing this?

(Sonic & Mighty faces off each other)

Clank: It appears they have gone into a squabble. Shall I break up the fight for you?

Spongebob: Nah, let them fight for a while.

(Espio & Bunnie are facing off each other)

Daxter: (noticing Bunnie's roboticized legs) How come the Rabbit girl gets to wear pants & I don't?!

(Tails & Charmy are fighting each other while flying in the sky)

Spongebob: Daxter, they are actually Bunnie's roboticized legs.

(STH Rotor & Vector faces off against each other)

Daxter: Oh, that explains all the shiny fancy pants of this female machinery. It's definately a female Cyborg!

(Bunnie punches Mighty while Mighty tries to block the attack)

Jak: Hm, what are they fighting about? I'm not waiting around to find out.

(Sally kicks Espio while Antoine punches Espio right on the same time when Sally kicked Espio)

Spongebob: You see, the Knothole Freedom Fighters have sent an ally from the Chaotix, named Knuckles the Echidna to retrieve the Sword of Acorns, a.k.a. King Acorn's sword.

(Tails & Charmy got blocked between by Dulcy, interupting their fight)

Ratchet: I see, but what I don't understand is why are the Knothole Freedom Fighters fighting against the Chaotix now. Something was up.

(Vector got stuck to a tree by STH Rotor's sticky goo)

Spongebob: You're right. Something's fishy & we need to find out why.

(The Knothole Freedom Fighters & the Chaotix got each other fighting each other in a fight cloud, which is forming around themselves)

Daxter: (scratches his head) I'm getting confused again. Are they suppose to be allies or am I just crazy?

Clank: I believe the time for action is approximately a few seconds to now.

Spongebob: You're right, let's get them outta here!

Spongebob, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter: (charges at the Chaotix)

Daxter: Orange Lightning to the rescue!

Spongebob, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter: (helps the Knothole Freedom Fighters defeat the Chaotix)

Spongebob: This'll buy us enough time for us to get outta here.

Espio: Not if the powers of the nearby Archimedes have anything to say about it! We'll be back and Knuckles will be with us!

Vector, Espio, Charmy & Mighty: (retreats)

Sonic: Thanks for the save.

Spongebob: No problem.

Tails: (notices Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter) Say, who are you guys?

Spongebob: Knothole Freedom Fighters, this is Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter.

Ratchet: Hi there.

Clank: It's a pleasure to meet you all.

Jak: My pleasure as well.

Daxter: And I am very charmed to see you all.

Sonic: Heh.

Sally: (turns to Sonic) That's so unlike Knuckles! Whatever is he thinking?

Sonic: Are you kidding, Sal? They're all nuts on this island!

Daxter: I'll say. If you need me, I'll be heading off to a safe place on the island.

Jak: Not so fast, Dax. We need your help as well.

Spongebob: You would be a very good scout.

Daxter: I am? I mean, of course I will be a scout to the mission, whatever that meant.

Bunnie: What we have heah is a failure to communicate!

Ratchet: Yeah, we might have gone off the wrong foot here, but everything is fixed now.

Sally: Something's not right here...

Clank: I believe so as well...

Sally: ...and we're not leaving until we find out what...

Clank: ...and also we can't leave this location that is called "The Floating Island"...

Sally: ...and most certainly...

Sally & Clank: ...not without the sword! (looks at each other in surprize)

Jak: And the only way to do that is to get that sword.

Daxter: Before something else bad happens.

Spongebob: Alrighty then. We have to keep moving.

Sally: Let's go everyone!

Sonic: Be ready for anything!

(Spongebob, Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Daxter & the Knothole Freedom Fighters begins their walk through the jungle)

Spongebob: (notices his communicator is ringing & answers it) Hello?

Boggy B: It's me, Boggy B. We've lost Pumbaa.

Spongebob: Huh?

Boggy B: He seemed to have dissapeared, but I'll find him for you.

Spongebob: Where did Pumbaa go?

(With Skalidor)

Skalidor: (returns to Pythor, Skales, Fangtom & Acidicus who are getting ready for dinner)

(We see Pythor reading a cook book called "How to cook Freedom Fighters", while Skales is sharpening the knives & Fangtom is setting up the table)

Acidicus: (notices Skalidor) Skalidor, you're back.

Skalidor: Say, guys? We got to get some Super Health Crates & some ants.

Pythor: (smacks Skalidor across the face) You bufoon!

Skalidor: What did I do? What did I do?

Skales: (sets the knives down & then smacks Skalidor across the face) You knuckle head! You good for nothing Constrictai!

Pythor: Don't forget that we're starving here. We are, and by we & especially me!

Fangtom: That's why we created a buffet for Freedom Fighters in the first place, to trap us some food!

Acidicus: You see, we are going to eat them.

Skalidor: We...are going to eat them. Ok! I got it now, can I try again, please?

Pythor: When it comes to Intelligence, you're too slow. In more ways than one. What we need is someone who is very powerful in strength, lightning fast reflexes & stunning good looks. Someone

Skales: And speaking of food, Skalidor. You need to get some Horse Radish sauce, we'll need it for big ones like Pumbaa, Dulcy & Vector.

Skalidor: Horse Radish...Horse Radish...

Fangtom: Yes, yes. Horse Radish.

Pythor: And when you get back, we'll have them all preped, fillade & ready to swallow whole.

Acidicus: Got it?

Skalidor: Got it! (slithers off to find some Horse Radish sauce) Oh boy! Oh boy, oh boy! Freedom Fighter Food with a side of Chaotix Chops, here we come!

(They didn't know that Pumbaa was hiding in the bush, hearing the whole thing.)

Boggy B: (found Pumbaa inside the bush) Pumbaa? What's the matter?

Pumbaa: (pops out from the bush) I gotta warn my friends, including Timon!

(With the Chaotix)

Espio: (lying on the grass) The nerve of those guys!

Charmy: Yeah, after what you did for the Princess, Knux!

Knuckles: I don't think she's the one spoiling for a fight! Something must have riled that dopey Hedgehog!

Espio: (spots Spongebob, Sonic, Sally, Bunnie, Tails, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter) Guys! I think we have company!

Spongebob: Oh no, not again!

Tails: (to the Chaotix) We told took too long to return the King's sword & how you're gonna pay!

Mighty: (dodging the boulders being thrown by Bunnie) Hey! It's not like we we're going to keep it!

Pumbaa: (rushes over to see the group)

Sally: (jumping over Vector, dodging his charge) If that's so, why have you kept possession of it for over a month!

Spongebob: Hey Pumbaa, why are you feeling scared?

Pumbaa: They're gonna eat us!

Spongebob: Who?

Pumbaa: The snakes!

Daxter: Oookaaay?

Charmy: (dodging Tails' aerial attacks) (to the Knothole Freedom Fighters) What are you talking about? Knuckles only just found it!

Spongebob: Pumbaa, Pumbaa, Pumbaa. There are no sightings of the Serpentine anywhere. How are they moving around? It's like they're ghosts.

Knuckles: (blocking Sonic's kick) (to Sonic) I was going to hand deliver it any day!

Sonic: Yeah, right!

Ratchet: Serpentine?

Spongebob: I'll tell you everything about the Serpentine once we save our friends from hurting each other.

Knuckles: Listen, I'm putting a stop to this...right now!

(The Chaotix surrounds the Knothole Freedom Fighters

Mighty: Now give up, before we really clobber you!

Spongebob, Pumbaa, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter: (ambushes the Chaotix from behind)

Spongebob: Go!

Sonic & Bunnie: (runs off)

Spongebob, Pumbaa, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter: (runs off as well)

Tails: (carrying Sally while flying with his 2 tails as helicopter blades) You losers! The Freedom Fighters don't give up that easily!

Sonic: And we'll prove it when we come back with reinforcements to take back the sword and take you out!

Spongebob: Pumbaa, you go warn Boggy B & Timon!

Pumbaa: Got it! (runs off to find Timon & Boggy B)

Tails: You think that convinced them?

Sonic: More than did the trick! (covering Tails, Bunnie, & himself around with white cloud with his super sonic speed) I can't wait for the real fun to start! Heh heh...Yeaah!

Spongebob: I see, this is gonna be classic.

Clank: I believe a tatic suprize is required for our next attack.

Jak: Very well, let's get ready.

(But then SpongeBob, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter notice the 4 have disappeared)

SpongeBob: That was odd. Where'd they go?

Daxter: (notices Dulcy) Look! There's Dulcy!

Jak: Maybe they will figure this confusion.

(With the Chaotix, they are felling confused)

Boggy B: (hiding in the bushes) Hm?

Mighty: I don't get it, Knux! They threaten us and barely put up a fight!

Knuckles: It doesn't makke sense to me either...(suddendly got spooked)

Archimedes: (appears from a white cloud of smoke)

Knuckles: Archimedes! O_O

Archimedes: I hate when you do that! (jumps & lands on Knuckles' hand) I came to warn you, Knuckles! THings aren't what they seem!

???: You bet they aren't!

(The Chaotix turns to see the Knothole Freedom Fighters along with Spongebob, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter)

Spongebob: We're back!

Sonic: And we're gonna find out why...right here...right now!

Boggy B: (heard every word & pops out from the bushes, looking worried) I gotta warn Pumbaa & Timon!

Battle Royal!, Freedom Fighters vs. Chaotix (Part 3)

(We see that Timon have enjoyed himself, eating a thousand grubs & bugs)

Timon: Sheeze! How long does it possibly take to round a couple of measly ants? Must be getting the uncles too! (laughs) (looks around) Perfectly good comedy & no one around to hear it.

Boggy B & Pumbaa: (rushes back)

Timon: Pumbaa! Boggy B! Where have ya been?

Boggy B: The Freedom Fighters & the Chaotix are fighting against each other. That's not right.

Pumbaa: (hugging Timon very tight) And they're gonna eat us!

Timon: Who?

Pumbaa: The snakes!

Timon: (not impressed & then pushes Pumbaa away from him & turns away) Pumbaa, Pumbaa, Pumbaa...

(A plunger from above grabs Pumbaa & pulls him upwards)

Timon: (turns back to see Pumbaa is missing) Pumbaa?

Boggy B: Where'd he...(got grabbed in the head by a plunger & was pulled upwards)...GOOO!!!

Timon: (turns to see Boggy B is missing as well) Boggy B? (goes up to the spot where Pumbaa & Boggy B are at)

Pythor: (was invisible) (appears from thin air & tries to pounce at Timon, but fails & crashes down to the ground)

Timon: (notices Pythor) Ahh, the Maitre D. Now we're getting somewhere. (goes up to Pythor) Listen my good man, I came in here with a warthog about ya big, cute little tusks & a worm about this ya big, no arms, only hands & now they're both missing. See if you can find them. (pulls out a dollar bill) Also, how long's a fellow gotta wait for a few lousy ants! (places the dollar bill in Pythor's left eye)

Pythor: Aah!

(Pythor closes his eyes shut as he gets up, grunting with his eyes close & then opens up to reveal a dollar bill as his left eye)

Pythor: (chuckles) I am so sorry. You see my head waiter is a recent & mistakenly put you in the common quarters. Now please, follow me to the...(winks)...private dining room. (takes Timon to a conveyor belt with a circle flat dog bowl like raft, like it's a ride) It has more sophisticated trappings, much more suited to incest connoisseurs, such as yourself. (puts Timon inside the ride)

Timon: Private dining room! Now you're talking!

Pythor: (starts the conveyor belt & rides off with Timon on it)

Timon: Pork it baby, Pork it!

(Back with Spongebob)

(We see Spongebob, Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Daxter & the Knothole Freedom Fighters are fighting against the Chaotix, but Sally & Archimedes want this battle to stop)

Dulcy: (facing off against Charmy) This is it, you finks!

Daxter: (tackles Charmy) Here comes Orange Lightning!

STH Rotor: (ducks down Vector's aerial tackle) You can't kick us Freedom Fighters around and get away with it!

Vector: Yo, boy! You be the one who dissed us first!

Spongebob: (spindashes at Espio)

Ratchet: (whacks Vector away with his OmniWrench)

Archimedes: I can see boys will be boys! This calls for saner heads!

Jak: (uppercuts Mighty)

Knuckles: You've lost it! You've totally lost it! Either that...or you've one big death wish!

Sonic: If there's one thing I really's chiselers who go back on their word

Sally: Sonic wait! Oh, this is hopeless!

Clank: This fight would go for a long time.

Espio: This is pathetic! S'wan back to four play pen.

Tails: (flying) Who are you calling "Kid"?!

Jak: Maybe it's time someone taught you some manners! (shoots at Espio with his Morph Gun)

Espio: (dodging the bullets in a super fast pace)

Bunnie: If it's all the save to you boys and rathah make love, not war!

Mighty: Seems to me you've a funny way of showing it!

Spongebob: (stops as he realized a pattern) Huh?

Espio: (uses invisibility)

Tails: (about to crash into a tree) Hey! No fair! How am I supposed to see you?

Espio: Get real! What in life is fair these days!

Clank: (notices Spongebob thinking) I believe Spongebob is thinking of something. I must check this out.

Tails: My friends, this is what! Whoa! (notices the tree & flies upwards) That was close!

Daxter: Bunnie, look out!

Mighty: (charges at Bunnie)

Bunnie: (stretches her robotic legs, with her ladder legs) Tsk-tsk! You've really got to do somethin' 'bout all that pens-up hospitality, Suh-gah!

Daxter: You're welcome, Bunnie. Huh. (notices Spongebob thinking) What the heck is that kid thinking about?

STH Rotor: (grabs a smoke canister from his belt) (In thought: Tails and Bunnie might have their own special abilities...but I'm not without my own!) (throws a smoke canister at Vector) Here's smoke in your eyes you crazy croc!

(The gas appears from the canister, released at Vector's face, blinding him)

Ratchet: Now it's my turn! (whacks Vector with his OmniWrench)

Vector: Ugh! You've some brass, shoka! Let's see your swerve after I'm done right in your buttocks!

Ratchet: Come on! Let's see what you got against a Lombax!

Dulcy: (flying above, facing Charmy)

Charmy: Don't tell me the big, bad dragon is scared of l'il ol' me!

Dulcy: (turns to Charmy, not watching where she was going) Didn't your mother ever tell you it's not polite to point?

Clank & Daxter: (goes up to Spongebob & takes him to Sally & Archimedes)

Sally: (notices Dulcy heading towards the ground) Evasive maneuvers! Pull up! Pull up! Dulcy!

Dulcy: (crashes to the ground)

Daxter: Ouch! That's gotta hurt!

Sally: I can't...look!

Clank: Spongebob has been thinking about something, let me try connecting to his mind. (connects his mind to Spongebob's mind)

Spongebob: (in thought: Wait a minute. 4 fighters appear, they have new powers they don't have & all the ruthless aggression coming from the group of 4 that has appeared from hiding.)

Clank: I see.

Spongebob: Huh?

Daxter: Why you could've told us there was a pattern.

Spongebob: I'm sorry, I was thinking & then I finally got it!

Archimedes: What this situation needs is calm, cool thinking Princess...wouldn't you agree?

Daxter: And you better think of something fast because I don't think they are gonna go peacefully anytime soon.

Sonic: (punches Knuckles) Easier said than done with those two!

Spongebob: (gets a vision of a giant Mobian Mammoth facing off against an Unknown All Star Warrior) (realized something & then walks up to Sonic & Knuckles)

Sonic: Had enough Dread-lilocks?

Knuckles: You can sure dish it you spiked-haired rodent...(punches Sonic's stomach)...but can you take my gutbuster?!

Daxter: Ouch that's gotta hurt...again

Sally: (has Archimedes in her hand) Enough fun & games, boys!

Knuckles: (rubbing his head, feeling tired) Ooow!

Sonic: (rubbing his head, feeling tired as well) (pants & wheezes)

Spongebob: Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter, come back. I had another vision.

Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter: (comes back to Spongebob)

Sally: (grabs NICOLE with her other hand) We need to Pow-wow!

Archimedes: All right, my friend you're going to explain what's going on here...otherwise this could get ugly!

Spongebob: That's a good point.

Mighty: (notices the 6) What th...? (notices Sally holding Archimedes & NICOLE) What does the Princess think she's doing?

Ratchet: I have no idea either.

Bunnie: (kicks Mighty at the backside) Acting like the bold field commander she is, most likely, sugah! Now if you'll excuse me...

Dulcy: (chasing Charmy)...I think it's time we cut to the chase!

Charmy: You really think you can keep up with me?!

Clank: Would you like me to communicate with Charmy?

Archimedes: Oh no, I got it, but thanks for asking mate. (starts communicating with Charmy) (In Charmy's thought: Allow the dragon to keep up with you, Charmy!)

Charmy: Wha...? Archimedes! But how?

Archimedes: (In Charmy's thought: Never mind that! Just lure the dragon towards the Princess and I!

Jak: This oughta be good.

Charmy: (luring Dulcy towards Sally & Archimedes)

Daxter: (hops on Jak's shoulder) You know, I trust that ant, but this plan has gone completely nuts!

Sally: (aims Archimedes at Dulcy) I hope this works!

Archimedes: If everyone does as they're told it should! Get! (breathes fire at Dulcy)

Dulcy: (breathes fire at Archimedes)

(2 flames are about to collide at each other)

Spongebob: Everybody get down!

Spongebob, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter: (gets down)

(The 2 flames collides with each other, creating a tremendous explosion, leaving nothing but a flat crater)

Spongebob, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter: (opens their eyes)

Daxter: (looks around) Oookaaay?

Spongebob: Guys?

Ratchet: Yeah?

Spongebob: Where is everyone?

Clank: It appears they have dissapeared.

Jak: The question is: "Where"?

Spongebob: (notices someone coming out of the teleporting aura) Someone's coming, quick hide!

Spongebob, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter: (hides in the bushes)

(Coming out of the teleporting aura comes a giant mobian mammoth, wearing a white formal suit. like in Spongebob's vision. He is called "Mammoth Mogul" & along with him are 4 mobians which are a Gorilla named "Sergeant Simian", a blue Hawk named "Predator Hawk", a lynx named "Lightning Lynx" & a frog named "Flying Frog".)

Ratchet: (whispers) Who are they?

Spongebob: (whispers) Say, that's the mammoth from my vision.

Clank: I'll work on the data about this. (begins to check the file of Mammoth Mogul)

Spongebob: (whispers) Right.

Mammoth Mogul: At last...victory is mine! Savor the sweet smell of succes, myt menacing minions! Before long, the world is shall be ours!

Sergeant: Don't you think we're getting a little ahead of ourselves?

Mammoth Mogul: (gets a bit annoyed) Insolent wretch! (gets angry) You dare doubt my powers?! (attacks Sergeant Simian with the sword) Prehaps a little reminder is needed! I may not beat the peak of my abilities, but that doesn't mean I can't handle the likes of you!

Spongebob, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter: (begins to hear them carefully)

Mammoth Mogul: I have been planning and something since before you were born...since your last encounter with the Chaotix, It was apparent Brute Strength alone wouldn't I let them think they gained an easy victory, no knowing our true mission was simply to assess them skills and powers with that accomplished, I bided my time units, I could properly exploit what I had learned.

(Flashback begins as Mammoth Mogul continues to explain the plan)

Knuckles: (holding the Sword of Acorns)

Mammoth Mogul:...And when opportunity presented itself with the Sword of Acorns. I knew at last all my planning had come to it's prution!

(The Flashback next shows Mammoth Mogul spots Knuckles & STH Rotor communicating with each other by using moniters through his moniter)

Mammoth Mogul: As I watched the Echidna contact the Freedom Fighters, I realized what problems lay ahead in accoplishing my objective. Alone they'd be no match, but Robotnik...they could possibly thwart my plans!

(The Flashback also shows Mammoth Mogul uses mind to create illusions)

Mammoth Mogul: That's why I seized the moment making use of my vast rsionic abilities to alter the realities of my unwitting pawns...

Mammoth Mogul: (using his mind to control the moniters)

Mammoth Mogul: What neither the walrus or echidna realized was that they were watching images generated through my thought waves...

(The Flashback shows the images have been altered by Mammoth Mogul)

Knuckles: (in the moniter, from Mammoth Mogul's thought) And the Island's under siege again, so for now...we're keeping the sword!

STH Rotor: Hold fast! We're on our way to help!

Sonic: (in the montier, from Mammoth Mogul's thought) ...And you've taken too long to return the sword...we're coming for it and you!

Knuckles: What are you jabbering about?

(The Flashback shows Sergeant Simian as both Mighty & Bunnie, Lightning Lynx as both Espio & Sally, Flying Frog as both Vector & Sonic & finally Predator Hawk as both Charmy & Tails, because of Mammoth Mogul created the illusions of the Fearsome Foursome as both the Knothole Freedom Fighters & the Chaotix)

Mammoth Mogul: There was still danger that cooler heads would prevail, so I created the isllusion of the Fearsome Foursome as members of the Freedom Fighters & the Chaotix, in order to fan the flames of mistrust between the opposing sides...having batted the hedgehog & friens we then made the Chaotix believe the worst concerning the Freedom Fighters...

(End of Flashback)

Mammoth Mogul: ...allowing us to watch from the from the sidelines while they battled amongst themselves!

Spongebob, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter: (comes out from hiding)

Spongebob: Is that so?

Mammoth Mogul & the Fearsome Foursome: (notices the 5) ?!

(They didn't know that the Knothole Freedom Fighters & the Chaotix have survived thanks to Archimedes' teleportation)

Sonic: (hiding with the rest of the Knothole Freedom Fighters & the Chaotix) (whispers) What are they doing?

Sally: (whispers) Relax. I think there's more to an All Star Warrior than meets the eye.

Mammoth Mogul: How delightful. We have guests. The only problem is...I HATE UNEXPECTED GUESTS!

Spongebob: Whoever you are, you better have a good reason why you're working with Robotnik & Plankton?

Mammoth Mogul: I don't have time for those 2 fools. They are a waste of my time. We'll crush you like...! (suddendly spots the All Star Symbol Tattoo at the back of Spongebob's head) Hey...wait a second...I've seen that symbol before.

Spongebob: You mean when an unknown All Star Warrior from your time knocked your block off, right?

Mammoth Mogul: An All Star? It can't be. You're the recent All Star Warrior?

Spongebob: Yep. That's me.

Mammoth Mogul: I've heard about you & the All Star Order.

Daxter: All Star Order?

Clank: I believe it is a long line of All Star Warriors to Male, Female, Young & Old throughout the known Multiverse.

Spongebob: Now you betta expect company.

Mammoth Mogul: Ohhhhhh, I'm ever so sorry. How sloppy of me not to finish the job. Obviously we should have snuffed you out as well. So without furthr ado, let me make amends by, what:...CREATING ILLUSIONS OF THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS & THE CHAOTIX WITH THE FEARSOME FOURSOME & CRUSHING YOU LIKE THE INSIGNIFICANT BUGS THAT YOU ARE!!!!!

Spongebob: Bring it on, Jumbo!

Jak: What's the plan?

Spongebob: Daxter you take out Lightning Lynx, Clank you take out Flying Frog, Ratchet you take out Predator Hawk & Jak you take out Sergeant Simian!

Ratchet: Alright, let's do it!

Mammoth Mogul: (uses his vast mind to create illusions for Lightning Lynx to shape shift into Espio first)

Daxter: There's no need to fear, Orange Lightning is here!

Battle Royal!, Freedom Fighters vs. Chaotix (Part 4)


"Espio" (Lightning Lynx): (charges at Daxter, moving at high speed)

Daxter: Whoa! (dodges out of the way by jumping onto "Espio")

"Espio": Hey!

Daxter: (jumps off & pulls out his Electric Fly Swatter & his Spray Gun)

"Espio": (turns to see Daxter)

Daxter: Eat spray you freak! (unknowingly sprays pepper gas at "Espio" with his Spray Gun)

"Espio": (screams) PAIN! (was stunned, rubbing his eyes)

Daxter: It even has a Pepper Spray Attactment? Who knew? (starts swatting "Espio" 10 times)

"Espio": Ow ow ow ow ow ow! (changes back to Lightning Lynx)

Lightning Lynx: (growls)

Mammoth Mogul: Hm? (uses his vast mind to create another illsuion for Lightning Lynx to shape shift into Sally Acorn)

"Sally Acorn" (Lightning Lynx): (charges at Daxter in high speed)

Daxter: (dodges again by jumping onto "Sally Acorn")

"Sally Acorn" What the...?!

Daxter: (hops off) Come & get me!

"Sally Acorn": (turns to Daxter, growling)

Daxter: AAH! (sprays more Pepper Spray at "Sally Acorn")

"Sally Acorn": AUGH! MY EYES! (rubbing "her" eyes, feeling stunned)

Daxter: (begins swatting "Sally Acorn" 10 times)

"Sally Acorn": Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow! (changes back to Lightning Lynx)

Lightning Lynx: (feeling dizzy)

Spongebob: (spindashes at Lightning Lynx)

Lightning Lynx: Yeow! (falls down, knocked out)

Mammoth Mogul: Well, well, well, things have gotten a litte bit interesting. Flying Frog, take them out! (uses his vast mind to create a 3rd illsuion for Flying Frog to shape shift into Vector)

Spongebob: Go Clank!

Clank: I will do my best to stop Flying Frog.


"Vector" (Flying Frog): (laughs) Let's play! (begins jumping up & down at Clank)

Clank: (dodging the landings from "Vector")

"Vector": (after his 5th jump, got tired) (panting)

Clank: (shoots green electrical laser beams at "Vector")

"Vector": Augh! (changes back to Flying Frog)

Mammoth Mogul: Don't get ahead of yourself. It's only just begun. (uses his vast mind to create 4th illsuion for Flying Frog to shape shift into Sonic the Hedgehog)

"Sonic" (Flying Frog): (croaks angrily & then begins jumping up & down at Clank)

Clank: (dodging the landings from "Sonic")

"Sonic": (after his 8th jump, got tired) (panting) Stand...still.

Clank: (shoots red electrical laser beams at "Sonic", which are stronger than the green ones)

"Sonic": (croaks in pain & then changes back to Flying Frog)

Flying Frog: (feeling dizzy)

Spongebob: (spindashes at Flying Frog) Too easy.

Flying Frog: (falls down, knocked out) Uuurrrgghh...

Mammoth Mogul: You've been practicing. (uses his vast mind to create another illsuion for Predator Hawk to shape shift into Charmy)

"Charmy" (Predator Hawk): Let's fly!


"Charmy": (flies upwards & then swoops down to sting Ratchet)

Ratchet: (dodges out of the way & then pulls out his OmniWrench) This is gonna be interesting.

"Charmy": (swoops down at Ratchet to sting him)

Ratchet: (dodges out of the way)

"Charmy": (got his stinger stuck in a tree)

Ratchet: (whacks "Charmy" with his OmniWrench 5 times)

"Charmy": Ow ow ow ow ow! (changes back to Preadator Hawk)

Mammoth Mogul: You're actually beginning to annoy me. (uses his vast mind to create another illsuion for Predator Hawk to shape shift into Tails)

"Tails" (Predator Hawk): (flies upwards) Now you're gonna get it! (swoops down at Ratchet)

Ratchet: (dodges) Phew.

"Tails": (swoops down at Ratchet again)

Ratchet: (dodges again & is now in front of the tree)

"Tails": (swoops down at Ratchet)

Ratchet: (dodges out of the way)

"Tails": (crashes towards the tree) Ouch!

Ratchet: (whacks "Tails" 10 times with his OmniWrench)

"Tails": Augh! (changes back to Predator Hawk)

Predator Hawk: (feeling dizzy)

Spongebob: (spindashes at Predator Hawk)

Predator Hawk: (falls down, knocked out) Ugh!

Spongebob: Who's next?

Mammoth Mogul: You're starting to really annoy me even more! (uses his vast mind to create another illsuion for Sergeant Simian to shape shift into Mighty)

Jak: (readies his Morph Gun)

"Mighty" (Sergeant Simian): Prepare to be crushed!


"Mighty": (lifts up a boulder & then throws it at Jak)

Jak: (powers up with Red Eco & then smashes the boulder with his strength)

"Mighty": What the?

Jak: (shoots the Morph Gun at "Mighty")

"Mighty": (got hit by the Eco) Augh!

Jak: (tackles "Mighty")

"Mighty": Augh! (changes back to Sergeant Simian)

Mammoth Mogul: You little pest! (uses his vast mind to create the final illsuion for Sergeant Simian to shape shift into Bunnie Rabbot)

"Bunnie" (Sergeant Simian): You're gonna get it, big time! (picks up 2 boulders, one for each hand & throws them at Jak)

Jak: (powers up with Blue Eco & then dodges them quickly in high speed)

"Bunnie": Hold still soldier!

Jak: (tackles "Bunnie" & then punches "her" 8 times)

"Bunnie": Ugh! (changes back to Sergeant Simian)

Sergeant Simian: (feels dizzy)

Spongebob: (spindashes at Sergeant Simian)

Sergeant Simian: (falls down, knocked out)

Mammoth Mogul: I can't believe this! You've beaten the Fearsome Foursome!

Spongebob: Yes & you know who else is next?

Mammoth Mogul: What?

Spongebob: You're next!

Mammoth Mogul: You little yellow cracker box!


(Empowered by the Chaos Emerald's ancient magic and strength, Mammoth Mogul proves to be one of the toughest fight of Spongebob's life. It takes all of his fighting ability and power, strength, speed & agility to even keep in the fight, but in the end he gains an advantage and knocks Mammoth Mogul to the floor.)

Spongebob: Now Mammoth Mogul, it's time you face the All Stars' Judgement.

Mammoth Mogul: (gets up) Blast it all! That's impossible! You've beaten me!

Daxter: Yeah! How'd you like us now, Jumbo Pants! And how come he gets to wear pants also?!

Mammoth Mogul: Well, it seems that you indeed have the All Star Power to match my powers, but gloat all you want, Spongebob Squarepants. You're no match for my Master Form, it will be more powerful than you can ever imagine. As Master Mogul, I'm so powerful that a snake couldn't slither in without finding my weakspots! (kneels down on one knee) Uahahaha...

Sonic: (from offscreen) Yep! That was quite the plan, man!

Mammoth Mogul: That voice...

Ratchet: Guess who's back.

Knothole Freedom Fighters & Chaotix: (comes out from hiding)

Mammoth Mogul: You all survived! But how?

Sonic: We have some business to square with you first, bub!

Jak: That's right, we've beaten down you're thugs. Now give up or you're gonna get hurt real bad. I don't play nice.

Mammoth Mogul: Is that so? I think my Elite guard might think otherwise! Have at them!

Fearsome Foursome: (gets up slowly & charges at them, only to get pummeled by the heroes) @_@

Jak: Pathetic.

Bunnie: Isn't this somewhat unfair? Two against one?

Vector: Hey! They started it...

Espio: ...and we're finishing it!

Sonic: Thanks Spongebob. We'll take care it from here.

Daxter: About time! Come on guys, let's bail!

Spongebob, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter: (begins to run off)

Knuckles: (turns to Mammoth Mogul) So much for them losers! (points to the Fearsome Foursome)

Sonic: (turns to Mammoth Mogul) Yeah, snot-nose, time to pay the piper!

(With Spongebob, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter)

Spongebob: Come on guys, let's go find Timon, Pumbaa & Boggy B. They be worried sick about us.

Ratchet: You're right, but somehow I got this strange feeling something's not right.

Skales, Fangtom & Acidicus: (secretly hiding behind the bushes)

Daxter: How can we be sure?

Spongebob: (walking on the leaves with the 4) The Floating Island is very dangerous, especially when Knuckles is smart when it comes to making...

(The 5 accidently falls into a pit trap)

Spongebob: TRAAAAAPS!


Daxter: Aw man!

Skales, Fangtom & Acidicus: (laughs evily)

Acidicus: Welcome Spongebob, I see you have 4 newcomers & we haven't forgotten about your tip.

(The Camera iris into black & then the camera iris out to see Spongebob, Timon, Pumbaa, Boggy B, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter inside a net trap, which is hanging above a great big boiling cauldron)

Timon: This has gotta be some sort of health violiation.

Daxter: I think so as well.

Pumbaa: But guys, I've been trying to tell ya! This is not a resturant!

Spongebob: Guess the Serpentine are hungry to eat us all up.

Ratchet: Great! We'll become dinner to those snakes.

Jak: Not on my watch.

Clank: This can prove dangerous.

Timon: Shhh! I'm thinking!

Daxter: Me too! So be quiet, we're trying to think!

Boggy B: Oh brother.

Timon & Daxter: (mumbling)

Timon: Brace yourself my rank compadres! Those long fellows, they are not waiters!

Pumbaa: (not impressed) No.

Daxter: They are snakes!

Pumbaa & Spongebob: (not impressed) No.

Timon: Then they're gonna eat us!

Pumbaa, Spongebob & Boggy B: (not impressed) No.

Daxter: And this is not a resturant!

Pumbaa, Spongebob, Boggy B, Ratchet & Jak: (not impressed) No!

Timon: Preaty impressive that Daxter & I have figured all that out, huh?

Clank: No.

(With the Serpentine)

Pythor: Well?

Skales: The All Stars are caught in a trap.

Fangtom: Every last one of them in as a small group.

Acidicus: And once we've devoured them, we will devour the rest of the All Stars & everyone on Mobius!

Pythor: Exactly! (grabs the drill & activates it with an evil smug in his face)

Skalidor: (from offscreen) Skales! I got the Horse Radish, Skales!

Skales: (turns to Skalidor) Perfect.

Skalidor: (holds up a Radish) Here's the Radish...(points to an ugly horse)...and there's the horse!

Skales: (gets angry & then steam begins to whistle out of his ears, sounding like a train whistle)

(Back with the All Stars)

Timon: This is an outrage! Why? Trapping us!

Daxter: Like that is a violiation of everything the food chain stands for!

Spongebob: Indeed it is a violiation!

Ratchet: When are they get off doing this to us?

Pumbaa: That's where I draw the line!

Boggy B: And they treaded across that line

Clank: It wasn't even a line at all?

Spongebob: Thanks Clank.

Daxter: What he said!

Pumbaa: (gets very angry, his pupils shrink in anger, as he begins to bloat, breaking the net, freeing himself & the gang, he is now back to normal)

Spongebob, Timon, Pumbaa, Boggy B, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter: (lands safely)

Spongebob: And it's time that 2 can play in that game! Here's the plan! (whispers the plan)

Battle Royal!, Freedom Fighters vs. Chaotix (Part 5)

(With the Serpentine)

(We see the same ugly horse & a radish being tied to a giant firework)

Skales: (holding a match) Not a horse & a radish, you bone head! (lits the fuse, launching the giant firework to the sky) I wanted the Horsh Radish type condiment food product!

Skalidor: Ohhh, sorry.

???: (whistles) Yoo hoo! (appears to be Timon)

(We see Spongebob, Timon, Daxter are in their fast food employee outfits)

Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: (notices Timon & Daxter) Huh?

Spongebob: (inside the fast food stand) (goes up to Boggy B, Pumbaa, Ratchet, Clank & Jak) Say, natural selection getting you down?

Pumbaa: (slumps on the fast food stand) I'm so down.

Timon: Tired of lesser species evolving into something in which easily evade your hunter instincs?

Boggy B: You don't know the half of it.

Daxter: Bored of the old routine of forage, forage, forage?

Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: (their mouths begin to water)

Pythor: It's like they're reading our minds.

Acidicus: (begins the spray the slobber instend of venom) Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Fangtom: Say it, don't spray it!

Spongebob: Then get your vertabrae down to...(points to a resturant called...)

Timon: Carnivore King in the Box De Schnitzel!

Pumbaa: Where a carnivore is King. (winks)

Daxter: For a limited time, you can choose from the new ferocious viper value pack!

Pumbaa: A bucket of grub eaters!

Ratchet: 40 Classic Carnivore Night Owl Combo!

Boggy B: For a tender juicy marmoset!

Daxter: 2 Mouse Kebabs!

Pumbaa: And a 6 pack of Toucans!

Timon: Whoa, that's 12 cans for you & me!

Timon & Daxter: (laughing)

(The camera zooms in Timon's mouth & fades to black & camera cuts back to the Serpentine seeing Clank driving a hot rod car with Spongebob)

Clank: That is correct, my friends.

Spongebob: Say goodbye to mean ol Mr. Foodchain, say goodbye to stalking & preying & say hello to the good life.

Boggy B: Hello to good tasting good food & good times.

Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: (hops in the car)

Pythor: Oh well, we can all use a break every now & then.

Skales: Sounds good to me.

Clank: (drives the car to the "Carnivore King in the Box De Schnitzel" resturant) We have arrived at our destination.

Skalidor: Goody goody!

Timon: (opens the door) Who says Survival's only for the fitest?

Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: (enters inside)

Timon: (closes the door)

Spongebob: (releases the animals) Sorry about this, but it's the only way. You're now free.

Daxter: Go, run like the wind!

(The animals begins to fly, run & slither away, thanking them for being part of the plan & also for releasing them)

(Inside, we see the Serpentine noticed something that they are off the edge of the Floating Island & realized that the Resturant is just a cardboard cutout standee)

Fangtom: (slowly) Oh no...

Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: (falls down, screaming)


Spongebob, Boggy B, Timon, Pumbaa, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter: (hearing the Serpentine Generals, screaming)


(As they heard the splash & look down to see the Serpentine Generals are yelping as they are attacked by Piranhas)

Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: (notices the Giant Piranha & starts swimming away back to shore while screaming)

Daxter: And stay out you good for nothing snakes!

Timon: Now that, gang is what I call "Fast Food"

Timon & Daxter: (laughing again)

Daxter: That's a good one too!

Pumbaa: (gets a bit annoyed)

(With the Serpentine)

Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: (slithering on the shore, heading back to the Mega Chum Bucket)

Pythor: The Serpentine will have our revenge soon enough.


(SpongeBob, Boggy B, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter caught up with the Knothole Freedom Fighters & the Chaotix)

SpongeBob: Say, what's going on?

Sonic: The Mammoth just disappeared because we've bring 2 Chaos Emeralds together.

Dulcy: And that's what you get...utter chaos!

Boggy B: Yeah, Chaos: Discord Style.

Tails: Alright! He blew him out of the universe.

Daxter: Who's him?

Boggy B: I think he which is Archimedes & him Mammoth Mogul.

Daxter: No idea.

Clank: In a much more clear info, Archimedes have blown Mammoth Mogul to somewhere unknown.

Knuckles: (to Archimedes) Pretty smart...taking a chance one Chaos Emerald might blow up another!

Archimedes: It was a desperate gamble at best!

Sonic: Don't sweat it, shorty it had off!

Pumbaa: Now that Mammoth Mogul is out of the way for now, what do you think we should do now?

Spongebob: It's time.

Knuckles: (holding the Sword of Acorns) And it did leave us with the sword so...(kneels down & presents the Sword of Acorns to Sally) As per my solemn yow I humbly make good my promise!

Sally Acorn: (gently takes the Sword of Acorns from Knuckles) And for your courage and fortitude on behalf of the realm...(knights Knuckles) I hearby duly knighty you! You are this island's guardian, but when in Knothole, you are now and forever more...Sir Knuckles!

Spongebob: 3 cheers for Knuckles!

All: Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

Daxter: Without consent!

(Back at South Knothole, in Night Time)

Spongebob, Boggy B, Timon, Pumbaa, Ratchet, Clank, Jak & Daxter: (in the middle of town)

Spongebob: (uses his All Star Powers to open 2 golden wormholes) It won't be open for long.

Daxter: Well, I hate long goodbyes. (goes up to the 2nd golden portal) Jak?

Jak: (thinking) You guys got chops.

Boggy B: Thanks, we'll be looking for new friends anytime.

Timon: And also, you are now allies to the All Star Freedom Fighters. Any friend of the All Stars is an ally of ours.

Pumbaa: Indeed they are, Timon.

Ratchet: I think I've had enough space-time fun for a while. But never say never, right?

Spongebob: Quick, they're closing.

Clank: Farewell.

Ratchet & Clank: (goes through the 1st golden wormhole back to Metropolis)

Jak & Daxter: (goes through the 2nd golden wormhole back to Haven City)

Spongebob: (closes the 2 golden wormholes)

Pumbaa: I'm gonna miss'em guys.

Boggy B: So do we, Pumbaa. So do we.

Spongebob: (smiles)

(In Outer Space in the universe of "Ratchet & Clank")

Ratchet & Clank: (are seen piloting a space craft)

Ratchet: That was really something! And...different.

Clank: Quite exciting.

Ratchet: You know who would have love that?

Ratchet & Clank: Quark!

Ratchet: Well, probably just as well he isn't here. I think he's still a little irritated about that pair of stunderwear I snuck into his suitcase.

Clank: It would be very amusing, at least.

Ratchet: As fun as all that was, we still haven't found those gold bolts.

Clank: Shall we resume our search?

Ratchet: Sounds like a plan to me. And whatever we run up against...I get the feeling we're more ready than ever to handle it.

(At the Outside of Haven City, in the universe of "Jak & Daxter")

Jak & Daxter: (are seen piloting a hover car, heading back home through the jungle)

Daxter: It's good to be home. And well, THAT was different.

Jak: Yeah, some of those...people...we're pretty...interesting. The importating thing is the enemy is gone now, and the planet is safe again.

Daxter: No, the important thing is we're finally going home. I know a certain girl wearing a certain pair of pants I'm long overdue to see.

Jak: Yeah, it'll be good to see Keira again, too.

Daxter: Yeah, we've got some stories to tell, huh? Don't worry, I'll make sure to mention your part in all of this. Maybe.

Jak: The fact is, I'm not even sure how we pulled a lot of that off. It must have something to do with this new All Star power that is around this Spongebob.

Daxter: Really? I'd say I was my usual spectacular self, same as always. Say, you want to step on it? I'm getting hungry.

Jak: Buckle up, buddy. Let's see if we can get back in time for lunch.

(Back at the Floating Island...)

(While a ray of hope seems to built from that former realm, it may just clouded by the swirling mists of an unknown mysteriousl realm...)

???: What fools these mortals think they could outwit me...(lands on Floating Island) If only they knew I've manpulated every event...from my seeming inepititude, to my "Ultimate Destruction..."

(The Real Sword of Acorns emerge from the mist)

???: ...And by the time they ascertain I have the real Sword of Acorns, it will be too late! (emerges from the mist, appearing to be Mammoth Mogul, who he has survived)

Mammoth Mogul: My master plan will be well near completion, leaving the entire Planet Mobius groveling at my feet! And soon...the All Star Warrior as well. Until we meet again, All Star Warrior, I will have my revenge.

The End?