This is the 55th Episode from Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, Thumpback, Togera & Orange Bird

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton, Evil Sonic & Doodlebob

Story #1: Transcript

Black, Yellow, White & Red all over (Part 1)

(In STH Rotor's lab)

STH Rotor: (with Sonic & the All Stars) (holds a small gun) Y'see this, Sonic?

Spongebob: Wow, what is it?

STH Rotor: This here separates the winners from the wimps! The ultimate in firepower!

Sonic: That little thing?

Togera: That weapons' way too small for ultimate firepower.

STH Rotor: Watch! (shakes it, and the gun expands into a much more massive form)

All Stars: Whao!

STH Rotor: Is that smokin' or what?!

Togera: That's what I'm talking about!

Sonic: (ducks down) Ye-ow, Rotor! What kind of kick does that bruiser have? That's a planet buster if I ever saw one!!!

Patrick: Yeah, that thing's big, really really really big.

STH Rotor: Actually, it's my "Party-Hearty Quadra-Sonic Rock 'n' Roller"! (changes the weapon back to it's original small form)

Spongebob: The Party-Hearty Quadra-Sonic Rock 'n' Roller?

Pinkie Pie: Cool! What does it do?

STH Rotor: An excellent question Pinkie Pie, this thing'll blow through doors, walls impenetrable barriers, you name it!

Sonic: Different zones?

STH Rotor: Yeah, but you wouldn't want to except in extreme situations!

Edd: Phew. Now then, shall we continue?

Thumpback: Yes indeed.

STH Rotor: Now, over here, for more practical purposes...

Sonic: Aww, that's no fun!

Eddy: Come on, there's something we gotta do for fun.

STH Rotor: Just because it's practical doesn't  mean it isn't fun!

Xplode: That's for sure.

STH Rotor: (getting ready to eat his lunch) And the day eating quits being fun...

Orange Bird: Oh boy! Lunch time! (about to eat, until the alarm begins to blare) Huh?

Red Bird: What's going on?

STH Rotor: Hold it! The alarm!

Sonic: Boy, and is it crankin'!

Spongebob: We have an emergency!

STH Rotor: Let's see what the board says! (presses a button & the moniter begins to appear from the walls)

Avak: Whoa!

Sonic: Maybe somebody tripped over a lost swatbot!

STH Rotor: (notices the sensors picking up the Floating Island) It's worse than that Sonic the Hedgehog, much worse!

Hot Head: What's the emergency?

STH Rotor: According to this, something catastrophic is happening on the Floating Island!

Thok: Oh man, the floating island is in danger!

Sonic: Y'mean Knuckles is in trouble!

STH Rotor: Well, that's one way of putting it, Sonic! I'd better alert the Princess!

Sally: (running as fast as she can) No need, Rotor! I'm already here! Alright, everyone...let's scramble!

Astro Boy: And save the Floating Island once again.

Spongebob: Right, All Stars! Deploy!

(The All Stars begins to head outside in front of Knothole Village)

Twilight Sparkle: I'm ready to teleport! Here goes! (teleports the All Stars & herself to the Floating Island)

(In the Floating Island where it is falling from the sky)

(The All Stars we're teleported on the Floating Island & felt that it is falling)

Thumpback: Whoa! The island is falling.

Courtney: But who would steal the Master Emerald?

Orange Bird: (notices someone) Look!

(Someone apporaches, appearing to be...)

Spongebob: DOODLEBOB?! (nervous laughing) No hard feelings right?

Doodlebob: (his face turns into anger & roars in anger)

DJ: (screams & then jumps into Avak's arms)

Spongebob: Hold on guys. I can handle this. (to DoodleBob) What do you think you're doing, doodle?

Doodlebob: You doodle! Me Spongebob!


(Even in his anger state, DoodleBob is no match for SpongeBob's new trained abilities and attacks)

SpongeBob: Luckily I won't be able to be defeated by you Doodle.

DoodleBob: (groaning in pain as he is retreating inside the chamber that holds the Master Emerald)

Togera: Wait, that is DoodleBob.

Boggy B: If he is here, then there is a strong chance that Evil Sonic is with him.

Spongebob: Your right, let's move!

(The All Stars heads inside the chamber, only to find Knuckles lying on the ground in pain & Evil Sonic leaving through the portal back to Moebius with DoodleBob & the Moebian version of Knuckles called "Anti Knuckles", he is wearing a french hat & has a mustache)

Mordecai: Who's that?

Boomerang Bird: I don't know, but Knuckles needs help.

Archimedes: (arriving) Indeed he does.

Avak: Archimedes?

Edd: (to Avak) Did you & Archimedes met?

Avak: Ever since the Piraka & I we're trapped in a desert wasteland.

Squidward: I really wish I'd would be in the desert right now.

Archimedes: Knuckles! What are you doing lying down on the job? Get up & stop'em, son!

Knuckles: (getting up) Archimedes! Talk about a great sense of timing...

Togera: What's going on?

Archimedes: I hurried over as soon as I heard there was trouble!

Timon: How did he...?

Pumbaa: Wow, it's like he's a sidekick.

Twilight Sparkle: I believe you mean "Psychic", Pumbaa.

Deimos: That too

Knuckles: (to Archimedes) As soon as you heard? I didn't know news traveled that fast!

Archimedes: There are many things you still don't know about me, Knuckles!

Katie & Sadie: Cool!

Spongebob: (to Zaktan) Would you mind telling us about you & your Piraka's adventures in the desert once the mission is finished?

Zaktan: Sure.

Thumpback: This would be great.

Knuckles: So what do we do now? I don't think we've seen the last of those two!

Spongebob: Including Doodlebob.

Archimedes: So it seems! One of them did bear a striking resemblance to you while the other looked very much like your hedgehog friend!

Applejack: And Doodlebob did strike ah resemblance to tha' All Star Warrior.

Knuckles: Ver-ry funny guys! Ver-r-r-ry funny!

Sonic: (arrives with Sally & Tails, approaching up to Knuckles, after they landed the plane) Excuse me. Did someone say "Hedgehog"?

Spongebob: Sonic! Thank goodness you & your friends are here.

Knuckles: I can see it's going to be one of those days! What are you doing here?

Sally: Our satellites showed you might be having problems, so we decided to see if we could lend a hand. Is everything alright?

Red Bird: It's DoodleBob & he's back.

Togera: I believe Knuckles will tell us now.

Yellow Bird: Alright then.

Knuckles: Well, we did have some unwanted visitors! One of 'em the spitting image of you...(points to Sonic)...except for the black leather jacket and dark shades!

Sonic: Black leather jacket? Dark shades? Sounds like trouble!

Patrick: No, it sounds like talking.

Orange Bird: Is it Evil Sonic?

Thumpback: Yes it is.

Knuckles: Seems like it! And it sounds like they won't quit until they get the Chaos Emeralds!

Sonic: Well, if it's who I think it is, then I know how to find him! So how about we see if we can't take him by surprize?

Knuckles: Sounds like a plan!

SpongeBob: Then it's settled, we're off to the Negative Zone a.k.a. Moebius!

Black, Yellow, White & Red all over (Part 2)

(In the Negative Zone, a.k.a. Moebius)

(The All Stars are teleported inside the zone by using Twilight Sparkle's teleportation spell)

Twilight Sparkle: (panting) We' It took most of my energy to teleport you all here in this Zone, but I've managed to complete the spell.

Spongebob: You deserve a nice rest.

Togera: (sniffing) I can smell great energy nearby.

Orange Bird: (notices the Knothole Freedom Fighters coming) Here they come!

Duncan: It's about time.

(Sonic jumps down from the portal while the rest of the Knothole Freedom Fighters comes out from the portal by plane & lands)

Sally: (climbing down the ladder) Well, we're here...wherever 'here' is!

Sonic: That's right, Sal! You've never been here!

SpongeBob: But Sonic & the All Stars have before.

Zaktan: Indeed.

(Flashback begins with Evil Sonic & Doodlebob kicking the Sweepbots' rears)

Sonic: It's a backwards world where the Freedom Fighters are the aggressors and the bots are the oppressed!

Evil Sonic: Get outta my way, y'geek!

Doodlebob: (laughs) Chump!

(End of Flashback)

Sonic: And Robotnik is this kind family doctor!

Sally: At least he's not an evil dictator!

Thumpback: And neither is Plankton in this world.

Owen: And you know what else? In the reverse world, Plankton likes being called "Sheldon" even though his name is actually funny.

Duncan: (laughing) Sheldon! Ha!

Applejack: And from the looks of Doodlebob, he has been freed from a piece of paper, SpongeBob posted up on his wall. SpongeBob explained to us how Doodlebob is captured.

SpongeBob: The question is: How exactly?

Tails: So do we contact him or what?

Eddy: Who? Reverse Robotnik?

STH Rotor: That's not necessary! Not when I can have my remote scanner fly over the area...(activates the Remote scanner to fly upwards)...and transmit back to us whatever it sees!

Avak: Very Solar-rific.

Sonic: Don't you find it ironic that we depend so much on technology in our fight against a technological enemy?

SpongeBob: No offence.

The Piraka, Hero Factory Villains, Robo-47, Ultra-V & Bouncer: None taken.

STH Rotor: Fight fire with fire, I always say!

Vezok: And that's what Bugs Bunny said too, against a Coyote. (laughs)

The Piraka: (laughing)

Doodlebob, Evil Sonic & Anti Knuckles: (hiding inside a bush, getting ready for an ambush)

Anti Knuckles: Ready?

Doodlebob: I'm ready.

Evil Sonic: The speedsters mine! Let's take'em!

(Evil Sonic, Doodlebob & Anti Knuckles starts their ambush by jumping out of the bushes)

Sonic: HUH?!

SpongeBob: What the...?!

Tails: Looks like they found us?

Patrick: Are we playing hide & seek? Oh, I know it's a surprise party! Is it their birthday?


Tails: Sonic! Duck!

Twilight Sparkle: Watch out, Spongebob!

Sonic & Spongebob: (ducks the attacks from Evil Sonic & Spongebob)

Sonic: Way ahead of you, li'l buddy!

Spongebob: Thanks for the save.

Sonic: You shouldn't telegraph your punches that way, bubba!

Patrick: Who's Bubba?

Anti Knuckles: (trying to land a punch at Knuckles) Give it up, M'lad! While you still can!

Knuckles: Are you out of your mind?

Vezok: (trying to push Anti Knuckles out of the way) Patrick, don't just stand there. DO SOMETHING!

Patrick Star: Happy Birthday!

Anti Knuckles: (throws Vezok away with ease)

Vezok: AAH! (crashes into Big Brother Bird) Ouch. (falls off of Big Brother Bird)

Big Brother Bird: (didn't get hurt at all) ...

Patrick: (gives Anti Knuckles a rock) Here's your present!

Anti Knuckles: (bashes it on Patrick's head) -_-

Patrick: (has a goofy face after being hit) You're welcome. :D

Sally: Should we jump in?

STH Rotor: Sonic & Knuckles can take of themselves!

Rainbow Dash: And so can Spongebob.

Thumpback: I think Vezok & Patrick both need help on their medical needs. Should we go fix them?

Ed: Yes we should.

Togera: For now, let's watch the fight.

Sonic: (smacking Evil Sonic across the face multiple times)

Spongebob: (keeps on use spindashes at Doodlebob)

Doodlebob: If only I was in 3D form, I can stop you & learn how to use your new moves.

Knuckles: Why don't you be a good boy and say Uncle? (punches at Anti Knuckles)

Anti Knuckles: (dodges) I don't have an uncle...but I do have this kindly ol' aunt!

Orange Bird: Oh boy, Oh boy! Can I join in the fight too?

Evil Sonic: (ignoring Orange Bird, racing with Sonic) Stand still, you sickening goody-two-sneakers!

Sonic: Why? My mama didn't raise no fool!

Orange Bird: Uh, guys?

Evil Sonic: That's your opinion!

Sonic: Ah, missed again! (maks a funny face)

Orange Bird: Come on guys, I want to have fun!

Sonic: (runs faster) Let's see how you do when I go Ultra Sonic!

Evil Sonic: Two can play this game, Punk! (runs faster as well)

Spongebob: (arguing with Doodlebob as the 2 got into a fight by punching & kicking) I'm Spongebob! You're doodle!

Doodlebob: You doodle! Me Spongebob!

Togera: They can't be that long, can't it?

(A few moments later)

French Narrator: (as the time card says) A few moments later...

Sonic & Evil Sonic: (still racing each other)

Knuckles & Anti Knuckles: (still fighting each other)

Spongebob & Doodlebob: (got into a slap fight)

Spongebob: I won't let you win!

Doodlebob: Oh yes I will!

Rainbow Dash: (groans) I can't take it anymore!

Boggy B: I know, it's been already too long.

Tails: (looking at his watch which is under his right glove) This is getting old, pretty quick! I wish they'd finish each other off and be done with it!

Knuckles, Anti Knuckles, Spongebob & Doodlebob: (got each other fighting inside a fight cloud)

Togera: I think we should do something.

Eddy: (sitting on a beach chair, eatting popcorn) Are you kidding me? I'm about to come up with a scam to find out who is the winner.

STH Rotor: Really? I'm rather enjoying the display of fighting styles before us!

Togera: Fine, just wonder what's happening next?

Orange Bird: Does anyone have any candy by chance?

Anti Knuckles: Y'know, laddie, I'll really hate myself if I do this...(about to land a punch, but cancels the punch) I won't!

Knuckles: What th...

Zaktan: What do you mean you won't?

Sonic: (tackles Evil Sonic to the ground) FOr the last time, get off my case! Now, if you'd care to explain what's going on, I'll chill !

Spongebob: (got Doodlebob's hands tied behind his back) Yeah, what's going on here?

Knuckles: Yeah...what's the deal here? We're dukin', then you give up!!

Thumpback: But why? Why would you give up?

Anti Knuckles: I should never have resorted to violence in the first place...not matter what the reason!

Mordecai: Reason? What reason?

Knuckles: And that is...?

Anti Knuckles: Someone is draining the energy from the Chaos Emeralds that sutains my island! If we can't restore the energy soon all will perish!

Eddy: You mean to tell us that you could've told us that at any time?!

Knuckles; And that's not worth fighting for?

Hakann: And from the looks of his expression, I'll take that as a no.

Knuckles: You WIMP! You're an embarrassment to echidnas everywhere!

Anti Knuckles; You don't understand!

Scorpio: And what!?

Knuckles: I don't?!! Aren't you the guardian of the floating island here?! Aren't you responsible for the well-being of it's inhabitants?

Anti Knuckles: You're right! Except for one thing...

Squidward: What?

Anti Knuckles: (points to the water which is bubbling)'s not a floating island!

Geoff: Huh?

Anti Knuckles: See those bubbles out there?

Tyler: Yes.

Duncan: What about it?

Knuckles: Yeah! What about them?

Anti Knuckles: That's the oxygen seeping out of the Sunken Island because the air containment field is about to run of energy! No life!

Spongebob: (gasps) We have to rescue the Sunken Island now!

Black, Yellow, White & Red all over (Part 3)

(We see Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Vezok & Thumpback swimming dowards, while the Knothole & the rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters, plus Knuckles & Anti Knuckles took the Underwater car to drive to the Sunken Island, home to an underwater city called "Atlantinopolis")

Evil Sonic & Doodlebob: (we're tied up together)

Spongebob: I see a city!

Vezok: That must be it!

Anti Knuckles: Atlantinopolis is straight ahead, Sonic the Hedgehog. We should be pulling into the station in than 30 seconds!

Patrick & Thumpback: Wow!

Sonic: Way cool!

STH Rotor: That's putting it mildly, Sonic!

Squidward: (sighs) Morons.

(The All Stars, the Knothole Freedom Fighters & Knuckles & Anti Knuckles made it inside the air dome of the Sunken Island)

Spongebob: This place reminds me of Sandy Cheeks. (sighs) I missed her...again

Anti Knuckles: (hopping outside of the Underwater car) End of the line, but hopefully not us!

Harold: Wow, it's amazing how there is an air dome that is like a bubble.

Sonic: Whew! Air seems a bit thick!

STH Rotor: (holding the remote control) Unless we jury rig something fast to power the air containment'll get even thicker!

DJ: (wearing a life jacket) Thank goodness for that. I can't swim, I can only wear my life jacket, just in case.

Orange Bird: (gets excited again) Oh boy! I wanna play! I wanna play!

Sally: (hears something odd) Hold it! Do you guys hear something?

Thumpback: Say, I can hear it too. What is that?

Anti Knuckles: Sounds like drilling or blasting!

Fangz: What are you talking about?

Spongebob: Interesting.

Sonic: Any idea where from?

Anti Knuckles: It's a big complex. Could be any number of places!

Dudley: I'll just use my super sensitive nose to help us.

Fangz: I'll help too!

Sally: (holding NICOLE in her hands) What about it, NICOLE? Can you help?

NICOLE: Scanning. (scans the area) Head north by north-west to the lower levels...

Spongebob: Quick, to the lower levels! Let's move!

Vezok: Right! Go, Go, Go!

(The group begins to head to the north by north-west & then heads to the lower levels)

NICOLE: (being held by NICOLE as the group continues to head down to the lower levels with a tied Evil Sonic & Doodlebob with them)...follow the path past the fountain hero take a right, three flights down and you should find...

(The group arrives, noticing the 2 familiar doctors with a drill like laser machine firing at the giant moebius version of the chaos emerald called the "Anarchy Beryl")


Spongebob: PLANKTON! You two dictators are behind this, aren't you.

Plankton: Yes, YES! It was the 2 of us the whole time.

Sonic: Not satisfied with just our world, are you?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: On the contrary, I felt this world could be not a great site for raw materials...(clenches his fist in anger)...but also a beta-site to test my latest devices before I used them on you! Powered by the chaos emeralds I appropriated here...this packs more punch than anything you've encountered before...behold! (shoots a laser beam at the Anarchy Beryl with his drilling machine)

Plankton: The Drilling Machine, we've registered the name so don't even think of ripping me off.

Patrick: Pretty lights.

Orange Bird: (notices the Anarchy Beryl mistaken as a rock candy) Mmm...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I couldn't split through dimensions or zones without attracting your attention...but here I can create all sorts of interdimensional doorways without arousing the antizenry! And you know why?

Orange Bird & Ed: (amazed by the shiny Anarchy Beryl, mistaken as rock candy) :D

Spongebob: Because you cheated?

Plankton: (gets a bit annoyed by that question) No, not because we've cheated.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: There isn't any war, so they chalk up whatever disturbance I make to being a natural occurrence!

Thumpback: Now that's cold.

Evil Sonic: (with Doodlebob) That's so twisted of your exploit of our like that! Wish I thought of it first!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Yes, I thought so, too!

Plankton: So would I!

Doodlebob: Me too.

Vezok: Oh boy, this could get ugly.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (to Evil Sonic & Doodlebob) You have one serious drawback! You're still a hedgehog!

Plankton: And you're just a drawing of a stupid kid (laughs evily)

Doodlebob: (his face turns into anger)

Evil Sonic & Doodlebob: (Now angry) What's that?

Vezok: Told ya.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Swatbots! Take them to where they can commune with the fish... up close & personal!

(But before the Swatbots can capture the heroes, a very big yell from a certain duo stops them in their tracks)

Orange Bird & Ed: Rock candy! (charges at the Anarchy Beryl, feeling excited) Yum, yum, yum!

Plankton: What in the name of...?!

Orange Bird & Ed: (rams through the Swatbots together)

Plankton: (growls) Jack-1 Bots, stop those All Stars! The rest of the Swatbots, imprison the Knothole Freedom Fighters)

Jack-1 Bots: (appearing, heading down the staircase)

Swatbots: (goes up to the Knothole Freedom Fighters)

Spongebob: I don't think so!

All Star Freedom Fighters: (gets into their battle stances)

Jack-1 Bots: (gets into their battle stances)

Spongebob: Let's settle this.

(The All Stars begins their battle against the Jack-1 Bots, while the Swatbots begins stuffing the Knothole Freedom Fighters [minus Tails], plus Knuckles, Anti Knuckles, Evil Sonic & Doodlebob inside)

Orange Bird: Say, where's Tails?

HF Rotor: Oops.

(With Tails)

Tails: (swimming underwater) (in thought: "Women and children first!" I'll get 'im for that!) (notices lots of dangerous sharks & manta-rays) (in thought: Hope I have enough air to make it through! Seems rather mean-looking around here!)

(Back with the Heroes)

(The All Stars are winning the battle against the Jack-1 Bots as usual)

Evil Sonic & Doodlebob: (trying to stop the Swatbots from putting inside the pod)

Evil Sonic: Wait a minute!!! I'm being ratted out here! This wasn't part of the plan!

Doodlebob: What's going on here? Why are you betraying us?

Plankton: Because I have no use for you two now that we have the Anarchy Beryl.

Evil Sonic: Here! Have some fistfuls of Sonic Brass! (punches at the Swatbots with his brass knuckles) This'll teach ya not to mess with me!

Doodlebob: Thanks.

Spongebob: Sally! We forgot about Tails! He is in underwater, we need to save him!

Sally: Quickly, Rotor, you're the best swimmer! Get out there and save Tails!

STH Rotor: (begins to swim outside of Atlantinopolis to find Tails)

Vezok: Good luck.

Sonic: In the about clueing us in about this "Plan"?

Sonic, Sally, Knuckles, Anti Knuckles & All Stars: (surrounding Evil Sonic & Doodlebob)

Thumpback: Time for payback.

Evil Sonic & Doodlebob: (now scared)

Sonic: And you better have something better than 'No comment'!

Blue Bird: I have an idea. Orange Bird, care to do the honours?

Orange Bird: Sure thing! (hops on top of Evil Sonic & Doodlebob)

Red Bird: Watch this.

Orange Bird: (inflates himself bigger & bigger until he's too heavy for Evil Sonic & Doodlebob to carry)

Evil Sonic & Doodlebob: (falls down & got crushed underneath by Orange Bird)

Doodlebob: (muffled) Get me outta here!

Thumpback: That'll do it.

Spongebob: Now to stop the 2 mad doctors

Togera: Very well, let's go. Orange Bird, keep an eye on Evil Sonic & Doodlebob for us.

Orange Bird: Will do!

Spongebob, Knuckles & the All Stars (minus Orange Bird): (approaching to Robotnik Prime & Plankton)

Sonic: The gloves are off, Ro-butt-nik & Plank-tiny! We know the whole scheme! Evil Sonic was working in cahoots with you for a piece of the action! Like so many other small-time thugs, he didn't really know what he was dealing with, did he?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Neither do you, Hedgehog! Each time we battle, I grow meaner...(charges up his drilling machine ray gun)...and this should prove! (launches a laser beam)

Spongebob: INCOMING!

(Sonic, Knuckles & the All Stars [minus Orange Bird] dodges the beam)

Eddy: Talk about a close shave.

Timon: You're telling me, now I feel so hungry that I could eat an entire tree stump.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I'm going to make you wish you stayed roboticized when Plankton & I are through with you!

Plankton: And about the hunger Timon? Here, try this! (opens the gateway portal to Mobius Prime & the Chaos Chamber)

Pumbaa: Whoa!

Archimedes: (appeared with Knuckles) He's opened a gateway to our chaos chamber, Knuckles!

Knuckles: (notices Archimedes & was spooked a bit) Archimedes!! I wish you wouldn't do that!

Togera: An ant?

Zaktan: Not just any ant, that's Archimedes.

Togera: Right, I get the point.

Archimedes: (to Knuckles & Anti Knuckles) Well, what are the two of you waiting for? Go make like heroes!

Kitty: Archimedes is right, we must do something!

Anti Knuckles: What do you suppose he thinks we should do?

Knuckles; Follow my lead...

Plankton: Aha! (fires a particle beam of his own at the 2)

Knuckles & Anti Knuckles: (avoids the particle beams)

Knuckles: ...and avoid the particle beam!

Plankton: Can't you just hold still?! (activates more Jack-1 Bots) Jack-1 Bots, move out & retrieve that Prime Master Emerald!

Togera: Not if we have anything to say about it! (begins stabbing at the Jack-1 Bots with his bone spikes)

Duncan: Whoa! How did Togera do that?

Congar: Not only Togera is a reptilian sea monster that can breathe fire, but he is also born with those bone spikes.

Ed: Cool! I would like bone spikes for Ed!

Plankton: (growls) This time you won't get away from me!

Sally: (hiding with Sonic) You go right, Sonic, while I go left! We need to divert attention away from Knuckles! On my mark...NOW!

Sally & Sonic: (comes out from hiding)

Plankton: (growls) Why you little...!

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: (proceeds to fire particle beams at Sonic & Sally)

Sonic: (going to the right, dodging the beams)

Sally: (going to the left, dodging the beams)

Twilight Sparkle: Robotnik & Plankton we're occupied, this is our chance.

Spongebob, Knuckles, Anti Knuckles, Togera & Thumpback: (goes up to the Master Emerald)

Anti Knuckles: Looks like they went from the frying pand into the fire!

Knuckles: Quickly, Knux, help me reposition the Chaos Emerald!

Spongebob: Togera, Thumpback, let's help the 2 Echidnas with this.

Eva: Let's go! Let's go! (smashes a Jack-1 Bot with her bare hands)

Donkey Kong: We must keep going! (slams a Jack-1 Bot to the ground)

Rainbow Dash: Right, time to be awesome!

Plankton & Dr. Robotnik Prime: (trying to hit Sonic & Sally by shooting particle beams, but fails every time)

Plankton: Hold still you miserable rodents!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Did I ever tell you what my favorite dish is? Roasting Hedgehog! It's absolutely out of this world!

Sonic: How would you know?

Patrick: Yeah, what do you know about it?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I've had it before! Yum yum!

Mordecai: Aw sick! Seriously?

Knuckles & Anti Knuckles: (holding the Master Emerald) Hey, docs!!!

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: Eh...? (turns to Spongebob, Togera, Thumpback, Knuckles & Anti Knuckles with the Master Emerald)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: We forgot! The Emerald!

Spongebob: (in front of the Master Emerald) Then come & get it, crazy docs! (makes a funny face) Nyah, Nyah, Nyah Nyah, Nyah! Nyah, Nyah, Nyah Nyah, Nyah!

Plankton: That's it!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Now that I've got my own. I can destroy yours!

Plankton: You're time has come you little yellow brat!

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: (launches a particle beam at Spongebob)

Spongebob: (dodges out of the way)

(The particle beam hits the Master Emerald & was reflected back, heading towards Robotnik Prime & Plankton)

Plankton: Uh oh. (dodges out of the way)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (got hit along with the drilling machine ray guy & then dissapears, leaving a lot of Anarchy Beryl lying on the floor)

Hakann, Mordecai & Rigby: Cool.

Sonic: Robotnik's vanished!

Spongebob: Robotnik just dissapeared into thin air. Just like that.

Sally: Is he...?

Knuckles: Nah! He's just a little misplaced!

Sonic: So what happened?

Drilldozer: How should I know?

Anti Knuckles: (picking up the group of 6 Anarchy Beryl) In a second! First I have to extract the emeralds from this pike of junk! The air containment field is about to collapse any moment!

LeShawna: I am not going to die!

Plankton: Time for me to get outta here! (opens the portal back to Mobius Prime & the Mega Chum Bucket) I'm outta here! (goes through the portal)

Anti Knuckles: Hurry! Open this panel!

Knuckles: (opens the panel to see the containment field systems)

DJ: I don't wanna drown because I can't swim!

Anti Knuckles: (placing 6 Anarchy Beryl in each slot) We need to place all 6 emeralds in their proper position!

(The air containment field begins to repair itself back to normal)

Anti Knuckles: There! That does it! The field is at full strength!

Edd: Incredible!

Spongebob: The Sunken Island is saved!

Sonic: You still haven't explained what happened to Robotnik!

(Inside the Underwater Car, the vehicle is setting a course back to the surface with the All Star Freedom Fighters, Sonic, Sally, Knuckles, Anti Knuckles with Evil Sonic & Doodlebob who are tied up together again, inside)

Anti Knuckles: He intended to send you on a trip, only it ricocheted back on him, sending him on the journey instead!

Sonic: Any guesses where he is?

Black Bird: He could be anywhere by now.

Anti Knuckles: Back where he came from, most likely! How was going to destroy your Knuckles' Chaos Emerald go it couldn't be used against him!

Tree Rex: Very interesting.

(The underwater car arrives up on the surface & the group begins to hop off, leaving the tied up duo of Evil Sonic & Doodlebob behind)

Tails: (with STH Rotor: About time you showed up!

Sally: Tails! Rotor! Thank goodness you boys made it!

Katie: We thought that you we're goners!

Sadie: Oh my gosh, but you manage to live & it was very amazing!

Doodlebob: Hello! Aren't you forgetting someone?

Evil Sonic: Hey! Aren't you going to untie me?!

Anti Knuckles: (angrily at Evil Sonic & Doodlebob) Please, laddies, let me take car our guests first! I'll get back to you...eventually!

Orange Bird: (eating candy) Mmm, candy!

Owen: I believe you deserve this for a job well done.

Orange Bird: Thanks guys.

Spongebob: You are very welcome, buddy. (laughs)

Sonic: (notices STH Rotor looking a bit down) What's you, Rotor? You seem down.

STH Rotor: (holding his remote scanner) It's my Remote Scanner!

Magmo: What's wrong now?

STH Rotor: I anticipated us using it everywhere except where we needed it!

Edd: Hmm, prehaps it needs more upgrades on using it whenever we needed it.

Sonic: (to STH Rotor) Guess it's back to the drawing board for you!

STH Rotor: (grumbling)

Boggy B: (shrugs) Better luck next time Rotor.

The End