This is the 54th Episode of Archie Sonic the Heddgehog Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Twilight Sparkle, Duncan & LeShawna

Main Villain: Discord, Kodos Lion, Feist & Ermac

Story #1: Transcript

The Flashback Zone (Part 1)

(At the Hospital in Knothole)

(We see the All Stars arriving inside the Hospital)

Spongebob: And that's all I know about this experience.

Twilight Sparkle: This is actually quite interesting. The Golden Temple being guarded by Golden Rahkshi is quite amazing. But I do have one question: Why would this Giant Jumbo Rainbowrahk say about protecting yourself & Plankton?

Spongebob: Because if we didn't, the final battle would be pre-mature & the Underground version of Robotnik's ward will be nullified & Lord Fuse will return stronger than ever. That's why this ward has kept Sonic's world safe from Lord Fuse's invasion.

LeShawna: Say what now?!

Spongebob: Just remember this that when the time is right, the final battle will commence.

Duncan: Since when exactly?

Spongebob: I don't know. But we will find out soon enough.

(Suddendly they saw a yellow duck, wearing a white doctor's coat & a doctor's mirror headband, running past Sonic & Tails in a fast pace. His name is Horatio Quentin Quack, also known as "Dr. Quack")

Dr. Quack: Out of the way, Sonic the Hedgehog! One highly experienced physician comin' through!

Spongebob: Huh?

Eddy: (on Ed's shoulders) What's going on?

Sonic: Hey! Where's the fire, doc?

Ed: Fire? AAAAH! [He takes off.]

Eddy: (holding onto Ed very tight) No, Ed!

Ed: I am melting, Eddy!

Eddy: Ed! Aah!

Hakann: Ed, not again! I'll go get him (goes after Ed & Eddy)

Meltdown: What's going on here?

Dr. Quack: I've got patients to worry about and diseases to diagnose...and Doctor Kildare wants a report! Check with my secretary for info, Sonic! I haven't got time right now! (runs off)

Ed & Eddy: (we're brought back to the group by Hakann)

Hakann: There, no more funny business ok?

Ed: Oops, sorry about that Hakann.

Pumbaa: Sorry to interupt, but who do you think the patient is?

Thok: Do you really have to ask? Come on!

Tails: Thok's right, let's just follow him, Sonic!

(They begin to follow Dr. Quack)

Tails: He may be heading towards....

Dr. Quack: (arrives in the room, spoting Princess Sally inside) Princess Sally! Who loves ya, baby?

Sally Acorn: (notices Dr. Quack) Doctor Quack!

Xplode: Wait a minute! Sally, you know him?

Harold: (to Dr. Quack) And she knows you?

Dr. Quack: You better believe it, kid! (to Sally) Ever since the day I delivered you!'ve always been a avorite of mine! (looks around) Yow...where's my patient?

STH Rotor: (in the room as well, checking out the machinery) Right this way Doctor!

HF Rotor: Hi Rotor.

Sonic: Rotor?! What are you doing here?! I thought this was a medical problem from now on.

Dr. Quack: Are you the Doctor here or am I?

Spongebob: Ok Sonic, that's enough.

Twilight Sparkle: And to answer the Doctor's question. It's Dr. Quack himself.

Dr. Quack: She's right, Rotor is here because I called him in.

(They all noticed King Acorn who is almost crystalized, only his left side of his face remains flesh & bone. King Acorn was wearing only black underwear. King Acorn is sitting on a chair in the Cell Regenerator)

Dr. Quack: We need his experige to utilize our new cell order to stop King Acorn from crystallizing any further!

Edd: Impressive.

Sonic: (gasps) That's some setup you got, Doc!

Spongebob: So what's going on?

Sonic: We've tried everything ffrom the magic rings to a Chaos Emerald do you think this cell thingamajig will really work?

Dr. Quack: That's the billion dollar question!

Eddy: If it a question for a million dollars, then...Cha-ching!

Sonic: I'd even settle for some idle speech-lation!

Dr. Quack: First off, we believe it to be a side effect from something King Acorn was exposed to while in the Zone of Silence!

Kitty: So he's been exposed something? Something maybe out of crystal.

Sanford: Interesting.

Hank: Hmm...interesting indeed.

Dr. Quack: His very cell structure is morphing into a crystalline state...and all we can do right is try to prevent it rom spreading further!

Spongebob: What type of suggestion is it?

Dr. Quack: I've suggested sending the king back into the zone to see if we could reverse the process, but...

Duncan: But what?

Sally: ...I vetoed that one down! I'm sorry, doctor...but we barely got my father out last time we went into the zone!

Crusher: I believe your right.

Twilight Sparkle: (notices Spongebob is concerned about the King as well) Hm?

Dr. Quack: I understand my dear...but that doesn't make my job any easier!

Sonic: One thing more, he aware of what's going on?

LeShawna: I'm not sure what's going on?

Duncan: Does he look like he's listening to our every word?

Courtney: (gets annoyed) Duncan!

Dr. Quack: Who can say? In the meantime, I suggest we intensify the regeneration rays! At best this will help cure him! At worst...he will stay at is!

Edd: Alright then, let's start the regeneration process.

(Everyone puts on their protective goggles)

Dr. Quack: (Puts on black protective goggles) Alright, Rotor...let's get cookin'!

STH Rotor: (activates the regeneration machine, trying to fix King Acorn)

Twilight Sparkle: Spongebob, is something wrong?

Spongebob: I can hear...King Acorn's memories flying around in his head.

Twilight Sparkle: Huh?

Sonic: Sal, you trust this Em-Dee-Duck?

Timon: Huh?

Sally: What kind of question is that, Sonic?

Gwen: What do you mean by that, Sonic?

Sonic: Just wondering iff he's living up to his name!

Xplode: Like trying to duck & cover?

Dr. Quack: I'll ignore that crack, you blue'frred meatball! What do your read-outs say, Rotor?

HF Rotor: Me again?

LeShawna: He meant the other Rotor, fool.

HF Rotor: Oh yeah.

STH Rotor: I don't register signs off any change whatsoever!

Rainbow Dash: What in the hay does that suppose to mean?

Dr. Quack: At the moment, that means Diddly! Right now, the best thing to do is just wait and see if the cell regenerator had an effect!

(They begin to take off their black protective goggles)

Twilight Sparkle: Is there anything else we can do?

Dr. Quack: That's about all we can do at the moment, I'm afriad! I'll have a nurse come in and monitor the king for any sign of activity!

Duncan & Rigby: Fine.

Sally: Doctor, will it be alright if I stay?

Dr. Quack: I don't see any problem, Sally! I'll be in my office studying the print-outs should you need me! (goes back to his office)

Pinkie Pie: Is the king gonna stay that way?

Boggy B: I'm not sure, but I'm sure he'll recover soon.

Sonic: What do you think, Rotor? Is the doc on the level?

Mordecai: (glares at Sonic) Dude!

STH Rotor: I'm amazed at your lack of faith in modern medicine, Sonic! It's not like Doc Quack is a witch doctor!

Spongebob: (sighs) There must be something I can do to help, but what?

(Suddendly Spongebob hears the voice of Giant Jumbo Rainbowrahk & Spongebob is the only one that can hear him)

Giant Jumbo Rainbowrahk: (voice over) All Star Warrior, place your hand on King Acorn's forehead.

Spongebob: (looks around) Huh? (goes up to King Acorn)

Twilight Sparkle: Hm? Spongebob? What are you doing?

Sally: Wait, Doctor Quack said to wait.

Spongebob: But Giant Jumbo Rainbowrahk told me in my head & I must help if I must. (slowly places his hand on King Acorn's forehead & then his eyes glows white)

Sally: Daddy! (about to stop Spongebob)

Twilight Sparkle: (holds her hoof in front of Sally, stopping her) I'm sorry, but I believe in him.

Kitty: What's that suppose to mean?

Twilight Sparkle: I believe Spongebob can help after all...somehow.

(The Camera zooms into Spongebob's white glowing eyes & then we see Spongebob inside a vision of the past, where Robotropolis was formerly Mobotropolis)

Spongebob: (looks around to see that he is in the flashback) Where am I? (notices Sonic & Sally as children) Huh?

Child Sonic: Sez who?

Child Sally: I say!

Child Sonic: You say?

Child Sally: Yeah! I do!

King Acorn: (goes up to Sonic & Sally) What seems to be the problem, children?

Child Sonic & Child Sally: (smiling innocently)

Child Sally: Nothing important, Daddy!

Child Sonic: Nossir! We were just having fun!

SpongeBob: What's going on here? What's all this about? Why would Giant Jumbo Rainbowrahk want me to be inside a flashback? Maybe it must be important.

????: I hate to interrupt, King Acorn...

(They all turn to see a past Dr. Robotnik Prime who is wearing his warlord outfit in the past, plus his left arm is flesh & bone & his past name is Warlord Julian)

Warlord Julian (Past Robotnik Prime): ...But I've matterss of urgent importance to discuss!

SpongeBob: What's Dr. Robotnik Prime doing here? And why is he wearing that outfit? I better check this out.

King Acorn: (notices Warlord Julian) Ah, Warlord Jilian! I've been looking for you! Run along, children! We'll settle this later!

(Child Sonic & Child Sally runs off, having fun together)

King Acorn: We've a reception tonight, Julian!

Warlord Julian: (confused) A reception sire?

King Acorn: Yes! I'm announcing your new appointment as Minister of Science!

SpongeBob: What?! (quickly covers his mouths) Oops.

(But for some weird reason, the 2 didn't hear SpongeBob's yell)

King Acorn: I've also approved your plans for dis-mantling the military! You can begin implementation at once!

Warlord Julian: Of course, sire.

SpongeBob: Gee, I wonder why they can't hear me? (notices Warlord Julian has his fingers crossed behind his back) (gasps) That does not look good.

King Acorn: One more's important that the transition proceed immediately! I'm confident you're more than up to the task Julian!

Warlord Julian: Better than you know, sire!

King Acorn: Very good! I'll see you tonight then! (leaves the room)

Warlord Julian: (turns to Snively who has hair in the past) Alert the troops to be ready for my signal, Snively!

Snively: (has hair in the past) Just say the world, sir!

SpongeBob: (charging at Warlord Julian & Snively) Oh no you don't! The doc stops here! (spindashes at the 2)

(Suddendly SpongeBob went through Warlord Julian & Snively like it's an allusion)

SpongeBob: (falls down on his head) Ow! Barnicles! Why can't I hit them? What's going on here? (spots a green light) Giant Jumbo Rainbowrahk? Is that you?

(However, instead of Giant Jumbo Rainbowrahk appearing, it was actually Discord who teleported inside the flashback & then gets up, laughing)

Spongebob: Discord?!

Discord: You should've seen the look on your face! It's priceless! (laughing evily)

Spongebob: What are you doing inside the flashback?

Discord: Causing King Acorn to turn into crystal, that's what.

Spongebob: Wait, it was you!

Discord: Yes by using the harsh environment of the void that will turn King Max Acorn into what he's gonna be now, a crystal statue made by Chaos Emeralds.

Spongebob: How did you know?

Discord: Just because I am turned into stone by the Elements of Harmony, doesn't mean that can stop me from hearing every word from Celestia & any kind of universe I choose & you, All Star Warrior.

Spongebob: Whatever it is, you must stop right now!

Discord: (laughs evily) You think you can save the king just like that? (teleports next to Spongebob) The flashback of his worst nightmare is just the beginning. (teleports on top of Spongebob's head) Not only the king is turning into crystal because he's been too long in the harsh environment of the Void, I'm tormenting his dreams by bringing him back dark memories. (teleports in front of Spongebob & picks him up) Now sit back, relax & enjoy the show.

Spongebob: What do you mean? (notices another flashback is forming) Huh?

(He notices the 2nd flashback showing that in night time, the Swatbots we're ready for action)

Warlord Julian: The world is given, Snively...:commence attack...NOW!

(The Swatbots begins the invasion of Mobotropolis, terrorizing the citizens, capturing them one by one

SpongeBob: What the?!

Discord: (wearing 3D Glasses, sitting on a red floating recliner chair next to Spongebob, eating a box of popcorn) Mmmm...hungry?

(Spongebob didn't response because he's in shock & disbelief because of the flashback on how Robotnik Prime gained Mobotropolis & turn it into Robotropolis)

Discord: No? Suit yourself. (snaps his fingers & more popcorn fills up the box & continues eating popcorn) It's no wonder why Giant Jumbo Rainbowrahk had sent you inside King Max Acorn's flashbacks. Those flashbacks from his betrayal & losses are spectacular! (laughs evily & then drinks soda from a large size movie cup)

SpongeBob: Alright Discord, that's enough! Your starting to scare me!

Discord: Oh I'm sorry, we haven't seen the best part yet! (turns Spongebob to the flashback) Just watch & see which scene of this flashback movie is the best part for me!

Child Sonic & Child Sally: (with Julayla, watching the Swatbots terrorizing the city)

Child Sonic: Sal! It's like the war is starting up again! But I've never seen soldiers like these!

Child Sally: What do they want, Julayla?

Julayla: I think it's better we return to the palace and find Rosie, my dear! I'm sure King Acorn is aware of the situation!

Discord: (to SpongeBob) Bone chilling isn't it? (snaps his fingers & then snow begins to fall on top of SpongeBob)

SpongeBob: (shivering because he is covered in snow) S-s-s-so C-c-c-c-cold!

Discord: That's good, because the tension is just warming up. (snaps his fingers, making the snow disappears)

SpongeBob: Huh?

(The 3rd Flashback shows Warlord Julian, who is now dressed in his original clothes as Dr. Robotnik Prime, emerging from a blimp-like craft & he is walking towards King Acorn)

King Acorn: Julian! What's going on here?

Warlord Julian: Your majesty, members of the royal court...I've now assumed command! Henceforth, Mobotropolis is Robotropois, the capital of my kingdom! My army of Swatbots have struck simultaneously at various points throughout the kingdom...

Swatbot: (arrives behind King Acorn & grabs his arms to his back, like he was arrested)

Warlord Julian:...virtually halting any chance of resistance! That could change, however if the subjects were to rally around the king & crown!

King Acorn: Give it up, Julian! You can't succeed!

Warlord Julian: The name is no longer Julian! From this day forward I am...ROBOTNIK!

SpongeBob: (in shock & disbelief)

Discord: (smiles at SpongeBob) This movie is going brilliant! (continues watching the flashback, eating popcorn)

Warlord Julian (now called Dr. Robotnik Prime): As for you, King Acorn...I hearby banish you to the Zone of Silence...forever!

(A pair of onlookers we're seen above on the upper level, looking down, feeling worried)

Onlooker #1: (a female) (turns to Onlooker #2) Oh my!

Discord: Ooh-ho-hoo! (turns to the audience, lowering his 3D glasses) I'm going to need more popcorn! (holds up his box of popcorn with a smirk on his face)

The Flashback Zone (Part 2)

(Back in the Hospital in King Acorn's room with the Sonic, Sally & the All Stars)

Spongebob: (his eyes are still glowing white, still has his hand on King Acorn's forehead, hasn't moved an inch)

Rainbow Dash: (getting impaient) Why is Spongebob taking so long & why would he do a thing like that?

Twilight Sparkle: Prehaps this Giant Jumbo Rainbowrahk might be helping Spongebob on fixing the problem.

Duncan: Yeah, but he should be done by now.

Congar: Yeah, what is taking Spongebob so long?

Reidak: You got me.

Geoffrey St. John: (enters) I thought if I found you, Sonic the Hedgehog I'd find Princess Sally as well!

Alejandro: Well, well, if it isn't my friend, Geoffrey St. John.

Geoffrey St. John: Am I good for what, eh?

Togera: Indeed you are and...

Sonic: (covers Togera's mouth) Put a sock in it, St. John! When we need comedy relief we'll as for it!

Sally: (gets up from her chair & runs up to Geoffrey) Oh, Geoffrey! I'm so glad you came!

Xplode: Huh?

Sonic: Sal...?

Sally: (hugs Geoffrey)

Geoffrey: There, there, luv! Everything will soon be right fine!

Rarity: (feels happy) How sweet!

Sonic: (turns away, pointing his finger at his tounge) I think I'm gonna throw up!

Xplode: (groans as he facepalms) Oh brother.

Sally: Sonic! Are you getting sick as well?

Fluttershy: Is something wrong?

Sonic: I guess the foul air has been bothering my sinus more than I realized!

Ed: Like my lucky cheese junk, Sheldon & my more than lucky fishy, Angus?

Edd: (gets a bit annoyed by Ed's question) I thought we'd agreed to not speak of this again.

Owen: (turns to Noah & then shrugs in confusion)

Geoffrey St. John: What a pity! Is it contagious?

Sonic: I guess it depends on the cause!

Timon: And kind of cause is that exactly?

Dr. Quack: (enters the room) Well if you're not feeling well, Sonic...I may have to order you out of here!

Duncan: Can we get this over with?

Eddy: Yeah, we'd betta quit rocking the boat. (goes up to King Acorn & Spongebob) We got a king to cure.

Pinkie Pie: Is Spongebob ok? He's being still as a statue for a very very veeeerrryy long time with his big eyes glowing! Still glowing in the eyes!

Dr. Quack: First things first, though, how's my patient doing?

LeShawna: I do believe you mean two cause Spongebob is standing still like a statue for hours.

Sally: Oh Doctor, something seems to be bothering my father...but I couldn't begin to tell you what.

Blue Bird: Spongebob has been still as a statue like LeShawna & Pinkie Pie said. We have no idea what's going o

Dr. Quack: That's because you haven't gone to med school and studied under the great ones...

Tree Rex: Great ones?

Dr. Quack: Giants such as Casey, Welby and the master, Von Frankkenstein himself!

Fluttershy: (gulps & then hides behind Swarm)

Swarm: Hm?

Dr. Quack: But with my superior training...aided by the most advanced technology...I should be able to at least guess what the matter is!

Sonic: (faking being suprized) (sarcasticly) Really? What a shocker! (got punched by Mordecai) (normal) Ow!

Sally: Thanks Mordecai. Leave this to me.

Mordecai: Hm, hm, agreed.

Sally: Sonic, Doctor Quack is renowed for his work in the veterinary sciences!

Geoffrey St. John: Some blokes haven't any regard for the trained professionals, luv!

Xplode: Says the guy who is happen to be a skunk.

Dr. Quack: Please, please! Enough of this!

Twilight Sparkle: He's right, Spongebob needs some attention!

Dr. Quack: And so does the king, now! It seems like he's in a heavy daze or stupor...

Sonic: Kind of like someone I know on a good day!

Dr. Quack: If only he could respond...

Twilight Sparkle: (her horn begins to glow with magenta magic)

LeShawna: What in the name of Toronto are you doing?

Twilight Sparkle: I'll try to use my magic to follow Spongebob, wherever he has gone to, I must get him out of there...somehow. I hope this spell works. (goes up to Spongebob who has still not moved an inch with glowing white eyes)

Boggy B: Good luck Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: (nods & then turns to Spongebob) Don't worry Spongebob, I'm coming! (gently touches her horn on Spongebob's forehead & then her eyes begins to glow white)

(The camera zooms into Twilight Sparkle's glowing white eyes & then Twilight Sparkle appears in the flashback in the same way Spongebob entered)

Twilight Sparkle: (looks around) Spongebob? Where are you? (spots Spongebob looking on at the flashbacks in shock & disbelief)

Twilight Sparkle: SpongeBob! (goes up to SpongeBob) SpongeBob! It's me, Twilight Sparkle!

SpongeBob: Huh? (turns to her) Twilight Sparkle? What are you doing here? Are you part of the flashback too?

Twilight Sparkle: No, I've actually got inside the flashback by using my magic.

SpongeBob: I figured out why Giant Jumbo Rainbowrahk is telling me to go inside his mind. He wants to show me the past. But he's not the only one wanted to show me those flashbacks. Someone else got inside as well. (points to Discord)

Twilight Sparkle; (notices & gasps) Discord?!

Discord: (sitting on his throne, laughing) That's my name, don't wear it out. Watching flashbacks of the King's dark times is so much fun. How about a game of "Pin the Tail on the Pony"? (holds up Twilight Sparkle's tail)

Twilight Sparkle: Huh?! (notices her rear, that her tail is gone) (gasps)

SpongeBob: Oh dear.

Twilight Sparkle: What are you doing here inside King Acorn's mind?

Discord: Tormenting him of course, what else? (snaps his fingers & then Twilight Sparkle's tail is back in place)

Twilight Sparkle: (looks at her rear, noticing her tail again & then turns to Discord) Play time is over for you Discord!

Discord: Oh I seriously doubt that. Look, here comes the next part. We're nearing at the best part for me.

SpongeBob: And what would that be exactly?

Discord: You'll see.

(SpongeBob, Twilight Sparkle & Discord continues watching as the 4th & final Flashback begins to show King Acorn got his arms behind his back & his hands cuffed by the Swatbots & he looks angry at Warlord Julian who is now called "Dr. Robotnik Prime")

King Acorn:...There wouldn't be any of this! Have you no honor, Julian? No sense of responsibility or loyalty?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (his left arm still flesh & bone) Oh, but I do King Acorn! I have a responsibility to restore order from chaos!...and with the aid of my greatest discovery, I have the means necessary to carry out my plans!

Snively: (pulls the curtain away revealing lots of mobians waiting in line in front of the roboticizer, which has already finished roboticizing one of the mobians)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Behold my to transform any living creature into a programmed metal to obey my orders only! Look at them! Lining up in assembly-line fashion! ...emerging as the ultimate product of my new world order!

King Acorn: This is Monstrous!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: That depends on your point of view! In my version, you are the enemy...and must be eliminated for the good of all!

King Acorn: No mater how long it takes, Julian, somehow I will stop you!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Courageous words, sire, but where you're going...that won't be possible!

Twilight Sparkle: No, stop!

SpongeBob: (puts his arm in front of Twilight Sparkle) Sorry, I've already tried. It's only a flashback. They can't see us or hear us.

Discord: Exactly & here comes the best part.

Twilight Sparkle: What do you mean "best part"?

Discord: Shh, here it comes!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Open the Portal!

(The Swatbots opens the portal to the Zone of Silence)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: May I present...the Zone of Silence! Impressive, isn't it? Be sure to give Ixis, it's inventour and Kodos your former warlord my regards! A safe journey, my once and former king!

(The Swatbot begins to free King Acorn from his cuffs, causing him to get sucked into the Zone of Silence)

SpongeBob & Twilight Sparkle: (gasps)

King Acorn: (getting sucked into the portal) I'll get you, Julian!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (smiles evily) Long live the king!

Discord: (clapping) Bravo! Bravo! Encore! That was spectacular!

Twilight Sparkle: Why would you be so cruel?

Discord: I just keep getting better. Once that is done, you'll never rescue your precious King Acorn ever again! (laughs evily as a big thunderstorm begins to appear)

SpongeBob & Twilight Sparkle: AAH!

(Back at the Hospital in reality)


Sally: Daddy!

Dr. Quack: It's alright, Princess! He's probably experiencing a nightmare!

(Suddendly King Acorn's loud scream causes SpongeBob & Twilight Sparkle to accidently electrocute the rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters)

Sonic: Whoa!

All Stars Freedom Fighters (Minus SpongeBob & Twilight Sparkle) Ow! Ow, ow! Ow ow ow! Owowowow! Owowowowowow! Owowowowowowowow.....!

(The electricity from SpongeBob & Twilight causes the rest of the All Stars to be still as statues & have their eyes glowing white, meaning that they also got transported inside King Acorn's mind, the same way SpongeBob & Twilight got inside King Acorn's mind)

Dr. Quack: Uh oh.

Sonic: Uh Oh? What do you mean "Uh Oh"?

Geoffrey: They're coming back right?

Dr. Quack: Uhh...Probably not.

Sonic: What?!

???: (laughing evily)

(??? appears as a hologram & he appears to be Discord)

Discord: Hello Freedom Fighters, remember me?

Sonic, Sally & Geoffrey: Discord?!

Dr. Quack: So you must be Discord.

Discord: That is correct & I have those All Stars inside your precious king's mind.

Geoffrey: You get them back you creepy bloke.

Discord: Oh, creepy bloke. Now that's rich. (laughs) If you want them back, then you have to go in after them.

Sally: Are you crazy? How do we even get inside my daddy's mind?

Discord: Yeah right, like I'm gonna tell you! (makes a pair of sunglasses appear & wears them) Figure it out for yourself & I'll see you inside his mind (chuckles evily) Now if you excuse me I've got some chaos to make.

(Discord snaps his fingers & then teleports back inside King Acorn's mind)

Dr. Quack: Hmm, it appears that this Discord has used his chaotic magic to trap inside while the king is experiencing nightmare. It could be he is trying to sift through the haze that is his memory! The more he struggles to remember, the more painful it is to him!

Sally: You mean that Discord is bringing pain to my daddy by sifting through my dad's memory?

Dr. Quack: That is correct, I'm afraid.

Sally: Can anything be done for my daddy, doctor?

Dr. Quack: There is a chance...

Sonic: Naturally!

Dr. Quack: (holds up the Dream Watcher)...if we use this, my electro-encellographic memory inducer!

Sonic: Your wotsis?!

Dr. Quack: In simpler terms, the Dream Watcher!

Sonic: It doesn't look like any TV I've ever seen!

Dr. Quack: It operates mor eon an interactive principle! By connecting on person to another through this device

Sonic: (whispers to Tails) Wait until he gets to the punchline!

Dr. Quack: allows both parties to communicate with each other in what I call "The Dream Zone"! There is just one catch...

Sonic: (to Tails) I knew it!

Dr. Quack: ...whoever makes the journey to contact the person in the dream zone...might not awaken should anything go wrong! (makes a hand sign of beheading)

Sonic: (gulps as he covers his throat)

Dr. Quack: As this could help pull the king through & help the All Stars escape from Discord...have I any volunteers?

Sonic: (puts his hand up) Me!

Tails & Sally: (points to themselves) No! Me!

Geoffrey: (holds up a gold coin) I'll flip you for it!

(Back in King Acorn's mind, in the Dream Zone)

Twilight Sparkle: So that's how King Acorn got into this mess in the Void?

Spongebob: Yes & there is something funny going on here? And I don't mean a mime, something else is funny. (gasps as he notices King Acorn in the Zone of Silence) King Acorn! Your here.

The Flashback Zone (Part 3)

King Acorn: (on a floating rock) Who are you?

Spongebob: My name is Spongebob & this is my friend Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight Sparkle: It's very nice to meet you, your majesty.

King Acorn: Are you trapped here as well?

Spongebob: Actually, I've entered inside your mind & we're inside the Dream zone.

King Acorn: The what?

Twilight Sparkle: It's a long story, you see...

(Before Twilight can explain, the rest of the All Stars appears screaming before they crash landed on a large floating rock)

All Stars [minus Spongebob & Twilight Sparkle]: (groaning in pain)

Rainbow Dash: My head.

King Acorn: Oh my goodness. Who are these people?

Spongebob: They're our friends!

Twilight Sparkle: (goes up to the All Stars) Are you all alright?

LeShawna: Next time what we need ourselves is a softer landing.

Tyler: What a rush.

Patrick: Let's do it again

Duncan: Yeah, no way.

Squidward: (groans as he is rubbing)Tell me about it.

Pinkie Pie: (notices a bright light) Lookie!

(The Bright light begins to fade away, revealing Sonic appearing in the Dream Zone)

Spongebob: Sonic!

King Acorn: I don't believe it! It's Sir Charles' nephew...Sonic the Hedgehog. But what is he doing here? How did he find me?

Zaktan: I'm not sure, but let's find out from him.

Red Bird: Alright then, let's go!

Sonic: Hoo boy! Wasn't that a wild strange trip! That medicine maalard's device really works! Feels so dreamlike, yet so real! Kind'a like that virtual reality environment Robotnik had trapped us in!

Spongeebob: Hi Sonic!

Edd: We're right behind you!

Sonic: (turns to see the All Stars) Huh? Oh, All Stars! It's a good thing I found you guys.

King Acorn: So Robotnik trapped you here as well?

Sonic: (notices King Acorn) Wha...? Oh, King Acorn!

Twilight Sparkle: I believe he's been sent in the Dream Zone to help us.

King Acorn: Tell me, Sonic, is my daughter alright?

Sonic: Your daughter...? But of course!

White Bird: She is indeed safe.

Boomerang Bird: Yeah, she is.

King Acorn: Well, at least she's safe for the moment! Right now, we've got to find a way out of here!

Spongebob: Right, how do we do that?

Sonic: But...

King Acorn: But me no buts, lad! Where there's a will, there's a way!

???: You can say that again!

Magmo: Agamo, did you say something?

Agamo: Actually, it's not me.

King Acorn: Who...?

(They all turned to see a Muscular Mobian Lion with a large white mane, wearing a brown outfit & blue boots, metal shoulder pads & metal arm bands, wielding a giant double bladed axe)

Edd & Eddy: What is that?! O_O

King Acorn: Warlord Kodos!

Kodos Lion: Yes indeed, sire! And as you can see, I'm in one mean mood! (holds up his axe up high)

Reidak: Watch out!

King Acorn: This one is quite the swinger!

Kodos Lion: (slashes at the group)

Sonic, King Acorn & the All Stars: (dodges out of the way)

Duncan: Whoa! No kidding.

Spongebob: Man, that was a close call.

Patrick: We don't have any phones.

Congar: Any suggestions?

Sonic: What a fix! Do I just stand and watch as a memory is recreated before my very eyes! ...or do I make like a hero and save the king?

Reidak: (facepalms) Oh for the love of pete! Yes! Do something before the King is slashed to pieces!

Sonic: Since I've always been a hedgehog of's time for me to juice! (charges at Kodos, but gets zapped from behind & falls down)

Spongebob: Sonic are you ok?

Sonic: Oooh...I feel like I've been hit by a sledge hammer!

Agamo: I believe that we have another guest here.

(Agamo points to a gigantic being of unknown origin and power, resembling a Mobian Panda with glowing yellow eyes, wearing a large metal belt & his name is Feist)

Feist: Who dares disturb Feist in his den?!

Spongebob: Holy Krabby Patties, what is that thing?!

Sonic: Great stars of the night sky! Who in blazes is that?

LeShawna: That's what I want to know too.

Owen: Wow! He's larger than me! O_O

Kodos Lion: I think we ought to table our disagreement for now, sire!

Alejandro: What are they up too?

Hank: I don't know, but he is unlike anything we fought before.

King Acorn: (to Feist) Now see here...

Duncan: (to Feist) Alright big guy, if you think you can take us all on, then boy, you are...

Feist: Silence! You will speak when spoken to! This is my domain!

Patrick: What domain?

Kodos Lion: (steps up to Feist) And you would do well to respect that which could hurt you!

King Acorn: Kodos!

Twilight Sparkle: That does not look good.

Eddy: Take cover!

(The All Stars take cover as Feist shoots his yellow laser vision at Kodos, zapping him into nothing)

Fluttershy: (gasps & then becomes stiff & falls down on the ground, complete with a goat bleat)

Thok: Fluttershy, not again.

Feist: Now to get rid of the other gnat!

Astro Boy: This giant is powerful

Tree Rex: And so are we.

Spongebob: Hold up, we're in the Dream Zone, everything is not real. That's it!

Sonic: King Acorn! This is not real!

King Acorn: Are you mad, lad? Of course this is real! I'm about to be terminated!

Sonic: Well, yes...and no!

Avak: Is this real? No. Is Sonic & the All Stars are real & has come inside the Dream Zone to help you? Yes. Are you going to be terminated? No.

King Acorn: It's either one or the other, m'boy! Yes it did occur...but no, it's not happening again! Care to run that by me again?

Duncan: (sighs) FIne.

Sonic: I'm not sure you're prepared for this, goes! Right now we are your dreams experiencing your memories!

King Acorn: It all seems real enough to me, Sonic!

Spongebob: We all knew.

Sonic: You jus think so, sire! In reality...we rescued you not long ago!

King Acorn: Rescued me?!

Twilight Sparkle: That's correct.

King Acorn: From where? We're still here in the zone!

Sonic: Sure, listen to me! Rght now, you are reclining on a treatment table slowly crystallizing before our eyes!

King Acorn: (angrily at Sonic) Preposterous! >:(

Congar: (signals King Acorn to stop) Restraint yourself, your majesty & let Sonic continue.

King Acorn: (doesn't like this, but calms down)

Sonic: Thanks.

Spongebob: King Acorn, you will learn about this soon enough.

Sonic: Now to continue...the condition apparently is a result from being exposed to the Zone of Silence for such a long time! Because you seemed to be suffering from shock due to your experiences in the zone...chief medical officer Quack used a device that would allow someone else's mental paterns to make contact with yours!

Spongebob: While we're researching about your condition, King Acorn. I heard Giant Jumbo Rainbowrahk calling to me, saying that I should place my hand on your forehead & that result had sent me inside your mind as well. Twilight Sparkle followed me here & Discord has used his electricity to sent the rest of the All Stars inside your mind as well.

Twilight Sparkle: But don't worry, Sonic is here to help.

King Acorn: You mean...?

Sonic: Exactly! I'm no more real than anything else here!

Spongebob: Or us All Star Freedom Fighters!

King Acorn: Then Feist is nothing more than a memory?

Twilight Sparkle: That's correct.

Sonic: And a very bad one at that!

(Feist begins to vanish)

Rarity: It's dissapearing.

(Feist vanishes, revealing Discord, looking angry)

Discord: Oh for goodness sake!

Thunder: Discord again?

Discord: I have enough of this! I will stop you once & for all! (grins) But I will not do that alone.

Mordecai: What are you talking about?

Discord: I present to you, the latest creation of our new friend of Plankton. He is many warriors, their souls fused into one being.

(A new warrior, covered in a mask of cloth & red clothing, emerges from the portal & is walking up towards Sonic, King Acorn & the All Stars)


Rigby: Who's that?

Discord: new partner...Ermac!

(Ermac assumes a fighting kata. He glows with green energy, makes a magic light crackle before him and the air around him into ripples. Sonic & the All Stars looks concerned. King Acorn is a bit worried about this new warrior that he has never seen before in his life)

Duncan & Noah: Whoa.

LeShawna: (gulps) That guy looks creepy, especially those creepy glowing green eyes of his.

Donkey Kong: (gulps) Now what do we do?

Sanford: We must be wary. He is unlike anything we though before.

Sonic & Spongebob: (goes up to Discord & Ermac)

Sonic: We're ready.

Discord: Then let's fight.

Spongebob: I couldn't agree more.

Ermac: We are many. You are one. We will destroy you.


(They fight. Discord's chaotic magic & tricks plus Ermac's telekenetic powers & control over magic would be an even match for tough warriors & this battle would go on for a long time, but thanks to the teachings from Queen Aleena, Spongebob is no oridinary warrior. After a few minutes of battling, Sonic is defeated by Discord & Ermac's tag team attacks. Spongebob uses all of his fighting skills to overcome the Draconequus & the mystical warrior. After an intense battle, Spongebob was the last one standing to win the battle & helps Sonic recover)

Spongebob: King Acorn will not fall into your master's hands.

Sonic: Thanks Spongebob. How did you become such a powerful warrior?

Spongebob: Queen Aleena.

Sonic: Who?

Spongebob: Oh right, your from the Prime Zone. Sorry.

Twilight Sparkle: That's ok, we all make mistakes.

Discord & Ermac: (gets up)

Discord: You may be strong, but we will come back again. Plankton & his new ally, Shao Kahn will stop your resistance once & for all.

Applejack: Shao Kahn?

Discord: (in thought: Whoops. Oh, I forgot that it was against the new rule to say the new ally's name when their not in their first battle against the All Stars) I can't believe this! Your curiosity got the best of me! This is all your fault!

Duncan: Your the one who let that info out from your mouth.

Discord: (snaps his fingers, using his magic to litterally zipping Duncan's mouth) Shut up!

Duncan: Mmmmmmmmm....!

Discord: Now that you know our secret. I'm afraid I will not aloud you to leave here. I will not let out any more info to you anymore! But why should I care when Shao Kahn's powers are unlike anything than you ever imagine.

Reidak: You've already lost. Now fix Duncan now or else you'll be turned back into stone.

Discord: (groans & then sighs in defeat) I suppose that's correct. (snaps his fingers, using his magic to unzip Duncan's mouth back to normal) I'll be back for you. And one day you will surrender yourselves to Shao Kahn. (creates a portal) Bye bye. Have a nice day, if you can that is. Bye, bye. Bye bye. (goes through the portal back to the Mega Chum Bucket)

Ermac: (hasn't said a single word after his defeat & then follows Discord)

Spongebob & Sonic: (panting)

King Acorn: They vanished!

Sonic: Yesterday's news, sire!

King Acorn: Then why don't I recall your rescuing me?

Blue Bird: It's a long story.

Sonic: You had lost your memory, no doubt as a result of your encounter with Feist!

King Acorn: So I didn't even know you when you found me?

Spongebob: Nope.

Thok: Not a single memory of it, ever since.

Sonic: You didn't even know your own daughter!

Twilight Sparkle: Not a single memory of Sally Acorn either.

King Acorn: And Robotnik? What's happened since I was in the zone?

Reidak: Well, we don't know where to start.

Sonic: Robotnik sent out his robot army to capture all the citizens of Mobotropolis! Then, he would send them into his roboticizer, which transformed them into mindless robot slaves!

Spongebob: That's what Discord has shown me in flashbacks.

Sonic: Some of us managed to make our way into the Great Forest where we set up Knothole Village...our base of operations as well as our home away from home!

Twilight Sparkle: The All Stars & I even set up South Knothole.

King Acorn: So what happened next?

Sonic: Robotnik proceeded to create his own world order and pollute the environment! Ever since then we've been fighting back...achieving a victory here a victory there!

Zaktan: During the days as freedom fighters, Plankton attacks Bikini Bottom to get the Chaos Emerald from us. And after stopping Plankton from destroying Bikini Bottom, the All Star Freedom Fighters begins to go in the Prime Zone of Mobius.

Spongebob: Ever since we arrived on Mobius Prime, the All Stars & I teamed up with the Knothole Freedom Fighters, the same way that Plankton teamed up with Robotnik Prime.

Sonic: But we haven't been able to deliver the knockout punch, sire! Robotnik just keeps coming up with newer & deadlier weapons!

Spongebob: Same with Plankton, the only difference is with more officers he recruits, like Ermac who is new to the Plankton Empire.

Sonic: We need you, King Acorn! We need your experience and wisdom! We need you to get well in order to help restore Mobotropolis to what it once was! But above all else, Sally needs her father!

Xplode: Looks like we're getting outta here.

Spongebob: Hold still guys. We're going home. (uses his All Star magic to teleport Sonic, the All Stars & himself out of the king's mind)

King Acorn: (not noticing the groups' dissapearance) You're right, Sonic! (turns to the group, who have dissapeared) Sonic? Sonic!

(In Reality)

(The camera then zooms out of Spongebob's eyes & the All Stars regains their movements & then shakes their heads for stopping the glowing of their eyes, while Sonic begins waking up)

King Acorn: home...

Owen: (groans as he is rubbing his head) Ow, my head. What happened?

Donkey Kong: Who turned off the lights?

Sally: Incredible! You did it Sonic!

Sonic: (waking up) Did what? Ooooh...boy, do I have a lollapalooza of a headache! (gets up from the metal table)

Justin: I think my head hurts.

Duncan: Never...again

LeShawna: I hear that.

Dr. Quack: What do the readings on the monitors show, Rotor?

STH Rotor: (checks the monitors) All life signs are stabilizing! The Crystallization process has stopped!

Thumpback: Thank goodness that's over.

Sally: Oh, Sonic, you were wonderful! (kisses Sonic's cheek)

Geoffrey: Pretty good, I must say...for a hedgehog!

Xplode: (to Geoffrey) Come on, Sonic did a very good job.

Spongebob: Never mind, we had a long day. Although we're not facing Robotnik or Plankton this time.

Dr. Quack: (gently lays King Acorn on a stretcher) We can now move the king to the rehab ward where he can continue to recover!

Dr. Quack & STH Rotor: (moves the stretcher that has King Acorn to the rehab ward)

Geoff: What?

Harold: That's medical slang for Rehabilitation ward.

Geoff: Oh.

Tails: That must have been something else, Sonic! Are you alright?

Sonic: Let's just say, Tails, that life is the stuff dreams are made of !

Twilight Sparkle: (notices Spongebob's concerned face) Spongebob? Are you ok?

Spongebob: I do have one question though. Who is Shao Kahn?

(In the Mega Chum Bucket)

Discord: (with Ermac) The crystallization on King Acorn has stopped & they are one step closer to freeing their king.

Plankton: (with Shao Kahn) What?! How did you & Ermac we're defeated, your very powerful and...(sighs) Just forget it. It doesn't even matter now.

Shao Kahn: That is correct. Their numbers make no difference. Once the time is right...(unleashes his signature hammer) We will rule this planet as one!

Discord: And we still have time to finish the Master Jack-X's power source.

Plankton: Indeed we do, Discord. Indeed we do...(smiles evily)

The End