This is the 50th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Tree Rex, Corroder & Courtney

Main Villains: King Acorn, Dong Zhuo & Lu Bu

Story #1: Transcript

One shall stand, One shall fall (Part 1)

(In South Knothole)

(We see the All Star Freedom Fighters is preparing their weapons)

Corroder: (his claws are sharp) (sighs) Perfect & sharp

Edd: Let's see, Swords...

Harold: Check

Edd: Axes...

Patrick: (holds up an axe) Check

Edd: Hammers...

Owen: (holds up a metal hammer) Check

Edd: Zamor Launchers...

Zaktan: Check

Eddy: (bored) Yep, it's a gun

Courtney: All of the weapons are ready

Spongebob: Good cause we need all the help we can get on our new mission in the void

Xplode: The void? Why go there?

Spongebob: We have orders by Liu Bei to join the Knothole Freedom Fighters in their journey in the void, we have some sightings that King Acorn is still alive...

Tree Rex: King Acorn is still alive after that explosion?

Spongebob: We'll find out more about that later. Right now we gotta get to Knothole Village to get to the lab.

Courtney: Very well, let's go

Twilight Sparkle: Let us proceed to Rotor's lab

Hakann: Yeah, follow Twilight.

(The All Star Freedom Fighters heads to the lab)

(In STH Rotor's lab)

Sally: (notices the All Star Freedom Fighters arrives in the lab) Hello All Stars

Gwen: Say where's Sonic?

Sally: He is heading out for a mission

Duncan: (notices Sonic coming back) Well speak of the devil, he's coming back.

Sonic: (arrives in the lab)

Sally: Sonic! I take it you were successful !

???: (in the lab, in the shadows) Well, if he wasn't, luv...(appears to be Geoffrey St. John)...there's still one bloke you can depend on!

Spongebob: Geoffrey St. John? What are you doing here?

Sonic: (goes in front of Spongebob & faces Geoffrey) In your dreams, Clyde! This hedgehog takes a back seat to nobody!

Corroder: Uh guys?

Sally: Stop it! Stop it both of you! You're like boys with toys!

Xplode: Thank you! I thought that this rivalry would keep on going...

Sally: This isn't time for fun and games!

STH Rotor: Truer words were never spokin, Princess! In fact, it's even worse than I feared!

Courtney: What do you mean by that?

Tree Rex: What's going on Rotor?

STH Rotor: I thought we stopped the Zone of Silence from collapsing last time...(looks into the microscope) us a chance to rethink how to retrieve King Acorn! Using this component Sonic liberated from Robotnik...

Noah: Your point?

STH Rotor: We have the missing piece necessary to make the neutralizer work!

Scorpio: And...?

STH Rotor: With it...(gives Sally a fixed neutralizer)...we stand a chance of recovering King Acorn and saving a universe!

Rainbow Dash: Yeah! About time, let's go!

Sally: Not we, Rotor! This my father we're talking about! We made it out labt time by the skin of our teeth! There aren't any quaranters we'll do it again!

Spongebob: You mean we're not coming with you?

Sally: No! I've got to do this alone!

Xplode: Aw man!

Geoffrey: Beg y'pardon. Princess, but it's your job t'stay an' lead! As the senior operative of the King is special services. It's m'job to risk life an' limb!

Sonic: Much as I hate to admit it, he's right, Sal! You have to stay and depend on yours truly to come through once again!

Spongebob: Don't worry, we will take care of it from here.

Geoffrey: (aims his bow & arrow at Sonic) When shee needs amateur, mate! She'll let y'know! This here's a job for ground ups!

Xplode: And by we, I mean me! (unleashes his spiked axe)

Sonic: Who? You! Wake and smell the coffee, pal!

Spongebob: Hey hey hey, guys?

Geoffrey: Listen...I'm not going to split hairs with you...unless I have to!

Xplode: I don't have any hair you moron! I'm a robot!

Boggy B: Ok guys, let's calm down!

Sonic: Yeah, chill, dude! After all...if there's any spliting to be'll be the split! Seconds timing by the hedgehog...(runs in super sonic speed behind Geoffrey & taps his shoulder)...deliving a splitting headace to the skunk! Have migraine on me, pal! (punches Geoffrey)

Geoffrey: That's your beat shot, mate?! I've been hit by pillows that were harder!

Xplode: You mean like this? (punches at Geoffrey)

Geoffrey: (dodges, causing Xplode to hit Alejandro)

Alejandro: Gah! What the heck?

Xplode: Hey! I was hitting Geoffrey! Not you, Al !

Alejandro: (twitches his eye in anger) That's it, nobody calls me "Al" !

(Sonic, Geoffrey, Xplode & Alejandro got into a fight, creating a fight cloud)

Reidak: Don't just stand there, do something!

Eddy: (happy because Duncan pays Eddy for $5) Are you kidding me? I'm making a killing here!

(The fight cloud dissapears revealing Sally & Twilight Sparkle stopping the fight)

Spongebob: Thank goodness

Duncan: Darn shame.

Twilight Sparkle: That's enough out of the 4 of you! You can't fight each other now!

Spongebob: Twilight's right.

Sally: This isn't getting us anywhere, guys! You can settle this later! Right now we have a job to do!

Kitty: Alright then

Rigby: Whatever you say. Can't we just get this over with, so I can have a nap.

Mordecai: Chill dude.

Sally: Open the portal, Rotor!

Sonic: (looking angry at Geoffrey) This isn't over yet...not by a long shot!

Geoffrey: Anythime and anywhere, Mate!

Xplode: And stay away from Sally, she's mine!

Alejandro: Not if I can help it!

Courtney: (sighs as she facepalms)

STH Rotor: One more thing...(holds up a jetpack) These jet packs I've designed should handle Maneuvering through the zone! However...

Owen: Huh?

STH Rotor: ...I haven't had the chance to fully work out all the bugs, so be careful ! Nothing that will get you through the zone like these will!

Astro: And don't worry, I can carry you all back to the portal, just in case.

Spongebob: Right, we should all be careful

Tree Rex: Very well

Sonic: Be careful?! Got anything more reliable?

Geoffrey: (flapping his arms) Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! I think I hear some hen clucking!

Ed: Chickens?!

White Bird: (gulps)

Vezok: No chickens here

Ed: (now sad) Aw, I love chickens guys!

Kitty: (sighs) We know Ed.

Sonic: (to Geoffrey) Ver-ry funny, wise guy!

Geoffrey: I thought so, too! After you!

Corroder: Yeah! I can't wait! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Ed: (excited) Oh boy, oh boy! I forget what we're doing!

Applejack: Let's go y'all !

STH Rotor: Good luck gang! (activates the portal to the Zone of Silence)

Sonic: We'll be back, Rotor...and don't forget to leave the light on for us!

Spongebob: Next stop, the Void!

(Sonic, Sally, Geoffrey & the All Star Freedom Fighters goes through the portal to the Zone of Silence)

STH Rotor: Not to mention the welcome mat! Just come back safe and sound!

Tree Rex: We will

One shall stand, One shall fall (Part 2)

(At the Portal to the Zone of Silence in which Lu Bu escaped from in Episode 44)

Dong Zhuo: (with Lu Bu) So this is the portal that you we're in.

Lu Bu: Yes, aparently I've tooken care of the All Stars by defeating them in battle, now they preform a surprize attack with an explosion.

Dong Zhuo: No matter, not even the rest of the Freedom Fighters worldwide can't withstand your onslaught.

Lu Bu: This time, I will take care of them personally.

Dong Zhuo: Very well, we shall go to the Zone of Silence.

Dong Zhuo & Lu Bu: (goes inside the Zone of Silence through the portal & arrives in the Zone of Silence, seeing visions of the past & future in the Zone of Silence)

Dong Zhuo: Amazing, this place also has visions of the past & the future, it will give us the advantage we need.

Lu Bu: (points to King Acorn with a mobian toad named "Toady") And there's King Acorn. We should meet him

Dong Zhuo: Very well.

(Dong Zhuo & Lu Bu goes up to King Acorn)

Dong Zhuo: Greetings your majesty.

King Acorn: Lu Bu? Who is that?

Lu Bu: He is my leader, Dong Zhuo.

Dong Zhuo: Charmed...

King Acorn: I sense his arrival ! Sonic the Hedgeho the only foe to invade my domain and escape my wrath!

Lu Bu: Sonic? That would mean the All Stars has escaped as well.

Dong Zhuo: Now's our chance to destroy them while they're off guard. They'll lose & die a hundred deaths!

King Acorn: He will not be so fortunate...this time! (felt a tug in his left leg by Toady) EH? What is it, Toady?

Toady: I beg your lordship's induligence...but it's been awhile since the pack has been fed a decent meal! All they ask is a crumb or two, sire!

King Acorn: (gets angry at Toady) Your groveling is impeccable as always, my faithful footstool ! But your timimg leaves a lot to be desired! However...(throws bones at Toady & his minions)...I can be magnanimous and throw a few bones from this doggie bag!

Dong Zhuo: Hmf!

Toady: Your generosit knows no bounds, sire!

King Acorn: Waste not, want not, I always say! They can repay me later, after I...

Lu Bu: You should've finished him for your interuption.

(Suddendly they heard a vision from the future)

???: (Sally's Voice) Father! Over here!

King Acorn: Eh? What did you say, toady? (turns to see a vision of Sally, Sonic, Geoffrey & the All Star Freedom Fighters) Toady?! That's not Toady?!!

Spongebob: Lu Bu?! Looks like your back for more!

Tree Rex: (points to Dong Zhuo) And that must be his king.

Dong Zhuo: What's the meaning of this?

Lu Bu: It's a vision, this time from the future!

Sally: (hanging onto a large floating rock with Sonic, Geoffrey & the All Stars) Father! We haven't much time!

King Acorn: Stand your ground, all of you!!!

Corroder: No way! We're not standing down!

Sally: Father! Don't you remember me...your daughter?

King Acorn: My daughter?!

Lu Bu: (notices the vision is disappearing) Stop!

Patrick: I have to go to the bathroom.

(The vision disappears, revealing Toady)

Toady: To whom are you speaking my liege?

King Acorn: Toady?! Where'd you disappear to?

Toady: Disappear? I haven't gone anywhere, sire! I've always been here!

Dong Zhuo: The vision dissapeared. So the All Stars are coming back to get the princess' father. That's the answer what we're gonna need for now.

Toady: Is something wrong?

King Acorn: That depends...on whether I choose to believe what I think I saw...and if I'm correct as to what it all means!

Lu Bu: Very well, since the All Stars are returning to the void to rescue Sally's father, we'll be ready for them.

Dong Zhuo: Indeed, prepare our new robotic forces, I want them alive & well so you can anniliate them.

Lu Bu: (smirks evily)

(With Sonic, Sally, Geoffrey & the All Stars)

(They have all entered inside the Zone of Silence)

Congar: This feels weird all over again

Sally: (holding NICOLE) Hey, guys! I'm getting a funny feeling...

Courtney: Me too

Geoffrey: I don't blame ya, luv, what wit' hangin' around the hedgehog all th' time!

Sonic: Somethin' stinks, alright! And I'll give you just three...

Owen: Sorry, I kinda ate to much of those delicious beans.

Sally: Sonic! Don't be rude! It was only NICOLE trying to get my attention!

Hot Head: It is?

NICOLE: (in Sally's hand) And not a moment too soon, Princess. My sensors are picking up some disturbing fuctuations in the magnetic field!

Astro Boy: Mine too & it's getting powerful

(The group is then sent flying into a floating rock, but the All Stars miss the floating rock & was sent into a farther away floating rock, spinning around & around)

Edd: Whizzing, spinning, out of control ! I think I'm gonna be sick!

Cody: (gets sick) I'm getting sick already.

Boggy B: Anybody got any barf bags?

(The All Stars stopped spinning as they land on the floating rock)

Spongebob: Thank goodness, we've stopped.

Geoffrey: ...Fluctuations did you say? (groans as he rubs his head)

Tree Rex: Don't worry, we will think of a way to reach to you...somehow.

Sally: An early warning would be apprescuted next time, NICOLE!

NICOLE: I tried Princess.

Corroder: Whoo whee! Let's go again!

Sonic: (spots King Acorn's mask / helmet) WAIT! What's this?

Harold: Might be a mask from medieval times

Sonic: (to Sally) It's the helmet your father was wearing when we last saw him!

Sally: But thaat would mean that...

Geoffrey: Don't even think it, luv, not 'til we 'ave all the facts!

Dudley: Alright then, let's go before anything weird is...

(They all noticed a vision from the past appearing with King Acorn & Lu Bu against Sonic, Sally, Antoine & the All Stars)

Dudley: Happening?

Lu Bu: Feel the wrath of Lu Bu!

Spongebob: Bring it on!

Spongebob: What's that? (notices the vision) Huh?

Squidward: What the?!

Lu Bu: (activates a battlefield which is just a plain battle ring made out of large white blocks)

King Acorn: (as the Armored Figure) Surrender, or else face the consequences!

Sonic: I don't believe it!

Geoffrey: Will you look at that!

Noah: Whoa.

Pumbaa: It's us!

Sonic: This is so weird

Sonic: That's not exactly a friendly way to start things off, bud!

Squidward: Oh tell me about it.

All Star Freedom Fighters & Lu Bu: (decends on the floating battlefield, getting ready to battle)

Xplode: Your going down!

Lu Bu: We shall see if your brave enough to face me. (pulls out his signature Halbred, the "Sky Piercer")

King Acon: I'm not your "bud", "pal" "bro" or any other term you may use suggesting familiarity!

Sally: We're watching what happened last if it was taking place right now!

Mordecai: This is crazy!

Rigby: Dude, what's going on?

Sally: Maybe NICOLE can explain!

NICOLE: Of course I can! This is my function!

Sally: Just what we need...

Courtney: See, I told you.

Corroder: Oh ok then! Ask away

NICOLE: If you want charm, see me later.

Reidak: (blushes a bit) Ok, now I'm a bit embarassed.

NICOLE: To answer your query, Dr. Robotnik's experiments wave affected the quantum energy levels of the zone. By destroying energy at the basic atomic structure, we was created "rips" or "holes" if you prefer. In effect, you have "windows" allowing you to view events that have already taken well as events yet to come!

Sally: So, what we're seeing here is the image of what we experienced!

NICOLE: Exactly!

Ezekiel: Now that's confusing eh?

Geoffrey: Now what?

Patrick: (felt tingly) Uh guys? I have to go to the bathroom!

Tyler: Dude, why didn't you go before we left?

Patrick: I don't think I want to go before the mission has started.

Squidward: You knucklehead, there is no bathroom!

Sally: (notices a figure walking among the stars) Some sort of beggar walking among the stars! There's a familiarity to 'is strut! (notices that the figure has collasped on a floating rock) He's collapsed!

Spongebob: We gotta help him

Sonic: Steady, Sal & Spongedude! We don't know if this is a rerun or a preview!

Courtney: A vision from the past maybe?

Corroder: I'm not sure, but let's find out!

Tree Rex: Right. Let's go!

(They all noticed the same minions of King Acorn, taking the figure to a floating island)

Sonic: Amazing! The same creatures we saw with your dad have come along...and taken him to some sort of sanctuary!

Hank: Interesting...

(The Minions take off the cloak from the figure, revealing to be King Acorn himself)

Gwen: (spots King Acorn) Holy Schnitzel! Is that-?

Sonic:'s King Acorn! They're taking his hood off, and...

Sally: They have daddy!

Yellow Bird: We know, you don't have to say it again.

Geoffrey: (points to the minions bringing King Acorn to a vast furnace) Look! They're bringing him to a vast furnace! I think the operative word is "Lad", Luv!

Hot Head: Are they gonna cook the king alive?

Courtney: The vision is from the past you bone head

Hot Head: Oh

Corroder: I can't hear anything.

Tree Rex: We can't either

Spongebob: What's going on?

Sally: Why can't we hear anything? NICOLE?

Reidak: Any idea what's going on?

NICOLE: All evidence supports Mr. St. John's opnion we are watching event's that take place some time ago! The further back an event took place, the less real it seems!

Beth: Wow, creepy.

(They all noticed the minions are fitting armor onto King Acorn)

Sonic: They're fitting him with armor...the same armor we found him in!

Duncan: Right.

Sally: Even here, his regal bearing shows through!

Rigby: What are you talking about?

Corroder: Is something you want to tell us about the armor?

Sally: Look at how they present him with his helmet!

King Acorn: (now in full armor)

Sally: And now it looks like a storm is coming!

Geoffrey: And there is th' King...leadin' 'is troops t' safety!

Sonic: (felt the wind of the storm)

Corroder: I can feel the wind!

Courtney: Wait a minute, something's not right.

Spongebob: That would mean...

Sonic: This storm isn't any image! It's REAL! HANG LOOSE!!

(A storm then hits the group, separating Sonic & the All Star Freedom Fighters from Sally & Geoffrey)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (screaming)

Sonic & the All Star Freedom Fighters: (crash lands on a floating island)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (groans as they all get up)

Courtney: (on Duncan) Ew! Gross! (gets off of Duncan)

Duncan: Hello there babe. (gets up)

Courtney: (groans)

Spongebob: Is everyone ok?

Squidward: We nearly got ourselves killed

Crusher: Don't worry, it's only a minor crash. Nothing serious.

Tree Rex: That's good.

Sonic: Doesn't anybody believe in soft landings? (looks around to see that Sally & Geoffrey St. John are not around) Hey, Sal? Sal?

Xplode: She's not here!

Sonic: (looks around even more) How about you, St. John?

Eddy: He's gone missing! This stinks!

Sonic: answer. Now I know I'm in trouble!

Applejack: At least we made it alive.

???: There's only one thing concern yourself with right now!

Lu Bu & Dong Zhuo: (with ???)

Lu Bu: And that is us!

???: (aims his lance at the group) You better hope you've lived a good life...because our judgement is final

Boomerang Bird: Oh no, not again.

Sonic: (gulps)

Spongebob: (to the rest of the All Stars & Sonic) Let's do this!

One shall stand, One shall fall (Part 3)

(??? revealed himself to be King Acorn himself, on a black horse with red eyes)

King Acorn: This is one time, Sonic the Hedgehog...where you can't outrace your fate!

Corroder: King Acorn!

Harold: And Lu Bu!

Lu Bu: We meet again All Stars! Prepare for your loss.

Sonic: I'm not sure I'm even in the running!

Red Bird: Who's that? (points to Dong Zhuo)

Lu Bu: This is my master Dong Zhuo!

Dong Zhuo: Now that I've finally meet you All Star Freedom Fighters, you will lose & die a hundred deaths!

Thok: Sounds like he's serious!

Tree Rex: Then we fight until the end!

King Acorn: I am the master of this domain, and you will submit your will in service to me...or you will be one sorry hedgehog!

Spongebob: Not so fast! If you mess with Sonic, you mess with the All Stars!

Sonic: How about we flip for it? Heads you win! Tails, I...(suddendly teleported to a floating rock where Sally & Geoffrey are)...DO?!!

Courtney: Where'd he go?

Dong Zhuo: It appears the Zone of Silence is collapsing.

Corroder: We're not giving up yet! Let's fight!


(Remembering King Acorn's & Lu Bu's attacks, the All Stars out maneuver their attacks & bounced back against the 2 warriors & Lu Bu's master, Dong Zhuo)

Kitty: Now this fight is over.

Kineticlops: They said the Zone of Silence, a.k.a. the Void is collapsing.

Donkey Kong: We have to find our friends.

Noah: Indeed we do.

Tree Rex: And about the Void collapsing? Come on, we need to find out why.

(The All Star Freedom Fighters begins finding Sonic, Sally & Geoffrey, not knowing King Acorn, Lu Bu & Dong Zhuo are getting up easily after their fight against the All Stars)

Dong Zhuo: Those All Stars are more stronger after your victory against them, Lu Bu!

Lu Bu: They must've learn from their loss against me. That is impossible! We must stop them immediately!

(With the All Stars)

(The All Star Freedom Fighter floats through space & lands in a large island like rock right next to another floating rock that has Sonic, Sally & Geoffrey St. John on it & the group is being drawn to a cosmic whirl pool)

Spongebob: Guys! Are you ok?

Sonic: All Stars! What are you doing here?

Meltdown: We're looking for you guys!

Geoffrey: Are you alright, mate? You've been here with us & Sonic! Get with the program!

Mordecai: What?

Sally: The Zone is collapsing, All Stars...and I'm afraid there isn't a thing we can do to stop it ! I've told the same thing to Sonic.

Pumbaa: That makes sence to me.

Sally: With us being drawn into that cosmic whirl pool...we'll be lucky to save ourselves, let alone my father!

Eddy: (points to Edd, feeling sick) No wonder Double D looks sick all of the sudden.

Courtney: We just saw him with Dong Zhuo & Lu Bu! We've managed to stop the 3 only for a short time.

Bouncer: And they're keep coming back for more!

Spongebob: Any ideas?

Sonic: There's gotta be a way out of this for everyone! Maybe NICOLE has a suggestion?

Sally: (holds onto NICOLE with her left hand) Well, NICOLE do you?

NICOLE: I'm progressing...

Cody: (feeling sick) I think I'm gonna be sick.

Sierra: (holds onto Cody, feeling scared) Hold me!

Sally: Well?

NICOLE: Try Prayer

Vezok: (facepalms)

Eddy: (groans as he facepalms)

Geoffrey: This is just dinklm! Screwy machine! If only our jet packs worked!

Sally: Interesting point!

Rigby: What do you mean?

Sally: Just why aren't the et packs working?

NICOLE: Essentially they're out of fuel.

Tree Rex: Of course. It's that simple what NICOLE said. The Jetpacks ran out of gas.

Sally: Well, yes, that's as good an explanation as any, I suppose! Any way can we recharge them?

NICOLE: Only if you are able to access energy with a positive charge.

Astro: That should work.

Spongebob: Only 1 problem though.

Geoffrey: Can't run on just anything eh? It figures.

Sally: One thing's for sure...

Patrick: Guys, I still need to go to the bathroom.

Corroder: (sighs) Your just gonna have to wait even longer. And besides, you've should've gone to your own bathroom.

Patrick: I don't think I can make it, please?

Corroder: No.

Patrick: Please?

Corroder No.

Patrick: Please?

Corroder: No.

Patrick: Please?

Corroder: Patrick! Just...hold on a bit more longer til the mission is done, ok?

Patrick: (short pause) Ok.

Sonic: (spots an army of King Acorn's minions) WAIT! What's that?!

Spongebob: I'm not sure. Looks like there's hundreds of them!

Sally: ...Whatever it is, it's got plenty o' company!

Crusher: Wait, aren't those...?

Alejandro: You guessed it.

Sonic: King Acorn's minions! They're heading into the whirlpool!

Duncan: Why would they even do that?

Sally: I just though of something, guys!

Sonic: Isn't that a good one?!

Owen: Cause we're getting very confused.

Sally: The neutralizer is a source of positive energy!

Spongebob: That's it! The Neutralizer, Robotnik created before!

Courtney: Guess we're using the plan after all.

Sonic: We have a choice between getting us out of her or preserving the zone and remaining here!

Lu Bu: (with King Acorn & Dong Zhuo) Not so fast!

King Acorn: (on his black horse) Prehaps we can make the choice for you! Give your device to me, and I may let you live!

Rainbow Dash: And if we refuse?

King Acorn: Refuse, and no one gets out of here!

Rainbow Dash: That's it ! (charges at King Acorn but was grabbed by the tail by Applejack)

Applejack: Whao there, partner!

Waspix: Not again! Does those guys ever give up?

Spongebob: Lu Bu?! Looks like your back for more!

Tree Rex: (points to Dong Zhuo) And that must be his king.

Dong Zhuo: What is this?

Lu Bu: It's just like the vision that we saw earlier.

Sally: Father! We haven't much time!

King Acorn: Stand your ground, all of you!!!

Corroder: No way! We're not standing down!

Sally: Father! Don't you remember me...your daughter!

King Acorn: My daughter?!

Patrick: I have to go to the bathroom.

Corroder: I said you can wait until the mission's over!

Justin: Well, that was a dud.

Sonic: It's no use, Sal! He doesn't remember! He's been here so long it's affected his memory!

Noah: You think?

Spongebob: Now what are we gonna do?

Sonic: Only one chance...if St. John is game!

Geoffrey: I can handle anything you can think of, an then some!

Dong Zhuo: What on earth are you up to?

King Acorn: My patience is wearing thin! You won't succeed by trying to confuse me! (charges up his lance)

Sonic: NOW!

(The All Stars makes a get away from the rock)

Sally: Geoffrey!!

Geoffrey: (grabs Sally)

Sally: Wha...?!

Spongebob: Go!

Lu Bu: Stop right there!

(But Geoffrey uses the Neutralizer to power his jetpack & flies away while holding onto Sally)

Dong Zhuo: Hey! Stop!

Sonic: Forgive us, sire...(jumps up high up to King Acorn, Dong Zhuo & Lu Bu)...I'm not sure Sally will after this! (punches King Acorn at the face)

Spongebob: Or this...(spindashes at Dong Zhuo)

Corroder: Or even this! (tackles Lu Bu)

Lu Bu: (pushes Corroder out of the way) You'll have to do better than that.

Sally: Geoffrey! You're using the Neutralizer to power my jet pack! What about the inhabitants of this zone?

Geoffrey: It ain't over til the fat lady sings! An' she hasn't started yet! No offence Sadie.

Sadie: Non taken!

Katie: Me too!

Sally: What about Sonic & the All Stars?

Geoffrey: Sonic's a big boy, luv! He'll be right fine!

(Back with Sonic & the All Stars)

(The group continues fighting against King Acorn, Dong Zhuo & Lu Bu, with the 3 using their signature weapons against the heroes)

Dong Zhuo: Stand still you miserable rats!

King Acorn: My! Aren't we the hero! (aims his lance at the group) You better hope you've lived a good life...because our judgement is final

Boomerang Bird: Oh no, not again.

Sonic: (gulps)

Duncan: Great, Deja vu all over again.

Spongebob: (in thought: Deja vu? Two can play in this game) (whispers to the All Stars) Time to play the future act. (to the rest of the All Stars & Sonic, normal voice) Let's do this!

King Acorn: Enough! This is one time, Sonic the Hedgehog...where you can't outrace your fate!

Corroder: King Acorn!

Harold: And Lu Bu!

Lu Bu: We meet again All Stars! Prepare for your loss.

Sonic: I'm not sure I'm even in the running!

Red Bird: Who's that? (points to Dong Zhuo)

Lu Bu: This is my master Dong Zhuo!

Dong Zhuo: Now that I've finally meet you All Star Freedom Fighters, you will lose & die a hundred deaths!

Thok: Sounds like he's serious!

Tree Rex: Then we fight until the end!

King Acorn: I am the master of this domain, and you will submit your will in service to me...or you will be one sorry hedgehog!

Spongebob: Not so fast! If you mess with Sonic, you mess with the All Stars!

Lu Bu: (finishes scanning the All Star Freedom Fighters' moves & abilities) It's finished.

Dong Zhuo: Excellent. (opens the portal)

King Acorn: (notices Dong Zhuo & Lu Bu leaving the Zone of Silence) What's the meaning of this?

Lu Bu: We have what we want. Their powers & weaknesses.

Dong Zhuo: Now if you excuse us, we have other plans (closes the portal, leaving the Zone of Silence with Lu Bu)

Sonic: How about we flip for it? Heads you win! Tails, I...(runs behind King Acorn)...juice like I never have before! (punches King Acorn at the back of his head, knocking the king out) I'll take that! (hops on King Acorn's horse in front of a K.O.ed King Acorn) Hi-ho, Black Beauty! Away! (rides the black horse to Sally & Geoffrey)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (follows Sonic)

Tree Rex: Nice one Sonic!

Spongebob: Yeah! We did it!

Geoffrey: I'll say this for 'im, Princess...he's got style!

Sally: He does at that!

Hank: Mission Complete, let's go home!

Sonic: Activate the neutralizer, St. John! We've a universe to save!

Geoffrey: All in a day's work, mate!

Spongebob: (in thought: Why did Dong Zhuo & Lu Bu retreat like that & what do they mean about having what they need & other plans?)

Geoffrey: Ready or not...(activates the neutralizer)...this one's for all the marbles!

(The group are consumed in a flash of light & was sent back to the lab in Knothole)

Tails: (notices the heroes' return) Rotor! The portal!

STH Rotor: Way ahead of you, Tails! Is everyone alright?

Spongebob: We're all good, thanks for asking.

Patrick: (rushes to the bathroom & goes inside it)

Corroder: (sighs)

Sonic: (carrying King Acorn) Get Doctor Quack immediately, Rotor! He's got a very important patient waiting for him! (sets King Acorn down gently)

Harold: We're on it !

Sanford: Very well.

Sonic: What about the creatures in the zone? Did the neutralizer save them?

STH Rotor: Everything turned out just fine for them! As it will for all of us one day!

(With Dong Zhuo & Lu Bu)

Dong Zhuo: We have the data we need, now we need to examine their powers & special abilites & find out their weaknesses & use them against our enemies.

Lu Bu: Very well, but we won't do it alone. (turns to the Mega Chum Bucket in Robotropolis) And we know the evil genius that we've heard about to help us stop our new enemies.

Dong Zhuo: Clever thinking, my champion. Clever thinking indeed. (evil laughter)

The End