This is the 5th episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Zaktan & Togera

Main Villains: Universalamander & Mecha Togera

Special Voice Actors: Sam Marin as Universalamander

Story #1: Transcript

The Lizard of Zaktan (Part 1)

(In Robotnik's Lair)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Sonic the Hedgehog & Spongebob Squarepants shalll never defeat me again! So help me, the next animal that's captured will be turned into the ultimate killer robot!

Plankton: By using the roboticizer that is.

Crabmeat: You're in luck, oh flabulant one! ...Here comes the wagon!

Plankton: The wagon?

(Robotnik & Plankton goes outside to see the wagon)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Oh goody! It looks like they landed a big one!

Crabmeat: Indeed, my lumpy lord! They're using the extra large container!

Plankton: What is it?

SWATbot: Stay back, Excellency! We're unloading the catch!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Oboyoboyoboy! What is it? A rhino? An elephant?

SWATbot: (opens the container, revealing to be a small salamander) ...A salamander, sir!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (in shock & disbelief) WOT!

Salamander: Ook!

Plankton: Is that it?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (has the salamander on his head) (grabs the SWATbot by the throat) You got me all excited and made me vow to create a super robot out of a SALAMANDER?!

SWATbot: (choking) But he's big for his age! Ack!

Plankton: (picks up the salamander by the tail)

Salamander: Ooka ook!

Plankton: Oh well, you can't have everything. After all we've kept our word...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Like now, I promise you three will spend the rest of your unnatural lives in the slag shop! Take them away, Crabmeat!

Crabmeat: Move along, boys!

SWATbot #1: Woe...

SWATbot #2: Is...

SWATbot #3: Us! Dr. Robotnik Prime: Oh, goes nothing...roboticize him, Buzzbomber!

Plankton: (throws the salamander inside the roboticizer)

Salamander: Eek!

Buzzbomber: Yes, master!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (sweating) Whew! I'm sweating 10-W-40...crank up the A.C.!

Plankton: I'm frying up here.

Buzzbomber: Uhh...sure...hmm...which button? (presses the clone button)

Plankton: That's the clone button, it makes one into two.

Buzzbomber: Oh, how about this one? (turns the knob)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: NO, you bumbling bee! That's the size control knob! The two robots will grow out of control!

(Then the sign says "Red Alert" while the red light flashes on & off in a pattern)

Buzzbomber: Uh-oh!

Plankton: Too Big!


(Robotnik's Lair have been destroyed because of the explosion)

Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton & Buzzbomber: (got damaged by the explosion)

Plankton: (notices the 2 lizards) Uh Robotnik?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Suffering sub-plots! The little lizard's become enormous along with it's clone!

(We see that the Salamander is now a Giant Lizard Robot & the clone is now a Giant Lizard Robot that looks like Togera)

Giant Robot Salamander: And Powerful ! Your machine's overload has made me & my clone brother the Strongest robots ever! This world will soon belongs to: Universalamander!

Mecha Togera: And Mecha Togera! (roars)

(Meanwhile, in the underground village of Knothole)

Sonic: "Sonic the Hedgehog!" I think that's still the name of this comic book!

All Stars: Huh?

Boomer: Never mind that! Look at what's on screen!

Spongebob: What is it?

(They all noticed Universalamander & Mecha Togera terrorizing the great forest)

Sally: I can't believe it!

Sonic: Neither can I! Jurassic Park is already out on Sega Genesis?

Twilight Sparkle: There's two dinosaur robots.

Sally: And it's not a video game! It's a menace!

Ed: There 2 robot mutants from Lizard Planet 4!

Sally: Actually Ed, they're Gigantic Lizard Robots!

Togera: And one of them looks like me!

Ed: Those 2 Giant Lizard Robots reminds me of my latest issue in my comic book. The Issue is called "Lizard Planet 4. It's the story that continues from Lizard Planet 3, it continued with only 5 space travelers that wants to escape from the Lizard Planet that is inhabbited with giant monstrous lizard that almost looks like Dinosaurs. It's a good comic book, it is.

Sonic: He's trashing the Great Forest!

Boomer: And coming this way!

Sonic: No way! I'm going to intercept him! I hope there's some pro football scouts in the audience!

Spongebob: Zaktan & Togera, you two come with me!

Zaktan & Togera: Right !

All Star Freedom Fighters: Let's go!

(Sonic, Spongebob, Zaktan & Togera goes up to the surface & they saw Robotnik flying away on the Egg-O-Matic & Plankton flying away in his Chum-O-Matic)

Sonic: What the?

(The rest of the all stars arrives)

Heather: It's Robotnik & Plankton...taking off in their flying machines

Sonic: It's called the "Egg-O-Matic".

Spongebob: And that's called the "Chum-O-Matic".

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Universalamander is too powerful !

Plankton: Same with Mecha Togera!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: We're getting off Mobius before he destroyes it...and us!

Plankton: He's too much for us! Run for your lives!

(Both villains fly away)

Heather: I never thought that those villains are scared by salamanders that are giant & robotic.

Sonic: What's he so afraid of?...

Spongebob: I don't know.

Togera: That! (points to the 2 giant lizard bots)

Universalamander & Mecha Togera: ROWR! (roars very loud)

All: (notices) Yipe!

Sonic: Things on TV always look bigger in real life!

Zaktan: Yeah! And they're looking at us!

Owen: Somebody do something!

Sonic: Heads up, Scalefaces! Let's see what you think of a Sonic Spin! (does a Sonic Spin at the Universalamander)

Spongebob: Or maybe two! (does a Sonic Spin at the Mecha Togera)

Universalamander: We think it looks delicious! (chomps on Sonic) Hey!

Mecha Togera: Yeah. (breathes green fire at Spongebob) And I like mine fryed

Spongebob: Yeow! (falls to the ground)

Twilight Sparkle: (gasps) Spongebob, are you ok?

Spongebob: (cooked) Yeah & now I know how a roasted Marshmellow feels like.

Patrick: Mmm, marshmellows.

(The Knothole Freedom Fighters are watching all the action through the moniter)

Boomer: Oh my gosh!

Antoine: He ate Sonic!

Sally: I'm astounded!

Tails: They must've done it with Mirrors!

(Back to the action)

Universalamander: Yuk! I forgot the old saying: Never eat anything blue!

Mecha Togera: Well that's a start.

Sonic: Hey! Who turned out the lights?

Spongebob: Sonic! Hold on!

Universalamander: Your a little stringy, but Universalamander will manage to chew you up!

Sonic: I was really hoping his name was Herbie Vore!

Universalamander: (chewing on Sonic)

Spongebob: Hey! Lizards! If you want to take over the planet, you gotta have to get through us! Let's get'em all stars!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters try their best to take down Universalamander & Mecha Togera, but both of them are too strong & the 2 Lizard Bots started to attack at the All Stars back, with their punches, kicks, chops, chomps, tail smacks & slams)

Spongebob: Ow

Mecha Togera: (gets ready to breathe fire)

Rigby: That doesn't look good.

Mordecai: What's he doing?

Hot Head: Everybody get down!

(And they did behind Hot Head)

Hot Head: Never mind.

Harold: If both fires connect together, they might stop at each other. But it can't be good.

Mecha Togera: (breathes fire at the All Stars)

Hot Head: (tries to shield the blast with his fire)

(The two fires made an impact with each other)

(Back in Knothole)

Tails: NO!

Sally: It can't be!

Antoine: Impossible!

Boomer: And yet it's true!

Universalamander: (walking away) Yum!

Spongebob: He's getting away with Sonic! If we don't save him now, he's gonna end up as Dinosaur food !

The Lizard of Zaktan (Part 2)

(In Knothole)

Antoine: Sonic the Hedgehog will be Scavenged!

Boomer: That's avenged, Antoine!

Tails: (blows on a hankercheif)

Sally: Look! Something's happening to Universalamander & Mecha Togera!

Universalamander: (feels sick)

Mecha Togera: (stops breathing fire to reveal that Hot Head sucessfully defends the All Stars) What the?

Hot Head: Hey! I'm on fire!

Mecha Togera: What's wrong?

Spongebob: He's distracted, this is our chance.

Universalamander: This Hedgehog just isn't (gurgle) Agreeing with me...ooogah....

Sonic: (from inside) A Freedom Fighter never agrees with two bit dictators!

Mecha Togera: What did you call me?!

Spongebob: NOW!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters use their combined strength to use a wrestling move called the "Backbreaker" to break Mecha Togera's back)

Mecha Togera: Ouch! My back! I can't move! (falls to the ground) Ouch!

(Inside Universalamander)

Sonic: (doing Sonic spins inside the Universalamander's mouth, making gas) That's right, boys & girls! Sonic's in here stirring up trouble!

Universalamander: Ooolp!

Sonic: I'm cookin' with gas!

Universalamander: (feels very sick) Oh, dear...heegup! Those of you with weak stomachs must want to ignore the next panel...

Mecha Togera: Why?

Universalamander: (burps very loudly, freeing Sonic)

Mecha Togera: Oh.

All Stars: Ew.

Sonic: It wasn't pretty...but it worked!

Owen: That's how I feel when I ate too many food.

Universalamander: 'Scuse me! (grabs a tree & tries to smash the heroes with it) Swine! You'll pay for humilating Universalamander & breaking Mecha Togera's back!

(But the heroes dodges it)

Spongebob: Yikes!

Sonic: It's apparent he'd rather not discuss my family tree-so I think I'll leaf now!

Spongebob: Yeah me too.

Patrick: Yeah, good to see you.

Togera: (rams at Universalamander)

Zaktan: The All Stars & I will hold them off for you two!

Spongebob: Got it!

Sonic: Luckily, I was recently able to collect all seven chaos emeralds along with fifty rings...and stash them near this star post! ...I hope this works!

Spongebob: Me too.

(Both Sonic & Spongebob are transported to the Special Zone)

Spongebob: Where are we?

Sonic: Whew! Made it into this Special Zone!

Spongebob: This must be the Zone where Zaktan hides the Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic: Now all we have to do is collect 50 more rings each without getting smashed!

Spongebob: Got it, let's go!

Sonic: How's your "Genesis" skills today, kid?

Spongebob: I'll try my best & GO!

(Sonic & Spongebob starts collect the Rings)

Spongebob: I guess Sonic's trying to collect 50 rings to activate our Super Forms

Sonic: Give me a hand...or better yet, two!

Spongebob: Right !


Spongebob: 46...

Sonic: 47...

Spongebob: 48...

Sonic: 49...hold onto your spats, gang!

Spongebob: Alright

Sonic & Spongebob: (both grabs their 50th rings) 50! (felt a super surge in their bodies)

Spongebob: What's happening?

Sonic: 50 rings in the special zone & I transform into: (transforms into Super Sonic) Super Sonic!

Spongebob: And I transform into: (transforms into Super Spongebob, which he is Blue instead of Yellow) Super Spongebob!

Super Sonic: I'm Wild! I'm Electric! If you thought I was "Super" before...Check this out! I've got Invincibility and Super Sneakers! Look at me spark!

Super Spongebob: And just in time too!

Super Sonic: Okay, Lizard lips #1 & 2--that's the last tree you destroy!

Super Spongebob: Yeah, what he said!

Universalamander: You wanna stop me & Mecha Togera? You gotta go through us...

Super Sonic & Super Spongebob: (litterally goes through Universalamander & Mecha Togera)

Mecha Togera: Ouch!

Super Sonic: Oh...did we neglect to mention...that's another one of our Super Sonic powers: The Ability to jump through Enemies!

Super Spongebob: Gotcha!

Universalamander: Hey! Th-that tickles!

Zaktan: Look at them go!

Twilight Sparkle: Those are my heroes!

(In Knothole)

Boomer: Holy abalone! Did you see those moves?

Antoine: I must admit...Sonic & Spongebob are both amazing!

Sally: But they're moving so fast..where did they go?

Tails: My hero!

(Suddendly Super Sonic & Super Spongebob came in)

Super Spongebob: Excuse us, but did you save the robo-machine we salvaged when we destroyed the robot truck?

Boomer:'s in my shop...

Super Sonic: (holding the reduce / enlarge component) Mind if we borrow the reduce / enlarge component?

Boomer: Help yourself, Sonic & Spongebob!

Super Spongebob: Thanks.

(Sonic & Spongebob goes back up to the surface)

Sally, Tails, Boomer & Antoine: (in shock) SONIC & SPONGEBOB?!

Super Sonic: Hey, Universalmineo & Mecha Togera! Let's make small talk!

Super Spongebob: Say "Cheese"

Universalamander: You fool! You've revealed the secret entrance to Knothole Village!

(Sonic & Spongebob activates the component to reduce Universalamander's & Mecha Togera's size)

Universalamander: Now I shall crush you beneath-my...feet?

(Now Universalamander & Mecha Togera are back to their normal salamander size)

Super Sonic: (has his foot over both robo-lizards) You were saying?

Universalamander & Mecha Togera: Goodbye! (runs off)

Togera: And stay out!

Zaktan: We've done it.

Brick: Yeah! We did it!

Justin: Wow, those guys are really done it. They know how to use their Super Forms & gotta admit, they're very good.


(Everyone was laughing because Antoine had sat on a whoopie cushion)

Super Sonic: HAW!

Duncan: (laughing) Nice one!

Boomer: Ha! He put a whoopee cushion on Antoine's Chair! "Super Sonic" has a super sense of Humor!

Super Spongebob: You said it !

Antoine: When do we get to the part where he's "A mild mannered hedgehog"?

Ezekiel: What did you say bro?

The End

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