This is the 48th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Astro Boy, Alejandro, Robo-47, Ultra-V & Bouncer

Main Villains: Mecha Sonic (A Roboticized Sonic), Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton, the Rahkshi & Sektor

Story #1: Transcript

Rage against the Machine, Spongebob vs. Mecha Sonic (Part 1)

(In Knothole, after Sonic's meeting, rejecting his plan, Sally begins to be worried about Sonic)

Sally: Oh how can Sonic think of a mission that is so extremely difficult & critical to himself?

(Flashback to the start of the meeting)

Sally: Sonic the Hedgehog will come to order! Sorry your request was denied, but that's democracy in action!

Antoine: (notices Sonic go into a Sonic Speed in anger) Tsk. Must he go into a Sonic SPIN?!

Sonic: But it's the perfect plan, any fool can see!

Sally: Watch it, mister...unless you want to see monarchy in action!

Sonic: I meant no disrespect Princess! C'mon, it'll work! We let Robotnik roboticize me and using one of Rotor's neuro overriders, my mind will still be free! Then, with a super-enhanched bot body, I'll trash him and Robotropolis for good!

STH Rotor: No way, Sonic! Sally tried that and it almost destroyed us all! Luckily the All Stars came to our rescue after they took down the Chameleon as Sally & the robot duplicates made by Plankton./ We can't risk a "Mecha-Sonic" on the loose!

Sonic: I can handle it, Rotor! Gimme a shot!

Bunnie: Pahdon me, y'all...but ah have experience with this. (steps on the chair with her right roboticized leg & steps on the desk with her left roboticized leg)...half of mah body is robotic because Robotnik tossed me into one of his bot know saved me!

Sonic: Yes Bunnie, but...

Sally: This is pointless...the plan has been rejected by unanimous...

Sonic: Okay, okay! I can take a hint! (leaves, grumbling) (low voice) Self inportant political (mumbles) All talk, no action!

Antoine: Hmm...zee edge-hog seems pisgruntled! Prehaps he should be monitored!

Sally: Don't even suggest it, Antoine! Sonic may be many things, but dislayla isn't one of them! Is that clear?!

Antoine: (gets scared & gulps) Of course, your (mum) majesty! (shrudders)

(End of Flashback)

Sally: (sighs) Now I'm really worried about Sonic. Maybe Antoine is right, someone needs to stop Sonic from roboticizing himself, but I made a order to my freedom fighters that cannot have disloyalty by monitering Sonic. Oh what am I gonna do? Who is crazy enough to go after him? (gets an idea) (smirks) I have a plan.

(In South Knothole)

(We see the All Star Freedom Fighters taking it easy by relaxing with Robots recharging their energies, Harold doing some yoga, suddendly the phone rings, causing Xplode to wake)

Xplode: (barely awake)

Spongebob: (still asleep, yawns) The phone is ringing.

Bouncer: That means someone is calling us.

Xplode: (yawns) (tiredly) Jetbug get the phone.

Jetbug: (flies over to Xplode, feeling sleepy) (yawns) (grabs the phone & drops it on Xplode's head)

Xplode: (fully awake after a hit in the head) Ow! (angrily) That's not what I meant!

Preytor: Well you better answer the phone before they hang up

Xplode: You little...! (answers the phone) Please, I've already told you, the checks' in the mail.

Sally: (on phone) Xplode, is that you?

Xplode: (blushes) Ah, Princess Sally, how can I help you?

Ultra-V: (in thought: Sally?)

Sally: (on phone) I'm calling cause I need your help.

Spongebob: The All Star Freedom Fighters are at your service.

Robo-47: Could you please explain the mission for us?

Sally: Sure, but I would like to explain the mission to you in person. How does that sound?

Xplode: Sure, we'll come over right away.

Sally: Thank you, I knew I can count on all of you. Goodbye

Xplode: Bye (hangs up the phone, hitting his head again, because the telephone on his head) Gah!

Ed & Eddy: (laughing)

Edd: (muffled giggles, a bit embarassed)

Xplode: What are you 3 laughing at?

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (in union) Uh nothing?

Spongebob: (counting all of the members minus Harold) Say, where's Harold?

Bouncer: (points to Harold meditating in a corner of the room) He's over there

Duncan: Hand me the pepper mill

Reidak: (gives Duncan the pepper mill) Here

Fangz: What are you up to?

Duncan: You'll see (sprinkles pepper on Harold with the pepper mill)

Harold: (his nose begins twitching & then sneezes) ACHOO!

Duncan: (laughing)

Harold: (annoyed) Gosh, Duncan! Can't you buy an alarm clock?

Spongebob: Looks like everyone's here. Let's go!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters goes to Knothole)

(At Knothole)

(Sally explains the situation about Sonic to the All Star Freedom Fighters)

Sally: You see, you might be the ones you can stop Sonic from roboticizing himself into a robot slave. Do you think you can check on Sonic to see he's ok?

Astro: We'll try our best.

Sally: Thanks

Spongebob: So, where is the last time you see him?

Sally: He just walked out of the court ending the meeting, I don't know where he is now.

Thok: This could be a problem.

Ultra-V: No it's not, look! (points to Sonic's footprints) There's Sonic's footprints, that means he went that way.

Robo-47: Let us follow those footprints to the direction Sonic is heading now.

Spongebob: Alright then, let's go...again.

(The All Star Freedom Fighters starts following Sonic's footprints, from the secret village of Knothole...out into the Great Forest...past the Knothole Jailhouse, finally leading them to the new Knothole Freedom Fighters Training Facility)

Alejandro: This must be the place. The Knothole Freedom Fighters Training Facility...

Spongebob: He must be in there...

DJ: Ok, let's go inside.

(The All Stars goes inside to see that there's no one here)

Spongebob: Huh? I don't get it, Sonic should be here by now.

Heather: Now what? Did Sonic just dissapeared or walked out before us or something?

Astro: Hold on, look (points to the heavy barbell being out of place in front of them, being tied to a rope) Look! Someone's here & has used this barbell for some sort of trap.

Pink Bird: Why would Sonic set up a trap?

Astro: Not Sonic, someone else to trap Sonic. It's only a hunch. (scans the barbell & found fingerprints on the rope) I found fingerprints, but their not from Sonic.

Mordecai: Guys, check this out! (points to the scratches on the wall)

All Stars: Whoa...

Cody: Who could've made those marks?

Dudley: (sniffing the scratches) Smells like Kraata...

Zaktan: Kraata? The Rahkshi

Astro: The fingerprints on the rope belongs to one bounty hunter...Nack the Weasel.

Eddy: What? The weasel's back? Why can't he just leave us alone?

Avak: I don't know, but I have a feeling that those fiends, Nack & the Rahkshi are back for revenge on Sonic & all of us!

Rage against the Machine, Spongebob vs. Mecha Sonic (Part 2)

(In Robotnik's Lair)

Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk: (tying up a knocked out Sonic)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Sonic the Hedgehog is mine at last!

Crabmeat: Yes, oh lord of lard!

Plankton: Now to put Sonic in the roboticizer...

Nack: Not yet, Blubber buns! TIme to pay the cash!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I won't make the usual mistakes this gloating no speeches no (chuckles) chuckling...straight to the roboticizer with him!

Nack: money no hedgehog, Flabio!

Plankton: Your beggining to be iritating as the All Stars!

Crabmeat: Hey! Do not "Dis" the master!

Plankton: And my partner!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You heard Crabmeat & Plankton, Mr. Weasel...they do not like your tone of voice!

Turahk: What he said.

Lerahk: Why do we join in a mission with him? (points to Nack)

Nack: Oh yeah? And what's the little seafood cocktail gonna do about it?

Crabmeat: Y.U...(Why You...)

Panrahk: That's it, prepare operation "Super Size!"

Dr. Robotnik: That's right, shall we show...(presses a button on his left hand)...the Mag Crabbie?

Crabmeat: I'd love to, oh ground pound one! (transforms into his Giant form, the Mag Crabbie)

Vorahk: Well I'll be...

Kurahk: Crabmeat is big...

Mag Crabbie: (grabs Nack & lifts him upwards)

Nack: (gasps)

Plankton: There's a rule about those who has that tone of voice like yours...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Never understimate one of my bots, boy! Your reward for bringing Sonic here is being allowed to leave...ALIVE!

Plankton: Farewell Nack, have a nice flight...

Mag Crabbie: (throws Nack outside the base & outside of Robotropolis)

Nack: Eeeeyaaaaaaa!!

Turahk: He got his reward alright.

King Pig: The Roboticizer is ready...

Plankton: Excellent...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: At long last, I get to turn Sonic into a mindless robot! (throws a knocked-out Sonic inside the Roboticizer)

Plankton: Activate!

Turahk: Please King Pig, allow me...(slams the button, activating the roboticizer, beggining to roboticize Sonic)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Yes! My dream (chokes) come (sobs) True!

Plankton: (notices the All Star Freedom Fighters on the moniter) Hold on, we have our guests!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Finally, a chance to test out our new roboticized slave against the All Stars.

Plankton: Prepare for Sonic's new training, I want those All Stars down & out...for good.

Sonic: (begins to feel the roboticizing flowing in his body, transforming into his roboticized form) (his eyes glows red)

(At the outskirts of Robotropolis)

(The All Star Freedom Fighters are heading towards Robotropolis to follow Nack's footprints)

Spongebob: Faster guys, faster! We're heading towards Robotropolis!

Fangz: (hears someone screaming, coming towards them) Wait, what's that noise?

(The All Stars notices Nack falling towards them)

Nack: Aaaaahh!

Congar: Oh great.

Nack: (crashes into Owen)

Owen: Ow!

Izzy: Owen, are you alright? I just saw a flying weasel.

Timon: Weasels can't fly

Trent: Then what went flying just now?

Nack: (gets off of Owen) What does Robotnik think I am? Chop liver?

Spongebob: Nack the Weasel !

Nack: Huh? (notices the All Stars surrounding him) Yipe! Not you guys again!

Robo-47: Nack the Weasel, state your business & your mission.

Nack: You mean me? (gets scared of the 8 Giants & the 8 Monsters) Uh oh!

Owen: (gets up, rubbing his stomach) Ow, that really hurt.

Izzy: Nobody hurts Owen! (gets into her battle stance) Bring it, Weasel Man!

Nack: It's Nack the Weasel! (gets into his battle stance)


(Even thought Nack is a skilled bounty hunter, he can't much more of Izzy's crazy attacks that keeps him down over & over again)

Owen: Now that's a good call...

Astro: Now then, about Sonic...where is he?

Nack: (gets up painfully) Ok, ok, he is inside Robotnik's base getting ready to be roboticized, just don't use Izzy against me again.

Bouncer: Uh oh, we gotta go rescue him now!

Spongebob: Charge!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters charges inside, leaving Nack behind)

Nack: What a crazy nightmare. That jungle girl is driving me bananas!

(Inside Robotnik's Lair)

(The All Star Freedom Fighters arrived inside, only to find that there's no sign of the Jack-1 Bots & Swatbots)

Ed: Hello? Where did everybody go?

Boomerang Bird: That's strange, I thought that this place is full of bots by now. What's going on?

Reidak: I'll go check it out & I'm gonna let Sonic know we're here & then we can get Sonic & get outta here.

Spongebob: Ok, good luck

Astro: And be careful, they're proberbly preparing an ambush

Reidak: No problem, I'll get to Sonic in a giffi (starts searching Sonic in the hallway) Which way's tje roboticizer chamber (notices a sign with an arrow pointing to the doorway to the roboticizer chamber) Must be that way.

(But what Reidak doesn't know is that behind the door is the Rahkshi hiding behind the wall right next to the door)

Plankton: Alright, everyone get ready

Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk: (nods)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Time for a test drive.

(A silhouette of Sonic is now at the door with his eyes glowing red)

(With Reidak)

Reidak: (goes up to the door & knocks it) Hello? Anybody there? (opens the door) I've come to...

(Suddendly the Rahkshi & the silhouette of Sonic begins attacking Reidak)

Reidak: (screaming in pain & agony, needing help)

(Back with the All Stars)

All Star Freedom Fighters [minus Reidak]: (waiting for Reidak to come back, by playing some cards to past the time)

Reidak: (comes back with bruises & bandages on him after got beaten up by the Rahkshi & a silhouette Sonic)

Bouncer: Whao! What happen to you?

Reidak: (falls down on his stomach) I haven't got this beaten up since the day the Piraka & I staked out that shark tank.

Alejandro: Really?

Dudley: You mean those guys attacked ya?

Harold: I think it might be better if I handle this.

Eddy: Oh no you don't. Not without this (holds up invisible ink) I got that idea because of the invisible spray incident. Harold, turn around (Paints Harold with Invisible Ink)

Harold: Hey! What are you doing Eddy?

Eddy: I'm painting you Invisible Ink, so the bots can't see ya.

Harold: Alright, alright, but quit shoving at me next time. (becomes invisible because of the invisible ink)

Eddy: Hey, uh, Harold, where'd you go?

Togera: We can't see ya

Harold: I'm right here guys

Patrick: You are?

Eddy: Harold, you are Invisible

Harold: Finally! I'm gonna be a fully trained ninja, just like my training back at Ninja Camp! If those officiers of Plankton comes close to me, I'll give him an Uppercut, right in the kisser (walks off to the roboticizer chamber room)

Duncan: Surre you will

Harold: (from offscreen) I heard that!

Deimos: (paints himself with invisible ink)

Thumpback: What are you doing?

Deimos: I'm following Harold, just in case. I'll be right back (goes after Harold)

Big Brother Bird: Arkward...

(Back in Robotnik's Lab of his lair)

Guurahk: (repainting the walls) Wow, what a mess. It's lucky Reidak haven't got passed us or he could've wreck the whole HQ

Harold: (now invisible) (walking inside the lab) (in thought: So far, so good...)

Deimos: (now invisible) (following Harold, noticing Guurahk) (in thought: This is gonna be good...) (dances around in front of Guurahk) Hub ba ba ba & voo di voo, you can't see me, but I can see you...(grabs Guurahk's head by the sides & gives her a big kiss)

Guurahk: (spitting, but her eye begins twitching & was horrified by someone who had kissed her)

Harold: Uh oh...

Guurahk: (screams)

Harold: Deimos? Do you have to do that?

Deimos: Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. I thought it would be funny.

(The rest of the rahkshi & the silhouette of Sonic arrives, following the sound of Guurahk's scream)

Lerahk: Guurahk?

Turahk: What's the matter?

Guurahk: (points to Harold & Deimos still looking horrified) Uh...uh...look!

Harold & Deimos: (runs away, but trips on grey paint, causing them to be seen)

Deimos: Aw nuts...

Panrahk: Hey! That's Harold & Deimos!

Turahk: Let's get'em!

Harold: Run!

Harold & Deimos: (runs off)

(The Rahkshi & the silhouette of Sonic begins attacking Harold & Deimos)

(Back with the All Stars)

(The All Stars noticed Harold & Deimos have bandages on them because of the vicious assault by the Rahkshi & the silhouette of Sonic)

Spongebob: Whoa, what happened to you two?

Deimos: Harold & I are in pain

Harold: It's all because of Deimos...

Togera: Looks like you're in pain too...

Harold: I can't believe I was discovered so easily, I'm so humilated I wish I could just dissapear

Harold & Deimos: (now visible again)

Deimos: I'm sorry guys, let me try again

Eddy: Oh no you don't! I'll go! Here paint me

Squidward: (sighs) Fine (paints Eddy with invisible ink, but he is still visible)

Eddy: Alright, alright! That's enough!

DJ: Uh Eddy?

Eddy: And away we go! (goes inside the lab)

DJ: But I can still see him

Eddy: (Got attacked by the Rahkshi & the silhouette of Sonic offscreen) AHHHHHH! (comes back to the All Stars, looking banged up)

Robo-47: How it go Eddy?

Eddy: (panting) What just happened?

Astro: I think I know, the Invisible Ink has been expired a minute ago.

Eddy: Expired Invisible Ink. Guys, whoever's idea is this, he or she is a Mental Case!

Alejandro: That would be your idea Eddy

Eddy: Oh right...

Ezekiel: Yo, yo, yo! Let me handle this eh?

Tyler: Are you sure about that?

Ezekiel: I won't let you down, guys!

Ultra-V: Just be sure to protect yourself, Ezekiel. It's dangerous in there.

Ezekiel: (putting on a hard hat over his beanie) I know! :D

(Back in the lab)

Vorahk & Kurahk: (coming towards Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk & the silhouette of Sonic with a trolley full of food)

Vorahk: Meal time everyone!

Kurahk: We got sandwiches & cake.

Turahk: Wow, perfect timing. I thought we're starting to get hungry.

Lerahk: This looks delicious.

Vorahk: We even make some cake.

Kurahk: Yummy cake.

Guurahk: I vote we make Vorahk & Kurahk the chefs of the Plankton Empire

Panrahk: They can make cake for every meal.

Ezekiel: (arrives wearing safety gear) Did somebody say cake?

Rahkshi: (notices Ezekiel)

Turahk: That's Ezekiel! Let our friend deal with him

Ezekiel: Friend?

Turahk: He has already tooken down Mag Crabbie as a test subject, now your the test subject of our new roboticized friend.

Plankton: (arrives) All of our friends remarkable powers have digitized, maximized and multiplied into this magnificention-powered mega machine!

Ezekiel: Let me guess, it's your mama?

Plankton: Ha, ha.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (arrives) After my encounter with Princess Sally, I upgraded all my roboticizers with "brain burn-thru"! It's a new feature that assure's control, right, my friend?

Plankton: Yes, allow us to introduce you to our mysterious ally that has attacked, Reidak, Harold, Deimos & Eddy.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Behold, he has already risen! The one, true, MECHA SONIC!

(The silhouette of Sonic reveals himself to be a roboticized Sonic named "Mecha Sonic)

Mecha Sonic: Robotnik's & Plankton's word is law!

Ezekiel: Mecha-wow, eh? O.O

Plankton: Yes indeed, Mecha Sonic, get him!

Mecha Sonic: Yes master.

Turahk: CHARGE!

Ezekiel: (got scared & his eyes widen in fear)

Mecha Sonic: (starts attacking Ezekiel)

Ezekiel: (his safety gear have been taken off) I'm hurt now

Plankton: Good

Spongebob: (suddendly appears) Sorry, but Ezekiel's coming with me!

Plankton: Spongebob, your just in time

Mecha Sonic: Spongebob, New Priority 1.

Spongebob: Yikes, looks like we're too late. Ezekiel, it's time to get outta here!

Ezekiel: Oh now you tell me...

Spongebob: (carries Ezekiel back to the All Stars)

Plankton: So the All Stars followed us here, well they won't be here for long.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Now GO, my ultimate weapon of destruction...leave not a scorched stone standing!

Mecha Sonic: (flys out of Robotnik's lair by using his rocket feet) They will perish!!

Rage against the Machine, Spongebob vs. Mecha Sonic (Part 3)

(Back with the All Stars)

(The All Stars are at the outskirts of Robotropolis, regrouping, thinking of a stradegy on how to defeat Mecha Sonic)

Ezekiel: (now got bandages on him) I can't believe this, eh? It's totally unfair! We came in peace, but thanks to Sonic being roboticized, we got torn to pieces

Vezok: Yeah, we had gone to Robotropolis to get Sonic & stop him from roboticizing himself.

Gwen: But we didn't expect to come too late.

Timon: And also why would they have a party & treat us like pinatas?

Rarity: Robotnik & Plankton are most ungrateful. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Donkey Kong: We're not giving up yet. The reputation of our freedom fighter group is at stake & we're gonna do the job we was hired to do.

Astro: That is right. It's not over til we say it's over.

Hot Head: Yeah! We're gonna stop Mecha Sonic & deroboticize him back to being Sonic cause I'm totally fired up! (the flames on his head & hands starts to burn up)

Bouncer: And...since we're getting warmed up, let's go back to South Knothole to come up with a stradegy, I mean there's no rush right.

Spongebob: I guess so...

Mordecai: As a matter of fact, there is no rush. If we rush, we make mistakes...

Rigby: Wanna go on a coffee break?

Owen: Never mind, let's eat. I'm starving.

(The All Stars return to Knothole, not knowing that Mecha Sonic had followed them)

Spongebob: (notices Sally, STH Rotor & Antoine examing Mecha Soniic who is approaching) Look!

Sally: (holding NICOLE) My portalable computer, NICOLE, doesn't lie! That mechanical monster zerong in on us is definitely...Sonic the Hedgehog, but he's been roboticized! (in thought: I can't be too hard against the All Stars, after all. They did try their best.)

STH Rotor: (notices Mecha Sonic flying, following the All Stars) Ummm...he also looks downright unfriendly!

Antoine: He discovered ze council's order! He will be court-martialed!

Spongebob: What do you mean, "court-martialed"?

Sally: Spongebob? I see that you suffered as well

Antoine: You sent ze All Stars to Robotropolis?

Sally: That is correct.

Mecha Sonic: Eat blaster fire, Freedom Fighters! (aims his blaster, mounted on his forearms at them and fires a spray of laser shots)

Bouncer: Look out! (fires bullets out of his fingers at the shots, countering the attack)

Sally: He's strafing us! Get down! (tackles STH Rotor, saving him)

Antoine: YIKES! (hides in the bushes)

Robo-47: (launches a rocket at Mecha Sonic)

Mecha Sonic: (got hit by the rocket, but has minor damage)

Ultra-V: Nice shot, now I'll take over.

STH Rotor: That was too close!

Sally: I'll say!

Spongebob: Everyone's ok

Antoine: (notices Mecha Sonic, circling back) H-he's circling b-back!

Avak: He's right, Mecha Sonic's coming back!

Sally: NICOLE! Execute maneuver "DLG, 70"

NICOLE: Working...(activating multiple holograhic images)

Thunder: There's more of us?

Sally: Easy Antoine & Thunder...NICOLE's creating multiple holographic images to confuse Mecha-Sonic!

Antoine: Alors!

Astro: Good thinking Sally, now for an ambush...

Mecha Sonic: (gets confused because of the holographic images of Sally, STH Rotor, Antoine & the All Stars) ? I strike you down for the glory of Robotnik! (fires his blasters at the holographic images, destroying them)

Red Bird: Well that kinda worked...

Sally: Wow! That won't trick him from long...well just blast them all until he nails the real us!

Edd: Oh dear...

Sally: NICOLE...has phase 2 been intiated?

NICOLE: Arrimative! She is en route!

Boggy B: Phase 2?

Mecha Sonic: (finishes off the holographic images) All hail Robotnik!

Owen: Looks like that's the last image.

STH Rotor: (gulps) We're next, princess...

Spongebob: I'll hold him off! (spindashes at Mecha Sonic)

Mecha Sonic: (notices Spongebob) All Star Warrior, detected! (rams at Spongebob)

Spongebob: (jumps above Mecha Sonic) Sonic, snap out of it. It's me Spongebob.

Sally: NICOLE...where is she?

Mecha Sonic: Spongebob, Priority 1 (charges at Spongebob in a fast pace)

Spongebob: Oh my...!

Alejandro: Amigo! (goes in front of Spongebob)

Mecha Sonic: (rams at Alejandro)

Alejandro: GAH!

Heather: Alejandro!

Drilldozer: You do love him

Heather: Oh drop dead!

Mecha Sonic: Prepare for your death! (charges at Spongebob, preparing to ram at him)

Bouncer: (spots someone in the sky) Wait, what's that?

Kineticlops: Where I don't see anything...

Antoine: (spots someone in the sky) There...up in the's zee's zee plane...

Ultra-V: What are you talking about?

Spongebob: (notices someone) Incoming!

???: (ambushes Mecha Sonic with a heavy strike & she appears to be Bunnie Rabbot)

Mecha Sonic: GNNG!

Bunnie: It's Bunnie Rabbot, sugah! And you, dare you attack mah friends that way!

Bouncer: Great timing...

Ultra-V: Yeah...

Bouncer & Ultra-V: (goes in front of Bunnie who has landed on the ground)

Bouncer: We'll be right there with you.

Ultra-V: That is right.

Mecha Sonic: Subject: B Rabbot, Bouncer & Ultra-V! Robo enhancement interrupted...currently freedom fighter.

Bouncer: Stay calm Sonic...

Bunnie: Just lay down and surrenduh like the yankees at chickamauga!

Ultra-V: We don't have to do this, but we have no choice (unleashes his signature sword)

Mecha Sonic: You shall be returned to Robotropolis so your roboticization can be completed!

Bouncer: I'm already a robot.

Bunnie: Y'all gotta grab hold o' me first, tintop!

Spongebob: What are you doing?

Robo-47: Spongebob, get Alejandro outta here.

Spongebob: (nods & carries Alejandro to safety)

Mecha Sonic: (charges at Bunnie)

Mordecai: Bunnie, watch out!

Bunnie: And that move ain't gonna get it, boy! Mah robotic legs can telescape up before you can say "Ouch!" (stretches his robotic legs upwards, leaving Mecha Sonic to crash into a tree) Ouch!

Mecha Sonic: Ouch!

Tree Rex: (grabs Mecha Sonic & slams him to the ground) Never hurt a single tree again!

Antoine: Thirty-love, mah' selle Rabbot!

Bouncer: Now to finish off what we've started


Bunnie: (uses her new energy shield in an attempt to deflect the blows)

Mecha Sonic: NYARRR! (punches at Bunnie, but his punch was deflected)

Cody: That was close...

Bunnie: Oh mah stars! Ah just barely got mah shield up in time!

Astro: Hold on! (activates his rocket boots & rams at Mecha Sonic) Leave her alone!

Fluttershy: Way to go.

Robo-47, Ultra-V, Bouncer & Astro: (starts attacking Mecha Sonic who starts attacking them back)

Sally: All the new gadgets you added to Bunnie's arsenal are working well Rotor!

Zaktan: And Twilight, the new upgrades within our robotic friends are working perfectly...

Twilight Sparkle: Thank you, you, Edd & Avak did help me with that job

Zaktan: Yeah I guess we did...

STH Rotor: But will they be enough to hold off Mecha-Sonic?

Edd: Now that is a good question...

Antoine: (shivers) I d-don't think so!

Avak: But Robo-47, Bouncer, Astro & Ultra-V are helping Bunnie to hold him off...

Sally: Avak's right, they can delay him long enough for phase 3...NICOLE?

NICOLE: Affirimative! Agent T2 on the line!

Reidak: (smiles)

Reidak: Man, I love that NICOLE

(In the communications room)

Spongebob: (sets down Alejandro gently on a soft bed) There you go...

Alejandro: Gracious...

Sally: (in communication) "Agent T2"! Do you read me?

Tails: (wearing a headset) Loud and clear, Princess Sally! Knothole control center standing by for your orders...

Spongebob: What's the problem?

Sally: (in communication) Condition red...repeat...RED!

Twilight Sparkle: (in communication) We have a Code Red situation here!

Tails: Understood! Moving to Com station!

Spongebob: Alejandro will be alright...I can't believe he saved me...

Tails: Mayday message transmitting...full-grid sweep in progress...receptor frequency acquired...spectrometric readout indicates acknowledgement!

Sally: (in communication) Nice work, Tails!

Twilight Sparkle: (in communication) Yes, thank you for the infomation, Tails!

Tails:Thank you, ma'am! It's so nice to be treated like an adult! Ever since my solo adventure in Downunda...

Sally: Oh more thing... Don't forget to wash-ums hands and brush your teethies...

Twilight Sparkle: And make sure you go to bed on time, ok?

Tails: (gurgles)

Spongebob: (chuckles a bit)

Rage against the Machine, Spongebob vs. Mecha Sonic (Part 4)

(In Robotnik's lair)

(We see Robotnik Prime wearing a brown worn out suit & bunny slippers, sitting on a lounge chair watching the action)

Plankton: (watching the action as well) It appears that Bunnie had appeared & now the All Stars are helping Bunnie stopping Mecha Sonic

Dr. Robotnik Prime: The Mecha-Sonic has been intercepted by that replusive rabbit & the All Stars!

Swatbot: Your evening apermf, guru of of gravity.

Jack-1 Bot: And it appears that Mecha Sonic will be outmatched in a matter of minutes.

Plankton: (sighs) Very well, we must come up with a back-up plan....

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (gets up & changes into his usual outfit) Harumph! All I need is a remote power booster...I can transmit a surge through Mecha-Sonic that will turn her into hassenpfeffer!

Jack-1 Bot: Yes sir.

Swatbot: But aren't such boosters hard to build?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: a matter of fact. You contain all the necessary parts...

Plankton: Jack-1 Bot, grab him!

Jack-1 Bot: (grabs the Swatbot & starts tearing apart the pieces of the Swatbot)

Swatbot: (his head is been thrown away) I had to ask...

Plankton: Great work Jack-1 Bot, now to design the device

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (starts building the device & completes it) There

Plankton: Finished.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Now give her the juice! (presses the button on the device)

(Back in Knothole)

All Star Freedom Fighters & Bunnie: (cornering Mecha Sonic)

Spongebob: Grab Mecha Sonic, we got him cornered

Kineticlops: You got it Spongebob! (grabs Mecha Sonic)

Mecha Sonic: (about to violently electrocute Bunnie, but got grabbed by Kineticlops)

Kineticlops: Gotcha!

Mecha Sonic: (accidently violetly electrocutes Kineticlops, but does not effect, but does increases his powers)

Kineticlops: (laughing) That tickles! (feels the electricity power flowing through him) Thanks for the extra juice (accidently shots a large laser beam at Mecha Sonic, sending him backwards)

Spongebob: Wow, how did you do that?

Kineticlops: I told you...electricity gives me the power. No one calls me Kineticlops for nothing...

Rigby: (sighs) Glad that's over.

Mecha Sonic: (barely gets up because of the blast) What power...

Hakann: Aw come on now!

Kineticlops: I feel super charged, although I feel a bit dizzy (about to fall down)

Bunnie: Hold on, I gotcha!

Edd: Wait, Kineticlops still has lots of Mecha Sonic's...

Bunnie: (catches Kineticlops, but got electrocuted in the process) AGH!

Edd: Electricity...

Kineticlops: (not super charged anymore) Oops...

Bunnie: (falls down)

STH Rotor: Look out! She's comin' in like a bomb!

DJ: Don't worry, I'll save you! (goes up to Bunnie)

Geoff: Hold on! (goes up to Bunnie)

Mecha Sonic: Rust in peace!

Bouncer: Not so fast (fires his giant fists at Mecha Sonic, hitting the bot)

Mecha Sonic: (got hit) Gah! You robotic pest

Bouncer: (reattach his fists) Same to you.

DJ & Geoff: (tries to catch Bunnie, but got crushed under her in the process)

Thok: Nice catch you two.

DJ & Geoff: (in pain)

DJ: wear...jock...

Spongebob: (comes back) Guys, what's going on?

Bridgette: Bunnie, DJ & Geoff are hurt.

Geoff: A little help here please?

Spongebob: Mecha Sonic's more powerful than we thought.

Kineticlops: Actually, I knocked him away & when I felt dizzy, I accidently electrocuted Bunnie in the process, while she was trying to catch me...

Spongebob: Oh, sorry. (notices Mecha Sonic again) Guys, look out!

Rainbow Dash: (bucks Mecha Sonic) Come on, we have a friend to save!

Spongebob: (nods)

Robo-47: Preparing for round two.

Robo-47, Ultra-V, Bouncer & Astro: (charges at Mecha Sonic & started attacking him, who he attacks back)

Sally: (goes up to Bunnie & sits her up) Bunnie! Are you all right? Easy now...give me a hand with her, Rotor!

Bunnie: Hoowe! Did any of y'all get the number of that streetcar named desire?

Noah: No, we have no idea what your saying.

STH Rotor: (carries Bunnie bridal style)

Sally: Okay...just relax, Bunnie! You did your best! Take her to Knothole's Infirmary!

Spongebob: That's where I put Alejandro at.

Bunnie: (feels dizzy) Wooo-ha...wuh?

Applejack: Oh my, we gotta do somethin' about Mecha Sonic or else Knothole is done for.

Astro: Hold on, maybe if I can use my arm cannon for the right time, maybe I can knock Mecha Sonic out into submission, but it might be the only way.

STH Rotor: Oh no! Mecha-Sonic's headed for the living quarters!

Bunnie: (regains from dizziness) Oh, is he? (changes her left arm into an arm cannon) Well, as my Uncle Beauregard used to say...(activates her robotic rocket feet & flies off after Mecha Sonic) "The South Shall rise again!"

Spongebob: Guess we have no choice but to use the arm cannon in the right time. Let's go!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters follows Bunnie)

Sally: Go get him, Bunnie! You too All Stars!

STH Rotor: She rose, all right. Up, up and away!

Spongebob: Quick, grab him before he gets away!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters [minus Alejandro] begins tackling Mecha Sonic, trying to prevent him from moving)

Boggy: Quick! Hit him in the chest, hit him in the chest!

Bunnie: (intercepts Mecha Sonic and fires a powerful shot from her arm cannon; to everyone's shock, Mecha Sonic is unfazed)

Eddy: You gotta be kidding me!

Sally: She rocked him with her pulse cannon! But she didn't stop him!

Bouncer: He's even stronger than we thought he was with that Mecha Body of his.

STH Rotor: That's bad news because that was her best shot...

Hakann: Look out, Mecha Sonic's rage is gonna blow!

Mecha Sonic: (rages out of the dogpile, tossing the All Stars into different locations)


(The All Stars [minus Alejandro] have crashed landed in different locations, like in the bushes, in the trees, on top of roofs, through the walls, through the doors, crashed to the ground, even Vezok got his spine stuck in a large tree trunk)

Ed: (laughs) I love canoes...

Spongebob: (emerges from the bushes feeling dizzy) We're ok

Vezok: (trying to free himself from the tree trunk) Uh, a little help? My spine got stuck...

Mecha Sonic: Now you pay the price for attacking Robotnik's ultimate fighting machine! (retaliates with his own arm cannon)

Bunnie: (got damaged badly) EEK! (falls down)

Avak: I'll catch you! (tries to catch Bunnie)

Meltdown: (tries to catch Bunnie as well) I got her, I got her!

Hakann: (tries to catch Bunnie also) No, I got her.

Nitroblast: (tries to catch Bunnie too) She's mine

Bunnie: (once again sent crashing to the ground, this time crash lands on Avak, Meltdown, Hakann & Nitroblast)

Duncan: They got it.

STH Rotor: Bunnie...(goes up to a knocked out Bunnie) Bunnie! She went down hard!

Red Bird: And on Avak, Meltdown, Hakann & Nitroblast too.

Avak, Meltdown, Hakann & Nitroblast: (feels dizzy after the crash)

Nitroblast: Gee mom, can't I just sleep for 10 more minutes?

(The rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters begin to recover)

Thumpback: Ouch, talk about a major crash-landing. Too bad we didn't pack any parachutes.

Sally: (angry at Mecha Sonic) You traitor, Sonic!

Antoine: Is there any hope for us?

(Suddendly an ice blast fires at Mecha Sonic him)

Mecha Sonic: (notices the ice blast)

(In slow motion, Mecha Sonic tries to react by dodging but after all the damage done by Bunnie & the All Star Freedom Fighters, the projectile hits Mecha Sonic freezing his arms & legs, causing to fall down & crash.)

Spongebob: What the?

(They all took notice the man responsible for that attack & it was the younger Sub Zero)
Sub Zero

Sub Zero

Sally: (notices Sub Zero) Oh my gosh...!

Drilldozer: Sub-Zero?

Mecha Sonic: (breaks the ice, freeing himself & turns to Sub-Zero)

Sub Zero: (to Antoine) Closer than you think! (gets into his battle stance against Mecha Sonic)

Sally: (in thought: Who is he? And why did he came before Phase 3 is ready?)

Rage against the Machine, Spongebob vs. Mecha Sonic (Part 5)

Alejandro: (waking up) Ai yi yi yi yi ! What happened? Wait (remembers that he saved Spongebob from being injured) I saved Spongebob from being injured, but I must fight...(groans in pain)...for freedom in the multiverse! (gets up slowly) Mecha Sonic must be deroboticized at once! (slowly starts walking to the Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters, feeling a bit painful)

(With the All Stars, Sally, STH Rotor, Antoine & Bunnie)

(The Heroes are still confused about why Sub-Zero is here)

Spongebob: Sub-Zero, why are you here?

Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei does not know the meaning of surrender & I must find Scorpion to make him pay on killing my elder brother, Bi Han.

Zaktan: You mean the Elder Sub-Zero, known as Noob Saibot?

Sub-Zero: Yes, but I have a feeling that Noob Saibot is now in the forces of darkness...

Sally: Forces of Darkness?

Robo-47: I have a feeling that it's a can of worms I don't wanna see open any time soon...

???: That is right (appears to be a grey ninja named "Smoke"
Smoke Human Form

Smoke [Human Form]

who is also in human form)

Sub-Zero: Smoke...your here

Smoke: Yes, when there's smoke, there's fire.

Hakann: Oh very funny.

Hot Head: Hey, that is indeed funny & true at the same time.

Astro: I'm sorry to interrupt but Mecha Sonic is still not giving up

Sub Zero: Then we will be prepare for this monstrous machinery they call Mecha Sonic.

Mecha Sonic: (gets up) You will pay for your ignorance...Sonic the Hedgehog is no more! Citizens of Knothole...prepare to be eliminated by Mecha Sonic!

(Suddendly, Mecha Sonic got ambushed by two Lin Kuei ninjas, one yellow Lin Kuei ninja named "Cyrax"
Cyrax Human Form

Cyrax (Human Form)

who is a human as well & a red Lin Kuei ninja named "Sektor"
Sektor Human Form

Sektor (Human Form)

who is also a human)

Cyrax: Sub-Zero, Smoke, what happened? We got here as soon as we could, the All Stars didn't mean to die.

Sektor: What is the meaning of this?

Ultra-V: Who are those people?

Sektor: I am Sektor & this is Cyrax

Cyrax: (puts his fist on his chest & bows) Stealthful as the night...

Smoke: (does the same thing) Deadly as the dawn...

Mecha Sonic: (gets up) You'll have to do better than that. (flies upwards) Now I'm gonna make roadkill out of you!

(Suddendly, once again Mecha Sonic got ambushed by a familiar red echidna & it's Knuckles the Echidna)

Hakann: Knuckles?

Knuckles: (gliding) Surprise, Sonic...your fellow freedom fighters asked me to deliver this to you...(delivers another uppercut at Mecha Sonic)

Mecha Sonic: (got hit) GLARG! You don't stand a chance against my Robo-enhanched speed and strength! (uppercuts Knuckles)

Knuckles: EEYOW!

Sub Zero, Smoke, Cyrax & Sektor: (helps Knuckles attack Mecha Sonic)

Mecha Sonic: More of you?

Sub Zero: Fight!


Antoine: Mon dieu! Mecha Sonic is beatingh Knuckles to pulp fiction!

Sally: Oh dear...the echidna is our last line of defense!

Sanford: So are the Lin Kuei

Spongebob: No they're not the last line, but the second last!

All: Huh?

Spongebob: I've got plan (notices Alejandro) Alejandro, your back

Alejandro: Indeed I do, what did I miss?

Astro: (sparks a bit) Ow, we got thrown away by Mecha Sonic & we have to free Vezok from being stuck in a tree!

Owen, Duncan, Harold & Justin: (pulling Vezok, trying to free him from the tree)

Harold: Guys, we more help!

Owen: But we can try our best?

Justin: I hope I don't get a hang nail...

Robo-47: No time for silly jokes, just pull...pull!

(They all try to but failed)

Vezok: It's official, I'm stuck for a long time...

Spongebob: Time to put Phase 4 into action!

Sally: There is no Phase 4...

Spongebob: There is now...(hides in the bushes waiting for the right time to attack)

Sektor: Your good Mecha Sonic, but you lack discipline...

Mecha Sonic: It's all over, red! First I trash Knothole, then your floating island and anything else Robotnik orders me to do!

Cyrax: Your obsession of taking over Mobius ends here!

Smoke: We will never submit!

Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei does not know the meaning of surrender!

Knuckles: (coughs) No robot can whip me, see?

Mecha Sonic: Oh, I see very well out of my high voltage optic units! (fires his laser beams of his high voltage optic units, striking Knuckles)

Knuckles: (falls down)

Smoke: Watch out!

Mecha Sonic: (fires again at the 4 Lin Kuei ninjas)

Sub Zero: (creates an ice barrier around them)

Spongebob: (sneaking up to Mecha Sonic from bush to bush)

(After loads of shots, the ice barrier breaks & Sub Zero, Smoke, Cyrax & Sektor all got hit by the blasts)

Sub Zero, Smoke, Cyrax & Sektor: (falls down, but recovered just in time for them to land on 2 feet)

Astro: Are you 4 alright?

Sektor: We're fine

Cyrax: Luckily we managed to recover...

Twilight Sparkle: Thank goodness that you 4 are ok, we need all the help we can get.

Sally: This is awful! Knux and Bunnie are down and out!

Smoke: What does this mean exactly?

Sally: Mecha Sonic is poised to destroy Knothole village...we're at his mercy! And that's something he has in very short supply!

Sub Zero: We're not surrendering to that machine...

Applejack: Sub Zero's right, we're not giving up until we get the mission done...

Sektor: (in thought: The Grandmaster is right...the Cyber Initiative can make your stronger & faster, turning warriors into glorified robots...I must be transformed as well)

STH Rotor: Knothole is doomed!

Sally: Maybe not...

Spongebob: (suddendly ambushes Mecha Sonic from behind)

Mecha Sonic: Ow! Can't you just give up on defeating me already?

Spongebob: No way...we're not giving up to the likes of you!

Sub Zero, Smoke, Cyrax & Sektor: (goes with Spongebob)

Cyrax: It's time your robotic reign of terror ends here...

Mecha Sonic: So this is round 2 then...very well.


(After all those attacks by Bunnie, Knuckles, the Lin Kuei & the All Star Freedom Fighters, Mecha Sonic begins to be defated by the All Star Warrior & the 4 Lin Kuei Ninjas)

Spongebob: Don't worry Sonic, we will get you back to normal someday.

Mecha Sonic: (slowly getting up) You 5 got lucky that I've been damaged by my previous battles. But I'm not finished yet. (barely flying around Knothole because of all the damage by Bunnie, Knuckles, the All Stars & the Lin Kuei)

Sektor: We can't keep up like this...we must be initiate Lin Kuei's top program, the "Cyber Initiative"

Sally: Sub Zero is right, there's only one option left! Although I dread saying it, but Sektor is right, we've got to initiate "Operation Last Resort"!

Boggy B: Huh?

Antoine: (gasps)

Fluttershy: I think it's sounded dangerous...

STH Rotor: S-suh-Sally! You wouldn't, you couldn't order us to do that!...(gulps) Would you?

Spongebob: No matter how dangerous it sounds, then we must do the operation...Lin Kuei style...

Sektor:'ll see that in Operation: Last Resort, we'll be more stealthful as the night & more deadly as the dawn...

Vezok: Ok, that sounds very suspenceful and all, but...(panicking) HELP! I'M STILL STUCK TO A TREE!

Rage against the Machine, Spongebob vs. Mecha Sonic (Part 6)

Vezok: (being freed from the tree he's stuck into) Thanks, I needed that...

Spongebob: I managed to stop Mecha Sonic, but he keeps coming back for more!

Drilldozer: (to Sonic) You gotta be kidding me

Sally: Sonic the Hedgehog is about to trash Knothole! You have yout orders, Mister!

Ultra-V: Yes...

STH Rotor: (holding Knuckles) (gulps) Y-yes your m-masjesty! (tosses Knuckles to Antoine) Catch, Twan!

Antoine: (catches Knuckles) Alors! She ees serious!

Xplode: Of course she's serious!

STH Rotor: She's the princess!

Sally: You bet I move out! (STH Rotor runs off to get something) Antoine, stand by with Knuckles, the All Stars & the Lin Kuei!

Sektor: (smiles evily)

Astro: (feels suspecious about Sektor)

Sally: NICOLE! I want a full sweep of the village!

Zaktan: And give us the damage report on the village.

NICOLE: (scans the entire village of Knothole) Working...(her scan is complete) As you commanded, Knothole has been evacuated! Mecha-Sonic is inflicting heavy damage, but it's all structual.

Heather: At least we're not killed

Gwen: Save it, Heather. I'm getting a report that the forces of Shu, Wei & Wu has everyone evacuated to South Knothole for safety.

Sally: I can't believe he disobeyed a direct order! Sonic's behavior borders on muntiny!

Cyrax: Sometimes we have to take risks in order to complete some missions...

Antoine: I weel be happy to form a sub-commitee and start an investigation!

Spongebob: Look, Sally. We have to tell you see Sonic didn't go to Robotropolis, he was captured & carried by...

Sally: Delay that, buster! I'm giving the orders here!

Rainbow Dash: But Sonic is captured by...

Sally: Rotor, bring me the Botmaker!

HF Rotor & STH Rotor: Yes'm!

Sally: I met my Rotor, but oh two anyway...

HF Rotor: Thank you

HF Rotor & STH Rotor: (brings out the Botmaker, which is actually the Port-o-bot)

HF Rotor: Here it is...

Sally: Gimme the this thing ready to go?

STH Rotor: As you know, we acquired this Port-o-bot from Robotnik after our first Bunnie Rabbot encounter...

Avak: (sighs) Don't remind me...

Ezekiel: Like what, eh? Thinking that Bunnie is your girlfriend?

Avak: (gets angry) Why you little...! (starts strangling Ezekiel's neck)

Ezekiel: (choking)

Reidak: (seperates Avak & Ezekiel) Both of you calm down!

Avak: She's just a friend, ok!

Hot Head: Now we're getting somewhere

Edd: Would you please continue?

STH Rotor: Sure, although it was damaged, I've been repairing it as you ordered...I think it's operational!

Bouncer: That's a good thing.

Antoine: You theenk? Ave thees thing been tested?

Sally: I know the answer to that! But it's about to be!

Agamo: You mean to tell us that one of us is gonna be roboticized?

Magmo: You've spent all of this time answering us what Operation: Last Resort is & that's what you came up with?

Sally: Aparently yes, that is the game plan to this operation, it is the same as the Cyber Initiative that the Lin Kuei have talked to us about.

STH Rotor: S-suh-Sally...(takes off his hat)...if I may s-speak freely...if we do this, haven't we sunk to Robotnik's & Plankton's level? Are we no better than him?

Cyrax: I am the one that who is against the Cyber Initiative, turning Lin Kuei warriors into glorfied robots? Scorpion is going to pay for what he has done to Bi Han...

Sally: Et tu, Rotor?

Spongebob: Are you sure we're up for the challenge?

Sally: Listen, you guys...we've got to fight fire with fire!

Smoke: And where there's fire, there is smoke...I will help you!

Sektor: And I as well...

Cyrax: Very well, Mecha Sonic has been roboticized & we need to know the real reason, why...

Sub Zero: Smoke, Cyrax, what are you...?

Smoke: It is ok, sometimes that operation maybe risky, but it's the only one we have...

Knuckles: (starting to wake up) Hmmmm....?

Sally: We must use every weapon at our disposal to ensure survival ! Planet Mobius is at stake...let freedom ring!

Ed: Knuckles is awake...

Antoine: (notices Knuckles waking up) Eh?

Knuckles: (feels dizzy & delirious, thinking everyone is Sonic) Muh-Mecha-Sonic!

Robo-47: Mecha Sonic?

Donkey Kong: Where?

Knuckles: (coughs) Muh-must destroy! (punches Antoine)

Antoine: (got punched) Whouf! (feels dizzy)

STH Rotor:!

Vezok: What happened?

Sally: He's delirious!

Sub Zero: He thinks that we're Mecha Sonic, we have to stop him!

Spongebob: Ok, but we've used most of our energy on stopping Mecha Sonic, we're getting tierd.

Cyrax: But we can't give up!

Knuckles: (gurgles & notices STH Rotor) Incoming fat figure...Robotnik!

STH Rotor: Knuckles...

Hakann: Knuckles, wake up!

Knuckles: Muh-must protect...(uppercuts STH Rotor)

STH Rotor: Urrrgh!

Dudley: Put him down now, he's become a mad dog! Oh wait a minute, I am a dog...

Knuckles: (notices Cody) Plankton! Muh-must protect...

Cody: Gah!

Sierra: (goes in front of Sierra) No one hurts my Cody!

Sally: (suddendly does a flip back kick at Knuckles' back) That's enough! I need all the freedom fighters I can get at this point!

Knuckles: Aaarrr! (falls to the ground & gets up slowly, rubbing his back)\

Kitty: Knuckles is calming down...phew

Knuckles: I've only known one person who could take me down with a flip back kick....(turns to Sally) Princess Sally Acorn!

Sally: Hello,'s been a long time...

Timon: Whoa, whoa! Time out! Let me get this straight. you know her, she knows you?

Knuckles: Yeah...(to Sally) remember when your dad, King Acorn, would vacation on the floating island? My father was the guardian back then!

Sally: (sighs) Those were simpler times...summer nights on the Robotnik...

Bunnie: (starting to wake up & stand up) Oh, man! Ah smell gossir...just what ah need to revive!

Cody: (about Knuckles' & Sally's good ol' times back then) Sounds like Sally really does know Knuckles in the good ol days...

Xplode: (gets angry) Why you little...! (about to choke Cody)

Sierra: (starts choking Xplode) I said, nobody hurts my man!

Xplode: (choking) Ack! Didly, didly!

Ultra-V: (seperates Xplode & Sierra from each other) That's enough! We have to stop Robotnik & Plankton!

Knuckles: Robotnik! Enough reminiscing! We've got work to do!

Sally: Oh, yeah...err...right!

Sektor: Please, continue...

Sally: Right...Mecha-Sonic is still on the loose! I got an old roboticizer and neuro-overrider standing by, Knuckles...

Sektor: Prepare for the roboticization! It's time that the Lin Kuei will rise as cyborgs! (gets inside of the port-o-bot)

Spongebob: Here I go! (goes inside the port-o-bot too) I have to take the risk!

Knuckles: (follows Sektor & Spongebob inside)

Sally: Wait! Let me explain the risks!

Bunnie: Let me explain the cramp it puts on yoah social life!

Twilight Sparkle: You can't be serious! Your too important to be roboticized...

Cyrax: We have no other choice, cause we never surrender...(gets inside the port-o-bot)

Smoke: Indeed (gets inside the port-o-bot as well)

Sub Zero: Looks like it's full...good luck!

Spongebob: Thank you, but it's getting a little bit cramped inside...

Squidward: Great, it reminds of Spongebob's & Patrick's stupid club with a clubhouse that is extremely cramped...

Knuckles: Explain it after you've turned me into Mecha-Knuckles!

Spongebob: Twilight, I know it sounds risky, but we have to take sacrifices to save our friends, cause All Stars never quit! (activates the port-o-bot, starting the roboticization)

Tree Rex: Now a brave man!

Antoine: Eet as begun! I weep for us!

Duncan: Don't & above all, Duncans do not sing!

STH Rotor: (sadly) Swing low, sweet chah-re-uh-uht!

Duncan: (gets angry) Why you little...! (starts choking STH Rotor)

Rage against the Machine, Spongebob vs. Mecha Sonic (Part 7)

(In Knothole Village, Tails has exited the communications room & hides behind a bush to keep from out of Mecha Sonic's sight)

(The All Star Freedom Fighters begins to hide, preparing their ambush)

Mecha Sonic: (obliterating Knothole Village with his blasters, firing laser shots)

Tails: Sonic the Hedgehog is obliterating Knothole Village! It's a good thing those Shu, Wei & Wu warriors & I have the place evacuated! There's no one here...except...(notices Mecha Sonic looking at him)...uh-oh!

(Mecha Sonic's POV)

Tails: Me! Whoop...I've been spotted!

(Normal POV)

Twilight Sparkle: (nods yes at Sub Zero)

Mecha Sonic: Freedom Fighter codename: Tails! Eliminate! (got ambushed by an ice ball at the left arm)

Sub Zero: (goes in front of Mecha Sonic) Enough of this! (to Tails) Go now!

Mecha Sonic: (fires a laser shot from his right forearm)

Sub Zero & Tails: (dodges the shot)

Tails: Yipe! I'm outta here! (flys away by using his two tails as helicopter rotors)

Sub Zero: Now you face one of the Lin Kuei !

Mecha Sonic: Rain aerial acceleration target  (aims his blasters, one blaster aimed at Sub Zero & the other blaster aimed at Tails) Co-ordinates fed to weapon system...

Sub Zero: (gets ready to attack with his ice blasts)

Mecha Sonic: (feels strange) I...m-must...c-cannot...m-must...

Sub Zero: This is my chance on wearing him down...


(With Mecha Sonic fighting against his free will instead of his opponent Sub Zero, Sub Zero had taken the bot down with his ice powers)

Sub Zero: You will be back to normal soon enough...

Mecha Sonic: (gets up & shakes his head) You!

Sub Zero & Mecha Sonic: (continues fighting each other)

Bouncer: Is Mecha Sonic ok?

Noah: What, is he malfunctioning or something?

Ultra-V: Sounds like Sonic's free will has started fighting for control of Sonic's mind...

Robo-47: You might be right...

Blue Bird: We won't know yet...

Pink Bird: We betta be ready for any challenge...

Boggy B: Is everyone & our upgraded enforcers ready?

(They all nod)

Zaktan: Good, then let's do this!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (in the moniter in Mecha Sonic's wrist) Mecha Sonic!

Plankton: (wtih Plankton) Come in!

Mecha Sonic: (looks at the moniter while fighting Sub Zero) Yes Lords Robotnik & Plankton?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Did I detect some hesitation?

Plankton: There is something wrong with your head...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Your orders are to wipe out all your former allies!

Mecha Sonic: Oh, never mind...I'll do it myself! Give me your co-ordinates...I've got a stockpile of nuclear bombs I'm dying to use! (his free will starts fighting again) S-suh send you the loca...tion...of Knothole?

Sub Zero: (kicks Mecha Sonic at the stomach)

Plankton: Of course you do!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Yes, you mecha-moron! You are my...

Plankton: Ahem! -_-

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Uh...OUR slave! Do as we say immediately!

Mecha Sonic: ...Y-yes...of course! Sorry, master...the numbers are...

(Suddendly, someone nets Mecha Sonic in a Green energy net, causing his communication wrist to go on the fritz & it's Cyrax


as a Yellow Lin Kuei Cyborg)

Cyrax: You will go no further!

Mecha Sonic: What?

Sub Zero: Cyrax!

Cyrax: I am Unit LK-4D4, you Mecha Sonic will prepare to feel the wrath of the Lin Kuei

Mecha Sonic: You two will pay for this! I'll start with you Unit LK-4D4.


(Mecha Sonic has lost Round 2 to Cyrax because Cyrax has become fresh for Sub Zero to regain his energy)

Cyrax: The Cyrax...

Mecha Sonic: I will not be defeated by the likes of you either!

Sub Zero: There's now 2 of us & 1 of you.

Cyrax: Or should we say 4 of us...

(Suddendly Mecha Sonic is ambushed by Sektor


& Smoke
Smoke (MKD)

Smoke (Cyborg)

who they have become Cyborgs as well with Sektor as a Red Lin Kuei Cyborg & Smoke as a Grey & Black Lin Kuei Cyborg)

Sektor: No one leaves the Lin Kuei, for I am Unit LK-9T9.

Smoke: And I am Unit LK-7T2, we have become Cyborgs as well.

Mecha Sonic: How can this be? I need to know why?

Sektor: You will have to beat the both of us to get the info first. And because of our new Cyborganic Bodies...we are more stealthful than the night...and more deadly than the dawn!


(Mecha Sonic continues his losing streak as he got defeated by both fresh cyborgs of the Lin Kuei with Sektor has rockets & Smoke has bombs)

Sektor: You think that your a match for the Lin Kuei?

Smoke: We will never submit !

Mecha Sonic: (gets up, looking angry) You Lin Kuei Ninjas will pay!

(Suddendly, once again, Mecha Sonic got ambushed by a roboticized Spongebob named "Mecha Spongebob" & a roboticized Knuckles named "Mecha Knuckles")

Mecha Knuckles: (uppercuts Mecha Sonic) One moment...I have to put your call on "hold"!

Mecha Sonic: (got hit) Growwgh!

Mecha Spongebob: Hello Mecha Sonic, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Mecha Spongebob!

Mecha Knuckles: And Mecha-Knuckles is in charge now...and the first thing I'm gonna do is sever your communications with old blubberbolts! (punches Mecha Sonic)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (in communicator) How dare...ygzzzt..(the communication wrist on Mecha Sonic goes on the fritz & shuts down)

(With Robotnik Prime & Plankton)

Plankton: Requesting Jack-1 Bot back-up in Knothole, I repeat, we need back up!

Jack-1 Bots: (charges towards Knothole)

(Back in Knothole)

Mecha Sonic: Obviously, you have retained your normal echidna personality...(punches Mecha Sonic) That plan shall be your undoing!

Mecha Knuckles: Gnyaaa!

Sub Zero: We'll just have to see about that now, would we?

Sektor: Now that we fight fire with fire, these cyborganic forms will make you pay!

Mecha Spongebob: Prepare for the fight of the lifetime cause I'M READY!


Mecha Spongebob, Mecha Knuckles Sub Zero, Cyrax, Sektor & Smoke: (starts Mecha Sonic who started attacking them back)

Zaktan: And here they go!

Bunnie: Gracious!

Antoine: Mon dieu!

Applejack: Well I'll be!

Rainbow Dash: Wow!

STH Rotor: It's the battle of the Sega-Century!

Owen: Only with a dash of Spongebob & the Lin Kuei...

Twilight: Spongebob, Knuckles & the Lin Kuei vs Sonic...

Sally: Who will prevail?

Bouncer: What should we do now?

Rigby: Yeah, we can't just sit around & do nothing...

(Suddendly they hear Jack-1 Bots charging towards Knothole Village)

Alejandro: Looks like we don't have too!

Dudley: Let's do this!

Zaktan: Attack!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters [minus Spongebob] starts attackin the Jack-1 Bots, preventing them from ever reaching Knothole Village)

STH Rotor: They're very evenly matched! The only thing in our favor is that Mecha-Knuckles has fresh legs!

Congar: While Spongebob, Sub Zero, Smoke, Cyrax & Sektor are helping Mecha Knuckles...

Sally: Right! Mecha-Sonic has already battled Bunnie and Knuckles in his normal form...

Mecha Knuckles: In your face! (punches at Mecha Sonic's face)

Cyrax: (slashes at Mecha Sonic with his spinning blade)

Sektor: (fires rockets at Mecha Sonic)

Mecha Spongebob: (spindashes at Mecha Sonic)

Smoke: (fires bombs at Mecha Sonic)

Mecha Sonic: (got hit by all of the attacks) Awf!

Astro: Once the time is right, I'll weaken Mecha Sonic & we'll get him back to normal...

Ninjini: Very well

Bunnie: (points to Tails flying low towards them) Looky younder...Tails is comin' in low!

STH Rotor: (to Sally) Plus you let Spongebob & the echidna keep his free will...

Donkey Kong: What about Cyrax, Smoke & Sektor? Can they still have their free will...

Astro: We're about to find out.

Mecha Sonic: I'll end this letting you have it with both barrels! (shoots laser shots from both of his blasters)

Mecha Spongebob, Cyrax, Sektor & Smoke: (dodges out of the way)

Mecha Spongebob: Your too slow!

Sub Zero: (creates a wall made of ice to block the attacks)

Mecha Knuckles: (uses his magnetic Knucklaws to drain the batteries of Mecha Sonic) Bring it on! My magnetic Knucklaws will disperse your blast and drain your batteries!

Sektor: Face it, you have failed miserably Mecha Sonic

Mecha Sonic: Brrzzt! Minmal energy...metal fatigue...Vrap! (falls down)

Mecha Knuckles: (grabs Mecha Sonic by the foot) Tell it to someone who gives a fig!

Sub Zero: (freezes Mecha Sonic)

Mecha Knuckles: Meanwhile, enjoy the spin cycle! (starts spinning a frozen Mecha Sonic around & around) Admit it, Hedgehog...your life's in a rut! (throws Mecha Sonic, down to the ground)

Eva: Watch out!

Antoine: Fire in zee hole!

Raw Jaw: Incoming headache!

Mecha Sonic: (crashes to the ground, freeing himself from ice) Grrrblblg!

STH Rotor: Mecha-Sonic got trenched!

Ultra-V: But he's not through yet...

Mecha Spongebob: We're gonna pound you to next week Mecha Sonic...or at least half an hour which is 30 minutes...

Mecha Knuckles: To paraphrase mendrix: " 'Scuse me whille I dis' this guy "! (charges at Mecha Sonic)

Bouncer: Go Knuckles go!

Mecha Sonic: Incoming speed squared divided by atmospheric pressure...add impact angle plus accelerations...computed...executed!

Astro: Knuckles, watch out!

Smoke: What are you doing?

Mecha Sonic: To put it in layman's terms you can under, Mecha Knuckles:"This wallop will send you directly into the heart of Robotropolis! (punches Mecha Knuckles)

Mecha Knuckles: (got hit, being send straight back) Eeeeyow!

Mecha Spongebob: Knuckles!

Mecha Sonic: Say "hello" to the nuclear warheads for me! (turns to Mecha Spongebob, Sub Zero, Cyrax, Sektor & Smoke) Now it's your turn! (punches them at the same direction)

Mecha Spongebob: Help!

Astro: Hold on Spongebob: (activates his rocket feet & flys faster & then catches Spongebob, Sub Zero, Cyrax, Sektor & Smoke with his strength) Are you all ok?

Sub Zero: Thank you for the close save...

Mecha Knuckles: Mecha Sonic's right...I'm gonna hit the city at sub sonic way to stop!

Mecha Sonic: Your destruction is assured!

Mecha Spongebob: We gotta save Knuckles!

Cyrax: By my calculations it will hit in about 10 seconds!

Mecha Knuckles: But I don't like to travel alone, Mecha-Sonic! By inverting the polarity in my claws, I create a massive magnetic field! (inverts the polarity in his claws, creating a massive magnetic field) One you'll find impossible to resist!

Mecha Sonic: (got pulled in by the magnetic field) Uhhh! I'm being magnetized! (got attatched to Mecha Knuckles)

Mecha Spongebob: Nice one Mecha Knuckles!

Mecha Spongebob, Astro, Cyrax, Sektor & Smoke: (got pulled in by the magnetic field also)

Sektor: No! The magnetic field caught us too!

All Star Freedom Fighters: (finishes demolishing the Jack-1 Bots)

Jack-1 Bots: (charges at the All Stars, but gets pulled in by the magnetic field)

Vezok: We got'em now!

Jack-1 Bots: (grabs the All Star Feedom Fighters getting closer to Mecha Sonic & Mecha Knuckles)

Bouncer: Oh man, we're getting pulled in too!

Mecha Knuckles: (to Mecha Sonic) If I'm going down, you're coming with me!

Mecha Sonic: (attached to Mecha Knuckles) No! Release me, you fool...

Mecha Spongebob: Release you? Who's gonna release us?

Mecha Sonic: (notices Cyrax, Sektor, Smoke, the All Stars & the Jack-1 Bots are all attached him & Mecha Knuckles) Oh great...

(As they all crash into the heart of Robotropolis, they all got caught in a tremendous explosion)

Sub Zero: (notices the explosion) Hold on, I'm on my way! (runs off to the explosion)

Rage against the Machine, Spongebob vs. Mecha Sonic (Part 8)

(In Robotropolis, Sub Zero arrives in the city)

Sub Zero: Hmm...(notices a massive crater in the midsection of Robotropolis, sizzling with radiation) This must be Robotropolis...I can see that is badly damaged after that explosion.

(As Sub Zero gets closer to the crater, Swatbots & Jack-1 Bots were vaporized. Factories and toxic trash reduced to molten slag & the air is filled with poisons)

Sub Zero: (notices the All Star Freedom Fighters & Cyrax, Sektor & Smoke in a pile of garbage, looking badly damaged after the damage) Are you alright? That explosion is very dangerous for any of us to handle...

Mecha Spongebob: (gets up slowly) Yeah, we took a real battering there, is everyone ok?

(All of the All Star Freedom Fighters noded that they are all ok, every single one is present & accounted for)

Dudley: Boy we really got schmoodled...

Reidak: Why you little...! Aw forget it!

Ultra-V: I don't see Mecha Sonic & Mecha Knuckles

Owen: You mean...Sonic & Knuckles are...!

Sektor: Enough of this! Leave Mecha Sonic & Mecha Knuckles behind, they deserve their death!

Smoke: Sektor, what are you saying? We have to de-roboticize both of them at once

Sektor: No one leaves the Lin Kuei

Bouncer: Aw man!

Astro: Enough of this! (sparks a bit) Sektor, you don't wanna do this

Sektor: I suggest you step back! If you want to face me then so be it!

Sub Zero: (to Astro) Why are you ready for a battle? You all survived the explosion...but how was that possible?

Twilight Sparkle: I have to use my magic to teleport ourselves to a more further position from the explosion...

Sektor: Your very lucky when you are around, now I'm kill you personally cause my loyalty is to the Grand Master of the Lin Kuei...!

Astro: I'm sorry, but you leave me no choice! Quick you guys go find Sonic & Knuckles, I'll deal with Sektor!

All Stars [minus Astro], Sub Zero, Cyrax & Smoke: (goes off to find Mecha Sonic & Mecha Knuckles)

Sektor: Let us see who is more powerful. It will be either the Robot with Kokoro or the Cyborg that serves in the Lin Kuei!

Astro: We'll just have to find out ourselves Sektor! Let's rocket!


Astro & Sektor: (starts fighting each other)

(As Astro & Sektor begins their battle with each other, Plankton, Robotnik & the Rahkshi emerges from Robotnik's secret shelter, not knowing Sub Zero, Cyrax, Smoke & the All Star Freedom Fighters have spotted them)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Gadzooks! That's the biggest backfire of my illustrious career!

Turahk: Man, that was hairy out there!

Plankton: That explosion could've killed us

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Lucky we saw the incoming combatants and retreated to my shelter!

Guurahk: What a sloppy mess, we betta go tidy up.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (looks around at the damages of Robotropolis) Mymymy! Those two did major damage! It'll take lots of rebuilding to...

(Suddendly they heard something)

Lerahk: Wait, don't you hear that sound?

Panrahk: We heard it too.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (spots someone moving) What's this? Something moving in the rubble! Could it be? Did Mecha-Sonic survive the impact?

Plankton: Only one way to find out, let's check this out.

(Robotnik Prime, Plankton & the Rahkshi goes up to the moving robot & Robotnik Prime picks it up to see that it really is Mecha Sonic, but was badly damaged after the impact...)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Yes! He's badly damaged, but repairable!

Vorahk: It is Mecha Sonic!

Kurahk: Is he ok? He doesn't look so good

Mecha Sonic: (badly damaged) Yzzkt!

Plankton: Can we fix him?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (chuckles) Can I build a bot or what?!

Turahk: Sounds like it

Mecha Sonic: Awkk...

Mecha Spongebob: In that case...DOGPILE!

(The All Stars suddendly dogpiles on the Rahkshi, tackling them to the ground as Sub Zero, Cyrax & Smoke surrounds Plankton)

Plankton: Help! I've been surrounded!

Mecha Knuckles: (behind Robotnik Prime) Guess what? (turns Robotnik Prime to him & headbutts him at the head)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (got hit) Whooog!

Plankton: Mecha Knuckles! All Stars! Lin Kuei! How did you all...?

Mecha Knuckles: We all survived the battle, too! Then it occuprred to me...our fight scene didn't have required the head-butt! (picks up Mecha Sonic)

Cody: And now that we've won the battle, it's time that we head for home!

Guurahk: Aw great, we've been tricked by heroes...again!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (gurgles) B-but how'd you come through the blast with less damage?

Mecha Spongebob: Tell them, Knuckles!

Mecha Knuckles: Let's just say you don't build em like you used to, tubby...

Mecha Sonic: Blurg...

Patrick: Hey! That's what Spongebob called me & nobody & I mean NOBODY calls me "Tubby"!

Mecha Knuckles: So much for your "Brain-burn-through" system! Somehow, Sonic retained a bit of himself! Lights out, fatty!

Robo-47: You too Plankton!

Trent: Wait what about Astro & Sektor?

Mecha Spongebob: We gotta get going to Knothole.

Fluttershy: I hope Astro beats that red cyborg Sektor

Sub Zero: We are done here, Cyrax, Smoke & I like to say...thank you...

Sub Zero, Cyrax & Smoke: (puts their fists on their chests gently & bows) Stealthful as the night...

Mecha Spongebob: (does the same thing) Deadly as the dawn...

Sub Zero, Cyrax & Smoke: (leaves)

(With Astro & Sektor)

Astro & Sektor: (still fighting each other)

Astro: (flying by using his rocket feet, charges at Sektor & punches him)

Sektor: You weak robotic fool !

Astro: Sektor, what you're doing to my friends won't help!

Sektor: Help what?

Astro: We can teach you to understand us robots. My creator Doctor O'Shay can help!

Sektor: Dr. O'Shay, huh? Is that what he told you? You don't even know who your real creator is, you robotic pest

Astro: Huh? My real creator?

(As Astro & Sektor are having a stand off, a mysterious person dressed in black wearing black sunglasses is watching the battle)

????: Sektor is too powerful to ignore Tobio...fight him now or you will be destroyed!

Astro: (to Sektor) Your lying! My creator is Dr. O'Shay!

Sektor: That doesn't matter now, because this battle is not yet over. You will fight ! (fires his signature chest missiles at Astro)

Astro: (notices the missiles & started dodging them, causing the rockets to explode at the walls) No, Sektor! stop!

Sektor: Why won't you fight back? Are you afraid of the Lin Kuei already?

Astro: Cause I don't wanna fight you! I want to reprogram your system so you can be good again!

Sektor: In that case...(runs off outside of Robotropolis heading towards Great Forest) I'll just have to destroy Knothole instead!

Astro: Sektor! (stops Sektor from reaching the Great Forest)

Rage against the Machine, Spongebob vs. Mecha Sonic (Part 9)

(Back at Knothole)

All Stars & Mecha Knuckles: (arrives back with a heavily damaged Mecha Sonic)

Spongebob: Hello, we're back!

Ed: Hiya guys!

Sally: (comes back with NICOLE & has tears in her eyes) Sonic the alive? Or at least Mecha0-Sonic is? You did it!

Mecha Knuckles: Maybe...Sal old gal...your boyfriends in bad shape!

Rigby: And so are we man, those crash landings are killing me...

Mordecai: And Mecha Sonic really is in bad shape.

STH Rotor: I'll say!

Antoine: Hmf!

Reidak: (gets angry with Antoine for not being impressed) Why you little...! (starts strangling Antoine)

Antoine: (choking)

Donkey Kong: Uh Reidak?

Reidak: DK please, I'm busy...!

Boggy B: Ok, ok...never mind

Sally: C'mere, you great hunk of Echidna...(hugs Mecha Knuckles, activating NICOLE)

Mecha Knuckles: Oof! Easy kid...I'm damaged goods, too!

Eddy: And about Sektor, he just attacked us for the Lin Kuei!

Ultra-V: Sektor will pay for what he's done...

Bouncer: Don't worry, Astro is keeping Sektor at bay as we speak

NICOLE: Comfirmed...Mecha Knuckles' tolerance leves beyond maximum damage of burnout.

Xplode: (noticing Mecha Knuckles hearing voices) Are you ok?

Mecha Knuckles: Woo-ha! I'm hearing voices...

Sally: That's my computer, NICOLE...and she's right about you! Tails, Double D! Escort Mecha Knuckles to the Port-o-bot! And get it to deroboticization!

Edd: Very well (escorts Mecha Knuckles to the Port-o-bot) Ok Mecha Knuckles, now nice & easy & you'll be ok...

Tails: (helps Edd) Right...c'mon, Red!

STH Rotor: And what of Sonic?

Beth: Do you think he can pull through?

Sally: You know how that old roboticizer's built-in reversal system can only de-bot the same creature it mechanized!

Harold: I see...

STH Rotor: Yes...but the real Sonic's in here...I can feel it!

Mecha Sonic: Bzzt...grrgl...h-hoo...

(Mecha Sonic's POV)

Mecha Spongebob: Sonic, you don't look so good. But don't worry we will have you patched up in no time

Mecha Sonic: Vwheed! I do not De...hmm...deserve to live...(crackles)...I betrayed my prends and...Dzzt...leved ones...

Sally: (gulps) Sonic! You are in there!

Kineticlops: That means there is still time!

Sally: (gives STH Rotor, NICOLE) Here, Rotor...take NICOLE and figure out a way to save Sonic! That's why you get science officer pay! I'll be over here! (goes to the Port-o-bot with the All Stars)

STH Rotor: It's you and me, big boy!

Timon: Well, anything?

Tails: Almost ready Sally & Timon!

Knuckles: Oh, my achin' everything!

Avak: This'll only take a second...

Tails: System reversed!

Robo-47: We're ready to go...

Mecha Spongebob: Here I go! (goes inside the Port-o-bot)

Mecha Knuckles: See you on the flip, side, Mustang Sally! (follows Mecha Spongebob inside the Port-o-bot)

Sally: (salutes) I salute you, Knuckles!

Eddy: I'm getting bored listening to this.

Bunnie: Mah oh mah! I never saw her do that!

Antoine: (escaped from Reidak's strangling) Tsk! Zee tabloids will have a field day!

Pinkie Pie: Spongebob & Knuckles are both inside...

Tails: If all goes well, they'll be both out in about three minutes!

Sally: Keep an eye on them, Tails! Ill be over by Sonic, Rotor & the rest of the All Stars! (goes to them) Give me your report!

Xplode: We have good news & bad news. We'll start with the good news...

STH Rotor: And remarkable, your majesty! NICOLE has made an astonishing discovery inside Sonic! I'll let her tell you...

Reidak: (stopped strangling Antoine minutes ago) NICOLE, please explain to us...

NICOLE: Thank you Rotor & we all know, Sonic recently required his one billionth magic ring! It took him on a surreal jurney! When it brought him back to this reality, the ring surrounded him with a protective mystical aura.


Scorpio: Your point?

NICOLE: Unknown to us, it also created an internal shield! Although this aura don't prevent mechanization, it did resors and retain Sonic's "life force".

Duncan: Meaning?

NICOLE: Robotnik's "Brain-burn-through" device couldn't penetrate the magic field. Sonic's personality still resides there.

Twilight Sparkle: That would be amazing.

Sally: Wonderful! Let's retrieve it A.S.A.P!

Xplode: Yeah, about that...that was the bad news, look can someone explain to her the bad news?

Rarity: Not really darling...

NICOLE: Err...well...hmm...over to you, Rotor!

STH Rotor: Oh, thanks a lot! Ahem...Sally, normally I'd hook up Mecha-Sonic to my lab full of equipment and try to bring him back...but it's toast along with the rest of Knothole Village (shows them a heavily damaged Knothole Village)

Hot Head: Ouch...

Sally: Oh, dear...maybe we can salvage some components?

Donkey Kong: Yeah, maybe we can...

STH Rotor: (his tears swell up) I'm afraid he doesn't have that much time, princess...(chokes)

Sally: (sniffs as her tears run down her cheeks)

Squidward: (a bit sad) I guess the bot is having a robotic grave...

Patrick: Now what are we gonna do?

Twilight Sparkle: We can't give up now!

NICOLE: Twilight is right, your highness, I have the data...plug me into Mecha-Sonic and I'll try to instigate the retro-procedure!

Sally: Can she do that, Rotor?

HF Rotor: I guess so...

Hakann: She meant the forget it. We had a rough day anyway...

STH Rotor: I doublt it Sally...the requred energy would...(suddendly NICOLE closes herself, crushing his thumb) Hey! Ow! (throws NICOLE up by accident because of the pain in his thumb)

Reidak: What the...?

NICOLE: Don't listen to him, Princess...catch me!

Sally: (catches NICOLE) NICOLE?

Boggy B: Why did you do that for?

NICOLE: Look...machines are always getting a bad rap around here let me try! It's our only chance!

Vezok: Aw come on man...

NICOLE: (plays violin music)

Vezok: D'oh!

Sally: Hmm...

Rainbow Dash: (felt sad) Oh darn it! Now you got me all sappy!

Mordecai: I'm always sad with that kind of music...

Rigby: Im sad right now...

Sally: Very well, my loyal computer it's up to you...(plugs NICOLE into Mecha Sonic)...go for it !

NICOLE: Acknowledged! Internal ring crust accessed...system linkage aligned...output to maximum...

Twilight Sparkle: Activate!

NICOLE: Engage! (synchronizing with the aura protecting Sonic's psyche created by Sonic's One Billionth Ring)

(At first nothing seemed to be happening...then all at once, rain magic energy ripples outward, overring reality...restoring the true spiritual and physical essence of Sonic the Hedgehog)

Sonic: (now back to normal, but feels dizzy)

Tree Rex: Welcome back Sonic...

Sally: It worked! I can't believe're all right!

Sonic: I will be after this migraine headache let's up!

Ed: Hiya Sonic

NICOLE: (being lifted up by STH Rotor) Whoo!

STH Rotor: Nice job, NICOLE!

Reidak: You did awesome!

???: Well, well...look who's back and blue! (appears to be Knuckles who is now de-roboticized)

Zaktan: Knuckles?

Knuckles: That's's me, Knuckles! Good as new! (to Sonic)...Oh, don't get up!

Sonic: What is he doing here?

Antoine: (not impressed) (sarcastic) Ha! A likely story! (got punched by Mordecai) (normal) Ow!

Sally: You mean you don't remember?

Twilight Sparkle: Wait, if Knuckles is here, then that means...

???: Hi guys, I'm back! (appears to be a de-roboticized Spongebob)

Spongebob: Did you miss me?

Twilight Sparkle: Spongebob! (gallops up to Spongebob & gives him a hug) Welcome back Spongebob Squarepants...

Spongebob: Thanks Twilight...

Knuckles: (to Sonic) What am I doing here?! (angrily) Only saving everybody from you, spinebrain!

Sonic: (to Knuckles angrily) Yeah, right! G'wan back to your floating island, echidnerd!

Knuckles: You don't have to ask me twice! I might've know you'd be ungrateful !

Avak: What's with you two?

Knuckles: Forget it, Sally...I'm flying home! I'll call you sometime...after you dump "Mr. Congeniauty" there! (glides back to the floating island)

Xplode: Hey!

Spongebob: I think he means Sonic...

Patrick: (to Knuckles) Ok, bye!

Sally: But...I had already left the Great Forest) Oh drat!

Fluttershy: (remembers something) (gasps) Where's Astro?

Spongebob: He's still fighting Sektor! Come on!

(The All Stars then goes back to Robotropolis to find Astro, not knowing Antoine had put the handcuffs on Sonic)

Rage against the Machine, Spongebob vs. Mecha Sonic (Part 10)

(Back in Robotropolis)

(The All Stars starts searching for Astro)

Spongebob: Where could Astro be?

Bouncer: (points to Astro chasing Sektor) Look!

Eddy: There they are...

Astro: (had lost Sektor) Sektor!

Sektor: (offscreen) More stealthful than the night...

Astro: (looks up to see Sektor on top of a building which is right next to Astro) What?!

Sektor: (aims his flamethrower at Astro) More deadly than the dawn! (shoots flames out of his flamethrower at Astro, burning him)

Astro: (got hit) GAAAHHHH! (begins to fall down)

Rainbow Dash: Hold on! (flys up in super speed & catches Astro on her back) Are you ok?

Astro: Thanks for the save...(jumps off of Rainbow Dash & activates his rocket feet again, flying up to Sektor)

Zaktan: Way to go Rainbow Dash...

Congar: Guess it's up to Astro now

Togera: There's nothing else we can do here...

Sektor: Still you won't fight me, Astro.

Astro: Cool your jets Sektor! I won't fight you!

Mordecai: What the heck is he doing?

Spongebob: Astro has kokoro, that's japanese for heart. He won't fight his fellow robots...since Sektor had help us. Astro won't fight Sektor...

Sektor: Very well, then I shall destroy your friends! (aims his rockets at the All Stars)

Astro: (readies his digi-beam) No! (fires his digi beam at Sektor) Stop it !

Sektor: (got hit & then fires a rocket at Astro, knocking him down to a lower building in front of the building Sektor is on) Finally, the Lin Kuei will be pleased.

Astro: (crashes down on the roof of the lower building)

Spongebob: Astro! (goes up to Astro by running up on the lower building that Astro is on)

Fluttershy: Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! (flys up to Astro)

Kitty: Spongebob, Fluttershy! Come back!

Spongebob: Astro are you ok?

Astro: (sparks a bit) I'm ok...(turns to Sektor) Sektor, I...(spots someone on top of a higher building behind the building Sektor is on) Huh?

(On top of a higher building is the mysterious person)

???: (tooks off his sunglasses) Tobio...

Astro: (hears that famillair voice belonging to ??? who is actually...) Dr. Tenma! (remembers his past with Dr. Tenma)


(Astro's POV)

Astro: (as Tobio) (opens his eyes to see Dr. Tenma)

Dr. Tenma: Tobio...Tobio, can you see me?

(End of Flashback)

Astro: (gasps) My creator...

Spongebob: Huh? Is Astro ok?

Fluttershy: I...I don't know. Astro, are you ok?

Sektor: (to Astro) What are you waiting for? Why are you looking at me like that? No matter, you & your friends will be my first kill once I'm done with you!

Fluttershy: (goes in front of Astro) No!

Spongebob: (goes in front of Astro as well) We won't let you!

Sektor: Very well then...I'll start killing you 3 first ! (readies his rockets & his flamethrower)

Dr. Tenma: Tobio...!

Astro: (raises his left arm up high)

Sektor: (activates his rockets covered in fire)

Dr. Tenma: You have the power...

Spongebob & Fluttershy: (notices Astro)

Dr. Tenma: Use it!

Astro: (transforming his arm into his signature arm cannon)

Sektor: (fires a series of rockets & flames at the 3)

Astro: (completes his Arm cannon transformation)

Sektor: Say goodbye! (unleashes a series of rockets & large ammounts of flames at Astro, Spongebob & Fluttershy, in full force!

Spongebob: Not good!

Fluttershy: Hold me please...if you don't mind (holds onto Spongebob)

Astro: (aims his arm cannon at Sektor)

Spongebob: Hold on!

Dr. Tenma: (grins)

Astro: (fires his arm cannon, unleashing a blue beam at Sektor)

(The blue beam from his Arm cannon, blast through the rockets & the flames & hits Sektor dealing heavy damage)

Sektor: Nooo! (got hit by the blast & falls to the ground, crashing into the ground)

Rigby: I never thought an Arm cannon from Astro would be this powerful. This is awesome!

Mordecai: Yeah-uh!

Spongebob: Huh? Thanks for the save Astro, we would've been killed if it wasn't for you...

Fluttershy: Yes, thank you indeed are a life saver...(hugs Astro)

Spongebob: Astro, before you use that arm cannon, what did you see?

Astro: (notices Dr. Tenma dissapeared) Dr. Tenma

Spongebob: Who is he? You betta tell me everything about him...

Astro: Ok...

(Spongebob, Astro & Fluttershy comes back down & lands gently to the ground & the rest of the All Stars arrived at the scene)

Dudley: Now that was awesome!

Rainbow Dash: Yeah & did you see me swoop in there & save Astro before he awesome!

Twilight Sparkle: Yes indeed Rainbow. Astro, you really stopped Sektor. You really are an All Star Freedom Fighter in the group...

Hank: Properbly one of the bests so far, because you have a heart...

Astro: Thank you, but Sektor would be back for more...

Bouncer: And speaking of Sektor (turns to Sektor on his hands & knees) Now that we defeated you, we're asking you to leave...

Sektor: No one leaves the Lin Kuei...

Avak: (kicks Sektor in the head, knocking him out) That's for betraying us on purpose...

Vezok: Strong finish there Avak...

Avak: Thanks

(The All Star Freedom Fighters begins to head back to South Knothole in the Great Forest)

Sektor: (wakes up) You will pay for this (turns to the Mega Chum Bucket) Prehaps I can be of assistance to the master in that base...(chuckles evily)

(With the All Star Freedom Fighters)

Spongebob: Phew, I'm glad that mission's over & done with...

Ultra-V: Yes, Sektor really betrayed us from the middle that we've stopped Mecha Sonic...

Preytor: Do you think the Knothole Freedom Fighters would be mad at Sonic?

Spongebob: I hope not, they have been captured by Nack & the Rahkshi.

Hakann: Nah, the Knothole Freedom Fighters can't be mad at Sonic too much, it doesn't work that way...

Rigby: Oh ok, guess that makes sence...

Twilight Sparkle: I don't know guys, we may have deroboticized Sonic, but I have a bad feeling about this...

(As the All Star Freedom Fighters arrives back at South Knothole, they will soon know that Twilight Sparkle is right)

The End...for now