This is the 47th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Vezok, Rainbow Dash, Jetbug & Yellow Bird

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton & Fire Lord

Story #1: Transcript

Rise of the Mega Chum Bucket, The Speedy Sponge (Part 1)

(In Robotropolis)

(We see the All Star Freedom Fighters heading towards Robotropolis while a storm begins to brew)

Spongebob: Alright everyone, do you all know the plan?

All Star Freedom Fighters: Yes

Spongebob: Alright then, let's go!

Yellow Bird: Aw yeah! I can feel the wind flowing through my feathers when I'm flying fast

Rainbow Dash: Oh yeah? Think you can fly faster than me Yellow Bird?

Yellow Bird: You know I can

(As they arrived they noticed Jack-1 Bots)

Jetbug: Incoming Jack-1 Bots!

Vezok: (notices STH Combots) And Robotnik's combots are back!

Timon: (on Pumbaa's head) Go Pumbaa, ram'em!

Pumbaa: (rams the Jack-1 Bots & STH Combots with his strong tusks) I got'em Timon.

Edd: Here comes Sonic the Hedgehog (points to Sonic, heading towards the All Stars)

Sonic: (holding a Power Ring) (singing) Blue Streak speeds by, da da dum! Too fast for the naked eye, da da dum! Da dum, he can really move, he's got an attitude!

Spongebob: Hi Sonic!

Sonic: Catchy tune! Wonder where I've heard it before?? (notices Spongebob) Oh hey Spongebob. Hey guys.

Twilight Sparkle: Would you please help us stop the rest of the Jack-1 Bots?

Sonic: Sure thing.

(Minutes later...after taking down a group of Jack-1 Bots)

Zaktan: Nice job, here comes reinforcements. (points to Tails & Antoine coming this way)

Ed: Hiya guys

Sonic: What took you guys so long?! Yuk! Yuk!

Antoine: (wielding his sword) Very funnee! But I must insist we head back before the storm worsens!

Rarity: (has her umbrella attached on her back) Before my hair is all ruined again.

Sonic: Ok, Fraidy Fox! We've got the info we need!

Harold: Alright then

Katie & Sadie: (notices a shadow)

Antoine: (notices as well) Zee only theeng I am afraid of is...zat ess not my shadow!

Spongebob: Watch out!

(The Sonic, Tails, Antoine & the All Stars notices the explosion as they escape from it)

Yellow Bird: Whoa!

Sonic: FIRE in the HOLE!

Antoine: (being carried in the air by Tails) Where ees thees hole?

Eddy: It's just a figure of speech

Tails: (carries Anotine as he flys with his 2 tails as propellers) It's going to be in your head if you don't move!

Ninjini: It appears that we have an unlikely company.

(They all noticed Jack-1 Bots & STH Combots)

Sonic: Combots?! I thought they we're all destroyed!

Spongebob: Looks like some of the Combots are saved for later & that is now (spindashes at the Jack-1 Bots)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (attacking the STH Combots & Jack-1 Bots)

Sonic: Tails...maneuver S-462!

Vezok: What did he say?

Tails: One atomic drop comin'! (drops Antoine)

Antoine: Wait! I do not like thees...

Meltdown: (whips at a STH Combot & a Jack-1 Bot) Incoming Antoine!

Antoine: (crashes on top of the STH Combots) Ouch! ...maneuver!

Jetbug: Nice landing Antoine.

Sonic: (to Tails) Way to go, big guy! (kicks a STH Combot) Now for my part-drop kick to the chest!

Yellow Bird: Come & get us!

STH Combot #2: (fires a missile at Sonic & Yellow Bird, but misses, hitting a fellow STH Combot by mistake)

STH Combot #1: (explodes)

Spongebob & Patrick: Wow

Sonic: ...and his partner does the rest!

Yellow Bird: Thank you, thank you!

(They heard someone clapping slowly & they noticed Fire Lord walking towards the heroes)

Fire Lord: Well done indeed.

Jetbug: Fire Lord?!

Drilldozer: Our master?

Fire Lord: Former Master, now that you have turned to the light side, a.k.a. the All Star Freedom Fighters.

Nitroblast: Look we don't want any trouble

Fire Lord: It's too late for that (gets into his battle stance) Now your my enemy!

Rainbow Dash: Think you can beat us?

Fire Lord: I don't brag about battles.

Vezok: Huh?

Fire Lord: Action speaks louder than words.


(As the battle rage on, Fire Lord is defeated & Antoine is been wrapped up by a STH Combot's steel wire)

Spongebob: Your right, action DOES speak louder than words.

Sonic: (spindashes, cutting the steel wire, setting Antoine free) (in thought: These guys are tougher than swatbots! We could really use some help)

Fire Lord: (gets up) I'm not done yet! (charges at Sonic)

Geoff: Watch out for the Fire Lord dude!

(As Fire Lord gets close enough to Sonic & the STH Combot, a lightning bolt strucks onto the STH Combot, exploding on impact, blowing away Sonic & Fire Lord)

Spongebob: Yikes!

Tails: Whoa! I've never seen a bot explodes like that before! (notices Sonic's knocked out) Sonic!! Antoine! He's not moving!

LeShawna: Kineticlops, what did you do that for?

Kineticlops: Uh, that's not me.

Mordecai: Sonic! Sonic! [grabs the knocked-out Sonic] Oh man, please don't be dead! (hears his breathing) He's still breathing. He's just unconscious.

Rigby: What are we gonna do?

Rainbow Dash: Oh man! It's making me sick all over again

Vezok: Guys, cool it ! We gotta think.

Antoine: Hurry! Bring zee help! I do not think ees gonna make it !

Tails: (flys off to find help, feeling sad)

Red Bird: Now what? (notices Fire Lord has escaped) Oh no! Fire Lord has escaped!

Yellow Bird: But where'd he go?

(We see Fire Lord hiding in an alley way)

Fire Lord: (feels the blue energy inside of him & chuckles evily)

Rise of the Mega Chum Bucket, The Speedy Sponge (Part 2)

(The storm begins to clear as Tails flys back with Sally, Bunnie & STH Rotor following him on foot)

Spongebob: Hi guys

Sally, Bunnie & STH Rotor: Sonic! You're alright?!

Rainbow Dash: Of course he's ok.

Sonic: Yeah, Rainbow Dash is right so chill everybody! I went for a heck of a ride, but I'm cool !...but Robo-slob's not going to be!

Blue Bird: And why's that?

Sonic: He & his combots are back in action!

Jetbug: And so is Fire Lord, but we don't know why he's here

Applejack: He had attacked us durin' the storm viciously like a tasmainian devil with a hungry apetite.

Sally: Our spy network reported what they could...Tails filled us in on the rest!

Spongebob: That means we need a plan on stopping the Combots & Fire Lord or else things gets any more worse...(notices Sonic running off with a power ring) Huh?

Sally: Wait! Where are you going? You still need a checkup and a battle plan!

Sonic: No time! Before Buttnik gets his computers fully booted up. I'm gonna boot him!

Edd: Oh and watch out for that...

Sonic: (trips on a rock on the ground) Whup...(falls to the ground, face first) ULP!

Edd: Rock...

Mordecai: Dude, Sonic! You ok?

Tails: Sonic! Are you ok?

Sonic: (gets up feeling woozy)...ah...I guess I am still a little woozy! But if I weren't a bit dizzy, I'd never be involved with this hero stuff later! (runs off with the power ring in hand)

Rainbow Dash: Wait up! (flys off after Spongebob, but suddendly passes Sonic)

Sally & Bunnie: WAIT!

(The rest of the All Star & Knothole Freedom Fighters went after Sonic, Spongebob & Rainbow Dash)

Spongebob: That's ok, let's go! Last one to Robotnik's base is a rotten clam! (speeds off, but suddendly went past Sonic like crazy) Whee!

Rainbow Dash: Yeah! Whoo hoo!

Jetbug, Yellow Bird & Vezok: (runs past Sonic)

Bunnie: (catches up to Sonic who is running on normal speed) Hi, Sonic!

Avak: (catches up as well) Hey

Twilight Sparkle: (catches up as well) Wait for all of us please?

Sonic: Hi, Bunnie, Twilight & Avak. (suddendly notices Bunnie, Twilight & Avak running next to him) Wha...Bunnie! I didn't know you, Twilight & Avak had super speed!

Avak: What are you talking about?

Twilight Sparkle: We don't have super speed, you know

Bunnie: Twilight's right & neither do you!

(They all suddendly stop, except for Spongebob, Rainbow Dash, Jetbug, Vezok & Yellow Bird who are waaay far in front of them)

Tyler: What do you mean?

Sonic: (in shock & horror) No way! That can't be true!

Patrick: (confused) What can't be true?

Tails: It is! You've lost your SPEED!

Rigby: Ok, how is that bad? (got punched in the arm by Mordecai) Ow!

Sonic: You're right! (tries to swat a mosquito, but fails every time) I'm not even fast enough to swat this mosquito!

Edd: Do we have a theory about this situation?

STH Rotor: Hmm...yes Double D...A possible theory is that the unknown energy powering that combot, which combined with and was exploded by the electrical storm, somehow bathed Sonic in a field of anti-inertia negative energy resulting in Sonic's speed loss.

Twilight Sparkle: Intresting

Sonic: (gets angry) Y'know, if you had two brains, you'd be dangerous!

Twilight Sparkle: Hey!

Sally: Sonic! He's just trying to help!

Eddy: Sheesh, what's your damage here, Sonic?

Sonic: I know! It's kust that speed was been a part of me since I was a little hedgehog...and it was one of the best weapons we had against Robotnik!

Zaktan: Hold on! Spongebob, Rainbow Dash, Jetbug, Vezok & Yellow Bird have super speed, but where'd they go?

Twilight Sparkle: (sighs) NICOLE, is there an antidote to Sonic's speed loss?

NICOLE: (in Sally's hand) Observation: Since mystic power ring provide Sonic with extra power in theory the possession of numerous rings may restore his speed.

Xplode: If Spongebob was with us again, he'd say "Great thinking Twilight".

Sonic: Y'know, NICOLE, once in a while you're all right!

NICOLE: Thank you Sonic!

Hakann: So, uh...where are those 5 speed demons at now?

(With Spongebob, Vezok, Rainbow Dash, Jetbug & Yellow Bird)

(The 5 noticed Fire Lord)

Spongebob: You again?

Vezok: You never give up, do you?

Fire Lord: I never do...but thanks to that lightning bolt, it gives me extra power for extra speed...(revs up & runs around the 5 in super sonic speed before coming back to his original standing spot where he started running)

Rainbow Dash: Did he just...?

Jetbug: Yep

Yellow Bird: He's about as fast as Sonic

Spongebob: Alright Fire Lord, let's see if your new super speed can make a difference)


(Even with their super speed, Spongebob, Vezok, Rainbow Dash, Jetbug & Yellow Bird are no match for Fire Lord's new super speed power)

Fire Lord: Your too slow to even catch me now. (hears the conversation about the antidote to Sonic's speed loss) Hmm, an antidote huh? I'll go pay this Sonic the Hedgehog a little visit (speeds off following the heroes [minus Spongebob, Vezok, Rainbow Dash, Jetbug & Yellow Bird])

Spongebob, Vezok, Rainbow Dash, Jetbug & Yellow Bird: (gets up)

Rainbow Dash: Ow, my head

Vezok: Remember to pack a helmet next time.

Spongebob: Where did Fire Lord go?

Jetbug: He must of be going after the rest of the freedom fighters

Spongebob: Then we gotta get going

Yellow Bird: And fast

(The 5 follows Fire Lord)

(On the outskirts of Knothole Village)

Antoine: Let's hope we escaped Robotropolis undetected!

DJ: I hope so too.

Drilldozer: Fire Lord could be anywhere.

Fire Lord: (in the bushes with 2 Jack-1 Bots & 2 cloaked STH Combots) Indeed I could.

STH Combot #1: Priority one...capture freedom fighters!

STH Combot #2: Affirmative! My sensors have not detected any energy...wait...sensors now detecting...

STH Combots: (decloaks)

Fire Lord & Jack-1 Bots: (emerges from the trees & bushes)

Boggy B: AMBUSH!!

Sally: Combots!

Fluttershy: Eep!

Cody: Jack-1 Bots!

Nitroblast: And Fire Lord!

Reidak: How did they find us?

Sally: They have some sort of cloaking ability!

STH Rotor: It's an ambush!!

Boggy B: Hey! That's what I said!

STH Combot #1: (squirts STH Rotor & Antoine with white mega muck coming from it's palms)

STH Rotor: "GIMS"

Jack-1 Bots: (grabs STH Rotor & Antoine) Antoine & Rotor Walrus captured.

Alejandro: Let go of them you robo-freak! (whacks at a Jack-1 Bot with a stick)

Bunnie: (stretches her robotic legs & her robotic arm & punches a STH Combot at the face)

Avak: (punches a Jack-1 Bot at the chest)

Fire Lord: Useless! (rams at Avak, Alejandro, Tyler & Ezekiel in super sonic speed)

Ezekiel: Ow! That hurt, eh?

STH Combot #1: (captures Tails in a net)

STH Combot #2: (sprays Bunnie with a sleeping seats)

Sonic: Tails! Bunnie!

Spongebob, Vezok, Rainbow Dash, Jetbug & Yellow Bird: (arrives)

Spongebob: What's going on?

Fire Lord: We're already here. And Sonic, look what I've stolen from you!

Rainbow Dash: This Fire Lord creepy guy has your speed Sonic!

Sonic: What?! (in thought: Not much good without my speech...but this indestructible power ring still marks a good weapon!)

STH Combot #2: (captures Sally with a constrictor steel wire)

Spongebob: Stay back, we got a weapon!

Fire Lord: And what that might be?

Sonic: This (throws a power ring at the STH Combot, damaging)

STH Combot: (begins to malfunction, getting ready to explode)

Fire Lord: Good luck getting away without your speed

Sonic: Uh's gonna blow!

Eddy: Run for it!

(Everyone [minus Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, STH Rotor & Tails] runs taking cover as the STH Combot exploded)

Sonic: Didn't I go through this be...(got blown away)...FORRRE?! (fell into a nearby pool)

Spongebob: Sonic!

Twilight Sparkle: (quickly covers Spongebob's mouth) (whispers) Sorry, but nobody make a sound

(The All Stars keep quiet)

STH Combot: Piorityies one & two accomplished: Freedom Fighters captured and Sonic the Hedgehog neutralised!

Jack-1 Bots & STH Combots: (returns to Robotropolis with Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, STH Rotor & Tails)

Fire Lord: (turns to the pool that Sonic fell in) Farewell, Sonic the Hedgehog, enjoy your eternal swim. (leaves with the STH Combots & Jack-1 Bots)

Twilight Sparkle: All clear

(As the All Star Freedom Fighters emerges from their hiding spots, a mobian platapus emerges from the pond with Sonic & the mobian platapus is actually...)

Alejandro: Penelope Platapus?

Rise of the Mega Chum Bucket, The Speedy Sponge (Part 3)

Penelope: Got you! You almost drowned!

Vezok: I should've saved him.

Eddy: Guess that platapus beat you to him.

Sonic: (Gulb) Thanks Penelope! That explosion stunned me, but for more than one reason...(picks up a power ring from the lake) say I owed at the right time...not that it'll done much good now!

Penelope: After we saw the battle on the spy cam...

Dudley: We?

Alejandro: Yes we.

(We see Hamlin & Arlo swinging a vine & lands, while Dylan emerges from the bushes & Chowder, Mung Daal & Schnitzel hops off from the trees)

White Bird: Wow!

Spongebob: Who are you guys?

Hamlin: ...we got here as fast as we could!

Sonic: WHOA! Sally's trainees!?

Arlo: We're no longer trainees...

Mung Daal: We're freedom fighters

Dylan: ...and we're here to help!

Magmo: Cool

Agamo: Cool cool

Spongebob: Cool cool cool

Penelope: ...and we won't rest til everyone's rescued!

Astro Boy: Now that's the attitude of a true freedom fighter

Captain K'nuckles: Guess we'll give it a shot.

Sonic: Now that the legendary lake of rings has been found, uh, accidently, we can go to step two!

Thunder: Ok Sonic

Sanford: Very well.

Spongebob: We can do this

Harold: Yeah what he said

Tyler: That's what I'm gonna say too

Sonic: Ok, "Freedom Fighters" I'm back to one power ring and I still don't have my speed...

Spongebob: And Fire Lord may have new super speed powers like Sonic...

Sonic: ...but speed or no speed...we're going in!

Patrick: But how?

(Later, in an abandoned shack outside Robotropolis...)

(The All Star Freedom Fighters, Sonic, Chowder, Mung Daal, Schnitzel, Flapjack, Captain Knuckles, Penelope, Arlo, Hamlin & Dylan are with Sleuth, Kicks-a-lot & a red mobian fly named "Fly Fly Freddy" & he is about as tall as a mobian)

Spongebob: We must come up with a plan to save our friends

Sonic: So, what's the buzz from the spy network, Fly Fly Freddy?

Fly Fly Freddy: (reading the blueprints of Robotnik's Base) (buzzes) Our agents reveal that Plankton & Robotnik's got our friends imprisoned in his secondary lab! Since Robotropolis is hasn't been completly safe guarded yet...(buzzes) You can gain access via this air shaft! (busses)

Boggy B: That sound easy enough

Fly Fly Freddy: But to get to the shaft, you have to travel along this narrow mainte nanor path way!

Gwen: Are you serious?

Courtney: We could die if we fall off the mainte nanor

Ultra-V: Unless we fly.

Sonic: No Problemo! We can make! You guys did your part, now we'll do ours! Thanks!

Spongebob: Yeah thanks, we can take it from here.

Kicks-a-lot: Thank your Uncle Chuck...he's been a great source of data! With his help, we will bring Robotnik down! Good luck!

Sleuth & Kicks-a-lot: (puts on his Swatbot disguise on & walks off)

Sonic: Thanks, I'm gonna need it.

Jetbug: Us too.

Rainbow Dash: So what are we waiting for? Let's go save our friends from Robotnik & Plankton

Spongebob: Yeah!

Schnitzel: Raaada!

Sonic: (feeling a bit worried) (In thought: Y'know, for the first time without sonic speed...I'm worried!)

Rainbow Dash: (in thought: Fire Lord, you may have beaten me once, but I'm not gonna let that happen to me again!)

(At the top of Robotnik's HQ, as Sonic, Dylan, Penelope, Hamlin & Arlo travel the pathway...while the All Stars, Chowder, Mung Daal, Schnitzel, Flapjack & Captain K'nuckles are being carried by STH Rotor, Jetbug, Waspix, Preytor, Ultra-V, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Swarm & Ninjini)

Yellow Bird: This is the ooonly way to fly...

Vezok: You said it.

Spongebob: We're nearly there.

Fly Fly Freddy: (in communicator) Take it slow! One wrong step and it's a sixty-foot drop!

Rainbow Dash: Unless you wanna be saved by me, Rainbow Dash.

Noah: Oh ha ha ha, very funny

Captain K'nuckles: (gulps)

Sonic: (in thought: "Take it slow" who's he kidding? When I had my speed, this would have been a cakewalk!) (steps on a broken piece, accidently falling off) Whoa, nellie!

Dylan: (grabs Sonic's hand) GOTCHA!

Ed: Boy that was close

Geoff: Tell me about it dude.

Dylan: After all since porcupine's and hedgehog's are related I wouldn't want to loose a "family member"! (pulls up Sonic back on the safe platform of the ledge)

Sonic: You're no cousin of mine, porky!

Squidward: Let's just get this over with so I can play my clarinet.

(They go through the air vent while the Monsters & the Giants charges through the front door)

Congar, Togera, Robo-47, Preytor, Kineticlops, Agamo, Magmo, Ultra-V, Tree Rex, Bouncer, Crusher, Swarm, Hot Head, Ninjini, Thumpback & Eye Brawl: (smashing through STH Combots & Jack-1 Bots)

Agamo: Coming through!

(With the rest of the group in the air duct)

Eddy: This way hurry

Penelope: C'mon, Sonic! This is no time for a quarrel! We're counting on your leadership!

Spongebob: She's right.

Sonic: (in thought: She is indeed right, for all our sakes we've got to keep our courage up!)

(They reached an air vent)

Sonic: We're here! It is going to a tight fit! Take it easy and keep it quiet!

Edd: Ok, but I'm stuck.

STH Rotor: Me too, deja vu all over again

Eddy: Aw great, Ed give us a push

Ed: [pushes his friends out a vent that lies right in Robotnik's lab in front of Robotnik, Plankton, the STH Combots & the Jack-1 Bots as the Monsters & Giants arrived] TV! Movie! Is it on?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Greetings Hedgehog!

Plankton: And All Stars.

Red Bird: (growls)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Were you foolish enough to believe my defenses we're solow II couldn't detect you?

Yellow Bird: In a humorous sort of way, yes.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: ...or that through Snively's "persuasive" tactics I wouldn't discover your recret? I'm going to enjoy eliminating you all the that you're powerless! (evil laughter)

Vezok: Hey! We're not struck by lightning & we're not powerless, except Sonic, but more to the point, we got you outnumbered.

Sonic: Listen, blubber-butt & shorty! Snively's paid to act like an idiot...why do you do it for free?

Eddy: Forgot the jawbreakers again?

Plankton: What did you say to me about me being shorty?! Jack-1 Bots, stop them!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Arrrgh! Combots! Destroy them NOW!

(STH Combots & Jack-1 Bots charges towards at the heroes who attackes them back easily)

Sonic: (kicks at a STH Combot) (in thought: I guess I should have kept my mouth shut!) (notices the All Stars taking down the Jack-1 Bots & the STH Combots easily) (in thought: Then again, these All Stars are a big help with that many numbers in their team)

Spongebob: (spindashes at the Jack-1 Bots & the STH Combots) Keep at them All Stars, make Robotnik & Plankton pay for the planet's abuse & slavement

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What the devil? (in thought: Those All Stars are indeed strong like Plankton said, they could be an even bigger problem for my plans than the freedom fighters)

Yellow Bird: (spears through the Jack-1 Bots easily with his fast speed)

Sonic: (in thought: These guys are brave, but they're no match for these bots! But those All Stars are very powerful against any bot Robotnik & Plankton throws at them)

Rainbow Dash: Where's Fire Lord? (bucks away a STH Combot)

Boggy B: (fires at a Jack-1 Bot with his signature Bazooka)

Captain K'nuckles: (being grabbed by a Jack-1 Bot) Uh...a little help?

Reidak: (slices the Jack-1 Bot in half, freeing Captain K'nuckles in the process) You ok?

Captain K'nuckles: Thanks. I needed that.

Sonic: (in thought: Too bad the lake only gives up one power ring a day...if I only had another!)

Patrick: Maybe it's in a back pack

Sonic: (remembers something & facepalms) (in thought: I'm a real dope! I completely forgot...I do have another one! In my backpack! (pulls out a second power ring from in his backpack, holding 2 power rings in his hand)

Spongebob: Good thinking Patrick

Patrick: What did I say?

Sonic: (in thought: Two rings! But I still don't feel any different! If I just had one more!)

Vezok: Now to find the last one, but where?

Pinkie Pie: (points to a power ring on a STH Combot body piece which is the same power ring Sonic used to destroy the same STH Combot from earlier at the lake of rings) Lookie!

Sonic: Bingo! There's the other right I forfeited during our battle at the lake. Great spotting Pinkie Pie! (jumps up trying to get the 3rd power ring) One to go for the gold!

Spongebob: Look out! (notices Jack-1 Bots crowding him) Uh hi? (spindashes at the Jack-1 Bots)


STH Combots: (dogpiles on Sonic)

Deimos: Sonic!

Plankton: Bye bye, Sonic!

Donkey Kong: Wait, look!

Sonic: (has all 3 rings & has regained his super speed & spindashes the STH Combots away) Not today...not any...any day!

Plankton: What the...?! O.O

Spongebob: Sonic! Your ok!

Sonic: (starts attacking the STH Combots with his regained super speed) Now with my speed back...I can really move and boy do I have an attitude! (destroys all of the STH Combots with his super speed) And with these power rings, there's no doubt what I can do...I'm the fastest thing...ALIVE!

Spongebob: Nice! (spindashes at all of the Jack-1 Bots, destroying them all)

(The All Stars, Chowder, Mung Daal, Schnitzel, Flapjack & Captain K'nuckles breaks free the Knothole Freedom Fighters)

Flapjack: ADVENTURE!

Chowder: Freedom!

Sonic: Ok, conehead, your bots are busted, my friends are free...and you story's ENDED!

Plankton: Not so fast Sonic, you may have foiled our plans but we're not finished yet! (presses a button & makes his escape through the escape tunnel)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Prehaps for today and I did have such high hopes for my combots! Pity (grabs Snively & follows Plankton)

Ninjini: Plankton's activated an escape tunnel

Sonic: They're escaping!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Yes, and just to make sure you don't steal any of my technology, I've set a bomb to go off. But I am sporting man so I'll give a 60 second head start and counting! TATA!

Plankton: This isn't over, Spongebob.

(Dr. Robotnik, Plankton & Snively escapes)

Twilight Sparkle: Don't be so sure (uses her unicorn magic to teleport everyone & herself to a safe distance away from Robotropolis before it explodes) Is everyone ok?

Sonic: Did everyone make it out ok?

Nitroblast: We're all good.

Sally: We all made it out, Sonic! Just in the nick of time!

Spongebob: Thanks to Twilight's teleporting magic

Twilight Sparkle: Thank you Spongebob (blushes a bit)

Sonic: We'll meet again Robotnik, but next time...I'll pick the place!

Spongebob: (looks around & notices Rainbow Dash heading back towards Robotropolis to find Fire Lord) Rainbow! Where do you think you're going?

Rainbow Dash: What do you think? To find Fire Lord!

Spongebob: Oh boy

(The All Stars followed Rainbow Dash, with Spongebob, Vezok, Jetbug & Yellow Bird catching up to Rainbow Dash's speed)

(With Fire Lord in the rebuilt Mega Chum Bucket)

Fire Lord: This new power has increased my speed & power all together. With this new power, I can gain new powers. Nothing will stop me!

Rainbow Dash: (with Spongebob, Vezok, Jetbug & Yellow Bird) Except me!

Fire Lord: (turns to see them) Rainbow Dash

Vezok: You may have gotten lucky, but we're ready for a rematch this time!

Spongebob: Prepare yourself for the rematch of your life.

Fire Lord: If you insist


(Remembering Fire Lord's attacks from the previous battle, the 5 managed to stop Fire Lord, stripping him from his super speed)

Yellow Bird: Now we're back to being the fastest beings alive (smiles & teeth sparkles)

(The rest of the All Stars arrived)

Rigby: What's going on here?

Mordecai: What happened?

Spongebob: We've stripped Fire Lord from his super speed!

Fire Lord: (groans) You've managed to stop me, but Plankton will give me this oppritunity for me to exact my revenge on you!

Hank: Plankton hired you?!

Fire Lord: What do you think, now get outta here before I changed my mind

Jetbug: (makes a funny face at Jetbug)

Eddy: Jetbug, come on!

Jetbug: (notices the All Stars had already left & flies after them) Wait for me!

(They didn't know that a mysterious being is watching them)

???: ...and we'll be meeting again, too!

The End