This is the 44th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Xplode & Drilldozer

Main Villains: Lu Bu, the Armored Figure / ???? [Revealed in Part 3]

Story #1: Transcript

Heart of Darkness, Rise of Lu Bu (Part 1)

(Gathered in STH Rotor's lab, the All Star & Knothole Freedom Fighters watch in awe as an imposing armored figure along with the ultimate chiense warrior rides across an alien landscape)

Sonic: What on Mobius is that?!

Spongebob: And who's that with him?

Tails: Well, it isn't a bird, Sonic!

Antoine: Or zee plane, by zee look of things!

Xplode: Whoever they are, they look dangerous.

Sally: And I'd be willing to be that's no knight in shing armor, either!

Armored Figure: (fired at a floating rock with his laser spear)

Sally: Whoa!

(The Ultimate Chiense Warrior reveals himself to be Lu Bu)

Lu Bu: (slashing at the chinese soldiers) Hah! Get outta my way!

Drilldozer: He is dangerous!

Eddy: No fooling.

Tails: I'll tell you this, Sonic. That is one mean dude!

Sonic: Yeah! But is he cool?

Zaktan: How should I know? That guy chopped down those chinese soldiers to pieces

Antoine: Zee bottom line...what ees he to us?

Boggy B: That's a good question.

Sally: You didn't call us just to look at state of the art special effects, Rotor!

STH Rotor: You're right as usual, Princess!

Xplode: What are you saying?

STH Rotor: You're looking at live pictures beamed to us from a camera I sent into the Zone of Silence!

Dudley: As in the Void?

Kitty: You guessed it.

Spongebob: Interesting

Sonic: But I was in the zone not too long ago! It didn't look anything like that!

STH Rotor: That's because you weren't, Sonic!

Spongebob: Huh?

Sonic: Say what?!

Mordecai: What are you talking about?

STH Rotor: Uh huh! You were in a different dimension from this one but not the one we believe King Acorn to be in!

(Flashback begins with Sonic entering the different dimension)

STH Rotor: and Robotnik went back and forth between dimensions with such relative ease...

(Now we see Sonic & Tails returning but with dissapointed looks)

STH Rotor: ...while every previous attempt to recover the King from the Zone of Silence has always met with failure!

(End of Flashback)

Drilldozer: Ouch.

Sonic: No wonder things went down smooth getting me out!

Spongebob: And about this Lu Bu character, he could be very tough without knowing his weakness.

STH Rotor: That's right! Besides, Robotnik kept referring to where you were both temporarily trapped as The Void!

Jetbug: The void?

STH Rotor: Which means he's eithe rthe original absent minided professor...

Antoine: Fat chance!

Twilight Sparkle: Antoine, let someone else finish their sentence please? Sorry continue

Sally: ...or there's some devious reason for his name games!

Sonic: (snaps his fingers) Bingo!

Patrick: Who's Bingo?

Spongebob: No, what he means is that Bingo means he's got it.

STH Rotor: So let's see what we can tune into on the holographic sensor grid!

Sally: Even so, how does this tie in with the figure we just saw on the view screen?

Applejack: And let's not forget that warrior Lu Bu. He's a might dangerous.

STH Rotor: That's a million dollar question all by itself! (goes up to the holographic sensor grid & activates it revealing a hologram of Robotropolis) A-ha, there we go...with our 3-D map up and running!

Pink Bird: Amazing

Edd: It's more advanced than I thought.

STH Rotor: (adjusts the scanner to various wavebands) Adjusting scanner for various wavebands infrared, Ultra-Violet, Magnetic...(notices the violet waves are coming from Robotnik's Base) Oh no! Will you look at that!

Robo-47: What is it, soldier?

Sonic: Now we're cookin'! What's shakin'?

Spongebob: What's the matter?

STH Rotor: The magnetic fields over Robotropolis are off the dial ! Looks like the doctor is playing around with some serious power!

Drilldozer: What do you mean?

STH Rotor: And if there reading are correct princess whatever Robotnik is doing is having an effecct on the zone where King Acorn is!

Spongebob: That's where we go now to save the King!

Sonic: It's your call, Sally...but I'm willing to cut loose the juice...and nail Robobutt before he knoews what hit him!

Xplode: And besides we got your back all the way.

Sally: Premission grated on one condition...

Sonic: (runs off)

Sally: ...Don't rush into anything!

Drilldozer: Don't worry, we won't.

Spongebob: Got it, come on All Stars. Let's get a move on!

(The All Stars follows Sonic to Robotropolis)

(At Robotropolis)

(We see Robotnik Prime, Snively & Plankton powering up a machine they're working on)

Plankton: The power is now at 50%

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Pump up the volume,'s time we rock'n' rolled!

Snively: Are you sure this is wise, Doctor?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Wise doesn't enter into this equation, any more than does choice! It's hard to believe that I tampered with forces beyond my control, and it could prove my un-doing unless action is taken! Now Snively...LET'ER RIP!

Plankton: Alright

Sonic & the All Star Freedom Fighters: (arrives)

Spongebob: Here's the All Stars!

Sonic: (wraps Snively in a long piece of rope) Yo, Ivo & Sheldon!

Plankton: Don't call me Sheldon!

Sonic: I'd like to say I'm sorry to rain on your parade...but I can't go I won't!

(The machine begins to vibrate)

Spongebob: What the?

Plankton: No!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Have you any idea what you've done? (shoots at Sonic with a laser attatched in his robotic arm, but misses)

Vezok: What does he mean by that?

Sonic: All I know is, if it's something you don't like, it has to be way past cool !

Plankton: (groans as he facepalms)

Eva: What are those doctors talking about?

Rainbow Dash: I don't know, but I don't like it!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Why don't you be a good hedgehog and explode!

Sonic: Cause I'm a freedom fighter, that's why! (spindashes at the machine) Now to shut this puppy down!

Dudley: I'm not a robot! But I bet it's gonna be cool. Beep!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Wait!!

Plankton: Stop!

(The Machine begins to vibrate even more)

Sonic: Too late!

Edd: That doesn't sound good

Eddy: It's gonna blow! Run for it!

Spongebob: Uh oh!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Duck and cover, Snively!

Snively: Mmmm-mm-mm-mmmm....

(Everyone ducks for cover behind large consoles)

Bouncer: What just happened?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You blithering idiots! I hope you're proud of yourself!

Sonic: Big time, Ro-butt-nik!

Plankton: Do you have any idea what you have done?

Spongebob: Huh?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I hope you can say the same when you witness all of Mobius Eradicated!

Sonic: What do you mean?

Rigby: What's going on?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You figure it out! In the meantime...I've a world to save!

Plankton: Me too & besides, we can't rule the world when there's nothing left to conquer you know

Heart of Darkness, Rise of Lu Bu (Part 2)

Spongebob: Sonic, what have we done!

Heather: What do you mean, Sonic is the one who rushed into something & had done something bad.

Rainbow Dash: How are we suppose to know rushing into things was bad.

Xplode: We're part of the All Stars, we should've known better than that. The entire planet is in danger!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Not even you, Sonic the Hedgehog can save the day this time!

Plankton: You All Stars should've stopped Sonic when you had the chance.

Sonic: That's what you say, Robobutt!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: It's what I know, Hedgehog! Still...

Twilight Sparkle: Enough! Would you mind telling us what is going on here?

Spongebob: Twilight's right! We want to know too.

Snively: Mmmmm-mmmmm-mmmmm...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Quit your mumbling, Snively! Where was I...?

Drilldozer: Your going to tell us what's going on

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Oh, yes! Our dilemma! We have to go back to the beginning! Back before I was the benevolent ruler of Mobius!

Sonic: Is this gonna be a fairy tale?

Spongebob: I don't know, but I like fairy tales

(Flashback begins to the year before Robotnik become ruler)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I'll overlook that remark! Let's begin just I came to power! I was examining that which was left to me by my mentor!

HF Rotor: Robotnik has a mentor

Plankton: Yes, but shh.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (full flesh & bone, has a shorter mustache, checking the documents) Interesting! Kodos was just about to overthrow the king when he disappeared!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: My mentor Kodos had developed a number of different items to keep law and order over the populace!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (holds up a green & yellow laser gun) This looks like a nasty little something

Dr. Robotnik Prime: The best one was a converent little thing called the zone of silence!

Plankton: Also know as the void

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Another dimension of reality sutable for stranding one's enemies!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (with King Max Acorn)

King Max Acorn: (being held by a Swatbot) You won't get away with this, Robotnik!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I don't see anyone stopping me King Acorn!!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: However it turned out the zone weren't a dimension with finite proportions. It was a force of nature...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (noticing the portal growing stronger) A breach...?! In the middle of my lab?? What is going on here?!!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: ...that would keep growing merging with whatever existed around it on different energy and physical levels!

Snively: (holding onto a pole) Doctor! Help! I'm being sucked in!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I know I'm going to regret this! (presses a button, steadies the portal's power, not knowing King Max Acorn is trapped inside the Zone of Silence)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: My photon cannon thwarted it's advances...but only as long as I kept it going!

Snively: You did it, Sir!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Further experimentation acknowledged something had to give!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: We haven't much time, Snively! We must destroy the zone before it cosumes and destroys Mobius!

Snively: But what about the king?

(End of Flashback)

Courtney: So that's it.

Avak: A king, stuck inside the void? Who would've guessed?

Ed: Buttered toast?

Boggy B: Can't we just rescue the king or something?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Unfortunately, sacrifices have to be made for the greater good!

Red Bird: (angry) What?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I was proceeding to take care of the problem when you ruined everything!

Plankton: And I thought you All Stars are gonna stop him from (yells) WRECKING EVERYTHING!!!

Spongebob: Right, should've seen that coming.

Sonic: So now what?

Xplode: Any bright ideas?

Plankton: There is one way.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Since the conditions have to be right to go back and forth between zones, it may be possible to use this...(holds up an Energy Inhibitor)

Meltdown: Wow, what is it?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: It's my energy inhibitor, you knucklehead!

Justin: What does it do?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Once appropriately placed just press the button and...voila!

Sonic: Voila?

Rigby: What do you mean by that?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Voila! Our universe is saved and you'll have your king back!

Plankton: And everything's back to normal, for you anyway.

Spongebob: Wait, what's the catch?

Plankton: No catch, it's simple as A, B, C.

Drilldozer: Are you sure?

Sonic: Why do I get this really bad feeling something isn't right?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Wouldn't you like to know!  Now get going! Time is of the essence! After all, why should Plankton & I do the dirty work...when i can a Hedgehog do it for us? (evil laughter)

Spongebob: I hate to say it, but Plankton & Robotnik maybe right, we might need this if we ever run into the Zone of Silence.

Mordecai: Are you serious?

Spongebob: As serious as a shark attack, now let's head back to Knothole. Maybe the other Knothole Freedom Fighters will have the answer.

(Back in Knothole in STH Rotor's lab)

(We see the All Star & Knothole Freedom Fighters are scanning the Energy Inhibitor)

STH Rotor: This may be an energy inhibitor, but I'm stumped as to how it operates!

Yellow Bird: We don't know how it operates either.

STH Rotor: Right now I can only recommend it be used as a last resort!

Eddy: Like what, some silly old bomb?

Sonic: I recommend we don't use it at all!

Black Bird: Yeah, we still don't trust Robotnik & Plankton.

Sally: We may not have a choice, Sonic! Robotnik & Plankton weren't going to risk entering the zone, but we have to...

Crusher: Oh ok, guess it's crush hour time.

Sally: Right now we have to rescue, the king!

Xplode: Huh? What are you trying to say? I thought you said...

Sally: (zips Xplode's lips)

Xplode: (a bit annoyed)

Antoine: I still think zis is a fuelish, fuelish thing to do! We could be badly hurt! Prehaps gravely!

Gwen: Antoine would you please stop acting like a chicken & get this mission over with

Sally: Well, Twan. Have you really anything better to do?

Antoine: Now zat you mention eet...(gets a bit scared) Yes!

Spongebob: Well then come on, the King is waiting for us!

Drilldozer: Alright!

STH Rotor: Everyone, stand ready! I'm about to open the portal to...(opens the portal)...the Zone of Silence!

Dudley: Also known as the Void!

Rainbow Dash: Let's go everyone!

Sonic: Hang on tight, kids...

Hakann: Sonic! We're not kids!

(Sonic, Tails, Sally, Antoine & the All Stars enters inside the portal, arriving in the zone of silence)

Sonic: Whoa!

(We see that the heroes are floating in zero gravity)

Astro Boy: This must be the Zone of Silence

Patrick: Somebody get me down or up or something!

Sonic: That first step is a doozy! This feels mondo weird!

LeShawna: Your telling me, that's all kinds of wrong

Tyler: Where's the ground at?

Owen: But this is...awesome!

Harold: Yeah, it's like being in Sci-Fi movies where you are at outer space exploring the cosmos

Sally: When you switch from walking to floating, the disorentation can be a bit jarring! Maybe NICOLE can explain it better...

Drilldozer: Yeah, cause I can't get down!

Nitroblast: Me neither, where's the gravity button in this place?

Sonic: We'll have to can the science lesson for now, Sal! (points to the Armored Figure riding on a dark horse with his minions & Lu Bu, who is on his red mare) We've got company!

Spongebob: It's Lu Bu!

Lu Bu: Finally, the All Star Warrior, we finally meet at last.

Heart of Darkness, Rise of Lu Bu (Part 3)

Lu Bu: Feel the wrath of Lu Bu!

Spongebob: Bring it on!

Lu Bu: (activates a battlefield which is just a plain battle ring made out of large white blocks)

Armored Figure: Surrender, or else face the consequences!

Sonic: That's not exactly a friendly way to start things off, bud!

All Star Freedom Fighters & Lu Bu: (decends on the floating battlefield, getting ready to battle)

Xplode: Your going down!

Lu Bu: We shall see if your brave enough to face me. (pulls out his signature Halbred, the "Sky Piercer")

Armored Figure: I'm not your "bud", "pal" "bro" or any other term you may use suggesting familiarity!

Antoine: He ees right! I'd rather see open honest hospitality, mon am'! At least you know he'll hit you where it hurts ze most!

Ed: What did he say?

Edd: (shrugs)

Patrick: Huh?

Squidward: Morons.

Armored Figure: My patience is wearing thin, fool! I'd like your reply now!

Spongebob: (gulps)

Sonic: Can we talk...?

Armored Figure: (pokes Sonic's stomach with his lance)

Sonic: OW! Didn't you mom ever teach you it's not polite to point?

Spongebob: In any case, let's go!

Sonic: Just give me a sec...(spindashes at the minions)...while I even up the odds a bit!

Armored Figure: My troops!

Duncan: Now we got you outnumbered

Lu Bu: That's unwise of you to face me, those actions will make my rage explode.

Spongebob: Then why don't you come over here & find out.

Lu Bu: Very well, prepare to meet your death!


(Even with the numbers game against the ultimate warrior, Lu Bu proves himself as the ultimate warrior by taking down the All Stars with his fast speed & incredible strength & high intelligence)

Lu Bu: This is not even worth my time.

All Stars: (feeling dazed & dizzy)

Drilldozer: Man, where did this guy came from? He's a natural of beating the living heck out of us!

Applejack: That fella is pretty strong.

Reidak: Aw great, how do we stop that man?

Armored Figure: The hedgehog is moving fast that all I can see is a blue blur! (aims his laser lance at Sonic) But this is all I need to see in order to fire...

Sally: No!

Lu Bu: (notices Sally) What's this?

Sally: Put that thing down! (shoves the Armored Figure off his horse, accidently dropping his mask revealing that the Armored Figure was actually...)


Sally: DADDY!

All Stars: Daddy?!

King Max Acorn: (whacks Sally with his lance, knocking her out) Witless female!! Never attack you haven't the stomach to finish off your opponents!

Lu Bu: Now you know my partner's identity, he & I will be the last 2 person you'll ever see before your death.

Sonic: SALLY! (tries to get to Sally, but was stopped by Tails & Antoine)

Spongebob: (gets up) We have to keep on trying. All Stars, we can't give up now!

Xplode: King Max Acorn, don't you touch her! (tries to stop King Max Acorn, but was stopped by the All Stars)

Sally: Sonic! Don't!!

Applejack: Whao there, partner! Lu Bu is too powerful even for us to handle.

Antoine: This ees no good, Mon Am'! You would attack your king?! He doesn't even seem to know who he ees or who we are!

Astro Boy: Not even Sally! And he also thinks that Lu Bu is his partner!

Sanford: We need a plan! Think!

Sonic: (still hurt when Sally's in danger)

Spongebob: One of these days, our energies will burn out from this battle.

Sonic: (gets an idea)

Lu Bu: Now surrender or else you will suffer the same fate like I killed Yuan Shu in the past.

King Max Acorn: Surrender now and I will be obnient! If not...

Sonic: (in thought: Only one shot! Four on the speed! And hope...I haven't made the wrong choice!) (charges at King Max Acorn)

Spongebob: Sonic, what are you doing?

Kitty: What is Sonic up to?

Dudley: I think we betta run!

Eddy: Take cover!

(The All Stars makes a run for it, trying to get away)

Lu Bu: Come back & face me!

King Max Acorn: ...I do...THIS!! (fires his laser lance at Sonic)

Sonic: (dodges) Not so fast chief! (presses the button on the energy inhibitor, causing a massive explosion in the zone, thus stopping the Zone of Silence's growth)

The All Star & Knothole Freedom Fighters: (launched back)

Lu Bu: (launched back to the portal back on Mobius) Graah!

Spongebob: Whoa, whoa!

Sonic: What have I done?

Ed: Can Ed go to the bathroom?

(Back in the lab)

STH Rotor: (watching everything from the moniter) Great shades of Mobius! They're going to overshoot the portal entrance! (goes inside the portal gate) I've only fire this lifeline! (fires a lifeline to the heroes) Sometimes I wonder...what Sonic would do without me.

Spongebob: Look! A lifeline!

Sonic: And our ticket to ride! (grabs onto the lifeline) I just give a little tug...(holds onto Sally, who holds onto Antoine, who holds on to Antoine, etc)...and we're on our way home! (tugs)

(With a litte tug, the All Star & Knothole Freedom Fighters returns back to the lab)

Xplode: Made it!

Twilight Sparkle: And we're all very lucky to survive against Lu Bu, he is indeed the Ultimate Warrior.

STH Rotor: Is everyone alright?

Sonic: We're okay! But the king isn't...

Spongebob: You mean?

Sonic: ...So it's back to the drawing board until we figure out how to rescue him!

STH Rotor: And we will Princess!

Corroder: And what about Lu Bu?

Spongebob: He would be back for us & we must know every single attack & defence that Lu Bu throw at us, so let's prepare ourselves for the next battle against Lu Bu, because if he comes back...

(camera changes to a close up at Spongebob's eyes)

Spongebob:...we are at war! (his eyes turn into anger)

(With Lu Bu)

Lu Bu: (at between the Great Forest & Robotropolis, holding onto King Max Acorn's helmet/mask) Those All Stars are a waste of time, lucky for them they survive

???: Indeed they do (reveals himself to be Dong Zhuo) We will be ready for them once they return.

Lu Bu: Dong Zhuo, you have arrived.

Dong Zhuo: Yes, one day. The entire planet of Mobius will belong to the empire of Dong Zhuo (evil laughter)

The End