This is the 42nd Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Beth, Lindsay

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton, Tiki Tong, Kanker Sisters & Vezon

Story #1: Transcript

To Beth or not to Beth, that is the Quest (Part 1)

(In Knothole)

(We see Uncle Chuck & Muttski ready for de-roboticization)

Sonic: (with Beth & Lindsay) I can't look! Tell me when it's over!

Lindsay: Pretty colours!

(We see that the De-roboticization failed)

STH Rotor: Sorry Sonic! The de-roboticization process didn't work! Uncle Chuck & Muttski are still robots

Sonic: Oh, man!

Beth: Well, stratch that plan for now

Lindsay: I wonder why?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Robotnik's the only one who can De-roboticize us now, nephew...but as long as we still control our minds, we'll just robots on the outside!

Beth: There must be a way to find the correct frenquency of the de-roboticizer, but how?

STH Rotor: I'd like to run one more test on you and Muttski, Uncle Chuck!

Sonic: Another test?! Couldn't you make it a multiple choice, Rotor?!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: It's the only way Sonic! If we keep trying in time, we'll find the answer...

Beth: (has a message been delivered by a Wu Messenger & reads the message) Oh my glory! We gotta find Spongebob. Come on Lindsay, let's go!

Lindsay: Okie dokie BFF!

Beth & Lindsay: (goes off to find Spongebob)

(In South Knothole)

Spongebob: (is seen at the entrace of South Knothole, looking at the surroundings of the Great Forest while STH Rotor trying his best to de-roboticize Uncle Chuck & Muttski, but failed) With all those powers, coming from the Master Jack-X. I must be the one to stop that monstrous machine once & for all.

Beth & Lindsay: (running down the path, going up to Spongebob)

Beth: Spongebob, we have a mission from Sun Ce, the new leader of Wu.

Lindsay: He needs our help for this mission.

Spongebob: Then what are we waiting for? Let's go! Go get the rest of the team & we will be there A.S.A.P.

Beth: Got it !

(Beth & Lindsay goes off to find the rest of the team as Spongebob goes into the Office of the All Star Freedom Fighter leaders)

(In the All Star Office)

Sun Ce: (notices the whole team of the All Star Freedom Fighters) Ah, perfect timing. I've been waiting for you.

Fluttershy: Um, t-thank you?

Hakann: What's the mission for today?

Sun Ce: It involves Mecha Sun Jian.

Donkey Kong: Mecha Sun Jian?! The Roboticized Sun Jian?

Spongebob: You mean Plankton roboticized Sun Jian?

Pinkie Pie: (angry) And broke his Pinkie Promise after he helped us defeat Snively?!

Sun Ce: Calm down, I was getting to that. We have noticed that Robotnik Prime & Plankton are building new robots called the Combots.

Spongebob: Combots? You mean rebuilding the HenchCombots of Plankton?

Sun Ce: No, Robotnik's version of the Combots.

Patrick: I don't get it.

Zaktan: I believe what he's trying to say is that Robotnik & Plankton are building Robotnik's version of the Combots as his new army only for this mission.

Nitroblast: What? Are you gonna make a crack joke that the Swatbots has outlived their usefulness?

Zaktan: No, not like that.

Beth: We betta be prepared for something that comes our way.

Sun Ce: Exactly, Sonic & Uncle Chuck have been sent to Robotropolis for their mission to sabatoge the Combots, prehaps you can help them by creating distractions in order for Robotnik & Plankton to lure themselves to their bait.

Spongebob: I guess we're along for the ride.

Lindsay: Yay! We get to distract the guards!

Deimos: Don't worry, leave this to us!

(The All Stars minus Pinkie leaves)

Sun Ce: Pinkie, I know that the fact that we have our losses, but now it's time to learn those losses & stop the evil empire by using all of our intelligence to our advantage. Good luck & avenge Sun Jian for me.

Pinkie Pie: Okie dokie lokie! (gallops after the All Stars in a fast pace) Hey! Wait for me!

(In Robotropolis in Robotnik's Lair)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: SNIVELY! Get here on the double! I'm ready to show you my top secret project!

Plankton: You too Tiki Tong, Kankers & Vezon! Get moving!

Snively, Tiki Tong, Kanker Sisters & Vezon: (running towards Robotnik's lab)

Snively: We're on our way, Doctor Robotnik! Snively out! (turns off the walkie talkie he's holding) Hmpf! I'll finally see what he's been working on the last few weeks...hopefully it's a cure for over-inflated ego!

Tiki Tong: What has Plankton & Robotnik Prime got themselves into now?

Lee Kanker: How should I know? We haven't done this before.

Vezon: Let's just get this over with.

(They arrived in the lab)

Snively: What is it, sir?...(notices an entire army of STH Combots)...EEEEP!

Vezon: What the devil is going on here?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (wearing a red army general outfit) From now on Snively, you can call me GENERAL Robotnik, supreme commander of the greatest fighting force in history!

Snively: V-v-very impressive, sir...uh...I mean General! But why?

Plankton: Sometimes those name calling could be too obnoxious for me (continues working on the Tekken Combots)

Marie Kanker: Why are we going army style?

May Kanker: I thought we'd be stars!

Tiki Tong: Just tell us why

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Because I've declared TOTAL WAR on Sonic & the freedom fighters!

Plankton: And Spongebob & the All Stars!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: For that reason I've created the ultimate combat machine...the COMBOT imagine an entire army of invincible soldier bots. All with a single get that miserable hedge-rat and his friends!

Plankton: (groans as he continues working on his Tekken Combots) Especially those All Stars & I'm not wearing those stupid general outfits.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Tomorrow I will launch an all-out attack on the Great Forest! When the freedom fighters come to the army of combots will overwhelm them by sheer force of numbers! But it must be a surprise attack, Snively...

Vezon: (notices someone watching them) Hm?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: ...that's why you must not breathe a word to anyone or anything...THAT'S AN ORDER!

Plankton: What he said.

Tiki Tong: Yes masters.

Snively: You can count on me, general...I'll be as silent as the gargoyles out this building!

Lee Kanker: Eh, I suppose

Plankton: Then so be it.

Vezon: (leaves the building)

(From outside the building)

(The spy who Vezon spotted was actually Dulcy & she heard every word they say)

Dulcy: Oh no! This is terrible! (flys off back to Knothole) I've got to warn the Freedom Fighters...if I can remember what Robotnik said!

Vezon: Or remember how to suffer the same fate! (tackles Dulcy's wing, prevent her to fly) GOTCHA!

Dulcy: (Falls down in a junk yard with Vezon) WHAO! (crashes) Ooooheee, I'll pick up my room later ma. (shakes his head, from dizziness & gets up & notices Vezon) Uh oh, I've been exposed.

Vezon: (hops off of Dulcy) Now that your grounded, your flying lessons are over. (gets into his battle stance)


(They both fight, but even if Vezon has Dulcy hurt once by a crash landing, he was no match for Dulcy's strength & dragon power)

Vezon: (on the ground, lying on his back, groaning in pain)

(The All Star Freedom Fighters arrive in the Junkyard)

Spongebob: Dulcy?

Beth: What are you doing here?

Dulcy: I came here to warn you & the rest of my friends back at Knothole, but then this silver creature attacked me, but I've managed to stop him.

Reidak: Vezon.

Vezok: He is the 7th Piraka, also known as my other half.

Lindsay: Really?

Vezok: Yeah, we betta hurry & get back to Knothole & tell them what happen

Heather: Can't Dulcy just tell us now?

Meltdown: Look, if our mission is a failure, it could be messy

Heather: Fine.

Red Bird: Alright Dulcy, tell us what you know.

Black Bird: Um, should we get going before we get spotted?

Yellow Bird: Oh sorry.

(Dulcy & the All Stars hurries back to Knothole, Vezon was busy picking himself up from the ground)

(At Knothole Village, the Great Forest...)

Dulcy: (with the All Star Freedom Fighters, Sonic, Sally, Tails, Bunnie & Antonie)...and then he said that his army of combots was invisible and that he was going to lunch tomorrow and then we were going to be attacked by an air force of numbskulls and then...

Donkey Kong: Whao, whao, whao! Time out!

Duncan: This makes zero sence, like Lindsay

Lindsay: Well what's wrong of Chris been barried alive?

Sally: Calm down, Dulcy! I know it was hard to hear everything Robotnik said, but I get the idea!

Lindsay & Pink Bird: You do?

Sally: We've got to destroy the army of Combots while they're all together in one place!

Beth: That's what Sun Ce was trying to tell us, we have to stop the Combots before they will be launched at Knothole

Mecha Uncle Chuck: That's a job for me and Muttski, Sally! We know our way around Robotnik's headquarters better than anyone!

Sonic: No way are you going on this mission without me, Unc!

Applejack: Sonic's right, sugarcube. We sure ain't lettin' any friend of ours go into Robotropolis alone. We're stickin' to you like caramel on a candy apple.

Sally: Agreed! The All Stars & the three of you will leave for Robotropolis immediately! Good luck!

Spongebob: Then it's agreed, to the city of Robotropolis!

All Star Freedom Fighters: (runs off to Robotropolis)

Mecha Uncle: Let's go! (he, Sonic & Mecha Muttski follows the All Stars)...and be on your guard! We could be doing exactly what Robotnik WANTS us to do!

Beth: Alrighty then

Lindsay: Sure.

Pinkie Pie: Especially if there's candy apples in there. What? Those things are good.

Spongebob: (sighs)

To Beth or not to Beth, that is the Quest (Part 2)

(At Robotropolis)

(We see Sonic, Mecha Uncle Chuck, Mecha Muttski & the All Stars are outside Robotnik's headquarters)

Avak: This is a tough code to crack

Sonic: Just get us in, Uncle Chuck! I'll do the rest!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I know all of Robotnik's access codes, so getting through security should be no problem...still it's odd that we hasn't changed his codes since I escaped!

Spongebob: Now that's weird. We should figure out the game plan soon enough.

Beth: Don't worry, we know what to do.


(Sonic, Mecha Uncle Chuck, Mecha Muttski & the All Stars enters inside, seeing the entire STH Combot Army)

Eddy: Man, that's a lot of bots!

Sonic: Whoa! Look at all those bots!

Mordecai: Yeah, that number of strong bots would take down Knothole if we don't do something about it.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I'd hate to see them when they're activated! Let's do our job and get out of here, Sonic!

Spongebob: Are you sure you don't need our help.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Don't worry about me, I'll be fine.

Gwen: Alright, Uncle Chuck.

Sonic: You got it, Unc!

Uncle Chuck: ...don't forget you're carrying explosives!

Spongebob: Be careful Sonic.

Beth: Alright then, but I have a bad feeling that someone is coming to us, very...(notices the Kanker Sisters)...close!

Ed, Edd & Eddy: KANKERS!

Donkey Kong: Oh man! Here we go again.

(The All Stars gets into their battle stances)

Lee Kanker: Closer than you think Beth. Sick'em girls!

(The Kankers get into their battle stances)


(As the All Stars manages to stop the Kanker Sisters easily, we see Mecha Uncle Chuck is been monitered by Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton, Snively, Vezon & Tiki Tong)

Plankton: Uncle Chuck & Muttski are back. Send in Mecha Sun Jian.

Jack-4 Bot: Yes sir. (brings in Mecha Sun Jian)

Mecha Sun Jian: Yes sir?

Plankton: Take out the intruders at once.

Mecha Sun Jian: Yes sir. (goes after the All Star Freedom Fighters)

Tiki Tong: I'll help Mecha Sun Jian take care of the All Stars.

Plankton: Very well.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: So Uncle Chuck and Muttski have come home! Let's realign their robotic minds...NOW! (fires a beam at Mecha Uncle Chuck & Mecha Muttski)

Mecha Uncle Chuck & Mecha Muttski: (hit by a beam of energy fired) !!

(With the All Stars)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (goes up to the defeated Kanker Sisters)

Eddy: Give up yet, Kankers? Your days of evilness are numbered!

May Kanker: Is that so?

Marie Kanker: Check again, dead eye.

(They turned around to see Tiki Tong & Mecha Sun Jian)

Donkey Kong: Tiki Tong!

Tiki Tong: Donkey Kong!

Donkey Kong: It's been a long time since I last saw you.

Kitty: Never mind with a reunion, we have a Tiki to stop!

Spongebob: Guess it's time that we bring down the house

Tiki Tong: That's fine with me.


(As the fight begins, Sonic comes back having setting up the explosives)

Sonic: (goes up to Mecha Uncle Chuck) Let's juice, Unc! In a few minutes, this whole room's gonna go kaboom!

Mecha Sun Jian: (strangling Ezekiel) That into which is not good.

Beth: And now we gotta (kicks Mecha Sun Jian) Good thing all this training of becoming an All Star Freedom Fighter is worth it.

Sonic: (grabs Mecha Uncle Chuck's wrist) C'mon, Uncle Chuck! Hey! What's up? You look weird...

Hank: Make that acting weird...

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (suddendly grabs Sonic's wrist)

Sonic: Huh?!!

Eddy: What the?

Lindsay: Uh oh!

Spongebob: Sonic!

Tiki Tong: (grabs Spongebob & shapes him into a bowling ball) Time to bowl! (uses Spongebob as a bowling ball at the All Stars, knocking them over like bowling pins) STRIKE!

Edd: There goes my vertebrae

Noah: And there goes my pelvis...again.

Spongebob: Is everyone ok?

Patrick: FINLAND!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: In the name of my master, General Robotnik, I order you to deactivate your explosives!

Mecha Sun Jian: We have you defeated

Sonic: Oh, man! This can't be happening again!

Rarity: Whatever shall we do?

Squidward: Oh please, you two are such drama queens.

Nitroblast: Can we get outta here now?

Plankton: (arrives with Dr. Robotnik Prime & Snively, helping the Kanker Sisters) Don't even think about it.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Better do what he says hedge-rat, or your dear uncle and your mutt will be blown to bits along with you!

Spongebob: Sonic's a hedgehog. Have you got your ears clogged because you can't even hear what they're saying (laughs)

Lee Kanker: Very funny you yellow idiot.

Sonic: Nice uniform, Robuttnik! Did they kick you out of the marching band of swallowing the drum?!

Rainbow Dash: (trying her best not to laugh, but fails)

Vezon: ENOUGH! (aims his spear at Rainbow Dash) Now stand down!

Plankton: Thank you Vezon. I told you Kankers that would shut them up!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Speaking of marching bands, tomorrow we're going to have a parade...(points to Sonic very closely)...and YOU'RE going to LEAD it!

Sonic: ???!

Tiki Tong: And as for you All Stars (grabs the All Stars & throws them outside of Robotropolis) GET OUT AAANNNDDD STAY OUT! (slams the door behind him)

(Outside of Robotropolis)

(The All Stars, minus, STH Rotor, Jetbug, Waspix, Preytor, Ultra-V, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Swarm & Ninjini [who used flight to keep themselves from crashing down], lands in a large pond)

Heather: Aah! My shoes!

Tyler: Wicked wipeout man! Yeah!

Spongebob: Well that was very intense

Tree Rex: Looks like Tiki Tong is more powerful than ever.

Lindsay: Really?

Timon: Yeah, but things got much more worse.

Preytor: (notices the entire STH Combot Army with Robotnik & Plankton, who are leading them & Sonic who is held captive on a tank) The Combot Army are heading towards Knothole.

Beth: Oh no! We have to do something!

Spongebob: If they destroy Knothole, they will be no stopping them!

To Beth or not to Beth, that is the Quest (Part 3)

(The All Star Freedom Fighters quickly started running towards Knothole)

Owen: (panting heavily) How much farther?

Spongebob: Only 1 mile to go. We're approaching the Great Forest.

Avak: Wow, we never run fast like that since the time that we're being chased by robotic sharks with legs.

Thunder: Not good, not good.

Beth: We're nearly there

Lindsay: My legs are feeling tierd.

Spongebob: Don't worry, we're almost there. What the...?!

(The All Stars stops to see Sally, Bunnie, Antoine & the rest of the village people of Knothole in front of the entrance, only to be blocked by Robotnik)

Eddy: There's the troublemaker!

Sally: You can stop some of us Robotnik, but you can't stop ALL of us! Someone will find a way to bring you down!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I'm afraid not Princess! You see, my Combots are programmed to seek out all non-robotic mobians!

Bouncer: You forgot that Robo-47 & Ultra-V ARE robots!

Drilldozer: Bouncer!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (notices the All Stars) Well, it appears that you All Stars are ripe for my trap...(goes up to Sally)...and nothing can prevent them from following orders...even if they have to DESTROY the great forest down to the last twig!

Mane 6: What?!

Antoine: You wouldn't dare you fiendishly person you!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Oh, wouldn't I? (to the STH Combots) Combots! I, your imperial leader, command you to remove all mobians from the great forest...even if you have to destroy it!

(The STH Combots begins marching)

Plankton: (stays hidden in the bushes) (to Tiki Tong, Vezon, the Kanker Sisters & Mecha Sun Jian who are hiding with him) If he fails, prepare the back-up attack force.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: When they're done marching through your great

Spongebob: Over our dead boides!

Rainbow Dash: Now your gonna get it!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: When they're done marching through your great forest you'll have to change it's name to the LATE forest! Hawhaw!

Snively: Uh...prehaps not, I mean general!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Be quiet Snively! Can't you see I'm...(hears Spongebob's whistle)...I'm...I'm...

Spongebob: Oh Robotnik Prime. Have another look at your combots (points to the STH Combots marching away from Knothole)

Twilight Sparkle: They're heading the wrong way.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: NO! You're marching in the WRONG Direction! The forest is this way!

Beth: And guess what they are heading

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (notices the STH Combots are heading towards a cliff & goes after them) Stop! You're heading towards a cliff! The ocean is down there! Stop! This can't be happening to me again! (The STH Combots falls off the cliff & fell into the ocean) AIEEEEE! My beautiful combots!!

Spongebob: That's all we needed to hear.

Lindsay: We do?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I...I mustn't panic! After alll Sonic is still my prisoner! Without him the Freedom Fighters are finished!

Vezok: Don't bet on that mister.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (goes up to Snively) Snively! Roboticize the hedgehog immedately! That's an order!

Snively: I can't do that, general!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Idiot! What do you mean you can't do that?! Why not?!

Snively: (points his thumb at Sonic who has escaped from the tank & now he's controling it behind him) Have a look, sir!

Spongebob: (on the tank) Hi.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What?!! How did you get free?

Sonic: I was born free, Ro-butt-nik!

Dudley: Ha! He said "butt"!

Sonic: And now I'm free to roboticize YOU! (aims the tank at Robotnik & Snively)

Swarm: Now we will finish you!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Wait! You don't have to make me a robot! I'm already cold-hearted!

Beth: It's time for you two to give up, where's Plankton?

Snively: (taking off his army hat) !!

Mecha Muttski: (suddendly jumps up, charging at Sonic) GRRROWF!

Sonic: HEY!

Boggy B: Hey, no fair! (aims his bazooka at Mecha Muttski)

Sonic: No, Muttski! No!

Mecha Muttski: Grrrr!

Boggy B: Stay down

Spongebob: Bad dog, bad!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (notices Mecha Uncle Chuck flying a hovercraft) A hovercraft! Now I can escape! (he & Snively hops inside the hovercraft, making their getaway) Let go, Snively! There's only room for one! That's an order!

Snively: (hanging onto Robotnik Prime's leg) Sorry general ! But I've decided to be a deserter!

Spongebob: Goodbye, don't forget to ride!

Sonic: Nice goin' Uncle Chuck! Your plan worked like a charm!

Antoine: Eh? Eh? Ze plan? What is zis' plan?

Harold: Way to go Uncle Chuck.

Sonic: And you gave a great performance too, old boy! For a minute there, I thought you were still a bot! (hugs Mecha Muttski, who started licking Sonic back)

Mecha Muttski: Woof!

Boggy B: Good boy, we really fooled them!

Antoine: (feeling a bit confused & a bit crazy) But he is ze bot! I saw it with my own two feet! (his head begins to hurt) Ooh! My head is confused!

Beth: We knew their plans all along thanks to the Wu messenger.

STH Rotor: (appears from the bushes) Perhaps I can explain, Antoine! The last time I tested Uncle Chuck & Muttski I inserted a neuro-overrider into their allowed them to keep control of their minds even when Robotnik tried to realisn them!

Tails: Then Uncle Chuck and Muttski were only pretending to be robots?

Spongebob: Correct.

STH Rotor: Right Tails!


(We see Mecha Uncle Chuck & Mecha Muttski reprograming the STH Combots)

STH Rotor: Uncle Chuck reprogrammed the Combots to act on his command, not Robotniks!

(End of Flashback)

STH Rotor: That's why they marched into the sea! See?

Lindsay: Oooh, I see!

Patrick: Ooooh (chuckles) We get it.

Bunnie: But how did SOnic free himself?

Spongebob: That's a good question.

Sanford: Sonic?

Sonic: Uncle Chuck lossened my shackles just enough so that it looked I was captured, Bunnie!

Spongebob: And so our plan has foiled Robotnik's plan once again.

Sally: I'm overjoyed that your plan worked, guys, but next time...(gets angry) Would you min telling ME about it?!

Pinkie Pie: (giggles) Silly Sally, that would've spoiled the secret.

Plankton: (emerges) That's all I needed to hear

Spongebob: Plankton?!

Plankton: That is right & this time I'm prepared. (activates the Tekken Combots & the Tekken Combots begins marching towards Knothole)

Jack-1 Bots: (marches with the Tekken Combots)

Mecha Sun Jian: (arrives)

Tiki Tong, Vezon & the Kanker Sisters: (emerges)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (gets into their battle stances)

Plankton: You may have sabatoge Robotnik's plan, but now you will suffer my wrath!


(Remebering the previous battle that he had with Tiki Tong & Mecha Sun Jian, the All Stars manages to take the 2 down by using teamwork, while the Knothole Freedom Fighters manages to take down Vezon & the Kanker Sisters. And finally with their combined powers, the All Star & Knothole Freedom Fighters manages to take down Plankton, the Jack-1 Bots & the Tekken Combots)

Plankton, Tiki Tong, Vezon, the Kanker Sisters & Mecha Sun Jian: (manages to get up & escape)

Plankton: You win this round...(hops inside the Bucket Pod)...but I'm not through.

(Plankton, Tiki Tong, Vezon, the Kanker Sisters & Mecha Sun Jian: (escapes back to Robotropolis)

Spongebob: Sometimes Plankton never gives up does he?

Beth: I hear that.

(That evening in Knothole)

Twilight Sparkle: (sighs) What a day.

Patrick: You said it (lies down on his back)

Sonic: Seems like we keep saying goodbye, Uncle Chuck!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: It's for the best, Sonic! Robotnik thinks our minds are enslaved again, so Muttski and I will make perfect spies! Now I've got to go!

Ed: Totaloo, Uncle Chuck!

Sonic: Before you do, Unc, can you do us a favor?...(points to Antoine who is still crazy & confused)...explain our plan to Antoine one more time!

Antoine: First he was ze robot, zen he was not ze robot but he was ze robot, zen...

Corroder: Would you please make Antoine shut up already!?!

The End