This is the 41st Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

This is also the 7th Sonic & Spongebob Special

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob & Patrick [trying to keep Sonic & Knuckles from hurting each other, with Spongebob with Sonic & Patrick with Knuckles]

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik Prime [Cameo] & Plankton [Cameo], Sonic & Spongebob [Semi Antagonists of Knuckles & Patrick in the middle] & Knuckles & Patrick [Semi Antagonists of Sonic & Spongebob in the Middle]

Character's Transformation Debut: Hyper Knuckles & Starfish Man (Patrick Star)

Story #1: Transcript

Super Sonic & Super Spongebob vs Hyper Knuckles & Starfish Man! (Part 1)

(At Knothole)

(We continue where the previous episode left off as the All Star Freedom Fighters emerges from the portal & they are back at Knothole)

Zaktan: When we trapped Eddy inside the palace, you we're already beaten, but we did distract Shang Tsung by turning Eddy back to normal.

Eddy: I still can't believe it that I fell for that fake money trick again.

Ed: And I drew it myself.

Spongebob: I know, I'll work on more of my fighting skills. Anyways, why don't we get ourselves patched up ready for tomorrow, ok?

Vezok: Yeah, that would be a good idea. Let's go

(As the All Stars return to Knothole Village, Spongebob suddendly saw Knuckles the Echidna walking from the outer edge of Knothole)

Spongebob: Huh? Knuckles? What is he doing here?

Patrick: I don't know.

Spongebob: Come on Patrick, let's go find out what Knuckles is up to.

Patrick: Okie dokie.

Spongebob & Patrick: (goes after Knuckles)

Patrick: Where is he going?

Spongebob: Looks like he's heading for Robotropolis. I wonder why?

Patrick: Yeah, I wonder why too

Spongebob: Come on, I said we will find out once we get there.

(Meaning with Knuckles)

Knuckles: (in Robotropolis) Phew! What a disgusting mess! These landlubbers are living proof that Echidna society was right to abandon technology and revert to being environment-friendly! In fact, that's the very reason I'm here...

Spongebob: (with Patrick) It is?

Knuckles: (notices Spongebob & Patrick) Oh, it's you two. What are you doing here?

Spongebob: We're just here to check on you to see how are you doing.

Patrick: We came to see if your ok.

Knuckles: What are you talking about? I'm fine.

Spongebob: You betta be careful cause Robotnik & Plankton could be anywhere.

Knuckles: I don't have time for this. See ya. (leaves)

Spongebob: Wait, your not gonna leave the both of us out here, are you?

Knuckles: (ignors him as he leaves heading straight for a grotto)

Patrick: Now what? Can we go for ice-cream?

Spongebob: We have to follow Knuckles, you never know what danger is lurking in the shadows

Patrick: Danger?!

Spongebob: As the All Star Warrior, I was serve to protect the Multiverse at all costs! Come on! Let's go follow him!

Patrick: Just like when we're following Tails?

Spongebob: Yeah, something like that.

(But they both noticed that Knuckles had already gone)

Patrick: Hey! Where'd he go?

Spongebob: (sighs) Guess we'll have to find him the hard way. Come on Patrick!

Spongebob & Patrick: (starts searching through Robotropolis, until they heard a punch being thrown)

Spongebob: What was that?

Patrick: Sounds like someone got hurt

Spongebob: Let's see what we're facing. And remember, stop any intruders from hurting our friends

Patrick: Right. (does a peace sign instead of a thumbs up)

Spongebob & Patrick: (finds Knuckles confronting Sonic & noticed that Sonic had uppercut Knuckles) Sonic?!

Patrick: Who's Sonic?

Super Sonic & Super Spongebob vs Hyper Knuckles & Starfish Man! (Part 2)

Knuckles: Sonic the Hedgehog,'re lookin' for a brawl, eh?

Sonic: I'd love to, but first, I'm required to read this...

Spongebob: What is Sonic doing here with Knuckles?

Patrick: Maybe they are having a fight?

Spongebob: Wait, look.

Sonic: (reading a tready) "I, Princess Sally...bla-bla-bla-"Legal department requires...yak-yak-"offer you non-violent discussion...on and on..."

Knuckles: (snarls) Here's what you can do with your legal department! (punches a hole through the paper Sonic's he holding)

Spongebob: Wait, stop! (goes in between of Sonic & Knuckles, but got punched by Knuckles in the process) Ow! (falls down) I'm ok.

Sonic: Spongebob?!

Patrick: And Patrick

Knuckles: What are you two clowns doing here now?\

Spongebob: (gibberish, after got punched by Knuckles)

Patrick: I can't understand Spongebob, my ears are broken!

Sonic: (notices Spongebob is hurt) Okay, asked for it!...

Knuckles: C'mon, little boy blue...I'm standing here! But that yellow idiot was in the way!

Sonic: (reving up his figure 8 move) Not for long...

Patrick: Uh oh! (goes in front of Knuckles) I'll save you Knuckles!

Knuckles: ?

Sonic: (charges at Knuckles, not knowingly Patrick) This is my figure 8 Move! How do you like it? (uses the figure 8 move at Patrick, tackling him by mistake)

Patrick: OWW!...[appearance morbidly disheveled after the figure 8 move by Sonic] It feels like a million BUCKS... [falls over flat on his face]

Knuckles: Yep, he 8 it!

Sonic: Patrick! What the heck man? I had a clear shot until he came along. (sighs) Guess I have to try again (goes to a dead tree) (in thought: What are Spongebob & Patrick doing, they're taking blows for me & Knuckles, if they're still standing trying to protect us from getting harm, then neither me or Knuckles can land a blow. That's wierd)

Knuckles: He's still moving!

Spongebob: (regains consciousness) What happened?

Sonic: (in thought: I'll circle this tree and whack Knuckles this time for sure!)

Knuckles: I see the route you're taking, hog...(begins to uproot the tree)

Spongebob: No! (runs up to Sonic)

Knuckles: ...But this root creates a roadblock! (pulls the root from the tree, pulling the tree itself)

Sonic: The tree...moving sideways...(got pushed by Spongebob)

Spongebob: Phew! (accidently crashes into the tree that Knuckles is pulling) OWF!

Knuckles: Stuck in the tree? I always said you were a little sap? (notices Spongebob got stuck in a tree instead of Sonic) What are you doing Spongebob? Trying to protect Sonic from harm?

Spongebob: Exactly & you from danger.

Sonic: Aw, put a sock in it, Knuckles! Spongebob did protect me from being harmed didn't he?

Knuckles: You put a sock in it! I visit a public place, then Spongebob & Patrick came along & I left them and you ambush me!

Patrick: (notices Sonic is trying to uproot the tree) Huh? Uh oh! (goes up to Knuckles, but still feels a bit dizzy after that last attack from Sonic) Whoa!

Sonic: (in thought: Nnngh! By yanking the tree by the roots, he loosened it...) (lifts up a tree & drops it down) TIMBER!

Patrick: (pushes Knuckles out of the way, only for the dead tree that Sonic uprooted to fall down on him, crushing him) Agh!! Oh darn it, not again!

Sonic: Aw, Patrick! Your saving Knuckles?

Patrick: Uh-huh!

Spongebob: (pulls Patrick out of the dead tree) (still feeling dizzy) You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for hurting each other in the first place (falls down on his back)

Patrick: (feeling dizzy again) Now I feel like a billion BUCKS...(falls on his back)

???: (geastures her hand to stop) Hold it right there...both of you!

Spongebob: (notices that it was Princess Sally Acorn on her sky cycle, holding NICOLE) Sally! (shakes his head, trying to get the pain in his head to go away)

Patrick: Hi Sally

Sonic: Sally?

Knuckles: (gasps) Princess Sally Acorn?

Spongebob: What are you doing here?

Sally: Yes, when the landscape & Spongebob & Patrick starts to suffer, I step in! Everybody calm down! (hops off her sky cycle & goes up to check Spongebob & Patrick)

Sonic: Yeah, well you saw him...

Knuckles: He blindsided me!

Sonic: But Patrick has to butt in our fight, protecting Knuckles.

Knuckles: And so is that yellow idiot Spongebob who kept taking the hits for Sonic.

Sonic: (to Knuckles) Sneak!

Knuckles: (to Sonic) Cheat!

Sonic: Punk!

Knuckles: Dork!

Patrick: Dorks?

Sally: All right already...(wrapping bandages around Spongebob's & Patrick's wounds) Are you two ok? What happened?

Spongebob: Patrick & I have to protect Sonic & Knuckles. With me protecting Sonic

Patrick: And with me protecting...(thinks)...uh...

Spongebob: Knuckles?

Patrick: Yeah, thanks. Because the Echidna form of me showed me a path that I will protect any echidna from harm and danger.

Spongebob: What about the rest of the planet mobius?

Patrick: Ugh, do I have to spell it out for you? [Licks his hand and writes on a brick wall] U...R... huh... How do you spell "not an echidna"?

SpongeBob: Oh, come on, we can work this out. We'll start a new life, just you, me, and everyone on Planet Mobius. What do you say?

Patrick: No, thank you. [wears a pink Mobian Echidna hat] I happen to like my skills as an Echidna. 

SpongeBob: But being a Hedgehog is so much better.

Patrick: Well, says you. I like Echidna.

SpongeBob: Hedgehog!

Patrick: Echidna!

SpongeBob: Hedgehog!

Sonic: Do we sound like that?

Knuckles: You darn right you are.

Sonic: What do you mean I am? You sounded like that before.

Knuckles: No I did not.

Sally: (gets annoyed) Will you guys be quiet? The four of you sounded like a pair of Sonics' & Knuckles' here (in thought: [groans] If they don't count my splitting headace)

Spongebob & Patrick: Sorry.

Sally: (hears something) Shhh! (looks at NICOLE, finding the radiation wave lengths. My portable computer NICOLE is detecting some serious radiation!

Spongebob: Where did it come from, Sally?

Sally: It's coming from the hole in the ground where the tree was!

Patrick: Like when Sonic & Knuckles both uprooted it?

Sally: You can say that's quite exactly.

Sonic: Hmm...

Knuckles: ?

Spongebob: Ladies first.

Sally: Thank you. (looks down & founds something) Don't be shy, boys! Take a look down here!

Patrick: I think she found something

Spongebob: You're right Patrick, let's check it out together.

Sonic: (grumbles)

Knuckles: (snorts)

Spongebob & Patrick: (looks down) Wow!

Super Sonic & Super Spongebob vs Hyper Knuckles & Starfish Man! (Part 3)

(They all noticed that there is a portal to a new unknown zone in the ground filled with Power Rings & Green Chaos Emeralds)

Sally: Sonic & Knuckles...check it's a gateway to an unknown zone!

Spongebob: Cool

Patrick: Yeah!

Sonic: Major!

Knuckles: Look at it...swimming with Magic Rings & Chaos Emeralds! (goes inside the zone)

Spongebob: What the...?!

Sally: Knuckles...WAIT!

Patrick: Wait for us!

Knuckles: Sorry, Sally...I'm going for it!

Sonic: Hey! You rotten...

Patrick: Wait for me! (goes after Knuckles)

Spongebob: Patrick, come back!

Sally: (groans) Follow Patrick by going after Knuckles, Sonic & Spongebob! (sighs) He hasn't changed since we used to spend summers together!

Spongebob: You got it, Sally! (goes inside the zone)

Sonic: (jumps up) Yes ma'am your majes...(heard what Sally said about Knuckles spending summers together with Sally & he's now in shock) HUH?

(Inside the Unknown Zone)

Spongebob: Patrick! Knuckles! Where'd you go? (notices Knuckles grabbing the rings & the green Chaos Emeralds one by one) What are you doing?

Patrick: (grabbing rings & green chaos emeralds as well) Wait, wait! I wanna collect those shiny things too!

Spongebob: Patrick! If that's the way you wanted then I'm joining the other side! (starts collecting rings & green chaos emeralds as well)

Patrick: Well fine, me too!

Sonic: (enters inside the zone, starting to collect the rings & the emeralds) Give it up, Knucklebrain! You & Patrick got a head start, but I'm faster than the both of you!

Patrick: Oh yeah?

Knuckles: Blow it out your sneakers, you blue bozo!!! I'm picking this joint clean!

Spongebob: Not if I clean it out first!

(cut to Patrick looking through bionculars)

Spongebob: (has 17 rings & 2 emeralds)

Patrick: (has 29 rings & 4 emeralds)

Spongebob: (sneaks up on Patrick & gets his 3 rings) Ha! Got your rings! That makes 20 rings for me!

Patrick: Hey, give them back!

Spongebob: Not until you give me the rest of your stash!

Patrick: Yeah, well (takes Spongebob's emeralds) I got your emeralds! That makes 6 emeralds for me! You'll never catch me! (runs with them, while grabbing more rings & emeralds, making it 35 rings & 7 emeralds)

Sonic: (in thought: That Echidna & that starfish persistent! Looks like I've gotta use extreme measures!)

Spongebob: Hey! Come back! (chases after Patrick, grabing more rings & emeralds, making it 33 rings & 5 emeralds)

Sonic: It's the only way...(speeds up) GERONIMO!

Patrick: Huh?

Sonic: As Knux said, this zone's rich in rings and juicn' to top speed and running over him, I'll hit the magic numbers! (runs over Knuckles & Patrick, causing them to lose some rings & emeralds)

Knuckles: Whooaf!

Patrick: (has 28 rings & 4 emeralds) Owie!

Sonic: (catching Knuckles & Patrick's lost rings & emeralds, making it 50 rings & 7 emeralds)...and those numbers are: 50 magic rings...and...7 Chaos Emeralds...

Knuckles: (grumbles)

Spongebob: (has 49 rings & 6 emeralds) (goes up to Patrick) Now I got you!

Patrick: Oh yeah? (starts collecting more rings & more emeralds, making it 48 rings & 6 emeralds) Now we're even!

Sonic:...changing me into...(transforms into Super Sonic)

Super Sonic: SUPER SONIC!

Knuckles: (gulps)

Spongebob: (grabs one more ring & emerald, making it 50 rings & 7 green emeralds) Now that I have the right ammount of rings & emeralds, I will transform into...(transforms into Super Spongebob)

Super Spongebob: Super Spongebob!

Patrick: You done it again! (grabs one more ring)

Knuckles: (gulps) 7 & 50 eh? Okay...I got enough emeralds...I'm four rings short!

Super Sonic: Okay, little guy, the gig's up! Your unconditional surrender will be...(got grabbed by Patrick) HEY!

Patrick: I'll show you two what for! (grabs his 7th green emerald)

Knuckles: (runs off, grabbing the last four rings) Make! Step aside, sucker! Make way for...(transforms into Hyper Knuckles)

Hyper Knuckles: HYPER KNUCKLES!

Super Spongebob: But what for what?

Patrick: And it looks like a job for...(transforms into his heroic super form, which is his alter-ego in "Spongebob Squarepants: Creature from the Krusty Krab": Starfish Man)

Starfish Man: (wears blue pants, red goggles & a blue cape with a red star) STARFISH MAN! (slams Super Sonic at Super Spongebob)

Super Sonic & Super Spongebob: Gah!

Starfish Man: Now we're even...again!

Super Sonic: (gets up with Super Spongebob) Your powers can't compare to mine!

Hyper Knuckles: You talk too much, Superhog!

Super Spongebob: Oh is that so, then if you think you can take me & Sonic down, my answer is: BRING IT ON!


Starfish Man: (laughs as he fires his super punches at Super Spongebob)

Super Spongebob: Ow!

Super Sonic: Imposter! Copycat!

Hyper Knuckles: So I'm gonna supershut you up once and for all! (punches Super Sonic at the face)

Super Sonic: Gnyaaa...(falls down)

Super Spongebob: Stop this madness right now

Starfish Man: No way, you started it!

Super Spongebob: Fine!

Starfish Man: Whatever. [Super Spongebob carries a heavy boulder] No no no no no. [Super Spongebob throws the boulder. Patrick screams as the sand rocks from SpongeBob's catapult hurl toward him, crushing him, but he uses his punches to break the boulders]

Super Sonic: Not bad, Hyper Knuckles! Your strength has increased a thousand fold...(charges at Hyper Knuckles with his super fast punches, hitting him)...but  that means Super Sonic is a thousand times faster than before...prehaps you've noticed?!

Super Spongebob: Now we got you...again!

Starfish Man: (screams as he uses his super powers to create an energy ball. which is pink)

Hyper Knuckles: Bah! (uses his sharp knuckles to cut a piece out of the zone itself) I'm gonna cut a piece out of the zone itself!

Super Sonic: HA! For what?

Starfish Man: (has a large energy ball ready to fire) Oh hello....and goodbye! (fires a pink energy ball at Super Spongebob)

Hyper Knuckles: (smacks Super Sonic with a piece of the zone) All the better to smack you with, Super Sonic!

Super Sonic: Mff! (recovers quickly)

Super Spongebob: (notices a pink energy ball heading towards him) JUMPING JELLYFISH! (fires a yellow energy ball at the pink energy ball, causing both energy balls to explode, causing smoke to emerge from the explosion) How do you like them apples?

(Suddendly another pink energy ball emerges from the smoke, blasted at Super Spongebob)

Super Spongebob: (got hit) Gah! (falls down, looks at Starfish Man, as he recovers quickly)

Starfish Man: (laughing when the smoke clears) You'll never win! Do you hear me!?

Hyper Knuckles: You can't possibly recover so quickly!

Super Sonic: Doof! As Super Sonic, I am practically invulnerable!

Super Spongebob: That goes for the 2 of us, how'd you like us now?

Starfish Man: I like you this much!

Super Sonic: How about you, little man? Can you take as good as you give?

Hyper Knuckles: Better, chump!

Starfish Man: Feel me!

Super Spongebob: Then let's have some real fun!

Super Sonic: Well, bring it on! Gimme your best shot, Hyper Knuckles!

Hyper Knuckles: You got it, Super Sonic!

(Super Sonic, Hyper Knuckles, Super Spongebob & Starfish Man charges at each other, but Super Spongebob stops for a minute, feeling an unstable surge within the zone, as Super Sonic & Hyper Knuckles continues fighting each other)

Super Spongebob: Wait, something's wrong. Patrick stop!

Starfish Man: (stops, feeling the unstable surge) Huh? What's that? Spongebob, what's going on? What are we fighting about again?

Super Spongebob: I'm sorry for bringing up this argument.

Starfish Man: And I'm sorry too. So what's that surge coming from? I feel tingly

Super Spongebob: Now I see what's going on, if this keeps up the entire zone would become unstable! But how is this happening?

Starfish Man: Maybe it's...the pressure (notices Super Sonic & Hyper Knuckles ramming each other, trying to ram down each other) We gotta get outta here!

Super Spongebob: Yeah, before we blow up sky high!

Super Spongebob & Starfish Man: (flys out of the portal, but they forgot someone)

Super Spongebob: We forgot about Sonic & Knuckles!

(Back in the Unknown Zone, the Two combatants, Super Sonic & Hyper Knuckles hurtle toward each other at incalculable speed, causing unimaginable raw energy to erupt littlerally bending time and space!)

Starfish Man: What are we gonna do?

(The walls contaning the unknown zone's reality begin warping wildly!)

Super Spongebob: (thinking, then gets an idea) On the count of three, we barge back inside the zone as fast as we can! Patrick, you go save Knuckles while I go save Sonic!

Starfish Man: Got it!

Super Spongebob: Ok, 1...2...3!

(Super Spongebob & Starfish Man flies back in the Unknown Zone & as they enter, the zone can no longer contain swells...cracks & explodes, sending Super Sonic & Hyper Knuckles heavy damage, so incredible that their forms gave out)

Sonic & Knuckles: (got blown away by the explosion, but got caught by Spongebob & Patrick)

Super Spongebob: Hold on! We got ya! (he & Starfish Man flies up to the portal, heading back to the Prime Zone before the Unknown Zone is destroyed completly) Mission acomplished, Patrick!

Starfish Man: Yeah, we did it !

Super Spongebob & Starfish Man: (decends & lands, putting an unconscious Sonic & Knuckles down gently) Hi five! (hi fives each other & they both turn back to normal)

Spongebob & Patrick: (falls on their backs on the soft grass) (panting)

Spongebob: (sighs) Patrick, I guess I got carried away with that argument about Hedgehogs & Echidnas

Patrick: Me too...was it worth it?

SpongeBob: No, no, it wasn't. What started out as a fun dream turned into a horrible, brutal, nightmare. As the winds of time changed the silvery sands of these dunes to a new landscape for each zone, so let us hope that our own winds of change will change our spiritual dunes to a landscape zone of peace. Oh buddy, let's never forget this lesson. [SpongeBob and Patrick hug]

(Nearby, in Robotnik's Lair)

Swatbot: My lord of is an earthquake!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: No, it's something quite different...observe!

Plankton: (noticed a Jack-1 Bot entered inside) A Jack-1 Bot? What is it now?

Swatbot: Energy output readings are off the scale! Dispersion of contents irretrievable!

Jack-1 Bot: The Unknown Zone filled with magic rings & green emeralds are destroyed due to powers that are off the charts.

Plankton: Barnicles! We've should've packed those magic rings & green emeralds in the Master Jack-X when we had the chance!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: This is terrible!

Swatbot: You mean because of the potenial loss of magic rings and chaos emeralds?

Plankton: And also the future power source of the Master Jack-X?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: No, I mean because this is a 48-page special, and all I get is a one-page cameo!

Plankton: Wha? You've spent all this time planning & that's what you came up with?!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Someone is going to pay dearly for this! Get my agent on the phone! (crushes his walkie talkie with his roboticized hand)

Plankton: (sighs) Dictators

(Not far away, back with Sonic, Spongebob & Patrick)

Patrick: Look, Sonic's waking up.

Spongebob: Sonic, are you ok?

Sonic: (waking up, rubbing his head) Woo-ha! Anybody get the number on that cosmic bus?

Sally: (with Spongebob & Patrick) Easy, Sonic...

Twilight Sparkle: (with Sally) You we're pretty rough out there.

Sonic: Huh?..who...Sally! What're you doing in the zone?

Spongebob: What Sonic is trying to say is, what are you girls doing here?

Sally: Thanks to you 3, that zone's been obliterated!

Spongebob: Wha?

Sally: There's no trace of it...

Patrick: No trace of what? emeralds...

Spongebob: Yes rings...

Patrick: Uh-huh

Sally: Nothing!

Spongebob: Right

Sally: Zero! Nada! Zip!

Patrick: I don't get it

Twilight Sparkle: (sighs) I guess we should've told Spongebob & Patrick about our secret plan.

Spongebob: Huh? Secret Plan? Thanking us? What's going on here?

Sally: Sonic, you were blown free and landed here...back to normal!

Twilight Sparkle: You managed to save Sonic & Knuckles just in time.

Spongebob: Hold on, you mean to tell us, that my 4-way rivalry with Patrick, Sonic & Knuckles is the key to destroying that zone? But why?

Twilight Sparkle: So that the Master Jack-X's power source will not be found.

Patrick: Ooh, we get it.

Sonic: I don't feel normal...and where's "here?"

Sally: Right next to the lake of rings...where some people think our monitor isn't working! (points to a non-working monitor, which is actually activated & camouflage so that it looks old)

Sonic: That's a great camouflage job!

Spongebob: It's still activated

Sonic: So you two saw what happened?

Sally: Yes...from Knothole Control !

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, since I started to follow you.

Patrick: How did you know all of that?

Sally: We watched as the very fabric of reality tore apart, ejecting you two maniacs! But you we're lucky that Spongebob & Patrick...

Patrick: That's Starfish Man to you.

Sally: (gets a bit annoyed by Patrick) Don't push it.

Patrick: Sorry.


Tails: (points to the moniter screen to show Spongebob gently putting down Sonic)

Sally: (hops on her sky cycle & goes find Sonic)

Sally: As I was saying, Spongebob & Patrick had carried you two back to Mobius. They have put you down right next to the lake where it all started! I got on my sky-cycle and flew here A.S.A.P.!

(2nd Flashback)

Twilight Sparkle: As for me, I noticed that Spongebob & Patrick are not with us All Stars, until I noticed Spongebob & Patrick following Knuckles

Twilight Sparkle: (notices Spongebob & Patrick following Knuckles) (follows Spongebob & Patrick)

Twilight Sparkle: So I decided to follow & when I got to your next destination. I noticed an explosion that I haven't seen before, the unknown zone is destroyed.

Twilight Sparkle: (notices the explosion, meaning the destruction of the unknown zone, but Spongebob, Patrick, Sonic & Knuckles we're safe)

Twilight Sparkle: But the 4 of you are very lucky to escape.

(End of Flashbacks)

Sonic: I appreciate that, Sally! Say...what about...

Sally: C'mon...better get back before Robotnik comes snooping! (hops on her sky-cycle)

Spongebob: Yeah, good point.

Patrick: Let's go home!

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, let's go back to South Knothole before Plankton comes too.

Spongebob: (carries Patrick & Twilight while started running)

Sonic: (hops on the sky-cycle) Okay...ahem...I was wondering if you...

Sally: (flys off with Sonic on her Sky-cycle) Knuckles went flying in another direction, okay? Never mind our past! Just drop it!

Spongebob: Ok then.

Sonic: Oh yeah...him! No, I was wondering if we had any chili dogs?

Sally: Oh...sorry.

Twilight Sparkle: That's ok.

Patrick: I love chili dogs

Spongebob: Speaking of Knuckles, I wonder what happened to him?

(Some time later...)

Knuckles: (gliding back to Angel Island, with a grin on his face, because he has one of the chaos emeralds in his possession) (In thought: Mission Accomplished!)

The End

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