This is the 36th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Avak & Crusher

Main Villains: Snively, Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton, Teridax & Goliath Prime

Story #1: Transcript

The Fall of Sun Jian (Part 1)

(We see the All Stars noticing Sally goes up to a sleeping Sonic)

Spongebob: Hi Sally, what brings you here?

Sally: I'm here to check on Sonic, that's all. (notices Sonic's chewing his own sneaker while he's sleeping) Sonic, wake up! You're chomping on your sneakers!

Pinkie Pie: Wakey wakey, Sonic!

Sonic: (wakes up) Huh?...Wha?...Oh! I was dreaming about Uncle Chuck again!

Eddy: Again? What do you mean again?

Meltdown: And why?

Sonic: I really miss the guy, Sal! It seems like yesterday that we were all happy and free Mobians...and Uncle Chuck was a normal Hedgehog!


Sonic: (eating chili dogs at Uncle Chuck's chili dog resturant) Yum! Thanks, Uncle Chuck!

Uncle Chuck: Anything for my favorite nephew!

Sonic: Then Robotnik started taking over the planet and turning folks into bots...

(Now we see Uncle Chuck is roboticized as Mecha Uncle Chuck)

Sonic: (notices Uncle Chuck is roboticized) No! No! It can't be!

Sally: We're too late to help him, Sonic!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: must surrender!

(End of Flashback)

Twilight Sparkle: Oh my goodness

Thunder: Surrender? What does that mean?

Sonic: I swore I'd find a way to save Uncle Chuck from being just another mindless slave, but I've punked out...big time!!!

Ed: Uh?

Sally: You'll get him back, Sonic...someday!

Astro: Sally's right, we can think of a way to free your Uncle Chuck.

Sonic: (sighs) I know Sally & Astro, but I still miss him...and his killer chili dogs!!

Courtner: Why would you miss him?

Heather: Is there a reason at all?

Sonic: The thing is he's probably helping Robotnik pln our destruction as we speak!

Spongebob: Speaking of Uncle Chuck, we have heard that Sun Jian is invading Robotropolis today, we need all the help with can get for preparing Wu's invasion of Robotropolis pretty soon.

(In Robotnik's Lair)

Plankton: (with Teridax & Goliath Prime) You all know the plan...

Teridax: Affirmative. (puts Mecha Uncle Chuck inside the repaired Transdimensional Transporter)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: The transdimensional transporter is repaired, Snively! We'll test it on the unit who was once Sonic's uncle!

Snively: But, Doctor Robotnik, the Uncle Chuck unit is our most efficent bot!...

Goliath Prime: (grabs Snively)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: IDIOT! If the test proves successful, we can bring him back!!!...and if it's not, I'll roboticize you, and you can take his place! Now get going!!

Plankton: We have the Wu Army to stop.

Snively: As you wish, Sir! Heh! Heh! You're both in charge! (puts on headphones) But how you got to be in charge is a mystery!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (turns to Snively with an angry look) What was that?!

Teridax: (aims his signature spear at Snively) What did you say to our masters?

Snively: (sweating nearvously) Uh...I'll go down in history!...I'll start the test, soon as I run a quick test on the power lines! (goes up to the control panels)

Goliath Prime: That's what we thought.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Imbecile! Why are you running a test of a test?!

Plankton: Are you hiding something? Whatever this is...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (he & Plankton makes it before Snively) We'll do it ourselves!! (pushes Snively aside)

Snively: But, sir, I don't think that's a good...

(But it was too late, Dr. Robotnik Prime has pressed the button, engulfing him and Uncle Chuck in electricity)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: GAAHHHH!!

Plankton: What's happeneing?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (got sucked inside the teleporter) NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO.....(disappears into the transporter, leaving Snively, Plankton, Teridax & Goliath Prime alone)

Plankton: What the heck just happened?! Anyone, report!

Teridax: Somehow this test of the new transporter must've have an unexpected side effect on Robotnik when he pressed the button

Goliath Prime: What a waste of a good invention.

Plankton: And it still needs more work.

Snively: (looking around) Doctor Robotnik?...where are you? Doctor Robotnik...(notices Dr. Robotnik in a giant moniter) EEEP!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (in the moniter) I'm here, Snively, in the void!

Plankton: The void? you know the same thing that we thought?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: It seems that there was a little accident, but that doesn't matter...since you can bring me back! DO IT NOW!

Plankton: Or else you will become a paperweight that Robotnik always want you to become if you fail him

Snively: Not so fast...ROBUTTNIK & PLANKTONIC!

Plankton: What did you call me?!

Snively: For years I've done your bidding, while you've treaded me like the toxic waste on your toothbrush! I've watched your feeble attempts to capture Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, knowing that I, Snively, could do better!

Plankton: What do you mean by that, traitor!

Snively: Well, now it's my turn! You can stay in that void forever, while I show you how to CRUSH a rebellion! Ta Ta! (about to leave)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You'll regret this, Snively! (notices Snively leaving) Snively! SNIVELY!

Plankton: Do not worry, I'll stop this traitor for you and make him the paperweight that you always wanted...(goes after Snively) Teridax, Goliath Prime, come with me!

Teridax & Goliath Prime: (follows Plankton)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (has his free will back, due to the bungled test with another, unseen, side effect...) Where am I? What's happened? SONIC?

Jack-1 Bot: (notices Mecha Uncle Chuck has his free will back) Free will detected, prepare for your free will's destruction...

Sun Jian: (arrives & slices a Jack-1 Bot in half with his signature "Lone Tiger" Sword) We're close... I can feel it.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Mr? Would you please take me to Sonic?

Sun Jian: You must be Sir Charles, who got roboticized by Robotnik, is that correct?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I believe so.

Sun Jian: And about Sonic? I'll take you to him right away.

The Fall of Sun Jian (Part 2)

(In Robotropolis...with the All Stars)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (panting heavily as they destroyed a batallion of Jack-1 Bots)

Spongebob: We manage to stop the Jack-1 Bots for now, but be careful it's only a batallion. We have to be ready for the main course that Plankton has assembled

Avak: Yeah, but Sonic's busy thinking about how to de-roboticize his Uncle Chuck.

Sonic: (at an abandon chilly dog stand, thinking) Oh, man! I just gotta find a way to get Uncle Chuck back! I just gotta!

Spongebob: Don't worry, we can think of something soon.

????: How bout a chili dog for favorite nephew?

Owen: (goes up the chilli dog stand) Did someone say "chilly dog"?

Sonic: Sure, I...

Justin: Uh, who said that?

Sonic: (turns to see ????, who is actually...) UNCLE CHUCK!

Crusher: What are you doing here?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Don't be afraid, Sonic! I know what I look like on the outside, but inside, I'm Uncle Chuck again!...and my new friend & I have something very important to tell you!

Beth: Friend?

Drilldozer: Who's your "friend"?

Sun Jian: (arrives behind the All Stars) That would be me

Spongebob: (notices Sun Jian) Sun Jian? What are you doing here?

Sun Jian: We'll tell you on the way. Let's head back & prepare for battle...

(Back at Knothole)

(The All Stars are having chilli dogs made by Mecha Uncle Chuck, while Rarity is eating delicately, bit by bit)

Rarity: (tasting a chilli dog) Mm, this chilli dog tasted devine.

Hakann: You said it ! (chomps on a chilli dog eating it) Mmm, yummy!

Sonic: (chomps on his chilli dog) I told you guys he's really Uncle Chuck! Who else could make chili dogs this good?! (chomps on his chilli dog again finishing it)

Spongebob: The Chilli dogs are delicious, but I wonder if we can make some delicious krabby patties?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: This is no time to be eating, Sonic! Robotnik is trapped in a void...another dimension of reality...and Snively has taken his place!

Sally: Snively?!!

Ed: Uh oh...

Sonic: What's he gonna do? Jab us with his needle nose?!

Vezok: Man, Snively's easy.

Rigby: Yeah, forget him, he's he?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Don't underestimate him, Sonic! The transdimensional transporter is like a new toy to Snively...and he's childish enough to use it!!

Mordecai: Aw what?

Kitty: He can't be that serious to use it.

Dudley: Well I'm stuck with the word "Needle Nose".

Sun Jian: That's not all, Plankton, Teridax & Goliath Prime are onto him like he is a traitor...

Sally: Let's hear what NICOLE has to say about this!

Duncan: Fine.

Sally: NICOLE, can you show us the most likely result of an attempt by Snively to take over Mobius?

NICOLE: With all factors considered, the most likely result would be...the complete and total destruction of the PLANET!

Pinkie Pie: (gasps)

Dudley: WHAT?! (screams very loud & then faints)

Squidward, Fluttershy & Rarity: (faints)

Congar: Now that's not good.

Sun Jian: With these chances of Snively's domination that high, there's no telling what he'll do in the future.

Antoine: !! (tries to run off, but Sonic grabs him by the coat)

Sonic: Ant, where are you going?

Reidak: Care to explain?

Antoine: To find out when zee next spaceship is leaving zee planet! I am allergic to zee total destruction!

Avak: (slaps Antoine) Snap out of it, Antoine! We have to do something about it, now!

Bunnie: Sounds like a no-win situation, Sugah!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: There's still a chance! Snively doesn't know I'm not like his other "units"...that makes me the perfect SPY!

Edd: Interesting...

(Soon...back at Robotnik's lair)

Plankton: This is too much...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (still in the moniter, spots Snively wearing Robotnik's uniform) How dare you wear the same uniform as me! Red's not even your color!

Snively: Quiet, you transdimensional twerp, and take a lock! (looks at the blueprints) Instead of trying to capture the Freedom Fighters, and imprison them in the void...I'm going to attach a smaller Transdimensional Transporter to a Bot Plane! It will swallow up a great sections of Mobius...and the Freedom Fighters, too! (evil laughter, but it was poorly) I must work on my fiendish laugh!

Plankton: (growls) Your doing what?!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Have you lost your microscopic mind, Snively? That device too powerful to turn loose on the planet! It could destroy everything!!

Goliath Prime: Not even us can control it!

Snively: You've become too chicken, Roclucknik! I'm not afraid to take big risks...

Teridax: Not even me, but you wouldn't dare, Snively!

Snively: Very well, big mouths. (holds up a memory scrambler) Take that! (fires at Teridax & Goliath Prime, erases their memories)

Goliath Prime: Who are you?

Teridax: I...can't remember

Plankton: What have you done to my officers?

Snively: Quiet you little twit (sends Plankton through a trap door)


Snively: As I was saying...that's why I'll succeed!


Snively: (turns to the source of the sound) Who's that?

Goliath Prime: I can't remember a thing...

Snively: (notices it was Mecha Uncle Chuck) Oh, it's you! Where have you been? I've got a job for you! Instruct all units to construct this plane according to my design!...(gives the blueprints to Mecha Uncle Chuck)...and I want it done quickly, understand?!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: As you command, Master! (in thought:...and then I've got to contact Sonic! This is way past serious!)

Teridax: Yes master.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (in thought: Master? They must've lost their memories due to a memory scrambler. I gotta the All Stars about this as well.)

(Later...outside the Plane Factory)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (with Teridax & Goliath Prime)

Sonic & the All Stars: (arrives)

Sonic: Hey, Unc! I hate to eat and run...but with your chili dogs I'll make an exception!

(they all notice Teridax & Goliath Prime)

Spongebob: Teridax & Goliath Prime?!

Crusher: What are they doing here?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: 1. Snively wiped the memories off of Teridax & Goliath Prime with a memory scrambler & 2. Snively has all units working at top speed, Sonic! You've got to stop that Bot Plane from taking off...while I tend to another important matter! Good luck, must not fail!!

Plankton: (appears behind them) Yes, you must not fail indeed.

Avak: Plankton! Now what?

Rainbow Dash: This day just keeps getting better & better.

Ed: Plankton bad for Ed!

Plankton: I'm not here to fight, I assure you. I am here to help you. After what Snively did to my 2 officers, I plan to get my revenge on him.

Spongebob: How do we know if we can trust you?

Plankton: Because I'm about to save Robotnik from Snively's wrath as well.

Rarity: What the...huh?!

Plankton: So the question that still remains is: "Will you help me"?

(They all thought about it & then Spongebob sighed in defeat)

Spongebob: Alright, we'll help you.

Twilight Sparkle: But first...(uses her magic to bring back Teridax's & Goliath Prime's memories)...we need all the help we can get.

Sun Jian: Agreed, let's prepare for invasion. I'll contact Sun Ce & Huang Gai.

Sonic: (nods & then runs inside the plane factory)

Pinkie Pie: And remember your Pinkie Promise...(does her Pinkie Promise) "Cross my heart & hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!" Do you promise?

Plankton: I promise...(does the Pinkie Promise) Cross my heart & hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!

Pinkie Pie: Good...

Spongebob: Now then, let's get to work on stopping Snively!

The Fall of Sun Jian (Part 3)

(As the All Star Freedom Fighters & Sun Jian begins for invasion, Sun Ce & Huang Gai arrives with the Wu Forces)

Spongebob: Hello

Sun Jian: This is Sun Ce, my son.

Sun Ce: Greetings...Father. Let me have the forefront.

Sun Jian: Hmmm. It would be your first battle with the All Stars. I shall expect good things! (to the All Stars & Huang Gai) Take care of him

Avak: We'll try our best

(The All Stars begins to venture through Robotropolis avoiding Swatbots' laser fire)

Crusher: (crushing the Swatbots with his giant hammer) Let's go, we'll stop the Bot Plane once we find something to fly with.

Edd: What's your plan?

Sun Jian: All units, attack the castle! My unit will approach the castle from the rear.

Spongebob: Alright, let's go!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters, plus Plankton, Teridax, Goliath Prime, Sun Ce & Huang Gai then proceeds to the Plane factory, taking down the Swatbots that are in control of Snively, while Sun Jian & his Wu Forces are attacking the Swatbots from behind the factory)

Astro: We're nearly there, come on, let's go!

Spongebob: Ok then, everyone except the flyers head inside!

(Moments later)

(Mecha Uncle Chuck & the All Stars, except HF Rotor, Jetbug, Waspix, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Astro, Preytor, Swarm & Ninjini [who started flying towards Snively], heads inside a Swatbot plane with ??? & flys towards the Bot Plane)

Preytor: Snively, we're coming for you!

Sun Jian: Good luck. (goes inside the base)

Sun Ce & Huang Gai: (follows Sun Jian)

Sun Ce: Hmm, something's not right here.

Plankton: Are they gone? Did they get the Pinkie Promise...?

Teridax & Goliath Prime: Yes

Plankton: Then they fell for it...

(A Batallion of Jack-4 Bots ambushes the Wu-Forces)

Plankton: (heads inside the Bot Plane that Snively is driving in & Sonic is inside the void being trapped inside) Now for some unfinished business...

(With Snively)

Snively: Sonic the Hedgehog...I've done in one day what Robotnik failed to do in his entire career...take you out of commission permanently!! This monitor allows me to communicate with you while you're trapped in the void! I assume you're impressed with me now, Hedgehog!

Sonic: (In the moniter) Yeah, I'm impressed Sniv-nose! You're even more of a sicko than Robotnik!

Snively: So, I'm a 'sicko,' am I? Prehaps you'd like a demonstration of my power! Observe the forest you see it...(fires the transdimensional device, wiping out a great amount of terrain)...and now you DON'T!!

All Star Freedom Fighters: Whoa!

Harold: Hurry! We don't have much time!

(In the Bot Plane)

Plankton: (heading up towards Snively from behind)

Sonic: You demented dork! You're gonna wipe out the entire planet!!

Snively: Perhaps! But I expect your fellow rebels to surrender before that becomes necessary!

Sonic: The Freedom Fighters will never surrender, Snivvler!!

Plankton: (now behind Snively)

Snively: I don't see how they can a-VOID it!! Eeyahahahaha!!

Plankton: (punches Snively in the face)

Snively: Ow!

Sonic: Plankton?!

Snively: Plankton?! O.O

Plankton: That's me & like I promised to Robotnik, revenge is mine!


(As they fightm a blast shakes the plane)

Snively: (looks back to see a SWATbot plane pursuing and firing at him) A...a bot plane firing on me! But that's impossible...unless it's a trick of those wretched Freedom Fighters!!

(The plane is being piloted by Mecha Uncle Chuck & the All Stars, except HF Rotor, Jetbug, Waspix, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Astro, Preytor, Swarm & Ninjini, under command of an unknown being)

HF Rotor: (fires his Biohazard Gas Shooter & his Meteor Blaster at the Bot Plane) Gotcha!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I missed!

???: Try again!

Ninjini: The Bot Plane has Sonic inside...

Twilight Sparkle: Any luck?

Avak: Unfortunately no.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I can't stop Snively from using the transporter, but I can minimize the damage he can do!

???: Correct!...if you can knock out his back tbrusters and force him to land!

Rainbow Dash: Let's do it & herd like Applejack!

Applejack: Now, let's do this!

Spongebob: Together!

(The All Stars begins to attack the Bot Plane at the back thrusters, trying to weaken the back thrusters, while Spongebob & Avak hops inside the Bot Plane)

Avak: Sorry Crusher, not enough room!

Plankton: Now stand down Snively for I have defeated you in hand to hand combat

Snively: (got attacked by Plankton) The fools...I know what they're up to, it won't work! I'm an excellent your friends are about to find out...when I turn my ship around and VOID them!

Plankton: He's not giving up yet, Sonic!

Sonic: I gotta slow the Sniveler down, if only for a second...but how?! My speed won't help me in this void, but I can still THINK FAST!! But I'm too tense to think!!...gotta...chill...

Avak: Chili? Wait a minute, that's it!

Sonic: Chili?!

Spongebob: We know what else is chili & that's...


Plankton: Huh?

Spongebob: This is our only chance, Sonic. You need to chomp down those chili dogs to suprize Snively!

Plankton: Wait, what? How can that work?

Spongebob: There's no time to explain!

Avak: Chew! Chew like you mean it!

Sonic: (grabs two chili dogs from his backpack) Two dogs at once should do the job! Here goes...(chomps on the chili dogs very loudly, shocking Snively)

Snively: WHAT'S THAT?

Crusher: Look, Snively's distracted!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Snively's slowed down! Now's our chance...(presses the button, firing a laser at Snively's back thrusters, causing the Bot Plane to stop in mid-air) Got Im!!

Snively: !!

Rainbow Dash: Yes! (hi-fived her hoof with Fluttershy's)

Fluttershy: Ouch.

Avak: Nice! We got Snively on the ropes!

Snively: They knocked out my thrusters so I can't go forward...I can only hover!

Sonic: Face it, Sniv-nose! It's all 'hover' for you!

(The rest of the All Stars then enters inside the Bot Plane)

Astro: Now that we've stopped your bot plane, it's time for you to land this plane & leave...

Spongebob: Now surrender Snively!

Rigby: Or else we'll put the hurt on you!

Mordecai: Litterally!

Snively: FOOLS! I said I'm not afraid to take big risks, and now I'll PROVE it!!

Corroder: And how are you gonna do that?

Snively: I'm going to blow up this plane and the Transdimensional Transporter! When I do, everything within a hundred mile radius...including the Freedom Fighters...will be sent into the VOID!!

Meltdown: What?!

Hakann: That's low, even for you...

Plankton: Even I can't be lower than that...

Timon: Not yet anyway.

Pumbaa: But seriously, that is a bad example...

Spongebob: Wanna know why?

Sonic: For a bulbhead, you're pretty dim!! You'll be sent into the Void too!!

Edd: That is exactly our point because Snively is somewhere below the mile radius of 100 & because of that Snively will be trapped as well...

Snively: Guess again, miserable hedgehog & all stars...(points to the belt device he's wearing) This device I'm wearing will ensure me a return trip...while you spend eternity with Doctor Robotnik!! Haw! Haw! Haw! And now to...

Plankton: Not so fast! We have a visitor that has helped us & here he is! (points upwards)

Snively: (looks upwards to see someone crashes through the roof of the bot plane, landing on Snively revealing to be...) OH NO!...


Sonic & Spongebob: Robotnik!!

Plankton: He's baaaaack!

Snively: ....But...but how did you escape from the VOID? Ouch!

Avak: Let Robotnik explain...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: The Uncle Chuck Unit regained his free will and he, the All Stars, Plankton, Teridax, Goliath Prime & the Forces of Wu set me free! They knew it was the only way to save Uncle Chuck's beloved Mobius! I was in the Bot Plane and saw what you were about to I decided to drop in!!

Pinkie Pie: By using the trap door installed in the SWATbot Plane

Dr. Robotnik Prime: But in exchange for my freedom, I had to promise not to harm the Freedom Fighters or YOU Snively! And this time I'm going to KEEP my WORD...(gets very close to Snively) that we can spend many, many happy years together...while I make your life MISERABLE!!

Plankton: And it's time for the little paperweight that Robotnik always wanted...

Snively: (gulps)

Ed: I wonder what is he gonna say next?

Eddy: Well, I wonder...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I do have one little request for you, Snively! Something I'd like you to do right now...if you don't mind...

Plankton: Your day will begin by...

Avak: 3...2...1...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (yells angrily) Take off that uniform! How DARE you dress like ME?! Take it OFF!!


Snively: (now scared as he begins taking off Robotnik's uniform that Snively's wearing) Y-y-yes...sir! Right away, sir!! you, sir!!

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: (starts chasing Snively)

Spongebob: Looks like they're chasing each other like they're enemies...

Sonic: Y'know, even if you don't like these two, you gotta admit...they make a perfect couple!...a couple of evil dorks, that is!

Red Bird: You said it...

Snively: Th...the boots stuck, sir!!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I'll give you a boot, you imbecile!!

Plankton: By de-licing the robot chickens, and shake the dew of the robotic trees, and brush the hair of the back of my back!

Ed: Dictators sure are bossy...

Avak: You said it...

Duncan: You can say that again, but don't.

Spongebob: Now to get to Wu, we'll be right back!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters goes outside & meets only Sun Ce & Huang Gai standing in front of the roboticizer, which is already activated, roboticizing someone by Teridax & Goliath Prime)

Sun Ce: (trying to break someone free from the Roboticizer) Father!

Twilight Sparkle: What's going on?

Huang Gai: It's Plankton, he told Teridax & Goliath Prime to ambush us & they are roboticizing Sun Jian!

Spongebob: (gasps)

Pinkie Pie: (gasps & then becomes enraged) NOPONY BREAKS A PINKIE PROMISE!

Applejack: (sighs) I know how I feel...

Teridax: Your too late All Stars! Sun Jian is ours now...

Goliath Prime: And he is now...Mecha Sun Jian!

Mecha Sun Jian: (emerges from the roboticizer as a roboticized Sun Jian) All Stars, priority one!

Sun Ce: Fight it, father! Fight it!

Bouncer: Sun Ce, it's time to go! We can deroboticize him later! Come on!

Pinkie Pie: (lightly distorted) BUT PLANKTON PINKIE PROMISE!

Spongebob: (got scared) Aah!

Rigby: Sheesh!

Mordecai: Ok, ok!

Avak: Alright! You can get your revenge on Plankton later, the next time we see him, ok?

Pinkie Pie: (sighs) Okie dokie lokie...

(The All Stars, Sun Ce & Huang Gai makes their escape)

Pinkie Pie: (turns to Teridax & Goliath Prime, warning them that she's keeping an eye on the Plankton Empire)

Sun Ce: Darn Plankton! You shall pay for my Father's Roboticization!

Mecha Sun Jian: All Stars, Priority 1!

(Days Knothole)

Sonic: Welcome home, Unc! Don't worry, we'll change you back to your old self soon!

Spongebob: And don't worry Sun Ce, we will rescue your father & change him back into his old self once again...

Sun Ce: Thank you Spongebob...

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (cooking chili dogs) I only want to change one thing, Sonic...this apron! You've had enough chili dogs today!

Twilight Sparkle: And as for Sun Ce, we will find a way to change Sun Jian back to his normal self, we will know the time...

Zaktan: For now on, your officially the new leader of the forces of Wu...

Sun Ce: Thank you...I promise to rescue my father, no matter how long it takes...

Spongebob: Don't worry, Sun Jian, we will rescue you one day...ony day...

(In Plankton's Lair)

Plankton: Well...?

Teridax: Only Sun Jian, the leader of Wu is roboticized...

Goliath Prime: Mecha Sun Jian now serves with us.

Mecha Sun Jian: Your wish is my command, your worship...

Plankton: Excellent, with the new Roboticized Sun Jian, known as Mecha Sun Jian, we will soon have a common enemy & a common goal. Prepare the Master Jack-X infomation & plans, cause this time, there's no escape from Plankton!

The End