This is the 33rd Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Owen & Crusher

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton & the Serpentine

Story #1: Transcript

Saturday Night Fight (Part 1)

(The All Stars begins attacking the Serpentine while Sonic begins to wake up)

Sally: (in thought: This looks real bad! I better think fast...) Sonic! We're glad you made it back! But you don't look so well! Is anything wrong?

Owen: I'm sorry about that. I thought you we're an intruder.

Sonic: Absolutely nothing! ...nothing that some slam-jammin' can't fix, that is! (rushes at full speed and rams into STH Rotor & Owen, sending him flying into one of his computer consoles)

Spongebob: What the...?!

Sonic: Just let doctor Sonic take care of you now! (runs around STH Rotor & Owen, hitting them both with a flurry of punches) I'll see to it you have plenty of bruises and aching bones...and maybe a few broken ones, too!

Owen: Ow! That hurt! I'm hurt now! (falls on his belly)


Crusher: Guess that bump that Owen made on Sonic's head is not hard enough to get the normal Sonic back.

Zaktan: Oh yeah?! (punches Sonic)

Skales: Now that Sonic's with us, for now you'll do OUR bidding (tries to hypnotise Meltdown)

Meltdown: (closes his eye) Must not look! (whips Skales with his green whip) Gotcha!

Skales: Ow!

Sonic: (goes behind Sally & grabs her by the neck, intending to break it) Hold still, Princess! This won't hurt...much!

Twilight Sparkle: Watch out Sally! Sonic's behind you!

Sally: (to Sonic) No thanks! (grabs Sonic's arm, getting a good grip) Besides...(then throws him away)...I prefer to give rather than receive! Thanks for warning me Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: You are quite welcome.

Reidak: Those Serpentine are really giving us a pain in the behind.

Harold: We have to keep going & knock some sence back into Sonic.

Owen: Before he get us!

(Outside the Lab)

Tails & Bunnie: (hears some crashing noises)

Tails: Oh my gosh, Bunnie! That sounds like someone's taking a sledgehammer to the war room!

Bunnie: Ah declah, sugar Tails, we better not spare th' horses!

Tails & Bunnie: (goes inside the Lab & noticed Sonic is fighting against Sally & the All Stars)

Owen: Help!

Crusher: Hold on Owen, we're coming! (helps Owen get up) We gotcha.

Tails: Sonic and Sally fighting? What's going on?!!

Bunnie: They sure aren't whisperin' sweet nothin's, darlin'! From th' look' a sure is mean out there!

Sally: (kicks Sonic's chin)

Mordecai: (punches Sonic at the back of the head) Bunnie, Tails! We need some help here.

Ed, Edd & Eddy: Sonic's gone mad!

Hakann: And the Serpentine are back!

Skalidor: (wraps his tail around Timon, Pumbaa & Rigby) Always wanted to make you three my main SQUEEZE!

Rigby: (choking) Mordecai, help!

Mordecai: RIGBY!

Reidak: Let him go! (punches Skalidor, making him let go of Timon, Pumbaa & Rigby)

Timon: That snake's crazy!

Bunnie: Hang on, Princess & All Stars! The cavalry is comin' to the rescue! (grabs Sonic's arm) Time to get a grip on y'self, handsome! Or better still...(pulls Sonic down to the ground)...let Bunnie give you her special T-L-C treatment!

Sonic: T-L-C?

Spongebob: TLC?

Bunnie: Yeah! (wraps her robotic legs around Sonic & squeezes him really hard) Tight leg crush!

Owen: I thought it was either Tender Love & Care or Tables, Ladders & Chairs. Oh well...

Zaktan: Or better yet...(holds up a fold up table) Tables...(smashes Acidicus with a fold up table)

Reidak: (holds up a ladder) Ladders...(hits Fangtom with a Ladder)

Vezok: (holds up a black fold up steel chair) And chairs! (hits Skales with a black fold up steel chair)

Pythor: Oh dear. Serpentine, we need back up!

(An army of Hypnobrai, Fangpyre, Constrictai & Venomari arrives)

Spongebob: Let's go! (spindashing at the Serpentine)

Tails: Say it ain't so, Sonic!

Sonic: Leggo...ugh...of me...

Tails & Sally: (grabs one of Sonic's arms each with Tails grabs Sonic's right arm & Sally grams Sonic's left arm)

Zaktan, Reidak & Vezok: (grabs Skalidor)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (grabs Skales)

Robo-47 & Ultra-V: (grabs Fangtom)

Astro & Bouncer: (grabs Acidicus)

Eddy: We got'em!

Sally: You have no idea how much this hurts me more than you, my friend!

Sonic: ...before I...(spins and sends Sally, Bunnie & Tails flying back)...really get mad!

Skales: (spins & sends Ed, Edd & Eddy flying back)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: Ya ah! Ya ah!

Fangtom: (spins & sends Robo-47 & Ultra-V flying back)

Robo-47 & Ultra-V: Damage minimal

Skalidor: (spins & sends Zaktan, Reidak & Vezok flying back)

Zaktan: Ow!

Acidicus: (spins & sends Astro & Bouncer flying back)

Astro: Gah!

Tails: (in mid-air) Tails, don't fail me now! Have to rev up to go from a dive...(gets his tails working and tries to fly away) a power pull-up!

Sonic: You may be great shakes matching moves with other skyriders...(jumps up)...but for someone named "Tails"...

Applejack: Tails, watch out!

Spongebob: Behind you!

Sonic: (spindashes at Tails, knocking him out) sure don't know how to cover yourr flanks! (notices the Knothole Freedom Fighters are knocked out) So much for you losers! (to All Star Freedom Fighters) Your next. (Ezekiel makes a run for it)

Eddy: (gets scared) What do you say we break for lunch? (he, Ed & Edd makes a run for it, followed by the rest of the All Stars minus Spongebob)

Spongebob: What about the Knothole Freedom Fighters?

Owen: Spongebob, come on! (carries Spongebob & makes a run for it)

Squidward: Oh boy.

Harold: Run!

Avak: Oh bother!

Sonic: (chases after the All Stars)

Hot Head: Ezekiel, take one for the team!

Eva: Go! (throws Ezekiel at Sonic)

Ezekiel: (crashes into Sonic) Ow! (dazed) Oh joy.

Togera: (runs by) Thanks Ezekiel !

Ezekiel: Uh huh.

Duncan: (runs by) Yeah thanks.

Ezekiel: Anytime.

Patrick: (runs by) Thank you!

Ezekiel: Your welcome. (notices that Sonic & the Serpentine are smirking evily at him) Aw man.

Spongebob: (as the All Stars [minus Ezekiel] making a run for it) Quick! Let's make a bee line to Antoine!

Ezekiel: Wait for MEEEEEEEE!!! (runs after the All Stars, trying to catch up)

Saturday Night Fight (Part 2)

(In Robotnik's Lair)

Plankton: Impressive.

Snively: (watches the moniter with Robotnik Prime & Plankton, seeing that Sonic is following the All Stars, winning the battle) Well, sir, it looks like Sonic the Hedgehog has succeeded where you couldn' mean, where you haven't

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Cease your witless cackling, Snively, you dolt! Sonic may have won my battle for me, but he hasn't finished the job! We sent him to Knothole Village so we could discover it's location and destroy it! With his current state of memory loss...he was a more than willing puppet, ready to heed my every command!

Plankton: He's right, the All Stars needs to be stopped also, they must've regroup together. Sonic has those All Stars on the run...for now.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Since he is incapable of any serious independent thought...we need the location coordinates of the village to send in the demolition tractors! Unfortunately...the Freedom Fighters have a low-level jammer of some type preventing me from homing in on the signal from the transmitter I secretly place on the Hedgehog!

Plankton: And don't worry, if all else fails, the Serpentine will stop them personally.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: All we can do now is wait...and track his path of return to us!

(Suddendly the Moniter lost the signal once again)

Plankton: Not again.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: WHAT?! We lost the signal! Boost the reception, Snively!! NOW!!

Snively: (in thought: Just once...I wish he'd say 'please'!)

(In STH Rotor's lab, the lights we're completly off)

Skales: Hey! You turned off the lights!

Sonic: The lights! Alright, whoever you are! You want to make this easy or hard?

Fangtom: And whoever's there, the Fangpyre's bite can turn anyone & anything into a snake!

Pythor: Come out, come out, wherever you are!

(They spotted a bunch of Freedom Fighters, led by Antoine & the All Star Freedom Fighters, led by Spongebob appears one by one, creeping up to Sonic & the Serpentine)

Spongebob: It's over, Serpentine! We gotcha now!

Antoine: (with Hamlin, Dylan, Penelope & Arlo) Stay still mes amis...whatever else he may be...Sonic ees no match for ze hunting prowing of Antoine! Watch and learn from ze master!

Zaktan: Alright Sonic & Serpentine, your coming with us!

Antoine: Everyone...subdue the enemy!!

((They quickly pounce toward Sonic & the Serpentine Generals and get into a scuffle, but, despite the effort, they don't catch Sonic & Pythor)

Owen: We got them!

Skales: Let me go!

Crusher: Not a chance.

Fangtom: Oh great!

Agamo: Where are Sonic & Pythor?

Antoine: Ze fiend ees gone!

Xplode: And so is Sonic!

Antoine: Whaird he go?!!

Applejack: And where's Pythor?

Sonic: (leaning on a computer machine) Oh Antoine...

Pythor: (appears next to Sonic) You have forgotten my Invisibility.

(They all noticed Sonic & Pythor)

Sonic: Miss me?

Owen: How did you...?

Sonic: We may not be able to see, but I can still move faster than you! And now that I know it's you...

Hamlin: (suddendly grabs Sonic's arm) Well, he ain't the only one here, pal !

Thumpback: You still have the All Stars, Antoine & the Freedom Fighter Recruits to deal with

Sonic: Maybe not in numbers, "pal"...(easily tosses Hamlin aside)...but that'll be the day some rookie gets the drop on the ol' hedgehog!

Spongebob: Fight!


Crusher: (catches Hamlin) Gotcha!

Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: (breaks free)

Harold: What the...?! Gosh!

Sonic: I'm surprised at you, Twan! Sending others to fight your battles!

Skales: Now it's our turn!

Antoine: Mon dieu! No one accuses Antoine of being ze coward! (pulls out his signature sword) En garde, you witless knave! (starts slashing at Sonic, but he dodges the slashes)

Sonic: Your sword swishing is quite revealing! Why don't you shout your position while you're at it? (punches Antoine in the head)

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (starts attacking the Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus)

Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: (suddendly trips the Piraka with their long snake tails)

Zaktan: Hey!

Fangtom: (tries to bite at Ed, Edd & Eddy, but the 3 dodges the bites)

Ed: Aaah! Bad Snake!

Arlo: (jumps at Sonic) Hold on, sir! He won't get by me! (tackles at Sonic)

Penelope: Arlo!

Sonic: I'll say this for you, kid...(throws Arlo aside at Penelope) have more courage than sense!

Owen: Watch out Penelope!

Arlo: Whaaaaaa...?!!

Sonic: From the sound of it, that should be everyone!

Rainbow Dash: You've forgotten the All Stars. (bucks at Skalidor) Take that. Applejack, it's your turn.

Skalidor: Ow!

Applejack: Watch & learn, cowpokes! (bucks at Skalidor)

Skalidor: (got blown away by Applejack's attack, which is stronger) Ow! How did you able to have a stronger attack?

Applejack: Years of applebucking. (bucks at Skalidor again, knocking him out)

Acidicus: (is about to spit Venomari venom, but got hit by Crusher) Gah!

Crusher: Not this time!

Sonic: Now to find the lights and...

Spongebob: (goes in front of Sonic) Not so fast! The All Stars are not alone. NOW!

Dylan: (suddendly throws himself into Sonic, knocking the hedgehog out)

Eddy: Way to go Dylan! This'll knock him back into his sences for sure.

Dylan: As Princess Sally used to say...the best attack is always the least expected!

Pythor: (notices Sonic is knocked out) Oh dear. (hisses as the All Stars begins to get closer to him, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus)

Tree Rex: Go ahead, fight us like men!

Skales: Retreat!

Pythor: Serpentine, take care of those All Stars for me. While I take control of this Mission for you, our master Plankton & Robotnik Prime. (dissapears)

Acidicus: Wait! What about...! (notices the All Stars) Oooh.

Spongebob: Get'em!

(The All Stars then attacks Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus & ties them up with a piece of rope)

Crusher: That'll keep you all tight until we return.

Owen: Guess that solves both of our problems.

Spongebob: Now to fix Sonic's memory.

(As the All Stars carries Sonic into the Medical Room, Pythor reappears)

Skales: Pythor?! I thought you left us!

Pythor: False infomation, in other words: "I lied" (unties Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus)

Fangtom: Now that's very sneaky & evil.

Skalidor: I like it.

Pythor: And now, the All Stars will face the Sepentine soon enough. Let us go. It's time for our payback (evil laughter as he, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus escapes the underground base of Knothole Village)

Saturday Night Fright (Part 3)

(In the Medical Room)

(We see the All Stars are checking Sonic with STH Rotor checking some x-rays and Sally sitting at the end of the bed.

Sonic: (is in bed, waking up)

Patrick: Look, he's waking up.

Spongebob: Hi Sonic.

Sally: How do you feel, Sonic the Hedgehog? Do you remember anything that's happened?

Sonic: (rubs his head in pain) Oooow, that's some bump on my noggin! Feels like I've been kicked by a Swatbot!

Owen: Sonic's back to normal. Whoo hoo!

Sally: Yes! We thought you were a goner when the Knothole Village secret access tunnel was destroyed!

Duncan: And we thought the Serpentine are gone, but we've proven wrong.

Sonic: But to answer your's all a blue blur to me!

Spongebob: Me too, until the All Stars fixed me with an Ice Pack.

Crusher: Now that your both back, how did Sonic & Spongebob get knocked out?

STH Rotor: (looking an x-ray picture of Sonic) I think I may have found something, All Stars & Princess! And here's the little critter...right where the x-ray charts mark the spot!

Cody: I guess they meant for something behind Sonic's ear & not me. Oh well.

Sally: What is it, Rotor?

Noah: And what's that behind Sonic's ear?

STH Rotor: (takes out a pair of the tweezers and removes Robotnik's micro-transmitter hidden behind one of Sonic's ear)

Sonic: Ooow!

Astro: Let me see (scans the micro-transmitter) It's a micro-transmitter. That thing must've triggered the alarms in Knothole.

STH Rotor: Astro's right. It's a little doo-hickey the good doctor must have placed on Sonic without him knowing! There's no telling how much information he may have obtained through this!

Crusher: And when there's the Serpentine, there's always Plankton & Robotnik.

Sonic: Well, that settles that then!

Spongebob: Let's go.

Sally: What settles what?

Twilight Sparkle: Go where?

Sally: Sonic & Spongebob, where do you think you're going?

Spongebob: Back to Robotnik's machines & the Serpentine!

Ezekiel: Aw what?!

Rigby: Why?

Sonic: (snatches the micro-transmitter from STH Rotor) To make amends, Sal! Even though I was clueless due to some accident...I've placed everyone in grave danger! (zooms off outside)...and a Hedgehog's gotta do what a hedgehog's gotta do!

Sally: Rotor...we can't just let him

Mordecai: Come on All Stars, let's go follow him.

Spongebob: And Sally? We're going to save the day! That's what Freedom Fighters do for each other!

All Star Freedom Fighters: (follows Sonic)

(In Robotnik's Lair)

Plankton: What is taking Sonic & the Serpentine so long? They're late

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Well, Snively, it's obvious we're not going to learn anything more from our bug! We may as well send in the demolition tractors and hope they aren't off the mark by much!

Plankton: Very well...on my command! Ready, aim...!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (notices something in the moniter) Hold it! Can it be...?!

(In the moniter, we see Sonic & the All Star Freedom Fighters pops out of the Knothole tree stump entrance, in view of the demolition tractors)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: It is! It's that blasted hedgehog! And he's coming out of the tree stump entrance!

Plankton: And it's the All Star Freedom Fighters & they're not to far behind.

Snively: Doctor Robotnik...I'm receiving telemetry readings from the transmitter! It must still be on him!

Plankton: And the Serpentine has escaped & preparing their Serpentine Army.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Well, well, well! (notices Sonic, Spongebob Owen & Crusher heads back inside the tree trunk entrace) He's going back in, Snively! Lock on and have the tractors & the Serpentine track him from above ground! It looks like we'll get what we came for yet!

Plankton: Very well (turns on walkie talkie) Serpentine, launch the attack!

(Back with the Heroes)

Sonic: Here's hoping ol' robo-butt swallowed the bait !

Spongebob: Now it's time for phase two.

(The All Star Freedom Fighters begins to fight against the Serpentine)

Twilight Sparkle: What is the status report?

Tails: (flying by, by using 2 tails as propellers, wearing a headset) Robotnik must tracking Sonic via the transmitter he retrieved from Rotor, Princess Sally! The tractors are following Sonic...and they're moving awfully fast!

Eddy: And don't worry about us. We will take care of the Serpentine for you

(In one of the tunnels)

(Spongebob, Owen & Crusher comes back to Sally)

Sally: (with the beavers as diggers) I read you, Tails! We're just about ready at our end!

Owen: Yes ma'am.

Sonic: (arrives) Hey! I thought this was my show!

Sally: Wouldn't you rather get through this with a little help from your friends?

Spongebob: And besides we can all work together as a team

Sonic: When you put it that can I argue? Now, if everything works true to form...ole Ivo will be reaching a dead end instead of Knothole Village!

Zaktan: (in communicator) Good because we gonna need all the help we can get.

Duncan: (in communicator) And fast!

Spongebob: Don't worry, we're on our way! (goes to the All Star Freedom Fighters with Owen & Crusher to help them stop the Serpentine)

(With the Villains)

Plankton: They're over the target. And the Serpentine are taking on the All Stars, distracting them.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Begin countdown, Snively! The tractors are just about over the target!

Snively: (activates the countdown) The fuse is activated, sir! We'll have detonation in

Plankton: (notices the tractors are heading towards the cliff) Huh?

(Back with the Heroes)

Sonic: Everybody dive for cover! (he, Sally & STH Rotor ducks for cover)

Pythor: (fighting against Spongebob) Any last words?

Spongebob: Yeah, "If you can't handle the heat, get out of the village!"

Skales: Huh?

Owen: Or better yet...! (points to the cliff) Off the cliff!

Pythor: No! Stop the tractors!

(The Serpentine tries, but they can't stop the tractors)

(Back with the Villains)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Wait...they're going over a cliff! I'll stop the count...(the tractors fell off the cliff & the tractors explode)

Plankton: Too late.

(Back with the Heroes)

Crusher: Now it's our turn.

Fangtom: Not for long

Pythor: (growls) Fall back! We will regroup later! You haven't seen the last of the Serpentine! (leaves with Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor, Acidicus & the Serpentine)

Skales: We're retreating now?!

Pythor: The plan's blown & besides, we can't take on all of the All Star Freedom Fighters without any stradegy.

(The Serpentine [minus Pythor] retreats back to Robotropolis)

Crusher: That'll take care of the Serpentine for a while.

Owen: Yeah, that was epic.

Spongebob: Let's go regroup with the others.

Zaktan: Alright then (grabs Pythor) Your coming with us!

Tyler: Ok.

(The All Star Freedom Fighters regroups with Sonic, Sally & STH Rotor)

Drilldozer: Is everyone alright?

Sonic: If we're really lucky...Robotnik will believe we led him down a decoy tunnel !

Pythor: WHAT?! A DECOY?!

Black Bird: A Decoy tunnel?

Yellow Bird: But why?

Sanford: I believe that Sally has the info for that against Plankton & Robotnik Prime.

Sally: He'll never know you we're originally in the real tunnel that leads to Knothole!

Red Bird: You see, Sally made a Decoy deversion so we can throw you & the Serpentine off track...

Rainbow Dash: Which give us the perfect opening to counter attack. (hi fives Fluttershy)

Fluttershy: Ouch.

Pythor: YOU?! (sighs) Well played All Stars. But next time, we will find the real tunnel of Knothole, without fail. (dissapears by using his Invisibility)

Owen: Where is he going?

Crusher: Back to Robotropolis, it's too dangerous to go after him. Maybe one day Pythor will learn his lesson.

Spongebob: Now, back to the problem from before...

Dudley: But what about the tunnel? It's totaled!

Sonic: We'll begin rebuilding a new tunnel...but first I need to apologize for my actions!

Sally: You weren't quite yourself, Sonic! I know how you feel after our sparring exercises!

Ninjini: And besides, you've put us in peak pysical condition.

Patrick: And my legs are all muscly

Congar: (sighs as he facepalms) Oh brother...

(Back with the Villains)

Plankton: (notices the Serpentine enters) You have failed me!

Skales: We're ssorry, sssir. We have to regroup for later!

Pythor: And I know our defeat sounded pointless but this proves that Knothole is somewhere near the Great Forest.

Plankton: The Great forest eh? (chuckles) I knew I could count on you to do the job! For now you need rest.

Fangtom: Yes, master Plankton.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Well Snively...even with memory loss, that Hedgehog has done it again...he's led me on another wild goose chase!

Snively: Think of it this way, sir...if he gets his memory back, maybe he won't remember making a goose out of you!

Skalidor: (sarcastic) Very funny (laughs sarcasticly) Ah Ha ha ha

The End