This is the 32nd Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Duncan & Zaktan

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton & the Serpentine

Story #1: Transcript

A Scrambled Sponge, the Return of the Serpentine Snakes (Part 1)

(Late at night, deep in the heart of Robotropolis, two unknown dog rebels named Sleuth & Kicks-a-lot who are, disguised as SWATbots, walk up to a wall of one of Robotnik's factories, followed by 2 of the Worm Troopers from "Team 17's Worms", who are not too far behind)

Worm Trooper #1: All clear.

Kicks-a-lot: You sure it's safe, Sleuth Dawggy-Dawg?

Sleuth: Long enough for us to send word, kicks-a-lot! (starts spraypainting a secret code onto the wall)

Worm Trooper #2: No Jack-1 Bot sightings here. We're safe.

Kicks-a-lot: Amazing Robotnik hasn't caught on to our code!

Sleuth: Yep! Just thinks Vandals are messing up his city! (completes the code, & sprays again, but this time with a 'Sonic loves Sally' message to create the illusion of vandalism)

Worm Trooper #1: (chuckles)

Kicks-a-lot: Wait a minute! What are you doing? You already spray-painted the message!

Sleuth: Well, I didn't want Ol' Ivo & his partner Ol' Planko to think we were anything but vandals!

Worm Trooper #2: Good point there.

Kicks-a-lot: Good thinking, Sleuth! (The 2 Rebel Dogs put their SWATbot disguises back on and head out)

Worm Trooper #1: Hey! Wait for us! (the 2 Worm Troopers slithers after the 2 Rebel Dogs)

(Not long afterward...)

(We see Sonic, Spongebob running, carrying Zaktan & Duncan through Robotropolis on an errand to find secret messages from other rebel undergrounds)

Sonic & Spongebob: (notices the code & stops)

Spongebob: There it is! (puts down Duncan & Zaktan)

Sonic: One again Sonic the Hedgehog finds himself playing errand boy!

Duncan: I'm not an errand boy!

Zaktan: What does the code say?

Sonic: There's gotta be an easier way to retrieve secret messages!

Duncan: Looks like there's some rebels who have gone into the Gangster Side.

Spongebob: Very funny, Duncan. Veeery funny.

Sonic: I'll have to ask Rotor about it when we get back!

(Just as he looks at the secret message, he's caught by a SWATbot & Jack-1 patrol)

SWATbot: Halt, intruder! stay where you are!

Jack-1 Bot: Priority 1, All Star! Sector 6!

Sonic: (notices) Wha...?!

Spongebob: Yipe!

Zaktan: We're caught, let's get outta here!

Sonic: I know I'm the main attraction...(runs off) but this is one of those times when I'd rather not be in the spotlight!

Spongebob: Hold on guys, we're gotta scatter our way outta here! (carries Zaktan & Duncan & starts running in super sonic speed, following Sonic)

(Sonic & Spongebob runs down the alley, carrying Zaktan & Duncan, avoiding an aerial bombardment of lasers and legions of SWATbots & Jack-1 Bots)

Zaktan: (begins to fire back with his Zamor Launcher, launcher Zamor Spheres at the bots) Not so fast!

Sonic: Swatbots to the left of me and Swatbots to the right...leaving me the middle as my only option! (He runs past a corner in the alley...) This is the real deal coming through!

Duncan: Zaktan, fire!

Zaktan: (fires at the 2 Swatbots on the left & right) Done!

Spongebob: Sonic! Wait up!

Sonic: It's the one and only...rockin' n' rollin'... (suddendly meet a waiting SWATbot by surprise & suddendly crashes into the swatbot like he's ran through a brick wall & got knocked out cold)

Spongebob: (cringes at the sight) Ooooh, that had to hurt.

Zaktan: Sonic's down!

Swatbot #2: You are such a brick #6

Swatbot #6: More like tritantium nickel ally #2! We better take the prisoner to the master!

Spongebob: You have to get past me first!

????: With pleasure (knocks Spongebob out with a golden serpentine staff & reappears to be...)

Duncan: Pythor?! What are you doing here?

Pythor: Oh hello All Stars, sorry about the long wait. I was doing a little sight seeing about the Ancient Walkers' propfercy.

Zaktan: How did you know about them?

Pythor: A Serpentine never reveal their secrets

(Suddendly the Serpentine emerges from the buildings, the sewers, the dumpsters, anywhere)

Duncan: Back up?

Zaktan: Back up. (turns on his walkie talkie) Calling All Star Freedom Fighters, we need back up in Robotropolis, over!

(Suddendly the rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters arrives)

Twilight Sparkle: All Stars, charge!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters charges at the Jack-1 Bots & the Serpentine & then begins attacking them while the SWATbots & Pythor carries Sonic & Spongebob away back into Robotnik's base)

(As the Jack-1 Bots are destroyed & the Serpentine had retreated after all the pain they endured, the All Stars notices someone's missing)

Owen: Dudes! Sonic & Spongebob! They're gone!

Duncan: What?! (looks around) The Swatbots & Pythor! (facepalms)

Zaktan: Everyone we must regroup back to base. We must prepare a full scale rescue mission back to base. Fall back

(The All Star Freedom Fighters, minus Spongebob, returns back to the Great Forest)

Rainbow Dash: Don't worry, we'll rescue you guys soon. Stay calm.

Geoff: Where could our 2 friends be?

(In one of Robotnik's laboratories...)

(Sonic's POV)

Sonic: (comes out of his unconscious state only to see Robotnik's figure) It's about time! Wha...?

Spongebob: (wakes up) Huh? What happened?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Just relax...

Plankton: (with Robotnik Prime) Your with us now.

Pythor: (with Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus) How is our All Star Warrior arch enemy awake?

Sonic: Where am I?

Spongebob: (fully wakes up) The better question is, where are we?

Sonic: (still woozy, as he lays on a laboratory table, tied down with Spongebob) Anybody got the number ofthe truck that hit me? Oooooooooo....

Spongebob: Ow, what a bump. What happened?

Skales: The Sponge has woken.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Take your time waking Hedgehog! Now that I have you, I can afford to be patient! But not too patient! After all...I have a lot of schemes to foil and enemies to crush!

Spongebob: Enemies? What enemies?

Sonic: (fully waking up) Hedgehog? What hedgehog?  I'm...I'm...I'm not sure who I am!

Skales: Huh? Spongebob, do you know Sonic?

Spongebob: (look at Skales with confusion) Uh, what's a Spongebob & what's a Sonic?

Fangtom: (was shocked to hear that) What's a Spongebob?!

Acidicus: (was shocked to hear that also) What's a Sonic?!

Skales: What? Your a Spongebob, Spongebob! And the blue hedgehog is Sonic!

Spongebob: (confused) Blue...hedgehog?

Pythor: Perfect.

Snively: I think they're faking Doctor! Let's get rid of him once and for all !

Plankton: No.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Quiet, Snively!

Skalidor: I don't get it. Why didn't Spongebob remember us?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: This is perfect! Don't you see?!

Plankton: Because this is the perfect advantage for us!

Pythor: You want to know why, Snively?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Sonic doesn't know who he is, therefore he doesn't know who or what I am!

Plankton: Same with Mr. Squarepants.

Snively: But, sir, what if it's all an act?

Pythor: (chuckles evily) Oh Snively, Snively, Snively. You don't get it, do you? The Sponge has lost his memory when he ran away because of everyone calling him "Idiot Boy", but really they didn't mean too. This could mean the perfect trap for the Freedom Fighters, so their isn't any shadows.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Have you ever known the Hedgehog to show weakness or act so docile, Snively?

Snively: Not that I can recall, Doctor.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Exactly!

Plankton: That's the main point!

Skales: Hmm, prehaps your right.

Fangtom: Yes, the little yellow sponge is now ripe for the picking!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Excuse us, Snively, but the lad needs help!

Plankton: Hello my little blue & yellow friends.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Do you remember your name?

Spongebob: (looks around) Are you talking to me?

Pythor: Oh, but of course my friend.

Sonic: Nothing...nothing at all! My mind is a total blank!

Spongebob: Mine too. I don't remember anything.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Why are we not surprised? You mean you don't remember the both of us (geastures to Plankton), your most trusted mentors and advisors, to whom you turn ffor guidance and support?

Sonic: No, I'm very sorry but I don't.

Spongebob: But...I have a question about that, "Why does it felt so right?"

Skalidor: (whispers to Plankton) Boy, he's good. Even if his mind is a blank. He's onto us.

Plankton: (whispers back) Not on my watch.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: That's okay, m'boys! That's quite alright! Let me make sure these straps are secure so you don't hurt yourself...and then you get some rest! We'll talk again later!

Plankton: Does that sound good?

Spongebob: Ok. Good night. (he & Sonic goes to sleep)

Acidicus: That sure was a close call, don't you think?

Pythor: Yes indeed, but let's focus on more important things.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I'm beginning to get an idea, Snively...and awful, wicked idea! So wicked, I even scare myself!

Plankton: (annoyed) Please don't. Remember what happen last time? That really annoy me.

Fangtom: We will keep that in mind.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Come, wretched assistant! There is much to do!

Skales: (begins thinking) Hmm...

(As Robotnik Prime, Plankton, Snively & the Serpentine head out to continue scheming, we see that Spongebob is having dreams that feels like memories, like remembering the time that they stopped the Krudzu & Vegon)

A Scrambled Sponge, the Return of the Serpentine Snakes (Part 2)

(Later on, after Sonic has recovered, Robotnik has Sonic fighting in a training session: against duplicates of the Freedom Fighters. Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton, the Serpentine & Snively watch proudly as Sonic is able to take out the duplicates of his friends with absolute ease.)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Look at him, Snively! Look at Sonic the Hedeghog! He's making mincemeat out of those robot duplicates!

Plankton: Impressive.

Snively: Positively devilish, Doctor!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Yes! I thought so, too!

Skales: Where is Spongebob?

Pythor: (looks around to see that Spongebob wasn't there) Fangtom, Skalidor, Acidicus! Search for the yellow sponge.

Fangtom: As you wish, General. (he, Skalidor & Acidicus starts searching for Spongebob)

Skales: Where could that yellow sponge be? We need him for training.

Plankton: Patience, he'll be here.

Snively: A pity to wastte such brilliant creations on merey a training session, sir!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: They weren't much good for anything else, Snively...especially after King Acorn's accursed brat proved they were useless!

Pythor: And that is Princess Sally Acorn. She is the leader of the Freedom Fighters.

Snively: If that's true, won't their real life counterparts succeed in stopping Sonic?

Skales: Especially those All Star Freedom Fighters?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: That's the beauty of this plan, Snively...I'm not so much concerned with them stopping I'm counting on their hesitancy to take action against Sonic!

(With Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus)

(The 3 are checking, but still no Spongebob)

Fangtom: Where could he be?

Acidicus: Why isn't he here?

Skalidor: (notices the All Star Freedom Fighters) Uh, I think I know

Fangtom & Acidicus: (turns to see them) THE ALL STARS!

Duncan: That's right.

Kitty: By orders from 2nd in command of the All Star Freedom Fighters: Zaktan, we're here for Spongebob

Tree Rex: (has Spongebob on her back) And we did.

Twilight Sparkle: Now for you 3 to have your punishment for letting your Snake King, capturing the All Star Warrior.

Skalidor: Uh oh!

(Back with Robotnik & Plankton)

(We can see that Robotnik Prime & Plankton didn't hear the smashing, bashing & crashing, not even Fangtom's, Skalidor's & Acidicus' cries for help as they're getting pummeled by the All Stars)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (clapping for Sonic's great preformance in training) Magnificent, M'boy! Magnificent!

Plankton: Well done indeed.

Sonic: You really think so, cousin? I hadn't even worked up a sweat!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: At the very least...I think you're now ready for the real thing! But we'll have to strike fast!

Plankton: You think you can handle all that, even when your facing the All Star Freedom Fighters?

Sonic: You bet ! This is one hedgehog you can count on! So what do I do?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (sighs) If only all my aides had your get-up-'n'-go!

Skales: (notices Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus) What the...?!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: It's rather simple, really...the evil Princess Sally and her band of cutthroats threaten to overthrow the government...and since we can't strike until we know where to're to resume the mission you were carrying out: locate Knothole Village, observe the underground terrorist group and learn their plans!

Sonic: (salutes & then runs off to the Great Forest in super sonic speed) I sure wish I knew where I was going! Ivo said this was the general direction, but I'd have to try to remember anything more! He did warn me to be careful, tho'! Guess you can't be too cautious dealing with the opposition!

(But what Sonic didn't know is that the All Star Freedom Fighters, who we're returning with Spongebob, had heard the entire conversation)

Duncan: That doesn't sound good.

Applejack: Oh my stars! That's not good at all.

Rainbow Dash: Spongebob's right, he & Sonic didn't remember anything.

Zaktan: We have to go back to Knohole & fast. All Stars, fall back to Knothole!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters carries Spongebob back inside Knothole)

(With the Villains)

Plankton: Sonic's now in Knothole.

Snively: That micro-transmitter you planted on Sonic is working beautifully, sir!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Another triumph of my genius Snively! And so is this...(we see that on the moniters there's demolition tractors following Sonic, allowing them to arrive at Knothole shortly after he finds it)...demolition tractors with directional homing devices attuned to the transmitter on Sonic. When the Hedgehog reaches Knothole Village, they won't be far behind! And once they get there...bye-bye, Knothole Village, sayonara Sonic and arrivederci Princess Sally!

Fangtom: And adios to us.

Plankton: Huh?! What do you mean by that? (notices Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus are in pain) Whoa! What the heck happen?

Skalidor: It's the All Stars.

Acidicus: They rescued Spongebob & now we're left with just Sonic.

Pythor: We should've known that the All Stars are here. No matter, leave him, cause we have bigger plans.

Plankton: Pythor's right, we still have Sonic to deal with.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Break out the 10-W-40 oil, Snively...I haven't felt this good over being bad in such a long time!

Snively: But, sir, I thought you celebrated no bad deed before it's time?!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Y'know, Snively, now I remember why I prefer Crabmeat over you.

Plankton: Now I know why the HenchCombots are still needed to be fixed.

(Back with Sonic)

Sonic: (stops to see that the path is now split into two) A fork in the path! Not cool ! Best two out of three? Eenie-meenie-moe? Which way should I go?

All Star Freedom Fighters: (goes through the stump-like entrance to Knothole Village)

Spongebob: Who are you?

Owen: We are your friends & we're here to help you.

(As they closed the entrance, Sonic noticed it)

Sonic: Wait! That tree trunk over there...why does it seem so...familiar? Cousin Ivo said I was just beginning to infiltrate the Mobius Terrorist Army...that being the case, maybe there isn't a direct route to their village. Maybe...(opens the hatch) That's it! This is a secret entrance! Too bad cousin Ivo can't see how well I'm doing! (goes inside the entrance & through the tunnel, finding his way to Knothole)

(Back with the Villains)

Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton, the Serpentine & Snively are still watching Sonic's POV through the moniter)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: After all this time, Snively, we finally learn where the secret entrance is! And with the tractors tracking Sonic from the surface, it won't be long till we learn the location of Knothole Village...a.k.a. ground zero!

Plankton: And if all else fails...Serpentine, you go follow Sonic. And we'll learn the location ourselves.

Pythor: This time we will not fail (dissapears by using invisibility)

Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: (slithers off to follow Sonic in the Great Forest)

Skales: It's payback time.

A Scrambled Sponge, the Return of the Serpentine Snakes (Part 3)

(The All Stars made it back inside Knothole Village, carrying Spongebob inside the lab & puts him in bed)

Spongebob: Mama? Is that you?

Twilight Sparkle: Don't worry Spongebob, we'll help you get you memory back...(softly) somehow

Zaktan: Any ideas on how to get Spongebob's memory back?

Duncan: I'm not a doctor you know.

Edd: Let me check please, thank you. (checks on Spongebob) His memory will recover in a few days.

Pumbaa: Uh guys, I don't think we have that much time, cause Sonic is coming to Knothole, preaty soon

Timon: Oh great. Now what?

(Suddendly, many alarms are set-off.)

Meltdown: What the heck?

Harold: Sonic's now after us!

Boggy B: Oh no, he followed us here. Man we're stupid!

Lindsay: (confused) Who's stupid? Can I please meet him?

STH Rotor: (watches Sonic as he starts to run toward Knothole through the long corridor)

Justin: I guess we are stupid that we've let Sonic inside.

Sally: (walks inside)

STH Rotor: This is strange, Princess! Sonic the Hedgehog is racing down the corridor...and he's setting off the alarms of our newly-installed security system like there's no tomorrow!

Sally: What do you make of it, Rotor? Is it Sonic or not?

Vezok: Of course is him. What are you, blind?

STH Rotor: All readouts seem normal! X-ray and infra-red scans indicate he's him...but something is different.

Xplode: Vezok, you know Sally's not blind. (slaps Vezok)

Vezok: Ow, would you stop that?

Ed: Like spot the difference?

Eddy: I had nothing to say about that.

STH Rotor: (founds a difference) Aha! Got it! Sensors indicate some sort of device located somewhere on his person. And he may not even be aware he has it!

Spongebob: Who has it?

Duncan: And we need to fix Sonic's memory so I can go to bed.

Zaktan: Also Spongebob's memory.

Geoff: And stop the Serpentine because they're with the blue dude! (points to the moniter to show Sonic is running along side the 5 Generals of the Serpentine who are slithering along trying to catch up to Sonic)

Sally: In that case...seal off the tunnel! He must not reach this end!

Red Bird: We're on it! (shutting down the tunnels, sealing them in)

(In the Tunnels)

Sonic: (notices the tunnel is sealing) Whoa! They must be onto me!

Skales: That's why they're commencing a lock-down!

Pythor: We have to pass through the trap!

Sonic: I better pour on the juice if I'm going to make it through!

(But the Tunnel is sealed before he speeds up)

Sonic, Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: (stops)

Skalidor: We're trapped.

Fangtom: We can all see that Skalidor.

Sonic: Scratch that thought! What I need now is a good suggestion...and brother do I need it quick, if that rumbling is any indication! Thaat sounds like trouble with a capital "T"!

Pythor: (turning on the communicator) I'm contacting Plankton.

(Back with the Villains in Robotnik's lair)

Plankton: So? How's the progress?

Snively: The first demolition tractor is in position over the entrance, sir!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Very good, Snively! And now for the countdown...if only to savor the moment for all it's worth!

Plankton: Oh well...start the countdown!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: 10...9...8...7...6...

Snivey: (notices in the moniter that something wrong) Doctor Robotnik! We have a glitch, sir! We have a glitch!

Plankton: (heard Pythor's transmission) And I have a contact transmission from Pythor.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: ...5...wha...?! Countdown aborted! This had better be good, Snively!

Plankton: We have a message from Pythor.

Snively: Doctor, our transmitter shows the hedgehog & the Serpentine has been sealed off somewhere in a tunnel!

Plankton: Same thing with Pythor's message.

Snively: He's nowhere near the objective, sir!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (sighs) Is that all? Merely a minor irritant!

Plankton: Yes, that's all they said. They are awaiting further instructions...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I took precautions, since the hedgehog isn't as capable in his current condition as I'd like! I though a little extra something would come in handy...(picks up a microphone, that connects with the transmitter on Sonic's ear)...and, as usual, I have been proven correct!

(Back with Sonic & the Serpentine)

Skalidor: (tries to drill his way through the steel door)

Plankton: (in transmission) Sonic, Serpentine come in!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (In transmission) Sonic! Pay close attention!

Skales: It's Plankton & Robotnik.

Sonic: Ivo! But how?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Plankton & I are speaking through a transmitter on you so I could assist in your time of need!

Plankton: Now Sonic, here's what you gotta do, but first Skalidor at ease.

Skalidor: (stops drilling) Alright. (goes up to Pythor, Skales, Fangtom & Acidicus)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Make a fist and raise your left gloved hand toward the obstructing door!

Sonic: (makes a fist & raises his left hand towards the door)

Skales: This outta be good.

Plankton: Good, now...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Use your right hand to press on the pad covering your knuckles...

Sonic: (uses his right hand to press on the pad, covering his knuckles, activating the hand laser, installed in the left glove, firing a red laser beam at the door)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Activating the hand-land I installed in your glove!

(The door is destroyed)

Plankton: And voila! Your now free to cross...

Pythor: (chuckles evily) Perfect

(Sonic & the Serpentine gets passed through the door)

(Back with the heroes)

Robo-47: How did he get pass the door?

STH Rotor: Sonic has gotten through, Princess! Worse yet...he's to be considered armed and dangerous!

Duncan: Great, now he's getting closer to us.

Eddy: (groans) Any luck?

Edd: (still examining the bump on Spongebob's head) Nope nothing yet.

Ed: Is his head ringing?

Boggy B: Please stay with us Ed.

STH Rotor: He's approaching the triple junction! If he gets past that...

Sally: No matter what, Rotor...n-no matter what...Sonic is not to make it through! Take any and all actions necessary to stop him! We can't risk everyone's safety because he used to be our friend!

Zaktan: Yes ma'am. You heard the princess, everybody stop Sonic, go go go!

Rainbow Dash: Yeah! The fate of Mobius is in our hooves, let's go!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters then begins to go out there & try their best to stop Sonic)

Zaktan: Edd, you, Twilight, Fluttershy & Owen stay here & heal Spongebob's bump.

Owen: (salutes) Sir yes sir.

Zaktan: (follows the All Stars)

Fluttershy: Don't worry Spongebob, you'll be feeling better in no time at all.

Fluttershy: Um, back in Ponyville, I cared & take care of animals in need & always do my best to take care of them.

(Back with Sonic & the Serpentine)

Sonic, Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: (stops to see 3 steel doors)

Acidicus: 3 doors?

Fangtom: One of them leads to Knothole Village, while the other 2 must be booby traps.

Sonic: Another fork in the road...and then some!

Skales: Which way now?

Sonic: Maybe I should've brought dice to help me decide! This memory loss really bites!

Pythor: Hmm...(contacting Robotnik & Plankton again) Hello, this is Pythor. We got a problem

(Back with Robotnik & Plankton)

Pythor: There are 3 paths to choose from. Which one leads to Knothole

Sonic: (in communicator) Should I select tunnel number one...or tun (suddendly the moniter losts the communication)

Plankton: What's wrong now?

Snively: Sir! We've lost picture and sound!

Plankton: Don't just stand there like a dummy...!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Boost the signal !

(Back with the Serpentine & Sonic)

Skalidor: Uh? (looking at the 3 doors) How are we gonna choose? Which door is it?

Sonic: Like they say, the third time's the charm! (points to tunnel #3) Tunnel three it is! (goes through Tunnel #3)

Pythor: No! Stop! (growls in anger) After him!

Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: (follows Sonic)

(Back with Robotnik & Plankton)

(The communication is back online)

Sonic: (in communicator) is!

Snively: We're back online!

Plankton: We can see that Snively!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Yes, you dolt! But which tunnel did he select?

Skales: (in communicator) This is Skales, Sonic picked Tunnel #3. Tell him to turn back now!

Plankton: Why?

(With the Heroes)

Twilight Sparkle: Rotor, please tell me the reading.

STH Rotor: He's coming through! And his transmitter is still sending! Our security codes are somehow being overidden...and only something drastic has any chance of stopping Sonic!

Owen: What do we do? What do we do?!

Sally: We havern't any choice at this moment, Rotor & Owen! Flood all the tunnels at my command...

Fluttershy: (gasps)

Spongebob: What's a flood? It sounded unstable.

Sally: ...NOW!

STH Rotor: (suddendly presses a button, flooding all the tunnels)

(Back with Sonic & the Serpentine)

Acidicus: (hears splashing noises) What's with all that splashing?

Pythor: It's a FLOOD!

Sonic: (notices the flood heading towards them) Something tells me I've taken a wrong turn somewhere!

Skales: Quick, we must go the other way!

(Sonic & the Serpentine Generals turns around & head, trying to get away from the flood)

(Back with Robotnik & Plankton)

Sonic: (In communicator) Gangway!

Plankton: Sounds like Sonic & the Serpentine Generals are close to Knothole.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Resume countdown, Snively! We may be able to salvage this mess yet!

Snively: Countdown resumed...4...

(Back with Sonic & the Serpentine)

Snively: (voice over)...3...

Pythor: (notices the wave getting closer) (shrieks)

Snively: (voice over)...2...

Sonic: Uh-oh...

Skales: (screams)

Snively: (voice over)...1...

Fangtom: (hears the rumbling) Oh no! Stop the countdown!

Sonic: There's that rumbling again!

(The countdown ends, with the tractors destroying the tunnel ahead of Sonic & the Serpentine Snakes)

Snively: (voice over)...there she blows!

Skalidor: Now we can't ever swim!

Pythor: (notices that the water & the rubble are surrounding them) Oh dear.

A Scrambled Sponge, the Return of the Serpentine Snakes (Part 4)

Skales: We're trapped like we're inside the tomb!

Sonic: (in thought: Better think fast, Sonic the Hedgehog! Only a sonic-second before I use it or lose it !!

Pythor: Skalidor, dig us outta here!

Skalidor: Got it boss! (jumps up to the ceiling & starts digging in a fast pace like a drill)

Pythor, Skales, Fangtom & Acidicus: (follows Skalidor)

Sonic: (gets an idea) (In thought: That's it! Time to go, Sonic...rev up my super sonic spin!! (blasts through the ceiling with a super sonic spin, helping Skalidor dig their way to the surface even faster)

Acidicus: We need to go faster!

Sonic: (in thought: Holy tight fit! I'm a hedgehog, not a mole! Still I better keep sinning if I wanna make it out of this alive 'n' kickin'!) (spins faster)

Skalidor: (digging faster)

Fangtom: Hurry!

Sonic: (In thought: Funny, though, how I instinctively knew what to do! Forget the soul searching, hero...and just spin on!

Skales: We can't get contact while we're digging.

(Back with Robotnik & Plankton)

Plankton: (notices the transmitter has lost contact again) Not again.

Snively: We've lost all contact, sir! Does this mean...?

Plankton: Not yet...the Serpentine will live, trust me.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I don't know what it means just yet, you snivelling toady! We could have lost the signal for any number of reasons! We just need to be patient to see if this is a permanent situation or not!

Plankton: Very well...

(Back with Sonic & the Serpentine)

Skalidor: (still digging, but getting preaty tired) Too tired. I can't breathe!

Pythor: Keep going!

Skales: Don't stop now, faster!

Sonic: (still digging his way up to the surface) The water's been filling up behind me...and not much air left! Don't know how much longer I can juice!

Pythor: (gulps)

Acidicus: This is gonna sting.

(Back with the Heroes)

Spongebob: (still being treated by Edd & Fluttershy)

(They've lost the communication)

Zaktan & Duncan: (comes back)

Duncan: What's going on?

Zaktan: And what happened?

Owen: I don't know!

Sally: Rotor! What's happeneing? Can you get a picture?

STH Rotor: (tries to get the communication back on) I'm trying, Princess...but the connection's totally gone! We can only wait and hope something turns up on the other monitors!

Owen: I can't watch!

(Back with Robotnik & Plankton)

Plankton: What's going on?

Snively: The surveillance cameras on the remaining demolition tractors show nothing, sir!

Plankton: Barnicles! And so close too!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What irony! I can't believe I actually find myself...rooting for the hedgehog to pull his bacon out of the frying pan! On, the pain! The pain! I can only hope...he hasn't already run out of...

Plankton: Wait look! (points to the surveillance cameras showing Sonic & the Sepentine suddendly emerges from the ground)

(Back with Sonic & the Serpentine)

Sonic: AIR!!! I made it !!!

Pythor: Finally! We made it! Congratulations Skalidor, you saved us from drowning.

Skalidor: Uh thanks Pythor. Good thing Sonic & I are in the same super sonic speed unless we would've drowned.

Sonic: And boy, does that ever feel good! Now I'm back at square one again!

Skales: Deja vu all over again. But this time, something different...

(Back with Robotnik & Plankton)

(The communications are back online)

Plankton: I don't believe. Well, prepare for square 1 again.

Sonic: (in communication) Which way do I go?

Snively: We're back on-line, doctor!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Excellent, Snively!

Fangtom: (in monitor with Sonic, Pythor, Skales, Skalidor & Acidicus) Now which way?

Sonic: My best guess is to keep going straight ahead! I just wish I had more than a feeling! (starts running)

Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: (follows Sonic)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Lock on to the signal from the transmitter I placed on the hedgehog...and reprogram the demolition tractors to home in on it! We'll get a big bang out of this yet!

Plankton: Yes my partner.

Pythor: (notices Knothole Village & laughs evily) There you are.

Sonic: (notices Knothole Village) Hot chili-dog! That looks like huts off in the dinstance! (runs towards the village)

Pythor: Alert the Serpentine, cause we have found Knothole Village.

Skales: Yes sir (turns on his walkie talkie) Calling all Serpentine, we found Knothole, I repeat, we have found Knothole Village.

(Back in the Knothole Lab)

Edd: I'm almost done.

STH Rotor: Princess! The security perimeter has been breached!

Sally: Sound the alrm, Rotor!

Duncan: Don't worry, the rest of the All Stars will take care of them.

Zaktan: All Stars, prepare for battle stations!

(In the village proper, the alarm goes off.)

Antoine: Oh my! The sirens!

Patrick: Make it stop!

Penelope: We're under attack!!

Applejack: Quick, build the barracades! Don't let Sonic get in thar village!

Antoine: Get zee children into zee shelters! Everybody else to zee barricades!

(everybody gets the children into shelters & themselves to the barricades that the All Stars made)

Ultra-V: Hold your ground!

(Behind the barricades, the Freedom Fighters prepare to ward off whatever Robotnik has sent...)

Antoine: Prepare to stand your ground! We must be ready for anything!

Crusher: Hold your ground, ready the defences!

Bear: What could Robotnik be sending against us?!

Jetbug: (spots Sonic & the Serpentine Generals along with a whole army of Hypnobrai, Fangpyre, Constrictai & Venomari) Here they come!

(...only to see Sonic running toward their position with the Serpentine slithering towards them)

Bear: Look, Antoine! Coming towards us!! It's only Sonic!

Antoine: Something is wrong, mon ami! Zis doesn't seem right!

Ezekiel: That's a whole lot of snakes

(Before they can react, Sonic & the Serpentin rushes through the barricade with ease, sending many of the fighters flying away)

Bear: Hey!

Antoine: Mon dieu!

Harold: The barricades been breached! Attack!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters tries to fight back against the Serpentine, but there's too many for them to fight)

Congar: There's too many of them! (got attacked by the Constrictai) GAH!

Nitroblast: We must never give up!

Eddy: Now what?!

Ed: Attack the snakes!

Noah: Uh Fangpyre bite? Turn into snakes!

Squidward: Oh right.

Cody: Not so easy, huh?

Zaktan: Fall back & regroup!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters then regroups back in the labs)

Pythor: Now we have'em. Serpentine, you take care of the Village, while the Serpentine Generals & I take care of the All Stars, personally.

(Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus begins to follow the All Stars)

(Back in the Lab)

(The All Stars make it back inside, seeing STH Rotor, Sally, Spongebob, Edd, Owen & Fluttershy inside)

Edd: Almost there. I'm nearly done (puts an ice pack on Spongebob's head) There.

Zaktan: Bad news...

STH Rotor: Sonic has broken through, Princess!

Duncan: And the Serpentine have followed us here.

Spongebob: Is that good or bad?

Ed: Evil bad for Ed!

Sally: We must do anything to...

Sonic: ...Stop me? The criminal bad boy?!

Owen: Sonic's back! (got scared & then notices Crusher's hammer & thinks about it)

Eddy: Still think that Sonic's is still his normal self?

Duncan: Ok, maybe I'm wrong before.

Sonic: (sings) Bad boy, bad boy. Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when I come for you?!

Owen: WHACK'EM WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER!!! (holds up Crusher's Hammer)

All: WHA?!

Sonic: Huh?

Owen: (charges as he hollers) YEEEEEEAAAAAAHHH!! (suddendly smashes Sonic in the head with Crusher's Hammer)


Sonic: (got knocked out, seeing stars) Ooooooooo....

Owen: (panting)

Sally, STH Rotor & All Star Freedom Fighters [minus Owen]: WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!?!


All [Except Owen]: (facepalms)

Spongebob: Huh? Guys? What happened?

Edd: Your memory is finally coming back to you.

Spongebob: Thanks, I don't what happened.

Zaktan: Don't worry, your safe...

????: For now...(reveals to be Pythor)

Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: (appears right beside Pythor)

Spongebob: Oh no!

Pythor: You may have knocked out Sonic, but this time, there's no escape.

Spongebob: Oh yeah, Pythor! I'm back & better than ever. Now it's time for a big battle! All Stars vs Serpentine!

Pythor: Very well. Serpentine attack!

Spongebob: All Stars, let's do this!

To Be Continued...