This is the 3rd episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward

Main Villains: Robotnik, Plankton, Coconuts, Scratch, Grounder, D.O.O.M. & the HenchCombots

Story #1: Transcript

Attack of D.O.O.M. & the HenchCombots (Part 1)

(In Robotnik's Lair)

(Dr. Robotnik Prime is playing darts, with a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog in the middle of the dartboard.)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Sonic the Hedgehog. You'll never survive my latest insidious plot!

Crabmeat: Oh, goody, Dr. Robotnik! I hope you'll let me help destroy your nemesis

Plankton: Playing darts again? I stink at darts!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (grabs Crabmeat) You, Crabmeat? You've done nothing but fail me!...Both in the limited series and the ongoing comic book!

Snaptrap: (arrives with Ollie, Francisco & Larry) Hello there Robotnik. My name is Verminious Snaptrap & I'm the leader of D.O.O.M & an officer of the Plankton Empire

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I can see that

Crabmeat: B-but your blubber-ness!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (lets go of Crabmeat) Actually, there is an important role you can play!

Crabmeat: Hooray!

Plankton: And don't worry Snaptrap, Larry has the same role...

Larry: Oh boy! What is it?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You may be the first two victims of my new robot-badnik...Coconuts!

Coconut: (appears from the palm tree) Ook! Eek! Bombs away! (throws a bomb at Crabmeat & Larry)

Larry: GAH!

Crabmeat: (got blown up) Eep! He gave me a blown to bits part!

Larry: (got blacked) Tell me about it (faints)

Snaptrap: Wow, that robo-monkey hates Larry too

Plankton: And let's not forget my new creations, called the "Combots". Here's one now.

(A Combot from Tekken 4 appears)
Combot TTT2 CG

Combot (from Tekken)

Plankton: This is a Combot that I want to show you. And these are my Hench-Combots.

(Then a Red Combot, a Yellow Combot, a Green Combot & a Blue Combot appears)

Plankton: These are Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Good shot, my little motorized monkey! You're quite deadly with those exploding coconuts.

Coconuts: You know it, Doc!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Off you go! And don't come back until you've slaughtered Sonic the Hedgehog!

Plankton: Same goes to you, HenchCombots & D.O.O.M.

Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot: Yes, Lord Plankton!

Snaptrap: Got it, Plankton!

Coconuts: Piece o' cake!...Coconut custart cake, that is!

(Later that day)

(The All Star Freedom Fighters are running with Sonic & Tails)

Sonic: C'mon guys! Pick up the pace! I'm widening the Gap between us!

Spongebob: Oh yeah?

Rainbow Dash: Wanna bet on it?

Ninjini: A true ninja must be very light on his feet.



(Luckily, no one got hurt)

Tails: Wow! You weren't kidding about a gap! How'd you do that Sonic?

Sonic: I didn't

Patrick: Huh?

Squidward: What'd you say?

???: He's right, I did! (throws a bomb at the heroes)

Sonic: Look out Tails!

Spongebob: Watch out!

Reidak: Incoming!

(They dodged out of the way, before the bomb explodes)

Tails: A Bomb! What kind of Monkey business is this?

Sonic: That kind of monkey business...

Eddy: And robo business...

Spongebob: Look! (points to Coconuts on a coconut tree)

Tyler: Who's that?

Sonic: A Mechanical Monkey threw an exploding coconut at us?

Coconuts: Don't speak in the past tense, blue!...

Snaptrap: (appears with his other D.O.O.M. agents & the HenchCombots) Because you guys won't monkeying around for any longer.

Dudley: Snaptrap!

Kitty: Whatever you did, we will stop you!

Redbot: Oh yeah? We'll see about that.

Dudley: Snaptrap is really up to no good. He is very dangerous, though one time he robbed some weird stuff from these weirdos they're called.

Coconuts: And I'm still throwing! (throws another bomb at the heroes)

Rotor: Second dose to the dirt!

Spongebob: Jump!

(They dodge from the blast)

Snaptrap: (evil laughter) It's always fun when they get hurt.

Coconuts: Haw! Haw! Haw! I can see the headlines now..."Chump makes chump of Hedgehog"

Yellowbot: And always your the chump too All Stars

Tails: (gasps)

Sonic: (Growls)

LeShawna: Tell me they did not just say that!

Spongebob: Snaptrap, whatever you've done, who are those guys?

Snaptrap: They're the new combots that Dr. EggPlankton stole the plans from this guy name "Lee Chaolon" or something.

Squidward: Well that's call stealing.

Snaptrap I'm bad, am I?

Greenbot: You are.

Tails: Why that sassy little simian!

Patrick: And those 4 bots & those rats!

Tails: C'mon, Sonic-- let's chase him!

Patrick: Yeah Spongebob along with D.O.O.M. & those Combots!

LeShawna: Those guys are gonna get it!

(Both Tails & Patrick tries to chase them, but Sonic & Spongebob stops them)

Sonic: (holding Tails by his two tails) No! That's just what he wants! We're not playing his game!

Spongebob: (holding Patrick by his pants) That's right. So what should we do?

Sonic: We're gonna play a different game...

Thumpback: Which game is it?

Sonic: The one I remember from my childhood.

Ed: What's it called, Sonic?

Sonic: It's called "Monkey in the middle"!

Coconuts: Ook-Eek!

Tails: ?

Cody: Alright, let's do it.


(Coconut, D.O.O.M. & the HenchCombots are on top of the palm tree)

Bluebot: Say, have you see the All Stars?

Francisco: I haven't seen him

Coconuts: Where'd Sonic go?

Snaptrap: Those guys must be so scared of us that tthehey're shaking in their boots!

Redbot: You said it

(Suddendly the All Stars & Sonic started shaking the palm tree)

Ollie: Whoa!

Larry: They're shaking all right...shaking the plam tree! (falls off first) AAH! (crashes to the ground) Ow!

Coconuts, D.O.O.M. & the HenchCombots: (falls off as well)


(The villains crash lands on Larry)

Larry: Ouch! There goes my ribcage!

Tree Rex: Nice one

Sonic: Nice of you to drop in!

Snaptrap: Nice pun. Now your gonna get it.

HenchCombots: (charges at the All Stars)

Coconuts: got me surrounded, eh? Well I don't give up so easily...Catch, Punk!

Tails: Yes sir...(uses his two tails to catch the coconut & then throws it at Sonic) One "Sonic Swirl" Coming up!

Coconuts: Hey! Wot the...?!

Snaptrap: That's impossible!

Mordecai: Sonic Catch!

Sonic: The wind blew the coconut over to me! (catches the coconut) Catch! (throws the coconut)

Spongebob: Got it!

(Then Sonic, Tails & the All Star Freedom Fighters are playing Monkey in the Middle, with Coconuts trying to catch it but Coconuts fails everytime)

Sonic: Back at you, Tails!

Rigby: Got it !

Edd: I can't catch!

Squidward: Hey!

Patrick: I got it, I got it.

Zaktan: No I got it.

Sonic: Oh no--you take it!

Owen: Here you go!

Thunder: Thank you.

Nitroblast: You take it.

Tails: But I insist.

Corroder: It's mine!

Pinkie Pie: I like to play too

Twilight: I got it, but I only have hooves

Rainbow Dash: Me too

Rarity: And I as well.

Jo: Denied!

B: (silent)

Coconuts: Stop playing volleyball with my coconut.

Scott: (laughing) It's like taking candy from a baby! Which is taking a coconut from a Robot monkey & Snaptrap too

Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot: Give us the Coconut!

Spongebob: Okay, if you insist.

Sonic: You can have it. (throws the coconut at Coconuts & the HenchCombots)

Coconut: Uh oh...


Snaptrap: (notices the damage on the bots which are damaged offscreen) Eeesh! Robotnik & Plankton are not going to like this.

Spongebob: Now for you D.O.O.M.

Tree Rex: Here comes a pounding like you'll never forget

Larry: Uh oh!

(A while later, back at Robotnik's HQ)

SWATbot: (carrying 2 packages) This package arrived for you, oh Jellybelly!

Prototype Jack Bot: And there's also a package for you, Plankton!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: A present? For ME?!

Plankton: And me?

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: (opening the packages)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Oh boy! I hope whoever sent this knows my size: XXXXXXXXL

Plankton: I hope it's the Krabby Patty Formula

(Once they've opened it, they noticed D.O.O.M. got squeezed inside the broken parts of the HenchCombots & Coconuts)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (looks shocked) Gadzooks! Coconuts!...Or what's left of him!...You failed me!

Plankton: What the barnicles?!

Snaptrap: Uh, that doesn't effect our jobs, right?

Plankton: Don't worry, you've did your best. And what happen to my HenchCombots?!

Redbot: We're ok, we're just broken into pieces

Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot: Ouch!

Coconuts: Put us back together, master...we'll get that hedgehog!

??? #1: (arrives with ??? #2) Forget it! That's our job now!

??? #2: Yeah!

Attack of D.O.O.M. & the HenchCombots (Part 2)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (smashing a Sonic action figure)

??? #1: And we're just the badniks to do it! (appears to be Scratch)

??? #2: (appears to be Grounder)

Plankton: (getting D.O.O.M. out of the package) Indeed your are...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Scratch, the robot chicken, leader of the S.S.S.S.S.S....Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad! With your non-Identical twin, Grounder, you will succeed! Now go!

Plankton: You too D.O.O.M.!

Snaptrap: Got it, Lord Plankton, boss, sir!

Larry: Not again!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: And remember, I shall be in constant communication with you!

Scratch: Yes, oh overweight one!

(As Scratch, Grounder & D.O.O.M. walk out the door, the phone in Grounder started ringing)

Scratch: Hey! The phone in your plate is ringing!

Francisco: Who could it be boss?

Snaptrap: I'm not sure, but who's gonna answer the phone?

Grounder: You answer it, Scratch!

Scratch: (picks up Grounder's Drills as old fashion telephones) Yo! Don't bother us! We're on a Special Mission for the evil Dr. Robotnik!

Dr. Robotnik: (in phone) Idiot! This is the Evil Dr. Robotnik!

Plankton: And this is Plankton, I am rebuilding the HenchCombots into something that will surprize the All Stars.

Dr. Robotnik: And I just wanted to reemphasize the price you'll pay if you fail me! (starts choking Scratch)

Scratch: (choking) Price! Awwk! Don't we get employee discount?

Snaptrap: I guess not.

(Then D.O.O.M., Scratch & Grounder goes out to the Great Forest)

Snaptrap: Come on D.O.O.M.! Let's show Plankton what we're made of.

Scratch: Right & we'll show Ol' blubber butt that I'm the best robot he ever built!

Grounder: Ahem! You mean "We"...We! We!

Snaptrap: We get the idea!

Scratch: (reading "How to track a Hedgehog") Grounder, you should've thought of that before we left Headquarters!

Ollie: Yeah what he said.

Scratch: Now then, we want to look for a deep trench left by a zooming Sonic...

Grounder & Larry: Like-- (falls into a deep trench) AHHH!! (crashes) Oof! This?

Scratch: Good work, Grounder!

Snaptrap: You too Larry.

Larry: I'm ok.

Grounder: (sighs) Only three pages in, and already my like's in a rut.

Snaptrap: What are you talking about?

Grounder: (flies out with his Drills turns into helicopter blades)

Larry: (holding onto Grounder)

Grounder: However, my conical arms can turn into any kind of machine!

Scratch: Let's follow his trail...

Snaptrap: They should lead us straight to Sonic & the All Stars. Come on, let's go!

(Scratch, Grounder & D.O.O.M. follows the trail)

Scratch: Come on. I said!... Let's go! Follow me! Hurry up!

Snaptrap: Come on, Larry. Pick up the pace or PERISH!

Larry: (picks up the pace)

Grounder: You must be a chicken...because you sure know how to Henpeck!

(They didn't know that Sonic, Tails & the All Stars are watching the whole thing)

Spongebob: Look!

Sonic: Wow! Two more mechanical beasties!

Patrick: A Chicken & a Digger.


Eye-Brawl: (quickly covers Ed's mouth)

Ollie: What was that?

Francisco: Must be nothing.

Eddy: Ed, keep it down!

Edd: Ed can't help himself, he loves chicken

Tyler: (curling up to a ball) But I don't.

Courtney: Tyler's afraid of chickens.

Kitty: And Snaptrap & his henchman are back for more.

Tails: Good thing Sonic left that false trail !

Sonic: Yeah, for anybody dopey enough to buy that "How to track a hedgehog" book! You'd better head back to Knothole Tails!

Tails: But why, Sonic?

Sonic: (whispers in Tails' Ear, but the All Stars can't hear him)

Tails: Aye, Aye! (leaves)

Spongebob: What did you say to Tails?

Sonic: (whispers in Spongebob's Ears)

Spongebob: Oh ok then

Mike: Although, I don't understand what Sonic is talking about, but I do know that we're gonna use teamwork.

(Back with D.O.O.M., Scratch & Grounder)

(They find the trench stops at the cliff)

Scratch: Go slow, bro!

Grounder: Yeah.. the trench stops up ahead.

(They look down at the cliff)

Snaptrap: Does those 2 think that we're stupid enough to follow it over a sheer cliif?

Larry: Big whoop

Sonic: Did you say "Shear the Cliff"?

D.O.O.M., Scratch & Grounder: (notices Sonic, Spongebob & the All Stars)

Snaptrap: What the?

Spongebob: Coming right up!

Sonic: With a Sonic spin!

Sonic & Spongebob: (does a sonic spin to break off a cliff)

Scratch: It's himself

Snaptrap: It's Sonic & Spongebob, you nitwit!

(Then D.O.O.M., Scratch & Grounder falls off a cliff)

Geoff: I'm looking at those bots & D.O.O.M. & thinking there's no way they're gonna suceed

Grounder: (activates his parashutes from his drills) Luckily, I'll be able to save myself by extending parachutes out of my arms!

Scratch: Well, what am I?...Chopped liver?

Snaptrap: Mmmm, Chopped liver.

D.O.O.M. & Scratch: (crashes to the ground)

Grounder: (lands safely)

Scratch: Don't--say-it...

Snaptrap: You too Larry.

Grounder: I have to...

Larry: Me too, you guys look like chopped chicken liver!

Snaptrap: (blasts Larry)

Larry: Gah! (feels dizzy & then faints)

Snaptrap: I schmoodled Larry...again.

Gwen: I gotta admit, Spongebob is also smart as well.

Sonic: Go back to Flabotnik and tell him you lost big time!

Spongebob: Same goes to D.O.O.M. going back to Plankton.

Snaptrap: This game isn't over, you know! Grounder get the Hedgehog down!

Grounder: Right. Sonic the hedgehog...come on down! (lassos Sonic at the neck)

Sonic: Yow! He shot a cable out of...(got choked by the lasso) Urk!

Spongebob: Sonic! (Grabs Sonic before he's been pulled down) I gotcha! Guys apart from the Giants, help me!

(The All Stars except the Giants tries to pulls Sonic, but fails when D.O.O.M. & Scratch helps Grounder pulls Sonic down along with the All Stars except the Giants)

All (except Sonic & the Giants) WHAO!

Pinkie Pie: WHEEE!

Sonic: (choking)

Scratch: Let's sing our faviorite song "The YANKs are coming!"

Snaptrap: Uh that's "The British are coming!", you knucklehead.

Scratch: (groans)

Noah: Whao, who knew that they're strong when they work together.

Tree Rex: Guys!

(Suddendly they hear large footsteps coming from a Giant Combot with 4 heads & 4 arms & we see that the name on the Combot & it says "Combat 4X")

Tree Rex: The HenchCombots?

Combot 4X: (Redbot) The name of our new fused look is "Combot 4X" (Yellowbot) Bye bye.

Bouncer: Guys, the Giants & I we'll take care of the Fused Combot 4X.

Spongebob: Ok, good luck!

(Then Sonic & the All Stars except the Giants crashes to the ground)

Spongebob: Ouch!

The Giants: (charges at Combot 4X)

Combot 4X: (Greenbot) Grrr! (charges)

Scratch: Haw! My plan worked perfectly! I will now subdue Sonic along with the All Stars! Robotnik will honor me!

Grounder: You? YOU?

Snaptrap: What's that suppose to mean?

Scratch: Yes-me, you sawed-off pencil sharpener & ugly mouse! I'm gonna get the glory for Sonic's Demise!

Snaptrap: Ok, A; You forgot about that I'm getting all of the credit to Plankton, B; I'm not a mouse, I'm a rat & C; That's just mean.

Grounder: Izzta so? And how do you plan to do that, Hen-house breath?

Squidward: You might wanna look at this guys

Patrick: A fight!

Spongebob: Wake up Sonic

Sonic: (wakes up) Oog...

Scratch: I thought I'd rattle his brain by pecking him like this! (starts pecking Grounder)

Grounder: Ow! Ow! OW! By contrast, I planned to render him helpless with a faceful of tear this! (releases tear gas at Scratch)

Scratch: Gack!

Snaptrap: Get him!

Snaptrap, Ollie, Francisco & Larry: (tackles Scratch & Grounder)

(As D.O.O.M., Scratch & Grounder fight each other, Sonic & the All Stars are watching the whole thing)

Sonic: This is too easy.

Spongebob: Yep

Avak: Those Robots are gotta be the stupidest robots we've ever faced.

(With the Giants)


Tree Rex: (punches Combot 4X)

Combot 4X: (Bluebot) Ow!

Crusher: Take this! (smashes Combot 4X's Left Leg with his Giant Hammer)

Swarm: And this (slices Combot 4X's left leg with his Blades mounted on his fore-arms)

Combot 4X: (all together) What are you doing? (kneels on his left knee) Stop that! (tries to hurt the Giants, but their too strong)

Bouncer: (firing bullets, out of his fingers, at Combot 4X)

Eye-Brawl: (uses his Flying Eyeball open fire Lazers at Combot 4X) Take that

Combot 4X: Ow, my eyes!

Ninjini: (flies up & slashes at Combot 4X with her 2 Swords) Any last wishes?

Combot 4X: You mean words? Oh and Never!

Ninjini: As you wish.

Hot Head: Now! (fires Lava at Combot 4X's Legs)

Thumpback: (Cools the lava down with lava, freezing Combot 4X in place) Now your stuck!

Tree Rex: Here I go! (charges towards Combot 4X)

Swarm: Here let me help you. (holds out his hands) Jump on my hands & I'll give you a boost

Tree Rex: Right. (jumps onto Swarm's Hands)

Swarm: (gives Tree Rex a boost, making Tree Rex jump higher)

Tree Rex: (uppercuts Combot 4X's Chest while he's in the air)

Combot 4X: (got uppercuted & now fallen into pieces, back to being HenchCombots)

Redbot: I hate my life

Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot: Us too.

Tree Rex: It's just like the good ol days when us Giants had saved Skylands from the Arkeyans.

Tree Rex: Ok guys, they're all yours!

Spongebob: Got it.

Sonic & Spongebob: (runs around Scratch, Grounder & D.O.O.M.)

Sonic: Heads up, Rock'em sock'em robots!

Spongebob: Cause we're stopping your plans!

Scratch: Uh oh! The Hedgehog & Sponge is running circles around us!

Grounder: What's he up to?

Snaptrap: I'm not sure!

Larry: Hold me!

Snaptrap: Don't push your luck Larry.

(The villains are surrounded by a deep fissure)

Ollie: What's this?

Scratch: Yipe! We're surrounded by a deep fissure!

Grounder: A trench! That's F'sure!

(They heard rumbling)

Snaptrap: What was that?

Scratch: And you know what then means...

Grounder: I do?

Ollie: I believe that would be a...CAVE IN!

(Suddendly the fissure breaks apart & D.O.O.M. ,Scratch & Grounder falls in)

Snaptrap: Help! We've fallen & we can't get out.

Scratch: We're trapped!

(Suddendly the phone inside Grounder rings)

Grounder: And wouldn't you know it... the phone's ringing!

Sonic & Spongebob: I'll get it! (picks up Grounder's Drill as a telephone)

Plankton: (In phone) Hello this is Plankton & Robotnik to D.O.O.M.

Sonic: We're sorry... the badniks you are trying to reach have been disconnected! Have a nice day!

Dr. Robotnik: What? Is this who I think it is?

Spongebob: Please leave a message after the beep. Beeeep!

Dr. Robotnik: (smashes the phone with his hand) I hate that hedgehog! AAAARGH!

Plankton: Not again.

(Back with the Heroes, they're going back to Knothole)

Spongebob: We're smooth operators

Sonic: And Robotnik's worst hang up!

Squidward: And don't start up that again please?

(As they left)

Snaptrap: I will now, PLOT MY REVENGE! Can somebody dig me outta here? And I know how Gwen feels about being barried alive.

The End