This is the 22nd Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog

Main All Star Heroes (Story #1): Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Rainbow Dash & Pinkie Pie

Main Villains (Story #1): Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton, Snively & King Pig

Main All Star Heroes (Story #2): Alejandro, Hank & Cameron

Main Villains (Story #2): None Yet

Story #1: Transcript

That's the Spirit, Ghost-A-Lot (Part 1)

(We see the All Star Freedom Fighters arrives at the Palace of Pranks store)

SpongeBob: Well, All Stars, here it is. The Palace of Pranks. The greatest novelty shop in Bikini Bottom. All the greatest pranksters shop here. This is where I got my gag Seanut Brittle can! [shows a can of Seanut Brittle]

Zaktan: Seanut Brittle, does that mean "Peanut Brittle" in above water?

Spongebob: Yeah, you can say it like that.

Courtney: Who would be dum enough to fall for that gag?

Patrick: (gets excited) Oh boy, Seanut Brittle! Gimmie! [grabs the can & tries to open it]

SpongeBob: Patrick, wait, it's a booby trap, remember?

Patrick: Nice try, SquarePants, but it's not gonna work this time. I'm gonna have some of your delicious Seanut Brittle! [he opens the can, and fake purple snakes pop out] Where's the Seanut Brittle?

SpongeBob: [laughs] That gets funnier every time you say it, Patrick.

Duncan: (laughs) I guess it does, doesn't it?

Spongebob: Come on, let's go inside.

[Patrick begins to cry]

Patrick: Seanut Brittle? [the All Star Freedom Fighters enters and Spongebob smells the air]

SpongeBob: Ah...nothing compares to the smell of cheap plastic novelty items. Pranks, gags, and gross-out toys as far as the eye can see! [he walks down an aisle] Isn't it everything I said it would be, guys?

(Everyone begins to agree)

Rainbow Dash: Yeah! This could be perfect for our pranks

Edd: Yes, but remember no pranks on Fluttershy.

Pinkie Pie: Okie dokie lokie, because she's so sensitive.

Fluttershy: I remember the time when I ran away from Gilda, crying because she roars at me, scaring me. I just couldn't help myself, after all I have a kind heart.

Harold: Awesome.

Ed: Whao! Cool!

Eddy: Hey, where's Patrick?

Patrick: (from the other isle) Hey, Seanut Brittle! [a bunch of fake snakes pop out] Oh, darn it, not again! [SpongeBob laughs]

Chris McLean: (appears with Chef Hatchet) Good to see you, SpongeBob. How's the number-one customer of the store doing?

SpongeBob: Oh great, Chris. We're just here to look for some stuff

Rainbow Dash: Say Patrick, wanna shake hands?

Pinkie Pie: And I really, truly, sincerely, hope you feel welcome here amongst all us pony folk.

Rainbow Dash & Pinkie Pie: [shakes Patrick's hands but both of them has 1 buzzer each on their front hooves, so it shocks Patrick]

Pinkie Pie: (laughs)

Yellow Bird: Nice one. 

Rainbow Dash: Thanks, guys.

Chris McLean: Patrick you just fell for the granddaddy of all pranks by both Rainbow Dash & Pinkie Pie. The joy buzzer.

Patrick: I don't get it.

Chef Hatchet: You don't have to get it, son! The prank is for the enjoyment of the prankster.

SpongeBob: Ok, Chris & Chef, let's see what you've got.

Owen: Is there something for us to buy?

Chris McLean: Well, this came in just this morning, Owen. [shows package of gum] Have some gum. [Patrick chews the gum but then the gum explodes in his mouth] Ha! Exploding chewing gum. Only $9.95.

Patrick: [His teeth are gone] I don't get it.

Crusher: Remember Patrick, you don't have to get it.

Timon: Anything else?

SpongeBob: What can we get for one dollar? [shows a real dollar]

Chris McLean: Well, one dollar will get you this fake gag dollar. [shows a fake dollar] Fool your friends into thinking you've got a real dollar.

Eddy: Nope. Not getting that.

SpongeBob: What else have you got?

Chef Hatchet: A whoopie cushion?

SpongeBob: Nah.

Rarity: Sorry, but too rude.

Chris McLean: Fake vomit!

SpongeBob: No.

Squidward: Make me wanna puke.

Chef Hatchet: Real vomit?

SpongeBob: Ew!

Owen: I think I'm going to be sick (turns away & pukes in a bin offscreen)

Spongebob: Don't you have anything good?

Chris McLean: Well, there is one prank that the store's owner been saving for a real top of the line prankster. [Shows spray can] Invisible Spray! Good thing that there's about one for each All Star.

SpongeBob: Wow! Invisible Spray!

Patrick: (his teeth had reappeared) But I can see it.

Reidak: Yes, but the paint is invisible.

Cameron: Yes, that is definetly correct.

SpongeBob: Gee, guys, just think of the pranks we could pull with this! [gives Chris & Chef some money]

Drilldozer: Here you go.

Chris McLean: Good choice. Now be careful with that stuff, All Stars. It stains clothes. But these Invisible Spray Cans that we've gave you are modified to not stain clothes.

SpongeBob: Thanks, Chris! Thanks, Chef!

Duncan: You know, with Invisible Spray, it means "Pranking Time".

(Later, outside)

Spongebob: Here it is, All Stars. The ultimate prank. Invisible Spray!

Patrick: What are we gonna do with it?

SpongeBob: I know! I know! We'll go spray the park bench and then sit on it.

Eddy: Yeah! And when people walk by, we'll be floating in mid-air! [they all think about sitting on an invisible bench, surrounded by people]

Patrick: That's the ultimate prank! Good idea, SpongeBob! [gives a thumbs up]

Rainbow Dash: Well Pinkie Pie & I are thinking about spraying the wagon & then ride on it.

Pinkie Pie: (giggles) And when people walk by, we'll be floating in mid-air, without using Rainbow Dash's wings (they all think about riding on an invisible wagon surrounded by people)

Ezekiel: Wow, nice.

Eddy: Rainbow, Pinkie, as you know I'm the king of pranks from the cul-da-sac.

Rainbow Dash: Oh yeah? Think you, Ed & Double D can be better pranksters than Pinkie & me?

Eddy: You know it.

Rigby: Then let's bet on it.

Mordecai: It's gonna be a Prank War, it'll be Ed, Edd & Eddy vs Rainbow Dash & Pinkie Pie. Whoever wins shall be crowned kings or queens of the pranks.

Edd: Oh my

Spongebob: (got a call on his phone) Hello? Squarepants, speaking.

Sally: (on phone) Spongebob, we need you & the All Stars to get over here quick. We need your help to stop Robotnik & Plankton once again.

Spongebob: We're on our way Sally. (turns off phone) Sorry, but the prank war will have to wait. We have a mission in our hands

Eddy: Aw what? Already?

Sanford: We do have a job to do.

Hank: Yeah & we're freedom fighters.

Deimos: And we stop Robotnik's & Plankton's plan from being succeed

Eddy: (groans as he facepalms) Oh alright. Let's go get'em.

(At Robotnik's Lair)

(We see Sonic & Sally swinging on a long rope over the SWATbots & the Prototype Jack Bots)

Sally: Sonic, this is crazy! If the SWATbots see us, we'll never locate and destroy Robotnik's Anti-Matter Machine!

Sonic: Chill, Sal...we've got to take risks! Besides, this gives us a chance to chat!

Sonic & Sally: (lets go of the rope & lands safely)

Sonic: (carries Sally to the Anti Matter Chamber)

Sally: How can you make jokes? With an Anti-Matter Device, Robotnik could make himself and all his bots invisible...and unstoppable!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters then arrives, still with their Invisible Spray Cans)

Spongebob: Hey guys.

Sonic: Hey All Stars, just in time. What are those things in your hands or know what I mean.

Eddy: They're invisible spray cans!

Deimos: We've bought them from a shop called "Palace of Pranks", which is the...

NICOLE: (from inside Sally's yellow backpack) (beeping)

Heather: What's that obsessive beeping?

Sally: SONIC, STOP! Listen to NICOLE!

(They all suddendly stopped)

Sonic: ?!!

Twilight Sparkle: Oh, it's only NICOLE.

Sally: (pulls out NICOLE from her backpack)

Astro Boy: Yes, NICOLE?

NICOLE: I am picking up a heavy concentration of Anti-Matter Emissions!

(They all noticed the doorway & the Anti-Matter Machine)

Hank: There it is.

Patrick: Let's go smash it.

Sally: Be careful, Sonic! That must be Robotnik's Anti-Matter Machine!

Sonic: Have you seen Robotnik lately? This could be his new food processor!

Spongebob: Let's go gang

(The All Star Freedom Fighters goes through the doorway)

Sally: (puts away NICOLE in her backpack) (looks around) That's weird!

Timon: What's weird?

Sally: There's no guards around!

Pumbaa: That is weird.

Sonic: Doesn't matter! They couldn't stop me...and neither could "Robo-Tub" & "Planko-Tug"!

Ezekiel: (snickering) Robo-Tub & Planko-Tug? (laughs)

Sally: Well...

Sonic: Well what? Think I'm not tough enough to get the job done?

Rarity: Uh, Sonic darling...?

Sally: No, it's...

Sonic: (zooms through the entrance) You sound unsure! No skin off my spines! Gotta juice and sabotage this oversized lava lamp!

Sally: (pulling the All Star Freedom Fighters away from the Anti-Matter Machine & the room) Sonic, All Stars, Wait!

Rainbow Dash: Why are you pulling us away from the room?

Sally: It could be a trap!

(The Entrace suddendly is sealed with Sonic trapped in the room & not Sally & the All Star Freedom Fighters)

Sonic: Huh?

Spongebob: What the? Somebody open this door!

Tyler: (trying to punch the entrace's steel door) Never...leave...a man...behind! (got his hands red & sore) Ow! Oh man!

Sally: (kicks the steel door) Oh, no! The entrance is sealed! Sonic is trapped! Why didn't he listen?!

Spongebob: No idea.

Bouncer: Don't worry, I'll use my heat laserbeam vision (uses his Laserbeam vision to try loosen the steel door's grip)

Astro Boy: And I'll use my digi-beam to help. (helps Bouncer loosen the door by using his Digi-Beam to loosen the door)

Eddy: Quick, Sally, get outta here before it gets really ugly?

Sally: Be careful All Stars (runs off)

(From the other side of the steel door)

Sonic: Sally was right! Sal! Can you hear me?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (appears on the moniter with Plankton) No, but I can, Hedgehog! I started the rumor about my anti-matter machine to lure you here! The truth is, we've both failed in getting the device to work!...

Plankton: And the All Stars may have escaped...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: ...But the anti-matter won't matter once you've been roboticized!

Sonic: (notices the SWATbots & the Prototype Jack Bots) !!

Dr. Roboitnik Prime: ...And your speed won't help you because there's no escape! Ah-hahahahehheh!

(Suddendly Bouncer & Astro Boy sucessfully taken down the door)

Izzy: Hey! Over here you Robo-Freaks! Cause the All Stars & Izzy are all here!

Plankton: What?! All Stars?! Get'em!

(But the All Stars has already stopped the SWATbots & the P-Jack Bots before all of the Evil Robots can react)

Plankton: (growls) Curses! (the moniter turns off)

Spongebob: We got to get outta here, A.S.A.P.

Sonic: There's still a chance! (pull out a home made bomb) I'll set our Rotor's Homemade Bomb to go off...(throws the bomb at the Anti-Matter Machine)...and cut through that door with a Sonic spin before it explo...(tries to run, but trips on a thick cord, crashing into Spongebob) YIPES! I tripped!

Spongebob: (accidently throws the Invisible Spray Cans at the Anti-Matter Machine) Yikes! Our Invisible Spray Cans!

Twilight Sparkle: Hold on! (uses her Unicorn Magic to create a very large barrier around herself, the All Stars Freedom Fighters & Sonic) Brace yourselves!

Avak: Oh man, that's not good.

(The Mine exploded, & the All Star Freedom Fighters & Sonic got blown away by the explosion & crashes to the ground)

Hakann: Oof!

Zoey: Eeek!

Eddy: Ow!

Sanford: Ooh!

Donkey Kong: Ow!

Spongebob: Is everyone alright?

(The All Star Freedom Fighters said yes, but Sonic didn't respond)

Cameron: (notices Sonic is missing) Where's Sonic?

Patrick: Where'd did everybody go?

(They all noticed that everyone is invisible)

Rainbow Dash: We're invisible!

Vezok: That's really not good.

Xplode: If Sonic's gone, we're dead meat!

Spongebob: (notices Gwen running off) Gwen, where are you going?

Gwen: I gotta get back to Knothole & tell the others that we need to get Sonic outta here.

Spongebob: Good luck.

Courtney: Since Gwen is still with Duncan, I really hate her, but since we're on the same team for saving Planet Mobius from world domination by Robotnik & Plankton's armies. Guess we have to save our grudge for another time once the war is over.

(With Gwen)

Gwen: (makes it to Knothole) Guys, I have something to tell...(notices Sally who is a bit damaged from the explosion, coming to Bunnie, STH Rotor, Tails & Antoine)

STH Rotor: Sally! Are you all right?

Bunnie: You we're supposed to meet us here an hour ago, Sugah!

Sally: There...there was an explosion at Robotnik's Headquarters! I barely got out alive! (cougs)

Antoine: (gasps)

Gwen: (from the bushes) What? Hello? It's me, Gwen!

Bunnie: (comforting Sally) Where's Sonic?

Sally: He...he was caught in the Explosion along with the All Stars, but the All Stars are very lucky to survive, but there's no way Sonic could have survived!

Tails: Sally! What are you saying?

Sally: (crying) I'm saying that Sonic is gone, Tails!

Gwen: What? (goes up to the Knothole Freedom Fighters) Hello? Anybody home?

Sally: He sacrificed himself to destroy a device that would have doomed the Freedom Fighters! He died a hero! (sobs)

Gwen: (gets angry) Aw what?!

Tails: Phooey! I don't believe it! Sonic is the greatest and nothing could destroy him!

Antoine: You must put your face to ze facts, Tails! Sonic was always so full of ze spirit...(gets scared)...and now (chokes) He is ze spirit!


(The Knothole Freedom FIghters notices Gwen being invisible & begins to scream in fear)

Sally, Tails, Bunnie, STH Rotor & Antoine: (screams & starts running away)

Antoine: (screaming) IT IS ZE GHOST! IT IS ZE GHOST!

Gwen: Wow, that is the first time I yell out in frustration. That really felt good, but it feels like it's gotten out of hand.

Gwen: (calms down & gasps) Me? A Ghost? Oh no! The Anti Matter Machine & the Invisible Spray Paints! I gotta tell the others! Guess that we are ghosts & we ARE dead meat. (runs off back to Robotropolis)

That's the Spirit, Ghost-A-Lot (Part 2)

(The now invisible "All Star Freedom Fighters" has begun searching Sonic until they coughing)

Sonic: (now invisible) (Cough, cough) Man, somebody has seriously disregarded the no smoking policy in this place!

Spongebob: Sonic is that you?

Sonic: Ha! I knew I could do it! Robotnik & Plankton though he could trap me...

Ezekiel: (acidently tips the Steel door on Sonic)

Sonic: ...But I saw right through his tracks (notices the Steel Door) Whoa! That steel door just missed me! couldn't have!

Ezekiel: Oopsie. Sorry, eh?

Boggy B: Welcome to the invisible club on account that your invisible too

Sonic: (notices that he IS invisible) YOW! Where'd I go?! I can't see myself ! S-something strange is going on here! I've got to get back to Knothole! (runs off)

Gwen: (comes back) (panting)

Ed: Hiya Gwen

Eddy: And where have you been?

Gwen: I'm afraid we can't go back to Knothole, because the Knothole Freedom Fighters thinks that we're dead, including Sonic & now we're invisible that no one can see us!

Owen: We're dead? (screams) I'm too young to die! But, I've never been on a date, or held hands, or fulfilled any of my "Owen Gets Jiggy" fantasies. Like the one-

Gwen: Ugh. Stop! Make him stop!

Donkey Kong: (holding a banana) (sighs) Guess I have to do this (feeds Owen a Banana)

Owen: Thanks.

Eddy: (holding Invisible Spray Cans, still intact) At least the cans are intact (tries to spray, but it's mysteriously empty) What the...?!

Pinkie Pie: Lookie, the Cans are all empty.

SpongeBob: (grabs all the spray cans & shake them all) Oh no, it can't be! How are we going to pull off the ultimate prank? Thanks to the explosion, that impact used the last of it! (throws all of the Spray Cans as well)

Rainbow Dash: But what about the Prank War?

Spongebob: Let's forget about the Prank War, Rainbow Dash. Let's go back to South Knothole & wash this paint off. [the All Stars start to walk off somewhere together]

Patrick: Hey SpongeBob, do you know what time it is?

SpongeBob: Oh sure, it's...half past invisible!

Patrick: Gee, it's getting late.

Duncan: Ya think? [they walk up to a SWATbot]

SpongeBob: Let's ask this guy.

Hank: Dude it's a SWATbot.

Ninjini: Hold on Hank, I think that if we're invisible, no one can see us.

Cody: That's kinda freaky

Sierra: Me too, but at least I'm still with Cody.

Spongebob: Ok guys, let's hope that SWATbot didn't see us. (to SWATbot) Excuse me sir, but do you have the time?

SWATbot: Sure. [looks at his watch] It's, uhh, ten to two

SpongeBob: Thank you.

SWATbot: Don't mention it. [turns around to notice no one is there]

Patrick: Don't mention what?

SWATbot: Uhh, who said that?

Patrick: Me.

Pinkie Pie: (lets out a happy yell) SURPRIIIIIZE!

[the SWATbot lets out a cry in fear]

SWATbot: Ghostzz [he runs away from them; his red robotic eyes pop out]

SWATbot's eyes: Aaah!! [they jump into a car and drive away]

Patrick: Hey, I'm no ghost! Well, the nerve of that bot and his driving eyeballs.

Applejack: Pinkie Pie, you scared off a SWATbot

Twilight Sparkle: What we're you thinking?

Pinkie Pie: Since we're invisible, it'll be easy for us to shout Surprize cause I love Surprizes & I love parties! (giggles)


SpongeBob: Wait a second, guys. Pinkie Pie's brain just hatched an idea!

LeShawna: "Pinkie Pie's brain just hatched a..." say what?

Geoff: Lay it on us, yellow square dude.

SpongeBob: OK, we're invisible, right?

Patrick: Yeah.

Spongebob: And Pinkie Pie scared a SWATbot off, right?

Scott: Yeah, what's you point?

SpongeBob: If that SWATbot thought we were ghosts, we could haunt every evil robot in Robotropolis! Oh, it's the ultimate prank!

Rainbow Dash: Does that mean?

Spongebob: Yep, the Prank War is back on & this time we're working together.

All Star Freedom Fighters: Whoo! High five! [all give a high five to each other]

SpongeBob: All Stars, let's go scare us some robots.

(In Robotropolis)

(Another SWATbot & A Prototype Jack Bot hears a noise. They both check to see what it is, but nothing is there]

SWATbot: Did you I heard voices?

Prototype Jack Bot: Huh? (notices a glass of oil on the floor) I thought you left that glass of oil juice on the table.

SWATbot: I did. (notices a giant dirty & rusty gear that is the same size as a SWATbot) And didn't you toss that old gear out yesterday?

Prototype Jack Bot: Yes...(notices all the portraits of Patrick Star)...and since when did we acquire all these portraits of Patrick?! [The All Star Freedom Fighters are covered in some sort of sheets]

All Star Freedom Fighters: Ooooooh! We're ghosts! Ooooooooooh!

Squidward: Whatever.

SWATbot: Intruder alert! Alright, joke's over. Take off the sheets cause your coming with us. [pulls off the sheets and notices there is nothing there]

Pinkie Pie: Surprize!

SWATbot: It is ghosts!

Prototype Jack Bot: Uh-huh, that's what I was trying to tell ya.

Ed, Edd & Eddy: Boo!

SWATbot & Prototype Jack Bot: AAAH!

Tree Rex: (crushes the SWATbot & P-Jack Bot into a large sphere shape pile & throws it away like throwing a baseball) Your out!

SpongeBob: (laughs) Boy, we really scared those 2 robo-clowns

Lightning: Sha-Wow, that was actually fun.

Pinkie Pie: Especially if it's a surprize.

Patrick: Who's gonna be our next victim?

SpongeBob: A better question would be, who isn't?

Scott: And I know just the pig.

(At King Pig's room)

King Pig: (with a piece of cake on his plate) Double Dark Deep-Sea Light Diet Cake! [laughs/squeals in happiness] You will soon be mine. [Cake is eaten out of nowhere. Owen's face is covered in cake so he wipes it off and he burps loudly]

Owen: Sorry.

King Pig: (squeals in shock) [starts hopping all around the room] Ghooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosts!!

Big Brother Bird: (knocks King Pig out with a super dash) Stay...down.

[Later, we see a third SWATbot who is standing guard]

SWATbot: Huh? [the paintbrush he was using is floating in the air and is painting where the SWATbot was a mustache on his metal face]

SpongeBob & Patrick: Ooh!

[SWATbot run through a wall]

SWATbot: Ghosts!! [shown P-Jack Bot in aerial patrol as a hover car is seen driving next to him without a driver]

Bridgette: Hey there.

Geoff: Cow-a-bunga, dude!

Rainbow Dash: How's the weather up there?

Fluttershy: Is that too loud?

P-Jack Bot: Ghosts! [screams while crashing to a wall]

4th SWATbot: (waving it's arms in panic) Ghosts!

3rd P-Jack Bot: (his eyes widen) Ghosts!

4th P-Jack Bot: (his hands touching his top of his head in panic) Ghosts!

5th SWATbot: Ghosts!

6th SWATbot: (holding a piece of toast) Toast!

6th, 7th & 8th P-Jack Bot: (in union) Ghosts!

(Later, we see the All Stars are reading the newspaper about Robotropolis being haunted by ghosts)

Spongebob: (laughs) It's official! We're the greatest pranksters ever. The whole town thinks we're ghosts. [Patrick is holding his newspaper upside down]

Patrick: Yeah.

Edd: We're doing great gentleman.

Pinkie Pie: Have you ever seen anything more hilarious? [laughs]

Rainbow Dash: I can think of one thing.

SpongeBob: There's only two guys left to scare, and we'll have pranked everybody in Robotropolis. [title of an article says 'Robotnik & Plankton Last To Be Haunted! Says, 'We're ain't afraid of no ghosts'] Plankton & Dr. Robotnik... [Patrick's newspaper is upside down]

Patrick: It says he isn't scared of ghosts.

Eddy: Not afraid of ghosts, huh?

Sonic: (comes back with a letter) Guys, I've come back to tell you that I've found this letter that your gonna find out within the info in this letter.

Spongebob: (looks at the letter) Hmm...(starts reading) "Dear Sonic, I know you're alive, so I left this note! We're on our way to Robotropolois to avenge your death. Your loyal pal, Tails! P.S. If you are dead, then pay no attention to this letter & let the All Star Freedom Fighters read this note themselves."

Raw Jaw: Oh no! This could be trouble.

Sonic: He's right, if they try to take on Robotnik, they'll be ANNIHILATED!

SpongeBob: We'll see about that!

That's the Spirit, Ghost-A-Lot (Part 3)

(At Robotnik's Lair)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (with Snively, Plankton & King Pig) Sonic the dead! Let us observe a respectful moment of silence! (suddendly jumps up & down in joy, writing "NOT" on the Sonic's Wanted list) WAHOO! EEEHAAH! YIPEEE!!

Plankton: Not! We never observe a respectful moment of slience for our enemies!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Sonic is destroyed! Mobius is ours Plankton and no one can stop us! No one!...

Snively: Except the other Freedom Fighters, sir!

King Pig: (still scared) And the ghosts!

Dr. Robotnik: (stops & then gets angry & grabs Snively's & King Pig's necks) Insects! Do you dare to suggest that the Freedom Fighters can defeat me without the cursed hedgehog?!

King Pig: No

Snively: (gets scared) N-n-not at all, sir!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (lets go of Snively)

Snively: (points to the moniter which shows Sally, Tails, Antoine, Bunnie & STH Rotor are heading towards Robotropolis in their infiltration garb) I simply meant that they are going to try to defeat you & your partner, oh hostile one! Observe! They're approaching the city!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What?!

King Pig: And the ghosts are haunting every SWATbot & Prototype Jack Bots!

Plankton: Say what?! Ghosts? There's no such thing as ghosts!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Fetch the Buzzard Bot, Snively! I didn't think this day could get any better...but it's about to!

(From outside of Robotropolis...)

(We see the All Star Freedom Fighters & Sonic are quietly flying inside the Buzzard Bot that just tooken off)

Spongebob: (quietly) Ok, now let's make our villains get spook-a-fied.

Pinkie Pie: (quietly) Okie dokie lokie. (giggles) This is gonna be gold.

Rainbow Dash: (quietly) I know, right?

(With the Other Knothole Freedom Fighters)

Sally: You all know the plan! One of us has somehow got to find Robotnik and force him to surrender once and for all ! Sonic gave his life for our cause! Noww it's up to us to finish the job!

(But the Buzzard Bot already found them)

Tails: Uh...suppose Robotnik finds us before we find him?

(From Inside the Buzzard Bot)

Snively: (with Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton & King Pig) (wearing goggles on his eyes) There they are, sir!

Dr. Robotnik: (wearing goggles on his eyes) Excellent! I'll snatch them up like little worms and drop them into the Roboticizer!

King Pig: And I'll make sure that a ghost won't come near me or my fellas as long as I'm wearing my spotted neckerchief. [grabs a hankerchief] And my dried up Sea Leprechaun. [shows ashes of Leprechaun] And a bit of gold never hurt. [shows a gold necklace around King Pig's neck that says 'Bad Boar'] But to be on the safe side, I'm also wearing me pants in a Maldon knot. [rope is attached] Got my shivering timber brace. And, the hairs on the back of me neck are taped down. And I'm all wrapped up in a suit of anti-ghost armor. And if none of this stuff works, I've got me secret weapon, the Specter Deflector a.k.a. the Paddle-Ball ! [shows a paddle-ball] So just try and get me, you ghosts! Bring it on.

Plankton: Oh brother.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Descend!!

Snively: Yes, sir!

(Sonic & the All Star Freedom Fighters arrives in the cockpit)

Sonic: Hope you guys don't mind that we hitched a ride!

King Pig: Wha...?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Who said that?

Ed: We do.

Sonic: We'll take over these controls for now, thank you! (grabs the Steering Wheel)

Spongebob: Floor it!

Sonic: (flys the Buzzard Bot with a downward spiral)

Dr. Robotnik Prime, Snively, Plankton & King Pig: WHOAH! (felt dizzy after the downward spiral)

King Pig: How the...?

[a couple things begin to float]

Sonic: Robotnik! I am the ghost of Sonic the Hedgehog!

SpongeBob: Plankton! And we're the ghosts of the All Stars! We've come to haunt you!

Sonic: We've come to take our revenge on all of you!

King Pig: Stay back! I'm armed!

Eddy: Oh yeah? (cuts the string off the paddle ball)

King Pig: (gets even more scared) Oooooooooooh....

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I don't believe in ghosts! This is a trick! I'm going to...

All Stars: (quietly) Boo.

Sonic: (drives the Buzzard Bot up & down the 2 mountains & straight upwards the cliff)

Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton, Snively & King Pig: EEEEEEYAHHHHHHH!!!

Sonic: Robotnik! (does a dive in, then a spinning climb & then does a nose dive again)


Dr. Robotnik Prime: Stop! We believe! We believe! What do you want?

Plankton: What do you want with us?

Hank: For Robotnik...

Sonic: We want you to give Mobius back to the Freedom Fighters, Exercise and get a haipiece! Now get out of here!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I'm going! (starts running, pushing Snively) Outta my way, Snively!

Hot Head: And as for Plankton & King Pig....

Spongebob: Leave the Freedom Fighters & Mobius alone...

Corroder: And get the math outta here!

Plankton: Yes sir, yes sir!

Dr. Robotnik Prime, Snively, Plankton & King Pig: (wears the Parachutes & jumps off the aircraft with Snively jumping off first much to Robotnik's anger)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Snively! How dare you jump before me!

Snively: S-sorry, sir!

Red Bird: That takes care of them

Sonic: There they go...

(They become visible again)

Sonic: And just in time! We're starting to be starting to be visible again! We'll ditch this Bird Bot and then join the gang!

Spongebob: Right. Let's land this thing.

Dr. Robotnik Prime, Snively, Plankton & King Pig: (activates their parachutes, floating down to safety)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You'd better let me land first!

Snively: You're sure to, sir!

Plankton: We will.

King Pig: I hate ghosts!


STH Rotor: I still can't figure it out...Robotnik, Plankton & King Pig just bailed out of Robotnik's plane and then it just flew away!

Bunnie: I thought for sho' he was goin' to attack us!

Tails: I'll bet it was Sonic & the All Stars who stopped Robotnik!

Sally: Oh Tails, where are you going to admit that Sonic is...

Sonic & the All Star Freedom Fighters: (arrives)

Sonic: Hey, dudes!

Patrick: Hi guys

Eddy: Missed us?

Tails: It's Sonic! He's alive!

Spongebob: And the All Stars have survived as well.

Xplode: We'll explain everything.

(One Explanation Later...)

Sonic: ...And so, Robotnik, Plankton & King Pig probably still thinks we're ghosts!

Sally: (without her infiltration garb on) I wonder how we can take advantage of that?

Edd: Yes, hiding back to Knothole isn't gonna save us from harms way once the villains notice it's all a trick that we pulled

Sonic: Don't worry, Double D & Princess! Snively will see to that!

Eddy: Yes, Robotnik & Plankton both stink, therefore they are!

(In Robotnik's Lair)

Snively: (notices the Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters celebrating) Sonic?! Alive?! I should alert Dr. Robotnik at once! (runs to tell Robotnik, who is running on a tredmil, wearing a red jumpsuit & an Elvis Hairstyle) (snickers) (In thought: Then again, how many people can say they've been exorcized by a ghost? Ha-ha-ha-ha!)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (running on a tredmil) I don't believe in ghosts...I don't believe in ghosts...I don't...(huffing & puffing)

Plankton: Ok, this is gone far enough.

Tredmil: (malfunctions) Weight does not compute!

King Pig: (still scared) (gulps) Help me...

Plankton: (facepalms) I hate my life!

The End

Story #2: Transcript

Deadliest of the Acorns, Sally & Alejandro Team Up (Prologue)

(At Night Time)

(We see the Robotropolis energy sub-station & 3 Prototype Jack Bots guarding the docks)

Prototype Jack Bot #1: Do you see anything?

Prototype Jack Bot #2: Nothing yet. All I see is the Sea.

Prototype Jack Bot #3: (notices a bunch of ducks) Look here. It's just a bunch of ducks?

Prototype Jack Bot #1: Go check it out & report back.

Prototype Jack Bots #2 & #3: Roger, roger!

Hank: (suddendly appears with a Uzi in his hand) And a "Roger roger" to you to (open fires at the P-Jack Bots, destroying them)

Alejandro, Sanford & Deimos: (appears)

Deimos: Nice job

Hank: (nods)

Sanford: All clear.

Alejandro: Let's move.

(We see that the Bunch of Ducks are actually rubber ducky head disguises wore by Sally, Cameron, Lightning, Zoey, Scott, Jo, Mike, Dakota, Anne Maria, Brick, Sam, Dawn, B & Staci, who are wearing swimsuits, climbing up the wooden ladder on the dock)

(At the top of the dock, they takes off her swimming gear and proceeds on in their normal clothing)

Hank: Operation "N.I.G.H.T.N.I.N.J.A.", is a go.

(They arrives at a tall wall, so she takes out her grappling hook.)

Cameron: (checking the angle) Ok, all good.

Sally: (fires her grappling hook above the wall & starts climbing the wall)

Sanford: (throws his signature hook that is tied with a long & strong line above the wall & starts climbing the wall)

Alejandro, Hank, Deimos, Cameron, Lightning, Zoey, Scott, Jo, Mike, Dakota, Anne Maria, Brick, Sam, Dawn, B & Staci: (looks down and sees a Swatbot & a P-Jack Bot)

Scott: (pulls out 2 defibrillators) Go for it.

Sally: (jumps down on a SWATbot and shocks it with a defibrillator)

Scott: (jumps down on a P-Jack Bot) Clear! (shocks the P-Jack Bot with another defibrillator)

Sally & Scott: (jumps off of the SWATbot & the P-Jack Bot as both bots crashes down)

Alejandro, Hank, Deimos, Cameron, Lightning, Zoey, Jo, Mike, Dakota, Anne Maria, Brick, Sam, Dawn, B & Staci: (jumps down safely)

Lightning: (covering Staci's mouth) Dang dude, why should I have to cover Staci's mouth, man?

Zoey: Let's keep going

(Sally, Alejandro, Hank, Deimos, Cameron, Lightning, Zoey, Scott, Jo, Mike, Dakota, Anne Maria, Brick, Sam, Dawn, B & Staci continues on to a locked panel at the sub-station.)

Sally: (pulls out NICOLE)

Cameron: NICOLE, override the security code, please?

NICOLE: (overrides the security lock, opening a panel on the wall) Security Lock Override...

Brick: Forward march. I'll be right behind you.

Mike: Ok, let's go

Alejandro: Sally goes first.

Sally, Alejandro, Hank, Deimos, Cameron, Lightning, Zoey, Scott, Jo, Mike, Dakota, Anne Maria, Brick, Sam, Dawn, B & Staci: (starts crawling inside a vent, arriving in a dark room)

Brick: You see, the thing is...I'm scared of the dark.

Brick: Oh dear, it's too dark.

Alejandro: Allow me (turns on the light)

(They goes over to a computer panel)

Sam: Whao, looks very complicated. Even though I played Video Games.

Hank: Time to overload the system.

Sanford: Ready NICOLE?

NICOLE: (accessing the systems) Decryption in progress...access code established...command link achieved...

Deimos: Now, prepare the Self Destruct System.

NICOLE: (activates an auto-destruct system)

(The Self Destruct counts down as everyone makes their escape through the same way they got in)


(With 23 seconds to spare, they all escapes the building and escapes, while trying to keep their cover)


Zoey: Only 17 seconds left...


(We see that someone is following them on the roof)


Dawn: (sences someone) (gasps) Someone's here

B: (looks concern)

Deimos: Who exactly?


(Sally, Alejandro, Hank, Deimos, Cameron, Lightning, Zoey, Scott, Jo, Mike, Dakota, Anne Maria, Brick, Sam, Dawn, B & Staci hears a thump around a corner of a building & leans against the wall)

Dawn: He's near.

Lightning: Are you sure, it's a him?

Alejandro: Let's find out.


Sally: (pulls out a grenade)

Alejandro: On the count of 3. 1...2...3!

(Sally, Alejandro, Hank, Deimos, Cameron, Lightning, Zoey, Scott, Jo, Mike, Dakota, Anne Maria, Brick, Sam, Dawn, B & Staci turns to the corner & looks on as a crossbow is being pointed at them, being held by a male skunk.)


Hank: What the...?

Sanford: A Skunk?!

Sally: Who...are you?

Skunk: Would've thought that t'be obvious, luv...I'm the bloke with the knock-out gas bolt, ready t'put ya to sleep!

Hank: And we're the guy that are armed with strong weapons! (pulls out a SPAS-12 & aims it at the Skunk)

Sanford: (pulls out his signature hook & a Uzi & aims the Uzi at the skunk)

Deimos: (holds up 2 SMG2's & aims them at the skunk)

Skunk: Now explain ya self, or it's into the land of dreams for ya!

Hank: We're just doing the same thing, only this time we use our weapons to send you to cloud 9, mister.


Sally: Look...whoever you are...we don't have time for this!! We need to get out of here before the explosion...

Skunk: Explosion? What explosion?!


Lightning: Sha-uh oh!

(The auto-destruct goes off, propelling the group away from the area & they all crashed to the ground)

Alejandro, Hank, Sanford, Deimos, Cameron, Lightning, Zoey, Scott, Jo, Mike, Dakota, Anne Maria, Brick, Sam, Dawn, B & Staci: (groaning after the impact)

Sally: That explosion!

Skunk: (groans) Nicely done, Luv!

Cameron: I think I hurt my ribs.

Anne Maria: I hope it doesn't mess up my hair due cause that sure is hairy.

Brick: Everyone's present & accounted for.

Scott: (sarcasticThanks for the role call, soldier pants.

Brick: Your welcome

Scott: I was being sarcastic

Skunk: Saved me the trouble of Blowin' the place to kingdom come m' self!

(They all begin getting up)

Sally: Happy to oblige! Any enemy of Robotnik's is a friend of mine! Call me Sally!

Alejandro: My full name is Alejandro Burromuerto! But you can call me "Alejandro", but not "Al". I hate it when Owen calls me "Al".

Cameron: I'm Cameron & this is Lightning, Zoey, Scott, Jo, Mike, Dakota, Anne Maria, Brick, Sam, Dawn, B & Staci.

Hank: I'm Hank J. Wimbleton

Sanford: Sanford.

Deimos: And I'm Deimos.

Skunk: Sally? As in Princess Sally?

Zoey: Yes, Sally is her name (points to Sally)

Skunk: (Salutes) Geoffrey St. John, late of his majesty's secret service, current leader of the Rebel Underground! Pleasure t'make your acquaintance!

Sally: Rebel Underground?

Staci: Whao nelly.

B: (thinking)

Sally: I wasn't aware of any...

Geoffrey: We pride ourselves on maintainning a low profile, m'lady...on the Q-T, so to speak!

(Unknown to Sally, Alejandro, Hank, Sanford, Deimos, Cameron, Lightning, Zoey, Scott, Jo, Mike, Dakota, Anne Maria, Brick, Sam, Dawn, B & Staci, a SWATbot & a Prototype Jack Bot both gotten up from the explosion nearby and has them in its target-sight.)

(SWATbot's POV)

Sally: (in thought: It's a pretty well-kept secret all right, Mr. St. John! ...I wonder what other tricks you have up your sleeve!)

(Prototype Jack Bot's POV)

B: (notices both bots & waves his hands at Cameron, trying to communicate with them)

Cameron: (notices B) B? Are you ok? What's the matter?

B: (points to a SWATbot & a Prototype Jack Bot getting ready to fire)

Cameron: That's not good.

To be Continued....