This is the 21st Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton, Robo-Robotnik 1.0, Cyborg Plankton, Evil Sonic & Doodlebob

Story #1: Transcript

Night of a 1000 Spongebobs (Part 1)

(At the Great Forest)

(The All Star & Knothole Freedom Fighters are strolling along)

Spongebob Prime: (relaxing with Patrick) What a day. It sure is a beautiful day, isn't it my friend?

Patrick: (relaxing as well) You said it, pal.

Squidward: (sighs) Morons.

(Suddendly a large cosmic interstate portal appears out of nowhere in front of them)

Spongebob Prime & Patrick: Pretty.

Sally: Wha-what is that thing, Sonic the Hedgehog?

Sonic Prime: I'm not quite sure, princess...but it looks awfully familiar.

STH Rotor: My guess would be that it's some sort of doorway to another dimension of life!

Xplode: (facepalms) Oh great, not the Cosmic Interstate again.

Twilight Sparkle: (notices someone coming out of the portal) Wait, what's that?

Pinkie Pie: He must be new! (gasps) Can I please throw a suprize welcome party to the new friend?

Sonic Prime: Wow! Something's coming through! Get down!

(Everybody gets down)

Cody: Aah! (got tackled by Sierra)

Sierra: Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you my Codykins!

Cody: (brushing his tounge with a tooth brush) Sheesh, guess somethings never change

Xplode: The last time I went into the Cosmic Interstate is when I noticed that there's another zone called the "Negative Zone". I know how they feel

(They noticed a Cyborg Sonic, who is an exact duplicate of Sonic, just with half his head roboticized.)

Owen: That was close

Sally: S-s-Sonic? He'! Only...he's a cyborg!

Justin: Oh dear, is he alright? Hope that there's nothing wrong with my skin. Don't wanna get them damaged from all the hard work.

Courtney: (sighs)

Cyborg Sonic: (rubbing his head) (clicks) (whirls) Processing...(clicks) (whirls) Attack mode! (attacks at Sonic)

Sonic Prime: (dodges) Whoa! Chill out. Heavy Metal Dude! We're on your side! (low voice) I hope

Cyborg Spongebob: (appears) Settle down, Cyborg Sonic. That's enough

Squidward: (notices 2 Spongebobs) There's 2 of them?! (screams & then faints)

Patrick: Now I'm confused again

Sally: I don't understand! How can there be a Sonic, a Spongebob, a Spongebob Cyborg & a Sonic Cyborg?

Sonic: Now I remember!

Cody: Us too!

Sonic Prime: Something like this happened to me once before! That "doorway" must have been an exit...

(Flashback of "The Good Sponge, the Bad Doodle & the Owen" starts from traveling in the Cosmic Interstate to the race of Sonic & Evil Sonic)

Sonic Prime: ...From the cosmic interstate! You can get anywhere from there! Last time I took a wrong turn, and ran into an evil version of myself! Trust me, it was not a pretty sight!

(Now we can see Sonic & Spongebob with thousands of zone versions of themselves)

Spongebob Prime: Does that mean...?

Sonic Prime: That's right. In theory, there are hundreds...thousands...maybe even kazillions of other similar universes...and just as many of different versions of me & Spongebobs!

Eddy: Once Squidward wakes up & notices that many Spongebobs, he'll never believe this.

Cyborg Sonic: That's the fact, Jack! (clicks) (whirls) Explanation Mode...

Ezekiel: Uh, who's "Jack", eh?

Big Brother Bird: (shrugs)


(We see that Cyborg Sonic's  & Cyborg Spongebob's universe is a dark & terrible place been taken over by "Their" Robotnik & "Their" Plankton)

Cyborg Sonic: My & Cyborg Spongebob's universe is a dark and terrible place where our Doctor Robotnik & our Plankton turned the Freedom Fighters into Cyborgs...but that proved to be a fatal mistake!

Ed: Uh?

(We see the Cyborg versions Freedom Fighters are destroying the Badniks & "Their" Robotnik & "Their" Plankton are both watching the whole thing)

Cyborg Sonic: With our new half-animal, half mechanical bodies, we were powerful enough to march on Robotropolis, and confront Robotnik for what we hoped would be our final battle.

Avak: Just like Bunnie?

Cyborg Spongebob: Yeah, you can say that.

Cyborg Sonic: But we were wrong.

(Now we see "Their" Robotnik & "Their" Plankton are roboticizing themselves, turning into Robo-Robotnik 1.0 & Cyborg Plankton)

Cyborg Sonic: To win the war, Robotnik & Plankton subjected themselves to his own Roboticization process...

(Now we see the Cyborg Freedom Fighters are being terminated & Cyborg Sonic & Cyborg Spongebob only survived)

Cyborg Sonic: ...With crushing results! The resistance was terminated...

(Cyborg Sonic & Cyborg Spongebob are both running in the Cosmic Interstate)

Cyborg Sonic: And my Spongebob & I fled onto the Cosmic Interstate in search of allies to fight this new menace! Robotnik & Plankton were pure evil...but what he has since become is infinitely worse!

(End of Flashback)

Cyborg Sonic: Now they're threatens all universes...including your own. (points to Sonic)

Cyborg Spongebob: And we must stop them at once.

Sonic Prime: Don't sweat it, Chrome dome! Me, myself & I will put a stop to that!

Spongebob Prime: Same goes for me, myself the All Star Freedom Fighters & I.

Thunder: Uh, how do we do that?

(Several Hundred Side-Trips across the cosmic interstate later...)

(We see that there's all of the zone versions of Sonic & Spongebob)

All Star Freedom Fighters & the Knothole Freedom Fighters: (sitting on their seats on seats)

Squidward: (wakes up) Huh? What happened? (notices all of the zone versions of Spongebob) (stammers & then faints again)

Noah: I'm thinking that Squidward will keep on fainting, when there's more than 1 Spongebob. Guess Squidward hates Spongebob. No suprize, what-so-ever.

Sonic Prime & Spongebob Prime: (on stage in front of their stands)

Spongebob Prime: Greetings all zone versions of me & Sonic

Sonic Prime: I suppose you're all wondering why we called you here today! To put it bluntly, fellow hedgehogs

Spongebob Prime: And fellow Sponges...

Sonic Prime: A crisis is upon us!

Sally: (in thought: Look at all the different Sonics & Spongebobs. I wonder how many there are?)

Twilight Sparkle: (in thought: There must be over millions of different zones)

Hot Head: (In thought: Wow, they are over a million of those guys)

Sonic Prime: One of Robotnik's & Plankton's countless counterparts has conquered his "Universe"! The question is...what are we going to do about it?

??? #1: You'll do nothing, hated Hedgehog!

??? #2: Same for you, hated Sponge!

All: (looks around)

Spongebob Prime: Huh?

Sonic Prime: WHO?

[Robo-Robotnik 1.0 & Cyborg Plankton (the heads of Robotnik & Plankton, but roboticized), arrives through the trans-dimensional portal with many advanced Shadow SWATbots & the "Tekken 1" versions of the Prototype Jack Bots called the "Cyber Jack Bots". And they're Robo-Robotnik 1.0 & Cyborg Plankton)
Prototype-Jack Bot (Shadow) (Tekken 1)

Cyber Jack-Bots

Cyborg Plankton: Greetings.

Robo-Robotnik 1.0: ...heh, heh...fall...before the forces of CYBORG PLANKTON & ROBO-ROBOTNIK!!!

Robo-Robotnik 1.0 & Cyborg Plankton: (laughing evily)

Angry Birds: (growling at Robo-Robotnik 1.0 & Cyborg Plankton)

Owen: (screams) We're all gonna die!

Night of a 1000 Spongebobs (Part 2)

(In Robotnik's Lair)

Robo-Robotnik 1.0 & Cyborg Plankton: (in the moniter) (evil laughter)

Robo-Robotnik 1.0: Well done, Sonic the Hedgehog by gathering your hedgehog "brothers", you've saved me & my friend the time and trouble of tracking them down!

Cyborg Plankton: Same to you Spongebob for bringing your sponge "brothers" as well.

Robo-Robotnik 1.0: Soon, this universe...and all others...shall belong to ROBO-ROBOTNIK!

Cyborg Plankton: And CYBORG PLANKTON!

Plankton: (With Dr. Robotnik Prime) Who's that?

Snively: (serving oil on a silver tray)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Hrrmph! Who does those upstarts think they are?

Plankton: Wait a minute, that's our job!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (sighs) They think they're us! And they're a way!

Plankton: And stole our jobs too!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Regardless...(presses a red button to order the SWATbots to attack the Shadow SWATbots)...if any Robotnik is destined to rule the know won't be Robo-Robotnik & Cyborg'll be me & Plankton.

Plankton: (presses another red button to order the Prototype Jack Bots & the new Prototype Cyborg Jack Bots to attack the Cyber Jack Bots)
Prototype-Jack Bots -Tekken 1-

Prototype Cyborg Jack Bots

Prototype Jack Bots & my brand new Prototype Cyborg Jack Bots, stop the Cyber Jack Bots from taking our jobs.

(Back with the heroes in the Neutral Zone)

(We see Robotnik's forces & Plankton's forces succeed on destroying the Shadow SWATbots & the Cyber Jack Bots, and destroy the Shadow Swatbots

Robo-Robotnik 1.0: What?! My Shadow SWATbots...destroyed?!

Cyborg Plankton: My Cyber Jack Bots, destroyed! How did this happen?

Robo-Robotnik 1.0: Who dares...?

(Robotnik & Plankton arrives to confront Robo-Robotnik & Cyborg Plankton.)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: We dare! The true Doctor Ivo Robotnik & Plankton! ...And your floating image doesn't scare us!

Plankton: And if you mess with them, you mess with us!

Donkey Kong: Well I'll be a monkey's uncle, did you see what I see?

Spongebob Prime: I'm seeing what your seeing, but I can't believe what I'm seeing. Robotnik & Plankton...

All: Saving us?!

Patrick: Now I'm confused again.

Black Bird: Me too

Dr. Robotnik Prime: This is my & Plankton's world...and it's not big enough for the both of us! (points to Robo-RObotnik 1.0 & Cyborg Plankton) Be gone with you!

Plankton: And don't let me & Robotnik Prime catch you again!

Robo-Robotnik 1.0: As you wish...but we shall return!

Cyborg Plankton: But the next time we meet, we will bring in our most powerful machines!

Robo-Robotnik 1.0 & Cyborg Plankton: (dissapears)

Sailor Man Sonic: That's two down...

Sonic Prime: ...and two to go!

Corroder: Now for you two!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You fools! Do you really think he'd give up so easily? I certainly wouldn't!

Jetbug: What are you saying?

Plankton: Hold it, hold it. Let us explain

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Since this new menace is a threat to all our interests, Plankton & I propose we cease our private battles and pool our resources!

Spongebob Prime: Hmm, this is a very tough decision.

Sonic Prime: This stinks worse than last weeks chili-dogs, Doc! But...when you're right, you're right!

Spongebob Prime: Guess it's a deal.

Edd: Guess that's the first time that Robotnik Prime saved us, kinda remind us how the Underground Version of Robotnik destroyed Lord Fuse, by catapulting him towards his ship with All Star Spongebob's move from "Street Fighter", which is called a "Hadouken" & Spongebob calls his version of this move "Bubble Blast". Guess he learned that from "Ryu" while we're sleeping in an unlabeled environment without the Van, which is totaled from the crash that which is the only giant boulder from the Desert & then we had to crash into it by accident.


(They get together around a table, the Knothole Freedom Fighters, All Star Freedom Fighters, Robotnik's forces, Plankton's forces and the Sonics & the Spongebobs, to develop a plan.)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Bots...and Freedom Fighters! I call this meeting to order!

Sonic Prime & Sally: Ahem!

Spongebob: (confused) Huh? Oh.

IronMan Spongebob: Hmm, this is gonna be a tough fight, but what's with all the talking?

Hulk Sonic: Why do others talk? Why not fight? This one is big! Strong! Strongest one there is! No need help!

Hulk Spongebob: Hey! Me, strongest too.

Superman Spongebob: Now now, gentlemen. Let's not fight each other like animals.

4 Kid Sonics: (goes around Hulk Sonic)

Hulk Sonic: (tries to smash them) What can little ones do?

Flash Spongebob: Oh boy.

4 Kid Sonics: (surrounds Hulk Sonic)

Hulk Sonic: ?

Kid Sonic #1 & #2: (jumps up & pushes Hulk Sonic) Does this answer...

Kid Sonic #3 & #4: (on his hands & knees, causing Hulk Sonic to fall off) ...your question?

Hulk Sonic: (crashes onto Hulk Spongebob)

Hulk Spongebob: Ouch!

Yellow Bird: That's gotta leave a mark.

Thor Spongebob: Silence!

Spongebob Prime: He's right

Sonic Prime: Knock it off, you guys! These men (points to Robotnik Prime & Plankton)...has a plan!

Tree Rex: Ok then.

Jetbug: (still comforting a still fainted Squidward) What's your big plan?

Plankton: Here's the plan

Dr. Robotnik Prime: In order to second guess our mutual adversaries, we've had to think like them! Which means he's definitely searching for a way to destroy us all ! ...And they both could accoplish his goal if they had...the giant's hand!...An alien weapon of great power!

Plankton: And we to get that weapon before those cyborg villains do

Meltdown: So, where is this Giant's hand?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: My genius has located the weapon's likely position within the region known as the neutral zone...And we need to dispatch a squardron of Sonics across the cosmic interstate to retrieve it! Go now! Quickly!

Rarity: Ok then, but we all have our eye on you.

Plankton: (sighs) Fine, just go

(Sonic, The All Stars & an army of Sonics & Spongebobs sets off to the cosmic interstate)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (in thought: For the sooner the giant's hand is in Plankton's & my hands...the sooner Plankton & Ivo Robotnik will rule!)

Plankton: (in thought: And once Robotnik & I have the Giant's hand, both of our empires will take over the multiverse!)

(In Robo-Robotnik 1.0's Lair)

Robo-Robotnik 1.0: (on his chair with Cyborg Plankton) How uncharacteristically ironic. Our fleshy other selves has allied themselves with a legion of Sonics & Spongebobs.

Cyborg Plankton: How foolish. We have them right where we've wanted them.

Robo-Robotnik 1.0: Fortunately...(presses a red button, transporting 2 beings here & they're Evil Sonic & Doodlebob) We've saved the worst for last!

Doodlebob: Wha?! (gets angry) (gibberish)

Cyborg Plankton: Welcome Doodlebob & Evil Sonic

Evil Sonic: Hey! What's shakin?! WHERE ARE WE?

Robo-Robotnik 1.0: Where your evil can be put to good use, my friend. Listen well...and Cyborg Plankton & I shall tell you all you need to know...HAHAHAHA!!!

Night of a 1000 Spongebobs (Part 3)

(In the Cosmic Interstate)

(Sonic, Spongebob, the All Star Freedom Fighters & The Sonics, Spongebobs arrives, but all stops)

Spongebob Prime: STOP!

Devil Sonic: What's wrong, Sonic the Hedgehog & Spongebob Squarepants? Why the sudden stop?

Angel Spongebob: Hmm...

Batman Sonic: Ooof!

Superman Spongebob: Ow!

Football Player Sonic: Ungh!

Basketball Player Spongebob: Ouch!

Viking Sonic: (grunts)

Sonic Prime: If you'd watch were we're see for yourselves!

Spongebob Prime: (notices loads of paths) Uh, which way now?

Twilight Sparkle: Let's try to pick one very carefully, just in case

Ed: Hello?

Wizard Sonic: Now what? Do we beat feet this way...

Viking Sonic: Huh?

Devil Sonic: ...or thataway?

Spiderman Spongebob: Wait, which way is the glove again?

Batman Sonic: Maybe we should split up.

Avak: Should we?

Patrick: Uh...

Viking Sonic: Nah! That trick never works.

Eddy: Or does it?

Pirate Spongebob: I'm not sure

Patrick: Wow, now I'm truly confused about having more than 1 Spongebob.

Applejack: Say Sugarhog, which way should we go?

Sonic Prime: According to Robotnik's Map, we head thataway...only there is no "thataway"! Just a big empty space! A colorless void.

(They all noticed that Sonic's right, it is a big white empty void)

Spongebob Prime: It is a colorless void.

Patrick: Yeah, but where's the road? [echoes] Road, road, road, [the echo turns out to be Patrick repeating]road, road, road, road, r...(notices everyone [except Squidward who was still fainted] with their annoyed looks) Sorry.

Vezok: Now what?

Sonic Prime: Hmmm...Robotnik did claim this route ran along border of the neutral zone.

Batman Sonic & Robin Spongebob: Yeah?

Soldier Sonic: So?

Swarm: What does that mean?

Sonic Prime: So sometimes you've just gotta take...(walks to the edge of the road)...a leap of faith.

Sam: The leap of what?

Dawn: Good luck Sonic.

Sonic Prime: (jumps & lands in the empty white void & appears to have no color) Well? What are you waiting for? Let's go!

Scott: Aw what?! You know what, never mind.

Fluttershy: What about Squidward?

Cameron: How about Scott can stay here & keep a look out for danger

Scott: Aw what?! Rock, Paper, Scissors. Loser gets to watch out for danger

Sam: (excited) Alright!

Scott & Sam: (plays Rock, Paper, Scissors & Scott loses)

Scott: Aw nuts.

Spongebob Prime: Good luck Scott.

(Sonic, the All Star Freedom Fighters & the armies of Sonics & Spongebobs, except for Squidward & Scott goes inside the Void as well & appears to have no color)

Scott: (groans & then facepalms) Why do I suggest to Rock, Paper Scissors in the first place

Scott: (notices someone coming) What the...?!

(With the Heroes)

Spongebob Prime: (notices the Giant's hand) Look!

Sonic Prime: There it is! The Giant's Hand! (grabs the Giant's hand)

Admiral Sonic: I wonder if a real giant once wore it?

Pilot Spongebob: I'm not so sure.

Nitroblast: Maybe it's broken.

Dawn: (meditating) (opens her eyes) (gasps) Oh no...

Spongebob: What is it, Dawn?

Dawn: Someone evil is coming & it's someone that we've faced before.

Sonic Prime: (still looking at the Glove) I wonder what it does?

Spongebob Prime: Who is it, Dawn?

??? #1: You'll find out soon enough Blue Boy & Yellow Boy...(spindashes at Sonic Prime)...the hard way!

??? #2: (gibberish) You in my none color territory. (spindashes at Spongebob Prime)

Spongebob Prime: Ow!

Admiral Sonic: Incoming!

(We see lasers firing at the Heroes, but they all dodged out of the way)

Kid Sonic: Hey!

Teen Spongebob: Whao!

Sonic Prime & Spongebob Prime: Who?

Dawn: It's Evil Sonic, Doodlebob, the Shadow SWATbots & the Cyber Jack Bots

(We see that Dawn is right, Evil Sonic, Doodlebob are with the Shadow SWATbots & the Cyber Jack Bots & has the giant's hand, Squidward & Scott in their possession)

Sonic Prime: (gulps) It's our evil twins...and an army of Robo-Robotnik's Shadow SWATbots & Cyborg Plankton's Cyber Jack Bots!

Scott: (screaming)

Spongebob Prime: And they have captured Squidward & Scott

Evil Sonic: Correct-o-mundo, Goodie Two-Shoes! "Nice" to see you again...not!

Brick: Stop your madness at once!

Doodlebob: No way!

Evil Sonic: Doodlebob, me and ol' Robo-Robotnik & Cyborg Plankton are in Cahoots! (points to himself, Doodlebob & the Shadow SWATbots & Cyber Jack Bots) And...once these black metal jacket types have done their thing...I'll be the one and only Sonic!

Doodlebob: And me, one & only Spongebob!


Sonic Prime & Spongebob Prime: (spindashes at DoodleBob & Evil Sonic)

Sonic Prime: Not so fast, Shades & Doodle! Cause, in case you've both forgotten...we're all Sonic & Spongebob!

Spongebob Prime: Yeah! So get ready to rumble...I hope

(The All Star Freedom Fighters & Sonics, Spongebobs starts attacking the Shadow SWATbots & the Cyber Jack Bots, freeing Scott & a still fainted Squidward)

Scott: (carrying a fainted Squidward to safety) Oh, Squidward's like weighed a ton

Evil Sonic: Hah! Your buddies can swat my bots & Doodlebob's...but the giant's hand, Doodlebob & I are headed to home base!

Patrick: Wha...? Where are you going?

Spongebob Prime: (goes in front of Evil Sonic & Doodlebob) Oh no you don't!

Sonic Prime: You two & it aren't going anywhere...(trips Evil Sonic & Doodlebob to the ground, causing them to drop the Giant's hand)...except down...and out!

Patrick: (picks up the Giant's hand) Got it.

Spongebob Prime: Great job Patrick.

Evil Sonic: Smooth move! You may have me...but Robo's & Cyber's computer sensors have targeted and teleported the hand...

(The Giant's hand suddendly teleports away)

Patrick: Huh? Where'd it go?

(At Robo Robotnik's lair)

(The Giant's hand appears from teleportation)

Cyborg Plankton: It's here at last,

Robo-Robotnik 1.0: At last! The Giant's hand is ours! Now at the press of a single button...(presses the button, causing the Giant's hand to grow up to a giant's size, carrying Robo Robotnik 1.0 & Cyborg Plankton)...the giant's hand will unfold and encase me & Cyborg Plankton...within the most powerful engine of destruction the universe has ever known!

(Robo-Robotnik 1.0 & Cyborg Plankton are both encased inside a giant humanoid-shaped robot)

Robo-Robotnik 1.0: Hedgehogs, Sponges & All Stars, beware! Now inside the control console, we command the might of...GIANT BORG!

(We see that Robo-Robotnik 1.0 & Cyborg Plankton are inside the Giant Borg, which is a giant humanoid-shaped robot)

Cyborg Plankton: This'll crush those heroes for good

Robo-Robotnik 1.0: And together...we shall destroy all Sonics, Spongebobs & All Stars! (controls the Giant Borg to start walking)

Night of a 1000 Spongebobs (Part 4)

(With Sonic, Sally, the All Star Freedom Fighters, Sonics & Spongebobs the Lab)

Eva: (looking at the moniter, to see that there's the Giant Borg on screen) Is that even a giant machine

Owen: (confessing the whole story to Sally on what happen) ...And that's the whole story.

Sally: We've failed, Sonic the Hedgehog! Robo-Robotnik & Cyborg Plankton snatched the Giant's hand out from under our noses...

Ezekiel: Uh Patrick doesn't have a nose, eh?

Sally: ...and now both dictators and they're Giant Borg are wreaking havoc across the face of Mobius, crushing every-thing in their path! We've got to stop them!

Sonic Prime: Tell us something I don't know, how?!

Spongebob Prime: That Giant Borg is so...gigantic.

Congar: And so is me, my Monster pals & the Skylander Giants.

Tree Rex: How can we convince the Sonics & the Spongebobs into stopping the Giant Borg? Look! (points to all Sonic s & Spongebobs pointing fingers at each other)

Trucker Sonic: This is all your fault!

RaceCar Driver Spongebob: No! It's all your fault!

Wizard Sonic: No! It's yours!

Knight Spongebob: No! It's your fault!

Devil Sonic: No! Yours!

Dinosaur Spongebob: No, no, no! It's yours!

Twilight Sparkle: I'm sorry, but...(uses her unicorn magic to make the Sonics & the Spongebobs float) That is enough. (gently puts them all down)

Sally: (to the Sonics & the Spongebobs) Oh, be quiet! Twilight's right. This is nobody's fault! Pointing fingers at one another won't get us anywhere! Besides, we don't have enough fingers!

Staci: And Patrick doesn't have any fingers, like my...

All: Forget it, Staci !

Staci: How come no one ever listens to me?

Edd: I'm sorry, you we're saying.

Sally: Why can't you guys act more like our little friends did before? (points to 4 Kid Sonics)

Eddy: What are you talking about?

Sally: They're small...


(The 4 Kid Sonics works together to push Hulk Sonic off of his feet, crashing onto Hulk Spongebob)

Sally: ...But they know that by working together, the whole can be greater than the sum of it's parts.

(End of Flashback)

Ed: Like jelly beans in a jar?

Pinkie Pie: Mmm, I love Jelly Beans!

Sonic Prime: Sally's right! Divided we fall! But together...

Thing Sonic: You don't have to make a speech, blue guy! We understand!

Mister Fantastic Spongebob: Yeah, we remember it very well.

Human Torch Sonic: We'll take Robo-Robotnik, Cyborg Plankton and his walkin' tin can down at any cost.

(Sonic, the All Star Freedom Fighters, Sonics & Spongebobs starts chasing the Giant Borg)

Robin Hood Sonic: Whoa! Look at the sie of that thing!

Green Lantern Spongebob: That's one big bot.

Batman Sonic: He's big alright ! But in my universe, I fought others who were even bigger and defeated them! Just as we shall defeat Robo-Robotnik, Cyborg Plankton and they're giant borg!

Spongebob Prime: Ready guys?

Owen: Ready!

All: STOP THE GIANT BORG! (starts attacking the Giant Borg)

Squidward: (still fainted)

Cyborg Plankton: What is this?

Robo-Robotnik 1.0: Spare me & my partner the false bravado, you red white and blue buffoon

Cyborg Plankton: You too you Yellow white red brown & black All Star freaks

Robo-Robotnik 1.0: While we control the power of Giant Borg...(controls the Giant Borg to attack Sonic, the All Star Freedom Fighters, Sonics & Spongebobs back) are all less than NOTHING!@

Cyborg Plankton: Nice move.

Robo-Robotnik 1.0: Thanks, but the outcome was never in doubt!

Spongebob Prime: The Robot's off balanced ! This is our chance

Sonic: Now...while he's off balance...LET'S HIT THEM WITH EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT!

(Sonic, the All Star Freedom Fighters, Sonics & Spongebobs starts attacking the GIant Borg, tearing the giant humanoid robot apart like spindashes, punches, kicks, tackles & more)


(The Giant Borg has been crashed to the ground, broken apart)

Cyborg Plankton: (got crushed by all of the giant broken parts of the Giant Borg) Ouch.

(The Heroes then lands on their feet)

Congar: Done it !

Sonic Prime: That's the end of Giant Borg!

Sally: But what about Robo-Robotnik?

Twilight Sparkle: And what about Cyborg Plankton?

Duncan: (pulls out Cyborg Plankton who is still in one piece) Does this answer your question, girls?

Cyborg Plankton: Curses! Foiled again!

Robo-Robotnik 1.0: (broken apart, his head bounces down to the heroes) This...does not...compute!

Sonic Prime: (picks up Robo Robotnik 1.0's head) Alas, poor robo...guess the big guy finally lost his head!

Cyborg Plankton: Ahhhhh, shaddap!

Cyborg Sonic: I'll take that! (snatches Robo-Robotnik 1.0's head from Sonic)

Cyborg Spongebob: And I'll take him too! (grabs Cyborg Plankton from Duncan)

Cyborg Sonic: My friend & I won't be back! Hasta la vista, Hedgehog!

Cyborg Spongebob: Thanks for all your help guys. Duty calls! (leaves with Cyborg Sonic)

Justin: Farewell.

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: (picking up the parts of the Giant Borg)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Incredible! Upon "Destruction" Giant Borg has broken down into interlocking parts, like a jigsaw puzzle! And they're mine mine! All Mine!

Plankton: And also mine too!

(Suddendly all of the Sonics & Spongebobs surrounded Robotnik Prime & Plankton)

Plankton: What the?!

Cowboy Sonic: You were saying?

Jungle Spongebob: Get'em!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Curses! Foiled again! And again! And again!

Plankton: Shaddap, Robotnik!

Sonics & Spongebobs: (starts attacking Dr. Robotnik & Plankton)

Spongebob Prime: That takes care of Robotnik & Plankton for now

Sally: We can't leave these parts lying around...who knows if they be connected to reform Giant Borg?!

Gwen: This could be a problem.

Courtney: Any ideas?

Sonic Prime: (gets an idea) I've got a great idea!

Eddy: Me too!


(We see that Sonic, Sally & the All Star Freedom Fighters are selling broken parts of the Giant Borg to the different zone versions of Sonics & Spongebobs while they're going back to their zones)

Eddy: Step right up folks & get your own broken piece of the Giant Borg as a souvenir, only 25 cents each.

Sonic Prime: With it's interlocking parts scattered to the four corners of creation, I don't think we'll be hearing from Giant Borg anytime soon!

Sally: Are you sure the pieces will be safe with them?

(Sonic, Sally & the All Star Freedom Fighters returns to the Prime Zone)

Sonic Prime: Hey, if you can't trust yourself...who can you trust?!

Spongebob Prime: Good point

Swarm: Yeah, it is a good point.

Squidward: (wakes up) Huh? What did I miss?

All: Uh, Nothing.

Squidward: Never mind.

The End