This is the 2nd episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes (Story 1): Spongebob, Zaktan & Kineticlops

Main Villains (Story 1): Dr. Robotnik, Plankton, Krudzu & Vegon.

Main All Star Heroes (Story 2): Spongebob & Eddy

Main Villains (Story 2): Dr. Robotnik & Plankton

Season 1 Opening Theme: Transcript

(We see a Yellow Mokujin with Blue glowing eyes, coming to life & then preparing & doing the art of kung fu, while flashbacks from Sonic Underground: Crossover, appearing for only a few seconds before fading away)

(Then finally the Yellow Mokujin does a kung fu pose as the scene changes to a picture of the Yellow Mokujin itself, not before the Season 1 Theme begins to play as Spongebob emerges from the paper, charging towards the P-Jack Bots & the SWATbots with spindashes, while the Knothole Freedom Fighters follow him not to far behind with Sonic spindashing at the P-Jack Bots & the SWATbots)

(Then Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok lands & then slashes at the Swatbots with their weapons as Ed, Edd & Eddy working together using the Batter-Ed at the P-Jack Bots)

(Xplode uses his Missile Spikes to blow up a batallion of Swatbots, Meltdown uses his Tentacle Whip to whip at the P-Jackbots & while the rest of the Hero Factory Villains open fire at the Swatbots & the P-Jack Bots)

(The Total Drama Gang then does their best against the Swatbots & the P-Jack Bots as the Skylander Giants rams at the Serpentine in full speed with their Strength)

(Eventually the All Star Freedom Fighters & Knothole Freedom Fighters then begins charging towards Robotropolis ramming through every Swatbot & P-Jack Bot that are in their path)

(Finally Spongebob & Sonic then charges at Robotnik & Plankton, about to do a double spindash at them while the screen flashes white, revealing the Title "Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover", Sonic style, with Spongebob doing Sonic's pose)

Story #1: Transcript

Meet me at the corner of Spongebob Street (Part 1)

(In Dr. Robotnik Prime's Lair)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (enraged with his arch-nemesis Sonic the Hedgehog, and hoists up a piñata that looks like him) Sonic the Hedgehog, you've ruined my evil schemes for the last time.

Crabmeat: Ha!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You and your freedom fighter friends have destroyed my robot maakers and foiled my foul!

Crabmeat: Do it, oh circular one! Do it !

Dr. Robotnik: Now you pay the price! (attacks the piñata and shatters it)

Plankton: (appears) Sounds like you need some help from me.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Who are you?

Plankton: I'm Plankton & you must be the Prime version of Dr. Robotnik, right?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: How did you...?!

Plankton: You'll know me later.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (grumbles) How pathetic! Me, the great Ivo Robotnik, reduced to hitting a pinata made to look like my sworn enemy!

Crabmeat: Oh, but it's so good, master! Try one of these caramel creams!

Plankton: I know, I would've done the same thing, with a pinata shaped like Spongebob.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What? Who is this Spongebob?

Plankton: (about to tell him, but got interupted)

SWATbot: (appears with a plant in a flower pot) Research and development SWATbot #693-47B92 reporting!

Plankton: What is it?

SWATbot: For you, on keeper of the blubber!

Dr. Robotnik: A plant?! You have the nerve to bring me a PLANT?!

Crabmeat: Uh-oh...

Plankton: What do you mean?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (whacking the SWATbot on the head) Your worthless bucket of bolts! You know my rules! No Singing, Laughing, Reading, Cute Animals, Dancing... and most of all... NO PLANTS!!!

Vegon: (already heard the two words "No Plants") (Head #1) HEY!!! (Head #2) On behalf of myself & all of my plant monster relatives. (Head #3) I resent that remark!


Dr. Robotnik Prime: (notices Vegon) GAH! Who the heck are you?!

Plankton: I forgot to mention, this is one of my new recruits of the Plankton Empire, named "Vegon". And he's very upset if you upset any of his Plant Monster Relatives.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I DON'T CARE!

SWATbot: But...

Plankton: But what?

SWATbot: (damaged) Master...the plant is not organic! It's mechanical! I call it...KRUDZU!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (notices the Krudzu is indeed a machine) Wotzat?

Crabmeat: Look!

Vegon: The Krudzu reminds me, when I was a baby...DOH NOW I'M CRAZY!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Gadzooks! It's true! It's a Machine!

Krudzu: Hail, Robotnik!

Vegon: And hail Plankton.

Crabmeat: (gulps) And a scary one at that! (suddendly the Krudzu traps Crabmeat like the Constrictai) Yikes! It grows so fast! It's got me trapped! Help!

Krudzu: Yum!

Vegon: Now I'm hungry for action!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: A most interesting comcept! How can I use Krudzu against Sonic & his friends?

Plankton: Don't forget Spongebob & his All Star Friends.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Don't correct me!

SWATbot: By having this customized burrobot seed the great forest, your lardness.

(A Burrobot appears & starts digging & starts planting)

SWATbot: Observe how he digs a trench while spreading the seeds of destruction.

Plankton: Impressive

Dr. Robotnik Prime: And a wonderfully sinister plan! One that only I could have conceived of! Isn't that right, burrobot?...Or do you want to be promoted to the spare parts department, too?

Burrobot: Y-yessir...N-N-Nossir...what-ever you say!.

Plankton: Vegon, you are going on a little trip to Knothole for your first mission.

Vegon: Alright! I'll do it, for your sake, master Plankton.

Plankton: Ooh, I like that.

(With the All Star Freedom Fighters)

(They all arrived at Knothole)

Spongebob: So where could the Knothole Freedom Fighters have gone?

Zaktan: I'm not sure, but let's go!

Zoey: (notices a way in through the secret underground villiage of Knothole) There it is.

Kineticlops: Alright, race you down there.

Spongebob: Your on! 1, 2, 3, go!

Spongebob & Kineticlops: (starts racing through the passage way to knothole village)

Squidward: Great.

Rainbow Dash: A race? Can I join? 1, 2, 3, go! (follows after Spongebob & Kineticlops)

Twilight Sparkle: (chuckles nervously) I guess we can find Knothole underground.

Zoey: I believe your right.

(Everyone else goes inside the passage way to Knothole)

(Meanwhile, in the secret underground village of knothole)

Antoine: (thought: [sighs] Princess Sally is discussing strategy with Sonic instead of me, Antonie D'Coolette, Military leader of the freedom fighters!)

Sonic: I dunno, Sal...maybe just an Aluminum frame...

Sally: (Is pink with Black hair) I thought it would look nice double-matted!

Antonie: I'm so jealous! Why doesn't she ever notice me?

Sally: Let's ask Antoine...ANT!...ANT!

Sonic: (notices that Antoine didn't hear Sally) He's lost in his thoughts...and brother, that's lost!

(As Antoine climbs up the ladder, Sonic & Sally heard & notices Spongebob, Kineticlops & Rainbow Dash coming through the entrace, with the other All Star Freedom Fighters following not to far behind)

Spongebob, Kineticlops & Rainbow Dash: (crashes)

Spongebob: Did I win?

Sonic & Sally: (notices a familliar sponge) SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS?!

Spongebob: That's my name.

Spongebob: I never knew Sonic & Sally are both shocked to see me. Guess it is a reunion.

Sonic: What are you doing here?

Spongebob: Our new leaders, Liu Bei, Cao Cao & Sun Jian have sent us to help you.

(With Antoine)

Antoine: (climbing up the ladder up to the surface) (groans) Perhaps I treat her too formally...maybe I need to appeal to her feminine side! (opens the door way of the Stump) Cards? Candy?...Flowers! That's it! I'll pick her a lovely bouquet! (climbs out & runs off into the Great Forest) Something Unusual...Ah! There's a unique-looking bit of Flora.

(Burrobot & Vegon are hiding behind the trees, spying on Antoine)

Burrobot: (thought: You're about to find out how unique, 'T wan!)

Vegon: (thought: Cause the Plants are gonna pick you!)

(Back in underground)

Kineticlops: Can you please tell me who won the race anyway?

Reidak: You don't even have to say that.

Congar: Yeah.

(Then suddendly...)

Antoine: (from above) AIEEEEEE!!!

Eddy: What was that?

Sally: Omigosh! Did you hear that?

Sonic: Yeah! It came from up above!

Applejack: Hold on partner, we're a coming!

(They started running towards the surface)

Sonic: C'mon, Sally! It's about time I got to show my stuff...this comic book's still called "Sonic the Hedgehog", isn't it?

All Star Freedom Fighters: (confused) Huh?

Hot Head: Question. Why is Sonic talking about a comic book?

Sonic: Hi ho, hi ho, it's up to the woods we go!

(Then they emerge from the surface from the entrace)

Zaktan: Guys? You may wanna check this out

Sally: (gasps) LOOK!

(We see Krudzu & Vegon trapping Antoine)

Sonic: Yow! Some horrible plant & that giant one entwaned mean-grabbed him!

Edd: That would be Antoine, Sonic. Don't let the excitment spoil your grammar.

Kineticlops: Vegon?! What are you doing here?

Vegon: (Head #1) Hello All Stars! (Head #2) My name is Vegon of the Plankton Empire & I am here to trap anyone with my jaws...(Head #3) that stands in my way!

Antoine: Go back! Save yourselves! I'm Doomed!

Zoey: (gasps) Those plants reminded me of Larry the Venus Flytrap!

Zaktan: Never mind that now! Antoine needs saving & fast!

Meet me at the corner of Spongebob Street (Part 2)

Sonic: Sonic the Hedgehog never deserts a friend in need!

Spongebob: And since the All Star Freedom Fighters & I are all here. Looks like we'll ALL help you.

Krudzu: Gee...what a beautiful sentiment!

Sonic & Spongebob: (uses a Sonic Spin to cut through the Krudzu)

All Stars: (cutting through the Krudzu

Spongebob: Great minds must think alike.

Antoine: 2 Sonic Spins! ...Be careful !

Fluttershy: (feels scared) Oh my goodness!

Sonic: Chill, 'Twan!

Spongebob: Relax Fluttershy, we got this.

Zaktan: I hope your right, let's take on Vegon!

Krudzu: (spots Sally) Hiya toots!

Sally: Hurry, Sonic & All Stars! This weird plant is all over the place!

Zoey: I never thought that Krudzu & Vegon are both similar to the Venus Fly Trap Monster.

Vegon: (evil laughter) (Head #1) You will never escape from me!

Zoey: Do something!

Spongebob: Got it!

Tree Rex: (pounds Vegon) Guys, hurry!

Vegon: (Head #2) Hey! That hurt!

Xplode: We're waiting!

Sonic: (carries a tied up Antoine) Okay, I've got the Ant-man! Let's get back to Knothole!

Sally: (punches Krudzu)

Krudzu: Oofah!

Sally: Yes...and quickly before these plants follow us down!

Ed: The Plant Monsters are back again!

Owen: RUN!

(As everyone got in, Owen seems to be stuck cause he is too big)

Owen: Guys, I'm stuck again.

Tree Rex: Sorry Owen, but hold still. (about to punch Owen)

Owen: Holy great big apple!

Tree Rex: (punches Owen down through the tunnel)

Owen: AHHH!


Owen: I'm ok.

Tree Rex: (notices an emergency entrace to Knothole for giants) Come on!

(The Giants & the Monsters find an emergency giant entrace & goes through it)

Krudzu: Ouch!

Vegon: Tell me about it.

Owen: Don't worry, I'm gonna be ok. I never knew Tree Rex had packed a punch.


Tree Rex: Sorry Owen

Owen: That's ok, that happens to me most of the time.

Sally: Boomer! You've got to help us get Antoine free of this bizarre vine he's wrapped up in!

Agamo: And it has something to do with Vegon.

Boomer: Oh, is that it? I thought he was making a radical fashion statement!

Lindsay: There's a fashion show?

Sonic: This is serious, big guy!

Noah: And by serious you mean tied up?

Sally: Sonic's right! Whatever those things are, they're taking over the great forest!

Magmo: The Giant plant's name is Vegon, he was born in Atomic Island.

Eddy: Well that makes sence.

Boomer: Hmm...(pulls out a chainsaw) Good thing I've got my chainsaw handy!

Antoine: (notices the chainsaw & shrieks)

Reidak: That's nothing, here's my buzzsaw (pulls out his buzzsaw)

Antoine: (shrieks again as he notices Reidak's buzzsaw)

Boomer & Reidak: (trims the table)

Antoine: (faints from seeing a chainsaw & a buzzsaw)

Duncan: (laughing) Oh man that's so good! Nice one!

Reidak: Oops

Avak: Is he gonna be ok?

Squidward: He looks fine to me.

Boomer: I've been meaning to trim that table ever since I built it!

Reidak: "Boomer's been meaning to trim that table ever since he built it"? (facepalms)

Sally: The poor dear...he fainted!

Rarity: Oh my goodness, why would you made Antoine faint from shock?

Sonic: Boomer had me fooled! How' bout you?

Spongebob: That really scared me.

Boomer: Now I can get close enough to Ant so I can pull this thing off of him! (tries to pull the Krudzu off of Antoine) Give me a hand, guys?

Spongebob: We're happy to help

Cameron: Anything you need.

(Sonic, Sally & the All Star Freedom Fighters starts peeling off the plant from Antoine)

Boomer: That's it! Toss the plant into that bucket over there!

Sally: Right!

Sonic: Okay!

Spongebob: Got it!

Lightning: On it! Sha-bam!

Meltdown: I gotta admit, Boomer was actually preaty cool, even as a handyman.

(And they did & finally Antoine had woken up, but feels a bit woozy)

Boomer: He's loose! Let's walk him around!

Sally: Antoine...

Mordecai: Are you ok?

Antoine: Oooog...I feel dizzy...weak...confused...

Sonic: Good, he's back to normal!

Rigby: Yeah, back to normal in dizzy world...(got punched by Mordecai) OW!

Ezekiel: (notices Tails coming this way) Huh?

Tails: (notices a bucket of cutted Krudzu) Oh, wow! Somebody brought in a bucket of cuttings!

Ezekiel: Uh guys?

Scott: Not now Ezekiel.

Ezekiel: But, but...

Rainbow: We said, not now.

Tails: But they're so dry! I'll give them a soaking!

Ezekiel: GUYS!

All (except Ezekiel & Tails): WHAT?!

Ezekiel: That (points to Tails watering the bucket of Krudzu with a watering can filled with water)

All (except Ezekiel & Tails) TAILS!...NO!

(But it was too late, Tails already watered the plant & the bucket started shaking)

Ezekiel: Doesn't anyone listen to the homeschool guy, which is me, eh?

Justin: (notices the bucket of Krudzu is rumbling) What's going on?

Boomer: Egad! He watered that thing!

Zoey: That's not good

Sonic: Now that it's nourished, it'll grow like mad!

Sally: Soon, it'll be all over Knothole!

Antoine: Here we go again!

Eye-Brawl: You can say that again, but don't.

Tails: Hmf! Catch me doing a favor for them again!

Heather: Ezekiel, why didn't you tell us?

Ezekiel: I did tell you, eh? But noo, you don't wanna listen to me at all, eh?

Sierra: (hugs Cody) Hold me!

Cody: Help!


Dr. Robotnik Prime: (watching through the telescope)

Plankton: Did Vegon & Krudzu's plan work?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: They did! And it's wonderful...excellent! The Krudzu & your monster plant officer, Vegon has almost completly engulfed the great forest! When the freedom fighters emerge from the forest, they'll be attacked by a squardron of Buzzbombers! (orders the buzzbombers to charge at the Great Forest)

Plankton: (notices one buzzbomber is going the wrong way) Other way, (softly) you bot brain!

Buzzbomber: (notices) Ooops! (goes the other way)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: And if they stay in the woods, Krudzu will smother them!

Plankton: And don't forget Vegon, he'll chomp on the All Stars for his lunch.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Either way, Sonic and his friends along with this Spongebob & the All Stars Perish! Hoo Ha Hee Hee Haa...(got scared) EEEEK!

Plankton: What is it Robotnik? An emergency?

Dr. Robotnik: (blushes) Sorry...sometimes I'm so evil, I even scare myself!

Plankton: (Sarcastic) What a surprize.(normal & softly) I don't even know what is up with Robotnik anyway.

(At that moment:)

(Surprizingly, the Krudzu in the bucket didn't grow, it exploded)

Corroder: Uh, what just happened?

Waspix: I don't know.

Boomer: Sheesh! Is it done?

Sonic: I'll say... and what a stench!

Hot head: (sniffing) Mmm, is that the smell of an Electrical fire? Cause I'm hungry for some delicious Hot food.

Boomer: Electric...say! That just may be the answer we're looking for!

All (Except Boomer & Astro): ?

Astro Boy: I believe your right Boomer. Hold on. (scans the Krudzu) I got it!

Boomer: Aha! Just as I thought! This thing isn't organic!

Astro Boy: Instead, it's Mechanical ! (stops scanning)

Sonic & Tyler: Huh?

Tails: Technology on the cutting edge!

Duncan: You mean to tell us that it's a robot?

Astro Boy: Yes, it is a robot plant.

Zoey: Oh I get it now.

Kineticlops: But Vegon isn't, he's not a robot, he IS an organic, but the Krudzu is.

Boomer: That's why it exploded when Tails watered it! It short-circuited.

Krudzu: (short circuiting) Ah, ya Faddah's mustache!

Sam: Eeesh.

Zaktan: It's an electrical vine and Vegon!

Sally: That can only mean...

Sonic: Robotnik!

Spongebob: And Plankton!

Sonic, Sally, Boomer, Antoine & Tails: Huh?

Spongebob: Vegon is one of Plankton's officers in the Plankton Empire. He had sent Vegon to stop us.

Zoey: We need to stop Vegon & the Krudzu, but how?

Sonic: Ok then...this will require an amazing feat of speed and skill...I'll need a 5,000-foot garden hose...

Spongebob: (reading a newspaper)

Sally: (notices this) That's it (whispers Spongebob if he can hand over the newspaper to her)

Spongebob: Ok (nods & then gives Sally the newspaper)

Sally: Thanks (whispers to Zaktan first & then the rest of the All Stars

Zaktan: (heard Sally whispering in his ear) Uh Sonic?

Sonic: Yes?

Sally: That won't be necessary, Sonic!

Sonic: What? But i'm the star! I have to save the day!

Sally: Mother nature's gonna do it for us... Read him the weather report, Tails!

Tails: (starts reading) Cloudy with a 95% chance of severe thunder-storms!

Rainbow Dash: I'm a pegasus & I was in charge of changing the weather back in Ponyville.

Spongebob: You we're?

Rainbow Dash: (nods yes)

Spongebob: Oh

Sonic: You mean...

Twilight: Exactly, Sonic.

Sally: Any second now, we should hear that sweet sound!

(from outside)

Vegon: (about to go inside Knothole until...)

(We can hear rain drizzling down)

Vegon: What the? (notices Krudzu malfunctioning & the robo-plant shuts down) What the? What's going on here? (felt the rain on him) But whatever this is, the rain feels so good. I can feel all the way to my finger....leaves. Still I'm gonna destroy Knothole! (got electrocuted by the thunder storm & Kineticlops' Electricity) Ouch! I don't care how dangerous the thunder storm, I gotta get outta here! (starts making a run for it)

Kineticlops: And stay out, Vegon!

Spongebob: Nice work.

Dudley: (hears thunder) AHHH! THUNDER! (accidently crashes into Kitty)

Kitty: Ack!

Thunder: Did someone call my name?

Drilldozer: Dudley's afraid of thunder.

Spongebob: Hmm, who knew?

(At Robotnik Prime's lair)

Burrobot: But master, all I did was seed the great forest!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (holding Burrobot & activating the Robot Disposal) I've seed what you've done... that's why I'm planting you in the trash!

(With Plankton, not to far away)

Plankton: Well Vegon? Did your plan worked?

Vegon: Sorry master, I've failed you. And it's because of Kineticlops' Electricity, but on the bright side, I've felt the water & grown stronger because of the water.

Plankton: Good.

Vegon: I don't understand

Plankton: We will soon learn their every single move..! (grins)

The End

Story #2: Transcript

Spongebob Pinball (Part 1)

Twilight: (searching through the plans with her unicorn magic)

Sally: Sonic the Hedgehog it's our only hope, Boomer!

Boomer: I agree, Princess Sally! Don't you, Antoine?

Antoine: I must admit that Sonic's our last chance! Call him, Tails!

Tails: Why should I call him Tails? That's my name!

Twilight Sparkle: (notices that Spongebob is in the mission) Hm... Never mind you guys do it together and I call for Spongebob

Sally, Boomer, Antoine & Tails: SONIC!

Twilight Sparkle: SPONGEBOB!

Sonic: (Arrives) Wow! The Freedom Fighters sound like a greek chorus! ...Of course, with Antoine included, it's more like a Geek Chorus!

Spongebob: (arrives) You wanted to see me Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight Sparkle: Looks like your in this mission alone with Sonic.

Spongebob: Oh boy!

Sonic: (skids to a stop) What's the trouble? Pollution from one of the nearby robot factories?

Tails: No...

Sonic: Acres of trees in the great forest being chopped down?

Antoine: No..

Spongebob & Twilight: (looks at each other in confusion & then shrugs)

Sonic: A cave-in somewhere in our secret underground village?

Boomer: No...

Sonic: You forgot to program the VCR?

Sally: No!

Twilight Sparkle: Actually it's none of those things.

Sonic: Then why call on me to make such a dramatic entrance?

Sally: It's this map of our planet mobius... none of us can get it to fold up right!

Sonic: (sighs & then folds up the paper) Did mighty mouse really start like this?

Spongebob: Not really.

Boomer: We we're pinpointing a location were the evil Dr. Robotnik is going to make a big speech! (points to the robo-locater which it has a red dot beeping) Right here... in the casino night zone!

Sonic: Yipe! That's one scary place!

Spongebob: Your telling me.

Sonic: But that won't stop me! (runs off)

Spongebob: Wait for me! Gotta go Twilight Sparkle, bye (runs off with Sonic)

Twilight Sparkle: Just be careful

Spongebob: I will

Sonic: Hey kids! Get out your Sega genesis, plug in "Sonic 2" and get me to the casino night zone! ...or you can just turn the page.

Spongebob: (confused yet again)

Spongebob: Is it just me or do I have the feeling that we're being watched.


(They arrived at Casino Park called "Renobotnik")

Spongebob: We're here.

Sonic: Well, well... I finally found something that Robotnik loves...Money!

Spongebob: Maybe even more than Mr. Krabs & Eddy combined

Eddy: (suddendly appears) Did someone say "Money"?!

Spongebob: (covers Eddy's mouth) Yes, but shhhh.

Eddy: Alright alright.

Sonic: How did you get here, Eddy?

Eddy: I followed you here.

Sonic, Spongebob: Figures (goes inside with & see that the Robots & the Prototype Jack Bots are playing casino stuff)

Sonic: Way past cool!

Spongebob: This place is packed...

Sonic: And juicing.

Female Robot: Free oil while you gamble!

Burrobot: Hit me...(got bonked in the head with a hammer)

Spongebob: Ouch.

Eddy: Wait here, I'll be right back! (goes off to gamble)

Spongebob: (sighs) Typical Eddy.

Sonic: Aha! Look Spongebob, just as Boomer said!

Spongebob: (starts reading) Ooh. I get it now.

Sonic & Spongebob: (goes up to the SWATbot Waiter)

Sonic: Table for Two, Garcon!

Spongebob: Please?

SWATbot: Oh?... Hmm... I don't see one, sir... A-hem! (cough, cough)

Spongebob: Oh. Right.

(Meanwhile, backstage...)

Dr. Robotnik:: How's the house, Swatbot?

Plankton: Is it packed yet?

SWATbot: Almost a seeout, you ovality!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Almost? I ordered the theatre to be S.R.O.!

SWATbot: (gulps) Only two empty seats, masters.

Plankton: Only two empty seats?! (notices the last two guest) Oh wait, here they are.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Ah, that's better! When I desplay my latest invention, this planet will be mine at last...

Plankton: Ahem?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: And Plankton's as well, despite those accursed freedom fighters! (notices the last two guest are familliar to him & Plankton) GADZOOKS! Speaking of that who I think it is at the entrance, Plankton?

Plankton: I'm seeing what your seeing & I can't believe what I'm seeing!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Yes! It's Sonic the Hedgehog along with that yellow sponge they called "Spongebob Squarepants"! Well, good! He can help us demonstrate my prototype.

Plankton: This is gonna be gold.

SWATbot: A-heam!! Hrumph-(cough, cough)...Did you say "One" as in ONE dollar? A-a-a-ahem!

Spongebob: What are we going to do?

Sonic: (spins the SWATbot around) Get real, want a tip from the two of us?...Cross at the Green, Not-In-Between!

Spongebob: (founds 2 empty seats) There they are.

Sonic: Alright & it's front & center too.

Sonic & Spongebob: (sits down on their empty seats)

Crabmeat: Ladies and gentlebots!...Let's hear it for our fearless flabby leader...Robotnik and his partner from the Plankton Empire...Plankton!

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: (Arrives)

Sonic: (notices Plankton in his new Eggman Form) (whispers) Is that Plankton in his new look?

Spongebob: (whispers) You betta believe it.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (holding a Orbinaut) Thankew! Wotta crowd! The last place I played was so small, the double 'A' batteries we're stoop-shouldered! But seriously, folks...

Plankton: (sighs)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: This is my most recent badnik...Orbinaut! See how his maceballs allow him to hover...Best of all, they can be launched with deadly accuracy at an enemy! ...For example, Sonic the hedgehog!

(Suddendly an Orbinaut launches a maceball at Sonic, knocking him out)

Sonic: Ow! (knocked out)

Spongebob: Sonic!

Plankton: And Spongebob Squarepants!

Orbinaut: (launches another maceball at Spongebob)

Spongebob: Huh? Eddy! (got knocked out by a Maceball)

(With Eddy)

Eddy: Huh? Sounds like Spongebob & he's in trouble.

Spongebob Pinball (Part 2)

SWATbot: (carrying a think glass ball, with Sonic & Spongebob inside & both of them are crowded inside) Sonic the hedgehog & Spongebob are both beeen subdued...and is ready to go, oh obese one!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Excellent! Put him in the machine!

Plankton: And we'll get it started.

Sonic: Oog... anybody get the I-800 number of that truck?

Spongebob: Or a krabby for two?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Those 2 are jammed so tight inside that super-thick glass ball, they can't maneuver!

Plankton: Perfect for your Giant Pinball Machine!

Spongebob: Uh oh!

Sonic: Hey! Whoa! Time out!

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: (starts the Pinball Machine) Haw!

Sonic: What the?

Spongebob: Yipe!

Spongebob: I just love Pinball rides.

Sonic: Ymf! Inertia works!

Spongebob: Help!

(They both got bounced off by pinball springs)

Sonic & Spongebob: Uh-oh! (got electrocuted)

Sonic: Yipe! 20,000 Volts.

Spongebob: I smell Krabby patty.

Sonic & Spongebob: (got bounced off by multiple bumbers & got outside the pinball machine) (gurgles)

Spongebob: (laughing) Let's do it again!

Sonic: (feels dizzy) Woo-ha! I don't think I could live through that one more time!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Good! Then I'll send you through a dozen more times! (notices Spongebob is actually enjoying the pinball, thinking it's a ride) How was even possible?

Plankton: Don't worry, within more pressure, the sponge will crack like an egg.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Alright. SWATbot! Re-insert the hedgehog & the sponge!

SWATbot: My lumpy load! You should know that someone won fifty cents in the casino. Plus he wins about over a thousand dollars. His name is Eddy & he's very lucky.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What? Don't they know the rules?..."If you try to beat the house the house...

Plankton: Eddy's winning the bets?!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: No that's no it, it's...(gasps) Eddy?! We'll be right back!

Plankton: Prototype Jack Bots, get him!

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: (goes off to find Eddy)

Sonic: (thought: Hmmm...this could be our only chance! It's too snug in here for a sonic spin, but if I use my spines like a glass cutter)

Spongebob: (nods)

Spongebob: Wow, Sonic really is using his brains to find our way out. He maybe fast, but he's also smart.

Sonic: (uses his spines as a glass cutters to cut free) Ok keep your fingers crossed, Spongebob.

(With Eddy)

Eddy: (carrying a sack of gold coins) (chuckles) Robotic-Suckers! (was about to leave until...)

Plankton: Hey! P-Jack bots, get that Scammer!

Prototype Jack Bots: (charges at Eddy)

Eddy: Yikes! (runs off with the sack of gold coins)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: And consider yourself terminated, All Star.

Eddy: I can't believe this. I've actually won the casino's money more than once. But then Plankton comes in with Robotnik & stopped me.


Dr. Robotnik Prime: (holding a sledehammer) Ah before pleasure! Eddy will be captured.

Plankton: Now...where were we?

Prototype Jack Bot: You requested the Hedgehog & the Sponge go back into the pinball machine !

SWATbot: What he said.

Sonic: Ah, blow it out your circuit boards, rustpot!

Plankton: (puts Sonic & Spongebob inside the Pinball machine again)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Prepare for a perilous, punishing, pulse-pounding and profound predicament you blue & yellow punks! (pulls the starter spring)

Sonic: Who writes your dialogue? Al literation?

(As Robotnik activates the Starter spring, the Glass ball shatters)

Sonic: It worked!

Spongebob: We're free!

Sonic: Now that we can go into a Sonic Spin and bust this thing!

Sonic & Spongebob: (does Sonic spins at the Pinball Machine)

Plankton: What the?!

Dr. Robotnik: Gadzooks!!

Plankton: Do something! The Pinball machine is jammed!

Dr. Robotnik: Orbinaut! Attack "Little Pig Man!" & Little Sponge Creep"!

Plankton: Crush them!

Sonic: Give us your best sho, Badnik!...

Spongebob: Yeah, come and get us!

Orbinaut: (fires 2 more mace balls at Sonic & Spongebob)

Sonic: (deflects the Mace balls at Robotnik & the SWATbot by using a sonic spin) ...and I'll deflect your shots to where they'll do the most good!

Dr. Robotnik & SWATbot: (got hit)

Spongebob: Let's get outta here! (spindashes at Plankton & the Prototype Jack Bot) Let's go!

Eddy: Thanks Spongebob.

Spongebob: Is that a sack full of gold coins?

Eddy: Yeah, why?

Spongebob: Never mind, let's get outta here (Grabs Eddy & then makes a run for it outside)

Eddy: (holding onto the sack of gold coins) Whao!

Sonic: (follows Spongebob & Eddy, holding a bingo chart) Okay...B as in "Bomb"--I as in Inconspicuously placed"--N as in "Nine seconds to go"--G as in "Get to a safe distance"--and O as in "Oh boy- Here it comes"--

(Sonic arrives at a safe distance with Spongebob & Eddy & then the Casino exploded)


Sonic: That spells "Bingo!" (notices the Explosion) No...Not Bingo Blammo!!

Spongebob: Nice one

Eddy: Yeah & I got my sack of coins! (holding up a sack of gold coins)

(We see Robotnik, Plankton & Orbinaut got blown away by the explosion)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I hate that Hedgehog! Even that Sponge as well. One of these days, Sonic will be a pork chop dinner! (licking his lips) Mmm... with Sponge Biscuits 'n' gravy...and some black-eyed peas, rice pudding, cannolis...

Plankton: Ahhhh shaddap! I've kinda lost my appetite for Hedgehog & Sponge foods

(The 2 villains crash lands in the water)

Eddy: (holding a sack of gold coins) I'm glad that's over. And once I've won the gold coins, maybe I can buy a truck load of jawbreakers! (his mouth starts to water) Yeah! Jawbreakers!

(Back in Knothole...)

Sally: Great job Sonic!

Twilight Sparkle: You too Spongebob. And Eddy, why did you ever run off like that?

Eddy: Cause I won my coins (holds up a sack of gold coins)

Twilight Sparkle: (looks at Edd, arkwardly) Okay?

Sally: There's just one more thing...

Spongebob: Oh boy!

Sonic: Oh, what now? Not another map to fold?

Antoine: (trying to open a cap) No...but I'm having a devil of a time with this Child-Proof Cap!!

Spongebob: Oh ok then

Boomer: I'll lay you three to one Sonic gets the cap off in five seconds or less!

Tails: Sorry--I'm too young to gamble!

Harold: I'll take a piece of that action!

Eddy: Not my coins!

Spongebob: (sighs)

The End