This is the 18th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes (Story #1): Spongebob, Congar & Donkey Kong

Main Villains (Story #1): Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton, Bird Brain, King Gong & Mecha-Congar

Main All Star Heroes (Story #2): Twilight Sparkle & Reidak

Main Villains (Story #2): None

Story #1: Transcript

Gorilla Warzone, Congar vs King Gong (Part 1)

(We see the All Star Freedom Fighters doing a bunch of stuff like playing chess, planting trees, talking to each other, Bridgette & Geoff making out with each other on the couch & Sonic & Spongebob playing Ping Pong)

Sonic: That's game, set and match...

Izzy: (suddendly comes in, doing a tarzan yell, interupting everyone, except Sonic)

Spongebob: What the?!

Sonic: me! (scores the final point)

Spongebob: Nice one, so that's 11 - 10. You won the Tie Breaker, Sonic!

Rigby: Aw what, Izzy distracted Spongebob, no fair!

Mordecai: But that's game.

Antoine: (sighs) I wish Sonic would stop playing Ping-Pong by himself and let ze res of us have a turn at ze table.

STH Rotor: (sleeping) Zzzz...

Courtney: Uh, he's playing Table Tennis with Spongebob.

Donkey Kong: (eating a banana) Mmmm, it sure is hard work protecting Mobius from Robotnik & Plankton. I can sure go for a banana

Deimos: You already had a dozen bananas, DK.

Donkey Kong: In that case, I can go for a nap (takes a nap)

Congar: Yeah, this is good. We wish we can...

Ninjini: Due to me being a half ninja, half genie, it also cause me to grant wishes like a real genie.

Congar: Oh, I knew that.

Patrick: Just like a Genie!

Sonic: Whew! Fun's fun, but enough is too much! It's time for action! (grabs about 7 darts) Things have been a little too for my taste...(throws the darts at the target, which has Robotnik's face on it)...without good ol' Ivo to kick around!

Spongebob: Or Plankton to squash.

Sonic: Wonder where Ol' Robo-butt & one eye junior's been keeping himself lately?

Applejack: Ah'm not sure sugah hog, but let's continue being a freedom fighter & keep an eye out for those 2 evil doers.

Dudley: But where could they be?

Kitty: (in her karate outfit) Not sure, but whatever they're doing, I don't like it one bit. (strikes a pose)

Dudley: You said it. (strikes a pose as well) And we're on the job of stopping them. Hi-five! (holds out hand; only for Kitty to strike him in the face - he falls over)

Spongebob: (in his karate gear) I didn't know you've done Kah-rah-tay. Can I join you? (holds out hand; only for Kitty to strike him in the face - he falls over) Nice one, New Sandy Cheeks.

Kitty: New...Sandy...Cheeks?!

Spongebob: Since Sandy's not here with me as a Freedom Fighter, guess I'll call you New Sandy.

Kitty: (growls)

Spongebob: Ok, maybe not.

Spongebob: Guess Sandy Cheeks is not the only one who does Kah-rah-tay.

(With the Villains)

(Robotnik, Snively, Plankton & Bird Brain arrives at an island)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: There's our destination, dead ahead! Ready my personal transport and prepare to move out!

(They exited the pod & goes through the jungle with Dr. Robotnik wearing a jungle explorer uniform)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (sitting on a chair, being carried by SWATbots) HAHAHAHAHA! Sonic the Hedgehog would never think to look for us on Skoal Island...but Skoal Island is exactly where we need to look!

Plankton: (on Bird Brain's head) Indeed.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Once we've found what we're in search of...we can engage the hated hedgehog in a little...

Bird Brain: (with his 3 henchmen named Zippy, Owl & Bat) Uh, hate to burst your bubble thought, but what exactly are we're looking for?

Crabmeat: Yeah & precisely what is our hastly assembled safari in search of, sir?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Isn't it obivous, Crabmeat & Bird Brain? We're hunting game...(founds & shows the giant footprint)...Big game!

Plankton: (gasps) Great barrier reef! That footprint's huge!

Snively: (shocked & terrifyed) Gallopin' Galoshes!

Crabmeat: (shocked) A giant footprint!

Bird Brain: Whoever made that footprint is a big one.

Zippy: It sure is, Bird Brain

Owl: Who?

Bird Brain: Me

Bat: (blinded) Where?

Plankton: (annoyed) Forget it!

Bird Brain: They're infuriating aren't they?

Snively: What kind of monster could leave such impressive impressions?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: That's no monster, gentlemen & lady! That's my boy!

Crabmeat: (shocked) YOUR BOY?!

Zippy: You have a son?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: It's a long story!


Dr. Robotnik Prime: (has a italian like black mustace) (wearing a doctor's outfit)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Many years ago, before you bots had even been built, I was a bold, ambitious graduate student, grappling with the challenges of the unknown! A handsome Lad. Brilliant, my doctoral thesis would prove beyond any shadow of a doubt!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (in the lab in a stormy night) (working on his first giant golden robot, like he was in a Frankenstein Movie) My, but you're a big boy, aren't you? (rubbing the robot's giant hands with his hands)...So nearly nearly Perfect! There's only one thing missing...the spark of life!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: But sparks that big are hard to come by. Then I was struck by a burst of Inspiration...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (pulling the Frankenstein Table with the robot on it, upwards to the opened roof) Whew! This is tough & thirst work! What I need are a few million robot minions to back up my brains with their brawn!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: ...And thanks to a convenient electrical storm that was passing through on it's way to hill valley...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: LIFE! Give my creation...Life!

(Lightning strikes at the giant goldne robot, giving him life)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: ...I got my wish.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Now he can do my chorse for me!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Unfortuanately...


Dr. Robotnik Prime: (notices the robot has gone wild & out of control) Whoa! Down, boy! Stay back! Stay back!

(The Giant Golden Robot rams through the wall, making a giant hole in the wall)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: ...My creation had other ideas.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Oh well...back to the drawing board...and the home im-provement shop!

Bird Brain: Is that all?

Plankton: I don't think so.

(At the Waterfalls)

(We see the signs on one sigh post which leads to Big Foot Hills, Giant Gorge, Growlsbad Caverns, Great Ape Lakes, Simian Falls, Putrified Forests & Bonehedge)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: My son's first steps into this brave new world we're awkward ones. Prehaps you've seen the signs of his passing...(thought: They're pretty hard to miss)

Owl: Who?

Bird Brain: Robotnik's Son

Bat: Where?

Bird Brain: (facepalms) Never mind

(We now see that Robotnik is holding a lamp to search his robotic son in the thunder storm, calling out to him)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I searched long and hard, high and low, hither and no avail.

(Now we see the Giant Golden Robot is seen walking underwater with the top of his head above water, due to it's height)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Despite my best efforts, he had vanished into the stuff of which legends are on only in my heart.

(End of Flashback)

Plankton: Wait, what?

Snively: You mean...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: That's right, should have seen the bot that got away!

Snively: But what makes you think the lumbering, mindless brute is here, sir?

Bird Brain: Yeah, how exactly did you do it?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: See for yourselves, gentlemen! One picture is worth a thousands words...and I've got dozens! (shows them the book called "Eye in the sky satellite reconnaissance photo") Of course, there were other clues as to my creation's current location...

(Suddendly we can hear gonging sounds)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: ...Climate shifts...rising tides...

Crabmeat: Uh...loud noises, sir?

Plankton: What is that gonging sound?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: That ringing in my can only mean one thing...

Snively: An Earthquake, m'lord?

Zippy: Chinese Food is ready?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: No, you fool! A family reunion!

Plankton: A what?

Dr, Robotnik Prime: (spots something or someone) Look! There he is! We're together again after all these years!

Bird Brain: (notices as well) HOLY BIG BLUE BUTTS!

Plankton: (notices as well) What the heck is that?!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Say hello to my long, lost first born robotic son...KING GONG!

(We see that there's a Giant Golden Gorilla Robot with a clock on his stomach)

King Gong: (pounding on his chest while roaring very loudly)

Plankton: Now that's a big monkey.

King Gong: (clicks) (grinds) (sniffs) ?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Quick! Whip out the cameras! This is definitely a Kodak moment!

(They brought out their cameras)

Snively: I think "Sonny" is camera shy, doctor!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Nonsense! He's probably just hungry!

Crabmeat: That's what we're afraid of!

Bird Brain: I hope he doesn't think of me as a roast chicken.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Not to worry! (blows the whistle)

(The SWATbots & the Prototype Jack Bots brings out giant bananas)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: After all...if he looks and thinks like an ape...he can't help but go bananas!

(Suddendly a gigantic black steel crate appears being carried by 4 Helicopters & the helicopters drops the crate to the ground. And then someone breaks out of the black steel crate & it was a Giant robotic Congar & goes right beside King Gong & pounds his own chest like a gorilla)

Plankton: Is that...? Mecha Congar?!

Mecha Congar: (robotic roars)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You know him?

Plankton: It's a long story. I found him being shut down in Metro City in the War of the Monsters Universe & I think he's attracted to the bananas as well.

(King Gong & Mecha Congar begins munching on the bananas, in a rude manner)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Save room for dessert, m' boy!

Plankton: You too Mecha Congar!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: There's a certain Hedgehog I'd like you to devour! Heh-heh-heh!

Plankton: And don't forget those certain team of All Stars that you would devour as well. And if there's Congar, destroy him! (laughing evily)

Bird Brain: (sighs) If those 2 giant apes kept eating like that, they could leave a big mess around the jungle.

Gorilla Warzone, Congar vs King Gong! (Part 2)

(We see that Sonic, Sally & the All Star Freedom Fighters are packing the picnic basket for the picnic)

Sally: Do we have everything we need for our picnic, Sonic the Hedgehog?

Sonic: (packing the picnic basket with food) Let's see...pickles...chili cream...chili dogs...peanut butter...chili dogs...and bananas! Yep! All here!

Donkey Kong: Mmm Bananas.

Courtney: Double D & I have been making pies for you guys (she & Double D brings out the pies)

Hakann: Hot Head & I made chilli

Spongebob: I made some delicious krabby patties for everyone.

Congar: Let's go for a picnic.

(They all went outside with Sally holding the picnic basket & Sonic holding the Picnic Basket & the jug of water)

Sonic: Hope Robotnik doesn't crash the party!

Sally: Don't worry! He's been missing for weeks!

Spongebob: Yeah, so is Plankton.

Sonic: I know! But whatever he's been up to can't be anything good!

Pinkie Pie: Oh Sonic, try being happy for us & the picnic please?

Twilight Sparkle: (sighs) I had the same feeling as Sonic as well. Just like when I'm discovering anything about the Elements of Harmony & the legend of Nightmare Moon. Legend has it that in the thousandth year of the summer sun celebration, the stars will aid her escape from the moon & brings out night time eternal. Good thing my friends cured Princess Luna from her bitterness.

(In Robotnik's HQ in Robotropolis)

(We see 2 giant crates filled with King Gong & Mecha Congar, being lowered down by using a crane while King Gong & Mecha Congar are banging the crates from the inside)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Patience, m'boys! Patience! Dinner's almost ready!

King Gong & Mecha Congar: (comes out of their crates & starts eating bunches of bananas)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Such a healthy makes a father proud.

Bird Brain: Kinda reminds me on how I make the Monster Booby. Kinda makes me a father of the Monster Booby

Crabmeat: It makes me nervous...especially at the rate he's eating!

Plankton: How so?

Crabmeat: What a consumer! (gulps) I hope he doesn't like cracked crab!

Owl: Who?

Bird Brain: Mind your own business, Owl!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Don't be ridiculous! With the proper care and feeding Plankton & I'll have them both eating out of your hands! After all, if pavlov can make does salivate at the sound of a bell...I can get these mechanical monkeys to jump through a few hoops!

Bat: Where?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (to Bat) Never mind (to everyone) Trust me! He'll squash Sonic like a grape!

Plankton: Yeah, just like the time they've all crush me.

King Gong: (notices that there's no bananas left) ?

Crabmeat: Speaking of fruit m'lord...we're running out of bananas!

Mecha Congar: No bananas?!

Bird Brain: Great Toliet Backfires! Mecha Congar can talk!

Plankton: Guess it did.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Then perhaps he'd best move on to the main course! (holds up a picture of Sonic & points at the picture) Go, Boy! Sic'im! Make daddy proud!

Plankton: (holds up a picture of the All Star Freedom Fighters) Alright Mecha Congar, destroy the All Star Freedom Fighters! Now go!

Mecha Congar: Yes, master

(Mecha Congar & King Gong rams through the wall, making a large hole in the wall)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (sighs) I lose more walls that way! Home improvement I come...again!

Plankton: (groans) House keeping!

(Soon, in the Great Forest...)

(The Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters are having a picnic together)

Owen: Mmm, yummy. Can somebody please pass the sandwiches?

(Suddendly the ground begins to shake, because of giant footprints taking big & loud steps)

Sonic: W-w-what's happening?

Sally: I-i-is it an earthquake?

Crusher: Don't look at me, I didn't do that.

Antoine: (notices 2 familliar robotic apes appearing from the bushing feeling hungry & they are King Gong & Mecha Congar) Crusher's right! Zat ees no earthquake!! Zat ees ze beeggest robot apes I have evaire seen!

(Everyone else also notices King Gong & Mecha Congar)

Sally: Biggest? How many others have you seen?!

Congar: (notices Mecha Congar) Mecha Congar?!

Mecha Congar: Hello, my original ape! Fancy meeting you here. Time for you to be crushed!

Donkey Kong: Look out!

Antoine: He's putting hees foot down!

(The all got out of the way from King Gong's & Mecha Congar's Stomps)

Sonic: Shades of Doctor Scholls!

Noah: Thanks for the warning

Patrick: Now what are we gonna do?

Sally: One side, "Heroes"! (goes up to King Gong & Mecha Congar) I'll handle this!

Sonic: SALLY?!

Spongebob: What do you think your doing?

Sally: (ignores Spongebob) Just because you're both 800-ton gorillas doesn't mean you can go stopming around anywhere you want! You might've hurt someone! (kicks King Gong's foot, much to the 2 giant robotic apes' confusion)

King Gong: (clicks) (grinds) ?

Donkey Kong: Quick, get outta there Sally!

Sonic: (carries Sally back to the Heroes) Better back off, Sal! I don't like that look in his eyes!

Mecha Congar: (growls) You guys are dead! Right King Gong? (no answer) I said "Right, King Gong?" (notices King Gong has hearts in his eyes, meaning that he's in love with Sally) Oh boy! (facepalms)

Spongebob: Get'em!

(The All Stars & Sonic begins their attack, but King Gong then gets ready to flick Sonic away)

Sonic: (Stops) Uh-oh! This ain't good! (got flicked away by King Gong) Whoa, Nellieeeeee...(crashes into the All Star Freedom Fighters)

B: (catches Sonic)

Edd: Are you alright?

Patrick: What happened?

Sonic: ...that big ape really packs a wallop!

Mecha Congar: (crushes the All Stars, except Congar & Donkey Kong) Gotcha!

Spongebob: (got dizzy) So does Mecha Congar

Congar: Your gonna get it Mecha Congar!

Donkey Kong: Yeah, bring it on!

Sonic: Can't waste time being unconscious...Sally needs me! I'll pass out on my own time!

Mecha Congar: (grabs Twilight Sparkle) Since King Gong had Sally Acorn as a hostage, I'll be taking Twilight Sparkle as my hostage too!

(King Gong & Mecha Congar makes their escape with Sally & Twilight Sparkle in their hands)

Sonic: Hey! Where did they go?

Congar: Mecha Congar has Twilight Sparkle

Applejack: Uh oh! We gotta save'em!

Antoine: Eet was zee strangest thing! Zee giant ape scooped up zee princecess and went zataway! (points to King Gong has Sally in the palm of his hand)

Tails: I think he's in love with her, Sonic!

Fluttershy: Oh my, how can we get Twilight Sparkle from a robotic monkey that big?

Sonic: Then why didn't you stop those 2 armoed apes?

Antoine: What are you? Ze cuckoos? Did you see ze size of him & his friend?

Congar: Hey! Me & my Monster friends are the same size as those robotic beasts

Preytor: Yeah, so can it, Antoine!

Togera: I guess Sonic is right when he said he was annoying & scared after all.

Tree Rex: We betta hurry & find them & fast.

Sonic: (sighs) Then I guess we'd better get going...(grabs Antoine's hand & pulls him to the Bi-Plane)...and you're coming along for the ride! We've got a plane to catch...

Rainbow Dash: Come on, let's fly! (flys upwards)

Fluttershy: (gulps) (flys after Rainbow Dash)

HF Rotor, Jetbug, Waspix, Preytor, Astro, Swarm & Ninjini: (flys after Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy)

Tails: (sings) Here we come to save the day!

Sonic: ...And "Weather" we like it or not...there's a "gorilla in our mist"!

Donkey Kong: You mean 2 (gestures his 2 fingers in a peace sign) gorillas in our mist?

Sonic: You know what I mean.

Duncan: Tails, one thing to remember, Duncans do NOT sing.

(Back to Robotnik & Plankton)

Plankton: Any news Snively?

Snively: (looking through a binoculars) Pardon me for asking, doctors...but why is your "son" climbing the trans-mobius trade center?

Bird Brain: Huh?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: WHAT? Give me those Binoculars! (grabs the Bionoculars, not knowing choking Snively by accident)

Snively: (got choked) Ghack!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (notices King Gong climbing up the trans-mobius tower while holding Sally in his arm) (Gasps) Oh Nooo!

Plankton: Now what?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (also notices Mecha Congar following King Gong with Twilight Sparkle in his hand) He & your revived creation, Mecha Congar are heading for the Mini-Mall at the tippity-top with that squealing squirrel & that purple unicorn!

Owl: Who?

Plankton: Sally Acorn & Twilight Sparkle! At least we have hostages, right?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: We've got to stop him!

Bat: Where?

Bird Brain: On the top of that tower! Now come on!

Plankton: What? But why? (notices that Robotnik, Snively, Bird Brain, Zippy, Owl & Bat have already ran off) Never mind. (follows the villains)

(With Sally & Twilight Sparkle)

Sally: (looks up to King Gong's eye) (now mad) Well I never... this is no way to treat a lady, Magilla! What's the big idea?

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah, why did you bring us here?

Mecha Congar: I've brought you here as a captive, Twilight Sparkle. Right, King Gong?

King Gong: (points to the sunset)

Sally: Oooh...You brought me & Twilight Sparkle all the way up here to see the sunset!

Twilight Sparkle: It's so beautiful, I guess Mobius is different to Equestria.

Sally: That's sooo sweet of you...but I already have a boyfriend!

Twilight Sparkle: Me too.

Mecha Congar: (notices this & facepalms)

Twilight Sparkle: Every once a year, the summer sun celebration is the one day a year that we get to watch Princess Celestia raises the sun at dawn. It's very beautiful just like the Sunset that Sally & I are watching now.

(Back with the Heroes)

(We see that the All Stars are in their Bi-Plane called the "Sponge Flyer", which is Yellow with White Wings & a Brown Tail, except for HF Rotor, Jetbug, Waspix, Preytor, Astro, Swarm & Ninjini who are flying on their own with them & the Giants & the other 7 monsters who they followed them on foot, following Sonic, Tails & Antoine who are on their Bi-Plane)

Edd: (driving the Sponge Flyer) There they are, ladies & gentleman

Antoine: (driving the Bi-Plane) Bogey at twelve o'clock high! They got Sally & Twilight, Sonic & Spongebob.

Sonic: Let's move in for a closer look!

Congar: I'll take it from here! (starts climing up the tower) You guys distract both robotic apes while I climbing up to the top.

Preytor: Good luck Congar.

Donkey Kong: Watch out!

King Gong & Mecha Congar: (spots the Heroes, except Congar)

Mecha Congar: Hey!

Sonic: Uh-oh! I think they spotted us!

Scott: Ya think?!

King Gong: (thinks that Sonic is a banana)

Spongebob: Take evase of action! Serpentine! Serpentine!

Ed: Where?

Eddy: No Ed, Spongebob means takes evase of action!

(The Heroes begins to dodge all of King Gong's & Mecha Congar's attacks)

Mecha Congar: You can't get away!

Sonic: Then I guess it's time I spin into action! (jumps up) Bombs away! (does a sonic spin at King Gong, but got bounced right off) Unh! (feels dizzy)

Spongebob: Sonic! (jumps up & tries to do a Spindash at Mecha Congar)

Mecha Congar: Nice try, but no dice! (swats Spongebob)

Spongebob: Ow! That hurt!

Sonic & Spongebob: (falls down)

Spongebob: Aaaaaah!

Sonic: Ooops! Maybe I shouldn't have leaped before I looked! It's a looong way down!

Donkey Kong: (catches Spongebob) Gotcha!

Sonic: (lands on the Bi-Plane)

Applejack: Ya'll alright, partner?

Spongebob: Yes, thank you DK

Donkey Kong: Your welcome.

Antoine: Allo, my friend! So glad you could drop on us again!

Sonic: Whew. That makes two of us!

Tails: You okay, Sonic?

Hot Head: Is everything going good up here?

Spongebob: We're all good

Sonic: Yeah...but that things hide is too tough to tackle! Tailk about Steel-Belted Baboons!

Ninjini: Hmm, we need a strategy to take down those 2 robot apes.

Tails: But what about the princess?

Patrick: And Twilight?

Sonic: That's where you & Helicopter Rotor come in, Lil' Buddy!

Harold: I've seen in the movies once, the only way to stop these 2 robot apes is to make them fall down to the ground very hard.

Cameron: Just like in the Movie, King Kong.

Spongebob: Good thinking Harold

Sonic: It's time for a change in stratgey! (throws Tails)

Tails & HF Rotor: (begins flying up to Mecha Congar & King Gong)

HF Rotor: Here we go!

Tails: We'll flip for her! Heads, he wins...Tails...he loses! (carries Sally away from King Gong) Going my way, Princess?

King Gong: ?

HF Rotor: (carries Twilight Sparkle away from Mecha Congar) Going up.

Mecha Congar: We want our hostages back!

Congar: (suddendly attacks Mecha Congar & King Gong) I don't think so, you big apes!

Mecha Congar: Why you...!

Sonic: Way to go, Tails! (holds up a super soaker filled with Banana Oil) Let's break out the super soakers, 'Twan! We've only got 100 gallon shot at this!

Donkey Kong: Darn, I thought I was having a banana as a snack, but yeah that would work too.

Spongebob: (asorbs the banana oil he has in the Sponge Flyer) Ready...aim...FIRE!

Sonic & Spongebob: (fires the Banana Oil at King Gong & Mecha Congar)

Bird Brain: (arrives in the tower & hops on Mecha Congar with Zippy, Owl & Bat) Stop this madness at once!

Dudley: Bird Brain!

King Gong & Mecha Congar: (got hit by the banana oil)

King Gong: (slips & falls from the tower)

Mecha Congar: I'm not slipping that easily!

Donkey Kong: (jumps up & winds up for his strong punch) Oh yeah? BANANA SLAMMER! (punches Mecha Congar & lands on Congar's head)

Mecha Congar: (falls off the tower)

Bird Brain: Gah! (falls down) AIIIEEEEEE!

Zippy, Owl & Bat: (gets off just in time)

Zippy: I hope that Bird Brain learns how to fly

Dr. Robotnik Prime, Snively & Plankton: (arriving in the car)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (notices King Gong, Mecha Congar & Bird Brain falling from the tower) Hold on, M'boy! Daddy's coming!

Snively: Uh, sir, I think we're too little and too late.

(The Heroes lands their Bi-Planes & notices the 2 robotic apes & Bird Brain are falling)

Mecha Congar: NOOOOOOOO!!

Bird Brain: (falling down with Mecha Congar & King Gong) CURSE YOU FREEDOM FIGHTERS!!!


Sally: (winches) Oooooh

Sonic: Not pretty!

Spongebob: I guess Blue Bottomed Boobies can't fly

Dudley; Wait, Boobies can't fly?

Plankton: Bird Brain, are you alright?

Bird Brain: (feeling dizzy after the crash) Who? What? Where? (falls flat on his face)

Plankton: (to Zippy, Owl & Bat) Go get the medic. (to Robotnik & Snively) (looks at the scattered parts of Mecha Congar) So another plan has failed us, now what? (no answer) Hello? (notices Robotnik is mourning over the destruction of King Gong) Huh?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (sings sadly) King-Gong, he was made of lead, lost his grip and broke his head! (normal) My boy...(sobs) he coulda been a contendah!

Plankton: (slaps Dr. Robotnik Prime at the face) Just forget about your robot son & let's get outta here! Sometimes I don't really care what you think anyways.

(Back with the Heroes)

Spongebob: Looks like we've stopped them. Nice job, Congar & Donkey Kong.

Congar: Thanks

Donkey Kong: Yeah, that'll teach the villains for "monkeying around"

(The All Stars begins to laugh)

Congar: Yeah, maybe next time they'll never "oran-gu-tangled" with us

(The All Stars begins to laugh again)

Edd: Ok guys, I think that's enough.

Tails: That gorilla sure fell for the princess in a big way!

Sonic: I can see why! I sorta go ape over her myself!

Xplode: Not if I go ape for her first.

Sonic: Oh yeah?

Xplode: Yeah

Twilight Sparkle: (sighs) Boys.

The End

Story #2: Transcript

Sally's & Twilight's Crusade (Part 1)

(In the fields in Night Time)

Sally & Twilight Sparkle: (sitting on a rock together)

Twilight Sparkle: Wow, it sure is a nice night. (uses her unicorn magic to write in the book about shooting stars)

Sally: (picks up a flower) Hello, little flower! Maybe you can tell me what I need to know! He loves me... (starts plucking the flower's pedals, one by one, while saying "He loves me" & "He loves me not" in a pattern over & over until she pickes the last flower pedal) He loves me not! (sighs) Guess I won't find any answers tonight!

Twilight Sparkle: Sally, is something wrong?

Sally: Oh Twilight Sparkle, things seemed much less complicated when I was young!


(We see a young Sonic & a young Sally relaxing against a tree, watching the clouds together)

Sally: Back then, my thoughts were on anything but romance...

Young Sally: I see a knight in shining armor.

Young Sonic: I see a chili dog...with extra relish

(Now we see Young Sally with her father, King Maximilian Acorn)

Sally: Fun was fun, but my duties as princess always came first! Since birth I had been groomed to one day take my place upon the throne...little did I soon that day would come.

(Now we see Robotnik with the SWATbots in Robotropolis)

Sally: Almost overnight, my father had vanished and Robotnik appeared, spreading his unique brand of tyranny acrass the land.

(End of Flashback)

Twilight Sparkle: Don't worry, it's ok. I'm here for you. (nuzzles Sally's chest)

Sally: (in tears) Thank you Twilight, but I wish I had a magic wand to help wipe my troubles away! Oh, father, I miss you so much!

Twilight Sparkle: (notices a shooting star) Wow, it's a shooting star & you made a wish. I hope it comes true

(With Reidak)

Reidak: (walking by, noticing that everyone is with their dates, playing together, watching the stars together, even he spots Geoff & Bridgette making out on the bench) (sighs sadly) Everyone has their dates, but me. I have no one to love. (notices the same shooting star that Twilight spotted) (sighs) Oh shooting star, I wish that I met the Perfect Girl for me right now.

(The Shooting Star then crash lands on the ground far away)


(In two different places)

Sally & Reidak: What was that?!

(With Sally & Twilight)

Sally: It landed just over that hill! Well, whatever it was...we'd better go check it out!

Twilight Sparkle: Your right, let's go see what happen.

Sally & Twilight Sparkle: (goes off to find the crash site)

(With Reidak)

Reidak: I'd better go check this out, at least I made a wish for once. (goes off to find the crash site)

(With Sonic, Spongebob & the others)

Spongebob: What is that?

Sonic: Let's juice, guys, and check out that big noise!

Squidward: Whatever this is, it has ruined my beauty sleep.

(Suddendly, Sally, Twilight & Reidak appears, but crashes into each other)

Sally, Twilight Sparkle & Reidak: Ow!

Reidak: Sorry about that.

Twilight Sparkle: I'm sorry as well & apology accepted.

Sally: Sonic! So you & Reidak saw it, too?!

Reidak: Yeah! I saw it with my own 2 red glowing eyes.

Sonic: Saw it?!

Twilight Sparkle: Huh?

Sonic: We heard it! That was loud enough to wake the dead!

Twilight Sparkle: Then come on, let's go find the crash site.

Sally: Are we all headed in the right direction, Rotor?

STH Rotor: (using a metal detector) My metal detector thinks so, Princess! In fact...(points to the crash site) THERE IT IS!

(They all witnessed the crash site & in the center of the crash site is a glowing crystal orb)

Spongebob: Wow!

Sonic: Way cool !

Reidak: Yeah.

Sally: You're right, Sonic! It is cool...(picks up the crystal orb) to the touch!

Reidak: Wha?

STH Rotor: That's impossible!

Sonic & Spongebob: Hmmmmm....

Eddy: What's with the Orb?

Twilight Sparkle: This orb must be very special.

STH Rotor: I've never seen anything like it! What do you suppose it could be?

Sally: I'm not sure, Rotor...but this may well be the answer to all of my wishes!

Reidak: (thought: But can this orb be the answer to all of mine too? Especially when I made that wish. Can this orb be the perfect girl that I'm gonna meet?)

The End...for now

To Be Continued...