This is the 15th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob & Patrick

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik, Plankton & Snively

Story #1: Transcript

Patrick's Taste of Power (Part 1)

Patrick: (sleeping on the grass)

Tails: (shakes Patrick to wake him up) Patrick! Sonic & your All Star Teammates are in danger! We gotta save them! They're in the greenhouse

Patrick: (wakes up) Huh? You mean Spongebob?

(At the Greenhouse)

Tails: (arrives with Patrick & notices a large plant wrapping around Sonic & the All Stars [minus Patrick]) Hang on, Sonic & All Stars! Patrick & I will save you from that killer plant!!

Sonic: Uhnn! Nnghhh!

Spongebob: Gah! Ack!

Patrick: Hang on Spongebob! I'll save you!

Sonic: Chill, Tails & Patrick! We're only taking care of Rotor's Greenhouse while he's out! I was watering this Passion Flower when it grabbed me & the All Stars!

Patrick: Huh?

Edd: What he means is that Passion Flowers has a special kiss lust by kissing someone over & over who is close to her to satisfy her their insatiable craving for kisses!

Spongebob: (Laughing) And the Passion Flowers' kisses really tickles.

Tails: !

Tree Rex: Wow, I guess I'm not the only one who is passionate about the beauty of nature

Sonic: But if you & Patrick really want to help, little buddy, you can take over for me and...

Tails: (gets overexcited) Wow! You want me to take over for you? I can't believe it!

Duncan: (facepalms)

Tails: Imagine, me, Tails, filling in for my hero as Leader of the Freedom Fighters! Thanks, Sonic, I...

Sonic: Tails!...

Zaktan: Your not listening to him.

Sonic: I was about to say, "Can you take over for me & water Rotor's Plants?!"

Tails: (felt sad) Oh.

Courtney: Maybe next time, let us finish our sentences next time. Ok?

Tails: Ok.

Sonic: Sorry, little buddy, but you & Patrick are not ready to be a leader yet!

Patrick: Barnicles!

Sonic: Now I've gotta juice! Later, dude! (runs off)

Tails: Guys? Can you help me & Patrick?

Spongebob: Sorry Tails, but I gotta go. See you later. (leaves)

Eddy: Ed, Double D & I are gonna think of a Scam, like the three of us always do (leaves)

Reidak: You know, today's bad for me, the Piraka & the Hero Factory Villains.

Xplode: Yeah, see you later. (he, the Piraka & the Hero Factory Villains leaves)

Owen: Sorry, we're watching a movie. Bye! (the Total Drama Gang leaves)

Astro Boy: I got some intel, sorry guys. (leaves)

Boggy B: Sorry, lunch time. (leaves with the rest of the All Stars except Squidward)

Patrick: Squidward?

Squidward: No. (leaves)

Patrick: Oh.


Tails & Patrick: (watering the plants in the greenhouse)

Tails: (sighs) Sonic's right!

Patrick: What do you mean?

Tails: I'm no leader & your not a leader either. We can't even get a lead on the location of some food and I'm hungry from all this work!

Patrick: (his stomach growls) Now that you mentioned it. I'm hungry too. (notices an orange fruit with red polka dots) (licks his lips) Mmmm, food.

Tails: Hey! Look at the yummy piece of fruit hanging from that branch!

Patrick: Oh boy! Let's eat it!

Patrick: Even though I'm always hungry when it comes to snacks. But I'm still growing & we never stop growing up.


STH Rotor: (with Sonic & the All Stars walking back to the Greenhouse) --You mean you left Tails & Patrick in charge of my greenhouse?

Sonic: It's cool Rotor!

Harold: Yeah, it's fine.

Sonic: He only watered your plants with Patrick! That's something even little Tails & Patrick can handle

(They all went inside to see thaat the plants are all very big, about the Skylanders Giants' size)

Tree Rex: Wow! Those plants are very huge & healthy

STH Rotor: YOW! How did my plants get so big?!

Tails: Greetings, fellow Freedom Fighters!

Patrick: We are awake and healthy & so are the plants that I & my partner Tails who caused the plants to flourish their beauty.

Sonic: !?

Spongebob: Patrick?

Tails: It's quite simple, really! We both created a new plant food based on the equation "X" equals the degree of sunlight times the number of chromosomes divided by the process of photosynthesis!!

STH Rotor & Eddy: Wha?

Sonic & Spongebob: Huh?!

Edd: What a discovery.

Sonic: Look out, Rotor! Tails' body has been taken over by an evil robot gardener!

Owen: Oh no!

STH Rotor: Wait, Sonic! How do you two so about plants?

Patrick: That's a good question Rotor.

HF Rotor: Huh?

Tails: I...don't know...(holds up an apple core of a fruit)...we cogitated the equation while we we're consuming this piece of fruit together from one of your trees, Rotor!

Patrick: And it appears that this tree looks like a Brain.

Ezekiel: A Tree that looks like a brain? That's weird.

STH Rotor: A piece of fruit?! Oh no!

Black Bird: What do you mean "Oh no"?

Sonic: What's up Rotor?

(They see the Tree that looks like a brain)

Heather: Gross. A Brain Tree

Preytor: What kind of tree is that?

STH Rotor" Tails ate the only Apple I've ever been able to grow on the Mobian Tree of Wisdom!

Sonic: The what?!

Spongebob: What is the Tree of Wisdom & where did you find it?


STH Rotor: (notices the Tree of Wisdom) !

STH Rotor: (to Sonic) The Tree of Wisdom! (to the All Stars) I found it in the forest years ago and tried to nurture it! But I could get it to yield more than one apple!"

(End of Flashback)

STH Rotor: Eating the fruit of this tree is supposed to make a person super intelligent! I know it's hard to believe, but...Tails & Patrick are now Geniuses!

Zaktan: I thought I was the smart one from the Piraka.

Spongebob: Wow. No wonder they got so smart.

Antoine: (suddendly appears) HELP!

Brick: Antoine, what's wrong?

Sonic: Don't tell me you put your shorts on backwards again, Antoine?

Antoine: No! I was scouting with Sally and Bunnie when we're ambushed!

Sonic: Ambushed?!

Spongebob: By what?

Antoine: Yes! I managed to get away, but Sally and Bunnie are trapped in ze high weeds by ze Giant Shredbot!

Spongebob: Then we gotta go!

Eva: Finally, some good ol butt kicking! I'll tear that Shredbot apart, bit by bit!

Patrick & Tails: (thinking)


(We see the Shredbot, chasing Sally & Bunnie)

Sonic & the All Star Freedom Fighters: (arrives, running)

Sonic: Looks like it's Sonic & the All Stars to the rescue!

Spongebob: Yeah!

Ed: Oh boy, oh boy!

Sally: (panting) The Shredbot is right behind us, Bunnie!!

Bunnie: Keep runnin' Sugah!

Sally: I'm not part robot like you, Bunnie! (panting) I can't keep going!!!

Bunnie: (notices Sonic & the All Stars) SONIC! ALL STARS!

Spongebob: Hey guys!

Sonic: Have no fear, Dudettes! We can handle that oversized weed eater!

Pinkie Pie: Okie dokie lokie

Sonic: Watch this...

Tails & Patrick: (suddendly went pass the heroes)

Patrick: Don't bother, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Tails: Patrick & I shall subdue that metalliferous menace! (carries Patrick & flys up to the Shred bot)

Sonic, Sally, Bunnie & the All Stars [Except Patrick]: ???

Rainbow Dash, Mordecai & Rigby: Aww what?

Tails: Excuse me, but would you care to match your rotating cutlasses against our superior cerebral skills?

Shredbot: ! (getting ready to cut Tails & Patrick with it's buzzsaw hands)

Tails: I thought you would!

Patrick: (calculating the timing)

Kitty: Oh no!

Dudley: I can't watch! (suddendly chews his butt)

Tails: Three-- Two-- One---

Patrick & Tails: (dodges out of the way, causing the Shredbots' buzzsaw blades to damage each other's buzzsaw blades) HA!

Tails: Your blades have been, rendered useless by our sharp wits--

Patrick: Now that's a cutting remark!

Bunnie: Tails! That was super!

Pinkie Pie: Wow Patrick, that was very amazing of you!

Sonic: You're moving as fast as me & Spongebob!! But how?

Patrick: We have made a theory to this attack for you. Tell him Miles Tails Prowler, my partner.

Tails: Very well. Well, aerodynamically speaking, we measured the wind velocity and our estimated tail turbination and then we calculated the revolutions per second that would be necessary to propel our relatively dimuntive body mass thru the oxygenous atmosphere of Mobius!

Patrick: Of course we also took into account the variables that may occur when engaging in instantaneous bodily acceleration in reference to our respiratory system's theoretical inability to compensate for the onslaught of air molecules...

Sonic: Shut up, you two! You're crowding us out of the panel!

Vezok: Ok, what are you talking about?

Sonic: Nothing!

Vezok: "Nothing" he says, sheesh.

Sally: But what does all this mean, Tails?

Twilight Sparkle: And what does all this mean, Patrick?

Tails: (flying away while carrying Patrick) It means that Patrick & I are the obvious duo to replace Sonic & Spongebob as the new leaders of the Freedom Fighters & All Star Freedom Fighters!

All (except Tails & Patrick): ??!

Patrick: Time to follow the two leaders, my friends! And look at the time, we really must be going.

(As the 2 new geniuses left, the rest are in shock & disbelief)

Scorpio: (breaking the silence) Arkward.

Patrick's Taste of Power (Part 2)

(Back in Knothole)

(Patrick is doing some scientific work]

Spongebob: Are you better, Pat? Uhh, whatcha doing?

Patrick: (looking through the microscope) Just studying this amazing sub-species.

(Suddendly the All Star Freedom Fighters heard the vaccum coming from nearby & they noticed STH Rotor being chased by a Vaccum Robot with Vaccum Cleaners as Hands)

STH Rotor: Sonic the Hedgehog, Spongebob, one of Robotnik's evil bots has found our hideout and is trying to capture me!

Sally: !!

Waspix: Oh no!

Sonic: Hang on, Rotor! I'll stop it...(does a sonic spin at Vaccum Robot)...with a Sonic spin...(got bounced back & falls to the ground, feeling dizzy) OOF!!

Spongebob: Sonic, are you ok? What happened?

Tails: (arrives) Sorry, Sonic, but your feeble gyrations cannot damage my vacubot!

Sonic & Spongebob: Vacubot?!

Owen: What's a Vacubot?

Tails: I built it to do our housework, Sonic, Spongebob & Owen! It's made of a special metal allow that Robotnik won't be able to detect with his sensors! I had some metal left over so I fashioned this badge of leader-ship in honor of myself & Patrick Star. (shows everyone 1st medals & wore it around his & Patrick's necks)

Patrick: A very fine work, I might add. And I had perfectly completed my faviorite peace music & that is the Cornelius Pufferfish's Opus 67 symphony in blue. It's a beautiful piece. Execution needs some work. [walks over to the piano] May I suggest on the 7th bar of the adagio andante that you add a little fortissimo on the arpeggiated b-flat scale.

Courtney: Wow, we never thought to play the piano like that.

Patrick: Well, that is because you all rarely think.

Courtney: Hey!

Alejandro: How do you know so much about music?

Patrick: A creative outlet provides a spiritual release and helps facilitate a healthy mental balance. [inhales] Ah.

Owen: Does that include... [burps] belch-talk-ing?

Patrick: [waving his hand in front of his face] Mr. Owen, I find your humor vulgar.

Sonic: Y'know, he & Tails' beginning to get on my nerves!

Eddy: I was thinking the same thing too.

Sally: Tails, Patrick, being intelligent doesn't automatically make you leaders! You need courage..experience...

Patrick: (covers Sally's mouth) Thank you, Sally "Alicia" Acorn, my dear girl Unfortunately, this is a solo mission is for me & Tails only.

Rigby: (snickers) Your middle name's Alicia?

Sally: (punches Rigby's shoulder)

Rigby: Ow!

Eddy: I hope Patrick doesn't think that my middle name is (low voice) Skipper.

Tails: Tsk! Tsk! It looks as though I'll have to prove my superiority once and for all...(flys off) subduing our prime nemesises!

Patrick: I am with you all the way, my dear...(feels dizzy, meaning that the effects of the fruit from the tree of wisdom is wearing off) Uh, uh, buddy...uuuhhh

Lindsay: Patrick, are you ok?

Patrick: (feels even more dizzy) (dizzy voice) I feel like a million BUCKS... [falls over on his belly]

Spongebob: Patrick, are you alright? Say something Patrick!

Patrick: [in burps] Hi, SpongeBob.

SpongeBob: Patrick, you're back!

Patrick: (normal voice) Patrick, you're back.

Spongebob & Patrick: (hugs each other & started laughing together)

Meltdown: Ok, what just happened?

Ed: Patrick's back to normal, guys!

Edd: I wonder if the same thing is happening to...(looks shocked) TAILS IS GOING TO ROBOTROPOLIS?!?!?!

(Soon...In Robotropolis)

Snively: Master Robotnik & Partner Plankton, there's a living being approaching your fortress!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Excellent, Snively! As soon as it is captured, be sure to Roboticize it!

Snively: But sir,...

Plankton: Now what?

Snively: He is elliding the guards and getting through your security system with ease!

Plankton: What?!

Plankton: That's impossible! No one has ever gotten inside my domain...except for that insurance salesman last month!

Snively: (notices Tails, wearing a medal  It appears to be that annoying little freedom fighter, the one called Tails!

Plankton: I already know who he is, Snively!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Quick! Make all entrances airtight! And double-lock the back door!

Plankton: (notices Tails, is right behind them) Uh Robotnik?

Dr. Robotnik: What is it?

Tails: (appears) Don't bother Robotnik!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (notices Tails) WHAT?

Plankton: Wait, how did you...?

Tails: Let's not waste time! Because of my superior brain power, I insist that you surrender your empires to me, and...(his intellgence is starting to wear off) and...(felt dizzy) being such'know...bad's see...

Plankton: Huh? This is our chance.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Why, I'll be happy to surrender! Just step forward a few paces! (presses a button)

Tails: (walks forward) Sure! Thanks a...(got caught by a long pair of robot arms)...lot?

Plankton: Gotcha!


(The All Stars are taking care of Patrick after he was back to normal)

STH Rotor: (looking through the microscope) I just finished analyzing this fruit that Tails & Patrick ate, Sonic!

Sonic: (reading a dictionary) I'm still trying to figure out what he meant by "Subduing our prime nemesises"!

Spongebob: Got any data?

Astro Boy: (scanning the fruit from the tree of wisdom) I'm scanning any effects of the fruit

STH Rotor: And the tests shows that the Apple's effects only last 24 hours!!

Boggy B: Guess that's why Patrick's back to normal.

STH Rotor: Tails is probably his old self by now as well--wherever he is!

Anne Maria: I guess it's back to normal.

Sonic: "Nemesis" means enemy, and our 2 prime enemies are...(gasps in shock)...uh oh!

Spongebob: Not good!

STH Rotor: What's wrong, guys? (notices that Sonic & the All Star Freedom Fighters are already gone) (looks around) Guys?

(Seconds later...)

(We see Sonic is heading towards Robotropolis with Spongebob not far behind, carrying the rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters behind him)

Spongebob: There it is.

Ninjini: Now how do we get inside.

Sonic: Look! That door is jammed! (points to Robotnik's lair who has the jammed door)

Izzy: There is a jammed door! Someone needs to get that fixed.

Drilldozer: Good! Now we can get inside Robotnik's headquarters quick!

(They all got inside the fortress & found Tails)

Tails: My super brain got me into this trap, so I better think my way out!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Think again, my little intruder, for you are about to meet your end as a living being! (about to press the button)

Plankton: And instead you will be roboticized!

(Suddendly Sonic & the All Stars have arrived)

Astro Boy: (came in flying with his rocket feet) I don't think so! (lands)

Plankton: It's the All Stars!

Sonic: (screechs to a stop) Press that button, Robotnik, and we'll all meet our ends, and for you that's a big meeting!

Snively: And it's the Hedgehog!

Spongebob: Huh? What are you saying?

Sonic: (to the All Stars) (whispers) I have a plan. (to Robotnik, Plankton & Snively) Tails was sent here on a death-defying mission! He was going to destroy your entire city...even if it meant destroying himself!

Tails: (confused) I was?

Plankton: He was?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: And how was he going to do that?

Sonic: With THIS! (grabs the 1st medal from Tails)

Tails: Ack!

Plankton: And what is that?

Sonic: This innocent looking medal is really a new mega-ton explosive! It has enough power to level Robotropolis!

Spongebob: It is very dangerous! Be careful or else!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: LIAR! Scan that trinket, Snively, and tell me exactly what it's made of!

Snively: Yes, oh discourteous one! (scans the medal with his scanner)

Plankton: So...?

Snively: I don't get a reading, sir! He may be telling the truth!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: No! No! It must be a trick!

Plankton: I don't know, he said it is true. (started to sweat)

Sonic: One way to find out!

Zaktan: You have five seconds to release our friend & to get over yourselves! Five...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Bah! You're bluffing!

Owen: ...Four...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (started to sweat) --It's--it's hoax!

Eddy: ...Three...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (feeling nervous) (sweating even more)'ll never with it...

Xplode: ...Two...

Sonic: ...ONE... (about to throw the medal to the ground)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: STOP! I'll release him!! Don't throw it!! (releases Tails by pressing a button) (runs out of the base with Snively) HALP!

Tails: You did it, guys! How did you know Robotnik would fall for your trick?

Sonic: Robotnik is a coward, Tails! That's the kind of thing a leader has to know!

Spongebob: Come on, let's get outta here!

Spongebob: Well, there's one time that Plankton is afraid of whales, especially when whales has loads of blubber.

(Sonic, Tails & the All Star Freedom Fighters made their escape)

Tails: ...A leader! That's you, Sonic! How about leading us home?

Sonic: You got it!

(Back with Plankton)

Plankton: (emerges from hiding & looks out the window) Grr! The only thing that I fear the most are whales! Especially that Water Giant, Thumpback!

(Back at Knothole...)

(The All Stars are relaxing & Patrick & Tails are both sitting on stools)

Tree Rex: We've made it back.

Sally: Poor Tails & Patrick! Twan has been lecturing him for an hour!!

Antoine: ...and I hope you have learned ze lesson, Tails & Patrick! You must always leave ze leading to us real leaders!

Tails & Patrick: (sighs) Yes, Antoine.

Antoine: --To be ze true leader like myself, you must be ze best! You must be ze bravest! You must be ze coolest!...

Patrick: (notices the medal) Look, Tails.

Tails: (notices the medal as well) (thinks of an idea) (grabs the medal & throws it behind Antoine)

Antoine: ...But most of all... (hears the medal clanging, which it lands on the floor near Antoine) (got scared & jumps up high) ZE BOMB! (hangs onto the warehouse light)

Patrick: Gotcha! (laughing)

Antoine: (looks down) !! (gets angry)

Tails: must ze someone everybody looks up to!

(The All Stars begins to laugh)

The End