This is the 14th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Patrick, Hakann & Mordecai

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton, & Professor Worminkle

Story #1: Transcript

This Island Sponge (Part 1)

(We see the All Stars are on the Floating Island [Angel Island], waiting for Sonic & Tails)

Eddy: Come on, they should be here by now, what's taking so long?

Edd: Hold on, Eddy. Here they come! (points to Sonic & Tails flying towards the Floating Island on Sonic's Bi-Plane)

Spongebob: I knew we see them at Angel Island.

Zaktan: Let's go.

(But the All Stars didn't take notice of someone hiding in the bushes)

???: (spots Sonic, Tails & the All Star Freedom Fighters) Ahhh...a couple of unwanted guests! Time to roll out the unwelcome mat!

(Back with the All Stars, Owen noticed a Rocket heading towards them)

Owen: Uh, guys? DUCK!

(They started to duck, except Patrick, Lindsay, Justin, Ezekiel)

Ezekiel: A duck?

Justin: Where?

Lindsay: I love ducks.

Patrick: Where? I can't see it.

Squidward: No, what he means, (low voice) I can't believe I'm saying this, but...(shouts) GET DOWN! (tackles Lindsay, Justin & Ezekiel to the ground, saving them from the rocket)

Heather: (not impressed) With Patrick, Lindsay, Justin & Ezekiel, it's like talking to eggplants.

Justin: Ow, I hope it doesn't stain my body.

Eddy: Never mind that now, we gotta get outta here!

Spongebob: He's right, RUN!

(The All Stars begins to go charge into the forest)

Spongebob: I wonder what the rocket is launching at? (spots the Rocket then charges through the Bi-Plane, causing Sonic & Tails to bail the bi-plane) There's my answer. Quick, follow that Bi-Plane!

(The All Stars follows to where the Bi-Plane is going, but it soon later crashes to the ground of the Floating Island)

Rainbow Dash: (points to Sonic & Tails, looking unharmed thanks to Tails' ability to fly with his two tails, carrying Sonic down safely) Look, over there!

Geoff: Wow, they're both ok! Whoo hoo!

Sonic: So much for our ticket home!

Tails: (gets angry) Is this any way to run an airline? I hate these unscheduled stops!

Spongebob: Guys, are you ok?

Sonic: Spongebob, All Stars! Your all here. And just in time. How did you get here without a Bi-Plane?

Spongebob: Well we couldn't fit all of us in our largest aircraft the All Star Jumbo Jet, but now that there's more new members, we can't fit all of us in the Jumbo Jet. The only choice we have is to be carried by our own members who can fly.

Fluttershy: And I'm really sorry, I'm not used to carrying a bunny or two.

Sonic: Guess that explains everything on how you guys got here.

Twilight Sparkle: Maybe next time, I'll try teleporting you there to Angel Island instead. But I need all of my magic to teleport with all of you.

Spongebob: Ok then, when we head back, give it a shot.

Twilight Sparkle: Ok Spongebob.

Tails: So what do we do now, Sonic?

Sonic: Find out if the natives are restless, I guess! Maybe they can point us to the nearest travel agent and book passage on the next flight to Knothole Forest!

???: Neither of you are going anywhere--(does a thumbs down)--except down and out

Sonic: (notices a fire beam coming towards them) Incoming!

(They all dodge out of the way to see an Assaulting Batter Blimp)

Edd & Eddy: What is that?

Ed: It's a boy!

Tails: It's an Assaulting Batter Blimp! We'd better duck and cover!

Kinecticlops: (notices another fire beam heading towards Sonic) Watch out! (creates an energy shield out of electricity to protect Sonic from the blast)

Sonic: Holy 16-Bit Graphics! I think I've just been covered by some sort of Energy Shield!

Spongebob: Nice one Kinecticlops

Kinecticlops: Thanks.

Sonic: No tell telling how long the effect will last! Better get our feet wet while we're still able! Hit the drink, Tails! (dives in the water)

Tails: But it isn't even Saturday Night!

Vezok: Just Dive in, make like a fish & SWIM!

Tails: Ok, Ok.

(Tails & the All Stars, except Hot Head & Kineticlops dives into the lake)

Kineticlops: Well, when Electricity & Water go together, it could electrocute everyone when they're on or in water. And I'm not doing that to my teammates.

Hakann: (emerges) Hot Head & Kineticlops, what are you two waiting for?

Hot Head: Don't you get it? Water puts out fire, remember.

Kineticlops: And if I dive in the water, I might electrocute all of you by accident.

Hakann: Oh, guys. I'm staying with Hot Head & Kineticlops to stop that crazy blimp.

Cody: Ok, hurry back.

(The All Stars follows Sonic & Tails by swimming underwater)

Hakann: Ok Hot Head & Kineticlops, let's give waste to that Flying Machine of a blimp

Hot Head: Yeah, let's pop that blimp!

(Hakann, Hot Head & Kineticlops gets into their battle stations & starts attacking the Assaulting Batter Blimp)

(Meanwhile back underwater)

Sonic: (In thought: At this rate we may never see Sunday Morning! My bright, shiny new shield's fizzled out.

Spongebob: (sighs) Much better.

Patrick: Yeah. Feels good to be back underwater again

Squidward: Whatever.

Sonic: (holds onto a pole) (In thought: And there's never a plumber around when you really need one!)

Tails: (In thought: Is this what they mean by "Go with the flow"?)

Vezok: The others can't talk underwater

Thumpback: Cause the others are not water types. Let's move!

(Sonic, Tails & the All Stars [minus Hakann, Hot Head & Kineticlops] starts swimming their way underwater, but the currents from the drain are so strong that they have been pulled through the drain)

Sonic: (holding onto another pole) (In thought: It's no use! We can't fight this suction any longer! We're going down the the drain!) (slips & goes down the drain as well) (In thought: Blacking out--looks--like we're--sunk! (blacks out from too much water pressure)

Spongebob: Oh my, quick we gotta get outta here!

Vezok: How?

(Back with Hakann, Hot Head & Kineticlops)

Hakann: (panting) That'll slow them down for now

Kineticlops: Which leaves the problem of the others, where are they? (suddendly got kidnapped by ???)

Hot Head: (notices that Kineticlops is gone missing) Where's Kineticlops?

Hakann: He must be captured, we gotta find him & the others, before the Echidna comes back.

Hot Head: Er... what's the Echidna?

Hakann: Not what, Hot Head, who! It's who guards this island. His name is Knuckles. I've met his Underground Version with the rest of the Piraka & the Hero Factory Villains. Knuckles is tough, and he's especially known for his... traaaaps! (they both fall into a trap which is a pit that the hole is covered with grass & leaves)


Hot Head: Yep, that's a real trap.

Hakann: Not again.

(Back with the Heroes)

(We see nothing but darkness)

Sonic: (wakes up) Hey! Who turned out the lights?

Owen: (accidently farts) The dark as my witness, that was not me.

(Only one lightbulb has been turned on & we see that Sonic, Tails & the All Stars are tied up)

Sonic: That's better.

Spongebob: Yeah, much better.

Astro Boy: But where are we?

Sonic: That's what I thought to as a $64 000 question

Duncan: You think?

???: (from the shadows) Exactly where I want you to be!

Patrick: (was shocked) What was that? Are you a ghost? (gets scared)

Fluttershy: A g-g-g-ghost?! (whimpers)

Sonic: That's not the voice we all know and despise!

Owen: Actually, I like everybody.

Sonic: It's just a figure of speech. And I was talking about Robotnik.

Owen: Oh.

Spongebob: And that doesn't sound like Plankton.

Tails: Then--who is it?

Hakann: I have a feeling, I know.

Zaktan: Me too & so is the other Piraka

Xplode: That's what the Hero Factory Villains & I thought too.

???: (steps forward, with his foot goes into the light) That's the first intelligent question I've heard all day! (stepping into the light) Allow me to introduce myself! (reveals to be Knuckles the Echidna)

Spongebob: (gasps) It's him!

Knuckles: I'm...

Hakann: (suddendly interrupts) Knuckles, last of the echidna and guardian of the Chaos Emerald which is techinally the Master Emerald?

Sonic & Tails: (gasps)

Knuckles: Wait, how did you...?

Spongebob: It's a long story.

Pinkie Pie: We've been into the Underground Zone & met the Underground Version of you!

Knuckles: Lucky guess. Anyways, my pal Robotnik told me how you guys we're plannin' to put the snatch on the jewel!

Mordecai: (gets angry) What? (whispers to Zaktan)

Zaktan: (nods & then uses his Tri-Scissors to cut the ropes, trying to free Mordecai)

Knuckles: We don't take kindly to tresspassers on the floating Island--but we hate would-be thieves even worse!


Mordecai: (punches Knuckles in the face)

Spongebob: (gasps)

Knuckles: What the?

Mordecai: We're not Thieves! (shoves Knuckles to the ground)

Reidak: Oooooooh.....

Rarity: Reidak!

Reidak: What? I'm bored.

Spongebob: Knuckles vs. Mordecai? This could be a duel.

Tyler: If I had some popcorn & a comfy chair, I should kick back & enjoy this.

Knuckles & Mordecai: (glares at each other)

This Island Sponge (Part 2)

(In Robotnik's Hovercraft)

Plankton: (now with Professor Worminkle)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (with Snively, watching all of this from hidden cameras) (notices Mordecai shoved Knuckles to the ground, saying "We're not thieves!") What's going on Snively? Who's that Big Blue Bird?!

Snively: (feels nervous) Well sir, I....

Plankton: Hold on, you have an assistant?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Yes, this is Snively, my assistant

Snively: Pleasure

Professor Worminkle: Charmed, whatever. My name is Professor Worminkle, a new member of the Plankton Empire.

Plankton: That Big Blue Bird that shoved Knuckles is Mordecai, because we've tricked him into thinking that Sonic, Tails & the All Stars had stolen the Emerald.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Correct, my one eyed friend. While that dope of a dupe deals with my hated enemy--

Plankton: And mine as well...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: --We shall abscond with the gem in question--and use it's energies to recharge my crippled hovercraft!

Plankton: That explains why we're stuck on the floating island in the first place because somebody forgot to glide back to Robotropolis.

Professor Worminkle: I said I don't know how!

Snively: Oooh, you're so evil, Doctor! --Playing the Echidna against the Hedgehog was a stroke of Genius!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I know, Snively, I know! Watch carefully! This is the part I really like!

Knuckles: (gets up) Who do you think your are? Whoever you are, that proves it that Robotnik was right! How else would you guys know about the Emerald?

Mordecai: You alread said that! Now untie my right now or you'll be losing to a game called "Punchies" against me!

Knuckles: (growls) That's it! Your dead! (charges at Mordecai)


Zaktan: (cut himself free thanks to his Tri-Scissors) I'm free also

Mordecai: Quick, Zaktan. Cut the others free from the ropes while I keep Knuckles busy! (punches at Knuckles)

Zaktan: Got it ! (cutting the ropes, releasing the other Heroes)

Spongebob: Thanks Zaktan

Patrick: Yeah thanks!

Zaktan: Your welcome.

Knuckles: (got hit) Oh, a couple of wise acres, eh? Well, I'm gonna make you ache all right-- (pounds his fists together) --with a "Knuckles' Sandwich!"

Patrick: Did someone say, "Knuckle Sandwich"? I'm hungry.

Mordecai: Go ahead & try then.

Knuckles: Still, we Echidnas are firm, but fair! I'm gonna give you a chance to get out of my like and off of my island! You all got a ten-minute head start before I come gunnin' for ya! If you aren't good and gone by then...[gives the signal for their beheading]

Sonic, Tails & the All Stars (except Eye-Brawl): (gulps)

Eye-Brawl: Like this? (grabs his giant Flying Eyeball head & detatches it)

Knuckles: (looks shocked) What the heck?!

Eye-Brawl: (aciddently fires an eye laser at Knuckles from his Giant Flying Eyeball, not before the Giant Flying Eyeball returns to it's body)

Knuckles: (got hit in the face) GAH! My eyes!

Eye-Brawl: Sorry!

Spongebob: It's our chance to escape & find the villains, let's go!

Eye-Brawl: Sometimes my new Giant Flying Eyeball can be a little impaicent, but it loves to fire lasers at it's opponents.

(The Heroes made their escape while Knuckles is blind from Eye-Brawl's laser attack)

Tails: (angry) Nice guy!

Sonic: (angry) Yeah, nice like Ol' Robotnik!

Spongebob: We gotta figure out a way to convice Knuckles that he's one of us.

Sonic: Let's juice, guys!--We've got to prove our innocence in ten minutes or less!

Rigby: Yeah or else we're dead meat!

(Back in Robotnik's Aircraft)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (watched everything on the moniter) Knuckles!! Is your brain as tiny as the insects you devour? Those are jewel thieves, not Freedom Fighters--like me! You've let them slip through your fingers!

Plankton: Cool down Robotnik, leave this to me. (to Knuckles, who is on the moniter) Listen my dear boy, I want you to go after them & capture those thieves, got it?

Knuckles: Keep your shirt on, Doc! You & your green partner take care of business while I give those guys the business! (The Moniter goes into static)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Oooh, how I hate free will!

Plankton: Yeah, don't we all !

Professor Worminkle: Now what do we do?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: The echidna has left us little choice! Time to move up the countdown to blast-off!

Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton & Professor Worminkle: (goes outside)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Swatbot XL-5, has that curmudgeonly crustacean crabmeat returned with my new power source?

SWATbot XL-5: Yes, Lord-Robotnik! He approaches even as we speak!

Plankton: (notices Crabmeat holding a pillow that is holding a Chaos Emerald / Master Emerald)

Crabmeat: Your Chaos Emerald, M'lord!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Well done, Crabmeat! It's true what they say--

Professor Worminkle: Oh & what's that?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: With great genius comes great power!

Plankton: You mean "Great Power comes great responsibility"?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Whatever. (grabs the Green Chaos Emerald / Master Emerald) At last! All the forces of the universe in one bright, shiny green jewel! I pity the Hedgehog who messes with me now!

Plankton: Same with the All Stars.


(We see the Heroes jumping over a cliff to the other side with Sonic swinging a vine to the other & the Heroes who had the ability to fly, flys over to the other side)

Sonic: This Tarzan stuff is for the birds--not for foxes! --Or hedgehogs!

Eddy: And I hate birds!

Mordecai: Hey!

Eddy: (mumbling) No offence, Mordecai.

Mordecai: I heard that & might I add, "Non taken".

Edd: Sorry, Eddy hates birds & his hatred of birds began when a bird took Eddy's coiner.

Fluttershy: Oh my goodness

Zaktan: That Tarzan thing reminds me of my home on Voya Nui, called the "Zaktan Jungle". I'm gonna miss my home, but once we've stopped Robotnik & Plankton

Tails: We know we're innocent, Sonic, but how do we prove it?

Sonic: We're not going to, Tails! If things run true to form--Robotnik & Plankton will do it for us!

Zaktan: But how do we do that?

Patrick: Does that gonna hurt?

Kineticlops: Not at all, I think?

Knuckles: (on a high cliff, watching the heroes examining on the floating island) They're not leavin'! Good thing I'm not the trustin' type! Those bums are heading' straight for the jewel! This calls for drastic action! (goes through the hidden passage way underground) Better hoof it through the hidden passage way and head'em off at--(got out & notices a pile of stones where they hold the Chaos Emerald, but the Emerald's not there) --The stone?! (looks shocked) It isn't there any more! (notices Sonic, Tails & the All Stars) You guys couldn't have taken it cuz you're only just now gettin' here!

Sonic & Tails: ?

All Star Freedom Fighters: Huh?

Knuckles: Which means-- (gets angry) --I've been played for 2 saps! And nobody but nobody plays Knuckles for a sap and gets away with it! (to the Heroes) Lead me to Robotnik & Plankton!!

Spongebob: Right this way.

(With Robotnik, Plankton & Professor Worminkle)

SWATbot: All aboard! Next stop--Robotropolis!

Professor Worminkle: Status?

Crabmeat: Atomic batteries to power turbines to speed!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Splendid! Ready to move out!

Plankton: Already on it.

Crabmeat: The Emerald has done it's work well, your lordship!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Yes! We'd best hang on to this bauble-- no telling when we may need it--(suddendly someone fast just took the Chaos Emerald / Master Emerald) (looks shocked) --Again?!

Spongebob: (with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & the All Stars) (whistles)

Plankton: Huh?

Spongebob: Hi Plankton

Sonic: (holding the Chaos Emerald / Master Emerald) Looking for this, Robo-butt?

Knuckles:  Me, the All Stars and the hedgehog have come to an understandin'.

Plankton: And what agreement is that?

Knuckles: We understand that you're jerks

Professor Worminkle: (fumes) I hate those Animals!

Boggy B: Professor Worminkle, looks like we meet again!

Professor Worminkle: It was the 4 recruits of yours had trapped me in the stone age, now that I'm back, I'm in the Plankton Empire now!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Get them! Get them...NOW!

SWATbots & Prototype Jack Bots: (charges at the heroes)

(They all fight inside a fight cloud & when the cloud dissapears, it reveals that the Heroes have destroyed the SWATbots & Prototype Jack Bots)

Spongebob: Well done guys!

Sonic: Nice job!

Knuckles: You, too!

Sonic & Knuckles: (hi fives each other)

Harold: Now that's what I call Teamwork.

Mordecai: Sorry for getting into the fight against you Knuckles.

Knuckles: No, it was my fault. I've shouldn't let Robotnik & Plankton help me in the first place.

Tails: Uh, fellas...where's Robotnik?

Twilight Sparkle: And where's Plankton?

(Suddendly they hear the sound of an engine roaring to life)

Ed: Guys, what was that?

Sonic: The engines!

Knuckles: We're moving!

Spongeebob: Let's get off this Plane before it takes off!

Hot Head: Got it ! Let's go!

(The All Stars, along with Sonic, Tails & Knuckles jumps off the plane while carrying the Chaos Emerald / Master Emerald, before the Plane takes off)

Dudley: Wow, that was a close one

Tails: Rats! This is still no way to run an airline!

Knuckles: Is it always this way wit you guys?

Sonic: Every day--all the time!

(Robotnik, Plankton & Professor Worminkle make their getaway in Robotnik's air craft)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You may have won this round, hedgehog , but I'll get you yet, and that echidna Knuckles too!

Plankton: Same goes to the All Stars. We're outta here!

Sonic: Good riddance to Bad rubbish! Speaking of things that have been trashed--

Tails: What about our plane?

Spongebob: I don't know, how can we fix the plane?

Knuckles: Funny you should ask...(shows them all the parts of the Bi-Plane in a great big pile)

Astro Boy: Every single piece is all here.

Boggy B: How did you...?

Knuckles: While you guys were sleeping off your unexpected swim & from one of my traps that Hakann & Hot Head fall into, I was busy "pickin' up the pieces!"

Mordecai & Rigby: Whoa!

Sonic: Great! (starts fixing the Bi-Plane in super sonic speed) I love puzzles! Especially...once they've been put together!

Spongebob: Nice one, now let's go home!

Sonic & Tails: (flys back to Knothole in their fixed Bi-Plane)

Mordecai: Goodbye Knuckles, thanks for helping us stop Robotnik & Plankton.

Patrick: Bye bye.

Spongebob: Ready Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: I am ready. (uses her Unicorn Magic to teleport herself & the All Stars back to Knothole)

Knuckles: That Hedgehog's one palooka that will keep you runnin'! And those All Stars are a barrel of laughs. Still, I have this funny feeling that I haven't seen the last of those mugs, especially my new rival from the All Stars, Mordecai.

The End

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