This is the 11th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Izzy & Thumpback

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton

Story #1: Transcript

Stuck in the Sewers (Part 1)

(At the outskirts of Robotropolis)

(We see the All Star Freedom Fighters & the Knothole Freedom Fighters dodging the mines)

Sonic: There's one! And there's another one! Now that was a close one! Ha! You missed me!

Spongebob: Nice work Sonic.

Sally: Finding hidden land mines is dangerous, Sonic! Must you make a game of everything?

Zaktan: We need to cut off the power supply by cutting the electrical cable.\

Vezok: He's right.

Sonic: Okay, Rotor. You can start digging!

STH Rotor: Thanks, Sonic! I'm sure I'll find an electrical cable buried here! (starts digging with a shovel)

Ed: (starts digging) Dig a hole, dig a hole, dig a hole, dig a hole!

Tails: I'll be shocked if you don't!

Duncan: Ha ha.

Antoine: Please hurry Rotor! We are on ze outskirts of Robotropolis! If Robotnik finds us stealing electrical power from heez underground cables, he'll be furious!

Tails: Yeah! He'll probably send an army of his badniks after us with an electrical bill!

Kinecticlops: Very nice.

STH Rotor: (wearing 2 metal gloves) Look! (pulls up 2 white cables) I found two identical cables here!

Noah: Identical Cables? Now that's a challenge.

Sonic: Careful, Rotor! One of them could set off another land mine!

Bunnie: How do y'all know which one to choose?

Tails: Try "Eenie Meenie Minee Mo"!

Justin: Brain, don't make me lose it. (tapping his head)

STH Rotor: Stand back, everyone! I'm going to take a chance and disconnect this one! (lets go one of the white cables & holds the other with 2 hands)

Thumpback: Good luck.

STH Rotor: Thanks Thumpback.

Thumpback: Whales & Walruses are from the arctic & water creatures, we all can work together in need no matter how big or small the problem is.

STH Rotor: (starts pulling the cable) Ready?...Get set...(rips the white cable)...Pull !...Hey! Nothing happened!

(Suddendly a Giant Force Field forms around the Knothole Freedom Fighters & the All Star Freedom Fighters)

STH Rotor: Gulp! Except for this giant force field that's formed around us!

Antoine: A FORCE FIELD?!

Kinecticlops: (tries to asorb the electricity, but it's too strong even for him) Ow! It's too strong even for me to asorb.

Sonic: (touches the force field, but his finger got zapped) OW! Even a Sonic spin won't cut through this!

Bunnie: We're trapped!

Blue Bird: We're doomed!

Tails: Uh-Oh! Someone's coming...(points to the SWATbots & the Prototype Jack Bots charging towards the Heroes)...And I don't think it's the Robotropolis good neighbor society!

(Suddendly a Nerb emerges from the ground)

Izzy: Hello there underground guy.

Tails: (jumps in fright) Yipes! Who are you?!

Nerb: I'm a Nerb!...Not that it's any of your business!

Sally: Sonic, Look! That hole is our way out!

Crusher: We have to get inside that hole.

Sonic: Hurry, Freedom Fighters! Let's go for it!

Spongebob: Come on All Stars, let's go underground!

Nerb: Stop! This hole is Nerb Property! You must get permission from our king...and he doesn't talk to strangers, especially strangers he doesn't know!

Duncan: (grabs the Nerb) That's it, I had enough!

Nerb: Hey! You put me down this instant!

Mordecai: No time, hurry!

(Suddendly the Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters goes down the hole & going through the tunnel)

Sally: Chill, Mr. Nerd! This is a matter of our Survival !

Nerb: Not "Nerd"!--Nerb!...And I'm not interested in your little problems!

Bunnie: You're our little problem, Sugah!

Scott: Yeah, cause you drive me nuts!

Duncan: And I thought Harold is the only nerd around here.

Harold: Hey!


(They arrived in an underground city)

Eddy: Man this place is huge.

Izzy: Wow, looks like someone lives down there. Reminds me, where I dug a tunnel underground living underground with the praire dogs in the second season of Total Drama in Prison Flick challenges.

Heather: You think?

Gwen: Let's forget about that.

Nerb: I'm sorry, your lowness, but the outsiders insisted on following me to our nerberhood!

Thok: That would be Neighbourhood.

Sonic: We just want to find our way back to the forest!

Sally: Why are you so unfriendly?

Boggy B: Why did you have Buck teeth?

Tails: And why are your clothes so silly?

Rarity: Those outfits indeed look ridiculous.

King Nerb: We Nerbs have lived in peace for centuries, here underground on the planet mobius!...And mixing with outsiders can only lead to trouble...not to mention Athlete's foot!

Ezekiel: Hey!

Nerb: I only came to the surface to find out why you outsiders are disrupting our lifelines!

Spongebob: Wha?

Sally: Who us?

Timon: But why us?

King Nerb: Because of your reckless underground building, our air vents and water supply are threatened!

Rigby: Aw what?! We didn't do anything!

Sonic: It's our enemy, the evil Robotnik, who's responsible for all the below-ground building!

Tails: He'll do anything to get cheap real estate!

Spongebob: Same goes for Plankton.

Sonic: Why don't we join forces? Together, I'm sure we can find a way to stop Robotnik once and for all!

Owen: Yeah, so what do you say?

Dawn: Can we please make a truce so we bring peace and...

King Nerb: The Nerbs mix with outsiders? Never!! Show them the way back to the surface!

Nerb: Yes, your lowness!

Spongebob: No need, we're outta here!

Patrick: Yeah, good to see you.

Sonic: Forget it, dude! We'll find our own way out!

Duncan: Not cool, Nerb. Not cool.

Sally: You are totally uncool!

Tails: And so are your clothes, Nerds!

Bunnie: That's Nerbs!

Eddy: Like Kevin would say to you, "Dorks!".

(The Heroes leaves, not before Ed says...)

Ed: Dorks?

Avak: Just come on.

Izzy: This is really like the time in Season 2 of Total Drama, that I've been living with the Prarie dogs & then I met the Screaming Gaffers & I've showed them the way out underground & then I know my Season 2 team of Total Drama, the Killer Grips have won the prison theme challenge. It's nice to know that we're on the winning team! (sighs) Good times.

(Hours Later...)

(The Heroes are trying to find the way out through the tunnels)

Gwen: (gasping) Can't anybody see I'm claustrophobic. The walls are closing in. I can't take it anymore of the close spaces!

Patrick: What does claustrophobic mean?

SpongeBob: It means she's afraid of Santa Claus.

Gwen: Actually, it doesn't.

Patrick: Ho, ho, ho! [giggles]

SpongeBob: Stop it, Patrick, you're scaring her!

Patrick: Ho, ho, ho!

Gwen: It's not working, Patrick. And if you do that one more time, I would seriously put the hurt on you

Patrick: Darn.

Edd: Umm, Thumpback, you're standing on my foot.

Thumpback: Oh, sorry, Double D.

Patrick: [holding a plate of ribs] And Squidward you got your elbow in my ribs.

Squidward: Eww. Patrick!

Patrick: [shoves Squidward] And stop stepping in my potato salad.

Sonic: Hey, hey, hey, guys.

Squidward: [shoves Patrick] Stop pushing me, Patrick.

Patrick: Oh, you mean like this? [shoves Squidward]

Squidward: No, like this! [shoves Patrick]

Boggy B: Guys, let's be civilized

SpongeBob: [both Patrick and Squidward are fighting] Guys, please stop this fighting we're a team. [scene zooms to the view like Pac Man where they're traveling through tunnel to tunnel where their main colors of their skin, or shirts are seen]

Squidward: Patrick, get off of me! [scene zooms back into the well where Patrick is sitting on Squidward]

Gwen: I told you I am claustrophobic! It means that I'm afraid of close spaces!

Patrick: Nice try, Gwen, but there's no Santa Claus here.

Eddy: Patrick!!

Tree Rex: Guys! Can we please focus?

Tails: Why do the Nerbs build so many tunnels? I feel like we're in an ant farm!

Sonic: Chill, Tails! I'm sure the way to the surface is over the next hill!

Gwen: Out of the way! (shoves everyone out of the way) Hello, surface! (notices a Locked Door) I think I found something.

STH Rotor: Hey! That looks like a door!

Antoine: It could be ze way out of here!

HF Rotor: I hope so

Meltdown: Me too.

Tails: Careful! It might be a closet full of Nerb clothes!

Harold: I'm not a Nerd, I'm well read.

All (except Harold): NERB!

Harold: Whatever, Gosh!

Sonic: M.S.S.! ...I know what that means!

Spongebob & Gwen: (tries to open the door, but it's stuck)

Gwen: Oh no! It's stuck!

Sonic: Just let me open this rusty door with a sonic spin! (does a sonic spin, cutting open the door)

(When the Door opens, a terrible odor starts to spread all over)

Sally: Yuck!

Ed: (smells the odor) I think I smell something good guys.

Eddy: P.U.! It reeks!

Edd: Stinky, foul, disgusting!

Antoine: What is zat terrible odor?

Spongebob: Ew! It smells like when Squidward inked

Squidward: Well pardon my anatomy

Tails: M.S.S. must stand for moldy spaghetti sauce!

Sonic: It stands for Mobius Sewer System, Tails!

Zaktan: No wonder this place smells like the sewer from Manic's childhood home, which it IS the sewers!

Corroder: (sniffs the sewer smell) Ahh, are you kidding me? That smell is beautiful from my home planet.

Meltdown: (sniffs the sewer smell) Yeah, same from my home planet. I love the smell as well.

STH Rotor: Wasn't this sewer closed down and abandoned many years ago, Sonic?

Sonic: Right! But I know it leads to the surface! I used to play down here when I was a kid!

Boggy B: You must be joking?

Bunnie: You must have been fun to be around at bath time, Sugah!

(Suddendly they hear some clanking, creeking & crys of help)

Sally: What's that?

Astro Boy: It sounds like a machine & some people are crying for help! Someone must be in trouble!

Sonic: Your right, Astro & it's coming from the end of the tunnel ! (runs off into the sewer) Wait here, Dudes! I'll race ahead and see where those sounds are coming from!

Spongebob: Izzy & Thumpback, you two will have to come with me! The rest of you will have to stay behind & come find us if anything goes wrong. (follows Sonic)

Izzy: Alright! Izzy's ready for action! (follows Spongebob)

Thumpback: Yeah & it's Anchor time for me! (slides on his belly like a penguin, following Sonic, Spongebob & Izzy)

Twilight Sparkle: Just be careful!

Stuck in the Sewers (Part 2)

(Sonic, Spongebob, Izzy & Thumpback reached the end of the sewer tunnel to find a giant robot excavator controlled by Dr. Robotnik & Plankton)

Giant Robot Excavator: (digging underground)

SWATbots & Prototype Jack Bots: (digging & carries the dirt inside a Wheelbarrow)

Izzy: Wow, coolio. A Giant robot.

Sonic: So that's how Robotnik does his underground digging, with a giant robot excavator...driven by Robotnik & Plankton themselves!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Ha! Ha! Ha! I love this toy! It's soooo Destructive!

Thumpback: (notices 3 Nerbs trapped inside a force field) Guys, look!

Sonic: Oh no! Robotnik & Plankton has captured three of the, Nerbs, in one of his force fields!

Nerb #1: Help!

Nerb #2: Let us out of here... but don't talk to us!

Spongebob: Watch out!

Spongebob, Izzy & Thumpback: (dodges out of the way, from the drill) Whao!

Sonic: (dodges as well) WO!

Plankton: Hello there All Stars & Hedgehog

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I'm glad you joined us here underground! This is where Hedgehogs belong...and where you're going to stay!

Spongebob: I don't think so!

Thumpback: Your going down!

Sonic: (runs) Yo! Robaldnik & Plankton! I'll make it easy for you two! (stops) Try to get me! I'll stand perfectly still...

Spongebob: What are you doing?

Sonic: Trust me.

Plankton: Now we have you...!

Giant Robot Excavator: (tries to drill through Sonic, but Sonic dodges out of the way & accidently drills through the force field, causing it to dissapear & causing the drill to be heavily damaged)

Sonic: ...NOT!

Plankton: (growls)

Izzy: Wow, wish I can learn that trick.

Sonic: The force field's broken! Now let's get out while we still can!

Spongebob: Yeah, before it's too late!

Nerb #1: You're not Nerbs! You're outsiders!

Nerb #3: We don't like you!

Nerb #2: So we're not following you! Nyah!

Thumpback: (picks up 3 Nerbs & puts them inside the wheelbarrow)

Sonic: Oh yes you are!

Izzy: Wheelbarrow ride! (hops inside the wheelbarrow)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I'll teach you not to break my toys, cursed Hedgehog!!

Plankton: Same goes to you three All Stars!

Giant Robot Excavator: (tries to chomp on the heroes with his excavator claw, but Sonic quickly pushes the wheelbarrow with the 3 Nerbs & Izzy back through the sewers)

Spongebob & Thumpback: (follows Sonic)

Izzy: Wheee! (laughing)

Sonic: Into the sewer! It's time to put an end to Robotnik's & Plankton's digging once and for all !

SWATbot: (notices something in the sewer) ?

Nerb #2: (feels sick) Nnng! I'm, I mean wheelbarrow sick!

Scott: Man, those Nerbs are wimpy & my perspective that is.

Sally: Sonic, Spongebob! What's going on?

Twilight Sparkle: Is something wrong?

STH Rotor: Do you need our help?

Tails: After you give those nerds a ride, can I have one?

Sonic: That's Nerbs- and I want you to take them home and close this door tight!

Edd: But Sonic, what about...?

Sonic: No time to explain, dudes! I've got to hurry!

Spongebob: You mean "WE" got to hurry!

Sonic: (sighs) (runs off) And hope that I still know my way around this old sewer!

Spongebob: Ok All Stars, let's give him a hand!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters goes off to follow Sonic)

Sonic: I think it's a Left...(turns left)...and a right...(turns right)...and a left...(turns left)...and a right! (turns right)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (follows Sonic)

Sonic: (spots a gate baricaded by a large & thick 2x4) And there it is! It's awesome! (skids to a stop)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (skids to a stop)

Raw Jaw: There's a sign!

Xplode: (reads the sign) "DANGER. Do not open doors without permission of mobius sewer authority! (And some life insurance)" We betta be careful

Sonic: The Mobius River is behind those doors! It's to take my mightiest Buzz-saw spin to open them! (does a buzz-saw spin to cut through the thick 2x4)

Reidak: Here, let me help! (uses his Buzz-Saw to help Sonic cut through the thick 2x4)

Sonic: I guess I'm just a Saw Head!

Spongebob: Ouch.

(Both Sonic & Reidak sucessfully cuts through the 2x4, opening the door, letting out huge ammounts of water)

Sonic: (Starts running with the All Stars) We did it! But now we've got to outrun the river!

Thumpback: Or betta yet, let's make like a penguin & slide! (starts sliding on his belly) Hop on my back!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters hops on Thumpback's back, riding on top of him)

Duncan: (notices 4 Turtles, which are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & they are Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael & Michealangelo) What the?

Leonardo: We're in the wrong sewer, dudes!

Michealangelo: Or at least the wrong comic!

(The 4 turtles goes through the sewer hole & closes it behind them before the water reaches it)

Duncan: What are those 4 Turtles doing here?

Ezekiel: Sewer seeing, eh?

Avak: Sewer seeing? (faceplams)

Sonic: Oh, no! I don't remember the way back to the exit! Wat-er predicament !

Vezok: But the water is very refreshing.

Spongebob: Yeah.

(The river begins to catch up to the Heroes)

Sonic: Here comes the river! I can't out run it forever!  And even a sonic spin won't save us!

Ed: I'm a cowboy! Bang, bang!

Edd: What are we gonna do?

Sonic: Our only chance is to try my super sonic spin!

Hot Head: Hurry, cause I don't like Water cause Water beats fire.

Sonic: Here I go...(does a supersonic spin, tunneling his way to the surface)

Izzy: Thumpback, lean back!

Thumpback: (leans back & then goes upwards)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (holds onto Thumpback as he went upwards all the way to the surface)

(The Heroes finally got up to the surface)

Sonic: Yessssss!!

Spongebob: We made it!

(They all noticed the water running through the tunnel they made)

Vezok: Preaty!

Hakann: Whao! What happened?

Sonic: Hey! I started a geyser! But where will the rest of the river go?

(Suddendly they felt the rumbling coming from the ground)

Owen: What? What's going on?

Sonic: I th-think we're about to f-find out!

Squidward: And I have a feeling I know (points to Robotropolis)

(The Heroes all noticed that the rest of the river went into lifting the entire city of Robotropolis)

Sonic: Way cool! I raise the entire city of Robotropolis! Talk about an uplifting experience!

Spongebob: Yeah, that's cool !

Thumpback: (notices another geyser coming up) Hold your horses, kid. There's another geyser!

Sonic: Uh-Oh! Here comes another geyser!

(They hide behind the Monsters & the Skylander Giants)

(Afterwards, another geyser sent Robotnik, Plankton and his wrecked digging robot flying)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Halp! Get me down! I already had my bath this year!!

Plankton: Somebody get us down!

Sonic: Success! Speaking of geysers...I wonder how the guys are doing in Nerbland!

Patrick: There's a town name Nerbland?


(Back at Nerbland)

Nerb King: ...And so, to thank you for saving us, and in recognition of our friendship, I hereby proclaim Sonic, Spongebob and the Freedom Fighters honorary Nerbs...

(We see that the heroes are all wearing traditional Nerb Costumes)

Nerb King: ...entitled to wear the traditional Nerb costume!

Spongebob: Thank you Nerb King, it was an honour.

Harold: Yes, it is an honour indeed.

Ed: Can I keep this hat?

Sonic: I liked it better when they weren't friendly!

Thok: I look ridicious.

Sally: It's the Revenge of the Nerbs!

Tails: ...That's Nerds!

Mordecai: No, it's more like the Stuck in the Sewers.

Rigby: I wish we're back in the Sewers, Mordecai !

Izzy: (laughing) Nice

The End