This is the 109th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

This is also the 23rd Sonic & SpongeBob Special.

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, Sally Acorn, Donkey Kong, Rainbow Dash, Ed & Sirica

Main Villain: Ghastly King, The Rocs (Scruff Roc, Fleet Roc, Hard Roc & Thunder Roc), The Hogs (Rouge-Hog, Mo-Hog, Bloat-Hog & Gloat-Hog) & the Tusks (Turret Tusk, Grave Tusk, Torch Tusk & Double Tusk)

Special Guest Stars: Dread Kong, Karate Kong, Ninja Kong & Sumo Kong

Story #1: TranscriptEdit

The Legend of Ghastly KingEdit

(At the Freedom Fighter Special, in the Forest)

(We can see Sonic, Tails, Sally Acorn, Bunnie, Antoine, Amy Rose, Nate Morgan & the All Star Freedom Fighters at the Freedom Fighter Special, fixing the ship after a crash landing, caused by sabatoge.)

SpongeBob: (Panting) I haven't worked this hard since I work at the Krusty Krab for 24 hours.

Rediak: Isn't there anything you can do besides complaining?

Sonic: (Elbows Rediak)

Rediak: What?

Sonic: Just don't be hard on him, after all he is the...

Ed and Patrick: Boing! Lunch Break!

(During Lunch Time.)

(The Heroes are sitting on their set up chairs, log stumps & even some boxes & crates.)

Ed: (comes over to the heroes, bringing out his own lunch box to a set up table made with table stands & a door)

Patrick: (eats a Krabby patty)

Ed: (pulls out sandwiches & gives one each to everyone & pulls out one sandwich from the lunchbox & eats it)

Rainbow Dash: Thanks Ed. (eats her sandwich as well)

Donkey Kong: (eating a banana sandwich) Yeah Ed, that's very nice. Thank you.

(Everyone was eating their lunch, when something gleamed into Sally's eyes)

Sally: What's that? (Notices a hidden old chest & slowly goes up to it)

Twilight Sparkle: (follows Sally) It looks like an old chest.

Sally: (spots the writing on the chest) And there's something written on it.

Tails: (with the rest of the heroes, wanting to know what is a chest doing here) What does it say, Aunt Sally?

Sally: It's says: "Caution! Do not open this chest, or else."

Fluttershy: (a bit nervous) I think it's best if we don't open it.

Ed: Look at what I found: a spell book. (Holds up the chest)

Eddy: Ed! You idiot! It said do NOT open!

(But Ed didn't listen he was about to read the spell)

All: NO ED!

(But it was too late, Ed had already cast the spell releasing a giant deadly creature who is none other then Ghastly King)

Ghastly King

Ghastly King

Ghastly King: (roars loudly as he pounds his own chest, finally free from the old ancient chest)

Zaktan: (glares at Ed) Now you've done it, Ed!

Ghastly King: At last. I am free from my ancient chest.

Donkey Kong: Ghastly King!

Ghastly King: Ah, Donkey Kong. We meet again.

Sonic: Hey big dude. Why don't you just jump back into your chest so we can..

Ghastly King: SILENCE! I'll never return to that prison ever again.

Rainbow Dash: (Flies up to Ghastly King's eye level) Just what do you want anyway?

Ghastly King: My revenge! And I'll be taking your friend that released me with the rest of my minions. (Laughs)

Ed: (got grabbed by Ghastly King) Eddy!

SpongeBob: AAH! No! Not Ed! Please take us! US! US! Not him, him, him! (Got slapped by Avak) Thanks Avak. (Stops Avak from slapping him again) I-I-it's ok, spiralling over.

Avak: Get a hold of yourself, you can't just panic willy nilly! Your the All Star Warrior, remember? You gotta stay calm during dangerous situations.

SpongeBob: (calms down as he suddenly remembers that when realisation hits him) Ohh, I can't just panic willy nilly. And I have to stay calm during dangerous situations. (A short pause) Oh, sorry.

Antoine: Drama queen.

Rarity: You should ask yourself that.

Antoine: Same to you.

Ghastly King: Enough! Too late! I made my decision. (About to leave)

SpongeBob: Wait just a burger flipping second!

Ghastly King: (turns back to SpongeBob, now a bit irritated) Who dares back sass the Ghastly King?!

SpongeBob: That would be me! SpongeBob Back-SassPants! And I say your messing with the wrong groups of Freedom Fighters.

Ghastly King: Oh really? (Summoning Scruff Roc) Now I'm off to cause destruction around the place. But I'll return shortly to pick up my new henchman, so all of you say your goodbyes before I come back. Scruff Roc! Take care of them!

Scruff Roc: (Screeches as he makes the scene)

Ed: (noticing something Scruff Roc is carrying, which is a giant black egg, is excited) Giant Chicken! With a Giant black Jawbreaker! Yum yum yum! (Jumps out of Ghastly King's grip & runs towards Scruff Roc, jumps up & grabs Scruff Roc, hugging him) Pet the chicken, pet the chicken.

Eddy: What's Ed doing now?

Edd: Something that involves both his like interests thus far.

Donkey Kong: That's Scruff Roc, he is a former ruler of the Orange Kingdom. If he's here, then there's no doubt there are countless others. We need about bananas to increase our beats!

Sally: If that what it takes, how many bananas do you have left?

Scruff Roc: (surprised by Ed's stupid liking for chickens) ?!

Donkey Kong: I've already started out by collecting about 500 bananas. And each evil ruler of each fruit kingdom has 500 beats as well. We will even the odds. But for now it's an even match.

Ed: Jawbreaker! (readies his teeth & chomps at the black egg multiple times, mistaking it for a jawbreaker, unwittingly cracking the massive black egg a bit at a time)

Scruff Roc: (tries to shake Ed off it's egg)

(After shaking Ed really fast Scruff Roc manages shake him of it's egg, But is now angry as the egg is now covered in smoke)

Scruff Roc: (Screeches very loud)

(Scruff Roc then launches sharp feathers at the gang as they dodge the feathers)

Donkey Kong: (jumps up & Rams at the egg, trying to stun Scruff Roc & clearing the smoke from the egg)

Scruff Roc: (got stunned, with the smoke cleared from his egg)

XPlode: There's our chance! Now!

Donkey Kong: (jumps up & grabs onto the egg & begins head butting at it, cracking the black egg even more)

Ed: I AM ED! (Jumps up & grabs onto the egg) CHEESE AND MACARONI! (Helping Donkey Kong by biting at the black egg, cracking it even more)

(After a few head butts and bites on the egg, the egg blew up causing Scruff Roc to explode)

Rainbow Dash: Victory is awesome!

SpongeBob: Nice going Donkey Kong & Ed.

Ed: Where'd the jawbreaker go?

Donkey Kong: Remember, Ghastly King is coming back to capture Ed, so we better scram outta here & fast before he comes back!

Sally: Donkey Kong is right. We must move fast & cover our tracks!

(The Heroes begin to scram outta here while carrying barrels of 500 bananas, while Patrick, who is lagging behind, literally cover the tracks with red paint, painting a red line.)

Patrick: I'm on it, Sally!

(As the All Stars & the Knothole Freedom Fighters, plus Amy Rose & Nate Morgan make a get away, they didn't know that in the shadows of the forest, there are a pair of angular light blue & indigo eyes watching them.)

(Later... From outside the forest.)

Crash: (panting)

Fangz: (looks around & can see that there is no sign of Ghastly King anywhere) I think we lost him.

DJ: (shivering in fear) Thank goodness. That thing scared me to death.

Sam: So now what?

Zaktan: Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

Beardo: (makes a slide whistle sound as a question mark appear over Pinkie Pie's head)

Pinkie Pie: Say what now?

Sally: Hold on. I think Zaktan might be onto something. We must prepare a council of our own & plan on how to take out Ghastly King & his minions. Since Donkey Kong is most experience against Ghastly King, he would help us plan our next move against that giant tyrant.

Pinkie Pie: Oh ok, I get it now.

Donkey Kong: Thank you, Princess. According to my past events with Ghastly King. I remember that he has a lot of henchmen in 3 different groups with 4 varieties.

Owen: Like picking ice cream flavours from the ice cream store?

Donkey Kong: You could say that.

(But before DK could continue they hear an evil laugh coming from someone who's not a person but a hog)

(The hog landed in front of the gang who is none other than..)

Donkey Kong: Rogue-Hog!

Rogue-Hog: Ah, Donkey Kong. So glad to see you again, and I see you brought some friends for me to crush along with YOU!

???: Everyone! Get down!

(A female figure shoots a missile at Rogue-Hog who dodges the missile as the figure jumps from the tree branch, her name is Sirica)



Sonic: Whoa! Who is that?

Thunder: I don't know, but she's got a missile. We better listen.

Sirica: My name is Sirica.

Rediak: What are you doing?!

Sirica: I'm helping you defeat Ghastly King, But I'll get to that later.

Rogue-Hog: Excellent, now I have another friend of DK for me to crush! (Throws an electric melon at the gang)

Kineticlops: Incoming! (Catches the Electric Melon, however the electricity doesn't seem to affect him, cause he's an electrical monster) Gotcha! Play ball! (Launches the Electric melon back at Rogue-Hog with lots of electric volts of his own)

(Rogue-Hog gets hit by the electric melon and is dizzy)

Donkey Kong: It's time he learns the true meaning of pain, All Star style!

(The All Stars, plus Sonic, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, Tails & Amy Rose begins attacking Rogue-Hog, pounding on him multiple times)

Rogue-Hog: GET OFF!!! (Gets back up and is now angry as he starts to throw a spiky fruit at the gang)

(Sirica then switches her missile launcher into a sword and slices the spiky fruit)

(Donkey Kong then hits Rogue-Hog to cause a melon to come out and he throws it at Rogue-Hog)

Rogue-Hog: (got hit & feels dizzy) Augh!

Congar: (begins pounding multiple times at Rogue-Hog & jumps up) Incoming! (Slams his fists at Rogue-Hog, trying to knock him out cold)

Rogue-Hog: (Screams as he is knocked out cold)

Congar: (panting)

SpongeBob: Another victory for the All Star and Knothole Freedom Fighters!

Kineticlops: Now Sirica, what are you doing here?

Sirica: I heard of you Freedom Fighters and the legend of Ghastly King, he will pay for killing my mother, once my mother was gone I decided to find you so we can stop Ghastly King before it's too late.

SpongeBob: Ouch, that's serious.

Sally: It's ok, Sirica. We will find Ghastly King & stop him.

Eddy: Yeah, that's what we're trying to do, when Ed here open the chest.

Ed: I learn good spells on this spell book, Sirica. (Holds up the opened chest, the very chest that Ghastly King is released from) See? I made a summoning of a monster.

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, we get it Ed. How did Ghastly King got trapped inside that chest in the first place?

Donkey Kong: I believe Sirica has dealt with Ghastly King in the past, so she will tell us in the way. In the meantime, were gonna need help from my old allies, Dread Kong, Karate Kong, Ninja Kong & Sumo Kong. They might know a way to stop Ghastly King.

Vezok: Good idea, but where exactly are they?

Donkey Kong: I'll explain on the way as well. Let's go.

(The heroes then runs off to find the 4 Kongs, while they are forming a plan.)

(In the ruins)

(We can see the group sneaking inside the ruins.)

Sirica: I'll take the lead, we don't know what kind of dangers awaits us.

(The gang nodded as they follow Sirica)

(In the place where the 4 Kongs are talking)

Bunnie: (whispers, unaware of Ed feeling funny) Alright y'all, nobody make a sound.

Ed: (feels a bit funny) I feel funny. (About to sneeze cause of his allergies of rabbits since he is near Bunnie)

Eddy: (whispers) Ed! Don't!

(Ed tries to cover his nose but sneezes causing his eyeballs to inflate and causing the 4 Kongs to hear the Heroes)

Ed: I sneezed.

Ninja Kong: (Spots the Heroes and thinks that they're intruders) Kill them!

(Ninjapes then appear in ninja clouds and surrounds the All Star and Knothole Freedom Fighters)

Timon: (on Pumbaa's head, feeling scared) Now you've done it, Ed.

Donkey Kong: Wait, it's your old friend. DK!

Ninja Kong: Ninjapes! Hold you attacks!

(The Ninjapes hold their attacks as Dread Kong, Karate Kong, Ninja Kong & Sumo Kong comes up to the heroes)

Dread Kong: Donkey Kong, is that really you?

Donkey Kong: Yes, it has been a long time.

Jetbug: Anyways, we need your help.

Karate Kong: Care to explain?

Sonic: You see Ghastly King is on the loose & we need to stop him before he does too much damage to... well... Everything!

Sally: That is why we came to you for your help on stopping Ghastly King.

Sumo Kong: (serious) Ghastly King... It is a very long time since we saw him.

Dread Kong: Yeah, he's gonna pay for forcing us to be his puppets!

SpongeBob: That's why we need your help on stopping him & his henchmen.

Ninja Kong: Hmmm... The sooner we defeat Ghastly King, the better, we accept!

Gwen: Then it's settled, we'll stop the rest of Ghastly King's henchmen today!

(As the Heroes and the 4 Kongs exit the ruins they heard a elephant bellowing)

Karate Kong: I know that sound from someone.

(A big robotic elephant named Turret Tusk comes through the trees and looks down at the Heroes and the Kongs)

DK, Dread, Karate, Ninja and Sumo: TURRET TUSK!

Pumbaa: Uh oh.

Timon: That's one big pachyderm.

Turret Tusk: (fires a cannonball out from his tusk at the heroes)

Reidak: Look out!

(The Heroes begin to dodge the cannonballs.)

Dudley: That guy means business! How do we destroy that thing now?

Donkey Kong: We need pineapple bombs!

LeShawna: (a bit annoyed) We could do that if I wasn't allergic to pineapples!

SpongeBob: Need pineapples? I live in one!

(The All Stars & Knothole Freedom Fighters, plus Dread Kong, Karate Kong, Ninja Kong & Sumo begins grabbing the fast growing pineapple bombs.)

SpongeBob: Bombs away! (Throws the pineapple bomb into Turret Tusk's trunk)

(The pineapple bombs then explodes causing Turret Tusk to revealve his weak point: His robot heart)

Dread Kong: There's his heart! We can cause more damage on him if we throw more pineapple bombs at it!

(The Heroes and Kongs then throw multiple pineapple bombs at the heart and they explode but Turret Tusk is now enraged)

Thunder: I think we made it mad.

Turret Tusk: (begins blasting cannonballs at the Heroes in a faster rate)

(The All Stars & Knothole Freedom Fighthers, plus Sirica & the 4 Kongs quickly try to dodge, but barely, only for a few to be hit.)

Crusher: We must be self aware!

Bouncer: 66, 32, 23, Skiddo! (grabbing a pineapple bomb & throws it in Turret Tusk's trunk, like its a football)

(The pineapple bomb explodes, causing Turret Tusk to get stunned, exposing it's robot heart, ejecting more pineapple bombs out.)

Bouncer: Punt Formation!

(The Heroes & the 4 Kongs launching multiple pineapple bombs at the robot heart & the bombs explodes, destroying the robot heart)

Turret Tusk: (shutting down, letting his one last trumpet before falling apart into pieces, destroyed)

Bouncer: Touchdown! Is everyone alright?

LeShawna: I think so, I... (notices her arms has a rash, because of her allergic reaction to Pineapples) (groans, now annoyed) Yo, what do you recommend I do about this?

Heather: I recommend you scratch, after we rest.

Sally: (gives a bottle of rash cream to LeShawna) Here, use this.

LeShawna: (put the rash cream on her arms) Thanks Sally Girl.

Sirica: (sighs) We still have a long way to go, we must defeat the rest of Ghastly King's minions.

Eddy: And now Ghastly King is after our monobrow.

Ed: I don't want to be devoured by the monster that dwells in the chest.

SpongeBob: Don't worry, we've got your back, Ed.

Tree Rex: Then come on, let's get going.

Sumo Kong: Agreed.

(Meanwhile with Ghastly King in his cave lair)

(We can see Ghastly King, watching the heroes continue on their journey.)

Ghastly King: (Sitting on his throne, pounding it in anger) Curses! Those blasted Freedom Fighters are still alive! No matter, This battle is only beginning. Fleet Roc!

Fleet Roc: (Screeches)

Ghastly King: I want you to finish Scruff Roc's job he failed.

(Fleet Roc agrees and flies off as Ghastly King laughs for his future victory)

(Back with the Knothole and All Star Freedom Fighters)

(They are seen with Sirica & the 4 Kongs at a waterfall nearby.)

Vezok: I think we can rest here at the moment.

SpongeBob & Patrick: (washing their faces with water)

Rainbow Dash: (flies up to check to see if there is any danger in sight or not) I'll keep a close eye in the skies.

HF Rotor: Be careful, Rainbow.

Donkey Kong: While we are here, we can collect more bananas for increased beats, just to be safe.

Owen: (rubbing his growling stomach) Come on guys, your making me hungry.

Ed: (a bit sad) I'm really sorry guys for opening the chest. Have pity on me.

SpongeBob: It's not your fault, Ed. We all make mistakes.

Twilight Sparkle: SpongeBob is right, if Ghastly King is as strong as he is, we need all the help we can get on stopping him.

Sonic: Yo, Rainbow Dash! Seen anything?

Rainbow Dash: (spots something in the horizon) ?

(Fleet Roc then flies in and screeches)

Rainbow Dash: Another bird is coming!

Donkey Kong: (noticing who it is) Fleet Roc!

(Fleet Roc then flaps his wings throwing his sharp feathers at the gang)

Eddy: (groans) Not again!

(The gang begins to dodge as Rainbow Dash charges forward)

Rainbow Dash: I'm going in! (Rams at Fleet Roc's giant black egg, stunning the bird)

Fleet Roc: (got stunned)

Rainbow Dash: Get out! (Begins kicking with her front legs & bucking with her hind legs at the giant black egg, multiple times, trying to crack the egg)

Fleet Roc: (Screeches and throws even more feathers at the gang)

(Karate Kong then jumps towards the egg and kicks, stunning the bird)

Fleet Roc: (got stunned)

Bouncer: Let's finish him off! (jumps up and grabs the egg and starts punching it, destroying the egg)

Fleet Roc: (Screeches as he explodes)

Bouncer: Deal with the wheel!

Lightning: That's what I'm talking about!

Rainbow Dash: No time to celebrate now, we know what we're getting ourselves into.

Astro Boy: Indeed, there's no telling what might happen next.

STH Rotor: Right, we all have each other's backs and... (Stops for a moment & looks around) Hey, has anyone seen Sirica?

Thunder: Timber!

(A tree came falling as everyone avoids it barely, which surprised mostly everyone.)

Ed: (obliviously happy) Good morning tree.

Zaktan: (noticing Sirica who have chopped down the tree) Sirica! Have you lost your mind!? We could've been crushed. (a bit annoyed) And your still focused on finding Ghastly King, aren't you?

Sirica: Rotor, we're gonna need some transportation.

STH Rotor: You might be on to something.

Courtney: That would be nice, except for one thing. How are we all gonna fit on one tree? We're gonna need a lot more if we want to build a raft & get out of here before...

(Before the Heroes, Kongs, and Sirica could get to work. Another hog named: Mo-Hog landed in front of them.)

Courtney: Aw come on!

SpongeBob: What? Another of Ghastly King's minions again? I'm starting to think that Ghastly King is getting more desperate on taking us down.

Mo-Hog: (Throws a spiky fruit at the gang)

(Sirica slices the spiky fruit in half)

Tails: (Uses his tails to make a melon come out of Mo-Hog, not realizing his tails also made him sneeze)

Mo-Hog: (sneezes the melon out of him, also blowing back Tails)

Tails: Whoa!

Sonic: (catches Tails) Gotcha buddy!

Patrick: I wanna play! I wanna play! (Catches the melon, swinging it around, launching the melon at Mo-Hog)

Mo-Hog: (got stunned by the melon)

Avak: (charges forward) Patrick, we're not playing! We're fighting for our lives! (Uses his Seismic PickAxe to pound at Mo-Hog multiple times)

(Mo-Hog let's out a roar in anger, with his nostril steaming like a train whistle.)

Patrick: I wanna play! I wanna play!

Squidward: (groans) Oh alright!

(Mo-Hog jumps up and charges up, and zooms in and attemps to punch the heroes but misses)

Mo-Hog: (Throws a electric melon fast.)

Patrick: (Catches the melon and bounces on his belly back at Mo-Hog) Hey, my back feels better.

Mo-Hog: (Got stunned)

Patrick: (uses his cartwheel move on Mo-Hog & Jumps up) CANNONBALL! (performs a cannonball on Mo-Hog, knocking him out cold.) Whoo hoo! That was fun!

SpongeBob: Oh thank Neptune, we're all ok.

Hot Head: We need to determine Ghastly King's Location, we've already defeated about 6 out of 13 of his henchmen so far.

Donkey Kong: This could be very hard find.

Dread Kong: You know, it's just like finding a needle in a haystack.

Gwen: If Sirica suggested a raft to float downstream, maybe it will lead us closer to his lair. We'll have to try.

Cameron: There's only one way to be sure, we all must make like a group of salmon & swim downstream or upstream, which one either way actually works.

Hot Head: (as the All Stars & Knothole Freedom Fighters plus Sirica & the 4 Kongs hop on the log raft & on the War Monsters & Giants to begin floating downstream) Here we go again. (Begins swimming with the War Monsters & Giants & the log raft)

Sonic: Your not the only one who is uneasy about the water.

Hakann: Same goes for me. You know, it sure does feel like old times. Sailing aboard on the All Star Cruiser, but I'm talking about way back, sailing on the "S.S Mutant Almost A Chicken Duck", out to the ocean.

Sally: The what? (Tries to hold in her giggles, as SpongeBob, Patrick, Ed, Vezok, Pinkie & Rigby remembers as well, trying to hold in their laughter)

Bunnie: That sure is a funny name for a boat.

Mordecai: (chuckles) Yeah, surprise we didn't ran out of paint that time.

Boggy B: Yeah, it's like the good Ol' days, except about the part that we have to fight off against pirates. Now who were those pirate captains again? Was it Co Captain Joseph & Co Captain Gutt?

Cody: Oh yeah, that's the one. Those pirates really can pick up a fight.

Deimos: Oh tell us more. I would really like to know.

Sanford: (turns to Sirica, who is still focused) No time, because it seem Sirica is still focused on taking Ghastly King down because he killed her mother back then.

Ed: Aw, poor Sirica, a big hug will help you feel better. (Tries to hug Sirica, trying to make her feel better) There there.

Sircia: (Pushes Ed back) Don't touch me, please.

Owen: (to Ed) She seems nice.

(Back with Ghastly King)

Ghastly King: (Sitting on his throne while petting his giant hog.) Guards! I want you to do everything within your power to keep the Freedom Fighters distracted. Capture the hedgehog's fox friend and make him work for me while Grave Tusk destroys them.

Guards: Yes, your greatness.

Ghastly King: Soon Donkey Kong, you and your friends will be in for a big surprise. (Laughs)

(Back with the Heroes)

(The All Star & Knothole Freedom Fighters, plus Sirica & the Kongs continue to go down stream, while they continue on the search to find the Ghastly King.)

SpongeBob: Call it a hunch, but I'm guessing that we're getting closer.

Eddy: Tell me something we don't know, SpongeBob.

Hot Head: Can we stop swimming please? You know how fire & water plays out against each other.

Togera: It's alright, were close to another location to rest.

Vezok: How can we get back thou? We're too far away from the Freedom Fighter Special right about now.

Sonic: Tails, you see anything?

Tails: (looks through a telescope) Nothing so far, but we need to rest here.

Sonic: That's good, cause we're hungry for a snack break. And it's nearly a sunset now. Alright, we can stop here.

Ed: Okie dokey smokey.

(The heroes begin to exit the river & looks around.)

Owen: So... Where do you think we are now? I think we're lost.

Twilight Sparkle: (Looking at a map) We seem to be in some sort of...

Sirica: (Spots a cannonball heading for them) Get clear!

(The Heroes quickly Hit the dirt as they dodge the Cannonball. Grave Tusk lands in front of the Heroes and lets out a loud trumpet as he looks at them)

DK, Dread, Ninja, and Sumo: GRAVE TUSK!!

Karate Kong: Keep your defence high! We need to put a stop to Grave Tusk.

Tails: Alright, if he is a Tusk like Turret Tusk, then we know what to do!

SpongeBob: (as Grave Tusk is ready for a fight) Right.

(Grave Tusk shoots cannonballs faster than Turret Tusk)

Ninja Kong: Come my Ninjapes!

(Ninjapes then appear with Pineapple Bombs)

Sonic: Thanks, Ninjapes.

(Patrick then throws his Pineapple Bomb into Grave Tusk's trunk which explodes and reveals his robot heart.)

Eddy: There's the heart!

Congar: Everybody together!

LeShawna: (sighs as she put on rubber gloves for protecting for her allergic reaction to pineapples) Here we go again.

(The All Stars begins throwing pineapple bombs at the Grave Tusk's heart, damaging it halfway, in which Grave Tusk lets out an enraged trumpet while his trunk is spewing out burning fire in anger.)

Zaktan: That is never a good sign when someone is angry.

Red Bird: Try telling that to King Pig when we're angry! (noticing Grave Tusk preparing a brand new large laser trunk attack) Uh oh, watch out!

(Grave Tusk unleashes his large trunk laser beam at the heroes, in which they try their best to dodge out of the Grave Tusk's power of his trunk laser)

Eddy: Sheesh, talk about a close shave.

Tails: (readies his new arm cannon invention) Wait, that's it, Bunnie. Do you think we can shut him down with our arm cannons?

Bunnie: It's worth a try, Sugah.

(Bunnie and Tails got their arm cannons charged up as Grave Tusk charged up his trunk laser and the 3 fire at each other.)

Astro Boy: Hold on! (readies his arm cannon & open fires at Grave Tusk in surprise)

(Soon Bunnie, Tails, and Astro Boy's firepower outmatched Grave Tusk's power and was destroyed.)

Sonic: Nice work, guys. Especailly you little bro. (No answer) Tails?

Tails: SONIC! (Being carried away by Ghastly King's minions)

Sonic: TAILS! NOOOOO! (Rushes over to Tails as fast as he can)

SpongeBob: They got Tails!

Tails: (trying to break free as the heroes quickly rushes over to try & save him) Help! Sonic! Runaway minion!

Ed: I'll save you buddy! (Jumps up & lets out a holler as he comes crashing down at the minions)

(The heroes follow suite, but they tumble upon impact against the minions as they all came tumbling down a sandy, yet rocky hill that the gang & the minions all tumble down & made a splashdown in an oasis in a desert, whether or no that they saved Tails.)

Patrick: (rubbing his head) What just happened?

Sally: I don't know, but where's Tails?

Sirica: Ghastly King's minions must have escaped with him.

SpongeBob: How exactly did the minions slip through our fingers?

Karate Kong: Oh, I sure hate to happen when the fox meets Ghastly King.

(In Ghastly King's Cave)

Guards: Your Evilness, we have captured the fox boy like you requested.

(Tails is dropped to the floor and looks up at Ghastly King)

Ghastly King: (Chuckles) Enslaving you shall be simple as breaking a spine.

Tails: I am not letting you get away with such vile aggressive tactics. Your also gonna use me as bait for the heroes as well if the heroes find us.

Ghastly King: Ah, who cares what you think? Minions! Get this fox ready for his mutation.

(The Guards took Tails and headed off to the mutation cave)

(Back with the Heroes)

(The All Stars & Knothole Freedom Fighters continue on forward, while feeling a bit down from losing Tails to Ghastly King.)

SpongeBob: Come on guys, We need to get Tails back!

Patrick: Can't we just rest here instead?

Sonic: No way, Patrick! Tails is my little bro, and we have to get him back now.

(Patrick gets hit in the head by a blue meteor that took everyone by surprise)

Sonic: What the?!

Vezok: (hearing the screeching Roc sounds from above) Resting is completely out of the question!

Sally: Patrick, are you okay?

Patrick: Where's the leak, ma'am?

(The heroes looked up and saw that Hard Roc was right above them)

Owen: Great Pyramid of Giza, not another one!

Thunder: It never ends, honestly.

Kineticlops: (point to the egg carried by the Hard Roc) But we do know a Roc's weakness! Kill it! (Charges into battle with the heroes)

(Hard Roc launches a blue meteor at the heroes)

Ed: Gang Ho!

(The heroes dodged the metor as Twilight shoots her magic from her unicorn horn at Hard Roc)

Hard Roc: (Got stunned)

(Congar quickly jumps at the Hard Roc & begins punching at him & it's Egg while roaring angrily.)

(Hard Roc is enraged as he launches multiple blue meteors)

Rarity: (As the meteors exploded, her hair is sticking up) That bird is ruining my hair!

Eddy: Man, I hate birds.

(Hard Roc shoots a dark sound wave at the heroes)

(Karate Kong bounces back the dark sound wave at Hard Roc as he got hit)

Dread Kong: Let's finish him off!

Hot Head: I'm in the mood for some scrambled eggs!

(Hot Head quickly blasts fireballs at the blue meteors & Hard Roc's Egg to damage it)

"More Coming Soon"

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