This is the 105th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Patrick Star, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Zaktan & Twilight Sparkle

Main Villains: Chaos, Piraka Chaos & Teridax (Past)

Special Guest Stars: ???? As Gando the Black Panther (OC), & ???? as Aztec the Echidna (OC).

Story #1: Transcript

Spongebob's Adventures in Station Square (SpongeBob Adventure: Part 18)

(In the Mystic Ruins)

(We can see Plankton muttering to himself in the Chum Pod, having failed to stop the All Stars.)

Plankton: I can't believe this! Those All Stars have defeated me yet again. I bet they are exhausted as I am. I'll show them! I'll show them all!

(He never realized red glowing eyes from the shadows of the Mystic Ruins.)

Plankton: Wait a minute. Why would I trust Piraka Chaos from the beginning? He may have been great help, but why does that feel wrong?

???: (has glowing red eyes) (chuckles evily)

(Outside of Station Square)

(We can see Knuckles landing after gliding & begins exploring the Mystic Ruins, seeing Onyx again, along with her 7 sisters & their mother Crystal Gem..)

Knuckles: You must be Onyx.

Onyx: Yeah. (Holds up the fixed Onyx Emerald) My mother, my sisters & I manage to recover the shards back, after "recent events".

Crystal Gem: Now that the Onyx Emerald is restored. All is well now.

Ruby: (spots something in the distance) I wouldn't be so sure of that.

Knuckles: (spots something shocking) !

(The group spotted Dr. Eggman unconscious.)

Amethyst: Is that... Eggman?

Emerald: It is Dr. Eggman.

Sapphire: Is he sleepy? It's no time for him to have nap, but it is relaxing.

Knuckles: (in thought: It's the Eggman himself alright... Doctor Robotnik. He's been hit hard... Knocked unconscious.)

Crystal Gem: I may recall he has been defeated, but not like this.

Topaz: Looks like someone beat us too it.

Knuckles: (in thought: I wonder who did this? An even better question is: Do I finish the job... And so rid the planet of the greatest evil ever to walk it's face?)

Turquoise: Hold on, something's not right here.

Opal: Hm?

(The group never realized a blob of water coming towards them.)

(Meanwhile in the Hidden City... At the Luxurious Station Square Hotel)

(The All Star Freedom Fighters & the Knothole Freedom Fighters, plus Amy Rose & Nate Morgan are gathered in the main hall of the hotel.)

Spongebob: ... And so, after we defeated Piraka Chaos, Plankton ditched the robot & now I believe Piraka Chaos was never heard from again.

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (laughing)

Vezok: (chuckles) Woo. Man, what a crazy day. Even crazy on how Tails beat Purple Piraka Pablo. And Amy Rose beaten Iceberg Piraka to the punch.

Sonic: So the good news is now the rest of you Freedom Fighters could relax & totally chill! Sorta the way Robotnik's water monster did after me & Knux & the All Stars "mopped" up the floor with it!

Tails: Ha! Ha! Good one, Sonic!

Eddy: Yeah, but I could've thought of that. Oh well, if you can't beat'em, show off.

Zaktan: Guess all is well now.

Sonic: Thanks Tails... But now... I've gotta break the bad news. I've kinda lost your bi-plane, bud. And I'm way sorry...

LeShawna: The same way we lost our Bi-Plane to those 7 creeps, the Super Piraka Seven?

Jetbug: Bingo, dingos. Nuts, I knew I should've used that pun back at Downunda.

Nate Morgan: Never fear youthful hedgehog. When I designed our foxy friend's air craft. I had the foresight to install a tracer.

Reidak: Hey, that's my nickname.

Nate Morgan: Hmm, must be a Coincidence. As I was saying, this device will enable to it's beacon.

Pumbaa: Emergency bacon? I'm hungry.

Timon: It's not bacon. It's beacon. Emergency beacon!

Pumbaa: Sorry.

Sonic: Thanks Nate... I'm on it like chilly on hot dogs.

Spongebob: (with Patrick, catching up to Sonic) Let's go Patrick.

Tails: (follows) Count me in.

Eddy: (with Ed & Edd, catching up to them) Let's go boys.

Zaktan: (with the rest of the Piraka, following the group) Move it out boys.

Twilight Sparkle: (with the rest of the Mane 6, follows them) Alright girls. Move out!

Edd: Wait! I'm not a fast runner.

(At the Mystic Ruins)

(Sonic, Tails, Spongebob, Patrick, the Eds, the Piraka & the Mane 6 arrives at the Mystic Ruins, but Tails spotted something.)

Tails: Sonic... Guys! Look over there!

(They all stop to notice this...)

Zaktan: Good lord!

(They see Knuckles, Crystal Gem & the Skunk Girl Guardians are all down for the count.)

Zaktan: It's Crystal Gem & her daughters.

Tails: And it's Knuckles... Is he...

Thok: (go up to Crystal Gem & the Skunk Girl Guards & hears their heartbeats in their chest, meaning they are ok.) (sighs in relief) Their just unconscious. I think their alive.

Edd: (panting heavily as he finally catches up) For heavens sake. (Panting) I think I lost 10 pounds this season.

Sonic: Wait a sec, Tails... I've traded body blows with Knux on more than a few occasions... Believe me! He's one tough customer.

Mordecai: (sighs) Don't remind me.

Knuckles: Unnh...

Crystal Gem & the Skunk Girl Guardians: (moans in pain as they get up slowly)

Sonic: See? Are you ok, Red Rad?

Twilight Sparkle: Are you ok? What happened?

Onyx: Something ambushed us from behind.

Crystal Gem: Give us try to remember the attacker.

Knuckles: We were struck by... I can't remember!

(Suddenly they saw Dr. Eggman making his escape in the Egg-O-Matic)

Dr. Eggman: Ta-Ta! Miscreants! Don't worry... I'll soon return to crush you all! (Flies away)

Sonic: That oughta to jog your memory... It's Ro-Butt-Nik.

Rainbow Dash: You mean "Dr. Eggman"?

Pinkie Pie: He's getting away!

Twilight Sparkle: Oh no he's not.

Sonic: After 'Im.

(Suddenly they were stopped by Knuckles & Crystal Gem & the Skunk Girl Guardians.)

Knuckles: No wait...

Spongebob: Huh?

Eddy: Hey! What gives?

Crystal Gem: He did not do an ambush.

Reidak: What?

Knuckles: It's starting to come back to me now. It wasn't that Tin Plated Tyrant who jumped us. It was... Chaos!

Sonic & Spongebob: What?

Eddy: What?

Ed: Who?

Sonic: Robotnik's water monster? You must be joking, Knux... I thought we'd seen the last of that liquified loser!

Knuckles: No such luck.

Zaktan: Remember, gods can't be easily killed by mortals.

Knuckles: And even worse... I've got a hunch that Tails' missing Bi-Plane is somehow connected to it's return.

Crystal Gem: I would believe so.

(Suddenly they heard Plankton screaming in terror coming from the jungles of the Mystic Ruins.)

Amethyst: Guys? I don't think Chaos isn't the only one that has returned.

Spongebob: We gotta do something! And fast!

(Suddenly Spongebob saw the bright light once again & it touched Spongebob's head)

SpongeBob: Huh? What the...?

(A bright light begins to consume Spongebob as he is transported to the Myatic Ruins in the past.)

(In the Mystic Ruins in the Past)

SpongeBob: (looks around the area) Hello? Where am I? (Recognises the place) Wait, I'm back in the past. I think... Yes! It's not a dream after all. It's more of a vision!

(Spongebob notices something in the distance & spots a Black Panther commanding chief officer of the tribe, wearing tribal clothing.)

Black Panther: (deep brute voice) Halt! Yellow creature!

Spongebob: Wha...?! Who are you?

Black Panther: I'm Gando... Chief of the Tribe of the Mysterious Cat Country. I'm here to eliminate the intruders. If you stand in my way, don't try anything stupid.

Spongebob: Intruders? What do you mean?

Gando Pather: Those intruders have invaded our land & they want to take it as their home.

SpongeBob: Calm down, who are you referring to exactly?

Gando: Those meddling Echidnas!

SpongeBob: What?! So it was you & your tribe that cause the greed of the Echidnas to happen.

Gando: You dare blame our tribe?! This is an outrage, now I'll be your opponent.

SpongeBob: Look, I don't want any trouble. I'm just passing through. (Hears the echidnas quarrelling in the distance) The echidnas!

Gando: (smirks as he Rams through a distracted Spongebob with his brute strength)

SpongeBob: Aaauuugghh! (Falls down)

Gando: Forward! To freedom!

(The Mysterious Cat Tribe began to charge forward into the village.)

(A Young Male Orange Echidna comes in & carries Spongebob inside a hit.)

SpongeBob: Huh? What's going on?

Male Echidna: Shh... Not so loud. Or else we get caught.

SpongeBob: Oh sorry. Who are you?

Male Echidna: I'm Aztec the Echidna. I never thought a strange creature like you appear.

SpongeBob: Yeah, I'm really sorry for that. And I'm a sponge.

Aztec: I see. But come on. I think Tikal might be in danger.

SpongeBob: How do you know about Tikal so much?

Aztec: It is because... (Gasps as he notices the strong Mobian cats of the Mysterious Cat Country begins breaking inside the huts) Come on!

(Spongebob & Aztec goes through the open window & hurries to the stone bridge, only to be stopped by Gando)

Gando: Where do you think you're going?

SpongeBob: Uh oh.

Aztec: (notices the cat country tribesmen gaining on them & is depressed) Go Spongebob. Help my friend.

SpongeBob: But what about you?

Aztec: I'll be find! No matter what you hear, take out Gando & keep running!

SpongeBob: Good luck friend.

Aztec: (smiles a bit & grabs a tribal spear & begins attacking the cat country tribesmen.)

SpongeBob: Get back, Gando!

Gando: Not if I break you first.


(It's the test of speed versus power as Spongebob uses his wits & his speed to run circles around Gando, but Gando's strength is equal to Spongebob's speed. After a tough battle, Spongebob emerges victorious.)

SpongeBob: This is a vision that really became reality. (Speeds off, crossing over the stone bridge, leaving an unconscious Gando behind.)

(Back in the present)

(We can see Spongebob with glowing white eyes again. And the group seems confused.)

Pinkie Pie: Yoo hoo, Wakey wakey.

Rainbow Dash: Anybody home?

Eddy: Great, now what?

Zaktan: No time, we have to get to the jungle now.

(Patrick, the Eds, the Piraka, the Ponies, Sonic, Tails & Knuckles carries Spongebob into the jungle.)

(At the Temple, back in the past.)

(The Echidna Tribe is gathered, facing Tikal, who tried to stop them.)

Pachacamac: Get out of the way!

SpongeBob: (arrives, noticing the confrontation.) (gasps)

Tikal: No way!

Pachacamac: Did you hear what I said?

Tikal: I won't obey!

Pachacamac: We need those emeralds to give us total power! It's power for the people. And they are your people too! We must get that emerald!

SpongeBob: (spots something at the top & sneaks around the back & spots Chaos & the water version of Piraka Chaos) Huh?

Piraka Chaos: (notices Spongebob) What are you doing here creature?

SpongeBob: I need to know what's goin on? How did you became so evil in my timeline?

Piraka Chaos: You dare question me?

SpongeBob: I don't want to fight you. I need to know what is happening here?

Piraka Chaos: (Gasps upon seeing a red fog behind Spongebob)

SpongeBob: Are you ok?

Tikal: (to Pachacamac & her echidna people) Greed is our enemy! Once it starts, you always want more! Please don't do this! I beg of you!

Pachacamac: Bah! I don't listen to the words of a child!

Piraka Chaos: (to Spongebob) Creature!

SpongeBob: What's wrong?

Pachacamac: Ready men! Charge!

(The echidna tribe begins to charge forward.)

Piraka Chaos: (to Spongebob) LOOK OUT! (Charges forward to SpongeBob)

Tikal: (to Pachacamac) FATHER!

(Everything goes into slow motion as Tikal & the Chaos got run over by her own tribe, at the same time Piraka Chaos pushed Spongebob aside & off the temple, while the dark red fog begins to envelop Piraka Chaos, corrupting him. SpongeBob has a shockingly surprised look on his face, while he falls into the temple's water.)

(Everything goes back to a normal pace as Piraka Chaos begins to change from water into oil, with an exo robotic skeleton & metal robotic skin to cover the skeleton with.)

Piraka Chaos: (screaming in pain as his transformation is almost complete) BEWARE! BEWARE THE MAKUTA WITHIN! AAAAAAHHHH!! (Falls down)

SpongeBob: (splashes down, becoming unconscious, floating above water)

(The echidna tribe made their way to the top, only to stop by the screaming from Piraka Chaos as his transformation is complete. Now Piraka Chaos looks like a black Vezon like Piraka with a black cape.)

Piraka Chaos: (his aura begins to glow red as the Chaos Emeralds circle around him & the corrupted Chaos) (laughing evily)

Echidna Tribesfolk: Ahh! It's a monster!

Piraka Chaos: I'm no monster. I... Am a Titan. (unleashes a red fog around Pachacamac & the rest of the Echidna Tribe minus Tikal)

Gando: (begins to wake up, noticing the carnage & the red thunderstorms appearing)

Aztec & the Mysterious Cat Country Tribesmen: (stops fighting to noticing the chaos enflicted at the temple & they were horrified) O_O

Pachacamac & the Echidna Tribe (minus Tikal): (are trapped in the red fog & cannot move)

Past Teridax: (his voice echoing throughout the fog) Come! Join me! Become part of my power!

Pachacamac: (as he & the tribe get asorbed by the red fog, that is Teridax in the past) NOOOOOOOOO...!

Chaos: (uses the power of the Onyx Emerald & the 7 Super Emerald to transform, off screen)

(SpongeBob begins to wake up & notices Teridax's red fog, absorbing the Echidna Tribe, minus Tikal & Piraka Chaos's transformation.)

SpongeBob: Oh no! (Emerges from the water & goes up to Tikal) Are you alright? Tikal, speak to me!

Piraka Chaos: (laughs evily as he looks down at Spongebob & Tikal)

SpongeBob & Tikal: (notices Piraka Chaos)

Piraka Chaos: Come come, you don't really think a pathetic tribe would beat me, do you? Because you are the one who is in trouble now. By the powers of the Brotherhood of the Makuta, I summon the 7 Headed Hydra!

(A dark red portal begins to open & emerging from it is a 7 Headed Hydra, which roared very Monatrous.)

Piraka Chaos: It will be over before you know it. (Laughs evily as his voice begin to sound like Teridax)

Piraka Chaos / Past Teridax: (Teridax's voice) It has been nice knowing you, but it is time that you will sleep permanently. (Unleashes a red fog hand at Spongebob & Tikal)

SpongeBob: (grabs Tikal & dodges out of the way) Are you alright?

Tikal: I think so. (Notices Piraka Chaos / Teridax unleashing another attack at a distracted SpongeBob) Oh my gosh! Look out! (Saves Spongebob from the blast)

SpongeBob: Whoa, thanks.

Tikal: (noticing the chaos has caused, including the destruction) No...! No...! No...!

Aztec & Gando: (goes up to the two)

Aztec: Tikal!

Tikal: Aztec! It's terrible! (Hugs Aztec)

Gando: What happened?

Spongebob: It was Teridax. He has caused all of this to happen. That explains why Piraka Chaos is now evil! We gotta stop him & fast! But how?

Tikal: (runs up to the temple)

Aztec: Wait! We need a plan!

Gando: (turns to the Cat Country Tribesmen) Men! We have a new objective! We must destroy the evil entity that resides in these monsters, once & for all & free our people of any dangers! Are you with me?

(The tribesmen lets out a war cry, agreeing to help.)

Gando: Then everyone, Attack!

(Gando & the tribesmen begins to Attack the 7 Headed Hydra who begins fighting back.)

SpongeBob: Come on!

(SpongeBob & Aztec follows Tikal, only for the three to be stopped by Piraka Chaos / Past Teridax.)

Tikal: (gasps)

Piraka Chaos / Past Teridax: It seems that your spirits have courage. But when you awake, you suffer!

SpongeBob: Not this time! (Spindashes at Piraka Chaos / Teridax, making him let go of the Chaos Emeralds)

(The Chaos Emeralds begin to surge, creating a portal, that they fell into.)

Piraka Chaos / Past Teridax: NOO!

(The portal closes, transporting the Chaos Emeralds to the Underground Zone, where the quest for the All Stars have started long ago in the present.)

Piraka Chaos / Past Teridax: All Star Warrior!

SpongeBob: (was surprised) Wait... How did you...?!

Piraka Chaos / Past Teridax: Without the powers of the Chaos Emeralds. It would take life's long journey to find both our destinies! Only yours will be brief! (Unleashes a red fog hand at SpongeBob)

SpongeBob: Yikes! (Dodges out of the way)

(As Spongebob is distracting Piraka Chaos / Past Teridax, Tikal is standing in front of the Onyx Emerald.)

Aztec: Tikal? Are you sure about this?

Tikal: I have to... For peace & harmony. (Turns to the emerald) "The 7 emeralds are the servers."

(Gando & his tribe are seen, as they continue to battle against the Hydra.)

Tikal: "Chaos is power, enriched by the heart"

(SpongeBob is seen battling against Piraka Chaos / Past Teridax with difficulty.)

Tikal: "The controller serves to unify the chaos."

(Aztec feels worried about the situation, but notices Spongebob is getting tired.)

SpongeBob: Please hurry, I don't know if I can't keep this up much longer.

Tikal: Uhh... The 7 emeralds can change thoughts into power.

Piraka Chaos / Past Teridax: (notices the Onyx Emerald beginning to glow & growls) Not this time! (Unleashes at red fog fist at Tikal)

Tikal: (gasps)

Aztec: No! (Protects Tikal, taking the heavy damage & falls off the temple)

Tikal: Aztec! Oh no! (Goes up to Aztec)

Aztec: (gasping for air, weakly) I did what I had to... To protect you... Because you... And I... We were as one. It doesn't matter... What the others say... All I am saying to you right now... Is... I love you.

Tikal: (felt a bit happy & heartbroken at the same time)

Aztec: Save the world... For peace... And... Harmony... (Closes his eyes, as he dies, due to heavy damage) X_X

Tikal: (beginning to have tears & closes her eyes, hanging her head down)

SpongeBob: (is suddenly falls down hard) Augh! >~<

Piraka Chaos / Past Teridax: Now do you see the untold dark power I possess to put all in a deep slumber like your friend. (Laughs evily)

Tikal: (begins to get determined) No! I won't let this chaos endure anymore! (Turns to the Onyx Emerald) If this emerald controls that power! Please, you must stop them!

(The onyx emerald begins to glow, preventing Piraka Chaos / Past Teridax & the hydra to move)

Piraka Chaos / Past Teridax: What?!

Gando: Now's our chance!

(Gando & the tribesmen begins stabbing the Hydra's heart & beheading them offscreen, only their shadows were seen. SpongeBob notices this as the hydra heads & body falls down, being slained by Gondo & his tribesmen.)

(Finally Teridax begins to get banished into deep space by Tikal, while her body begins to become a spirit as she, Chaos & Piraka Chaos were getting sucked into the Onyx Emerald.)

Piraka Chaos: (as he is sucked in) NOOOOOOooooo...! (Sucked into the emerald completely with Tikal's spirit & Chaos)

SpongeBob: (gasps) I don't believe it. Tikal sacrificed herself to save the world. (Notices the clouds begin to evaporate, seeing the clear night time sky again)

Gando: (panting heavily) It is over. (Falls on his knees)

SpongeBob: Gando! I'm so sorry for all of this. I just don't know what to do and...

Gando: No. It was my fault. For I have misjudged Tikal, Aztec & you.

SpongeBob: I... I don't know what to say. But I finally figured it out.

Gando: (groans in pain) Urrh... Good. Then you do your job & save the world, All Star Warrior of the future, because the rest is in your hands. (Falls down, feeling unconscious after a hard fought battle against a hydra)

SpongeBob: Gando... I...

(Before Spongebob could finish his sentence, he notice the 7 hydra heads begin to glow, forming into something shockingly familiar.)

Spongebob: (gasps)

(White light begins to envelop Spongebob as he is transported back to the present in the Mystic Ruins, waking up.)

(In the Present.)

(Spongebob begins to wake up, noticing he is back in the present.)

Spongebob: Huh?

Sonic: Are you alright?

Twilight Sparkle: You look kinda scared.

SpongeBob: I think so. I'm starting to wonder if everything inside visions are true or not.

Sonic: Well, lucky for you, here we are! (They all noticed the jungle that they are in) Nate said that this is called "Cat Country".

Spongebob: Cat Country?! O_O

Eddy: Yeah, what's with you?

SpongeBob: I saw the past again.

Vezok: Again? What is it all about now?

SpongeBob: I met people in the past & it's dark in unimaginable ways.

Applejack: Say what?

Crystal Gem: I'm afraid Spongebob is speaking the truth.

Edd: Maybe you call tell us what happen when we reach back to our destination in Station Square.

Sonic: Right now, we have an issue to fix. (Spots Big the Cat who is feeling dizzy) And looks like Nate was right! Are you alright, Uh...

Big: (with Froggy) Big... My name's Big the Cat... And this is my friend, Froggy! Did you see who bonked me, Froggy?

Froggy: Ribbit?

Amethyst: Hmm, someone's been here alright.

Ruby: (spots something lying on the ground) Look there!

Plankton: (is seen lying on the ground, who is unconscious & gets up, groaning in pain) Ow.

Ed: (is surprised) IT LIVES! (Suddenly back to his happy self) Hiya Plankton.

Reidak: Plankton?!

Plankton: (notices the group & is now nervous) Oh Uh hi. How nice to see you all again?

Hakann: (grabs Plankton by the collar of his cyan jacket) You better give me a good reason why I don't want you to be burned alive right now!

Tails: (notices the Tornado 2 & the Sponge-Flyer 2 are destroyed) Oh no! My plane... And your plane... They're destroyed! But how?

(Suddenly a water twister begins to appear out of nowhere, getting stronger)

Sonic: Look!

Avak: What the heck is that?!

Ed: Dad's home!

Knuckles: A twister?!

Sonic: Even worse! It's a water twister! Hang on tight, dudes... Cause it's gonna be a wet one!

(The Gang begins to hang on, even Plankton, not knowing emerging from the bushes with the red glowing eyes is actually Piraka Chaos, who has obtained the 6 Chaos Emeralds.)

Spongebob: ! (gasps) Piraka Chaos?!

Piraka Chaos: It is not over, til I say it's over. Now I've returned stronger than ever. To finished what I've started. (Walks over to the water tornado, which is getting away)

(The Gang felt tired & lets go of what they held onto.)

Sapphire: Whee! That was fun! Let's do it again!

Pinkie Pie: Yeah! A water party would be nice!

Vezok: Piraka Chaos?! Still alive?! Here?! Now?!

Tails: That's no natural tornado!

Sonic: Darn tootin... That was Chaos!

Piraka Chaos: That is right, for he... Is my brother.

All: (gasps)

Pinkie Pie: Wow, now that's a surprise.

Piraka Chaos: If you like surprises, wait until we have in store for you. For we will see you soon... All Stars.

(Piraka Chaos & Chaos makes their get away with 1 Super Emeralds for Chaos & all 7 Chaos Emeralds for Piraka Chaos.)

Plankton: They are going to pay for this! I swear it! (Making his escape in the Chum Pod, flying away)

Crystal Gem: Oh no, it is worse than we feared.

Rainbow Dash: What do you mean?

Emerald: What our mother is trying to say is that now with Piraka Chaos & his brother Chaos coming together with 1 Super Emerald & all 7 Chaos Emeralds each, they'll advance into their final perfect form if each of them have all 7.

Edd: (is shocked) Oh no. (Checking the calculations of the 2 villains' destination)

Rarity: Hm?

Opal: I can tell that this is bad, coming from your perspective, correct?

Edd: Ladies & gentleman, according to my calculations, both Chaos & Piraka Chaos only have either 5 to 10 minutes for them to transform into their Perfect Forms within the confines of... The Hidden City!

Thok: Station Square!

Crystal Gem: Hurry! We don't have much time!

(Crystal Gem, the Skunk Girl Guardians, plus Spongebob, Patrick, the Eds, the Piraka, the Mane 6, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, even Big & Froggy hurries over to Station Square as fast as they can.)

(In the Station Square Power Plant)

(We can see the Mayor Bullyani taking a tour with the rest of the All Stars, plus Sally, Bunnie, Antonie, Amy Rose & Nate Morgan.)

Coco: Whoa!

Max: Very intriding.

Sally: Thanks for the tour of your power plant, Mayor Bullyani!

Mayor Bullyani: The pleasure's all mine Princess Sally! It's not every day we receive delegates from outside our artificial environment.

Bouncer: Amazing technology.

Robo-47: Yes yes, quite impressive.

Antoine: But what zen eez making zis place artsy-ficial?

Ultra-V: That's Artifical, Antoine.

Mayor Bullyani: That Antonie, due to the power of these six Super Emeralds kept behind this display case. These beauties are responsible for everything raging from day and night to sun and rain. And with Chaos defeated... They're safe again.

Sally: Thank goodness.

Drilldozer: Shiny.

HF Rotor: (chuckles as he notices the water from the ceiling bubbling up) Bubbly.

Cameron: Interprising.

(The water creature, Chaos, who is on the ceiling, dives into the display case, filling it up with himself.)

Gwen: Whoa!

Aku Aku: What was that?

Sally: The display chamer... It's filling up with water!

Boggy B: (notices green light flash a bit) Did you see that?!

Deimos: Quick get them!

(Sanford & Deimos tries to open the display case, but it was too late, seeming how Chaos vanished with the 6 Super Emeralds in his possession, making it 7 super emeralds all together.)

Mayor Bullyani: The Super Emeralds... They've vanished!

Astro Boy: But where did they...? ! Huh? (hears echoing evil laughter from a far away distance, thanks to his super sonic hearing) Oh no! Come on!

(The entire gang follow Astro Boy outside.)

Timon: Wait! Where are you going?!

(And outside of the Power Plant.)

(The city of Station Square is calm, except for the sounds of the clattering of the sewer lids. Suddenly the lids were blasted out of the sewers by large amounts of water, blasting out.)

(From it's narrowest it's widest throughfares...beneath it's bustling avenues...across its traffic filled highways... The city begins to overflow by the massive flood.)

(And from it's topmost skyscrapers & emerging from the skyscrapers, the destructive way... Chaos who has become his perfect water monster form, Perfect Chaos & Piraka Chaos who has become his perfect giant Titan form, Perfect Piraka Chaos... The two immortal brothers reigns supreme... As they threathen to destroy & wash away the Hidden City.)

Perfect Chaos & Perfect Piraka Chaos: (let's out their monstrous roars, as they open their eyes)

(Meanwhile, with the rest of the heroes.)

(The visiting freedom fighters & the rest of the All Stars go into rescue mode... As the All Stars, plus Bunnie Rabbot, Antonie D'Coolette, Amy Rose & even the eldery Nate Morgan... each responding to this perilous situation with a bravery never before seen in the land.)

Astro Boy: Hurry everyone! Evacuate the city immediately!

Owen: Run! Run for your lives!

DJ: This way! Hurry!

Pumbaa: Go go go!

Mordecai: Come on!

(With Sally Acorn)

(But Princess Sally knows that their valiant efforts may not be enough.)

Thumpback: (carrying a group of over landers at a time to safety) This way! Move it!

Sally: (in thought: What on Mobius are those creatures? They seem unstoppable! Sonic... Where are you?)

(With the group.)

(Spongebob, Patrick, Crystal Gem, Sonic, the Eds, the Skunk Girl Guardians, Tails, the Piraka, Knuckles, the Mane 6 & Big & Froggy arrived, witnessing the chaos conflicted in the city.)

Crystal Gem: (gasps) Oh no!

Zaktan: (is in shock) Mother of god!

Twilight Sparkle: They reach their perfect form!

Spongebob: Whoa! They're huge!

Patrick: (looks amazed) It's a giraffe!

Sonic: Okay fellars... Any idea on how to beat these monsters... I'm open to suggestions. Waaay open.

Spongebob: If I wasn't really dreaming, those two are a real menace.

Sonic: (suddenly felt the rumbling) Hey! Where does that rumbling coming from?

(Suddenly something crashes through the fake sky, causing a large hole in the mountain.)

Eddy: What was that?!

Sonic: Look! Something is breaking through the fake sky!

Spongebob: Make that two, because the trouble has be doubled.

(We can see another Egg Carrier called the Egg Carrier II, with the Chum Carrier emerging from the oceans & back up in the air.)

Sonic: Dr. Robotnik!

Spongebob: Plankton!

Reidak: What are they up to now?

Knuckles: What are Eggman & Plankton are going to do atop those ship destroyers! They must've used them to burrow the mountain that leads here!

Sonic: We should've known that whenever Chaos & Piraka Chaos went, they followed.

Dr. Eggman: The Egg Carrier II was made because something like this would happen. You have defied your master, you stupid beasts! You must be destroyed at all costs!

Plankton: Enjoy your last moment of your lives, now you will be no more once I shift the super ion cannon into Maximum Overdrive! HIYA! (Charges up the Ion Cannon, aiming for the two)

Perfect Chaos & Perfect Piraka Chaos: (turns to their former masters)

Perfect Piraka Chaos: Enough! (Launches a large red hyper beam at the Chum Carrier, heavily damaging it)

(The Chum Carrier explodes, leaving Plankton to fall down on the destroyed highway)

Plankton: NOOOOOO! (Crashes to the highway) Ouch. (Gets up slowly) I knew I've should've gone with the turbo.

Dr. Eggman: (gulps)

(Perfect Piraka Chaos launches a large blue hydro pump hyper beam, destroying the Egg Carrier II as well, causing Eggman to fall as well.)

Dr. Eggman: NOOOOOOOO! (Crashes on top of Plankton) Augh!

Plankton: Ouch... Again.

Sonic: Perfect Chaos & Perfect Piraka Chaos T.K.O'd the Eggman & the Plankton... Way past cool!

Twilight Sparkle: Sonic! This is no laughing matter!

(Suddenly they heard laughing, coming from Discord, who has been here the whole time, watching the chaos erupting from within.)

Discord: (laughing) Hillarious! You should've seen the looks on your faces! That's priceless!

Rainbow Dash: Discord?! Your here the whole time?!

Discord: I was! Oh forgive me. I can't stand to be bored, but thanks to Chaos & Piraka Chaos. I have a front row seat to the greatest show on earth! (Snaps his fingers, making a recliner chair & a large box of popcorn appear, while sitting down comfortably, wearing 3-D Glasses, eating popcorn, while watching the destruction of the city)

Edd: Are you gonna share those?

Knuckles: Twilight's right, Sonic. We must be contend with the creatures. Our enemy's enemy is not our ally! The water beast & the giant titan are overflowing with power!

Spongebob: We gotta do something!

Sonic: (hears & notices the ball of light) Hm? (In thought: Strage, shimmering light... Playing an image in my head) (felt the ball of light touched his forehead)

(Sonic begins seeing images of the past about Chaos's origin.)

Sonic: It's Chaos... In it's natural form centuries ago! Hard to believe, but Chaos was once a peaceful sentient being... Until an early echidna society began to cultivate and settle within it's jungle home.

Spongebob: (notices this as well) It's you.

Sonic: (notices the ball of light transforming.) (in thought: Ugh... Spiralling away from me and transforming into...)

(The ball of light transforms into Tikal the Echidna.)

Twilight Sparkle: Spongebob? Is that what I think it is?

Spongebob: Yep.

Sonic: A girl?!

SpongeBob: Not just any girl Sonic.

Sonic: Huh?

Spongebob: (turns to Tikal) You're... Tikal!

Patrick, Eds, Piraka & Mane 6: Whoa...

Tikal: Yes, my name is Tikal, I am the daughter of the echidna tree you saw in our vision. My heart has always been in the Onyx Emerald along with Chaos & Piraka Chaos. Now they're filled with anger & sadness.

Avak: Uh, mostly corrupted for Piraka Chaos.

Tikal: And if they'll go on, they'll eventually destroy the world, like they did before. They must be defeated without destroying it.

Reidak: Wait what?

Fluttershy: Tikal is right, Chaos needs our help.

Knuckles: But how do we manage that?

Tails: It's tremendous!

Eddy: They're both huge!

Edd: And tough.

Ed: And tall as a tree.

Big: And... Even worse... Wet.

Sonic: The power siphon that controls the hidden city's environment is still connected to Chaos.

SpongeBob: We need Electric Types to help us stop these beasts.

Rainbow Dash: Look there! (Points to Perfect Piraka Chaos)

Perfect Piraka Chaos: (had absorbed the negative powers of the Chaos Emeralds & burps out all 7 Chaos Emeralds)

Rarity: Urh, He could at least say "excuse me".

Tikal: Look! He's absorbed the emerald's powers! He must be sealed in the Master Emerald!

SpongeBob: Are you sure it's a good idea?

Sonic: Spongebob's right. How will that help? It won't change how he feels inside, will it? Their hearts will remain in turmoil and his anger won't just vanished! He'll just be trapped forever!

Tikal: What other choice do we have?

Tree Rex: (is seen with the rest of the All Stars, coming towards the group) Guys! SpongeBob! Look at this! (Shows them that the Chaos Emeralds only has the positive powers within them) There is still a chance!

(Realising this, Tikal then begins performing a forgotten echidna ritual, not practiced for centuries untold, weakening Perfect Chaos just enough to mystically suck the 7 Super Emeralds out of it, only saving the positive power of the Super Emeralds)

Gwen: He's right. We still have the positive powers of the Chaos Emeralds that Perfect Piraka Chaos did not absorb.

Tikal: (passing the Super Emeralds to Sonic) Chaos & Piraka Chaos only used the negative power of the emeralds, Sonic & Spongebob, you two should be able to harness their real power.

Crystal Gem: Indeed. It is all up to you now.

Squidward: And I never thought I'd say this, but Spongebob, Sonic... They are right about this.

(The Chaos Emeralds begin to float out of Tree Rex's hands & spin around in a circle with Spongebob in the centre)

Tikal: Negative forces aren't the only way to empower the emeralds. Your positive feelings towards each other can make them work. Our hearts together form an awesome power.

Sonic & Spongebob: (transforms into their Super Forms, with Super Sonic a shiny polished golden & Super SpongeBob a shiny polished blue colour)

Tails: I don't believe it!

Patrick: Me neither!

Knuckles: You'd better Tails & Patrick, your buds have transformed into... Super Sonic & Super Spongebob!

Owen: Awesome!

Super Spongebob: Let's do this!

Super Sonic & Super SpongeBob: (flies upwards)

Super Sonic: Stay back everyone! We'll handle this! (In thought: Ok ugly & metal titan, you wanted a fight... You got one!)

Discord: Oh this is gonna be good. (Eating the popcorn)

Perfect Chaos & Perfect Piraka Chaos: (noticing this)

Perfect Piraka Chaos: Bugs! Quit bugging up our path of destruction! (Grabs Super SpongeBob with both hands)

Perfect Chaos: (caught Super Sonic inside himself)

Super SpongeBob: (pushing Perfect Piraka Chaos's grip away from him)

Super Sonic: (in thought: Ungh! These raging riptides inside of Chaos are no joke! Time for the Ol' hedgehog to whip a whirlpool... To put a new spin on the situation! (Spins himself around super fast enough to spin Perfect Chaos around)

Super SpongeBob: I don't think so! Piraka Chaos! (Spindashes his way out of his hands & spindashes at Perfect Piraka Chaos's forehead)

Perfect Chaos: (got spinned himself around before getting dizzy, letting go of Sonic)

Perfect Piraka Chaos: (got blasted in the forehead, stumbled a bit, roars in pain)

Super Sonic: (in thought: It worked!)

Super SpongeBob: (in thought: Was that it? That was almost too easy. Something is up.)

XPlode: What happened?

Knuckles: What'd you just do?

Crystal Gem: It appears Perfect Piraka Chaos's weakness is his metal cranium.

Amethyst: It's forehead & his brain are the weak spots!

Tikal: Super Sonic, Super SpongeBob... Your skills have deliberated Chaos & Piraka Chaos for us to sap it's might.

Super Sonic: (noticing Perfect Chaos & Perfect Piraka Chaos, getting more angry) Uh... I don't think so Tikal. As a matter of fact... I think we just made Chaos & Piraka Chaos angrier.

???: That's too bad. (Appears to be Teridak, on top of a building)

(Everyone, especially a horrified Tikal noticed Teridax sudden appearance, with a red fog existing from the top of the building.)

Teridax: Because it's only just begun.

Super SpongeBob: Teridax!

Discord: (noticing the action is going to heat up) Oh ho ho! (Turns to the viewer, holding the popcorn box, while lowering his 3-d glasses a bit) I'm going to need more popcorn. (Smirks at the viewers)

"To Be Continued"

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