This is the 9th Episode of Archie Sonic: Crossover (Redux)

Main All Star Heroes: The Mane 6, Shantae, Sky, Bolo, Rottytops, Uncle Mimic, Team Lilac, Blaze the Cat, Amy Rose, Cream & Cheese & Marine the Raccoon, Bean the Dynamite & Bark the Polar Bear

Main Villains: Risky Boots, King K. Rool, Plankton, The Dazzlings, Captain Metal, Swash & Buckle, Captain Whiskers, Johnny, Bean the Dynamite & Bark the Polar Bear, the 2nd Dark Hunters (Carapar, Nocturn, Krika, Storm Minion, Vorok, Zesk, Portal Egg Tank, Kraata Kal, Lurker, Minion, Spinner & Tyrant) & the Barraki


Arrrrgh you ready for some high seas adventure? In this pirate tale, the Mane 6, Shantae's Group, Team Lilac, Amy & Cream were suddenly been summoned by the Sol Emeralds power, during their night guard duty, even Plankton, the Dazzlings & even Bean & Bark we're in the mix. And now the girls & Bolo & Uncle Mimic must help Blaze & Marine on getting the final Sol Emerald back that was confirmed stolen by not only King K.Rool of the Kremlings, but also the Queen of the Seven Seas, Risky Boots once again & this time there be trouble on the high seas when the robotic pirate also took commands & the 2nd Dark Hunters return to target Twilight Sparkle & help the pirate captain, but for what purpose? Will it be sink or swim for these lovely ladies & Bolo & Uncle Mimic?

Story #1: TranscriptEdit

Pony Pirate Plunder Panic: Mane 6 & Team Rose vs Risky Boots & Kremlings (Part 1)Edit

(On the High Seas of the Sol Zone in a very heavy Storm)

(Cannonballs & bombs were sent flying at each other's pirate ships, which are Marine's Ship, the Ocean Tornado, Risky Boots' new & improved metallic Tinker Tub MK V & the Tinker Tub MK IV & the other metallic Pirate ship, the Metal Marauder, which is an all out pirate ship battle.)

(Aboard the Ocean Tornado were Blaze the Cat, who had regained memories of the Pre-Genesis World recently, Marine the Raccoon, the Mane 6, Shantae's group, Team Lilac, Amy Rose & Cream & Cheese while they are doing their best to defend the ship by knocking the enemy cannonballs & bombs away from the ship.)

Blaze (voice-over): (narrating the story, as she is seen looking out) My name is Blaze. Guardian of the Sol Emeralds. For some time now after my return, they've been scattered across my world. It is my duty and burden to protect them. I have scoured my world and others in my search for them. Only one remains to be found.

Shantae: (hairwhips at the oncoming cannonballs & bombs to swat them back at the enemy ships, as Rarity uses her unicorn magic to casts gem shaped shields to block out the bombs the best she could) Hah! Hyah! We're gonna need some firepower right now.

Marine: (to the Coconut Crew & Bolo, who were trying to clean & reload the cannons) C'mon, you bludgers! You heard the half-genie hero, Swab yer guns & reload! Gonna take a bit o' yakka to whip these blitzers!

Bolo: (openfire more cannonballs at the Metal Marauder & Tinker Tubs) Aw come on, Marine! All of us are doing our best over here! It's not always easy fighting an entire pirate ship, let alone 3 of them! (Getting snapped by Klaptraps, who were launched by Kremlings) Yeow!

Blaze (voice-over): (as Milla helps Rarity by using her green shields to bounce the bombs back at the enemy ships, trying to knock the Tinker Bats & Kremlings overboard, who held on) Not long after however, my memories of another world have been returned overtime, it explained itself that I was abducted by evil from another world, forced to do their bidding.

Marine: (angrily at Bolo & Coconut Crew, understandably frustrated, while Applejack, Rainbow Dash & Pinkie Pie load the Party Cannon to fire exploding cherry bombs at the Metal Marauder, Tinker Tubs MKV & MKIV, trying to hit the 2nd Dark Hunters as well) Strewth, Bolo! You & the blokes weren't within a cooee of hittin' that Barky! Oi! You Sheila's wanna fair go of the guns? Couldn't do much worse than Bolo & this pack of no hopers...!

Bolo: (offended as Sky tries to help launch the cannonballs as well) Hey! I heard that!

Sky: (as Fluttershy cowers behind a Cannon with Cream & Cheese) I'll take over to help Bolo. Anyone else?

Fluttershy: (trying to calm Twilight Sparkle down the best she can, who tries blasting alicorn magic to destroy the oncoming cannonballs & bombs) Um, no thanks. I think we should stay inside.

Pinkie Pie: (dressed up as Jack Sparrow as Sash Lilac helps fire more cannonballs at the oncoming bombs) Got my own party cannon to back me up on this pirate party!

Blaze (voice-over): My friends, new & past rescued me and now, somehow, three of them, with the Mane 6, Shantae's group & Team Lilac, with memories of their home world & past lives in a fog.

Amy Rose: (smacks an oncoming bomb away into the ocean) I'll stick with my hammer for now! Cream, you & Fluttershy should go below deck. This is no place for you two or Cheese right now.

Cream: (as Carol brings more ticking cherry bombs for Pinkie's party Cannon) But, Miss Amy! I'd be ashamed to hide during battle! Well, to hide too much, I mean.

Milla Basset: (as Rottytops caught a hostile cannonball, but was blasted apart, but remains ok, due to being a zombie girl) It's ok, I felt the same way too in the past. But right now we're in... Eep! (blasts green cubes to destroy the oncoming bombs & hostile cannonballs) big big trouble...

Rottytops: (putting herself back together, but feeling very dizzy) I blame the tiny cyclops for that...

Blaze (Voice over): (as she dodges a few bombs & cannonballs that hit the edge of the ship near the cannonballs) In a week since we returned, they help me track down the last Sol Emerald to this location.

Blaze: I appreciate your bravery Cream, even more so on facing the 2nd Dark Hunters. But Amy is correct. (blast flames at an oncoming bomb to make it explode in mid-air)

Blaze (voice-over): I am grateful for my friends' help, but the Sol Emeralds are my burden. Especially not after what the 2nd Dark Hunters had nearly done to Hank J. Wimbleton. For that, I will not see others hurt in my helping me with my duty ever again.

Marine: (unaware of a bomb is soaring through the sky, heading towards her behind her back, while Bolo continues to openfire more cannonballs at the sails of the Tinker Tubs & Metal Marauder) C'mon, you lubbers! Aim those pieces & fire as she beaks!

Fluttershy: (notices with Cream) ?! (Gasps as she & Cream flies in to swoop & pulls Marine to safety at high speeds) Oh goodness!

Cream: Watch out, Miss Marine!

Marine: (smiles a bit, thanking Fluttershy & Cream for the save while Applejack kicks the bombs off the Ocean Tornado) Good on ya' mates! You rocked up in the nick of time!

Blaze (voice over): (as the storm rages on) But I admit their company is a comfort and I sense they are meant to be here... almost as if they we're called here by the Sol Emeralds. The last of which, is calling to me. It is in the hands of not only Risky Boots, the Kremlings, but also those Blackguard Pirates & the 2nd Dark Hunters. If I fail to retrieve the last Sol Emeralds... my world will fall.

Risky Boots: (with King K.Rool, laughing evily while aboard the Tinker Tub MKV, near the Metal Marauder with the Kremlings & Tinker Bats) Hahahahahahaha... you all really put on quite a show. To think you actually had a chance, but look around you, your odds are 3 ships to 1...! Think you can win?

Shantae: Risky Boots! Give us back the Sol Emerald, it rightfully belongs to Blaze!

Sash Lilac: And no matter how much we suffer, we cannot let you get away with the Sol Emeralds, not when the Sol Zone Dimension is at stake!

Twilight Sparkle: (looking on in disbelief, while trying to recollect everything on what is happening more recently) (in thought: Oh no... How... how was this any of this possible? The memories, the 2nd Dark Hunters, the unknown connections, the Sol Emeralds... everything...! How did this happen?!)

(Flashback to the Sonic World/Planet Mobius)

(The Mane 6 were seen traveling in the woods, meeting up with Shantae's group, Team Lilac & also Amy Rose, Cream & Cheese, where they were guarding something big & hidden within the jungle, which is the top secret project that the Freedom Fighters have been working on as of late.)

Applejack: Howdy there. We got your message.

Amy Rose: Thanks, we hope that you don't mind a little night shift.

Rarity: Hopefully it doesn't effect our beauty sleep, we've been needing one to be fresh as daisies.

Carol Tea: Im in the mood to sleep anyday.

Sash Lilac: (sighs as Milla gently pet Cheese, who smiles with Cream) Anyway, what is this about this top secret project that the Freedom Fighters are working on?

Amy Rose: They said that it's a secret. But at least we can show you the inside that might give you an idea.

Pinkie Pie: Aww, but we don't wanna spoil the surprise.

Amy Rose: I know, but for the Mane 6 you might be a bit surprised.

Rainbow Dash: Hm? What's that suppose to mean?

Amy Rose: You'll see.

Twilight Sparkle: We understand. Let's hope it be an easy night & the boys are enjoying their guys night in Tails' Workshop.

Rottytops: I don't know about you, but I'm already bored out of my mind on night guarding.

Shantae: (as the group enter inside a corridor, which is surprisingly familiar to the metal corridors from the training room) Be reasonable, Rotty. We don't know if anyone or anything is out there, hopefully we can take turns so we get enough sleep.

Bolo: (as the Mane 6 looks around in the corridors) Hopefully it's not much of a hassle.

Sky: (notice the Mane 6's puzzled looks) Is something the matter?

Twilight Sparkle: Is it just me or does the corridors of your top secret project look suspiciously familiar?

Pinkie Pie: (gasps happily) You don't mean that it's...

Cream: (giggles a bit) Shh, it's a secret.

Cheese: (happily) Chao Chao...

Pinkie Pie: (as the magical flames of the sol emerald begin to form around the ground) Okie dokie lokie... a secret is still a secret even if we don't know what it is.

Neera Li: Well anyway, we better make sure that everything is well protected & not let our guard by any form of distractions that... (smell something burning) Hm?

Bolo: Say, something is burning around here.

(The group begins to notices the magical flames of the Sol Emeralds surrounding the group, engulfing them.)

Fluttershy: (as Neera Li tries to fire ice at the flames) Fire!

Twilight Sparkle: (realised the same magical flames from before) That's no ordinary fire... it's...!

(The power of the flames from the Sol Emeralds magically teleported Amy Rose, Cream, Cheese, the Mane 6, Shantae's group & Team Lilac to the Sol Zone, while dropping a communicator, while unaware of not only 2 silhouettes get caught in the magical flames of the Sol Emeralds to teleport there as well, but also the familiar group of 2nd Dark Hunters follow suite by Vanisher's portals.)

(Still in the Flashback, in the Sol Zone.)

(Amy, Cream & Cheese, The Mane 6, Shantae's group & Team Lilac appeared by the magical flames teleport, landing on the soft white sandy beach, near the docks.)

Shantae: Oof! Is everyone ok?

Sky: (petting Wrench, calming him down gently) We think so. Nobody's hurt. Just a bit of sand in our eyes.

Carol Tea: (spitting out sand) Phooey! And in our tongues. Bleh! Now where are we?

Sash Lilac: (looking around) No lighthouse around here. We're nowhere near Shantae's lighthouse or our clubhouse.

Twilight Sparkle: It looks like some sort of beach, an island of sort? But why would these magical flames teleport us here? Shouldn't we get back to guarding the project?

Amy Rose: (trying to think) Wait a minute... magical flames? Islands? You don't think it's what I think it is? It looks so familiar from what Sonic & Tails & even Hank told us.

Applejack: (as Cream, Cheese & Milla pick themselves up & look around, AJ is looking a bit stern on what happened without warning) I don't know about you, but it feels like we should be getting back if we don't know why we're transported here in the first place. It would otherwise be a kidnapping.

Twilight Sparkle: We'll try to figure out where we are. If what Amy says is true, then we need to make sure we don't get lost. Rainbow, can you & Sky find any signs on where we are?

Sky: (as she & Rainbow Dash begin searching for signs on the Sol Zone island) We're on it. Just make sure we stick together.

Uncle Mimic: (seeing the Coconut Crew locals coming aboard the Ocean Tornado) Prehaps these fine locals can provide us some clues on where we are. (Goes up to the Coconut Crew) Excuse us, but can you explain to us where we have landed? We were transported by magical flames of some sort.

Coconut Crew Member: You must be new here to the Sol Zone & it could be possible that your were summoned by the Sol Emeralds.

Twilight Sparkle: The Sol Emeralds? But why summon us?

Cream: (as she, Cheese & Milla we're unaware of Makuta Krika & Storm Minion spying on the group, especially Twilight Sparkle) Do you think something happened to Miss Blaze upon her return?

Sash Lilac: (as Makuta Krika & Storm Minion closes in quietly on Cream, Cheese & Milla) It could be possible. There must be an explination.

Shantae: You maybe right, we might need to find Blaze & see if we can help.

(Makuta Krika & Storm Minion quickly carries Cream, Cheese & Milla, who yelps quietly while Storm Minion keep them quiet before the two carry Cream, Cheese & Milla.)

Rottytops: (as the group turn around) What was that?

Twilight Sparkle: (gasps, noticing Makuta Krika & Storm Minion) Dark Hunters!

Sash Lilac: And they've got Cream & Milla!

Amy Rose: (as the group quickly chases the two) Come back here with Cream & Milla right now!

Cream: Krika! Storm Minion? What are you both doing?

Makuta Krika: (as Storm Minion readies the Kratana) My apologises for this, but call out for Twilight Sparkle! Her memories must return...

Milla: But why? Won't Lilac be mad for kidnapping me?

Makuta Krika: Please do it, it's for her memory restoration along with the rest of the formerly named All Stars, Crossover Heroes. Then I'll let you both go once it's done.

Cream: (sighs) Ok, but how?

Milla: And what is that thing?

Makuta Krika: You'll see.

Cream & Milla: (calling out for Twilight Sparkle) Twilight! Please help!

Twilight Sparkle: (quickly charges forward with Sash Lilac & the rest of the group) They went this way!

(Twilight quickly charges her magic trying to blast at Makuta Krika & Storm Minion, only for the Storm Minion to slam a Kratana right on the face of Twilight, causing her to regain lots of lost memories of the Pre-Genesis World from her first mission with the Mane 6 of the Devil's Orb to her friendships with Sally Acorn, the fight against the Master Jack-X to the transformation of Unicorn to Alicorn during the 2nd Genesis Wave in the Northern Tundra / Artika & many other Pre-Genesis Memories of the lost forgotten past of the other world, including the Worlds Collide Event.)

Twilight Sparkle: (screaming while trying to get the Kratana off of her)

Cream & Milla: (gasps, trying to get the Kratana off of Twilight Sparkle)

Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy & Rarity: (galloping faster to Twilight with Shantae's group, Team Lilac & Amy Rose, when they hear her scream)

Cream: Is Twilight gonna be ok? She must be hurt!

Makuta Krika: (drop Cream, Cheese & Milla as he & Storm Minion quickly makes a run for it) Our job here is done for now. You'll thank me later!

Rainbow Dash: (as she chases the two Dark Hunters) Hey, Dark Hunter!

(By the time Rainbow, Sky & Wrench arrive to corner the two, Makuta Krika & Storm Minion manage to evade the heroes by Vanisher's portal to another location before it disappeared.)

Sky: (sighs) No sign of them... how can that be? They were cornered in an alley way.

Rainbow Dash: (hearing Twilight screaming) Twilight! (Quickly race back with Sky)

Rottytops: (seeing Twilight, Cream, Cheese & Milla are trying to pry the Kratana off of Twilight's face) Awww, Twilight's found a new pet.

Carol Tea: (as the group tries to pry it off of Twilight) Forget the pet! Twilight needs help! It's stuck tight!

Rottytops: (readies her zombie teeth & zombie leg) I'll take care of this! (About to bite at the Kratana, but was stopped by Fluttershy)

Fluttershy: Everypony, wait! (Stopping the group before coming forward to the Kratana)

Rottytops: (stops) What? I'm just acting out of instinct on saving a friend.

Shantae: Please be careful Fluttershy...

Fluttershy: (gently petting the Kratana gently, getting it to calm down) It's ok... (hearing the Kratana) Oh, i see... It is only trying to help Twilight & the rest of us.

Carol Tea: (confused) Ok, what?

(The Kratana completes Twilight's memories restoration before it let's go of the purple alicorn, before being gently petted by Fluttershy, slowly taking a liking to Fluttershy's kindness, due to her kindness around animals.)

Uncle Mimic: (checking on Twilight Sparkle) Aside from the bite marks, she's still ok.

Fluttershy: (feeling worried for Twilight along with the group) Um... Twilight, are you feeling ok?

Twilight Sparkle: (is speechless, struggling to speak out a few words, before passing out in complete shock upon the revelation) ???

(Later, still in flashback, in Twilight's P.O.V.)

(Twilight is slowly opening her eyes to see Shantae, Sash Lilac & Blaze the Cat, inside the bedroom of the Ocean Tornado.)

Shantae: Twilight?

Sash Lilac: Twilight? (sighs in relief upon seeing Twilight waking up) Oh good, your awake. You had us completely worried.

Twilight Sparkle: (quickly sits up in shock) What has that thing done to me?! What did those Dark Hunters do?! Why are all of my memories flooding into my mind?! What is all those places, those events, these people I never even heard of! And why did I had a relationship with SpongeBob?! Nothing makes sense anymore! How in Equestria-?! (Pinkie Pie quickly poke on Twilight's head, like she has stopped a tape recorder to make her stop talking & poke Twilight's head again a bit farther on her right to rewind her "Twilighting" freak out, speaking in reverse) ???

Bolo: (surprised on what Pinkie did) Remind me to ask on how you did that, Pinkie.

Pinkie Pie: It's ok Twilight. Your "Twilighting" freak outs are a normal reaction to a big surprise like this & now, please tell Auntie Pinkie Pie on what has happened, okie dokie lokie?

Fluttershy: (to Pinkie) I'm a year older than you.

Milla: (as she, Cream & Cheese cuddles Twilight in sadness for forgiveness) We're so terribly sorry for this Twilight. Please forgive us...!

Cream: We don't want you to be mad about all this.

Shantae: And "Twilighting"? You made her into a verb?

Rottytops: (giggles) I get it now...

Blaze: (as Marine comes forward) Let's not get distracted here... now tell us what happened.

Twilight Sparkle: (sighs) First of all, no I'm not mad at Cream, Cheese & Milla. They're too super cute to be mad. And second, That leech like creature had done something to me while I was chasing two Dark Hunters that looked like a white & red robotic mantis & a Storm Minion.

Rarity: I thought we took care of all the Storm Minions & the Storm King himself.

Twilight Sparkle: We did... but then there were flashes of memories, from another world, or even another life, but why?

Marine: (having remembered her encounter with the Metru Mantis & Prime Hunter & Niclone earlier) Would somebody tell me what they mean by all this? And Dark Hunters? Have I faced them before withthe coconut Crew?

Fluttershy: I think what this creature is trying to tell me before is that he restored her memories...

Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie & Rarity: Her what?!

Fluttershy: Her memories... but he refused to tell us why even if I tried to ask him nicely. But he must be very loyal to someone else.

Twilight Sparkle: (breathing in & out of the bag) And Blaze? What are you doing here?

Blaze: I was going to ask you all the same thing & by the way, I want you to meet Marine the Raccoon.

Marine: (shaking hands with Twilight's hoof) G'day mates! Marine's the name & swash buckling pirate adventure's my game!

Bolo: Please to meet you, Marine. It's not every day we get to see new faces in situations like this one.

Blaze: Now that everyone is present & accounted for on board, we best get going. And don't worry Twilight, I've already explained the situation on why they are summoned here... it's because of these. (Holding 6 of the 7 Sol Emeralds, with the red Sol Emerald missing)

Twilight Sparkle: (in thought: The Sol Emeralds...)

Shantae: (has a pirate bandana & hoilster on with a pirate scimitar) Yar har! Don't worry, Blaze. We'll be ready for anything!

Sash Lilac: Where did you even get these clothes?

Shantae: (smiles) Below deck! There were lots of fun stuff to wear.

Sky: As long as you don't do anymore pirate talk, we're good.

Shantae: Oh, alright then.

Blaze: (sighs as Marine get to the steering wheel, while the Coconut Crew raise the anchor) Anyway, its best we should start searching now. The sooner the better.

Rainbow Dash: (hoisting the main sails with the Coconut Crew's assistance) Now your speaking my language... Full speed ahead...!

Applejack: (as the group sail away) Twilight, you rest easy now. Hopefully you'll calm down soon enough. Don't want you getting a bit stressed out of the restored memories of another world or what not.

Twilight Sparkle: (sighs quietly) Ok... thank you...

(End of Flashback, back to the Present Day)

Twilight Sparkle: (as the group manage to fend off the lot of cannonballs & bombs from the Tinker Tubs & Metal Marauder) (in thought: All those memories, it has all come back to me now. But why earlier tonight? Surely there must be an explaination for all this. But I can't focus on that right now, I need to get back to helping my friends.)

Blaze: Marine! Bring her close & I'll board her.

Shantae: (as Twilight shook her head in surprise) By yourself? Are you kidding me?

Marine: (a bit cross with Blaze) You lost it? You'll come a guster for sure if you try and take on that lots of yabbos all by yerself!

Amy: Marine's right... I think you can't go over there alone!

Sash Lilac: And besides, were not letting you risking your life alone against... well... Risky!

Blaze: (blasts flames at a bomb to make it explode in mid air) They, including her allies have the last Sol Emerald. I'll go aboard, melt their ships to slag and get it back! No one else needs to get hurt from me from fulfilling my duty. I nearly lost Hank's life to Icarax once, it won't happen again...!

Cream: But Miss Blaze, we're here to help you!

Uncle Mimic: We know your upset about being captured & Hank nearly lost his life to the Dark Hunters, but we've beaten their plan once.

Blaze: Only to fulfill their plans on the Ultimate forms of the Sol Emeralds & the other ultimate artifacts in the process!

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, but this is different!

Blaze: (as Amy, Shantae, Sash Lilac & Pinkie spot a protodermis ball being launched by the 2nd Dark Hunters in shock) You can help me by doing as I asked!

Amy, Shantae, Sash Lilac & Pinkie Pie: Watch out! (Quickly saves Blaze & Cream from the cannonball of Protodermis, as Milla smacks the Protodermis cannonball back at the Metal Marauder with her green Phantom cubes, while Twilight blasts the Protodermis Cannonballs to make them explode on the Tinker Tub MKIV)

Uncle Mimic: Protodermis, that's definitely belong to them.

Applejack: Y'all alright, everypony?

Sash Lilac: (sighs) Luckily there's not a single scratch.

Blaze: (knocking herself on the head, feeling sorry, trying to focus) I'm sorry Cream. I lost my temper & put all of us in danger. Focus, Blaze! Focus!

Bolo: Is she always like this when she feels sorry for herself?

Rottytops: (ducks down from the cannonballs & bombs) You get used to it, just smile & nod.

Milla: But we can't let you get killed either, Blaze.

Amy: It's ok, Cream & Milla. This is her world & her fight. Let's help her win it.

Rainbow Dash: Even if I hate to admit, but I don't wanna see anyone getting fried.

Cream: Yes, Miss Amy & Miss Rainbow.

Sky: (as Amy smacks away more of the bombs away with her Piko Hammer) Is it me or those bombs or Protodermis Orbs look suspiciously familiar?

Marine: Now that you mention it, they're chuckinsome bodgy lookin' shot at us. More like a bomb & Protodermis ball than yer usual cannonball!

Amy: (smacking more of the bombs & Protodermis orbs & feral squid away back at the enemy ships with Shantae & Mane 6's help) Kinda weird I guess. Familiar too somehow like Sky said.

Rottytops: You don't mean that "they" are back for more?

Amy: Let's worry more about sending some back their way!

Rainbow Dash: You got it...!

Marine: (as the girls & Bolo & Uncle Mimic prepare the cannons & also their weapons) Right-o sheila! Let's show these Buccaneers how right sailors lob a ball!

Risky Boots: (turn to King K.Rool, the kremling general, Klump & the strong & dimwitted blue kremling, Krusha) (speaking in French code) Aller chercher Le grand.

Krusha: What?

Risky Boots: Aller chercher le grand.

Klump: (understands the code & salutes) Coming right up! (Rush with Krusha to get it ready)

Marine: Ready...! (Nocturn slowly emerges with something huge in his four arms along with a mechanical arm coming out of the side hatch of the Metal Marauder) Aim...! (Nocturn reveals the Golden Protodermis Minigun & bomb minigun from the Metal Marauder) (nervously upon seeing both miniguns) Fire.

(Risky, the Kremlings of the Tinker Tub MKV, Nocturn & the rest of the 2nd Dark Hunters of the Metal Marauder, openfire both miniguns of bombs & cannonballs at the Ocean Tornado, while the group begins to duck down for cover from the openfire, while Amy continues smacking the bombs, cannonballs back at the enemy ships, with Shantae hairwhipping at the Cannonballs

Nocturn: (openfiring at the Ocean Tornado like a madman heavy, while) Vzzzzzt Rahrahrahrah Vrrrrrr Wahahahahahahahaaaa!

Sash Lilac: (as the group ducks down from the openfire) There's your answer Rottytops! But why are they involved this time?

Marine: (shaking her fist in anger) Oi! You mongrels are dirtying up the paintjob!

Rarity: There are more important things than a paintjob, Miss Marine! As in preserving our lives! (Quickly ducks down with Marine & Amy)

Amy: Rarity's right. I think the paintwork is the least of our worries right now, especially when the Dark Hunters are also involved!

Marine: (notices a bomb being lit & had landed on the deck of the ship as Rarity screams when seeing the bomb being lit) Yeah, that'd be right.

Amy: (hits the bomb to send it flying like playing golf, while the bomb explodes in the stormy sky) Fore!

Marine: (smiling while Rarity sigh in relief) Four? That was a bonzer hit, mate! A ten for sure! (Amy & Twilight faceplam/facehoof)

Nocturn: (needing to reload the minigun) Aww, I was having fun with so much destruction...!

Carapar: So? Get some more! (sends Nocturn to the magazine of the ship to get more ammo)

Cream: (pointing to the enemy ships that have stopped firing) Look! The pirates have stopped shooting at us! That was nice of them!

Cheese: Chao Chao!

Bolo: I think they're all out of ammo! We survived!

Rottytops: For now...

Carol Tea: Sweet! Perfect time to raid their ships and...

Blaze: No Carol. This is my chance. You keep them distracted while I board them & find the emerald. Fire a volley to cover my trail. (uses her fire powers for brief flight across the sea to the Metal Marauder & Tinker Tub MKV) Be safe my friends.

Carol Tea: Wait! Distract them how?

Marine: (heading to the magazine of the Ocean Tornado) You blokes keep firing! Amy & Cream, come with me! I've got a ripper idea!

Cream: (scared with Amy, Shantae & Sash Lilac) Miss Amy? Everyone?

Amy, Shantae & Sash Lilac: Yes, Cream?

Cream: I'm scared.

Amy: Us too.

Rottytops: (excited) Why not? We do have to cover her trail, so let's go!

Blaze: (as she reaches to the ladder on the Metal Marauder & begins climbing) (in thought: I could melt hole in the hull of the ships, but that would sink the ships for sure. Even with Shantae in Mermaid form diving for the emerald in a sunken Wreck would be too dangerous. I better use stealth to find it first... and then sink the ships. Surely no one aboard the ship deserves any mercy.

(However she bumps her head into a familiar blue Dazzling siren's head.)

Blaze & Sonata: (quietly) Ow! (Look at each other, while Blaze sees Plankton, Adagio, Aria & Bean on board) !

Blaze: Oh no.

Sonata: (smiles cutely) Hello kitty cat. Cool trick with the flames to fly above the seas. Who knew you don't like water as much as... (got her mouth covered by Blaze) (Muffled) Shutting up...

Plankton: (whispers) Blaze?!

Bean: (happily) Mine purpur pyrotechnik prinzessen! Willkommen. Bienvenue. Welcome. C'mon in. (Got his beak covered by Blaze)

Blaze: (quickly hides behind the crates with Plankton, Dazzlings & Bean, from Risky Boots & King K.Rool sights especially from the 2nd Dark Hunters' sights when climbing aboard) (whispers) Stay down & keep quiet.

Bean & Sonata: (whispers) Ok. (humming quietly) I said a mum mum mum mum mum is the word.

Plankton: (whispers) You better have a good explination on why we're summoned here, it's unethical.

Adagio Dazzle: (whispers) And it better be a good one.

Blaze: (quietly sneaks into the ship in the lower decks with Plankton, Dazzlings & Bean) First Amy, Cream & Cheese, the Mane 6, Shantae's group, Team Lilac, Risky Boots, the Kremlings, the 2nd Dark Hunters & now you. I suppose your friends are here as well.

Aria Blaze: Not really, Vezon, Krekka, Nidhiki & the Kankers, even Jack-7 weren't with us when it happens. Not even that Weasel boy, Nack.

Blaze: This is starting to make sense. I wonder if Hank or those abhorrent trio of birds will show up next?

Bean: Eh, could be. But ol Snaggleface McStealyGrab & Deadly McMercernary Man hasn't popped up yet so who knows?

Plankton: I doubt it. (In thought: This is becoming nuts, what would the Dark Hunters want with the Mane 6 now?)

(Back on the Ocean Tornado)

(The Mane 6, Shantae's group & Team Lilac continues to openfire as many cannonballs at the Metal Marauder & the Tinker Tubs MKV & MKIV the best they can, until they exhausted their cannonballs.)

Bolo: (notices that their crates of cannonballs are all empty) That's not a good sign.

Pinkie Pie: (as Twilight tries blasting magic Beams at the Metal Marauder & Tinker Tubs) Marine! Where are the rest of the cannonballs? I don't think we're ready to take on the water yet!

Amy Rose: (concerned with Cream & Cheese as Marine & the Coconut bring out a couple crates of explosives, namely fireworks) Is this a good idea, Marine?

Marine: (as the Coconut crew load up the cannons with fireworks, thou unsure of themselves, but Marine remains confident) Ah, she'll be apples! Blaze said to keep 'em distracted!

Applejack: (a bit frightened on what might happen) With fireworks in the cannons...?! Isnt that a might too dangerous?

Marine: Not for a pirate captain like I am. My Crew & I tangled the Metru Mantis before, we can do the same against these pirates!

Rarity: (as the Mane 6, Shantae's group & Team Lilac were surprised from Marine that she said she tangled with the Metru Mantis) Darling, did you say Metru Mantis? It's extremely difficult to take down even for us.

Shantae: That does explain the cannonball sized holes weakspots in the Mantis before. But with fireworks in cannons? You can't be serious.

Marine: (as the group slowly step back to a safe distance) You gotta think outside the box, mate. These mid-summer festival fireworks should do the trick!

Coconut Crew Member: (nervously) Captain Marine, they might be right, I don't think...

Marine: That's right, you don't think! You follow orders! Now be ready when you get the word!

Uncle Mimic: (stepping back with the others) Oh dear...

Amy: Let's just move over here, shall we, Cream?

Sash Lilac: (comforts Milla while keeping her close) Stay close to me, ok Milla?

Rottytops: Boom goes the weasels!

Marine: Fire! (The Coconut tries to openfire the cannons with fireworks at the enemy ships, but nothing happened) Huh, must've been a dud.

(Back on the Metal Marauder & Tinker Tub MKV)

Portal Egg Tank: (hearing an explosion from the Ocean Tornado with Carapar, Nocturn, Krika, Storm Minion & the Vorok & Zesk) ! (Wondering at was that explosion & thinking what has happened to Amy)

Makuta Krika: (comforts Portal Egg Tank, making sure he keeps himself under control) I can assure you that it is the sound of progress my friends.

(Coming towards Risky Boots, King K.Rool & the metallic silhouette pirate captian of the Blackguard Pirates, are two robotic pirates, one is a skinny red one named Swash & the yellow bulky one with a left hook hand named Buckle, with a band of Tinkerbats & even a brand new form of black & yellow eyed Tinkerbats in red & blue, secretly belonging to the Dark Hunters, the Hunterbats.)

Buckle: (salutes) Beggin' yer pardon, cap'n. The lookout saw a fire trail and a storeaway slip aboard.

Risky Boots: (as Bark stands silently like a gentleman butler for the captain) How interesting... begin the search. This pussy cat cannot reach the emerald.

Kraata-Kal: Allow us to find her. Lurker, Spinner & Tyrant, let's go. (begins searching the ships for Blaze with Klump, Krusha, Lurker, Spinner, Tyrant & the other pirate crew members)

???: (a silhouette with his right eye glow red) Mr. Swash, be so good as to put us on loudspeakerrrr.

Swash: (smiles) Loudspeaker it is, cap'n! Aye aye!

(Back inside the Metal Marauder)

Blaze: (as she, Bean, Plankton & the Dazzlings are sneaking quietly through the ship) How did you end up in my world? How long have you been prisoner to these pirates & the Dark Hunters?

Bean: Not sure how it happened. One minute Bark & I we're traipsing about like we do, and then suddenly... pop! We dropped into the wide, wide world of water here. Would it kill you guys to put a continent or two?

Plankton: And Blaze, you were so lucky that the Dazzlings & I can swim...! (Blaze Sighs) Anyway, how the Dazzlings & I arrived in your world is the same, but this time- (suddenly interrupted by a loudspeaker spoken through by the captain)

Risky Boots: (in loudspeaker) Attention all Tinkerbats & Kremlings & pirates alike...

???: (in loudspeaker) Arrr, this is your captains speaking.

Aria Blaze: (in thought: So much for the surprise approach.)

???: (in loudspeaker) It seems that we have a stowaway in our midst. We spied a trail of fire, so methinks our uninvited guest must be Princess Blaze the Cat.

Bean: (to Blaze) Hey! He means you!

Risky Boots: (in loudspeaker) Now listen closely, we tried to be nice by letting you surrender, but now your leaving us with no other option on searching you throughout the entirety of our ships. But we have a better solution.

???: (in loudspeaker) Well, yer highness, since ye'd rather skulk below decks instead coming aboard proper, we'll give Ye a choice. Give yerself up now, or we'll blow yer friends out of the water! (Blaze gets a bit anger from the response) Make yer choice, lassie... we'll don't wait long.

Adagio Dazzle: Theyre not the kind of people that likes patience.

Blaze: Quickly! Perhaps you can help.

Plankton: What?! Why should we help you? (Got grabbed by Blaze) Hey!

Blaze: We have common enemies of the Dark Hunters & now these pirates are joining forces with them. Have Risky & the Kremlings lost it?

Sonata Dusk: Don't know, but it feels like they're growing desperate like this Pirate Master spooky curse thingy that Risky told me, but the half genie beat it back with her help so...

Blaze: No time to explain that. I remember that you had a fondness for the jewel I retrieved from your world.

Bean: (sighing happily in a love struck state of Sol Emeralds) Oi! Vey! Bubelah! Don't get me started!

Adagio Dazzle: Oh well. We're more interested in rubies, we thought it was one of them. But we're mistaken.

Blaze: Ruby? Have you seen like it aboard this ship?

Bean: (to Blaze & Adagio, as Blaze & Plankton we're alarmed to see Kraata-Kal, Lurker, Spinner, Tyrant, Klump, Krusha, Tinker Bats & Hunter Bats coming down stairs) You mean like the shiny, big, shiny, red jewel that the captains keeps on them all times & is impossible to get ahold of... not that I've tried?

(Blaze quickly pulls Plankton, the Dazzlings & Bean into hiding, while Klump & Krusha & a couple Tinkerbats & Hunterbats look around.)

Klump: Keep your eyes peeled Krusha. King K.Rool is trying to make sure that no stowaway steals the emerald! Understand?

Krusha: But not the Dark Hunters? K.Rool said that they're extremely dangerous. Why can't we just... (got his mouth covered by Klump)

Klump: Be silent unless you were spoken too, Krusha. Not in front of them. Do you want to be Rahi Food?

Kraata-Kal: What was that?

Klump: Nothing, sir. Not a word.

Lurker: (as Kraata-Kal keeps an eye on the two, as well as Risky & K.Rool, while continues searching for Blaze) Tyrant, you take it from here if her fire powers are involved. We want her on board as much as Portal Egg Tank, he can get restless if anything happens to Amy.

Tyrant: I know that. I catch the kitty once, I can do it again.

Blaze: (to Bean, Plankton & Dazzlings) That's it! Now get yourselves off that ship while I get the emerald back! I'll free your friend & get Risky & the Kremlings out of there before I sink the ship & all of the Dark Hunters & pirate scum aboard her.

Plankton: (whispers as Bean begins to frown from Blaze's response) Good, then we can end this Dark Hunter nightmare, snatch the Sol Emerald back so we can go home!

Bean: (waving his finger) Fierce, Fiery, Fuchsia Feline, that you are, I'll not have you insult my ship mates!

Blaze/Plankton: What?/Your what?!

Bean: (calling out to the Pirates & 2nd Dark Hunters) Oh Boys! Lookee what we got he-ah!

Blaze: We?!

Plankton: Bean! Button your lip!

Klump: (as the group turn to Blaze, Plankton & the Dazzlings) There you are! Thought you can escape from our keen eye?

Minion: Don't try anything, your highness...

Blaze: You're with the Pirates?! (Getting grabbed by 2 other pirate robots, while also by Tinkerbats & Hunterbats)

Bean: Hellloooo! Last time we met, I was hanging with a bounty hunter Assassin & we're playing statues because of it! What makes you think I wouldn't toss in my lot with this pack of lovable ner-do-wells...

Sonata: We couldn't risk a shiny red Ruby like this...! But seriously, we're sorry Blaze... they would skin out master Plankton alive if we don't comply!

Plankton: They would skin the Dazzlings alive if I don't comply! You understand, don't you?

Blaze: (angrily) Very well... (suddenly blasts the flames at the 2nd Dark Hunters, pirates, & Tinkerbats & hunterbats, while Plankton & the Dazzlings help as they duck from the flames) You can share their fate.

Bean: (as the Dazzlings let out their siren soundwaves at Blaze, only for her to duck down & hit Tyrant, knowing that he would absorb the heat & flames) (happily with Sonata) Oh, goody! Sonata & I love fate! I hope there's enough to go around!

Tyrant: Gah! (Got sent back to the steel wall)

Sonata: (happily as Adagio & Aria ducks down from Blaze's firepower, while Klump & Krusha scream while trying to put the fire out of their tails) I would like some fate, with a side of tacos! Extra spicy! (Get pulled down to safety by Adagio from Blaze's oncoming flames)

Plankton: (whistles for a newly controlled Suukorak to come over & controls him with his remote control, while Blaze brawls against Lurker, Spinner & Minion) Remember this Visorak? This one will make sure you cool off!

Adagio Dazzle: (as Blaze gets ready) Were able to snag one during our time in the cold since it caught Plankton's interests.

(Back on the Ocean Tornado)

(As Carapar, Nocturn, Krika, Storm Minion & Portal Egg Tank look on from the Metal Marauder, King K.Rool brings out his Blunderbuss to openfire cannonballs at the Ocean Tornado, while Carapar & Nack.)

Rottytops: (as Shantae hairwhips more of the blunderbuss cannons back at the Metal Marauder, while Sash Lilac is helping Uncle Mimic steer the Ocean Tornado away from the openfire) Marine? Are you ok? Speak to me!

Amy: (as Neera Li quickly freeze shatter the cannonballs with her ice staff) (smirks at Marine for the firework plan blow up in her face) Any more ideas, Marine?

Marine: (lying on her back, dizzy with a bit of charred on her face) My everything hurts.

Pinkie Pie: (sighs in relief) I'll get the med kit.

Carol Tea: (suddenly felt the ship shake a bit) Whoa! That's not good.

Coconut Crew Member: (rushing out of the door in a panic to meet up to Marine) Captain Marine! Captain Marine!

Marine: (cleaning her face from the charred) Don't get off yer bike! What's the matter?

Coconut Crew Member: We've been hit below the waterline, and we're taking on water faster than we can pump it out!

Rainbow Dash: What?! There's still no word from Blaze. I'm going in! (Was quickly caught by Applejack)

Applejack: Whoa there, Sonic 2.0! We can't charge in all alone. We need to stick together...!

Sky: This situation is becoming dire! We have no choice but to evacuate...!

Marine: (frustrated as Bolo even tries to pump the water out with little success) Well that's just ace! The barky's sinking under our feet & Blaze is over there alone! What do we do now?!

Neera Li: We have to listen to Sky, we need to get out of here & pick up Blaze quickly before these pirates catch her!

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, we can't just leave Blaze behind!

Cream: It might be a tad rude, but I say we ram them. It's what Mr. Sonic would do.

Rarity: Excuse me? Against both ships? We've already sunken the Tinker Tub MKIV, but this is suicide!

Amy: It may sound risky, but you're right Cream! Sonic would go down fighting and should do we!

Cheese: (as Cream smiles) Chao!

Twilight Sparkle: But everypony, that's a terrible idea! We don't know what they may have instore for us! We best make an evacuation to be safe!

Shantae: Best get the Crew out of here first.

Marine: (as the Mane 6, Shantae's group & Team Lilac begins helping the Coconut Crew evaucate in the lifeboats) (sighs while showing the Coconut Crew the lifeboats) Coconut Crew, man the lifeboats and set sail for home! We'll take it from here! Don't need lubbers trippin' me anymore.

Fluttershy: Marine?

Marine: Nothing...

Fluttershy: Be nice, but maybe the lifeboats sounds nice.

Uncle Mimic: Thou, Just to be safe...

Shantae: Sky! Set Wrench up incase anything goes wrong. (Sky salutes as she helps Wrench get prepared as Wrench changes to his giant Warbird size incase anything happens) Blaze needs rescuing!

Sash Lilac: Right, but the question is, how do we do that?

Marine: (gets ready with Amy, Cream, Cheese, Mane 6, Shantae's group & Team Lilac get ready) We'll fire a volley right before we board her in the smoke and chaos and join Blaze to rout those buggers!

Cream: I'm sure Miss Blaze will be happy to see us!

Cheese: Chao! Chao!

Shantae & Sash Lilac: (notice Twilight having 2nd thoughts, while keeping her comfort with the Mane 6 & the rest of the group) ?

Shantae: I know, we felt the same.

(Back on the Metal Marauder & Tinker Tub MKV)

(Blaze keeps blasting at Bean's bombs, while Plankton & the Dazzlings duck & cover while try to fight back for each other's safety from the 2nd Dark Hunters. While Klump, Krusha, Kratana-Kal, Lurker, Minion & Spinner)

Risky Boots: (in loudspeaker) I'm waiting... you got 30 seconds!

Kraata-Kal: (trying to wake Tyrant up while blasting kanoka disks, while slashing his Flame blades, that are normal flames, due to Blaze ended Kraata Kal's flames with a snap of her fingers, while he continues slashing at her & blasting pressured water & shadow blasts) Ignited or not, I can still slash ya to ribbons!

Blaze: (quickly dodging more of their oncoming attacks, including Bean's bombs, while she blaze kick at Klump & Krusha, who were trying to catch her) Rragh! (Blasts a bomb to make it explode near the Dark Hunters, while dodging Suukorak's kanoka disks, trying to fend it off) (to Bean) So those we're your bombs being fired at us, as well as the Cannonballs that are made of Protodermis.

Plankton: (as the Dazzlings throw their punches & kicks at Blaze, who swiftly dodges them) They learned it from SpongeBob's prophercised victory, don't ask me!

Bean: (as Blaze quickly evade the attacks from Kraata-Kal, Lurker, Minion & Spinner while evading from the exploding bombs & Siren soundwaves & Plankton's laser blasts & Suukorak's kanoka disks) Sure! A Tar's gotta earn his biscuit & grog somehow, ain't he?? But my favourite job is shining all the metal. Both ships are made of metal, heck even the Captain's name is Captain Metal!

Plankton: (get a sudden realisation on who the captain is, according to Bean) Wait, what'd you say?

Captain Metal: (in loudspeaker, as Plankton & Suukorah were held down by Blaze, as the Dazzlings we're trying to held Blaze back) Yer time is up, Princess. Surrender yerself or sacrifice yer friends. We'll have yer answers in 3...

Sonata: (holding onto Blaze, while Bean jumps into her arms, while Blaze feels uneasy) You might wanna go do what the captain says. He might make ya walk the plank or feed the sharks for lunch time.

Bean: (laughing, while Klump & Krusha tries to grab onto Blaze) Oh, that Cap'n Metal! What a riot! Sonata'a got a point in her funny bone. Why not go on deck and bask in their Captain-oisity?

Blaze: Yes. Why not.

Captain Metal: (in loudspeaker) 2...

Klump: There she is! Get her! (Quickly jumps at Blaze with Krusha)

(However Blaze quickly uses her Flame powers to launch herself upwards to land on deck while bringing Bean, Plankton, the Dazzlings & Klump & Krusha with them, while Kraata-Kal, Lurker, Minion, Spinner & Tyrant quickly follow suite from the stairs to finally meet with Risky Boots, King K.Rool, a silhouetted Captain Metal, Carapar, Nocturn, Krika, Storm Minion, Portal Egg Tank, the 5 Vorok & 5 Zesk with Tinkerbats & Hunterbats armed with Normal, Chaos & Sol Scimitars)

Captain Metal: (silhouette) 1...

Blaze: (lands, dropping Bean, Plankton, Dazzlings, Klump & Krusha & the controlled Suukorak) I'm here. Hold your fire.

Risky Boots: There you are, my princess. Your about as troublesome as the Half-Genie Runt, Shantae.

King K.Rool: Or even that meddlesome monkey, Donkey Kong!

Aria Blaze: (trying to put out the flames with Adagio & Sonata's help) Speak for yourself. We're nearly got barbecued into sushi!

Captain Metal: (silhouette) Well, Well, Welll, the princess at last... Risky Boots & the others speak very highly about you.

Blaze: You seem to be familiar with me, thou I'm happy to say I'm unacquainted with you.

Bean: (trying to put the fire out from his tail) That's a bad kitty! Very, very bad!

Makuta Krika: Now, we don't want any trouble... just surrender yourself peacefully & then we can work things out.

Blaze: You all have a gem that belongs to me. Return it now & I will spare your ship & your offer.

Risky Boots: Tempting offer, but we can give you & your friends freedom in exchange for the other 6 Sol emeralds.

Bean: Those are good offers, Cap'n. But I'd go for curtain Number Two.

King K.Rool: Oh of course! The Kremlings' latest creation!

Captain Metal: (silhouette) Aye, a good offer. Let us make one in return.

Bean: Ooooooh! The mystery box!

(They turn to see a hatch from the front of the Metal Marauder ship, revealing the Kremlings' new Laser Cannon. The Portal Egg Tank MK.II slams his arms on the laser cannon to charged it up,while Nocturn brings out a deadly protodermis cannon,Storm Minion unsheathed the storm staff then aims at the ship while it charges,and "Kraata-Kal" charged his kanoka launcher and aims at the ocean tornado.)

Makuta Krika: What is this...?

Bean: That's right, Blaze! It's a brand new Laser Cannon!!

Kraata-Kal: (as Blaze begin to worry, to see that it's pointing to the Ocean Tornado) Say goodbye to your dear friends! HAHAHAHAHA!

Carapar: (keeping Portal Egg Tank calm) Please...

(Back at the Ocean Tornado)

Pinkie Pie: (as Amy, Cream, the Mane 6, Shantae's group, Team Lilac look on in worry & surprise of seeing the laser Cannon) Girls? Bolo & Uncle Mimic? I don't think that's a good surprise.

Cream: Miss Amy, do you think that really big gun is something to worry about?

Amy: It'll be alright, Cream. You & Cheese & the rest find cover.

Twilight Sparkle: Everypony, we best get out of here, now!

Bolo: But there are no lifeboats left!

Rottytops: (as the group duck & cover inside empty explosives chests, while Twilight begins to think of something fast before they're done for) Well, were boned.

(Back at the Metal Marauder)

Plankton: What? What's going on?

Blaze: You'd said that you spare them if I gave up myself!

Captain Metal: (silhouette) (turn to the Pirates & gave them the order) I lied. (The Pirates quickly subdues Blaze, while Plankton & Dazzlings were a bit surprised)

(Back on the Ocean Tornado)

Amy: (as Cream, Cheese, the Mane 6, Shantae's group & Team Lilac quickly hides in the empty explosive chests in desperation) Marine, I think Cream & Cheese & the others have the right idea. And Pinkie maybe right, That gun isn't just for show.

Shantae: We're dead, aren't we?

Carol Tea: (terrified) Yep.

Twilight Sparkle: (get close to the Mane 6, Shantae, Lilac, Carol & Milla) Excuse me girls...!

Marine: (as Twilight begins charging up her alicorn magic with Shantae's magic & Rarity's unicorn magic for something big) Don't be a drongo, mates! If these pirates know who they're dealing with, they'll never have the nerve to-

(On the Metal Marauder & Tinker Tub MKV)

Captain Metal (silhouette) & King K.Rool: (as the 2nd Dark Hunters secretly notices the heroes secretly hiding inside the chests) Fire!

Blaze: NO!

(King K.Rool, Nocturn, Portal Egg Tank, Storm Minion Kraata-Kal & 4 Silhouette figures charges up the laser Cannon & their own weapons & openfire at the Ocean Tornado, completely oblierating the ship into a fiery explosion.)

Nocturn: (turn to the group) They are good as dead, just like you wanted,fellow captains and king!

Plankton: (as Risky Boots looks on, thinking that the Half-Genie & her friends are done for) I'll never look the majesty of this evil the same way again.

Aria Blaze: Me neither.

Sonata Dusk: (to herself as Plankton & the Dazzlings look on as well) Oh glory of glories... Oh heavenly testament to the eternal majesty of God's creation. (Out loud) HOLY MACARONI!

Bean: (a bit disappointed as Blaze feels sadness) Aw come on, Cap'n. The explosion was awesome! But I think you hurt the Shadowy chasers & the cat lady's feelings by blowing her friends to smithereens!

Risky Boots: It was out of my control after all. But all good things must come to an end, princess. Hopefully you understand.

King K.Rool: I tried to blow up Donkey Kong Island & it didn't pay off, but that's another story.

Makuta Krika: (turn to Blaze to comfort her) Sorry, we have no choice but to follow your enemies. Like Rouge said: Its just our business.

???: (speaks in a familiar voice that only Carapar & Nocturn recognise in horror, as 4 new silhouette figures slowly approach to Captain Metal's side) They met their end, now you will join them in due time, Blaze.

(Carapar & Nocturn suddenly recognise The 4 figures approaching that were actually part of a faction of their own that are the Creeps from the Deep with razor sharp teeth similar to Carapar & Nocturn. The black mutant manta-ray with a claw is called "Mantax" as he roars in anger. Screeching & surging with electricity is the green spiky electric eel mutant with arms & legs with sharp claws, for his name is "Ehlek". The 3 blue eyed Red Squid mutant with orange tentacles as weapons is named "Kalmah". And finally, the white shark mutant with shark tooth swords is the emotionally driven leader is named Pridak. They are known as the Barraki, the matoran word for Warlord.)

Nocturn: (surprised with Carapar to see them here) Mantax, Ehlek, Kalmah & Pridak?! Your here...! We thought you were cured from the pit mutagen?

Pridak: (cross with Carapar & Nocturn for their alignment with the 2nd Dark Hunters) Carapar, Nocturn. We thought that you were dead. Funny how the Red Star works in our universe.

Minion: (as Storm Minion is also shocked about this) The Barraki? (Bows to them with the group)

Lurker: What brings you here of all this?

Captain Metal (silhouette): (to Blaze) First things first, well I'm sorry to have sunk yer friends... but yer did give herself up after we'd counted you up! A cap'n has to make good of his word and keep strict discipline. It's me duty, y'see. One of the three virtues, i might ad. And as for the Barraki, I have learned their histories as warlords of their time.

Blaze: (shaken a bit, slowly burning up) ...My duty... friends...

Adagio Dazzle: Risky, K.Rool! How did you do this?

Risky Boots: Don't ask me... we made a bargain & our new friends have... shared some "secret" information. (Giggles evilly)

Makuta Krika: That last encounter... you still think we're the enemy in the past when battling agaist the Makuta, that you we're only trying to improve yourselves. But now... this sudden brutality didn't just come from Metal! It was commanded by you as well.

Pridak: You were right to suspect our actions that are Barraki-equse, Krika. I held responsible for initiating the attack to prove Blaze a point that munity from the Barraki is not accepted! (Turning to Blaze) Can you feel it now? The sadness, followed by rage inside... it is burning... burning...

Bean: (begins sniffing with Plankton and the Dazzlings, as he felt the deck heating up from Blaze's burning flames growing in heat) Something's cooking. Is that duck I smell?

Sonata Dusk: (sniffing the air) Say, something IS burning around here. (Looks down & suddenly screams as she & Bean jumps up & down, felt Sonata's foot & Bean's tail caught on fire while trying to put it out) YEOW!

Bean: (jumping up & down trying to put the flame out as Plankton, Adagio & Aria begins crawling back from Blaze) Oucha-Ma-Goucha!

Aria Blaze: (as Blaze begins to get up with her palms ablaze) Uh... Blaze...?

Makuta Krika: (as he, Risky, K.Rool, Klump & Krusha & the 4 Barraki also notices this) Oh my...

Blaze: Let me tell you of duty, Captain Metal. (Turn to Risky, K.Rool, Captain Metal & Pridak before walking towards them) My duty is to protect the Sol Emeralds and this world. You hold the last emerald I seek.

King K.Rool: The very last Sol Emerald you say?

Risky Boots: (holds the red Sol Emerald with a smile on her face) Looking for this?

Captain Metal: Indeed we do! Drawn to it, I was. That Risky Boots is as clever as she is crafty with technology to build mechanised ships. She & K.Rool offered my alligence, for I have big plans. Big plans for it. Big Plans for the Dark Hunters, thanks to the Barraki's arrival & information that sparked a warning. And now, big plans for you as well, if you'll be a nice kitty & toe the line.

Pridak: Tell me you choice...!

Blaze: (pushes the Tinkerbats, Hunterbats & Kremlings & Pirates out of the way) Cooperate with 4 Creeps from the Deep & flithy pirates?!

Risky Boots: (is angered) Hey, I'll have you know that I keep myself clean & tidy after my quests, thank you very much! And yes, do you accept or not?

Pridak: (steps forward with Ehlek, Mantax & Kalmah, staring down at Blaze) You dare to presume?! You will reconsider...!

Blaze: (as she is face to face with Pridak) Oh, no. Your Dark Hunter partners caused me enough pain & suffering already when you threatened to kill Hank & then forced me to creating the Ultimate Sol Emerald. And now you'll pay for what you did to my friends. You'll pay for keeping my world in jeopardy for stealing that gem.

Makuta Krika: Blaze, Please don't...

Carapar: You should know on whom you are dealing with, fire cat!

Blaze: You'll give me my emeralds now, or I can pry it from your charred remains.

Mantax: That sounds like a challenge that you can't win.

Ehlek: We still outnumbered you a hundred to one, Blaze.

Blaze: Either way, you... will... (charges at the villains, as she is about to attack) BURN!

Klump: (shouts at Blaze, getting their attention, while holding a metal barrel of explosives behind the 4 with Buckle & Krusha) Hey Blazeblue, Incoming!

(Klump & Krusha tosses metal barrels of explosives at Blaze, who quickly dodges the explosive barrel when seeing Nocturn & Buckle about to knock out the fire cat.)

Blaze: (got distracted by Klump & Krusha to notice Nocturn & Buckle behind her & is about to turn to Buckle & Nocturn) Focus Blaze, focus! (Got clonked in the head by Buckle's fist & Nocturn's strength)

Buckle: (as he & Nocturn knocks Blaze unconscious) Beggin' yer pardon, mum.

Nocturn: Sorry. Nothing personal.

Makuta Krika: (sighs) Again, I deeply apologise.

Captain Metal: (as "Kraata-Kal" was aiming his disk launcher at blaze's head,to make sure she wasn't going anywhere) Burn? Mayhap I shall in due time, considering the reputation of the 2nd Dark Hunters are not to be trifled until when done correctly, you can deceive anyone. But not while Ye be lettin' yer feelin's control ye.

Risky Boots: (as the deck slowly cools down with the flames extinguished) Now, any more objections? (Seeing Plankton & the Dazzlings stayed silent as well) Good. Now that we all understand each other. Nobody else is scot free until all of the Sol Emeralds are rightfully ours. Understand? For we got a lot of work to do.

Plankton: You made a good point. That is, if we can pry it off of the palm of her hand.

Risky Boots: Good. Carapar & Nocturn, is it? I need you to search the remains of the ship, just incase they are indeed dead! Safety precautions.

Carapar & Nocturn: Yes ma'am... (quickly jumps up & dives down in the ocean to search for the wreckage of the Ocean Tornado)

Pridak: (as Bean, Plankton & the Dazzlings check on Blaze, while Bean uses mittens & a bit of cooking material to check the temperature of the flames) Ambitious one you are Risky Boots, but you will handle the Brains, we will provide you as much brawn if possible.

Risky: Not to worry, we'll keep others like Plankton & the Dazzlings I n line by any means necessary.

Captain Metal: Thou slain by the Piraka in our last encounter, A second chance at life, I've been given already. I'm not spoilin' it t'see it end so soon yet, lassie. (Stepping out of the shadows to reveal his appearance) Nor will I squander that chance on petty plunder or meager visions. Thanks to Risky Boots, the Kremlings & now the Barraki & the 2nd Dark Hunters...

(Captain Metal's appearance is indeed the rebuilt Metal Sonic 3.3 from the Pre-Genesis World, only rebuilt with metal parts on his left side of his head, skull like muzzle, black & gold robotic pirate gear with right brown metallic foot, left metal peg leg, sharp claws on left hand with right blunderbass / blade arm & hand.)

Captain Metal: Grand are our plans for this Sol Emerald, fairrr princess. And for the other six Sol emeralds you hold as well.

Risky Boots: Everyone, set a course for Pirate Island! It's time we fulfill our destinies together!

(The Metal Marauder & Tinker Tub MKV sail away as the storm rage on while we see Wrench in warbird form in the distance, looking on in sadness as he flies away to search the seas.)

Pony Pirate Plunder Panic, Mane 6 & Team Rose vs Risky Boots & Kremlings (Part 2) Edit

(In Pirate Island, with the sun shining.)

(Risky Boots, Tinkerbats, Hunterbats & the Kremlings, the 2nd Dark Hunters, the Barraki & the Blackguard Pirates were seen carrying a caged Blaze as well, who have no choice but to comply as Bean, Bark, Plankton & the Dazzlings also follow suite.)

Blaze (voiceover): I am Blaze the Cat, princess and Guardian of the Sol Emeralds, the gems that keeps this world from falling into destruction. After months of searching, I had nearly tracked them all down. My friends had been called from their world to help me find the last Emerald. But I was too late, and now it's the hands of Risky Boots, the Kremlings, the 2nd Dark Hunters & now the monsters that leads me into captivity, Captain Metal & the Barraki. The vile pirates sank our ship & my friends with it. Once I find out what evil they have planned, I will try to atone for my failure by bringing them to a memorable end.

Plankton: (sitting on Blaze's cage) Well, the past few minutes on board is kinda slow.

Risky Boots: But no more. Now to prepare our plans into action.

Plankton: (as a tiny robot, known as a Sprocket land near Plankton, about the same size as him) And what plan is that?

Kalmah: Very secret. Very hush hush.

Plankton: (as Blaze looks on while set her left palm a small Flame) Ok fine. But it better be worth it once we get there.

Blaze (voiceover): Being careless and losing my temper has put me into this mess. I must be patient. Wait for the right time and then...

Sprocket: (cute voice as it looks at Blaze & Plankton) Fire, Cat! Tiny, Cyclops!

Plankton: (as Blaze notices Bean & Sonata trying to cook marshmellows by Blaze's small Flame) Who or what are you?

Sonata Dusk: (eats a marshmellow) Mmm, marshmallows. Just like the astronauts eat. Want one?

Adagio Dazzle: (as Blaze extinguish her flame from her palm at will) I think we'll pass.

Aria Blaze: No thanks.

Bean: Aww c'mon! Bark likes them burnt!

Swash: (shoos away a Sprocket) Go on, ya pest! Shoo!

Plankton: (in thought: To think, it all started with a single Sol Emerald that has been stolen.)

(Flashback to earlier with Plankton training the Dazzlings in the woods near the Plankton Alliance's pod.)

Plankton: (as the Dazzlings break the targets with their siren soundwaves) Nice form of defensive with your soundwaves, but you still need to learn your physical abilities incase someone is trying to keep your mouths shut.

Aria Blaze: (throwing her punches & kicks at the targets to break them) (smirks) Now you're talking, I'm all over it. It's right up my alley.

Adagio Dazzle: (trying to punch & kick at the targets) Good for you, while were more suited with charms & equestrian magic.

Sonata Dusk: Aw come on, Dagi. It's fun to mix it up abit. (Try to uppercut at a training dummy)

Plankton: (overhearing something from a distant) What's this? (Quietly Checks from the bushes to see Bean & Bark in the woods near the hidden doors) Everything looks fine. (then notices Risky Boots & the Kremlings discussing their tempoerary alligence) Wait a minute... What are they up to?

King K.Rool: And are you sure that are alligence is necessary for this situation?

Risky Boots: Right, I did make sure that one of your boys is doing the work to start it all.

Klump: (looking around) Sir, one of our Klaptraps are missing.

Risky Boots: (smirks after seeing a small flash of fiery coming from a single Klaptrap, implying that Risky quietly placed a single Klaptrap & Tinkerbat near Blaze to snatch one Sol Emerald from Blaze) Is it?

Krusha: (notice a Tinkerbat & Klaptrap holding a Red Sol Emerald) Oh, there he is...

Risky Boots: Good Boy... (pick a Red Sol Emerald) These artifacts has got my interests since first arriving here, along with the other powerful gems in this world. Just imagine what we can do... when we aquire all seven of the Sol Emeralds. All of the dimensional' oceans will belong to the Queen of the Seven Seas!

Adagio Dazzle: (join with Plankton with Aria Blaze & Sonata Dusk) (whispers) What are you spying on Like a peeping tom?

Plankton: (cover Adagio's mouth) (whispers) Be quiet...! Not so loud...

King K.Rool: Now let's see if this Sol Emerald works.

Risky Boots: (checks on the Red Sol Emerald) Hmm... we must know your fiery secrets... why do you have the power to keep the Sol dimension alive.

Klump: (notices the gem begins glowing) What's happening?

Risky Boots: Destiny, my friends. Destiny. (Giggles evilly) Ohohohohoho...

(With a fiery glow from the Red Sol Emerald, the gemstone begins to summon Risky Boots, Kremlings, Plankton, the Dazzlings, Bean, Bark & eventually Amy, Cream, Cheese, Mane 6, Shantae's group & Team Lilac to the Sol Dimension, but were separated.)

Plankton: What the? What's going on?

Sonata Dusk: (sniffing the air) You smell something cooking? Is that seafood? (Jumps up into Aria's arms Eep!

Aria Blaze: What's going on?!

(Plankton, the Dazzlings, Risky Boots, Kremlings & Bean & Bark were transported by the Red Sol Emerald's power, on an unknown island in the Sol Dimension, where they discover the nearby Pirate Ship.)

(Still in a Flashback in the Sol Dimension)

(The Crossover Villains & Bean & Bark, who were summoned by the Sol Emeralds, landed on an unknown island near the docks of a nearby pirate ship.)

Risky Boots: (looks around) It worked!

Bean: Aah hoo hoo hooey! (Crash lands on Plankton with Bark) Guah!

Plankton: Ouch!

King K.Rool: A little too well.

Sonata Dusk: (notices Bean) Hi Bean...

Plankton: Bean?! (As Bean looks under his foot to see Plankton squashed under his foot) You blasted barnicle head! (Notice the rest of the group) I mean... hi?

Risky Boots & King K.Rool: (as Bark is surprised as well) Plankton? (K.Rool pulls Plankton off of Bean's foot)

Bean: What the hay is happening? (Looking around) There's so much ocean! Where's a continent or two when you need it?

Risky Boots: What are you & the Sirens doing here?

Plankton: Training the Dazzlings to be better prepared for multiple situations in battle of course. What are you doing with the Sol Emerald?

Risky Boots: (holding a Red Sol Emerald) It's supernatural abilities & firepowers really has ignited a spark within my soul, burning with passion for conquest of the big blue. Besides, the powers of the flame is like the burning rage of the ancient battle of Chi Bi. I actually read the legends, by the way.

Bean: (lovestruck of the shiny red Sol Emerald & tries to reach for it, while Bark begins pulling him back) Where has it been all my life...? So shiny, so big, like a diamond in the rough!

Aria Blaze: Well, hold your horses, Romeo. Why did this Sol Emerald teleported us to... wherever this place is! (Bark shrugs as he has no idea with a "I don't know" expression)

Adagio Dazzle: (rubbing her head & groans) That's just great. We're all trapped here & we have no idea where we are.

King K.Rool: It would be possible that this is Blaze's world that fire cat explained before. It is this world's gem after all. More importantly, how do we get off this blasted rock?

Krusha: (point to the pirate ship, unbeknownst to them that it's the Metal Marauder pirate ship) Maybe our neighbours can help?

Risky Boots: Of course, a pirate ship! Let's raid it for ourselves to figure out where the Sol Emerald had taken us. It could be possible that we're in it's dimension.

Plankton: Of course. Let us do the talking. (Bark knocks on the pirate ship, who is surprised to notice the ship is made out of metal)

Bean: (as a robotic pirate of the Blackguard approaches with Swash & Buckle) All the shiny metal...! So shiny...!

Plankton: (as the robotic pirate looms over the group) Good evening or afternoon, sir. Could we interest you in taking us for a ride on your ship?

Blackguard Pirate: (thinks for a beat before he glares) NO! Either you wish to be to locked in the brig as prisoners otherwise this ship is for imiditating pirates only! (Slam the gates closed)

Sonata: (as Risky was a bit miffed) But I was dressed up like one for last year's Nightmare Night.

Risky Boots: (as she walk forward) You will recosinder... (holding a Sol Emerald) But very well, I might as well take my newly acquired Sol emerald somewhere else... (slyly smirks) And 3... 2... 1...

(The Robot Pirate quickly comes back to check the gem, only for Risky Boots to slash the robot pirate into many metallic pieces, that surprised Swash & Buckle for a bit.)

Risky Boots: Slashy slashy, slash, slash, slash!

King K.Rool: (as he, the Kremlings, Risky, the Tinkerbats, Bean, Bark, Plankton & the Dazzlings climb board the Metal Marauder) Excellent work, Risky.

Risky Boots: Thank you. Knowing other pirates, they couldn't resist a bit of treasure, even for a little coin or gemstone.

Adagio Dazzle: It's a nice try regardless, Sheldy. Thou it still needs work on the more persuiasion skills.

Plankton: At least someone's giving me support with helpful advice. And don't call me "Sheldy".

Captain Metal: (looks on with the 4 Barraki) Interesting. This pirate lady with you has skills that are sharp as her cunning.

King K.Rool: Wait, who are you?!

Plankton: (rubbing his head with a headache of a flashback of past Metal Sonics & Metal SpongeBobs in Pre-Genesis World) And why you look like a Metal Sonic?

Captain Metal: That is because that I used to be one in the past! My failed attack on the hedgehogs, including the Super Scourge, leaves me no choice but to escape but was transported to one similar dimension & now here by Shadow & the Piraka where I met my demise. But fate has given me a second chance.

Risky Boots: Fascinating... but let us offer our combined efforts to track all seven Sol Emeralds.

Pridak: Sol Emeralds? You say? And what do WE gain from granting this bold request?

King K.Rool: Our cooperation & service, but on one condition. We command the ship together.

Risky Boots: And a new Tinker Tub to go with it.

Captain Metal: (shakes Risky's hand) Very well. I'm beginning to like you. I be known as Captain Metal & these are me crewmates, Swash & Buckle & the Barraki.

Risky Boots: (smirks while seeing a ship in the distance, the Tinker Tub MKIV, piloted by the Dark Hunters That are about to visit the crew, as the 4 Barraki get into disguises to hide below deck) The pleasure's all ours.

(End of Flashback)

Plankton: (thinking) Risky is very crafty, I'll give her that. Thou the Barraki's relationship with the Captain Metal on how they first meet is concerning & highly disturbing.

Makuta Krika: (thinking that Plankton could be useful if the plan is what they think they are to turn the tables against Captain Metal & the Barraki) Hmm... You don't say.

Captain Metal: Harrr, Princess. No doubt, ye'll be wanting to avenge yerself upon me fer makin' foods of fer friends. Try as ye might, ye'll not melt through or phase through this cage too quick. It be made of tungsten carbide complete with Risky's technology of mask power disablisation. Metallugry be a little hobby of mine.

Pridak: (keeping the 5 Vorok & 5 Zesk quiet, as they keep Blaze in a cage) Now be silent as we proceed with our plan. Carapar & Nocturn won't be so lucky when they're lost at sea with all of Blaze's friends. We're back in charge, now.

Bean: (feeling like he need to use the bathroom to pee) Y'know, I'm feelin' a little urgy myself. Donde es el bano! (Peeks in Blaze's cage) Hey! Sprenchen sir Deutsch? Potty emergency here!

Sonata Dusk: (peeks with Bean) Where is the bathroom, I think we have one too many tropical juices on the way here?

Blaze: (angrily at Captain Metal & Pridak) And what's to stop me from blasting you from these bars?

Kraata-Kal: (trying to keep Blaze confined with Storm Minion's help) And what's to stop her from blowing you Barraka's monkeys to kingdoms come?

Pridak: (sets up the controlled shocks from Swash's cane) I'm glad you asked. And I was starting to get bored too.

Risky, Pridak & Captain Metal: Show her, boys.

Swash: Aye, cap'n!

(Swash & Buckle electrocutes Blaze & unwittingly Bean & Sonata)

Sonata Dusk: (feel electrocuted, while Plankton, Adagio & Aria, Ehlek & Kalmah chuckle from the response) Zappity zap zap... I'm good... (Collaspes near Klump & Krusha, who pick her up)

Bean: (a bit charred with Sonata) NeverMind. I'm good now.

Mantax: That's why. Get the picture?

Makuta Krika: (sighs while feeling a bit sorry for Blaze) Fine... I get it.

Pridak: Good, now get moving! (The group continues carrying Blaze & the 2nd Dark Hunters forward)

Captain Metal: Now sit tight. Ye'll soon see the grand plans we have for ye, the Dark Hunters & yer precious Sol Emeralds.

Risky Boots: And believe me, we were inspired by the white fog situation that we decided to seize this new unexpected opprotunity. You may have a duty to uphold, but we Call it Destiny.

Captain Metal: Carry on, mates!

Pridak: And put your backs into it! The sooner we get this done, the sooner I can put an end to Takadox's treachery like I should've done a long ago!

Blaze (voiceover): (as Blaze looks on angrily at her captors) Very well, I'll wait in your cage for now... but my friends... (2nd Dark Hunters & especially Portal Egg Tank slowly & secretly grin under their breathe, knowing something that Captain Metal & the Barraki doesn't) ...will be avenged.

(Out in the Vast Deep Blue Oceans of the Sol Dimension)

(Carapar & Nocturn of the 2nd Dark Hunters, quickly emerges, gasping deeply for air before looking around at the Destruction of the Ocean Tornado)

Nocturn: (sadly) Thundering typhoons...

Carapar: (as explosive chests were seen floating about, while he & Nocturn begin searching for survivors) Remember, Nocturn. Search in the wreckage! Don't let anything else distract us.

Nocturn: Yeah, but How are we gonna convince Blaze that it was all part of the...?

Carapar (Hearing noises from Wrench & the crates, while Wrench is pecking at the lids of the chests) Did you hear that?

Nocturn: What? (Notices the chest banging from the inside) Hey, what's with the bird?

Carapar: (as Wrench tries to sniff at the chests & begins clawing at the 4 chests, trying to open them) That's Sky's warbird, what's it doing out here?

Nocturn: (noticing the chests moving with a bit of clanging sounds) Say, did someone knock?

Carapar: Could it be? (Swims to the chests & begins knocking to a tune of "Shave & a Haircut, Two Bits", but was interrupted at the last knock, when a certain Piko Hammer wielding hedgehog completes the tune with one full swing that sends the crate lid along with Carapar flying) AAAH! (Crashes near three more crates, that a pair of orange hindlegs opens the 2nd crate from the inside, same with a Dragon Boost from the avalician dragon & a swing of a flail.)

Nocturn: (catching Carapar) Girls?

Bolo: Geez! Thank goodness for that! I couldn't breathe in there!

Twilight Sparkle: (panting) Is everypony alright?

Fluttershy: I... think so, but I can't believe we've been shipwrecked.

Rainbow Dash: And we're the only survivors!

Applejack: Were actually the only ones on the boat. (Turn to Marine) Her boat.

Rainbow Dash: (scratching the back of her head) Oh... right...

Sash Lilac: (rubbing her head) Ow... remind myself not to do that again when being locked in by accident.

Cream: (as Carapar & Nocturn look on in amazement) Oh, thank you Miss Amy! We thought we'd be stuck in these crates forever.

Applejack: We're considered lucky that Twilight teleported us out of this scary situation. We all thought we were goners...

Marine: (looking around the wreckage, saddened, as Carapar & Nocturn swim up to the group) Crikey! Me ship had sunk! It's all cactus! Nothin' but floatsam & jetsam!

Amy: These crates saved us from the blast, but I don't think it'll stay afloat for long.

Nocturn: (surprised to see that Amy, Cream, Chesse & Marine are in the first box, the Mane 6 in the second, Shantae, Sky, Bolo, Rottytops & Uncle Mimic in the third & Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, Milla Basset & Neera Li in the fourth & last crate, implying that the 2nd Dark Hunters are speaking the truth that the heroes still live) (happily) GIRLS! (The group turned to the two, who were a bit less than ethuesatic about the two) Ha, your alive! Oh thank Mata Nui you're safe! We're safe!

Carapar: So the plan actually worked.

Shantae: (fold her arms, a bit cross) What are you two talking about? You've got a lot of explaining to do.

Nocturn: Does it really matter? Once we reach the islands & find the others, including Blaze, you all still have a chance to win. Huh, right? Buddy?

Neera Li: We just want you to know that even thou you tried to push us back, let alone try to terminate us in the past because of your Test of unity. Revenge is not an idea we promote on Planet Avalice.

Carapar: That's good. We-

Neera Li: (aim spear part of the ice staff at Carapar, interrupting him) Were not even on my planet. Are we?

Carapar: No. (get pulled with Nocturn by the group)

Neera Li: You have two choices & your mind is on one of them!

Carapar: You show know that's not how a truce works.

Twilight Sparkle: Just say what you gotta say & then leave us alone!

Carapar: Look, we can get you both to the island as quick as possible, in exchange for our freedom if you let us go.

Sash Lilac: Carapar, as much as we like to help. We're all strandard & Wrench couldn't even carry us all in one flight. Plus, we don't even know if we can still trust you two!

Twilight Sparkle: We just barely escaped the jaws of death & now you two came to aid us? Why?

Carapar: Alright fine. Playing Metal like a fool is one Phase succeeded, but the two of us to check for survivors is not one of them!

Rainbow Dash: Wait wait wait! Aren't you Dark Hunters working together with Captain Metal? Is it another one of your tests of unity? Is it?

Carapar: Are we really that obvious?

All: (the response made Carapar & Nocturn flinch a bit) YES!

Carapar: Fair point. But the first phase works the very same.

Nocturn: How come nobody told me?

Carapar: (deadpan) Because your you.

Nocturn: (angrily) That is a fair point, but I'm still deeply offended!

Applejack: Only if you help us on freeing Blaze! We're not leaving anybody behind.

Nocturn: And if we don't?

Neera Li: Ever wonder how you feel as frozen Barraki floating in the sea?

Applejack: Do we have a deal? (Carapar & Nocturn look at each other & decides to accept the deal, only on helping them get to the island)

Rottytops: (hallucinating on seeing Bolo as magnificent roasted chicken) Hello? Can we find dry land soon? We rather not be sunk into the depths of the ocean here...! Any longer, I would have to feast on a succulent noggin.

Carol Tea & Bolo: (as the group were a bit confused & a little creeped out) Oookaaay?

Shantae: (sighs) This is practically the worst day ever. We best get swimming if we want to rescue Blaze. And you two are coming with us so we can keep an eye on you! (Belly dance transforms into her Mermaid Form to dive into the water)

Applejack: (as Sky gently pets Wrench while pulling Bolo, Rottytops & Uncle Mimic aboard) But if anything happens to our friend, Blaze...

Carapar: Fine fine. Only because we & the rest of the 2nd Dark Hunters secretly have a common enemy. You'll know when you feel it. We're wasting enough time & there's not enough boat left.

Marine: (as Milla is staying close with Lilac) Better put on yer cozzies, girls. We're about to take the long dip into the big blue!

Cream: (whisper to Amy) Miss Amy, I need floaties to go swimming. What should we do?

Uncle Mimic: Very well then, any idea when the nearest area of land is located?

Pinkie Pie: (looking around while standing atop of Wrench's head, while Rainbow, Fluttershy & Twilight are on lookout in the sky) Nope. No land in sight.

Twilight Sparkle: (rubbing her head) Were getting some serious déjà Vu, because there's no land in sight. I'm sorry if I don't have enough magic to teleport you all. Even if I do, we all might get even more lost. We don't even know where land is & how we find it.

Carol Tea: (panics for a bit with Marine) So you mean to tell us... we're standard?!

Marine: (panicking, unknowingly scaring Cream & Milla) We're out the beyond the black stump with no boat, no water, no nothin'! We're gonna cark it f'sure, we're doomed!

Bolo: (looking around in a panic) No I don't wanna die!

Sash Lilac: (grabbing Marine by the top, with Amy's help) Marine! Three things, ok?!

Amy Rose & Sash Lilac: Stop. Talking. Now.

Sash Lilac: First of all, we're not gonna die! Now please get a grip or so help me we would ground you when we get back, do you understand? (Marine begins to calm down & nodding slowly) Good. Now go grab a floating 2x4, so we better start paddling to try & find any piece of dry land out here.

Neera Li: (sighs) Marine, whats wrong?

Marine: (as the group begin to search & grab a few 2x4's even broken ones, even Carapar & Nocturn helps out the group in a temporary truce) (depressed) Didn't mean to chuck a wobbly. I'm just down about my ship.

Twilight Sparkle: (as Carapar & Nocturn help gather the 4 sinking chests together to keep the group together with Wrench's help) We're more concerned on our safety & the well being of Blaze, Celestia knows where. We need to establish order if we want to survive. The girls & I have been sailing on sea once with SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds & the Piraka, we can do it again, only if we trust each other to work together.

Amy Rose: Twilight's right. We need to stay positive. Blaze said that the Sol Emeralds called us here to help her & that's what we're gonna do. Somehow...

Carapar: That's just it. Bean, Bark, Plankton, the Dazzlings, Risky Boots & the Kremlings were also summoned by the Sol Emeralds as much as we have.

Pinkie Pie: What? Plankton & the Dazzlings too? But why would the Sol Emerald summon you & the other baddies here?

Shantae: That's what we're gonna find out. So let's start paddling.

Marine: (smiling as she makes a proclaimation) Too right, Twilight, Amy & Shantae! Never say die! No matter what comes our way. We'll preserve & triumph!

Sash Lilac: That's more like it. Now let's go.

Carol Tea: (as Fluttershy, Cream & Milla look out to see top fins from the water approaching) Oh Boy, someone's being little Miss Heropants again.

Nocturn: (turn to Lilac) Miss Heropants? Is it a regular nickname for you?

Fluttershy: Hm? Cream? Milla? Look over there please?

Cream: (point to the top fins approaching) Oh, look! Some fishies are coming to say hello!

Carol Tea: (comes over, feeling very hungry) Fishies...! Where? I hadn't had anything to eat when we're aboard the boat & I left my bike back in the corridor in the Mystic Jungle! I'm starving...!

Fluttershy: (as Marine begins to panic) Carol, please don't you even dare.

Marine: (panics as she jumps into Amy's arms before rushing to Cream) Sharks! We're doomed!

Bolo & Uncle Mimic: Sharks?!

Uncle Mimic: We best make tracks & find a way out of the sea!

Marine: (as Twilight, Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy carry Rarity, Applejack & Pinkie Pie respectively, while they get ready with Amy, Shantae & Sash Lilac) Cream, Twilight, Rainbow, Fluttershy & Sky! You gotta fly us to the nearest island! These waters are teeming with bloodthirsty great whites, tiger sharks & hammerheads!

Rainbow Dash: How? Theres no land in sight from where we stand or in the air!

Nocturn: Sharks? Makes me wanna smash Pridak now!

Amy Rose: (as she readies her hammer) Whatever kind of sharks these are...! (Jumps at the fins with Shantae & Sash Lilac about to dive at them) I've got a hammerhead for them!

Shantae: (as Nocturn charge as well) Please stay away from our friends, you...!

(However, Amy, Shantae & Sash Lilac felt their feet balanced on the noses of the Bottlenose Dolphins, who are actually the ones that they approaching to them, balancing the three, while Nocturn felt being grabbed along with the group by large soft green hands, that a large being slowly emerges from the water halfway to reveal that it's a giant Mermaid queen with light green skin, long dark green hair, fish fin like ears, with two giant jellyfish worn as hair accessories & a blue gem on her forehead, pink fins at the start of her Mermaid tail & the lightblue flower like fins that is like a belt. She wears a blue strapless sheshell like bra as well. Her name is the Giga Mermaid, who had the group on the palm of their hand, smiling.)

Shantae: Dolphins...?

Sash Lilac: (surprised with the group on seeing the Giga Mermaid as well) Whoa... holy mackerel!

(A few Moments later)

(The group begin to calm down while settle their time with the Dolphins & the Giga Mermaid, who were very friendly to the heroes.)

Fluttershy: (gently petting the dolphins) It's ok, little ones. We're friendly faces.

Milla Basset: (as Amy & Cream were on the Dolphins, being gentle with them, while one of them is playing Marine like a ball) They're so cute.

Shantae: (to the Dolphins) Sorry for the misunderstanding. We thought they were sharks in the water. I'm more surprised that the queen of the Mermaids is here as well.

Amy Rose: (as Carapar & Nocturn were amazed by the Giga Mermaid's presence, while Carapar keeps Nocturn away from it) These Dolphins don't look very bloodthirsty, Marine.

Sash Lilac: We thought you said that they were sharks here. These fins look similar except with smooth corners that are very convincing.

Marine: (getting dizzy while spinning by a dolphin) Only foolin'! An old salt like me know a shark from a dolphin a mile away! Just thought I'd give ya a bit of scare!

Sky: Marine, your 7.

Cheese: (flies up to a dolphin that Cream is on, while Fluttershy listens to the Giga Mermaid's sign language) Chao Chao. Chao, chao chao? (Hearing the dolphin chirping to help answer the question) Chao Chao.

Carol Tea: (as Sky is petting Wrench) What did they say?

Cream: Cheese says the nice dolphins & the mermaid saw the pirates took Miss Blaze & the Dark Hunters to their island & they'll give us a ride there.

Fluttershy: Even the Giga Mermaid said that she will be willing to help us if things get too... scary.

Carapar: Even the Dark Hunters? There's still hope that we can save them.

Sash Lilac: Oh wow, that's so very nice of you all.

Shantae: The Giga Mermaid is nice once you get to know her, Lilac.

Marine: (now on one of the dolphins) Ripper! I'm an ace dolphin rider!

Amy Rose: Thank you so much! You guys are the best!

Rarity: Do you expect us to swim all the way across miles of ocean?

Shantae: (smiles) We expect you to trust us.

Twilight Sparkle: Very well. Please lead us the way. (Giga Mermaid nod while carrying Team Lilac with them as she begins swimming with the dolphins that are carrying Amy, Cream & Marine, while Twilight with Rarity, Rainbow Dash with Applejack, Fluttershy with Pinkie & Shantae's group fly after them while on the Warbird sized Wrench, while Carapar & Nocturns begins swimming after them) Dark Hunters, we may not see eye to eye, but working together is our only chance on saving them & Blaze.

Marine: (hanging onto the dolphin, having trouble) Right then! Off to rescue Blaaaaaaze!!

Carapar: Stay strong Dark Hunters. We're coming. And stop making goo goo eyes, Nocturn.

Nocturn: Aww... she's so intimidating & graceful.

(Meanwhile, back on Pirate Island)

Plankton: (as Risky, Tinkerbats, Hunterbats, Kremlings, the 2nd Dark Hunters the pirates & the Barraki continue to carry the caged Blaze to the destination while he & the Dazzlings continue to follow with Bean & Bark) (hearing the 2nd Dark Hunters whispers) And what are you whispering about?

Makuta Krika: Oh, nothing much. Plankton, may i have a talk with you in private?

Plankton: What is it that you want? Haven't you done enough damage already?

Makuta Krika: What if I told you about the secret plan they're working on?

Plankton: It was suppose to be a secret until Risky, the Kremlings & Metal refused to tell us. Not even the Barraki.

Makuta Krika: Well, the plan is... (whispers in Plankton's ear)

Plankton: (didn't buys it at first) What? No way. Why exactly would they do that? It couldn't be possible, could it?

Makuta Krika: Then why are you & the Dazzlings we're summoned by the Sol Emerald as well in the first place? Think it over.

Sonata Dusk: (as the Dazzlings peek with Bean) Aww... is she grumpy?

Bean: (peeks to see Blaze is still cross) Poor Broody Meow Meow. Bark! Let's whip her up one of your blue ribbon tropical fruit smoothies! (Bark salutes as he begins making the tropical fruit smoothy)

Adagio Dazzle: Believe us when we tell you, Blaze. It's not intentional. (Seeing Blaze remain silent) The silent treatment huh? Fine, but call us when your warmed up to us.

Swash: (to Blaze) Don't feel so down missy. If you play this right like Risky Boots & her crew, mah-hap you'll come out of this in one piece with the Dark Hunters.

Bean: Don't forget the umbrella!

Klump: What do you mean by that?

Aria Blaze: You expect us to play nice?

Buckle: Aye. Stay on the cap'n's good side. He's got a mean streak, he does. Took off the heads of other pirates that tried an' cut his territory.

Robot Head 1: (as the group & the Dark Hunters turn to the 3 robotic pirate heads mounted on poles) G'yarr! Come back for another whippin', eh?

"Kraata-Kal": (in thought: We're not intimidated by his mean streak. He should be intimidated on about what we're capable of.)

Klump: If you would if you could, but you'd be in cages, locked & stocked. How can you be intimidating if your under his thumb?

Krusha: They're confusing me. (confused on what the 2nd Dark Hunters are whispering about, thinking he should keep an eye on them, so K.Rool won't be mad)

Bean: (as Storm Minion makes a "Shh" gesture to keep Krusha quiet, much to his confusion) And a slice of lemon, and one of those tiny swords with cherries on it!

Risky Boots: (turn with King K.Rool) Is there a problem back here?

Krusha: Uh no...?

King K.Rool: (makes a geasture on keeping an eye on them) See that it doesn't.

Swash: (as the group continues on carrying Blaze, walking away from the 3 robot heads) Seems the cap'n met ye & them band of Skakdi, the Piraka before. Says he's got plans fer ye, so I reckon yer safe for now.

Bean: And a bendy straw! Nobody likes the straight ones!

Robot Head 2: Oh, I see! Running away?

Robot Head 1: Ya Yellow bludgers!

Robot Head 3: I'll bit yer legs off!!

Risky Boots: (snap back at the 3 Robot Heads) Hey, don't make me cut more off!

"Tyrant": What is there left to cut off...?

Risky Boots: (menacing) There's ALWAYS more to cut off! (Quickly smiles as she continues with the group) (to the Tinkerbats, Hunterbats, Kremlings, Plankton, the Dazzlings, Bean & Bark) Come along me crewmates.

"Lurker": (surprised with "Spinner", "Kratta-Kal", "Tyrant" & "Minion") Wow...

Blaze: Yes, he, Risky, K.Rool & the Barraki plan to get the Sol Emeralds from me. I have seen the captain before, at least I saw something that looked like him... Risky & K.Rool on the other hand somehow caught the interests of the Emeralds before & taken one that began it all. Thou I'm unfamiliar with this band of Barraki of Pridak, Ehlek, Mantax & Kalmah. Who is this Captain Metal?

King K.Rool: That does beg the question. Who is he?

Buckle: Arr, that be a tale!

Sonata Dusk: (bringing Plankton, Adagio & Aria over to listen to the story) Story time, story time, story time!

(The Flashback begins in a pirate style storybook to explain the tale of Captain Metal)

Swash: One day, Ol' Ratcheturn put out to sea, makin' his rounds. Lookin' fear robots in need of repair & such. The doc never returned, but a battered and clobbered together robot came back with his boat. No one knew where he came from. He only say he'd be back from the dead. Wasn't long before he challenged ol' Boltbeard for leadership of the island. Fierce in battle, he be! He tore ol' Boltbeard apart to upgrade himself, he did. T'was few who cross him then. We follow Cap'n Metal now if we know what's good for us?

(End of Flashback)

Swash: Especially with the 4 Barraki in tow.

Sonata Dusk: (as Plankton begin to have a few flashbacks of Captain Metal & somehow the previous version known as Metal Sonic 3.3 & even Metal SpongeBob 3.3 in the past as well) That's a scary story.

Makuta Krika: (thinking with Storm Minion & the 5 Vorok & 5 Zesks) A flickering lost Soul that is lucky to still be alive to survive the Super Genesis Wave. Interesting.

Risky Boots: It's no wonder he came back. (To Blaze) Sounds like you & the Piraka had something to do with his resurrection and revenge.

Swash: Not sure what he has planned, but it's big. That much I can say. A thinker he is. A fighter, too! A real pirate's pirate!

Blaze: He's a monster, like the 4 Barraki. This time I'll see that they're taken out of this world for good. And as for you Risky & K.Rool, I'll deal with you two & the rest later.

King K.Rool: Likely story, our fiery feline. But right now, all of the Sol Emeralds are coming home with us.

Risky Boots: And our conquest of the multiversal oceans will be fulfilled! As long as you comply with us, this time with no repercussions.

Swash: (to Blaze) Ah, lassie, we'll just see about that, we will.

Bean: (giving a cup of tropical fruit smoothie to Blaze, smiling happily) Here you go, you cutie-wootie-mootie-tootie! Straight from Barista Bark & Blue Billie Blenderbeard with loving care! Cheers!

Sonata Dusk: Try it, it's super yummy! (Squee)

Adagio Dazzle: (as Blaze reluntantly drinks the smoothie with an annoyed look) We just couldn't resist a good smoothie.

Aria Blaze: Amen to that.

Plankton: Same.

(As they continue on, All villains and blaze were unaware that a Rahkshi of Plasma released it's kraata from its suit as it was crawling to the metallic tree. When it activated its power, the villains and blaze notice the metallic tree suddenly went into burning(unknowing its was the kraata of plasma).The Plasma crawls up to the metallic tree as it bounced to other metallic trees, before it bounced off to attack other villains.)

Blaze: (notice this in surprise with Captain Metal, Risky, Kremlings, Barraki, Plankton & Dazzlings, Bean & Bark, as the group tried swatting & smacking at the Kraata of Plasma) Hm?

Risky Boots: Now what's going on? And what is that thing?!

Adagio Dazzle: Blaze, are you doing this?

Blaze: (a bit annoyed) So now your accusing me of a fire that I didn't commit?

Plankton: Well your connection with the flame is a no brainer. (Got splashed by a smoothie that is tossed by Blaze) (shaking his head) That was rude.

Captain Metal: (smacks at a Kraata of Plasma) What is this? Begone, you foul slug! (sending out a few Blackguard Pirates to scout out the area) You three, scout ahead to see what this fire & slug are about? (3 Blackguard Pirates begins to follow the flames of a burning metallic tree)

Klump: Where do you think it came from, sir?

King K.Rool: Must've been an intruder of some sort.

Pridak: If it is, we want to see them dead or have their robotic heads on a stake anyway! Now keep moving. (Keeps moving with the villains & 2nd Dark Hunters to carry Blaze to the building)

Sonata Dusk: (a bit disappointed that she wanted to try the smoothie as well) Aww, that was a perfectly good smoothie too.

Adagio Dazzle: Somebody put out the fires, quick!

Sonata: Fire? (Noticing the fire, caused by a Kraata of Plasma) Oh right! (Pulls out the bucket of water & chase after the Kraata of Plasma, while splashing buckets of water at the flames to put it out) I'll get it, I'll get it!

Aria Blaze: Sonata! Wait! Stay with the group! (Facepalms) Idiot.

(Back with Amy, Cream, Cheese, Marine, Mane 6, Shantae's group, Team Lilac & Carapar & Nocturn)

(The group arrives on the beach on the other side of Pirate Island, while waving goodbye to the nice dolphins & the Giga Mermaid.)

Shantae: (waving goodbye, as Wrench return to normal size, while being petted by Sky) Thanks for the lift.

Amy Rose: (to the Dolphins & Giga Mermaid) 'Bye guys!

Cream: Thank you, Mr. Dolphin & Miss Mermaid! We enjoyed the ride!

Marine: (lying on the sand, feeling dizzy & a bit sick) Yeah, thanks... loads of fun...

Sky: (feed Sky a few bird seeds) Good Boy, Wrench. You did your best.

Sash Lilac: (as she & Neera Li help Marine, while looking around) So this must the Pirate Island...

Twilight Sparkle: (as Pinkie gently knocks on the metallic trees that have a clanging sound) Even the trees are metallic.

Cream: (as the group look around as well) Creepy place. You sure that there's no Dr. Eggman, around here?

Marine: Rotten bloke. Ran into him once when Sonic and Tails ended up in our world, but I haven't seen him since.

Amy Rose: Lucky you. We'd better get a move on.

Carol Tea: I doubt that Eggman be here. All the Sol Emeralds are here & dont you think the Sol Emeralds are the only means of entry to this place?

Carapar: (to Carol) Bang on. Have you been reading books lately?

Rainbow Dash: Wait, your an egghead now?

Carol Tea: I'm not an egghead. I'm well read.

Rainbow Dash: (whisper to the group, that snicker a bit) Egghead...

Neera Li: (as the group begin searching around the beach first & then slowly reach into the jungle) Focus, we need to find Blaze & the Dark Hunters & to defeat the pirates & get this over with.

Nocturn: Nocturn smash pirates! Just because Carapar & I are formerly from the Barraki, doesn't mean we have feelings now.

Carapar: Nocturn, not just yet. But we've shown you the way to the island as promised.

Neera Li: Yes, but now you need to help on freeing Blaze. Understand?

Carapar: (sigh) We know.

Marine: Careful now! This here island is crawling with robot pirates!

Sky: We know, we'll have to be ready for them.

Carapar: (calling out to the 2nd Dark Hunters, while they trek through the metallic jungle) Krika! Storm Minion! Dark Hunters, where are you?

Rottytops: (calling out to Blaze) Blaziken...! Blaziken!

Applejack: Excuse me? Blaziken?

Rottytops: I wanted to nickname the fire cat. She can be really cute when she's angry, but also equally terrifying.

Applejack: You do know, she's not a pet, right?

Cream: Oh, my! How can we hide from the pirates & find Miss Blaze & the Dark Hunters?

Milla: They could be anywhere on this island. We might get lost.

Amy Rose: (as the group were unaware that they are being watched by the Sprockets) We're not sure yet, Cream. Just keep positive & handle one problem at a time.

Cream: (as the Sprockets follow the group) Yes, Miss Amy. One problem at a time.

Twilight Sparkle: Fluttershy, you, Cream Sky & Milla search the island for food & ask the native critters on where Blaze is hidden?

Fluttershy: (salute) Oui, Capitaine.

Shantae: (as Pinkie, Carol, Rottytops, Marine & Bolo spot something) Applejack, Rarity, you two will be with me, Lilac, Twilight & Uncle Mimic on building shelter incase the project is working overnight.

Sash Lilac: I know the trees are metallic, we'll think of something. Rainbow, try & Scout things ahead incase we find some clues. And as for the rest, you need to... (notices Pinkie & Rottytops getting tickled by the Sprockets that are saying "Help" & "Fire Cat")

Rottytops: (giggling cutely when getting tickled) Quit it, that tickles!

Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie? Rottytops? What are those?

Marine: (getting carried with Carol & Bolo by the tiny Sprockets) Oi! Watch yer pinches, ya little bities! We've been bushwacked! Amy! Cream! Everyone! Help!

Bolo: Help! (Trying to scramble out of the Sprockets, but with no success) These little guys are stubborn!

Carol: (as Pinkie & Rottytops we're also carried, saying "Whee!") Lilac! Milla! Shantae! Help!

Carapar: (as he & Nocturn give chase) Wait, it's not what you think! Come back!

Shantae: (as the rest look on in confusion, while Sky facepalms) What just happened?

Twilight Sparkle: One problem at a time?

Cream: One problem at a time.

Amy Rose: (sigh) I guess we should save them...

Uncle Mimic: (as the group begin the chase to try & help Carapar & Nocturn rescue Marine, Pinkie, Rottytops, Bolo & Carol) Let us make haste! Don't let them get away!

(The Group quickly chases after the Sprockets, trying to swat at them to try & help Marine, Pinkie, Rottytops, Bolo & Carol, while Carapar & Nocturn keep the Sprockets safe.)

Amy Rose: (trying to smack at the Sprockets with her Piko Hammer) You little creeps have questionable taste in captivities... but we can let you take them!

Marine: Questionable?! Excellent, I'd say!!

Applejack: (as the Mane 6 try to swat at the Sprockets) Pinkie! Hang on!

Rainbow Dash: You tiny toasters let go of our friends!

Carol Tea: Get off of me, you tiny pests!

Shantae: (trying to hairwhip at the Sprockets with Sash Lilac's help, trying to reach for Bolo, Rottytops & Carol) Carapar, Nocturn! Why protecting these tiny toy bots? They're kidnapping our friends!

Nocturn: Don't hurt them! They're too cute!

Sash Lilac: (as Cream & Milla try to pull Marine away from the Sprockets, but we're carried as well) They look like Mini Robotic Planktons. We don't know if their a threat or not.

Cream: (as Uncle Mimic tries to get the Sprockets off his back) Please let go, tiny robots! It's rude to run off with you don't know!

Milla Basset: (trying to push the Sprockets away) They don't mean any harm! We don't mean any harm, tiny robots!

Marine: (as the group continue to swat at the Sprockets) Such improper kidnapping etiquette!

Milla Basset: (noticing Sky & the Mane 6 are getting carried) Eep! There's too many!

Twilight Sparkle: (trying to pick up as many Sprockets with her magic as possible, but seeing more coming) I'm beginning to think that you maybe right, Milla!

Rottytops: (giggling while getting tickled by the tiny hands of the Sprockets) Careful, I'm ticklish! So many cutesy robots I'd could just eat them up with a bowl of brains.

Carapar: (as The Mane 6 scramble their way out of the Sprockets, while Lilac & Shantae are getting overwhelmed with the group & even Uncle Mimic as well) Girls, Bolo & Mimic, please stop!

Cream: Miss Amy! I think this problem might be more than we can handle!

Fluttershy: (flying upward) Everypony? Please remain calm. Carapar & Nocturn may have something to say.

Nocturn: (stopping the group from moving) Don't you dare crush these Sprockets!

Twilight Sparkle, Amy, Shantae & Sash Lilac: (confused) Sprockets?

Fluttershy: You know them...?

Carapar: (smiling seeing familiar shadowed figures in the jungle from before, knowing who they were) As a matter of fact... we do.

Bolo: (sighs) Of course you do. Why do we even bother asking anyway?

Pinkie Pie & Rottytops: (cuddle the Sprockets) Can we keep'em? (Squee)

Amy: (looking up with Twilight, Sash Lilac & Shantae, at where the Sprockets are pointing at, which is a tall cylinder shaped metallic building) Carapar & Nocturn maybe right. Maybe they're not a problem after all.

Uncle Mimic: Well, what do you know. They we're trying to help point us in the right direction after all.

Carapar: See? They're friendly. Apologies for not clearing this up early.

(The Sprockets begin to carry the group, minus Carapar & Nocturn to the shadowed figures location near the tall building, while they continue to exclaim the words "Help!" & "Fire Cat!".)

Shantae: (realising on what those words mean) Could they mean what we think it means?

Sash Lilac: (smiles) Yes! That might be her ticket to freedom.

Amy Rose: "Help Fire Cat", eh? Well, lead the way, little guys!

Nocturn: (as Carapar & Nocturn follow suite) Wait, wait, I wanna join the free ride too!

(Inside the Metallic Building)

(Risky Boots, Tinkerbats, Hunterbats, Kremlings, Barraki, Bean, Bark, Plankton & the Dazzlings & the 2nd Dark Hunters arrive inside with Captain Metal, the BlackGuard Pirates & the caged Blaze inside the centre of the room, with a crowd of robotic pirates.)

Risky Boots: Interesting place you have here. Thou very spacious here. Now let's get down to business.

Captain Metal: Here we be, Princess & Dark Hunters. We can finally tell Ye of me grand plans fer me great new weapon!

Blaze: What is it? A double barrelled blunder-buss?

King K.Rool: (chuckles a bit, before being serious again) No. That's not even close to what we've came up with.

Captain Metal: Narrr! It be an engine of destruction the likes of which this world has never seen afore. Glorious, it be! A marvel of Malevolence! And I'll give it power with this! (Hold up the Red Sol Emerald)

Bean: (looking at the shiny Red Sol Emerald with temptation) Shiiiinnnyyyy!

Pridak: (as Krusha wonders why the 2nd Dark Hunters remain quiet in their cages more than usual) Still, it requires all 7 of them gemstones to power it up at maximum efficiency.

Captain Metal: Ye have six more of these beauties, don't ye me dear? Imagine what we could do with 'em will ye part with 'em freely? Mayhap even help us in our grand scheme?

Blaze: (grabbing the bars, staring angrily at her captors) I'll help you to your graves, scum. One emerald or all, I am their master and only I can control them. They're useless to you in any case!

Risky Boots: Ohoho, my sweet princess. With the right technology, anything is possible.

Captain Metal: (as Krusha tries to figure out about the 2nd Dark Hunters, however seeing them secretly smirk & whispering to Bean, implying that the 2nd Dark Hunters' are secretly up to something sneaky & is still in effect, much to Krusha's confusion) Risky is right about one thing. For that, my dear, is where yer wrong.

(Back Outside the Building)

(Amy, Cream, Cheese, Marine, the Mane 6, Shantae's group, Team Lilac & Carapar & Nocturn arrive at the outside of the building with the many Sprockets, where they meet the Sprocket Chief.)

Pinkie Pie: That's a huge drum. Do you think it'll play some tunes?

Twilight Sparkle: It's more like their base of operations, Pinkie.

Marine: (spots the Sprocket Chief) Looks like that's their chief. What delivery are they plannin', do you think?

Amy Rose: What I think is, we'll find Blaze inside that big metal drum!

Neera Li: No doubt the pirates kept Blaze & the 2nd Dark Hunters inside.

Marine: So that's what all the "Help Fire Cat" earbashing was about?

Sash Lilac: Your trying to help us find & save Blaze.

Sprocket Chief: (as the Sprockets form themselves into a very long ladder to the top) Yes. Fire cat inside. We Sprockets. Bad pirates hunt us. Smash us. You save fire cat. Stop bad pirates. We help.

Milla Basset: Thank you so very much. We're so very sorry for the misunderstanding.

Amy Rose: (as the group look up) I'm starting to think we really are meant to help get that Sol Emerald Back!

Shantae: It's so high up. Best we get climbing. (Bellydance transforms into a Harpy)

Uncle Mimic: I might be a little too heavy for the Sprockets.

Nocturn: No problem. (Carries Carapar & Nocturn on his back) Please fasten your seat belts, I'm ready to climb a mountain of a lair! (Begins climbing up with Carapar & Uncle Mimic hanging onto him)

Marine: (begins climbing up on the Sprockets with the rest of the girls, while Sash Lilac hangs onto Shantae by the harpy feet with a strong grip, while The Mane 6 return to their flight positions of AJ on Rainbow, Pinkie on Fluttershy & Rarity on Twilight to fly up with Shantae & Lilac) Right then. Up we go. Ugh. Why did they have to build this thing so high?

Neera Li: Don't ask questions & climb. Just don't look down.

Carol Tea: Uh Girls? Why can't we just use the back door?

Sash Lilac: They'll be expecting that.

(Back Inside)

Captain Metal: (as Plankton brings down the magnet of the crane to pick up Blaze's cage) The likes of me new weapon have not been seen in this world. Because it be from another world entirely!

Blaze: (as her cage & 2nd Dark Hunter cages were lifted up, while Plankton is lifted as well) Another World?

Risky Boots: (to Blaze) Yes. But unlike those worlds that are brought here on Mobius, it has been brought to here before the White Fog of Genesis energy itself. We haven't built it personally, but Metal provides us with the details. But let's just say that it was found by chance.

Makuta Krika: You don't say.

Captain Metal: (stands with Swash, Nuckle, Bean, Bark, Risky, Kremlings & Dazzlings & 2nd Dark Hunters) Aye, it just appeared out of the blue! Damaged it was. Fixed it we did. Learned it's secrets. Inside it, the normal rules of space and time don't apply. Inside it I can use the power of the Sol Emerald.

King K.Rool: With technology of both Kremlings & Tinkerbats combined, we have repaired this weapon into it's most powerful form to date!

Bean: (still feeling very giddy & tempted by the Sol Emerald) Must... have... shiny.

Captain Metal: (as the group of heroes & Sprocket Chief, Carapar & Nocturn makes it to the top of the building, which has no roof) We'll be masterrrs of the seas and skies! And with yer Sol Emeralds, mayhap even masterrrs of whole new worlds!

Twilight Sparkle: (panting a bit with the group, while the Mane 6, Shantae & Sash Lilac carefully land on top) Phew. Thank goodness we made it.

Fluttershy: (shaking a bit, thou doing her best to be brave) I'm scared girls.

Cream: (hearing the conversations from inside) Oh! Miss Amy, Miss Twilight! I hear voices!

Milla Basset: Me too... listen. (Listening in with her ears with the group)

Captain Metal: Look to the rocks off the northern point! (As the group, Blaze, 2nd Hunters & especially Plankton look on)

King K.Rool: Other way... (softly) Imbeciles... (the group begin to look beyond the north) And stop! Perfect!

Captain Metal: Behold me glorious weapon...! Me Engine of Destruction! Me Chariot of Conquest!

(The secret weapon is actually a giant egg shaped Flying Fortress with a skull & scuba features that used to be christianed the "Wily Egg", but was repaired & remodeled with a metallic eye path over it's left eye & has metallic crossbones, parts & other thick metal crafted from the remains of the former "Death Bucket MKII" long ago. But no we it is called the "Egg O' War", much to Plankton's shock, disbelief & horror that the 2nd Dark Hunters were right.)

Captain Metal: Behold the EGG O' WAR!

(However, this grand reveal causes Plankton to have sudden Pre-Genesis World flashbacks flooding back into his mind, similar to other Kratana powers of memory restoration, from his jailbreak to the Underground Zone, to his Creation of Jack Bots Prototype to Jack-X, confrontation of other All Stars, including Dynasty Warriors & many other crossovers, to his grand scheme of the Master Jack-X, his alliances with Freedom Fighters, even in Space, his return with Chum Beater & Egg Beater victory over Sonic & SpongeBob, Lu Bu's dominance of the Plankton Empire, Death Bucket MKII, Pure Devil XPlode & Mecha Sally & finally Worlds Collide with his final confrontation with SpongeBob, foiled by Eggman's Genesis Wave interference & 2 encounters of Unknown with SpongeBob.)

Plankton: (rubbing his head & turns to Metal with an enraged look) Also known as MY SHIP! (Captain Metal is surprised by the sudden change of tone, along with the others, even the heroes, from Plankton, feeling like he knew something)

Captain Metal, Swash, Buckle, Risky, Kremlings, Dazzlings & Barraki: WHAT?!

Makuta Krika: (in thought: Right on cue...)

Sonata Dusk: (confused) Come again?

Rottytops: Drama bomb...! (Got her lips covered by Sky)

Risky Boots: Your ship? Are we missing something important? We found it fair & square!

Captain Metal: What on Mobius do ye mean?

Plankton: (as he begins coming down) That "Engine of Destruction", is stolen property!

Pridak: It be a little late to develop a conscious, Sheldy! Besides, you should've never abandon this vessel! But at the same time, we be thanking ya! Cause you save us the trouble on building it by scratch!

Applejack: You mean Plankton, built that?!

Twilight Sparkle: Not on his own, but also Eggman & Dr. Wily from the Pre-Genesis world timeline. You all may not know it yet, but all 3 doctors & many villains of the multiverse come together to built this monstrousity to back up the Death Bucket MK2 itself in the Skull Egg Zone.

Carapar: And from the sound of Plankton's change of attitudes, the 2nd Dark Hunters may have a plan to spill the beans for Plankton only. Could it be that he was summoned by the Sol Emeralds due to his ties with that thing?

Sky: Could be, thou we find that hard to believe.

Marine: (as the heroes look on) Hooley Dooley, lookit the size of this goog!

Nocturn: (as Sprockets Chief tug on Amy quill & Shantae's ponytail hair & Carol's tail) It's even bigger than I am, you think I can crack this giant in half?

Sprocket Chief: (point to Blaze & 2nd Dark Hunters' cages, hanging above) There, fire cat.

Cream: (notices Blaze with the group) Look, Miss Amy! There's Miss Blaze!

Carol Tea: Huh? (Spots Blaze) There she is!

Sash Lilac: Thank goodness she's still safe & the other Dark Hunters too. Remember our temporary truce.

Carapar: We know, we know.

Amy Rose: Right! Cream, give me a lift over there! Carol, Rottytops, Uncle Mimic & Marine, wait here with Carapar & Nocturn!

Sprocket Chief: (point to Captain Metal, Risky, K.Rool, Barraki, Plankton & Dazzlings) There. Pirate bad.

Plankton: (to Captain Metal, Risky, K.Rool & Pridak, as Marine, Rottytops & Nocturn look on angrily at them) You never told me that the ultimate weapon is my Flying Fortress from a forgotten past!

Risky Boots: Ever heard the expression "Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers"? We couldn't resist it's massive size & power! You were too busy keeping Bean in line back in the Tinker Tub MKV!

Ehlek: Besides, your loss is our grand gain!

Plankton: That's besides the point! You better cough up the Wily Egg/Death Bucket monstrousity or else!

Marine: (angrily at Metal, Risky, Barraki & K.Rool) Sink my ship, will ya??!

Rottytops: (angrily at Risky) Trying to pull an U turn huh?

Amy Rose: (as the group reach to Blaze's cage & 2nd Dark Hunters' cage) Hey there, strangers! Mind if we drop in?

Rainbow Dash: (to Blaze) Excuse us, but I believe your in the wrong vessel.

Blaze: (gasps on seeing her friends & allies, alive & well, very happy to see them again) Amy? Cream?! You're all alive! Thank goodness! My friends, I thought I'd lost you!

Pinkie Pie: We're just happy to be out of there. Hope everypony saw that cause we won't be doing it again.

Twilight Sparkle: (sighs) Thankfully we find on other means of survival, even if magic is involved.

Shantae: We're all very happy to see you too, Blaze. Surprising that explosive crates can also be that durable too.

Sash Lilac: We should've came & save you sooner, the minute the fireworks plan litterally blow up in our faces.

Amy Rose: And you should've known better! It takes more than one Doom laser to stop us heroes!

Carapar: Amen to that. And before you ask, Nocturn & I had a temporary truce until we're reunited ourselves & the Barraki situation is solved.

Blaze: (sighs) True. But where are Marine & Rottytops?

Cream: They're over there with Uncle Mimic, Carapar & the Nice Sprockets.

Carol Tea: (giggles nervously, having recently notice the three are missing, while Carol, Nocturn & Carapar & Nocturn are surprised, while the rest are confused) Um, yeah about that... whoops-a-Daisy...

Neera Li: Carol? Where are the Stooges?

(Carol & the Sprockets point downward to ground floor, where the heroes & Carapar & Nocutnr were shocked to see Marine, Rottytops angrily walking up to the pirates.)

Amy, Cream & Blaze/Mane 6, Shantae, Sky, Bolo, Uncle Mimic & Team Lilac: MARINE!!/ROTTYTOPS!!

Marine: Oi, Pirates!

Rottytops: We want a word with you about your treachery, Risky!

Plankton: (turn to the three as the rest look surprised to see them alive & well) What do you three want?! Can't you see that we're... (suddenly in shock to see them, while the Dazzlings pick him up) MARINE?! Rottytops?!

King K.Rool: But that's impossible! How is it that you're still alive?

Mantax: (as Pridak is mentally seething in anger) No! This can't be true! We killed you!

Risky Boots: I'm impressed on how you escape from death's embrace. I expect nothing less.

Rottytops: (angrily at Risky) Risky, you still owe me, my brothers & my clan for the reward of brains! But nooo, you used us for your vengeance on Shantae! I'm gonna enjoy your roasted brains for breakfast for this!

Marine: Look atcha' all laired up with your gold epaulettes and fore-and-arf scrapers! From one captain to another, I gotta demand sastifaction for the sinkin' of me ship & the kidnappin' of my friend! (Risky, K.Rool & Pridak look on in annoyance) Get ready now! You're about to feel the wrath of the Great Captain Marine! Yessir, I'm about to take you apart piece by...

(Suddenly Risky, K.Rool, Pridak & Metal openfire their blunderbuss, pistol & squid launcher at Marine, Rottytops & Nocturn at point blank range, only for the three to be saved by Cream, Shantae, Twilight, Rainbow & Fluttershy, swooping in & carrying them to safety, while Carapar & Nocturn jumps down to ground floor.)

Risky Boots: You talk too much... it's an ambush! Stop them!

Carapar: (gets ready with Nocturn) Sorry, but I'm not letting you touch the princess!

Sash Lilac: Why are we not surprised? Bring it on!

Klump: (as he & Krusha lead the Assault against the heroes) Battlestations, incoming!

(The Tinkerbats, Hunterbats & the Kremlings charge at the heroes who quickly begins slashing & clashing at them back.)

Cream: (carrying Marine, while Shantae & the Mane 6 carry Rottytops to safety, as the rest battles the oncoming pirates) You should be more careful, Miss Marine!

Marine: I had 'em right where I want 'em!

Shantae: (as Team Lilac defend the group by trying to push the Kremlings back, same with Shantae's group against Tinkerbats & Hunterbats & even the 2nd Dark Hunters & especially, Carapar & Nocturn against the heroes & the Blackguard) Rottytops! What we're you & Marine thinking?

Rottytops: A zombie never forgets & I don't forget Risky backing out on the reward deal! Sometimes, it felt personal.

Carapar: They forced us to comply with them to get to Blaze!

Pridak: You may have escaped the jaws of death, but that makes the hunt a whole lot more sastifying...!

Captain Metal: (as he deals with Plankton himself) Buckle! Raise the platform & open the tank doors! Let Blaze's little friends share herrr end.

Buckle: (does what the captain told him, while Shantae & Risky clash with each other, Team Lilac clash with K.Rool, Klump & Krusha & the Mane 6 clash with the Barraki as well, while the 2nd Dark Hunters clash with the heroes as well) Aye, Cap'n!

Mantax: (clashing with Bolo) Seeing you all still alive makes you more worthy prey!

Captain Metal: (as the platform rises with the tank doors slowly opening, with robotic tentacles of the kraken emerging from the waters of the pit) It coulda been quick & easy for ye Blaze. But now the Kraken will grind yer bones!

Twilight Sparkle: (as the heroes quickly climb & fly up to higher group, with the villains & 2nd Dark Hunters follow suite) Kraken?!

Amy Rose: (as Carol scratches the Tinkerbats back) Not good!

Fluttershy: (as Shantae, Lilac & Rainbow clash pirate swords with Tinkerbats & Hunterbats' normal, chaos & Sol swords & cannons) (trying to reason with the Kraken, but it's too aggressive) And it's not organic either, I can't reason with it!

Bolo: (trying to avoid the Dark Hunters' attacks with the group, while they clash back at them) And their weapons' power are suspiciously familiar! Now what?!

Blaze: (tries to weaken the bars with her concerntrated flame power from the palm of her hand like a blow torch) We must hurry! The bars are difficult to cut, but I'll weaken them! Be ready to break the cages when I give the word!

Applejack & Amy Rose: You got it!

Applejack: Y'all be outta here faster than you can say... (about to face the 2nd Dark Hunters with the group, but they were suddenly missing, while noticing the Kraken hidden deep underwater) Where'd they go?!

Carol Tea: (unbeknownst at first) That's a funny way on saying it, AJ?

Milla Basset: (as Carol notices in shock too, seeing the 2nd Dark Hunters illusions disappear) No, they actually missing!

Twilight Sparkle: (looking around, while she bucks at an oncoming Hunterbat) Missing? Then where'd they go?!

Cream: (closing her eyes, while carrying Marine in flight) This is Scary! I can't watch!

Captain Metal: (continues clashing Plankton with ease, due to size differences) Release the Magnet juuuust before they get free. When the Kraken be done with 'em, I'll pick out the other Sol Emera...! (tries to grab the Red Sol Emerald, but the group begins to notice that it's gone missing) Me Sol Emerald! Where be me Sol Emerald?! Dark Hunters! Where be me Sol...?

Plankton: ?! (Turns to Bean & Bark, but also the Dazzlings who had the Sol Emerald, while the 2nd Dark Hunters were with them) who were sneaking away, but his next words stopped them in their tracks) Bean & Bark?! What are you think you're doing?!

Adagio Dazzle: (quickly stabs Captain Metal's chest & stomach with a pirate sword with Aria & Sonata's help, who is in shock of the betrayal that theyre in league with Plankton, while the rest look on in surprise) Plankton, if this Egg O' War had connections to you in the past life. It's best we stop playing nice & get that ship airborne!

Plankton: You're right, I used to run this other worldly operation... (smirks evilly) And it's time, I did again!

Sonata Dusk: (petting Plankton's Suukork) (smiling cutely) Go for it...!

Pridak: (angrily at Plankton, Dazzlings, Bean & Bark as he, Ehlek, Mantax & Kalmah charges after them) What is the meaning of this?! Give us back the fiery gem! (Got smacked with the Barraki by the 2nd Dark Hunters)

Makuta Krika: (as the 2nd Dark Hunters ram through Captain Metal's blackguard pirates) I'm afraid that our alligence is over, Captain Metal.

Bean: (as Bark begins to pick him & Plankton up & hurries off) Sorry, but I'm afraid we have to give notice. We'll just take this shiny over in lieu of severance pay. I'm sure we expect a shining letter of recommendation! (tosses a bomb at the Barraki, which it explodes near them)

Kalmah: (coughing with the rest of the Barraki, trying to continue the chase with them, while the 4 Barraki & Captain Metal were enraged of the betrayal) GET OVER HERE!

Carapar: (in thought: Krika, your such a genius!)

Blackguard Pirate: (rush inside the building, carrying other blackguard pirate parts as he said to interfere the villains' argument) Captain Metal! We have a problem while yer busy fighting the heroes! It's our Crew, they're fallen apart!

Captain Metal: (as everyone were surprised on how it happened) (assembles the pirates) How did this happened?

Blackguard pirate: These weird people and animals...well,they're more like monsters, they just crash into our crew.

Sonata Dusk: (suddenly noticed anyone) Guys! Look!

(They noticed that Sonata is pointing at are the Energy hounds, Fodders, Piratebats, Former blackguard pirates, Klakks, Rahkshis and Zyglaks were slowing being summoned at the entrance of the building.

Blackguard pirate: They're back!.

Another Blackguard Pirate: (got crashed) No,we're already fallen apart today!

Captain Metal: Close the gates & defend our island! Now!

Cream: (noticing the madness unfolding) Oh my!

Rarity: Good heavens....! What are Plankton & the Dazzlings & the 2nd Dark Hunters doing?!

Carol Tea: What's going on down there? Has the pirates gone mad?

Sash Lilac: No, they're getting away with the Sol Emerald!

Pinkie Pie: Plankton is sounding deseperate on getting his engine of destruction back. All treasures are not just gold & silver, you know!

Marine: Better hurry up, mates! Things are crook in tallarook!

Sky: We can still catch the rest of the pirates on the act!

Amy Rose: It's now or never, Blaze!

Twilight Sparkle: (trying to help Blaze on weakening the bars with her magic, while Shantae helps with her fireball magic) Hurry everypony!

Captain Metal: (enraged of the betrayals as well, couldn't help but think about Metal SpongeBob 3.3) Mr. Swash, drop those fools to the Kraken! The rest of you, follow the Barraki & GET ME BACK MY EMERALD!

Swash & Buckle: (salutes as the rest of the Blackguard begins the chase)

Risky Boots: (behind Captain Metal) Apologises Metal.... (K.Rool quickly grabs Captain Metal by the arms before she slashes Captain Metal's lower half off of him) But you should know who started this whole ordeal to begin with! (charging with Tinkerbats, Hunterbats, K.Rool, Klump & Krusha) Now I'm going to finish what I've started!

King K.Rool: (as Carapar & Nocturn secretly smile under their breathe with the 2nd Dark Hunters) Don't let them escape! All 7 Sol Emeralds must belong to us!

Bean: (as Bark & the Dazzlings continue to run, carrying Plankton & Bean, as the 2nd Dark Hunters continue to give chase, while keeping Captain Metal & the rest of the Blackguard Pirates at bay, knowing their plans are in place) (laughing insanely while holding the Shiny Sol Emerald) BREE HEE HEE!! SHINY SHINY SHINY!!

"To Be Continued..."

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