This is the 8th Episode of Archie Sonic: Crossover (Redux)

Main All Star Heroes (Story #1): SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds, the Piraka, Sonic, Tails & Nicole

Main Villains (Story #1): Tails Doll, Vezon, Krekka, Nidhiki & Kanker Sisters

Main All Star Heroes (Story #2): Mordecai, Rigby, Astro Boy, Agents 3, 4 & 8 & RED Team

Main Villains (Story #2): Egg Bosses, Egg Army & BLU Team


At All CostsEdit

With the Memories starting to flow back into SpongeBob & Zaktan by the 2nd Dark Hunters & now Sonic & Eggman by the Super Genesis Wave blast, the confusion of memory restoration continues for the blue hedgehog. But with the others begin to question on what's going on, they must deal with the Tails Doll & even Vezon, Krekka, Nidhiki & the Kankers who have done their own investigations. How can the heroes stop the Tails Doll & how would they react to their memories of the Pre-Genesis Timeline that came back to haunt them mentally?

Into the Unknown (Part 2: Egg Bosses of No Nation)Edit

In Part 2 of the Adventurous Journey takin get place between Episode 5 & 6 & now 7 & even before "At All Costs" in Part 2, Now trapped in the jungles of Efrika, Mordecai & Rigby lead the group through the jungles to try & escape, but not before finding clues on the whereabouts of Benson, Skips, Pops, Muscle Man & Hi-Five Ghost, meaning they are arrived here by white fog themselves. But they must get past Axel the Water Buffalo & his Efrika Egg Army first to find them. Now it's a race for survival within this maze of a jungle. Can the heroes win & find the park colleges quickly?

Story #1: At All CostsEdit

(In the Woods with the Plankton Alliance's escape pod.)

(Vezon, Krekka, Nidhiki & the Kankers are seen sprucing up the Escape Pod as their temporary lair.)

Vezon: (watching the Information Bot of "Gangster Getaways" by Worms WMD)

Worm (From Info Bot): (showing commercial) On the run from the boys in blue? (A Theiving Worm runs into a Gangster Getaway home stead) Gangster Getaways can arrange a trip overseas at a moment's notice. (The Worms from inside the building ready their weapons for renovation) Our holiday homes will get your nap down for a bit. And our local tradesman will renervate he place to your liking. (A Worm shoots 2 holes with a shotgun) What about an extra window or two? (Another Worm uses dynamite to make the roof explode) Prehaps you like high ceilings? (Another Worm uses flamethrower to set the building on fire, with the Thieving Worm hopping with burning heat) The boys would even install heating. (Local Tradesmen worm openfire the sky, stop for a bit seeing the thieving worm crushed under rubble before going back to their shoot out) If you book a trip with us, we'll send you somewhere nice & hot, so you can avoid the heat, back home. Gangster Getaways are in vacancies available now, for the fans of Worms W.M.D. "Wrongdoers, Madman & Delinquints".

Vezon: Uh yeah no. Unless they calm down to our terms, it's our only chance. Thou kinda like their unpredictability thou.

May Kanker: We definitely need a man to do these chores. (Eating a hot dog) Nice & clean.

Krekka: Why would Plankton go with the Dazzlings & Jack-7?

Nidhiki: Apparently they left late at night to teach the Dazzlings more about becoming a part of us. They still got a lot to learn as new members.

Lee Kanker: Fine fine, but why picking favourites now?

Nidhiki: Is that jealousy we smell?

Marie Kanker: Shut up! We've been in this group longer than the Dazzlings & yet Plankton is so fond of them already. Why is that?!

Vezon: (as 2 shadows of a pink echidna & a female bee sneaks by) That's because, they can easily manipulate any citizens with their charms & siren magic of course. And their sirens! What do you expect on why Plankton & Jack-7 pick them to train more?

Lee Kanker: Still, they should've been back by now! I don't get it.

Nidhiki: Speaking of Jack-7... (turns to Jack-7) What do you think?

Jack-7: I'm afraid I must go back to the Death Egg.

Vezon: But why? You helped us escape from this death trap, but why go back now?

(Flashback shows while Jack-7 is protecting the Plankton Alliance from the ice Type rahi & helping the Alliance escape, Jack-7 keeps getting glimpses of the silouette shadow of a mobian female chipmunk

Jack-7: During our battle against ice type rahi & our escape from the Death Egg, my scanners depict a shady intruder, a mobian chipmunk has infiltrated the giant vessel while we were occupied. I can't decipher if she is friend or foe.

(End of Flashback)

Jack-7: I must make a quick background check before I can return to help.

Vezon: (sighs) That is a fair point. Don't want meddling kids running & snooping around under our noses. (Give Jack-7 Mecha/Metal Sally) Make sure that you & Jack-7 come back unharmed. Understand? Go!

Mecha/Metal Sally: (nods as she goes to Jack-7's side) Affirmative.

Nidhiki: Come back in one piece. (Jack-7 nods as the juggernaut raises his arms & flies off to the Death Egg in Artika) (Mind: For the love of mankind, spare them.)

Krekka: I don't get why they are shadows running around either.

Marie Kanker: What makes you say that?

Krekka: (point to the 2 shadows that are actually Julie-Su & Saffron Bee heading towards the city) Cause they are running away.

Nidhiki: You don't say... no duh, Sherlock! Who are they?

May Kanker: No clue... hopefully we can... (suddenly seeing Mobotropolis & the Castle of Acorns having a blackout) ?!

Vezon: What's even going on over there? The only real problem for heroes like SpongeBob, the Piraka & the others, including Sonic is that they can't even pay the electric bill.

Marie Kanker: We still got power for our escape pod, so stinks to be them! (Chuckling with the Kankers, only for it to be interrupted by a loud distorted roar coming from the Tails Doll within the city of Mobotropolis, that even woke up the Kardos Dragon) ?!

Vezon: What in Karzahni is that?!

(Vezon, Krekka, Nidhiki, Kardos Dragon & the Kanker Sisters sneak into the city to investigate, while Krekka brings along Metal Tails, Metal Amy & Metal Knuckles with them to be sure.)

May Kanker: (surprised on what she is seeing) You might wanna take a look of this, cause the king could be cranky.

(The group sees the wreckage of powerlines & machinery with holes in the walls & bridges look like they've been devoured, all done by the Tails Doll during this time within Mobotropolis.)

Lee Kanker: Great, it looks like one of our Kanker Hissy Fits & we didn't get to cause it either.

Vezon: How come we missed all this?! I always wanted to do this to them Freedom Fighters!

Nidhiki: Calm down, this might explain why the power is out. But for what purpose?

Marie Kanker: Personally we don't wanna find out. (The group quickly hides to avoid being seen by Zaktan, while also hiding upon behind the walls, hearing voices coming from both outside & within the walls of the castle)

Krekka: Is that Zaktan?

Vezon: (whispers) Shh, i must have silence! (Begins listening closely from the inside of the castle, hearing the Piraka screaming & hollering while also hearing Walter Naugas clashing with them, quietly peeking through)

Walter Naugus: (from inside the castle, trying to block the attacks of the Piraka while grabbing a metallic shield) All I want to regain my magic after what Eggman had done to me! (Tries to bash at Zaktan, who splits into his protodites to reappear behind Walter near Nicole) Ha!

Zaktan: (from inside the castle) Nice try... (Suddenly performs a seismic toss on Walter)

Nicole: (from inside the castle, suddenly returns to her handheld mode computer, after Zaktan reforms himself to catch her) Zaktan...!

Zaktan: (suddenly catching Nicole) Gotcha...!

Vezok: (trying to knock the shield off of Walter with Reidak, Hakann & Thok's help) Zaktan! Get Nicole out of there!

Zaktan: (nods & begins running through the hallways, trying to find the exit)

Walter Naugas: You will help me regain my magic whether you like it or not! (Shield bash at the Piraka while trying to give chase to Zaktan & Nicole)

Lee Kanker: That guy sure is a desperate old timer.

Nidhiki: We best follow Zaktan & figure out exactly what's going on in there!

(Before the group can reach Zaktan, they noticed the sudden flash of digital bytes, shadowed hand & electricity & peeks through another window, only to find Zaktan suddenly disappeared, followed by Walter Naugas stealing Nicole to take her away.)

Nidhiki: Now Where'd he go?!

May Kanker: Something's fishy going on here & for once it's not our laundry.

Vezon: (hearing more loud distorted roars coming from outside) ?! The monster, get down...! (Quickly hides with Krekka, Nidhiki, the Kankers, Kardos Dragon & Metal Tails, Metal Amy & Metal Knuckles)

(The group begin to witness the Tails' Doll confronting SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds & Avak, with Mina, Ash, Isabella Mongoose with Amphibax, Firedracax, Conjurer & JO-EGG-BERN with an E-100 Robot, just in time to see the Tails Doll final Monstrous transformation, while Kardos Dragon growls in disdain & rage upon the sight.)

Lee Kanker: Hey, it's our boyfriends! And what is that thing?!

Marie Kanker: It's huge!

Vezon: Easy Kardos, easy. You'll get your chance soon enough!

Nidhiki: (pointing to Sonic & Tails joining the fray with Reidak, Hakann, Vezok & Thok) More than ever. There's that pincusion & that two tailed twit!

Vezon: On 3, we strike... 1, 2-

(But suddenly a flash of blinding time energy & then Genesis Wave light engulfs the area, even causing the Plankton Alliance to scream.)

Krekka: Ooh, Pretty lights...

Marie Kanker: (as the group covering their eyes, as the genesis Wave light dims down & stops shining) I knew this stealth mission is gonna blow up in our faces!

Vezon: (as Sonic drops down with a headache of restored memories of the Pre-Genesis World) What is this trickery?! (Stays hidden with Krekka, Nidhiki, Kardos Dragon & the Kankers)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (groaning while blinded & dizzy from the flash of white Genesis Wave light) Ow...!

Ed: Cool, do it again!

Hakann: Hey! Did the monster do that?

Edd: (dizzy) Hakann, I'm temporarily impaired.

Zaktan: (rushing over) Everyone!

Vezok: Zaktan?! How did you even escape from the Dark Hunters?

Zaktan: Relax, I manage to evade their capture, but somehow I took the secret passage way all the way back out here.

Vezok: (sighs) You are that unpredictable, you never cease to amaze us...

Hakann: Unfortunately... (turns to Sonic who had dropped to the ground) Hey, What's with you?

Sonic: (groaning in pain) Ugh... feels like my brain's doing a spindash in my skull... (being helped up by SpongeBob & Zaktan)

SpongeBob: (holding his Spatula Sword) Easy now, your ok?

Zaktan: (as Mina, Ash & Isabella helping evacuating the mobians out of the city) Stop messing around & help us defeat this behemoth...!

Sonic: (on his feet) Alright... I hope the kid got back to his world okay. Cause I gotta get back... (Noticing the Tails Doll in horror & SpongeBob & the crossovers in confusion) business? (seeing SpongeBob as the All Star Warrior of the past timeline) SpongeBob? The All Star Warrior?

SpongeBob: Sonic? You remembered!

Avak: (ducks down from the Tails Doll attacks) Ok, I'm lost... what are they talking about?!

Edd: (looking around only to find out that the Dark Hunters went mission) And where are the Dark Hunters? They don't simply vanished out of thin air...!

Reidak: (dodging the Tails Doll attacks) What are they? Chicken?

Hakann: No, but knowing the Dark Hunters- aah! (Quickly ducks behind a house from the large pieces of metal being pulled into the Tails Doll) They are extremely cunning!

Tails: (flies over to Sonic, SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds & the Piraka) Sonic! You took a nasty hit! Are you ok?

Thok: (pulls Tails to safety with the group) He's fine physcially, but you might wanna check on his mentality. He looks like he's seen a ghost.

Sonic: (as Vezon, Krekka, Nidhiki, Kardos Dragon & the Kankers peek closer to the group quietly) I'm back in the city. Outside. And there's a monster thing, why?

Eddy: (confused turn to anger from Sonic's confusion) Why? Why?! Ask Patrick why for Pete sake!

Patrick: It's not my fault! It was so cute, but then it got so terrifying fast like that... best friend eater that ate Wormy!

Edd: More importantly, why are you so confused all of the sudden? You were more than ready to face the Tails Doll before & now your not. But we really need to revisit the Doll / Naugas issue.

Vezok: (as Tails checks on Sonic) Your like a broken record, Double D. Geez!

Tails: (as the Piraka openfires at the Tails Dolls while staying hidden with the group behind some cover) You got hit bad Sonic. (Holding up 3 fingers) How many fingers am I holding up? Can you remember my name?

Sonic: Three, Tails, and I'm fine. It's the rest of the world that stopped making sense!

Hakann: (turn to Sonic with a puzzled look) What are you talking about? Didn't you & Tails got back from your rescue trip? Now come on!

Tails: (as the group rushes out of hiding, while the Piraka continue to openfire Zamor spheres at Tails Doll, who was trying to fight back & break out of the building he's trapped in by Brute force) Uh-huh. If you're up to it, let's get back to saving the city.

Eddy: (tossing El Mondo Stink Bombs at the Tails Doll, while Mina, Ash & Isabella manages to get everyone out to safety) And get on with our lives by going back to bed! (To Ed, who is jumping from water puddles to puddles) Ed, quit fooling around!

SpongeBob: Right & hopefully to stop the Tails Doll quickly.

Reidak: (noticing the Spatula Sword) And where on earth did you get that? That wasn't with you seconds ago.

SpongeBob: (trying to keep it a secret with Zaktan) I almost forgot about this weapon from long ago when I had to use it to fight the Lava King.

Edd: I beg your pardon?

Sonic: Sure, I mean... hold on a second! Where's Amy & Silver?

Zaktan: (remembering Silver from what the Dark Hunters told him & SpongeBob) Silver?

Hakann: (to Sonic) Wait a minute... what?! Who the heck is Silver? (Quickly pushes Sonic out of the way to avoid the crushing blow from the Tails Doll's robotic tentacle) Watch it!

Avak: And didn't you remember that Amy went on guard patrol duty with Cream, the Mane 6, Team Lilac & Shantae's group? Or have you forgotten?

Sonic: We we're just on the Death Egg about to rescue Sally?

SpongeBob: (as Vezon's eyes widen) You don't say...

Vezon: (thinking they were on board the Death Egg) (in thought: They what?!)

Tails: (confused) Rescue Sally?

Patrick: I don't get it.

Eddy: Your not making a lot of sense here! Sally went on a mission on her own!

Thok: Have you taken a visit to Tren Krom cause I know for a fact that you've recently lost your marbles!

Sonic: Excuse me?

Hakann: That flash of white light must've done something to your brain! We were the ones that tried to contact you to help us with all 3 of our problems! The Doll, Walter Naugas & now the Dark Hunters...!

Tails: Hakann's right. We came here to follow up on Nicole & the Crossover Heroes & save King Acorn. This thing was already attacking when we've arrived!

SpongeBob: And I'm sure that Amy Rose, Cream, the Mane 6 & the others are just fine on guard duty. But right now we need to focus on our main problem, the monster itself.

Tails: Thats the thing, we don't know where Amy, but we haven't heard of Silver since we rescued the Wisps.

Eddy: As in recently. Now can we get moving? I'm not getting any younger...!

Sonic: (flabbergasted) I... buh... what?!

Ed: (comforts Sonic) It's ok Sonic, there's plenty to be ashamed of.

Sonic: Rewind a second, if we're back in the city & here to save the king... does that mean Naugas is involved?

Hakann: (suddenly realised he forgot about Nicole) Oh scrap, we're so stupid!

SpongeBob: Is something wrong, Hakann?

Hakann: We forgot about Nicole! Piraka! We have to go back in there & help- (suddenly stopped by SpongeBob & Zaktan) Hey! What's your damage?!

Zaktan: Your staying with us! Besides, it's time we let nature take it's course.

Hakann: Are you serious now?!

SpongeBob: You'll see what we mean, now come on, before we...! (Screams as he is suddenly ambushed with Sonic & the group by Vezon, Krekka, Nidhiki, Kardos Dragon & the Kanker Sisters)

Sonic: What the?!

Vezon: (enraged) So it WAS you on the Death Egg recently?!

Vezok: Vezon! With Krekka & Nidhiki no less!

The Eds: (in horror) Kankers!

Hakann: Brakas' Monkeys, not them again!

Reidak: I think that's 4 problems in a row! A new record!

(As rain pours down a lot more heavy, Sonic kicks Vezon off of him & quickly helps Tails on dealing with the Tails Doll & the Kardos Dragon with the help of SpongeBob, Patrick, Zaktan & Avak, while the Eds, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok & Thok fight against Vezon, Krekka, Nidhiki & the Kanker Sisters & Metal Tails, Metal Amy & Metal Knuckles, battling in the stormy weather.)

Sonic: (to Vezon) This doesn't concern you, copycat!

Vezon: Oh it does! We want answers! And we want them Now! (Slashing at the group three times on the word "now") NOW, NOW, NOW!!! (Vezok quickly clashes with Vezon)

Vezok: We're all about as confused as you are, Mac!

(Inside the Castle)

Walter Naugas: (watching the battle unfolding from the window) Curse it all! First Eggman sends his creations after me, then these band of misfits arrive, these robotic monsters tries to stop me, then these so called Dark Hunters breezingly done unknown sorceries of distractions & now the quickster arrives!

Nicole: (as a projected hologram from her hand held computer, sitting down with a smug look) Serves you right, Wally. Terrorising the citizens, lying & manipulating your way to the crown!

Walter Naugas: (walking towards Nicole with a stern look, while a super ring is slowly forming from the capsule) Don't lecture me. And never call me that! All of this wouldn't be an issue if you made good on your promise! Hurry up and finish making me a super ring so I can restore my magic before this green creature & his pack gets back!

Nicole: I told you... I'm not sure I can make one!

Walter Naugas: Then I will find some other way!

Nicole: In the next 5 minutes?

Walter Naugas: (suddenly enraged of the remark) Grrrrr, why you little...?! (Grabbing the hand held computer in a rage, unaware that it's sparking red electricity & emitting a Genesis Wave energy) You'll finish the ring for me or I'll make you...!

(Suddenly with a blast of red electricity it triggers Walter Naugas mind of past Pre-Genesis flashbacks of his Past Timeline restored into his mind, from his freedom to his defeat & insanity, to becoming king & his mutations, Walter Naugas however saw all those flashbacks in deep horror.)

Walter Naugas: (screams as he throws Nicole through the window) NYAAAGH!! (breathing in & out, horrified about the past) Wh-What sorcery is this? Th-These visions of... another life...? (Shaking his head, as Zaktan & SpongeBob overhears him) No! I must drive the visions out! Must escape! Must escape! (Bursts through the window, with everyone turning to the sounds of the shattering window) MUST ESCAPE?!

Lee Kanker: (as everyone looks on) You know this bozo?

SpongeBob: Nope.

Walter Naugas: (shoves Sonic & Tails out of the way, while Mina, Ash & Isabella looks on in astonish that something or someone mustve scared Walter out of the castle) Let the Quickster have this place! Aaah! (Running away in a panic)

Ed: (waving goodbye with Patrick) Catch ya later, Wally.

Krekka: (confused) Uh... what just happened?

Hakann: (suddenly realised on what just happened, realising that SpongeBob & Zaktan) Mata Nui's Mask... how did you know?!

SpongeBob: Uh... Lucky guess?

Zaktan: Let's just say that all it takes is a little spark.

Hakann: (looks on in astonishment & shock at the same time with Edd, realising these two know something) Eddy! (Rushes over to Patrick, Ed, Eddy, Reidak, Vezok, Avak & Thok)

Edd: Meeting time, now! (Follows Hakann)

SpongeBob: Was it something we said?

Tails: Well... that gets Naugas out of the castle. Or should we...

Sonic: One Problem at a time. Plankton Alliance with Dragon & Monster... Now! Crazy fleeing wizard... later! (begins spindashing at the Tails Doll, but can't penetrate his armour, while the Kardos breathes fire at him, only for Sonic to dodge to make him hit the Tails Doll, as both Titans begin to tussle)

(Back inside the castle)

(A female mobian black cat with white muzzle, wearing a blue ascot, red vest & blue boots, while also wearing of her new Secret Freedom Fighter's outfit which her version is black with purple outlines & purple goggles. she slowly approaches to a male mobian squirrel who has brown fur with dark auburn hair & also wears the Secret Freedom Fighters as well, only with a black & red variant instead. The two appear to be more Lost Souls known as Hershey the Cat & Elias Acorn. The two quietly open the door to another room, where they found a male mobian skunk in a purple beret, gloves, boots & utility belt, who was in a weakened state of unconsciousness. His name is Geoffrey St. John.)

Hershey the Cat: (gasps quietly) Elias? We found him.

Elias Acorn: (quietly) I know... And to think, our whole lives flashed before our eyes & now, we're all lost in this new world. (Look outside) At least my father & sister will still be alright in their new paths.

Hershey the Cat: (quietly, while spotting the Eds & Kankers fighting) Is that kids fighting?

(Back Outside. as Hershey & Elias sneak out with carrying an unconscious Geoffrey away.)

Eddy: (to Lee, while the Eds battle against the Kankers) What the heck are you doing here?!

Lee Kanker: (wrestling with Eddy) Do you think we're that obvious, Eddy?

Eddy: Why wouldn't you be?!

Marie Kanker: (overpowering Edd) As much as we love to give in to the temptation, but we can't! Ask yourselves this, what do you of Sonic doing in the Death Egg with an intruder?

Edd: (slipping out of Marie's arms to get away) Excuse me? What exactly are you talking about?

Krekka: (trying to smash at Reidak & Vezok, while the two continue dodging his attacks) Shadows crawling around ain't funny!

Vezok: Shadows?

Tails: (trying to penetrate the armour, but couldn't) This armour is too tough for me!

Sonic: Regular spindashes aren't going to cut it.

SpongeBob: Too tough, huh? (Holding his Spatula Sword, as he suddenly gets an idea) Care to test that theory? (Jumps up with Sonic & Tails, hollering with his victory screech) Whooloolololololololololo...! (Slashes at the Tails Dolls' armour with the Spatula Sword, piercing large square hole through it's stomach)

Sonic: Whoa! Time to Combo it up!

Tails: Right! (He grabs Sonic's hand as the two quickly follow suite by preforming a joint Spindash through the Tails Doll, creating another hole through the dolly created)

Zaktan: (clashing with Vezon) That sword really can cut through anything.

SpongeBob: (in thought: They really don't lie about that one. Must've been a new standard upgrade.)

Vezon: (continues clashing with Vezok & Zaktan, while Avak & Thok clashes at Nidhiki, seeing the Tails Doll reforming itself by absorbing a nearby bridge) Impressive, but I don't think it would go down that easily. And it's that unique power tha makes me a little uneasy.

Sonic: (noticing this in surprise) What the...? It's absorbing all the... stuff? (Quickly ducks down with Tails from Nidhiki's disk blasts) Where are all the nanites in the city?

Tails: What Nanites? (Sonic looks at Tails who is a bit annoyed)

Sonic: (charging with the group) I'll explain later. My point being, it doesn't matter how much damage we do, because tall, Dark & gruesome can rebuild himself out of anything!

Avak: There must be a core within the Robot that is very obscure.

Tails: Right! We need to find the control gem!

Sonic: (as he, Tails, SpongeBob, Patrick & Zaktan we're dodging more of the attacks) The What?

Patrick: (tossing throw fruit at the Kanker Sisters & at the Tails Doll's eye, which happens to be the Control Gem) Control gem?

Tails: That's it! Control Gem! It let Tails Doll controls machinery & build up it's outer shell... just like last time!

Sonic: Thanks for the lesson, Professor. Now tell me what it looks like?!

Zaktan: (clashing more with Vezon) Yes yes... Thanks for the history lesson, Dr. Science. Now also care to explain where it is located?

Patrick: Does an antenna count?

Tails: It's a shiny red gem! As always!

SpongeBob: Wait... red gem? (Suddenly remembers the shiny red gem is from the Tails Doll, which matches the eye of the Tails Doll final form) That's it! Patrick was aiming for the eye! (Point to the control gem that is an eye of the Tails Doll outer shell) Patrick! Your genius is showing!

Patrick: (covering the front of his shorts, misheard on what he said) Where?! (Avak facepalm)

Avak: I'm not even going to ask.

Sonic: (as the 5 trying to reach for the head piece) Oh! Good eye, Squarepants! I think I saw it in the maybe-it's-head-piece!

Zaktan: Patrick! Keep throwing those throw fruit at the eye! (Blasting more zamor spheres at the control gem eye of the Tails Doll)

Patrick: (salutes) Aye aye, captain... (begins tossing more throw fruit at the control gem eye to keep blinding the Tails Doll)

Edd: (unaware of a Kratana is nearby, that is secretly targeting him) (bringing the group together as SpongeBob & Zaktan clash more with Vezon, while the Kardos Dragon steps away from the Tails Doll, while the Dragon breathes fire at the heroes, who quickly dodging the best they can) Gentlemen, SpongeBob, Zaktan & now Sonic are showing strange mental symptoms. I'm concern.

Eddy: (clashing with the Kankers with Patrick, Ed & Edd's help, while Reidak, Vezok & Thok is trying to push Metal Tails, Metal Knuckles & Metal Amy back respectively, while Thok struggles with Metal Amy's raw rocket power) And I've been concern about Ed since the first day we met him. (Ed scream as he toss the Kankers back while they 3 continue to chase after the Eds)

Thok: (trying to push Metal Amy, while trying to avoid her hammer arms) What are you saying?! Did something happened behind our backs?

Hakann: (as he & Avak continue clashing with Krekka & Nidhiki) What he means is that they know too much & something's fishy about all this.

Avak: At times like this we need the Mane 6 to return from their trip!

Nidhiki: Keep the pressure on! (Turn to Tails) A two tailed kitsune, not as impressive as a nine tailed one, but still...

Tails: (trying to fly up) Great! I'll get us up there as quick as I can...

Zaktan: (notices Nidhiki about to openfire) Incoming!

Nidhiki: (Blasts at Sonic & Tails, but he & Sonic quickly dodges out of the way from the Tails Doll slam attack to notice) Hold still!

Sonic: (dodging from the Tails Doll slam that is aiming for Patrick, who is quickly pulled out of the way by SpongeBob & Zaktan) Yow!

Tails: (tumbling forward to the ground) Aaah! (Crashing face first on the grass) Oof!

Edd: Tails! Are you alright? (Coming towards Tails)

Marie Kanker: (getting into a headlock with Patrick) Hey! Get back here, dreamboat! The battlefield's over here! (The Kardos Dragon turns to Tails & Edd, but notices the Kratana closing in on Edd, as the Dragon Rams the Tails Doll through the stone walls)

Tails: (spots Nicole on the ground) Is that...?  NICOLE! What are you doing out here in the grass?

NICOLE: (badly damaged" but seeing Tails & Edd) Kshk! 7@1Lz Vrrt! 3dd! Bzzt!

Tails: Are you damaged?

NICOLE: (glitching red) Shhk! 3RrOR Zzkt!

Edd: (as the Kratana sneaks close to Edd) Seems that Walter Naugus must've tossed her through the window at a high velocity & out here on this dirt & grass in the rainy day.

Tails: (crawling up to Nicole) That sounds bad. Is it just the speaker? We could really use you against Tails Doll.

NICOLE: (attempting to warn Tails away): (attempting to warn Tails, but is glitching out) kvrt! W@1T shhk!

Tails: (grabbing onto NicoleHold on, I'll see if I can fix... (suddenly gets bombarded with his old set of memories after an electrical shock from the red electricity, beginning to remember his old memories of his adventures with Sonic, his brief fight with him, his adventure against Speedy & the Battle Bird Armarda & more) !

Edd: Tails! What's wrong? Did something happen to...? (About to check on Tails)

Eddy: (get a glimpse & notices the Kratana) ?! DOUBLE D! Behind you!

(When Edd turned however, he was immediately greeted with a jumpscare by a Kratana who lunged straight on his face, screaming "Get it off" while trying to pull the Kratana out of his face, but to no avail, due to his lack of athletic training, while his eyes glows white, beginning to remember the past memories of the Pre-Genesis World.)

Edd: (inside his own mind of past memories) ?! (Screaming)

Ed: Double D! (Running over to Edd with Eddy, with the group) Eddy!

Hakann: Kratana!

Eddy: (grabbing a sign & tries to smack at the Kratana, but it keeps on dodging the sign attack with it's great speed) Back snake Boy, back, back!

Ed: The Snake is biting Double D!

Zaktan: Be gentle with it! It can get feisty!

(Ed & Eddy try to pull the Kratana off of Edd, but we're unaware that after a brief amount of time, the memory restoration in Edd is completed & the Kratana willingly latch itself off of Edd, sending both boys flying through a fence, while the Kratana slips away & rushes away into hiding.)

Mina, Ash & Isabella: (notices this in surprise) ?!

Julie-Su & Saffron: (arrive while blasting at the Tails Doll in secret) !

Julie-Su: Get these two to safety, now! (The 3 mongooses quickly reply & take Ed & Eddy to a tall tree nearby)

Saffron: We can explain everything once we're all present.

Nidhiki: Kratanas? It's complete Madness!

Edd: (gasps upon realisation) So many questions! The old ones are Already been answered by themselves! But new ones remained unanswered!

Tails: (horrified by the sudden memories, unaware of Kardos swooping down, about to chomp at Edd & Tails with it's large sharp teeth) ...All that... all that... happened... but... I... remember... everything... differently?

Vezok: (notices this with the group) ?! WATCH OUT!

(Sonic, SpongeBob, Patrick & the Piraka quickly rushes forward & catches Edd & Tails before the Kardos Dragon could brutally chomp at the two geniuses, to regroup with Ed & Eddy by the tree)

Krekka: What sick men sends animals to fight me?!

Hakann: Not Tails & Double D too!

Vezon: Hey! (hops on his Kardos Dragon) Ride like the wind, Kardos! (Chases after the group, while the Kankers hop on Krekka & Nidhiki to continue the chase, while the Tails Doll continues to rampage the Mobotropolis city.)

Sonic: Yo Tails! You still with me?

Eddy: Eesh! Out of the frying pan & into the fire!

Tails: (as the group look on at Tails & Edd, while ducking down from the oncoming flame attacks from Kardos Dragon) Sonic... there was another world! We were rescuing Sally, and then we met with robots from another universe, and then...

Eddy: Quit your griping, will ya? Your making zero sense anymore! You look like you caught the asylum disease something.

Hakann: Or maybe a visit to Tren Krom? (Turn to Zaktan who nudges him) What?

SpongeBob: (seeing Edd calming down & looking at the group) Double D? How do you feel?

Edd: (suddenly jumps up in a panic upon further realisation for the cause of the Pre-Genesis World) I've followed all the rules! Lived a life of decency and principle! So why didn't we trust our instincts? That one day Eggman's short-sighted sophomoric shell games, during our Crossover crisis with the blue bomber, the Pac-Man & other Crossover friends & foes for example, would go too far!

Zaktan: (nod with SpongeBob as Ed dives behind Eddy) Yep, he remembers.

Ed: [diving behind Eddy] Double D's dark side still makes my armpits sweat, Eddy.

Eddy: What doesn't?

Edd: (horrirfied on what Eggman had accidently done that tear the Past Timeline in the Pre-Genesis World) Why are we back in this universe that has already crumbled?! Time & space, plundered! It cannot be!

Sonic: See? I'm not crazy, SpongeBob & Zaktan are not crazy & neither are you & Tails. But like I said, one at a time. Let's finish taking care of Vezon & the others, including this ugly here, cause I'm getting sick of running in the... (getting grabbed by Edd) rain?

Edd: (in disbelief) Oh sure, why not? Why would we take this one at a time when a serverly destroyed timeline, ISN'T TOTALLY OUT OF THE QUESTION?!?!

SpongeBob: (ducking down from Vezon & Kardos Dragon's sights with the group, as Edd tries to calm down) Calm down, the entirety of the past timeline has been fixed from our... "sources". But I'm afraid the door's locked... forever!

Edd: (beginning to calm down in despair) Great! The door's locked! Stuck inside this new timeline leaving behind a dusty and decrepit past Timeline hovel of disrepair, and me without protective clothes or headgear! Mind telling me how we all got into this new timeline in the first place?!?

Zaktan: Will you relax, Double D? What you need is a lot more time to breathe? Tails can take it better than you if you dont stop panicking.

SpongeBob: And besides we're all as horrified about this revealation as you are. Even the people that lived past lives remember all this, whether they embrace it or they don't. We all keep on learning together from past actions to grow as better people.

Edd: (turning to Mina, Ash & Isabella) We are all indeed lost souls. It feels that we're doomed for eternity. (Slowly collapsing in sadness)

Eddy: (stepping forward) Lighten up, sockhead. They are right you know, so it's best that you stop the waterworks & help us already. We're in a bit of a jam. But if we get caught, we're gonna get this up the snozzola.

SpongeBob: What Eddy is trying to say is, instead, we're gonna help the Post-Genesis World as much as we did for the Pre-Genesis by honouring the past to help the present, Double D. Can you please... help us...?

Edd: (sadly) I... I deeply apologise for my sudden outbursts. I concede to this new revelation & ingunity. It feels so very surreal. Even with all the facts & theories of both timelines past & present, it's beyond me. What would I do to repay that debt?

Zaktan: First of all, turn off the ol' think melon, use your instincts instead & listen to your gut.

Sonic: (as the group begins charging forward) Then we can worry about the messed up reality later.

Hakann: Fine by me. (To Patrick, Ed, Eddy, Reidak, Vezok, Avak & Thok) Still, it's gonna be more difficult for the rest of us.

Tails: R-Right. You guys are right. I'm with ya.

Edd: (sighs) I suppose I can offer a 2nd chance to learn past mistakes for the future. Allow us to be of your assistance.

SpongeBob: That's the spirit, Edd!

Sonic: I knew I could count on ya. Remind me to send a memo to Eggy... telling him not to make anything creepy again!

Mina: (cheering on the heroes with Ash & Isabella) Go get'em everyone!

Ash: (as he, Mina, Isabella follow Julie-Su & Saffron to Elias, Hershey & Geoffrey's location for a little meeting) You can do it!

(At the Efrika Plains)

(We can see the Egg Wily Machine X, crashed landed in the plains, with it's remains scattered across the plains, it would seem that it was recently defeated not that long ago, while someone is coughing & slowly emerging from the machine, which is Dr. Eggman, who is battered & bruised.)

Dr. Eggman: (coughing) Koff! Koff! I hate that hedgehog! (Pulls himself out of the broken down machine & falls flat on his face before getting up slowly, trying to straighten his back, also feeling the effects from Astro's arm Cannon blast in the 2nd story, but also something similar which is defeat from Super Sonic & Super Mega Man from the Pre-Genesis world from the Worlds Collide incident) (remembering Mordecai, Rigby, Agents 3, 4 & 8, Astro, Thrash, Downunda/Tralius Freedom Fighters, the TF2 RED Team, Benson, Skips, Pops, Muscle Man & Hi-Five Ghost's victory against Eggman, during their escape to the park) (growls a bit) Rrggh... these multiversal misfits will be the death of me. Orbot! Cubot! You better have made it back too!

Orbot: (as he & Cubot emerge from the wreckage completely unscathed & in one piece) Oh, yes boss! Surprisingly in one piece.

Cubot: Speak fer yerself. I think I got a few screws loose.

Orbot: I've been saying that for a while.

Dr. Eggman: (trying to salvage the Egg-Mobile out of the wreckage) Can in, you two! I need to know where we are. Once we get back to the Death Egg, I can... (However, the Egg Mobile is heavily damaged but still intact to stay in one piece, but is very ticked about the results) Blast it, Al. Now look at what they done to the Egg Mobile! I blame you for all this!

Orbot: (comes over to Dr. Eggman) Except you were the one who flew into not only the blast radius of the band of rapscallions in reds, but also into the collapsing space time vortex of certain Doom. (Suddenly cowers from Dr. Eggman raising his hand on about to slap him, but thankfully Eggman didn't bother)

Dr. Eggman: (sighs as he rolls the Egg Mobile away with Orbot & Cubot following him) Come on. We need to find some kind of support out here. I can only hope... Sonic is having a worse time than me. (in thought: I had bad enough days as it is, first these multiversal morons keep appearing left & right, then the 2nd Dark Hunters, led by Miserix, Nektann & Prime Hunter with Icarax, Niclone, Krika, Carapar, Nocturn & many others, including another version of me, no a Prime version of me, had temporarily taken over my empire for their tests of unity & ultimate versions of the emeralds, stones, etc, which I find very interested of their ultimate power & now because of said multiversal morons, we're in the middle of nowhere! This is unacceptable!)

(However, as Dr. Eggman, Orbot and Cubot were leaving with the Egg Mobile, they were unaware that the several skakdi were taking the head of the egg wily machine x's head to the hidden base by going through an electric portal. Followed by a Kraata of Confusion beginning to follow the doctor to make sure that he forgets about the Ultimate Artifacts & the Setback plans, despite the three at a far distance.)

(Back at Mobotropolis)

(Sonic, SpongeBob & Patrick continue distracting the Tails Doll, that tries to smash at them, while Vezok jumps up & hitches a ride on the Kardos Dragon that tried to shake him off.)

Vezok: (behind Vezon) For real, like Warriors!

Vezon: (turns & clashes with Vezok, while the Kardos Dragon tries to shake Vezok off) If you insist... but don't look down!

Sonic: (as the Eds uses the Batter Ed at the Kankers, while dodging the Kanker Hissy fit) You guys be a lot more terrifying if you could actually hit me! (Quickly dodges the Kardos Dragon firebreathe kanoka disks from Krekka & Nidhiki, while the two duke it out with the rest of the Piraka, with the Metal Tails, Metal Knuckles & Metal Amy's help, as Tails, Edd & Zaktan reach for an electrical socket on the back of Tails Doll's outer shell head)

Edd: (as Hakann helps Ed & Eddy fight the Kankers) According to my calculations, the robotic electrical socket output should be right... (points to the output socket) Here!

Hakann: Best hurry, the Plankton Alliance are also heavy hitters!

Sonic: (continues dodging barely) Whoa! Plankton Alliance, huh? That's a new nickname for their new faction.

Tails: (unsure about this) Are you sure you can handle this, Nicole? What if this thing manages to absorb you?

Zaktan: (seeing Patrick blinding the Tails Doll even more with more throw fruit) Judging from the battle so far, it's very occupied...!

Nicole: (buzzing a bit) Kssh! I-I-I-I'll b-b-be ffffffine. Do it. (buzzes a bit) Shrk!

Edd: You heard her Tails, plug in when ready!

Tails: Alright, here we go... (plugs Nicole into Tails Doll with Edd's help)

Tails Doll: (let's out a scream of pain & agony, feeling Nicole invading it's systems, that got everyone's attention) Intruder in the system! PURGE! PURGE!

Krekka: (as the group races for the red gemstone, blasting more with Nidhiki, the Kankers & Vezon & Kardos Dragon's help to shatter the outer shells of the Tails Doll together) I think we made it mad...!

SpongeBob: (races up with Sonic & uses the Spatula Sword to slash the Tails Doll head wide open with help from Sonic's spindash) Doctor, I think we're ready to operate!

Edd: (spots the Tails Doll within it's opened outer shell) There you are!

Ed: (as he, SpongeBob, Patrick, Edd, Eddy & the Piraka begins pulling the Tails Doll out of the outer shell with Krekka, Nidhiki & the Kankers retreating it) There you are!

(Sonic, Patrick & Ed catches the Tails Doll as the outer shell crumbles down into rubble, as Vezon looks on in disbelief.)

Sonic: Gotcha!

Ed: Weird Dolly, huh?

Sonic: This is what the fuss is about?

SpongeBob: Believe it or not, yes. He's the real culprit of the power outage & not Walter.

Thok: And a disturbing one. Thankfully we dont have to worry more about it. Right now let's switch to someone more entertaining.

Vezon: (growls) You better have questions, starting now! Why are you all acting this way? Why the mobians running around in the shadows? And what do you mean by another world?

Sonic: (spinning the Tails Doll around) Hey, it's complicated. Don't get your spare parts in a knot.

Tails: (landing with Nicole) How are you systems, Nicole? Did any of Tails Doll's coding get back into you?

Nicole: N-N-No... Error. Ffffine...

Edd: (as Ed begins sucking on his leg) And to answer your question, a Kratana from what the Piraka told us, ambushed & latched onto my face like a leech! I mean Ed was finally going to... (suddenly felt Ed sucking on my leg, thinking that it has bitten me) Please let go of my leg, Ed.

Nidhiki: Kratanas have the power to restore memories, why would they be here?

Avak: You only came here for answers? Why didn't you just ask for Pete sake?

May Kanker: We're villains & your heroes, duh. But I'm very confused about the Death Egg part.

Sonic: Okay, so what do you need to do to keep this guy from getting big and ugly again?

Tails: Just disable his control gem.

Sonic: Cool, can do. (Rips the Control Gem out of Tails Doll, and then kick the Doll football style into the distance)

Eddy: ?! (As Vezon is hit by the Tails Doll with a yelping "Ow!") And we didn't think of this, WHY?!

Marie Kanker: Forget it. Jack-7 will solve the mystery behind the Death Egg intruders anyway. We're outta here. (Begins leaving with Krekka, Nidhiki, Lee, May, Vezon & Kardos Dragon for a getaway)

Vezon: (tosses the Tails Doll in a faraway distance) (growls) Just because we fought here, doesn't mean that it's major. Consider it a minor taste of our might! In other words, a time out!

Zaktan: First the blackout, then the Doll, then Walter & now the Plankton Alliance only here for answers. They must trying to figure out the confusion of both timelines.

Edd: (as Sonic crushes the Control Gem to pieces under his foot) Prehaps you were right. And I've just recieved these complexing past timeline memories recently.

Sonic: Ok, that settles one bit of weirdness for today. Speaking of which, Time to move on to the next crisis.

SpongeBob: (trying to contact the Mane 6 but no response) No response. The Mane 6 must've been busy on patrol. But you might be right.

Hakann: About the confusion on what you said earlier?

Eddy: Yeah, quit with the suspense drama & tell us all about it! And it better be good!

Tails: (sighs) The Two worlds, the two sets of memories... histories... it's like I'm waking up from a dream that felt too real... or still dreaming it.

Vezok: How else would you, Sonic, SpongeBob, Zaktan & now Edd suddenly remembers something that we don't. Also, you still owe us a big explanation for both the sword & your predictions coming true like looking through a glass ball or something! It can't be coincidence!

Tails: It's not just me, right? You remember stuff too, don't you?

SpongeBob: Yes. I think all the memories have come back to me & Zaktan & recently Double D too. Didn't know I was All Star Warrior material in the past life.

Zaktan: Or even manipulated to become even friendlier with you. And if you laugh, I'd swear you be tossed into the moat!

Eddy: Alright alright, geez! Get over it, will ya?

Hakann: Double D? Your feeling much better?

Edd: I'm still frightened on what Eggman had done. You also have experienced this trauma, as well?

Sonic: Yeah, and I'm starting to remember, new "old" stuff, too.

Zaktan: (as the group enter inside the castle together) Then what we saw back on the Egg Fleet & what I saw in the castle that ambushed me was indeed the original Robotnik Prime... well, not anymore.

Sonic: (as he remembers similar flashbacks from both versions of the timeline, but different) Like, I remember certain, but some of them feel like I got all the details wrong...

SpongeBob: And how I keep seeing the Mongooses in both versions of the timeline, but preserved in this timeline as well. With Edd's realisation from his recent memory restoration, we know who is to blame for it.

Vezok: (sighs) When the Mane 6 get back, you, Double D, Zaktan, Sonic & Tails got a LOT of explaining to do.

Zaktan: Agreed, these Kratanas might target one of us next. But why restore our memories?

Sonic: Nicole, you're crazy smart, any ideas? Or are you still bugged?

Nicole: Fffffffind F-f-Freedom- (buzzes again) Kshk! Fi-fi-figh-ter-rs.

Avak: She's still bugged alright. But is she saying Freedom Fighters? That includes the Mane 6 right?

Sonic: (as the group strain the water from Sonic's fur, quills, Tails's tails & their clothes & the Piraka's armour) Well, sure we will, but how would that help the dual memory thing?

Edd: Both Timelines to be more precised. You see the Kratanas might have a mission on trying to regain all of our memories, including the Mane 6's memories as well. But to be fair, we don't know why would be doing all this.

SpongeBob: (as Eddy & Hakann were suspicious about SpongeBob & Zaktan) Uh... beats me. There are from the Piraka's universal dimension too.

Tails: Thou I think I get what Nicole means. Before i picked her up, she was badly bugged. After that... spark of energy between us, just like SpongeBob, Zaktan & Edd, I remember both worlds & she defragmented a little.

Sonic: I get that SpongeBob, Zaktan & Edd got their memories back by Kratanas or whatever. But not me? Is it because I was right at the heart of the Genesis Wave when Eggman made it collapse on us.

SpongeBob: Yes & to be fair, Plankton & I had to get every All Star & Crossover Member to safety while were in the Heavenly Gardens / Fallen Gardens by Unknown of all people for a showdown of our own where no one else from Mobius could.

Eddy: (sarcastic) Good for you! Wanna medal or a badge or at least a Golden Spatula?

SpongeBob: That would be nice, especially with the shiny objects & manly barbels. (Eddy facepalms since he was being sarcastic)

Reidak: Excuse us? Unknown? (Crossover Heroes, minus SpongeBob, Edd & Zaktan get a sudden flashback of Jun Kazama / Unknown in the Heavenly Gardens / Fallen Gardens)

Tails: Maybe with space time horribly mishappen, anything is possible. (Shrugs in confusion)

Avak: So, back to the Freedom Fighter subject? (Tails displays a hologram of the Knothole Freedom Fighter Members, including Sonic, Tails & Amy, while a hologram of Walter Naugas appears as well) Are these the rest of the Members & Walter?

Tails: If your the epictener & All Star Warriors of all this, the others & I might react with Nicole since we all have a close connection with you...

Zaktan: (turn to Reidak, remembering the past Timeline of between Reidak & Nicole) With Nicole, Some more than others...

Reidak: (turn to Zaktan in confusion) What?

Tails: As I was saying... we need to find the others to test this out, of course. Same would apply with the Kratanas & the All Stars as well.

SpongeBob: All Stars, huh? Haven't heard that faction name in a while.

Eddy: What about Naugus? Why did he react to the both worlds memories?

Tails: As for Naugas, he was pretty messed up by the first Genesis Wave?

Patrick: First?

Vezok: You mean it has happened before?

Patrick: As in, more than one? That's a lot higher than I can count.

Tails: I bet he interacted with Nicole & that's why he freaked out & ran off. I know it shook me & Double D pretty badly.

Ed: The wizard has left the building, guys. (Running with the group) Griffindor, Slytherith, Hufflepuffs & Ravenclaws, oh my!

Zaktan: Ok Ed. There's still one thing left to do. (He & SpongeBob lead the group to the dungeons) This way.

Sonic: Zaktan's right. Well, Wally's a problem that solved himself for once.

Zaktan: (in thought: Thanks to the Dark Hunters' predictions...)

Sonic: We need to find the rest of the team, so let's hurry up & finish saving the king.

SpongeBob: Hold on, your majesty! We're coming!

(In a distant area)

(A shadow of the tall long arm E-100 unit looms over the tails doll as he picks it up.)

Amphibax: (arrive with Firedracax, the Kraata of Confusion, Kraata of Sleep, "Kratana" and the E-1000 unit) Seems like the Tails Doll is another of Eggman's tools to defeat Naugas & the rest of us. Thou the heroes we're in the way.

Firedracax: Yes but right now were requested once again to restore nidhiki's memories & erase the rest of the plankton alliance's memories about spongebob,zaktan and king acorn in league with the 2nd Dark hunters. Meanwhile "Conjurer" was requested to help the others from the future zone.

"Conjurer": Yes, I was called by "Vanisher" as if he needed some more support on a mission.

"Vanisher": Allow me to be of assistance. (opens the portal for "Conjurer" to help them)

(Conjurer goes through the portal to the future Zone, while Amphibax, Fridracax, E-100 & E-1000 Units carry both kraatas begin searching.)

(In the Castle Acorn Dungeons, underground)

(Sonic, Tails, SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds & the Piraka arrive at the Dungeons, while Tails, Edd & the Piraka trying to pry open the lock & door)

Avak: (As Tails & Nicoles tries unlocking the prison cell with Nicole using her digital decoding ability) What kind of lock is that?!

Tails: This is some serious hardware. Naugas prides himself on his magic. Where did he get this?

SpongeBob: (notice an Eggman symbol on the lock) That answers our question.

Eddy: So what? Did Naugas become a thief as well as a wizard?

Nicole: F-F-First W-Wave... (buzzes a bit) Zzt! Powerless-less-less. St-St-Stole from Egg-g-g-g-man, who... (glitches a bit) Kzzt! T-T-T-Tails D-D-Doll.

Patrick: So it wasn't a normal Dolly coming from a kid?

SpongeBob: Sorry Patrick. It must've came after Naugus instead of us. But it looks like he also targeted someone else too.

Patrick: (as the prison cell unlocks) Tarter sauce! It looked so cute.

Thok: Your kidding, your kidding right?

Nigel Acorn: (opening the door, happy to see the group) Nicole! Boys! Thank heavens you're safe! Did Naugus give you any trouble.

Hakann: Not really, the Doll is the real trouble maker here.

Sonic: Nope. Just a laugh. He bailed before we could kick him out.

Eddy: No wonder the Dolly is after both Naugus & someone else!

Ed: Atta Boy, Chucky...

Nigel Acorn: The coward. No worries, I'm sure you'll find him in time. (Places his hand on Sonc's shoulder, smiling) I'm just thankful to be out of that other dreadful cell. I don't even know why we still have this old dungeon still!

Avak: At least now you & Zaktan are safe too. We've been searching for you & now Zaktan all night since Zaktan disappeared because of the Dark Hunters & had evaded his capture to be back here. (SpongeBob & Zaktan kept their lips sealed about any mentioning of their involvement meeting with the Dark Hunters, much to Hakann & Eddy's & especially Edd's suspecions)

Zaktan: If anyone is to blame for getting Nicole in danger is mine.

Nigel Acorn: (a bit saddened) It is quite alright Zaktan. The blame is all mine right from the beginning. I apologise for getting you captured, especially you Nicole. Had I not delayed you, Zaktan would've been captured & your physical form would run out and... (noticing Nicole not responding) Hello?

Edd: There has been another cause of delay, I'm afraid.

Tails: She's dealing with a... system error, sire. Naugas must've done something to her.

SpongeBob: Yes, that's it. Walter could've done it with her after Zaktan's disappearance.

Nigel Acorn: Then I'm sorry dear girl.

SpongeBob: (in thought: I don't know how much longer Zaktan & I are gonna keep up with the secrets. There's still no word from the Mane 6, hopefully they will be back soon. And what does the Unknown & the Dark Hunters mean by "Gaia"?)

Zaktan: (in thought: Sonic, Tails, Edd, SpongeBob & I had fully regained his memories, but who knows who will be the Kratana's next target out of all of us & the Mane 6 if they are it's next target.)

Sonic: (thinking in deep thought, smiling a bit on the positives) (in thought: It's weird seeing King Acorn so healthy, so lively... and not a total jerk. Maybe some good will come from this world change after all!)

Hakann: (in thought: Call me crazy, but Eddy & I may have the same idea on something's fishy. How can we tell the others about it? It can't all be coincidence.)

Nigel Acorn: (now determined to help) Is there anything I can do to assist you in repairing the damage?

Edd: Oh well yes. For starters, we hope that you would help us contact the Mane 6, we might've lost communicational contact with them during the situation.

Vezok: (in thought: Did he kiss her mother with that mouth?)

Tails: And also, can you put us in contact with Rotor and the other freedom fighters? We... uh... kinda lost contact with everybody.

Nigel Acorn: (leading the group to the Royal Study, as the group smile at each other while following Nigel Acorn) Not directly, but I can point you at the right direction.

SpongeBob & Patrick: (smiles with Ed) Yes.

(Soon, at the Royal Study)

(As SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds & the Piraka were visibly tired, while Sonic, Tails & King Nigel Acorn helps them on looking through the computer to find any communication signals.)

Eddy: (groans a bit) This better be worth it so we can all go back to bed.

Nigel Acorn: I can assure you, you won't be disappointed. Now Sonic & Tails, I know you & your Freedom Fighters we're all working on a top secret project.

Thok: Top Secret Project, you say?

Nigel Acornd Yes, thou the only communique I received was from Rotor, and was highly encrypted.

Edd: (yawns a bit) Excuse me... may I take a look at this encryption? (analyses the code with Avak's help, which are coordinates) A coding of numbers of some sort.

Tails: Looks like a set of coordinates to me.

Avak: Perfect. We can follow them to Rotor's Lovation, whoever he is.

SpongeBob: Might be a perfect time to introduce us to the rest of the Freedom Fighters, Sonic.

Sonic: (smiles) Great! Let's get moving then. The Tornado is parked at the Royal Airstrip, right?

Tails: (a bit unsure) Right... I think.

Reidak: (stops Sonic from walking) But first, we sleep. We've been up all night. And we're tired.

Ed: Ed is pooped. Sleepy time guys. (Yawns loudly)

Sonic: (sighs) Alright. You guys been through a lot tonight. So same time, tomorrow morning?

Eddy: Snore... Anything to get some shut eye.

Zaktan: Deal.

Nigel Acorn: Boys, do pardon me for being rude, but if I could trouble you for one more thing...

Vezok: (facepalming himself since he really needs to recharge & go to bed) (in thought: Oh, here we go...) Anything, just name it. Please?

Sonic: Sure thing, Kingy.

Edd: (a bit annoyed) Sonic, be respectful.

Nigel Acorn: Again, it's quite alright. What I mean to ask you is... while I would not ask you to prioritise your friends, new & old... I ask you to let me know the moment you've found my daughter. I know she's capable of taking care of herself... but still, in these dangerous times, it would ease my mind to know my Sally is safe.

Zaktan: (as the group begins to leave) We'll keep that in mind. Now let's get to bed. We do not wished to be disturbed for tonight.

Nigel Acorn: Very well, safe journey to you all. And Double D, sleep well tonight.

Edd: Very well, we wish you a humble goodnight, your majesty.

Nigel Acorn: Call me Nigel. (whispers to SpongeBob & Zaktan who remain here for a few) And SpongeBob, Zaktan, do take care of yourselves & your entire team. And hopefully you will find Milla when she gets back with her new friends & yours.

(SpongeBob & Zaktan look at each other & then nod to Nigel Acorn before the two leave to regroup with the others back to Tails Workshop to sleep, thou were unaware of not only Edd, Eddy & Hakann overhearing the two, but also Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki, who had been secretly spying the Crossover Heroes, Sonic, Tails & King Acorn from the window.)

Vezon: (climbing back down to regroup with Krekka, Nidhiki, Kardos Dragon & the Kanker Sisters & Metal Tails, Metal Amy & Metal Knuckles, before quietly retreating to their escape pod hideout in the jungle) (growl quietly in disdain) Munity...

(In the Death Egg, located in Artkia, with Jack-7 & Mecha/Metal Sally)

Jack-7 & Mecha/Metal Sally: (arriving back inside the metal corridors of the Death Egg, exploring while staying hidden from the Egg Swats patroling he area, only to be searching for the same female intruder that has been here since the Plankton Alliance had been there the 1st time) ?

Mecha/Metal Sally: (scanning the area thou getting a message from Vezon) Message from Vezon.

Jack-7: (answers the communicator/holographic monitor) Yes Vezon? Can we help you?

Vezon: (on communicator/holographic monitor) It's a good thing the both of you have arrived in one piece, but right now, I need to tell you on what just happened.

Jack-7: We have just landed & proceed to find the female intruder. What is the problem that you wish to address?

Vezon: Did you not see on what just happened? SpongeBob, Zaktan & the King could be in league with a bigger force! There's no force bigger than the Dark Hunters!

Mecha/Metal Sally: The question is, why would they be in league with their brains out?

Jack-7: (spots a silhouette female intruder, who quickly turn tail & run off into another metal corridor of the Death Egg in a panic) We'll have to call you back. We got visual on the target.

Vezon: Please be quick about it. We all need answers, even if it means catching every last dimensional Crossover being through the entire multiverse!

Jack-7: Affirmative, Search & Do Not Destroy.

Vezon: (as Jack-7 & Mecha/Metal Sally charge forward with Mecha/Metal Sally readied her light blades)

(The two chase after the female intruder, unaware that not only the Egg Swats are on the chase as well, but also Swatmasterbot, Egg Swatmaster, Mini Shard, Auto-Fiona, Robo-Kintobor, Pawnirious/Portal Pawn, Sahmad, several kralhis and several shadowbots of the 2nd Dark Hunters are also hunting for the princess. The intruder happens to be a female brown chipmunk with dark auburn hair that connects a red stripe down on her back to her tail, her face is a lighter brown that has the large blue eyes settled, Her clothes consist of black shorts with white rimming, dark blue boots with white outlines on the buckles, and white gloves with her Ring-Blades. She wears a closed blue vest with a black crop-top hidden underneath. Her tan-colored underbelly can be seen in the her midriff. The intruder happens to be Princess Sally Acorn in her new Post-Genesis Appearance, but also fully de-roboticized & fully organic.)

Sahmad: (as Sally begins to hide from everyone that is after her) Remember, once we catch the princess, we're gonna have a long talk with her about her daddy.

SwatMasterBot: We best make sure we help Sally escape like Mini Shard & I did help her, the people & Mobotropolis in the past since Eggman conquered it when she was young.

Robo Kintobor: We should also help her on stealing the files too.

Sahmad: Ok, fine. Just make sure we find the Princess, she might get the warning about us & do just that. But try not to be confused of their shadows. They're almost identical.

Sally Acorn: ! (seeing Jack-7, Mecha/Metal Sally, the Egg Swats & the 2nd Dark Hunters, she has been warned by the Crossover Heroes, Sonic, Tails, Amy & NICOLE earlier, while doing her best to stay hidden from them, thou best to keep an eye on the 2nd Dark Hunters, to be safe)

Jack-7: (looking around) There is nowhere you can run that I won't find you.

The End... for Now

Story #2: Into the Unknown (Part 2: Egg Bosses of No Nation)Edit

(Inside the Efrika Egg Army Base)

Axel the Water Buffalo: (sending the Egg Soldiers to ride into the jungles to find the group as he is coming inside to a control room, contacting the rest of the Egg Bosses, from different monitors, including Eggman himself) Doctor?

Dr. Eggman: (from inside the Egg Fleet) Egg Bosses, thank goodness you've contacted me! Ever since these Dark Hunters are taking over my empire by capturing me, it's putting every one of us on edge.

Thunderbolt (Female Chinchilla in Mech / Soumerca Egg Boss): How dare they capture you our glorious Leader?! We would've put a stop to them even if means electrocuting their circuit board and...!

Dr. Eggman: Save your batteries, Thunderbolt. Even if we do, they have a back up plan for everything including setbacks! So it be impossible for us otherwise I'd be rahi food.

Conquering Storm (Female Lynx / Yurashia Egg Boss): Hm, to think they are much more cunning & brutal in their tactics.

Dr. Eggman: But these Dark Hunters are not to be trifled with, unless we have a plans for everything of our own, including setbacks.

Lord Modred Hood (Male Cobra / Eurish Egg Boss): Engaging them could be suicide. Surely they must be some other way we can get out of this situation.

Axel: The only thing we can do is let them think that we're following orders. But for now, I'm tied up at the moment with a group of misfits on my own.

Maw: You mean those misfits that have stolen the robot with kokoro? Are your men on the hunt for these miscreants?

Axel: Sure why not. They best not be after the temple.

Tundra (Male Walrus / Artika Egg Boss): I have encountered something similar when they're trying to reach into the Death Egg.

Dr. Eggman: They what?!

Tundra: A group of shady characters led by this tiny plankton had taken out some of our Troops & knocked them for a loop. What could be the meaning of ice type rahi attacking them like this?

Ahkult (Male Orca / Northern Oceans Egg Boss): Well maybe it's because you under utilize your troops lately. My Troops & I wouldve taken care of them much more efficient than yours.

Tundra: And what's that suppose to mean?

Clove (Female Proghorn / Co Northamer Egg Boss): Enough, both of you. Seems like we're dealing with a Force much stronger & cunning than both sides.

Cassia (Female Cyberised Proghorn / Co Northamer Egg Boss): Besides, the group that Axel tried to shoot down could possibly be after a park that just appeared out of the blue in Northamer.

Nephthys (Female Vulture / Midesta Egg Boss): True, but what of the rest of the misfits that have much trouble for both us & the Dark Hunters?

Dr. Eggman: All I know is that the 2nd Dark Hunters are only testing them & also raiding every gemstones & powerful artifacts can find.

Abyss (Female Squid / Southern Oceans Egg Boss): Testing them? Of Unity? They're lucky to raid something, right? It's all the same to me, doc. But why exactly?

Dr. Eggman: I was puzzled on what is going on too. They're a much more stronger force than we anticipated & underestimated their vast power... again.

Battle Lord Kukku XV (Male Bird / Egg Boss of the Skies): (chuckling to himself) Now where have we all heard that before? Still, the Dark Hunters seem like a much better organisation to follow.

Dr. Eggman: But you all serve me just the same.

Axel: Anyway... Maw gave us a picture of these characters, including the shady ones. (Showing pictures of many Crossover heroes & villains, including Mordecai & Rigby) But this new group from what Maw explained to me is that it's been led by these two dudes that are like brothers.

Dr. Eggman: It's sounds like your kind of mission. Especially when you have... "uninvited guests". Anyway, gather enough power to all Egg Army Bases & lash them out at Metal Sonic. The Dark Hunters want us to do this as a last test of unity & then we're free to go. And just hurry, I don't know how much longer the Dark Hunters can keep me alive in here. (To Orbot & Cubot) Orbot, Cubot, get my escape shuttle ready when it's time! I can't let these Dark Hunters know about our temporary alligence with Sonic & the others.

Axel: Anything else we need to know?

Dr. Eggman: One more actually... (show a picture of SpongeBob SquarePants) Here's our new target along with a band of misfits of their own. The Dark Hunters know much more about this sponge & his new friends than the rest. All we want are answers. If you see him or any of his Crossover teammates, try & catch him with results. Eggman out. (Turns off communicator as his monitor turns off)

Axel: You heard the doctor, we've got work to do. We may not like it, but this is our job. (All the Egg Bosses begins to turn on their power generators to shift their power from their Egg Army Bases to send streams of electricity to their destination, the Egg Fleet to power the Metal Sonic) (Mind: Speaking of misfits... perhaps our uninvited guests may prove useful.)

(In the Jungles of Efrika)

(Mordecai, Rigby, Astro, Agents 3, 4 & 8, Thrash, the Downunda / Tralius Freedom Fighters & the Red Team have landed deep in the jungle of the Savannah, slowly picking themselves & helping each other off the ground.)

Red Medic: (thanking the Red Heavy for helping him us) Danke.

Red Heavy: (nods) Da.

Rigby: Dude... I think we've made it. We're alive...!

Thrash: Yes, but now we're more lost than ever. (Mordecai & Rigby Groans)

Agent 3: (as the Red Pyro is petting a monkey & feeding it peanuts) Please be thankful that we provided the distraction on keeping the Blu team at bay & alive.

Red Sniper: What? Why would you spare these blokes?

Agent 4: Don't ask me.

Astro Boy: Because I am not a killer. I only fight for peace for both humans & robots. I couldn't risk myself on killing anyone. It's better to live than let live. They might help in return.

Red Engineer: But right now they are sworn enemies for complete control of Mann Co.

Red Scout: News flash, Blus & Reds are sworn enemies hired by both brothers. Look it up.

Agent 8: Wait, where are Soldier & Demoman?

Duck Bill: Thye must've landed farther away.

Walt Wallaby: Look, how's about we focus on getting out of the jungle & possibly find Demoman & Soldier, while they can fill us the entire story? Ok?

Mordecai: (as the Red Scout nods to the group) Fine, but only to get out of this jungle together. And no piggyback ride this time.

Rigby: Oh come on man. Give us a break.

(Mordecai, Rigby, Astro, Agents 3, 4 & 8, Thrash, the Downunda / Tralius Freedom Fighters & the Red Team head out through the jungles staying close together while they trek through the jungles.)

Walt Wallaby: (in thought: Seems like a very long journey to begin with. Thou it wouldn't be the first time we tango with something dangerous & unusual as this world.)

Red Enginner (in thought: We never thought we see the day that we're in the same predicament. During our battle against BLU in one of our battlefields, 2fort, it has happened overnight.)

(Flashback back to Tralius, a day earlier from Mordecai & Rigby's arrival, where the Downunda / Tralius Freedom Fighters slowly waking up inside a barn in a farmland.)

Duck Bill: (groaning in pain) Oww... where... where are we?

Walt Wallaby: Duck Bill? Is that you?

Duck Bill: Yes, but I'm still feeling very weary on how we end up here? Shouldn't I be back at an Eggman base in Downunda?

Barby Koala: I don't know to be honest... and also, I'm unfamiliar on what's going on at all. One minute we were protecting Downunda from a pack of Wind Dingos & the next, we blacked out from that white light.

Guru Emu: That sounds like a major bummer, man... (checking outside) Best to check outside & see if everything's cool.

(However when they open the doors to the barn, they get a long look at the farmlands & especially 2Fort, where both Blu & Red team members were all confused about the weather conditions as they were when they were lost.)

Wombat Stu: (seeing a couple australian mobians) Hooley Dooley...

Walt Wallaby: How long have we been...? (Notices the sign that says "Welcome to the Red Outback Zone in Tralius") Red Outback Zone? Tralius?

Barby Koala: I don't think we're in Downunda anymore, at least not exactly...

Wombat Stu: I think Downunda has changed...! Either Better or worse, I can't even tell anymore...

Walt Wallaby: (as the Blu Team took notice of the mobians & especially the Downunda/Tralius Freedom Fighters) Everyone relax... we gotta think of something.

(However, they were greeted by the Blu Soldier armed to the teeth with his weapons & his signature rocket launcher.)

Blu Soldier: You there, stop right where you are, sister! Prove that it's not an illusion & your not a group of spies! What is your first name?

Duck Bill: Well, what's yours, bucket-brain?

Blu Spy: (as Blu Soldier begin to think as he & the other Blu Team members join the Blu Soldier) That's enough, you imbecile. (to the Downunda/Tralius Freedom Fighters) Now, where have we landed & why are there walking talking animals out & about on two feet?

(The Red Team were seen trying to figure a way out of their 2Fort Red Base, looking around, after waking up from their unconscious state.)

Red Demoman: Oi, what just happened?

Red Engineer: What in the name of... guys? Everyone wake up!

Red Soldier: (waking up from his unconscious state, noticing the scenery of Tralius & especially the curious & scared Mobians) What in the name of Liberty are those?!

Red Scout: (noticing the Mobians are out & about) What the...?! What the hell is going on?!

Red Spy: Even I do not understand how animals like them have the ability to speak the tongue of Mann.

Red Medic: At least they're not threatening, so to say. I must examine these creatures immediately.

Red Spy: Another time, but no more crazy experiments.

Blu Spy: Speak! I'm waiting! (The Red Team overhears the Blus & quietly Spy on them, with the Red Scout)

Barby Koala: (to the Blu Team) Wait, put your weapons down & we can explain...!

Blu Medic: You have a lot to explain. I am so intrigued on what make these talking animals tick.

Wombat Stu: (a bit creeped by Blu Medic) First of all we're Mobians & second, this is Planet Mobius... isn't it?

Blu Demoman: (holding his scrumpy Bottle) I think I drank too much scrumpy, now I'm seeing things. I'm drunk! You don't have an excuse!

Guru Emu: An excuse? Lighten up. Why you have to be downers man? This is Planet Mobius, your on another planet, aren't we?

Blu Scout: Another planet! Your aliens?!

Barby Koala: In some way, but it's not what you think! (Notices the Blu Team aiming their weapons at the group) ?! (Gasps)

Blu Heavy: Your not so good as you think! No baby alien men will abduct our team!

Blu Sniper: (as the 5 mobians stepping back from the Blu Team) You shouldn't even gotten out of bed.

Blu Spy: Listen you! You have three seconds to explain yourselves!

(However Walt Wallaby quickly responses with a tail sweep at the Blu Team with his kangaroo tail to make them trip.)

Walt Wallaby: Go team go! (Walt, Barby, Guru Emu, Wombat Stu & Duck Bill quickly make a run for it, seeing how the Blu Team's weapons are deadly with bullets, trying to dodge as many as possible)

Blu Medic: Stop them! (The Blu Team tries to openfire at the Downunda/Tralius Freedom Fighters, while trying to chase them down, while the Red Team already noticing the commotion going bad, even the Red Pyro feels bad for the Freedom Fighters)

Red Engineer: (as the Red Pyro charge forward with his Flamethrower) Everyone! The Blu's are planning something fierce! Best to grab all our weapons, get down there & fight!

Red Soldier: Sir, yes sir!

Red Engineer: (as the Red team follows the Red Pyro) That means you Scout, get!

(The Red Team quickly ambushes the Blu Team who quickly went into a brawl with each other, each respective classes fighting their own counterparts, while the Downunda/Tralius Freedom Fighters look on as they saw bullets, ammonution, knives & flames flying from each of the Mann co branded weapons for both Reds & Blus)

Barby Koala: Who are they? And why'd they look exactly the same, only Red?

Guru Emu: This is quite the pickle, we don't know if the Red guys are just as bad as the Blue guys, since they all look so identical. We don't know who we can trust.

Walt Wallaby: (as a Blu Spy decloaks behind them & is about to stab at Duck Bill) Whoever they are... (hears Duck Bill gasping & quickly caught a glimpse at the Blu Spy & suckerpunches him to save Duck Bill) I'm voting for the Red guys!

(Before the Blu Spy can openfire in retaliation, The Red Spy decloaks & clashes with Blu Spy in an Agent style gun battle to keep the Blu Spy busy

Red Spy: Let's settle this like gentleman!

Duck Bill: (noticing this, as the Red & Blu Scout clash their baseball bats at each other, trying to bonk at each other, while blasting their shotguns at each other, while dodging at quick speeds) Whoa. Thanks for saving me.

Walt Wallaby: Like we said before, even if your part of the Dark Egg Legion as an Egg Grandmaster with either Lien-Da the Echidna, Beauregard Rabbot or even the Iron Queen, we wouldn't want you getting hurt.

Wombat Stu: Yeah, right now... (as the Downunda/Tralius Freedom Fighters rushes over to help the Red push the Blu Team back) We got some Blue baddies to beat!

Barby Koala: (quickly kicks a Blu Engineer, before he could suckerpunch the Red Engineer) Right, it's time we return the favour...!

(The Red Team & Downunda/Tralius Freedom Fighters quickly turn the tide against the Blu Team, pushing them back to the Blu Base in 2Fort, while Barby Koala quickly dodges the Blu Medic's syringes, before Barby Ducks down & lashes out her Koala claws at the Blu Spy, keeping Duck Bill safe, while he deals with the Blu Medic, thou the Downunda/Tralius Freedom Fighters are feeling the damage effects from the Blu team attacks, the Red Medic quickly rushes in to heal them & the Red Team, with his Medigun & Medic Pack.)

Red Medic: (ducking down from the Blu Medic's syringes, before firing his own at Blu Medic) Come over here, I promise I will heal you.

(Walt quickly dodges backwards from the oncoming Pyro flames by the Blu Pyro, before Walt lifts his feet up & stands on his tail to dropkick the Blu Pyro away while Red Pyro slashes the Blu Pyro's flamethrower with an axe.)

Blu Sniper: (trying to get a good aim at either Red Sniper, as Wombat Stu quickly pounces at the Blu Scout with a dropkick to the back) Steady, steady... I see you, you mongrel.

Guru Emu: (quickly pulls the Red Sniper down to avoid the shot together, before ambushing the Blu Sniper with a high kick) Peace out!

(However, the Red Pyro quickly aim a flare gun & openfires a fire flare at the Blu Pyro's damaged flamethrower, while everyone tries to get away, the Blu Pyro's flamethrower explodes, thou the Reds & Downunda Freedom Fighters got pushed back by the force, the Blu's got a couple burns, with the Blu Medic tries to use the Medic pack & Medigun to heal the Blu Team.)

Blu Soldier: Son of a gun...! Fall back! (The Blu Team quickly falls back while the Red Team & Downunda/Tralius Freedom Fighters slowly get up)

Red Demoman: It's a fine thing lads. (Chuckles a bit)

Red Soldier: Booyah! Mission Accomplish!

Red Sniper: Well I'll be stabbed. Real life talking animals or aliens or whatever you wankers are, mates.

Duck Bill: We're Mobians & you are?

Red Spy: We are the Red Team, the Realiable Excavation Demolition by Redmond Mann. What you see that tried to kill you for answers are the Blu Team, the Builders League United by Blutarch Mann. We were just as confused as you are.

Guru Emu: (in thought: I did told my teammates that they are identical, but different.) Thanks for saving our lives, man. We may not know if it's our Planet Mobius anymore.

Red Medic: Or Earth for that matter, what is happening now?

Wombat Stu: We have no idea. We blacked out by a sudden flash & then the next, we've ended up here, just inside the barn.

Red Heavy: If you have no place to go? Stay. We make good team.

Walt Wallaby: It's impossible to tell if our base is back or not, but at the very least, it is our home now. Thanks. We would not trouble you.

Red Engineer: Ah, it's nothing. You'll get use to it. But for now, we'll rest until then. The Blu's will be back alright. They'll be back.

(End of Flashback)

Walt Wallaby: (in thought: Crickey... That was a bit of a wild experience. We do owe the Red Team our lives, since they react so much better than the Blus & even they don't know what's truly going on here since the beginning.)

Red Engineer: (in thought: To think, these 5 Freedom Fighters have saved us in return. We thought that the Blus would kill them, but in infact they were that experienced as we are.)

(Later, It was a very long & treacherous journey for the group, while avoiding the wild animals, the lions, hyenas & tribesmen, even staying hidden from the Efrika Egg Soldiers that are on vehicles to do their daily jungle patrol, even keeping Rigby's mouth shut while staying hidden.)

Efrika Egg Soldier 1: Keep searching. We don't want the boss to find out they escaped.

Efrika Egg Soldier 2: (contacting the Blu Team) What happened out there? Did you shoot them out of the sky?

Blu Medic: (on communicator as the Blu Team landed in the plains of the Savannah) In my medical opinion that they couldn't survive a plane crash this brutal, unless they use the parachutes.

Blu Demoman: (on communicator) Meanwhile, were bloody blind by some stupid Robot & 3 squids!

Efrika Egg Soldier 2: That could've been the Robot with Kokoro & the new Squidbreak Splatoon recently. Make sure you get back here to the base quickly. We don't want anymore surprises from the likes of them or Sonic the hedgehog for that matter.

Blu Soldier: (on communicator) Affirmative, understood. I joined this Blu team just to kill RED maggots like them that are against BLU!

Efrika Egg Soldier 2: Remember the deal with Maw & all of the Egg Bosses, we will provide you with all the firepower you need to destroy the Reds for not only Blutarch, but for the ownership of Mann Co. (Red Medic quietly gasps upon the revelation that the Blus are temporarily working with the Egg Army)

Blu Scout: (on communicator) Copy that & all that crud.

Mordecai: (whispers) Do you guys hear that?

(The group notices the Red Soldier coming out of the jungle in a fit of anger, while trying to calm the Red Soldier down, but was too stubborn to listen due to the outrage.)

Red Soldier: (is seen from the other side of the open path of the jungle) Why that no good soulless scum! (The group tries to calm him down) They are nothing but a bunch of cowards!

Efrika Egg Soldiers: (hearing the Red Soldier yelling & turn to the group) Fire! (Begins firing at the group, who quickly ducks down)

Red Soldier: ATTAAACK! (Begins blasting the Egg Soldiers away with his rocket launcher to send them flying, while the Red Team begins to openfire back, but Astro made sure no one else, not even the Egg Soldiers are hurt)

Astro Boy: Guys! Don't hurt them!

Red Spy: (cloaks to sneak behind an Egg Soldier to knock him out with a punch to the back of the neck) We'll try to make it painless.

Red Scout: (running at high speed while jumping high & trying to hit & run the Egg Soldiers with his Steel baseball bat) Bonk! Bonk! Can't hit what ain't there!

Efrika Egg Soldier 3: (openfire lasers with the Egg Soldiers, while the heroes barely got into new hiding spots) He's fast, but not as fast as fast as the hedgehog! (Whistles for backup)

Mordecai: (screams upon seeing an Egg Heavy openfiring miniguns while the Red Heavy let's out a holler as he openfire s back to block & deflect the Egg heavy's bullets with his own, while the Red Medic begins to keep the group alive with his Medi Gun & the Red Engineer deploys a Dispenser hidden in the bushes, while shooting tranquilser darts from his Syringe Gun to put the Egg Soldiers near him to sleep & even Red Sniper use tranquilliser darts as well to pacify the Egg Soldiers to sleep) Thanks man.

Red Sniper: No worries, mate.

Red Medic: Oops. Medicine, that was not?

(The group continues to duck down & openfire at the Egg Soldiers, while Red Pyro's Monkey friend explains to him of an idea while it heads out, while the fight goes on, with Mordecai, Thrash, Walt, Barby, Wombat Stu & Duck Bill throwing their punches & kicks at a couple Egg Soldiers, even Barby does a hurricanrana at one female Egg Soldier, while Barby & the Agents deal with the female Egg Soldiers to try & fight them in hand to hand combat, with Agent 3 having superior fighting skills than the rest, Rigby lunging at another Egg Soldier's face, trying to smack at an Egg Soldier's helmet & mask, before he tossed Rigby away at Agent 4.)

Agent 4: Whoa! (got hit, while catching Rigby) Oof!

Rigby: (dizzy) Now I know how a package feels like.

Thrash: (uppercuts at a Egg Soldier heavy, before he slams the Egg Soldier heavy down) They're tough for a batallion!

Guru Emu: (trying to hold an Egg Soldier down) (noticing the Red Pyro) Look...!

Red Pyro: (muffled out a charging war cry, to lead the Monkeys to ambush the Egg Soldiers, swatting their weapons away for the heroes to help) !

Female Egg Soldier: (trying to get the monkeys off of her & the Efrika Egg Soldiers) Get off of us, you darn dirty apes!

Guru Emu: Sweet monkey rebellion, man. (Red Pyro gives Guru & the group a thumbs up before they all charge in, with the Red Pyro & Red Soldier to quickly knock out the rest of the Egg Soldiers with Pyro punching their lights out & the Red Soldier using his shovel to market gardened the rest, while knocking out the last Egg Soldier unconscious after landing)

Astro Boy: (checking on the Egg Soldiers) (sigh in relief) Your lucky that no one is injured or killed.

Agent 8: (sighs in relief) That was close.

Agent 3: What were you thinking on blowing your cover with your screaming?

Red Soldier: The Blu Team have dishonoured this entire unit on accepting help from the enemy! Their way of help is a pile of nonsense!

Agent 3: Then why would you accept our help on getting Mordecai & Rigby back to the park?

Mordecai: (having found something from the Egg Soldiers during their search, which are meatless Buffalo wing bones, Pop's top hat, Skips' dreamcatcher & Hi-Five Ghost's picture of him & his brother) Guys! Look...!

Rigby: Meatless Buffalo bones?

Mordecai & Rigby: Beson & Muscle Man!

Red Spy: Excuse me?

Wombat Stu: (picks up the top hat & dreamcatcher) What's all these?

Guru Emu: A dream catcher, someone must have crazy dreams.

Mordecai: That dreamcatcher must've belong to Skips.

Rigby: Pops must've lost his top hat too. And is that a picture of Fives with his brother?

Agent 4: Something terrible must've happened to them! Could it be that they're...?

Hi-Five Ghost: (hiding in the jungle, with a lot of dropped crates) Hello? Mordecai & Rigby? Is that you?

Mordecai & Rigby: (notices Hi-Five Ghost) Fives! (Comes over to the group)

Walt Wallaby: Well call me Casper, he's an actual ghost!

Red Scout: (jumps a bit in fright) I thought Hi-Five Ghost is just a nickname?! Not one of Merasmus's henchghosts!

Mordecai: No, really he's actually a ghost.

Red Spy: (trying to calm down & sighs) Fantastic. They are definitely not from this world.

Agent 3: (a bit annoyed) (in thought: You don't say...)

Rigby: What do you doing out here, Fives?

Hi-Five Ghost: I was looking for you guys as well since we're lost in this jungle. Oh & uh, does he belong to you? (Point to the Red Demoman, who is still attatched to his parachute that was stuck in a tree, leaving the Demoman sleeping while he was hanging)

Red Engineer: Demo! (Rushing to the Red Demoman with Red Scout)

Mordecai: Where are Benson. Skips, Pops & even your best bro, Muscle Man?

Hi-Five Ghost: Uh... that's what I was going to tell you. It all happened last night, before you disappeared earlier in the morning.

(Flashback back to the Park of the Regular Show universe)

Benson: (screaming in anger upon seeing Mordecai & Rigby missing along with the crates & the patio furniture) Everytime! Everytime they done something stupid, some crazy stupid adventure happened to them!

Pops: Where do you think they disappeared too? Is this a magic act?

Muscle Man: Whatever, sounds like they're lost or even kidnapped.

Skips: (seeing the movement of the white fog) Not exactly... look around.

(The Park colleagues all began to notice a white fog is covering the entire park around them, like a dome.)

Hi-Five Ghost: What's going on? What is with all this fog?

Muscle Man: I heard that London is famous for it's fog, but here in the park is ridiculous! It's the middle of summer!

Pops: What do you think it is? It feels so spooky.

Benson: Must've been an error of the weather forecast or a stupid prank. It has to be a prank!

Skips: That's no prank. This fog is as real as you & me. We best hurry inside quick.

Benson: (groans) Fine, everyone inside the house for a meeting...! Mordecai & Rigby better be there as well! (The group about to turn to the house, but the fog was too thick to see through) Hey! What the...? Where'd it go? (Trying to search for it while the group stays together)

Hi-Five Ghost: Where is it? I can't see!

Skips: Everyone, stay together.

(The Group tries to continue but purple Genesis portals suddenly begin to appear, scaring the group.)

Benson: Mordecai! Rigby! Are you in there? (Suddenly got spooked by a dark future of Prelates of the Pre-Genesis World, before the portal closes) AAH! What the...?!

Skips: (realised what's going on) Oh no... I've seen this before... we gotta...! (Before they could react, Skips, Benson, Pops, Muscle Man & Hi-Five Ghosts fell through an appearing purple Genesis portal, screaming on their way through to the Post-Genesis Sonic World / Planet Mobius) Noooo!

(The 5 continue screaming as they were sent flying through a purple genesis Portal, while the Park followed suite through a large Genesis portal before each of them close, as the fog fades away, leaving the centre of the city a crater where the park should be, like the Space Dome incident. Meanwhile as the Park lands in the grassy plains of Northamer, the Mobius equivalent to North America, spooking the Empire City citizens & the Northamer Egg Army while hearing the impact, Benson, Skips, Pops, Muscle Man & Hi-Five Ghosts continue screaming as they land in the jungles of Efrika where they land through the tree branches & into the pond.)

Benson, Skips, Pops, Muscle Man & Hi-Five Ghost: (emerging out of the pond, crawling to shore, while coughing out the water)

Hi-Five Ghost: What just happened?! We're gonna starve & die out here!

Skips: (trying to get a phone service) There's no cell service!

Muscle Man: Where are we?! I need to call my wife! How am I gonna call my wife?!

Benson: (trying to stop the others from panicking) Everyone! Stop! Nobody panic! Let's just calm down & figure this all out together. Our main priority is getting back to the park.

Pops: (spots someone coming) Oh, maybe some nice gentleman in chains can help.

(However, what Pops saw, is actually Axel the Water Buffalo, with his Efrika Egg Soldiers having the group surrounded.)

Axel: Well well, looks like someone dropped out of the sky. Are you lost?

Benson: Yes, we're trying to find a way back to the park & find Mordecai & Rigby. (Show a picture of Mordecai & Rigby) Have you seen these two? It's probably because of them.

Axel: We'll keep that in mind. In the meantime... (the Egg Soldiers quickly begins grabbing ahold of the group, who gasped upon the revelation) Your trespassing in Eggman's territory. Nothing personal, just following orders regardless.

(However Skips & Muscle Man quickly power out of the Egg Soldiers grip & begins fighting back with Benson, Pops & Hi-Five Ghosts, however the Egg Soldiers begin fighting back, even Axel taking on Skips & Muscle Man, as the Egg Soldiers held Benson & Pops hostage)

Benson: Hey! Let me go! (Dropping the Buffalo wings bones)

Pops: (getting carried by Egg Soldiers, while he dropped his hat, trying to struggle with Benson) Where are you taking me? I demand you put me down this instant!

(Axel begins throwing his punches at Skips, while Axel & his Egg Soldiers try to lasso chains at Muscle Man, who was squealing & trying to break out of these chains.)

Muscle Man: Oh no, bro! I'm not letting you take me back so easily! Get your hands off me! (punching more Egg Soldiers away, while getting lassoed even more in chains, while Axel suckerpunches Muscle Man) Guah!

Skips: Muscle Man! (Skips on over to Muscle Man, as he rams at Axel very hard)

Axel: Guah! (Grinding his feet to the ground, while getting punched more by Skips) (snorts) Your very strong, I can respect that. (Headbutts Skips with his metallic water buffalo horns, that knocks Skips back) But don't get ahead of yourself!

Skips: (seeing Hi-Five Ghosts dodging from the chains, lasers & grabbing hands the best he can) Fives! Get out of there!

Hi-Five Ghost: (seeing Axel pulling Skips away & tackles Skips through the trees to have him chained up) Skips! (Quickly retreats into hiding, while he manages to hide & avoid capture, as Axel & the Efrika Egg Army takes them away)

(End of Flashback)

Mordecai: Our friends were captured by a Buffalo?!

Hi-Five Ghost: Water Buffalo & I'm sorry, I couldn't let them be prisoners to that commander! But I had no choice.

Barby Koala: It's quite alright, Mr. Ghost.

Hi-Five Ghost: Please call me Fives.

Barby Koala: We're all as much confused as you are. If we help get our colleagues back first, we can get back to the park next.

Rigby: (groans) Oh come on, it's never easy. But fine. We'll rescue them.

Mordecai: (as the Red Scout nudges Red Demoman to wake him up, that spooked him) The sooner we rescue them, the better. So where are they?

Hi-Five Ghost: Your not gonna like it. (Move the leaves away to show the full view of the Efrika Egg Army Base in the distance)

Red Engineer: Aw hell... (Mordecai & Rigby gasp while the group quickly gets down quietly)

Agent 3: (whispers) Best to figure out a way inside quietly.

Mordecai: (whispers) But how? We're gonna need a distraction this Big to lure them away.

(The Group notices the target practice on the field, with Efrika Egg Soldiers, blasting many training dummies to pieces, even with one training dummy is sent flying & landing near the group, realising that the laser guns & weapons they have are dangerous.)

Rigby: (whispers) Welp, we're boned. (About to leave)

Walt Wallaby: (grab Rigby by the tail) We'll have to get inside.

Red Spy: They are correct. This requires timing, stealth & teamwork.

Hi-Five Ghost: It could be our only chance of saving our friends.

Guru Emu: It's best to play it safe, otherwise it's game over, man.

Thrash: Leave the rest to me. Walt & I might know a safe way. (Bringing the group together for the plan)

Walt Wallaby: Righty then. And it sounds we got something that might help.

Red Spy: Ok, don't get too excited. Here's what we got planned out. (Smirks a bit devilishly)


(We can see the Red Heavy, Red Demo, Thrash, Red Pyro & Red Soldier as the Distraction Team hiding in the tall Savannah grass getting ready. Mordecai, Rigby, Agents 3, 4 & 8, Astro, the Red Scout, Red Spy, Walt Wallaby & Barby Koala are the Intel Team, hiding in the crates of an Efrika Egg Army Military Jeep with the Red Spy uses a Disguise Kit to disguise himself as an Efrika Egg Foreman. Hi-Five Ghost, the Red Engineer, Red Medic, Wombat Stu & Duck Bill are the Extraction Team sneaking from the back hiding in the bushes & trees near the garage area of the Egg Army Base & the Red Sniper & Guru Emu are the Lookout team, staying behind while keeping a lookout of anything suspecious or wrong.)

(The Red Sniper & Guru Emu give the signal to the teams, with the Distraction Team of begins to secretly snatch a few patroling Egg Soldiers to silently knock them out cold, with more of the Egg Soldiers leave their post to check out the situation & the "disappearances", leaving the Extraction Team free to sneak around the back.)

(The Red Spy scan an unconscious Egg Soldier appearance from earlier, into his Disguise Kit & quietly used it to disguise himself as an Egg Soldier, while driving an Egg Military Truck with the metal crates with the Intel Team inside them.)

Red Spy: (Egg Soldier's voice) Ahem. Gentlemen?

(The Egg Soldiers & an Efrika Egg Foreman checks the cargo of the truck & the driver to be safe, before comfiriming to be clear, after seeing it was "addressed & delivered" from Eggman himself.)

Efrika Egg Foreman: Hmmmm... Very well. Axel does need the supplies for his new vehicles. (Secretly ask a pair of Egg Soldiers to keep an eye on them)

(The disguised Red Spy drives into the Base Camp area before reaching into the cargo bay, while both the Red Sniper & Guru Emu keeps an eye out on all 3 teams, checking that it's so far so good.)

(The Extraction Team grab a key card from an unconscious Egg Soldier, while covering the security cameras with blankets from their own crates, having to use with what they got. While Hi-Five Ghost nod to the rest of the Extraction Team & silent faze through the wall with his ghostly power to silent takedown another Egg Soldier that is guarding the garage from the inside, but making sure he still stands to avoid any suspecion from the other Egg Soldiers.)

(With the sound of an opening door, the Egg Soldiers slowly reach to the door to ready their weapons)

Egg Soldier: (whispers) Shh... get ready.

(But when the door opens, no one was here, only a Level 1 sentry filled with Tranquilser Darts, at first they were confused, one of them even checks on it.)

Egg Soldier: Ain't that cute little- (suddenly heard the beep from the sentry as it openfires multiple tranquliser darts at the Egg Soldiers, while trying to shoot it down, only for Hi-Five Ghost, Red Engineer, Wombat Stu & Duck Bill to ambush the Egg Soldiers from the inside to silent take them down one by one, to make sure they don't raise the alarm)

Hi-Five Ghost: Get some help! (Tossing the unconscious Egg Soldier onto the others to knock them down quietly)

Duck Bill: (sighs quietly while pinning one squirming Egg Soldier down, while the Red help tie the Egg Soldiers tightly) (whispers) To think I was driven by peer pressure by my own kind. Yet it feels so good to be back.

Wombat Stu: (whispers) I hear ya, man. (Contacts Red Sniper & Guru Emu) Garage area is secured.

(Back with the Intel Team in the Cargo Area, the pair of Egg Soldiers open the trucks to open the crates by checking them inside.)

Male Efrika Egg Soldier: Alright, before we check you in. Let's see this... "ammo".

Red Spy: (sighs, having no choice) But of course.

Female Efrika Egg Soldier: Hopefully this will be worth it. (Unlock the crates with the Egg Soldier's help & both soldiers peek inside) ?! Oh my g- (scream of getting pulled in with the Male Egg Soldier)

(However they were greeted with surprise by Mordecai, Rigby, Agents 3, 4 & 8, Astro, Red Scout, Walt Wallaby & Barby Koala, who they pulled the pair of Egg Soldiers inside to knock them unconscious within the crates, before the team slowly climb out of the crates, stretching their arms, legs & other limbs)

Red Spy: Sorry to pop in unnanounced. (Opens the crates) Comfortable?

Red Scout: (strained a bit) Uh, no.

Walt Wallaby: Not really. (Stretching himself with the group) Not really our best plan without getting a Charlie horse, but it works.

Astro Boy: (looking around in the area) Right now, the prison room should be below us. Come on.

(The Intel Team quietly sneak quietly through the hallways trying to find the stone stairs, thou have to stay hidden from an Egg Soldier with his sentry, thou while Barby Koala quietly climbs the temple wall, being quiet, the Red Spy throws a Zapper like a curling hockey pock, which sets an EMP blast to disable the turret.)

Egg Soldier: Someone's zapping my sentry! (Smashes the zapper, only to find his sentry destroyed) ?! Oh come on, I spent hours on... (quickly turns to find Barby, pouncing at him from the top of the stone wall, knocking him out cold by sending him to a stone wall.) D'oh!

Barby Koala: (finding the stone stairs) Shh, down there.

(The group follows Barby quietly downstairs to the Temple's Prison Room.)

(Back with the Distraction Team)

(Thrash, Red Soldier, Red Pyro, Red Demoman & Red Heavy manages to keep the Egg Soldiers from within the gates of the temple, all tied up & knocked unconscious, while staying hidden, while surprised on what they see, Sniper Towers with Egg Soldiers scouting the area from the top, trying to figure out where the Distraction Team are.)

Guru Emu: (whispers while on communicator) Forget to mention that there are sniper towers.

Red Soldier: (whispers) Dammit...

Thrash: (whispers) Were pinned down at the moment.

Red Sniper: (whispers) No worries... (place a silencer on his Sniper rifle & aims it to shoot tranquiluser darts from a far distance with Guru Emu's help on putting the Egg Soldiers Snipers to sleep in their sniper towers)

Egg Soldiers: (got hit with tranquilliser darts & fall asleep in the sniper towers one by one, while one is left.) ?!

Guru Emu: (whispers) Just one more dart and... (suddenly got grabbed with Red Sniper by familiar mecernaries in Blue) Mmph?! (Guru Emu & Red Sniper's communicator got cut off by a Blu Spy knife...)

Blu Spy: Surprise...!

Red Demoman: (whispers hearing the communication getting cut off) Sniper? Guru?

Red Heavy: (whispers as the Red Pyro is surprised) Oh this is bad... (Red Soldier tries to contact the group, unaware of the Blu Team closing in)

(With the Extraction Team, who were quietly spotting an Egg Soldier Heavy & an Egg Swat, at the upper floors of the temple.)

Egg Soldier Heavy: (As Red Engineer, Red Medic, Wombat Stu, Duck Bill, Hi-Five Ghost) (to an Egg Swat & an Egg Soldier) (holding a minigun) This minigun wears 150 kilograms & fire $200 custom 2 Cartridges at 10,000 rounds per minute...

Wombat Stu: (getting a sudden call) ! (Answers it quietly) (whispers) Whats going on?

Red Soldier: (whispers) Sniper down.

Duck Bill: (as Red Medic quietly saws off an Egg Swat's head with an Uber-Saw) Excuse me?!

Egg Soldier & Egg Soldier Heavy: (notice the Egg Swat beheaded) Spies! (Charge, trying to attack)

(Hi-Five Ghost, Red Engineer & Duck Bill tries fending off the Egg Soldier Heavy while Wombat Stu & Red Medic quickly catches the Egg Soldier to try & shoot tranquilliser darts to put him to sleep, thou a sigh of relief was short lived, when Hi-Five Ghost accidently spooks the Egg Soldier Heavy enough for the Red Engineer & Duck Bill smacks a monkey wrench at the skull of the Egg Soldier Heavy, which causes him to fall off the temple platform to the tables & crates down below the lower levels, crashing down, which raises alarm for all Egg Soldiers in the temple.)

Hi-Five Ghost: ?! Uh oh...!

(The Intel Team begins to hear it as well, when reaching downstairs, including Axel the Water Buffalo & Eggman from the control room monitor, even a single Egg Soldier backs up to the alarm system.)

Egg Soldier: Spies! We've been invaded! (Slams the button to sound the alarms)

Duck Bill: Oh no...!

Dr. Eggman: (on monitor) Axel? What was that?!

Axel: (blows steam from his nostrils) It's them! They must be after the prisoners...!

Dr. Eggman: (growls a bit) You better catch them at once! I'm planning to have them obliterated incase they do escape!

Axel: (as he orders the Efrika Egg Soldiers to begin hunting for the heroes) I'll see what I can do, boss. Go Go!

Walt Wallaby: (on communicator, as the the Extraction Team quickly get into hiding, trying to get back to the Garage) Extraction Team, what's going on?

Wombat Stu: Is this a bad time to tell you that we accidently set off the alarm?

Red Spy: (in communicator) Yes, that. We're running out of time!

(With the Intel Team, who are desperatl fighting off the Egg Soldiers in the Prison Room.)

Mordecai: Distraction Team, it's time to get out of here! Full force!

Blu Demoman: (on communicator) (smiling devilishly) Don't fret, boyo. I'll be gentle!

Red Heavy: (on communicator, trying to fight off the Blu Team, who were quickly overwhemling the Red Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy & Thrash) Help!

(The Blu Team continues to pummel at the Red Soldier, Pyro, Demoman & Heavy, while the Blu Heavy uppercuts Thrash's jaw to prevent him from using his sonic screams, while Thrash scream in pain, while trying to fight back the Blu Heavy with strength of his own.)

Mordecai & Rigby: Crud! The Blus are back!

Red Scout: Kay, this does not look good here, um...?

Benson: (in prison cell with Skips, Pops & Muscle Man) What's going on?! Is someone there?!

Agent 8: Over there! Could that be them?

Mordecai & Rigby: (as the two, plus, Agents 3, 4, 8, Astro, Red Scout, Red Spy, Walt & Barby rush over to the prison cell to see Benson, Skips, Pops & Muscle Man) Guys! Your back!

Pops: Mordecai! Rigby! It's a jolly good show that you came!

Benson: (reasonably fed up) You better have a good reason for all this! What have you gotten yourselves into now?!

Astro Boy: (checking the lock, which is old & blasts digi beams to open the cell, cutting the bars down) Stand clear!

Agent 3: Less talk, more escaping, now!

Muscle Man: No don't...!

Skips: (notices lots of chains being launched) Everyone, look out!

(The group quickly got hit by the steel chains, while the group try to dodge them, while they turn to see they are surrounded by Axel & his Efrika Egg Soldiers, wielding steel chains.)

Red Scout: Ah crud.

Muscle Man: Oh no bro...! It's a trap!

Axel: (as the Blu Team quickly bring the Red Soldier, Red Pyro, Red Demoman, Red Heavy, Red Sniper, Thrash & Guru Emu as well) To think you had me fooled for a minute there. But thankfully the Blu Team's deal with us & the rest of the Egg Bosses still stands. And I have the prisoners to thank for being live bait.

Blu Soldier: (as Blu Pyro laughs devilishly) We have you surrounded, at least from this side. Surrender now maggots & you'll not be harmed.

Agent 4: Now what do we do? We're trapped.

Skips: (as the group get themselves ready to fight) But not helpless...!

Blu Demoman: (snickers evilly while the Blu Team & Egg Soldiers load their weapons) FIRE!

(However, as the Blu Team & Egg Soldiers openfire, they were surprised to see the Red Medic, Red Engineer, Wombat Stu, Duck Bill & Hi-Five Ghost blast through the ceiling by Red Enginner's sentry rockets, while the Red Medic quickly unleashes an fully charged Uber-Charge to shield the heroes from the openfire, making their Red Uber-Charged polished forms bullet proof to save their lives from certain death.)

Thrash: What the...?!

Agent 3: What is this?

Red Heavy: (smiling) Doctor!

Axel: Quick, get them! (Charges forward with the Efrika Egg Soldiers & the Blu Team, trying to attack the heroes, while Astro, Thrash & Skips quickly push Axel back the best they can.)

Red Medic: (healing the team) I'm fully charged, now go!

(The Uber Charged Mordecai, Rigby, Agents 3, 4 & 8, Astro Boy, Red Team & Downunda/Tralius Freedom Fighters & now Benson, Skips, Pops, Muscle Man & Hi-Five Ghost quickly begins brawling, fighting back the Egg Soldiers, Blu Team & Axel, while trying to escape the temple to the garage.)

Rigby: (as the Agents shoot lots of burning coloured ink at the Blu Team, who are trying to openfire back) We get to live!

Muscle Man: (as he brawls & tosses an Egg Soldier at the other oncoming soldiers) Fives! You back!

Hi-Five Ghost: Muscle Man! It's good to see you alive, but i don't know the Uber-Charge would last, we got lucky!

Wombat Stu: This way! Back to the Extraction Point!

Benson: (to Mordecai & Rigby, who are punching & kicking at a few Egg Soldiers) When this is over, you two are dead...! (Punches an Egg Soldier)

(The group quickly begins their escape the best they can, while Astro Boy & Axel are brawling each other, while Astro continues dodging Axel's punches & chain hooks.)

Astro Boy: (quickly got chained from the legs) Aah!

Barby Koala: (as the group hurry upstairs to the garage) Astro!

Axel: (trying to pull Astro back down as the Egg Soldiers trying their best to attack & block off their garage exit in an emergency lockdock) Egg Soldiers hold the bot down! Maw & the other Egg Bosses are gonna... (suddenly got pulled in by Astro with his feats of robotic strength & got spin around & sent flying into a truck) Guah!

Astro Boy: (unhook the chains off of him) Sorry, but they all need saving! (Flies back to the group, who rushed into an Egg Army truck) Gotta fly!

Axel: (trying to get up) Get out of the truck!

Mordecai: (starting the engines to the Egg Army Truck) Let's go, let's go!

Skips: Step on it! (The group drives the Egg Army Truck to quickly rams through the garage door at top speed before escaping into the Savannah, but not before Axel, the Blu Team & the Efrika Egg Army follows suite in their own Egg Army vehicles, while Axel readies his chains)

Axel: (on top of the hood of Egg Foreman's truck, while the Blu Engineer openfires his sentry against the Red Engineer's Sentry) Keep it steady! We ride against the Red Team!

Agent 4: (as she Agent 3 & 8 openfire at the oncoming enemy trucks & motorcycles, knocking the motorcycles down by burning the tires to weaken & pop them) They're gaining on us!

Agent 8: Sorry...!

Muscle Man: (ducks back in from the bullet shots hitting the rear view mirrors) Can't this move any faster...!

Guru Emu: I can't! We're carrying too much weight & it's a GEO!

(Axel quickly jumps up & forward, spinning his chains & latches onto the back end of the stolen Egg Army Truck with the hook end of the chains, that stabs through the back end of the stolen truck, to begin sliding across the Savannah grass, like he's water skiing)

Axel: Stop the vehicle immediately, if you know what's good for you!

Benson: (trying to break the chains with Red Engineer's wrench, panicking) Get away get away get away get away get away!

(However a sniper shot from the Blu Sniper knocked the wrench off of Benson's hand)

Blu Sniper: (as the Red Team, Agents 3, 4 & 8 tries to openfire at the tires of the enemy trucks with their own weapons) You better hold onto your head mate!

Red Heavy: (as he openfires minigun bullet & the Red Soldier fire at the ground, near enemy vehicles, getting them off balanced, while ducking down from the Blu Heavy bullets & the Blu Soldier rockets) Too many little men on this team!

(The Blu Team & Axel quickly dodge the openfire the best they can, while Axel begins to pull himself into the truck trying to climb up, while the Red Scout tries to bonk at the Water Buffalo, but Axel manages to grab onto the baseball bat & begins to pull him out of the truck, but the Red Scout who was screaming, tries to hang onto the back of the truck, trying to kick the Water Buffalo.)

Walt: Scout! (Begins kangaroo kicking at Axel, to push him back to the tip of the chains, while Mordecai & Rigby manages to cut one of the two chains with the Red Sniper's machette)

Barby: (as Axel hangs onto one of his chains left) Hang on!

Blu Soldier: (as the Blu Team drive faster, seeing the other Egg Army trucks crashing to a stop with the Egg Soldiers evacuating the vehicles before they crash) Dammit! Faster maggots! Faster! (Blasting many more rockets at the stolen Egg Army trucks, trying to hit them, as the Blu Demoman joins in on launching his grenade bombs) You cannot run from me, my gun is faster!

Blu Medic: (uber charges the Blu Team to help them blast the stolen truck) I am fully charged!

Red Scout: (as Wombat Stu & Duck Bill pulls him back in the truck) Oh snap!

Astro Boy: No! Stop it! (About to blast digi beams at the Blu Team's truck, but was sucker punched by Axel, accidently hitting not only the last chain that sends Axel crashing into the plains of Efrika with the rest of the Efrika Egg Soldiers, but also the engines of the Blu Team) Guah!

Axel: (screaming as he is sent tumbling into the Efrika Plains, watching the heroes leave in a panic) (getting up slowly) You just made the list of enemies of the Eggman Army...

(The Blu Team scream as their vehicle got hit in the engines & quickly abandons the truck before it crashes, but we're sent flying throughout the plains of Efrika at a nearby giant tree.)

Mordecai & Rigby: (screams as the stolen truck got hit in the back by the rockets & bombs from Blu Soldier & Demoman, that sends them off road & crash into the Efrika Plains to a nearby Blu Team Plane in the distance) Aah!

(Mordecai, Rigby, Agents 3, 4 & 8, Astro, Thrash, Downunda/Tralius Freedom Fighters & the Red Team were sent crashing into the plains, thou everyone seems a bit battered & bruised, but still ok, however their stolen truck was disabled.)

Dr. Eggman: (arriving in his Egg Mobile, with Orbot & Cubot) Ohohohohohoho... I wanted to thank the Egg Army for softening you up. Now I can finish the job myself!

Benson: Now what?!

Walt Wallaby: (as the Downunda/Tralius Freedom Fighters are angry at Eggman) Eggman!

Red Soldier: (noticing something large & metallic approaching) ! What's that?

(Before they could get an answer, they all saw a very large metallic mech suit, which is a combination of the Wily Machine 9 & the Death Egg Robot, which is named the Egg-Wily Machine X, in term the Egg Mobie has attatched itself within the mechanical monster.)

Red Heavy: Metal Giant!

Dr. Eggman: Now, I'm going to enjoy the fireworks that will leave you in many pieces!

Astro Boy: Eggman! You don't have to fight! Your gonna cause more damage than you've already intended!

Dr. Eggman: And what would you know about negotiations? I'm not the kind of doctor that surrenders peacefully just like that! It's not just my job to conquer, it's what I do! Let's be real here, Why does Sonic Run? Why does Tails fly? Why does Knuckles likes to punch & dig things? Why does Amy swings her Hammer around?

Astro Boy: Don't you understand, world conquest doesn't mean anything! All it does is getting yourself into deeper trouble! Do you understand?

Dr. Eggman: (readies his Egg explosives & lasers) So you all dare to defy me, do you?!

Mordecai: Astro's right, what's the point of world conquest if everyone is trying to resist against you?

Dr. Eggman: (unleashes his mech's Egg explosives & lasers, while lashing out it's spiked fists at the group in a rage, as the heroes quickly scatter into hiding while screaming trying to openfire back) Don't you lecture me about what is right & what is wrong?! All I know is that your gonna be reduced into rubble!

(The Red Pyro blasts a lot of flames from his flamethrower at the Egg-Wily Machine X, while the Red Sniper shoots the joints of the Egg-Wily Machine X's arms to disable them quickly, while Thrash let's out a sonic scream to shatter the windows of the mech.)

Dr. Eggman: Oh that's it! Now I'm serious! (press the button about to openfire more, but realised that the mech was already out of ammo) Huh?! What?! Out of ammo! Already?! Is it because of the Dark Hunters, isn't it?! (Suddenly remembers something) Wait wait...!

(Dr. Eggman suddenly has past flashbacks of himself sabatoging another mad doctor of an universe named "Dr. Wily" & vice versa from a Pre-Genesis past life, while realising that a select few Skakdi of the 2nd Dark Hunters were guarding the Egg-Wily Machine X that had also further sabatoging Eggman's mech to avoid further interruptions of the Heroes & Villains' test of unity against Neo Metal Sonic.)

Dr. Eggman: They done it to me again?!

Mordecai: Wait, Eggman's immobilised in mid-air! This is our chance!

Red Soldier: (as he & Red Demoman bring out spare weapons from the Blu Team for the others) Operation Soaring Eagle...!

Barby Koala: This should do it! Quickly!

Benson: Everyone, together!

(Mordecai, Rigby, Astro, Agents 3, 4 & 8, Thrash, Downunda/Tralius Freedom Fighters, Red Team, Benson, Skips, Pops, Muscle Man & Hi-Five Ghost begin to openfire their newly acquired weapons from the Blu Team as well as their own at the Egg-Wily Machine X with combined force, while Eggman manages to fix the sabatoges that had been caused, while manage to field itself in the electrical force field after that brutal beating.)

Dr. Eggman: (begins charging up his mech's lasers I don't need explosives to destroy you! Time for the classic, LASER BEAMS!

Agent 8: (gasps) Astro! We all have the heart & spirit! Let us all use it!

(However as Dr. Eggman begins charging up for a full blast, Astro steps forward & raising his left arm to activate his signature Arm Cannon, with a holler from Eggman to blast with everything the mech had, but Astro quickly aims at the Egg-Wily Machine X & blasts a powerful blue beam at the mech. Even if Eggman had all the firepower, it was all for naught as Astro's arm Cannon quickly pierced through the mech's firepower & the mech itself.)

Dr. Eggman: (screaming as his mech is flashing from red to blue from the arm Cannon blast from Astro, while suddenly getting horrifying past flashbacks from the Arm Cannon blast that had somehow jogged his past life Pre-Genesis World memory) I HATE THAT ROBOT!!!

(With a large explosion from the mech & the sudden flash of white genesis light, the heroes cover their eyes from the blinding light that fades away before they watched in awe & amazement as a screaming Eggman & the Egg-Wily Machine X is sent flying through the skies & crash landing further away in the Efrika Plains in the far distance, while Eggman is unconscious.)

Mordecai, Rigby, Agents 3, 4 & 8, Thrash, Downunda/Tralius Freedom Fighters, Red Team, Benson, Skips, Pops, Muscle Man & Hi-Five Ghost: (look at each & begins cheering while they did a hi-five together, as Astro looks on)

Red Heavy: I am very happy!

Walt Wallaby: (as the Blu Team look on in shock) Now that's a fireworks show!

Red Demoman: It's a fine thing, lads. (Chuckles a bit)

Wombat Stu: Bonzer job, Astro!

Astro: (sighs in relief) Thanks, thou I am more concerned on the lives of others including yours. I only incapacitate his mech. He may still be alive, but he won't be going anywhere or causing more trouble for us.

Benson: (sighs) I suppose we owe Mordecai & Rigby an apology. As they say, there is nothing good to be taken for free in this world unless we pay the price for it. Now it looks like we don't even know where we are.

Mordecai: Look, we're all sorry for getting you in trouble. But there could be other baddies like the mad doctor, the Blu Team or the Egg Bosses or otherwise, but we band together, figure it out & survive together. We can't fall apart now. If we're going to get back to our worlds, we need to survive for more threats like this. We're gonna have to go through this one day at a time.

Agent 3: (giving out phone numbers to the heroes phones, while keeping the communicators for the group) Mordecai is right. Once we get back to our places like the park, Inkopolis, 2Fort & otherwise, we'll keep you in touch.

Benson: Right & we'll handle this like any other day, with a morning meeting.

Walt Wallaby: Glad that we're all together to help each other out.

Thrash: Right, but we're also need a new ride home.

Red Spy: (turn to the Blu Team & their Blu Airplane) We're very thankful for Astro's pacifist actions for our ticket to freedom.

(In the Skies above Northamer)

(Mordecai, Rigby, Astro, Agents 3, 4 & 8, Thrash, Downunda/Tralius Freedom Fighters, Red Team, Benson, Skips, Pops, Muscle Man & Hi-Five Ghosts we're flying to the park first, with the Blu Team tied up in the back.)

Benson: Alright everyone. This has been an insane day & I have a bad feeling that we're just getting started. So right now, I wanted to thank everyone for doing their part & Mordecai & Rigby, we're gonna have a long talk about our current situation we're in.

Rigby: Are we in trouble?

Benson: (calming down) Most definitely. But not right now. There are still unsolved mysteries we haven't discovered in the new world, so I suggest we keep in touch with each other until then.

Red Engineer: Right now we'll establish a meeting in the park soon enough if things get too heavy. But we best watch our backs for any more of them Egg Armies. Alright?

Astro Boy: Alright. Hopefully Metro City is spared along with the rest of the citizens & all robots, including Dr. O'Shay & Zoron. But we can never be too sure.

Agent 3: Who knows which other multiversal worlds will be next within this white fog situation. We don't even know how many of them are there.

Red Medic: Hundreds? Maybe Thousands? Possibilities are endless I tell you! I must learn this multiversal magic.

Walt Wallaby: Not right now, but soon. But it's good to be back Freedom Fighters.

Barby Koala: Quite agreed, mate. (Giggles a bit)

Thrash: Likewise.

Skips: (looks around before turning to Mordecai & Rigby) Looks like you guys are off the hook for now. We're all on the same boat until we all return home.

Mordecai: (sighs) Do you think what our new friends are saying is true? There are many worlds beyond ours?

Skips: Only time will tell. Now don't scare us like that again.

Mordecai & Rigby: We won't.

Rigby: Mordecai? Any ideas on what to do with the Blu Team?

(Camera zooms out of the Blu Team plane before the camera pans downward to the Mystic Jungle near the Castle of Acorns, where the Tinker Tub MKIV is parked)

(In the Mystic Jungle)

(We can see Risky Boots & King K.Rool with a kremling General name Klump & a hank rank but dimwitted brute Officers named Krusha)

King K.Rool: And are you sure that are alligence is necessary for this situation?

Risky Boots: Right, I did make sure that one of your boys is doing the work to start it all.

Klump: (looking around) Sir, one of our Klaptraps are missing.

Risky Boots: (smirks after seeing a small flash of fiery coming from a single Klaptrap, implying that Risky quietly placed a single Klaptrap & Tinkerbat near Blaze to snatch one Sol Emerald from Blaze) Is it?

Krusha: (notice a Tinkerbat & Klaptrap holding a Red Sol Emerald) Oh, there he is...

Risky Boots: Good Boy... (pick a Red Sol Emerald) These artifacts has got my interests since first arriving here, along with the other powerful gems in this world. Just imagine what we can do... when we aquire all seven of the Sol Emeralds. All of the dimensional' oceans will belong to the Queen of the Seven Seas!

The End... for now.

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