This is the 7th Episode of Archie Sonic: Crossover (Redux)

Main All Star Heroes (Story #1): SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds, the Piraka & Nicole

Main Villains (Story #1): Walter Naugas & Tails Doll

Main All Star Heroes (Story #2): Mordecai, Rigby, Astro Boy, Agents 3, 4 & 8 & RED Team

Main Villains (Story #2): Egg Bosses, Egg Army & BLU Team


Dolls' Play, Thanks for the MemoriesEdit

With the threat of the Metal Sonic coming to an end, another comes in the form of Walter Naugas, who has taken over the Throne to become king, while trying to figure out a way to restore his Ixis magic, however the Tails Doll is a creepy doll robot on a mission, starting with cutting off the power to the city. With the Mane 6 helping out Amy & Cream on a job in the Mystic Jungle with Shantae's group & Team Lilac & Sonic & Tails out of town, it's up to the boys, SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds, the Piraka & Nicole to stop both Tails Doll & Walter in this creepy night of a rescue mission. However, it is slowly becoming more than the group can handle, physically & even mentally on a trip down memory lane.

Into the Unknown (Part 1: Crossover Dundee)Edit

Taking place during the Neo Metal Sonic incident in Episodes 5 - 6, New Places & worlds came into Planet Mobius during the mystery white fog incident caused by Plankton's Duplicatotron accident & strangely enough, Eggman's Genesis strike. Now two best friends, Mordecai & Rigby got separated in Tralius, the Mobius equivalent of Australia, from the other park workers & they need to find a way back to the Park, that is hidden somewhere on Mobius, quickly with some help along the way. Thou it wouldn't be easy when the two will come across the Egg Army. Now teamed up with the Squidbreak Splatoon & the robot with Kokoro, Astro Boy & many others along the way, Can Mordecai & Rigby get back to their lost park safely without losing their own minds in this Adventurous 2-Parter?

Story #1: Dolls' Play, Thanks for the MemoriesEdit

Part 1: Dolls' PlayEdit

(At Tails' Workshop in Night Time)

[Ed is seen watching Fish Bowl 2 on TV with Thok.]

Ed: Seen it. [He changes channels. The same program is on.] Seen it. [Same.] Seen it. [Again.] Seen it. [Fish Bowl 2 yet again.] Seen it.

(The Camera turns to see Avak working on the adjustments to the Zamor Launchers, Hakann & Vezok had an arm wrestling contest, Reidak lifting weights, Eddy is sitting on a bed, looking through the comic books while eating chips, Edd is working on various calculation programs & SpongeBob, Patrick & Zaktan are near the front door talking with the Mane 6.)

SpongeBob: Aww Girls, do you have leave already at night?

Twilight Sparkle: Don't worry, we just got a call from Amy & Cream. They wish to meet us in the Mystic Ruins in Soumerca for a little night time patrol.

Pinkie Pie: They said they're working on something super secret. Even I'm nearly bursting with excitement that I'm nervousited.

Applejack: You do realise that's not a real word right?

Ed: Seen it.

Rainbow Dash: So no worries, we'll be back to you guys in no time.

Rarity: Just make sure you boys don't get into much trouble now, ok?

Zaktan: Don't worry, it'll be fine. I'll keep the kids in line.

Patrick: Kids?!

SpongeBob: Now now Patrick. For your information, we are not kids, we are men.

Ed: Seen it.

Zaktan: Whatever floats your boat.

Fluttershy: I hope the jungle is not too scary as the Everfree Forest.

Twilight Sparkle: Have fun on your guys night. Come on girls. (Head out with Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy & Rarity, leaving SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds & the Piraka alone in Tails' workshop.)

Ed: Seen it.

Eddy: Geez. Got any real magazines with some real pictures?

Ed: Seen it.

Hakann: (suddenly cheats by placing another hand on top of Vezok's to win) Gotcha!

Vezok: (growls) Gotta anything worth watching?

Thok: (as Patrick sits next to Thok) We got sports...

Ed: Seen it.

Thok: Weather...

Ed: Seen it.

Thok: Ooh, the science channel.

Ed: Seen it. (Thok frowns at the response)

Eddy: Keep looking, will ya?

Edd: You know, Eddy, when I agreed to this Freedom Fighter group after our little orientation, it was with the understanding that everyone would do their fair share.

Avak: Easy for you to say, Sonic & Tails were already out on a Wisps rescue or something. We don't even know what a Wisp is.

Eddy: If me and Ed did any work, you'd be kissing that grade average goodbye.

Ed: Seen it!

Edd: [despairing] Why me?

Zaktan: SpongeBob? You & me?

SpongeBob: Ok. I'll be right back. (Head to the kitchen with Zaktan, closing the door behind him so it's only the two of us) So what's on your mind?

Zaktan: I can't help but think... about the Dark Hunters.

SpongeBob: I know, me too. It's hard to keep this all a secret when someone is so secret, everyone hates a very secretive person.

Zaktan: Yes, I know what Makuta Kojol is like. An arrogant bombius, obnoxious baboon, even Mutran himself wanted to kill him for it. But getting back on topic, Applejack knows honesty & lying when she hears & even sees it.

SpongeBob: Yes, but I'm more surprised about the 3 leaders, especially the one at my build. Who was he?

Zaktan: It's best everyone else doesn't know about the leaders' identity & the ultimate chaos emerald & other ultimate versions. We're keeping it between us. If you don't, then so help me I'm gonna slice you into cubed cheese!

SpongeBob: (gulps) Ok ok... (steps back a bit) Wow, it's no wonder the rest of the Piraka feared you so much.

Zaktan: And no wonder you have a big heart about as big as the Mane 6's hearts.

SpongeBob: Touche.

[The lights go out, with the group suddenly straighten up in surprise. Eddy sits up.]

Eddy: (as Reidak drop the weight in surprise) Hey! Who turned out the light?

Ed: [trying to change channels on his dead TV] Seen it.

SpongeBob: (as Vezok & Avak stop & help Reidak pack up the weights & help him up) What happened here?

Patrick: Where are you? I can't see!

Hakann: Where's a match when you need it?

Vezok: (lights a match across Hakann's face) There.

Hakann: Yeouch! What was that for?!

Vezok: You said you needed light. (Opens the blinds & opens the door as well, with light from the shining full moon)

[Edd opens the window and looks out. The whole city of Mobotropolis, even the Castle of Acorn only source of light is the moon.]

Edd: (as SpongeBob, Patrick, & the Piraka look outside) It seems the entire kingdom is without light. It's a power outage, everyone.

Eddy: What's that? [Eddy is pointing to a house across the street. Someone comes out, shining a flashlight around.]

SpongeBob: Someone taking a proactive approach, I assume.

Zaktan: (noticing a familiar female lynx in purple) Wait a minute... is that...? (quickly rushes out with SpongeBob, Patrick, Edd & the rest of the Piraka)

Reidak: Wait for me!

Eddy: Where you goin? Don't leave me alone!

Ed: Seen it! [He presses a button on his remote.] Seen it! [Eddy grabs the remote and flings it at Ed, hitting his forehead.] Didn't see that. [Ed laughs as Eddy pulls him outside to follow the rest.]

Eddy: Come on!

(At Mobotropolis)

(SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds & the Piraka come over to Nicole the Holo-Lynx who is trying to calm the people down as much as she can.)

Zaktan: It is... (Nicole, who is holding her own one of a kind, Handheld Computer hears the group coming & turn to them)

Edd: Good evening, Nicole.

Nicole: Thank goodness your here, but there's nothing good about our new emergency.

Edd: Ahh, Corneas. Nothing to fear, just the result of a sudden power surge, I suspect.

[Ed shoves Eddy into Edd, Hakann & Vezok and falls on them.]

Eddy: Ed, you idiot!

Vezok: Get off you morons!

Ed: Workin on it, Eddy! [He looks at a comic Eddy's stashed away.] Oh, brain food.

Nicole: Yes, but it's not only that..

Hakann: (getting up slowly with Ed, Edd, Eddy & Vezok) What do you mean?

Nicole: (whispers to the group) Naugas has also kidnapped the king & had taken the throne & his identity.

Eddy: Wait wha-?! (Got his mouth covered by Zaktan & Nicole)

Zaktan: (whispers) Naugas? The king told us about him.

Nicole: (whispers) Yes & I don't want to cause another panic, if they find out, it be more or less a false alarm.

SpongeBob: Do you think he caused the blackout?

Nicole: No, he was in the throne room when the powers' cut off.

Avak: Could be one of Naugas's lackeys or something?

Edd: People, please! [A yellow female Mobian mongoose with purple hair & wears a purple & black tank top, matching skirt, white gloves, green gaunlets & purple & green Boots shines the light on him.] Stay calm! There's nothing to fear. Our ritual– [The light moves away. Edd moves into it again.] –blackouts and– [It moves again, due to the female mongoose adjusting her long purple hair. Edd has to climb a lamppost] –as they're more commonly known, are often temporary!

Ed: [looking up from the comic] Blackout?

Edd: And no, Ed. It's not the Mole Mutants...

SpongeBob & Patrick: Mole Mutants?

Edd: It's a long story. It's best you don't want to know what I've been through.

Eddy: Okay. So, how about we all hold hands and whistle a song?

Female Mongoose: I might know a song.

Zaktan: I have a better idea. Nicole, think you can lead us to the king?

Nicole: I'll try to find him, thou Naugus hides him very well.

Zaktan: Good. SpongeBob, Patrick & the Eds, you'll have to calm down the people & fix the power.

Avak: Wait, only Edd can fix the generator. What about the rest?

Nicole: Good point, Avak, you'll go with the others.

Avak: Huh? Me? With them? Babysitting the boys?

SpongeBob, Patrick & Eddy: (a bit offended) Hey!

Avak: Don't you "Hey" me back! I know what you boys like.

Reidak: Don't worry, we wont be long.

Nicole: Please stay safe with the citizens til' we get back. (Head into the Castle of Acorns with Zaktan, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok & Thok)

Avak: (turn to SpongeBob, Patrick & the Eds) Great...

Edd: So where do we find this power generator you speak of?

(The Female Mongoose comes over to the 6, along with a male mongoose with yellow fur, black hair, wearing a white jacket, black shirt, blue pants, black boots & red sunglasses & the mother of the female mongoose with yellow fur, purple hair, wearing a blue & red dress with gold shoulder pads, blue & red boots.)

Female Mongoose: Well, we can help by showing you the way. By the way, my name is Mina. And this is Ash. And my mother, Isabella.

SpongeBob: (smile while following Mina, Ash & Isabella Mongoose to the power generator with Patrick, the Eds & Avak) Please to meet you three.

Isabella Mongoose: Please stay close so no one else will get lost, ok?

Avak: Finally, someone in Mobotropolis who can help us. (Bringing out his metal box of tools) Now let's see what is the problem.

Patrick: (looks down, noticing a doll in the shape of Tails) Hm? (Picks it up) Hey SpongeBob, someone lost their dolly.

SpongeBob: I'm sure someone must've lost it during the blackout.

Mina Mongoose: We'll find someone who belongs to the dolly soon. Maybe it belongs to a kid.

Ash Mongoose: Right now, we've got a lot of work to do on fixing the power for the people.

Edd: (as Tails Doll's eyes slowly glow red for a bit before it stopped glowing for a few seconds) Hopefully we will solve this predicament without any exaggerated mole mutants tale that only can be described as cockamamie.

Ed: Tsk, tsk, tsk, I have never heard such language.

(Inside the Castle of Acorns)

(Nicole, Zaktan, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok & Thok are seen trying to look into the darkened hallways, while Hakann tries to light a candle.)

Zaktan: (peeking through the bedroom before closing the door) Now where did he go?

Vezok: (peeks from the balcony) Hello? Are you up here?

Thok: (checks the kitchen) Nothing yet. (As Nicole, Zaktan, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok & Thok continues looking) How would anyone find a kidnapped king inside this huge castle is beyond me. It's like finding a needle in a haystack in here.

Nicole: Hopefully we catch Naugas in time. He could be hiding anywhere in the castle.

Hakann: And you said that his shapeshifting powers are a bad thing, like the Kanohi Mahiki.

Reidak: (checking on an only Mobian Guard in the castle, who is groaning in pain) Hey! There's someone's over here...! He's still breathing...

Nicole: (as she & the 5 Piraka quickly check on the guard) What happened? Is everything ok?

Mobian Guard: (panting heavily, while slowly getting up) Two Kings... one remains free...

Zaktan: Slow down... Two kings? One of them is the real deal & the other is Naugas. Which king is free?

Mobian Guard: (rubbing his head, trying to remember) I don't know, it's like a mirror match. I was unconscious by a sudden ambush when I saw two of the same king fighting.

Nicole: What your seeing could be Naugas having the real king imprisoned. Can you take us to him?

Mobian Guard: (nodding slowly) Y-yes... (being helped up by Reidak & Thok, while leading the 6 to the throne room)

Thok: (sighs to himself) Ridiculous...

(In the Prison Cells with Nigel Acorn, Icarax, Krika & Krahka)

(The 3 leaders of the 2nd Dark Hunters and Niclone approached to a cell door along with Carapar, Nocturn, Storm Minion, 4 "Hordika Dragons", "Kraata-Kal", "Lurker", "Minion", "Prototype", "Shadow Stealer", "Spinner", "Vanisher", "Tyrant", "Ancient", "Guardian", Voporak, Tuma, Branar, Stronius, Gaardus, Kranua, 5 Vorox & 5 Zesks and now the Metal Sonic, the same Metal Sonic in the previous episode that was teleported away and was now the honorary member of the 2nd Dark hunters. Makuta Icarax and Makuta Krika shapeshift themselves back to their original forms and use the kraata of density control to walk through walls, while Krahka shapeshift herself into a smallest rahi to crawl out of the window bars of the cell door, leaving the king inside the cell.)

Icarax: (growls a bit) This Naugas character is starting to become a nuisance.

Krika: Just be thankful that everything continues to go proceed as planned, even in the long terms.

Nigel Acorn: Why is it that we've been brought down here in secret. I know for a fact that Naugas tries to reclaim my throne, but I have a feeling you would tell me about something important.

Miserix: You catch on very quick. And I understand your concerns. You see, according to our scouts, Dr.Eggman is preparing a second genesis wave for his conquest with another dimensional doctor. When Dr. Eggman accidentally interferes Sonic's chaos control out of rage & denial & refusing to be defeated, from restoring his world.

Nigel Acorn: (is completely dumbfounded about this) I have absolutely no idea what you are all talking about.

Nektann: You'll know when it happens. (turn to the group) "Vanisher" and Voporak, when it does happen, go with silver in a future zone.

Vanisher: At once... setting up the portal by your command.

Nektann: And Carapar, Nocturn, Storm Minion, the Portal Egg Tank, "Kraata-Kal", "Lurker", "Minion", "Spinner", "Tyrant" and Makuta Krika to work with Captain Metal, and then later aid Team Rose, the Mane 6 & the others.

Carapar: (nod) At once, hopefully Blaze wouldn't be too angered since our previous encounter.

Kraata-Kal: They will cooperate if we earn them our trust. Thou there are others that might've been a challenge.

Prime Hunter: In the meantime, the heroes will soon get their memories from the pre-genesis, even if Nicole & the Crossovers are the source & connection to do it.

Nigel Acorn: What do you mean?

Niclone: Walter Naugus' impatience with Nicole will start the memory restoration by erroring nicole's system when Dr. Eggman's interference made Sonic's restoration for his pre-genesis world messed up into this timeline today.

Nigel Acorn: I... i have no words to say... (having a lot to think about it)

Carapar: I know, it is a lot to take in, since it's normal to have that reaction.

Nocturn: Especially when I overeacted wrong when it's Hydraxon in the past. Not pretty.

Nektann: Meanwhile, we have future plans regarding our original objective as well. (Turns to the 4 "Hordika Dragons", Firedracax, "Prototype", "Shadow Stealer", "Ancient", "Guardian", Tuma, Branar, Stronius, Gaardus, Kranua and 2nd Dark Hunter version of Metal Sonic) As for the rest of you... (shows ancient picutres of ancient keys & it's stones) Keep an eye out for these 7 keys to create 7 powerful stones with 10 of Krekka's species & 5 of Sidorak's species.

Nigel Acorn: What are you all saying? Is this something obscure we should know about?

Prime Hunter: It's best you don't know, let's just say we have studied history even when they too scared to understand.

Niclone: (gives 7 stones, 7 energy Storm orbs, 7 capsules of energised protodermis, 14 empty capsules for future 7 Dark energies & 7 light energies & the duplicate ancient keys) Make sure you replace the real ones with these. So that they all think the temple guardians were still keeping the keys of the sun & moon safe, except the guardians themselves.

Nigel Acorn: I just can't understand it around this labryinth themed mindset. Are you sure it's worth the risk? You know how guardians like them do to trespassers, if it's true.

Firedracax: We also promised to the guardians that we would return the real keys to them once we're done setting the stage on completing the stones, but we'll be on short time.

Ancient: Hopefully they would understand that we're not as treacherous as the 1st Dark Hunters led by The Shadowed One. Even I couldn't believe that would betray me to use viruses as weapons. He still roams with his own members even after Teridax's death.

Miserix: (shows a hologram of an E-100 Unit, which has a E-1000 model that his torso part is a thinner,while his height bit taller than any E-1000 Units and he has long arms) Indeed, treachery is not accepted. Anyway, Portal Egg Tank, Amphibax, Conjurer, Firedracax & our E-100 Unit will help the heroes with the Tails Doll situation & the generator problem. (As Portal Egg Tank, Amohibax, Conjurer, Firedracax & E-100 Unit head out the back way to avoid being seen by Nicole & the rest of the Piraka, knowing their past encounter) Hopefully, it is not gonna cause more damage than it's worth.

Nigel Acorn: And hopefully they don't take your assistance the wrong way after what happened... recently.

(Back with SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds & Avak with the Mongooses)

(The group finally made it to the power generator, which they find it's incredibly damaged, not knowing Tails Doll had something to do with this)

Mina, Ash & Isabella: (notices this in shock) ?!

Ed: Weird generator, huh?

Edd: (gasps) Destroyed, plundered, obliterated...!

Avak: (is surprised) Wha- how?!

SpongeBob: Naugas isn't joking around with the power outage, huh?

Eddy: (growling under his breathe) (getting a call from Nicole & answers it) Y'ello? Please tell me your having better luck than we have, cause we ain't laughing!

Nicole: (on communicator) Let me guess, the generator's severely damage?

Eddy: No duh, Sherlock!

Avak: (taking the communicator) If you could download the blueprints on what the power generator looks like. Maybe we can try to fix it, but no guarantees!

Nicole: Well... I suppose so. (Begins downloading the blueprints to the communicator) This may take a while.

Vezok: (on communicator) If your done jabbering about science, we found the throne room!

Nicole: Oh, gotta go. Good luck. (Hang up, as a hologram of the blueprints finished downloading on the communicator)

Avak: Smart A.I.

Patrick: I thought she was a Holo-Lynx.

SpongeBob: (checking the blueprints) This looks complicated.

Edd: (very worried) Sick, I'm gonna be sick! We don't have the proper materials & the tools to fix this...!

Ash: (sighs) It's under control, we might be able to get the townsfolk to help us. Ashame that Tails is out & about with Sonic.

Isabella: Maybe we can help you with that. Please stay put while we go get help. (Mina, Ash & Isabella head out to get the Mobians & construction workers to help)

Mina: (smiles) Please stay strong... (continues heading out, while a bit puzzled about the Tails Doll staring directly at the Mongooses before the 3 leave) ?

Avak: Great, it sounds like we need a lot of tools for all this. I mean, Where do we even begin?

Eddy: (trying to stay calm, thou barely, while visibly angry) Like Ash said, it's under control, relax. We've got the ultimate tool.

Patrick: We do?

(While SpongeBob, Edd, Eddy & Avak uses Ed in various ways on fixing the base of the power generator, in term Ed doesn't even mind, Patrick is bringing the metal material while playing with the Tails Doll. Meanwhile, Mina, Ash & Isabella Mongoose brings in Mobians & Constructions from Mobotropolis to help out with the construction, while the three were surprised to see that they barely made progress, due to the blueprints being complicated & Avak is the only one that can work with the powerlines.)

Eddy: We we're born to do this, Double D.

Edd: This is a natural talent? It's not fixed! Look at it!

Ash: May we ask, do you even make process? It's more like its barely surging with energy.

SpongeBob: Uh, we can explain... we know building techniques, but not electrical repairs.

Avak: Ok, it's gonna take a lot longer than expected.

Isabella: (as professional workers coming in to help fix the power generator) It's ok, the only thing you did is try & that's what matters. Maybe you can let the professionals fix the problem for you.

Mina: You can still help manage the planning with the blueprints instead.

Ed: Fix it. Got it.

SpongeBob: At least we can check with the Piraka & Nicole incase they made any progress. Patrick, we can take the dolly with us.

Patrick: (looks around) Uh SpongeBob? (they noticed the Tails Dolls is missing)

Eddy: Where'd it go?

(The cute & yet creepy sounds of the Tails Dolls nearby, followed by an engine firing up is heard & the group gasps. Ed had found spare plumbing that is steaming & in pieces with bite marks.)

Ed: Can I build a birdhouse with this stuff?

SpongeBob: Ed? Where's the Dolly?

Edd:  And where did you eviscerate that heat radiator from?

Ed: There. [He points at a pipe which is spewing steam, which is torn apart that the Tails Dolls quickly floats away into hiding.]

Avak: What the...?! Did you see that?!

Mina: Oh dear! Quick, do something, shut it off!

Isabella: I dont think it's Ed's doing...!

Ed: Boy, it is hot in here. Are you hot, Eddy? Sweat is trickling down my neck.

SpongeBob: (grabbing the Tails Doll after seeing the metal parts around him) Aha! Found you! How did he even-?!

Nicole: (calling by communicator a few moments ago, after hearing a metal clanging noises ) Is everything ok over there?

Eddy: (answers the call) Fine. We found a leak from the heat radiator thingymajigger. After we're done with the generator we can probably tweak it.

Patrick: And the Tails dolly is hungry...

Avak: (angrily) Patrick...!

Zaktan: (from communicator) Wait, that's a bit ridiculous, don't you think?

Nicole: (in horror upon realisation) Wait... the Tails Doll?!

SpongeBob: Yes? It's so cute & yet so hungry. Why'd you ask?

Vezok: (hearing Nicole whispering to the group) What's that? (SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds & Avak look on while holding the Tails Doll) The Dolly did what? When? Where?

Thok: (as Eddy clamps his hand over the Tails Doll's mouth before backing up with the group, smiling sheepishly & nervously, as the group proceeds to tie up the Tails Doll in rope around the metal lampost) Guys! Get out of there! For the love of Mata Nui! Leave the Dolly Alone!

(Back in the Castle in the Throne Room)

Thok: (while the Mobian Guard is surprised by the news) Great! Now we're dealing with a supernatural Dolly?!

Nicole: It's not supernatural, it's a plush like robotic android.

Hakann: How can a doll like him be that disturbing?

Reidak: Welcome to the Internet.

Zaktan: Still, we can't let the entire city be in danger...! (seeing a familiar group of shadowed figures walking by) Hm?

Nicole: Is something wrong?

Zaktan: I saw somebody.

Nicole: Could it be the Dark- (Zaktan covers her mouth)

Zaktan: Button yer lip..

Vezok: (turn to Zaktan & Nicole) What?

Zaktan: Nothing...!

Mobian Guard: (in thought with familiar voice: The Tails Doll, so I have been followed after all...)

Nicole: (whispers) Why would you prevent me from speaking?

Zaktan: (whispers) Some things are best kept secret & the Dark Hunters & their secret plans are one of them. So shush!

Nicole: (whispers) I'm sorry, I've been spying on them the whole time while in disguise... even I know where the king is being held.

Vezok: (leans over with the rest of the Piraka) Guess what, Your not Makuta Kojol, so spill it.

Zaktan: (sighs as they notice the rest of the Piraka listening) Fine, I'll tell you... it was the...

(The Mobian Guard quickly flips Thok at the rest of the team)

Mobian Guard: I won't let you- (shapeshifts back into Walter Naugas)

Walter Naugus: -Get near the king & the Dark Hunters!

Zaktan: What the-?, (Suddenly got snatched by Walter Naugus) So your Walter Naugas?

(The Piraka begins to battle with Walter Naugas while Walter is trying to fight back while seeing Nicole.)

Walter Naugus: (trying to block the attacks of the Piraka while grabbing a metallic shield) All I want to regain my magic after what Eggman had done to me! (Tries to bash at Zaktan, who splits into his protodites to reappear behind Walter near Nicole) Ha!

Zaktan: Nice try... (Suddenly performs a seismic toss on Walter)

Nicole: (suddenly returns to her handheld mode computer, after Zaktan reforms himself to catch her) Zaktan...!

Zaktan: (suddenly catching Nicole) Gotcha...!

Vezok: (trying to knock the shield off of Walter with Reidak, Hakann & Thok's help) Zaktan! Get Nicole out of there!

Zaktan: (nods & begins running through the hallways, trying to find the exit)

Walter Naugas: You will help me regain my magic whether you like it or not! (Shield bash at the Piraka while trying to give chase to Zaktan & Nicole)

(Reidak, Hakann, Vezok & Thok had shaken off the dizziness of a shield bash before giving chase to Walter Naugas as well.)

(With Zaktan)

Zaktan: (seeing Walter on his tail & quickly closes the door on him) Nicole, we need to warn the gang about Naugas now!

Nicole: Ok, I'm ready to transmit the communications to- (suddenly cut off by a giant cloud molecules flying through Zaktan) ?!

Zaktan: (felt it through him) ?! What the hell was that?! (Peeks through the door)

Walter Naugas: (trying to push Reidak, Hakann, Vezok & Thok off of him) End of the line, Skakdi!

(Suddenly the molecules surround Walter Naugus, Vezok, Thok, Reidak and Hakann in order to distract them, while the medium size cloud of molecules reforms into Dr.Ivo Robotnik himself infront of Zaktan.)

Dr. Ivo Robotnik: (in front of Zaktan) Zaktan!

Zaktan: (notices Dr. Ivo Robotnik, while having sudden flashbacks, clutching his head) Wait... you?!

Nicole: (seeing Ivo) Zaktan! Watch out!

(A giant cloud of molecules that surrounded Walter Naugus, Vezok, Thok, Reidak and Hakann summons several badniks without the animals, several swatbots, several egg pawns, several egg swats, several E-1000s and several egg fighters.)

Zaktan: Guys! The Dark Hunters are in the castle!

Walter Naugas: What matter of witchcraft is that?! (growling in anger)

Vezok: (as the 4 begins tearing the robots down, while Walter Naugas is at a boiling point of rage) Not the Dark Hunters again! I thought we said that they were behind us!

Thok: (trying to freeze the robots) We did! How did they even get in the castle?

Reidak: Less talk, more smashing! (Smashing at the robots)

Walter Naugas: (suddenly brings out 2 sacks of stolen kraata & stolen kanohi masks, bringing out a mask of disruption & a kraata of electricity to unleash both powers at the robots to brutally disable the molecules, while Vezok, Thok, Reidak & Hakann ducks for cover trying to reach for Zaktan) I HAVE JUST ABOUT ENOUGH OF THIS!!!

Dr. Ivo Robotnik: (notices this in shock, knowing Walter won't quit either & quickly grabs Zaktan, trying to cover his mouth) ?! Time to go! Now! (Miserix forms his giant shadow hand to take Zaktan and Dr. Robotnik down to the prison cells to meet with the 2nd Dark hunters and King Nigel, leaving Nicole in a handheld computer behind.)

Zaktan: (getting grabbed by Ivo & the giant shadow hand) Hey! What're you doing?! (Is slowly being brought down, trying to get out of it's grip)

Nicole: Zaktan! No!

(Reidak, Hakann, Vezok & Thok quickly tries to reach for Zaktan, trying to pull him out of there.)

Zaktan: Nicole! This can't go on any longer! Sound the alarms, call the Freedom Fighters, anybody! Just tell them & the king, that the 2nd Dark Hunters are in the castle! (slowly letting go of Nicole while he is brought down to the prison room)

Vezok: Zaktan! (To the 2nd Dark Hunters) Give him back!

Hakann: First Walter, then the Tails Doll & now the Dark Hunters again?! Whatever they're planning in the castle, they just don't quit!

(A giant cloud of molecules stops summoning around Walter, and only a couple flies down through the floor, due to Walter's mask & kratta Combo trickery.)

Walter Naugas: (grabbing Nicole, who was secretly contacting SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds & Avak, including Sonic & Tails about the situation out of Zaktan's instructions) (growls) They test me for the last time! (Head out in a huff of rage about Eggman & the Dark Hunters, knowing that they must deal with the 2nd Dark Hunters here & now)

(Back outside)

(We can see the Mobian construction workers are nearly finished the power generator which is 75% complete while SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds, Avak, Mina, Ash & Isabella all working together, while the Tails Doll is tied up in ropes)

Avak: You see, all it takes is professional help. Now we dealt with the Tails Doll problem & the blackout situation is almost been solved.

SpongeBob: Thank goodness, now we can get the power going again.

Edd: We really would like to thank you for helping us fixing the generator. We hope that it's not too much trouble.

Mina: It's ok. I really like to help others, even lifting their spirits with a song at the stage.

Eddy: Whoa, you can sing?

Ash: Without a doubt, Mina is one of the best singers in Mobotropolis has ever seen.

Isabella: That's my daughter. We all have full support for her.

(SpongeBob suddenly gets sudden flashbacks of Mina's singing performances on the stage, before coming back to his senses, similar with the Crossover heroes.)

Ed: (to SpongeBob) Hello?

Patrick: You ok, buddy?

SpongeBob: Huh? Oh, it's nothing. Maybe it's the advanced darkness. Maybe once the generator is fixed, it won't seem so dark.

(However a familiar cute & creepy sounds of the Tails Doll is being heard & they suddenly turn to see that the Tails Doll disappeared, meaning it escaped by eating the ropes & the metal lampost all together.)

Eddy: (in shock) Where'd he go?!

Edd: (shaken with the group) I don't know! I was looking at SpongeBob!

Ed: (panicking) My underwear's running high guys!

(Suddenly they heard a surge of power coming from the generator & they turn to see the Tails Doll absorbing the energies & materials of the power generator & nearby surroundings slowly growing up into his Monstrous Form, while the rest of the group quickly steps back in horror upon seeing the giant horrifying behemoth, roaring in rage.)

Avak: Oh scrap...!

Eddy: (turn to Patrick angry) Nice one Patrick, now look what you've done!

Patrick: (gulps) Nice Dolly...?

(With an scary roar, SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds, Avak, Mina, Ash, Isabella & the Mobians quickly hightail it out of here into hiding, thou as the monster start to give chase.)

Eddy: Run away!

(However, the monster doll was stopped by "Conjurer", Firedracax, a large E-Series like robot named Portal Egg Tank and the E-100 unit of the 2nd dark hunters, while Amphibax begins to assisting the heroes fixing the generator quickly.)

Amphibax: Don't ask questions! Help me fix the generator! (Helping the heroes, fixing the generator quickly)

Avak: The Dark Hunters?! Again?! Now what?!

SpongeBob: (seeing all this & the Eds & Avak getting familiar flashbacks, along with the other Piraka) This day doesn't seem to be getting any better...

(Portal Egg Tank was holding the left arm and the left leg, while the E-100 unit was holding the right arm and the right leg. "Conjurer" was aiming his disintegrating ability at the gem so the doll will be harmless.)

Eddy: What the heck are they doing?

Avak: (to Amphibax) You've got a lot of nerve coming back here! We do not forget that Neo Metal Sonic fissaco, you know!

Amphibax: Things get complicated, ok? We're not good, we're not bad either.

Avak: Then who's side are you on anyway?

Conjurer: It's about time, I blow the gem right between the eyes. (However the Tails Doll quickly responses by absorbing the raw material around itself to create an outer shell barrier to protect the red gemstone before Conjurer has the chance to openfire, while the Tails Doll try to openfire lasers at the Dark Hunters & the heroes.)

Eddy: Unless we wanna be part of the stupid Dolly's twisted version of playtime, everybody out!

(SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds & Avak quickly helps Mina, Ash & Isabella on evacuating the citizens to safety, while the Mobian guards do battle & thanks to Amphibax's tech & Avak's tools, the heroes & Dark Hunters manage to restore power, thou struggling to keep Tails Doll down.)

Amphibax: (holding on with the E-1000 Unit, Portal Egg Tank & Conjurer) Quickly, the dolly must be destroyed!

Conjurer: (trying to blast at the red gem, thou the Tails Doll quickly blocks the shots with the outer shell) Eggman's pulling out all the stops on this monster of a machine!

Eddy: Come on! We gotta warn the Piraka! They better fix all 3 problems rolled into one nightmare!

Ash: (as he, Mina & Isabella quickly lead the group to the back of the castle, while Mina uses her super speed with energy increasing within her legs) Quick, I know a short cut to the throne room!

Ed: (turn back to Tails Doll) Ah... Chucky...! (Slams a door on Tails Doll before catching up to the group again)

Mina: Hurry! We need to warn your friends & the majesty!

Edd: Oh dear, physical activity... at least know the power source is fixed, but for how long with that monster running about is beyond me!

SpongeBob: (as the group hears Tails Doll distorted roars of anger) Running! Better start running! Running! [hears another of Tails Doll's distorted roar, growing more Monstrous than ever] Sprinting! Yes! I just gotta keep sprinting!

(Suddenly SpongeBob & Patrick & the Eds run into a returning Sonic & Tails, crashing to the green grass, with scallops flying around SpongeBob's head, while Avak stops for a moment.)

Ed: Hello Sonic...

Sonic: (rubbing his forehead in pain) Ow! What the-? Where's the fire?

SpongeBob: (sitting down in a dizzying state) Sitting, sitting. Bleeding. (Shaking his head to notice the two)

Avak: Sonic? Tails?

Isabella: Thank goodness you came in the best of times!

Tails: We got the message from Nicole after our wisp rescue mission is complete!

Mina: We don't know what is happening here, but it's best that we find a way to stop it now before it's too late! (Hears a beeping on communicator)

Avak: Oh what now? (Answer the communicator)

Vezok: (on communicator) Guys, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but... (notices the Tails Doll with the other Piraka in surprise from the communicator) IS THAT THE TAILS DOLL'S FINAL FORM?!

Ed: What's a Final Form?

Hakann: While you were fixing things, Zaktan's been kidnapped by a digital ghost & Nicole's been kidnapped by Walter!

Edd: Nicole & Zaktan's been kidnapped? (hearing Tails Doll Monstrous roars, seeing how the Tails Doll is transforming again with the outer shell of the raw materials as a barrier) (horrified with the group as Sonic & Tails get ready with the group) ?! This has been quite a day.

(Sonic suddenly begins to charge forward, but suddenly, the time around SpongeBob went completely stop, thanks to the sudden blast of the power of the Kanohi Vahi, the mask of time and the combination power of Ultimate chaos emerald, Ultimate super emerald and Ultimate time stone.)

SpongeBob: (suddenly stops, looking around) Huh...?! Guys? (No response) Guys? (Notices this that time had stopped) This is unusual...

Amphibax: (moving with the 2nd Dark Hunters) Everything's in place once again.

SpongeBob: Oh don't tell me...

Conjurer: We're sorry, but we need you & Zaktan.

SpongeBob: What for? I know what you guys done to us in the past. We're trying to put the past conflict behind us! But it's never enough...

Firedracax: We can understand the frustrations your going through because of us. And we apologise for the tests, we were only testing you & your friends upon the three virtues.

SpongeBob: Testing us? Why?

Amphibax: (as the Portal Egg Tank is grabbing SpongeBob) Less questions, please save them upon meeting in the prison room! The Dimensional Crossovers that crossed through the Sonic World are most important for the next phase!

SpongeBob: (trying to struggle) No no no-!

(Amphibax, "Conjurer", Firedracax, Portal Egg Tank and E-1000 took SpongeBob to the prison room by going through "Vanisher"'s portal to meet the 2nd Dark hunters and King Nigel Acorn along with Zaktan.)

Part 2: Thanks for the Memories Edit

(In the Dungeon Room)

SpongeBob: (getting tossed inside while seeing Zaktan waking up) Ow...! Zaktan?!

Zaktan: (shaking his head, slowly waking up) (groans a bit) It is never enough with them...! (slams his fist on the ground) It never is!

SpongeBob: (rush to check on Zaktan) Zaktan, are you ok? Can you breathe?

Zaktan: (as he sit down with SpongeBob) As long as I can still able to strangle the likes of Teridax, I'll breathe just fine. What happened with you?

SpongeBob: The Tails Doll turned into a monster & then all of a sudden before we make our move, everyone froze in time, including Sonic, except for you, me & the Dark Hunters. Do you think time seems to have stopped? And if so, why?

Zaktan: That's what were going to find out. So stay out of my way when I'm enraged, understand?

SpongeBob: (gulps) Ok, ok I will. (Noticing something mind blowing, seeing Pre-Genesis past events from a past world, known as the Pre-Genesis World, through the likes of Genesis Portals, wondering what they are for) !

Zaktan: Good. (Turning to the figures approaching, seeing the 2nd Dark Hunters) Dark Hunters, we're in a middle of a double trouble crisis. Why did you brought us back down here?

SpongeBob: Zaktan?

Zaktan: Not now, Squarepants. I thought we'd agree that you stay out of my way when I'm enraged, do you understand? (SpogneBob turn Zaktan's head to the Pre-Genesis Portals of the Pre-Genesis World) SpongeBob! Don't make me come over- (surprised by the many Pre-Genesis Portals as a collection around the prison room) -There???

(SpongeBob & Zaktan we're surprised to see the many Genesis portals to different time periods & memories of the shattered timeline of the Pre-Genesis World, which is surprising to see these different memories of the pre-genesis timeline before them.)

Nigel Acorn: (comes over to the two) Shocking, isn't it? (The two turn back to King Acorn, but Zaktan was most surprised by the Dark Hunters with him) Please, it's not what you think...

Zaktan: I trusted you! Why are you with the 2nd Dark Hunters?!

Nigel Acorn: I had no choice but to keep their arrival & their appearances a secret, as well as the entire Castle of Acorns & Mobotropolis. You don't understand on what I've been going through. I was perplexed by their arrival at first, since usually robots are made from Dr. Eggman for conquest.

SpongeBob: (pulling Zaktan back) Zaktan, Zaktan, no!

Zaktan: What...?! You mean they first arrived here... before us?!

SpongeBob: It's ok Zaktan. Leave this to me. (Clears his throat) Sorry, we've got lots of answers to go through. How long have you known the 2nd Dark Hunters for? What's with this strange portals? And why are we here?

Miserix: We can answer that confusion. We apologise for the crude actions of stopping time. I think it's time we shed some light on the whole ordeal, the Genesis portals before you & the reason why we brought you both here.

Nektann: (as flashbacks of the Professor named "Von Schlemmer" of Silver's zone discussing the Genesis Portals) According to that bumbling quack known as Professor Von Schlemmer from silver's future zone, these portals were the shards of the pre-genesis world because of Dr. Eggman's interference made Sonic's restoration for his pre-genesis world messed up.

Zaktan: Dr. Eggman? Did all that?!

Prime Hunter: (as more flashbacks of the All Stars in their Past selves in the pre world with many Crossovers in a team before they were sent to safety following the events of "Worlds Collide", with SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds, the Piraka & the Mane 6 with some familiar Crossovers) You would know, because you two along with your friends & enemies were there in the pre-genesis timeline too. But now in the past adventures as the All Stars on fixing the Pre-Genesis World has led to erasing your memories of the Pre-Genesis World as well.

SpongeBob: (rubbing his head while Zaktan does the same both in confusion with foggy memories flowing) We were?

Niclone: (A holo-screen of Abraham Tower appears) Yes, you & your friends may not know it yet, but all will be coming back to you soon. Meanwhile a man named Abraham Towers, commander of G.U.N., agrees with us too.

Abraham Towers: (approaching to SpongeBob & Zaktan from the shadows) Even I can enlighten you.

SpongeBob & Zaktan: !

Abraham Towers: As you can see after witnessing all those locked portals, we're all been busy keeping the Genesis Portals for the collection in Mobotropolis, which is top secret & hidden to those that don't understand.

SpongeBob & Zaktan: Hidden?

Abraham Towers: What you see before you is a secret underground dungeon within a prison room for all Genesis portals kept hidden away in safety.

SpongeBob: We've got more questions about the Pre-Genesis Timeline. You did say that our friends, enemies & the two of us we're once a part of these worlds, but now we keep seeing many flashbacks of others like the Mongooses for example, Mina, Ash & Isabella.

Niclone: Mina, Ash & Isabella were actually part of the Pre-Genesis Timeline, but as titled the lost souls.

Zaktan: Lost souls?

Prime Hunter: Like Auto Fiona & Ivo, they were rescued along with many other lost souls, now they wander throughout the planet, doing their best to get back to their very lives the way it suppose to be, only this time they were self aware with more experience to become better people for it & even memories returning. Consider it a 2nd chance well earned.

Zaktan: Yes, but couldnt they find their own way back to the Pre-Genesis? Is it even fixed?

Nigel Acorn: Yes The pre-genesis IS fixed, but it is not allowed to be seen what really happened to the others who stayed behind & lived there...

Zaktan: Why not?

SpongeBob: What do you mean by that?

Nigel Acorn: (sadly) Because the pre-genesis is LOCKED forever.

SpongeBob & Zaktan: (surprised about the news) What?!

Miserix: (showing holograms of the incident of Dr. Eggman' interference of Sonic's Chaos Control) Unfortunately, Not only Dr. Eggman's interference of Sonic's Chaos Control started the memory restoration, but also cause the world of the post-genesis to be shattered. It was lucky that Mega Man's world remains intact.

Zaktan: This... is... INSANE! The Pre-Genesis World is locked out because of Eggman & now we don't even know who or what the others may be lurking out there?! Curse that Eggman & his stubborn recklessness!

SpongeBob: (Mind: Shattered, what do they mean by that?) Zaktan, please... we still have the friends we have now! Somehow from the looks of the footage, we may have gotten every crossover of the pre-Genesis timeline back home to safety!

Nektann: I know that & we apologise for the Pre-Genesis lockdown, it is for the safety of other worlds as well. We almost forgot to mention that Sir Alos was joining with "Vanisher" and Voporak to go with Silver in a future zone too. We can assure you that they will be working as a co-hesive unit like your team of All Stars.

Prime Hunter: Which reminds me, we also recruited a "friend". You may not know him yet, but you have heard of him before. (Turns to the figure) Come on in.

(A figure steps out of the shadows and reveals to SpongeBob & Zaktan, much to their surprise & suddenly flashback, to be none other than the large orange & black armoured helicopter robot with helicopter rotors named "Rotor" from hero factory.)

Rotor (Hero Factory): Hi guys, Did you miss me guys?

SpongeBob & Zaktan: (rubbing their heads, getting a spark of memory of an All Star Member named "Rotor" from Hero Factory) Rotor...?!

Zaktan: Genius... it's actually been ages!

Rotor (Hero Factory): Minds can be a bit hazy & dizzy. But I'm okey dokey...

SpongeBob: Where & how did you find him?!

Niclone: It was simple, we found him while Rotor's is still on the loose after the breakout incident cause by the Black Phantom. We also brought out "another friend" to join him.

Zaktan: Another? (Notices the large destructive Drone from the Hero Factory) I had to ask!

Rotor (Hero Factory): Say, Spongebob and Zaktan, I suddenly remembers the pre-genesis timeline & you guys & all of the past adventures we had because of those creatures called the "kratana", you should try it out too.

SpongeBob: (gulps) That sounds a bit painful. Are you absolutely sure about this?

Miserix: Yes, but it's the only way of resurrecting your past memories along with Patrick, the Eds, the Mane 6 & the rest of the Piraka & all the other Crossovers as well.

(The 2nd Dark hunters hold out 2 "kratana"s, presenting them the servants of the order of mata nui, then they placed them on spongebob and zaktan's faces to make the two see their past days in the pre-genesis timeline.)

Nektann: (as the servants place the Kratanas on SpongeBob & Zaktan) So don't be afraid.

(Suddenly both SpongeBob & Zaktan sees the past days in the Pre-Genesis Timeline, from their arrival on the Pre-Genesis Timeline, to battling Robotnik Prime, Endgame by Shao Kahn, to Naugas & Jinpachi arrival, Plankton's Alliance with Robo-Robotnik, Master Jack-X with Uka Uka, Chaos Attack, Space Colony Ark, Zorgulon & Xorda Invasion, Unknown from "Tekken Tag Tournament", Back Home on Mobius, Echidnas, Scourge rise, Changeling Invasion, Egg-Beater defeating Sonic, Jinpachi's return during Egg-Beater, Enerjak invasion, Anti-Moebius, Eggman insanity, Web of Shadows by the Iron Domain with Roodaka & Sidorak, Naugus claim for crown, Death Egg MKII, Xplode's Pure Devil Form return with Mecha Sally, Fall of Knothole Freedom Fighters, All Stars with Sonic, Tails & Amy as Team Fighter, Rotor, Cream, Cheese, Big, Heavy & Bomb as Team Freedom & so many other Pre-Genesis adventures, up until the Worlds Collide event.)

Rotor (Hero Factory): (as SpongeBob & Zaktan continues looking through the past days, with shocked expressions on their faces, while feeling the voltage) Oh & one more thing I should mention, this might hurt a bit...

Prime Hunter: (as SpongeBob & Zaktan's eyes begin to glow) Pass... into the iris... (camera zooms into SpongeBob's eye to witness both he & Zaktan in their minds)

(Within SpongeBob & Zaktan's visions of memories)

SpongeBob & Zaktan: (waking up to many of the Pre-Genesis timeline memories) ?!

Zaktan: (looking through the many visions from past adventures) I... I don't believe this... we did all this & we didn't even know? How is any of this possible?!

SpongeBob: (his eyes glowing in pattern of colours from a rainbow, while witnessing many visions of the past adventures as an All Star Member with Zaktan & the rest, even seeing people of the Pre-Genesis world, friends & foes alike) Zaktan... I... See... Everything!

Zaktan: (completely lost of words, while witness the past of becoming an All Star Freedom Fighters team with Knothole Freedom Fighters, followed by the fight against Ogre with help of the Sonic Boom world heroes, Sonic's First Defeat by Dr. Eggman, Eggman's lost of sanity & Mecha Sally return with Xplode's Pure Devil Form with other Hero Factory Villains) I... I... I don't even know what to say of all this. I'm at loss for words. We're lost in time...

SpongeBob: (sighs sadly) Yeah, it's all too familiar & the two of us are getting some very serious deja vu right now.

Zaktan: (seeing Dr. Eggman in the vision) You! (About to rush at him, but was stopped by SpongeBob, seeing how he had experiences with visions before)

SpongeBob: Whoa there, solid snake! Don't even think about it. (Place his hand through the vision that went through him to show Zaktan that you can't touch the visions) I've already tried... somehow.

Zaktan: You... what?!

SpongeBob: (also seeing the events of Worlds Collide with Zaktan, even the Roboticized Masters of Tails Man, Rose Woman Knuckles Man, Shadow Man, Silver Man, Blaze Woman Charmy Man, Espio Man, Vector Man & Rouge Woman, even up to where Dr. Eggman's stubbornness had caused the Pre-Genesis timeline to shatter, seeing Super Sonic asking Eggman on what he has done) What has Eggman done indeed?

Zaktan: Shut up, just shut up ok?!

SpongeBob: Ok, I get that your frustrated about Eggman's actions, I'm as shocked as you are. There's no time to be in a rage.

Zaktan: I know that, but words cannot expressed how many emotions I'm going through right now, so this is not the time to panic.

SpongeBob: Of course it's the perfect time to panic! We're lost through time, The others are stuck on pause & we don't even know how long the process of memories restoration will go for.

Zaktan: It will all be coming back to us soon! But what about you? How did you go from a jellyfishing chronicler / fry cook to the chosen one of all the Multiverse?

SpongeBob: At first, how should I know? But after seeing this, it must've been that I saw the difference between right & wrong or even helping the balance, I don't even know.

Zaktan: Yes, but how exactly me & the rest of the Piraka were recruited into your band of heroes in the past, despite our personal grudge with the Dark Hunters, let alone the 1st one?

SpongeBob: What? What are you talking about?

Zaktan: I was keeping it a secret from a long time ago, but... the Piraka we're used to be part of the 1st Dark Hunters, like Krekka & Nidhiki. (SpongeBob gasps a bit) You we're right to gasp. (As he explains his backstory through flashbacks) I used to work in the Protodermis mines alone, until I was recruited by the Dark Hunters, led by the Shadowed One. He is extremely dangerous, powerful & cunning, thou I choose to follow for power. Thou as time went on, when I decided to leave the group to desire for more, the Shadowed One suddenly blast his disintegration beams from his eyes straight at me as a death sentence, it is when horror looks straight at you in the eyes. I thought I was dead, but... I was lucky to be hit with a rare unforeseen outcome, that transformed me into a worse monster than before.

SpongeBob: ?! I... uh...

Zaktan: Now with the power of the shifting mass of protidites that was once solid metal or living tissue, like the holographic A.I.'s like Nicole, I can dispurse myself to dodge attacks... or to attack. They describe me, the Leader out of all of the 6 Piraka as the most unpredictable entity to face, a face of Fear. And you my friend, you don't get to talk about fear when your staring at him right in the eyes for all of Skakdi.

SpongeBob: (flabbergasted about all this) YOU... ARE.. AN... ALL STAR! I am deeply sorry for what has happened to you in the past. It is no wonder why your so monstrous, but you must know that you & the Piraka we're also chosen among the thousands of universes in the multiverse for that reasons that there's still faith in those that choose to be in the light to save countless worlds together, starting with the Sonic world! You & your team were great team players for all of us, heavy hitters even. We even been together since day 1 when we meet the queen herself!

Zaktan: I appreciate your moving speech, but that was then SpongeBob. And this is now & looking at you now, you are a sad strange little sponge. You don't have my hatred, you have my pity. (Begin to leave) Farewell.

SpongeBob: Oh yeah well, good riddance, you snake in a grass!

Zaktan: (rubbing his head) The Piraka we're always have been this way & always will be! Always treacherous to one another, including each other!

SpongeBob: (sighs) Maybe the Piraka are the most treacherous faction, polar opposites of the Mane 6 & we didn't even know it. (Seeing visions of the Mecha Sally passing by) Mecha Sally? (Suddenly remembers during that past event) Now I know how the Freedom Fighters feels about betrayal... it really does take us back to dark memories of defeats. How can we explain all this to the others? But maybe... just maybe... what if? (Calling out to Zaktan) Zaktan? Zaktan, come back!

Zaktan: (as visions of the Roboticized Masters pass him & SpongeBob by) Go away...!

SpongeBob: Please stop. You gotta come back!

Zaktan: Why should I? Quit living in the past & grow up already, SquarePants. You heard what the 2nd Dark Hunters said, the Pre-Genesis World is on lockdown forever & it's all Eggman's fault!

SpongeBob: I know that & you were right. Because seeing you & the Piraka as the most treacherous faction in all of Bionicle now... we feel very bad for you! (Zaktan stops & turn to SpongeBob) Look, I'm sorry for that wrong reaction that you were formerly part of the Dark Hunters & have a dark nature history. Sometimes, we can't dwell in the past for too long, just like you said.

Zaktan: (raise an eyebrow) What are you saying?

SpongeBob: I'm saying, with all this knowledge & experience, we thought we would bring back the Pre-Genesis, but it will never meant to be. It's like trying to fix a shattered mirror. So instead, we take all of our knowledge & experience & look forward to the future, protecting the Post-Genesis Timeline together & never look back. In short, it's a brand new opprotunity for a fresh new start.

Zaktan: (comes closer to SpongeBob) You really think that you, Patrick, the Eds & the Mane 6 & the other Crossovers would accept us? Even after all the terrible things we did on obtaining the Kanohi Inika, the Mask of Life?

SpongeBob: (slowly nods) Absolutely. It's not about judging a book by it's cover, but it's the warm hearts within us inside that counts. And who knows, you & your faction maybe go from being the most treacherous to the most loyal, for us at least. Even Hakann discovered a little Toa within himself when saving Nidhiki & all of Metru Nui. Maybe there is a little toa within you & the others someday. (Extend his hand) So what do you say? Friends?

Zaktan: (begins giving some long thought, before he slowly accepts by shaking his hands) Your darn right, we are. (Chuckles with SpongeBob) But don't push your luck.

SpongeBob: Duly noted. (chuckles) Thou it's good to have you back.

Zaktan: It's good to have you scratching my back. (seeing the Unknown & Wolf Spirit vision from Tekken Tag Tournament) Hm?

(Unknown looks on at both SpongeBob & Patrick, with the visions of the Roboticized Masters & especially Mecha Sally.)

Zaktan: Mecha Sally? And Roboticized Masters?

SpongeBob: Unknown? Or Jun Kazama?

Unknown: (silent whispers the words) Gaia...

Niclone: (voice over, as SpongeBob & Zaktan we're confused on what Unknown & the visions have told them) Memory Restoration will be completed in 3... 2... 1... Zero.

(Back in Reality.)

(SpongeBob & Zaktan suddenly wakes up with their eyes stopped glowing before dropping to the floor, after Prime Hunter & Niclone remove the Kratanas off of their faces.)

Prime Hunter: Do you remember now? (Both spongebob and Zaktan were nodding yes) Good. (holds out the All Star Emerald and the master emerald shard in one hand) I do believe this belongs to you. (he fuses the master emerald shard's energy to the all star emerald before he tosses it at spongebob, while keeping the master emerald shard) Take it, it be useful for even bigger purposes down the line... All Star Warrior... (winks behind the mask)

SpongeBob: Oh uh... thanks...

Prime Hunter: Let me offer you a gift for survival. (Offers SpongeBob a long sharp, Spatula Sword) A golden Spatula Sword, able to cut through anything, including the fact that the spatula sword has the power of stretching & extendability.

Zaktan: He doesn't even know how to use a sword! I could teach him so he won't be chopped into bits.

Prime Hunter: What you don't know is that SpongeBob actually faced a multitude of enemies since the Lava King crisis.

SpongeBob: Oh yeah, I remember now! It feels we're in like Medieval times.

Zaktan: Lava King? Am i missing something?

Prime Hunter: That is a story for another time. This brings us to you Zaktan, you & the rest of the 5 Skakdi of the 6 Piraka we're becoming more friendlier due to Queen Aleena's magic.

Zaktan: (calmly) Excuse-a-me... (in shock) WHAT?!?!

Prime Hunter: You were treacherous before so Queen Aleena has no other choice.

Zaktan: Ever heard of how Pure Devil XPlode came to be? He & the hero factory villains or Villain Factory, as Xplode like to call it, were mentally trapped as heroes & want all villains to be free & not under Mind control In the first place.

Rotor (Hero Factory): I know. We all remembered it. Xplode & the Villain Factory were not at all happy of becoming heroic puppets, not even me. But thankfully being freed allowed you guys to let us & each other to be ourselves. Who knew that it was the Mane 6 as the 4th group for the original team & not us.

Zaktan: Fine, I suppose that is true. But still...

Prime Hunter: We can understand your reactions. This is why we're actually allowing you to develop more naturally, as a way of apologising you & the Skakdi for being forced you to do Hero work in the past, you were once peaceful creatures until a certain Makuta Spiriah experimented on you & the populous.

Zaktan: (sighs) Hopefully, the Piraka are nobody's puppet. Luckily, Spiriah got what's coming to him, even we wish we would've done the same.

Prime Hunter: Agreed & about not becoming puppets, See that it doesn't. Now moving on...

Niclone: You may not be able to see what happened to Mecha Sally, unless you have to go through the genesis portals that leads to previous events.

Zaktan: We'll... keep that in mind... we still got a lot to think about.

Rotor (Hero Factory): I know that feeling, but look on the bright side. I'm not the only person from my universe who remembers the pre-genesis timeline.

(Right on cue, more robotic figures come forward, starting with the yellow jetpack bug type robot named Jetbug, a grey robotic wolf named Fangz, a yellow robotic wasp named Waspix, a large green robotic scorpion named Scorpio and a red robotic ape named Raw-Jaw jump in & then hugs spongebob and zaktan, that they meet each other again.)

Jetbug: SpongeBob! Zaktan!

SpongeBob: Guys? Is that really...

Zaktan: Oh wait wait wait...! (Suddenly got tackled into a group hug with SpongeBob by the five) Ok, ok! It's good to see our fellow members as well! Ok, you can stop now! I'm not the cuddly type! Please just stop!

Jetbug: Sorry about that. We'll stop now.

Niclone: We also found the 5 while they were on the loose with Rotor, considering that a breakout by Voltixx & Black Phantom is a blessing for Freedom.

Jetbug: All 5 of us remember everything from the pre-genesis timeline thanks to the 2nd Dark Hunters & the Portal Membership. We owe them big thanks. We couldn't resist on thinking back to the good ol days. Even thou at recent times, we still are what we are.

(A blue robot with blue shoulder pads comes over to the Drone is named "Vapor")

Vapor: Except me and the drone here, because were just new to them about something. My name is Vapor by the way.

Fangz: (barking in delight, licking SpongeBob's face, before getting a chance to speak) We were mind shielded by the great machine along with the other 2nd Dark hunters.

SpongeBob: (chuckling) Ok ok, stop stop stop. Fangz, it's good to see you guys.

Nektann: (checking the timer) And it looks like a new record.

SpongeBob: Shall we do it, for old time sake? (Fangz nod & get ready, knowing that he loves this game) Ok now sit. (Fangs sits down) Reach for the sky. (Fangz reach up on his hind legs, as SpongeBob pretends to finger gun) And gotcha...! (Fangz fall on his back, while SpongeBob's gives him belly dances) Good boy, Fangz. Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? Who's gonna miss meee?

Fangz: (laughing, while panting happily) Me me me! I love this game! I love this game!

Zaktan: (can't help but secretly smile to himself) (Mind: Some things never change, even in past times. Cant believe I used to be more friendly back then. But I am what I am & I can't change that. One world at a time, they say.)

Niclone: (giggles a bit) It is so nice to see nostalgia happy memories returned. It fills my heart with joy. (places the "kratana" down) Ok, now please crawl on Edd's face when they resume time, Ok? (One Kraata nods as Prime Hunter gives Storm Minion the other "kratana)

"Prime Hunter: Storm Minion, Niclone & I request you and Krika to kidnapped Cream, Cheese and Milla and make the 2 two kids call out for Twilight Sparkle.

Niclone: And don't worry, we won't hurt them. The plan was simple for how to restore Twilight's memory. (Storm Minion nods & listens in) First, Makuta Krika will carries cream,cheese and milla, then tell them to call out for twilight sparkles so that she is going after him.

Prime Hunter: Meanwhile as you attempted to sneak up on her then put the "kratana" on her face. If she is too fast to dodge, just slam it on her quickly, it's exactly what we dId the same way that they did to Fangz and Raw-Jaw's faces. Understand? (Storm Minion nods in agreement)

Niclone: Hopefully this will restore the Crossover Heroes' memories soon.

SpongeBob: (smile a bit) So... with our memories restored & maybe the rest of our friends' memories? What happens now?

Prime Hunter: Now? The Era of All Stars will return. The old version of an era has come to an end, but the new era is about to begin. And it starts with the duplicatotron accident.

Niclone: Now, please leave rest of the memory restoration to Nicole. (Seeing SpongeBob & Zaktan confused) Walter's impatience with her in restoring his powers will cause said chain reaction when Eggman's interference on Sonic's Restoration of the Pre-World all messed up.

Zaktan: Are you sure? If its true, then what does this mean for the rest of our Crossover friends & foes?

Prime Hunter: We'll think of something to restore your friends' memories in the meantime. Before we resume time, we wanted to show you these...(He holds out 7 genesis stones)

SpongeBob: Wow... what is it?

Prime Hunter: We, the 2nd Dark Hunters have created these genesis stones by taking the energies of the genesis portals then storing them into capsules, we have fuse them with the 7 energized protodermis and energy storm orbs to create the 7 genesis stones. Same goes for the pieces of Unity Engines & the Master Engine to be rebuilt for the ultimate Genesis Stone.

Miserix: Now that all is forgiven, the two of you will be assigned to Spy on the rest of the heroes & villains to make sure their roles are going quite well?

SpongeBob: I don't know about this. Won't they catch on, especially Applejack? She knows the difference between a truth & a lie when she sees it.

Zaktan: And spying on our friends feels that would make them think we have deceived them, because of that past action with Metal Sonic. They still haven't forgotten.

Miserix: We can understand what you mean. Here is an idea. Remember that the past with us & the Metal Sonic incident is behind us. Hopefully they would understand. (Give the two, 3 tablets) Here, take these to keep everything in check. And give the 3rd one to Milla once she returns to Mobotropolis with the others by Blaze's Sol Emeralds.

SpongeBob: Wait, why choose Milla? She's an innocent young pup.

Prime Hunter: You'll see. But we're aware of this Unknown character utter the words "Gaia". You'll would find out soon enough when Eggman's interference not only disrupts the Pre-Genesis Timelines, but the shattering will occur that will awaken the 2 polar opposite spirits, the light & the dark. Speaking of the dark, SpongeBob. Sonic might accidentally inhale the dark energy when a sample is broken by a small rock.

SpongeBob: (gulps) Ok?

Zaktan: (in thought: How exactly are they getting their sources of information, both path, present & future? It's distressingly concerning.)

Miserix: We can understand, but it's classified for another time.

Prime Hunter: (Turns to King Nigel) Now, since we give you the tour, perhaps you lead them to go back to the actual prison of mobotropolis along with Julie-Su and Saffron.

SpongeBob: Julie-Su?

Zaktan: And Saffron?

Nigel Acorn: Very well then, Naugus would suspect us anytime soon. (He looked at the stone wall as it goes up like a huge gigantic door, revealing those upstairs were longer that will lead them to the actual prison room of mobotropolis, as Prime Hunter" opens an electric portal for Abraham Tower to go back to his place in G.U.N. HQ to continue preforming his own "role".)

SpongeBob: Whoa...!

Zaktan: What the...?

Nigel Acorn: Come along boys, your friends need your help. (Brings SpongeBob & Zaktan upstairs back to the regular prison of Mobotropolis, with a pink echidna with a cybernetic left arm & one dreadlock that has been cyberised as well, she wears a teal & Black tanktop, white gloves, gold belt, teal Boots & she also wears her new black pants, while wielding her double barrel gun, her name is Julie-Su the Echidna & a female bee wearing her new design of a yellow-green dress & shoes with bomber jacket & a headset, her name is Saffron Bee.)

SpongeBob & Zaktan: (noticing this in surprise that these two are also part of the Lost Souls as well as they continue to follow Nigel Acorn) !

SpongeBob: So uh Julie-Su is it? How are you & Saffron here in the Post Genesis World as part of the Lost Souls?

Julie-Su: It may sound crazy to you two, but I'll tell you anyway. Almost all of the echidnas had no memory on what has happened & how we got into this unknown world. But there ithis strange portal & then a giant Drone came along with a blue robot on his shoulders.

Zaktan: Drone & Vapor, of course.

Saffron: He then took the three of us here.

SpongeBob: What do you mean by three?

Julie-Su: (growl a bit, remembering a certain third person) I do not dare to speak of his name when I found out the truth.

Prime Hunter: (to SpongeBob & Zaktan) Lets just say that "he" completed his own justice in the pre-genesis timeline.

Saffron: (comforts Julie-Su) Please calm down, it's best to leave the past behind us & look forward to the future. Even if we're deemed Lost Souls.

Julie-Su: (sighs) I apologise, but it is too overbearing & it is more than I can stand. (In thought: Someday soon, all Echidna kind will also be avenged.)

(Back in the Mobotropolis Prison Room)

(SpongeBob, Zaktan, King Nigel, Julie-Su, Saffron & the 2nd Dark Hunters arrive while the 2nd Dark Hunters following them, with the wall door closing & locked tight by itself behind them with JO-EGG-BERN stayed behind in the prison room.)

Nigel Acorn: It's best for you to get going quick. Walter is not gonna be happy about all this.

SpongeBob & Zaktan: (quickly rushing back to their positions, with Zaktan regrouping with the Piraka & SpongeBob rushing outside to find Patrick, the Eds, Mina, Ash & Isabella)

Julie-Su & Saffron: (nod as they head out) Hm.

Zaktan: If it's true on what they said, then this is starting to become a new era of miracles as well for the Lost Souls.

SpongeBob: Your right, but now that we know that the 2nd Dark Hunters have actually good intentions, that leaves us to deal with Walter & the Tails Doll. Go & get Vezok, Thok, Reidak & Hakann, while I go & find Patrick & the Eds & Avak. (Mind: Hope it's past your bed time Tails Doll, because playtime is over.)

Zaktan: (as he is alone, trying to find the other 4 Piraka to try & get Nicole back from Walter) Got it. (Mind: But why would the Post World shatter? And how did the Dark Hunters have all of this knowledge?) (as he begins to notice something else that is reaching to Sonic's Mind & unknowingly Eggman's Mind as well, while 2 kratanas are heading out in position to get to Edd from here & Twilight respectively from another place) (Mind: And what is Gaia?)

(Prime Hunter holds out the Ultimate Chaos Emerald, the Ultimate Super Emerald and the Ultimate Time Stone, while Voporak holds out the Kanohi Vahi(the mask of time). Amphibax, "Conjurer", Firedracax and tall, a long arm E-100 unit followed Spongebob to go back to the tails doll, while Portal Egg Tank would rather being left behind.)

Zaktan: (as SpongeBob, Amphibax, Firedracax & the E-100 Unit return to their positions, while SpongeBob seeing something that is reaching into Sonic's Mind for memory restoration as well by Genesis Wave) (Mind: I have a bad feeling about the fact that there is nothing more horrorfying... than a miracle.)

(With a flash of white Genesis Wave light, time resumes to normal, but on impact of the Tails Doll however, Sonic begins to having multiple flashbacks of the Pre-Genesis & also unknowingly Eggman having them as well, meaning both Sonic & Eggman's memories are beginning to become restored.)

Sonic: (suddenly having flashbacks of the Pre-Genesis World) !

To Be Continued...

Story #2: Into the Unknown (Part 1: Crossover Dundee)Edit

(At the Park, by Pops' House, in another universe.)

(We see a couple of park employees, working on their park very early in the morning in sunrise, one is a manager that is a living Red gumball machine named "Benson", who is reworking on a sign for the Park, a strong immortal White yeti with jeans named "Skips" is working on the cart, a lollipop shaped gentleman with a white moustache, wearing a gentlemanly like outfit named "Pops" who is catching butterflies in his spare time, while checking the mail for today, a green chubby man with blue shirt & grey pants & black shoes named "Muscle Man" & a white ghost with a hand named "Hi-Five Ghost" were working on mowing the lawn.)

Benson: There, this new paint really does the trick.

Pops: Excuse me, Benson. (Comes over to Benson & gives him the letters) The Mail is here today.

Beson: Oh thank you, Pops. Make sure everyone, especially Mordecai & Rigby are at their most focused.

Pops: Okie dokie, Benson. (Chuckles while he head out)

Muscle Man: (stops for a moment) Whew... this mowing the lawn stuff really blows. Hey Skips, do you even know where these two losers at, right?

Skips: (working on the cart) You mean, Mordecai & Rigby?

Muscle Man: Yes, do you think they are like adventure magnets whether they like it or not?

Skips: Now that you mention it, these guys have come a long way since Day 1. I wouldn't be surprised if there's another one coming up next.

Hi-Five Ghost: That is very true. Hope they don't get into too much trouble.

Muscle Man: Oh relax, they're probably fine. If these two guys can handle numerous weird adventures, they can handle anything, right?

Skips: Maybe they do, maybe they don't. But hopefully, they will always find a way soon enough.

(From the back of Pops' House)

(We can see two figures, a tall blue jay named Mordecai and a small Raccoon named Rigby, repackaging some patio furniture. Mordecai puts a chair in a crate, and Rigby throws a chair at a side of a box.)

Rigby: I'm so tired and it's so early! I can't believe Benson is making us repackage all this patio furniture he just bought.

Mordecai: Maybe we shouldn't've stayed up 'til 4:00 A.M. last night.

(Flashback begins to Mordecai and Rigby wearing football attire and playing football in the living room)

Mordecai and Rigby: Touchdown Thursday!

(Rigby throws the ball to the ground and Mordecai waves a bag that saids "Movie Shack Hut" on it)

Mordecai: Hut, hut, hut! Go long, go long! Brock Stettman with the long bomb! Huh!

(He throws the ball to Rigby and he tries to catch it, but he lands on the table full of snacks on it, and the ball hits his stomach and flys past him as the flashback ends)

Mordecai and Rigby: (tiredly) Hehehehehe. Touchdown Thursday. (sighs)

Mordecai: I wish it was Snoozing Saturday.

Rigby: We can't work under these conditions. We need to take a nap.

Mordecai: But Benson had fire us if he saw us sleeping on the job.

Rigby: But what if we slept in the job?

Mordecai: Huh?

Rigby: Like.. right here. We can nap in this crate.

Mordecai: But is it safe?

Rigby: Yeah. I saw one of Pops' old movies once. It was called "Crabbot and Ostello Get Trapped in a Crate".

Mordecai: (get creeped out) Auuh!

Rigby: But don't worry, though, they totally get out, but not before they meet the wolfman.

Mordecai: (tiredly) So tired! Let's just do it just for half an hour.

(They get inside the crate, closes the lid, giggle, and they start to fall asleep as the scene fades to black. Over the background, the crate can be heard with eerie fog sounds before it fades out, then the crate can be heard getting tossed into a truck, and into a plane that travels to some location, and gets tossed to the ground, then the scene fades back to Mordecai and Rigby still sleeping in a crate, then Mordecai wakes up)

Mordecai: Wha... Hehehehehe. The perfect crime.

(He opens the lid and drops it on the ground in the middle of a desert)

Rigby: (getting a rude awakening from the bright sunlight) Aaaaugh! It's too bright!

Old Mobian Koala: (as Mordecai looks on in surprise) Aw, chunda! Another return shipment?! (He runs inside his house)

Mordecai: (Trying to wake up Rigby) Rigby!

Rigby: (waking up) What?! (Suddenly looks around, as surprised as Mordecai is) Mordecai, where are we?

(A Mobian kangaroo and its two joeys jump past by them, then the camera zooms out as Australian music plays to find out they are in Tralius, the Sonic World/Mobius version of Australia)

Mordecai and Rigby: (screaming upon the revelation) AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

(Camera cuts back to Mordecai & Rigby, who are panicking at a nearby outdoor shack, with a purple Mobian Tasmanian Devil, sitting by the stand. He has yellow eyes, jagged fur pattern in a v shape, purple dreadlocks & a beige muzzle, while wearing green gloves & boots with black pull strings. His name is Thrash the Tasmanian Devil, also known as Thrash the Devil.)

Mordecai: Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, Oh, my gosh! We're in trouble, man. We're in Australia!

Thrash: (gruff deep voice, with Australian Accent) It's called Tralius, yer bludgers. Your not from around here on Mobius, are yer?

Mordecai: Hey, excuse me, is there an airport around here somewhere?

Thrash: I do not know where you came from or this airport you speak of. It is best for you to return by other means. It's always do or die! (He stabs a big soda can on the word "Die" with a knife and drinks the soda)

Rigby: Uh, so you don't know where the airport is?

Kangaroo Bartender: (coming out of his shack) Ah, don't mind Thrash. He's always mad. So how I can help you boys?

Mordecai: We're just trying to find the nearest airport.

Kangaroo Bartender: Airport, right. Nearest one's 300 clicks.

Mordecai: Clicks?

Kangaroo Bartender: Kilometers.

Mordecai and Rigby: Oh!

Rigby: We call those miles.

Kangaroo Bartender: Oh yeah, there's a nearby bus stop. You can hop on the bus to the airport, in about 15 minutes.

Rigby: Great! Just enough time for a soda. (Jumps on a stool) Bar keep?

Kangaroo Bartender: Certainly. Here you go, one can of fizzy. (He gives Rigby a can of soda, who he pays for it)

News Reporter: (on the tv, while reporting of strange sightings in the past, including Scuttle Town, Inkopolis & various dimensional places from different universes) In other news, many local reports stated that it's happening, not just our country, but across the globe. Strange structures, artifacts, people & places have been appearing out of the blue following the aftermath of mysterious white fogs that have rolled in. If you see these strange weather patterns, notify the nearest police department at once & stay inside where it's safe. We will return to you after a word from our corperate overlords.

Thrash: (sighs while knowing his work of justice is done in the Pre-Genesis world) You boys should get moving. It might not be safe.

Mordecai: We we're just trying to get back to the park, but we don't know where that was. (Notices something on the news that their park from their dimension had recently appeared on Mobius/Sonic's world as well) Aw, yeah-uh, the park! We can still make it.

Rigby: (finish his soda) But it's so far away, we don't know how long of a journey it will be!

Mordecai: We won't know until we try. Besides, the rest of the guys will be worried sick about us. (Noticing the bus of familiar soldiers in Egg Army outfits, only white & Black, which are the Tralius Egg Army, while carrying a large looking glass canister & other top secret crates) And there it is, The bus!

Rigby: Sweet...! (Notices Mordecai running off) Hey! Wait up! (Chasing after Mordecai, as the two run after the bus, as Thrash looks on, but notices no door on the right side of the bus) Dude, there's no door!

Mordecai: (As he's banging on the window) Hey! Hey, where's the door?!

Tralius Egg Soldier: (as he is driving the bus, pointing to the door on the left side of the bus) Door's on that side.

Rigby: Great!

(The bus speeds up, blowing dust on Mordecai on Rigby, who quickly tries to jump & grab onto the back door of the rear end of the bus trying to opening it & trying to grab the closest thing inside the bus, which is the Large glass canister, but the Tralius Egg Soldiers took notice and they shove Mordecai & Rigby off the bus, thou they collapse on the road, with the glass canister, which contains a robot with an appearance of a young Boy with Kokoro, it has Black hair with two spikes & wears black shorts, a green belt & red boots. His name is Astro Boy.)

Mordecai: (as the bus stops & Trailus Egg Soldiers exits & aim weapons at the two) Oh great, now what are we gonna do?!

Rigby: (scared with Mordecai) Don't shoot, we just want to go back to the park!

(However they were interrupted by a splat bomb attack on the Egg Soldiers from a helicopter flying above them, when both Mordecai & Rigby looked up to see the Helicopter, they see a Female Green Inkling wearing Squidbreak Splatoon hero suit & a black cape, leading the squad, she turns to the battlefield below, appearing to be known as Agent 3 of the Squidbreak Splatoon & quickly turns the other way to kneel & jumps off & quickly freefalls her way down during a Splashdown at the Egg Soldiers to scatter them with green burning ink, as she looks up to the two guys, who were stunned by her skills.)

Mordecai & Rigby: Whoa...!

(The Egg Soldiers quickly begin to openfire while Mordecai & Rigby take cover behind the steel box of the glass container tube, as Agent 3 easily dodges the openfire & begins shooting green ink at the Egg Soldiers to blind & burn them with burning ink.)

Trailus Egg Soldier: Augh! My eyes!

(Joining with Agent 3 to help her, Mordecai & Rigby out are more agents, starting with a female yellow inkling with short tentacle hair & also wears a new Splatoon 2 variation of the Squidbreak Splatoon hero suit, she appears a bit younger than Agent 3, as her name is Agent 4. And finally a female pink octoling with two thin tentacle hair reaching shoulder length in the front side of her head & two larger & shorter tentacle hair in the back of her head, wearing black leather crop top, one long sleeve, leather skirt & boots with yellow wristband around the ankles, her name is Agent 8.)

Rigby: (as Agent 4 fires yellow ink & Agent 8 blasting pink ink) Who are these squids?

Agent 3: Duck! (Ducks & dodges from the laser blasts, Matrix style before standing up straight to surprise blast more green ink at the oncoming Egg Soldiers)

Mordecai: (quickly ducks down with Rigby) Ok, this is definitely not our world anymore.

Agent 4: Quick, grab the robot & let's go!

Rigby: What?! Why?

Mordecai: Dont ask questions, let's just do it!

(Mordecai & Rigby tries to open the capsule, thou trying many methods to open it up to get Astro out of there like sticks, stones, a chair & even a laser gun, but with no such luck.)

Rigby: Dude it's not working. We can't even put a crack on that capsule!

Agent 8: (blasting more at the Egg Soldiers, but panics a bit upon seeing the larger Egg Bosses trying to ambush at Mordecai & Rigby) Look out!

(Mordecai & Rigby scream upon the ambush by the Tralius Egg Bosses, however they were interrupted by a sonic scream attack that blows the Egg Soldiers back into the bus, which it appears to be Thrash the Devil.)

Thrash: You ok?

Mordecai: Ow! My ears of ringing, but thanks man.

Rigby: (rubbing his ears) Ow! You could've warned us next time!

Thrash: (helps the two pick up the capsule to a nearby camper van, similar to the TF2 Sniper's Camper Van instead) This way!

Rigby: (as the Agents follow Thrash, while also following them with Mordecai, seeing the helicopter fly away out of sight to safety) Hey! Isn't the helicopter that way?! Where are you going?!

Thrash: We can't lose them if we're out in the open sky!

(Suddenly the group begins dodging laser sniper shots as they continue running, causing Mordecai & Rigby to panic even more, it is clear that the Egg Soldiers had brought them laser sniper rifles for long distance shots, while other Egg Soldiers try to chase them on foot.)

Agent 3: Snipers! Keep your head down!

Mordecai: (as the group continue running) Let's go, lets go!

Tralius Egg Soldier: (inside the driver seat of the camper van) (on the phone) Look, I'm not a crazed gunman, dad. I'm an assassin- (suddenly got spooked when Rigby jumped inside on the passenger seat to dodge a sniper shot) ?!

Rigby: (to the Tralius Egg Soldier, as Mordecai & the Agents store Astro in the back of the van, while they enter the back, closing the back door) Don't even say anything!

Thrash: (quickly tosses the Egg Soldier off the truck & get in the driver seat) Everyone get in! I have an idea! (Quickly begins driving into a deep dark cave as the Egg Soldiers quickly chase after him, while the Squidbreak Splatoon Agents begin thinking of a location for Thrash incase it works)

(Even thou the Tralius Egg Army is closing in on the camper van & the Egg Soldier that is thrown out of the van trying to slash at the van, Thrash quickly pulls out a special Warp Ring & uses it's power to create a transportable large ring that they drive through the Wrap Ring portal to be teleported to another part of Trailus, which is the Agents' Campgrounds, before the Wrap Ring disappears immediately upon entry, leaving the Tralius Egg Army confused as they contacted their Tralius Egg Boss.)

Tralius Egg Soldier: Sir? We've lost the robot.

Tralius Egg Boss: (a Male Thylacine) Pity, he could've been so much more to our cause. But there is always a next time. In the meantime, I have an important matter to discuss with Eggman & the others regarding... upper management.

Tralius Egg Soldier: Very well sir. (Hang up & return to base with the Trailus Egg Army)

(At the Squidbreak Splatoon's Campgrounds in Trailus, where the helicopter has crash landed near a helicopter pad, before their arrival.)

Mordecai & Rigby: (sighs in relief as Thrash makes a full stop)

Thrash: Don't say I didn't warn ya, mates. But I did.

Agent 8: (a bit scared) I think we should be safe here... I think.

Agent 3: Help up get him inside. (The Group begins to help on setting the container down in the tent of the campgrounds, thou seeing the container opening up) There, that should do it.

Rigby: (a bit concerned) Is he dead?

Agent 4: Thankfully no, he's just unconscious...

Agent 8: (a bit amazed by Astro, seeing this robot very friendly) Wow...

Thrash: (seeing Astro Boy slowly waking up & sitting up) ?! Stand back...

Mordecai & Rigby: Cool...

Agent 8: (comes over to Astro) Um... hello? (Astro turns to the group with a confused look)

Agent 3: It's a good thing your ok. What is your name?

Mordecai: (seeing the Metal words "Astro", shine on the metallic container) Astro?

Agent 8: I think it's a nice name.

Agent 3: (smiles) Welcome to the Sonic world, Astro.

Agent 4: The multiverse is full of surprises.

Mordecai & Rigby: (surprised) What?!

Rigby: You can't be serious!

Agent 3: Yes. We are serious. You think your the only ones in the world?

Mordecai & Rigby: Uhh...

Mordecai: Wait, what?

Rigby: Maybe?

Agent 3: You all have become a part of a bigger universe or even a bigger multiverse that you just don't know it yet.

Mordecai: We've been meaning to ask. Who are you?

Agent 3: Agents 3, 4 & 8, of the Squidbreak Splatoon.

(Flashback to Inkopolis)

Agent 3: (discussing about how the white fog rolls in & had teleported the entire Inkopolis City to near the location of Grand Metropolis) Believe it or not, there's mysterious white fog that is super natural & had dimensional abilities to teleport structures & even people to different & new worlds, like here.

Agent 4: (as the flashbacks also shows the Squidbreak Splatoon with the Squid Sisters, Callie & Marie as Agents 1 & 2 respectively & Pearl & Marina of Off the Hook were confused & concerned about the situation along with other Inklings & friendly Octoings, when seeing Mobians & other Chao.) We tried to calm every squid & friendly octoling down trying to discuss the current problem. Thou things get very complicated.

Agent 8: (as the flashback show the Inkling Girl on Xi with a Yellow Chaos Emerald, while Boggy B has the purple one) We think that the chaos emeralds transported others here, thou we find a few. Thou when seeing others in danger, we had to take action the best we can.

(End of Flashback)

Agent 3: In short, Squid Sisters & Off the Hook go with the rest, while we're tasked on getting Astro to safety, thou we ended up finding you two here in the mix.

Rigby: Wait, if you squids & the rest of the colourful city got here, then what about Astro?

Mordecai: Yeah, it can't be a coincidence, right?

Astro: (as he explains his story by Flashback) Uh, actually it is. You see...

(Flashback in Astro Boy's Universe)

(Astro is flying through the night sky by rocket feet, heading back to Metro City until the white fog rolls in that transported the robot with Kokoro to the Sonic World / Mobius)

Astro: (narrates his flashback) I was flying around the world after my dream has finally came true that humans & robots of my world finally bringing peace to each other as equals, partners & friends. I was flying back to Metro City until the fog happens. And before I know it, I was here in the Red OutBack Zone in this new world.

(Astro Boy looks around while still in mid flight, trying to scan the area of the Red Outback Zone, unaware of being watched by Trailus Egg Soldiers, who ready their laser sniper rifles to surprise shoot Astro out of the sky quietly, under the Trailus Egg Boss's instructions, with Astro screams in pain as he collapses into the outback sand.)

Astro: (narrating the flashback) I was about to contact Dr. O'Shay & the Ministry of Science, until I was shot out of the sky by strange soldiers. Even I can't remember anything past that.

(End of Flashback)

Mordecai: Whoa, seriously? We just found you inside a canister when we tried to get on the bus.

Astro Boy: Wow... if you haven't saved me back there, I would've still be these soldiers' prisoner or experiment.

Agent 8: (as she check Astro's feet, which his rockets in his feet were temporarily disabled until nightfall) Thank goodness that your not painfully hurt. We were worried about you.

Agent 4: Thiu don't expect flying until nightfall.

Astro Boy: Thanks. (Standing on his two feet) By the way, I haven't catch your names.

Mordecai: Oh yeah, it's Mordecai.

Rigby: The name's Rigby.

Agent 3: As I said before, Agents 3, 4 & 8.

Thrash: Call me Thrash.

Astro Boy: Please to meet you all.

Agent 3: With the helicopter out of commission, we're gonna need to find other methods on reaching our destination.

Agent 4: (checking the side of the camper van, which is has a big tear in the gas tank, which is leaking gas) No such luck with the van.

Thrash: (checking his Warp Ring which it needs a recharge) And my warp ring needs about 50 rings for a full recharge.

Mordecai & Rigby: Aw what?!

Mordecai: I guess we'll have to go there ourselves.

Astro Boy: (seeing the signs pointing to the direction of the airport, near the rabbit proof fence) You said you needed to go to the airport right?

Mordecai: Right dude, it's only 300 kilometres away. Can't risk on losing our jobs.

Rigby: That's only like 20 miles. We'll just walk it.

Thrash: (bringing lots of bottles of water) I've made an early purchase that is on special.

Agent 3: (as the Agents & Thrash pack their camping gear) Good. Best to bring lots of water & drinks, it can get very hot out there. Let's go.

Mordecai: Alright, but I'm not giving anybody a piggy-back ride.

Agent 4: Whaaat? We're not kids.

Rigby: We're not gonna ask for a piggy-back ride.

(Astro, Mordecai, Rigby, Thrash & Agents 3, 4 & 8 begin walking down the dirt path, carrying their camping gear while following the signs & the rabbit proof fence, making sure that the group, minus Astro who is a robot, is well hydrated, while Astro is guiding the group, while finding other means of helping the group get to the airport faster. As time went on, the group, minus Astro drink lots of water & drinks, feeling a bit dehydrated from the journey. Thou Astro is kind enough to give Agent 8 a Piggy-back ride, while Thrash does the same with Agent 4 & even Mordecai is giving Rigby a piggy-back ride too.)

(In Night Time)

(Astro Boy, who was passing by the rocks with Australian art, feels the ignition from his rockets within his feet & then finds an empty dumpster.)

Astro Boy: (sighs) It's night time. Perfect. Is everyone doing ok?

(The Camera zooms out, revealing that Astro is using his super robotic strength to give the group a piggy-back ride, due to their exhaustion on their long walk in the outback.)

Thrash: The harsh desert outback is never easy, easier to go in Night.

Agent 3: (panting heavily, seeing how they are running low on drinks) Finally, thank goodness for the timing. We're not feeling so good.

Mordecai: Must keep... going.

Rigby: Can't loose... our...

Mordecai: Jobs. (The group collapses to the ground, while Astro slowly sets them down in an empty dumpster, giving them sips of water & drinks from the last 3 bottles)

Astro Boy: You all need to rest. Here, this should help be well hydrated for the night. You've helped me out so much, so now it's my turn to return the favour. (Gets himself ready) Ok...

(As Mordecai, Rigby, Thrash & the Agents sleep in an clean empty dumpster, Astro gets himself ready & begins using his robotic strength to lift the dumpster with the group inside & activates his rocket feet to begin carrying the group while in mid-flight.)

Astro Boy: (in thought: Hopefully the group will be doing ok along the journey. They been through a lot for me. They truly care for each other, even if we maybe from other worlds.)

(Astro continues carrying the clean empty dumpster with the group as a hallucination montage begins with a mobian koala playing a flute, then to a rock with Mordecai and Rigby in Australian art and they're running away from a dingo, a snake and a spider & other unknown rahi, followed by Agents 3, 4 & 8 super jumps with Mordecai & Rigby in colourful streaks of ink, as they jump with the two into the coloured ink, which is now in soda, then it continues with mobian kangaroos digging with shovels, Mordecai juggling balls and Rigby dancing, then they stop and hop out, then Benson's angry face appears as he screaming and he becomes a didgeridoo as Mordecai and Rigby run inside it while the Tralius Egg Army from earlier are running away from an mobian emu, then Thrash blows the didgeridoo, blowing Mordecai and Rigby past through Pre-Genesis flashbacks, to Neo Metal Sonic's fist where he raises it to punch Sonic, with the Impact with Star symbols flying with the final gaze of the peaceful Galeem & Dharkon Hybrid the Unknown Being's golden & dark blue eye with the other dark beings & two spiritual beings as Mordecai, Rigby, Thrash & the 3 Agents fall down and land in the same empty dumpster with Astro continues to carry the group through the night sky before landing nearby, placing the group down while he collapses with low energy, needing to rest to recover his energy and the hallucination montage ends.)

(The Next Morning near Sunrise)

(The scene fades to morning near sunrise where the group wake up and see a while female koala with white fur, black ears & grey muzzle & chest, wearing red gloves, red Boots, a belt with a tan sash & she now also wears a red top & red pants come up to them while whirling bolas. Her name is Barby Koala.)

Agent 8: (gasps quietly, a bit astonished by the white furred koala) Mobian Koala...

Agent 4: (whispers) Please help...

(Barby stops whirling his bolas and grabs her water bottle out of her bag)

Rigby: Water!

(Barby Koala kneels down to pour some water on Mordecai and Rigby's mouths as they cough)

Mordecai: (as Barry pour some more water on Thrash & the Agents' mouth as they cough as well) Thanks, man.

Agent 3: (as she saw Barby about to pour some more on Astro) Please don't. We appreciate your concern, but our friend here is a robot. It would short circuit the system. (Barby Koala is a bit confused since Astro looked very convincing to be a human, thou he's actually a robot)

Thrash: (as the group slowly stand up) So you have found us, not surprising since you & your team are here.

Agent 8: (comforts Astro) Team? You know her?

Thrash: Yes, her name is Barby Koala of the Downunda Freedom Fighters, well Trailus Freedom Fighters anyway, I bet since it's very different. It's a long story.

Mordecai: Dude we can explain later, right now we gotta get to the airport! (Barby Koala doesn't understand him) Uh, airport! (Barby Koala still doesn't understand him)

Rigby: Dude, we're not getting through to her. (making signal moves with the Agents to help translate) Need go city! Take us to road!

(Barby Koala smiles as she understands Rigby and nods)

Mordecai and Rigby: Yes!

(Barry Koala leads them to find a road.)

Agent 4: (as Thrash begins to carry Astro for the group, while Agent 8 stays near Astro) Didn't know your had a bit of knowledge of sign language, Rigby.

Rigby: Perfect! We'll follow this girl to a road, hitch a ride to the city, hop on a plane, and, boom, back at work, baby!

Mordecai: I hope so. But it's not gonna be easy on where the park is really at during this whole ordeal.

Agent 3: We'll try to fit in some clues along the way.

Thrash: Still, makes me wonder about Barby's other teammates.

Agent 8: (as the group go through two large bushes) Hopefully Astro will also be alright. He deserved some rest.

(The group begins to come out of the bushes to see a road with a truck and 4 other mobians of the Downunda/Trailus Freedom Fighters, an reddish orange mobian kangaroo with blues eyes & wears brown vest, arm bands, gloves & Boots. He is known as the leader of the group, "Walt Wallaby". The 2nd mobians is a yellow mobians wombat wearing turquoise gloves, a grey hat & Boots named "Wombat Stu". A 3rd mobians is a tall blue mobian emu, with a yellow beak & wears a white shirt, gold dove, olive branch peace signs & sunglasses, his name is Guru Emu. And the 4th & final mobian is a teal mobian platypus with spiky hair, a darker beak, tail & front & wears a purple Eggman style outfit with his goggles. His name is Duck "Bill" Platapus, or Bill for short. The group were eating their lunch.)

Mordecai & Rigby: (gasps) Yes!

(They run down the hill to the Downunda/Trailus Freedom Fighters)

Mordecai: Dude, we need to get to the airport!

(He and Rigby start begging at the Downunda/Trailus Freedom Fighters)

Guru Emu: Like chill dudes. Relax your bodies & minds first. (To the group) Do you understand what they are saying?

Duck Bill: Sorry, not a word. Can't make heads nor tails of what these blokes are sayin'.

Wombat Stu: It's their unintelligible accents what's got me all a gum tree, eh?

Walt Wallaby: So, What's they sayin', Barby? And turn that gizmo off, please?

(Barby stops her cassette player and takes off her headphones)

Barby Koala: Oh Sorry. These two chaps along with a robot, 3 other squids & Thrash got lost in the outback and they all need a lift back to the airport. I think they may be chucking a sickie.

Wombat Stu: Oh, yeah, we know what that's like.

Mordecai: Dude, you can speak English?

Rigby: And you guys & Thrash know each other?

Barby Koala: Pardon my manners, the name's Barby Koala, 2nd in Command of the Downunda, well Trailus Freedom Fighters. This is Guru Emu, Wombat Stu, Duck Bill & our leader Walt Wallaby.

Walt Wallaby: Believe it or not, Thrash is our temporary Member before he left. He may have a certain hatred of echidnas in the past.

Agent 3: Why? What happened?

Thrash: (sighs having bad memories of his Tasmanian Devil kind in near extinction because of the Echidna scientists in the past) Trust me, you really don't want to know. Let's just say I had to bring my own justice against them for what they did.

Agent 4: So sorry to hear that.

(Mordecai, Rigby & Astro begin to have flashbacks of the Echidnas & the Tasmanian Devils, mainly an legion of Echidnas & Thrash's journey for justice.)

Astro Boy: (slowly waking up) Hm?

Walt Wallaby: Anyway, so you blokes & sheila's want a ride to the airport. Correct?

Agent 8: That's right. Our original plan was to take them to the helicopter, but it got shot down by the Egg Army in Trailus.

Mordecai & Rigby: Egg Army?

Astro Boy: I'll explain more with the Squidbreak Splatoon.

Wombat Stu: You got any rings?

Mordecai and Rigby: No.

Guru Emu: Got anything to trade?

Mordecai and Rigby: No.

Duck Bill: Well, can you at least sing us a bloomin' song? We're in the mood on cheering ourselves up since our... recent arrival.

Mordecai and Rigby: (sigh)

Thrash: This I gotta hear.

Agent 3: Well, I guess we can give it a try.

(The Downunda/Trailus Freedom Fighters start playing their didgeridoos, with Agents 3, 4 & 8 clear their throats & begin singing harmonic vocals as Mordecai and Rigby start to sing their song)

Mordecai: (start singing with Rigby) Didgeridoo or didgeri-don't, Maybe we'll get home, or maybe we won't

Rigby: Napping in a crate, Work did not concern me

Mordecai and Rigby: Lost in the desert on a spiritual journey

Mordecai: So we give you this rhyme, And hope you'll be our chauffeur

Rigby: 'Cause if you leave us here, We'll probably die of expulsor

Mordecai: Wiga, wiga

Mordecai and Rigby: Die of expulsor! Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm. Yeah!

Thrash: Wow... that is actuallt first good song I heard in years.

Astro Boy: What do everyone else think?

Duck Bill: To be honest... didnt understand a word.

Walt Wallaby: But we appreciate it from a sonic level.

Barby Koala: At least it's good enough to pass.

Guru Emu: Get in the back, man

Mordecai and Rigby: Yes! (the two hop in the back of the truck with the Agents & Thrash)

Agent 8: Please, can we keep Astro in the back too?

Wombat Stu: What do you think Barby?

Barby Koala: This robot is friendly. If he's friends with them, he's friends with us too.

Wombat Stu: Alright, climb aboard.

Agent 8: (smiles) Thank you so much. (Bring Astro Boy aboard the back of the truck, as the Downunda / Trailus Freedom Fighters also hop in with Walt & Barby in the front seats, turning on the engines before the group drive away on the road)

Walt Wallaby: Strap yourselves real tight. The airport is not far away on wheels.

Agent 4: Thanks again, we hope that we're not too much of a burden. We'll pay you back.

Agent 3: I just got a call from Agents 1 & 2, plus Off the Hook are conducting their own investigations of white fog & some group known as the Dark Hunters, with the strange group of dimensional friends & foes.

Thrash: They sound dangerous. Best to stay out of their business.

Guru Emu: So care to tell us about this park you speak of?

Mordecai: Well, we're trying to get back to the park as quick as possible because if we don't come to work in time. Rigby & I will be fired.

Rigby: Aw man, this totally bites, big time. If only we know the location of the park to begin with. It's completely impossible!

Duck Bill: Nothing is impossible, how else do I have to go undercover as an Egg Grandmaster in the past world?

Agent 3: Hm?

Duck Bill: Nothing.

Barby Koala: Do you know someone who lives in the park at the beginning?

Mordecai: There's Skips, Pops, Muscle Man, High Five Ghost & let's not forget Benson. So there's only 7 of us.

Barby Koala: Oh I see. Hopefully they'll be alright. But sometimes, a safety of a world & your friends, family & collegues outweighs your jobs in a dimensional situation like this one.

Agent 4: (seeing that they went past the airport) Uh... isnt the airport that way?

Duck Bill: Would you rather spend 200 rings each in a total of 2400 rings for a flight to the park?

Mordecai & Rigby: (surprised with the group) Aw what?!

Mordecai: We don't have that kind of cash!

Thrash: We don't even have enough rings for all of us, let alone a warp ring recharge.

Wombat Stu: (seeing the gas tank is nearly empty) We best make a stop.

Walt Wallaby: (seeing a farmland with 2 big buildings & a big river & bridge between the two buildings) Ain't this our lucky day. And we didn't say specifically on what kind of airport we go to. We know a group that can fly for us for free.

Mordecai & Rigby: Yes!

Agent 8: It sounds like we don't have that much of a choice.

Barby Koala: (seeing the truck is slowing down, due to low fuel) We know. (drive into a garage & stops & parking the car for Walt) Which is why, we're more than prepared for the occasion.

(The group all hopped out of the truck together, looking around the farmland area with 2 buildings one which is Blue industrial base with a "BLU" sign & a Red rustic base with a "RED" sign near the large river & bridge between them, the land is known as "2Fort".)

Mordecai: Who do you guys know by the way?

(To their surprise, when they arrive, they come across two teams of 9 mercenaries that are identical to one another, one red team wearing red variant mercenary clothes & one blue team wearing the blue variant of said mercenary clothes, both consists with the Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper & the Spy, all from "Team Fortress 2". However, the Downunda/Trailus Freedom Fighters choose the rustic red base with the symbol of "RED", which is home to the Red Team.)

Agent 4: (gulps, seeing the aftermath of a battle in 2fort with RED team the winner of Capture the Flag against the BLU Team) On second thought, I would rather not be splattered by these guys that are so aggressive.

Walt Wallaby: Chill mates & Sheilas, the Red Team found us as much as we found them.

Wombat Stu: When we were lost without knowing on where we are going, since we don't know where our base is. We decided to move here instead.

Duck Bill: Sorry, but that's all we got.

Astro Boy: Everyone inside please.

Barby Koala: And please, let us do the talking here. (Knocks on the door)

TF2 Red Heavy: (peeks through the slide from the door) What?

Barby Koala: (clears her throat) It's us & the password... Red beats Blu.

(TF2 Red Heavy, the red variant of the Heavy close the slide of the door & then opens the door for the group, letting them inside the Red Base.)

Agent 4: (gulps a bit, see how big & strong the Heavy is) Um... hi?

TF2 Red Heavy: Everyone, look! (The other 8 Mercenaries come towards the group)

TF2 Red Engineer: Hoo wee, would you look at that? You Freedom Fighters ain't that shy away from finding trouble, aren't ya?

Walt Wallaby: Our new friends, plus Thrash got lost in the outback & need a ride back to the airport.

Duck Bill: Technically, it's a long story.

TF2 Red Spy: Ahem, it would seem that judging from the appearances of your new friends, were not the only ones here. Best explain everything to the Intelligence Room immediately.

Guru Emu: Like that would be nice. I would go for something to eat.

TF2 Red Heavy: (holding sandwiches) Do you want Sandvich?

Agent 8: Oh, uh... thanks.

Mordecai & Rigby: Aw sweet... (begin eating sandwiches as the Red Team leads the group to the Red Intelligence Room)

(Later at the Red Intelligence Room)

TF2 Red Engineer: (with the rest of the Red Team) Damn, that's some story. That's a whole lot to take in.

TF2 Red Medic: Yes & this white fog you speak of is somehow related to all this.

TF2 Red Demoman: I feel like everybone in my body is broke.

TF2 Red Scout: I've seen a lot of weird crud in my life, including wizards, spellbooks & all sorts of junk. But this here, takes the cake. (TF2 Red Pyro looking at Agent 8, while he muffled giggling under the mask)

Agent 3: Yes, but right now, we're focused on getting Mordecai & Rigby back home.

Duck Bill: (checking the scanners of the computers) Now that you mention it, there is a slight disturbance near Sonic's place in Empire City in Northamer.

Rigby: Maybe that's the park!

Barby Koala: We best hurry to get you back before something else terrifying like the Crocbot, our sworn enemy shows up.

Mordecai: Crocbot?

Walt Wallaby: Long story short, he's created to be tasked with the dirty jobs here for Eggman in the past life.

Wombat Stu: But thankfully we haven't heard of the Crocbot since we got here. Best not to jinx it.

Astro Boy: Point taken. Hopefully you all get back to Tralius in time in case he comes back. But we have high hopes that we're all in this together, humans, robots, mobians & otherwise.

TF2 Red Spy: We best move quickly. Somehow I have a feeling your own colleagues may have made it here as well.

Mordecai & Rigby: (nodding) Hm hm hm hm hm.

TF2 Red Engineer: Good. Any questions?

TF2 Red Soldier: Are we going to Northamer? As in the good ol North America?

TF2 Red Scout: Yeah no, as in "we're going to Detroit" America, numbskull.

(The group proceed to pack their gear & equipment into an white & red airplane, while also keeping the supplies inside packed crates, as they took flight, leaving the BLU team mercenaries curious on where they are going.)

TF2 Blu Heavy: Hmm... where do you think they're going?

TF2 Blu Medic: Probably somewhere most adventurous.

TF2 Blu Spy: But where? Leaving their 2Fort base unprotected?

TF2 Blu Sniper: (spotting something in the distance, which is the Tralius Egg Army, lead by the Tralius Egg Boss, the Male Thylacine named Maw the Thylacine.) Incoming...

Maw: BLU Team, I presume?

TF2 Blu Scout: What's it to ya, metal mouth?

Maw: (Smirks as he snickers a bit) Maw the Thylacine, Egg Boss of Tralius. I have a little propersition for you that involves your skills. That is, if your willing to preform the task acceptionally well against... the Red Team? (The Blu Team looked at each other)

(In the Skies, above Efrika, the Mobius equvalent of Africa.)

(Mordecai, Rigby, Astro, the Agents, Downunda/Tralius Freedom Fighters & the Red Team are still airborne in the airplane, making themselves comfortable while the Red Soldier & Red Demoman fly the plane in the pilot seats, thou Red Demoman's asleep, while the rest are in their seats, strapped tight, next to each other are Red Engineer & Red Sniper, Mordecai & Rigby, Red Scout & Agent 4, Red Heavy with his Minigun, Astro & Agent 8, Walt & Barby, Guru & Wombat, Red Medic & Agent 3, Thrash & Duck Bill & the Red Spy.)

Mordecai: (as Red Scout mischievously nudge Red Engineer's seat, while he looks back to see Red Scout acting casual, while Agent 4 giggles mischievously too) Dude, the Red Team really hooked us up.

Rigby: See I told it was a good idea to take a nap in that crate.

Mordecai & Rigby: Whoooaaa... (go to sleep)

Agent 8: (looking down on the wildlife of Efrika) Oh wow...

Astro Boy: (as Red Sniper is sleeping) So cool. You could almost see the lions.

Agent 8: Lions? They must be so proud.

Walt Wallaby: (whispers) Still, funny how it was when we're in a new place we hardly recognise. I mean, New Egg Boss?

Barby Koala: (whispers as Red Medic reads a book with Agent 3) Either their aware of Duck Bill's situation or it's a brand new time all together. Still no Crocbot.

Walt Wallaby: (whispers) Ain't it weird?

Guru Emu: (whispers) Like scary weird, man. Thou we best leave our thoughts for now while we finish the job.

Wombat Stu: (whispers) Agreed. We don't want to get in some mix up even more.

Duck Bill: (whispers) And about the fact that we're all lost & the Red Team offered their help to get us to a new home in 2Fort. (seeing the Red Pyro come in with a trolley of goodies) (to Red Pyro) Uh, no thanks. (Red Spy just groan while trying to relax) (whispers back to Downunda/Tralius Freedom Fighters) Still, we have more questions than answers for these guys.

Agent 3: (as Red Pyro mumbles a bit while he offers a bag of peanuts to her & Red Medic) No thank you. (Red Medic just push the bag away)

Wombat Stu: I think I'll pass, thanks. (To Downunda/Tralius Freedom Fighters) You might be right, but structures & strange people don't just appear out of nowhere.

Guru Emu: Ooh, I like some... (grab a bag of peanuts & enjoys them)

Barby Koala: (Walt shake his hand) Walt & I are good, thank you for asking. (Whispers to Downunda/Tralius Freedom Fighters) Seeing how we're all kindred spirits in this familiar & yet new world situation, we owe them our help & vice versa.

Walt Wallaby: (as Agent 8 accepts the bag of peanuts, but Astro declines politely) You might be right. Best to stick by them for now. Hopefully we would all know the answers entirely.

Barby Koala: (whispers as Red Scout & Agent 4 also accepts the bags of peanuts) Agreed.

Red Scout: (chuckling) Hey. (Grabbing a bag of peanuts)

Agent 4: Yummy, plane food.

Mordecai & Rigby: Huh? (waking up, seeing bags of peanuts, as the Red Engineer politely accepts a bag of peanuts) Oh yeah-uh, peanuts! (Grabbing bags of peanuts)

Mordecai: Don't Mind if we do.

Rigby: Yeah, this treasure's my pleasure.

Red Soldier: Peanuts? (Rush out of the pilot's room) Gimme! (grabbing a bag of peanuts, chuckling a bit, but notice everyone looking at him strangely) What?

Rigby: The Demoman's got this right? (Gasps upon seeing Demoman sleeping, while dropping his bottle of scrumpy that rolled near Rigby's feet) On second thought, maybe not!

Red Demoman: (sleeping while mumbling nonsence, while the Red Soldier tries waking him up, while Agent 3 & Mordecai quickly pull the plane up by the controls) ???

Agent 3: Next time, no drinking while flying.

Mordecai: (sighs) Good. We're safe.

Walt Wallaby: I think it would be better if we handle the controls to the plane and... (notices the Red Scout with his parachute) Why are you wearing that?

Red Scout: (scared on what he saw earlier) Well...

(With a sudden blast that shook the airplane, the force caused Mordecai & Red Soldier to accidently broke the steering wheels, both notice this while Mordecai screams, while everyone else groan in frustration upon seeing it as well, while Astro looks outside, seeing the blue airplane filled with the Blue Team giving chase, while seeing other anti air defences from the Efrika Egg Army in Mazuri.)

Red Scout: Oh no! I knew this would happen!

Blu Soldier: (piloting the blue airplane with Blu Engineer with Blu Scout, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Sniper, Medic & Spy) Booyah! Right on target!

Blu Medic: Excellent!

Blu Spy: Fire again!

Astro Boy: We got company!

Red Spy: (groans) Great, it's our Blu adversaries...!

Agent 4: (hanging on while And they got back up!

Efrika Egg Boss: (a Male Water Buffalo, wearing a purple outfit with his Efrika Egg Soldiers in purple) (speaking from the loudspeakers) This is the Efrika Egg Boss, your trespassing our base of operations! Land immediately!

Red Soldier: (hearing the sounds of the landing gear being blasted off) Negatory...

Astro Boy: We're taking a detour!

Mordecai: But where?!

Rigby: We lost the controls! (Notices the Red Scout already opened the door & parachute down to safety) (groan with Mordecai & Red Spy)

Red Engineer: Aw shucks...

Astro Boy: Agents, your with me! (Agents 3, 4 & 8 hop onto Astro)

Barby Koala: (as everyone else put on their parachute bags) What are you gonna do?!

Astro Boy: You'll see...! (Quickly rushes out of the plane, jumping off while the Squidbreak Splatoon Agents hanging onto him as he flies with his rockets feet at the Blu Team) Let's rocket!

(Looking out to the skies from the ground is the Efrika Egg Boss known as Axel the Water Buffalo)

Efrika Egg Soldier: Their not responding, what should we do?

Axel: We have our orders regardless, Eggman needs all Egg Bosses on board to preform the tasks at hand back at the Egg Fleet. And as for the Red Team... shoot it down!

Efrika Egg Soldier: (nods while commanding the Efrika Egg Army to begin shooting down the Red airplane) EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!!!

(The Erika Egg Army begins to openfire their anti air weapons, turrets & machines at the red airplane to damage it further, shooting the red airplane down, while Mordecai, Rigby, Thrash, the Downunda Freedom Fighters & the Red Team quickly jumps down to activate their parachutes in time, while Astro Boy, Agents 3, 4 & 8 openfires their digi beams & hero splattershot weapons at the Blu Team's airplane, even Red Soldier put the parachute bag on Red Demoman & literally kicks him out of the plane while he activates it for him, while he follow suites, only to realise his parachute is an ammo bag, as Red Soldier screams & hangs onto Red Demoman, while the team parachute down into the jungle.)

Mordecai: This is insane!

Rigby: We're gonna die!

Astro Boy: (dodging the openfire the best he can with Agents 3, 4 & 8) Our only safe option is hiding in the jungle! With the Blu Team & the Egg Army in the mix, were all gonna be hunted!

Axel the Water Buffalo: (smirks) Axel to all Efrika Egg Army brothers & sisters, the hunt is on.

To Be Continued...

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