This is the 6th Episode of Archie Sonic: Crossover (Redux)

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds, the Piraka & Mane 6 (Team Sonic), Hank J. Wimbleton, Sanford & Deimos (Team Dark), Shantae, Sky, Bolo, Uncle Mimic, Rottytops, Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, Milla Basset, Neera Li (Team Rose with Blaze), Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Crash & Coco Bandicoot (Team Chaotix)

Main Villains: Neo Metal Sonic (Revealed at Final Battle), Dark Hunters (All 4 Teams), Plankton Alliance (Team Sonic), the Rahkshi & the Agency Against Hank Wimbleton/A.A.H.W. (Team Dark), Risky Boots (Team Rose), King K. Rool & Dr. Cortex (Team Chaotix), Team Hooligans & the Babylon Rogues.


Now at a turning point, the 4 teams of Heroes & Villains are now facing a deadly alliance between the Hunters & the Egg Army, lead by the Dark Hunters, in order to not only test their unity, but also to prepare with the resurrection of the Neo form of metal, now they must rise up against the Dark Hunters to stop their plan, but their gonna need a lot of help they can get from the Inklings, Octolings, Boggy B & the Worms & others that are in League with them, while others like Team Hooligans & Babylon Rouges are in the mix. Now traversing through Rail Canyon, Green Jungles & Haunted Houses to get to the Egg Fleet. Can the heroes & villains pull themselves together on stopping the Dark Hunters without tearing each other apart? Or would the Neo form of Metal would tear them apart first?

Crossovers Unite (Crossover Heroes: Part 2)Edit

Rail Canyon/A.A.H.W. Bunker BuildingsEdit

(At Night Time)

(SpongeBob is seen sleeping inside a tent at a campsite near a grey building. But the scene slowly goes into his dream scape to see that it's completely dark & stormy aboard the Egg Fleet airship.)

SpongeBob: (looking around, seeing that he is all alone) Hello? (Checking aboard the ship on deck, seeing multiple dark figures on deck & gasps upon seeing that it's the Dark hunters Amphibax, Storm Minion, Conjurer, Firedracax, Ancient, Guardian, Spinner, Prototype, Minion, Subterranean, Kraata-Kal, Ravager & the Makuta Krika himself, leading the group, having all 7 chaos emeralds) (gasps quietly & quietly hides to see what they are up to, seeing a broken & shut down blue robotic version of Sonic) (whispers) What?

Makuta Krika: (to the Neo form of metal) Show no mercy.

(The 13 Dark hunters proceeds use all 7 chaos energies to combine with the energized protodermis and the orb of energy storm to ressurect the Neo form of metal, much to SpongeBob's horror.)

SpongeBob: (charging forward) Wait! Stop! (Tries to reach for the Dark Hunters)

(Makuta Krika teleport Amphibax, Storm Minion, "Conjurer", Firedracax, "Ancient"," Guardian", "Spinner", "Prototype", "Minion", "Subterranean", "Kraata-Kal", "Ravager" and Himself back to the hidden base just before SpongeBob could catch them, leaving the yellow sponge to see the ressurection of the NEO form of metal. Metal floated up, feeling the energies he gain so much more than before.)

SpongeBob: (begins stepping back in fear on what is happening) Oh no oh no oh no! (Hearing electricity sounds coming from all different directions) ?!

(SpongeBob can see 11 different electricity energies from 11 different Egg bosses' territory struck their energy out of their bases at Metal.)

SpongeBob: (seeing 11 different Mobian silhouettes of the new 11 Egg Bosses, a male Water Buffalo, a male Walrus, a female Chinchilla in a Mech, a female Proghorn with her sister, a female lynx, a male cobra, a male orca, a female squid, a female vulture, a male bird with a son & a male Tylacine) What...?

(SpongeBob suddenly turn to Metal's body, which it begins cracking, with his robotic eyes glow red, before the explosion released his "inner" form, the neo form. The explosion made Spongebob wake up from his nightmare.)

(Back into reality)

SpongeBob: (screams as she sits up quickly) (panting, looking around to see that he's in a tent) W-What?!

(SpongeBob turned to see Boggy B, the Inkling Girl with the Xi, along with other 4 worms & 3 inklings & an octoling. The Worm similar to Boggy B, but is a bit smaller than Boggy B, who is a bit larger, is the Worm Soldier, the small sized worm is the Worm Scout, the skinny worm with a big brain is Worm Scientist & the large hulking worm that is much bigger than Boggy B is the Worm Heavy. Meanwhile the first Inkling is a black & pink Inkling with long tentacle hair tied to a bow with the ends to dangle, has golden eyes & wears a black reflective outfit with no sleeves & ends in shorts with 3 pink marks on the front & wears white gloves, pink tights, white necklace, black & pink wedge shoes & a pink & white hat resembles an ikayaki, her name is Callie.)

(The Second Inkling is similar, but with white milk tentacle hair tied on a bow on the right with ends wrapped on the other side. She also wears a similar black no sleeves reflective outfit with 3 green marks, but ends in a skirt, wears white gloves, green tights, black shorts, white necklace, black & green wedge shorts & a green & white hat resembles a calamari ring. Her name is Marie. With Callie & Marie, they are the Squid Sisters.)

(The Third Inkling is shorter than the others, but has white & pink short length tentacle hair with golden eyes as well & she wears a cream coloured crown, black fingerless gloves, white sleeveless dress with high collar & golden zipper, pink tights & white Boots. Her name is Pearl.)

(And Last but not least, the gentle Octoling with brown skin, but has black & teal tentacle hair worn down & has silver eyes. She has teal headphones, short sleeveless black vest revealing her midriff with silver zipper, black fingerless gloves, low rise shorts, teal tights under her shorts & black boots with silver zippers. Her name is Marina. With Pearl & Marina, they are known as, Off the Hook.)

Callie: Are you alright?

Marie: We heard you scream. Is everything alright?

SpongeBob: (rubbing his head, sighing) I'm so sorry, I just woke up from a horrible nightmare.

Pearl: You guys were hit pretty hard. We're surprised that your still ok after all that.

Marina: You should need some rest. You need a lot of energy to keep going.

Boggy B: Oh yeah! Almost forgot. I want you to meet, Worm Soldier, Worm Scout, Worm Scientist & Worm Heavy. These 4 among many other worms were transported the same as... well... we all have, at least.

Callie: My name is Callie & this is Marie. We're the Squid Sisters.

Marina: My name is Marina & this is Pearly. We're known as Off the Hook.

Callie: It is an honour to meet you in person, SpongeBob.

SpongeBob: Wait, how did you know my name?

Marie: Yeah about that. We once hold a Splatfest for you & Patrick Star. (Shows an old Splatfest poster of SpongeBob vs. Patrick) And Patrick wumboed his way to victory.

Callie: (turn to Marie) That's because we're not ready yet, Marie.

SpongeBob: Wait, are you two fans of me & Patrick?

Callie & Marie: (turn to him & sheepishly smiling) Uh... yes?

SpongeBob: Huh. Good to know. (Rubbing his head) Oh, my original wound.

Pearl: Uh, hate to break up your fangirling here, but the rest of us are inside rejuvenating themselves after losing the trail.

Boggy B: Oh right! SpongeBob, come inside so we can regroup with the rest. (Inkling Girl nodding with reassuring Inkling noises, while keeping her Yellow Chaos Emerald safe)

SpongeBob: (as he follows Boggy B, Inkling Girl, Worm Soldier, Scout, Scientist & Heavy & the Squid Sisters & Off the Hook) Good, because there is something in that dream that is vital to all this.

Boggy B: Meaning?

SpongeBob: I know what the Dark Hunters are planning.

(With the Dark Hunters at Rail Canyon)

Nocturn: (with Carapar, Krika, Amphibiax, Storm Minion, "Conjurer", Firedracax, "Ancient"," Guardian", "Spinner", "Prototype", "Minion", "Subterranean", "Kraata-Kal", "Ravager" ) (Holding the shiny 4 Emeralds, while locating the 6th Emerald) We got the shinies! We got the shinies! We got the shines! (Chuckling)

Amphibax: (fixing Subterranean's eyes & ears with the guards & 2 armoured guards help) Oh can in Nocturn, just because it's the turning point, doesnt mean it's not over yet.

Nocturn: I know, but I gotta say boss, I was a little unsure if we're going to pull this off without too much people knowing about this, involving foul intereferences by Killer bad eggs, mixed up crossover misfits & even more dubious villains & fire cats & even inklings with pet tiger bots. But I'm glad we turn each & every one of these people to play them to our advantages for even bigger purposes of our plan. I think this is the start of a beautiful new era... (turns to Carapar, now annoyed) But only if you acknowledge me please?! What are you so focused on?

Carapar: (turning to the Babylon Rouges' blimp following us, while the Egg Albatross is being built by "Eggman") After recent events, trying to negotiate with them!

Nocturn: (notice this) Oh... right...

(Jet, Wave & Storm sees the 3 leaders, Niclone & Icarax aboard the ship with 24 Royal Guards)

Jet: (whispers to Wave & Storm) Remember, keep it cool.

Storm: (gives an ok sign) Gotcha, boss.

Miserix: Greetings, I wanted to thank you for helping us escape with the Emerald. We can see that your talented birds with an ancient history.

Jet: Yeah, no problem. The name's Jet the Hawk, leader of the Babylon Rouges. This is Wave & Storm.

Wave: It is a pleasure meeting you all in person.

Storm: It is? (Wave nudges him) Oof, oh yeah, it is.

Nektann: Regardless, we need your help on a mission. Consider stalling these characters for some time. One of our new allies is working on the Egg Albatross.

Jet: Lemme guess, you forced him to do the work for you.

Prime Hunter: Yes, there isn't any other choice. In the meantime, the heroes still have their Yellow Chaos Emerald & we only have 4. The next emerald is hidden somewhere in this building in Rail Canyon.

Niclone: Make sure they stay away from us & Eggman's Albatross. Understand?

Wave: Right. you have our word.

Icarax: See that you do. (Head out with Niclone & the 3 Leaders & 24 guards, while the Egg Albatross is in position under the Babylon Rouges' Blimp)

(Jet nod to Wave & Storm, all three knowing what to do as they get ready.)

(Back at the A.A.H.W. Bunker Building.)

(SpongeBob, Boggy B, the 4 Worm Classes, the Squid Sisters & Off the Hook, enter inside a packed building, due to the fact that the 4 Teams of Heroes & Villains were all taking a breather inside. Some of them get a chance to talk to know each other better, while others not so much, while the rest like the villains. even trying to rejuvenate to focus more on the task at hand.)

Hank: (in a cage, seeing the Grunts were feeling like their aiming to do it, but we're held back by the Rahkshi, wanting them to stay down) Please, don't ask.

Turahk: They're a little... self-protective...

Reidak: Still can't believe that your here with us Rahkshi.

Panrahk: Yes, we have been a bit busy handling on our new positions within the Agency Against Hank Wimbleton. They need real backbone & leadership.

Avak: And youve went & take the jobs to lead them to victory.

Kurahk: Yes please.

Guurahk: It's more of a work in progress. What do you expect? Immediate victory on the first day? (Seeing the Piraka shook their heads no) No, didn't think so.

Amy Rose: (to Hank, while the Piraka & Rahkshi are talking) Now that we got a minute, how do you know Blaze?

Hank: (begins remembering his flashback) It all started when I woke up here on a beach side.

(Flashback to a beachside in the Sol Zone, where Hank wakes up to see Blaze trying to fend off Pirates & Thieves of the Sol Emerald.)

Hank: (narrating as he slowly coming to, rushing to help Blaze) I had no clue on where I was any signs of Sanford or Deimos anywhere, but then seeing someone stealing gemstone treasures, feels like a crime.

(Hank quickly rushes in to take down the Pirates & Thieves with his mercenary skills, while Blaze stops Hank from killing them, seeing his aggressive attitude, while she is willing to quickly snatch the Sol Emeralds back.)

Hank: (as Blaze begins explaining a more peaceful solution, teaching Hank on how to be more peaceful with his skills) I was quickly about to finish them off, until Blaze refrains me from killing. She then begins to notice that I'm not from here. She told me that's not how things work around here. Destroying Robots are just fine, but living beings, is taking things too far. She explains her history, while I explain mine.

(Hank & Blaze slowly agreeing to their terms, while Hank had found Sanford & Deimos to be reunited, while Blaze recommends to stay at Mobius where their bunker is last seen, while Hank, Sanford & Deimos are being transported there.)

(End of Flashback)

Hank: And after we regroup, It's been a couple days. And She is right, I had to control my temper if I don't want to go beserk among the madness.

Amy Rose: Oh wow. You & Blaze do help each other out, but your hardly met once? And about the Sol Emeralds?

Hank: Well, Yes & no. I was a bit surprised when Blaze told me back at Casino Park when confronting a Dark Hunter. Saving a world is a lot bigger than I anticipated to be honest. But for now, I need to do what's right.

Amy Rose: (in thought: He'll do what's right, I know it.)

Vezok: (knocking on the closed door, while the room is been occupied) Oh Come on, Shantae & Lilac! You've been in the healing baths for who knows how long.

Neera Li: Please remain patient. We all need to restore back to full strength as much as you do. And Patience is a virtue, so you should learn some edicate.

Vezok: (sighs) Fine... you win.

Shantae: (her voice can be heard from the medical spa room, while she's with Lilac to regain their strength) Yes, We're really sorry, but Neera's right. We'll be coming out soon, but please let us be decent & have our privacy first!

Vezok: (sighs while sitting on the chair while he turns away) Oh ok, but please make it snappy.

Shanate: Let's hope it's not the bathtub booby trap, from last time.

Risky Boots: (can hear that next to Vezok) I heard that!

Vezok: (turn to Risky Boots) Ow! You don't have to yell.

Shantae: But the healing petals did help, Lilac.

Sash Lilac: (her voice can also be heard from inside the room too) Just goes to show how different places can have amazing healing methods. Like the cute heart squids. (She & Shantae giggle)

Eddy: (with Ed, Edd, Vector, Espio & Charmy) So let me get this straight, your a detective agency?

Vector: That's right. We never turn out work that pays.

Edd: (seeing Eddy with that Rich look in his eyes) Oh dear, I'm thinking your giving Eddy that look again.

Ed: Maybe he should eat more vegetables.

Espio: (sighs) I know what your saying, Double D. You kinda remind us when we're younger.

Charmy: Yeah! Ain't that a coincidence?

Ed: (chuckles with Donkey Kong, Diddy & Crash) It is a Cowinky dink world, my friends.

E-123 Omega: (holding Cream, Cheese & Milla) Can I please let the tiny squishy ones go now? Im afraid I would pop them.

Milla: (smiling while bonding with Cream, Cheese & E-123 Omega) I appreciate your kindness & concern, Omega. You seem to be a gentle giant.

Cream: Me too, Mr. Robot. (being placed on her feet gently with Milla, while she is holding Cheese) Thank you so much.

E-123 Omega: You are too cute to eviserate.

Milla: What does eviserate mean?

Rainbow Dash: (a bit uneasy, but does her best to remain nonchalant) Uh... it's best you don't know. We'll tell you later when your older. Ok?

Adagio Dazzle: (to Mane 6) I just can't believe that you among the group are still here. Mostly Twilight at least.

Twilight Sparkle: The last time I saw you, we have defeated you & had shattered your red necklace gems, but how did you able to find new ones?

Adagio Dazzle: (smirks) Maybe we would tell you & maybe we won't.

Sonata Dusk: (smiles) It's a secret.

Aria Blaze: Yes, so no spreading it around, alright?

Risky Boots: Oh yes, real sirens with gracing beauty. I'm beginning to like them already. Luring sailors to their sinking Doom like a graveyard of ships. (Giggles evily)

King K.Rool: It better not be my pirate ship, you got that?

Sky: (a bit concern) Should we be concern on how sketchy that alligence can be? I mean both Risky Boots & King K.Rool, including the Sirens?

Pinkie Pie: It maybe that kinda off, but it still works.

Rottytops: (smiles) I don't know I'd like the Sirens. They know how to have fun.

Dr. Cortex: (trying to work on how this Information Bot works with Dr. N.Gin) How do you work this stupid thing? There must be a secret button or a switch or something. I mean, this is advanced technology.

Plankton: (as the Eds push away the Kankers, who were trying to kiss them, but the Piraka also intervenes on behalf of the Eds to stay focused) Even I'm skeptical on this new form of technology, but it would be interesting to see how it functions as a robot overall.

Jack-7: (checking on the Info Bot, as Nina also examines the Info Bot) Prehaps it'll provide information vital or otherwise random coincidences that might be clues.

Uncle Mimic: (as a human scientist with Frankenstein bolts on his head & wielding potions named "Dr. N.Brio", talking to a blue skinned human with golden time armour named "Dr. N.Tropy") A brilliant deduction. Prehaps it could be useful.

SpongeBob: (as everyone stops to see Spongebob with Boggy B, the 4 Worm Classes, Inkling Girl, Xi, the Squid Sisters & Off the Hook) Hey everyone. Hope I didn't scare you.

Sonic: Thank goodness your alright. Now we might be more than ready on figuring out where to go next.

Nack: (as he is getting stretched & massaged by Vorahk) Yes, ow! Better make this quick, ow! I've got payback to deal with! Doesn't mean we're all... ACK! (Accidently punches Vorahk, while he begins moving again, while Vorahk is seeing stars) buddy buddy!

Bean: (checking on Nack, as Bark looks on to check on Vorahk) (holding up his thumb) How many fingers am I holding up? It's not a finger, it's my thumb. Hehehehehe...!

Marina: Maybe I can help you with that. (Help fix the Info Bot to reactivate it)

(The Info Bot shows an advertisement of Eggman's new Tactical Research Station at the Rail Canyon.)

(A Mobian Skunk girl worker, is trying to tighten the pipes to fix them, but accidently break a pipe that it begins spraying leaking water onto her, as she begins cleaning herself with a towel, with an annoyed look on her face, but at the same time feels like she needs help.)

Dr. Eggman: Is your current occupation leaving a rotten taste in your mouth?

(The Scene changes to the inside of a facility, with Dr. Eggman & a few Egg Soldiers & scientists inside.)

Dr. Eggman: Then you need to know about ETS — Eggman Tactical Research Station. Hi, my name is Dr. Eggman, leader & founder of the Egg Army, and we here at ETS are seeking motivated individuals to fill positions in these exciting careers.

(Camera cuts to the positions that Eggman mentions in the advertisement commercial.)

Dr. Eggman: (One Egg Soldier tries to grind on grind Boots, while suddenly trips & hit head first on the pipe, seeing stars while falling to the safety net below) Grindboot tester, (A Second Egg Soldier blasts at the big target with an Egg Tank, while the soldiers cover their ears) warhead assembly technician, (A Robotic Fenrakk bites at a Scientist, chewing on him for a bit, before spitting him out, while a mechanic is working on the kinks of a Robotic Fenrakk, while Doctors are tending to the injured Scientist) mutant animal husbandry, robot repairman, (Egg Soldiers did target practice with the new laser blasters & other weapons) Weapons Lock test dummy, administrative assistant & many others.

Dr. Eggman: So call ETS! Build our weapons while you build your future!

Mobian Skunk Girl: (excited with a new Egg Soldier suit) I'm calling ETS today!

(The Footage ends, while the group now knowing that they are going to catch the Dark Hunters at the Eggman Tactical Research Station at the Rail Canyon.)

Vezon: (petting the Kardas Dragon) Is that another Fenrakk?

SpongeBob: That must be where the Dark Hunters are at now to find the 6th emerald...!

Sonic: With all the new gadgets, this could be trouble.

Plankton: We just need to keep one Chaos Emerald away from the Dark Hunters, since they only had 4.

Deimos: (thinking, getting an idea on how to quickly catch the Dark Hunters) We may have just the thing to catch the group.

Boggy B: In the meantime, the Inkling Girl, Xi, Squid Sisters, Off the Hook, my Worms & I will keep you posted for back up.

Callie: (with her Splat Roller, while Marie has the Charger Sniper Rifle with ink) You best be careful out there.

Marie: And may the best of luck to you all. If we have the authority, we would make you part of the Squidbreak Splatoon.

Vezok: It's alright. The Freedom Fighters & Plankton Alliance is more than enough. (Inkling Girl smile while she & Xi wave goodbye & hoping that they don't get into more trouble as it is)

Sky: (thinking Wrench could also help with the transportation, gently petting Wrench) Wrench, I believe it is your time to shine.

(The 4 teams of heroes & villains begins their preparations, while heading outside to the garage, surprised on what the A.A.H.W. has found.)

(Outside the Building, near the Rail Canyon.)

(The 4 Groups of Heroes are seen in fast converitables with Hank, Sanford & Deimos leading the charge, while Sonic, Shadow, Blaze & Sash Lilac runs very fast on foot, while Jack-7, Krekka, Nidhiki & the Rahkshi in flight mode, carrying Plankton, the Kankers & the Dazzlings. SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds, the Piraka & the Mane 6 are inside the returned & recovered Retro Van from the first episode with Big inside & DK & Diddy on top of the van. Rouge & Amy on a G.U.N. motorcycle with Cream, Crash, Coco & Omega sitting in the sidecar of the motorcycle. Carol Tea is on her own motorcycle with Milla Basset & Neera Li, while Shantae, Sky, Bolo, Rottytops, Uncle Mimic & Risky Boots ride on a huge warbird that is actually Wrench, who has the power to change size for battle & transportation. King K.Rool & Cortex's group on the other hand are riding inside a truck with Cortex & N.Gin in the front while the rest are in the cargo back, while Team Hooligans also follow them by their Marvelous Queen hoverbike.)

Hakann: I just can't believe that they have found the Retro Van & rebuilt it, but how?

Cream: (as Crash let his tongue flap among the wind) Isn't this a lovely day for a ride, Ms. Coco? And your so comfy too.

Coco: (smile) At least Crash is enjoying the ride too in his own way.

Eddy: (to Sky) Hey Sky, How can a bird change size like that?! You know I hate birds. (Got pecked by Wrench) Ow!

Sky: Wrench is sensitive, so watch what you say. (Eddy grumbles softly under his breathe, while rubbing his head) And warbirds like Wrench have the ability to change size for transportation & even for combat against more larger opponents.

Ed: Chickens have feelings, Eddy. (Eddy & Sky sighs)

Uncle Mimic: It is exhilerating. I hope I have the energy to keep up with you all.

SpongeBob: These are interesting convertibles, how did you claim them?

Amy: And why do you have it, Shadow? You can keep up with Sonic?

Hank: As Shadow told me, Each fighter can carry one transport for each squad.

Deimos: Same thing with Shadow & his bike that he paint & maintain himself, I presume? (Chuckle softly with Kurahk)

Turahk: You really like that bike, don't you?

Shadow: (smile a bit, but staying focused) Yes...

Risky Boots: Yeah, well, If I could've make this Tinker Tub having wheels, then we could've carried all of us on this terrain. It can only go fast on the sea & theres no water to be found anywhere.

Zaktan: Careful now, we'll be reaching the Tactical Research Station soon.

Vector: (holding the walkie talkie) That's gotta be where the 6th Chaos Emerald is hiding.

Unknown Client: (on walkie talkie) Security is tight around here so watch your backs.

Vector: Just the way we like it.

Espio: Be careful, I'll take point.

Tiny Tiger: (hearing & then seeing something in the distance) Tiny found trouble...!

(They all look back to notice another stampede of Rahi, this time it's a horde of motobugs, blue skinny lizards Tarakava, Kane-Ra & the Nui-Kopens mounted by flightless robotic birds with high weapons, known as the Manutries.)

Big: The don't look very happy...

Lerahk: (noticing this) Oh give me a break!

Sonic: Come on guys! Full speed!

Dr. N.Gin: (mounting the mount gun on top of the convertible) And blast them to oblivion! (Begins blasting at the oncoming stampede, with the 4 groups of heroes & villains begins to blast at the stampede, while trying to speed up.)

Bean: (as Crash & Coco tossing a lot of chickens at the Rahi) Ooh ooh ooh! I wanna play too! (tossing bombs at the Rahi)

Avak: (as he & the rest of the Piraka open fire at the rest of the Rahi) This is getting completely ridiculous!

Deimos: (readies rocket launcher, as DK tosses a big barrel at the oncoming big Rahi to send them tumbling down) The power of rockets compels you! (Blasts rocket at the Rahi)

Sonic, Tails & Knuckles: (quickly uses their Sonic Overdrive Team Blast to push the Rahi back before speeding up with Sonic holding onto Tails & Knuckles)

Sonic: (as a Potoroo in a red mafia suit named Pinstripe openfires more with his Tommy Gun at the Motobugs to spin them out of control & crash, while Pinstripe laughing insanely) Blast away!

SpongeBob: (as the Eds toss more El Mondo Stinkbombs & slingshot attacks & the Mane 6 continues blasting magic at the Motorbugs & Rahi as well) Melee weapons guys, were going deaf over here!

Shantae: (as Wrench dives down to swoop attack the Rahi) Whoa! Good Wrench...

Bolo: (as Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki continues blasting at the Rahi from above by Rahkshi) (smacks at the Rahi off of Wrench with Rottytops & Uncle Mimic's help)

Shantae: (hairwhips at a blue Rahi, as Cortex's group tries to continue knocking the Rahi off of the truck with Big's help) Stay back...! Mimic, help secure the truck!

Uncle Mimic: (as Carol uses Bike Fu at the Rahi, while Milla & Neera blast more green cubes & ice shards respectively at the Rahi) Oh my... (jumps & land next to Big who catches him) Thank you...

Big: (punches at a jumping Rahi, while Omega continues blasting at the oncoming Motobugs & Rahi with his high tech weapons barrage) Your welcome. Your nice.

Dr. Cortex: (got smacked by a squid, while smacking the squid away with Nina's help)) Ah! Thank you my niece. But we must do something to make the stampede lose our trail!

Sash Lilac: (dragon boosts & dragon cyclones at the oncoming Motobugs & Rahi) This is starting to become dangerous. We need to blaze ourselves a trail...!

Edd: (as Ripper Roo tosses TNT crates at the Rahi, who tries to fight back with openfire squid launchers & Cordak blasters, ducking down with the group) Gah, so much intense, everything undone! Mother & father will be so frightened & annoyed...!

Reidak: (slashes at the Rahi with his buzzsaw, but got bitten by a Kane-Ra) Yeouch! (Bark quickly punches the Kane-Ra off of Reidak) Thanks. (Holding onto his arm in pain

Blaze: Hmpf, I've had enough...! (Quickly blazes the trail with her fire powers, while burning the Motobugs & Rahi down, while Neera Li creates an ice trail with her ice spear, causing the retreating Rahi to slip & slide off course, forcing the group to retreat, while the Heroes & Villains see the Rail Canyon with the Egg Albatross & the Babylon Airship.)

Neera Li: This should be far enough from any pursuers.

(The Nui-Kopen slowly stop & take the broken Rahi & Exo-Raptors into an opened portal back into the Dark Hunter's underground hideout, by Vanisher who is beginning to take notice.)

Vanisher: Their not going to like this. At least their unity is sucessful... for now... but it's time to stick close to the plan, as soon as possible. (closing the portal)

Applejack: (as King K.Rool spots the Egg Albatross) Reidak? Are you gonna be ok?

King K.Rool: Station ahoy!

Sonic: And that must mean Eggman is here! Now we can get answers & get the 6th Chaos Emerald, while protecting ours! (Donkey Kong nodding while hooting in anger, pounding his chest, getting ready for a fight)

Milla Basset: (smile) It's ok. The Inkling kept it safely hidden.

Rouge: (seeing the many Mobian Royal Guardsman of the Dark Hunter with the Egg Army & the large robotic crab like creatures, named the Manas) Well, they better get here fast cause we can't go through a terrain of armies.

Thok: What exactly are they? The Spartan army? This is getting ridiculous.

Amy: (seeing the Babylon Airship with the Egg Albatross) The Babylon Rouges too? It just keeps getting better.

Sonic: Something's not right here about all this. Do you think from what SpongeBob told us, could his nightmare be coming true? If it is, then we got all the time in the world to take him down.

Hank: But first, we gotta go through them! (Calling for reinforcements, but no answer) No answer. Seems like we'll have to take this ship down ourselves before it reaches the canyon.

E-123 Omega: Weapons Battle ship will be destroyed!

SpongeBob: Then take off in full speed! Get ready!

"Dr. Eggman": (commanding the Egg Army, while piloting the Egg Albatross) Ready all Cannons! OPEN FIRE!

(The Teams of Heroes & Villains quickly charge in at full speed most in their vehicles, while Shantae blasts multiple fireballs at the Manas, while the Guards get their Sol Spears & Shields ready to form a wall, Krekka, Nidhiki, Vezon & the Rahkshi continue blasting at the Egg Albatross battleship which it begins to fight back.)

Hank: (secretly loading the convertible with something big) Hold the line...

(The Guards we're about to pierce at the convertibles, but with Hank's signal, the team's of Heroes & Villains quickly jump out of the convertibles, minus those on the Crossover Heroes' Retro Van, Shadow's motorcycle, Nack's Marvelous Queen, Rahkshi in flight mode & Wrench that quickly skid to a stop, with the Dark Hunters very confused on what they just saw, but while seeing Bean so excited, means one thing...)

Bean: (jumping up & down in excitement) Ooh ooh! Here it comes! Here it comes!

Nack: Come on, faster!

(With a La Cucuracha car horn sound from the empty speeding convertibles, The Mobian Royal Guards scream as they quickly form a barrier of shields to keep themselves protected from the exploding decoy convertibles & trucks that are filled with explosives, including Bean's bombs, that blasted the Manas backwards with strong force, while the Mobian guardsman & Egg Soldiers got blasted back into the ground, while Bean, Nack & Bark were sent flying by the Babylon Ship's bomb of their own.)

Bean: (excited even while being blown back with Nack & Bark) Wah-ha-ha-ha! Yes! AWESOME!!

Nack: Stop messing with my bike! (Crashes to the ground with Bean & Bark, while Bean is rocking back & forth on the ground, laughing happily) Feather brained idiots, we stole them fair & square.

Vezon: (as the rest were amazed by careful planning from Hank, but the Crossover Villains beginning to like this out of the box planning) I'm starting to like this idea already...

Sanford: (seeing the scattered robot parts of the hostile Badniks & Rahi) Crude, yet effective.

Edd: (seeing that the Rahi & Badniks were heavily effected by the attack & only the Egg Soldiers & Royal Guards of the Dark Hunters already beginning to stir back up easily) Yes, but fortunately nobody was seriously hurt or otherwise killed.

Hank: (get himself ready with melee weapons) Their non-lethal, I'm still working on a "No Kill Zone" policy.

Nack: (as Bark pick himself up, while he turn to the Babylon Rouges, while Blaze keeps the Sol Emerald close to her) Try that again, I dare ya! You'll blow the gem to smithereens!

Eddy: Still think you can't take us all in a fair fight? You got anything smart to say now? (Noticing the Babylon Rouges coming out of the airship with Extreme Gear of their own with high speed) ?! Oops...

(Jet, Wave & Storm quickly zooms past the group, while few like Eddy, Nack & Charmy spin around like crazy, screaming, while the team's get ready against the Egg Albatross & the Babylon Rouges.)

Eddy: (dizzy with Nack) Hey! That's my waffle...!

Wave: So our senses were right after all. They did came.

Jet: Yeah yeah, you found us something special. (Turning to Sonic) Speaking of which... it's been a long time...

Sonic: Jet?

Tails: Wave?

Knuckles: And Storm... of the Babylon Rouges!

Rottytops: (as Eddy is struggling to stay upright) You know those birdbrains? I bet their brains taste like chicken.

Sonic: What are you doing here... siding with Eggman & the Dark Hunters? You got off so easily last time...!

Jet: We maybe aiming for something else... so why don't you back off like a good little boy or we'll... (suddenly got hugged by Bean by surprise) Gawk?!

Bean: (happily hugging Jet) Jet? Jettison Q. Hawkinton, it is you!

Jet: (in surprise seeing Bean, while DK & Diddy were confused, but Crash & Coco chuckle/giggle a bit) Bean?! You brought along him too?!

Pinkie Pie: (as Wave & Storm were confused as well, while the Crossover Villains begins careful planning themselves) I think it's more of a joyride with us since they got similar payback with the Dark Hunters because they caught them before we can ever catch them from getting away from the Chaos Emeralds. (Squee)

Big: Yep, that's the whole story. They came to us for temporary truce or something.

Bean: (seeing Wave & Storm) And you've brought the whole family! Quite the proud papa, aren't you Jettison?

Jet: (now annoyed, trying to push Bean off of him) That's not my name! Let me go!

Storm: (whisper to Wave, confused) Uh, I thought the Battle Lord took him out...

Wave: (whisper to Storm, disappointed) No such luck.

Plankton: Rouges, you better start talking cause your not letting us stop us from reaching the Dark Hunters!

Rainbow Dash: (as Nack & Bark secretly prepare as well, while the Rahkshi take aim) And I never thought I'd say this, but this is becoming increasingly too much about 20% intense as much as it is 20% cooler.

Bean: (to Jet) Where's your wallet? I wanna see PHOTOS!

Nidhiki: (whispers, while charging up with Krekka, Vezon & the Rahkshi as they aim at the Babylon Rouges) This goes on long enough... Say goodnight, you pigeons...

Bean: (overhearing Nidhiki & is offended) None of us are pigeons!

Jet: (notice this in surprise) ! Snipers, scatter!

(The Rouges quickly scatter while they along with the Egg Albatross, Royal Guards & the Egg Soldiers get into their battlestations to take the fight to the 4 Teams of Heroes & Villains who they begin to fight back, while Bean hangs onto Jet's extreme gear.)

Lerahk: (now annoyed with the Plankton Alliance) Oh come on!

Nack: Dang it, Bean!

(As the battle continues raging on, Miserix, Nektann, Prime Hunter, Icarax & Niclone all watch from afar the Tactical Research Station with the Royal Guards searching for the White Chaos Emerald within this station to make it 5 Emeralds.)

Miserix: (as Bean screams out "Wheee!", while holding onto Jet's extreme gear) (is pleased with the group, minus Icarax) Ah yes, I'd say their test of unity is going quite well, thou it is only the 3rd time ever, first in the Pre-World, second in the post world & now this one.

Icarax: (not so pleased) So well? So well?! They're almost onto our plans & are about to ruin it. Don't you think that this is wise to keep pushing them away? They're just gonna push us back! How does that solve anything?!

Nektann: (seeing Carapar, Nocturn, Amphibax, Storm Minion, Conjurer, Firedracax, Ancient, Guardian, Krika, Spinner, Prototype, Minion, Subterranean, Kraata Kal & Ravanger in position on an alternate route) Carapar, Nocturn & the others are on an alternate route to keep things, interesting... If you know what I mean...

Prime Hunter: Unless you have coral wedged into your frontal lobe.

Icarax: What are you saying? What do you want me to do about it?

Niclone: (shows the Green Jungles) Meet Carapar, Nocturn, Tyrant, the 2 armoure mobians & the others at the jungle just up to the north. What we're really after next is them... (point to Hank & Blaze in the distance)

Icarax: Why specifically those two?

Prime Hunter: Don't milk it & get to work.

Icarax: Fine, forgive me for saying this, but your squandering my talents. (Head out to the Green Jungles) (to himself) Never quite figure out who those two armoured Mobians are exactly anyway.

(Miserix begins to grow wings & fly off while Nektann & Prime Hunter follow on Nui-Kopens & Niclone floats after them, during their flight through one of Vanisher's portal.)

(Back with Boggy B, the Worms, the Inklings, Octoling & Xi.)

(They are seen getting ready to move into position, unaware of Carapar, Nocturn Tyrant & the others in position of their own.)

Boggy B: Ok, we all remember the plan? We move in to help the group as back up.

Marie: Right, but make sure we're safely hidden together. (Inking Girl begins to a notice a Visorahk spying on them the whole time) Who knows what their next move will be?

(Suddenly Inkling Girl splats the Visorahk in a panic, smashing a Visorahk to pieces, while it screechs in pain, that caught the group's attention)

Pearl: What was that?

Inkling Girl: (is surprised that a single Visorahk had been spying on them) ...

Boggy B: Guys, we need to move, right now-! (Got ambushed by Carapar, Nocturn, Amphibax, Storm Minion, Conjurer, Firedracax, Ancient, Guardian, Krika, Spinner, Prototype, Minion, Subterranean, Kraata Kal & Ravanger who they sprang the trap) Ah!

Amphibax: Hey! These Visorahk aren't very cheap you know!

Carapar: (as the Dark Hunters charge forward) The gemstone, now!

Callie: What the fishfingers?! (Quickly begins attacking at the Dark Hunters with her Kraken Splat Roller, while Marie uses her Charger Sniper at a distance, while the Worms, Pearl & Marina quickly continues blasting at the Dark Hunters, who begins to openfire back with Squid launchers, rhotuka spinners & ghost blasters)

Spinner: (slashing at the back-up heroes, while getting blasted by Worm Soldier, Worm Scout & Worm Scientist, while Worm Heavy Rams at Ancient while landing on top of him) You can't win without your allies, your outnumbered here!

Pearl & Marina: (continues blasting at the Dark Hunters with their splattershots, only to get rammed at the back & getting grabbed by Storm Minion) Ah!

Marina: Please let us go! Why would go after us?

Caraper: (smacks the Worms away with Minion's help, while slamming the Worm Heavy down) Don't make this any harder, it's a surprise...

Marie: (shoots at the Dark Hunters down while at a good enough distance) Leave us & our new friends alone! What the carp did we ever do to you?! (Got ambushed by a reappearing Krika) Gah!

Callie: Marie! (smacking her Splat Roller at Kraata Kal & Ravager, who were trying to jump over Callie) You two! Quit jumping & fight like a kraken! (Got smacked by the two, while Tyrant & Guardian take her Splat Roller) (getting out her Splat Bombs & tossing them at the Dark Hunters) Fine! I'll take you own with or without my- (suddenly got smacked hard by her own Splat Roller by Tyrant & Guardian & was knocked unconscious with the group)

Boggy B: (seeing the Dark Hunters visiablly hurt from the burning ink & the sudden attacks, while blasting bazookas at them to protect Inkling Girl & Xi) Stay back! I'm warning you! I know how to use these-! (Got ambushed & knocked for a loop with electricity & staff attacks by Nocturn & Conjurer, while pinning down the Xi) (dizzy) Boggy C, can you come down here?

Inkling Girl: (getting grabbed by Carapar, while Conjurer snatches the Chaos Emerald off of her) ?! (Screaming like she's yelling no, feeling emotional that their hurting Xi)

Conjurer: And that makes 5...

Nocturn: 6, if we snatch the emerald of the Research station!

Carapar: (stepping on Nocturn's foot on the word "Input", who whinces in pain) Thanks for the INPUT! Either way, we got more grander plans for the last emerald...! (Places duct tape on Inkling Girl's mouth while keeping the Xi in chains, taking both of them, the Worms, the Inklings & Octoling to the Green Jungles)

Nocturn: (excitedly) Oh, can I hug them & pet them & squeeze them?

Conjurer: Save it... we need them alive... (hearing a loud roar coming from the canyon) And it sounds like things are keep getting better.

(Back at the Battle against the Egg Albatross & the Babylon Rouges)

(The Heroes & Villains manage to blast off the Egg Pawns & turrets off of the Egg Albatross, leaving it defenceless from the blimp & hangar part)

Storm: (as he flies overhead to use his Extreme Gear to blocks the Zamor blasts & beam attacks from the Piraka & Kurahk respectively to protect Jet, also hitting Bean) Gotcha covered boss!

Avak: (as the Chaotix uses their Team Blast to make the Egg Army retreat while covering their ears in pain) Stand still!

Sky: (using Seagull Charge & Bird Charges at the oncoming Egg Albatross, while Bolo is trying to hit Wave with Bark's help, while Wave hit the Eds who hang onto their gear) Hurry, we can still catch them & the Emerald!

Bolo: Just one shot it all it takes to pluck their feathers, those Babylon- (got spooked by Bean who falls in front of him) Ah! Move!

Bean: (dizzy from Storm's hitting him from earlier) Excuse me monstrosity? Do you have the times?

Edd: (hearing the loud roar) Shh, did you hear that? Oh dear! Were about to make contact! (Got hit by the Babylon Rouges with the Eds)

(They all turn to see a large robotic preying mantis, known as the Metru Mantis, screeching in anger)

Patrick: (amazed by the Metru Mantis charging & attacking) Oh, it's a giraffe!

Hank: Watch out! (Openfires at the Metru Mantis with Blaze blasting fire blasts at it)

Wave: (dodging the attacks from Sky, Bolo & King K.Rool) It sounds like they have brought the big guns! So Quit wrecking my gear, grab the gem & let's go!

Jet: (seeing the Metru Mantis & the Dark Hunters having the two Emeralds to make it 6) If that'll stop your whining, it's right on time! We're outta here Rouges!

Eddy: (hanging onto the extreme gear with the Eds) Well, don't lay an egg, birdbrain!

SpongeBob: Oh no you don't! (Rushing forward) Quick! Somebody take me to him!

Jet: (to SpongeBob) I don't who you are, but your slower than that snail Sonic!

Sonic: (jump, grabbing SpongeBob & spindash with his help & teamwork) Now Shadow!

Shadow: Chaos Control! (Teleports himself, Sonic & SpongeBob for a triple ambush at Jet) Now who's too slow?

Jet: (got knocked overboard, before rebounding) Whoa!

Sash Lilac, Carol Tea & Milla Basset: (begins tag teaming against the Metru Mantis having dealt with a similar mantis foe like before, while attacking at it's eyes & arms, with Sash Lilac's dragon boosts & cyclone attacks with her tendril attacks with Shantae's help, Carol Tea who is using her claws, Bike Fu & Milla using her green cube powers to summon some & use them for shields & throwing objects) Let's do it!

Shantae: (hairwhipping at the Metru Mantis, steering clear of the arm blades from the Metru Mantis, while it is distracted by Hank & Blaze) (as Bean gets up while shaking his head) Everyone be careful! I don't think it's friendly!

Rogue: (as she drill kicks at the propellers of the Egg Albatross) What in the name of Mobius is that?!

Vezon: (is surprised as he continues blasting at the Metru Mantis & the blimp part of the Egg Albatross) It's even bigger than the Kardas Dragon!

(Prime Hunter & Niclone are seen watching the raging battle from a rocky cliffside, watching the action from above, having flashbacks from the past.)

Prime Hunter: Ah, it does bring back memories, don't you?

Niclone: Yes, thou props to Blaze's friend & her crew for stepping up with their own test of unity.

(Flashback back to the Island of the Sol Zone)

(We see the Metru Mantis rising & is standing toe to toe against a small female Mobian raccoon with orange fur, a white muzzle, a small back nose, blue eyes, brown triangular ears, brown rings around her rounded tail, and has dark brown and cream-stripe markings around her eyes. On her neck she has two upturned pigtails with brown tips that are held together by yellow scrunchies. Her attire consists of a lime green tube top with a white trim, short black leggings, lime green and orange shoes, white socks, and tan gloves. Her name is Marine the Raccoon)

Marine: Whoa, your one huge fella aren't ya, mate? (Quickly dodges the attacks from the Metru Mantis & quickly climbs up the palm trees to jump onto the mantis's head, while hanging onto the beast) Time for you to be taken down like Sonic & Blaze did to Nega & Whiskers.

(She begins moving the huge metru mantis by moving its head,making it ram into something hard, like a Large boulder. She jumps off the huge metru mantis before it falls off the cliff. It crashed down on the ground before getting up.)

Marine: Nothing personal mate.

(It saw Blaze and Hank on a beachside,it quietly prepares to ambush them, but marine saw what it was doing.)

Marine: Blaze! And the other guy! (Cover her eyes) I can't watch! (jumps at the Mantis again & cover its eyes again)

(Marine cover its eyes, and moving it to the other side where it cannot ambush the 2.)

Blaze: (as Marine continues to fight the Metru Mantis) Did you hear something?

Hank: (looks around, but sees nothing, but flying birds) Tsk, It's probably just the sounds of the jungle.

Marine: (steering the Metru Mantis away from the two & onto the shore) I won't let you hurt Blaze!

(Marine and the huge metru mantis continue fight each other, this time, the coconut crew quickly came to aid her on a ship, blasting cannonballs at the Metru Mantis with hard force. She and the crew finally defeated the huge mantis with lots of damage.)

Marine: (jumps off of the Mantis, while panting) We... are done...

(A portal appeared under the huge metru mantis before it fell through the portal.)

Marine: What was that? Whered it go? (Hearing someone else coming,

(Prime Hunter",Niclone,"Vanisher" and Makuta Krika are seen coming towards Marine & the coconut crew)

Prime Hunter: Well done Marine. You & your crew have proven very well in teamwork & unity.

Marine: Thanks a lot whoever you are. We didn't know it's a test to begin with. I can't wait to tell Blaze about it

Niclone: Yea, but I believe that it's best you keep it a secret.

Marine: Why not?

Vanisher: She won't even believe you even if you told them while you were meeting a new friend.

Makuta Krika: Now, the real test of your unity will begin when you meet Blaze's friends, plus Team Rose & 6 colourful ponies.

Marine: Wait, what do you mean by that? What's the purpose behind all of this?

Prime Hunter: It's complicated. I'll tell you another time. Vanisher, where did you take the mantis?

Vanisher: Let's just say it will be fun in a canyon.

Makuta Krika: (as he, Prime Hunter & Niclone now knows) Now I've seen everything.

Marine: (seeing the 4 about to leave) Wait! Do you think you can help me & my friends? I don't know what is over by the horizon on getting all of the Sol Emeralds back.

Prime Hunter: (leaving with Niclone, Vanisher & Krika) I will send some of the members to work with someone & soon and your friends.

Marine: (rushing to the 4) Wait! What does that mean? (Seeing the portal closes on the 4 leaving Marine & the Coconut Crew behind)

(End of Flashback)

Niclone: (sighs) Memories, treasures to keep.

Edd: (offscreen, with the exclaimation that surprised the two) I've found it!

(After much investigations, Edd & the others manages to find the damages, bumps & Weakpoints from the cannonballs that the Mantis took earlier, while the 4 teams of Heroes & Villains quickly continues to attack at the weakspots of the Metru Mantis from earlier.)

King K.Rool: (blasting cannonballs at Metru Mantis) The gaping holes that are the size of the cannonballs!

Dr. Cortex: (blasting his own paralysis ray at the Mantis with full charge, trying to stiffen it's limbs, as Rouge drill kicks at the Metru Mantis' chest) Yes! Yes! Every giant has its own weakness! Clever thinking!

SpongeBob: (quickly grabbing the eyes of the Metru Mantis with Patrick & Team Sonic's help) Quick! Take the shot!

Nack: (as Bark drives the Marvelous Queen for Nack & Bean) Bark, you drive! Keep it steady, steady! (aiming for the heart of the Metru Mantis & shoots at it with help from the Piraka, the Mane 6, Hank, Sanford, Deimos, Shadow, Omega, Shantae, Neera Li, Vector, Espio, DK, Diddy, Crash, Coco, Plankton Alliance, Rahkshi & Risky Boots's help that are blasting their own weapons & projectiles) GOTCHA!

Jet: (notices the shots strike the Heart of the Mantis) What the...?!

(The Blast caused the Metru Mantis to explode with electric energy, but falls down becoming drained & defeated, while the blast radius hit the Rouges & destroyed the blimp part of the Egg Albatross, leaving it to a more weakened Egg Hawk.)

SpongeBob: (getting up slowly with Patrick & Team Sonic) We're ok, we're fluffy.

Risky Boots: (as Bean whistles from the cool Explosion he had witnessed) Perfect... we got 3 birrds with one stone & a mantis to boot. (Seeing the drained heartstone from the Mantis) And look, this heartstone's not even scratched. now we can take care of the Egg Albatross & move on.

Sonic: Sounds like these Dark Hunters are trying to keep us at bay from reaching this Neo form of Metal that SpongeBob had his nightmare about.

Sanford: We just cant take it anymore.

Pinstripe: Yeah, if these keeps up, neither of us are gonna forget about the aftermath of this horrid plan.

SpongeBob: We should save our energy... again... when we really need it.

Jet: (getting up slowly with the Rouges) Hey... (coughs while he smirks) Good to know... (quickly flies up with Wave & Storm) Which is why we like to thank the Dark Hunters for doing all the work! Now we'll pick the Emeralds off the remains! Auto pilot, full bombardment!

(The Babylon Zepplin begins dropping a multitude of bombs, aiming for the Egg Albatross.)

Guurahk: (as everyone quickly hits the deck for cover) Oh no! We're too young to die, but not like this!

Vezok: Oh not again!

Bean: (amazed) Wow, look at all of them! (Begins waving his fingers around like he's conducting an orcastra) And a one and a two, and a one, two, all together now!

(Bean quickly detonates the bombs automatically causing the bombs to explode on the Egg Albatross destroying the large cruiser battleship, leaving everyone surprised of Bean's ability to detonate bombs at will.)

Bean: Perfect! Except you on the left, you were a little flat!

Vezon: (a bit flabbergast from Bean) And we didn't think of this earlier, WHY?!

Wave: Did Bean just...?

SpongeBob: Yep.

Hank: Thankfully only the Egg Albatross suffered from complete destruction.

Jet: And the fact that Bean's more Rouge than Armada.

Sonic: (turns to the "Eggman" lying on the floor) Alright Eggman, you will tell us on why you & the Royal Guards side with those Dark Hunter creeps?

Sash Lilac: (as Crash & Diddy poke at "Eggman") And you better have a good reason on why we wont beat you to a pulp.

E-123 Omega: Answers now!

(Crash & Diddy give a strong nudge to push the "Eggman", but it appears to be a model with an Eggman head on a spring sticking out of its belly, set up as a decoy for the team. The model speaks in Eggman's voice, laughing maniacally.]

Amy Rose: (annoyed by this, while Omega shakes his fists in anger) Hey! It's just another stupid copy!

SpongeBob: Another trap to stall for more time!

Deimos: (as Sanford & Hank tried to call for the Worms, the Squid Sisters & Off the Hook) They're starting to become cowards for the sake of completing a plan. I mean what's the deal?

Aku Aku: (as Crash, Coco, DK & Diddy take a longer look on the horizon by the jungle) It would appear that these Dark Hunters are sneaker than all of us. We need to catch them off guard as well as they did vice versa.

Uka Uka: Yes, but if Back up would've come sooner, we would've end this quickly!

Jet: (seeing the Babylon Zeppelin is empty of treasure, including the more recent treasure they just had) WHAT?!

Wave: No it can't be! They didn't...!

Patrick: (confused with the group) What'd they do?

Jet: (frustrated with Wave & Storm) We... are... so... MAD!

Storm: With a double cross! Or was it triple?

Vector: Hey! Is there something we're missing? First the fake robot & now a heist like this?

Wave: (push Jet & Storm aside a bit) While we were here, setting a trap to help the Dark Hunters. But they were busy stealing our more recent treasures, namely energy orbs with the powers of the storm!

Turahk: Wait, you don't mean the Energy Storm Orb?!

Wave: That's the one.

Panrahk: Sounds like their even sneaker than the Rogues themselves let alone, all of us..

Tails: (getting an idea) So, what do you say combine our forces even more & go after these Hunters together?

Jet: That's pretty much why we're here.

Nack: (agrees with Bean & Bark) I still have a lot of payback to dish out.

Deimos: Well that was easy.

Sanford: (seeing the phone on voice speaker is down at the moment) Still no answer. Something happened to our back up!

Dr. Cortex: Wow, even I'm impressed that their sneaky... but still we can't even keep one single Chaos Emerald protected!

Hakann: These Dark Hunters are starting to become a very big problem...

Unknown Clinet: (on Vector's walkie talkie) Of course their a big problem! (the Client's voice got the attention of the group) Now listen closely, the Worms, the Squid Sisters & Off the Hook, plus the Inkling Girl & the Xi are trapped by the Dark Hunters & are taken to the Jungle up to the north, go there immediately!

Cream: A kidnapping? But why?

Sash Lilac: I do not like this! But we have to do something about this Dark Hunter situation.

Milla Basset: Me neitherm but we have to save our friends.

Shantae: We best be careful, it may well be a trap, but it's our only lead on our friends' whereabouts.

Rottytops: Same with the Dark Hunters that already left with the Emerald. They may have gotten hold of our Emerald too.

Amy Rose: You might be right. But their not going to get away with it. (The Doom Vipers nod knowing that their with Team Rose for their safety)

Blaze: We best be ready. Hank?

Hank: (look on to the jungles & the recent footprints by the cliffside) Yes, they were here recent.

Vorahk: About time, now let's get going!

Knuckles: This Unknown Client of yours had got us thinking about him more & more, since he sure knows a lot about this Dark Hunter situation, don't you think, Chaotix?

Charmy: Yeah, it's so weird.

Espio: Maybe it's a distant relative, prehaps.

Coco: (as Crash looks back to the Eggman decoy) Not if we know of. But Strangely enough, I had the same weird feeling about our client's real identity.

Vector: You got that right. Who knows who is helping us on the long run. After serious Deja vu, It could be you-know-who..

(As the Crossover Heroes & the 4 teams of heroes continue on, the 4 teams of Crossover Villains follow them while discussing the situation more privately.)

Plankton: Alright, alright, Tiny. We heard you the first time, we know. We know.

(As they leave, Makuta Miserix, Nektann regroup with Prime Hunter & Niclone, army of Skadki & Dark Hunter royal guards, Exo-toa & forahk, while Miserix manages to use his quick healing kraata power to heal the Metru Mantis back to full strength.)

Miserix: Phase 3, has been completed...

Green Jungles, Jungle Japes/N.Sanity JungleEdit

(The Teams of Heroes & Villains, plus Team Hooligans & Babylon Rouges trek through the jungles, with Hank, Blaze, DK, Diddy, Crash, Coco & Aku Aku leading the way for them to make they all don't get lost.)

Big: If only Froggy was here to see all this jungle.

Turahk: (as Hank & Blaze continue on forward with SpongeBob) (to the villains) Now we got a minute. Do you realise on what's going on?

Plankton: These Dark Hunters are a serious threat, what else is new?

Vezon: We get that the Rahkshi know about the Hunters as much as me, Krekka & Nidhiki, but how did they first encounter the Hunters?

Risky Boots: Let me guess, they ambushed us when we least expect it when fighting the half genie runt & her new friends & Team Rose?

Dr. Cortex: What?! How did you know? That's the same thing happen to me, my henchmen & the Kremlings against the Bandicoots, the apes & Team Chaotix

Guurahk: Ditto, against Hank, Sanford & Deimos with Team Dark.

Adagio Dazzle: Same. Only earlier at the Artika and it's just bad timing too is just all the more humiliating.

Tiny Tiger: (angry) Bushwhacked like Bandicoots!

Lee Kanker: We know that already, keeping the heroes occupied is one time, but being dragged into this by their own accord is another!

Nidhiki: This is an outrage! We know about the Dark Hunter's plan of the Neo form of Metal, but what are their real motivations all about?

Jack-7: We are considered lab rats to them. We're stuck with the heroes until the situation is solved.

Plankton: You are both right, we can't stop them like this if we're keep pushing back. They would get the Last Chaos Emerald in no time, if we don't do something about it.

King K.Rool: What are you suggesting? (Plankton whispers in their ears on about their secret plan, making sure the Dark Hunters don't catch a peep of their plan, to make sure their extra bit of their contribution in the fight against the Neo Form of Metal is not in vain) Ohh...

Dr. Cortex: The Neo form of Metal? (getting an idea to help as well) Yes, yes! Within the Dark ocean of our intellect, swims a magnificent whale of a plan. Once we rescue their back-up, We'll take a shortcut through the jungle to my laboratory in the haunted house. We're not beatened yet, the game is on!

(The 4 Teams of Heroes & Villains continue on with Team Sonic & Dark as Team 1, while Team Rose & Chaotix are Team 2, according to SpongeBob, Hank & Blaze. While seeing the Worms, Squid Sisters & Off the Hook tied up in the middle of the open of the jungle in the centre.)

Hank: (comes over with SpongeBob & Blaze) Oh man... what did they do to you?

Blaze: (remove the bandanas off of the group's mouths to let them speak) What happened?

Boggy B: (panting) A Visorahk had been spying on us this morning!

Vector: What?! They can't seem to quit, can't they?

Marie: (were being helped up by the group) We're sorry, these Dark Hunters were too fast let alone being outnumbered.

Marina: (as a large robotic rat like figure with tank wheels & cattapiller tracks, known as the Kuma-Nui is looming from the shadows) But please, we need to get out of here & find the Last Chaos Emerald, they already got our emerald from the Inkling!

(The Inkling Girl let a sad sigh while petting the friendly E-113 Xi)

SpongeBob: It's ok, we're all safe back together & thats what matters most. But If the Dark Hunters have all 7 Emeralds, they'll be no stopping them if we don't catch up to them!

Sash Lilac: I just can't believe it. (Sit down with the group) If it's their plan on trying to get us lost, it's working.

Shantae: (comforting the Squid Sisters, Off the Hook & the Inkling Girl, with Sky, Team Rose & Team Lilac's help) Theres still one cyan Chaos emerald left to find... we just have to keep a single emerald away from them. But it's never gonna be easy.

Boggy B: And because of their Visorahk spies, they will know our every move before we make them.

Deimos: This bites! What is the real reason behind their plans? What would the Dark Hunters trying to accomplish?

Big: These Dark Hunters sound mean. And It's not nice to hurt my friends.

Zaktan: I don't know about that, Deimos. Their mysterious & their motives are brand new & yet a complexing mystery. (Hearing something from a distance) Shh... do you hear that?

Cream: (whispers, while holding onto Cheese) What is that?

Cheese: (holding onto Cream in fright) Chao Chao...

Hank: (seeing tank caterpillar tracks while slowly following them with SpongeBob & Blaze) Nothing good, I'd reckon.

SpongeBob: (seeing Crash noticing big hiding) Crash? Are you ok?

(Something quickly emerges in front of the heroes & villains, jumpscaring them was the robotic Kuma-Nui that Crash saw earlier & it's a large one.)

SpongeBob: (as the group get ready & battles against the Kuma-Nui together) Oh no, not again!

(As the Heroes begin to battle against the large Kuma-Nui, while the Doom Vipers help Team Rose once again & the Kongs & the Bandicoots know the jungles like the back of their hand with vine swinging powered up punches & tornado spin & stomp attacks respectively, they were watched by Icarax, Carapar, Nocturn, Tyrant & the 2 Armoured Mobians from a distance, hidden among the thick leaves.)

Tyrant: (looking through binoculars seeing Hank & Blaze) That's the two targets were after.

Nocturn: The mercenary & the fire cat lady? Wonder what the boss want with them?

Icarax: (whispers) We will find out soon, but we can still catch them while no one is looking, but the yellow sponge over there.

Carapar: (whispers) I know, they amass quite the Alliance there, starting with him & his pink starfish friend.

Armoured Mobian 1: We know. But right now we will wait for the signal. If only they are distracted enough by the Kuma-Nui.

Armoured Mobian 2: (continues searching for the last Chaos Emerald, while waiting for the right time to catch Hank & Blaze) Right. Thou it be difficult with a group this many without attracting unwanted attention.

(The Dark Hunters continue watch, as the Villains found a short route through the jungle, while the Crossover Heroes manage to use Teamwork against the Kuma-Nui, while dodging it's speeding rams, that nearly hit SpongeBob, but was saved by Hank & Blaze. Meanwhile, the Piraka & Rahkshi try to blast & stab at the tank wheels, trying to jam them to a complete stop, with the Kuma Nui slashes at them, thou was distracted by Hank, Sanford & Deimos' openfire at the chest, while Team Dark's Team Blast, Chaos Overdrive, without the Chaos control this time, manage to blast the Kuma-Nui.)

E-123 Omega: (openfires a barrage at Kuma-Nui) You will be incinerated, think of the poor trees!

(The Kuma Nui screeches in pain while it headbutts at Team Dark, but Team Rose quickly capitalise & manage to blind the Kuma-Nui with their Team Blast, Flower Festival, with Ripper Roo, who was laughing insanely, tossing explosive TNT at the large rahI to push it back, while Shantae transforms into her Spider Form to hang upside down & quickly spread a spider web around the trees to try & catch Kuma-Nui in a spider web)

Shantae: (as Team Sonic, Crossover Heroes & Team Lilac, plus Donkey Kong, Kardas Dragon, Krekka & Tiny Tiger & Xi manage use their combined attack strength to ram the Kuma Nui just hard enough to push it into the spider web to temporarily be trapped, while SpongeBob, Hank & Blaze help the rest escape through the jungle to keep going)

Tiny Tiger: (as the Inkling Girl got on the friendly E-113 Xi with Boggy B, Callie, Marie, Pearl, Marina & the Worm Soldier, Scout, Scientist & Heavy) (laughing triumphantly) Tiny like big! Tiny like strong! Tiny very happy!

Shantae: (seeing the Kuma Nui trapped in the web) All set! Go! (Transforms into her Harpy Form to fly after the group, while with DK, Diddy, Crash, Coco & Aku Aku following the trail for the group)

Ed: I Hope it doesn't have the fluids drained from it's body!

Eddy: (running off with the group) No time, let's get out of here!

Dr. Cortex: Follow me! I know a way to my laboratory!

(The 4 teams of Heroes & Villains, plus the worms, inklings, octoling & Xi continues on forward while the Kuma-Nui slowly rising to give chase, through the jungle, despite being tangled in the webs, while Icarax, Carapar, Nocturn, Tyrant & the 2 Armoured Mobian follow the team, mostly SpongeBob, Hank & Blaze, to get close enough to the 3, while staying out of sight.)

Kuma-Nui: (roaring in anger while trying to pursue the team) !!!

SpongeBob: (as Risky Boots & King K.Rool tries blasting the cannonballs at Kuma-Nui) Yes, but now it's following us. It's another problem unless we complete shut it down.

Edd: It may sound ridiculous. But I may have an idea! Excuse me, Cream? (Whispers to cream to get near to Ed)

(Cream is a little confused & begins running next to Ed)

Ed: Aw, it's a bun- (suddenly felt his nose itchy) Ah, ah, ah...!

Eddy: He's gonna blow! (quickly ducks for cover with the heroes & villains, while they were confused at first, but the Eds knew what's going to happen)

Ed: AHHH-(suddenly unleashes a loud sneeze that blows the Kuma-Nui backwards with force) -CHOO!

(The Kuma-Nui got blown backwards & crashes into a tree, shutting down in pain, while the group slowly coming too, after a big sneeze from Ed)

Ed: I sneezed... Double Doctor Dee?

Cream: Oh dear, is something wrong witn Mr. Ed?

Edd: Its quite alright, Cream. I'm afraid Ed is allergic to rabbits.

Cream: Oh my... (looking around) Excuse me, but where did Miss Blaze & Mr. Hank land?

Eddy: (seeing the Kuma Nui defeated) So now what, Dr. Double Meat Patty?

Edd: Once we find the two, I may suggest we get to a safe place in order to search for the Last Chaos Emerald.

Vorahk: (calls out while he runs up to the group) Hey, guys! I need some help.

Edd: Pardon me for being this blunt, but, What's the problem?

Vorahk: (shows them Kurahk's arm) This.

Eddy A scrap problem? So what?

Vorahk: What? No,its not a scrap-well it is-but look. Its Kurahk's arm. (Sigh) He's fallen apart again.

The Eds: (surprised) Fallen apart?!

Risky Boots: What do you mean again? Did something happen to him? (Pick up Kurahk's head after the group found him in surprise) Hm?

Kurahk: (dizzy) Is this massage Swedish or deep circuit? (Glitches a bit from a jolt of electricity) Oh shiatsu!

Avak: (wondering how Kurahk had fallen apart) How?!

Turahk: (facepalm) (sighs) Just don't...

Marina: Let's see if we can fix him before we get back to finding the last emerald. (Help fix Kurahk with help from Risky, Plankton, Edd & Avak's help) Hold still please.

Dr. N.Gin: Ooh ooh, I'm good with robotics! Allow me...! (Helping on fixing Kurahk to put him back together as well)

Ed: Aw, how come your not upset, Vorahk?

Vorahk: (nod with the Rahkshi) We've gotten use to it.

Guurahk: And also, he's just a Kraata inside a robotic suit, just like us. (Begins searching for Kurahk's robotic suit parts with the group)

Deimos: (a bit surprised) Excuse me?

Lerahk: It's a very long story.

"More Coming Soon"

(The group begins searching, while heading out to the Haunted House/Dr. Cortex's lair, while unaware of the Dark Hunters on the move for the search of the final chaos emerald & also Hank & Blaze, who is nearby with SpongeBob.)

SpongeBob: Ow... my head... maybe Ed needs to be protected from his allergies.

Hank: (slowly getting up) Duly noted.

Blaze: Right, we should follow the trail. They're not that far from here. We can still get back.

SpongeBob: Right, the othera must be getting worried sick. (hurries off, while unaware of the Dark Hunters ambush at Hank & Blaze)

Nocturn: Surprise! (ambushes at Hank & Blaze)

Hank & Blaze: (quickly dodges, but were surrounded by the Dark Hunters) ?!

Blaze: (to Carapar, Nocturn, Tyrant, Icarax & 2 Armoured Mobians) What do you think your doing?! Haven't you done enough damage?

Carapar: It's not just the Emeralds, our side orders... are catching you!

Hank: (aim weapons) For what purpose?

(The Dark Hunters quickly do not hestitate to begin the attack, while Hank & Blaze quickly tries their best to fight back with their athletic & acrobatic fighting skills, that SpongeBob begins to hear the fighting going on)

SpongeBob: What is that? (Comes back, only to see a Brawl ensued & quickly hides) Hank! Blaze! I've gotta earn the others and... (turns around & about to run, but runs into Lurker) ?! (Shivering) Uh, hello?

Lurker: Where do you think your going?

SpongeBob: What do you think your doing with-?! (Got captured in a sack by Lurker, muffling in a panic)

Lurker: (takes him either back to his friends or the Haunted House/Dr. Cortex's lair) You know, something that the others didn't before. Now try squirming your way out of here.

Blaze: (as Hank continues fighting with Carapar, Nocturn & the 2 Armoured Mobians) Hank, we need to escape! (Blasting flames at Icarax & Tyrant)

Hank: (dodging the 2 Armoured Mobians attacks, while punching & kicking at the two) Easier said than done.

Icarax: (as Hank dodges the claw of Carapar & grabs him by the arm to toss him forward at the 2 Armoured Mobians) Oh please...

(Icarax uses the fire resistance kraata powers to become fire proof this time, while Tyrant absorbs the heat from the flames, which surprised Blaze.)

Blaze: (as Hank flipkicks at Nocturn to push him back to the rocks) What?! (Got rammed by Icarax & Tyrant, while trying to punch & kick at the two) Aah!

Icarax: (quickly knocks the fire Cat unconscious) Consider it, payback time!

Hank: (manages to uppercut at the 2 armoured Mobians, but notices Blaze in danger) ?! (Rushing to her) Blaze! (Got grabbed & tossed, screaming as he is slammed into the trees by Carapar & Nocturn)

Nocturn: (slamming at Hank down before punching his lights out to make him unconscious) This is fun! I thought they last as long as the Toa.

Icarax: (sighs while tying up Hank & Blaze to take them to the Haunted House/Dr. Cortex's lair) I'd admit they do put up a good fight, however the objective remains. The haunted house will be the rendezvous point from there.

Armoured Mobian 1: (helping the 2nd armoured Mobian with the disguise voice chip) Yes, we will get our next set of instructions later.

Armoured Mobian 2: (female voice) Right now, if we think that they are going to where they are at next... we can still catch the final chaos emerald & the protodermis from there.

Armoured Mobian 1: Blast, the disguised voice chip is broke.

Carapar: Doesn't matter, we'll worry about that later. Let's move.

(The Dark Hunters proceed to take Hank & Blaze to the Haunted House/Dr. Cortex's lair. However Hank & Blaze manage to find a large piece of bark of a size of a surfboard & manages to quietly kick it to SpongeBob where the bark begins to carry him out of Lurker's grip before getting taken away.)

Lurker: ?! What the...?

(SpongeBob who got out of the sack, screams as he slide down an empty log like a slide, before getting launched up to the air before being caught by the Babylon Rouges whonwere on a search party with the group.)

Storm: (catching SpongeBob) Hey, the sky had a baby!

Jet: That's not a baby... that's SpongeBob!

Wave: SpongeBob, what happened?

SpongeBob: Babylon Rouges, it was terrible! Take me back to the others so I can explain everything.

(The Rouges quickly take SpongeBob back to the others where they almost arrive at the Haunted House/Cortex's Lair)

SpongeBob: (sadly) Oh no... poor Hank & Blaze.

Haunted House/Dr. Cortex's Lair Edit

(At the very end of the lair, Carapar, Nocturn, Tyrant, Icarax, Lurker & 2 Armoured Mobian arrive with Hank & Blaze in captivity, taking them at the far end of the lair meeting with the 3 Leaders & Niclone, plus two new members, the Black & Green giant & former Skrall leader named Tuma & the dark red, black & orange-yellow robotic mad scientist named Voporak & an army horde of Exo-Toa, Manas & Skakdi.)

(Inside we're many white bat like Rahi known as Klakks & also the many stone Statues that represents the Dark Hunters before & current & they are as followed, The Shadowed One"," Airwatcher", Amphibax, "Charger", "Conjurer", "Darkness", "Devastator", "Dweller", "Eliminator", Firedracax, "Gatherer", "Gladiator", "Hordika Dragons", "Kraata-Kal", Lariska, "Lurker", "Mimic", "Minion", Phantom, "Poison", "Primal", "Prototype", "Ravager", "Savage", "Seeker", Sentrakh, "Shadow Stealer", "Silence", "Spinner", "Subterranean", "Tracker", Triglax, "Vanisher", "Vengeance", "The Recorder", "Tyrant", "Ancient", "Guardian", & even by Hank & Blaze's surprise that there also statues of Krekka, Nidhiki, Vezok, Hakann, Avak, Zaktan, Thok & Reidak, plus the Rahi Nui, Roodaka, Sidorak and Voporak.)

(It also includes the stone statues of the Brotherhood of Makuta: Miserix, Teridax, Tridax, Kojol, Spiriah, Mutran, Antroz, Chirox, Vamprah, Icarax, Krika, Gorast, Bitil and Makuta of Stelt.)

(And finally the stone statues of the Order of Mata Nui: Helryx, Axonn, Brutaka, Jerbaz, Johmak, Tobduk, Trinuma, Hyrdaxon(Original One), Botar, Krakua, Spinax, An Energy Hound, a "Kratana",a Mana-ko, a Maxilos Robot, Mazeka and Umbra. Thou Jerbaz's statue is also invisible like the real Jerbaz.)

Blaze: (surprised by the statues especially the statues of the Piraka) What... doesn't it belong to Cortex?

Hank: (examining the statues) What is all this?

Miserix: Did you bring the duo?

Icarax: (place the tied up Hank & Blaze down on the floor) Special delivery.

Nocturn: They we're tough cookies. They even let the Sponge escape.

Lurker: They were spying on them, but these two did us a favour.

Tyrant: Now they are heading towards our positions.

Nektann: As planned, the next step is sure to give them chills.

Prime Hunter: And the harsh truth about the Piraka & Krekka & Nidhiki that would test each other's loyalty.

Miserix: Always on time. But they can be counter productive with their own plans.

Niclone: (keeping the Exo-Toa & Skakdi in line until the time has come) Right. In the meantime... the 7th & final Chaos Emerald is around here in this lair.

Miserix: We apologise in advance, about causing your Sol Zone world to collapse.

Nektann: Yes, Carapar explained the whole story when he & the others fall back to the station by the canyon.

Blaze: The oceans will boil, islands sink & skies fall...!

Prime Hunter: Again, we have no idea of the consequences of removing said Sol Emeralds. But were no longer after then because we already have. (Holding 6 of the Sol Emeralds & gave them back to Blaze)

Blaze: (is a bit baffled on what they did) What!? But why?

Hank: Well good, it seems like you'll be able to send the Emeralds to save your Sol Dimension Zone.

Blaze: (sighs, while uncertain on what to make of this) Right, thou I appreciate the favour, I suppose. But I must be going without running afoul on more white fog anomalies.

Miserix: Ah tut tut tut. Not so fast. Before going back to all 4 teams of heroes and villains then restoring her world, you do us a little favor.

Blaze: Excuse me. (Turns to the 2 Skakdi) ?!

(The 2 skakdis show the energy storm orb they had stolen from the Babylon and the energized protodermis from Cortex's labs.)

Nektann: We need you to use all of your powers on the energized protodermis to create the Ultimate Sol Emerald.

Blaze: What?! Could it possible?

("Prime Hunter" and Niclone show the holo-screens of marine and the coconut crew fighting the huge metru mantis.)

Niclone: Yes, we did make Marine & her coconut Crew test her unity, we can do the same for the team of heroes & villains, despite being on opposite sides.

Prime Hunter: Yes & the fact that you will do this for a good reason. Marine has been going very well in her training. Don't you agree?

Blaze: (is surprised to see all this & felt downhearted for not believing Marine) Marine? I don't understand. Why didn't she tell me this was going to happen? Why test her & all the others? And why are you trying so hard to apologise?!

Prime Hunter: (while Icarax having Hank by the throat) Because you didn't believed in her, sooner. And the fact we like to conduct tests of unity, duty & destiny.

Nocturn: Like conducting experiments!

Hank: (is surprised about this) For what purpose to test all of us?!

Prime Hunters: That's for another time in the future. Now, create the Ultimate Sol Emerald or your friend is going to die! (Point his dual bladed spatula at Hank)

(Icarax quickly grabs Hank by the throat, having already confiscated his weapons)

Hank: (getting grabbed, getting choked) Gah!

Blaze: What?! Is that what it's all about? Resort to killing & threats to getting want you want?! You leave Hank out of this! And beside It's not that simple! Even I barely know about the secrets from my long forgotten parents!

Hank: (barely breathing) (being held by the throats tightly by Icarax) Your just as corrupted as the madness that consumed my world, you & your Dark Hunter breatheren.

Icarax: How many times have you died? I'm actually getting impressed.

Blaze: What is the meaning of all this?! What do you even plan to do with us?!

Hank: Is this all about the Neo Form of Metal that SpongeBob told us in his dreams? (The Dark Hunters pause suddenly in surprise as a thought struck him of that revelation while Icarax still holds of Hank) Or is it another form of selfish madness? (felt the grip getting tighter)

Miserix: (leans forward, looming over the two, sensing SpongeBob had a vision) So it is true... SpongeBob had a vision. (Hank & Blaze turn to each other, seeing Blaze has no choice but to learn the secrets on creating the Ultimate Sol Emerald)

Hank: (holding Icarax tightly) Just do your worst...! I've been through death & back many times!

Blaze: (stops Prime Hunter & Icarax) Enough! Please Release him!

(Makuta Icarax let go of Hank to the floor, seeing Blaze conceding.)

Icarax: Come to your senses now? (Turn to Blaze As Hank is coughing a bit roughly)

Blaze: (sighs sadly) I concede to your brutality & inginuity. I accept. But know this, if you break that promise...!

Niclone: We know, we don't want to resort to killing as much as you do.

Hank: (panting heavily) But... why? You'll Doom us all... (with a sudden silent whisper in Hank's ear from Blaze, Hank begins to understand & allows it) Ok... just once... do it.

(The 3 Leaders nod to the The 2 Skakdi, who began mixing the energy storm orb with the energized protodermis, taken from Cortex's labs before ran off. Blaze comes forward & begins using all 7 sol emeralds with her flame to channel the powers of the flame from within herself & the Sol Emeralds before using it to blast at the orb. The orb was glowing more meaning it was about to be done. It was cracking just before it explodes a flash of white as they covered their eyes.)

(We now see a brand new Large Sol Emerald, known as the Ultimate Sol Emerald appears, it floats down before "Prime Hunter" takes it.)

Prime Hunter: Well done... Release them. (Hank & Blaze we're surprised & confused on what their motivations, thou Icarax is not happy about it)

Hank: I beg your pardon? You threaten us & now releasing us?

Makuta Miserix: (uses his quick healing kraata power to heal both Hank and Blaze to full strength.) A promise is a promise. It maybe complex to everyone, but the pieces of the puzzle will come together sooner than you think. (The Dark Hunters begin to let them go, even thou Icarax is not happy about it & allows to pass.)

Niclone: (as Blaze helps Hank get up who slowly picks himself up on his feet) We greatly apologise for the harsh threats & we didn't mean them. Sorry for the inconvienece. Your free to go.

Blaze: (holding the 7 Sol Emeralds) We... we just don't understand this at all. What kind of group of Dark Hunters are you?

Nektann: The ones with big plans for the future for all of the multiverse, mainly this world. You can go back to your friends & foes now.

Prime Hunter: And before you leave, do NOT tell them our real plans.

Hank: (in thought: Real plans? What are they on about?)

Miserix: It's a secret. (Hank is a bit surprised) Let me remind you that I have the kraata of mind reading. No secret is safe from anyone's mind.

Hank: (sighs) Point taken. We'll take your word for it.

Miserix: Just pretend you escape from our grasp. With the powers of the flame of course. You'll find out in the near future. Let's go everyone. (Flies off with Nektann, Prime Hunter & Niclone)

(This time, Nektann was upgraded to have wings, which is similar to vamprah. And "Prime Hunter" activated his jet wings, which is similar to kopaka in karda nui form, and his jetpack, which is similar to tanma's. Tuma rode off with his rock steed. Voporak stays and was ready to stall all 4 teams of heroes and villains,plus team hooligans and babylon rogues along with an army horde of Skakdi,Exo-toa and Manas. With Carapar, Nocturn, Icarax, Lurker, Tyrant & 2 Armoured Mobians staying behind to help Voporak & the army horde of skakdi, Exo-Toa & Manas.)

Voporak: Oh ho, this is gonna be exciting. (Smirks) Let's go practice science. (Getting into position with Carapar, Nocturn, Icarax, Lurker, Tyrant & 2 Armoured Mobians)

Blaze: (rushes out while making sure their escape is real with burning flames & bullets on the walls & floors) First of all, I wanted to apologise to Marine in advance as well. I don't know what to make of all this.

Hank: Me neither... we don't know whether or not we can trust them. But it's our only leads of getting back to our allies & enemies, so we will trust them for now.

Blaze: Agreed. Their methods are quite a mystery, could it be for a good reason for an even bigger purpose?

(Back with the Teams of Heroes & Villains upon arriving at the very start of the Haunted House/Dr. Cortex's lair, by the creepy front gates.)

Amy: (after hearing what SpongeBob just said after he was returned to the group by the Babylon Rouges) What?! Hank & Blaze have been kidnapped by the Dark Hunters?

SpongeBob: Yes, it is my fault for getting them in danger. I saw the Dark Hunters take them away.

Sanford: We can't let anything bad happen to Hank & Blaze, weve already saved the Worms & the Inklings & Octoling, but now it's becoming very dire.

Vezok: Hey Cortex! Are you sure it's the right way?

Tails: (a bit shaken on how scary the haunted house/Cortex's lair is) It's so very spooky here.

Cream: (hugging Cheese & Tails in fear) And scary...

Turahk: (snickers) Maybe the ghost of the Makuta lives in that spooky house.

Edd: Ghost? Please, there's no such thing as ghosts... (shivers a bit in fright) right?

Rottytops: (giggles a bit & sighs happily) Reminds me of home.

Shantae: Best be on our toes if we wanna find Hank & Blaze.

Dr. Cortex: (smiling with his group) Ah yes. Home sweet home, at least as of this moment. (Turn to everyone) Before you rises a cathedral of diabolical genius! Scary. But in the wrong hands this haunted house lair could do much... GOODNESS in the world.

Plankton: (shudders a bit with the villains) I know how that feels. But still it's a temporary truce.

Sonata Dusk: Do we get in through the shortest way?

Dr. Cortex: Of course, only I have the key. Observe. [he attempts to open the front gate with a press of a button but fails & gets a bit frustrated] Follow me! I know... another way.

Vector: It's very mysterious, that's for sure.

(The 4 teams of heroes & villains go through the fields of dandelions.)

Ed: Dandelions...

Deimos: Don't worry Hank & Blaze, the calvery's here.

Sash Lilac: We'll find you two before you know it, please stay strong.

Ed: Ah Ah CHOO! (Sneezes the dandelions away, clearing the field of dandelions, leaving only green grass)

Patrick: Bless you.

Adagio Dazzle: How many things are you allergic too? What's next? Are you allergic to eels?

Ed: Yup. (The Answer Surprised the Dazzlings, as the group made their way to the door, figuring out a way to knock the front door down.)

Krekka: Maybe I can give it a try. (Smashes through the front doors with Jack-7's help)

Jack-7: Doors have been opened.

Vezon: Ah Krekka, you never cease to amaze me with your simplicity & stupidity.

Uncle Mimic: (slowly enter inside with the group) Stay close everyone, we don't know what might happen.

Dr. N.Gin: Right this way, follow the master Dr. Cortex & don't fall behind.

King K.Rool: We know, N.Gin. Hard to believe we're all in the same side, not to mention working together. (Groans a bit, while DK growls a bit at King K.Rool, thou staying braves with the group)

Zaktan: (as the group of heroes & villains slowly explore the haunted house/Cortex's lair, while trying to see through the dark) Do you see anything?

Eddy: Yeah, Dark, lots & lots of Dark.

Lerahk: (Unknown of Ed is about to sneeze again) And spooky with a dark castle vibe. Nice.

Ed: (sneezes, blowing himself backwards, landing on Edd, Eddy & Lerahk, while the rest check on them) Dandelions, Lerahk.

Sonic: (sighs, as he helps Edd, Eddy & Lerahk, while Knuckles helps Ed off of the three) Don't scare us like that & let's go.

Edd: Ed, could you please get off my face?

Jack-7: This castle is mystery & yet dangerous, infact it is practically haunted.

Eddy: This house isn't haunted, it's a dump!

Dr. Cortex: (offended) Hey, I'm still working on the Psychetron, it still have a few unpatched bugs, especially with the Protodermis you speak of, that I found was... (noticing the Klakks staring) Rouge? Are these your cousins cause I don't remember bats in my lair or any of the mutant bat creations for that matter.

Rouge: (as Vezon begins examining the Klakks) I don't think so, they don't look like they've been Cyberised by Eggman.

Vezon: Cyberised? Unlikely, these are the Klakks. I recognise them since I was part of the Federation of Fear.

Risky Boots: Yes, well, why are they staring us? This ain't no staring contest.

Vezon: Be gentle with them & don't make eye contact as we keep looking. Hank & Blaze are still around here somewhere.

Rottytops: Maybe they found love when they first laid eyes on Rouge.

Rouge: ?! Rottytops, it's not like that. My heart belongs to Knuckie & that Master Emerald.

Knuckles: ?! (Turn to Rouge) What's the idea?! (Rottytops giggles while petting the Klakks)

Rottytops: (smiling, seeing Knuckles & Rouge together, even thou Rouge is mostly teasing) Aww, I think they're very cute.

Espio: Never Mind that now, we're losing focus. Stay on guard.

Charmy: Yeah, guard on.

(The teams of heroes & villains, plus Team Hooligans & the Babylon Rouges continue on to search for Hank & Blaze. However the lights & torches suddenly went out.)

Turahk: Hey! Who shut off the lights?!

Dr. Cortex: Gah, it must've been the fuse again... (trying to search for the fuse box in the dark with the group) Stay close together while I find some light. And don't touch anything!

Bean: Say, how about my special sparkling candles? Thou what does "TNT" is spelled?

Hakann: (stopping Bean) Oh no you don't! Let us try something... like relighting the torches.

Charmy: Hey everybody, I think I felt something.

Eddy: You know, I felt it too. Is it a light switch?

Zaktan: Hang on...

(The Piraka use their glowing red eyes to see in the dark, while Shantae manages to cast a fireball for a bit of light.)

Shantae: There we go. It sure feels spooky.

Dr. Cortex: Aha, there it is. (Turns on the fuse box)

(However when the lights & torches came back on, the heroes, villains, Hooligans & Babylon Rogues were all greeted to a multitude of stone statues of the Order of Mata Nui, Brotherhood of Makuta & especially the Dark Hunters near the walls. While Charmy & Eddy both felt the statue claw & hand of Vamprah & the Shadowed One respectively, before the two seeing both Vamprah & Shadowed One's faces, screaming in a panic before Eddy jumps on Vector's back, while Charmy flies behind Espio.)

Charmy: (shivering in fear) (screaming) It's so creepy...!!!

Avak: (facepalms) Oh Barraki's monkeys, not the statues again!

Vector: Eddy! Will you get off my back, already?! (Trying to shake Eddy off of his back)

SpongeBob: (ready himself with the Crossover Heroes, Sonic, Tails & Amy) Oh no, not again!

Dr. N.Brio: (as Crash checks the statues, knocking on them for a bit before making funny faces knowing that they are actual stone statues) Your afraid of these statues?

Rarity: They tried to take us down during our Orientation. We have more than enough reasons to keep a watchful eye on those statues again.

Rottytops: (knocking on the statues, while DK & Diddy are confused, yet being cautious about this place) I don't know if it's a magic trick, but I think it's cool. Thou we're getting off track unless we like mercenary fried brain with fire cat lady's brain on a silver platter.

Bolo: (shivering, while making sure everyone toughens up) I'd rather not have my brains fried, thank you very much! But we must stick together!

Espio: Just make sure we don't get lost so we can get to the other side quickly.

Eddy: (chuckles nervously) That tall guy's scares me. The mission's off! Forget it, I ain't moving! (Unaware he is still on Vector's back)

Ed: (helps him keep on going, with Vector carrying Eddy on his back) Keep going, Eddy. You will grow up so fast with bravery like a white knight slaying a dragon.

(The group of heroes & villains continue on to search for Blaze, Hank & the final Chaos Emerald, while uneasy about the statues, especially surprising that there are statues of the Piraka themselves, leaving the rest with questions. Thou as they leave, the lights & torches goes out again.)

Dr. Cortex: Oh come on! I just had the Power fixed! What gives?!

Uncle Mimic: (helping with the fuse box repairs) It must be the faulty wiring & the used torches.

(A few look back to see the lights & torches came back on, but the statues were completely missing, spooking the group while they continue forward.)

Storm: (is spooked along with DK, Bark, Diddy, Patrick, Big, Crash, Bolo & Dingodile) (rubbing his head in confusion as well as fright) ?!

Big: ! Where'd the many statues go?

Storm: (continue to follow the group, finding a trail of burnt marks & bullet holes, knowing Blaze & Hank are close by) I've gotta lay off the sourdough bread & go back to birdseed.

Turahk: Wait, burnt marks & bullet holes?

Sonic: Finally a clue to where Blaze & Hank are!

SpongeBob: (smiles with the group) Oh thank goodness! Now we can reunite them & find the last Chaos Emeralds so we can stop the Dark Hunters & get this over with.

Hakann: Good, but where are they? This castle/lair is like a maze in here. (Opens one door, only to be greeted by a sudden fire blast by a defensive Blaze, who realised the error)

Crash: (is charred a bit) Whoa! (Spins himself to shake the charred off of him)

Krekka: (spots Blaze & Hank) Found them.

Nidhiki: (as Vezon facepalms) Seriously?

Blaze: (noticing this with Hank coming out of the door with her) (felt slightly embarrassed) Oh my goodness! I'm terribly sorry, we thought you were the Dark Hunters.

Hakann: (a bit charred, but still ok) Whoo... (wiping his face) It's ok... it happens to me sometimes.

Cream: (hugging Blaze with the rest of Team Rose, Team Lilac & Shantae's group) Ms. Blaze! Your safe! Are you ok?

Sash Lilac: Please tell us what happened.

Blaze: Hank & I manage to escape from being taken into custody. They're a lot tougher than anticipated.

Deimos: (checking on Hank with Sanford) Really? How so?

Hank: Think about it, they know our every move before we & even Eggman could ever make them, technically Eggman was lucky that one time, but ended up caught instead. These Dark Hunters would do anything to accomplish their goals.

Tails: And what goals would that be?

Hank: (sighs) That is something even Blaze & I can't decipher upon capture.

Blaze: (keeping all 7 of the Sol Emeralds safe & sound with her) Yes, I may have manage to recover the Sol Emeralds for now, but it doesn't mean it's far from over. Once the situation is over, I can return the Sol Emeralds back to my home world as soon as possible.

Amy Rose: (sighs in relief) It's good to know that Blaze's world will once again be saved. Thou It's no wonder, the Dark Hunters always keep planning ahead, even Sonic couldn't catch up.

Sonic: (sighs) Yeah, normally I'm ok on stopping Eggman's plans that are already planned ahead of me, but with the Dark Hunter's, it's a bit of a hard blow to the ego, don't you think?

Ed: (smiles) Yup. And don't worry guys, there's plenty to be ashamed of. But is Hakann ok?

Turahk: Don't bother checking on him, he's immune to the intense heat & fire attacks, since he's a Piraka of Fire. (To himself) Unfortunately for those villains with fire abilities.

Hakann: (gives a thumbs up) It's true.

Hank: Speaking of which, we were ambushed by Carapar, Nocturn, Icarax & the other Hunters, including the one with heat absorbing power. Icarax has this kraata thing that grants any powers & has chose the kraata of fire resistance.

Panrahk: Of course! (Open his robotic head to reveal a Kraata, grossing a bit of the group out)

Pinkie Pie: (a bit disgusted with the group that Rahkshi have kraata inside their robotic heads) Ew! Don't remind me of the baked bads, please. (Panrahk closes his robotic head to keep his kraata safe) What is that thing?

Panrahk: (continues on with the rest of the heroes, villains, Team Hooligans & Babylon Rouges) Sorry, but it's true. Each kraata has different powers that made them each unique on solving their own different situations. It also power the robotic Rahkshi suits, like mech suits.

Edd: (as Cream discovers a drawing picture of Amy Rose & the Portal Egg Tank on top of a small round table) Before Panrahk can continue tainting our minds with horror stories, I'd suggest a study on what the 2nd Dark Hunters are truly capable of.

Vezok: Study? We'd follow our guts & parts, Double D.

Cream: Ms. Amy? When did you draw this picture?

Ed: (interrupts Amy after some of the heroes & villains found something) Hey guys, I hit something.

(The heroes & villains, plus Team Hooligons & Babylon Rogues notices a large E-100 unit, which is dubbed the Big Daddy, which is similar to E-123 Omega, but was bigger than Jack-7, his color is black,and was armed with a drill on his right hand)

Dr. Cortex: What the heck? Who put that there? (DK, Diddy & Crash shrug as they are confused as everyone else)

E-123 Omega: It is entirely out of the ordinary. I didn't even know this robot. It's not my twin.

Jack-7: But it is definitely huge in size comparison.

Blaze: I think it is fair to say that the Dark Hunters have surpreme knowledge of their own world as much as those that are residing there. I suspect you know something about these Dark Hunters, Piraka?

Zaktan: (arriving at the main labs of Dr. Cortex) Yes, us, Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki & even the Rahkshi if possible. Until we can figure out what their main goals are, I'd suggest we focus on stopping the ressurrection.

Dr. Cortex: (as Crash & Coco look around) Yes, here we are. The main labs of my fortress. From there the last chaos emerald is held within this place, locked away safely by my best henchmen.

Dr. N.Gin: (chuckling insanely) Yes, my lord. We have this emerald locked away safe & sound.

Shantae: We never thought we be happy that someone else other than the Dark Hunters have one Chaos Emerald locked away.

Risky Boots: Yes, that means we need to guard this last chaos Emerald from any attacking Dark Hunters that might try to steal it from us.

(The heroes & Villains were unaware of the The 24 royal guards of mobotropolis, Amphibax, Storm Minion, "Conjurer", Firedracax, "Ancient", "Guardian", "Spinner", "Prototype", "Minion", "Subterranean", "Kraata-Kal", "Ravager" and Makuta Krika hide themselves in the main labs, hoping not to get caught.)

Dr. Cortex: (as The fader bulls were in the main labs along with the experiment like violent rat Rahi beings named kinlokas, the long necked electric absorbing creatures named kraawas, mysterious & yet powerful & dangerous Rahi named blade burrowers and small burrowing rahi named the archives moles) Now let's see if it's still here.

(Dr. Cortex begins Unlocking the safe & opens it, pulling out a Cyan Chaos Emerald, from a safe of Power Crystals)

Sonic: The last Chaos Emerald! How did you find it?!

Dr. N.Trophy: (as the scientists were working on a metallic Metal Sonic style like Metal SpongeBob, while keeping it a secret) We figured that it's not a power crystal nor any other gem we discovered to begin with, so we have it hidden with this Protodermis from the Bandicoots, while fixing the Pyschetron. But the untimely arrival of this white fog halted our plans like we're teleported here like the Psychetron had done before.

SpongeBob: Now that I think about it, does the Psychetron have anything to do with teleporting structures & artifacts & people inside the said buildings?

Vezok: Who knows, must've been a broken glitch.

Plankton: (as Krika secretly hears that SpongeBob's nightmare had become an intentional clue) Who knows. But we have what we got for, according to Tails' Miles Electric, we must make our escape to the Egg Fleet to take back all of the Chaos Emeralds before SpongeBob's nightmare has become a reality.

Jet: We got no time for other vehicles. We're taking the Babylon Blimp there. Everybody, there's no time to waste. We've got to be as fast as the wind!

Sonic: (as everyone prepare themselves & head outside) Now your speaking my language, let's go!

Wave: And you better not blow up the blimp either!

Bean: Don't worry, I won't blow anything up... yet.

Zaktan: (seeing the concern looks of Hank & Blaze, wondering what it is all about) (in thought: Could it be... that they saw the truth from the sight of our statues?)

(The Heroes & Villains, plus Team Hooligans & the Babylon Rouges continues on as they hurry to the Babylon Blimp together which was parked at the other side of the lair of Dr. Cortex.)

Makuta Krika: (sighs & begins contacting Voporak) Voporak, their heading in your direction & they have the final Chaos Emerald.

Voporak: (outside with Carapar, Nocturn, Icarax, Lurker, Tyrant, 2 Armoured Mobians & the army of Skakdi, Exo-Toa & Manas) We'll make sure to keep them occupied long enough for the last chaos emerald to be in your claws.

Tuma: (comes back, riding his rock steed along with Branar and Stronius,riding their rock steeds as well.) That Echidna should've stayed in his angel island, but it must be done. (Holding the Ultimate Super Emerald and the Ultimate Time Stone in one hand, meaning the Dark Hunters have also created them the same way they created the Ultimate Sol Emerald) Do it.

Voporak: (holds out the mask of time) Ready?

Makuta Icarax: (prepares his kraata of slowness) Always.

(The Teams of Heroes & Villains arrive at the Babylon Airship.)

Rainbow Dash: There it is, we see it!

Sky: Quick, we can still make our way to the Egg Fleet to still catch those Dark Hunters.

Jet: That's right, it's the only way to fly.

(But the group were suddenly quick to spot Voporak & Tuma with Carapar, Nocturn, Icarax, Lurker, Tyrant, 2 Armoured Mobians, Branar & Stronius, their rock steeds & their army of Skakdi, Exo Toa & Mana.)

Tuma: So this is how the Babylon Rogues fly?

Carapar: And we thought it is for the rich & the ugly.

Sonic: (facepalms) Not you guys again. Don't you ever quit?

Nocturn: Not in a million years, care for some airline snacks before you take off? I'm starving for some spicy peanuts. (Chuckles to himself)

Voporak: Anyways, you don't remember us, do you Piraka?

Zaktan: (with the Piraka, angrily at Voporak) Should we?

Voporak: Your own statues with the Dark Hunters are no joke. But you've cost us our deal & suffered through your constant backstabbing! You nearly tried to kill the Shadowed One, Zaktan. You were lucky this time, allow us to return the favour.

(Makuta Icarax, Carapar, Nocturn, "Lurker", "Tyrant" and 2 armored mobians Begins to charge at the heroes & villains to begin attacking at them to help Voporak & Tuma distract the heroes long enough.)

(The Skakdi, Exo-Toa & Manas charge forward with the Dark Hunters, while the Heroes, Villains, Team Hooligans & Babylon Rouges begisn their attack at the Skakdi, Exo-Toa & the Manas the best they can, trying to push them back, unaware of Tuma, Voporak & Icarax getting ready with the mask of time & the kraata of slowness.)

(The Chaotix, DK, Diddy, Crash, Coco, Aku Aku manage to team up to take out a group of Skakdi with their spin attacks, punches, kicks & power slams, shurikens & stinger attack. While Team Rose, Blaze, Team Lilac & Shantae's Group continue to push the Mana back, hammering at them, Shantae hairwhipping at them & blasting flames with a dragon boost, Bike-Fu & mini cube blasters here & there.)

(Team Dark & Team Madness continue to shoot down & openfire at the Exo-Toa, with a few spindashes & drill kicks. Team Sonic & the Crossover Heroes of SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds, the Piraka & the Mane 6 put their training & teamwork to the test, remembering their training & begins unleashing their own attacks at the oncoming Dark Hunters, while Team Sonic blasts away at the Dark Hunters with their Sonic Overdrive team blast. Meanwhile the villains, including Team Hooligans & Babylon Rouges continue to Brawl their way through the oncoming Skakdi army, while the Dark Hunters continue on the Assault.)

Sonic: (charges up & spindashes at the Dark Hunters, aiming for them) Hey Dark Hunters, I will-!

Tuma: Booring... (activates power of the Ultimate Super Emerald and Ultimate Time Stone, while Voporak activates power of the Vahi,the mask of time and Makuta Icarax activates the power of the kraata of slowness to make all 4 teams of heroes and villains, including team hooligans and babylon rogues, slow down in time even for Sonic, except Cream, Cheese, Blaze and Hank)

Hank: (looking around with Cream, Cheese & Blaze) What in blazes?!

Blaze: Everyone else is in slow motion, even for Sonic!

Cream: (holding onto Cheese, while staying close to Blaze) What do you think your doing?!

Cheese: Chao Chao!

Tuma: First things first, I've learned from my mistakes in my past defeat, so I wasn't that stupid to not know the weakness that has beatened me later on!

(Amphibax, Storm Minion, "Conjurer", Firedracax, "Ancient", "Guardian", Makuta Krika, "Spinner", "Prototype", "Minion", "Subterranean", "Kraata-Kal", "Ravager" and 24 royal guards of mobotropolis walk past behind 4 teams of heroes and villains.)

Icarax: And secondly, it's only a matter of time.

Royal Guard: (takes the chaos emerald from Dr. Cortex & the group) I am sorry everyone, but your next fight is inevitable. (giving the chaos emerald to Makuta Krika.)

Cream: The Emerald! Please No! Don't hurt them, they didn't do anything to you.

Makuta Krika: We know. You, Cheese, Blaze & Hank were the only ones in normal speed. The 4 of you shall live.

Blaze: But what about the rest? We can't just abandon them!

Carapar: I know. Which is why we're leaving you alone, your friends & your enemies be, but not the Mana, dagger spiders, Kimlokas, kraawas & blade burrowers.

Cream: We don't understand what's going on.

Nocturn: You'll understand once your older, kid. (Opens the door for the Dark Hunters)

Voporak: (as the rest of the Dark Hunters head through the doorway) Yes. But riddle me this, Do you really think you fellow heroes and villains can stop us from ressurecting Neo Metal Sonic? And you can destroy our plans? But there's no way to stop it. And you'll fight each other and make this journey a difficult one if you ALL don't get along with it. The only way you can defeat him is to use all of your chaos energy.

Hank: What? Why telling us the only way to stop him now?

Voporak: You'll figure it out once you solve the puzzle & the super power of teamwork. And one more thing... (turns to heroes & villains, mainly Nidhiki & Hakann) Nidhiki, Hakann is the reason that your former brother Lhikan had allowed you and the defeated Dark hunters to live because he made an offering deal before offering a makoki stone to Lhikan.

(The door closes on them as time resumes, leaving everyone dazed & confused about the time slow, rubbing their heads, while Hank, Blaze, Cream & Cheese look on, while Nidhiki & Hakann are shocked about that past memory/revelation earlier.)

Sonic: Wha? What happened? Where'd everybody go?

Dr. Cortex: (gasps while checking himself) (screams) The last emerald's gone!

SpongeBob: (a bit saddened) So our clash with the Neo form of Metal is inevitable.

Sonic: Yes, but we've beatened Neo Metal Sonic, we can beat him again.

Twilight Sparkle: But he'll be ultra strong if we all don't cooperate together. This is serious life or death.

Hakann: Yes, but... Voporak is right about one thing.

Coco: What's really going on here, Hakann & Nidhiki?

Nidhiki: (turns to Hakann) You, of all people... saved me & the Dark Hunters' lives with a deal?

Hakann: (beginning to remember back the moment that happened 3000 years ago with Nidhiki) Wait, I think... I remember now... the way it happened. It was 3000 years ago, after Thok failed to catch Turaga Dume...

Thok: Hey, a Turaga under guard is a lot harder than it looks!

Hakann: The Shadowed One of the 1st Dark Hunters grows impatient & launched a full scale Assault against the city of Metru Nui, I was also among the war that waged on Metru Nui with thousands of Toa took part as Metru Nui's defence. But after months of war, I happen to come across two of the Toa Mangai, Toa Lhikan & Toa Nidhiki.

Plankton: You used to be a Toa?

Nidhiki: There's so much more you don't know about me.

Hakann: Yes, well I had a lot to think & process the situation, until I made my decision. To catch Nidhiki, but warn him to NOT warn the Dark Hunters about Lhikan, otherwise it's the big house. So what did I do instead? I offer Lhikan the Makoki Stone that he & the other Toa we're searching & sacrificing for, all this time, in exchange for Nidhiki's freedom, after my trap is sprung.

Nidhiki: I couldn't make of what Hakann had done for me & Lhikan. He accepts under the added condition that I return to the Dark Hunters to take with me. There is a Toa within him all along.

Hakann: Hey, I didn't say that there's a Toa within me, ok?

Sash Lilac: (as the Piraka we're surprised about Hakann's deal that saved Metru Nui & Nidhiki's life, as everyone else is surprised too) Wow... you saved the lives of Metru Nui, all because of a deal. If we get past the hard cold steel & the treachery. You were actually... nice.

Hakann: (sighs in defeat) Ok, yes, fine, I had a hand in saving Metru Nui. Are you happy now?

Nidhiki: I suppose I should thank you. Thou I don't even know how to repay that debt in return because of... well, you know...

Hakann: Yes, but don't go spreading it around to everyone else, ok? I don't want anyone to think I'm soft or anything.

Amy Rose: (smiles) Your secret's safe with us.

SpongeBob: Yes. Now come on, if what Voporak says is true, then we do need to gather all the chaos energy we can muster to stop Neo Metal Sonic together. Even if it means confronting our own inner demons..

Hakann: (smiles a bit) Right. (Turns to the Villains) I am who I am, understand? Just setting the record straight.

(The Heroes, Villains & Team Hooligans & the Babylon Rouges head inside the Babylon Blimp to begin to take off in flight with Jet flying the blimp.)

Sonic: Let's go everyone! We'll show Neo Metal Sonic & the 2nd Dark Hunters, the real superpower of teamwork!

Plankton: And to also get the Chaos Emeralds away from the Dark Hunters, while saving Eggman & gather as much Chaos energy as possible, but we're running out of time.

(The Babylon Blimp begins to fly towards the Egg Fleet, with the Heroes, Villains, Team Hooligans & the Babylon Rouges getting themselves ready, gearing up for the fight of their lives.)

The Egg Fleet / Vs. Neo Metal SonicEdit

(Inside the Bridge of the Egg Fleet)

(Prime Hunter, approaches to a shutdown metal sonic along with the Makuta Miserix, Nektann, Niclone, Tuma and the 24 royal guards of mobotropolis, while keeping the captured real Eggman in a cell & under guard.)

Prime Hunter: This is it. Their final results will be tallied upon our primary objective. (holds out the copy data energy and the shard of the master emerald) All lifeform data... has been copied.


(The flashback takes place at the Rail Canyon, where The 3 leaders and Niclone approached to a FAKE dr. eggman before the model forms into a liquid of metal.)

(An energy data copy energy is slowly rising from the metallic liquid before Miserix picks it up.)

Miserix: (smiling while picking it up) Excellent...

(End of Flashback)

Prime Hunter: And Knuckles did have a habit on finding shards. Especially of the master emerald kind. They have seen what we've become.

(Flashback #2)

(Another Flashback shows the floating island, known angel island, with the shrine of the Master Emerald in sight.

(The 3 leaders, Niclone, a white shadow absorbing Dark Hunter named, "Shadow Stealer", Tuma, Gaardus, Branar and Stronius walked to the master emerald, where it's lay dormant.)

Prime Hunter: (knock the master emerald 3 times, sensing two beings within the Master Emerald) Hello?

(The two beings within the Master Emerald that Prime Hunter had sensed, the first being is an orange female Echidna, cobalt eyes, physically about 14-years old at the time of her demise. During those past years, she wore a tanktop-like garment which revealed her midriff and the traditional tribal dress with beige, green, and red triangular patterns. As a sign of her lineage, she wore a golden necklace and tiara-like band atop her forehead, both of which were decorated with a blue jewel in the center. Her white gloves were adorned with thick, cobalt-blue bracelets around her wrists, and she wore white-strapped sandals. Her dreadlocks were also wrapped with similar white bandages. Her name is Tikal the Echidna.)

(The other is a living creature made of pure water with glowing green eyes & a brain. It's name is Chaos & it is currently in his Zero form, Chaos 0.)

Tikal: (from within the Master Emerald) (telepathically speaking) Hello? Knuckles? Is that you?

Prime Hunter: Actually, I wanted to talk to about that. (In thought: It feels like the crystallised Protodermis from long ago.) May we borrow a few 7 shards of the master emerald?

Tikal: (as the Master Emerald shows a holographic image of past events of when the master emerald has been shattered & resulting the island falling into the ocean, but then put back together, lifting the island at different occassions) I'm afraid it's not that simple. You see, all pieces of the master emerald must remain in one piece, otherwise, the island

Prime Hunter: Oh we have our ways of keeping it afloat. (Making sure the Angel Island stays afloat with the Dark Hunters' help, while taking about a few 7 shards)

Tikal: (as Chaos 0 feels concerned) I am very concerned on what it is all about. I hope it doesn't lead to a war.

Prime Hunter: We know. Trust me, we don't want to pursue any trivial matters. Only for our tests of unity, to test the might, brains & teamwork of these characters. (Shows the hologram images of the Crossover Heroes & Villains) This is for a bigger purpose.

Tikal: (is a bit surprised that there are different Crossovers from different universes, even outside of Sonic's multiverse) Oh my... is that...?

Prime Hunter: Yes, I believe you do know. We'll bring them back once we're done.

(Prime Hunter raise his left arm & then uses his dual bladed spatula to scratched the master emerald down to get 9 shards. His blade parts of his dual-bladed spatula became movement like a tentacle, while the flipper end of his dual-bladed spatula forms into 4 sharp claws before getting 7 shards of the master emerald along with his his right moving fore-claw fingertips from his right hand.)

Tikal: You promise?

Prime Hunter: Promise.

(End of Flashback)

Prime Hunter: Of course I'll keep my promise. All this coordinated to the final stage of their test. It will be worth the effort. (Inserting a Master Emerald Shard into Metal Sonic's torso)

(However, Eggman begins to see the Babylon Blimp approaching the Egg Fleet, emerging from the clouds)

Dr. Eggman: (in thought: Never thought I'd be relieved to see an unorthodox alliance of both alignments, but thank goodness, their here. It's about time that I send them a little greeting.) (secretly making contact with something behind his back) (get electrocuted) YEOUCH! What was that for?!

Miserix: Don't think for one second that I have all the kraata powers, including Mind reading. So sit down... (holds up & uses the mask of mind control) Sit down. Sit down now!

Dr. Eggman: (getting pushed back down to sit down) Oof! That's it, once I get out of here! You rue the day of making a fool out of me, even I don't know how you did all that!

Miserix: So the calvery's here. Let's give them a warm welcome.

(Back at the Babylon Blimp)

(The Babylon Blimp launches a bombardment at the Egg Fleet's turrets to disable the fleet's weapons quickly.)

Bean: (from within the blimp) Hehehehe... I never got tired of watching the fireworks!

SpongeBob: There they are! Now we gotta make sure they everything is in place!

Sonic: It's time to party, Dark Hunters! Too bad we gotta crash it! Let's do it to it!

Hank: This time, there's no holding back! The Dark Hunters have become the hunted!

Amy Rose: Right, let's get these Hunters!

Shantae: The entire planet needs saving! So we're Ret-2-Go!

Sash Lilac: Right! Let's show these maniacs how to save a world! (DK, Diddy & Crash give a thumbs up that their ready)

Vector: Once we started a job, we finish the job! Thats the policy of Team Chaotix!

Jet: Prepare to dive!

Nack: (smirks) Oh, we've been waiting a long time for this! Be ready, boys!

Plankton: Time for Operation Franken-Strike!

(Risky Boots begins blasting the cannonballs at the communications systems & sensors array of the Egg Fleet to cut off the alarm systems.)

Risky Boots: Their defences & alarms are down! Prepare to jump!

Boggy B: (blasting bazookas & tossing dynamite at the oncoming Skakdi for enough space to land) Come on, Hup Hup Hup!

(The 4 teams of heroes & villains proceed to grab their parachutes, thou for the Babylon Rouges, Team Hooligans, Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose & Team Chaotix grab their extreme gears & begins jumping out of the Babylon Blimp, gliding down to the Egg Fleet, while the auto pilot continues to send a bombardment of missile bomb strikes at the oncoming Dark Hunters, Skakdi, Exo-Toa & Mana & hostile Rahi of the Dark Hunters, secretly as a decoy.)

Cream: (lands on a Skakdi's head, stomping it's head with both of her feet) It maybe scary & it may not be proper, but it's the right thing to do! Come on Cheese!

Cheese: (helps Cream with their tag team attacks) Chao Chao!

Miserix: (seeing the chaos going on outside, while feeling the small shakes of the Egg Fleet, from Bean's bombs, Boggy B's dynamite & the Battle Blimp's full bombardment onto the weapons defence systems & turrets of the Egg Fleet) Always on time. (To Eggman) May we remind you on not ruining our rest of unity for them, otherwise...?

Dr. Eggman: I know, I know! I will be burnt to ashes with the rest of the army.

Nektann: Good boy. Is that what you want?

Dr. Eggman: (shaking his head no, thinking to play nice for now) No, But what's all this test of unity about? What purpose is there?

Prime Hunter: That's a secret even we keep them quiet. And as for you, we're bringing in jailer specialists.

(Approaching to Eggman's jail cell are a group of members, known as the mutant Toa Hordika of Earth, Savage, 3 clawed beastly members of a Gladiator species, the 5 robotic scorpions species of Vorok & Zesk & the 5 exiled black alien creatures of the Black Arms, known as the Abandoned Arms & an underwater jailer of the pit, the original Hydraxon, 20 Maxolis Robots, Energy Hounds. Also approaching are 2 lost souls of the pre-Genesis.)

(One was a tall human with an imposing girth with a bald head, dark orange mustache and black eyes with crimson irises. His usual attire was a sleeveless, red jumpsuit with yellow lines spanning up, down and around his body, wide shoulder pads, a yellow cape and gray boots & a cyberised robotic arm, more modern redesign. He is known as Dr. Ivo Julian Robotnik, the original Dr. Robotink, also known as Dr. Ivo. And the golden robotic gorilla known as "King Gong". And last, but not least is Amphibax's latest creation, the black, blue & gold 4 armed robotic Metal Sonic, mostly similar to Shard the Metal Sonic, known to the world as Shardahk, a creation Clone of Shard the Metal Sonic.)

Dr. Ivo Julian Robotnik: Dare you say "Gadzooks", Eggman? Snooping as usual, I see?

Dr. Eggman: ?! Your... me?!

Dr. Ivo Julian Robotnik: Wrong. Now I go as Ivo, the Original Dr. Robotnik before you happened, while you Eggman we're a shadow of your former self, you scrambled eggman.

Prime Hunter: Were working on his new personality, now he is more comedic & cold hearted at the same time.

Tuma: That's a first.

Niclone: (to the group) You know your training, please guard Eggman at all times. Keep him on a lease.

Tuma: Never leave him out of your sight!

Savage: (salutes with 20 Maxilos robots are red & silver robotics, redesigned by Amphibax & Robo-Kintorbor & a robotic brute Skakdi species with a Fenrakk) As you command, our masters. We'll keep him quiet.

Shardahk: (secretly knows with Swatmasterbot that Dr. Ivo Julian Robotnik is from the Pre-Genesis Archie Sonic world) And he will pay for what he has done to Shard the Metal Sonic. (In thought: And for what he has done to Nicole.)

Prime Hunter: We know. He is a lost soul within our hearts as well as everyone.

Dr. Eggman: Lost souls? What on Mobius are you babbling about?

Shardahk: (angrily at Eggman) You should know. (Eggman feels extremely confused on what they are talking about)

Miserix: (making contact with King Nigel on his holographic screen) Nigel?

King Nigel: Yes? It seems you have come in a bad time.

Nektann: What do you mean? Is there a current situation in your kingdom?

King Nigel: Yes, it's Naugas. He has returned.

Prime Hunter: Is he trying to reclaim your throne?

King Nigel: Yes.

Tuma: Fine fine, we'll send back up. (Turn to 24 mobotropolis guards) You can return to station.

Niclone: We'll do the rest from here. (The 24 Mobotropolis Royal Guards nod as they proceed to go back to Mobotropolis / Castle Acorn, by Nui Kopens)

Tuma: (give "Prime hunter" the Ultimate super emerald and the Ultimate time stone) Make sure you return these after your done.

"Prime Hunter": (holds out 3 extra shards of the master emerald and the Ultimate Sol Emerald) I will remember. But first... (He uses 1 each shard to fuse the master emerald's energy to the 3 Ultimate gemstones:1 for the Ultimate Sol Emerald, 1 for the Ultimate Super Emerald and 1 for the Ultimate Time Stone) There, now i will return these shards to the master emerald to avoid breaking a promise.

(Back with the Heroes & Villains, who are beginning to send the Skakdi, Exo-Toa & Mana flying with their Team Blasts & teamwork. They proceed through the corridor to try & find Eggman to rescue him while trying to find Neo Metal Sonic to destroy him quickly, while The Inkling Girl, Callie, Marie, Pearl & Marina begins splatting their burning coloured paint at the oncoming mechanical soldiers of the Dark Hunters to make sure the Dark Hunters are slowing down on the covering coloured ink.)

Inkling Girl: (as the Xi openfire s swats & pounces & stomps at the Dark Hunters with it's guns from it's tail, with the tail itself & the feet) Woopee!

Vezok: (blasting at the Dark Hunters with the Piraka's help) Please tell me you got good news!

Tails: (as the Piraka, Krekka, DK, Bark & Storm uses their combined strength to lift a disabled turret at through the blast doors) According to the blueprints of the Egg Fleet, the bridge should be upstairs, while the jailcells are located somewhere near here, just below us. The bridge might be where they held Neo Metal Sonic.

Vector: (getting an idea on who their unknown Client is, after realising their walkie talkie line was suddenly cut off) So he's here after all.

Dr. Cortex: (as Bolo smashes an oncoming Mana) Who's here?

Aku Aku: What do you mean by "after all"? You don't mean...

Plankton: (as he manages to hotwire the Security lasers to make them blast at the oncoming soldiers of the Dark Hunters) They must be where they held Eggman.

SpongeBob: Knowing the Dark Hunters, they would try to seperate us to take us down more easily. It's the classic divide & conquer.

(The Heroes & Villains quickly hurries upstairs to the bridge, unaware of the Dark Hunters overhearing the fact that Vector's walkie talkie had stopped the same time they electrocuted Eggman)

(Back on the Bridge)

Niclone: (is surprised) Wait... they don't mean...

(The 3 leaders and Niclone learned and realized that dr.eggman is the unknown client with the walkie talkie.)

Miserix: Dr. Eggman, I presume?

Dr. Eggman: (looks at the leaders & Niclone) Isn't that painfully obvious?

Nektann: We apologise for the inconvience of ruining your call. Please resume calling out to your heroes.

Dr. Eggman: (contacting the heroes & villains) Wait, what are you saying? Hello? I'm being held at the bridge of the Egg Fleet, please come over here immediately or else I'm done for.

Makuta Miserix: (grew his wings) Infact, I wanted to thank you for making the vision all the more convincing... (flies out of the egg fleet, leaving Eggman confused) Kraatas of Chain Lightning, Cyclone, Vaccum & Weather Control, arise to create a hard & strong storm to make spongebob's vision a reality itself! (Using the powers of 4 kraatas of Chain Lightning, Cyclone, Vaccum & Weather Control To create a hard & strong storm forecast around the Egg Fleet, before heading back to the hidden base by flying through "Vanisher"'s portal) The rest of you, keep watch to make sure things run smoothly.

Nektann, "Prime Hunter", Niclone and Tuma: (nod & remain watching the heroes and villains before walking away from the range of heroes and villains)

Prime Hunter: Rest of you, get ready for a surprise. (Savage nods)

Savage: We're on it.

(Savage, 3 members of Gladiator species, Original Hydraxon, 5 Vorox and 5 Zesk, Abandoned Arms, Dr. Ivo Julian Robotnik, King Gong, Shardakh, 20 Maxilos Robots, redesigned by Amphibax & Robo-Kintobor, and a big brute skakdi (wielding the power lance) riding on a giant fenrakk, nod & then hide themselves in the shadows for a "big surprise")

Tuma: (quickly takes Neo Metal Sonic to the bridge of the Egg Fleet before rejoining with Nektann, Prime Hunter & Niclone)

Shardahk: (can't stop remembering the good memories as a Mini Shard to play with the other timeline Nicole in a cute sailor outfit & also the Dark memory of the incident of the Nicole of his timeline, with the Dark experiment that made a Nicole from organic to mentally digital cause of the Robotnik of their timeline) (in thought: The Nicole in our timeline will be avenged.)

Swatmasterbot: (appears as a dark blue slender swatbot/shadowbot with red visor eyes & a cape) (comforts Shardahk gently, approaching to him, feeling sorry for Shardahk) We know, Shardahk. We know. He will pay & so should Eggman for what he had done to your original counterpart.

Shardahk: (sighs quietly) Thank you... Swatmasterbot.

(With the Heroes & Villains)

(As everyone tries opening the door, some like Patrick, Ed, the Piraka, Applejack, Krekka, Jack-7, Kardas Dragon, Hank, Shadow, Omega, Big, Shantae in elephant form, Risky Boots & King K.Rool with a Cannon, Donkey Kong & Vector tries using their combined strength to burst the door down of the jail room, while the rest continues blasting & taking the oncoming Dark Hunters down the best they can)

Vector: We're here to save you! Dr. Eggman, I assume?

Dr. Eggman: (glaring at the group) You've all catch on pretty quick. You do know that it's a no brainer a 2nd time.

Coco: So it really was Eggman the whole time.

Aku Aku: Dr. Eggman, why would you call us here?

Dr. Eggman: Because I have been getting strange signals coming from all over the place that even I couldn't keep track. But now I've called again to make sure you all have enough back up & teamwork to settle this new threat! And me, the great Dr. Eggman, captured by Dark Hunters & their 3 leaders with a purpose!

Zaktan: (as the rest were interested about the leaders of the Dark Hunters) Three leaders?

Sonic: (fold his arms) Normally I would see you behind bars by anyone, but these Dark Hunters are a total pain in the butt nowadays & we don't know why they keep planning one step ahead of us both good & evil.

Espio: (a bit stern with the group) It feels like we've all been had!

Charmy: These bad men need to be stopped!

SpongeBob: And now we need to get you & the Chaos Emeralds out of here, quickly before the Neo Metal Sonic is resurrected! (Checking the forecast outside) And were running out of time!

Eddy: Oh man, were too young & we're just getting started! (Quickly head to the bridge with the heroes & villains, Team Hooligans & Babylon Rouges & now with Dr. Eggman) We gotta stop them quickly!

Twilight Sparkle: (as DK & Diddy wonders who were the 3 leaders) We can't stop now, come on! We got to get to the bridge!

Sanford: Upstairs, quick!

Deimos: (picking up the pace with the group) You don't have to tell me twice!

Dr. Eggman: What are the apes saying?

Coco: (as Crash wonders who would trap Eggman that tried to take over) My brother has been wondering about that too. All we know is that there are three leaders instead of one.

Vector: Then who were these 3 leaders?

Uka Uka: (goes up in front of Eggman's face) Who are these evil upstarts that trapped you for plotting to take over the world?!

Vezok: Yeah, don't keep us in suspense! Who were they...?

Dr. Eggman: (sighs) Fine, I'd guess I owe you one after the fact that you've rescued me. It was...

(However, they We're was suddenly interrupted by a big surprise attack of "Savage", 3 Gladiators, Original Hydraxon, 5 Vorox and 5 Zesk, Abandoned Arms, Dr. Ivo Julian Robotnik, King Gong, Shardahk, 20 Maxilos Robots and a Big Brute Skakdi(wielding the power lance) riding on a Giant Fenrakk. The manas, kinlokas, kraawas, dagger spiders and blade burrowers had followed all 4 teams of heroes and villains to help the 2nd Dark hunters.)

Dr. Ivo: So, care to settle this like the classics?

Plankton: And you guys like to conduct experiments.

Vector: (finally has had enough of the interferences along with the rest of the group) That's it!

(The Heroes, Villains, Team HoolIigans, Babylon Rouges, the Worms, Inklings, Octoling & Xi lunges at the Dark Hunters, unleashing their more insane teamwork attacks at them, while the Dark Hunters try to fight back with their brutality. The Kongs & Bandicoots unleash their rapid punches & tornado spin attacks with their rapid fire teamwork attack, while Plankton, The Rahkshi & Dr. Cortex blasting his paralysing ray, Plankton's laser gun set to high & Rahkshi's staffs at the rahi with Cortex's group also unleashing their own attacks of Ripper Roo's TNT, Koala Kong's boulders, Pinstripe's bullets, Dingodile's flamethrower blasts & N.Gin's & N.Trophy's rockets & electric beams while Tiny simply grabs Shardahk by the throat & begins slamming him down while he gets into a brutal scuffle with the tall four armed robot.)

(While the Dark Hunters continue to push through to keep blasting the heroes & villains back, The Worms, Inklings & Octoling openfires their bazookas splattershots, splat roller, chargers & other weapons to push the paralysing rahi back, while splattering them with splat bombs & dynamite & even Bean's standard black bombs. Krekka & Bark picks up the Vorok & Zesks avoiding the stingers before he punches them at the Rogues, which Jack-7 & Storm uses a Maxilos robot as a baseball bat to smack the Voroks & Zesks away, for Nack, Jet & Wave to make the extreme shots with Nack's Sniper rifle.)

(The brutal battle continues with Team Sonic's Sonic Overdrive, Team Dark's Chaos Inferno, Team Rose's Flower Festival & Team Chaotix's Chaotix Retical also manages to push them backwards enough, even more than usual, even more with the Plankton Alliances' own line of openfire with the Kanker's rampage & hissy fit that cracks the floor beneath the Dark Hunters sending them to the lower levels. Even Risky Boots stomps on King Gong's foot, which causes the golden ape to scream with the sound of alarm bells.)

DK & Crash: (nodding while explaining to Vector that time is running out, while we need to hold the Dark Hunters off)

Vector: (hearing DK & Crash on holding the Dark Hunters off) They're right! We'll keep them occupied for you guys! Stop the ressurection!

(As Team Chatoix, the Kongs, the Bandicoots & the Villains, Team Hooligans & the Babylon Rouges continue to shred through the rahi, The Crossover Heroes, Team Madness, Shantae's group & Team Lilac also manages to break through the Dark Hunter's defences with Team Sonic, Team Dark & Team Rose's advance against Savage, 3 Gladiators, Original Hydraxon, 5 Vorox and 5 Zesk, Abandoned Arms, Dr. Ivo Julian Robotnik, King Gong, Shardahk, 20 Maxilos Robots and a Big Brute Skakdi(wielding the power lance) riding on a Giant Fenrakk, who broke out of the fight to quickly stop them from proceeding further.)

Savage: No! Our plans will not be foiled! It must be completed! Heroes, Villains, Crossovers! Time to meet your makers!

Big Brute Skakdi: (roars in anger while blasting his power Lance at the team, while the Giant Fenrakk chomps at the group) Krika! Dark Hunters! They're growing aggressive & impatient! It's now for never!

Vezon & Kardos Dragon: (quickly ambushes the Big Brute Skakdi & Fenrakk, while both sides struggle to gain ground from the other) (to the heroes) Don't wait for us! Go! (SpongeBob & Sonic nod)

(While it's Vezon & Kardos Dragon vs the Big abrute Skakdi & Fenrakk, it's the Crossover Heroes vs Savage & Shardahk, Team Sonic vs Dr. Ivo & King Gong, Team Dark vs 3 Gladiators, Team Madness vs. Original Hydraxon, Team Rose & Doom Vipers vs Voroks & Zesks & finally, Shantae's group & Team Lilac vs the Abandoned Black Arms & Maxilos Robots along their path.)

SpongeBob: (gasps as he just remembers the vision) Oh no... it's happening! (Rushing through, sliding underneath between Savage's legs) Excuse me!

Savage: Hey! Wait! (Got tacked by Patrick, the Eds, the Piraka & the Mane 6, who is pulled away by Shardahk)

Shardahk: The plan must be completed! (openfires at the Crossover Heroes, who they barely dodge the rapid fire, while getting blasted by Twilight's alicorn magic & Rarity's unicorn magic, trying to bring up his defence) Guah!

Patrick: (as the rest of the Crossover Heroes, Team Sonic, Team Dark & Team Rose, try to keep the Dark Hunters occupied, with Team Dark openfires Shadow's chaos spears, Rouge's heart bombs & drill kicks & Omega's minigun bullet barrage) Run SpongeBob!

Zaktan: (as Sonic, Tails & Knuckles spindashes at Dr. Ivo & King Gong, while King Gong tries to pound at Team Sonic) Run like your life is on the line!

Pinkie Pie: (as she, Patrick, the Eds, Zaktam & Hakann trying to pummel at Savage, who is fighting back with his hordika toa strength of the earth) Hey hey hey! Stop with the squirming!

SpongeBob: (running around on deck, trying to reach to the bridge of the Egg Fleet) ? (Checking aboard the ship on the bridge, seeing multiple dark figures on deck & gasps upon seeing that it's the Dark hunters, Amphibax, Storm Minion, Conjurer, Firedracax, Ancient, Guardian, Spinner, Prototype, Minion, Subterranean, Kraata-Kal, Ravager & the Makuta Krika himself, leading the group, having all 7 chaos emeralds) (gasps quietly & quietly hides to see what they are up to, seeing a broken & shut down Metal Sonic) (whispers) It can't be! (Rushing forward as fast as he can)

Makuta Krika: (to the Neo Metal Sonic) Show no mercy.

(The 13 Dark hunters proceeds use all 7 chaos energies to combine with the energized protodermis and the orb of energy storm to ressurect the Neo form of metal, much to SpongeBob's horror.)

SpongeBob: STOP! (The Dark Hunters, mostly Krika turn to see SpongeBob coming towards him at a fast rate)

(Makuta Krika getting ready his teleport powers, thou pauses to see SpongeBob had catch on very quickly, while the rest of the heroes, villains, Team Hooligans & Babylon Rogues approaching as fast as they can, with Team Sonic, Team Dark & Team Rose converging on the Dark Hunters) ?!

Makuta Krika: (seeing SpongeBob in a long stare before leaving) ... The test must be complete... I apologise & good luck...

SpongeBob: (charging forward) Wait, What do you mean?! Please! Stop! (Tries to reach for the Dark Hunters)

(Makuta Krika teleport Amphibax, Storm Minion, "Conjurer", Firedracax, "Ancient"," Guardian", "Spinner", "Prototype", "Minion", "Subterranean", "Kraata-Kal", "Ravager" and Himself back to the hidden base just before SpongeBob could catch them, leaving the yellow sponge to see the ressurection of the NEO form of metal. Metal floated up, feeling the energies he gain so much more than before.)

SpongeBob: (begins stepping back in fear on what is happening) Oh no oh no oh no! (Hearing electricity sounds coming from all different directions) Oh my Neptune, it's happening! Oh Neptune it's happening!

(As Patrick, the Eds, the Piraka, the Mane 6, Team Madness, Shantae's group & Team Lilac regroups, SpongeBob can see 11 different electricity energies from 11 different Egg bosses' territory struck their energy out of their bases at Metal.)

SpongeBob: (seeing 11 different Mobian silhouettes of the new 11 Egg Bosses from before in the vision) Like in the vision...!

(SpongeBob suddenly turn to Metal's body raising up with eyes glowing red, looking down at SpongeBob SquarePants & the rest of the group.)

Vezok: (growling in anger, while he punches the metal floor) Darn you, Dark Hunters! We're too late!

Neo Metal Sonic: (on top of a tower) Hmmhmmhmmhmm... All living things kneel before your master!

[Neo Metal Sonic creates an electrifying plume of light from his palm which blows up the tower. The Kongs, the Bandicoots, Team Chaotix, the Plankton Alliance, Rahkshi, Risky Boots, Kremlings & Cortex's group join the others just in time to witness him undergo a transformation, and the teams watch on in horror. In a vortex of bright light and smoke, Neo Metal Sonic attaches parts of the destroyed tower to himself and transforms into an immense metallic beast known as Metal Madness. Metal Madness lets out a deafening roar.]

Dr. Eggman: Metal Sonic has finally transformed!

[An enormous horde of panicked Egg Soldiers & Egg Pawns make a hasty retreat to escape Metal Madness.]

Eddy: (as the Piraka furiously slashes the rahi to pieces, being at a very big disadvantage) So that's Metal Sonic?! It's a beast!

Sonata Dusk: (begins panicking) Oh no, we're gonna die, we're gonna die, we're gonna die! We're gonna be turned into mince meat!

Rainbow Dash: Well we gotta do something! We can't let that monster destroy everything!

Nidhiki: But how can we?! The Dark Hunters are always one step ahead, our chances are small, let alone working together without the chaos energies, like the Dark Hunters said!

Ed: It's like in the pinnacle of the Robot Rebel Ranch final battle for survival! Just think of me when you eat pudding skins.

Hank: (growls) If we don't have the Chaos Emeralds, what else is there that has the Chaos Energies?

Dr. Eggman: It's useless! The Dark Hunters has combined the data with the power of Chaos, the energy Storm in an orb, the shard of the master emerald and is super strong! We can't defeat it! Aargh... if only we had the seven Chaos Emeralds!

Plankton: (growls while setting up the Metal SpongeBob to help out) Even we don't have any choice in the matter.

Sash Lilac: That would be easier said than done! But the Dark Hunters have all 7 & we need the chaos energies to beat it.

Sonic: Oh man... they planned this all too well, even we don't like our odds.

Blaze: All I have are the 7 Sol Emeralds, but I don't think even these aren't gonna be enough.

Shantae: Come on, when there's a will, there's always a way... right?

Risky Boots: (trying to think of other means of chaos energies) What do the Dark Hunters mean by using chaos energies to destroy it, are they toying with us or something else?

Bolo: (is very scared) How should I know? We're all gonna die! (Got smacked silly by Sanford)

Sanford: Get a hold of yourself! It's not over yet! We have to be as cunning & cooperative as possible if we all want to outsmart & survive against him & the Dark Hunters!

SpongeBob: (sighs while holding something) Your right, we still need to find & utilize the chaos energies, with or without the Chaos Emeralds. It's worth a risk, but this time, it's personal.

Dr. Eggman: But how? That would take a miracle.

Sonic: (place his hand on SpongeBob's shoulder & nod with Tails & Knuckles) And the super power of teamwork.

Patrick: (place his hand on SpongeBob's other shoulder) I thought it was the chaos energies. But I'm coming too.

Eddy: (nod with Ed & Edd) Hey, don't leave us hanging. It's our fight too.

Zaktan: Ours too. (Comes over with the rest of the Piraka) How many times do we have to explain this?

Twilight Sparkle: (comes over with the rest of the Mane 6) Were all a team & we need to work together to establish order. Metal Sonic might have all the Chaos Emeralds during his ressurection, so we might have to focus on aiming for his weakness that generates the most chaos energies.

Hank: (comes over with Sanford, Deimos & Team Dark) That's right, we started out as teams & finish it as such.

Shantae: (nods with Team Rose & Blaze) Right. It doesn't matter what would happen to us, but in the end, if there's a small chance of hope, we'd take it for a better future.

Sash Lilac: (nods with Carol, Milla & Neera Li) We'll help you & each other out on buying that metallic beast some time. (DK & Crash smile & give a thumbs up knowing that they are ready to go, no matter what) Glad to know the rest are together.

Coco: Good, because if the Dark Hunters wanted to test our unity, then let's give them what they want!

Plankton: Right. Metal SpongeBob, help us out on buying some time! (Metal SpongeBob buzzes in approval as it gets ready) We'll lend you some support from here!

SpongeBob: (smiling with everyone while getting ready) Right, let's all show these Dark Hunters the real super power of teamwork!

Risky Boots: (seeing Metal Madness charges in for a swoop dive) Then batten down the hatches, cause here it come!

(The Heroes, Villains, Team Hooligans, Babylon Rouges & even Eggman quickly ducked down just in the nick of time before turning their attention to the metallic behemoth)

Metal Madness: (roaring while charging up 5 parts of his Chaos Energy generators, while keeping the Chaos Emeralds within itself) I shall become the evil robot overlord, ruling at the one great being!

SpongeBob: (readies a yellow bowling ball, the Sponge Ball) We'll see about that! It's time to roll out some robot punishment!

(The Heroes, Villains quickly begins brawling at the Metal Madness, who quickly fights back while blasting fire from his right hand & Missiles from his left, spine missiles & tail swipes at the team, while Team Sonic, Crossover Heroes & Plankton Alliance get a hold of their position up front while they make due with what they got for chaos energies. Team Dark, Team Madness & Rahkshi takes the front with them, while Team Rose, Shantae's group, Team Lilac & Risky Boots take the right side & Team Chaotix, The Kongs, Bandicoots, Kremlings & Cortex's group take the left, as they all try to dodge the oncoming attacks while they continue to fight back, even more on getting hit by SpongeBob's Sponge Ball.)

Blaze: (begins to utilise the Sol energies from the Sol Emeralds for everyone, who have begun glowing in coloured auras from the energies, especially Team Rose, Shantae's group, Team Lilac & Risky Boots) Ok, we need to keep the energies high, while trying to disable his.

SpongeBob: (as Metal SpongeBob try to distract the Metal Madness with Eggman's only few working turrets) In that case... (bowls another Sponge Bowl at Metal Madness) Team Rose, your up first! (Team Rose nod as they proceed forward with their strengthen attacks against the Metal Madness, due to the exposure of the chaos energies)

(Shantae begins blasting energised fireballs & pike balls at Metal Madness's right side, while Sash Lilac performs a lot of strengthened dragon boosts & dragon cyclones, Carol Tea with strengthened Cat claw attacks, Milla Basset with her strengthened blasts of phantom green cubes, Neera Li with her strengthened ice blasts & ice shards & so on & so forth with Sky, Bolo, Rottytops, Uncle Mimic's strengthened attacks, including Risky Boot's strengthened attacks & powered up pirate gear from the chaos energies.)

Uncle Mimic: What an amazing sensation. What magic is this?

Risky Boots: It must be the powers of the Chaos energies. Quick! Together! Aim for that spot! (point to the 1 of 5 energy generators on Metal Madness's right side)

(Team Rose, Shantae's group, Team Lilac & Risky Boots & even the Doom Vipers barely dodges Metal Madness's attacks, who was too busy to deal on swatting the rest of the heroes & villains away, who were trying to dodge barely, while keeping a number of rings with them at all times. However, it gives Team Rose enough time to use their Flower Festival Team Blast one last time at the Metal Madness, only cracking the 1st of 5 generators.)

Big: (as Cheese tries to tackle at the generator only to be bounced back to Cream) It's very tough.

Amy Rose: (smashing at the 1st of 5 generators, only cracking it, as Blaze tries to burn at Metal Madness) The Dark Hunters weren't lying! It really did became stronger with 5 generators instead of 3!

Sash Lilac: (panting while dodging with the group) Shantae, do you think your group & ours can try something to at least smash through at least one?

Shantae: Teamwork is the key to victory after all. Let's give it a shot.

Risky Boots: Any suggestions before we're flatten like pancakes?

Shantae: I may have one, but please trust me on this. Do you say that dragons are both strong & fast?

Carol Tea: Yeah... why...?

Rottytops: Mind if I borrow Amy's hammer?

(Shantae smiles as she begins to belly dance transform into something new, her new dragon form, similar to Sash Lilac, but with dragon wings.)

Dragon Shantae & Sash Lilac: Time to unleash the dragon within! (Charging up with Team Lilac with chaos energies & Sol energies for their own Super Team Blast)

(While she & Sash Lilac begin charging up with Carol, Milla & Neera Li & even Rottytops with Amy's hammer, as Sky & Wrench begin to get ready as well, with Wrench screeching at Metal Madness, while Bolo & Uncle Mimic smacks at the eyes of Metal Madness with his flail & chain & monkey wrench to distract the monster, before with a launch of Risky Boots' big cannons, Shantae's group & Team Lilac unleash of a fury of team blast attacks of their own, fuelled with the dragon power at the finish for dragon Shantae & Team Lilac with Team Rose's help, with Metal Madness screaming in pain as the 1st of 5 generators broke apart from the explosive impact, spewing a lot of chaos energy.)

Risky Boots: (charging up with Chaos energy with the heroes & villains, blasting more charged up Cannon balls to keep the Metal Madness push him back) Launch the Cannons!

Metal Madness: (screaming while blasting flames at the group, trying to push them back, while trying to keep the other 4 generators intact, especially the one on his chest with the shard of the master emerald) I'm just getting warmed up!

Team Rose, Shantae's group & Team Lilac: (scream as they sent backwards, thou at a safe distance, fairly a bit burnt, only Cream & Cheese were safe from the flames)

Neera Li: (manages to create an ice barrier around the Metal Madness) (panting) Everyone... ok?

Rottytops: (giving Amy's hammer back to her, despite the fact that Amy already summoned another Piko Hammer) Yep, were good.

Blaze: (as the heroes & villains we're trying to dodge from the fires, while Nack tries to put out the flames from his hat) And one more thing Metal... (snaps his fingers, causing the flames to disappear from Metal Madness, making him unable to ignite them) I create flames & end them.

Metal Madness: (a bit surprised from this & suddenly Growls under his breathe while blasting spine spiked Missiles at the group, who barely dodges, while they were sent backwards from the force of impact) I don't need fire to destroy you!

Shantae: (as she changes back to normal, while feeling more chaos energies entering the group's bodies) Gah! We're out of reach... but we manage to destroy one of the 5 generators!

Milla Basset: (casting cube barriers, after Metal Madness shatters the ice barriers with ease) Eep! DK, Crash, you, Team Chaotix & the rest are next!

Vector: (as Nina gets ready with, Espio, Charmy, the Kongs, Bandicoots, Kremlings & Cortex's group) Were on it! (Quickly ambushed the Metal Madness with Espio & Charmy with their Team Blast Chaotix Recital one last time to forcially crack the 2nd Generator, only for their instruments to be crushed by Metal Madness with a single squeeze) Hey!

Charmy: (as Pinstripe openfires like a madman at Metal Madness, while the Kremlings help on blasting Klaptraps & cannonballs) So much for our encore.

(Nina quickly launches hook chains to pull herself & punches at the eyes of Metal Madness while dodging the missile fire, while Dr. Cortex begin to brave up & openfires a multitude of paralysis laser blasts at Metal Madness's arms, while he screams barely dodging, but with Uka Uka's protection, he is safe for now. While the Kongs punches at the left side of Metal Madness's stomach & the Bandicoots try tossing TNT with Ripper Roo's help at the Metal Sonic.)

Metal Madness: (roars in anger, while swatting at the Worms & Inklings & Ocotling, while hitting Koala Kong & Tiny Tiger, but both brutes manage to grind their feet while ) I'll tear you to pieces!

Boggy B, Squid Sisters, Off the Hook & Inkling Girl: (quickly begins unleashing rapid fire Tenta-Missiles, Bazookas & Homing Missiles at the Metal Madness to quickly distract him & even try to damage the other generators for the heroes)

Tiny Tiger: (roars while slamming it's left arm down without Koala Kong's but was sent flying, only for the green lizards in purple robes with swords, Komodo Bros, to intervene & tossing the sharp swords at the Metal Madness) Tiny is flying! (Crashes with Koala Kong)

Dingodile: (blasting Flames at the Metal Madness but barely dodges with N.Trophy) (surprised by Metal Madness' brutality without hesitation) Hooley Dooley! That's some shonky business right there.

Crash: (as he is protected by Aku Aku from Metal Madness's rampage, while blasting his bazooka of Whumpa Fruit, suddenly gets an idea for a Super Team Blast) Ah... (whispers to DK, Diddy & Coco about a team blast of their own)

Coco: (as DK & Diddy were about as surprised as she is right now) Crash! You've found a brain...! Kremlings! Cortex! We can use your help as well! If you play nice!

Dr. Cortex: Fine, the sooner we end this Madness, the sooner we can go back to fighting each other!

(The Kongs wind up their punches, while Crash & Coco jump on DK's back with Diddy, while Cortex got on King K.Rool's back, while they quickly charge forward with the Kremlings & Cortex's group, at full speed & jumping upwards while Crash & Coco quickly begins spinning with the group to preform their own rapid fire Jungle Beat style punches & tornado spins combination Team Blast with a spin, while Cortex & his group, quickly blasts the Metal Madness's arms with full power with the combined power into Cortex's paralysis ray gun, disabling his arms temporarily, before the Kongs, Bandicoots & Kremlings move in for the spinning rapidfire punches & tornado spins that completely destroys the 2nd of 5 generators, spewing out more chaos energies to power the group, including Team Chaotix, with their Super Team Blast that left Metal Madness with only 3 left.)

Metal Madness: (screaming in deep pain, while pushing the Kongs, Bandicoots, Kremlings & Cortex's group back with the explosive spike Missiles to send them back with the force of that impact) Don't think for one second that You won't take me on so easily!

Espio: (helping Vector, Charmy, the Kongs, Bandicoots, Kremlings & Cortex's group up, while they are out of reach of Metal Madness) Evil must die, this planet has no place for evil!

Dr. Cortex: Ouch... (calling out of the group) Team Dark, Madness & Rahkshi! We did what we could from here! Make sure we wrong his rights!

Turahk: (gets ready with Team Dark, Team Madness & the fellow Rahkshi) You don't have to repeat yourself, but we're good to go!

(Team Dark, Madness & Rahkshi quickly dodges the crystal traps & more Missiles launched by the Metal Madness, who was visablly in a rage & continues on the aggressive assault, while the Rahkshi blast more beams at the giant robot, thou also seen a Master Emerald Shard hidden within the heart of the Metal Madness' main generator.)

Vorahk: (trying to gain & share as much Chaos energy for the rest of the group, with everyone beginning to gain their super coloured auras, thou still not enough) Gah! It's still not enough! We're still starving for more!

Hank: (blasting minigun at Metal Madness, as Team Hooligans & the Babylon Rogues all pitch in to help distract & attack at the Metal Madness with Nack's sniper rifle skills, Bean's bombs, Bark's strength & the Babylon Rogues using their aerial extreme gear skills for dive bomb attacks) Aim for the generators, now!

Rouge: (dodges barely from Metal Madness's aggressive Missiles, flames & crystal traps) Hyah! (drill kicks Metal Madness's limbs, while dropping her heart bombs at the Metal Madness to blind it) You don't have to tell us twice.

Shadow: Eat this! Chaos Control! (Team Dark unleashes their Chaos Inferno team blast at Metal Madness only cracking the 3rd of 5 generators)

Rouge: (suddenly got trapped by a sudden crystal trap attack with Shadow & Omega) Hey!

Shadow: No! (Trying to move, thou trapped in stiff crystal)

E-123 Omega: (trying to break out of the crystal trap with Shadow & Rouge's help) Does not compute...!

Turahk: (blasts fear beams at Metal Madness, as Panrahk uses fragmentation blasts to destroy the oncoming spikes with Sanford & Deimos's help with explosives) Oh give me a break! Now what?

Guurahk: (disintergrates the spikes & Missiles, while Lerahk tries to poison the Metal Madness with his poison power) If these guys & gals can do their own Team Blasts without stabbing themselves in the back, we can do it too!

Hank: (helping Vorahk & Kurahk, who are screeching in anger, while Team Dark manages to break out in time) The sooner, the better...! Hooligans, Rogues, stand back!

(Hank, Sanford & Deimos position themselves & openfires a volley of bullets & rapidfire explosives at the Metal Madness, while the Rahkshi quickly uses their staffs to empowered Hank, Sanford & Deimos's weapons & ammo for their own Team Blast which rains down the volley of bullets & explosives, a little extra provided by Bean of course, to destroy the 3rd of 5 generators of Metal Madness, spewing out a lot more chaos energy than before, while the giant robot was screaming in deep pain, having only 2 working generators left.)

Hank: The Madness had consumed you Metal Sonic, now you pay the price!

(Having taken considerable damage, the furious Metal Madness flails about and roars. Suddenly, his fingers burst off and are replaced by long, slender blades which resemble wings, making him airborne. He has transformed into Metal Overlord! With a flap of his wings, the metallic brute shoots off into the skies.)

Deimos: He's getting away! He still has the Emeralds!

Plankton: (on board the Metal SpongeBob, while Krekka, Nidhiki, Jack-7, Kardas Dragon & Metal SpongeBob, also taken flight in flight mode with Vezon, the Kankers & the Dazzlings on board the Kardas Dragon) Don't think that we're all buddy buddy with this one, but we all have a common enemy to destroy! Everyone! After him!

The Stormy Skies above the Egg Fleet, Vs. Metal OverlordEdit

(The Crossover Villains quickly give chase & openfire at the Metal Overlord with Plankton & Kankers' laser beams from their laser guns, Krekka & Nidhiki's kanoka disks, Vezon's electrical fireballs from the spear of fusion, the Dazzlings with their Siren Magic, with the Crossover Heroes, Team Sonic, Dark, Rose, Chaotix, Hooligans & Babylon Rogues giving chase in the air, all encased in protective colourful aura shields, while Metal SpongeBob begins ramming at Metal Overlord to distract him. Meanwhile Sonic & SpongeBob we're the only ones feeling the surge of the Chaos Energy.)

(As the battle rages on, Prime Hunter, Nektann, Niclone, Tuma, Voporak, Original Hydraxon, another member named the Black Assassin, Dr.Ivo, Shardahk/Mini Shard, Swatmasterbot and Robo-Kintobor remain watching.)

Prime Hunter: (as the Kardas Dragon breathes fireballs at the Metal Overlord) Robo-Kintobor? May I ask, if you did remember to send the citizens of Scuttle Town & Inkopolis all to safety?

Robo-Kintobor: (checking that the progress has been completed) I can assure you, they will be absolutely safe in a protective area.

Prime Hunter: (as the Metal Overlord, launching crystal pillars & missiles at the heroes & villains, who were trying their best to dodge & counter attack with the villains leading the assault in their turn against the 4th generator & maybe the 7 Chaos Emeralds within the robot as well) Good, even if our motives were remained questionable to others, but we can assure them that even we didn't mean any harm, during our test. In the meantime, your 3 members will meet the princess back here... (point to the map of the Death Egg) With Sahmad, Auto Fiona, Egg SwatMaster, Pawnirious & several kralhi & shadowbots once the test of unity & the creation of the ultimate chaos emerald is complete, of course.

Robo-Kintobor: And why is that then? We can't expect the people around us to trust us completely. After the events that has transpired, even catching Eggman in the process, they continue to catch on & think we're the bigger threat.

Prime Hunter: I understand that this is troublesome at times. We'll figure out what to do with the long term soon enough, now go. And Shardahk, please be a gentleman & revert yourself back to your smaller state.

(Shardahk sighs & nod as he transform to his Mini-Shard form before heading out with jet packs being activated to fly back to return the 3 master emerald shards, while Robo-Kintobor, Mini Shard, Swatmasterbot head out back to the Artika once the test is complete.)

(Back to the fight, Metal Overlord was suddenly attacked by Team Sonic's Sonic Overdrive team blast, which cracked the 4th generator, before he swats the three away, only for the Crossover Heroes to catch them quickly.)

Jet: (seeing the Metal Overlord is distracted) Now!

(The Babylon Rouges begins circling around the Metal Overlord creating a wind tornado around with Team Sonic's help, while Bean begins tossing a big bomb at Metal Overlord)

Bean: I've got something else for ya!

(However Metal Overlord cut the string, to put out the flame of the bomb, before being ambushed by the Crossover Villains, who went & proceed with their attacks.)

Plankton: (as Bean looks on in awe-struck) Metal SpongeBob, prepare to strike on my command!

(The Crossover Villains begins to charge up & unleash their Team Blast of their own with Jack-7 latching himself onto Metal Overlord with Jack-X's ability of electricity to short circuit & stun the behemoth, while Krekka & Nidhiki also blasts their rhotuka spinners which combined the both disks themselves to create a blast with double damage, Kankers & Dazzling unleash their Girl power with the combined efforts of a Kanker Hissy Fit strike at the Metal Overlord & Dazzling sound magic to crack & shatter the 4th generator revealing the Chaos Emeralds.)

Plankton: NOW! (Charges with Metal SpongeBob, who buzzes in response & unleashes a laser / spear attack to pry the Chaos Emeralds from the metallic monster, who is electrocuted from the Plankton Alliances' onslaught with Team Hooligans & the Babylon Rogues' help)

(The Metal Overlord, who was showing signs of electricity around his body, quickly swats Plankton & the Metal SpongeBob away, who was then caught by Jack-7, as the battle rages on against the Neo Metal Sonic.)

Bean: (saddened that the bomb was stopped by Metal Overlord) ...Bomb? Bombikins? Little bombinski? (approaches to the dead bomb, while the Heroes & Villains continue with the assault on Metal Overlord, while Rouge swoops in with Team Dark & Team Madness, while Hank openfires more charged bullets, due to the chaos energy)

Hank: (in the background) Openfire...!

Turahk: (in the background, following Team Madness with the Rahkshi) Get back here!

Bean: What did he do to you? You were meant for such great things, and now... (picks up the bomb, while Team Rose, Shantae's group, Team Lilac & Team Chaotix were quick to react on protecting Team Dark & Team Madness, with Blaze blazing a sudden fire attack at Metal Overlord)

Blaze: (in the background, while Shantae joins in by blasting fireballs at Metal) Back! Back! Join the other Dark Hunter vermin!

Bean: You were going to go "boom!" There was going to be smoke and fire and everything! (Looking at the dead bomb with sadness, continues lamenting, while Metal Overlord lunges a giant ship at a screaming Plankton, Cortex & Nack, who were trying to make a break for it with the emeralds, only to be intercepted by Jack-7, Metal SpongeBob & Omega & other power types with their strength)

Metal Overlord: (in the background, lunging at a screaming Plankton, Cortex & Nack) OBLITERATE! (Got intercepted by Omega, Jack-7 & Metal SpongeBob)

E-123 Omega: (in the background) Excuse me...

Bean: But all you did was "thud." It shouldn't have ended like this. Not like this.

(The chaos continues in the sky, with Team Chaotix, the Kongs, Bandicoots, Kremlings, Risky Boots were quick to join on applying more pressure to the assault against Metal Overlord, who was in near reach of the Emeralds before being intercepted again, by the cannonballs, launched or in DK's case, punched straight at the monster.)

Risky Boots: (in the background) Oh no you don't!

Plankton: (in the background) (tossing the Chaos Emeralds to Team Sonic & Crossover Heroes) Catch! (Got launched with Jet, Koala Kong & Tiny Tiger, before SpongeBob, Patrick & the Eds jumps at Metal Overlord trying to shake them off)

Bean: It's all my fault! I threw you out into the world before you were ready!

Koala Kong: (in the background, punching at Metal Sonic's skull, before getting punched backwards, while the Piraka & Mane 6, Worms, Inklings, Marina & Xi continue to openfire at Metal Overlord's final generator with everything they had) Augh!

Bean: I had no way of knowing, since you can't speak, but now I'm just making excuses!

Vezok: (in the background, while the rest of the heroes & villains join in to openfire at the Metal Overlord) If you want our powers us so badly, then take'em!

Bean: I will always remember you, and name you Cecil. Or Abigail. (begins thinking as the Heroes & Villains let out a holler as they got into a fight cloud against Metal Overlord, with energy blasts, flames & electricity & ammo flying everywhere) No, it's got to be something gender-neutral. Jamie, maybe? Or Kendall?

(After the brief skirmish, Metal Overlord manages to power out of the Heroes & Villains & smashes the Metal SpongeBob to piece, dropping him to the deck of the Egg Fleet, while visibly heavily damaged & coated with sparking electricity, while the group were competely exhausted & hurt themselves, thou still airborne with the chaos energies & sol energies.)

Boggy B: (hearing Metal Overlord laughing maniacally & more insane) ?! (Turn to the group) Alright, which one of you fired the tickle spinner?

Metal Overlord: (trying to absorb more metal from the remaining ships of the Egg Fleet, including the ones that the Dark Hunters were on) Fools, I have been rebuilt to withstand your super power of teamwork if your not truly United! And about those Chaos Emeralds?

Sonic: (panting while physically hurt) Actually, we wanted to talk to you about that.

(The Heroes & Villains manage to pull out the 7 Chaos Emeralds, with SpongeBob, Hank, Shantae, Lilac, DK, Crash & Boggy B all hold each of the 7 Chaos Emeralds.)

SpongeBob: It's about time we stop playing with robots... it's time you know that we're all strong together... AS ONE!

(The Heroes & Villains, plus Team Hooligons, Babylon Rogues, Boggy B, Squid Sisters, Off the Hook, the Inkling Girl & Xi we're all super charged up with more golden & blazing Aura, especially Sonic & Shadow who transforms into Super Sonic & Super Shadow, & Blaze who transformed into Burning Blaze. While most notably is SpongeBob feeling most of the Chaos energy & transforms into a more blue version of a Super form, with a raging super blue aura, which is known as Super SpongeBob, with Patrick glowing golden & green, the Eds contained in a more golden aura, the Piraka glowing brightly with elemental powers mixed with powers of the forgotten golden skinned being & the Mane 6 with their Rainbow Power with only their manes remain normal size.)

Coco: (as DK, Diddy & Crash look on in amazement) Oh wow... what do they think of next?

Super SpongeBob: (is more determined) (in thought: What is this power? We're all United as one.)

Eddy: (is amazed with Ed & Edd) Whoa... did SpongeBob just do that?

Ed: Cool.

Zaktan: The Elements & the gold being's power!

Twilight Sparkle: And Rainbow Power. It's the true magic of teamwork! It must be what the Dark Hunters are planning all this time!

Metal Overlord: (growls, feeling betrayed by the 2nd Dark Hunters, while he charges forward, as the 2nd Dark Hunters look on as the real fight begins) They deceived me... I will tear them into scrap metal for this!

Super Shadow: You do know what is the plan on taking him down, correct?

Super SpongeBob: You'll see... (quickly charges with the heroes & villains) Heroes! Villains! Drive him to the floor!

(Super Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Krekka, Nidhiki, the Rahkshi, Burning Blaze & the Babylon Rogues work on surrounding Metal Overlord from above him to try & push him down to the Egg Fleet with many swoops & kanoka disks blasts, Rahkshi lasers, Shadow's teleport attacks / chaos spears & Blaze's firepower, while the metal monster tries swatting at the group.)

Metal Overlord: What's the meaning of this bombardment?! Does not compute...! Cease & desist!

Sash Lilac: (having latched a Grappling hook onto Metal Overlord) Not a chance! (Dragon boosts at Metal Overlord)

(Metal was suddenly caught with grappling hooks one by one by Boggy B, who hands them to the rest of the group of Team Lilac, Shantae's group, the Bandicoots & the Kongs, Squid Sisters, Off the Hook, Inkling Girl with Xi, Amy Rose, Team Chaotix, Nack, Bark, Risky Boots, the Kremlings & Cortex's group, to pull him down while unleashing their own attacks at the Metal monster to wear the metal monstrousity down, who is trying to swat at everybody, while being bombarded by a multitude of Dragon attacks, bike fu, Milla's alchemy phantom cubes, Shantae's hair whip, genie magic, Sky's warbirds, Bolo's flail, Rottytops's leg, Uncle Mimic's explosive potions he crafted, Kong punches & Bandicoot tornado spins, cannonballs, burning ink & so many more.)

Boggy B: (turn the grappling hooks on to pull Metal back down) Going down...

Metal Overlord: (suddenly pulling the team's upwards, only to be suddenly grounded by Plankton's art of sabatoge of disabling Metal Overlord's flight for a moment & the combined strength efforts of Jack-7, Krekka, Nidhiki, Vezon, Kardas Dragon, the Kankers & the Dazzlings with Plankton.)

Plankton: And who says that brains triumph over brawn? He's grounded...!

Super Sonic: SpongeBob! This strategy isn't gonna last long! Hope you guys came prepared! (Unleashes his Super Team Blast with Tails & Knuckles help on unleashing a barrage of super attacks with help from Team Dark, Rose, Chaotix, Hooligans & Babylon Rogues)

Super SpongeBob: (holding a charged up Sponge Ball, while the Crossover Heroes focus their chaos energy to him, while the chaos continues) All taken care of...

Cream: (bringing Bean over to Super SpongeBob with Cheese) Right this way Mr. Duck. We're going to meet up with your new friends? And do you mind if SpongeBob borrows that black bomb for you please? It is for a good cause.

Bean: (depressingly give the bomb to Super SpongeBob) Yes. Jamie Kendall Duckingtonworth the III would've like that.

Nektann: (looking on while Super SpongeBob is inherited with lots of surging chaos energy given to him from the heroes & villains to be super charged, while holding the Sponge Ball & Bean's bomb together with the concerntrated Energised Protodermis by Dr. Cortex, seeing the protodermis having be used to fuse the Sponge Ball & Bean's Black bomb into something new) Wait, what's going on?

Niclone: Of course... it is forged in destiny upon defeating the Metal...!

Prime Hunter: We all know what that means... (begins leaving with Nektann, Niclone, Tuma, Voporak, Original Hydraxon, Black Assassin, Dr.Ivo, Shardahk/Mini Shard, Swatmasterbot and Robo-Kintobor)

Amy Rose: (smiles, allowing Blaze to handle the rest) Now your highness, as we planned?

Burning Blaze: (smiles) Why of course, Ms. Rose. This is for Hank. (Snap her fingers, igniting the fuse of the bowling bomb)

Bean: (notices this in extreme delight, while everyone else stands back, while Metal Overlord is in extreme shock, trying to escape, but to no avail due to the grappling hooks attached to the ground) J.K.! YOU CAME BACK!

(Super SpongeBob winds up & then throws the super charged Sponge Bowl Bomb at the chest of Metal Overlord, destroying the final generator on his chest, which caused a chain reaction that caused Metal Overlord to suffer small explosions before crumbling back into his Neo form, screaming in deep pain before collapsing to the ground.)

Super SpongeBob: Strike!

Neo Metal Sonic: (holding onto his chest, which holds the piece of the master emerald) Why?! I had it all! I'm Metal Sonic, the one true Sonic! (Collapses to the ground)

Tails: You're finished Metal!

Knuckles: When both sides work together, we're unstoppable!

Super Sonic: Too bad its the end of the line, for you!

Super SpongeBob: Ready to face us all now?

Neo Metal Sonic: (slowly rising up to his feet, still covered in chaos electricity, sparking more) You may have defeated me, but not all of them! Shoot me down & the army horde of the 2nd Dark Hunters will surely destroy you all. Hopefully that they won't deceive me a 2nd time.

Eddy: (seeing the army horde of the 2nd Dark Hunters turning away & leaving) (chuckles a bit with a smirk) I don't think so, bolt Boy. Look. (Point to the Dark Hunters behind him)

(All of the 4 Teams of Heroes & Villains, plus Team Hooligans & Team Babylon all taking notice of the army's horde of the 2nd Dark Hunters leaving the Egg Fleet, leaving Neo Metal Sonic alone in a furious rage.)

Neo Metal Sonic: TRAITORS! (Seeing himself outmatched & outnumbered) ?!

Rainbow Dash: So much for your loyalty, Neo. But in all seriousness, you can't betray someone that your enslaved to.

King K.Rool: Now we have you completely surrounded. Your all alone.

Neo Metal Sonic: No matter how many times you strike me down, I will always find a way to return to finish what we've started, even it means destroying those that stand in my way! With or without the 2nd Dark Hunters!

Hakann: We can still find a way to work things out whenever threat that tries to threatened both sides.

Nidhiki: Hakann has taught us that we're both balanced with light & dark, even if we never show our other sides, at least not in public.

Rottytops: (smiles while waving goodbye to Neo Metal Sonic) Time to go bye bye, Neo.

Super SpongeBob: (charges up with Team Sonic & the Crossover Heroes) Shall we?

Super Sonic: (smirks) Gladly... on 3!

(A shard from Neo Metal Sonic begins to glow red, while sparking more, realising this that he's in a lose situation, even more with the 2nd Dark Hunters having abandoned him. However Hank & Blaze noticed the glowing shard & realised what this means in shock.)

Burning Blaze: No... he wouldn't....! (the rest were confused on what is on Hank & Blaze's mind this time)

Super Sonic: (charges with Super SpongeBob) 1...!

Hank: (seeing Neo Metal Sonic accepting defeat) He would.

Super SpongeBob: (gets ready to openfire with Super Sonic) 2...!

Hank & Burning Blaze: NO TEAM SONIC DON'T!

(However, it was too late...)

Super SpongeBob & Super Sonic: 3! (Unleashes one final chaos energy blast at Neo Metal Sonic, hitting the chest piece of Neo Metal Sonic)

(Neo Metal Sonic screams in agony upon the final chaos energy blast, falling backwards, crashing down on his back with a thud, as he lays motionless, slowly transforming back to his original Metal Sonic form.)

Super Sonic: (smirks) Another Metal Sonic bites the dust.

(Suddenly a ring shaped blast of red energy bursts out of Metal Sonic's chest, while the heroes, villains, Team Hooligans, Babylon Rogues, Boggy B, Squid Sisters, Off the Hook, Inkling Girl with Xi & even Eggman quickly steps back in surprise, as a shadow hand appeared out of metal sonic's torso.)

Sonic: What the...?!

Zaktan: (suddenly realised with Vezon, on who this shadowed hand belongs to) Everyone, stand back!

Krekka: (stepping back with NidhikI, fully aware of what happened last time) Oh no! Not again!

Edd & Eddy: (frightened with Ed) What is that?!

(Then the shadowed hand teleports the Metal Sonic out of the place, leaving behind a powerless shard behind that dropped to the floor. SpongeBob, the Piraka, the Mane 6, Sonic, Shadow & Blaze revert back to their normal state, while Blaze keeps the Sol Emeralds, while the 7 Chaos Emeralds have been scattered once again. Everyone else begin to feel their auras fading away having used up all the chaos energy with the group.)

Vezon: (as everyone else looked on, realising who the shadowed hand belongs to, while Tails quickly makes a quick phone call to the Freedom Fighters to warn them about the 2nd Dark Hunters) So he lives to lead after all...

Zaktan: (as SpongeBob walk forward to the gemstone with Sonic following him) (remembering a certain last living Makuta who can preform such a feat) It can't be... even after all this time...

Applejack: (as Hank & Blaze walk up to SpongeBob & Sonic) Would somepony please explain what in the hay just happened?

Hank: (grabbing Sonic & SpongeBob) SpongeBob, Sonic, you have no idea what you've just done!

Sonic: (holding the master emerald shard) That shard within the chest piece, it belongs to the Master Emerald. (Gives Knuckles the shard back)

Blaze: Yes, but not only you've completed the test of unity, but you've also completed the REAL plan to begin with!

Knuckles: What are you saying?

Blaze: Their real plan is to create the Ultimate Chaos Emerald, as they did with the other Emeralds, including the Sol Emeralds! Why is it that Hank is nearly killed by Icarax because I had no other choice but to comply with them for Hank's safety!

Hank: And by completing the Ultimate Chaos Emerald with all of our chaos energies on the Master Emerald, They played us all like puppets!

SpongeBob: I know... why else would I tell Tails to warn the others while the fight is at it's end? And the fact we figured out their leaders' real identities. (Most we're a bit confused, some were a bit surprised than others) Think about the clues...

Tails: (holding the Miles Electric having already sent the warning message to the rest of the Freedom Fighters) Do you remember when there's a huge skakdi army back at Inkopolis?

Twilight Sparkle: (suddenly remembers with the group) Oh yes. According to the Piraka, only them & some of us, including Krekka, Nidhiki & Veson from the same dimension knew that commanding a skakdi army this huge happens to be the work of a Skakdi warlord.

Nidhiki: Yes, yes... I've read about the knowledge of the Island of Zakaz earlier back then. But only one prime suspect has that power & leadership of all Skakdi alone. His name was Nektann.

Zaktan: (nod with Vezon) And that shadowed hand recently that grabbed Metal & disappeared with him, it really was him the whole time.

Vezon: The last living Makuta... Miserix.

Vezok: Miserix?! As in THE Makuta Miserix?

Zaktan: Yes. He must be a part of the Dark Hunters, as well as Nektann!

Sash Lilac: But what about the 3rd leader? Did you figure out who he was too?

Vector: (seeing Eggman already escaping in the Egg Mobile) No thanks to that slimeball... the 3rd leader is an absolute mystery.

Amy Rose: Are you sure it's really Miserix & Nektann?

Blaze: (becomes determined & now grown more stern about the 2nd Dark Hunters' actions) There's no doubt. They & the 3rd leader will pay for treating us like circus monkeys.

SpongeBob: It's ok, everyone. We may have complied with their plans for now. They don't scare us anymore. If it's the ultimate versions of the Emeralds & gemstones their crafting, it seems like their an even bigger threat than we realised. There's no telling what would happen if they were unleashed into Mobius.

Sonic: But in the right hands, these ultimate Emeralds can actually be even more useful than we realised.

Aku Aku: (as Crash is frightened about the situation before being comforted by Coco) Yes, but we best beware that some elements will change. But for now, we fear that these 2nd Dark Hunters are far more dangerous opponents than anyone can imagine.

Boggy B: Riiight, so... do we take the Blimp back down to ground zero or... or what?

(The group of heroes & villains nodded as they enter back the Babylon Blimp to head back to ground level.)

Dr. Eggman: (secretly sneaking away & flying away in the Egg Mobile to set a course on his escape to Efrika, now secretly knows the new information of the Ultimate versions of the gemstones & emeralds, including the Ultimate Chaos Emerald, while secretly contacting the undercover doll agent) (to himself) Well that's good to know...

Epilogue: Best Kept SecretEdit

(Back on the Ground, where the heroes, villains, Worms, Squid Sisters, Off the Hook, Inkling Girl with Xi, Team Hooligans & Babylon Rogues have landed the Babylon Blimp in a vast open field of the Westside island.)

Cream: All's well that ends well, right?

Amy: (as DK hears a strange injury sound) I was going to say "Good riddiance to bad rubbish", but your way sounds nicer.

Donkey Kong: ? (Turns to the strange sound with the group)

King K.Rool: What is it now? (Noticing someone slowly coming) What on earth is that?

(All 4 teams of heroes and villains, Team Hooligans, Babylon Rogues, Inkling Girl and Xi, Worms, Squid Sisters, Off the Hook and even Dr. Eggman heard a strange injury sound and look where that sound is coming from, it was a neutral giant being nearly the same size as "Miserix", but with the appearance of his body made out of Dharkon's things, while he has 10 Galeem wings on his 2 arms, 8 Galeem wings on his 2 legs like cuffs & big Galeem wings on his back. His eye was blue light,while his iris is golden light. Thou remains to be unnamed, but he is known as the Unknown Being, a former servant of both Galeem & Dharkon, but he was badly damaged from a terrible battle.)

Boggy B: (is in deep shock of the titan) Holy macaroni! What is that thing?!

Coco: (as Crash feels bad for the poor Titan) I don't know, but he looks hurt. Quick, help him up!

Pinstripe: (as DK & Diddy felt a bit worried about this Titan) Are you serious now?

(Some of the heroes, like the Mane 6, Team Rose, Team Lilac, Shantae, the Bandicoots, think that is friendly as they help him stand up.)

Big: Up you go...

Shantae: Who are you & what happened to you?

Fluttershy: We hope that your feeling alright.

Sash Lilac: Do you think your gonna be ok?

Unknown Being: (speaking in an unknown language, but only Crash can understand his language)

Deimos: Sorry, we don't speak alien. (Got nudged by Sanford) What?

Crash: (gibberish, translating it for Coco)

Coco: Whoa... you can understand him? (Crash nods) Well ok...

Knuckles: Ok, what's he actually saying?

Coco: From what I can translate from Crash, according to our new guest, he is said to be known as the Unknown Being. Former servant of Galeem & Dharkon. (DK & Diddy sigh in relief knowing the previous smash battle for their smash universe)

Avak: Yes, but why exactly is he here? Care to explain us please?

Unknown Being: (speaking in an unknown language, while Crash translates for Coco)

Coco: He said that the mysterious white fog had transported our world's into Sonic's world, known as Planet Mobius all together, by Plankton's duplicatotron accident & Dr. Eggman's Genesis strike?

Sonic: Hold the phone, your worlds? Transported into ours? And Eggman's Genesis Wave? (rubbing his head with the rest of the Sonic heroes)

Coco: As crazy as it sounds, sure.

Plankton: (got grabbed by Zaktan) Hey hey hey! It was an accident! Let me go!

Zaktan: Oh we're letting you go, squirt... on a flying saucer, If you don't fix this right now! But what do you mean by Eggman's genesis Wave attack?

Sonic: (groans a bit while holding his head) We... don't even remember that happening at all.

Twilight Sparkle: What do you mean?

Milla: Are you feeling ok? Do you need some rest?

Sonic: (rubbing his head while getting a strange headace similar with Spongebob, along with the Sonic heroes, including Eggman) Oh gosh... I can't even think straight.

Dr. Cortex: Interesting. It can't be a coincidence.

Plankton: I can't help it when it comes to stealing the Krabby Patty Formula! But I know that the other half of the blame goes to Eggman of all people!

SpongeBob: That might explain why we're here in the first place & the fact that Scuttle Town, Inkopolis, A.A.H.W. buildings & bunkers & the jungles & N.Sanity island & even Cortex's lair are here. Seems like we need to examine more of it's fog and...

Unknown Being: (apologies for interrupting while he continues speaking in an unknown language)

Coco: (as Crash translates) He says that there's no need to discover the fog.

Vector, Espio & Charmy: We don't?

Turahk: Well good, the sooner we fix everything, the sooner that everything goes back to normal. (The Unknown Being points to far beyond the Egg Fleet, which are numerous locations recently) Wait, what are you pointing at?

Coco: No, that's not what I mean. He said that there's no need because there are other places that are already there!

All: What?!

Dr. Cortex: (is worried, shaking a bit) Please tell me that Crash got his translations all wrong.

Coco: (sighs) Crash's translation is spot on.

(As they look on to see the locations, which it turns out to be the locations from before, along with the people of Scuttle Town & Inkopolis in airships from Bionicle, while some were riding Nui kopen, gukkos & kahus.)

Pearl: What the...?

Sky: Is that...?

Bolo: Our citizens?

Rottytops: Haven't we been into these places before?

Marina: And where are they even going?

Edd: (realised something that it's a distraction) Oh no...

Unknown Being: (quickly regenerates his wings & telepathically apologises to all in advance) (Mind: I'm... sorry...)

Edd: (trying to stop them from getting near the being) Cease & desist! Retreat...!

Nidhiki: What are you saying? (Suddenly got grabbed) Hey!

(Suddenly the giant grabs Spongebob, Zaktan, Nidhiki, Hank, Cream and Cheese, Big, Milla, Blaze, Crash, Coco, Aku Aku, DK, Diddy, Inkling Girl and Xi before flying out of the range of a sudden blast of digital, plasma, electric, lightning and shadow, while everyone else duck for cover.)

Zaktan: Stop!

Sonic: No! Not cool! (Tries to chase after it in high speed, but quickly stopped by a sudden blast that pushed him back)

Hank: What the H-?! (Suddenly got warped with the 14 heroes & 1 villain)

Sanford & Deimos: HANK!

Nack: (as everyone else look on in shock) Hey! Where'd they go?!

Sash Lilac: Milla?!

Avak: Zaktan?!

Krekka: Not Nidhiki!

Amy Rose: (looking around) Cream, Cheese, Big & Blaze?!

Eddy: (screams) I can't believe this! It's your fault! Why do you have to help him?! Whoever you are, give us back our friends & foe!

Rainbow Dash: Don't look at us, Eddy, we should've listen to Cream's mother on talking to strangers.

Uncle Mimic: They disappeared to another location Prehaps, we can still track them... somehow...

Boggy B: (to Rainbow Dash) You know we're gonna get them for this, right?

Tails: (noticing the spy cameras were all destroyed) Look, even the spy cameras from Eggman are destroyed too!

Callie: Where in the name of Ohashi Origami have they taken our friends?!

(At a location above the ocean water)

(As the Unknown being puts the 15 of them down,SpongeBob,Zaktan,Nidhiki,Hank,Cream and Cheese,Big,Milla,Blaze,Crash,Coco,Aku Aku,DK,Diddy,Inkling Girl and Xi saw the 3 leaders, Niclone and Makuta Icarax floated above the waters.)

Milla: (whimpers a bit in fright) Where are we? Are we floating?

Nidhiki: (understandly anger) What has he gotten ourselves into now?!

Blaze: To think we've been played by these Dark Hunters over & over! It never stops!

Coco: (as Crash tries to feel anything above the ocean water) Everyone, stop! We can worry about this later. We're more concerned on how we get back.

SpongeBob: (rubbing his head) Ow... my head... (he, Zaktan, Nidhiki, Hank, Cream & Cheese, Big, Milla, Blaze, Crash, Coco, Aku Aku, DK, Diddy, Inkling Girl & Xi all saw the 3 Leaders, Niclone & Icarax) What the...?

Hank: You!

Miserix: I must admit, you had us fooled when we put our best effort into Metal. We thought he had you beat, but you proven us wrong.

Nektann: Thank you for completing our plans & the test of unity. It was well worth the wait.

Milla: (as Inkling Girl comforts the defensive Xi) All this because you create the Ultimate Chaos Emerald? But why do all this? What is your purpose?

Hank: Yes, we've been trying to figure out the puzzle to this whole ordeal, so what's going on?

Prime Hunter: (looking at the 14 heroes & 1 villain) I'm afraid things get complicated. We will allow you to retain the rest of your memory & give you your freedom, in exchange for the small part of your memories that needs to be removed.

Aku Aku: (as Crash raise an eyebrow in confusion) Your point being?

Niclone: (shows a hologram of the rest of the heroes & villains) The rest of the heroes and villains, including yourselves are the only ones will only retained the rest of your own memories, their friends & enemies retain memories of the Unity and Teamwork and their battle against the Army of the 2nd Dark Hunters & it's members, the battle against Metal Overlord & now, but not the plans of creating the Ultimate Chaos Emerald and the 3 leaders' identity.

Cream: But why do you keep your identities & the plans hidden? Is it meant to be a secret?

Big: (confused about this whole ordeal with Crash, DK & Diddy) This is making my head hurt.

Icarax: Yes. It's best you don't know anything that is ultimate & identity related. Some things are best kept secret, unlike a certain deceased Makuta for that. But that's another story.

SpongeBob: (seeing Prime Hunter that is the same build as mine, confused on who he truly is, while also feeling the same on who Niclone is since she's identical to the original Nicole) I uh...

Coco: Ok, but why the Test of unity with us?

Prime Hunter: It's for your own safety, children. (Nod with Miserix, Nektann, Niclone, Icarax & Unknown Being) Promise us that you keep it a secret from friends & enemies, like Nigel, his people, Abraham Towers & G.U.N. promised.

Nidhiki: (surprised that they kept a secret too from them as well) Wait, what-?! (Was stopped by SpongeBob)

Milla: Please say yes. Their offering us a chance of peace for both our sides. It's best we do as they wish.

Nidhiki: (sighs, having no choice but to accept) Fine. We accept your terms.

SpongeBob: (as Zaktan, Hank, Cream, Cheese, Big, Milla, Crash, Coco, Aku Aku, DK, Diddy, Inkling Girl & Xi also agreed, even with Crash giving a thumbs up while smiling) Ok.

Blaze: Wait, we have so many questions, I-... (felt Hank's hand gently on his shoulder)

Hank: Let them go, Blaze. Do as you must, but know this that we're protecting this new world, Mobius for now on until the situation is solved for the many new worlds to come.

Unknown Being: (telepathically) (Mind: Duty...)

Blaze: (sighs in defeat, also agreeing to their terms) Then so be it.

Miserix: Good. Then let's begin. (Grabbing a Kraata of Confusion & begins using the kraata power of sleep to bathe the 14 heroes & 1 villain in blinding light to put them into deep sleep, while using the kraata power of confusion to make the rest of the heroes & villains forget the plans of creating the ultimate chaos emerald & the leaders' identities.)

SpongeBob, Zaktan, Nidhiki, Hank, Cream, Cheese, Big, Blaze, Milla, Crash, Coco, Aku Aku, DK, Diddy, Inlking Girl & Xi: (was suddenly fallen asleep & we're teleported back by the Unknown Being)

(Back with the Heroes, Villains, Team Hooligans, Babylon Rogues, Worms, Inkling Girl, Xi, Squid Sisters & Off the Hook, who are on their way back.)

Nack: (rubbing his head) Huh...? What's-

(SpongeBob, Zaktan, Nidhiki, Hank, Cream, Cheese, Big, Blaze, Milla, Bandicoots, Aku Aku, the Kongs, Inkling Girl & Xi we're suddenly teleported back to the group, that knocked Nack backwards with a fright.)

Patrick: SpongeBob! (Hugs the sponge) Your back!

Edd: Were so terribly sorry, we should've seen through his trick sooner!

Sonic: We're sorry. We should've been a lot faster.

Applejack: I just can't believe that he would do this. One minute he's nice, the next he takes you all away & brought you back.

Vezok: Should've known he was 2nd Dark Hunter material...!

Carol Tea: But why would the gentle giant take you guys away? And I get most of you know about something that we don't, but why Milla?

Shantae: That is a million dollar question all together. Could've been similar info or something new that we're missing...

Ed: I smell it too. (Thok looks at Ed, growls underneath his breathe)

Sash Lilac: (cuddling Milla) The most important thing is that your safe once again... I won't let anything else happen to you ever again.

Milla Basset: (cuddling Sash Lilac as well, feeling more calm) We're so sorry.

Jet: Alright that's it! Let's-!

Wave: (frustrated) No! No more! We're leaving before the Dark Hunters blow up the blimp too!

Jet: Hey, I'm the boss & I-! (Got grabbed by the big feathers on his head & dragged away by Wave, while Storm silently carries the Extreme Gear to leave with the Rogues)

Wave: (leaving with Jet & Storm, while Plankton gives Jet a calling card) (to Jet & Storm) Do you know how long it took to fix the extreme gear?! Do you think it's easy maintaining it while you lunk heads used them so roughly?! And another thing...!

Bean: (excited as Bark looks at Bean while carrying Nack away) That was a lot of fun! I can't feel my hands! (Following Nack & Bark) Are we going now? That sounds nice. (Leaving with Nack & Bark)

Vector: (to the Chaotix, Bandicoots & Kongs) I suppose the case is closed, boys & girl. A job well done!

Coco: (as Crash rub his head in confusion) Yeah... I suppose. But do you think it's the last we see of the Dark Hunters?

Aku Aku: (as the Chaotix leaves, while the Kongs & Crash wave goodbye to the group as they leave with Crash, Coco & Aku Aku) I like to believe that my children, but somehow, I doubt that very much.

Dr. Cortex: (leaving with the rest of Cortex's group) That is it. We're definitely out of here. With the Energised Protodermis, used up to create a bowling bomb, we need to examine what's left of it!

Dr. N.Gin: Hehehehehehe, Yes my lord...! (Laughing insanely)

Dr. Cortex: (as Cortex's group leaves for Cortex's castle) Stop having fun!

King K.Rool: Klump, Krusha, Kremlings, were out of here. (Begins leaving with the Kremlings)

Risky Boots: It seems like both sides of good & evil are safe once again. (To the Tinkerbats) Now let's go, our evil plans aren't gonna build themselves. (begins thinking about her future plans, concerning about the Sol Emeralds) Oh Kremlings, may I have a word with you. (Leaves with her Tinkerbats) Til we meet again, Shantae. (Mind: Prehaps the Kremlings may prove useful.)

Lerahk: We've truly had enough with the 2nd Dark Hunters. Even if we're the Makuta's children, we're still targeted for more tests of unity.

Turahk: Agreed. We've had enough for one journey. Weve got things to take care for our Agency. So the truce is over. Let's go team. (Leaves with the rest of the Rahkshi in flight mode)

Boggy B: Right, I'm better off getting back to my store with the team. We've got a lot of work to do, especially on about the next splatfest. Thanks for the helping hand. (leaves with his team of Worms)

Callie: Oh yeah, we can't wait to see what would happen next. Since Breezie & the others put a lot of effort into the entertainments.

Marie: Yes, if you need anything else, you know where to find us.

Marina: And remember...

Pearl & Marina: (smiles) Don't get cooked, Stay off the hook! (Leaves with Inkling Girl & Xi)

Callie: Until next time...

Callie & Marie: (smiles) Stay fresh! (Follows Off the Hook & Inkling Girl & Xi)

Cream: (being petted gently by Omega with Milla) Aww... I'll miss you Mr. Robot.

Milla Basset: We'll miss you too.

E-123 Omega: (to Amy, Cream, Shantae, Sky, Rottytops & Team Lilac) Goodbye fuzzy soft coloured females. (Nervously walks up to Blaze) And um... Blaze?

Blaze: Yes?

E-123 Omega: You burn things very well. I must go now... goodbye. (Leaves with Shadow & Rouge)

Rouge: So smart guy, what do explain all this the Commander about everything?

Shadow: Your the cunning spy, you'll think of something.

Hank: (sighs) (In Mind: Did they just say the Commander?) Hmm... Sanford & Deimos, let's get back to the bunker. And Blaze, you take care of yourself.

Blaze: I will & thank you for helping us. For a ruthless mercenary, you show surprisingly amount of honour.

Hank: Consider it, returning the favour for saving me back at the Castle. (Leaves with Sanford & Deimos) Farewell.

Blaze: (as Cream & Milla wave goodbye to the others) So Hank helped me out after all. Maybe he's not so bad.

Amy: He's no Sonic, but he'll do in a pinch.

Sash Lilac: I'm glad that everything's alright for the moment. I know it may seem scary visiting new worlds in unexpected ways, but there's a lot more yet to be discovered.

Blaze: (shake hands with Amy) I wanted to thank you all, especially you Amy, Cream & Big. Sonic & Tails speak highly about the Freedom Fighters & you prove every word of it true.

Carol Tea: Freedom Fighters huh? We've been in a similar situation against that Lord Brevon & he's very mean.

Bolo: No wonder he didn't get that name for selling cookies.

Cream: We'll miss you Blaze.

Milla Basset: Your very nice & caring, please visit us soon.

Blaze: (gently petting Milla) (giggles a bit) As soon as I return the Sol Emeralds to my dimension, you'll be the first to hear from me. (Holding all 7 Sol Emeralds) Now to see if I get these home without running afoul on the Dark Hunters. (Using the power of the Sol Emeralds & Teleports away in a towering swirl of fire)

Shantae: Goodbye Blaze. Hope we see each other again real soon.

Sash Lilac: So you want to come over to our tree house for a slumber party?

Rottytops: You know it!

Shantae: Sweet... goodbye Team Rose.

Uncle Mimic: Farewell now...

Sky: (has Wrench grow into large Warbird size & hop aboard with Shantae, Rottytops, Bolo, Mimic & Team Lilac) Lead the way.

Neera Li: Very well then. I also needed a place to stay. But no makeup please.

Sash Lilac: (as Wrench carries Shantae's group & Team Lilac to Team Lilac's Treehouse) Your gonna love a nice sleepover. We even have movies that have surprises.

Milla Basset: (barks happily) I like being surprised...

SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds, the Piraka & Mane 6: (looks on with Team Sonic & Team Rose before heading back to Mobotropolis at the Royal Hill Zone)

Vezok: Guys? Is it just me or things just got a whole lot stranger?

Eddy: No foolin, Sherlock. Do you have idea on what just happened here?

Rarity: But you do have to give them credit. They did lend their contributions to our cause.

Sonic: So... how was your first mission as a Freedom Fighter?

SpongeBob: Painfully long & scary... but thank you for asking thou.

Thok: Yes, but we better call it a night, because we've had enough action for one night.

Twilight Sparkle: Thou I couldn't help but think if the 2nd Dark Hunters are either good, evil, or in the grey. What we're these tests of unity all about? What future does it hold for us?

Ed: We are one with our shoe size, Twilight.

Knuckles: You go on ahead. And you know the rest by now. (holding the master emerald shard) But this time, it's bringing the shard back where it belongs. (begins gliding back to the Angel Island)

Big: (leaving into the jungle of the Mystic Ruins) Goodbye... More fishing with Froggy...

Amy & Cream: (waving goodbye to Big) Bye Big.

Plankton: (as the Plankton Alliance sneaks away, carrying a broken Metal SpongeBob) Great, because of the Dark Hunters, we ended up teaming up with our enemies instead of destroying them. Nidhiki? What has happened during your disappearance?

Nidhiki: The Dark Hunters are presistant on keeping secrets. Even If I told you, that info would be erased from your minds yet again.

Sonata Dusk: Aww... so now what?

Adagio Dazzle: Our truce is over, but we can still receive info from one person & hopefully the Plankton Alliance will become a beacon for all dimension crossover villains everywhere...

Vezon: Of course... it is so simple, it's genius.

Marie Kanker: It better be worth it for next time.

Plankton: (as he, Vezon, Kardas Dragon, Krekka, Nidhiki, the Kankers, the Dazzlings & Jack-7 head back to their pod, by Kardas Dragon) Yes, but for now we will focus on reclaiming the 7 Chaos Emeralds again.

Lee Kanker: Alright alright & making sure the Crossovers Heroes or any other Freedom Fighters don't get their hands on it.

Vezon: That might've been a challenge. (looking into the Metal versions of Tails, Knuckles & Amy & another metal/mecha version of the acorn princess, that remains a silhouette for now) But, they can also a chance to fix them, besides their base model is what created Metal SpongeBob in the first place.

Aria Blaze: You think? We're going to bed.

(At Tails' Workshop)

SpongeBob: (as the Crossover Heroes make it back to Tails' Workshop with Sonic & Tails, while Amy takes Cream home) Tails, Mind if I ask... if the favour I'd ask you... is it done?

Tails: Don't worry... (showing the messages successfully sent to the rest of the Freedom Fighters members) It's all under control. They know about the dangers of the 2nd Dark Hunters & the test of unity we had. They can be incredibly cunning, thou it's best to keep things secret. So they remain neutral for now.

Sonic: (sighs in relief) Good. Besides, it's best not to get them on their bad side. We still don't know what it all means, but it's best we comply & forget about them for now. We will figure this out later.

SpongeBob: (chuckles as a familiar shadowed troll being is seen inside the castle, while seeking to reclaim his throne, taking on a group of many Mobian Guards & a group of rebuilt large scorpion like rahi named the Kralhi with it's only strength & smarts) Yeah true. I know it's one thing to keep the 2nd Dark Hunters a secret, but it's a whole new scope to think that everyone else would keep their presence a secret alltogether for the future yet to come, right?

Sonic: (as a creepy floating doll version of Tails, named the Tails Doll, like being quietly following Walter Naugas, while the guards try to barricade the door, thou suddenly confused by "King Acorn"'s arrival, unaware of his shapeshifting power) Yeah... exactly.

(Inside the Castle of Acorn)

Nicole: (walking down a hallway, reading a message) Hmm, it's hard to imagine what could've happened to the other Crossovers. But at least Tails gave me, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, Rotor & the other Freedom Fighters a warning. (hearing evil cackling) Hm? (Quietly sneaks & peeks to see "Nigel Acorn", but not his usual self) ! (Mind: Something's not right.)

"King Acorn": (coming closer to the Guards) Do not be alarmed... I wish to speak with your... "new friends". (Smirks evilly)

(Inside the Throne Room, the guards' screaming can be heard from the other side of the door, as the real King Acorn feels a bit worrisome, while preparing himself to meet with Naugas face to face.)

Nigel Acorn: (with the 3 Leaders & Niclone, only 3 Guards, 2 Males & 1 female, who happens to be all shapeshifting by Krika, Icarax & the female shapeshifting rahi named Krahka, along with Kralhi, served to protect Mobotropolis & the other locations of innocences) I'm not going to stand idly by & let Naugas overtake this kingdom.

Niclone: (hearing the door banging) I can understand your philosophy on knowing who you can trust, but I'm afraid you have too, it's the next step!

Nigel Acorn: But why? That would be insane!

Prime Hunter: We'll explain everything as soon as we... (suddenly heard a crack in the door)

Walter Naugas: (still in his fake shapeshifting King Acorn disguise) You don't want to keep your majesty waiting!

Niclone: (seeing the doll also creepingly following him) Oh no... there's also a living doll...! (Showing a hologram of Swatmasterbot, Egg Swatmaster, Mini Shard, Auto-Fiona, Robo-Kintobor, the silver coloured Pawnirious/Portal Pawn, the orange Iron Tribe Member Sahmad, several kralhis and several shadowbots) Is everyone ready to meet Sally?

Sahmad: We're ready, if we can find her in this giant Death Egg shaped maze, that is!

Walter Naugas: (peeks inside, while reaching for the lock) I see you!

Mobian Guard: It won't hold, he's coming in!

Prime Hunter: ?! Blast it all! (Create an electrical portal & quickly goes through it with Miserix, Nektann & Niclone)

Icarax: I could've slashed this troll to pieces!

Krika: No time, it's best to stick to the plan! (Krika shapeshifts into a male guard, with Krahka shapeshifts into a female guard)

Icarax: Fine... (Shapeshifts into a male guard as well) But you still owe me...!

(As the doors burst open, Walter is nowhere to be seen, much to the group's confusion.)

Nigel Acorn: Hm? Where are you? Show yourself! I'm going to give you a Royal beating...!

"Nigel Acorn" (Walter Naugas): (quickly subdues the 3 Guards one by one from the shadows) Even your new friends couldn't save you...! You know you can't avoid the inevitable!

Icarax, Krika & Krahka: (getting pulled back & suddenly subdued & knocked to unconsciousness by Walter)

Nigel Acorn: (get himself ready, seeing Walter Naugas posing as him) You cannot mask your own emotions for long...!

Walter Naugas: Do you really think what this is all about? I still hold the goal on claiming the throne, but I want to reclaim what I've lost because of Eggman! Even if it means kidnapping one of your own!

Nigel Acorn: (holding out special blue rings that slowly creates holographic ring sword & shield) I'd like to see you try, Wally.

Walter Naugas: (suddenly enraged) DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME THAT!

(Nigel Acorn & Walter Naugas, who is posing as the fake Nigel Acorn, quickly engaged in a one on one duel while Walter Naugas is pushing Nigel back with his strength, while trying to dodge Nigel's sword slash & shield bash. As the battle rages on, a being similar to "Niclone" is watching the fight, only to find out that it was Nicole in a digital holographic disguise.)

Walter Naugas: (feeling hurt, finding it difficult to fight with his drained magic) (manages to grab his shield & grabs King Nigel by the throat) You've put up a better fight than expected. But it's about time for you to be "dethroned". (Chokeslams Nigel Acorn to the throne) (panting)

Nigel Acorn: Gah...! (Panting while seeing Walter Naugas taking me & the Guards, including Krika, Icarax & Krahka into the dungeons, while Walter slowly shapeshifting back into "Nigel Acorn")

Walter Naugas: (keep the Guards & Nigel chained up & locked up) There... now there's only thing one left to do... to regain my powers... (King Nigel's voice) and pay back Eggman for what he's done...!

Nicole: (gasps quietly upon seeing the majesty in trouble) (whispers while staying hidden) I must get a signal... (unaware of the Tails Doll slowly approaching to a power generator of Mobotropolis) Naugas is bad enough already... but I can't imagine someone like the king having an unknown alligence with the Dark Hunters... there's no telling what would happened next.

Tails Doll: (floating over to the power generator, with his red gem glowing, having a creepy smile)

(From Eggman's Egg Mobile)

Dr. Eggman: (with Orbot & Cubot, making their getaway into Efrika, while secretly planted the Tails Doll for sabatoge) Those blasted Dark Hunters... they think they're gonna walts in here & thinking that they own this planet & are gonna turn me & my army into Rahi meal if we don't comply...!

Orbot: They are extremely intelligent, even on planning for the long terms.

Cubot: Yeah, that's what you have lacked the power of so much...!

Dr. Eggman: (Smiles evily) Oh I'll show them, the Freedom Fighters, everybody! That Dr. Eggman & his Egg Army are not the ideal army to mess with! And as for the Dark Hunters's meddling & Naugas' little theft attempt of my tech... hope you like toys... because it's about to play you! (Laughing evilly, knowing he'll get the last laugh on everyone soon enough)

To Be Continued...

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