This is the 5th Episode of Archie Sonic: Crossover (Redux)

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds, the Piraka & Mane 6 (Team Sonic), Hank J. Wimbleton, Sanford & Deimos (Team Dark), Shantae, Sky, Bolo, Uncle Mimic, Rottytops, Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, Milla Basset, Neera Li (Team Rose with Blaze), Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Crash & Coco Bandicoot (Team Chaotix)

Main Villains: Dr Eggman (All 4 Teams, until Casino Park), Plankton Alliance (Team Sonic), the Rahkshi & the Agency Against Hank Wimbleton/A.A.H.W. (Team Dark), Risky Boots (Team Rose), King K. Rool & Dr. Cortex (Team Chaotix), Team Hooligans & the Babylon Rogues.


With the training has finally been completed, the Crossover Heroes are now officially part of the Freedom Fighters. After a day or two to heal & repair their wounds, they are set out on another adventure to discover the mystery behind this White Fog, at the same time take out Dr. Eggman's latest plan. However, along the way, they would immediately run into new faces & get into new places they have never seen before. But also the Plankton Alliance are not too far from their trail as well. See all 4 Teams, Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose & Team Chaotix, plus the Plankton Alliance all journey in different paths will be crossed into one adventure that leads to a big "Sonic Heroes" based adventure.

Story #1: TranscriptEdit

Fatal 4 Way (Crossover Heroes: Part 1)Edit

Crossover Heroes (Team Sonic)Edit

(The Episode begins at Tails' Workshop, on a faithful morning during sunrise, where the Crossover Heroes are sleeping peacefully in guest beds, spare mattresses & sleeping bags, even the Piraka are sleeping on the floor in sleep mode, until Applejack begins to wake up first.)

Applejack: (yawns while she wakes up first) What a goodnight's sleep. (Comes outside with a basket to see the Apple Trees) Apple Trees... (gets an idea & bucks at the trees to make the Apples fall from the trees & into the basket) That should do it.

(Applejack brings in the apples inside, just in time for the rest to wake up, having breakfast that SpongeBob & Tails made.)

SpongeBob: Hi Applejack. Come on in & eat. Breakfast is ready.

Patrick: (seeing the breakfast foods on the table) Alright! All that training is making me hungry. (Lifts the entire table & gobbles down the fruit that slides into his mouth, before he sets it down, letting out a loud belch)

Rarity: Patrick! Please save some for the rest of us...! (Stopping Patrick from eating more)

Patrick: Sorry, Rarity.

Applejack: Luckily I've got apples fresh from the Apple trees. (Bring in a basket for the group)

Twilight Sparkle: Oh wow, these look delicious.

SpongeBob: Sweet find AJ. Thanks.

Sonic: (comes back from his morning run with Knuckles)

Eddy: (making omelettes from the frying pan) Hey Sonic & Knuckles, you haven't lived til you try one of my omelettes.

Edd: (giving the three fresh oranges & morning newspaper) Here you go Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. Fresh fruit & morning paper to start your day?

Knuckles: (as the group minus Patrick & the Piraka enjoy their apples I heard about your training & became official Freedom Fighters, talk about cutting it close.

Vezok: Yeah thanks, thou seems like things went rocky for a moment, before we finally triumphed over our obstacles.

Thok: Still, can't help shake the feeling on who we're those beings back there that attacked us, especially the red female automaton fox.

Tails: Oh yeah, it feels like she knows something that we don't.

SpongeBob: I'm sure it'll jog your memory sooner or later.

Hakann: Yeah still can't believe we barely survived. We did needed a full day break after that & it's totally worth it.

Twilight Sparkle: I bet the citizens of Mobotropolis in the Royal Hill Zone is enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

Ed: (from offscreen) Hey neighbour...

(Sonic, Tails & Knuckles were surprised to see Ed covered in toilet paper.)

Ed: You wouldn't happen to have any paper I can borrow? Oh I can borrrow this sink? (Holding up a sink that it is being ripped apart from the wall, indicating that Ed accidently removes the sink from the bathroom)

Tails: Uh.... I'll get to fixing that. (Rushes to fix the sink)

Reidak: Cool trick, can I do that?

Avak: (as he, Edd & Tails fix the sink) Please stay with us, Reidak.

News Anchor Man: (on TV) Good evening ladies & gentlemen, for we have breaking news. The top story is that the last reported sightings of Dr. Eggman is still foggy, since the attack at the South Islands had been halted by Sonic, but it is confirmed from this message that he had this to say.

(The News Anchor Man plays this message that is confirmed a warning to the heroes & it's citizens, as Dr. Eggman appears on screen for the heroes to see.)

SpongeBob & Sonic: Eggman!

Eddy: That's the guy that nearly electrocuted us to submission with that net of his!

Ed: Zappity zap zap!

Dr. Eggman (Message with Orbot & Cubot): (within the white fog that slowly faded away) Muhahahaha!! Guess what, Sonic Heroes... I've finally developed the ultimate weapon to put an end to your resistance! With the final preparations being completed in short amount of days, I'll conquer the world. Think you can stop me? And as for those that teamed up with them & foiled my plans at the South Islands, I have far grander plans for you! Ahahahaha!! (Whisper to Orbot) Alright dumbots, you can turn it off now.

Orbot: Oh it be a pleasure sure.

Cubot: (as the message ends) Bye, you guys!

Rainbow Dash: He just never gives up, does he?

Sonic: Talk about an invitation to party!

SpongeBob: We have to do something about this, we can't let him get away with this!

Tails: Crossover Heroes, is it? This might be your first mission as official Freedom Fighters. We can back you guys up if you need help.

Zaktan: That would be excellent strategy for a back up plan incase things do go as planned.

Fluttershy: (checking the faded white fog outside) Wait, is that white fog around Eggman? Do you think he might be planning to do with this or is it by other means?

Patrick: I think winter is coming early.

(SpongeBob begins to remember in the flashback on what Jackson Piraka said about mysterious fogs rolling in different times, that brought him & others here.)

SpongeBob: Guys, maybe we can investigate & see what we can find out about that white fog that brought that orange Piraka & other things to this world.

Twilight Sparkle: Maybe we can find something there. Is everyone ready?

Sonic: Heh, think'd I missed this? It's about time we crack that Eggman wide open!

Hakann: Yeah, but the trouble is where to start looking?

Tails: (works on Miles Electric for the coordinates from the message) I might track Eggman down from the location he recorded from that message.

Avak: Couldn't said it better myself.

Twilight Sparkle: Everyone let's pack the essentials & let's move out.

Sonic: Team Sonic will have your back every step in the way. Let's do this'll.

(The Crossover Heroes & Sonic, Tails & Knuckles of Team Sonic begins packing the essentials quickly as they all head out, following the coordinates to the message & following the white fog to be more specific, but we're unaware of a certain pod, landing near the woods of the Wood Zone is the Plankton Alliance's pod.)

Vezon: (from inside the pod) You see, this is why I get to drive the vehicles, especially the pod.

Krekka & May Kanker: (sadly) Sorry Vezon...

Plankton: Now, with that frozen fiasco out of the way, let's focus on finding ourselves a brand new lair, so to speak.

Jack-7: Affirmative, we will scan for possible area candidates.

Adagio Dazzle: (sighs & whisper) Is he a bit litteral?

Nidhiki: (whispers) Of course he is, it's his rookie days as a newest member.

Sonata Dusk: (noticing the Crossover Heroes & Team Sonic rushing off in the distance) Say, isn't that look like Twilight & her friends... in pony form?

Adagio & Aria: What?! Where are they?! (Rushing over, knocking Marie over)

Marie Kanker: Hey watch it!

Plankton: I'd take it you know them as well.

Aria Blaze: Yes, mostly Twilight anyway.

Krekka: Where do you think they're going?

Adagio Dazzle: Probably off on some big adventure like heroes always do without the knowledge of dangers that are up ahead. Should we take action?

Plankton: Prehaps we should. Maybe they might lead us to the you-know-what.

(The Plankton Alliance secretly climb out of the pod & secretly follows the Crossover Heroes & Team Sonic, while Jack-7 stayed behind a bit, after hearing the news report.)

News Anchor Man: (showing footage of mysterious places slowly materialising within the fog, slowly one by one in different parts of the world) And in a related story, prior to the events of Eggman's return, a white fog appears to be covering some parts of the globe of Mobius with strange events occurring with structures, artifacts, people & places popping out everywhere. What are these mysterious places, you may ask? We'll return to you with further updates from our corporate overlords.

Jack-7: (turns off the TV & follows the Plankton Alliance)

(However the Plankton Alliance were also being followed by 4 Hordika Dragon, robotic mutated crabs, known as the Ussal Crabs & a giant robotic dragon known as the "Kardas Dragon", while 2 Mobians, male & female in suits of red fireproof & blue waterproof armour respectively follows suite out of their sight, they are being commanded by 3 other Dark Hunters, the muddy yellow & dark grey undersea robot with insect jaws like teeth, claws, a Squid launcher & broadsword. His name is Caraper.)

(The other 2 Dark hunters with them, which is a red survivalist with dual claws, blades & stingers, his name is Lurker. And the other is a dark red, grey & black heat absorber, named Tyrant.)

Mobian #1: Can I please ask on why are you so interested on running in each of the different places To find the Plankton Alliance before sending the crab into the ocean?

Carapar: For one, the Kardas Dragon is leading us to them because of Vezon is among the Alliance, and to ask your next question...?

(Flashback to Mobotropolis, where the 3 Leaders are with King Nigel Acorn once again, while Vanisher prepares his portal powers.)

Miserix: (to Carapar, Lurker & Tyrant) Listen to my instructions carefully, for I need you three to find & release the Kardas Dragon & the Ussal Crabs from Metru Nui to here. And make sure the Kardas Dragon follows this person. (shows a picture of Vezon)

Prime Hunter: He is among the Plankton Alliance & what better way to do that is to track them down with the Kardas Dragon. After that, we will bring the Ussal Crab to the ocean, for more details later on.

King Nigel Acorn: (seeing two Mobian s as volunteers for this mission) I'm not so sure that this is such a good idea to bring two Mobians along with you on the journey.

Nektann: No need to worry, your majesty. We're far ahead of you. (Shows the king that two Mobian s were wearing Fire proof armour & water breathing armour) We have designed these special armoured suits for the volunteers so that they won't get burned or drowned. And if they need a greatest protection, try the greatest armor,which was unstoppable for some things.

King Nigel Acorn: I suppose I can trust you with keeping two of them safe.

Miserix: We will. Let's move to a more quiet place. And remember, stay out of sight at all times.

Xplode: (wearing a black coat and still in Xemiris-form) Pardon me for the interruption, but there's something I must tell you, if both sides think Starganization XIII and their servants, the 2nd Dark Hunters, we're the powerful threats, the heroes might reported to 4 members and 1 leader of the freedom fighters.

Miserix: Hm? Are you sure?

Xplode: Im afraid so.

Miserix: I hate to admitted it, but let them reported their friends, so that the Starganization XIII won't be too suspicious of us. It is for our own safety.

King Nigel Acorn: I suppose that is for the best.

(The Dark Hunters head out far away from the Mobotropilis & Castle of Acorns to a more grassy plain for Vanisher to open the portal to Metru Nui in the Bionicle Universe.)

Vanisher: The portal's all set.

Carapar: (with Tuma & Voporak) There they are... (point to the Kardas Dragon & mutated Ussal Crab & it's smaller Crabs) Waiting for us...

Kardas Dragon: (notices the Dark Hunters & roars at them, while he & the Ussal Crab begin to follow)

Lurker: It's working. They're coming to us!

Tyrant: Quick! Make the portal a huge size so they both fit!

Vanisher: Ok, ok, but it's gonna be strainious work! (Concerntrates & makes the portal huge, growling while he is focusing)

(The Portal increases to huge size to make the Kardas Dragon & Ussal Crab to go through quickly.)

Vanisher: (scream while immediately closing the portal for the Dark Hunters to quickly tame the two beasts the best they can) It is done!

Carapar: (helping the two Mobians tame the beasts in which will take some time & patience) Kardas Dragon & Ussal Crab, we are the Dark Hunters. We humbly request your aid. (Holds a picture of Vezon for the growling Kardas Dragon to see) Do you remember this man?

(Kardas Dragon immediately stops growling, while seeing Vezon, remembering his times as both forms, Fenrakk & the Kardas Dragon, when he is Vezon's pet engine of destruction.)

Kardas Dragon: (sniffing the picture, having Vezon's scent)

Mobian #1: Good, we can help you reunite with your master.

Mobian #2: (comforts the Ussal Crab which is a bit more friendly) And we can help you return to the sea.

Lurker: They're with us. Now lead us to Vezon first & then the ocean. Understand?

(Both beasts nod & head out with Carapar, Lurker & Tyrant & the two armoured Mobians, leaving Vanisher behind.)

Tyrant: Good, then let's move out.

Vanisher: Finally, even I need a lot of energy for one big portal. (Makes a portal to head back to hidden underground base)

(End of Flashback)

Mobian 2: Oh... I see... does the dragon miss his master?

Carapar: Yes & now you understand. Now let's focus on the task at hand. We will give Vezon a reunion he won't forget.

(The 3 Dark Hunters & 2 Mobians continue on with Kardas Dragon & Ussal Crab to follow the Plankton Alliance first.)

Team Madness (Team Dark)Edit

(At an unknown location somewhere in the desert barren, Earlier that night before sunrise)

(We see an uncharted base in a starry night sky, guarded by unknown light grey beings with plus signs on their faces, while wearing grey clothes, known as the Grunts, who were completely unsure on where they have been transported to, while guarding the building.)

(However, they soon notice a dark Mobian hedgehog in the distance & aim their weapons at it. The black hedgehog looks similar to Sonic, except the differences are that he is black with red stripes on his quills, around the edges of his eyes, and on his arms and legs. He has red eyes, a patch of white fur on his chest, and his muzzle is tan. He has six quills on his head, four of which curve upwards and two that curve downwards, two spines on his back, and a small tail. For attire, he wears white gloves with black cuffs and red tongues, and Air Shoes which, like his gloves, have black cuffs and red tongues. On each of his wrists and ankles, he wears a single gold ring. His name is Shadow the Hedgehog.)

Shadow: (quickly dodges the oncoming firepower & uses Chaos Control to teleport & surprise attack at the surprised Grunts, who were trying to fight back) (bursting through the door) (nods to the other two members of his group) This is Shadow, I'm inside. We best clear the building from any guards immediately.

(The Grunts tries to ambush the black hedgehog from inside, but their efforts were halted by someone hanging upside down from a ceiling, which is a female Mobian bat with white fur on her head, tan skin, teal eyes and endowed female features. She has large pointy ears, small fangs, a bare muzzle with a small black nose, a short tail, and a pair of black wings on her back. Her short white hair flares out at the back and she wears blue eyeshadow, as well as lipstick. Her typical attire consists of a black skintight unitard with no sleeves, a pink, heart-shaped chestplate-like top with white trim, and tall white gloves and boots with pink cuffs. The boots are high heeled and feature hearts on the toes. Her name is Rouge the Bat.)

Rouge: (drill kicks at the Grunts to keep them quiet) Ah Ah, don't think for one second you were guarding something sneaky inside. This is Rouge, I'll keep them in line for you. (Flies up near the ceiling, seeing a lot of more grey beings in business suits & Smith's glasses, which are Agents) Omega, can you give us a hand?

(The Agents, tries to open fire at Rouge & Shadow, while their garage door was busted down by a large metallic robot that is based on the E-100 series, but with a stockier upper body & arms, thou he is also much shorter than the other models and his shoulders are much larger with a visible Greek symbol on the front of the left and back of the right with red handlebars on the top. Also, instead of the twin exhaust pipes and the Jet Booster of the first E-100 Series robots, this red & black with silver & yellow robot has one circling pipe around the waist with two flaps attached and having twin jets installed in his back below the hunch. The stripe running from his head to stomach has also been changed so that it is a separate piece of metal altogether and not simply painted on like the others and he also has one extra finger and two hands with yellow wrists studded with large spikes like a dog collar. Just below his stripe is a plate of clear material that allows others to see some of his inner workings. This robot is named E-123 Omega.)

E-123 Omega: (blasting minigun bullets from his hands that changed to minigun hands at the oncoming Grunts & Agents to shoot them down quickly to apprehend them) Suspecious groups & weapons in this facility will be apprehended & will be destroyed.

Shadow: (as Rouge tries to gain access to the next room by the keypad) It seems the coast is clear for now.

Rouge: Still, hard to think that G.U.N. gave us this mission on about the super natural & mystery occurances happened. At least now we get to see what secrets they may have unfold, maybe even some treasure to go with it.

Shadow: (as the group were unaware of Big beings approaching) Your always finding treasure no matter where we go, aren't you?

Rouge: You know as well as I know that I just don't walk away from a gem.

(However, before they can gain access, the group known as Team Dark, were suddenly ambushed by 3 giant grey beings, four times their size, which are called the Mag Agents.)

3 Mag Agents: (roaring in anger, while slamming & blasting at Team Dark)

E-123 Omega: (as he, Shadow & Rouge take cover before he open fires at the Mag Agents) Incoming Giants...!

Shadow: Stay here...! (Rushes over to dodge their attacks & spindashes at the Mag Agents.)

(However, Team Dark were unaware of a grey convertible from another nearby dark base is apporaching to the the building & Rams at one of the three Mag Agents at the gut.)

Mag Agent #1: (getting rammed through the gut, & pulls the Convertible out of his gut & picks it up, causing three beings to jump out of the car & into battle)

(The First one is wearing black clothes, black jacket zipped up, fingerless gloves, 2 bandanas, one on his head & the other wrapped around his mouth, black goggles with red lenses. His name is Hank J. Wimbleton.)

(The Second one is only wearing black pants shoes, grey shirt, dark rounded sunglasses & a black bandana on his head, but has a bandaged head & body. His name is Sanford.)

(And the third one is wearing grey clothes, but has a white shirt, black cap, black jacket & also even more bandaged head than Sanford. His name is Deimos.)

(The three mercenaries quickly unleash their weapons to rapidfire their bullets at the Mag Agents to bring it down, while Team Dark dodges the convertible being thrown by a Mag Agent, that they have taken down with Shadow's Chaos Spear, Rouge's Drill Kick & Omega's rapidfire bullets.)

E-123 Omega: All hostile units will be destroyed!

Hank J. Wimbleton: (growls softly while blasting rocket at the last Mag Agent to send it tumbling down) And just who do you think you are?

Shadow: We would be asking the same thing, your coming with us.

Sanford: If your hostile... Over our dead bodies.

(Hank, Sanford & Deimos charges, the same with Shadow & Omega, but Rouge quickly intervenes & pushes them back to stop the fight.)

Rouge: Hey! Hold on! (Manages to break up the fight between them, feeling tired a bit)

Deimos: Hey, what's the big idea? We were just getting started here.

Rouge: Now you all play nice. And tell me everything.

Hank: Fine, what you witnessed is the building belonging to the A.A.H.W. Now allow me to explain.

(After a very long explanation with one another, both sides were surprised to learn more about where Hank, Sanford & Deimos came from & how brutal their home world is, at the same time Hank, Sanford & Deimso, learning that are mysteriously transported onto Mobius, which is not only another planet, but on another universal dimension.)

Rouge: (is a bit more surprised) Oh now that explains everything. Your from another world that filled to the brim with brutality, but now you three & even the Agency itself were transported by unknown means of sorcery.

Deimos: (as he explains the situation in their universe world) Yeah, all we know is that we're fighting off the Agency, but then all of a sudden we took shelter from this mysterious white fog that rolled in, but then we're suddenly blacked out when we can't see through this fog & then once it cleared up, we thought it's just normal fog.

Sanford: Except we don't think we're in Nevada or even Kansas anymore, Deimos.

Hank J. Wimbleton: (kept it brief in short) It was a brutal night time patrol with the madness of war.

Shadow: While you were explaining your bed time stories, I got something. (Point to the unusual robotic footprints that lead outside the building)

Rouge: This Agency sounds dangerous. Do you suppose...?

Deimos: We doubt it. Hank bested agents, sheriffs, clown demons & Giants. But what about you three your trying to suspect that Agency as well.

E-123 Omega: Confirmed, A.A.H.W. has become a threat to your world & now it has brought them & you here.

Sanford: Sounds like we're hitched along for the ride to clean up the mess.

Rouge: (In thought: If the Agency worked together with Eggman...) (nods) Then it's settled.

Hank: What are you saying?

Rouge: You guys now make up while we look for both the Agency & Eggman, together. (Brought their hands out together on top of each other, as she does the same)

Deimos: Really? Like an Alliance?

Rouge: (smiles) More than that. That makes us a team, baby. My name is Rouge the Bat, a treasure hunter of finding lost treasures & an agent of G.U.N.. but you may call me Rouge.

Hank J. Wimbleton: Likewise, I'm Hank. This is my two partners, Sanford & Deimos.

Sanford: Greetings.

Deimos: Yo, what's up?

Shadow: I'm Shadow the Hedgehog. The Ultimate Lifeform.

E-123 Omega: E-123 Omega, introduction has been completed.

Hank: Good. (Gets close to Team Dark, growing serious, due to his experience of mercenary training, the madness of war & pain) Let this be known that are alligence is temporary. I have been through hell & back many times as I count & with each death, I grow more self aware & stronger with each scar on every battlefield & I do not play nice, you got that?

Shadow: Hm, Duly Noted. But know this that the memory of a lost friend is painful that I must carry out her wish to help everyone be happy, thou no one gets on my bad side for I have a promise to keep & I am not like the blue hedgehog, this is who I am.

Deimos: (a bit surprised himself that Hank & Shadow are similar to one another) Touché.

Sanford: (bringing out another convertible, having stolen it from the garage of the building) If your guys done with the introductions & warnings, are we gonna follow the tracks or not?

E-123 Omega: (scanning the footprints) Straight ahead. Let us move forward, immediate danger & destructiom if distracted.

Shadow: Hmpf! Hope you can keep up with me!

Hank: I plan too!

(Hank, Sanford & Deimos & Team Dark rushes off in the convertible to follow the tracks while also tracking down more of the A.A.H.W. & Dr. Eggman, while unaware of 6 long robotic creatures looking on, wearing tall & slender robotic suits of armour with spikes, controlled by Worm like creatures, the Kraata within their armour's skulls, the red version is called Turahk, the blue version is called Guurahk, the green version is called Lerahk, the brown version is called Panrahk, the black version is called Vorahk & the white version is called Kurahk. And they are known as the Rahkshi.)

Turahk: (chuckling evilly, with the effects of the white fog, giving them the power of speech along with the other Rahkshi to more robotic than suit like) Alright Rahkshi, let's get ready to party.

(The 6 Rahkshi let out a screech as they begin to transform into flight mode as they fly off after Hank, Sanford & Deimos, while we see the badges on them that says A.A.H.W., meaning they have become Co-Leaders of the A.A.H.W., after the incident that brought them here to Mobius.)

Shantae & Team Lilac (Team Rose)Edit

(Back to Present time, at a sunrise of the morning in the beach side.)

(Amy Rose is seen with two other Mobians with her, a young & polite lop-eared rabbit with cream fur and brown eyes. She has princeton orange markings around her eyes, on her head and at the ends of her ears. She wears a simple vermilion dress with a white collar and blue cravat, and orange and yellow shoes. Her ears are usually swiveled back and flop behind her head. And is always been seen around with a flying light blue & yellow neutral Chao that wears a bow tie, named Cheese.)

(The other is a very large and burly Mobian cat. The majority of his body fur is purple with dark violet stripes. A striped pattern runs up his arms and long tail. His feet are covered in dark violet fur up to his ankles as well as the outer tips of his large, triangular ears, while his upper legs, back, and sides are covered in purple fur. White fur covers his chest, torso, muzzle, and inner ears. He also has black eyes with pale yellow sclera. He wears attire consists of yellow gloves, sandals, and a matching belt with a gold buckle. He usually keeps his fishing rod with him & a green normal frog named "Froggy".)

Amy Rose: If only we know where Sonic is. We haven't seen him this morning.

Cream: We will find her Ms. Amy. We still have hope on our only clue. (Holding the newspaper, thinking that Sonic took off onto adventure)

Cheese: (nodding) Chao Chao.

Amy Rose: You might be right. But if only we know where to start.

Big: (notices a lighthouse on the coast) Pretty lighthouse.

Amy Rose: (notices the Lighthouse with Cream & Big) Huh? I don't remember a lighthouse being built here.

Cream: Maybe it's been built for boat safety.

Big: (unaware of something crawling out of the sand) Maybe we can go say hi.

Amy Rose: Oh ok then, I suppose we can give it a shot.

(Team Rose were unaware that they are being watched by small pitch black humanoid creatures with four clawed hands & three clawed toes, yellow eyes, but no mouths, but they are wearing a red bandana & pants. They are known as Tinkerbats.)

Big: (knocking on the door) Hello? Anybody home?

Amy Rose: (peeks inside to see that no one is home) Huh, that's funny. Nobody's home yet. (Noticing the sign that says...) "Shantae's Lighthouse"? Who's Shantae?

Cream: Maybe she must be living here. Maybe she might be out for breakfast.

Big: I feel like a Bacon & Egg Sandwich, right about now.

Amy Rose: Still, I wonder where she went? (Hearing Cheese warning us) ?

Cheese: (pointing to something approaching) Chao Chao!

Amy Rose: Huh? Sorry, I don't speak Chao, what is he saying, Cream?

Cream: (notices this as well as Team Rose, seeing the numerous Tinkerbats approaching with pirate swords & pistols) Eep! We got more uninvited visitors!

Big: Why are they so many of them? Please stay with me, Froggy. I protect you.

Cream: (gulps) Maybe we can be more civil about this. They do have swords & cannons after all...!

Amy Rose: (readies her Piko Piko Hammer) Yeah? Well I have a hammer! Get ready, Cream & Big!

Cream: Maybe we would take a moment to... (notices Amy quickly gets into battle smacking the Tinkerbats away) Eep! Or not...!

(Cream & Big rush in to help Amy, while Cream carries Amy while flapping her ears for flight to help Amy with more aerial attacks, Big belly flops at the Tinkerbats, while they are seeing more Tinkerbats approaching.)

Big: Uh oh... more trouble...

Amy Rose: Hang on Big! At this rate, we can beat them back quickly before we... (barely clashes with another Tinker bat) Yow! That was close...

(However, before Team Rose can react, they were suddenly taken back by a sudden hairwhip attack at the Tinkerbats.)

Amy Rose: Whoa...!

Cream: (notices someone) Who is that?

(Team Rose, especially the Tinkerbats were surprised to see a half human, half genie girl who is slim, yet curvaceous figure with a very long purple hair in a huge ponytail stem stalk, blue eyes, olive tan skin, dressed as a red belly dancer with sheer red & black harem pants, a red bra, red comfy footwear & golden jewellery. Her name is Shantae.)

Shantae: Are you three alright?

Amy Rose: I think so, but who are you?

Shantae: (quickly whips at the oncoming Tinkerbats, while Team Rose helps her out) I'll explain once we deal with these Tinkerbats first. (Notices the Tinkerbats launching the cannons) Duck!

(Shantae & Team Rose quickly duck out of the way, while among a wooden treehouse nearby, it caught the attention of three more females from inside, the first one is a purple water dragon with purple colored twin ponytails & purple eyes. She at first wears a blue outfit with a dark blue waist belt, blue gloves with yellow trim, and blue shoes with bolts of lightning at the heels. Her name is Sash Lilac)

(The Second female is a green wildcat with dark green stripes, green eyes, black markings on the tip of her green ears with white in the inside like any other kitty cat & wears a black top, fingerless gloves, red bandana around her neck, green cargo pants & green & black boots & is always seen with a red motorcycle. Her name is Carol Tea.)

(The third female is a cream basset hound with orange hair, green markings & green eyes & wears a beige outfit with green & orange bracelets on her wrists & ankles, but remains bare feet & is the youngest & most innocent out of the three. Her name is Milla Basset.)

Carol Tea: (notices Lilac about to leave) Wait, Where are you going?

Sash Lilac: We have to make sure their ok. Milla, get Neera Li to help us. We might need her help as well.

Milla Basset: (nod while heading back into the treehouse) Ok, I will.

Carol Tea: Lilac, can't you be Miss Hero Pants some other time?

Sash Lilac: Not a chance! (Dragon boosts away to help Team Rose & Shantae to take out the TinkerBats)

Milla: (leading a slim panda girl to the fight, following Lilac) This way, Ms. Neera Li.

(The Slim Panda Girl named Neera Li is a black & white with short black hair with white ears, purple eyes & wears a black long sleeve shirt with a black skirt underneath her purple armour like outfit with silver shoulder pads, purple fingerless arm band like gloves, black boots with purple markings & silver soles & wields a spear like Ice Staff.)

Neera Li: Carol, your coming too since you & your friends still need a lot of training to keep your skills sharp.

Carol Tea: (releasing this & had no choice) Ok fine, I'll help you guys out, I guess. Yipee... who hoo... (rides on her red motorcycle to follow the group)

(Back at the beach side, Shantae & Team Rose seeing the number of Tinkerbats growing.)

(Shantae saw a group of people in the distance that she recognise, a sudden bird swoop attack at the Tinkerbats, belongs to a war bird female trainer, who portrayed tan-skinned, purple eyes, has blonde hair with long bangs held back by a blue headwrap, and a purple hood & cape attatched together. She wears pink and blue earrings in the shape of eggs, pink & blue & purple girdle bra with the same design as the earrings, brown wrapping on her right wrist, white khaki pants with gold buckle, brown boots & a falconer's glove. Her name is Sky, Shantae's long time friend, along with her purple & pink war bird with light & dark blue wings, named Wrench.)

Shantae: Sky! Thank goodness your here...

Sky: (as she joins the fight against the Tinkerbats) I'm so glad that your alright. (Noticing Amy, Cream & Big) And who are your new friends?

Shantae: I had to help them stop these Tinkerbats, they even got more stealthy & sneaky.

(Along with Sky, is a skinny man that has navy blue hair, a yellow headband, and frequently wears a determined expression, thou is referred to be a blockhead. A white bandage is wrapped around his right upper arm. He wears a white tank top underneath a short blue vest and has dark blue shorts. He also wears tan gloves with metal rings around the cuffs. His name is Bolo.)

Bolo: (swinging his flail at the Tinkerbats) Hang on! Help is on the way!

Amy Rose: (as Cream stays far away for safety) (dodging the flail) Hey! Watch the spikes...!

Bolo: Whoops, sorry about that. (A bit surprised on what he heard from Amy) Wait, did that hedgehog girl just talked?! (Got swarmed by Tinkerbats, while trying to fight them off) Whoa!

Sky: (sighs while she facepalms) Classic Bolo...

Big: I'll get him... (reaching through the pile of Tinkerbats & pulls out Bolo, who smacks the Tinkerbats with his flail & chain, while Shantae continues smacking at the remaining Tinkerbats) Found him.

Bolo: Uh, thanks?

Cream: (got grabbed by a Tinkerbat) Eep! Stay away! (Flies & dropkicks both feet at a Tinkerbat) Pretty please? I'm so sorry...!

Cheese: Chao! (quickly tackles at the few Tinkerbats, while they try to recuperate)

(Before they could retailate, they were spooked by a free spirit zombie girl, that emerges from behind them. She has green skin and choppy, dark green hair, and red eyes. She has stitches on her left arm and right leg. She wears a short purple tank top that exposes her midriff, a yellow headband, skull earrings, a matching skull buckle on her brown belt, navy blue jean shorts, and a black choker around her neck. Her name is Rottytops.)

Rottytops: (smiling cutely) Made you look! (Smacks the Tinkerbats' heads together, making them dizzy) And second, BOO!

(The few Tinkerbats ran helper Skelter from a sudden scare from the zombie girl.)

Rottytops: (giggling) Look at them go! That's how I like my brains, big, smart & scrambled & a little juicy...!

Amy: (she & Cream were spooked by Rottytops) Is that a... zombie?!

Cream: (gulps) Please don't eat us.

Shantae: Rottytops, your scaring our new friends. Please say your sorry.

Rottytops: Ok, I'm sorry. But relax, I'm a nice girl, sometimes. I'm not gonna eat your brains. You two & the big kitty here are the most precious.

Big: (comforts Amy & Cream) Please don't scare us. It's not nice to spook my friends.

Shantae: (hearing some metal clanging) Wait, did you hear that?

(The group turn to see the remaining Tinkerbats loading the cannons.)

Amy Rose: (get ready with the group) Don't they ever give up? (Readies her Piko Hammer)

Shantae: Be careful, we can take them down together...!

(The Tinkerbats quickly launch the cannons at the heroes, who quickly begins dodging the best they can while Amy Rose uses her Piko Piko Hammer to smack the cannonballs back at the Tinkerbats. Before the Tinkerbats could punch their lights out with more cannonballs, they were interrupted by a sudden dragon boost attack by Sash Lilac who rushes in to save the group, with Carol Tea, Milla Basset & Neera Li beside her to help.)

Sash Lilac: (to the Tinkerbats) Stay back... we won't let you eat them! (Performs dragon cyclone at the Tinkerbats)

Sky: What the...?

Carol Tea: (rushes in on her motorcycle) Make way for Team Lilac...! (Slashes her claws & uses her Bike-Fu motorcycle attacks at the Tinkerbats)

Milla Basset: (creates green phantom cubes & tosses them at the cannons, blasting them, while even use the cubes as shields to block the launched cannonballs to deflect them back at the Cannons to destroy them) Is everyone ok?

Cream: Were ok, ma'am. Thank you so much.

Neera Li: (quickly freezes the Cannons & shatters them quickly while freezing the Tinkerbats with her Ice Staff to push them back) Hm, to think they would've bring a better fight. They make it up with their brains thou. Thank goodness your all safe. (Checks on Cream first, since she's the youngest)

Shantae: Who are you girls?

Bolo: (can't seem to wrap his mind on what is happening) And what is going on?

Amy: That's what we want to know to.

(Approaching to the group is a large old man with white hair, but is bald on the top of his head, has white eyebrows, a long & large white beard & wears yellow glasses, brown top, green jacket, grey belt with gold buckle, blue pants & black boots. He is named Mimic, Shantae's human uncle & relic hunter of ancient artifacts.)

Mimic: Prehaps, I can enlighten the subject.

Shantae: (smiles) Uncle Mimic, your here!

Mimic: It's nice to know that your still safe, Shantae. That white fog forecast is not lying about it, I thought it be a pirate's curse, but I suppose maybe it's much more.

Sash Lilac: Hold up a moment. We saw a white fog as well last night, while we were sleeping in the treehouse.

Neera Li: (sighs) I'd merely decided to investigate & took shelter cause it's something supernatural.

Carol Tea: You took shelter in the treehouse?

Neera Li: It was a last minute change of plan!

Big: (looking at the newspaper & reads it) Hm?

Amy Rose: (thinking) (In thought: Wait, could it be the same fog that the Crossover Heroes & that orange Piraka was talking about?)

Shantae: Anyway, my name is Shantae & this is Sky, Bolo, Rottytops & Uncle Mimic.

Sky: It's a pleasure to meet you.

Bolo: Ditto.

Rottytops: What's up?

Uncle Mimic: Greetings to you all. I hope we can all negotiate on a solution to this mystery.

Sash Lilac: Likewise, I'm Sash Lilac, but you can call me Lilac for short.

Bolo: (looking at Carol) So Lilac, do you know this guy?

Carol Tea: Girl.

Bolo: (a bit embarrassed since he can't tell the difference, since Carol is more tomboy) Oh sorry. This girl?

Sash Lilac: She's like my tail. Always right behind me.

Carol Tea: Carol the Wildcat, at your service. And thiiis is Milla.

Milla Basset: Hi everyone. I hope we can all be friends.

Neera Li: I'm Neera Li, captain of the Shang Tu Police Department on Planet Avalice.

Amy: Avalice? Your definitely not from around here. I'm Amy Rose & this is Cream & Big.

Cream: (waving hello) Hi...

Big: Hello & I found this... (shows newspapers of white fog rolling in, including a rogue pirate ship off the starboard bow)

Shantae: Huh? What is it? (Checks the newspaper & recognises that Pirate ship & it's flag) It's no wonder these Tinkerbats came here to your world.

Neera Li: Don't keep us in suspense, young lady, where did these Tinkerbats came from?

Shantae: I know who planned the ambush!

(Shantae looks out to the escaping pirate ship, belonging to a pale purple skinned female pirate with a large pirate hat, with a skull symbol, which keeps her long growing purple hair in term her hair is actually just as long as Shantae's. She has a purple necklace with a gold pendant around her neck, a top that looks like the upper half of a skull, deep purple pants lined with a white rim that looks like a jaw bone, a belt which holds her scimitar and pistol & pirate Boots. Her name is Risky Boots.)

Shantae: (looks on with determination) Risky Boots...

Amy Rose: The ship matches the one on the newspaper! She did come as well!

Sash Lilac: But why would she attack us?

Sky: That's what we're about to find out.

Bolo: I don't know, there must be a reason why she did it. Could be more treasure here, who knows?

Carol Tea: Buttsload of cash?

Rottytops: (giggles) Like Pirate booty, Carol. That be treasure, you know.

Big: I wish I had Froggy with me.

Amy Rose: Don't sweat it, everyone. I'm sure we can all pull together & go after Risky Boots together. Maybe we can find Sonic! I know he has the answers!

Shantae: I'm grateful to all of you. Prehaps we can work together... (shake hands with Sash Lilac)

Sash Lilac: (shake hands with Shantae) Right, we can get there fast...!

Carol Tea: Yeah, I have a motorcycle & Lilac's a dragon & they're are very fast!

Amy Rose: Come on everyone let's get going.

(Team Rose, plus Shantae, Sky, Bolo, Rottytops, Mimic, Lilac, Carol, Milla & Neera Li rushes out together to find Risky Boots to put a stop to her & solve this White Fog mystery together.)

Rottytops: Off to adventure!

Milla Basset: (smiles with Cream) We're gonna be the bestest of friends. I hope there are surprises. I'd like being surprised.

Cream: Your so very nice, Ms. Milla.

Cheese: (pauses for a moment to see if there's are any ambushes, but notices something in the distance) ! Chao Chao!

(Cheese notices a lot of caged Doom Vipers some are hostile & some are not, while being held by the Makuta Krika, who is a tall white & red mantis like robotic creature that released the 10 Proto Drakes & 20 Keras Crabs.)

Makuta Krika: (releasing the Robotics creatures while using Density Control) Now, it's time for you to do our bidding. It will surely help on releasing the Ussal Crab soon. (Suddenly saw the Chao) ?! (Quickly use density control to sneak away)

Cheese: ?! (Looks around in confusion)

(The Doom Vipers, under Krika's instruction, head out while they are allied with the Derek's & Keras Crabs, while Makuta Krika himself continue searching for the Chaos Emeralds, while there are a certain some that feel for Team Rose's aid, but most of the Doom Vipers remained on the beach & would later come to face with Team Chaotix soon.)

Cheese: (quickly rushes away to regroup with Team Rose, having seen things that are reveloutionary to the mystery like a clue.)

Kongs & Bandicoots (Team Chaotix)Edit

(In the deep jungles, nearby the beach, there was a huge stash of bananas being gathered near jungle home with the initials "DK" on it, while there are two orange bandicoots near their own home by the beach side, one of them is a male wearing blue pants & sneaker shoes & sleeping. His name is Crash Bandicoot. The female is his young sister who has blonde hair in a ponytail, wearing a white shirt with blue overalls & pink shoes. Her name is Coco Bandicoot.)

Coco: (seeing her battery is fried, while searching for any suspicious weather patterns of white fogs last night & begins checking on Crash, waking him up) Crash? Crash? Crash! My battery is fried, can you make yourself useful big brother & find me a spare battery?

Crash: (slowly waking up & gets up, stretching, understanding Coco & head out to find one with her) ?

Coco: I'm sorry, it's just that this white fog came last night & there has been no weather reports about it, only last night & we've been right here. There's something fishy about this fog & I can't seem to know why.

Crash: (notices a stash of bananas) ! (grab two Of them, one for Coco & one for himself, since they are hungry for breakfast)

Coco: Oh thanks Crash. I do feel a bit peckish and... (notices the DK treehouse) Crash? Where did you get these bananas from?

(Crash had a confused look & notices a big strong gorilla with a red & yellow "DK" neck tie named "Donkey Kong" & with his monkey companion that wears a red "Nintendo" hat & a red & yellow star t-shirt, his name is Diddy Kong & both Kongs aren't too happy on thieves stealing bananas.)

Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong: (letting out their gorilla & monkey noises, while pounding their chests in anger)

Crash: Ah! (screams while giving the bananas back to the Kongs, explaining that he & his sister are hungry for breakfast)

Coco: Please forgive Crash, he didn't mean it like that. (Notices the Kongs aren't buying it) Uh oh...

(Donkey Kong & Diddy proceeds chasing the Bandicoots)

Coco: (running with Crash in a panic) Why couldn't we just have a Whumpa Fruit instead?!

Crash & Coco: (rushing away, screaming, while Crash notices a Mobian bee, carrying a package & a spare set of batteries) Aaah!

(A Mobian Bee is black-and-yellow striped with yellow-and-black striped antennae and golden eyes. He wears an orange vest with a bee emblem on the left, white and orange shoes, white gloves cuffed with black rings, a black pilot's helmet with a red rim and flight goggles. His name is Charmy Bee.)

Charmy Bee: Can't wait to show the guys on what I got! (Hearing Crash'a screaming & gibberish & turns to the four, while still flying) (screams upon seeing DK & Diddy chasing the Bandicoots while flying faster to the residence of Team Chaotix)

(Crash & Coco follows Charmy Bee, while Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong still chases the Bandicoots, unaware of Charmy unknowningly leading them to the Team Chaotix's home.)

(Inside Team Chaotix's house)

(There is an office room, while there are two Mobian inside, the large, green skinned crocodile sitting on the office chair, has spiky red scales down his tail and goldenrod-colored eyes. He sports a thick body that resembles that of an S-shape, with a broad upper body starts including his long arms, getting slimmer towards his tail and legs. His belly, snout and arms are light green, while the rest of his body is dark green. He wears small, black shoulder pads, white gloves with black-and-orange cuffs, embellished with gold buckles as well as black shoes figured with white and orange colors. He also wears a gold chain around his neck, serving as his trademark accessory alongside his pair of black-and-grey wireless headphones, and the crocodile is rarely seen without one or the other. With the exception of his chain, Vector's complete attire is frequently shown to be made out of leather. His name is Vector the Crocodile & is listening to music, banging his head to the music, while relaxing.)

(The other sitting on a locker is a purple chamelon with a yellow horn between his eyes, golden eyes and a ridge of three black scales down his spine and a coiled tail. He wears dark purple and black shoes with elaborate cuffs, white gloves with a purple back, and studded bands around his wrists and ankles. His name is Espio the Chameleon.)

(They both hear buzzing noises as Charmy quickly bursts in with Crash, Coco, Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong in a panic.)

Charmy: It's here! It's here! Incoming Apes & Bandicoots! (Crashes into Vector)

Vector: (fell out of his seat from the impact of Crash & the Kongs) WHOA!

Espio: (quickly sends a kunai to catch the package by it's rope on the wall)

Vector: What's wrong with you?! Don't you ever knock first?

Crash: (apologising for what is happening)

Coco: Crash said that he is sorry...

Crash: (offer the Whumpa Fruits as an apology gifts to the Kongs)

Diddy Kong: (notices this & begins telling DK that he's very innocent & they wanted to say sorry for the reactions & explains to the Bandicoots that most people that come to us tried to steal our banana horde)

Donkey Kong: (takes the Whumpa Fruit & eats it, while feeling sorry for the bad reaction, while saying sorry to the Bandicoots)

Coco: It is ok, accidents happen.

Crash: (catching the batteries from Charmy, seeing if they work) ?

Espio: I can sense their actions even before they speak. So you may use them. But I digress, what are you names?

Coco: My name is Coco Bandicoot & this is my big brother, Crash.

Crash: (waving hello while Donkey Kong & Diddy write their names in the sand) ?

Donkey Kong: (offer the pair of bananas to Crash, feeling sorry for him & Coco)

Charmy: Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong, those are funny names. (Chuckling) But never mind that now, we've finally got work!

Vector: What?! [The package opens and a walkie-talkie falls out. Vector frantically tries to grab it before it breaks.] Whoaaa!!

Unknown Client: (mystery voice) Are you Team Chaotix, the Detective Agency?

Vector: That's us. Who is this?

Unknown Client: I've heard good things about you and require your detective services on solving a mystery among recent events... And if you succeeded on solving this case, I can pay you handsomely!

[Dollar signs appear in Vector's and Charmy's eyes as they are elated by the thought of making a lot of money.]

Unknown Client: First, you gotta investigate the beach sides for any white fogs that appear in the area, there appear to be intruders of the unknown kind so figure out what they are, while discover any hostile in the area... be on the lookout for banana eating crocs known as Kremlings, so we can avoid the confusion & a scientist named Dr. Cortex & his army of scientists & his mutants... (the Kongs & Bandicoots are surprised that their arch enemies are here as well) I'm counting on you!

Coco: Sounds like you guys got a case going on.

Donkey Kong: (nodding as well, knowing that Kremlings are as much as bad news as Dr. Cortex)

Espio: I've got a bad feeling about this...

Diddy Kong: (wondering what Espio is saying is true)

Vector: Espio & Diddy, don't be silly. Besides, you know our policy! We never turn down work that pays!

Charmy: Yeah, you know our policy!

Crash: (thinking if any of the hostiles from the white fog are truly hostile, thinking they must be stopped)

Coco: You might be right, Crash. We best be sure about this one. I'll get Aku Aku to help us.

Vector: Sounds like your coming with us to help us! The more help, the better I suppose, so I guess it's water under the bridge. My name is Vector the Crocodile, this is Espio the Chameleon & Charmy the Bee. And we're Team Chaotix.

Donkey Kong: (relieved that Vector is not a part of the Kremlings of King K.Rool, while making sure they are more than enough for him to handle)

Crash: (thinking that he & Coco are more than ready to face Dr. Cortex as well)

Vector: Come on, boys. Let's go!

Charmy: Yes, sir!

[Vector heads off, with Charmy following eagerly. Espio hesitates, and then goes off with them.]

Espio: Roger!

Crash & Donkey Kong: (shake hands, thinking that if they work together, they'll be unbeatable)

Coco: (manage to summon a Tiki Mask with coloured feathers on top, known as Aku Aku)

Aku Aku: Greetings Crash & Coco. It seems as thou you have made new friends.

Charmy: (excitedly) So cool! How'd you do that?

Vector: Whoa, who is this magical mask?

Aku Aku: I am Aku Aku, I protect Crash & Coco & those who are friends to them in the past from several threats mainly Dr. Cortex. It is seem that the rumours are true, for I have sense unworldly magic throughout this new world.

Donkey Kong: (wondering what could've caused it in the first place) ?

Aku Aku: I am uncertain of the cause, but it is to believe that we must discover this unknown source to recover & contain it before it's energies become too out of control.

Diddy Kong: (seeing some Doom Vipers on the beach, surprised about them) ?!

Crash: (yelps upon seeing the robotic snakes)

Espio: ! Stay on your guard! Just what are those snakes?

Coco: I don't know, they look deadly!

Vector: You might be right... but we can't turn back now!

Unknown Client: (on walkie talkie) Consider facing off these Doom Vipers, a test run for your abilities. Be careful, their poison is not to be trifled with.

Vector: Bring it on!

Espio: Ready!

Aku Aku: Remember to work together & keep each other safe during your journey. Good luck. (Floats by Crash's side to protect him)

(Team Chaotix, the Kongs & the Bandicoots take action against the Doom Vipers, by attacking them, who quickly bites back at them, but the team barely dodges their bites & poison attacks as they steer clear from them when they attack, but quickly rushes in to attack at the Doom Vipers when they stop using poison attacks.)

(Donkey Kong slams his hands on the ground to shake the Doom Vipers to get them off balance, while sliterhing away, before he jumps & pounds them from above to get them dizzy before Diddy helps DK when he rolls into a ball while Diddy runs in place on a rolling DK like rolling a barrel to tackle at the oncoming Doom Vipers.)

Coco: Crash, let's stomp those snakes into the dirt!

(Crash & Coco quickly dodges the poison & bites from the Doom Vipers before they tornado spin attack & bounce on the Doom Vipers to quickly take care of these vicious robotic Vipers.)

Vector: (does a power slam at the Doom Vipers, while tossing nearby barrels at the Doom Vipers to knock them out cold, while barely dodging the poison fangs) Whoa! Watch where you bite with those things!

Espio: (uses camoflauge to quickly surprise attack at the Doom Vipers, who are growing more vicious & cranky, with his ninjutsu, kunais & shurikens) Be careful & stay on your guard!

Charmy: (quickly stinging the Doom Vipers with his stinger & quick flying speeds) Bad Vipers, bad! (Dodging the best he can from the bites) Yikes! You nearly bite my wings off!

(The manage to subdue the Doom Vipers with Crash bouncing on their heads to hit them into a dizzying stage for DK to quickly begin throwing multiple punches at them to punch them backwards towards a nearby Boulder, where the Doom Vipers crashed into & were knocked unconscious.)

Coco: That takes care of them for now. Now lets hurry before they wake up!

Vector: You heard the lady, let's keep going!

(The Kongs, the Bandicoots, Aku Aku & Team Chaotix continues on the best they can to begin searching, unbeknownest to them that the Kongs were being watched by a green Kremlings with a crown, red cape & a yellow leathery belly, named King K.Rool, while the Bandicoots & Aku Aku were also being watched from another area in the distance by a yellow skinned mad scientist in scientist clothing, a flat head & most notably the metallic letter "N" on his forehead, his name is Dr. Neo Cortex, or Dr. Cortex for short.)

King K.Rool: (with the Kremlings by his side) Donkey Kong of all places, you & your little buddy will submit to me once we come face to face, Croc to Kong!

Dr. Cortex: (spying on the Bandicoots & Aku Aku, near a cave with a lit match, having his own army of scientists & super animal mutants with him) Bandicoots... of course... (the light on his match goes out, leaving Cortex in the dark) D'oh!

Seaside Skullduggery (Seaside Hill/Scuttle Town)Edit

(We can see a village known as Scuttle Town that has been transfered onto the Seaside Hiil near here on the coastal line, where 4 seperate teams of heroes & villains were at the city in different parts of town.)

(With Team Sonic & Crossover Heroes)

SpongeBob: (looking around) Whoa, what is this nice town? I think Eggman mustve broadcast the message from here.

Sonic: This doesn't look like any town that I've ever seen.

Tails: The white fog is slowly vanishing, it must've made it appear somehow.

Patrick: Just like a genie! (Laughing)

Eddy: So, we gotta get that eggman & scramble his plans for good so we can get out of here!

Knuckles: Your right, we can't just stand around here...

Zaktan: Right. Stay close, we don't know what would happen.

Fluttershy: (is in shock upon seeing what is flying above them) Dr-dr-dragon?!

Twilight Sparkle: Huh? (Notices & gasps upon sawing that it is not just a dragon, it's a robotic dragon, but the Piraka suddenly recognise this) A metallic dragon?! Steampunk maybe?

Zaktan: No, it's more modern than that! That's Kardas Dragon!

Avak: Where do you think it's going?!

Sonic: (smirks) Only one way to find out.

(Team Sonic & Team Crossover begins traveling through Seaside Hill & Scuttle Town to follow the Kardas Dragon, not knowing that the Kardas Dragon is following the Plankton Alliance, who are looking for the heroes, who are smashing away at the incoming Egg Pawns & Badniks belonging to Eggman & the Duplicatotron Robots that belong to Plankton that are invading this town.)

Eddy: More robots from Plankton? Could this mean that he's here?!

Plankton: You bet your cerebral cortex were here! (Approaches with Vezon, Krekka, Nidhiki, the Kankers & the Dazzlings) Now we finally get to pick up where we left off!

SpongeBob & Patrick: Plankton?!

The Eds: Kankers?!

Zaktan: Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki?!

Twilight Sparkle: The Dazzlings too?!

Applejack: Are they from the human world that they are banished too?

Adagio Dazzle: (seeing the Mane 6 in anger) Yes, we haven't forgotten that you drain us from our power! Now it's time we return the favour!

Vezon: This is why we will settle our rematch, here & now!

(Suddenly they heard a loud roar, coming from the Kardas Dragon that descends to the ground in anger on both parties involved.)

Vezon: Fenrakk / Kardas Dragon?! Is that you? This is just keeps getting better & better!

Eddy: What?! They have a robotic dragon? Are you kidding me?!

SpongeBob: (seeing a few figures slowly disappearing in the distance, but has 2 armoured Mobian with it) ?! Who's that?

Vezok: I think we need to deal with this problem first!

(The Kardas Dragon begins chasing the heroes & villains out of Scuttle Town, while setting it ablaze with it's fire breathe.)

Hakann: FIRE!

Rainbow Dash: SpongeBob! Vezok! Time for a little weather report!

Edd: Everyone, we must evacuate immediately! (Helping the citizens evacuate the city with Team Sonic's help, with SpongeBob & Vezok help soak the city with their water abilities & powers by SpongeBob's water absorbing power & Vezok's water harpoon, while Rainbow Dash provides the rain clouds to rain on the city to put out the fires as well.)

Rainbow Dash: Ok, i think we should be safe...!

Nidhiki: We'll show you a thing or two! Vezon! Tame this pet of yours into our ranks!

Vezon: (jumps on Kardas Dragon's back) My pleasure! Sick'em boy!

(The Kardas Dragon begins to battle against Team Sonic & the Crossover Heroes, who begins fighting back against the robotic behemoth. Team Sonic tries aiming at the wings to attack the dragon there, while the Crossover Heroes & Crossover Villains take each other on respectively, only with Plankton by Krekka's side since Vezon is busy taking on Team Sonic with Kardas Dragon)

(SpongeBob, Patrick & the Piraka take on Plankton, Krekka & Nidhiki, trying to clobber at each other, while SpongeBob karate chops at them, seeing the Eds try to distance themselves from the Kankers.)

SpongeBob: (As he & Patrick try to swat at Plankton, while dodging his laser gun's firepower) Eds! Your tougher than these Kankers!

Eddy: (throws stink bomb at Lee & Marie, saving Edd) Easy for you to say! This isn't Valentines' Day!

Ed: Gross! (Headbutts at May)

(The Mane 6 & Dazzlings got into a magical duel against each other with magic beams & pony magic & siren magic flying.)

Twilight Sparkle: Me & my friends from the human world have beaten you once! Me & my friends in Equestria can stop you just the same!

Aria Blaze: Oh we like to see you try! (Blasts sonic waves at the Mane 6, who barely dodges)

Sonic: (spindashing at the Kardas Dragon with Tails & Knuckles' help) Whoa, you dragon's got firepower! We can bring more heat than that!

Vezon: (slashing at Team Sonic) I'm going to cut your friendship loose like a rope bridge that is about to crumble to the depths of the ocean!

Rainbow Dash: (flies up, but then begins to notice something strange) Hm? (She spots a Nui Rama taking the golden Mask of Life & a red rock, which is a whole Nui stone to the 2nd Dark Hunters) Whowever these guys are, they look like trouble. (Quickly ducks from a Kardos Dragon swoop) Whoa!

Eddy: Hey! What are ya, praising the sun? A little help would be useful right about now!

Rainbow Dash: (speeds off after the Plankton Alliance) Oh right!

Plankton: (looks around) Hey, where's the newest recruit, Jack-7 when you need it?

(With Team Dark & Team Madness)

Hank: (looking through binoculars on seeing Scuttle Town in Seaside Hill) This should suffice on our first leg of the race.

Shadow: What do you think that town is doing here in the middle of this area?

Rouge: Don't know, but I bet it must have a lot of jewels there.

Sanford: Stay focused on finding the Agency & Eggman, ok?

E-123 Omega: (seeing the Grunts & Agents, ravaging the village for clues on where they are) Enemies detected in 50 meters...

Deimos: (seeing shadowed figures that belong to the Rahkshi) Who's that? Could they be...?

Hank: Your darn right they are, come on!

(Team Dark & Team Madness moves in to take on the Grunts & Agents, while the townspeople duck for cover as a brawl ensued in the town square, to chase after the Rahkshi.)

Turahk: (growls) Are you the one playing games with our agency?

Hank: You don't even belong in this agency to begin with... who are you?

Turahk: (get himself ready with the Rahkshi) We're the Rahkshi, I'm Turahk, this is Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk & were calling the shots for the agency now! You will have a reason to fear us!

E-123 Omega: New leaders of Agency will be destroyed for I am Omega!

Deimos: (gets ready with Hank, Sanford & Team Dark) Bring it on Rahkshi! After the scars we've seen, you don't scare us!

(Both team battle each other with Hank vs Turahk, Sanford vs. Vorahk, Deimos vs. Kurahk, Shadow vs Lerahk, Rouge vs. Guurahk & E-123 Omega vs Panrahk in a 6 on 6 fight against each other, while the heroes try to fend off the Agency's grunts & agents.)

Hank: This agency will be the death of you!

Turahk: (screechs at Hank with Kraata inside his metallic head, before he closes) Never! You will learn fear! (Blasting fear beams at Hank, who he barely dodges & shooting bullets at Turahk, barely getting hit) (growling)

Rouge: (drill kicks at Guurahk, who blocks the attack with her staff) You got skill, but I'm just better.

Guurahk: (female voice, indiciating that Guurahk's a woman) Still trying to be better than me, Bat girl?

Rouge: (smirks) Not trying to, I just did.

Guurahk: (slaps Rouge in response to that insult) Don't you talk smack to me, sister!

(Rouge suddenly slaps Guurahk back that sparks an all out catfight between the two females, which is in a frenzy.)

Sanford & Deimos: (using their teamwork the best they can to try & takedown Vorahk & Kurahk, while dodging their beams & slashes) ?!

Deimos: Get out of the way already! (shooting his dual Uzis at Kurahk)

Kurahk: No thank you...! I am good where I am...!

Shadow & E-123 Omega: (openfire at Lerahk & Panrahk, trying to shoot poison & fragmatation beams at the two, while they quickly dodge the best they can, with Shadow's Chaos Control to teleport attack Lerahk from behind, while Omega uses rocket power to barely dodge & ram at Panrahk)

Lerahk: Hey! (Got hit from behind)

Panrahk: (trying to push Omega back) (growls) Agency! We need back up!

Shadow: Guah! (Got smacked by a stop sign, wield by a zombie clown emerging from the ground)

Tricky: (snatches the Chaos Emerald) I'll take over now! Bye bye! (Speeds away taking the Chaos Emerald to the 2nd Dark Hunters, with the Nui Rama are taking the boombox)

Hank: Is that...?! (Quickly clashed Turahk by pulling out a blade)

Rouge: (struggling against Guurahk) Seems like we have to be on our guard once those guys were around.

Shadow: (turn to the Rahkshi, disdained about this feeble attempt, while surprised that a zombie clown stole his chaos emerald from him) Is this suppose to be humourous?

Panrahk: Hey! That zombie clown didn't belong to us & even if their from a different world, we have nothing to do with this!

Hank: Tricky of all people is here?! This is never a good sign!

Sanford: Seems like we got more questions than answers! Could he be linked to the Doctor?

Hank: Whatever's going on, Eggman seriously needs to talk once we catch him in the act.

(With Team Rose, Shantae's group & Team Lilac)

Shantae: (notices the Scuttle Town) Our town! It's here!

Uncle Mimic: How is it that our entire town made it all the way out here?

Sash Lilac: (notices Tinkerbats stealing the treasures & plundering the loot) Look! More Tinkerbats!

Amy Rose: Those pirate creeps never give up, do they?

Carol Tea: (notices a shiny rectangular gem that one Tinker Bat had, which is a Sol Emerald) Hey, you Bucaneer bozos! Leave this entire town alone!

Cream: We have to save the people Quickly!

Milla: You might be right Cream! We can get these Tinkerbats out of this town quickly & save the innocent!

Sky: Come on, we've got no time to lose!

Bolo: Hope that extra physical training paid off.

Shantae: Right, let's go!

(Team Rose, Shantae's group & Team Lilac rushes into the danger to defeat as many Tinkerbats as possible with their teamwork & their combined might, while trying to find Risky Boots around here to find out some answers.)

Rottytops: Yay! Off to adventure!

(The group quickly rush to the docks while getting the people to safety, while taking out more Tinkerbats along the way.)

Milla Basset: I think we got everyone to safety.

Sash Lilac: It might distance us from any pursuers.

Shantae: Right. That leaves us with... (notices a certain pirate ship approaching to the group, revealing to be a mechanised Pirate Ship commanded by Risky Boots) Risky Boots!

Amy Rose: So that's Risky?

Cream: She seems very bad.

Big: I don't like those that tease or hurt my friends! It's not nice!

Risky Boots: So the little genie brat has made new friends, a pity that they will have to suffer what I have to offer. So no more fun & games, I have a lot of business to attend to. (holding the stolen treasures in the chest, plus the Sol Emerald)

Milla Basset: Hey! Give those back!

Uncle Mimic: Return the treasures to their rightful owners!

Rottytops: You still owe me & my brothers from the promise you broke!

Sash Lilac: You know as well as I know that thievery is against the law.

Risky Boots: You don't seem happy to see me. With the history of the Red Scarves, your the one to talk.

Carol Tea: We'd rather be called traitors than murderers!

Bolo: Wait, Red Scarves?

Sash Lilac: Its a long story since they left us with no choice!

Risky Boots: And since you won't back off, then you leave ME with no choice! Besides, with this new world I've stumbled upon, this will expand my conquest on the oceans as Ruler of not just the Seaquin Lands, but all of the Seven Seas! (Laughing)

Neera Li: By order of the STPD, your coming with us! Otherwise I'd freeze your ship in the frozen sea!

Risky Boots: Then you'll have to catch me first, that is, if your willing to escape my TinkerMech!

Shantae: What ever happened to the other Tinker Tubs, incouding the Tinkerslug? Also known as the P.O.O.P.T.O.O.T.

Carol Tea: (giggling) Girl, what?! (Laughing) That's too funny!

Risky Boots: Don't you dare call the Tinkerslug by that name! At least now the TinkerMech, known as the TinkerTub Mark IV will be more of a challenge! Lock & load, Tinkerbats!

(Team Rose, Shantae's group & Team Lilac get themselves ready to fight Risky Boots' TinkerMech together, unaware of the allied Doom Vipers watching the group battle against the TinkerMech.)

Risky Boots: FIRE! (Blasting cannonballs at the heroes, while they quickly dodge the best they can)

Uncle Mimic: Oh my! I'm getting too old for this! (Seeing a couple of explosive barrels to be used & gets an idea) Everyone...! I have an idea!

Shantae: Barrels! Sweet...!

Sash Lilac: (quickly Dragon boosting at the oncoming Tinkerbats while Carol & Milla pitch in to help the dragon girl) We'll keep the TinkerBats occupied, please hurry!

Shantae: Everyone quick! Grab every barrel you can & toss it at them!

(Team Rose & Shantae's group quickly grab their barrels one at a time to toss them at the TinkerMech to quickly trying to damage it the best they can, while Shantae hairwhips the cannonballs back at the TinkerMech & TinkerBats quickly)

Amy Rose: (uses her Piko Hammer to help Shantae smack the Cannonballs back at the TinkerMech) Batter up!

Big: (holding two explosive barrels & tosses them at Risky Boots) My turn...!

Bolo: Whoa! Sweet shot!

Big: Thank you...

Risky Boots: (barely dodging the barrels, but also hurting the TinkerMech) (growls) Keep firing! (Launching more fiery cannonballs at the heroes, who they quickly manage to dodge barely)

Milla: Eep! (Quickly summons a shield with lots of green cubes to turn them into a big shield for the group, struggling to hold on) She looks mad!

Sky: Keep going! We can't give up now!

Cheese: (suddenly spots 3 Nui Rama, carrying 3 items, a large blue gemstone, the Kingdom Stone, which it was created from the sparks of the kingdom spiral, a Genie Lamp & 3 Magic Seals to the 2nd Dark Hunters) (surprised on seeing them, remembering his encounter with Makuta Krika) ! Chao Chao!

Cream: (dodges with Cheese) Cheese? Is everything ok?

Cheese: Chao Chao...

Shantae: You can explain it to us right after we deal with Risky Boots.

Sash Lilac: Alright then. Makes me wonder what has gotten Cheese a bit scared.

(With Team Chaotix, the Kongs & the Bandicoots)

Donkey Kong & Crash: (confused on what this place is)

Aku Aku: Be careful now, a new place is not only a new discovery, but it could also mean that it could be dangerous.

Vector: So it looks like we'll just have to examine around this place for any Kremlings or scientists or mutants in the area?

Unknown Client: (on walkie talkie) Exactly, make sure that you collect samples of that white fog while your at it. It could be valuable information on what it could be.

Coco: I couldn't said it better myself. (Seeing Kremlings & scientists & mutants here) Look! We've got company!

Crash: (nodding as he gets ready, chuckling with delight)

Espio: Then let's stay on our toes!

Charmy: Come at us! We can take you all out! (dives in to attack at the enemies)

Vector: (facepalms as Diddy chuckles a bit) Charmy, what am I going to do with you?

(Team Chaotix, the Kongs & the Bandicoots quickly rush in to investigate Scuttle Town, while collect white fog samples in jars & also take down any incoming Kremlings & enemy scientists & mutants along the way, while Aku Aku provides protection for Crash, Coco & the others incase they get hurt.)

Coco: (having collected enough jars of white fog, which looks like white energy) Wait, that's no ordinary fog. No fog should able to transfer one place to another.

Aku Aku: (feeling an evil presence approaching)

Crash: (wondering if Aku Aku & Espio are ok) ?

Espio: (sensing something approaching) And you are? (The group turns to see the Mutant Ussal Crab caught by King K.Rool & Dr. Cortex)

King K.Rool: Welcome back... Donkey Kong!

Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong: (were in complete shock to see King K.Rool really is here, same with the Bandicoots surprised to see Cortex is here too)

Dr. Cortex: (with an insane Cyborg scientist with a rocket attatched to his head N.Gin & the dark Tiki mask, Uka Uka) Well, well, well, Crash, Coco & Aku Aku. Seems like you walked right into our clutches!

N.Gin: Plus, with new places to see & new mutants to discover! We could spread an entirely new seeds of EVIL! Like this robotic crab for example!

Uka Uka: Yes, it holds great potential, now we will able to use it with full force!

Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong: (thinking that taking control of another worldly being is wrong) !

King K.Rool: Oh cry me a river! In the meantime... (having stolen the bananas since the Kongs left) You should've stayed at your post!

(The Kongs now visibly angry gets ready with the Bandicoots & Team Chaotix to take on the controlled Ussal Crab for it's freedom from King K.Rool & Cortex. The Ussal Crab begins slashing & pinching his large mechanical claws at the team who quickly dodges, while Donkey Kong & Diddy quickly jumps & bounce on the joint of the left claw to loosen the bolts a bit more, while Crash & Coco did the same on the Right claw, avoiding the huge pinchers.)

Coco: Sorry!

King K.Rool: (seeing Team Chaotix jumping up from the Kongs & Bandicoots to slam dunk at the Ussal Crab's back) Kremlings! Stop them quick!

(The Kremlings & scientists quickly charge forward, while the Kongs & Bandicoots quickly take them on, while Team Chaotix avoid more of the crabs pincher attacks while dodging Cortex's laser gun & King K.Rool's crown toss)

Vector: Whoa! We need to hurry this up! Those guys aren't fooling around...!

Dr. N.Gin: Oh you will get the delicious burnings! (Enhance the aggressive level on the Ussal Crab to more heavy metal mode while bringing more Ussal Crabs to make a tower out of crabs while trying to pinch & snap at them) (insanely) LET'S JUST DANCE, BABY!

Charmy: (dodging Cortex's land mine tosses & King K.Rool's Cannonball blaster) Whoa! This is insane!

Aku Aku: (keeping the team protected, while being summoned twice) Steady everyone! We don't know what might happen!

Charmy: (spotting a Nui Rama taking the purple crystal, a Power Crystal & a crystal coconut to the 2nd Dark Hunters) Like a beast taking a shiny crystal & coconut to a group of shady people?

Coco: (are surprised with Vector, Espio, Crash, the Kongs) Wait what?!

King K.Rool: Coconut? As in the Crystal Coconut?!

Dr. Cortex: And a Power Crystal?! Give it to me!

Vector: (as the group continue to fight against Dr. Cortex's group & the Kremlings) If it were a mystery, I'd say it's a clue to something larger.

(At another part of Scuttle Town in Seaside Hill)

(Amphibax is seen with Makuta Krika & other member of the Dark Hunters, like the large dark grey & white furry beast with blue eyes with black armour & mask, known as the Storm Creature, a minion of the Storm King from the MLP:FIM universe, next is a green & silver dark hunter that is a former Toa of air, named Spinner, a water hating brown matoran warrior king with spikes & a double bladed staff of his own, known as Conjurer, the red dark hunter with fire powers known as Firedracax, the blue & gold veteran dark hunter & the oldest of the group, known as Ancient. And a tall silver, red & blue being that likes to keep secrets hidden from others other than the Dark Hunters, named Guardian. And they are all searching for the gemstones, the Chaos Emeralds while the guards & other Dark Hunters keep them protected. The other Dark Hunters were a skinny grey, blue & gold was a former onu matoran named Subterranean, a black & red mutated Kraata with multiple arms & more powerful Rahkshi armour, named Kraata-Kal & finally a powerful silver & green dark hunter who lost his memories, but wields a sword & shield, named Ravager, a blue experiment of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Minion & an insane & violent Mutant fusion of Fire & Earth, named Prototype.)

(We can also see that there are also the Barons of Sequin Land, a giant red squid named Squid Baron, a one eyed hulking cyclops dressed in blue as an army general named Ammo Baron, a small lizardman in dark purple clothing & black cape with a metallic helmet, as an engineer named Techno Baron & a skeleton in dark robes named Hypno Baron. Even more with the Rogue Agency's of Grunts, Agents, Engineers, Soldats, Riot Guards & Mag Agents Torture V4, V5 & N, the holy savior himself, a large undead white & purple skeleton pirate in dark pirate clothes name the Pirate Master, who are all working for the 2nd Dark Hunters, with 4 each of the 4 royal guards from Mobotropolis came to aid the 6 Dark Hunters on the search for the Emeralds.)

Amphibax: (scaring the Mayor) If you know what's good for you, you will tell us where the Chaos Emeralds are?

Mayor: (a bit shakened) I told you... I don't know any chaos emeralds or other objects you speak of!

Conjurer: (growls) I hate so much water. Why do the Emeralds happen to be here?

Ancient: Be patient, we have recent words from our bosses that a Chaos Emerald is somewhere around here. And we know it that their here.

Firedracax: This better be worth the search & the wait, I feel that these locations hide any objects of importance to our current plan.

Guardian: There can only be two here. So we must act fast...

Kraata Kal: Hate to break this up, but we need to move since we've got company. (Points to the 4 battles on 4 different parts of the town in Seaside Hill)

Amphibax: (as the Mayor secretly calls Shantae & the others for help with a press of a warning button) Of course, the Crossover Heroes & Plankton Alliance, plus 3 other groups that are recently here! We can't let them ruin everything! But, it's best we decided to leave them be for now if they're having a long fight. However, as for our sneaky unwanted guest, let's leave him be with other friends.

Tricky: (comes in to give the Chaos Emerald) Here you go, one Chaos Emeralds coming right up.

Amphibax: Thank you. Only 6 more to go.

Mayor: (in thought: Inxay, on the Genie kay? Please help.)

Makuta Krika: (staying invisible while knowing this could spell trouble for us if we don't hurry) ...

Amphibax: Storm Minion, release them...!

Storm Minion: (nodding as he releases the 4 screeching bug Type rahi known as the Niazesk out on each team hero & Villains)

(4 Niazesk, rushes out while leading army hordes of many Rahi, like blue lizard Tarakava, black tiger Muaka, black buffalo Kane-Ra, lightblue scorpion Nui-Jaga, orange insect Nui-Rama & many different coloured Visorahk of red, blue, green, brown, black & white & former Black Arms aliens, former Blackguard Pirate Robots & a Horde of Piratebats & Heartless Star(Pureblood) Shadows to guard at the end of Seaside Hill/Scuttle Town.)

Royal Guards: (hoping that the Dark Hunters know what they are doing with this search, feeling doubtful about their actions)

(Having been secretly overhearing their conversations, Jack-7 quickly rush back to warn the Plankton Alliance quickly, however he stops upon sensing 4 Niazesk, a golden, silver & blue savage named "Botar" who was from an unknown race, along with another ancient blue, green & gold being with a double bladed staff named "Umbra", along with Icarax, the Rogue Agency, a blue shark like Meterax known as the Gillman's Boss, Barons of Sequin Land, Drophyds & the Space Pirates all prepared for battle. Meaning Amphibax know of Jack's 7 presence & they decided to leave him to his "other friends".)

Botar: (as the Nui-Ramas take the citizens safely into the Airships from the Bionicle dimension) And where do you think you're going?

Squid Baron: Hey! Who do you think you are?

Jack-7: I have nothing to say to you. But if you wish to get in my way, then I won't hold back.

Squid Baron: (happily) Awesome! I can get to be in a boss fight in this show! Sweet! Now you'd be surprised on my new moves!

Jack-7: Is he always acting like this?

Hypno Baron: (sighs) Ever since he's been beatened by the Half-Genie Hero, then yes, You'll get use to it. But nonetheless, your not going anywhere.

Squid Baron: (now determined) You got that right! Somebody lay down a beat!

(Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMix - Dance to the Death Theme plays as the battle begins, while the rest of the heroes and villains remain fighting each other.)

Hypno Baron: I'll work on something that is definitely worth the wait. (begins to leave) I'll be right back.

Ammo Baron: Your about to become spare parts for my machines! I'll turn you into a living tank!

Jack-7: (noticing the group is about to engage) Big trouble now...! Engaging battle mode! (Gets himself ready for combat)

(Back with Team Sonic, Team Crossovers & the Plankton Alliance)

(Kardas Dragon is enraged while taking a fair amount of damage, while trying to stay airborne, while blasting more fireballs at the Heroes, who barely dodges the attacks.)

Vezon: We almost got them on the ropes!

SpongeBob: (hearing lots of screaming with both teams) What's that?

Krekka: (confused) What's going on here?

Applejack: It's coming from... (spots the citizens been taken away by the Nui-Rama & Pureblood Heartless Star Shadows) There!

Patrick: (surprised) Heartless!

Vezok: Nui-Rama with them too?

Eddy: Why can't we ever catch a break?

Sonic: Oh man, we gotta go rescue them before their done for!

Plankton: Hold on. Wait a minute. Heartless? What kind of sick joke is this?

Edd: Now's not the time for this! Innocent lives are at risk!

Tails: Youre unbelievable... we can't risk people getting kidnapped like this!

Vezon: What are you talking about? It sounds like you know something about these Heartless than we don't. You better start explaining yourselves!

Rainbow Dash: We have a better idea... we suggest you get out of our way! (Team Sonic & SpongeBob's Team hurries off after the Nui-Rama & Heartless)

Ed: Scuttle Town's not their salad bar!

Aria Blaze: Hey! Our fight's this way! (Sighs) And your gone again... Shoot.

May Kanker: What is this, some kind of fairy tale?

Nidhiki: This is getting ridiculous. We haven't heard from Jack-7 & my possible theory that he's still in town.

Sonata Dusk: We gotta go there too. Jack-7 needs saving. He's our teammate too.

Plankton: (as the Plankton Alliances ride their Kardas Dragon to Scuttle Town) (sighs) Fine. I suppose we should join them. But they better have answers by the time we arrive.

(With Team Madness & Team Dark & the Rahkshi)

Lerahk: (trying to clash with Shadow's teleport attacks, while barely managing to hang on) Quit it with the teleporting!

Deimos: (seeing more Grunts & Agents with A.T.P. Engineers in black swat like uniform & Yellow see through masks) Oh no, now they brought the engineers into the mix!

Sanford: (hearing screaming while clashing with Vorahk) Did you hear that?

Vorahk: We can hear only the sounds of your defeat...!

Sanford: (pushes Vorahk) Everyone just shut up for a moment!

(Both teams stop for a moment to hear the citizens of Scuttle Town screaming while they've been taken away by Nui-Rama & Heartless)

Kurahk: What are those things?

E-123 Omega: Sensors identified these creatures are 100% Hostile & they must be destroyed!

Hank: Is this more of your reinforcements, Rahkshi?

Turahk: (annoyed) How dare you! Don't you dare play dumb with me? We have nothing to do with this!

Rouge: That's a likely story... and you know how stubborn Shadow can get.

Sanford: Change of plans, were saving the townspeople! And we'll deal with you Rahkshi later. (Team Dark & Team Madness hurries off to save the townspeople)

Guurahk: (as the Rahkshi & Agency give chase) Oh no you don't! We're not finished yet!

Panrahk: Get back here, were not done destroying you yet!

(With Team Rose, Shantae's group, Team Lilac & Risky Boots)

Risky Boots: (had her TinkerMech with fair amount of damage by the heroes after some time) Dance til your drop, cause I'm not letting you get away from me this time!

Sash Lilac: (quickly dodging more cannonballs) That TinkerMech is very strong... but we can't let her escape!

Shantae: Just a few more explosive barrels should do it.

Risky Boots: (growls) This will fix you! (Blasts at the team trying to blow them to pieces with a Cannon ball) Ha! (Notices the group are missing) What the...?

(Risky hears the group, climbing on board the TinkerMech, also known as the TinkerTub MK IV.)

Carol Tea: (climbing up) Get the Namek down from there!

Cheese: (in surprise upon seeing something in the distance, similar to what he had seen) Chao Chao Chao!

Bolo: Uh, girls? I don't speak Chao either, what is he...?

Rottytops: (notices a horde of Tinkerbats) Is this a party? Cause they're gonna crash it...!

(The group were surprised to see more Tinkerbats charging forward in full agression.)

Milla Basset: (yelps in a panic, while Risky Boots quickly pull the team aboard, blasting more raging fiery cannonballs at the oncoming Tinkerbats) More Tinkerbats!

Neera Li: Stay strong everyone!

Uncle Mimic: Oh my goodness!

Risky Boots: (to the Tinker Bats) Don't just stand there, hoist the main sail & knock them overboard!

Rottytops: (seeing the Tinkerbats trying to knock the group overboard, slashing spare pirate swords at the Tinkerbats to kick them out of the TinkerTub) The power of the Black Pearl compels you!

Amy Rose: (smacking her large Piko Hammer at the oncoming Tinkerbats) Get back! There's too many!

(Suddenly, a fiery figure blazes through the Tinker Bats, burning them down a path for herself to jump & land on the ship, revealing to be a lavender mobian cat with gold eyes, a white muzzle, her inner ears are peach colored and the tip of her long tail dark purple. Her fur is longer on each side of her head and sweeps slightly upwards. She has four plumes of "hair" done up in a high ponytail with dark purple tips. For attire, she wears a long, purple, flared, mantle-like coat of sorts with a dark pink hemline, white tights, a gold collar, a red hairband and a similarily red gem on her forehead. She also wears white gloves with fuzzy cuffs and high heeled, dark pink shoes with white stripes and also fuzzy cuffs. Her name is Blaze the Cat, of the Sol Zone Dimension.)

Blaze The Cat: (having burnt through a majority of the Tinker Bats into a crisp) If your hunting for the Sol Emerald or even think of hurting the innocent with the numbers advantage, I'd suggest you back off. Now.

Cream: (recognising Blaze from her earlier days with her) Oh my, is that...?

Sky: (as Milla deflects as many pirate swords back at the Tinkerbats) Quickly, while they're distracted, go go go!

(Shantae's group & Team Lilac quickly swat the Tinkerbats out to the sky.)

Shantae: (does a belly dance transformation) Transform! (Transforms into a white & blue harpy form, launching sharp harpy talons at the Tinkerbats) Stay back! These Tinkerbats have no business invading Scuttle Town! Go fight somewhere else! (Lashes out multiple Harpy Talons to stab the many Tinkerbats down)

Amy Rose: (seeing that she, Cream & Big have no choice) Time to show them some Flower Power!

(Meanwhile Team Rose, tries to resort to their Team Blast, Flower Festival, in term Big bounces Amy and Cream, who are curled into balls, around on the top of his umbrella while he is twirling it. Big then quickly lifts up his umbrella, throwing Amy and Cream slightly up into the air. After that, Amy lands and balances on top of Big's umbrella while joining hands with Cream so that Cream stands upside-down, and the two strike a pose while Big lifts up his umbrella and dances as high as possible and strikes a pose as well. As Cheese then circles around them, the group releases an explosion of flowers at their enemies with a fiery flare from Blaze, taking the Tinkerbats down in a daze, causing the few remaining ones to retreat.)

Risky Boots: Your very stubborn, I'll give you that... you manage to get the upper hand, but I never expected a pussy cat to interfere.

Blaze: Well basically I am the guardian of the Sol Emeralds, like the one your holding.

Risky Boots: You mean this?

Blaze the Cat: Yes, so I suggest you Hand it's over nice & easy & I'll be on my way.

Sash Lilac: It's a good thing for came for us, ma'am.

Milla Basset: Were very grateful that you rescued us.

Blaze: I appreciate your kindness, but all I'm here is for the Sol Emerald.

Amy Rose: Wait, Blaze is that you?

Blaze the Cat: (turns to Amy, Cream & Big) Amy & Cream, it is good to see you two & your big friend.

Big: (waving hello) Hi.

Shantae: (transforms back to her normal self) I'm glad that we have more friends along with us. My name is Shantae, this is Sky, Bolo, Rottytops & my Uncle Mimic.

Sash Lilac: I'm Sash Lilac, but you can call me Lilac. This is Carol, Milla & Neera Li.

Neera Li: Pleasure is all mine.

Blaze the Cat: (as Risky Boots begin to notice some kidnappings in town, surprisingly the Heartless, a bit horrified thinking that "he" has returned) Likewise. I must be leaving now, good day.

Risky Boots: Hold on! What about our newest situation we're in now?

Bolo: What are you talking about? This isn't another one of your dirty tricks?

Risky Boots: (make the group turn to see Scuttle Town) Then what you call that?

Shantae: (looks alarmed) Oh No! The citizens are getting kidnapped!

Carol Tea: What are those robotic tigers? And especially the dark creepy guys over there?

Risky Boots: I fear that he has returned!

Shantae: But didn't we beat him & break the curse long ago?!

Risky Boots: Yes, but how did he came back is the question.

Sash Lilac: Hold on, who are you referring to?

Risky Boots: I'll explain along the way. I'm afraid we'll have to work together on this to stop his return.

Uncle Mimic: I'm afraid she's right. We're trying to solve the mysteries of the white fog, but it ended more than what we bargained for when these creatures recently attacked us.

Amy Rose: You gotta help us! We're trying to find Sonic to get some answers, wouldn't we all & yet, here we all are.

Blaze the Cat: (sighs) Seems like I'll have to help you clean up the mess. But the question is, who is responsible for this?

Risky Boots: That's what we're about to find out.

Rottytops: Yet these guys are like wild robotic animals & dark creepy crawlies back there! Shouldn't we stay on our toes incase they tried to chew on our brains?

Sky: (turn to Rottytops, feeling a bit suspeciois) That sounded like you something do. (Rottytops stick her tounge out at Sky)

Shantae: Regardless, we need to figure this out quickly before they come back! So come on, let's hoist the main snail & set out for allies on the open sea!

Carol Tea: (turn to Bolo & Risky Boots) Is she always talk in pirate?

Bolo: No idea. (Shrugs)

Risky Boots: You get use to it. (Sighs) At least she's like her mother, only shorter.

Blaze the Cat: Very well then, I shall accept your offer for now.

Cream: (cuddles Blaze) Thank you Miss Blaze...

(Team Rose, Shantae's Group, Team Lilac, Blaze & Risky Boots set sail on the TinkerTub MKIV together to hurry back to Scuttle Town to stop the Nui-Rama & the Heartless before they search for help around Grand Metropolis / Inkopolis.)

(With Team Chaotix, the Kongs, the Bandicoots & the Kremlings & Cortex's group)

(The group manages to break the devices, which cause the Ussal Crab to break free from Cortex's control & crawl away into the ocean sea.)

Dr. Cortex: (annoyed by their defeat) Darn you Crash Bandicoot! We'll make sure you will be terminated!

Coco: Try as you might Cortex & K.Rool, were not letting you win! (The group hear Crash & Diddy yelps & they turn to see Nui-Rama & Heartless kidnapping citizens) What was that?!

Aku Aku: (hearing the screams of citizens that are taken by the heartless stars and nui-ramas) ?!

Dr. Cortex: Holey Canoloney! (hide behind N.Gin) Just what are they?!

Aku Aku: Everyone! We've got even more company & they're not friendly!

Espio: (as Crash was terrified, while Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong were surprised & yet determined) What are they?!

King K.Rool: Just what is going on?!

Vector: Yikes! They don't like they want to play!

Unknown Client: (on communicator, while the Kremlings quickly join in the fight, while the super animal mutants of Cortex handle the heartless stars and nui-ramas better than the scientists who were just throwing burning potions at the heartless stars and nui-ramas) Just what is going on?!

Coco: (as Crash summons Aku Aku thrice, same with Cortex summon Uka Uka 3 times for both Crash & Cortex to get invincibility temporarily to ram through the Rahi & Heartless to make a clear path for the group back into town) A ruthless bunch of robotic creatures & dark Monsters are kiddnapping everyone in town without warning!

Unknown Client: (on communicator, as N.Gin, blasting turrets at the Rahi & Heartless, with N.Gin laughing insaley) Change of plans, you need to save those people & the entire town & escape from their wrath as soon as possible!

Espio: Right, we got what we came for, our only option is to save these citizens quickly which means we'll have to live to fight another day!

Charmy: Run for it! (The Kings, Bandicoots & Chaotix hurry into town quickly)

Cortex: (as a giant orange Tasmanian tiger with sharp fangs, huge upper body muscles, spiked shoulder pads, metal bracelets, a green leopard loincloth & red sneakers rushes in to stomp & ram at the Rahi down with his strength. His name is Tiny Tiger.) Hey! Where do think you're going?!

UKa Uka: This is getting ridiculous! Just who are these evil upstarts?!

Klump: They're unlike anything I have seen before sir.

Krusha: Should we help them?

King K.Rool: And why we do that working with our most hated enemies?

Klump: They could be problematic to our plans of conquest, sir.

Dr. Cortex: (growls a bit, while the Cortex Army & Kremlings follow suite) I can't believe that we're doing this.

(Back with Jack-7)

(After the fight between Jack-7 and other army hordes, the barrier disappeared, with Jack-7 emerging as the victor, who sees a large bulky skeleton with claws in purple pirate gear named the Pirate Master.)

Pirate Master: (with The Savior, Tricky, Rogue Agency, Icarax, Botar, Umbra, Gillman's Boss, Drophyds, Space Pirates and Cragmites) You're quite strong. You finished off our Army horde already. Whoever created you or at least found out viewed you as a most valuable asset.

Jack-7: I am still requesting answers from you on what you are planning. And what are these dark creatures?

The Savior: That is another story, my friend. But even if we knew, it's never safe to share this with anyone.

Icarax: Meaning we have nothing to say to you.

Jack-7: Why is that?

Botar: You'll see soon enough. (Turn to 24 Royal Guards of mobotropolis, Amphibax, Storm Minion, "Conjurer", Firedracax, "Ancient", "Guardian", "Spinner", "Prototype", "Minion", "Subterranean", "Kraata-Kal", "Ravager" and Makuta Krika) Please leave to the next work. Storbvearn is there manipulating someone there right now.

(37 of them left into the forest to the next world to find another Chaos Emerald from there & assist Storbvearn.)

Jack-7: Storbvearn? Explain yourself. Who are you people?

Umbra: (hear someone coming) Pirate Master? We've got company.

Pirate Master: (seeing the Mayor of Scuttle Town try to scurry away) (snickers) I wouldn't imagine that he would come in handy this way... (quickly grabs at the Scuttle Town Mayor)

Plankton: (as the heroes & some villains came to Jack-7's aid) Jack-7!

Sonic: (as Some of the Nui-Ramas successfully took them to the airship) Hey, hold on. Your not Eggman, who are you guys?

Zaktan: (noticing a couple beings with the group) (surprised with the Piraka, recognising them as former members of the 1st Dark Hunters, unbeknownst of the 2nd Dark Hunters) These creatures are with them of all people?!

Icarax: Ah, so you must be the 6 Skakdi known as the Piraka, along with your little lapdogs!

Milla Basset: Actually, I'm a basset hound.

Hank: Tricky & the Saviour together? Since when have you teamed up? Last I check, This Clown killed you.

The Saviour: Hank, despite everything that is happened between me & the clown & I detest the thought of him losing control, but our in goals are one in the same.

Shadow: You have something that doesn't belong to you. Hand over the Chaos Emerald! I won't take no for an answer!

Tricky: Neither do we! Finders keepers! You couldn't keep up even if you try!

Sonic: Care to test that theory, slappy?

Sanford: It is a strange feeling seeing these two working together. What do you think had caused them to work together?

Hank: That's what we're gonna find out.

Shantae: (gasps while in shock with Risky) Even the Pirate Master's back?!

Risky Boots: But how?!

Pirate Master: (holds out his sword before he aims on the Mayor's face) That's none of your concern, you brats. Not one more step or I'll gut the mayor like a fish!

Sash Lilac: Let him go & leave this town alone! You have no business being here!

Vezon: If you are truly responsible for interrupting our fight & trying to destroy our newest recruit, Jack-7, then you have some nerve.

SpongeBob: What's all this about? We're about to put a stop to Eggman's plans!

Pirate Master: We have nothing to say to you! Now you'll bow to us. (After a few seconds of silence, someone jumped in & attacked him) What?!

(The music "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix -Vim and Vigor- Extended" plays as Bolo and Mimic took the Mayor of Scuttle Town inside a building, closing & locking the doors.)

Sky: Bolo! Mimic!

Bolo: Hurry! Get inside! We'll handle the rest!

Carol Tea: Sweet moves you guys!

Sky: Finally, Bolo did something useful for once.

Bolo: (offended) Hey!

Sash Lilac: (as Crash, Coco & the Kongs get ready) Nevermind that now, here they come!

(A Crow pokemon known as Honchkrow flies around before landing on Pirate Master's shoulder as Zombies and Skeletons(MC) slowly appeared along with the Heartless Star Emblem versions of Scuttle Town Royal Guards,Zombies(E-1000s, as the Rahkshi, Kremlings & Cortex Army hurries in to join the fight, having no choice.)

Rottytops: (smirks) Oh ho, leave the zombies to me! I got this!

SpongeBob: (readies his starblade against the Heartless Star) Guess there's no time to figure out what's going on. Let's get'em!

Dr. Cortex: You have those power crystals & the crystal coconut! Give'em to us!

Guurahk: And give us that emerald too!

Pirate Master: (as Ammo, Squid & Techno Barons get ready) Go ahead & try, if you can. I'd be more than happy to send you a one way trip to Davy Jones' Locker, for eternity! (Laughs as the battle begins, with both heroes & villains taking on Pirate Master, Honchkrow, the rest of the 2nd Dark Hunters in the fight, while attacking at the Heartless Star version of the Scuttle Town Royal Guards,the Skeletons & the E-1000s, with Rottytops dealing against the Zombies(MC) & Heartless Star Emblem Version of Zombies(MC))

(The battle between the Heroes, villains & the horde of the 2nd Dark Hunters near the exit was observed by 3 shadowed figures, one's a purple Weasel with a visiable sharp tooth, matching brown hat, gloves, belt & Boots, the second is a green duck with a yellow beak & legs, wearing white gloves, a red ascot & red sneakers, & the third one is a silent yellow & white polar bear with a red touque, brown gloves & shoes & a green scarf. They are respectively named Nack the Weasel, Bean the Dynamite & Bark the Polar Bear of Team Hooligans & they're secretly watching from a far away distance.)

Bean: (excited on what's going on, especially on watching the fight) Hey! What's going on now? How about now? Huh? huh? Are their more explosions? Oh C'mon, tell meeee!

Nack: (looking through a pair of binoculars) Just be ready to move when I give the word... (smirks evily, eyeing on the Chaos Emerald & the Sol Emerald) so we can take these bozos by surprise.

(While fighting, some of the enemies damaged the doors to the mayor of scuttle town.)

Honchkrow: Honchkrow! (damages some of the heroes with it's attacks, while the heroes try to swat or smack at it)

Eddy: (annoyed, while Crash & Coco tries to jump & tornado spin at the Honchkrow) I hate birds! Who invented them anyway?!

Sky: (a bit annoyed & bonks Eddy for that comment) I heard that! (Eddy Groans, while the Eds try to swat at them Honchkrow)

The Pirate Master: (clashed against Spongebob's Starblade) Your a strong lad for a little sponge! Leave the sponge to me lads!

Risky Boots: (as she clash her blade at Pirate Master, while Shantae use her Genie magic to blast at Pirate Master, remembering his weakness from last time) Help yourself, you bragger!

Spongebob: (as the Plankton Alliance, Rahkshi, Cortex Army & Kremlings continue to brawl against the Heartless Star version of the Scuttle Town Royal Guards along with the other 2nd Dark Hunters members) (as Team Madness & Team Dark deal with Tricky (keeps pushing & quickly dodged Pirate Master's sword then hits him with the starblade) Hyah! Your about as rough as the Flying Dutchman!

Bolo: (trying to reach at the Honckrow) Hey, um, Sponge-Man? A little help?

Spongebob: (hurries over to aids the group to defeat Honchkrow quick) I got it! Patrick!

Patrick: (as Team Lilac dragon boosts, bike-fu & blasts green phantom cubes at the 2nd Dark Hunters, while Milla shields the group with her green shields) Coming! (helps SpongeBob lifts up Throw Fruit & slams it at the Honchkrow for SpongeBob to ram at it while stunned) Got him!

Neera Li: (as she quickly protects the group by blasting ice beams at the Space Pirates, Drophyds & Cragmites) (to 2nd Dark Hunters) Freeze! You will explain yourselves on why would you resort to kidnappings!

SpongeBob: (seeing the Honckrow fainted) Sorry. (continued fighting against the Pirate Master, The Rogue Agency, Space Pirates, Drophyds and Cragmites along with some of the heroes and villains)

Turahk: Back off! (Blasts fear beams at the Rogue Agency, Space Pirates, Drophyds & Cragmites, before the Rahkshi can quickly tackle at them with the Agency's help) You will learn the meaning of the word fear when you face the likes of the Rahkshi!

Dr. Cortex: (as some of the heroes collected the orbs that the enemies dropped regenerated the doors that leads to the mayor, with DK & Diddy guarding the doors) (blasting his paralysis ray gun at the enemies to paralyse them & take them out) Look Crash, It's unbearable that we have to work together like this. Thou it feels like with my mind intellect & your blind stupidity, we've been unbeatable!

Shantae: (hairwhipping at the Barons, while Risky blasts cannonballs at Pirate Master) SpongeBob! Let me & Risky help you!

(Pirate Master clashed against Spongebob's Starblade again, then Spongebob dodged his attacked before he hits him with the starblade again.)

SpongeBob: Thanks girls. Let's take him down! (Quickly unleashes a starblade strike, with a combined might of Shantae's hairwhip attack & Risky's scimitar slash with Shantae's scimitar of her own)

(After the battle, the 2nd Dark Hunters were defeated by heroes and villains as Pirate Master faint.)

Ed: (smiling happily with DK, Diddy & Crash) Yo ho ho & a bottle of fruit pulp!

Shantae: (As the 2nd Dark Hunters retreated into the forest) And don't come back!

Pirate Master: (groaning a bit in pain) Fine. I'll take your word for it. (These words confuse Shantae's group & Risky Boots) (turn to Shantae & Risky) I'm leaving you 2 and your precious world alone..... for that i promise i won't come back to bother this fight between you and that half-genie...

Tricky: Just because we beat each other to the throat, doesn't mean we cannot cooperate. So we'll see you again for some other time, bye-bye! (Retreats withthe rest of the 2nd Dark Hunters with Botar & Umbra carrying the Pirate Master & Honchkrow to safety to heal up)

Hank: Tricky! (About to follow)

Uncle Mimic: Hold on, it's best to leave them be for now. It's odd considering that they decided to leave our town in peace. But one thing that boggles me.

Shantae: I know. I'm surprised on how easily we've beatened the Pirate Master after our last encounter, Things are starting to turn around for me, but when they say something about our precious world, what do they mean?

SpongeBob: Could it be that this Starblade cleared a couple more worlds from the fog? Eitherway, there's a lot of questions.

Avak: Alright! Why is the Pirate Master with many people from our worlds, including the Heartless Stars? Explain, now!

Kurahk: Heartless Star? Is that what they called?

Vector: I don't know about you, I can't imagine what's going with everyone's head right now.

Hank: We all have the same question on everybody's mind. What's going on here?

Aku Aku: We all would require an explination.

Vezon: Including the fact that the attacks from the ice type Rahi & robots aren't just a coincidence.

Amy Rose: Whoever those guys were that are with the Heartless Stars that invaded this poor town, they're just a bunch of jerks that are in big trouble!

Blaze: (goes up to Hank, meaning that she & Hank met earlier in the Sol Dimension) Hank? Is that you?

Hank: Blaze? It's been a while.

Deimos: (a bit surprised) Wait, you two know each other?

Hank: It's a long story, but let's get back to the point.

Nidhiki: Right, this situation is becoming more complicated than it looks. Just what are these Heartless Stars are & who are these people? Come to think of it... the symbols from certain members from my world look vaguely familiar.

Plankton: Ok, now that Jack-7 is secured. Let's get out of here...

Jack-7: (checking the mayor with Crash, DK & Diddy) Hold everything... when I try to regroup with you, I heard everything from inside the mayor's building. I heard that they are after the Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic: Wait a minute, "They"? You mean there's someone else that are after the Emeralds? Just who are they & why would they work with the Heartless Star like that?

Rarity: You don't think it was Starganization XIII?

Jack-7: We don't know who your referring to, but I heard another faction name that are proven to be just as dangerous... the 2nd Dark Hunters.

(The Heroes & Villains were surprised from the names of Starganization XIII, but mostly the ones attacking the town was the 2nd Dark Hunters.)

Nidhiki: (having flashbacks with Krekka & the Piraka, remember his mutation & Zaktan's monstrous state at the hands of the Dark Hunters in the past) 2nd Dark Hunters?! I haven't heard that name in a long time! I will not let myself be reminded of those Dark Hunters again! Not after what they did...

Carol Tea: Whoever these Dark Hunters or Starganization XIII are, we best teach them some manners!

Vezok: But these Dark Hunters could pose a bigger threat than Eggman. This is an entirely new threat altogether.

Adagio Dazzle: You can't be serious about all this?

Scuttle Town Mayor: I'm afraid the robot is right. These ruffians came into my office uninvited & demand the Chaos Emerald from me. I've been trying to contact some help, but thank goodness you've saved me just in time.

Bolo: We just had to do on what is safe. But where is everyone?

Uncle Mimic: These 2nd Dark Hunters must've took them away while we're busy with our own battles.

Shantae: We've gotta save them somehow!

Sash Lilac: Right! With those 2nd Dark Hunters on the loose, who knows what would've happen!

Knuckles: (growls a bit) As long as they stay away from the island, were all good.

Risky Boots: The question is, where are they heading now?

Tails: We did see them retreat through the forest, maybe we can follow them & see where they lead.

King K.Rool: You can't expect us villains to fight alongside you!

SpongeBob: Does it look like we have a choice? Forget Eggman, We need to do something about our new threat, now. Just think of our combined efforts standing much more of chance against our advasaries.

Plankton: (feeling like this teamwork plan is ridiculous) No Mr. Squarepants...!

Shantae: (worried) But, we cant just...

Plankton: (struggling to stay yes) No Ms. Hero Pants! I already told you no!

Hank: That's enough, pipsqueak! We have no other choice but to work together! As the saying goes when situations are this dire, keep your friends close & your enemies closer! So stick with it!

Plankton: (groans in frustration) Seriously?

Aria Blaze: Fine, we'll go along with this ridiculous plan of yours... for now.

Twilight Sparkle: Good. Now if you all play nice, we can stop the 2nd Dark Hunters together, otherwise their won't be a future for all of us when them, the Heartless Star, Nobody Star or even Starganization XIII are still out there. Now everyone, into the forest!

Sonata Dusk: (as the Heroes & Villains were a bit uneasy of their new Alliance at first, but given how bad the situation is, they have no other choice) Off to adventure!

Plankton: (groans) This is so humiliating...

Twilight Sparkle: Everyone follow me. I might use my magic to get us there for the rest of the way.

(The Heroes & Villains continue on, with Twilight use her magic to teleport everyone into hiding in their next location which is Grand Metropolis that is fused with the city of squid human hybrid people & friendly octopus human hybrid people named "Inklings & Octolings", with the city being called "Inkopolis".)

(This leaves Nack, Bean & Bark to head into the Inkopolis city on the hoverbike, the "Marvelous Queen".)

Nack: So... that's where they are heading. Gentlemen, we got ourselves a couple of gold rush runners!

Squidbreak Splatoon (Grand Metropolis / Inkopolis) Edit

(In Inkopolis / Grand Metropolis, Somewhere Deep underground in a dark train station with lights, known as Deepsea Metro, that runs deep beneath Inkopolis.)

(We can see the Crossover Heroes, Team Madness, Shantae's group, Team Lilac, the Kongs, the Bandicoots & Team Sonic, Dark, Rose, Chaotix & Blaze, plus the Plankton Alliance, Rahkshi, Risky Boots, King K.Rool & Dr. Cortex's group teleported inside deep within the train station for safety, while they are all dazed & confused on what just happened.)

Twilight Sparkle: (panting heavily, seeing how she had to teleport an entire group of people in a dark train station with lots of alicorn magic) I think... we should... be safe...

SpongeBob: (as he & the Mane 6 check on Twilight) Easy there, we've been through a lot & we've just got started.

Edd: (as Ed looks around with the Piraka) Oh dear, this could very well be a train station, but I think we should be safe for the time being.

Eddy: Safe?! Those heartless along with those robotic tigers & zombie clowns that attacked us like wild animals! We've couldve been chewed to bits!

Avak: Your lucky that we've all manage to survive this stampede of a death trap!

Sonic: Yeah, that was a little too close for my taste.

Knuckles: And we thought that the ring leader we faced is ready for the junkpile.

Tails: Making robots is the same as breaking them.

Hank: Still, we all survive & that's what matters, so everybody rest up for a bit & suit up. We might underneath the city that we're suppose to go to next.

Shadow: This could very well be Eggman territory here. Omega, you may have your chance soon enough.

E-123 Omega: Agreed.

Deimos: (checking himself) Yep, were all good. Just a few cuts, bumps & bruises.

Cream: (cuddling Amy) Those robots back there were mean. But I do hope that they're not hurt.

Amy Rose: (comforting Cream) It's ok Cream. We're safe. At least the robots enjoyed it.

Jack-7: Yes.

Plankton: I can appreciate Jack-7's simplicity, sheer strength & power, but we need to be more focused on what's really going on besides Eggman.

Dr. Cortex: (as Crash, Donkey Kong & Diddy checks on Coco, Aku Aku & other of Cortex's mutants like the blue insane kangaroo in a straight jacket named Ripper Roo) Yes, just what is the meaning of all this? Have they any idea on whom they are dealing?!

Rottytops: We've could've been dead meat, so yeah. They might be the ones asking that to us.

Lerahk: Oh go rot in a jail cell!

Rottytops: But I'm already rotting. (Lerahk groans in frustration)

Lerahk: Ok, I get it, cause your a zombie! So what do we do now? To busy waving our weapons around to come up with a master plan?

Sonata Dusk: (to the Plankton Alliance) They sound very serious. Should we cheer them up with some tacos?

Rouge: Well that's just great. We're all stuck together since it's our only option on survival against an army of aggressive wild robots.

Krekka: (trying to get their attention) Excuse me?

Vector: We can't just sit around & do nothing. We all gotta pitch in & put a stop to them, whatever it is their planning.

Zaktan: Yes we know...

Krekka: Hello-?

Zaktan: The sooner we do that, the sooner we all have to find Eggman for answers.

Sonic: You might be right. Even I hate admiting this, but Eggman might be our lead, let alone our only chance on why these Dark Hunters come tracking us down & the Emeralds?

Krekka: Querry?

SpongeBob: Right. But right now, we need to know where we are now.

Krekka: Can we read the sign now? (Point to the sign) It says that we're in Inkopolis & Grand Metropolis at the same time. Are they linked together?

Shantae: The same thing happened to Scuttle Town with Seaside Hill.

Sash Lilac: I think the big bot might be onto something.

Sky: Still, we need to watch our backs & to make sure the citizens in this city are safe & to establish order if we all wanted to survive.

Uncle Mimic: (finding out maps & giving them to the group) Prehaps we can find someone who knows about the situation as well as we do.

Amy Rose: Right, we've got more important things to worry about than Eggman. These Dark Hunters whatever the Piraka & Rahkshi called them are aggressive & dangerous.

Tails: (checking for anymore data on Dark Hunters in the Mies Electric, but still no data) Still no data, they must be indeed from another world that even the Miles Electric couldn't search in on it.

Dr. N.Gin: (to Plankton Alliance, Rahkshi, Risky Boots & Dr. Cortex) Prehaps we have no choice but to work together since it's the only answer to our dilemma. Once this entire mystery is over, we'll go back to spreading seeds of evil against these heroes!

Risky Boots: Ah yes, it would be nice. But what's good about heroes vs villains, if there's an even bigger threat trying to destroy both sides. I learned that the hard way since I had to team up with Shantae during the Pirate's curse against my former Pirate Master.

Dr. Cortex: Same with me, more or less, with Victor & Mariuce. They're such naughty boys. Should've stayed in their cages.

Plankton: Yes of course. With our combined might & all the churros we can eat, we'll be able to crush these Dark Hunters & the heroes at the same time!

Vector: Not if these Dark Hunters crushed us first. Just where do you think these robots come from?

Unknown Client: (on communicator) Listen closely, it would be the perfect time to test your skills. While you & the rest escape from the city while saving it, find a weapons shack to find a weapons' Specialist. You'll see once we get there.

Charmy: Okie dokie artie chokie.

Espio: (nods with Crash) Right. Hopefully they won't go off so easily next time.

Coco: (as Donkey Kong & Diddy look at each other) I just hope we all survive together this time. We nearly lost our lives back there.

Hank: I'd say we all band together & give these Dark Hunters what for so we will get the answers we need.

Deimos: Here here!

Carol Tea: Sweet! More opportunities to work with this... (readies her motorcycle)

Risky Boots: And my new latest technology... (holding pirate handcannon with scimitar)

Vezon: (petting Kardas Dragon, as Cheese see a bit of shadows upstairs, that confused him) Ok, if we all sided with you & take care of our Dark Hunter problem, we all go back to heroes vs. villains? No questions asked?

Edd: (sighs as Cheese slowly follow the shadows) I don't see we have any other choice, beg your pardon, but do you even play nice for even just once?

Panrahk: (sighs) Does it look like we do?

Neera Li: A temporary alliance is the only solution, so be ready to fight at all costs... (aim Ice staff at Rahkshi, with a stern look) Or we will make you reconsider...

E-123 Omega: Please... I will not make the tiny bunny & puppy cry.

Ed: Please, I hate to see them cry... their so fluffy & very soft...

Panrahk: (sighs) Fine, but you better fix it.

Shantae: Well? Is it a yes or a no?

Risky Boots: Yes.

Dr. Cortex: Yes.

King K.Rool: Ok, ok, we're all in. Let's hope everyone knows a good plan even if it hits you in the head.

Kurahk: Would to, if it hit me in the head. (Got hit by a tossed pan by King K.Rool, seeing stars temporarily)

Plankton: (seeing the Villains having no choice but to agree to these terms) Alright, we're in. Where do we start?

SpongeBob: Good decision. Now let's see if we can beat these bots back together. (turn to everybody in the room! By the way, what are all of your name again?

(Meanwhile with Cheese.)

(Cheese quietly flies up to the surface, seeing an Exo-Toa & 2 Fohrak in surprise, but what's even more surprising on seeing someone similar to Nicole, that is informed by Prime Hunter to continue the job, but with a medium size army instead, after realising they are going too overboard last time, but wears a cyan & blue palette version of her clothes, but the other design is similar to the Iron Nicole with high collar black & blue dress with dark blue gloves & cyan belt & her eyes are still green, this is a Clone of Nicole created to serve, her name is "Niclone".)

Cheese: (froze in shock, while he keeps quiet, trying not to scream & panic) ?!

(The Exo-Toa & 2 Fohrak surprised to see Cheese, since they would alert each other & their friends & comrades about this, but when the three look at the Chao with comtempt. Niclone approaches to Cheese, calming the Chao down quietly.)

Niclone: Our apologies. We didn't mean to startle you. (Slowly analysing Cheese) So you knew...

Cheese: (nodding slowly) Chao...

Niclone: I assume your Cream's bestest friend & partner. You knew what's going to happen if were on high alert. (Nod to the 3 to continue roaming & searching) Return to station.

(Exo-Toa & 2 Fohrak shrug & continue searching)

Niclone: (Whispers to Cheese, who was confused) Please understand this, about our last ambush, we didn't mean to go things too far. Please don't alert your friends. It's best to keep it our little secret. You see... (whispers to Cheese quietly that she & the others are gonna send a medium sized army of Niazesks, Skakdi, Hunterknights, Exo-Toas and Exo-Raptors to give the heroes & Villains a little test of unity) It's all about unity. But you can tell that you,some of the heroes and villains are also the victims of Galeem and Dharkon. It's ok, I know it sounded superficial at first, but You'll understand soon enough. (Smile softly, comforting the cute Chao as she leaves)

Cheese: (smile a bit, thou confused & unsure on what to make of this for their reason, but understands Niclone, while he slowly head back to the team) ?

(Back with the Heroes & Villains)

(Cheese quietly arrive back with the group, next to Cream as always as they talk strategy, now that introductions are complete.)

SpongeBob: Remember we'll stick together once we get to the surface, for now Team Sonic & Rose, your Team 1 with us.

Sonic: (is surprised when Amy hugs him) Wait, what?!

Amy Rose: He knew that my heart is never wrong! We were always meant to be teammates...

Cream: (sighs happily) Then it must be so.

Knuckles: (smirks) Still playing with the girl's heart again, Sonic? (Sonic understandably upset at Knuckles for that remark)

Sash Lilac: Alright, we'll help clear the way for all of us to escape from the city & save the innocent that might be in danger.

Milla Basset: We'll always be happy to help.

Big: Helping is the right thing to do.

Shantae: Right, so we won't let you down.

Zaktan: Sounds promising.

Applejack: (place Twilight Sparkle on her back) I'll take care of Twilight since she needs to rest a bit to recharge her magic. So that leaves Team 2 with Team Dark & Chaotix.

Hank J. Wimbleton: (as Donkey Kong & Diddy get themselves ready) Fine by me. We will see what we can do to clear more paths & destroying their weapons.

Donkey Kong: (pounding his chest while hooting, getting ready)

Coco: I'm gonna take that as a yes.

Aku Aku: (as Nina Cortex smiles evilly with a dingo Crocodile hybrid with brown pants & a flamethrower named Dingodile) Very well then. We'll try to keep Team Dark's aggression in line.

Deimos: (as Crash gives a thumbs up) Ok, ok, we'll try not to break anything.

Rouge: (fold her arms, while getting ready) Let's just hope we can stop these Dark Hunter creeps before they catch us.

Espio: Meanwhile, a weapons' shack should be nearby prehaps.

SpongeBob: Ok, so we all know our objectives, so let's get to it.

Big: (hearing something from a distance, while Espio also sense something approaching) Hm? What was that noise?

(From the Surface in Inkopolis / Grand Metropolis)

(We can see the Egg Soldiers trying to blast at the oncoming Rahi & something rushing over, while suddenly gets splattered from both sides by an inkling girl riding on a big friendly orange, white & black Robotic E-113 Xi, which resembles a part of the E-100 series, but also a tiger at the same time & even has two robotic tails with lasers from the tips of it's tails, was being chased by 5 Exo-Raptors mounted by HunterKnights of 2nd Dark Hunters and 10 fohroks headed from inkopolis plaza to the station.)

Inkling Girl: (shooting at the oncoming Egg Soldiers & Rahi with coloured ink weapons, splattering as many as she can) ! (she stopped when she saw a rail of the subway train. Some of the 4 teams heard the same thing Big has heard which is a brake sound from claws of the friendly Xi.)

Patrick & Ed: What was that?

Charmy: Wait, its another of Eggman's robots! (Try to charge, but was stopped by Vector & Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie: (looking closer & notices an Inkling Girl on the Xi) Wait, look closer.

Fluttershy: Oh my, who is she?

(The inkling girl was waiting for them closer when she look back at the rail to see a portal that shows a sky, meaning that she will make them fall through the portal into the sky. With a smile & a cute "Woomy!", She made the big Xi jump over the charging Rahi ,and the 5 mounted exo-raptors and 10 fohroks try to stop running into the rail that has a portal, but failed and fall through the portal to the sky. An inkling girl riding a big E-113 Xi landed on its claws then saw them falling in the sky through a portal. Then the portal closes just before the inkling girl heads back to the surface with the big friendly Xi.)

HunterKnights: (screaming while falling, while were quickly been saved by Niazesk along with the Exo Raptors & Fohroks, setting them down safely on the ground in another part of the city) ?!

Vezok: (is surprised) Whoa, she's got skills.

Deimos: (surprised as well while Team Dark & Chaotix are getting ready to head out to find the weapons' shack) Yeah, good luck with that.

Sonic: Ok, am I seeing things or is that another friendly E-series robot.

E-123 Omega: Confirmed this E-113 Xi is friendly. The Inkling somehow made friends with it during th time.

Inkling Girl: (turns to the heroes & wants them to follow her & the Xi to the weapons' shack, knowing that they are me & the weapons' owner for something) (speaking in an Inkling language)

Carol Tea: Oh so good. Thou I don't speak Inkling, sorry.

Eddy: Wait a minute. Don't tell me, they're after you because...

(The Inkling Girl shows the group another Chaos Emerald, namely a 3rd one, a yellow one, while she explains that the weapons' owner has the other.)

Sonic: (quickly follows the Inkling & Xi with the rest of the heroes & Villains) Sweet. So it is true!

Tails: But that makes it us one to Dark Hunters two & it's not good.

Blaze: (keeping the Sol Emerald safe) Quick, we can still make it in time.

(Crash listens to the Inkling Girl, who explains to him, Donkey Kong & Diddy that the other Inklings & even Octolings are in trouble from the colourful chaos by Egg Soldiers & Dark Hunters, while they explain the same to the group in a panic.)

Coco: Both Inklings & Ocotlings are in trouble too! (Inkling Girl nods with an inkling sound of concern)

Shantae: Then what are we standing around for? Let's go!

(Before they're about to leave the Deepsea Metro, they noticed a door with 2 life-like creature beings as a detail that just appeared)

Dr. Cortex: (as her Neice in a dark dress with metal hands & a lower case metallic "n" on her forehead, like her uncle, named Nina Cortex, looks on, with an interested look on her face, trying to open the door) What the blazes? Who put that there?

Edd: I'm not sure, May I?

Eddy: Don't break a nail Double D. We've got hooligans to catch.

Patrick: Or your other nail...

Edd: (comes closer before he hears what's behind the door. The eyes of the door glow, before it was having a dark aura with the Sanitized Octarians and Salmonids emerging from the floor while the Giant Zeti with black skin, horns & four Arms with one eye, slowly going down) ?! (The Door with 2 life-like being creature beings became alive as two other hands from the other side holds the lock) Oh dear... Curse their bad timing in security... (he dodges from the door's right-hand smash)

("Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix -Dance to the Death- Extended" plays as the possessed door fist-bumped its own hands,before the battle begins.)

Guurahi: Oh for the love of Makuta, that's it!

(While the heroes & villains began fighting agaisnt the door, Salmonid and Sanitized Octarian with green skin & blue hair, enemies attack the heroes and villains along with the bosses, who they begin fighting back, while Guurahk & Panrahk get themselves ready. After beating the door, the 2 creature beings from the door twitched, meaning that Spongebob can use his starblade to release the possessor for a few seconds. After a few seconds of trying to beat the possessor, it goes back to possess the door, which continues the battle. Some of the heroes and villains dodged the possessor's attacks.The heroes and villains kept attacking the enemies as some of them kept attacking the possessed door, with Vorahk using the kraata power of hunger to drain the possessor's strength, before Guurahk & Pankrahk disintergrates & breaks the Possessed Door's hands with their respective kraata powers.)

(After beating the door the 2nd time, Spongebob releases the possessor, and this time they beat the possessor.)

SpongeBob: That should do it!

(After the battle,the door shakes and slowly frozen as the heartless star(pureblood) possessor is slowly disappeared. The door's slowly disappeared as well.)

Deimos: Rahkshi? You have different powers?

Turahk: We come in 42 fearsome types, if it weren't for the Dark Hunters untimely interference, we would've finished this fight.

Sanford: Still, we've got a long way to go. Come on. (The group continues on with the surface to exit the Deepsea Metro)

(All 4 Teams of heroes & Villains quickly follow the Inkling Girl & E-113 Xi to quickly rush to the surface while Team Sonic & Team Rose, plus the Plankton Alliance & Risky Boots quickly save a super many Inklings & even Octolings the best they can while attacking at the battling Egg Solders & Dark Hunters Rahi & mostly heartless stars, while Team Dark, Team Chaotix, the Rahkshi, King K.Rool & Cortex's group take down as many Rahi & heartless stars as possible to find the weapons' owner.)

Nack: (whispers to Bean & Bark) Quick, while they are distracted. Follow me! (Sneaks away to continue the search with Bean & Bark)

(The 5 Skadki & 10 Exo-Toa were about to ambush at Team Hooligans next, but were suddenly attacked by oncoming Egg Solders & Badniks to drive the Dark Hunters, Rahi & heartless stars out of the city, it is later confirmed that Dr. Eggman got the warning messages while he is watching the monitors from his Eggman base.)

Dr. Eggman: (is observing the battle as well as the boss fight) Who do those robotic rapscallions think they are trying to upstage me & my plans like that? I'll give these ruffians a solid reminder on whom they are dealing...

(At a Weapons' Shack, we see a cartoonish like Worm about as a size of a Mobian with pink skin, floating eyebrows over his big eyes, a mouth with teeth, floating hands & short tail, it is a battle Worm, known as Boggy B. A weapons specialist & a war hero Worm.)

Boggy B: (humming while polishing & tuning up weapons) There we go, nice & tuned up for today's customers & for their tradition of Splatfests. (seeing large looming shadows, turning to the group) Good day & how may I help... (surprised to see that it's Carapar with Lurker & Tyrant along with 2 armoured Mobians & 4 Hordika Dragons) You?

Carapar: Excuse us, but do you happen to have a Chaos Emerald with you?

Boggy B: Excuse me?

Carapar: A Chaos Emerald, like these... (showing two Chaos Emeralds, one green from Team Dark & one red, from Scuttle Town)

Boggy B: Now wait just a minute... hold that thought... (slithers on back to grab a Chaos Emerald, which is a Purple one) It's the cause of my troubles recently. I was so lost in the new world along with many other worms, but then I found this. Is this what your referring to?

Carapar: Yes...

Boggy B: Ok, but before I do, give me one good reason why I should hand it over to you?

Tyrant: We can assure you that the Chaos Emerald will be in safe hands with the 13 Hunters, as well as for the guards of Mobotropolis.

Boggy B: Hmmm... (gives it to Carapar, of the Dark Hunters) I'm watching you... (gives a signal that he's watching them)

Nocturm: Hey sir, what are we going to once we have all 7 of the Chaos Emeralds?

Carapar: (holding the chaos emerald) The answer is pretty simple. With the chaos energy of all 7 Emeralds, we can intiate the fusion procedure with the energized protodermis & our energy storm orb to create a "Neo" form of metal.

Royal Guard: (comes over with 3 other guards) Excuse us for asking, but have you seen who has the Chaos Emerald?

Lurker: Yes, this weapons' owner that holds his own store has the purple one. Now we have 3 left to find. (To Boggy B) We thank you sir for finding the Chaos Emerald.

Boggy B: Your welcome, I guess. But try finding this Inkling Girl that saved me by befriending her new robot friend, something like an E-113 Xi or something. But I saw her with other groups from the subway station.

Tyrant: Blast... they'll protect this Emerald at all costs!

Prime Hunter: (appears, coming towards them) No need to worry, I have this under control with Niclone. For she commands a medium size army for a little test run on the groups' unity. Let's see how our experiment fairs with Skadki & Exo-Toa, Forahk & other Rahi this time. (Whistles for his Nui-Kopen to get on him) I'll take my leave now. (About to leave on his Nui-Kopen to find Niclone) I'm going to find & take down the heartless stars while I'm keeping my cover from the Starganization XIII. I better leave before Storbvearn comes. (Hurries out to Take care of the heartless Star situation)

Carapar: Agreed. (To 4 Mobotropolis royal guards) Royal guards of mobotropolis, please hide yourselves, for that there are heroes and villains approaching. (Place the Chaos Emerald down on the table, as a male panda in green Armor named "Prince Dail" approaches, but it was completely different as he is in his monstrous Armor, approaches to it.)

Prince Dail: (sighs) ...

Hooded Storbvearn: (offscreen) It's time you dealt with them. (Boggy B quietly gulps & hides behind the counter)

Prince Dail: (Sees a green alien conqueror with Large orange eyebrows & is also wearing a black Starganization XIII cloak, which is The Hooded Storbvearn) ...

Hooded Storbvearn: They're scheming to take everything you have. Your kingdom.This alliance of yours. And then-your life. Trust no one. Feed your anger! Only anger will keep you strong.

Prince Dail: I've had enough of strength.There's only one thing I want...

Hooded Storbvearn: What? To love,and be loved in return? Who could ever love a beast?

Prince Dail: (growls at somebody behind him) ...

Sonic: (offscreen) The Chaos Emerald! Over there!

Hooded Storbvearn: (turns to the heroes and villains,who somehow passed the enemies.) See? They have accomplices. (as he levitate backwards before he casts a barrier, preventing the heroes and villains from getting the chaos emerald. He teleports away, as Carapar, Nocturn, "Lurker", "Tyrant" and 2 armored mobians ran away.)

Reidak: Hey! Come back! Aren't you afraid to fight?!

Sash Lilac: Wait... is that... Prince Dail?!

Carol Tea: I thought he was free! What gives?

Milla Basset: Prince Dail! It's us! Please remember!

Neera Li: Don't you remember what Lord Brevon had done to you?

Prince Dail: (is emotional, while starting to lose control) Brevon... Brevon?! Don't you dare speak it's name?!

Aku Aku: (as the Kings & Bandicoots were confused on who is he talking about) What...?

(Prince Dail roars loudly as he attacks them with some of his Armor strength & energy blasts.)

Pinkie Pie: (quickly dodges with the group) Yikes! What's gotten into your friend?

Sash Lilac: I don't know, either he's been hypnotised again, going through some tough trauma or something else...

Neera Li: I think we know what's going through his head now. The only choice we have is to wear him down.

Eddy: (quickly ducks from an energy blast with the group, getting ready with the group) (To Prince Dail) Hey Rumple-Forehead! We'll give you till 3 to get over yourself! Snap out of it, will ya?!

Aria Blaze: Geez, we best take him out now before he loses too much of his mind! Eitherway I had it with that temper of his!

Sash Lilac: One hit isn't enough to take him down, get ready!

(The music "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix -Tension Rising- Extended" plays as the battle begins as the heroes & villains quickly battle against Prince Dail. Nack secretly shot the table as he took the Purple Chaos Emerald while the heroes & villains are busy dealing with Prince Dail.)

Nack: (smirks with a toothy grin, while the battle goes on, having the Purple Emerald in his possession, sneaks away with Team Hooligans) What'd I tell you boys? Like taking candy from a baby...! (about to sneak away but was stopped by a giant silhouette monster which spooked the hooligans(minus bean) ) ?! Seriously...?!

Bean: (happily) Hi, what's your name?

Boggy B: (begins crawling after Team Hooligans, while packing himself some weapons) I'd better hightail it outta here...

Dr. Eggman: (arriving on his Egg Mobile with a batallion of Egg Soldiers, trying to corner the 2nd Dark Hunters) So, you must be the Dark Hunters that are playing games with my army? And I thought the Freedom Fighters were punishment enough!

Carapar: Who is this? What are you doing?

Lurker: Are you trying to disturb our plans?

Dr. Eggman: Your the ones that are getting in the way with my plans on conquering the world. No matter, for I Dr. Eggman will show you a thing or two! (His Egg Mobile attached to a red giant robotic bird known as the Egg Hawk) Egg Army! Destroy these pests!

(The Egg Hawk, plus the Egg Army begins to open fire, while the Dark Hunters quickly fights back with aggression, while Boggy B, who happens to overheard the Dark Hunters' & Eggman's plans sneaks out from the back with weapons of his own, before closing up shop for today, while chasing after Team Hooligans.)

(Meanwhile back with the heroes & villains)

(All the attacks & blows have been traded back & forth, until Prince Dail gets completely outnumbered, even after his raged filled attacks that kept the group running, including Krekka, who he rams at Prince Dail through a lampost.)

Krekka: (unaware of Prince Dail jumping up from behind him) Did we win?

(Prince Dail is about to unleash a final desperate attack, but was quickly intercepted by Team Lilac, with Lilac's dragon boost, Carol's bike-fu, Milla's green shield bursts & Neera's ice beam blast combination that finally beatened the prince.)

Patrick: Yep.

(After the battle, Prince Dail was snapped out Of his rage filled trance)

Prince Dail: (waking up) Huh? Wha...? Where am I...?

Sash Lilac: Now it's a good thing your back to normal. But we've got a lot to talk about.

Prince Dail: Team Lilac & Neera Li? What are you all doing here? And who are you people?

Patrick: (chuckles, remembering the few times he said that) That's what he said...

Coco: Could you please tell us on who was this guy you were talking to, the one in a black cloak.

SpongeBob: He looks like one of the more elite members of Starganization XIII. There's no doubt about it. Who was he?

Prince Dail: Storbvearn. ...That's his name. He came from the darkness... He...used my anger to control me. He took all my sorrow, my sadness, my pain... and turn them all into rage. I could no longer see the truth... There was nothing I could do.

Milla Basset: Please don't say that, Prince Dail. We should find a way home for you.

Prince Dail: I appreciate the thought, but I'm afraid I have to decline. I can find my own way back home alone so that I couldn't hurt anyone.

Sanford: I'd admire your putting others' safety first. We can understand that. Thou in times like these, you should redeem yourself by helping the heroes and villains in 1 world, and that one world is Grand Metropolis.

Prince Dail: I see. I'll do what I can from here when I get there. Hopefully I won't be in a big pinch this time.

Sash Lilac: Thou, it's good to see you on the side of good. If only Spade was that simple, but he's so complicated & he had his own reasons.

Carol Tea: Yeah Yeah, Spade is still a jerk, but he might have reasons to help. He is a Red Scarve & you & I are glad to be free from their clan.

Sash Lilac: You & me both. (Smile with Team Lilac)

(However before they can continue on their search for the emerald, they heard nack scream.)

Lerahk: What was that noise?

Prince Dail: It's coming from nearby our location! Come on!

(When they follow where the scream is coming from, they saw in shock of the giant silhouette monster. It is the combination of Hearltess Star(Pureblood),Commander Tartar,Ra-Moon and Syntax,known as Shadow Syntartara-Moon.Shadow Syntartara-Moon creates a dark field around Grand Metropolis/Inkopolis.)

Carol Tea: (surprised with the Inkling Girl) No way...

Bean: (smiling, not bothered by it, while Bark keeps Nack protected) Hey! It's a Triple Header Slime ball...! Are there gonna be any slime or colourful ink to match?!

Sonic: Team Hooligans huh? Your lucky that we've got a bigger problem to face right now!

Nack: Sonic the Hedgehog?! What are you...?

Bean: (excited) Ooh ooh ooh, I wanna have some fun too!

(The music "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix -Dance to the Death- Extended" plays as the fight begins. It heads to the walls before unleashing dark flames on them,then it comes out of the wall.)

(It heads into the buildings as it possessed one of them. It uses pillars to damage some of the heroes and villains, thou the heroes & villains continue to openfire back at the big bad boss. After damaging it with their combined assault, Spongebob releases Shadow Syntartara-Moon and somehow fixed the pillars. Shadow Syntartara-Moon heads up to the ceiling as it creates the chandelier, before it possessed to smash down at the heroes and villains then uses the flames to beam on them.)

Nack: (as the battle rages on, while Bean tosses a couple bombs at the big bad boss) What in the name of Mobius is going on?!

Bean: I don't know, but I love it!

(Fortunately the heroes & Villains quickly dodge out of the way from the smash & flames, but Blaze quickly controls the Syntartara-Moon's flames to use it against the big bad boss, before she ends it's flames with a snap of her fingers.)

(After the long hard fought battle, the heroes & villains manage to beat the fusion freak, which it twitches before it transformed itself into a giant orb.)

Carol Tea: And he's toast!

Ed: (perks up with happiness) Buttered toast?

Carol Tea: No I mean... (sighs) Nevermind, the moments passed.

Giant Zeti: (appearing as a black zeti four Arms, horns & one eye) That was just the warm up...

Tails: (surprised to see a Zeti, like Giant Zeti who jumps on the orb) Wait, who's that?

Giant Zeti: You'll know our kind in the near future. But for now, playtime is over! (jumps into it)

(The orb grows bigger as it explodes, revealing the gigantic monster (Similar to Dark Thorn from KH2) more terrifying as the music "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix -Desire For All That Is Lost- Extended" plays.)

Avak: Oh not again!

Tiny Tiger: Tiny strong! Tiny smash monster flat!

Krekka: Me too! Not letting his smash us first!

(The Giant monster roars at the sky as the battle begins. The monster turns itself invisible before he attacks them.)

Eddy: Hey! Where'd it go? (Inkling Girl gets an idea & quickly shoots burning ink, trying to hit him, managing to get a good amount of burning ink on it, which the monster screech in pain) Good work, Inkling!

Edd: (remembers the chandelier from before & decides to use it against the monster itself) That's it! Everybody, jump on!

(Spongebob and some of the heroes like Hank, Sash Lilac, Prince Dail, the Kongs & Bandicoots jumped on the invisible monster, then used the chandelier that the monster create to make him uninvisible by spinning the chandelier to hit the giant monster.)

Prince Dail: There it is! Take it down quick!

(The heroes and villains can see him(Giant Monster) as they continued fighting against him.After a few seconds, the Gigantic does invisible again, which the heroes and villains did the same with a "Banana Slamma" from DK. After the battle with a few cycles, the gigantic monster steps back, then it roars loudly before being frozed. The Gigantic Monster was slowly faded.)

Neera Li: (as he & Thok quickly freeze the Gigantic Monster & see that it slowly shattered & faded) (sighs while panting a bit) They're not letting up for anything.

Thok: You think? I think we done it.

Tiny: Look at me, Tiny smash the monster!

Storbvearn: (from far behind of them) Or So you think. (both sides turned around to see him)

Prince Dail: (in anger) Storbvearn!

Storbvearn: Farewell. (teleports away)

Prince Dail: What does he want here?

SpongeBob: Like we said,he must be with Starganization XIII. Which means they are a dangerous threat, as much dangerous as the 2nd Dark Hunters. Ever heard of the Nobody Stars? Listen, When a strong-hearted person turns into a Heartless Star, a Nobody star's created, too. See, the Starganization XIII... they've got control all of the nobody stars.

Patrick: That's right, they were gonna make you into a heartless star! That way, they could get that nobody star of yours and have control of over it.

Vezon: Earth to Patrick?

Dr. N.Gin: What is even the deal with these Dark Hunters & Starganization XIII? Why are they out to get us?

Applejack: (as Team Hooligans are listening to their conversation) Not just us, SpongeBob & that new weapon of his.

SpongeBob: (holding his keyblade) I don't know why they're after us & that new weapon that I dont even know about. Do they think we owe them money or something?

Eddy: (as the group shrug) I hope not.

Hank: (as Boggy B crawls to Team Hooligans) Whatever the case maybe, our mission to stop them remains.

Boggy B: (to Team Hooligans) Thank you for the save! Now give me back the emerald, please? (Suddenly got grabbed by Bark) Hey!

Nack: Uh uh uh, what's your offer?

Boggy B: Are you serious right now?!

Bean: (tosses the bombs at the Dark Hunters) Ooh ooh, my turn to do the thing! I love this part! Bombs away!

Nack: (as the bombs exploded) Good cover Bean! Now we're outta here & we're taking this bonus with us ! We'll come back for the other two later...!

SpongeBob: Hey! What the...?!

Sonic: Wait! Come back! (The group begins chasing after Team Hooligans)

Dr. Eggman: (trying to steal the other two Chaos Emeralds from the Dark Hunters, but were too presistant & resilient to just give it up, while he openfires at them, not knowing the Hunterknights' armour are bullet proof as well as other things) You little...!

(Team Hooligans makes a getaway on the Marvelous Queen, holding the Purple Chaos Emerald & Boggy B hostage, while the 4 teams of Heroes & Villains & the Inkling Girl get a quick glimpse of them & the emerald.)

Cream & Milla: The Emeralds! (chase after Team Hooligans)

(Team Rose, Shantae's group & Team Lilac lead the group, surprised by a medium army of Skadki & Rahi)

Reidak: (felt shock & awe with the Piraka) What the?! Betrayed by our own kind...?!

Hakann: I know how you guys feel. And it's so sad.

Lerahk: Their getting away with the Emerald!

(Before the Skadki could ambush at Team Rose, they were suddenly ambushed themselves by friendly Doom Vipers that are helping Team Rose, Shantae's group, Team Lilac & Risky Boots, incase things get too frisky.)

Sash Lilac: Whoa, those snakes saved us. Maybe they are a good thing...

Zaktan: (seeing the army felt a bit betrayed) They don't seem to happy about it, this is our chance!

Dingoidle: Break out the butter guys! Cause we're gonna make toast! (Blasts his flamethrower at the Skadki & Rahi, burning them down, except for the Mobian Guards with fire proof armour) Crickey! Their armour are strong stuff!

(The Heroes & Villains & Inking Girl with Xi quickly begin attacking at the medium size army of enemy Skadki & Rahi & Heartless Stars the best they can while the Villains were more aggressive & a bit more cunning with their teamwork strategy, while Team Rose, Shantae's group, Team Lilac, Risky Boots & Blaze race to the Marvelous Queen, with Milla & Cream with Cheese making it first.)

Boggy B: Let me go right this instant! (Trying to punch at Bark but only has little effect) It is even bigger than we realised. (Notice Cream & Milla jumping onto the bike, very cross with Team Hooligans) Wha-?

Milla: (as Milla & Cream try to reach for Boggy B, while Bark trying to push both girls away from him, while keeping them steady on the bike in a confused manner) You put this innocent worm down right now, mister! Don't you know how fragile worms can be! Please don't hurt him! And give us back the Chaos Emerald!

Cream: We've been searching for all day to find them & keep them save you know! Our adventure is nothing but rough housing & aggressively rude people & we will not simply tolerate it!

Nack: (a bit surprised as Team Chaotix, the Kongs & the Bandicoots stomps & slams at the oncoming Rahi) Criminy, kids...

Bean: (smiling cutely, in awe of the adorableness of Cream & Milla) Dawww... aren't they the cutest little floppy eared, loud mouth, tenny weeny bits of fluffies you ever seen?

Milla: (as Team Dark, Hank, Sanford & Deimos unleash their melee weapons like baseball Bats at the Skadki, clashing with their melee weapons) Oh uh, thank you?

Cream: (as the Rahkshi are getting overwhelmed that the Hunterknights' armour were Rahkshi proof as well, while getting pushed back) Um, yes, thank you?

Bean: (begging for Nack, grabbing his leg) Please, Can we keep them & the Worm, boss? They can be our mascots! I'll feed them & take them to walks & name them George & Jorge!

Boggy B: (baffled by Bean's craziness) Do i look like a house cat to you?!

Nack: Knock it off, Bean! I don't have time for your brand of crazy!

(Suddenly just as Nack exits the city limits, Team Hooligans suddenly notice Team Sonic, Dark, Rose, Chaotix, Crossover Heroes, Plankton Alliance, Rahkshi, Risky Boots, King K.Rool & Dr. Cortex's group chasing Team Hooligans, while the Skakdi & Rahi continues to try & take on the groups together.)

SpongeBob: (on the Xi with the Inkling Girl) Hey! Where do you think your going?!

Plankton: (as Krekka, Nidhiki & Vezon blast away the oncoming Skadki & Rahi, with girl power help from the Kankers & the Dazzlings) Hand over the Chaos Emerald right now, you hooligans!

Amy Rose: (as Team Rose leads the charge) And give us back Milla, Cream & Cheese, right now!

Sash Lilac: (charging forward with Blaze) And don't you dare hurt them, especially Milla!

Nack: (in horror upon seeing Amy, sweating in fear) Oh no, not her, not the hammer!

Milla: We're over here! They got the emerald!

Bean: Hey, it's Shouty McHammer Pain & has loads of new friends! Wanna be co-mascots with Jorge?

Nack: (suddenly accelerates with Bean & Bark, while Milla, Cream & Boggy B hang on tightly while they're heading to the Casino Park in fear) Everybody hang tight! We're going in!

Sky: Hey! They're heading towards that bright place...!

Eddy: That's a huge casino! When there's casinos, there's cash!

Espio: When theres light, there's shadow! Hurry we can still catch them!

Sonic: Right. We got no time to waste on these pests!

Vezok: (as the Inkling Girl nod while keeping the yellow Chaos emerald safe) Something's not right... (in thought: Just what are they up to?) (unaware of more Dark Hunters & Rahi getting ready to ambush for the Emeralds in the Casino during the scramble)

(Back at Inkopolis / Grand Metropolis)

(Prime Hunter" approaches to Dr. Eggman along with Icarax, Botar, Umbra, "Subterranean", Niclone, Shiny Greninja, Shiny Decidueye and Zeus Guy as he switches his Starblade to Dual-bladed spatula,before they're going to fight against the Egg Army along with remaining Hunterknights, Skakdi, Fohroks, Exo-Toas and Exo-Raptors.Despite the large number of Egg Army,they've been defeated so easily.)

Prime Hunter: What has happened?

Carapar: We've been ambushed by Eggman of all people.

Niclone: (steps forward with Subterranean) We'll take care of this.

(Much to Eggman's surprise & confusion, that the Egg Army quickly turn tail & fall back, leaving Niclone to uses her digital power to disrupt the egg hawk,making it gone wild.)

Dr. Eggman: Wha...?! What is this magic?! Orbot! Cubot! Do something!

Makuta Icarax: (uses laser vision to shoot at the control so dr.eggman couldn't stop it) You son of a shrimp!

Subterranean: (quickly disassembled the egg hawk by touching it, splitting the egg hawk apart and dr.eggman falls down & got beaten as his Egg Mobile crashes with a thud)

Prime Hunter: (stares at the defeated Eggman, beatened so easily) Eggman, He never changes...

Dr. Eggman: (crawling out of the Egg Mobile) (growling) I just can't believe it! Beatened in a matter of minutes?! And it's not Sonic! I hate you!

Makuta Miserix and Nektann: (rushing over in a hurry) What's going on?

Nektann: What is the meaning of this?!

Royal guards: It's this Dr. Eggman! He & the Egg Army had ambushed us in the wrong place in the wrong time.

Nektann: (stops the guard from speaking) Button your lip...

Dr. Eggman: (is surprised) What?! (Got grabbed by Miserix)

MoD (Miserix): Why is Eggman here? (grabbing & choking at Eggman)

Dr. Eggman: Gah! Who are you referring too?!

Prime Hunter: The egg army must've warned him about trespassing.

Nektann: That's unfortunate. A minor setback.

Prime Hunter: There's still an alternative.

Niclone: (having use the monitors to track down the Chaos Emeralds that the heroes & villains & Team Hooligans are near Casino Park) There's always a Plan B, my lord. And we have one all prepared to make sure that their in for a big surprise... (smiles with Prime Hunter) we can assure you, we can fix by taking the Chaos Emerald back from them.

MoD (Miserix): (seeing how they can still catch the Emeralds to make it 5 out of 7 with the right timing on their ambush to make sure their obtain the Emeralds within the scramble, while getting an idea) (calming down) Clever Girl... (to Prime Hunter) You've taught her well...

Prime Hunter: There's always a back up. And as for this minor miscreant. (Turns to Eggman, pulling out his plans of the Egg Fleet, the same that Neo Metal Sonic had once taken over) Let's just say that we foil his in return.

Nektann: (chuckles evily at Eggman) Yes, but first... (tosses Eggman in a steel cage) Time for a dose of your own medicine!

Royal guard of mobotropolis: Hopefully this will be enough to continue our plan for the neo... (quickly cover his mouth covered, while Eggman is confused on what he means)

MoD (Miserix): Yes & I have a much better idea in return. (Turns to

Dr. Eggman: Why are you staring me like that now?! It's not polite to stare you know!

MoD (Miserix): I think you know, you will help us stall the heroes & villains in time for us to collect the Chaos Emerald & if you don't, your Rahi meal, or better yet be oblitrated by the former servant of Galeem & Dharkon! Understand?

Dr. Eggman: Wait! Robots don't eat people! They serve the people! Would you even dare them to do it?

MoD (Miserix): Try me.

Dr. Eggman: Wait! You can't do this to me! Don't you have any idea on who you are dealing with?! I am the great Dr. Eggman, the most cunning scientific genius in the- (get tossed with the Cage inside a Dark Hunter hovercraft) Woooah! Ow! (Screaming while he is been taken away, while the Dark Hunters look on in delight of their new back up plan, while keeping the real Eggman in line to know his new place with the Dark Hunters, while they prepare to make sure their connections are hidden with a fake Eggman)

MoD (Miserix): (turns to the Casino Park & beyond, smiling while knowing they are back on track) Their test of unity, duty & destiny will be realised soon...! Return to station & we'll make sure that we all do it right!

Casino Calamity (Casino Park)Edit

(The 4 Teams of Heroes & Villains, plus Team Hooligans continue the chase in Casino Park, where it's a brights lights & casinos & fun amusement parks all around, thou it's not all fun & games, as The casino park was filled with hunterknights, fohroks, exo-raptors, skakdis and niazeskes too. They were many in all places as well.

(Meanwhile, the heroes & villains plus Inkling Girl with Xi who continues the chase. Team Hooligans continue to try & make a clean get away through the city, but the rest of the group, like Sash Lilac & Blaze are closing in on them.)

Cream: (to Bark) Excuse us, Mr. Polar Bear, but your still holding us & Mr. Worm?

Boggy B: The name's Boggy B, by the way! (notices this) Eep! These girls are mad...!

Bean: (noticing this as well) Uh, Boss? The Little Miss Flaming Lilac twins are about to...! (Suddenly got rammed right at the Marvelous Queen by Blaze & Lilac's combined boost attacks with Blaze's blazing boost & Sash Lilac's dragon boost, while the rest of the heroes & villains quickly catch up the best they can) Never Mind...

Nack: (was sent flying with Bean & Bark, as the Marvelous Queen was sent crashing farther away) My bike!!! (Got smacked into a lamppost, dropping the Chaos Emeralds within the park) Gah!

(Sash Lilac & Blaze skid to a stop & catch Milla & Cream respectively, huffing & puffing, while Boggy got caught in the arms of Team Chaotix.)

Boggy B: Oof! (Seeing Crash, DK & Diddy smiling with delight that they saved him) I will never let this down.

Charmy: Come on, I wanna fight some more!

Rouge: Those hooligans are more troublesome than it's worth!

SpongeBob & Patrick: (amazed by Blaze & Sash Lilac's speed) Wow!

Knuckles: Yeesh, it just keeps getting better & better.

Sash Lilac: (panting a bit) Are you two... ok?

Milla: Thanks to you, we are. (Cuddles Sash Lilac)

Edd: Boggy is it? Are you alright?

Boggy B: (land on the ground, standing upright) Yes... a bit dizzy, but I'm ok. Fit as a fiddle. Now who are you people?!

Coco: We can explain everything, I'm glad we saved you & the Inklings & Octolings here.

Ed: The Squids & Octopi of the future will be safe with the world is their canvas.

Patrick: Yes... (looking around with the group) Where'd they go?

Deimos: Where are the Emeralds now?!

Applejack: Did anypony see where they have landed?


Bean: (stuck on a tree knothole, upside down, as Nack & Bark come over to him while Bark carries the Marvelous Queen bike over with strength) (a bit annoyed) "Like candy from a baby" you said. What nursery did you come from pal?!

Nack: (holding a purple chaos emerald) I'd didn't think they had freakin' freedom Fighters among them, ok?!

Bean: (holding the green & red Emeralds) You we're spying on them, didn't you see the Piko Piko Valkyrie with them? (Got pulled out of the tree by Bark)

Nack: Don't get your ascot in a knot. We got the gems & we've got it made.

Bean: (about to walk away, but stops after accidentally bumping into the Exo-Toa, 2 Skadki, 4 Hunterknights, 5 niazesk, seeing them while they use their spears to aim at his neck) (amazed) Oh hey, how did you get the brand new weapons? And the sweet new armour or did you get the details in? Who's your blacksmith by the way?

(The Dark Hunters were suddenly blasted backwards by an angered Boggy B, who was aiming at the Dark Hunters.)

Boggy B: (as the 4 teams of heroes & Villains & the Inkling Girl) I missed. But you'll be made to hurt if you don't hand over the gem now! And pro tip, never explain their master plan, even if their behind your backs!

Carol Tea: Now about that Emerald, pal...! (Quickly dodges barely from the sudden blasts of chaos eneegy & sol energy from the Hunterknights weapons) MEOUCH!

SpongeBob: (ducks down from the sudden blasts from the Egg Army) I think we got company!

Hank: There's more of them...! Stay on your toes!

Rottytops: Wait, if they fight each other again, we'll make a break for... the... (noticing the Dark Hunters & the Egg Army slowly turning to the teams) Emerald?

Boggy B: (to Rottytops, now annoyed & scared of the situation) I hate you...

Rottytops: (sighs) I know. Best course of action, RUN! (Begins running with the group at a fast pace)

Fluttershy: (being saved by Rainbow Dash from the crossfire) Eep! Thank you!

Uncle Mimic: (getting pulled to safety by Blaze & Hank, while the rest are a feeling a bit fatigue from the previous battles in Seaside Hill/Scuttle Town & Grand Metropolis/ Inkopolis) My goodness! (Grabbing a pickaxe)

Sonic: Here we go again! (Quickly dodging the more intense crossfire & tries spindashing at the group with Shadow's help, while the Crossover Heroes & Villains make a break for it with Team Sonic, Dark, Rose, Chaotix, Hank, Sanford, Deimos, the Rahkshi, Shantae's group, Team Lilac, the Kongs, the Bandicoots, King K.Rool & Cortex's group, into hiding.)

Sanford: (seeing the armour on the Mobian guards are bullet proof) Are you serious now? (Ready his melee weapons & hook & chain)

Dr. Cortex: (getting burned in the backside by Hordika Dragons & the fiery sol blasts from the spears & crossbows & weapons, screaming in pain) Aaaaaah!

Dr. N.Gin: (getting burned as well) The delicious burnings!

Nack: (quickly scrambles for a hiding spot with Bean & Bark, while they are surprised that the Egg Army had finally lost it & teamed up with Dark Hunters, due to having Eggman hostage, that everyone else doesn't know about, watching the chaos unfolding) Wow... alright boys, sneaky time. (Bark nods in agreement)

Bean: (as the Inkling Girl blasts coloured ink at the oncoming Dark Hunters & Rahi, while the Xi blasts & swats away the oncoming Badniks) Yes, sneaky time's a good time... (Team Hooligans quickly heads to a portal that leads elsewhere.)

E-123 Omega: (smashing at the oncoming Dark Hunters & Skadki with the Piraka's help) Please surrender! Think of the poor trees!

Tails: We don't under- (quickly ducks down from the sudden blast & tail sweep at the Egg Army) Whoa! Stand. Why is Eggman in league with the Dark Hunters? It's baffling!

Nidhiki: They didn't! We saw his Egg Soldiers get attacked by them!

Edd: Unless something happened to Eggman!

Hank: (quickly saves Blaze but got blasted by a chaos energy blast) Gah!

Blaze: Hank! (Rushes to push Hank out of the way into hiding with the group, while she creates a wall of fire in front of the team to push the Dark Hunters & Egg Armies away, seeing how that due to that much fatigue, they are no condition to fight these many odds) Quick... (panting) We... need to escape...

Bolo: (ducking down while smacking his flail at the oncoming Exo-Toa, as the Kankers tries tossing a lot of mailboxes & postboxes & other heavy stuff at the Skadki & Rahi) But where? These creeps are everywhere & they'll be here no matter where we go!

"Dr. Eggman": (arriving on his Egg Mobile, looking for the 4 teams) Try as you might, but this time with an alliance of friends like these, who needs enemies? Now you'll be public enemies #1.

Sonic: Eggman!

SpongeBob: Why did you side with the Dark Hunters?

Zaktan: What did they do to you?!

"Dr. Eggman": That's none of your concern, now your starting to run low, it's time to tuck you in... (smiles evilly) Get them!

(The Egg Army continues to charge forward with the Dark Hunters to continue the search & the chase, while the 4 teams staying hidden the best they can, since their too faitgued to fight right now, while searching for the Chaos Emeralds & Team Hooligans, who are searching them while still having their sneaky time.)

Deimos: (seeing Team Hooligans escape through the portal) Hey!

(The Heroes & Villains & Inkling Girl with Xi continue to chase after the trio through the portal.)

Reidak: (as the teams jump through the portal) Into the unknown!

(In an Underworld-like Temple)

(The heroes and villains notice the Hooded Water Equestrian Boy runs pass.)

Rainbow Dash: Over there!

Edd: The Starganization!

SpongeBob: No doubt about that.

(After they followed the Starganization Member, they notice that the water equestrian boy seem to be running towards them, but instead he runs past by them.)

Hooded Water Equestrian Boy: (panicking) Run! Run away! (he runs into the dark portal before it disappeared, leaving them confused.)

Applejack: (confused with the others) What in tarnation?

Spongebob: Okay...?

Guurahk: (a bit confused) What a baby...

(Meanwhile in the other area of the under-temple)

(Hypno Baron is seen sitting on the temple-throne, joined by Grimmsnarl, Perrserker, Tyhrranoids, Reaper, Robot Zombie, Tremor, Agorians, Nethers, Galoomba, Rex, Super Koopa, Antotto, Battle Beetle, Dark Satellmite, Shroob, Smasher, Ziggy, Arena Waddle Dee, Blade, Bukiset, Sectra Dee, Super Waddle Doo and Trooper, deciding on a to plan to slow them down.)

Hypno Baron: Where do they dig these freaks up? Geez, Louise.

Super Koopa: Oh, they are nuttin' but trouble,the whole lot of 'em.... So, uh... what are you gonna do about the 2 victims, like Shantae and Risky Boots? They and the others made mince meat out of every fighter Lord Ivoid sent at them. Pretty soon this temple's gonna be a standing room only. Say, why don't you pick someone from the different past and save them the trouble?

Hypno Baron: (stands up) Different Past... Past is good! And i know just the warrior.

(Back to heroes and villains)

(They are seen went into the underworld-like path above the pit.)

Knuckles: (staying close with the Heroes & Villains) Where did Team Hooligans run off to now?

Milla Basset: (a bit scared with some of the young heroes) I'm not sure, but this place looks scary.

Pinkie Pie: It's easy. You can make if you tried with a hop, skip and a jump.

Twilight Sparkle: (as Fluttershy cover her eyes) Just don't look down.

Patrick: Huh? (looks below the path after he felt a patch of a path crumble, now scared of the pit below them) Guys! I'm looking down! (Screams as he jumps into Reidak's Arms) Please hold me! We gotta go back! I can't do this!

SpongeBob: Patrick! It's ok! You have to face it head on!

Turahk: But you're already halfway.

Patrick: Yeah, but we know that half is safe!

Vorahk: (as the villains were a bit fed up) Ok fine, we don't have time for this, you go back!

Ed: (as the Villains begin pushing Patrick) This feels like we're in the 6th level of the underworld of hades!

Edd: This proves to be very unsettling, must've been Greek mythology from a long time ago.

Dingodile: (to Patrick) You want us to do a little dance on the pathway?! (Jumps on the path)

Patrick: (panicks) No! Don't do that!

Vezon: (sarcastic) Oh we're sorry, do what? Oh. (Jumps on the path with the Villains) This?

Carol Tea: (a bit surprised with the group) What are you doing?

Patrick: Yes that!

Plankton: Yes? Do it? (Smiles) Ok.

Patrick: (screams as he backs away, covering his eyes as the villains proceed to scare Patrick, thou actually helping Patrick across with the heroes & other villains, while the heroes panick a bit) No stop!

Sanford: What in the name of mankind are you doing?!

Krekka: He told us to do it, so we're doing it!

Patrick: (unaware that he made it to the other side) No, I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die! Guys, I'm gonna die! (Open his eyes & notices he made it with the rest of the heroes & villains) Oh. (Rainbow Dash facepalms)

Sonic: (surprised that the villains actually helped Patrick get across) Did they just...?

Bolo: That was a little... close...

E-123 Omega: Urge to maim, rising...

Sonata Dusk: (pets Patrick) That'll do Patrick, that'll do...

Hank: (to the Villains) Warn us next time if your gonna do that!

Patrick: (as the Heroes & Villains continue on) Cool. (Follows suits)

Shantae: (notice the hooligans at the end of the path) Over there! I see them!

Nack: (notice this in surprise) Run for it boys! (Continues running with Bean & Bark)

Bean: (as the Heroes & Villains follow in pursuit) Who turned off those lights anyway? Somebody give up some light! Let their be light! (Smiles) By the way, Still wanna be co-mascots named "Jorge"? Auditions are still open...

Nack: Hang on, I've found us a short cut! (Team Hooligans rush off down another path)

(Back With the other area of the Under-temple)

(Team Hooligans entered but then hide themselves.)

(The 2nd Dark Hunters we're seen looking down at the pit.)

Super Koopa: By the by, uh... What's down there?

Hypno Baron: (approaches to the pit as the Tyhrranoids,Galoomba,Rex,Antotto,Battle Beetle,Shroob,Ziggy,Blade,Bukiset,Sectra Dee,Super Waddle Doo and Trooper stepped away from it) Just a world's warrior bringer. This time im bringing out one of our members from a least darkest past.

Super Koopa: (turns to Hypno Baron, then he realized what he mean't as he stays back) You don't say... Well..maybe i should go.

(Hypno Baron learns the new trick as he throws his powers into the pit, bringing someone out. And that someone is the sole surviving Agori from the Iron Tribe, Sahmad, as he appeared before landed on the floor softly.)

Sahmed: (looking around) Where... am I?

Hypno Baron: (laughs) Let's cut to the chase.Here's a deal I'm gonna offer you. I let you have your time around the worlds - no strings - you'll be free as a bird. (Sahmad turns Super Koopa and some who are scared as Super Koopa nervously waves at them) And all for one little mission. Fight the victims of galeem and dharkon,in one of the worlds... to the death!

Sahmad: I only join for my new tale.And your not reallly part of it.

Hypno Baron: (annoyed) Did you forget who you're talking to? Im the dangerous cackler!

Sahmad: Hmph, no wonder nobody likes skeletons.

Hypno Baron: (angry) You are FIRED! (charges up before he, Grimmsnarl and Agorian Blademaster clashed against Sahmad in a 3 on 1 assault)

Avak: (offscreen) You hooligans! Don't make me come over there!

Edd: (as The Heroes and Villains entered) Excuse me, but Is that Hypno Baron you mentioned shantae?

Shantae: Yes! That's one of the barons! Just what is he up too?

Hypno Baron: (quickly recognizes Crossover Heroes as All Stars) You again?

Zaktan: (spots Sahmed) Piraka, where have we seen that Agori before?

Reidak: Isn't that the guy, who just by luck, was able to send that she-demon of a dream vampire, Annona to her doom? Sammy was it?

Thok: That's Sahmad! We've met him as the Golden Skinned Being before!

Sahmad: (pushes them then hits Hypno Baron, Grimmsnarl and Agorian Blademaster, which the trio blocks it) (to the Heroes & Villains) Fight! (continuely fights Hypno Baron. But Hypno Baron blocks his weapon then pushes him then attacks back with grimmsnarl and agorian blademaster. Before Hypno Baron could finish,Spongebob, Patrick, Edd,Zaktan and Avak got in the way) What?

Shantae: Hypno Baron! That's enough!

Hypno Baron: The Half Genie Hero & the Queen of the Seven Seas show their faces! Just in time!

SpongeBob: (get ready with the Heroes & Villains) Get up!

Sahmed: (getting up slowly) Who are you people?

Avak: Believe us when we tell you! The Piraka were something completely different when we met you! Now let's deal with them first!

("Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix -What Lies Beneath- Extended" plays as the fight begins, with the heroes & villains unleashing their attacks at the Hypno Baron, who tries to fight back with dark magic. The hooligans secretly run away to where they came from while the heroes and villains are fighting.)

Krekka: (felt himself & the villains something super natural) I don't know my own strength.

Nidhiki: You'd never knew your own strength, you loon.

Edd: (feel strange with the heroes) Oh dear. Something's wrong!

SpongeBob: I feel kinda funny...

Eddy: (felt a bit strange with the Piraka, Team Madness & Team Dark, but not as much) What's with you?

Hypno Baron: That's right! See,that's the thing. Like the underworld, heroes are zeroes - comes with the territory. Except for villains like your foes, though. (attacks them, but was blocked & countered by the villains)

Vezon: Only heroes are zeroes... (smirks evilly) perhaps you should rethink that... because that explains why... my power is OVERFLOWING! (Unleashes his power with the rest of the villains, which is double the power levels than usual, much to the Hypno Baron's surprise)

Sonata Dusk: (smiles while she feels a lot of power for double damage with the villains) Me too!

Turahk: It would seem it works for both of us eitherway. (Aims at Hypno Baron & Heroes) Now we have enough power for a demonstration on how to finish you both!

Avak: Hey! That's not what you said earlier!

Risky Boots: (readies her scitimar & pirate hand Cannon) It seems you haven't gotten the full scoop of my entire history against the Half Genie hero, do you, Hypno Baron?

Hypno Baron: (get himself ready with his team) Grimmsnarl! Agorian Blademaster! Come to me & stop these villains!

Grimmsnarl: (get itself ready with Agorian Blademaster) Grimmsnarl!

Plankton: (to Hypno Baron) Enough of this. You think you had it all figured out, but your much slower in the head than I first assumed from a Baron like yourself. I suppose we'll have to teach you the hard way.

(Phase 2 of the fight begins with the Villains quickly unleashing their boosted attack power at the Hypno Baron & his squad team of 2nd Dark Hunters, even if Hypno Baron & the others, put up a fight, the villains quickly pushed them back with their combined efforts.)

Rouge: (impressed by the villains fighting & defeating the Hypno Baron) What was that?

Vezok: (as the group try to figure out what kind of power was it, thinking if they have discovered the areas with certain boost & decrease effects) That's what we want to know too.

Plankton: (after the villains deal certain amount of damage to Hypno Baron) Never said a hero to do a villains' job.

Hypno Baron: (shaking his head) Not bad... however...! (Quickly tries to preform a surprise attack, but was intercepted by Sahmad)

Vezon: Sahmad?!

Sahmad: (jumps infront of both sides as he slices him, which Hypno Baron dodges by teleporting to the other spot) Go now!

Sonic: But we need to find the Chaos Emeralds!

Hypno Baron: What was that?

Sahmad: (halts some of the heroes and villains who are charging towards him and the 2nd Dark Hunters as Hypno Baron's charging up his fireballs) We can't fight them here! We have to go, Now!

Risky Boots: Fine! But we will have to examine the areas with certain effects later on!

(Having no choice in the matter, the heroes & villains quickly retreats, unknowingly follow the hooligans and dodges the fireballs as the music fades out)

(At the end of the pathway, as the heroes, villains, Inkling with Xi & Sahmad made it, with some of the heroes and villains closed the doors of the cave they came in.)

Tiny Tiger: Door's closed!

Dr. Cortex: That baron is a bafoon for challenging us...

Shantae: I'd never thought I see the day that this area actually enhanced your stats as an effect.

Aria Blaze: For your information, we're not fighting for you, we're actually defeating this creep to fight you later on, once this Starganization 13 & Dark Hunters are dealt with.

Shantae: (sighs) Of course.

Edd: (breathes in and out) For heaven's sake... Is he gone?

Sahmad: Don't count on it

(Sonic, Spongebob and Zaktan looked in confusion before they turn to Hypno Baron,Grimmsnarl,Perrserker,Agorian Blademaster and Smasher in surprise)

Hypno Baron: Leaving so soon? (the music "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix -Rowdy Rumble- Extended" plays as the fighting polygons,piratebats,heartless star shadows and heartless star emblem versions of cacklebats apppears.)

Turahk: (as the villains & Sahmad continue the fight against the enemies to take them down for the heroes) As a matter of fact, we are! (Surprise blasts fear beams at the enemies to stun them, while Vorahk drains the strength of their enemies with his hunger kraata power)

Hypno Baron: (got blinded) Gah! My eyes!

(Team Madness, Team Dark & the Piraka & Eddy follows up with a sucker punches to the face of their enemies to take them out quickly before they had the chance to regain their strength.)

E-123 Omega: (as Rouge tornado kicks at the enemies to clear the path) Yippie-Kai-yay! Darkened coloured resistence!

Blaze: (uses every bit of her fire power to quickly create a fire blast that clears the enemies in front of them) Quick! Go now!

Jack-7: (as Eddy, the Piraka, Team Dark, Team Madness & the villains carry the heroes & Sahmad away) Hurry! To the other side!

(After fighting,the path is open as they head to the exit quickly. But after heading to the 2nd circle-like path,the path is blocked by barrier as the piratebats, heartless star shadows and heartless star emblem version of cacklebats & egg lances appeared. However Blaze creates another fire burst to clear them out, feeling a bit effected from the under-temple area effect.)

Risky: (slashing & blasting the Cacklebats) No Cacklebat is gonna stop me this time!

King K.Rool: Last one & were out of this nuthouse!

(After fighting against the enemies, the path is open as they're going to the 3rd and last circle-llike path before the exit is blocked by a barrier. The piratebats, heartless star shadows,heartless star(emblem) large bodies, heartless star emblem versions of egg lance, hunterbats and rahkshi. The Villains quickly make short work on the enemies, while the heroes do their best to continue the fight.)

Guurahk: Hey! Aren't those suppose to be Rahkshi?!

Eddy: (as Plankton examines Eddy, the Piraka, Team Dark & Team Madness) Don't just stand there! Run for it!

(After they defeated the enemies, they headed to the exit to escape from the 2nd Dark Hunters.)

SpongeBob: (as They rest in relief) You're really good. Aren't you some kind of hero?

Sahmad: No,im no just an agori... a business man that was forced to survive... As the skakdi pointed out earlier, My name is Sahmad.

Spongebob: I'm Spongebob."

Ed: (hops on Spongebob's back) Hello, my name is Ed!

Patrick: (hops on Ed's back) Patrick! (before the trio fall)

Edd: (sighs) Please don't embarrass yourselves, gentlemen...

Twilight Sparkle: I'm Twilight Sparkle & this is Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, the Piraka & Eddy. We'll introduce you to the rest later...

Sahmad: It seems were fated to meet and im here with you for a reason. Maybe you need a helper like your friends and foes. Though I just met you and you 6 skakdi are different, I have a feeling that i know you and you are familiar.

Nidhiki: Fated to meet? That's putting it mildly, don't you think?

Zaktan: Not really. You may recognise the Piraka when we're changed into the Golden Skinned Being. Defeating this dream vampire was quite some time ago.

Adagio Dazzle: (to Plankton) Whats the matter? You're not going to object this time?

Plankton: No, there's something interesting about the Eddy, the Piraka, Team Madness & Team Dark that I'm just not getting...

Hakann: (smirks) When you put it that way...

Vezok: Don't kid yourself. We can't help when we have our dark nature to control.

Shadow: You should be wise to respect my power, Plankton. I don't take kindly to others if they rub me the wrong way.

Eddy: Geez. You're actually getting pretty angry.

Hank: Why would you take interest in me, Sanford & Deimos. Where Team Madness & I came from, there's no heroes, no villains, only war.

Plankton: Wait a moment. I begin to understand why their natural abilities wasn't sealed.

Tails: Wait, your not suggesting that their anti heroes?

Eddy: (a bit offended) Anti hero?!

Plankton: Their dark nature is what saved them. For example, Eddy's too greedy & his past time of scams made the under-temple effect somehow... incomplete.

Risky Boots: (giggles) Oh, that's too rich, no pun intended. Eddy, sounds like you would've been a fine addition to my pirate crew with that attitude.

Lee Kanker: Paws off Risky, Eddy's mine!

Eddy: I'd rather go with Risky, than to be hounded by a Kanker!

Adagio Dazzle: That would explain it. (Comforts Eddy, which surprised him seeing that Adagio is gentle with him) They can laugh all they want, but you & your two friends can step up when your needed.

Eddy: (surprised) Adagio...?

Adagio Dazzle: Think it over, little man.

Eddy: (a bit flustered) I'm not little!

Aria Blaze: (to Edd, while Sonata offer Ed a taco) Is Eddy always like this, plus the high volume factor?

Edd: Believe me, he had a lot of scams & ideas in his belt. Shall we proceed?

Ed: (as The heroes and villains & Inkling Girl with Xi & Boggy B find a way to exit along with Sahmad) Yummy tacos! Tart, yet crusty!

(Back with Hypno Baron & his squad.)

Super Koopa: (To Hypno Baron, who was recovering from a brutal beatdown by the villains) I got the heartless stars all over the under-temple now. So you can leave those pip-squeaks to us. Look, pal, you just keep working on some heroes into a heartless star. Then they'll be all ours!

Hypno baron: (in anger, after being beatened by the villains) This is my Under-temple, you idiot! I'll handle this MYSELF! (snaps his finger to call Rahi Nui, a mutant fusion of the many Rahi) Rahi Nui, go! (Rahi Nui heads to where the heroes and villains are)

(Back with Heroes & Villains)

Vezon: (points to a door as they run to the door) Over there! It's just on the other side up ahead...

Rainbow Dash: What? It's closed!

Lerahk: Don't just stand there like boneheads, do something!

(Some of the heroes and villains tried to open, even Eddy try to shoulder tackle at two times, before using Ed as a battering ram, but to no avail.)

Edd: Great the doors' locked, trapped inside an underworld of night terrors & dark pits galore... there must be a way through this barricade of a giant door that is blocking the exit. (steps back as he notice the star-shaped keyhole locked) Hmm... Wait a minute... SpongeBob?

SpongeBob: (The starblade appeared on his hand) I see it to...

Sahmad: Will that open it?

Spongebob: Yeah. I think so.

(Before spongebob could unlock it, they heard a loud roar as the music "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix -Vim and Vigor- Extended" plays.)

Sonic: (annoyed with the group) Oh give me a break!

Sahmad: (prepares to fight) Hurry!

(The Rahi Nui lands on the ground. Spongebob quickly unlocks it before some of the heroes and villains open the giant door. Sahmad blocks Rahi Nui's attack as he deflect it.)

Klump: (as the group hurries over to make a break for it) Lets go! Let's go! The portal's just up ahead! (Spongebob and Zaktan decided to turn around & help defeat the rahi nui) What're you doing?! The portal's that way!

Zaktan: We're not leaving without Sahmad!

Vezon: Goddammit! (He & Kardas Dragon joins in)

(The barrier appears to prevent other heroes and villains from entering as the battle begins.)

Twilight Sparkle: SpongeBob! Zaktan! Are you alright?!

Krekka: What is Vezon doing?!

Vezon: Just be grateful that you have me & my engine of destruction by my side! Once the barrier is down, keep it open for all 4 of us! Do you hear me?!

SpongeBob: Vezon, are you sure about this?

Vezon: Of course I'm sure! Otherwise we wouldn't have our revenge & payback against you!

SpongeBob: (sighs while he, Zaktan, Vezon & Kardas Dragon battle against the Rahi Nui) Of course.

Zaktan: Unpredictable to the very last...

(The brawl begins with the Kardas Dragon doing everything he can to wear the Rahi Nui down to take it down, by unleashing it's dragon slashes, bites & fire breathes the best it can while SpongeBob, Zaktan & Vezon quickly slashes at the limbs & tail of Rahi Nui to cut him down to size quickly. While fighting, the Rahi Nui's about to squish Spongebob with it's fists, but was block by Kardas Dragon and Vezon as spongebob evades Rahi Nui's bite. Spongebob jumps high before he hits the Rahi Nui hard, making it dizzy as the 5 of them kept fighting the rahi nui. The Rahi Nui gets up as it continues attacking them.Spongebob, Zaktan, Sahmad, Vezon and Kardas Dragon kept fighting the Rahi Nui.)

(After an intense battle, the group manages to defea the Rahi Nui enough to quickly escape to regroup.)

Vezon: (gently petting Kardas Dragon) That is only a taste of the Kardas Dragon's supreme power!

Reidak: Come on!

(SpongeBob, Zaktan, Vezon & Kardas Dragon and Sahmad escaped through the door & quickly closing the door with the team's help. Some of the heroes and villains maked funny faces on the rahi nui, making it rage as it charges forward before the giant door is closed.)

Applejack: Y'all have to make that monster angry, don't ya? (Eddy & Crash smiles nervously with some of the heroes & villains)

Tiny Tiger: Tiny can't help it...

Rottytops: (aome of the heroes wondered where Sahmad went, since there's no sign of the Agori) Hey? Where'd the Iron Man Go?

Deimos: Wait, you mean Sahmad? (Looks around with the group) Oh don't tell me he ran off again!

Zaktan: Leave him, he can take care of himself. After all, he's the one that sent Annona to her doom to avenge his tribe.

Sonic: (noticing Team Hooligans' footprints) Alright then, but shall we continue the chase?

Coco: Footprints. Good work, Sonic.

Tails: (following footprints with the heroes & villains) They're leading us back to the exit, if we follow them, we'll finally escape the underworld & back to Casino Park before we know it.

(As they continue on, they come across the Black Coat Figure from before, the Water Equestrian boy who turned to the heroes and villains that are behind him.)

SpongeBob: Huh? Say, weren't you the same guy that ran away from us?

Plankton: Oh that's right. Your the scaredy pony that is afraid of us before.

Water Equestrian Boy: Ah! You! (he unhoods himself & recognizes spongebob's expression) Wait a sec... Broqstas?

Spongebob: ( in confusion) Excuse me?

Sonic: Broqstas? I think you've mistaken him for someone else. He is SpongeBob. Sponge-Bob!

Water Equestrian Boy: Broqstas? Oh,it's no use.

Spongebob: Huh? What are you talking about?

Guurahk: (turns to the Mane 6) Mane 6?

Rainbow Dash: I'd swear we don't know this pony.

Pinkie Pie: Me neither & I know every pony in Ponyville & other friendly faces to an extent.

Water Equestrian Boy: Let's see, here... (he holds out a paper,then he reads) "If the subject fails to respond, use aggression to liberate his true disposition"... Right. Did they ever pick the wrong guy for this one... (he picks on his hidden pockets)

Lee Kanker: What a weirdo. Are you all even hearing this?

Spongebob: (to Water Equestrian Boy) You're bizarre like me and patrick...

Dr. Cortex: You two are always bizzare...! (the Water Equestrian Boy holds out the old rubies(which are fixed) and the 5th chaos emerald, which surprised.) Hey, isn't that...?!

Knuckles: The Emerald!

Patrick: He's gotta be the thief of that emerald!

Adagio Dazzle: (stepping forward with Aria & Sonata) Not only that, but our old rubies as well! Where did you even recovered those gems?

Aria Blaze: You better answer us!

Water Equestrian boy: Now that's just plain rude! (before he powers himself up and summons his star-shaped guitar as the music "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix -Tension Rising- Extended" plays before the music begins.)

Adagio Dazzle: (gets herself ready with the group & especially Aria & Sonata) I won't repeat myself!

(The Dazzlings lead the team this time to face against the Water Equestrian Boy in a water element battle.)

"More Coming Soon"

(Back at Casino Park, where Team Hooligans & the Heroes & Villains had escaped out of the portal.)

Nack: (seeing the exit nearby while the Mane 6 blast their pony magic & their pony attacks at the Exo-Toas) Almost there...!

(The hooligans were suddenly caught and surrounded by Subterranean, each of the 4 royal guards from Mobotropolis that are helping the Dark Hunters, 24 other mobian royal guards of mobotropolis, 17 dark hunters & 2 armoured HunterKnights mobians,, mainly with Carapar, Nocturn, "lurker" and "tyrant".)

Subterranean: Wanna play a game of statues? (gazes at Team Hooligan to immobilise them before they could land a hit by looking at them)

Bean: Ack! (Falls down with Nack & Bark) I love this game!

Carapar: Good job Subterranean, the plan actually worked. We're finally back on track. (Took the 3 Chaos Emeralds from the Hooligans)

Nack: Hey! You give those back! I'd stole them fair & square!

Subterranean: Not a chance! The Neo of metal shall be resurrected once again! And another thing...

2 Armoured Mobians: (giving Team Hooligans a treasure chest for them) Here's your reward for saving us all the trouble.

Bean: (as Nack is seething with anger & mixed emotions) Thanks. We get to have more shinies, huh boss? Boss?

Subterranean: Now let's get out of here! (About to leave with the Dark Hunters, but hears a loud screaming voice coming from an angry Eddy charging forward with the group, indiciating that the 4 teams narrowly escapes Eggman's egg army ambush & the under-temple battles, now slowly getting more fatigued) ?!

Eddy: (screaming at the Dark Hunters while charging forward) DARK HUNTER!!!

(Subterranean screams in pain from the high & loud sounds of Eddy's voice & was suddenly blindfolded by Vorahk's wrap attack with the blindfold over his Eyes to blind him)

Eddy: (trying to reach for the Emeralds from Subterranean) Wait til I get my hands on you!

Vorahk: Wrap attack! (Zaktan & Turahk stabs at the eye of Subtwrranean with their blades)

Subterranean: Gah! My ears & my eyes! They're burning! (Getting pulled back by Carapar)

Nocturm: These guys again of all places!

Carapar: (growls) They are starting to become a pain!

(The 17 Dark hunters, 4 Mobotropolis, royal guards, 24 HunterKnights and 2 armored HunterKnight mobians get themselves ready, while waiting for an escape plan, as the heroes & villains take them on, with Team Sonic attacking at Carapar with their spindashes & their Team Blast, while trying to knock them down quickly.)

(Team Chaotix, the Kongs & the Bandicoots quickly help escort Boggy B to safer ground, who he begins to openfire at the oncoming Exo-Raptors with the Inkling Girl's help, while the group focus on punching, stomping, blasting & tearing the Badniks to shreds with DK's powered up punches, Diddy's Peanut Popgun blasts & Crash's whumpa bazooka.)

Vezok: No more running... and no more games!

(Team Dark & Hank, Sanford & Deimos of Team Madness quickly begins shooting at the wings of the Hordika Dragons the bet they can, with the Crossover Heroes' help, since they remember how to take down winged beings last time.)

Carapar: (snaps his huge claw at the heroes, trying to slash & snap at them, who they barely dodge the attacks with the Dark Hunters & HunterKnights' help, before grabbing a Sol Emerald from the confusion) You should've stayed back when you had the chance!

Blaze: (notices Carapar has the Emeralds) No!

Sonic: (notices the HunterKnights look a lot like Royal Guards are indeed Mobians, seeing their armour looks similar & yet so different in different colours) (as Nocturm gets tackled by SpongeBob & Patrick along with the other Crossover Heroes & Team Sonic, while the Eds keeps trying to pin Subterranean down) (is surprised with Tails, Knuckles & Amy) Wait a minute... who's side are you on?!

Neera Li: (as Lilac, Carol & Milla quickly use their teamwork to tackle & pounce at the Egg Soldiers & destroy the Egg Pawns) Something's not right! Now the Royal Guards take their side?!

(However among the confusion out on the city limits, a red battle zeppelin based airship is seen in the skies just outside the Casino Park city limits, while Blaze & Carapar take each other on, trying to take each other down with their attacks, while Blaze quickly uses her agile reflexes to dodge barely.)

Blaze: (grabbing Carapar by the throat, while the Plankton Alliance continues ambushing Lurker & Tyrant, with Krekka & Nidhiki blasting kanoka blasts at the two, while noticing it has no effect on the Mobian guards' armour & the 2 armoured Mobian specificallt) (serious) I didn't brave through the dimensions & dodge all the wrong tunnels for nothing!

(The Rahkshi use their staffs like poles to quickly swing themselves around to run stomp on the oncoming Rahi & Fohrak, screaming while run stomping at them in mid-air, screaming while doing so with melee weapons fashion.)

Blaze: Don't you understand?, Without the Sol Emeralds, my world will die! (The statement surprised the Dark Hunters about how badly Blaze need the Sol Emeralds back in her Sol Zone dimension)

Shantae & Team Lilac: What?!

Blaze: And I will not let you or anyone else stopping me from getting them back! (Blaze kicks at Carapar)

Boggy B: (looks up) What is that?!

(They all look up in surprise to see that it's a Battle Zeppelin Airship that drops a missile bomb at the group)

Nack: (surprised to see who the battle Zeppelin belongs to) Oh no! Not them!

Risky Boots & King K.Rool: (as Shadow quickly charges up with Chaos Control) Abandon Ship!


(The Crossover Heroes, Plankton Alliance, Hank, Sanford, Deimos, Rahkshi, Shantae's group, Team Lilac, Risky Boots, the Kongs, the Bandicoots, King K.Rool, Cortex's group & Team Sonic, Dark, Rose & Chaotix, plus Blaze, Inkling Girl, Xi & Boggy B barely dodges out of the way, pulling Team Hooligans out of the way, while Bean screaming in Joy & happiness of another explosion being displayed, while the rest scream while they & the Dark Hunters were blown backwards, with Blaze managing to catch the Sol Emerald, but the Dark Hunters quickly come around after a lot of damage inflicted on them as they use this sudden ambush as an advantage to quickly & barely make a break through it with 4 Chaos Emeralds along the way, the 5th dark blue one, which they have found in the Casino Park.)

Nocturm: (chuckling, as the Zeppelin continues on with the chase while Subterranean was following the DarkHunter dropping an Information Bot quickly) Right on time...

(However, the Dark Hunters were unbeknownest on who is driving the Zeppelin, which are the 3 birds of Babylon, the Babylon Rouges. The emerald green & dark green Mobian hawk with white feathers on his chest, having blue eyes, a golden beak, two tail feathers, his feathers hair in a shape of a Mohawk & wears White gloves with red & black cuffs, yellow, White & grey goggles, red, black & white boots with grey soles. His name is Jet the Hawk.)

(The second Mobian bird is a light purple & dark purple swallow with her feathered hair as long braids, she has a curved beak, cobalt eyes & two tail feathers. She wears white gloves with golden bracelets and red lining, a white tube top and flare-designed trousers. She also wears red boots with white accents, a necklace with a red gem and gold glasses. Her name is Wave the Swallow.)

(And the third Mobian bird is a large hulking grey & white albatross with blue eyes, a gold beak and his hair is short but similar to Wave's hair. He wears tan gloves with black bands, small yellow goggles, a necklace with small gray pieces, and black, yellow, white and grey sneakers with sock-like cuffs. His name is Storm the Albatross.)

Wave: How long do we have to play nice with these Dark Hunters?

Jet: Until the time is right, Wave. You know that, right? (In thought: These talented birds hide their claws until they strike. They will be worthy of noble prizes, soon enough.)

(As Soon as the Dark Hunters & the Babylon Rouges leave the Casino, the 4 teams of Heroes & Villains, plus Blaze, Inkling Girl, Boggy B, Xi & Team Hooligans, who miraculaously made it out alive thanks to Blaze's fire power like a barrier, same with Milla's green cube shield like powers, while Cream holds onto Cheese for they are the most safe.)

Bean: (felt the blast had cured him, Nack & Bark from their paralysis, as Bark comes to) I can't feel my hands...

Cream: (cuddling Cheese in fright, while seeing the group are mostly ok, thinking the blast had only knocked them unconscious) Oh, this is terrible...

Rottytops: (rubbing her head) Hey! They kept stealing from us! That is not okey dokey...!

Jack-7: (seeing this with Omega, Boggy B & Inkling Girl with Xi) This situation is most perilous. We need to regroup...

E-123 Omega: Urge to maim, rising. (Jack-7 slowly stopped Omega, calming him down)

Jack-7: Plan first, eviserate later.

Bean: (as Bark notices unknown friendly allied figures coming over to help the group) Are we leaving? That sounds good.

Boggy B & Inkling Girl: (surprised to see friendly faces coming to help, unsure on who they are) ?

(Now with most barely conscious, they were all taken to a canyon area nearby which has a campsite near a grey building for their safety by friendly figures with Boggy B & the Inkling Girl, as night time begins.)

Boggy B: (checking the others) I'm starting to think that whoever these Dark Hunters & their plan that they're talking about is far from over.

(At the Castle of Acorn)

(A Sinister troll like being is seen looking on at the castle in Mobotropolis before he makes his way, before he takes on a lot of the Mobian Guards from inside.)

???: (smiles evilly, while he appears to be Walter Naugas, while slowly approaching to the throne room) Hehehehehehehe....!

Walter Naugas: Long Live the King!

"To be Continued in Part 2..."

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