This is the 4th Episode of Archie Sonic: Crossover (Redux)

Main Crossover Heroes: SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds, the Piraka & the Mane 6 (Hero Side), Plankton, Vezon, Krekka, Nidhiki, the Kankers, the Dazzlings & Jack-7 (Villain Side)

Main Villains: None Yet


Now that the danger has passed for the Crossover Heroes, they manage to get some good rest in Tails' workshop in the Royal Hill Zone, however Sonic, Tails & Amy witnessing some good chemistry within the team, but they didn't even know it. So they decided to give the Crossover Heroes a chance to becoming Freedom Fighters like them. Meanwhile the Crossover Villains were cornered by the Withered Egg Swats, who were left behind somehow & they need to train themselves on how to be villains in order to stop the Egg Swats. How will both Crossover Teams fair in their own training days?

Story #1: TranscriptEdit

Orientation Day (Part 1: Royal Banquet)Edit

(The Episode Starts in the Royal Hill Zone, just outside of Tails' Workshop, where Tails is flying in his Tornado BiPlane with Sonic & Amy Rose & the Crossover Heroes, known as SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds, the Piraka & the Mane 6, who are all preparing to land.)

Tails: (as Ed sticks his tounge out to let it blow in the wind, There's my workshop! My original one was set up in the Mystic Ruins from where I live, but I figured that I should set up shop here near Mobotropolis.

SpongeBob & Patrick: Wow!

SpongeBob: That is so cool!

Rarity: Thank you so much for your kindness & generosity. I still can't believe that we have to jump into the water, but at least it's not the middle of the ocean.

Vezok: Whatever you say, we can finally rest from that wild trip.

Eddy: Even if that was a close shave, we could've been in a demolition derby back there.

Edd: We must best understand this, that we manage to escape without any preparations, we couldve better plan ourselves.

Twilight Sparkle: That would be correct. We might stay here until the heat dies down, so we can figure more of the Mysterious White Fog that appeared out of nowhere in our worlds.

SpongeBob: That would be best. I think. We can even get a tour around the city later on.

Sonic: (relaxing on the wing of the bi-plane) Now were talking. You guys are gonna love it here. We'll make you feel right at home.

Amy Rose: Even if your not from here, you guys did have good chemistry.

Rainbow Dash: You really think so?

Hakann: We barely know each other & are completely different from one another.

Applejack: Who knows, we might be friends sooner or later, it's what the inside of our hearts that counts.

Thok: (As the heroes land the biplane & turns off the engines, parking it in the garage) We can save the mushy stuff for later, right now we need to rest in our new home.

(The group exit the biplane & enter inside together, amazed by the inside of Tails' workshop & garage)

Crossover Heroes: (are amazed) Whoa...!

Avak: (breathes in & out, smiling gleefully) Oh yeah, there's lots of technology & tools as far as the eye can see.

Tails: I take it that your the hi tech genius of the group?

Avak: More or less, so to say. (chuckles)

Sonic & Eddy: Nerd...

Edd: I appreciate him.

SpongeBob: So now that we got a new place to live in, let's make ourselves at home & make sure we're not invaded in the first day.

Amy Rose: Why? What happened?

Vezok: Uninvited guests, the less you know the better.

Tails: (intrigued by the unique design of the Piraka) Say, do you happen to be a robotic species with XP-16 Sisterboards?

Zaktan: Version 37 Hundred Series.

Tails: Right back at ya... (brings out the tools)

Applejack: Tails, pardon me for asking, but what in tarnation are you talking about?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah & what are you doing?

Tails: I might be able to help your robotic friends out after all. They maybe a bit rustic, but I can fix them up with a new upgrade. How does that sound?

Patrick: Upgrade, like in the elevator?

Sonic: We know Tails is a smart friend of ours, but I wonder if he can really pull this off.

Hakann: You want to upgrade us?

Tails: Yes... (bringing up the Miles Electric to scan the 6 Piraka) Since their Piraka species is part of the 37 Hundred, they can be upgraded in no time.

Thok: (is a bit surprised) We have access to any Upgrade? Can we really do that?

Zaktan: We find that hard to believe unless you can do one thing... prove it.

Tails: (as he is payed with 6 to 12 rings by the Crossover Heroes) Alright then. Come with me to my garage so we can get started.

(The Piraka followed Tails to the garage & close the door.

Tails: (from the garage with the 6 Piraka) Hold still because this won't hurt a bit. (Begins polishing the Piraka with a new Polished upgrade)

Reidak: Hey wait...! (Chuckling) Stop that, it tickles!

Amy Rose: Your lucky to have... unique friends.

Sonic: Yeah, after when they are done. We can give you a tour around Mobotropolis & maybe even see the King himself, Nigel Acorn.

Pinkie Pie: Oh yay! Maybe we can meet new friends there!

Rarity: It would be most Devine to meet royalty.

Twilight Sparkle: If Celestia & Luna were here, they might get to meet this nice king.

SpongeBob: We can rest first for a long while before we get going.

Ed: (smiling goofily) Checkers & chess, Twilight.

Sonic: (whispers to Amy) Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Amy Rose: (whispers) A nice romantic dinner together? (Seeing Sonic's look that it is not what he had in mine) Oh sorry, nervous habit when it comes to love. (Giggles nervously)

Sonic: What I mean is... (whispers) Prepare the thing, after dinner. Pass it on to Tails.

Amy: (whispers) Oh. Got it. (Nods while waiting for Tails)

(Back at the Death Egg)

(Plankton, Vezon, Krekka, Nidhiki, the Kankers & the Dazzlings quickly got into hiding, after taking down a fair amount of withered Egg Swats along the way.)

Plankton: Why can't we even catch a gosh darn break?! I mean seriously, how many of these withered robots are there?

Vezon: (stabs an Egg Swat down before blasting it's head off to disable it) We're lucky that their not as strong & fast than the other robots weve faced.

May Kanker: But guys, what can we eat? I'm getting starving.

Sonata Dusk: And were tired too.

Krekka: (pulls apart an Egg Swat) There's nothing to eat around here in the snow but normal fish, fish & more fish.

Nidhiki: (groans a bit, while blasts a paralysis disk at the group of withered Egg Swats) Fine, we will find a fishing spot to find a spot to fish once we get out of here first!

Aria Blaze: Great, it better be worth the effort. We wouldn't like each other when we're hungry.

Plankton: Still... we all need to keep our energy up. At times like this, I miss trying to steal & eat a Krabby Patty. (caught a glimpse of a shadowed female being snooping around in the halls) Hm?

Lee Kanker: What is it?

Plankton: (as the group head outside to fish) Oh, it's probably my imagination. Once we settle down & eat, we can get to work on our temporary hideout before we prepare ourselves.

Vezon: You mean?

Plankton: Yes, but first... our new name for our new group. We're a small group that just started like SpongeBob & his little band of misfits with look. How about... the Plankton Alliance.

Adagio Dazzle: It's the best we got on short notice. But the sound of alliance is a perfect fit for us. Plus, it would be easier if our Ruby gems were probably fixed.

Marie Kanker: Why? So you can try singing to our doom again?

Vezon: (sarcastic) Well, were off to a good start. (Normal) SpongeBob had their misfits & we have ours.

Plankton: (sighs, seeing Krekka, Nidhiki, the Kankers & Dazzlings were in a bit of a tangled relationship, a bit rocky at first, trying to steal the fishing gears from a snowy campsite, before their big training) Yes, but their MY misfits.

(Back at the Royal Hill Zone in Mobotropolis with Sonic, Tails, Amy & the Crossover Heroes)

Sonic: (as he, Tails & Amy gives the Crossover Heroes a tour around Mobotropolis) And this is the main castle of Mobotropolis.

Zaktan: (has a new polished look with Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok) How interesting. A castle build within the walls of this kingdom.

Hakann: Yeah yeah, but check out our new polished upgrade. We feel a bit more smooth, fast, agile, strong & well... everything else...

Eddy: Yep, your the men or robots or Piraka men or... you know what I mean!

Edd: Thank you so much for their polished upgrades, Tails. But I'm fascinated to learn more about each other & our worlds, including yours.

Tails: Think nothing of it, guys. I'm only doing the best I can to help.

Twilight Sparkle: The entire kingdom feels like we're back in Canterlot, or the Castle of Friendship. There's so many discoveries that I must learn! (giggles a bit, feeling giddy like a school pony)

SpongeBob: Yeah... real great. (Rubbing his head, feeling like seeing parts of the place he have somehow seen before)

Patrick: SpongeBob? Are you ok?

SpongeBob: Sorry, sorry. I'm fine, just a little headache again. It's gone now.

Applejack: Anyway, maybe you'll feel better once we have dinner.

Royal Guards: (suddenly stops the group, upon seeing the Piraka as robots) Halt! Identify yourselves immediately!

Sonic: (a bit surprised & trying to apease the guards) Whao whao whao, easy there guys! Chill out...! They're with us! We're just giving them a tour around the kingdom!

Royal Guard: They better not be spies for the army...!

Vezok: (a bit offended with the Piraka) Hey hey hey, do we look like the guys that could desimate everything within a 5 mile radius at the cost of our free will?!

Royal Guards: Yes!

Vezok: (facepalms) D'oh!

Sonic: Easy! We'll keep an eye for them for ya, if you please calm down!

Amy: We just came here to visit & see the King. That's all.

Royal Guards: (turn to each other) Very well, you have until 8. (Turns to the Piraka) And no monkey business.

Zaktan: (stops the Piraka from speaking further) Duly noted, we'll just be in & out, nothing more! (Head through the gates to the castle with the rest of the group)

Royal Guards: Were watching you, robots. Always watching...!

Thok: (to himself) Whew, their nuts.

Rarity: Good heavens, what was that all about?

Tails: It's kinda a long story. We'll talk about it after dinner.

Avak: I think we're a bit offended or at least not welcomed here, don't you think?

Sonic: Don't worry, they have our trust & we trust you.

Ed: Your wish is my lunch.

Pinkie Pie: Still, can't wait to see the king. Don't want to be the bad apples of the party.

SpongeBob: (as the castle doors begin to open) Just stay calm & we'll make sure we're all on our best behavour...

Sonic: Uh SpongeBob?

Zaktan: Right, let's try not to do anything stupid or irationa- (They all turned to see King Nigel Acorn himself with more Guards, in surprise, but in a bit more defensive seeing the Piraka) uhhh...

(Arkward silence for a few seconds before Tails spoke.)

Tails: Um, why don't you guys go ahead, I'll park the plane. (Head out to park his Tornado Biplane)

Avak: Is that the majesty from the info bot?

Amy Rose: Yes, it's our majesty, Nigel Acorn.

Zaktan: Do you still think it's a good idea?

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, so stay well behaved & keep, it, together.

Sonic: (comes over to King Nigel & bows to him with Amy) Greetings your majesty.

King Nigel Acorn: (whispers) Greetings Sonic the Hedgehog & to you too, Miss Amy Rose. Might I ask? Who on Mobius are they?

Amy Rose: We wanted to introduce you to our new friends.

King Nigel Acorn: Are you sure, I understand, most of them are indeed friendly, but these 6 tall Robotic creatures behind them are a big problem? Hasn't Eggman done enough damage already?

Sonic: I know, but they actually didn't came from Eggman, but they are cool with us & they look-

Edd: (softly with the group) -Happy & stay calm. Although, I must admit, it is abit nervous to meet royalty for the first time.

Thok: We know that. We came & saw the king. Now let's go before they raise their weapons & light the torches.

Rarity: It would be very rude & disrespectful, he's royalty.

Reidak: They turned robots into scrap metal. And we don't want to end up like them.

SpongeBob: Guys, please. I'm sure it's for their own...

King Nigel Acorn: -Good, these robots feel uncertain. It might be our chance to return inside & raise our defences.

Sonic: I understand that scars run deep. But we have to be...

Vezok: Quick, while they are not looking. We can make a run for it.

Eddy: Right, this is becoming too much tension for my taste.

Pinkie Pie: (stops both Eddy & Vezok) Oh no you don't...! Your staying right here, because everything's gonna be...

King Nigel Acorn: -Disaster, I just don't think about it, I know it. There is no way...

SpongeBob: -You can do this guys. Breathe deeply...

Hakann: -But we really...

King Nigel Acorn: -Really...

Sonic: -Really...

Applejack: -Don't...

King Nigel Acorn: -Want...

Thok: -To...

Amy Rose: -Be...

Patrick & Ed: (waving hello) Here!

(They all notice that they are all close together, face to face, even more in an arkward silence.)

Sonic: (clears his throat) Anyway, Amy & I would like you to meet our new friends, SpongeBob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak, Thok & last but not least... Zaktan.

Zaktan: (smiles sheepishly) So... I'd take it that's why this area was called the Royal Hill Zone for a reason. (Chuckles nervously)

King Nigel Acorn: (is more welcomed to SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds & the Mane 6, but most uncomfortable with the 6 Piraka)

Zaktan: Uhh....

Avak: Arkward...

(Inside the Dining Room of the Castle Acorn at night)

(We can see the All Stars, Sonic, Amy Rose & King Acorn all dine together, minus the Piraka who were Robotic, much to the hidden dismay of King Acorn, who is in one end of the long table, having been keeping an eye on them, mostly Zaktan who at the opposite end of the long table, next to his fellow Piraka.)

Thok: (shrugs while chewing on an ice cube, before lounging, but seeing King Acorn looking at me, with a serious look) (smiles sheepishly, with his teeth covered in freezing ice while he stands up)

Amy Rose: (a bit disturbed with Sonic by Thok's teeth covered in ice while she drinks a glass of water)

Sonic: (a bit nervous between King Acorn & the Piraka tense confrontation) So... uh... pardon me for asking, but how was the kingdom?

King Nigel Acorn: Huh, oh yes. The kingdom, we have more defences in high alert & on patrol over the past few days incase of any intruders lurking about.

Eddy: Yeah, more of the wanted kind. (Chuckles a bit with Rainbow Dash, but they stop laughing upon seeing Vezok growling a bit, seeing that the Piraka had a history of being most wanted on Voya Nui as Thieves, beasts & Robotic destroyers) Uhh... I guess not.

Tails: (opening the door) Excuse me, may I please come in?

King Nigel Acorn: Welcome, Tails. Please take a seat.

Tails: Thanks for the generousity & also thank you for waiting. (Takes a seat, noticing an empty chair next to King Nigel) Excuse me, your majesty? But have you seen Sally?

Twilight Sparkle: Excuse me for asking as well, but who is Sally?

King Nigel Acorn: Oh yes, Princess Sally Acorn. My apologises that she could not make it tonight. She & her friends & allies are busy on a mission, while also working on special project. It's only 23% complete, last week.

Sonic: Glad you could make it bud. (To the chefs in the kitchen) Excuse me, do you have chilli dogs with the works for my bud please?

Zaktan: (facepalming) Oh boy... (try to enjoy the soup, but stopped) Huh?

Edd: Zaktan?

Zaktan: Oh Yeah, great soup, your highness. Mmm...

SpongeBob: I think he means to remind you of your manners.

Eddy: Again with the bandages stuff on our heads?

Ed: Like free lunch from Double D, Eddy McGee? (He & Eddy chuckle while Reidak chuckles as well)

Amy: (clears her throats. shows the Piraka how to properly use a napkin to wipe her mouth gently & cleanly, like she & Rarity did)

Hakann: Oh. I get it. (Cleans his mouth with a napkin, before eating it)

SpongeBob: (a bit uneasy) Uh, close enough...

King Nigel Acorn: So, i have a question to all of our new guests. Care to tell us on where you live?

Sonic: I bet they own their own lands. Don't you guys?

SpongeBob: Oh yes, Patrick & I live in Bikini Bottom, under the sea. My home is a pineapple.

Patrick: I live under a rock. (A bit silent for a few seconds) It needs furniture.

Edd: Ed, Eddy & I all live in different houses, but in the same cul de sac.

Ed: I live in the basement.

Twilight Sparkle: The Mane 6 & I live in Ponyville, a town of colourful ponies with cutie marks of their unique talents. I use to live in a library in the shape of a tree, but was destroyed by Tirek & ended up living in a giant crystallised castle tree by the magic box that also bestowed us Rainbow Power. (Notices the odd looks that it sounded whack) And yes, I know it sounds wacky, just please role with it.

Applejack: Sweet Apple Acres in the farm.

Rainbow Dash: My floating cloud home in the sky.

Pinkie Pie: (smiling) Sugar Cube Corner, upstairs.

Fluttershy: A nice cottage in the woods.

Rarity: Carosel Boutique.

Zaktan: And for us Piraka. Well... an enchanted forest... a bundent in squirrels & cute little duckies and...

Eddy: What?! (Laughing) I know your not telling that you guys live in a dangerous island!

Edd & the 6 Piraka: (as the Mane 6 were surprised about where the Piraka actually lives, thinking that might be the reason why they are so beastly & primal) Eddy!

King Nigel Acorn: Well, Piraka that live in a dangerous island... (chuckles a bit! How original. (Eddy chuckles nervously while he pretends to enjoy a lot more soup)

SpongeBob: (chuckles nervously) Yeah, who knew were all different in very unique ways.

Tails: (as everyone starting drinking water, while Zaktan slurp some soup) Indeed. And who knows, with all that unique chemistry & abilities, maybe they can actually be official members of the Freedom Fighters...!

(The group, especially Zaktan & the King, were completely shocked about what Tails had said, doing complete spittakes, while Zaktan accidently slurps an entire spoon that lodged into his throat, all coughing a bit, while Zaktan pounds his chest, while Vezok & Pinkie Pie helps out with the heimlich technique to cough out the entire spoon, that launched out of Zaktan's throat & landed on the middle of the table.)

Tails: (is surprised as much as the rest of the group are) Was it something I said? (seeing surprised looks from Sonic & Amy) (chuckles nervously) Sorry, It was only a suggestion.

SpongeBob: (as everyone recovering) We just barely escaped with our lives & I think we need a lot more experience than that...

Zaktan: Don't you think it's a little early to be thinking about that, is it?

King Nigel Acorn: (recovering as well, feeling a bit protective & defensive) Indeed... and I just started eating...

Sonic: Your majesty?!

Avak: Hey... what's that suppose to mean?

Eddy: Hey hey hey, it's fine, ok?

Amy: Yes, everything is completely fine.

King Nigel Acorn: (geastures to the Piraka) Well for their type yes.

Hakann: (sits up with the Piraka) OUR Type?!

Sonic: (now uneasy with Tails & Amy) Oh boy...

SpongeBob: (feels uncomfortable with Patrick) Uh, we better go to the bathroom.

Pinkie Pie: Yeah, me too. (About to leave with SpongeBob & Pinkie Pie)

Mobian Chef: (a Mobian Dove) (arrives with lots of dinner food) Dinner is served...

Pinkie Pie: (stays with SpongeBob & Patrick) Nevermind, we can hold.

(As the dinner food has been gently set on the table, the Piraka & King Nigel Acorn have a defensive stare down, feeling a lot more protective than ever, while the dinner feast has been served.)

Mobian Chef: Bon appetite. (Leaves, heading back to the kitchen area)

Patrick: Yummy...!

Ed: (seeing delicious roasted meat) Stuffing anybody?

Rarity: Well now, this is simply devine. It's enough to keep your taste buds excited.

Twilight Sparkle: (feeling herself getting hungry) (giggles nervously) Listen to that, we are starving. Can't just sit here going hungry. Dig in everypony.

Eddy: Don't Mind if we do...!

King Nigel Acorn: (as Ed was about to take a bite out of the cooked lobster) (quickly pulls away the cooked lobster towards himself) So I suppose a group of unique characters such as yourselves, you were expected to be called...

Zaktan: (pulls away the entire roasted chicken) Misfits... yes.

Tails: There's nothing wrong with that, right your majesty?

King Nigel Acorn: Oh no no, of course not. (Turn to the Piraka, feeling more defensive) That assume you don't... (chops open a cooked lobster in half) backstab your own team!

Sonic: (as Fluttershy covers her eyes) Nigel!

Zaktan: (as he grab the roasted chicken & tears the roasted chicken legs off of it, feeling as defensive with the Piraka as the King) Oh no, we usually perfer the robotic ones that are turned into scrap metal! (Chomps on the chicken legs with the Piraka)

SpongeBob: (as Rarity is in all kinds of shock & is about to faint) Zaktan please!

King Nigel Acorn: (as he deep fries a meat Cube into a small boiling pot, while Amy looks on in surprise of the conversation becoming more tense) We only did that because of the people we care in our kingdom!

Vezok: Oh Ai...! (pulling out wishbones from the roasted chicken with the Piraka) Peacekeeper or Second Omnic Crisis?

King Nigel Acorn: (as he pulls apart the cooked lobster claws with a twist knuckle tool) You wouldn't understand, your not in the war!

SpongeBob: (as Twilight facepalms with the rest look on) Uh oh...

(Both the Piraka & King Nigel Acorn continue eating, munching, taking apart, smashing & chopping their delicious food to pieces as the rest continue to look on.)

Applejack: Simmer down, everypony. It's not getting us anywhere.

Edd: Please do something...!

Patrick: (while he looks on with Ed) Wow, It's so nice to have the friends & family together for dinner.

Ed: (has a cooked squid on his head) Napkin please?

Edd: (as the rest facepalm that they were so oblivious) I should've known better.

(Both the Piraka & King Nigel Acorn stand up & out of their seats to tug of war the roasted pig from its legs, but lost their grip upon pulling tightly, that sends the roasted pig flying up in the air)

Sonic & Tails: Nigel!

Mane 6: Piraka!

6 Piraka: Guys!

King Nigel Acorn: Sonic!

Amy: Sonic?!

Edd: Your majesty?!

Patrick: Patrick! (Got slammed in the head by a roasted pig & falls backwards with the chair, seeing stars)

(Everyone went silent in surprise after the roasted pig crashed on Patrick's head, realising that the dinner is a disaster, due to the defensive & yet tense conversation between the Piraka & King Nigel Acorn.)

King Nigel Acorn: (panting, while calming down in embarrassment for the rash action as well as the Piraka) I... I need a minute... for this dinner is over. (Head up to the balcony of the castle)

(The rest of the group turn to the Piraka, who let themselves out of the castle, by walking outside, while Sonic, Tails & Amy felt that they knew why King Nigel Acorn acted so suspecious between the Piraka.)

Orientation Day (Part 2: Uncovered Pasts) Edit

(From outside the Castle at night, moments after the dinner.)

(We can see SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds, the Mane 6 & Sonic, Tails & Amy met up with the Piraka under a starry night, having a meeting just outside the castle, who are understandable cross with them, but we're also felt sorry for both parties involved the dinner.)

Twilight Sparkle: (to the Piraka, angrily) What is your problem?! We're trying to be respectful to the king & suddenly you became defensive ever since we arrived in the kingdom with the royal guards first saw us! Do you have any idea on what would happen next, do you?!

Hakann: (raise his eyebrow) Do You?

Twilight Sparkle: Well, no... but it can't be anything good.

Edd: In all my years of mannerisms, I never seen so much disrespect in the face of royalty!

Zaktan: It's not our fault that he was defensive against robotic relations! We know that something is up! And we get it, we used to be bad guys & Thieves until you came along!

Rainbow Dash: (flies up to the Piraka, staring at them) That still doesn't mean you have to be so rude to them like that!

Vezok: He said something about the war & we know he's hiding something, right? He must have history & we need to know why!

Eddy: You need to know why cause your lucky that he didn't throw you in a dungeon!

Twilight Sparkle: Or even banish you back to where you came from!

Fluttershy: Or banish you & throw you in a dungeon into a place that you were banished you too?

SpongeBob: (trying to break up the fight) Guys, can we please be smart & bring it off?

Tails: Guys! (They all turn to the sound of Amy whistling loudly to the group) Thanks Amy... And also, The Piraka were right!

SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds, the Mane 6: (were a bit confused & surprised) Huh?!

Eddy: What?!

Ed: Who?

Amy Rose: The majesty King Acorn has a long history before you came along & the Piraka's suspecions of his defense had came to light more than we think.

Sonic: Look, the majesty did say something about the war when I was younger. (Frowns) And believe you me, it's not pretty.

Avak: That sounds deep. But do you think the King would tell us?

Applejack: (comes over to the Piraka, a bit depressed if they would continue to seek the truth like this) Look, I know your trying to figure out the truth, but if something happens to you Piraka, we just don't think we couldn't handle on losing our new friends because of all this.

Sonic: All that I'm saying is to Just go with your heart & gut & figure out for yourself. Maybe you might find the answers with the right attitude? Ok? (Extends his hand)

Zaktan: (sighs) Fine. (Shake Sonic's hand & head back inside the castle to go to the balcony with the Piraka)

Rarity: Piraka, what in heaven's name are you going?!

Zaktan: To find the king!

Edd: But why?! Haven't you done enough already? It's all fun & games until someone get their nose into Royal business!

Reidak: (as the Piraka head up the balcony) That's why were fixing this!

SpongeBob: Sonic the Hedgehog, what have you done?

Sonic: (stop the others from following) No... Trust me... they got this. I hope...

Amy Rose: Let's hope for all our sakes you know what your doing, right Sonic?

Ed: (as everyone looked up the balcony of the castle, under the stars, unaware of a brown robotic spider watching from above them on the walls of the castle) What are we looking at, guys?

(The Brown robotic spider known as a Visorahk, named a Roporak, climbs up to the balacony, thou the Visorahk do remember their past clash with the All Stars against the Iron Domain in the first half of Season 7 of "Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover", thou wishes to be tamed.)

(Back inside the Castle)

King Nigel Acorn: (with 2 guards, guarding the balcony door) It's you three again. (Camera shows three mystery beings) Are you sure that they must not know of your presence before both teams arrived here?

Cloaked figure #1 (Huge Red Being): It's best that both teams don't know about our existence. But these Piraka you speak of, used to be more ruthless & aggressive Thieves & traitors to everyone including themselves, until we observe his new allies. They are a bit more tame than we expected.

Cloaked figure #2 (Blue Piraka like being): And unfortunately, we have no choice in the matter. We must observe & see if these Piraka progressed further.

Roporahk: (discussing to the 3 cloaked beings, one huge red being, a small blue Piraka like being & a red cloaked figure, that the Piraka are coming upstairs)

Cloaked Figure #3 (Small Red Cloaked being with Metal Mask & Claws): (hearing Roporahk) (distorted disguised voice) What is it? (Hearing more of the brown Visorahk) (turns to the King) I'm afraid we'll discuss this another time.

Cloaked Figure #1: (teleports 2 Cloaked beings & Roporahk away to a safe hidden location) Remember the promise you & your people have made... Tell no one of this, especially not the Crossovers & your Freedom Fighters. (Teleports away as well)

(King Nigel Acorn sighs as he let the 6 Piraka inside the balcony, knowing their secret is safe with him.)

Zaktan: Your majesty?

King Nigel Acorn: Please, not one more step.

Zaktan: (stop himself & the Piraka from coming closer) Look, we're sorry for our attitude problems. We're part of the robots & your pretty defensive against us & we get it.

Vezok: Believe it or not, our past is very shady & brutal. We're a brutal species of Skakdi, we are it's next step of it's evolution for any three rocks put together.

Avak: So we're asking you now is why defensive against on your end, in other words, what gives?

King Nigel Acorn: (sighs, seeing how he had nothing to hide on his end on why he is defensive against robots) Really now? You all want to know the truth? (The 6 Piraka Nod in response) Are you absolutely sure about this?

Thok: Yes. So what's the story?

King Nigel Acorn: I trusted Ivo once & it was the most brutal mistake I've ever made.

Hakann: Wait, Ivo?

King Nigel Acorn: Yes.

(The Flashback begins way back in the past in the Kingdom of Acorn, during the Classic Era, it is when the Kingdom of Acorn had a conflict with an human organisation known as the United Federation, due to their questionable history & it's millitary.)

King Nigel Acorn: (narrating, as he comforting the renegade Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who is the classic version of Dr. Eggman with the classic appearance) It all started when my kingdom have a questionable history with a human organisation & it's military, who are called the United Federation, who would seize to take a large portion of our world. That is until we comforted a renegade scientist, who had came to us for help. So I gave Ivo the position as the Royal Advisor.

(Dr. Ivo Robotnik, also known as the Classic Dr. Eggman, along with another scientist whigh is a short Mobian sized human name Julian Snively, who has a long beak like nose & 5 indivdual hairs on his hair, wearing green sweater with large buttons & black pants, warning the majesty about the United Federation plan to invade the kingdom.)

King Nigel Acorn: (narrating, as he heed both humans their warnings & rushes out, forcing to act out of defence, unaware of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, now called "Dr. Eggman" & Julian Snively) They both warned us that the United Federation were planning to invade our kingdom & I had no choice but to act out in defence for the kingdom, but trusting Ivo, who now calls himself "Dr. Eggman", is my big mistake.

(Both Eggman & Julian smiles evilly having their fingers crossed behind their backs, while they were joined by a gruesome troll being named "Walter Naugas" who has a rhinocerous horn on his forhead, bat ears, a long white beard, a left gloved lobster claw & a large tail, wearing a purple suit with a black cape, with a glove on his right hand, belt & boots, who happens to be the King's royal wizard, is smiling evilly, having agreed to be in league with Eggman.)

Reidak: (voice over outside the flashback, while he & the 6 Piraka are surprised to hear that Ivo is indeed Dr. Eggman) No way...! You were betrayed...?!

King Nigel Acorn: (narrating) You could say that it's correct. During that time, the Royal Wizard known as Walter Naugas had also betrayed me to be in League with Eggman & his assistance, Julian Snively. It is right then & there that Dr. Eggman unleashed his Invasion that has engulfed the kingdom into his own, with an entire empire... (turns back to the Piraka) OF YOUR KIND!

(The Flashback changes to a more stormy weather during the Eggman Invasion where the kingdom in Mobotropolis is mostly evacuated or captured by an army of Eggman's Badniks)

King Nigel Acorn: (narrating as he tries to hold off the Badniks with his guards, but was ultimately banished & with Walter surprisingly into the Special Zone by Eggman) An army of robots, known as the Badniks, have rampaged through the kingdom & had taken over under Eggman's control. We tried to hold them off for the people & the young to escape. But ultimately I was beatened & was banished into the Special Zone, along with Walter Naugas who is also betrayed by Eggman. With that, my people & the young were safe in a hidden location, but at the cost of the entire kingdom & Mobotropolis being under the Egg Army's control...

(The Flashback changes & it ends where a Young Classic version of Sonic the Hedgehog, align with other young members of the newly formed Freedom Fighters, led by the king's daughter, quickly takes the fight to the Badniks to free the people & their king, causing Eggman & Julian Snively to evacuate, but not without having created Eggman's army empire that sparked a war against the Freedom Fighters.)

King Nigel Acorn: (as the 6 Piraka were amazed & surprised on why Nigel Acorn is so defensive in the first place) Until now, when a young Sonic the Hedgehog along with my daughter & the rest of the Freedom Fighters have taken back Mobotropolis & the entire Kingdom of Acorns causing Eggman & Julian to evacuate the castle... that sparked the Eggman War.

6 Piraka: (in unison with amazement & surprised looks) Whoa.../Wow...

Zaktan: That's deep. It's no wonder why you have trust issues with robots. You thought that we belong to Eggman & yet you have histories with trust issues between the kingdom & the United Federation. We had no idea.

Vezok: Yeah, we're sorry. It's just that, we use to have trust issues like you in the past. Even when I was separated from my other double ganger half, Vezon.

Hakann: Even I'm the most untrustworthy because of my huge ego.

Avak: So what we're trying to say, your not alone in this.

King Nigel Acorn: (sighs & smiles a bit) Thank you, but now you understand why I'm very defensive. It's not just for the safety of the kingdom, but also for all of Mobotropolis & its people of Mobians. I apologise for my crude actions. (Feels more stern & serious about the topic on trust) But please be aware that I cannot simply hand you my trust, as of the aftermath of the Eggman Invasion, my trust with you must be earned the right way with proof & loyalty, so that I can truly trust you 100%. And believe me, I must warn you on what might happen if you were to betray my trust, it will make you wish you haven't. (Smiles again) Now are we clear?

Reidak: (as the 6 Piraka we're surprised) Oh yes, we're clear... we're so clear...

King Nigel Acorn: Good. I'm glad that we get a chance to be more honest with each other. I cannot wait to get started. (Giving the Piraka the directions to the Wood Zone which is close by, but the destination is within the forest) Here's the directions. You take care now.

Thok: (as the Piraka bow & head out, making sure that they get on Nigel Acorn's good side) I never thought we say this, but Thank you, your majesty.

(The 6 Piraka head back outside the castle to regroup with the rest.)

(Back outside, on the dirt path between Mobotropolis & the Wood Zone)

Sonic: (walking with the group to the Wood Zone, as he is just finishing the story of the Eggman Invasion) With the Freedom Fighters standing tall on their first successful mission.

SpongeBob: Wow... even we find that hard to believe that you, Tails & the others at a young age could face off against Eggman & won.

Amy Rose: Even I'm amazed when they told me as well that I had to join in too. I couldn't resist getting close to Sonic & being responsible in my duties.

Eddy: You'd probably stay close to Sonic when you had the chance right? (Chuckles a bit, while Sonic is a bit uneasy)

Sonic: (a bit uneasy) I bet she would. (To himself quietly) When I least expect it. (normal voice) But I respect her as part of the team.

Twilight Sparkle: (as the group venture into the woods) I'm glad that we able to share your story with us. And I believe we truly understand why the majesty is so defensive all of the sudden. But we couldn't help but think of the Piraka's defensive & yet rough attitude.

Pinkie Pie: Even I thought I would help with the dinner to help them improve. (As she turn her head upside down) I thought it would help turning their frowns upside down.

Rainbow Dash: And they should've kept their mouth shut, but the girls & I never expected them to live in a dangerous island.

Edd: Why else would the Piraka would become so ruthless & aggressive like the brutal beasts that they are before we've all wind up somewhere... here.

Sonic: Oh yeah, your in Planet Mobius, by the way. (This sudden revelation stuns the Crossovers that they are indeed in another planet) But others would call it the Sonic World for some reason.

Ed: (smiling at that sudden revelation) Oh oh! Does that mean we've become the Mighty Space Outlaws to seek freedom?!

Patrick: But don't Outlaws belong in the Wild Weest?

Rarity: Weest?

SpongeBob: I think it's the Wild West Patrick. And also, the movie is in the Space Age.

Patrick: Gesundheit.

Tails: Space Outlaws?

Eddy: (remembering their Space Outlaw imagination-gone-Wild incident with Ed & Eddy) We'll talk about it later.

Tails: (as the group stops by a secret camoflauge door, while the 6 Piraka rush down the path) (smiling) Oh we're here.

Zaktan: (rushing forward with the rest of the Piraka before stopping) Hold on for a minute...!

Avak: Are we late?

Tails: Your just in time. Come on in.

(The Group head inside through the camoflauge door, down a metal corridor that leads to a Training Area.)

(Back at the Northern Tundra, also known as Artika, with the Plankton Alliance/Crossover Villain's location in the Death Egg)

Plankton, Kankers & Dazzlings: (enjoying their full catch of fish, while Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki are salvaging the broken robots for new & spare parts)

Plankton: Ok, I know it's cannabilism on my part, but this is tasty.

Lee Kanker: See, we told you...

Vezon: (from inside the Death Egg, Seeing something surprising with Krekka & Nidhiki) Everyone, there's something inside you should see.

(Plankton, the Kankers & the Dazzlings get up while enter inside, following Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki, while they happen to see one large robotic humanoid juggernaut with bulging muscles, wearing a black singlet, gloves & came pants with combat boots. It also had sectionalized skin, making them appear less human. This was especially apparent where a green glow radiated from the joins in his skin. The most recognizable feature of the humanoid juggernaut, however, is the distinctive head and face, complete with trademark Mohawk hairstyle, which is red, shared by all models of his fellow juggernaut robots, which according to the metal etching on the chest, it is called a "JACK", from the Tekken series, namely a Jack-7, with a number 7 next to it.)

Nidhiki: What kind of juggernaut is that?

Marie: Holy Toledo, he's huge!

Aria Blaze: (a little shock & awe with the girls) And so very scary, tough & intimidating that can make any man tremble of it's sheer size & power... (suddenly smiles slyly, since it's more of her style) I like it.

Plankton: And why do I get the feeling that I've seen this robot before? It didn't came from the duplicatotron, did it? (Seeing the metal etching that said) Jack-7?

(As the group continue to examine the Jack-7, they were unaware of the Mobian Snow Animals in their light blue Eggman like snowgear suits from before, that are actually the Egg Soldiers, were sneaking up behind them, for a surprise ambush.)

Krekka: Has he reincarnated?

Vezon: No, your numbskull, it's somewhat of a latest model of high tech machinery.

Adagio Dazzle: Yet he looks like he had seen better days & it's been shut down for a long time.

Plankton: But why? I better see if I can power this big guy to be a part of us and...!

Artkia Egg Soldiers (Artkia/Blue Variant): (quickly blocking the way to keep the Plankton Alliance from escaping the Death Egg) Stop right there!

(The group turn in surprise to see the Artkia Egg Soldiers with their blasters ready)

May Kanker: Hey! Weren't you from the Snow camp?!

Artkia Egg Soldier: (with a megaphone) In the name of the Artika division of the Egg Army & the great Dr. Eggman himself, we hearby place you all under arrest for foiling the doctor's plan in the South Islands & for tricking us all while tresspassing in our base camps & the Death Egg, also known as forbidden territory!

Plankton: (clutching his head, while hearing both Jack-7 & the name Death Egg slowly coming to him like a headache, before he feels better when the headache is gone for the moment) Gah... We have no time for trivial matters!

Lee Kanker: Guess there's only one way to settle this.

Sonata Dusk: Sorry, We tried to play nice, but no can do on the surrender part.

Plankton: Plankton Alliance, consider this our first day of training...! (Seeing the Artika Egg Soldiers charge forward by orders of their Mobian Walrus Egg Boss) (activates the Duplicatotron 3000, to deploy his own brand of robots at the Artika Egg Soldiers) Attack!

Vezon: (as he, Krekka, Nidhiki, the Kankers & the Dazzlings charge as well) And keep them away from Plankton & the Jack-7!

(Vezon, Krekka, Nidhiki, the Kankers & the Dazzlings dodging the laser fire, while they proceed to attack at the Artika Egg Soldiers & vice versa, while Plankton is using his high intelligence to good use, while he is working on the Jack-7 for repairs, to get the power within the juggernaut going again. However, unbeknownst to them, that a tall dark red & black robotic figure is spying from the snowy hills, being in League with the 3 cloaked figures.)

Cloaked Figure #4: (Tall Dark Red & Black Figure) Their in position. Let's see how well you plan ahead...

(The 4th Cloaked Figure summons the ice type Rahi with the icy white & cyan Visorahk, Suukorak leading the charge with other rahi like the flying Venom Flyer, the Rahi / Matoran hybrid, Frostelus, the big Frost Beetle & the large canine rahi, the Crystal Climber, all take the charge under the 4th cloak figure's command.)

(Meanwhile, back with the Plankton Alliance)

Nidhiki: (trying to paralyse the Artika Egg Soldiers down) Any time now? (Barely dodges a laser shot) Hey!

Plankton: (growls a bit, while it may take some time to fix the Jack-7) I'm still working on it! I'm almost done!

Kankers: (grabbing pieces of metal to use as make shift shields) Grr...!

Lee Kanker: Your starting to get us angry! (tries to shield bash at an Egg Soldier with the piece of metal)

Krekka: (tries swatting away the Egg Soldiers) This is no fun anymore...!

Adagio Dazzle: (as the Dazzlings using their vocals to emit their vocal sonic sound waves at the Egg Soldiers, trying to put them to sleep) Were not loud enough to put them all to sleep!

Sonata Dusk: (scared) I knew we miss our singing & we really mean it.

Vezon: (blasting electrical fireballs at the Egg Soldiers) Back! Back to where you came! Stand your ground for Plankton, he's almost done...!

(However, before they can charge in for the final blow, they heard loud screeching noises coming from the Suukorak, Venom Flyer, Frostelus, Frost Beetle & the Crystal Climber.)

Lee Kanker: Now what?!

Nidhiki: (noticing the Ice Rahi charging forward) Oh give me a break!

(The Ice Type Rahi quickly attacks at the Plankton Alliance & the Artkia Egg Soldiers, while Krekka takes on Frostelus in a pushing / shoving match, Vezon & Nidhiki takes on the Crystal Climber, the Kankers tries to fight against the Venom Flyer & the Dazzlings trying to push back the Frost Beetle.)

Artkia Egg Soliders: (noticing the ambush by the Ice Type Rahi & quickly retreats to wait for reinforcements) Abort abort!

Plankton: What in the name of Neptune is that?!

Vezon: Rahi!

Krekka: (pushing back Frostelus who pushes me back) What are they doing here?!

Lee Kanker: We don't have time for this! (Grabbing lead pipes with the girls) Let's sick'em, girls! (Tries smacking at the Venom Flyer with Marie & May's help, who tries dodging it with flight)

Dazzlings: (trying to dodge the Frost Beetle's attacks, while trying to emit sound waves at the Frost Beetles to send it crashing to the stone wall, but their broken rubies were suddenly shattered from that last power surge) (gasps)

Aria Blaze: Our rubies!

Plankton: (noticing this while it finally fixes Jack-7 & activates it) And done! (Notices the warm up loading screen on Jack-7, due to the cold surrounding the Death Egg) Warm up?! Are you kidding me?!

(Plankton screams upon seeing a Suukorak, tackling at him, while Plankton quickly land on Suukorak's back, dodging the Rhotuka spinners from it's back & from Venom Flyer)

Plankton: (hanging onto Suukorak) Aah! Push them back! Quickly!

Krekka & Frostelus: (throwing their hard hitting punches at each other, while Krekka is more thick headed than Frostelus)

Vezon: (dodging the bites, chomps, slash & scratches from Crystal Climber with Nidhiki) Stay back! (Blasting at the Crystal Climber) Your nothing compare to my engine of destruction, Fenrakk!

Nidhiki: (blasting Kanoha Disks from his mouth at the Ice Type Rahi to try & push them back or even paralyse them) Ok, this is getting ridiculous!

Vezon: They must be fully trained than normal!

Marie Kanker: (getting pushed back while smacking a lead pipe at Venom Flyer) You think?!

Dazzlings: (dodging the Frost Beetle's attacks, while Nidhiki intervenes to save the trio, falling in the snow, near the crumbled stone wall)

Adagio Dazzle: (growls a bit) We can't beat them like this!

Aria Blaze: (kicking at the Frost Beetle) If only we can get our powers back!

Sonata Dusk: (points to something Red & shiny, which are 3 shiny new rubies within the rocks) Loook...

Adagio Dazzle: (smiles with Aria & Sonata) Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Plankton: (getting pushed back with the Plankton Alliance, while hanging onto Suukorak) Barnicles, were losing ground!

(Plankton quickly grabs a piece of cloth from the camp & blinds the Ice Visorak by covering its eyes with the cloth he tied between Suukorak's eyes, while avoiding the venom pinchers & razor teeth)

Plankton: (quickly manuevers the Suukorak to the Ice Type rahi for a decisive tackle before jumping onto Vezon's hand)

Vezon: Gotcha Boss! (Place Plankton on his shoulders)

Plankton, Vezon, Krekka, Nidhiki, Kankers & Dazzlings: (were all getting pushed back by Suukorak, Venom Flyer, Frostelus, Frost Beetle & Crystal Climber)

Plankton: Stand your ground!

May Kanker: What ground? We're losing some!

Krekka: What do we do now, boss?

(However before the Ice Type Rahi could take the Plankton Alliance down, the Jack-7 suddenly powers up after it is fully warmed up, with it's power core glowing green & standing up at 7.6, the same height as the Jack-X.)

Jack-7: (robotic male voice) Reboot sequence complete. (Seeing the Plankton Alliance in danger of the Ice Type Rahi) (charging forward) Engaging battle mode sequence in 3, 2, 1...

(Jack-7 sucker punches the Frostelus into the snow, surprising both the Rahi & the Plankton Alliance.)

Vezon: (is surprise as much as everyone here) Hooley Dooley...!

Plankton: Jack-7? (Smiles on the sudden turning point) Let's take care of this unwanted guests, shall well?

Jack-7: Affirmative, engaging up tempo rock music while taking care of unwanted guests...

(Up Tempo Rock Music starts when the Jack-7 suddenly grabs the Venom Flyer by the face & slams it into the Snow, to the start of the music, while the Ice Type Rahi suddenly charges after the Jack-7, assuming he is a bigger threat, but we're ambushed by the Plankton Alliance.)

Krekka, Nidhiki & Vezon: (ram at Crystal Climber at the steel wall of the Death Egg, while the Crystal Climber tries to bite, chomp, slash, scratch & claw at the three)

Kankers: (slams the lead pipes at the Venom Flyer to knock it out of the sky)

Lee Kanker: Let'em have it...!

(The Kankers stomps on the ground, unleashing their Kanker Hissy Fit at Frostelua & Venom Flyer, causing the ice beneath to crack & fall apart, causing Frostelus & Venom Flyer to fall into the semi frozen river & become frozen solid.)

Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze & Sonata Dusk: (helping Jack-7 on taking on the Frost Beetle, by draging the Rahi down for Jack-7 to uppercut the Frost Beetle)

Jack-7: (uppercuts the Frost Beetle, sending it flying to the Rahi)

Krekka: (picks up the Crystal Climber, who tries to struggle) Bad doggy! (Tosses the Crystal Climber to the igloo) Time to heel!

(The Crystal Climber crashes into the igloo, that the Artika Egg Soldiers were hiding to regroup, with the rahi semi conscious.)

ArtiKa Egg Soldier: (contacting the Artika Egg Boss) Boss! The intruders were too much & these robotic creatures come out of nowhere! We need to fall back ASAP! (Screams as the Crystal Climber chomps the laser blasters, minus one to pieces) AH, Running! (Retreats with the panicking Egg Soldiers)

Plankton: (dodging the Suukorak's attacks, while taking the Laser Blaster) I'll take that! (blasting at the Suukorak with a stolen laser blaster

(The Plankton Alliance continue to dodge the Rhotuka spinners, the best they can even more with stolen weapons, while the Ice Type Rahi, were pushed back, trying to help out Frostelus & Venom Flyer out of the frozen river.)

Frost Beetle: (unleashes a bliizard out of desperation & anger with the Ice type rahi's help to push back the Plankton Alliance)

Plankton, Vezon, Krekka, Nidhiki, the Kankers & the Dazzlings: (hanging on tightly)

Jack-7: (quickly goes in front of the Plankton Alliance, shielding them from the blizzard, taking one for the team & let's out a battle cry while he charges with full speed to ram at the Frost Beetle to send him & the Ice type Rahi back)

Plankton: Thank you Jack-7. We would've become popsicles. (Seeing the Ice type rahi struggling to get up) This is our chance to run them out of the arctic! Let's finish them off!

Adagio Dazzle: (as she, Aria & Sonata steps forward since the blizzard stopped) Save your strength our fellow teammates. Allow us to finish the job for you.

Marie Kanker: How? Your rubies are shattered!

Aria Blaze: (smiles with Adagio & Sonata, while their necklaces glow with shiny brand new rubies) Check again...

(The Kankers were more than surprised to see the Dazzlings having found new rubies to restore their siren power to full strength.)

Sonata Dusk: Ooh ooh, can we do the thing? Pretty please?

Aria Blaze: Alright, alright, as long as we're getting out of this situation!

Adagio Dazzle: Dazzlings... it's time to shine!

(The Dazzlings's new rubies glow with brand new full power & unleashing more powerful soundwaves to blast the 5 Ice Type Rahi, to blast them away into the Snow hill with such force.)

Suukorak, Venom Flyer, Frostelus, Frost Beetle & Crystal Climber: (were send flying backwards, crashing into the Snow hill, groaning in deep pain)

Sonata Dusk: (excited) Yay! Our singing is back!

Krekka: (waving goodbye to the retreating Rahi) Catch ya later, Rahi.

Plankton: (smiling of their well earned triumph) I can't believe it. We actually won, even more against a group of Rahi no less. Nice work team!

Jack-7: (beginning to cool down from it's own heat in battle) Intiate schedule maintence. I must thank you for restoring me from eternal sleep.

May Kanker: Were just all that's over.

Lee Kanker: And we got some exercise out of it, it's good for ya.

Vezon: Yeah, but we barely survived if it wasn't for Jack-7.

Nidhiki: Come to think of it, it's becoming increasingly obvious that it's too dangerous to stay here.

Sonata Dusk: But where do we stay? We got nowhere to go except here.

Plankton: Now now. I'm sure we will find a new base of operations soon. Right now we must escape until the heat dies down.

Jack-7: (point to one of the escape pods) May I be allowed to make a suggestion?

Nidhiki: No not again. No way I'm going in air turbulence again.

Jack-7: It's much more durable than the previous pod you escaped with. It's our only means of escape.

Plankton: He's right, so you heard the robot. We must get out of here before reinforcements arrive & quick.

Marie Kanker: (as the Plankton Alliance, along with it's newest member, Jack-7 find & enter the escape pod to escape the Death Egg) Another trip? It better be worth it when we find a more suitable place to stay!

Adagio Dazzle: Its so wonderful to have our singing back. You don't want to know about our defeat. It's humilating.

Plankton: (as the Plankton Alliance flies away from the Death Egg & out of Artika) Jack-7, welcome to the crew.

(As the Plankton Alliance escapes the Death Egg, they didn't realise a female figure from before is still hiding in the shadows, watching them.)

???: (hiding in the shadows, to avoid being spotted by the Plankton Alliance) (female voice) Phew, thank goodness. And here I thought that they never leave. (Continues explore within the Death Egg to continue the investigatinon)

(Back outside the Death Egg from the Snow hill)

(The 4th Cloaked Figure, the tall black & red figure is met with the 5th cloaked figure, which is the intelligent multi armed blue & silver figure, who returned to him.)

Cloaked Figure #5: Well? Is it done?

Cloaked Figure #4: Yes, the test & objective is complete. We've done our part here.

Cloaked Figure #5: Even controlling every kind of machine in the Death Egg is tedious work For a super genius like me. (Contacts the hidden base) Open it up, we're coming back.

(A dark purple portal appears, revealing the 6th Cloaked Figure, which is a purple & white hyperactice being that can open interdimensional portals.)

Cloaked Figure #6: Good now get in! The next phase is about to begin & I cannot wait!

(Cloaked Figure #4 & #5 enter with the Ice Type Rahi through the portal back to the hidden base.)

Orientation Day (Part 3: Calculation Complications) Edit

(Back in the hidden building with the training area, with the Crossover Heroes & Sonic, Tails & Amy)

Sonic: (as the group walk down the metal corridor) It's ok Piraka. You don't have to explain this to us about the backstory, I've explained the same with the group. But I'm more concerned with you guys & the King.

Zaktan: He had warmed up to us a bit since he confessed, but he also said that we have to earn his trust.

Vezok: And maybe that Orientation training course you speak of could help out?

Tails: Yep, our good friend Nicole helped design the course for you.

SpongeBob: Really, that sounds wonderful!

Amy Rose: Be weary that it's gonna be difficult. (Giggles nervously)

Eddy: Oh come on, we can take on your challenge!

Rainbow Dash: Right, what he said. We will do our best to handle anything they throw at us!

Twilight Sparkle: They did say that we need to be cautious Rainbow, we don't know what this training course could contain. We might work together as a team to do so.

Reidak: Says the Mane 6 that sang an entirety of the song break that made them two seconds too late? (Chuckles with the Piraka, while the Mane 6 felt embarrassed about it, while Twilight & Rainbow Dash were a bit annoyed by this)

Rainbow Dash: (groans a bit) Oh, don't remind us. We're so close on beating the griffon record.

Thok: Riiiight. (felt a gentle nudge with the Piraka from Applejack & Rarity) What?

Edd: Despite them poking fun at you, but I'm afraid their right about this & they are pretty clear about it too. Every second counts in this obstacle course, you know.

SpongeBob: Even if Ed literally goes through the entire maze in 10 seconds?

Edd: (blush in embarrassment, while the Mane 6 giggle a bit, knowing that they're not the only ones with obstacle course blunders) That isn't how Ed goes through a maze!

Ed: (as the Piraka took notice of 5 mysterious statues near the training course entrance) Hang on Double D, I'll think of something.

Patrick: We're almost there, guys.

Zaktan: Say before we go further, check it out.

(The group all saw 5 different statues standing on slabs near the walls, like gargoyles on the tall buildings. However all 5 statues were all shaped in different beings. The first one being a black skinny being with a long xenomorph like mask with eyesit's secondary colour varies but mostly dark red, with a sword, sawblade shield & a Thornnax launcher, it is a called a Skrall that is named "Branar".)

(The Second Statue is an more bulky & strong elite class black & dark red Skrall with strong body armour & large shoulder pads, holding a spiked thorn club & a thornnax launcher as well, named "Stronius")

(The Third Statue looks also powerful & bulky & is an extremely specialised Vahki, while he is different among the normal Vakhi. He is dark red, dark green & black & has the element of the sand, while wielding the Staffs of Command & Kanoha disks, while his name is Kranua, the Specalised Vahki with sand.)

(The Fourth Statue is a Ta-Matoran turned monster like being, with multiple arms & legs up to four each & is multicoloured with red, orange, white, gold, yellow, lime, grey, dark blue & green, while also wielding multiple swords & wings. The reanimated mutant monster being named is "Gaardus".)

(However the Fifth & last statue was much different among the rest, it is a red Mobian fox with cream muzzle & belly, that looks organic, but is practically a robot from the inside, disguised as a Mobian with a yellow bow & Boots & white gloves, but it also Sports a yellow & white jumpsuit that also matches & represent the Good side of her organic counterpart, Fiona Fox. The robot's name is "Auto-Fiona the Automaton Fox", that is secretly from long ago.)

Ed: Oh cool, they look like the Gargoyles from the comic "City Creepers of the Night" where they watch over us in the middle of the night before they swoop in to devour the unexpected victims like the flying predators.

Eddy: (as everyone looked at Ed funny) I think that eyebrow is too heavy for his head.

SpongeBob: Still, never know you guys were in to statues. They look lifelike. Do you have these statues from the corridor?

Sonic: To be honest, we don't remember having statues like these here before.

Tails: Me neither.

Amy Rose: Nope. Maybe someone from Royalty got us some as gifts.

Tails: Maybe, but what kind of statues are those?

Avak: (looking at the Branar & Stronius statues) Still, I'm getting uncomfortable memories.

Vezok: (with the Piraka, while having flashbacks to the days as being fused to the Golden Skinned Being) Us too. They must be the Skrall, we recognise them since our experience with the Skakdi fusion known as the Golden Skinned Being, who us Piraka are fused into with the Vortixx, a Zgylak & a stealth Laborer, in which it was Krekka's species, but still fused together in the Energized Protodermis.

Hakann: Yeah, but we hardly recognise the other two. (Point to Kraur & Gaardus statues)

SpongeBob: The Golden Skinned Being? How exactly did you guys change back to...?

The Piraka: (in unison) It's Complicated!

Tails: (surprised with the group, but also taken notice of the Auto-Fiona statue) Still, I can't shake the feeling about this statue. But I never recognised her to begin with, to be honest.

Applejack: It's ok to be honest with yourself, I know that feeling.

Sonic: It's ok bud. We were just taken by surprise by these new additions. Let's go.

Thok: Right, sorry about that. Carry on.

(The group continues on to the end of the metal corridor to find a Holographic digital pad in front of them, next to the metal door to the Training Course.)

Sonic: (press the button to communicate to Nicole through communicator) Yo Nicole? We got friends over that like to join us with a little training, freedom fighter style?

Nicole: (on communicator) Greetings Sonic, Tails & Amy. I'll be with you in a few seconds.

Eddy: A few seconds? Is she serious?

(Right on cue, a green Holographic pod activates, revealing a female Mobian Lynx with brow fur, the ends of her ears are black, and her face features a stripe along the bridge of her nose as well as one under each eye. Her eyes are green and she has medium-long black hair with splits at the ends that she wears down. For attire, she wears a shoulder-less, sleeveless and purple dress with split tails, decorated with a small broach. She has black pants, white gloves, and shoes, the gloves featuring round gold cuffs while the shoes had silver cuffs and toes. Her name is Nicole the Holo-Lynx.)

Crossover Heroes: Whoa/wow...!

Edd: (smiling, while Zaktan & the other Piraka look on in amazement) This is worthy of a noble prize...!

Pinkie Pie: (smiling happily, bouncing) Wowee, you must be Nicole. That was a nice surprise by the way, I'm Pinkie Pie.

Nicole: (holding her handheld computer, which is one of a kind) Why yes... (seeing the Crossover Heroes together) And my, I never seen a group that is very unique, such as yourselves. Well balanced with a bit of mild & wild chemtrisy.

Twilight Sparkle: Um, nicely put, Nicole?

Reidak: (amazed) I think she's sentient... I like it.

Hakann: Oh brother... (facepalm) Another egghead...

Edd: (a bit annoyed) And what's wrong with being an egghead?

Hakann: Too much knowledge is too dangerous. That's why.

SpongeBob: (pushing Hakann away from Edd & Twilight) Please ignore him, what we meant is that we're amazed by your intelligence, but a few of us feel a bit hesitant.

Nicole: It's ok, I can appreciate your honest opinions overall. (Clears her throat) Anyway, welcome to the Freedom Fighters Fitness Course. If your strong enough, fast enough & clever enough to beat the training course challenge, you will be rewarded the positions as Freedom Fighters. Just simply make your way to the other side to complete the course. (Smiles cutely) Good luck.

Zaktan: Yes thank you, but we have pressing matters to attend to. (Point to the 5 statues behind them) Do you happen to know who bought those 5 statues before? Maybe you can help us.

Sonic: (seeing how the Piraka were oblivious to the fact that Nicole is a digital Holographic A.I. Holo-Lynx) Zaktan?

Zaktan: Yes, Sonic?

Sonic: Do you know anything suspicious about Nicole here?

Zaktan: Well we do find herself a bit pixelating with square pixels to be quite puzzling.

Sonic: (smirks) And why is that?

Avak: (shrugs as they are still oblivious) Possibly an injury occurred while battling evil?

Nicole: (giggles a bit with Sonic, Tails & Amy) I'm not an actual Mobian Lynx. I'm a Holo-Lynx.

Thok: A what now?

Sonic: (chuckling) Yeah, You robotic numskulls. She's an A.I.

The Piraka: Ohh...

Vezok: You know that makes more sense when she said it...

Edd: (sighs) Even if their robots, I'm surrounded by idiots.

Eddy: Yes, but their our idiots. Now come on, let's go be Freedom Fighters, buddy boy!

SpongeBob: Oh yeah! Lets hope we don't push ourselves too hard. (Shudders) I don't want to go back to the Arm cruncher that tries to kill me...!

(As the Crossover Heroes, plus Sonic, Tails, Amy & Nicole open the metal doors & head inside the Training Course room, closing the door behind them, they were unaware that the 5 statues in the corridor, slowly turn their heads to the door & keypad, indicating that the 5 statues werent actually statues after all.)

(Inside the Training Course Room)

Nicole: (with Sonic, Tails & Amy, as the Crossover Heroes get into position as they saw the training course with lots of training obstacles all set up for them) Now then, if everyone is all set. I have designed this obstacle course to test your physical skills & your intelligence in different situations. The 2 simulation battles in the simulation room in the middle & in the other side will be prepared soon.

Edd: (is a bit surprised by the obstacle training course) Oh my goodness... physical activity...

SpongeBob: (notice this as well) Oh boy...

Zaktan: Just try to stay focus & we can pull this off.

Twilight Sparkle: As long as we won't strain ourselves, we'll do our best.

Eddy: Just say the word & it's on!

Hakann: And keep Ed from destroying the course, ok?

Tails: Good luck you guys. (holding the Miles Electric device) I'll try to use the Miles Electric to see how well your progressing so far.

Nicole: Ok, on your marks... get set... (starts timer) Go!

(Upbeat Orientation Music begins to play as the Crossover Heroes begins their training.)

Ed: (as the Crossover Heroes quickly starts the running in the obstacle course with the basics, jumping over the hurdles) (laughing) Wait for me, guys!

(The Mane 6 jumps over the hurdles like they in an Equestrian sporting event, while the Piraka jumping over the hurdles while running, a bit slower than others, SpongeBob, Patrick & Edd are having trouble getting over the hurdles, while Ed just bursts through the row of hurdles like he did with the maze challenge.)

Amy Rose: (noticing this, while giggling nervously) At least Ed gets an A for effort & simple creativity...

Sonic: Come on, there's something I gotta see. (Follows with Tails, Amy & Nicole)

(Next the Crossover Heroes quickly begins climbing up the ledges & rock climbing obstacle courses, while Reidak is most skilful at climbing, while the rest of the Piraka continue to follow suite. the Eds trying their best with SpongeBob & Patrick, while Edd showing signs of sweat already, while the Mane 6 had to hop on rock platform to rock platform to climb up like mountain goats, while Twilight, Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy just simply fly up.)

Fluttershy: A hop, skip & a... jump! (does a hop, skip & a jump, to take off, remembering what Pinkie Pie said to her in the past)

Eddy: (showing determination) Geez, how high are we climbing?

Ed: (trying to climb up, but I still too scared to climb up the rock wall) I'm scared Eddy!

(We can see that Ed only climbed a few inches, which cause Eddy & Vezok to facepalm.)

Reidak: No problemo, Ed. (Grabs Ed & pulls him up with me, while he continues climbing up faster than the rest & makes it to the top) I win, I win! (Is excited, while rolling down the hill, while the rest follow suite, with Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy land & gallop down not far from Reidak)

Rainbow Dash: Sorry about that, but it's too bad you forgot to pack your umbrella...

SpongeBob: (floating upwards with an umbrella) (singsong voice) I didn't... (lands next)

Sonic: (is a bit Surprised about it) How did he even do that? Honestly.

Amy: He must be light as air.

(The rest of the Crossovers continue to make it up the rock climbing wall & down the hill, while Edd is showing signs of fatigue already.)

Nicole: Seems like they master running, jumping & climbing, which is the easy part. But let's raise the level for attacking. (Slowly raising the level up more with her digital power in the system to increase the difficulty of the training a bit more)

Tails: You can do this guys!

Hakann: (spots the wooden crates up ahead, being set up by Nicole to the first battle simulation, unaware that it is set up for another reason) Last one to the crates is a rotten egg!

SpongeBob: And that looks like a battle area or something behind them. I think we know what to do now.

Edd: (panting heavily while the rest following suite, slower than others, due to his lack of physical activity) Oh, I'm exhausted! My genetic makeup has thrown in the towel...! (Is being lifted on the shoulders of Ed, who is now carrying him) I'm filthy with sweat! Bath, I need a bath! (Realised this & smiles) Why thank you, Ed!

Ed: They're getting away...!

Patrick: (panting) Wait for me guys! I wanna play the crates too!

Applejack: Phew... no time for that now. (Charges forward with the group)

Ed: (notice the crates & had an idea) (to Edd & Eddy) Wait, my brain is working!

(The Group rush towards the crates with the Piraka ramming through the wooden crates like rampaging bulls, while the Mane 6, mostly had to turn & use their hind legs to kick at the wooden crates to break them while Twilight & Rarity use their magic to blast beams at the crates to break them. Meanwhile Ed, having an idea, charges forward with Edd & Eddy's help, by preforming the Batter Ed to ram through the crates to break them.)

Eddy: (felt getting covered in splinters with Ed & Edd) Yeow! Splinters! (notices the splinters pixelate & disappear) What the?

Edd: (twitching a bit, as SpongeBob found a pair of karate gloves) Crude, yet effective. Ow...

SpongeBob: Hey, my old karate gloves! (Karate chops at the crates to break them, while Patrick does a spin attack to break the crates as well) It's good to have these back!

(The Group arrive into their first battle simulation, but unknown to the group, including Sonic, Tails, Amy & Nicole, portals secretly appear by Cloaked Figure #6 to summon two different rahi, a couple of green amphibious vicious rani with claws named Parakrekks & 3 large scorpion like visorahk rahi named Zivons.)

Zaktan: What in the world?!

Edd & Eddy: What is that?!

Hakann: Talk about full of surprises. Nicole did say that she designed the course just for us.

Vezok: Yeah, those look like from our world...

Nicole: (as surprised as the rest) Um, I appreciate your praise, but that wasn't me...

Sonic: Wait, are you sure?

Nicole: I'm 100% positive that these creatures are not my doing.

Tails: Hmm... I'll try to run a scan. (Using the Miles Electric) In the meantime, be careful.

(The Crossover Heroes proceed to charge forward, while the Parakrekks & the Zivon begins attacking at the group with speed & strength, while the group avoids the sharp claws & pinchers. With SpongeBob, Patrick & the Eds take on the Parakrekks, while the Piraka & the Mane 6 take on the large Zivons.)

SpongeBob: Whoa...! (Karate chops at a Parakrekk's leg) They look tall & scary...!

Patrick: (does a cartwheel move against another Parakrekk)

Edd: For heaven's sake... (dodging the best he can with Ed & Eddy) What kind of training simulation is this? It feels too lifelike!

Eddy: (as Ed smacks a crate at a Parakrekk) So your saying the simulation is clearly alive?

SpongeBob: (trying to dodge the pincher attacks from the Parakrekks, while Hakann tries to burn at Zivon & Thok trying to freeze the Rahi from the other side) Close, but I don't think so.

Thok: That's what you think! Ah! (Dodges a Rhotuka spinner blasts, ducking for cover behind wooden crates with the group)

Zaktan: (as the Piraka & the Mane 6 dodge the Rhotuka Spinner attacks from the Zivon, while they do they best to attack at the Zivon's limbs, with the Piraka blasting Zamor Launcers & slashing at them) Stand your ground. These beasts only use their claws & Rhotuka spinners.

Rainbow Dash: (dodging a Zivon's scorpion like tail, before she rams at it, avoiding the stinger obviously) Say what now?

Twilight Sparkle: (sighs while blasting more alicorn magic at the Zivon, while Rarity blasts her unicorn magic, while Applejack lassos a Zivon's tail to pull it down) You know these very well, then where did they even come from?

Avak: (getting smacked back, while calculating the claw attacks from both Zivon) 1, 2, 3... (ducks down to make both Zivon hit their claws at each other) Why are these creatures look like their from our world?

Reidak: They are from our world! Is it more of that White Fog business? (Buzzsaws at a Parakrekk, while dodging it's claws & pinchers) Yeow!

Pinkie Pie: (blasts the party Cannon at the armoured shells of Zivon to block their Rhotuka spinners) Could be, Their like wild beasts...! (Trying to karate chop & karate attacks at a Zivon's legs, while wearing a red Kung fu fighter outfit)

(The Zivons were blasted back, while the one Zivon's tail is released by Applejack, which it caused a reaction to hit itself. While most of the group, continue to try & continue the fight while feeling a bit damaged from the Parakrekk's & Zivon's attacks, while Fluttershy tends to one Parakrekk & a Zivon gently)

Rarity: (getting a bit understandably frustrated & preform a flying kick at the 2nd Zivon legs, while the Mane 6 blasts at the legs & tail of the 2nd Zivon) Oh for Celestia's sake. This training certainly is bringing out all the stops.

Hakann: (ridding onto a damaged & blinded Zivon which is the 1st one, hanging onto tightly having rammed into me by accident) Gee, stop this crazy thing!

Fluttershy: (uses the stare to keep the Parakrekk & Zivon in line with frightened, before tending to one each) It's ok... your not bad Creatures, you just make bad decisions. But please, do not hurt my friends! Understand?

(The one Parakrekk & Zivon, thou visiably damaged along the others slowly agree, while joining the rest, while the other Parakrekks & other 2 Zivon were tacked into a pile, wondering what's going on, while being beaten.)

Zaktan: Oh that's it. Piraka, Zamor blast!

Twilight Sparkle: (to Mane 6) Girls, together!

(Both the Piraka & Mane 6 blast their Zamora launchers & their pony attacks, unicorn magic & alicorn magic at the Parakrekks & Zivons respectively, pushing them back with teamwork.)

Edd: (is visiably in surprise of the Piraka & Mane 6 combined might, even they did not know it since their blasting from both sides) Is it me? It's them right?

Eddy: (is surprised) Boy, those creatures are getting crispy.

SpongeBob: (is surprised as Patrick & the Eds are) You think?

Nicole: (notices a portal mysteriously opened up, not knowing that it's the Cloaked Figure #6) Everyone, be warned! Something just come up once more & it's portal source is unknown to my database.

Patrick: (he had just remembered something) Oh, my brain is working too!

Reidak: (as he & Applejack) What was that idea of yours?

Patrick: PUSH!

Patrick & Ed, Reidak & Applejack: (following Patrick's idea, use their combined strength to take a Zivon & toss it at the Parakrekks & other Zivon to push them into the portal, even thou they secretly planning a retreat)

Patrick: (as the portals secretly closed) We have taken the dangerous robots & pushed them somewhere else!

Thok: (a bit skeptical on Patrick's plan with the group) Ok, that idea is actually crazy enough to not only work... (angrily) But to also get us killed!

Patrick: What's wrong with my idea?

SpongeBob: (panting heavily with the group) At least give him some credit, at least we're lucky to even survive that... whew.

Twilight Sparkle: Yes well, at least our magic helped us.

Zaktan: What are you talking about? It's our Arsenal that taken down the beasts.

Edd: Oh please, you both somehow worked together but you didn't know it at first. Can you please just accept the fact that we've all worked together regardless of our flaws & opposite disagreements.

Sonic: (as both Piraka & Mane 6 look at each other, thinking that we're still polar opposites in seperate groups are one thing, but working together as polar opposites that would about to implode, is another) Are you guys ok? Those training bots look like a new addition in the simulation. But if what Nicole said is true, then what are they?

Amy Rose: Whatever's going on, if it's not on the training simulation data then what is it?

Nicole: Even I am uncertain about this portal that just opened & closed mysteriously. I can't seem to track it immediate just yet. I might complete the analysis with Tails later on.

Pinkie Pie: Don't you worry guys, at least we've all pitched in to work together & beaten them back where they come from, wherever that was.

Vezok: The same world that the Piraka & I came out of, I believe?

Tails: We might never know. But your halfway across the training room. The next leg is not gonna be easy. (Raise the difficulty to medium & hard for the next leg of the training course & 2nd simulation battle)

Rainbow Dash: Oh yeah, but we need to keep ourselves a watchful eye out.

Sonic: I think it would be fair if the rest of us follow you close by. Don't want these unexpected guests to happen again. We don't know if these two variety of robots either belong to Eggman or to just randomly attack us by chance.

Tails: I suppose their definitely not from Eggman...

Eddy: Well, how do you know?

Tails: Because there's no Eggman logo on it, duh.

Eddy: Huh, good enough for me.

Hakann: (dizzy from the temporary rodeo) Yeah & that's my waffle.

SpongeBob: We should probably get back to training.

Amy Rose: (ready her Piko Piko Hammer) Let's be weary everyone. We don't know what's going to happen next.

(The Crossover Heroes continue to train together on the training course, only this time, Sonic, Tails, Amy & Nicole stays close to the group for protection incase any uninvited guests tend to cross paths back here again. However, they are unaware of the 5 statue-disguise figures from the corridor earlier, looking on, binding their time until they reach the 2nd & final training simulation of the training course.)

Orientation Day (Part 4: Training Trouble) Edit

(Back at Mobotropolis)

King Nigel Acorn: (in a discussion with the first 3 Cloaked figures, the 3 Dark Hunters leaders themselves & his people, while the group are monitoring the situation) It would seem they were lucky enough to barely survive against your tough rahi, but they do have their suspecions about mysterious appearances, including Nicole herself, that lack a bit of subtly.

Cloaked Figure #3: Yes, prehaps your right. But still even if it's a bit of a risk if they do indeed learn about all this. However, we will try to cover it up as possible for our secret to be safe.

King Nigel Acorn: Yes well, but they might explain the situation to me if the puzzles fall into place, after the training is complete or even the Crossover team joins in the Freedom Fighters.

Cloaked Figure #1 (Huge Red Being): We understand your concerns as well as ours. They are learning a bit more quite fast than expected.

Cloaked Figure #2 (Blue Piraka like Being): Yes & we expect them to be sharp nonetheless. But everyone in Mobotropolis must know that our secret must be contained. For loose lips, sink the ships.

King Nigel Acorn: (sighs) It is didficult to keep secrets that are very important at times. (Seeing the Roporahk returning) Hm? I think your friend is trying to tell you something.

Cloaked Figure #1: (listening to Roporahk's visorahk noises & languabe) Yes? Yes... they are done with their first simulation. They should reach the final stage of their training. (Teleports the 2 Cloaked beings & Roporahk back to the hidden)

King Nigel Acorn: Ah yes, your squad of 5. Are you sure, your willing to take the risk?

Cloaked Figure #1: I can assure you that we are all loyal to one another, there's nothing to be afraid of. So I know the risks involved & I must tread carefully, whatever it takes to test their skills. (Teleports back to the hidden base)

King Nigel Acorn: (look up) (in thought: If only my daughter Princess Sally Acorn would see their training along with the other Freedom Fighters if they weren't so busy.)

(Back inside the Training Course Room)

(Sonic, Tails, Amy & Nicole continue keeping their guard up, while the Crossover Heroes continue with their training, mostly becoming a bit more unique with each other, as Nicole gathers more data about the Crossover Heroes' overall stats so far, while also continues with her data of the mystery appearances from before.)

(So far in the training course of another obstacle course & puzzles, The Piraka were physically strong with Patrick & Ed, while Avak is terrible at hand to hand combat, the Mane 6 handle their own equestrian magic, with the Piraka having elemental attacks. Edd was good of solving puzzles with his brain with Avak's weaponry skills. SpongeBob & Patrick we're a bit more all around, with SpongeBob more defensive against physical blows, while Patrick is a bit stronger than his yellow sponge pal. Eddy is fast & agile with only his running speed & quick thinking like a running scout, thou Fluttershy is actually more agile in her flying. And Pinkie is just being Pinkie in her own unique way.)

SpongeBob: (panting a bit) Whew, it's a good thing that I'm Hydro-dymanically designed.

Eddy: (as Reidak is holding the mini flags the team have earned during a capture the flag segment of the training course) Whoo, did you see what we did there?

Reidak: How many flags did we get?

Applejack: I think we got more than enough!

Nicole: How very interesting, they all have different ability traits together. You might be correct with their unique abilites & characteristics, Tails.

Tails: Yes, but it would take a lot more experience to complete the home stretch.

Sonic: Then let's hope they give it everything they got... (seeing Edd panting heavily & is drenched in sweat) Cause they gonna need a lot of energy for one last test...

Fluttershy: Are you ok, Edd? Maybe you might need some rest.

Eddy: (sarcastic) Gee Edd, your such a jock.

SpongeBob: (as he, Vezok & Amy gives Edd bottles of water) Here, make it last everybody.

Amy Rose: (smiles a bit) This should help you get rejuvenated to be full of energy again.

Edd: (drinks a glass of water, sighing happily as he is fully refreshed, before he continues on with the Crossover Heroes to the 2nd & final Simulation Battle)

(They see a couple of large steel blocks, to make it like an uphill pyramid with a large flag, that make it so that the Final flag must be captured in order to complete the training course, but it's heavily guarded by training bots on a high difficulty.)

SpongeBob: Ok, I think we know it's our last training session.

Nicole: (as she explains the final leg of the training simulation, unaware of 5 disguised statue beings, still biding their time) You must understand that it's heavily guarded & is require teamwork, strategy & a well balanced team. It is like your bar fight that your friends, had explained to me.

Reidak: It's a best brawl fight!

Rainbow Dash: Even Reidak & I can agree to that!

Avak: (a bit annoyed that he had to be reminded from the earlier smackdown he had in a bar brawl) Except that I can't fight without my weapons, thank you very much.

Sonic: If your ready, then go get that flag!

(The Crossover Heroes nod as SpongeBob, Patrick & the Eds proceed first to distract the training bots first, who they begin to open fire at the teams, while the Piraka ruthlessly attack the Training Bots quickly, while the Mane 6 who their teamwork to take down the Training Bots.)

Eddy: Yeah...! (Suddenly got ambushed by more Training Bots, secretly by Branar's instructions) Aah!

SpongeBob & Patrick: (tackles at a Training Bot) Eddy? (Got smacked backwards by ambushing training bots by Stronius with Ed)

Nicole: (giggles nervously) We did warn you that it's gonna be hard.

Zaktan: (notice their 5 friends are in trouble) Shall we?

(The Piraka tries to ambush at the training Bots with a brutal charge to save the 5, but were interrupted by more vigorous training bots by Kranua)

Vezok: What the...?!

(SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds & The Piraka tries to fight back the training bots as hard as they can, while the Mane 6 were suddenly cautious of their approach after witnessing the ambushes.)

Fluttershy: Eep! (Quickly ducks for cover)

Twilight Sparkle: Wait a minute...

Rainbow Dash: (barely see more aggressive training bots commanded by Gaardus) Look out!

(The Mane 6 barely got enough time to intercept their ambush, while also getting attacked as well, while Applejack kicks the training bots away, while Ed rams at the training bots & the rest using the Piraka's strength & Edd & Eddy's quick wits to toss them away. Meanwhile, SpongeBob & Patrick barely got to the first level of the pyramid, dodging the training bot's blasts before Patrick grab it's arm & slam the bot down.)

Patrick: Phew, I think we're due for a second trip...!

SpongeBob: The flag is in our sights! (Rushing forward, dodging the enemy crossfire barely the best he can)

Sonic: Whoa, this is nailbiting!

Tails: Even I cannot wait for their success!

Amy Rose: SpongeBob's almost there...!

Nicole: (detecting 5 unknown signatures, especially the 5th one near SpongeBob) Wait, something's not right. (Suddenly got pushed back from the force with Sonic, Tails & Amy, by Kranua's digging power) Oh no...!

Kranua: (emerging from underground) It's nothing personal.

Sonic, Tails, Amy & Nicole: (scream as they sent backwards through the metal door, before it slams shut, locking them out of the training course room)

Sonic: Crossovers! (Tries spindashing at the metal door, but it is made of reinforced metal) Get out of there!

SpongeBob: (about to reach the flag, noticing the metal door slammed shut, unaware of Auto-Fiona) What was that?! (Got slammed back down by Auto-Fiona's ambush tackle) Gah! Ow ow ow ow ow!

Auto Fiona: (readies herself as Branar, Stronius, Kranua & Gaardus emerge together, pushing the Crossover Heroes back into a group) Now the real test begins!

SpongeBob: (got spooked by their sudden appearance that they are moving) Aah! The statues are alive!

Ed: (getting ready, excited) The gargoyles live again!

Patrick: (holding onto SpongeBob) Please, I can't afford dry cleaning!

Thok: So their actually alive?! What's the deal?!

Stronius: (growling meaning that they're not telling)

Applejack: (as they notice Auto Fiona with her laser blasters & laser blades on her arms that she can switch out with anytime) Sounds like their too stubborn to tell us.

Avak: Branar & Stronius. Why did you come here? Is it means by a mysterious fog?

Branar: Try as you may, Piraka, but you will either adapt or fail. Speaking of which... (clashes his Blade with Zaktan) Let's see if you still got what it takes.

(The 5 quickly charge, while the Crossover Heroes begin to fight back, while the fight is more difficult than the Rahi from before, while trying to reach for flag together, with SpongeBob & Patrick take on Auto Fiona, while trying to dodge her attacks the best they can, the Eds take on Branar & Stronius doing their best to stay alive, the Mane 6 take on Kranua trying to blast him out of the underground & the Piraka take on Gaardus to clash their weapons with his.)

Edd: (as Reidak punches Gaardus down) Oh dear, I'm starting to think that they maybe responsible for our previous encounters in the training room.

Eddy: How would you know? (Yelps while ducking down from Stronius's spiked club attack) That was too close.

Ed: (Rams at Stronius back) Beep beep!

Branar: (slashes at the Eds, but the three missed barely) Touche!

Ed: Run! (Runs off with Edd & Eddy, but was pushed back by a furious Stronius) Uh oh...!

Eddy: Ed! Do something!

Stronius: (growling while trying to slam at the three, but was stopped when he was lifted by Ed) ?!

Ed: (dodges a club attack & quickly picks up Stronius & tosses it at Branar) Slam dunk!

Stronius: (got slammed into Branar)

Eddy: Boom-Shaka-laka! Nice toss Ed! (Screams upon seeing Branar & Stronius getting up slowly & blasting at the three in a rage) You gotta be kidding me! (he, Ed & Edd quickly dodges the best they can, not to get hit by the spiked balls)

Sonic: (rubbing his head in pain after all the spindashes, even if Amy tries to hammer the door down, only having a lot of dents, but still won't budge) Ok, I don't think it's working! All I got is a splitting headache.

Nicole: (still trying to hack into the computer terminal) They must've installed strong fire walls so that I can't access the doors quickly enough. I need more time.

Amy Rose: (panting) Still won't budge. Got a more different route...?

Nicole: We can try a different route through there... (point to the large vents)

Tails: Perfect, we can help SpongeBob & the others when we get there...!

Sonic: Come on, their not gonna last much longer...!

Nicole: I'll keep on hacking into the system. Please give me 5 minutes.

(As Sonic, Tails & Amy go through the vent & while Nicole continues hacking through the computer terminal, the Piraka tries clashing back at the Gaardus & it's blades, but we're pushed back & slashed by it's multi arms)

Vezok: Come on already! These 5 are certainly strong, I can give them that!

Zaktan: (continues blasting & slashing at Gaardus) Tell us, why are you three with Branar & Stronius?

Gaardus: (continues clashing, before he flies up to breathe fire at the Piraka, refusing to talk)

Thok: (blasts ice at the Gaardus to try & block it, only for the fire to be put out, while the ice melted into water & steam) Still not talking huh?

(The Piraka can't see through the steam, while they got tackled by Gaardus, thou they get hurt from the tackle, the Piraka barely manages to grab onto it's back to hang on, slashing at it's wings to ground him.)

Gaardus: (screaming, while slamming the Piraka to the ground, while crashing down)

Avak: (screams in pain with the Piraka when they crashed down on first row of pyramid) Right in the solar plexus!

Auto Fiona: (tackles at SpongeBob & Patrick, trying to slash & kick at them)

SpongeBob & Patrick: Whoa! (trying to dodge the slashes together)

SpongeBob: (grab Auto Fiona's leg) Sorry! (Tosses Auto Fiona down before he & Patrick quickly climb back up to second row of pyramid)

Auto Fiona: (got sent back, but quickly jumps to Gaardus, who gives her a needed boost & continues blasting her laser blasters at the two)

Gaardus: (boosts her up while getting pinned down by the Piraka)

SpongeBob: (continues dodging frantically with Patrick, but was stopped at second row stairs by Auto Fiona who lands in front of them) Oh no!

Auto Fiona: I'm not letting you go off that easily!

(The Mane 6 quickly continues blasting magic at Kranua who keeps ambushing the girls, even tripping them & smacking them around.)

Kranua: (tries dodging more & more, while tripping more of the Mane 6 quickly, being as swiftly as possibly)

Rainbow Dash: (growls a bit, getting a bit frustrated) It's like the Diamond Dogs all over again.

Fluttershy: He keeps popping up anywhere...! How do we catch him who is this terrifying?

Twilight Sparkle: (blasting at the holes with magic, trying to flush Kranua out) We have to flush him out!

Applejack: (barely dodges Kranua's attack, before she barely kicks at it's face) If only if it was that simple. None of us have water.

Rarity: (seeing Vezok's water type weapons) Idea! (Grabs Vezok)

Vezok: (still trying to pin Gaardus down with the Piraka help) (growls) Hey! Put me down!

Rarity: Please Mind your tongue & you forgot to say the magic word, now please drown him out so we can leave!

Vezok: Ok, fine... but please get off my back! (Blasting water into the holes to drown Kranua out of the holes)

Kranua: (about to ambush at the exhausted Mane 6, but was suddenly drown out of the underground, sending upwards by Vezok's water harpoon) Whoa whoa whoa!

Pinkie Pie: Perfect! Hold that pose & light'em up ladies!

(The Mane 6 quickly rushes in & quickly attacks at Kranua, with Rainbow Dash headbutts at Kranua, Appplejack buck kicks at him, Fluttershy trips him unintentionally, Rarity hoof punches the vahki, Twilight Sparkle blasts magic at the vahki into the party Cannons, in which Pinkie Pie blasts him out of there to the ceiling.)

Twilight Sparkle: (panting heavily with the Mane 6) Thank you... Vezok...

Vezok: Sure, thanks a lot or whatever. Just ask me next time before your gonna steal me. (Continue to help the Piraka who were sent backwards by Gaardus's wings, thou used to be more enraged than what he is, but Gaardus lost most of it's rage)

Hakann: (got slammed into the Mane 6, who got smacked away by an injured Gaardus)

Gaardus & Kranua: (groaning in pain with Branar & Stronius, who quickly push the Eds back & rush to Auto Fiona)

Auto Fiona: (blasting at Patrick with laser blaster on one arm, while slashing at SpongeBob with laser blade)

Hakann: (as SpongeBob & Patrick barely dodges from Auto Fiona) Oh give me a break!

Eddy: (seeing Edd's slingshot) Hey Sockhead, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Edd: (as he clashes his ruler with Branar's sword) Violence can only bring more violence Eddy!

Eddy: (as Ed Rams at Branar with the Batter Ed) Just do it, your sissy! The sooner we get the flag, the better!

Edd: (as Ed pins down Branar with a belly flop) Fine, but it'll be on your guilty conscience!

(Sonic, Tails & Amy Rose, quickly makes it through the vents to break through the vents, but seeing the group progressing very well & decides to help the group in subduing Branar by Sonic's spindash to the spine, Kranua by Amy's strong swing with her Piko Piko Hammer to the skull & Gaardus with a landing stomp & twin tail attacks at the wings.)

Amy Rose: Have no fear, The calvary's here!

Thok: (seeing Nicole successfully hacked into the doors to open them up) Thank goodness, we thought there's no end to their actions.

SpongeBob: (spin karate chops at Auto Fiona, while he & Auto-Fiona fighting each other) Stay back, I'm warning ya!

Auto Fiona: (grabbing SpongeBob by the head & throat, before slamming him to the pyramid wall of the top row, near the flag)

SpongeBob: (grab Auto Fiona) Ok...! (kicks at her jaw) I warned ya!

Auto Fiona: Gah! (Tries to blasts at SpongeBob, but missed him by an inch when Patrick blindsided her)

SpongeBob: Aah! (Notices the blast is too close to him, seeing she missed by an inch) (sighs in relief)

Patrick: (seeing Auto Fiona stunned & Rams at Auto Fiona with his belly to the side, unaware of Stronius looming over Patrick from behind) Did you win? (Got knocked silly by Stronius's club, rolling down the pyramid next to SpongeBob) Hi SpongeBob.

Stronius: (let's out a roar while he jumps up to slam the spiked club at the two, who were screaming)

(However, Stronius was completely struck by a sharp rock throw being shot in the face by Edd's slingshot.)

Stronius: (rubbing his head, turning to Edd in anger)

Edd: (panicking) Oh dear! I am sorry!

SpongeBob: (notices Stronius is distracted) Now Patrick!

Stronius: (about to blast at Edd, but hears Patrick screaming & turns back to the two, about to smack at them, but was caught off guard as the two ram at him, just in the nick of time by a split second before he could clobber the two with damage) (stumbling backwards) Whoa whoa whoa...!

Patrick: (grabbing Stronius & tosses him down the make-shift training pyramid)

Stronius: (Falls backwards, tumbling down the pyramid) NOooo-! (Yelping in pain with each tumble before he reaches the bottom, hitting Branar, Kranua & Gaardus down below)

SpongeBob & Patrick: (panting & groaning in pain with the Eds, the Piraka & the Mane 6, as they slowly climb up to meet the two)

SpongeBob: (thou feel the effects of the battle, but remembers that he is most resistant to physical blows) I think... we got... them all...

Eddy: Eeesh, what was that all about?

Nicole: (feels worried for the group, while helping repairing the Piraka with her digital power, while also keeping the 4 of 5 in lockdown until further notice) Is everyone ok? I hope none of you are hurt.

Reidak: I feel sick in the head. (Rubbing his head) Or was it a concussion...?

Hakann: If these guys are a darker power, then I'm Leroy Jenkins.

Applejack: It's more like weve ran into danger. But we'll be ok, a little bruised, but ok.

SpongeBob: The flag... were almost there... (about to grab it, but was pulled into a knee to the gut to be pinned down by Auto Fiona, who feels fair ammount damage) Guah!

Auto Fiona: Well played, Crossovers... but I still stand before you...!

SpongeBob: Whoever you are, you gotta stop! (Notices the laser blades near me) Aah!

Tails: Whoever you are, release our friend right now!

Auto Fiona: (notices Tails) Tails, of course you don't remember me.

Tails: What?

Auto Fiona: You did show me heart & that you care. But right now, if you do care, let them drop their gear. I give you my word.

Sonic: Are you sure about this?

Amy Rose: How do we know if she's telling the truth?

Tails: We have no choice. Our friend is more important.

Twilight Sparkle: Tails is right. We will do what you ask.

(One by one, the group drop their weapons & give the flag to her to ask Auto Fiona to return SpongeBob to them.)

(Auto Fiona is unaware of Vezok & Zaktan winking to the group, much to their confusion, but the Piraka understand, since they secretly SpongeBob secretly have Vezok's water harpoon behind his back, meaning Vezok had given SpongeBob the water harpoon since he caught a glimspe of Auto Fiona slowly rising before)

Auto Fiona: Good, I am glad that we have an understanding. But I'm truly sorry that you don't remember me way back when... (let go of Spongebob, only to Ready her blades, having no choice by the Dark Hunters with tears) But I'll make sure you won't forget the Day that I was truly left behind by everyone!

Tails: No! Don't do it! (Tackles at Auto Fiona with Zaktan's help)

Auto Fiona: (got tackled & body slammed into the two, but was unaware of Spongebob coming back up on his feet) Fine, I have no other choice but to follow...

SpongeBob: I'm so sorry, truly I am.

(Auto Fiona quickly turns around, only to get splashed by SpongeBob who quickly launches water he absorbed & from Vezok's water harpoon & tackles Auto Fiona, tumbling down with her into the ground)

Auto Fiona: (feel herself rusting from SpongeBob's water attack) ! Water?! Your a Sea Sponge?! (gets tackled off the pyramid by SpongeBob)

SpongeBob: Your darn right! (Tackling Auto Fiona)

Crossover Heroes & Sonic, Tails, Amy & Nicole: (in unison with the rest) SpongeBob!

(Both SpongeBob & Auto Fiona tumbles down until they both hit hard on the metal floor with SpongeBob on top of Auto Fiona)

Twilight Sparkle: (rushes down with the group) Are you ok? Say something!

SpongeBob: (slowly getting up, feeling dizzy) Ok... tackling her down the stairs... probably not a good idea. (Falls flat on his back, seeing stars)

Eddy: Yep, he's fine.

Ed: (hugging the group) We've conquered the Gargoyles, setting them back in stone once again!

Tails: Yeah, but still... (felt saddened for Auto Fiona) I can't help shake the feeling that she's much more than that & what does she mean by being truly left behind. Can you please tell us on the story?

Auto Fiona: (shaking off the rust with spare oil cans to preform oil tune ups on herself & her joints) Since you've bested me, I guess I can tell you everything what I know. (Remembering her last moments when she was fully rusted a long time ago, before being selected to be saved by Dark Hunters) The Dark Hunters saved me from being an eternal rustic statue long ago...

Rainbow Dash: Dark Hunters?

Avak: I knew it!

Auto Fiona: They take me in & be assigned into their group as a Lost Soul among the rest.

Fluttershy: (helping SpongeBob up with Patrick's help) (shaking a bit) A Lost Soul?

Patrick: (surprised) No!

Auto Fiona: (slowly getting up, remembering her new upgrades to be more Mobian sized, along with new laser blades & laser blasters attatchments into my arms & Her brand now yellow & white jumpsuit to resemble the Good Fiona Fox) During that time, I got myself new upgrades, new gear & new clothes that resemble the good side, but that's a story for another time. The point is, i was among the souls that are selected to be saved. And you Crossovers got some heart, guts, parts & spunk.

Rarity: We don't know we either should be scared or felt sorry about the whole story.

Thok (whispers in singsong voice) Shut up... she's knocking the rust off right now.

Auto Fiona: I suppose you've all earned that flag for now. But that's all I gotta say since even I don't know the real reason, I'm just repaying a debt to the group for giving me a second chance, that's all. (Cuddles Tails for abit) And by the way, it's good to see you again.

Tails: Ok, it's good to see you too... I guess.

Auto Fiona: Consider this congratulations... (seeing the portal opening up, while helping Branar, Stronius, Kranua & Gaardus, who has been freed by Nicole, letting them go free, helping them into the open portal) You've earned it, since all's fair in love & war. See you around. (Leaves through the closing portal)

Tails: Who was that?

Eddy: Whoever they are, I'm stumped about all of it.

Nicole: Hmm... (thinking while doing an analysis on Auto Fiona later on to see if she's right) I'll try to work on her data base later on. But in the meantime, there's only one thing left for you to do.

(The group turns to the flag & they nod to each other, as the Crossover Heroes slowly climbs up the make-shift training pyramid, slowly & painfully, while SpongeBob pulls the flag off of it, raising it up high, with the Crossover Heroes Completing their Freedom Fighters orientation.)

Sonic: (clapping with Tails, Amy & Nicole) Congratulations, your now official Freedom Fighters!

Amy Rose: Were all so proud of you!

Eddy: Yes! We're official Freedom Fighters!

Pinkie Pie: (excited) Yay! Can't wait for a recruitment party to celebrate!

Vezok: (feeling dizzy from the hard landing from eariler) I must be drunk.

SpongeBob: (rubbing his head) Thanks, but can we please go back, because we really need to rest after all that.

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, it's a little too much brutality lately.

Thok: Agreed, were all battered & bruised... nearly broken for that matter.

Tails: (checking the clock) You might be right, it's time for bed.

Nicole: I hope you all enjoy a good night's rest. Sweet dreams. (Disappears & Returns into her unique hand held computer to be in sleep mode in there)

Eddy: (as the group leaves the Training Room & the hidden building to head back to Tails' Workshop) Yeah, bed time sounds good, I'm bushed.

Applejack: (yawns) Time to hit the hay everypony. We've all earned it.

SpongeBob: I still can't believe we beat all those robots.

Patrick: See you in the morning.

Twilight Sparkle: Goodnight everypony.

(As the Crossover Heroes & Tails head for Tails' Workshop to sleep there, with Sonic sleeping under a starry night on a roof, while Amy head for her own home, they were monitored by the Dark Hunters, who watched them leave from a portal opened by the purple Cloaked Figure #6 who is actually named Vanisher.)

(In the Dark Hunter's Hidden Base, which is the Doomsday Heist Underground Facility from the GTAV world.)

Vanisher: (bringing Branar, Stronius, Kranua, Gaardus & Auto Fiona back into the hidden base, which has kept 4 Hordika Dragons) (to the Cloaked Figures #4 & 5) Sounds like you had a blast back there! It was crazy, right?!

(The tall black & dark red, Cloaked Figure #4, who is actually named Icarax, approached to Vanisher with an irritated look.)

Icarax: Oh zip it, Vanisher. What's done is done. And that what the 3 leaders want.

(The Blue & Silver multi armed Cloaked Figure #5 who is named Amphibax, approached as well.)

Amphibax: Yes & might I say both sides were fascinating in their own unique quirky ways. But both tests are a success... barely.

Auto Fiona: (seeing the three leaders before her & kneels) It is like you said, they are fully trained with unique skills & stats. I will tell you the details later.

(The Red Cloaked Figure #3 with a metal mask & claws, who is named Prime Hunter, apporaches to Auto Fiona.)

Prime Hunter: Well done Auto Fiona. You have been taught well, but the non water proof weakness still needs a little adjustment. Other than that, your part of the mission is complete.

Auto Fiona: Thou even I encounter the two tailed one, Tails, along with Sonic, Amy & Nicole. They are with the Crossover Heroes who helped them with the training we have set up for them to make it more... exciting & challenging.

(The Blue Piraka like being Cloaked Figure #2, who is named Nektann, steps forward.)

Nektann: Yes & we expect nothing less from the certain group of crossovers. Too bad they must relive this all over again in a new world. But the Plankton Alliance were just as strong as well, even gained a new Ally with him.

Cloaked Figure #1: (Huge Red Being) Yes, but let us focus on our main objective...

(The Huge Red Being, who is named Miserix, approaches to the fellow Dark Hunters.)

Miserix: (seeing both pictures of Crossover Heroes & Crossover Villains) Two sides... of the same coin... one that is light... the other darkness... their training is only the starting point of their journey. Still... even we can't wait to see what would happen next, let alone others like Sonic & the Freedom Fighters & Dr. Eggman & his Egg Army... (seeing the mysterious white fog rolling in once again in the night, seeing something new within there) Ah yes, the real fun begins. (Chuckles softly) Heh heh heh...

The End

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