This is the 14th Episode of Archie Sonic: Crossover (Redux)

Main All Star Heroes: Hank J. Wimbleton, Sanford, Deimos, Plankton, Vezon, Kardos Dragon, Krekka, Nidhiki, Kanker Sisters, the Dazzlings, Shadow, Rouge & E-123 Omega & G.U.N., Ultra-V & Robo-47

Main Villains: Black Death, Eclispe the Darkling, The Rahkshi, A.A.H.W., Cerebulon, the Zorgulons, The Black Arms, Storbvearn, Strifefhar & War Monsters (Congar, Togera, Preytor, Raptors, Kineticlops, Agamo & Magmo)


(Taking Place during "Damage Control, All Star Rampage" & "Chaotic Train Chase")

Now the Plankton Alliance we're mutated into their dark forms while Jack-7 is out & about searching for a cure. Unfortunately, they were caught in the middle of Team Madness vs the A.A.H.W. commanded by the Rahkshi. However, they were suddenly swept up, up & away into the action of Team Dark & G.U.N. to stop the approach of the Black Comet, home to the Black Arms. But the problem is that they we're defeated months ago & now they suddenly return for revenge with a new alien species from another universe, the Zorgulons. While Team Madness forced the Plankton Alliance to aid them, the Rahkshi had other ideas, when they're introduced to the aliens. Who we're the new Black Arms adversaries? Why is Lord Breveon joining the fight? And how far will our heroes & villains on achieving their heroic and/or dark goals?

Story TranscriptEdit

Team Madness & Plankton in... Shadow Fall (Part 1: Into the Unknown)Edit

(The Episode starts with the scene fading in to the Plankton Alliance, back to their normal state, slowly waking up.)

Plankton: Is it that late already? What time is it? (Looking out of the metallic window to see that it's outer space) The sun ain't even out yet... (looking out to see the whole view of Planet Mobius, during the first hours of the Shattered World Crisis, at a distance) No wonder I'm so slee- (suddenly shocked about this revelation) -py...?

Hank: (is seen with Sanford, Deimos, Team Dark & G.U.N.'s Spider Troupe & it's heavy mech, the Giga Trooper) Rise & shine, Plankton Alliance...

(The Camera zooms out to see that the Plankton Alliance are inside a G.U.N. shuttle in outer space, with Kardos Dragon tranquillised & tied up in the cargo bay, out of Mobius's orbit, heading for the new Black Comet, as the Plankton Alliance scream in shock upon is revelation.)

(Camera cut back inside the shuttle.)

Vezon: (looking around, as the Dazzlings pluck a few tranquiliser darts off of them) Where are we?! How did we get here?! What did you do to us?!

Marie Kanker: What's this?

Sanford: Tranquiliser darts.

Adagio Dazzle: What?! Why?

Deimos: First things first, we had to put you in a state of sleep during your whole "episode". And second, we have no choice but to bring you up here.

Nidhiki: What?! Weve been shanghaied by you & G.U.N. of all people?!

Krekka: (panicking) Get me out of this ship! If I die, I'll never talk to you again! (Stopped by the Giga Trooper) Oh hi. (Got smacked in the head & dropped down) Ow.

Sonata Dusk: What happened to the planet & what happened to us?

Vezon: And where is my Dragon?

Plankton: One problem at a time! Thank you, but it must has something to do with the dark energies weve witnessed.

Hank: And your pet dragon is tied up in the cargo. Because the reason of bringing you here, cause G.U.N. needs our help.

Cpt. Andrews (GUN Spider Troupe #1): Lock 'n' load, Spider Troupe. We go hot in five. We've masked our approach, but if those bug eyed freaks have any windows on that thing, they know we're coming. Do not accept a warm welcome. The minute we dock, you are all cleared to fire at will.

E-123 Omega: Dock! Dock! Dock!

Lee Kanker: What bug eyed freaks? What's going on?

Sanford: We'll explain once we're ready to deploy.

Plankton: And it better be good!

Cpt. Andrews: (as the group begins to Dock with the ship, piercing the comet through the inside with the docking bayThese alien scumbags have crossed the galaxy to ruin our lives! Let's go give'em a proper "hello".

Sonata Dusk: Ooh, what do they say hello in alien? Do we tell them that we come in peace?

Vezon: (opens the hatch door & is shocked with the Plankton Alliance to see the Black Arms with big brained aliens in green space suits known as the Zorgulons with the A.A.H.W.'s Grunts, Agents, Engineers & Soldats aboard) In this case, maybe not!

(Team Dark, the Spider Troupe, Team Madness & now the Plankton Alliance rushes forward to Brawl & openfire against the Black Arms, Zorgulons & the A.A.H.W. within the New Black Comet upon exiting the ship's cargo bay.)

(Hank, Sanford & Deimos begin shooting down any A.A.H.W. standing in their way, while dodging the openfire, while Rouge use evasive manuevers during her flight against a Black Volt that she is leading to Omega's rapidfire mini gun hands, blasting the Black Volt to pieces.)

(The Kardos Dragon hunts down the Zorgulons like a predator, breathing fire at them, while the Plankton Alliance begins to avoid the extra robotic arms attack & laser blasts, while Plankton & Suukorak quickly openfire a laser blast & rhotuka spinner of their own, while the Kankers use weapons from G.U.N.'s Arsenal to shoot down more of the Zorgulons, A.A.H.W.'s Grunts & agents. Vezon, Krekka, Nidhiki & the Dazzlings continue to Brawl through the Black Arms together, taking down the Black Arms' Black Warriors, with Krekka's brute strength, Vezon's spear of fusion's electric fireball blasts & stabs & Nidhiki's claw stabs & paralysing rhotuka spinner blasts from his mouth. Even the Dazzlings use their siren magic to unleash soundwaves at the Black Arms, Zorgulons, while brawling against the Agency with their hand to hand combat skills.)

Sonata Dusk: Sorry, Agency...! (Quickly ducks down from a Black Assassin attack) Yikes!

(As Shadow successfully defeats a Black Assassin to protect Sonata Dusk & the rest of the alliance, he punches at a Black Assassin & then takes the Black Sword weapon from it & kicks the alien down and sees the giant Black Oak charging to tackle at the Giga Trooper, who quickly catches it by the arms, this gives Shadow a chance to help the Giga Tropper defeat a giant Black Oak by stabbing the Black Oak with the weapon he got in the alien's back.)

Aria Blaze: (pulls out the Black Sword, as Adagio & Sonata pick up the Agency's weapons as well, as the Spider Troupe finish off the rest of the Black Arms in this area of the comet) (smirks a bit upon seeing the Black Sword) Wicked...

Cpt. Andrews: That's the last of 'em! Get the wounded to the shuttle and let's set up a perimeter, people!

Rouge: (flies down & land on her feet) (smiles) That went well.

Sanford: It was only the starting point, so don't get cocky.

E-123 Omega: I desire more aliens & Agency to shoot.

Shadow: (folds his arms) It was too easy.

Hank: And that's really disturbing. Keep your guard up.

Rouge: (as the Plankton Alliance approach to Team Madness & Team Dark) Oh brother. Don't worry, boys, I'm sure things will get much worse. Then you two can be happy being miserable.

Adagio Dazzle: The only thing miserable is that being trapped inside a GUN mission with the likes of you & these aliens from the unknown!

Deimos: Your still mad about that?

Plankton: Of course, were mad! Jack-7 could've been lost trying to find us by now!

Shadow: Joke all you want. They let us on board and sent only a token resistance. Something isn't right.

Krekka: None of this is right being kidnapped!

Cpt. Andrews: (as he & the other Spider Troupe bring a warhead like bomb device to set it down near the team & an Info Bot for the OMG Sattalite) Were here to make things right. Happy birthday hedgehog. I hope you like what I got.

May Kanker: I didn't know it was the hedgehog's birthday today.

Lee Kanker: Thats because it's not, you knucklehead. It's just an expression. But what the heck is it?

GUN Spider Troupe 1: Presenting the Mjolnir-Class Tactical Nuclear Warhead. Once armed and anchored, this baby is unmovable and will turn anything in a five mile radius into a fond memory.

Aria Blaze: You mean it's a atomic bomb?

Marie & May Kanker: (surprised with the group) Holy toledo!

E-123 Omega: It's beautiful...

Nidhiki: Relax, Kankers! Look! Whatever the case maybe, we're stuck here fighting aliens. But what's got me most curious is that the Agency is here.

Vezon: Why would they be here in this comet?

Hank: This could very well mean one thing. The Rahkshi are here.

Plankton: Still, that bomb's power is enough to destroy a comet! Why on earth or Mobius would you blow up an entire comet?!

Shadow: (as Hank shows the Info Bot of the OMG Sattalite from the Worms universe to the group) The Black Arms will be wiped out completely. This... this is our mission.

(Flashback to Earlier in Hank's Bunker Base at Rail Canyon.)

Hank: (comes over to Sanford & Deimos) What's the situation about the Agency & the Rahkshi?

Sanford: Nothing immediate so far. But upon learning Project 42, the Rahkshi are trying to bring about all 42 Rahkshi types to their ranks.

Deimos: (whispers) And they have the Agency to back them up since there's been no sign of the Auditor yet since we first arrived here on Mobius.

Hank: Still, we best watch our backs. You never know what to expect. (suddenly felt the earth shaking Tremor) Huh?!

Deimos: As in an earthquake?

Sanford: (checking the energy readies) I'm detecting strong anomolies coming from... beneath us?!

Hank: Everybody duck for cover!

(Team Madness quickly duck for cover as the Shattered World Crisis had just begun with very heavy earthquakes, that began to crack the ground, spewing out lots of dark energy from a distance, before it slowly came to a stop after a few moments.)

Deimos: (panicked) What in the holy hell was that?!

Hank: I don't know, but it's best we investigate quickly.

Sanford: (seeing the Plankton Alliance, in their dark forms, crash landing near the Agency Building) Starting with them?

(Team Madness head out, getting themselves geared up, thou still shaken from the start of the Shattered World Crisis, thou also notices the Rahkshi & the Agency coming out as well.)

Turahk: (with the rest of his Rahkshi) Hey! Team Madness! You've got a lot of explaining to do about the earthquakes!

Hank: Even if we told you, you would use that hidden power beneath the planet's crust anyway!

Guurahk: Still, your gonna be sorry if you are responsible!

Sanford: Are you saying that it's our fault?

Lerahk: Don't be so sensitive. Upon learning the Agency's history with you, destroying them is your natural instinct.

Deimos: What did you say?!

(Both group's suddenly hears the screaming & beastly roars of Giant Plankton, Primal Vezon, Primal Krekka, Primal Nidhiki, Primal Kardos Dragon, Giant Kankers & Sirens Dazzlings, before Primal Jack-7 flies away to try & find a cure for the team.)

Vorahk: On the other hand, now that you mentioned about this hidden power... Agency! Capture the Alliance!

Hank: (as the Rahkshi & the Agency begin to charge at the Plankton Alliance to fight them) Oh no you don't! (He, Sanford & Deimos charge forward as well to join in the Brawl to make it a triple threat)

(Now Team Madness, the Rahkshi, the Agency & the Plankton Alliance Brawl against each other, with the Plankton Alliance tearing through the Agency Grunts & agents, Team Madness & Rahkshi brawl each other while avoiding the Plankton Alliance's beastly attacks, unaware that it also attracted the attention of not only Team Dark & G.U.N., but also something floating up above the battlefield.)

Hank & Turahk: (clash with each other while Sanford & Deimos clash with Vorahk & Kurahk, while Guurahk, Lerahk & Pankrahk help the Agency on clashing against the Plankton Alliance that have grown out of control) Rah!

Turahk: (clashing with Hank, while feeling the effects) Don't brother trying to best me now... (quickly kicks Hank off) Because we remember our moves from our last match! (Quickly spins & smack his staff at Hank at a good distance)

Hank: Guah! (getting up slowly & continue blasting at the Rahkshi & the Agency)

Turahk: (dodges the best he can) Alright Team Madness, playtime is over! (About to stab at Hank, but was kicked away by Shadow who use chaos control to surprise attack him, while Rouge & Omega ambushed the rest of the Rahkshi, with G.U.N. surrounding the Agency & the Plankton Alliance) What?!

Shadow: Using the Numbers advantage? That's pathetic.

Turank: Team Dark...!

E-123 Omega: (Rams at the Plankton Alliance with help from the G.U.N. mechs, thou clashed against the Alliance who were fighting back) Switch settings to Maximum Overdrive...!

(The Plankton Alliance grabbing at Omega & the mechs, but we're shot with tranquiliser darts by the G.U.N. troops.)

Giant Plankton: (feeling sleeping) Bed time already? (Collapses with the Plankton Alliance, before they return to their normal forms, sound asleep)

Kurahk: (clashing with G.U.N. & Team Dark & Team Madness) Well... that's both convient & inconvient at the same time.

Rouge: (as G.U.N. has the Rahkshi & the Agency at gunpoint) So Rahkshi, seems like you've been busy...!

Panrahk: This is none of your beeswax, bat!

Sanford: Now that we got the Rahkshi surrounded... what's all this about?

G.U.N. Soldier: According to Commander Towers, the entire planet is in constant peril...! We have to get the people evacuated to safer locations.

Deimos: That's easier said than done. Now about the Rahkshi...?

(Suddenly they all turn to a beam of pure green alien light, that are suddenly beaming the Rahkshi & the Agency to lift them up quickly, that has gotten the group off guard, while G.U.N. keeps the Plankton Alliance in cages quickly before it happens. The group notices that the beam of light comes from a UFO belonging to the big brained aliens in suits, known as the Zorgulons.)

Lerahk: (as the group quickly tries to gun the UFO down with mechs) Hey! What's the big idea?!

(The Zorgulons UFO beam the Rahkshi & Agency aboard & flies away with them as the group we're stunned to see where it's heading.)

Hank: What just happened?

Shadow: It's best we get the Alliance to G.U.N. We'll worry about the aliens when we're get there.

Rouge: Besides, your coming with us too.

Sanford: Hm? Why's that?

Shadow: The Commander speaks highly of you since we've been a team during the Dark Hunters incident & requires your cooperation.

Deimos: Well, duty calls, as they say. (Suddenly hears Shadow groan while he is clutching his head in pain, upon seeing a few faint images of familiar Black Arm aliens) ?! Shadow, are you ok?

Shadow: (sighs) I'm alright... I'm just dizzy.

Rouge: (as G.U.N. begins to carry the Plankton Alliance to G.U.N. Base) This earthquake has gotten us completely off guard. Amanda Towers is taking the likes of two robots named Robo-47 & Ultra-V, from what we've heard, to help secure Station Square after obtaining an emergency distress signal.

Hank: Still, why would the aliens save the Rahkshi & the Agency? We'll have to get to G.U.N. base to find out.

(Team Madness, Team Dark & G.U.N. head out to the G.U.N. Base while carrying the Plankton Alliance with them.)

(At G.U.N. Base, still in the Flashback.)

Commander Towers: (having a meeting with Team Dark, Team Madness & a couple G.U.N. troopers, while the Plankton Alliance we're still sleeping in the cages) ...A new mission for both the Spider Troupe and Team Dark And Team Madness. As we speak, the flying fleet, two hired robots Robo-47 & Ultra-V and majority of our forces are devoted to Operation: Triage to deal with the shattering of the planet. But unfortunately, due to recent alien activity on what youve witnessed, another crisis has arisen. What I'm about to tell you must restrictly confidential. If the public were to learn of this, the already terrible situation will spiral out of control.

Hank: I see. We'll keep our lips sealed. But it got my curious on who we're the aliens that captured the Rahkshi & the Agency? And where exactly are they heading? (in thought: And why do we feel like we've seen them before.)

Shadow: Out with it, then.

Commander Towers: (feels stern, while he shows the space footage of the Zorgulon's spaceship heading towards the New Black Comet) After researching the spaceship, we detected that their we're dimensional aliens called the Zorgulons & not only that, but they're heading straight for their location, which is a new Black Comet on a direct course for our world. The Black Arms are back.

Deimos: (as Team Dark we're shocked to hear from the news) The Black Arms?

Sanford: The Zorgulons?

Shadow: Impossible.

Rouge: (as Hank is curious about Team Dark's history with the Black Arms) Are you sure? The Eclispe Cannon blew up the Black Comet, and Shadow already destroyed the core to their hive mind.

Commander Towers: All of the Ark's sensory data confirms it. Shadow. You spent most time within their ranks. You're part alien yourself. Can you provide us with any insight?

Hank: (as the group look on to Shadow, who feels a bit stern & uneasy about it) That does bring my curiousity on your history with the Black Arms to begin with.

Shadow: (remembering his past times with a deceased Black Arms leader, Black Doom) Their leader, Black Doom... did not share much with me. Any discussions we had were about the invasion, not about... other Black Arms colonies...

Sanford: (sighs) That's a shame.

Shadow: Regardless, if these are the Black Arms, or imposters, they pose a threat to the world I've sworn to protect. I will destroy them.

Hank: Not alone... G.U.N. had invited us here to deal with the Black Arms & Zorgulons situation, due to our brutal experience on the battlefield. If the Zorgulons are involved in this, we'll be more than welcome to help out.

Commander Towers: Good to hear. Now then... (shows the plan on screen of the Comet & their G.U.N. ship) Team Dark, Team Madness & the Spider Troupe will take one our assault shuttle to intercept the new Black Comet. Team Dark & Team Madness will infiltrate the new Black comet, find a way to it's core, and insert a nuclear device. Once detonated, it will vaporise any trace of invaders. Spider Troupe will provide support. Expect heavy resistance.

Hank: (thinking about the heavy resistance situation, especially about the Zorgulons & the Agency joining forces with the Black Arms if it comes to that, while turning to the Plankton Alliance in cages, thinking that the Alliance will be big help against the aliens) (hold his hand up) Hmm... question. What if the Plankton Alliance would join us?

Commander Towers: What are you saying? You want the Alliance to join the mission, even in their darkened state from the shattering planet?

Hank: Yes, because, if we utilise the Alliance to our advantage against the aliens, they would be major help for us, plus they are the only ones that have a connection with the Agency, mainly the 6 new leaders associated with said Agency.

Commander Towers: The Rahkshi?

Hank: Correct. We will see if we can keep the Alliance under our control, but no guarantees.

Commander Towers: (sighs) Very well, the Plankton Alliance will join us on the mission.

Gun trooper: (hold his hand up) With all due respect, isn't both the Alliance & the plan a bit overkill?

Commander Towers: It's the simplest options. Even if we could eliminate all the aliens forces inside...

E-123 Omega: (holding his hand up in excitement) I could do it.

Commander Towers: ...there's no gunrantee the unpiloted comet wouldn't hit us. The planet obviously doesn't need any more damage. We're blowing it up to remove all potential threats.

E-123 Omega: I could do that as well!

Rouge: (smile while raising her hand) No aliens, no comet, no problem. Works for me.

Commander Towers: You're all dismissed. (Turn to Team Madness, Rouge & Omega while Shadow leaves with the troopers) Team Madness, I would like to talk to you about the back up plan incase the warhead fails to detonate automatically & I want you to be in charge of the plan for extra precautions.

Hank: Is it something to do with other dimensional means for protection?

Commander Towers: Why yes it is.

Hank: Good.

Commander Towers: Take a look of this. (Shows an Info Bot about the "OMG Satellite")

(The Info Bot starts playing a black & white noir documentary lesson of the "OMG Satellite", somewhere in the snowy town.)

Worm Teacher: Today's lesson. How the OMG Satelite keeps everyone safe! (As One Worm wearing a space helmet while strapped to a rocket, as another worm lights the rocket, but failed to launch) Early attempts of space travel faultered. (A 3rd worm launches an artificial satellite with a press of a button) But with a successful launch of an artificial satelitte came the space age!

(During this time, both Worms aim bigger & badder weapons, even calling for backup, while the camera pans up to space to reveal the OMG Satellite.)

Worm Teacher: During this time, an arms race ensued, which continued up until the launch of the OMG. Thanks to this terrifying weapon, we now live happily in peace, as long as no one touches that red button.

(One satellite bumps into the button of the OMG Satellite, activating it, firing a laser at both Worms, who were shaking hands, got burnt to a crisp before being crushed by a satellite.)

Worm Teacher: It was good while it lasted. Measured ensured Destruction with Worms W.M.D. Well that's Me Dead.

(The Info Bot stops playing, while Team Madness was interested of it's power.)

Deimos: If it fired at the comet or at least the warhead within it, that would be some serious firepower. We won't let you down sir.

Sanford: It will be in good hands.

Commander Tower: (as Team Madness help carry Plankton Alliance to the ship) Good to hear. Rouge? Omega? A word, please.

(End of Flashback)

Hank: (in thought: We've been trusted with the OMG Satellite. It's best to be protected for future use against the alien threat.)

Cooper (GUN Spider Troupe #2): Perimeter secured. All hostiles confirmed neutralised.

Cpt. Andrews: Good work, Cooper. Let's get ready for the next push.

Aria Blaze: (as she examines the Black Sword) Oh I'm so keeping this.

Plankton: Good for you... but those aliens are dangerously familiar.

Lee Kanker: (as the Alliance begin to remember their alligence with the Zorgulons that went south due to the alien invasion) What's your next clue, Sherlock? Those are the Zorgulons that we tried to recruit, but why are they with the Black Arms?

Hank: One problem at a time, we'll have to keep looking to the comet's exact centre.

Rouge: So... these seems like the same type of aliens we fought before. Still think they're imposters?

Shadow: (felt a bit concerned) I... don't know. I sensed that the Black Arms were one race, all in the same place.

Rouge & Sanford: "Sensed?"

Shadow: I share a... loose connection with their hive mind. Their blood is in my veins. I can... know some of what they know. Feel them moving through the comet...

Nidhiki: (as Rouge & Omega look at each other with concern) (concerned as well with the rest) Oh, well, that's unsettling.

Rouge: Well, don't go too deep into their thoughts. We don't want you thinking like you're one of them.

Hank: Right, it's best to keep our head in the game & keep moving forward. (walks forward with the group)

Shadow: (walks ahead) Hmph. We're wasting time. Let's go.

Plankton: Plankton Alliance we best watch our backs too. We're going into deeper territory of other worldly proportions.

Krekka: (about to carry the nuke) Can I carry the nuke? (Got pulled away by Kardos Dragon) Hey!

Vezon: Oh no you don't! We don't want you accidently blowing us up into kingdom come!

Cpt. Andrews: Spider Troupe will transport the nuke while tower's pet freaks take the point.

May Kanker: (offended with the Plankton Alliance) Hey! Who are you calling "freaks"?!

Shadow: (continues on with the group, while their secretly being watched by a flying 6 armed starfish like Black Arms creature with one eye in the centre, which resembles "Doom's Eye", but it's actually another form of eye alien known as "Death's Eye", belonging to another Black Arms in command) Try not to get killed.

(Somewhere deep in the Comet)

(A Black Arms alien closely resembles to Black Doom, in a red, blue & gold hidden robes named "Black Death" is observing the team, along with the Zorgulons leader, with a human brain like head with 5 red eyes which 4 stationed around 1 big one & sharp fangs on a proboscis-like face & gills behind it's mouth. The Zorgulons leader also has two scythes for Arms & has no legs, with his body terminating into several simple tails to keep his body upright. His name is Cerebulon.)

(Also with Black Death are The 2 Black Coat Figures(Strifefhar and Storbvearn) approached to Black Death along with King,Punk, Ra Thor, Cyber Peacock, Seviper, Scolipede, Shiny Haxorous, Golurk, Bisharp, Barbaracle, Trevenant ,Shiny Golisopod, Shiny Nihilego, Xurkitree, Guzzlord, Grimmsnarl, Obstagoon, Perrserker, Dragapult, Ultra-Mech Unlimited, Megacorp Bots, 'Noid Commander, Gladiator, Guard Bot, Mecha-Tyhrranoid & Ultra Mecha Tyhrranoid, Mega bot, Nabla Natives,Sharpshooter & Elite Sharpshooter, Tyhrranoids, DZs, 6 Leviathans & King Leviathan, Reaper, Robot Zombie, Tremor,Argonoid, Drophyds, Cragmites, Grunthor, Paladrone, Terraklon, Swarm of Thwogs, Agorians, Nefarious Troopers, Alpha Grungoth, 4 Grungoths, Sepiad, Weevoid, Grungarians, Nethers, Voltanoids and Abandoned Arms(undercover as Black Arms).)

Black Death: And here they come. Here he comes... Black Doom's greatest creation... and Executioner. I knew this meeting would be inevitable. I just assumed it would be more on my terms.

Storbvearn: As we predicted...

Cerebulon: We expect nothing less coming from our multidimensional adversaries as well, just as the Rahkshi told us.

Storbvearn: Indeed, to think Team Madness are about as meddling as the Dragon girl & her friends from Avalice. I may have cut my losses because of my failure of underestimating the dragon's resolve, but the remenants of my army continue to fight on in my absence.

Black Death: Prehaps it is for the best. The humans will provide much neede nourishment for my small army & your "monstrous experiments". It has been too long since we had a proper meal... (turn the Rahkshi & another silhouette which is a mobian like Black Arms alien with them) Especially since we delayed ourselves for the sake of your experiment.

Turahk: You should know better to never underestimate the likes of Hank J. Wimbleton & his team. But we're surprised that the Plankton Alliance are here too. With strong numbers & power like this, it would deciment all of our forces if they work together in sync.

Cerebulon: And how do you know that?

Guurahk: We know this from experience that we've been a part of the super team ourselves to take down Neo Metal Sonic & to push back the 2nd Dark Hunters in the past. Believe me, they had every single plan calculated including setbacks.

???: The Dark Arms will make us strong, my master. Now, more than ever, concerning about our new multiversal situation, your children & monsters need strength.

Black Death: True enough. Cerebulon & Brevon have been working on the monsters since we've been able to capture & contain them recently.

Cerebulon: Of course. Those monsters will pay dearly for my plans & what better way to give them payback is through torture methods. I would say their bodies, but their simple minds work too.

Lerahk: We like what your thinking. We Rahkshi use to live to destroy.

Storbvearn: And you better prove that theory true against the rest of Shadow's squad. You don't want to disappoint me like Serpentine has, do you?

Lerahk: Of course not.

Black Death: Good. (Turn to ???) And you... you will get to fulfill your purpose earlier than expected. Shadow will pay for his treason.

(The figure appears to be a rather unique pure blood Black Arms, taking the shape of a mobian, slightly resembling Shadow, but with a dark grey/pure purple color, white muzzle, red markings on head, Arms & legs, black eyes with glowing Amber eyes, spikes on his arms, two toed feet & has a Devil tail & a Red spiked mantle on top of his shoulders. His name is Eclipse the Darkling.)

Eclispe: Of course... if he cannot be shown the error of his ways. (Smirks) After all, we're so few now. I'd hate to lose a... brother.

Storbvearn: See that it doesn't have to come to it. Remember, I had no use for forgiveness for those that put my homeworld at risk. I must do whatever it is necessary for it's survival. Got it? Remember my message that have small interest to you.

Black Death: Excuse me? As in what has happened 50 years ago? That is when Shadow was created with the DNA of Black Doom...

Hooded Storbvearn: Yes & unfortunately those like the other 2nd Dark Hunters that worked for G.U.N went rogue against the Black Arms and Zorgulons because they believe that the Black Arms have no hearts to control themselves.

Black Death: (a bit irritated) What was that?

Hooded Storbvearn: Think about it, they thought that you live to destroy, heartless monsters to the better end.

Black Death: What choice do we have...?! We only survive on eating meat & flesh. Even the Red fruit we've grown ain't gonna fill us up for long. The Black Arms will survive & in order to do that is to destroy, no, devour G.U.N. & exterminate Shadow once & for all...!

Hooded Storbvearn: (secretly smile under his hood, meaning that he secretly lied to Black Death) ...

(Back with Team Dark, Team Madness & the Plankton Alliance.)

Rouge: (as they enter a large cavernous empty hallway with a large hole in the centre) Y'know, I joked about there be plenty of aliens to fight... but now I think they're hiding just to spite me.

Plankton: Or they might be waiting for us to accidently spring the trap.

Vezon: (checking the hallways with Kardos Dragon) Your right. After our run in with the 2nd Dark Hunters, it could be possible. We better go check it out.

Hank: I know that feeling.

Deimos: Aria, are you seriously keeping that sword? It's alien tech.

Aria Blaze: (holding the Black Sword in her hand) That doesn't mean it shouldn't go to waste. Besides, I find it very wicked.

Deimos: Whatever you say, Dark Link.

Aria Blaze: I heard that!

Adagio Dazzle:

Plankton: (to Hank) I got one question that puzzled me. Why would the 2nd Dark Hunters spare you & Blaze back there in Cortex's lair? According to Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki, the 1st Dark Hunters destroy & kill anyone for the sole purpose of profit, so why didn't the 2nd one?

Hank: That's what I'm trying get to figure it out myself. But didn't have the chance to do so. Perhaps the 2nd one is more mysterious, well planned & prehaps a bit more benevelont than the original, since they are with citizens of Scuttle Town & Inkopolis in escape shuttles on heading back home. maybe they keeping them safe in the process. But now, their motives on testing all of us are a mystery.

Plankton: Them? Benevelont? Please... the Dazzlings & I were kidnapped by them & even betrayed Captain Metal & they left just them after he & the Barraki were defeated. They have labrynth theme mindsets that we couldn't figure out the puzzle to begin with. It's in their DNA to collect.

Hank: Believe what you want to believe. Nidhiki is in the same situation as a select few, so I wouldn't be surprised if Nidhiki knows about the faction more than you do.

Plankton: Ok, ok. I'm just being cautious.

Sanford: We all are.

GUN Spider Troupe #3: Is our progression making any sense to you?

E-123 Omega: Negative. The structural design is as alien as their technology. Proposal... (readies his hands which switch to his minigun hands) I shoot us a new hallway.

Krekka: Ooh ooh! Can I smash us a hallway instead? Can I?

Cpt. Andrews: Take it easy, tin men. Weve got our resident alien hybrid thing to show us the way.

Shadow: (turns to the Spider Troupe, a bit stern) Are you trying to antagonize me?

Cpt. Andrews: Maybe. Does it hurt your wittle feewings?

Shadow: No. It just makes you sound like an idiot. (Rouge, Deimos & the Plankton Alliance laugh about the burn Shadow gave to Cpt. Andrews, who is cross about the insult from Shadow)

Deimos: Hahaha... burn!

Vezon: I like this hedgehog already.

Lee Kanker: Me too. He's got a no nonsense attitude.

Sonata Dusk: (to the Spider Troupe #1) Would you like some aloe for that burn? (seeing him refuse to talk) I'll take that as a no then.

Sanford: Your lucky that it was deserved. Otherwi... (he & Rouge Notice Shadow beginning to sense more of the Black Arms' thoughts in his mind) Hm?

Rouge: Shadow? Are you ok?

Shadow: Fine... I'm fine. I was trying to tap into the hive mind for... directions.

Nidhiki: Well warn us about next time, ok?

Shadow: (nod & turn to Omega) Omega. I want to ask you something.

E-123 Omega: What?

Shadow: When you turned on Dr. Eggman and became a force of good, did you have difficulty... warring against other robots of your kind.

E-123 Omega: None whatsoever. I was built to destroy. Dr. Eggman keeps building his inferior robots, I keep destroying them. I am content. What was the purpose of your query?

Shadow: ...No reason. Forget I asked.

Marie Kanker: (as the group open the door to appear what is it a dead end, but it also have a goopy substance, known as the "Conduit Gel") Alright alright. Weve been meaning to ask Jack-7 ourselves, if we do find him if he's part of this G-Corperation we've recently remembered about during our Kratana catching affair.

Plankton: Kankers? What's there?

May Kanker: Dead end, with dark slime. Gross.

Rouge: It is a dead end. Could the Black Arms be messing with you? Sending you false information?

Shadow: Hmmm... (checks on the Conduit Gel nearby)

Vezon: Kankers? Shadow? What kind of slime is that? (The Kankers shrug in confusion)

GUN Spider Troupe #4: I remember seeing that goop-ey stuff when the aliens hit prison island. What is that gunk?

Shadow: (feeling the Conduit Gel) I'm not sure how to translate it... "Conduit Gel?"

Lee Kanker: That's a weird kind of hair gel we're not using.

Shadow: Wrong anology. It's an oozing fungus the Black Arms use for quick transport.

Deimos: Seriously? Gross... and I thought getting pulled through portals by chains is bad enough.

Rouge: (fold her arms) Is it difficult to use?

(Krekka charges with a holler to try & use the Conduit Gel for quick transport too, but ends up crashing against the wall.)

Hank: (winches from the sight of Krekka hitting against the wall) There's your answer, Rouge.

Krekka: (dizzy) Well, seems like I've reached an impass... (falls flat on his back) Bleh. (Nidhiki facepalms)

Shadow: Krekka, you bonehead. It's impossible if your not a Black Arms... or part of one. I'll take this and scout ahead.

Plankton: All alone? We don't know what else is inside that Comet that would eat you alive!

Rouge: Yeah, uh, no? I have to agree with Plankton on this one, we should stick together. We're outnumbered in hostile territory, we need you to guide us.

Hank: Plus, with Tricky part of the 2nd Dark Hunters, we don't know what else could happen when the Agency & the Rahkshi were forced to be involved.

Shadow: I'm only scouting. I'll be fine. (goes through the Conduit Gel for quick transport in the Comet)

Vezon: (imitating Shadow) "I'm only scouting. I'll be fine." (Normal voice) That is if he had a Death wish.

(With Shadow)

(Shadow makes it to the other side of the Conduit Gel to the next room, only to run into Kurahk, that alerted a Black Oak, a Zorgulon, an A.T.P. Soldat & a Mag Agent V2, that alerted the rest of the Black Arms, Zorgulons & the Agency & especially the rest of the Rahkshi, that are still working on the 42 Rahkshi project.)

Kurahk: Gah! (Felt Shadow landed on top of me) Get off of me! (Shakes Shadow off of him)

Vorahk: Hey! Get out of this Comet!

Shadow: (gets ready to fight the Rahkshi & the rest of the Black Arms, Zorgulons & the Agency) Blast it, Rouge. Stop being right all the time!

(The Rahkshi let out their vicious screech, with their heads open up to reveal their Kraatas screaming at Shadow, while they ready their staffs for combat.)

(Back with Team Dark, Team Madness & Plankton Alliance)

Plankton: (groans as the Plankton were about to find the other way) Forget him, we'll have to find our own way through the comet to regroup with Shadow if we can't all use the Conduit Gels or whatever.

Hank: (as he, Sanford & Deimos we're about to follow the Plankton Alliance to bring them back to Rouge & Omega) And get more lost? You heard what Rouge said.

Nidhiki: Look, unless we try blasting us a couple hallways like Omega suggested earlier, I suggest we start digging...!

Deimos: And risk getting caught? That's not gonna happen...! (About to bring the Plankton Alliance back with Hank & Sanford, but the metal door closes, separating the Plankton Alliance & Team Madness from Team Dark & Spider Troupe) Hey!

Hank: Open this door immediately!

Cpt. Andrews: Safeties off! (Aim gun) We've got incoming...!

E-123 Omega: Negative... no aline life signals detected. However, I'm reading trace elements of an aerosol neurotoxin. Ten parts per million... thirty parts rising...

May Kanker: (as Hank & Plankton were surprised on what that means) We have absolutely no idea what that mean?

Hank, Plankton & Spider Troupe #4: They're going to gas us!

Plankton: Jinx...!

Rouge: (horrified) Worse! They did this to us in the first Black Comet!

Krekka: (confused) They did?

Spider Troupe #4: (as something large slowly climbing up to Team Madness & the Plankton Alliance) What's worsed than being gassed?

Aria Blaze: Skunks can also gas us at any given time for self defence you know. They did this every other day, what makes this gas so special?

Rouge: (horrified) The gas isn't going to kill us! It's going to paralyse us so they can eat us!

Deimos: (as he turns to look at a giant green preying mantis looming over them) (horrified) Before that can beat'em to the punch?!

Plankton: (we're horrified with the group to see the giant being had climbed up) Holy shrimp!

(Team Madness & the Plankton Alliance were horrified to see the giant preying mantis that is not the Metru Mantis, but instead is Preytor from the War of the Monsters dimension. Preytor let's out a high pitched shrilled screech at the team, who are ready to brawl against her for the lives of Team Dark & the Spider Troupe.)

(Meanwhile, Back with Shadow)

Turahk: (as the Rahkshi, Agency, the Zorgulons & the Black Arms surround Shadow) Put your hands up in the air, we got you surrounded!

Shadow: Your ambush is pointless... when I have Chaos Control... (tries to use Chaos Control with a snap of his fingers, but it suddenly failed) What?

Turahk: (realised that Shadow's Chaos Control failed & smirks) My turn. (Snap his fingers, signaling the Rahkshi, Agency, Zorgulons & Black Arms to swarm against Shadow in a matter of a few seconds)

(Black Oak & Mag Agent V2 quickly slams their fists directly on Shadow, pinning him down before Shadow flips Black Oak over at the Mag Agent V2 & the other Black Arms, before getting up & brawl with the Rahkshi, getting scratched across the left cheek by Lerahk's staff. Shadow spindashes at Lerahk & uppercuts a Zorgulon & a Black Assassin.)

Lerahk: Why you little...! (Swarms Shadow again with the group, before Shadow spindashes his way out of the dogpile & hitting the Black Volt)

???: (as the Rahkshi, Agency & The Zorgulons were about to pummel Shadow some more, with Zorgulon's extra robotic arms, but we're stopped with the Black Arms by a sudden voice) Hold on! Hold on! We don't want to kill him if we don't have to!

Lerahk: Aww... Do we have to? We're about to get some much needed payback. (Sighs)

Turahk: Save your batteries, Lerahk.

Shadow: (turn to ???) Who... who are you?

Eclispe: (as he appears, walking down the stairs with Cerebulon & Lord Brevon) Me? I am you, in a way. A living weapon, built for a singular purpose. The Black Arms biology... perfected. I am the Shadow that blocks out the last light of hope. I AM ECLIPSE THE DARKLING.

Team Madness & Plankton in... Shadow Fall (Part 2: A Shadow in the Dark)Edit

(With Black Death)

Sonata Dusk: (on one of the three monitors) (trying to bang on the metal doors, as she, Team Madness & the Plankton Alliance quickly begin dodging Preytor's slash attacks barely & attacking at the Preytor, with Kardos Dragon on keeping the giant mantis busy) Team Dark! Let us in! We don't look good on a menu!

Black Death: (observing Team Dark & Spider Troupe trapped in a room with the gas) (smiling evilly) Everything is proceeding better than I had dared hoped! Cerebulon & Brevon, your a genius on keeping them separated. The humans and their bomb are trapped. Any minute now they will succumb to the nerve agent being pumped into the room, and my children will feed!

Cerebulon: (on communicator with Brevon) Good for you. Those monsters cost me a great deal of my forces & ruined my plans long ago, it's about time I keep them all under wraps in my control.

Storbvearn: Preytor will deal with Team Madness & the Plankton Alliance, that is, if they had truly forgotten about their past.

Black Death: That is true, according to their records. And the traitor, Shadow, is already at the mercy of the Rahkshi & my champion. Eclispe will enact our revenge, and then nothing will stop us from harvesting all life on this planet.

Cerebulon: That Planet was shattered, but something within has hold them together.

Storbvearn: And about our enemies, Are you so sure about that? (Black Death look on at the monitor confused on what Brevon had said, but surprised to learn what happened next)

Cpt. Andrews: (as the Spider Troupe put on their helmets to avoid getting paralysed) Helmets up! Rebreathers on! We've got too much to do before dyin' today, people!

Rouge: (as she has her rebreather gas mask on) (smile) I told that idiot we shouldve had these on from the start!

Cpt. Andrews: But then the aliens wouldn't had waste their time trying to gas us. Now we've got some time while they figure out a new plan.

Rouge: Typical "Military Intelligence". (Knock on Omega gently) How're you doing, tinman?

E-123 Omega: I do not possess the meat sacks you call "Lungs", and I do not suffer limitations like "breathing" or the impairment of such.

Rouge: "I'm fine" would've worked, too.

(Kardos Dragon & Preytor circle one another in flight while tackling at each other, while Krekka tries slaming at the metal doors & the walls, trying to break through the doors)

Vezon: Good boy, Kardos! Do your thing while we take over from here. (He & Aria try to pry the doors open a bit with the spear of fusion & Black Sword for Krekka to smash through the doors & walls) Krekka, give us a hand!

Krekka: Got it...! (begins to help out)

Hank & Plankton: (notices a bit of gas emitting from the door) Team Dark?

Hank: (put on gas masks with the group, while temporarily keeping Plankton in a jar since he is too small for the gas mask) Plankton, you stay in here until we're away from the gas. (He, Sanford & Deimos proceed to openfire at Preytor, who swiftly dodge the bullets, but the mantis got tackled by the Kardos Dragon)

Plankton: Oh give me a break!

Lee Kanker: Alright, alright. Lets start digging...! Krekka, do your thing!

Krekka: Here we go again...!

Storbvearn: (as Omega & the Giga Trooper try to pry open the doors as well) You see what I mean. You should never underestimate your enemies even when their backed into a corner that makes them the most dangerous.

Black Death: (sighs) None of the other races were consumed were this trouble. Black Annelida, aid the Preytor on destroying the invaders.

Cerebulon: Agamo & Magmo, your rivalry is null & void under my control, so I need you two to aid your fellow monster as well. The rest of you, prepare yourselves. Once the stage is set, it's time to let loose.

Black Death: Death's eye, stay with them. I am going to personally ensure Eclipse gets the job done. I fear he's still fixated on "converting" Shadow. (Head out to join Eclipse, Rahkshi, Cerebulon & the two hooded figures)

(Back with Shadow, somewhere in the New Black Comet)

Shadow: (to Eclipse) I take it you're the new hive mind commanding the Black Arms & taken the Rahkshi?

Eclipse: Me? No, nothing so lofty. But the Black Arms do listen to me.

Shadow: Then Listen to me. All of you get out of my way and spare yourselves a beating.

Turahk: Like that's going to happen, because we may know all your moves from last time, remember? We share a neutral hatred of you, Team Dark & Team Madness. Besides, after we're done with you, Team Madness is next.

Storbvearn: But first, we all ask on one question. What makes you the "Ultimate Lifeform", so special? Besides being called the Ultimate, of course.

Eclipse: Ah, and save us from that bomb of yours? You'll understand if I'm not included to help you out.

Shadow: Hmph. At least you keep your troops off my back so I can Chaos...(trying to use Chaos Control, but failed again, much to his surprise) Control? What? Why isn't it working?!

Cerebulon: Don't ask me. (Eclipse quickly grabs at Shadow's hand) Try asking our new little friend here.

Eclipse: You're in my world now. You live... and die... by my rules!

Panrahk: The choice is yours, Shadow.

(Elsewhere in the New Black Comet with Team Madness, Plankton Alliance, Team Dark & Spider Troupe)

Vezon: (as the Dazzling let out their sonic screams at Preytor) The door won't budge!

Hank: (continues dodging with Sanford & Deimos from the blades of Preytor, using his acrobatic skills to dodge).

Lee Kanker: (is angered by this) Oh that's it! We're gonna break down a new door, Kanker style! (She & the Kankers unleashed a Kanker Hissy Fit to hit the walls to weakened it)

Deimos: (begins to notice Preytor quickly picks up the Kardos Dragon with her monster strength) ?! That's not good...

Giga Trooper: (to Cpt. Andrews) It no use. That door is sealed tight.

E-123 Omega: I can blow open a new door.

Cpt. Andrews: And open us up to whatever-the-heck is out there? No thanks. What we're gonna do is...

Deimos: (from the other side) (screams) DUCK!

(Kardos Dragon is thrown through the weakened wall into the room that Team Dark & the Spider Troupe are in, by Preytor, much to their surprise, as Team Madness & the Plankton Alliance seem to successfully duck from the throw & hurried inside the room as well.)

Vezon: (rushing in) Kardos!

Hank: Sorry to barge in, but we've got a situation. And we're not going back the way we come in! (Point to Preytor, screeching, trying to reach in after the team but avoiding the gas)

(However 4 worm like creatures, known as the Black Annelida, emerge from the ground, along two rocky monsters, one is a strong stone deity known as "Agamo" & the other is a 4 armed lava Titan monster named "Magmo".

Marie Kanker: Oh come on! They're not paralysed by the gas?!

Plankton: They're made of stone & lava, of course they don't have lungs!

Hank, Plankton & Rouge: Run-n-gun! (The group begins running & gunning at the Black Annelida & Agamo & Magmo, while the two monsters try to smash their fists at the team)

Deimos: You don't have to tell me twice!

Rouge: (flying upwards while dodging the Annelida's blasts with the team Don't let these worms target you! They're like living missile launchers!

Hank: Krekka! Kankers! Captain! We're going with Nidhiki's plan! (Quickly ducks down from Preytor's reaching arm slash)

Cpt. Andrews: Giga Trooper! Secure the nuke! Spider Troupe, form up on me! Omega! Change of plans! Help Krekka & the Kankers make us a door!

E-123 Omega: With gusto! (quickly blasts a hole through the wall with Krekka & the Kankers' help)

Krekka: After you...! (The Kankers & Dazzlings Quickly rush through with Team Madness, Plankton, Nidhiki, Vezon, Kardos Dragon, Team Dark & the Spider Troupe, as Krekka follow suite, as Agamo & Magmo & even Preytor try to give chase)

Lee Kanker: (avoiding Agamo & Magmo's attacks, seeing the cliff as they stop to look down) Ah! Chiverly maybe dead here...! Now what?

E-123 Omega: There are islands of land three stories down!

Plankton: (as the Plankton Alliance gets on the Kardos Dragon) Thats good enough for us, we gotta get out of here!

Lee Kanker: (looking down with the Kankers) Are you serious? I'm not a big fan of heights.

Adagio Dazzle: Well I'm not a big fan of dying, now come on!

Cpt. Andrews: (as the group quickly dodging Magmo's molten rock blasts) In we go, Spider Troupe! Controlled bursts with your rocket packs, save your fuel!

Rouge: (stops Hank, Plankton & Andrew, while a bit stern) Hold on! We can't move on without Shadow!

Hank: (blasting his heavy weaponry at Agamo & Magmo with Sanford & Deimos' help) It's our only means of escape & finding Shadow through a different way! What choice do we have?

Cpt. Andrews: Are you kidding? He left us! He was our guide, and he left us to be ambushed!

Rouge: He was scouting ahead! He may have been ambushed as well!

Nidhiki: We don't even know what's on the other side of the gel, but it could be a possibility. (Quickly dodges from Agamo's hard hitting punches & switch to flight mode with Krekka) And this ain't the time or the place to be crushed to death by two giant golems!

Cpt. Andrews: (as Omega continue to openfire at the Black Annelida & Preytor to push them back, as Preytor was covering it's head from the soundwaves earlier before retreating deeper, leaving behind a mechanical chip device) Well then he can use his teleporting and creepy Mind link to find us! We mortals are leaving this death trap!

Rouge: But... (looks at the conduit gel while feeling a bit worried about Shadow)

Deimos: (picks up a mechanical chip that Preytor left behind & rushes forward to join the others) Not buts about it, now jump! (Quickly baseball slides forward to dodge Magmo's sucker punch that ended up hitting Agamo, that send him through another wall) Yikes!

(Agamo is suddenly angered by the accidental sucker punch by Magmo & with another thrown punch to Magmo by Agamo, the brawl between two rival monsters escalated with each monster throwing hard hitting punches, despite their mind controlled programming, with the Black Arms trying to regain control.)

E-123 Omega: (continue shooting at the monsters, as the Kardos Dragon glides down with the Plankton Alliance, while the Kankers scream on their way down) Don't worry about Shadow. He is almost as strong as me. He will be fine.

Rouge: (as Team Madness jump on Krekka & Nidhiki to glide down with them) Yeah-Yeah-Yeah. Down we go. (Glides down while Omega & the Spider Troupe using rocket packs to control burst their way down as the group quickly took the advantage on their distraction, as Agamo parries Magmo before tossing the 4 armed Titan through another wall)

(Rouge, Omega, Team Madness, Plankton Alliance & Spider Troupe land on the islands of land)

Plankton: (seeing that Agamo, Magmo & Preytor are not around) (sighs in relief) I think we've lost them.

Krekka: These stone & lava titans don't like each other.

Nidhiki: Seems that they had history & also that preying mantis is no slouch either.

Sanford: Deimos? Where did you get that chip?

Deimos: (holding a mechanical chip) I've found it during the fight, the mantis must've dropped it when the Sirens use their sonic scream at her.

Plankton: (examining the mechanical chip) I've got a feeling that their attacks are too coordinated to be natural.

Marie Kanker: Well, what do you figure?

Plankton: I'll try to examine some more for full confirmation of this chip. It could take some time.

Marie Kanker: (facepalm) Of course you would.

Spider Troupe #3: Which way now, sir?

Cpt. Andrews: Pull up the mission map. We'll push for the interior, lay the bomb and...

Spider Troupe #3: (realising the map is scrambled) Sir, I think the coordinates are no longer accurate. Navigation systems seem to have scrambled.

Hank: That would mean we have to trust our instincts to keep on moving forward.

Adagio Dazzle: (as she let Plankton out of the jar) Great... seems like we're going in blind as a bat. (Turn to Rouge) No offence.

Rouge: (land on her feet, while stern at the Plankton Alliance & Spider Troupe) None taken. But if only we had someone with insight into this place who could help us. Oh, right! You left him behind!

Plankton: Oh brother, give it a rest!

Cpt. Andrews: Don't start with me, lady. I'm head of this unit...!

Rouge: And you unit is the escort for Team Dark & Team Madness! You follow me!

Plankton: But the Plankton Alliance were captured because of you!

Hank: We had no choice but to bring you along, due to your ties with the Rahkshi! Now are you going to help us or not?

Cpt. Andrews: (given in) ...Fine. Lead us. We can't wait around, otherwise we're easy pickings.

Plankton: (sighs) Fine, we'll play nice. But know that Shadow went on his own to scout ahead & may have gotten captured because of it!

Hank: Are you sure about that?

Plankton: You got a better theory? Next thing you'll say is the 2nd Dark Hunters or Cerebulon.

Sanford: Cerebulon?

Nidhiki: (as the Plankton Alliance minus Dazzlings, get flashbacks of their past encounters with the Zorgulons & their ring leader, Cerebulon in the Pre-Genesis World) Of course! You all may not remember it, but we all had a past encounter against these aliens that tried to invade the planet while besting the Xorda in their own personal game.

Sonata Dusk: What game exactly? What did the Zorgulons even do in the past?

May Kanker: I think it would be fair to say that they might be responsible for these monsters we've encountered before.

Lee Kanker: Yeah, with monsters like these the the military wouldn't stand a chance against them if rub them the wrong way.

Rouge: Any ideas, Omega?

E-123 Omega: I detect sounds of falling liquid this way. (Point at a direction to his left) Another vertical shaft suggests access to deeper into the Comet.

Hank: We're getting close. I can feel it.

Rouge: That's good enough for me. You take the point. We'll just have to look for Shadow along the way.

Vezon: Right. Anything's better than being chewed to bites by these aliens or monsters. (Continues on with the group as Omega leads the way)

Hank: Stay strong, Shadow.

(Back with Shadow)

Shadow: (kicks at Eclipse & the Rahkshi, while clashing with Cerebulon & Storbvearn) (to Eclipse) How are you blocking my Chaos Control?!

Eclipse: (quickly dodges backwards with the Rahkshi, as the Rahkshi continue blasting & clashing back at Shadow) Whoa-ho-ha! We're of one blood, you and I! "Chaos Control" is part of who we are!

Lerahk: So your brothers in blood? Who knew? (Notice Shadow) Ah! (Quickly clash his next attack)

Shadow: (quickly front flip kick at Eclipse & Lerahk clashing with them) That's impossible!

Eclispe: Oh we are connected... (quickly dodges while the Rahkshi, Storbvearn & Cerebulon clash with Shadow some more to distract him, as Eclipse quickly grab onto Shadow's head to preform some mind control to enter into Shadow's Mind) Let me show you!

Turahk: Oh this oughta be good.

(In Shadow's Mind)

(It shows the Flashback of Super Shadow defeating & destroying Black Doom's final form, but also shows the images of Black Death, on another world for conquest, sensed Black Doom's Death & is very saddened about this, is now planning on the situation on how the Black Arms will survive & decided to create Eclipse the Darkling himself to be a match of Shadow.)

Eclispe: (in Shadow's Mind with Shadow) You remember this right? When you destroyed Black Doom, you took down every Black Arm unit under his command. But Black Doom had left a lesser mind behind elsewhere to finish another conquest. The last of the Black Arms endured under Black Death. The link to our hive mind is limitless! Through the master, Black Death knew of Gerald Robotnik's betrayal. He knew about you. If the full might of the Black Arms couldn't stop you, what chance did he have? So Black Death made his countermeasure to you, the Ultimate Lifeform, he made me.

Turahk: (from outside Shadow's Mind, trying to think of a way to enter to Shadow's mind, while looking on with the Rahkshi, Cerebulon & Lord Brevon) That does brings us the million dollar question. You. You've been acting so freely on your own terms despite being under Black Death's command. Why is that?

(Eclispe also shows Black Death's commanding his Black Arms to continue the conquest & harvest, only for survival.)

Eclipse: (next to Shadow in his mind) Like Black Doom before him, Black Death commands the hive-mind. All of the Black Arms here are an extension to his will. Except for me. (The Rahkshi we're surprised that Eclipse has a free willed mind on his own) I'm free to act on my own accord. (Turn to Shadow) Free to think and fight you on my terms. The ultimate answer to the ultimate problem. (Grow in size as a giant head in Shadow's Mind) But... I'm also free to question if this is the only way. The way I see it, we're an endangered species. The Black Arms are nearly extinct. So wouldn't we be so much stronger with the both of us working together? You, Me & our allies, the Rahkshi, the Zorgulons & Lord Brevon himself. Twin Sons of Darkness! Brothers in Arms! Worlds will fold to us, and the Black Arms will live forever!

Shadow: (beginning to power out of Eclipse's grip) Rrrgh! I destroyed you once, I can do it again!

Turahk: (outside of Shadow's Mind) Eclipse, what's happening?

Eclipse: (trying to maintain control) Shadow! You're not listening! You don't need to fight us! You don't need to pretend you're one of them! You can finally come home! (Shadow suddenly powers out of Eclipse's mind control to try & fight it off)

Shadow: My home is the Shattered World below. I made a promise to protect that world. You, the Zorgulons, Storbvearn & the Black Arms would see it destroyed. My path is clear!

(Outside of Shadow's Mind)

Guurahk: Turahk? You have any idea what's going on?

Turahk: (seeing Eclipse losing grip on his mind control due to Shadow's strong will) Shadow's a lot strong willed than Prince Dail for that matter...

Storbvearn: (examining Shadow's resolve, as Strifefhar approach as well) How very interesting...

Vorahk: Shouldn't we do something?

Panrahk: Not me & Guurahk, we would destroy him by accident.

Vorahk: Oh fine.

Eclipse: (as Black Death arrive to aid him) Rrgg... losing... control... l-little help... here...

Cerebulon: (proceed to use a Mind control device with Storbvearn's aid) Oh, of course...!

Turahk: (Mind: I know I'm gonna regret working with these two, but...) I got this...! (Blasts a fear beam at Shadow, while Lerahk, Vorahk & Kurahk begins to hold Shadow down)

(Back in Shadow's Mind)

(Turahk burst in & ambushed Shadow by teleportation that spooked the dark hedgehog before Turahk let's out a roar at him, before Death's Eye quickly blocks Shadow's path)

Black Death: (from Death's Eye) There is no escape from DEATH'S EYE!!

Turahk: (as Cerebulon & Lord Brevon enter Shadow's Mind as well with Black Death) Shadow! You can't outrun your own mistakes & fears anymore! The Black Arms need your aid to prevent them from being extinct! Embrace the bloodline!

Black Death: You we're born from the bloodline. You have seen the worst that world has to offer. You have overcome their best. They are beneath you.

Cerebulon: This Planet had caused much more damage than already intended! You should know better that they are not to be trusted! Please do the universe a favour & end them!

Eclipse: Promises were made to be broken. There is nothing on that world for an immortal like you. One day, the friends and rivals you have now will mean nothing. They'll be long gone.

Storbvearn: Shadow, You know very well that immortality is a curse in disguise of a blessing. The Black Arms are on their last legs & only you are the key to their survival! Be their hero, Shadow the Hedgehog!

(However Shadow is beginning to have horrifying flashbacks of his creation, to his rivalry with Sonic, a run in with Commander Towers, to the flashbacks of Rouge & Omega, Sonic & more recent flashbacks of Team Madness & all the Crossovers, but the most important Flashback he remembered is Maria & her demise, remembering the promise he made to Maria.)

(Outside of Shadow's Mind)

Shadow: (screams that spooked the villains) GET OUT OF MY HEAD!! (Drops to the ground)

Panrahk: (surprised) Mother of mercy! What happened?

Black Death: I'll tell you what happened. You had your chance. This is pointless. End him. (However, Brevon & Cerebulon continue using mind control on Shadow to torture his mind, much to Eclipse & Rahkshi surprise) I said end him! Do you hear me?!

Eclipse: (stopping the two) No, wait! Storbvearn! Cerebulon! Stop!

Storbvearn: Loud and clear. But I was more interested in testing the ultimate lifeform's resolve.

Black Death: (confused & enraged) His... what?!

Kurahk: You mean your not taking any chances?

Cerebulon: Shadow wouldn't crack that easily & he is very strong willed. Eclipse did say that he is created from Black Doom to become the Ultimate Lifeform. And we're more interested on what these new worlds are capable of. How else would we taken control of the monsters before hand?

Storbvearn: And I've got a funny feeling about this one. Half Mobian, Half Black Arms. A strong hybrid. How quaint, it is. I bet I could hack into his limbs all day & still has the ability to bite back.

Black Death: (angry) He'll do more than that if your not careful!

Sotrbvearn: (remembering his defeat at the hands of Sash Lilac that drove him to escape alone without his army) Exactly! I've underestimated the Dragon girl's resolve once, this time with the knowledge of my past mistakes, it won't happen again! Once we slain his entire team of intruders & Shadow's resolve & limits have been tested, Shadow & Hank J. Wimbleton will be on top of the execution list!

Turahk: Remember that Hank J. Wimbleton is our kill when it comes to that.

Eclipse: Please! You can kill the rest, but not Shadow! (Secretly whisper to the Rahkshi) I'll explain later...

Lerahk: It's very hard not to kill Shadow, who is now an ally of the main target of the Agency's to begin with!

Eclipse: (as he is unaware of Shadow slowly gets up) I know, but we almost got through to him! You agreed he'd be useful to us! One more push and I'm sure...

Vorahk: (surprised to notices Shadow) Eclipse! Watch out!

Shadow: (charges at Eclipise, much to his surprise) You! (Grabs Eclipse by the throat, while the Rahkshi tries to pry them apart, while holding on tight to Shadow, with Vorahk using his hunger powers to begin absorbing Shadow's strength) Meant... to destroy me? I'll destroy you first...

Eclipse: Destroy you... would've been... the easier option... we didn't!

Shadow: (still focused on Eclipse, while wondering what Eclipse mean by that) We?

Black Death: (as he, Storbvearn & Cerebulon were behind Shadow) Last chance, Eclipse. We turn him now or never. (Quickly grabs Shadow's head to Mind control him with Brevon & Cerebulon) You are my blood. You are mine to command. Remember your true purpose.

Kurahk: (noticing that Shadow still has a scratch mark of Lerahk's poison on his face with Turahk's lingering fear power in Shadow, who is slowly being drained by Vorahk, while looking at his staff) (gets an idea) Welp, it's all or nothing. (Unleashes his anger powers from his staff at Shadow to strike him, the same way he did to Tahu in the past)

Shadow: (also gotten struck by the anger powers of Kurahk, before letting go of Eclipse before dropping to the ground) Nngh...

Kurahk: (as Eclipse is coughing) I did it! (Lord Brevon saw this & smiles evilly at the result that the Rahkshi's cooperation isn't a waste of time after all)

Guurahk: Whew, he's a lot more stubborn than Prince Dail, I'll tell you that much. But did it work?

Storbvearn: Let's find out, shall we? (checking on Shadow) Tell me, who are you & where do your duties lie?

Shadow: (slowly getting up) I... I am... Shadow the Hedgehog... (open his eyes to reveal he is under their control) Vanguard of the Black Arms invasion.

Cerebulon: You will sacrifice yourself for the greater good of the Black Arms & for their true purpose.

Shadow: I... am to bring to you the Chaos Emeralds, and ensure a swift harvest of the world below.

Turahk: Well I'll be damned. It finally worked!

Eclipse: (coughs a bit) See? I to,d you it could be done. (Coughs again) Welcome back to the food, "brother".

Lerahk: (a bit annoyed of being unappreciated that they did most of the work) You're welcome.

Black Death: (angrily at Eclipse) Regardless, your purpose was to destroy him. This is the second time I've allowed you to so freely pursue your own ambitions. Had the Rahkshi, Cerebulon, Storbvearn & I not assisted you now, it would have failed. Do not let this be a mistake.

Storbvearn: (suddenly grabs Black Death by the throat & pins him roughly to the wall in anger) Do you think abducting the Rahkshi was just a mere coincidence?! I had my orders when I was given another chance of revenge & so will yours!

Black Death: (holding onto Brevon's hands) What are you talking about?! Is it about...?!

Storbvearn: Why else would we bring the Rahkshi aboard in the first place? It's because of their Kraata powers & when mixed together can make a dangerous combination. Like Fear, Poison & Anger taking effect on Shadow for instance.

Cerebulon: He's correct on both accounts. I've done some data base digging on their Kratta Powers that even with Rahkshi's Poison & Anger powers mixed together, it could mentally transform anyone into a rage filled monster. And that was only 2 of the 42 fearsome types & each is worse than the last.

Turahk: Yes, that's what we're exactly planning the whole time, the 42 Rahkshi Project until we have to find all 42 kraata for it.

Black Death: Maybe so, but That isn't an excuse to go along with Eclipse's plan! It's way too risky & I cannot allow the Black Arms to be extinct because of this poor decision making!

Storbvearn: (aim sword near Black Death's neck) May I remind you that not only I can take you out in a single stroke of a blade, but also reminding you of other Black Arms that are... how do you say... in exile? Remember... your... place.

Black Death: (is a bit surprised, while Eclipse is surprised to learn of the Exiled Black Arms are still out there, while the Rahkshi we're a bit concerned on who Lord Brevon is referring to) I... Rrrrgh... fine.

Storbvearn: A wise choice. (Let go of Black Death) Now let's get back to work.

Cerebulon: Believe me, it's easier for me to respect his decisions. If we do it now, it'll be over with. We don't want to be in Brevon's bad side & mine. (Smile under his mech suit) Seems that I found a kindred spirit in planetary conquest.

Eclipse: (smile while shrug off Black Death's warning) (to Black Death) The Dark Arms will be our finest soldiers, master. And Shadow will make us stronger! All of this will be benefit in the end, you'll see.

Black Death: (his third eye projects his Death's Eye image of Team Dark, Team Madness, Plankton Alliance & the Spider Troupe walking down the cavern hallways) I expect it to benefit us now. The invaders are stumbling their way closer to the core of the comet. If they get much farther, their bomb could destroy us all.

Cerebulon: (smirks evilly) On the other hand, that bomb looks very powerful. Maybe it be easier if it's in our hands for a change. (Head out with Storbvearn, Strifefhar, the Rahkshi, Eclipse, Shadow, the Agency, Zorgulons & the Black Arms) Wouldn't you agree?

Black Death: (send out the group to search & destroy, agreeing to Cerebulon's suggestion) Destroy them all! Bring me their bomb! We will use it to punish the world below before we harvest what remains!

Storbvearn: (in thought: Unless, "it" within the planet would punish them first, after witnessing it's ancient power.) (turns to Cerebulon) Ready the next one.

(Cerebulon nod & then turn to the 7 monster sized chambers, in which 3 were already empty upon Preytor, Agamo & Magmo's release, before he turned to the next one that sparked his interest.)

Cerebulon: (smirks evilly) Oh he will do just nicely.

Eclipse: (turn to the RahkshI) Rahkshi, incase they do go into the direction where I think they're heading. You best stick with me.

Guurahk: (whispers to Eclipse) Oh, of course. Despite Starganization XIII, Our deal with you will not be forgotten.

(Back with Team Dark, Team Madness, Plankton Alliance & the Spider Troupe)

(The group continued down the cavernous hallway, while wondering which one of the two paths they take, left or right.)

Krekka: Are we there yet?

Sanford: (a bit stern & annoyed) For the last time, no. That's the 3rd time you told us!

Lee Kanker: (spots two tunnels) Over there. You see it?

Deimos: (seeing the arrows painted on the walls between the two tunnels) Oh sure now they put up the arrows! Where we're they when we needed them?!

Sonata Dusk: Maybe the Black Arms don't want to get lost themselves. So what do you think?

Cpt. Andrews: So, where to next?

Hank: Left or right?

Vezon: (as Omega scans for any audio clues) Left, right, up, down, who cares?! Let's just find the core so we can find Shadow & the Rahkshi, place the bomb & get out of here!

E-123 Omega: Processing. I am no longer detecting any possible audio clues.

Plankton: So we're completely stumped on where to go next? Great...! Now we got to choose which way we can go!

Krekka: Pick left! Pick left!

Adagio Dazzle: You do know we're gonna get more lost, right?

Krekka: Yeah, but pick left!

May Kanker: Why?

Krekka: I've got a good feeling about it. (Adagio facepalms)

Spider Troupe #5 (Lodge): This is ridiculous. We've no idea where we've going! Let's just set the nuke and get out of here!

Vezon: You know what, that's a good idea. Let's do it for all we care...!

Hank: Not gonna happen! (Vezon turn to Hank with a confused look)

Cpt. Andrews: That's a negative, Lodge & Vezon! Even if the blast killed all the creepy crawlies, chunks of this rock could rain down on what's left on our planet. We're doing this right or not at all!

Vezon: (as Rouge smirk that Cpt. Andrews had something that she could agree on) Oooh, I can't just win with you people!

Plankton: You really are unpredictable by creation.

Vezon: Blame my insanity for it, Master Plankton.

Rouge: (to Andrews) My-My, we're in total agreement for once, Andrews.

Cpt. Andrews: The world is already messed up enough as it is. I'm not risking anything else making it worse.

Hank: (rememebing his past times where each wound & Death he took, he is resurrected stronger than ever) Even I can agree to that. My world was already messed up by the unpredictable madness that consumed it. Sanford, Deimos & I have to band together in a team of our own to survive against the Agency to try & stop the madness ourselves. It's either fighting for peace or die trying.

Plankton: Oh, I see what you mean. It must've been very rough back at your world.

Sanford: Oh you have no idea what we've been through.

Plankton: (remembering the past clashes with Team Madness, even before that in the Pre-Genesis World Timeline) As a matter of fact, thanks to our past... we do.

Cpt. Andrews: Any word from Shadow?

Rouge: (trying to contact him, but couldn't) No. Either he's been captured like the Alliance predicted, or doing his brooding-solo-thing.

Aria Blaze: Well, What do you think, bat?

Rouge: (a bit stern) It better be the former, because if it's the latter, I'm going to kill him.

Aria Blaze: (smirk a bit) Well, I'm beginning to like the Fire in your eyes.

Cpt. Andrews: Take a number, lady. (To Omega) Hey! Big guy! We can't stand around forever! Which way is the comet's core so we can vaporise this bad boy?

Nidhiki: (a bit stern, while keeping Krekka in check) We haven't got all day & time is running out!

E-123 Omega: (as Deimos spots a silhouette in one of the two tunnels, slowly walking towards them) Restrain your equestrians, mammals. I can confirm that we are deeper into the alien world. But I can not guarantee either path will be the correct path.

Deimos: Guys?

Plankton: Not now, Deimos.

Lodge: Should we split up to cover more ground?

Cooper: Ha! Your obviously not watched enough horror movies, Lodge! Might as well paint a target on our backs.

May Kanker: (notice what Deimos is seeing) Guys?

Cpt. Andrews: Cooper's right. We're outnumbered, and nobody at the shuttle can get to us at this point. We'll just have to pick a direction and hope for the... (Deimos & May turn Andrews head to the silhouette approaching to them)

May Kanker: Are you seeing what were seeing?

E-123 Omega: (aim his hands that turned to miniguns, while the rest ready their weapons) Warning! Multiple life signals approaching! All signatures mobile... not part of the comet's bio-technology!

Hank: Could be more Black Arms & Zorgulons.

(However at first they saw Shadow appearing from the tunnel.)

Hank & Plankton: Shadow?

Rouge: (smile) Shadow! I was starting to... well, whatever. Where did you...?

Plankton: (as Sonata notice another silhouette) What she's trying to say is, Where were you all this time? We thought that you were gotten lost or captured! Of all the rotten tricks did...

Sonata Dusk: (smile on what she is seeing) Oh look, it's a family reunion. I didn't know Shadow has a twin brother.

Kanker Sisters: (is shock with the others on what Sonata had said) What?! (The group turn back to see what Sonata is also seeing, that with Shadow was not only Eclipse, but also the Rahkshi)

Rouge: (a bit horrified) Oh, no... oh, no... oh, no...

Vezon: Rahkshi? You're with them.

Turahk: What do you think?

Deimos: Please tell me that Shadow has a twin brother?

Krekka: (begins thinking about a it for only a beat) Maybe?

Hank: No I don't believe so. (Turn to Shadow) Shadow, if this some kind of foolish joke your playing, it's not funny!

E-123 Omega: Shadow... if this is a clever ruse, you are to cease immediately.

Aria Blaze: (seeing the Black Arms, Zorgulons & Agency approaching from the tunnel as well, with two other figures, Cerebulon, Storbvearn, Strifefhar) Ok, we're so screwed! Wait, who's the other three?

Plankton: (point to Cerebulon) That one is Cerebulon, the other in the hood could be Storbvearn, but who's the other one? (Point to Strifefhar)

Hank: Trouble... (ready himself with the group)

Captain Andrews: Saw this one coming... (ready weapons with the Spider Troupe & Plankton Alliance) Spider Troupe! Agent Shadow is a Liability! Lethal Force is authorised to neutralise the Hedgehog!

Cerebulon: Well now? This isn't the warm welcome we we'ren't expecting. Scratch that, we expected more of a cold shoulder.

Plankton: Rahkshi! I don't know what's going on with you & the Agency, but your coming home with us one way or another!

Panrahk: We would, if we could, but we can't. We had made a promise to Eclipse!

Adagio Dazzle: What kind of promise are you talking about?

Storbvearn: So you must be Team Dark, Team Madness & the Plankton Alliance along with the G.U.N., I've heard so much about. Thou you best be warned, I'm not taking anymore chances from the likes of anyone, including you, especially when my planet is on the line. And you know how far I will go to ensure it's safety!

Hank: And you know how far we will go to ensure that this Comet is destroyed for the safety of this Planet.

Eclipse: (to Shadow) Pathetic creatures, aren't they? Only good for their complex protein chains.

Deimos: Stay out of this you daft dark knight! (Turn to Storbvearn) Team Lilac did warn us that you caused a lot of suffering to other worlds in your universe.

Storbvearn: (sarcastically) My actions have hurt people? I had no idea. I'm dreadfully sorry.

Hank: (sarcastically) Oh, I'm dreadfully sorry too. (Normal) That you were bested by a girl. (Storbvearn lost his smile & is a bit annoyed from that remark) And don't worry. We all get that from cowardly crimelords. (Storbvearn growls lowly at Hank)

Rouge: Shadow! They've tried to get into your head before! Fight them!

E-123 Omega: Probable Final Warning! Do not make me shoot you!

Nidhiki: Shadow! Rahkshi! You best come to us right now...! Don't make me paralyse you where you stand!

Eclipse: They give you orders? Threaten to shoot you? Why don't you give them a reasonable response.

Storbvearn: I've got a lot of work to do. So let's make this quick. And as for you Hank J. Wimbleton. Your fate will be sealed!

Strifefhar: (as he summons his dual weapons(Half-Uzis,Half Crossbows with infinite ammos) and Storbvearn summons his 6 knife-like lances before he wields 1 knife-like lance with his right hand while wielding 2 knife-like lances with his left hand) Hey, I'm not gonna let you hog all the fun.

(Both sides clash forward with Shadow charging at the group, while Omega openfires at him, but Shadow effortless dodge them & spindash straight at Omega. While the Rahkshi & the Agency clash with Rouge & Team Madness, the Plankton Alliance clash with the Black Arms, Zorgulons & Cerebulon, while Hank & Sotrbvearn & Strifefhar traded powerful physical blows at each other, while clashing hard at each other, until the Kankers clash against Strifefhar to make it easier for Hank.)

(The Dazzlings slash their pirate swords & Aria's Black sword at the 3 Zorgulons & the other 2 Black Assassins, to give the two Black Swords for Adagio & Sonata & Zorgulon laser guns to the Kankers.)

Lee Kanker: (as she, Marie & May begins shooting at Strifefhar, the Agency & Zorgulons) These better help us out.

Rouge: (as Kardos Dragon dodges the beams of Cerebulon's mech before tackling at it with force) (to Spider Troupe & Plankton Alliance) Get moving, Andrews & Plankton!

Plankton: (as the Rahkshi clash & at Sanford & Deimos) What about you?

Rouge: We'll keep Shadow off your back!

Sanford: (swiftly dodges the Rahkshi blades with Deimos, while brawling & shooting against the Zorgulons, Grunts, Agents & Soldat Engineers) Just get the bomb to the core! Now go!

Plankton: Alright, alright, we're going Geez! Plankton Alliance, move out to the core! Kardos Dragon, keep Cerebulon busy! (Hurries through another tunnel with Vezon, Krekka, Nidhiki, Vezon, the Kankers & the Dazzlings & the Spider Troupe)

Cpt. Andrews: (following the Plankton Alliance through the other tunnel) Leave us with the Alien horde? Thanks for the easy job. Spider Troupe! Run-and-gun! On the double!

Plankton: (as the Plankton Alliance try to control their inner dark forms) (in thought: We better find the core quick, we can't afford my dark forms to go AWOL & take over our minds again. We need to focus & continue on. Let's hope Team Dark & Team Madness know what their doing.)

Turahk: (as Hank & Lord Brevon push each other back after a brutal clash) (notices this with the Rahkshi) Eclipse! We got a group of runners!

Lerahk: We can't let them reach the core!

Cerebulon: (tosses Kardos Dragon away) Get back! I'll deal with you later...!

Eclipse: (notice this) Cowards. (Chases after the Plankton Alliance & the Spider Troupe with the Rahkshi, Storbvearn, Cerebulon, Black Arms, Zorgulons & Agency) We'll handle the humans & the Plankton Alliance, Shadow! I'll leave those five to you, "brother"!

Storbvearn: (steps back with Strifefhar) Hm, I'd admire your skills, but they pale in comparison to what I'm truly capable of. As of right now, there's no holding back. (Snap his fingers before the two hooded figures leaves) Behold...!

(As Team Madness, Rouge & Omega brawl against Shadow, Hank & Kardos Dragon witnessed a giant brown gorilla appearing through the first tunnel, which is actually Congar from "War of the Monsters". As Storbvearn & Strifefhar leave to follow Eclipse, Cerebulon & Rahkshi, Congar bangs his chest, as he let's out a monstrous roar at the team, while Hank & Kardos Dragon look on in surprise, knowing that the invaders are not holding back anymore.)

Hank: Mother of God...

"To Be Continued..."

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