This is the 10th Episode of Archie Sonic: Crossover (Redux)

Main All Star Heroes: The Mane 6, Shantae, Sky, Bolo, Rottytops, Uncle Mimic, Team Lilac, Blaze the Cat, Amy Rose, Cream & Cheese & Marine the Raccoon, Bean the Dynamite & Bark the Polar Bear

Main Villains: Risky Boots, King K. Rool, Plankton, The Dazzlings, Captain Metal, Swash & Buckle, Captain Whiskers, Johnny, Bean the Dynamite & Bark the Polar Bear, the 2nd Dark Hunters (Carapar, Nocturn, Krika, Storm Minion, Vorok, Zesk, Portal Egg Tank, Kraata Kal, Lurker, Minion, Spinner & Tyrant) & the Barraki


There be a lot of Munity on the High Seas, first Captain Metal & the Barraki betrayed the 2nd Dark Hunters, then Plankton, Dazzlings, Bean & Bark team up to steal the Sol Emerald back from the Captain, due to Bean's love of shiny things & Plankton's past memories of the former Wily Egg/Death Bucket now Egg O' War & now Risky & K.Rool decides on claiming all 7 Sol Emeralds to continue the conquest, having used Metal like a puppet, now Captain Metal & the Barraki ain't having this treachery anymore, while Captain Whispers & Johnny join the fray. But where are the 2nd Dark Hunters, who are biding their time. But right now Amy Rose, Cream, Cheese, Blaze, Marine, the Mane 6, Shantae's group, Team Lilac & Carapar & Nocturn & secretly the rest of the 2nd Dark Hunters must continue the chase to avoid the jaws of the Kraken & Risky's maddening mech of a Tinker Tub MKV. Can the heroes bring back all of the Sol Emeralds & put the Egg O' War plans out of commission, or it be the perfect time to panic?

Story #1: TranscriptEdit

Pony Pirate Plunder Panic: Mane 6 & Team Rose vs Risky Boots & Kremlings (Part 3)Edit

(The episode begins where Part 2 has left off with Plankton, Dazzlings, Bean & Bark trying to get the heck out of dodge with the 2nd Dark Hunters, aiding them in their escape while Risky, K.Rool, Klump, Krusha & the 4 Barraki are in hot pursuit, while Amy, Cream, Marine, Mane 6, Shantae's group & Team Lilac continue to try to break Blaze out of prison.)

Amy: Plankton, the Dazzlings, Bean & Bark?! Carapar wasn't kidding about them being here. What are they doing here?

Twilight Sparkle: And that must be the 4 Barraki!

Carapar: Be careful around them, they're dangerous!

Pinkie Pie: (surprised with the group on what Risky did to Captain Metal) And did Risky do what I think she did?

Blaze: I'll explain everything. We must break this cage! (Quietly to herself) ..and quickly... too high...

Shantae: (continues clashing with Risky Boots & hairwhipping at the Tinkerbats & Hunterbats) Excuse me? What was that?

Blaze: Nothing, not a word.

Rainbow Dash: (as the Mane 6, minus Fluttershy throw their hoof punches & kicks at the oncoming Kremlings) Anyway, one breakout coming right up!

Blaze (voice over): (as Lilac, Carol & Milla clashes with K.Rool, Klump & Krusha respectively with dragon cyclones, kung fu kicks, cat scratches & green cube Blaster attacks respectively, while Neera Li blasts ice shards from her ice spear like staff at the Barraki to help Carapar & Nocturn, who were helping the 2nd Dark Hunters) The Last Sol Emerald was just been stolen by a tiny plankton, 3 Sirens & a lunatic duck from murderous pirates who demands I help them conquer the world or die. I'm trapped in a cage and my friends and I are about to be crushed by a giant robot squid. And about Plankton's revelation & Risky's turncoat against Metal... it's been a very tiring day.

Marine: C'mon, Cream, let's lob in, grab that rock and show those dills what for!

Cream, Milla & Sky: (confused with Marine, while Milla does a shield burst at Klump, while Sky superkicks at Kalmah) Come again?

Pridak: (slashing at Plankton, Dazzlings, Bean & Bark, while the Dazzlings quickly steal the pirate swords to clash with Pridak's swords & Ehlek's claws, while the 2nd Dark Hunters clash with the 4 Barraki) You Traitors! You can share Carapar & Nocturn's fate!

Mantax: (trying to ram at the group) And you can join Takadox when we're through with him too!

Kraata-Kal: Barraki, the others we encounter know how this will end when we're through with you.

Captain Metal: (slowly getting his lower half back to put himself back together) You wound me Risky Boots, I need that Sol Emerald to powerr me Egg O'War!

Plankton: (as he & his Suukorak blasts more at Mantax) It's pronounced Wily Egg & Death Bucket! And you stole it!

Captain Metal: Still, No one takes what I took & lives to tell the tale!

Risky Boots: (blasts more of her pistol at Captain Metal, trying to reach for Bean) There's a first time for everything, Metal.

King K.Rool: And being beatened by Risky at your own game is one of them!

Captain Metal: (enraged from the remark) Yarr! New gold plating for the bot' who brings me the Emerald & their heads to boot! (The Blackguard Pirates immediately chases after the group)

Bolo: (as the 2nd Dark Hunters continue decimating a group of Blackguard Pirates with their weapons & teamwork) Incoming! (Smacks at the oncoming Blackguard Pirates with his flail & with Rottytops's help with her leg swing attack)

Plankton: Faster faster!

Bean: You'll never get this shiny from me, Maptain Kettle & Risky Boots! It's Mine! MINE! (suddenly felt Pridak having stolen the Emerald back) Mine?...

Sonata Dusk: Hey!

Pridak: Finally! (Got rammed by Sonata, Carapar & Nocturn, who stole the emerald) Guah!

Nocturn: Yes! (Got suckerpunched with Carapar by K.Rool) Gah!

King K.Rool: (having the Sol Emerald) Finally! (Got swooped by the Mane 6 who stole it back as well) What the...?

Rainbow Dash: There, happy Blaze? (Got tackled by the Sirens) Hey!

Adagio Dazzle: (grabbing the Emerald) At last! (Got whipped by Shantae & Sash Lilac) What?!

Shantae: Guess again, Dazzlings!

Sash Lilac: Quick, girls! Catch! (She & Shantae quickly tosses it up to the girls)

Twilight Sparkle: (as she quickly flies & catches the emerald) Yes! (suddenly ambushed by Risky Boots quickly jumps up high to quickly mount on Twilight's back to snatch the emerald back) No!

Risky Boots: (holding the Sol Emerald high away from the group's reach, about to jump off to safety) Nice try! (got swooped by a tall green flying robot with a missile shaped head, named "Johnny", a Swash buckler of Captain Whiskers) What now?!

Johnny: (flying off into the stormy skies with the stolen Sol Emerald) Thanks for doing the Legwork, Birdbrains. This'll make Captain Whisker's day!

Twilight Sparkle: Not again!

Plankton: (as he, the Dazzlings, Bean & Bark follow suite stealing the Metal Marauder to continue the chase, while the 2no Dark Hunters continue the chase on their personal ship) Get back here with the Sol Emerald! Or we'll slash you into bits & pieces!

Aria Blaze: Get going!

Risky Boots: (as she, the Kremlings, Tinkerbats & Hunterbats chase after Johnny on the Tinker Tub MKV) Why that no good...! Kremlings! Tinkerbats! Hunterbats! After him!

Klump: Full Speed ahead, soldiers!

Amy Rose: (annoyed) Great! Another pirate's stolen the emerald!

Rainbow Dash: Then what are we waiting for? We gotta stop him!

Blaze: (as the heroes & Carapar & Nocturn regroup) He'll not escape. Ready, Amy. Break the bars!

(Amy quickly does so as Blaze falls out of the shattered cages, charging up her fire powers & unleashes a burst of fiery flames at the Kraken to send it back underwater, while pushing the Barraki back outside.)

Ehlek: (as the Barraki were pushed back into the water) It burns!

Marine: (as the group take flight with Sky's Warbird Wrench back in Warbird size to carry Team Lilac & Shantae's group, while Shantae begins to carry Rottytops, while Sash Lilac begins carrying Milla, Carapar & Nocturn carry Uncle Mimic in the water) That was a beaut, Marine! You taught that inker a lesson!

Carapar: (as Twilight, Rainbow & Fluttershy carry Rarity, Applejack & Pinkie Pie in the air as well) Believe me, the Kraken is no inkling or a sea monster for that matter!

Blaze: (uses her fire powers to fly, while carrying Amy Rose) We gotta stop Johnny before he gets the Emerald to Captain Whisker.

Shantae: Captain Whisker?

Cream: Is he another mean pirate?

Marine: Too right, he is. Cap'n Whisker and Cap'n Metal are like two rotten peas in a pod!

Rottytops: (getting carried by Shantae) You sure about that? They don't like they're in the mood for team-ups anyway.

Sash Lilac: Nevermind, let's get out of here & fast!

Captain Metal: (seeing the heroes trying to escape) Nay! I've come too farrr fer me plans to go a'stray now! (aim his blunderbuss arm at the heroes, while Shantae manages to caught a glimpse of him) Ye'll not go a'stray either, Princess! (Suddenly got ambushed by Sprockets, with the chief landing on his pirate hat to blind him)

Sprocket Chief: Pirate! bad!

Captain Metal: (as Shantae quickly pulls out a large scimitar) Pest! Begone! Soon, I'll wipe Ye kind off the face the island! (trying to swat away at the Sprockets) RRRAGH!

Shantae: (quickly spintosses the Scimitar to slash the right arm off of Captain Metal) Why don't you pick somebody your own size! Scimitar! (Transforms into harpy form before she flies off with the group, carrying Rottytops)

Rottytops: Nice shot...!

(Captain Metal scream while catching his right arm, before he turns to notice the heroes have already escaped with Blaze, while noticing the broken cage & the empty cages as well, giving Metal an implication that the 2nd Dark Hunters were in the cages were illusions.)

Captain Metal: (as the Barraki were seething in anger of the revelation) Of course.

Pridak: (turn to the 2 Blue & Green Blackguard Pirates) The 2nd Dark Hunters...planned all this...?!

Green Robot Pirate: Uh, knowing how they secretly have known Blaze's friends' survival to keep it a secret from us & secretly talked Plankton & Bean into it later on, then... yes? (Suddenly screams in pain of the brutal stab by Pridak, as oil bleeds from the robot's stab) AARGH!

Pridak: (enraged at a Green Robot) You massive waste of Scrap Metal! (Slices the Green Robot Pirate in half) I knew that there is something odd about this victory! Don't you see what's going on here? It's a trick! A scheme! A scam!

Mantax: We've been duped! Bamboozled!

Kalmah: We've been smeckledorfed!

Ehlek: That's not even a word & I agree with ya!

Blue Robot: Uh... Beggin' yer pardon cap'n. (Points to the hole in the wall made by Bean's explosive bomb, implying that. Bean, Bark, Plankton & Dazzlings escaped as well, Bean's way) But those six muniteers blew a hole in the wall and ran off. (Got beheaded by Captain Metal's sword, having reattatched his right arm temporarily) Hoy!

Captain Metal: Find them. Kill them.

Blue Robot: (salutes) Aye aye, cap'n!

Pridak: Ehlek, Mantax & Kalmah, your with me on continuing the chase for the emerald. This Cap'n Whisker will pay dearly for his thievery! Bring in our new LOYAL Barraki reinforcements with us!

Captain Metal: Buckle! Swash! Ready the Submarine!

Buckle: Arrr, she's still in dry dock, Cap'n!

Swash: Aye, O' Rusty Face Pete is still scrapping the barnacles off'n her hull!

Captain Metal: (blasts a beam from his blunderbuss at Buckle while he & Pridak aiming their swords at Swash) Ye have five minutes to get that sub in the waterrr while I prepare for battle, or we cut yer hard drive, savvy?

Swash: (scared) Aye aye, sir.

Pridak: Good, now go! (Turns to Buckle with Captain Metal, who stands up, trying to fix his right arm & his legs after being damaged by both Risky & Shantae) And one more thing...

Captain Metal: And Mr. Buckle?

Buckle: (salutes) Aye, sir?

Robot Pirate: He's gonna say it!

Captain Metal & Pridak: Release the Kraken! (The Barraki begins to swim after Johnny at high swimming speed)

(Out on the High Seas of the Sol Zone, near the Pirate Island)

(Johnny is flying faster, while trying to dodge the many cannonballs & protodermis cannonballs in a panic, launched by Risky Boots, K.Rool, Klump & Krusha & the 2nd Dark Hunters, who are in hot pursuit, as much as the Barraki & even Blaze, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Marine, Mane 6, Shantae's group, Team Lilac, Carapar & Nocturn)

King K.Rool: (as the Tinkerbats, Hunterbats & Kremlings continue shooting their cannonballs & their KlapTraps at Johnny) (to Johnny) You Green Gas Guzzler, we order you to come back here with the Sol Emerald!

Johnny: (continues dodging barely, while maintaining his lead, seeing Blaze & her friends can't keep up) Heh! How about no, you toothless snake! Can't catch me, kitty! Not with all that baggage to carry! (Turn to see the Barraki jumpscaring at him by diving at him) AAH! (Barely dodges the Barraki's dives)

Mantax: True, but you should know that were traveling light!

Ehlek: Captain Metal maybe down, but now the Barraki will pick up the slack! (got rammed by Carapar & Nocturn with the Barraki) Gah!

Carapar: That's enough out or you! (grabbing onto Johnny with his claw with Nocturn's help) Gotcha! (was quickly tackled by the Barraki) Hey! What are you doing?!

Kalmah: What am I doing? We should be asking that with you, traitors!

Johnny: (quickly slips out of Carapar, Nocturn & the Barraki's grip, while barely dodging more cannonballs) See ya, suckers! (flies faster at top speed)

Risky Boots: (seeing Johnny leaving a trail of smoke in the sky) He won't get far! Even more so with a new trail he left behind.

Blaze: (as the chase continues on, while the heroes are still in pursuit) So this Giga Mermaid, the Dolphins and these "sprockets" helped you find me?

Fluttershy: Yes, the Dolphins are so very friendly & cute. They're more than happy to help.

Shantae: Yes & the Giga Mermaid really did return the favour after I freed her from mind control once. So long as I keep the Barons in check.

Sash Lilac: Same with the Sprockets that they also help us out. They, along with the Dolphins & the Giga Mermaid we're trying to point us in the right direction to you.

Blaze: Its a comfort to know that there are still some kind hearts in this world.

Applejack: We all know what you mean, partner.

Marine: Still a bleedin' mess of pirates though!

Rottytops: And let's not forget the Barraki to boot! They're very scary!

Amy Rose: Why are there so many pirates?

Twilight Sparkle: Now that you mention it, that does beg the question. Why would the pirates be doing here in your world?

Blaze: Most of this planet is ocean, lawless and wild. When I have the Sol Emeralds, i will send you, Cream & your friends home. Then I'll use the emerald's power to end all of this hideous piracy!

Rainbow Dash: Well it is an ocean world with a lot of islands. The only choices we have is either fly or sail. And we begin to understand what your trying to do, Blaze.

Bolo: Ok, your right. With all this ocean around, that is kinda obvious. But if the ocean around here is that big, I can't imagine what else could be down there.

Applejack: (as Twilight is getting flashbacks of the Pre-Genesis World of certain water giants like Togera from "War of the Monsters" & Thumpback from "Skylanders" that might fit in the description of vast oceans in the Sol Zone) We'll try not to think about it.

Amy: (seeing Cream & Fluttershy tiring out a bit, trying to keep up, as well as Carapar & Nocturn were locked in a battle against his 4 former Barraki comrades) Well that won't happen if Johnny, Risky & the Barraki all outran us. There's still no sign of the 2nd Dark Hunters since they disappeared, Carapar & Nocturn need our help & Cream & Fluttershy are tiring out. Set us down & go on without us.

Rarity: It's best that we do check in with our friends first.

Sky: And to make sure that even Carapar, Nocturn & his Dark Hunter comrades were not only ok, but doesn't try anything else funny.

Blaze: (feeling like she doesn't want a repeat of what happened earlier, while setting them down gently on top of a very high cliff & land there with the group) No, I'll not leave you alone on this island.

Carol Tea: After what happened with that laser Cannon, I'd believe it now.

Milla Basset: But we can't let anything bad happen to Carapar, Nocturn & the others, including the entire Sol Zone.

Blaze: (thanking Shantae for a bit on finishing the job against Captain Metal) You maybe right. Thou Metal had been deceived & torn apart by Risky & Plankton, with Shantae finishing the job... (Shantae smile a bit, knowing that she had taken Captain Metal down a peg) But now Risky Boots, the Kremlings & the Barraki & even Plankton are still after the emerald.

Carol Tea & Rottytops: (sighs) Tell me about it.

Blaze: We must find a way to pursue Johnny to Whisker's ship.

Uncle Mimic: (looks down with the group) Does this answer our question on finding a way to continue our pursuit?

(The group looked downward from the scary high cliff, to see the Metal Marauder in command by Plankton & the Dazzlings, having shanghaied a couple of Blackguard pirates to do their bidding.)

Marine: Uncle Mimic maybe right! There is a way right down below! Down there's the Pirate Barky that sunk me ship!

Shantae: (look through a telescope to see Plankton & the Dazzlings) And guess who's on it. Plankton & the Dazzlings!

Blaze: (feeling a bit nervous around very tall heights) Marine, be careful!

Marine: This is bonzer! I say she be mine by rights! A ship for a ship!

Rainbow Dash: Oh this is gonna be too sweet! Let's get down there!

Blaze: Please come away from there! I don't much like this high cliff!

Pinkie Pie: Blaze? Are you ok?

Amy Rose: Are you scared of heights?

Neera Li: Oh you can't tell me you're afraid of them.

Blaze: I'm not scared! They just make me uneasy!

Fluttershy: (comforts Blaze) I'm the most scared pony from Ponyville & I maybe afraid of full grown adult dragons, but when my friends are hurt, I had to face my fears.

Pinkie Pie: We all have fears, including when Twilight's afraid of quesadillas.

Twilight Sparkle: (suddenly felt spooked on a word "quesadillas") No I'm not...! They're just so... (shudders a bit) Cheesy...

Pinkie Pie: Sorry Twilight. Had to encourage Blaze somehow.

Sash Lilac: Anyway... I'm also afraid of losing Milla. Ever since Brevon had... "done" something to her in the past, I could never forgive Brevon for what he's done. (Cuddles Milla gently) Trust me, you don't want to know.

Shantae: Well, I'm also afraid on what bad things would happen to the townsfolk of Scuttle Town since I am their Guardian Genie with many responsibilities. Even after what happened against the Pirate Master & the recent rahi stampede attack by the 2nd Dark Hunters, I can't let it happen again.

Rainbow Dash: (sighs, not wanting to admit it, but have to for Blaze) Alright Fine, I'm also afraid of too-cute singing flowers, alright? I'm more of an action pony, I couldn't help it.

Cream: I get scared of the dark sometimes, Miss Blaze. (Thinking a bit while Amy giggles a bit) I don't suppose you need a night light though, do you?

Rottytops: (leans in on Blaze) If everyone can conquer their fears, so can you. Unless your too afraid to know that cats land gracefully on their feet.

Blaze: (not wanting to admit it) I am not afraid!

Rottytops: (smirks a bit mischieviously) Prove it.

Blaze: (quickly grabs Amy, Marine & Rottytops to jump down while the rest proceed to follow them down, with Cream & Cheese, Milla, Twilight, Rainbow & Fluttershy carrying Neera Li, Carol, Rarity, Applejack & Pinkie respectively while Shantae & Sash Lilac carry Sky & Bolo down as well, with Applejack carrying Uncle Mimic as well, much to Rainbow's annoyance on having to carry a very heavy load, thou Applejack is a very strong Earth pony to make things easier, much to Rainbow Dash's relief) Let's go get that ship & track down Whisker!

Rainbow Dash: (flying down) That's more like it! We've got an emerald to catch! Be ready for a raid!

Cream: (carrying Neera Li) Did I say something wrong?

Cheese: (shrug) Chao.

Neera Li: (to Rottytops) Your unpredictable by nature, you know that? (Rottytops smile cutely)

(Down Below on the stolen Metal Marauder)

Plankton: (searching for Johnny with the Dazzlings' help, while seeing Carapar & Nocturn fighting against the Barraki) Where did that Missile brain bot go? It's not like he disappeared into the storm!

Adagio Dazzle: (annoyed) His timing is just great! The only Sol Emerald we had & that wise bot swooped in & stole it under our noses.

Aria Blaze: No wonder we have a distasteful feeling for pirates, minus Risky. They're the scourge of the seven seas. In short, pure scum!

Sonata Dusk: At least Risky Boots is our best pirate that we love to have in our group soon!

Plankton: Still, it's already a bad villain day.

Marine: (as the heroes suddenly land aboard the Metal Marauder) All right, Pirates! Surrender now!

Plankton: (notices the heroes are back) Oh great. Suukorak, Dazzlings, pirates at the ready!

Rainbow Dash: (determined) Alright Ye scurvy bots! We're raiding this ship for our chase for the Sol Emerald!

Sky: Did Shantae told you pirate talk too?

Rainbow Dash: Nah, I'm more than excited to be an awesome pirate... for the safety of the Sol Zone of course.

Adagio Dazzle: Let's get one thing straight. You of all people, want to raid our newly aquired ship? Once we reach to the Egg O' War, you can have it!

Applejack: (having Plankton, Dazzlings & Sukorak surrounded with the group's help) We probably just surrender & team up if we were you.

Marine: You heard the crew! This ship belongs to the Great Captain Marine! You scallywags look alive & set sail!

Aria Blaze: Whoa there, you little goldfish. Your in a big ocean & your only 7 year old. Why should we take orders from you?

Marine: (as Blaze burns & melt a Blackguard pirate to liquified metal & Amy smashes another Blackguard pirate to metallic pieces, while the Mane 6, Shantae's group & Team Lilac, minus Fluttershy ready their acquired scimitars, much to the shock of Plankton & the Dazzlings) That's why, matey! Now hop to it!

Plankton: (seeing the Blackguard Pirates quickly following Marine's orders) Idiots! Come back! (Groans as he readies the Suukorak, while the Dazzlings ready their scimitars in response) Seriously. We can't even find good help these days.

Pinkie Pie: (muffled sounds, while holding her scimitar with her mouth) ?????

Carol Tea: Uh... What was that? Your holding a sword in your mouth.

Pinkie Pie: (spits out the sword) Oh! I said "Beware my stealthy moves, you Salty dog! Cool, right?

Rainbow Dash: (as the group begins clashing scimitars at the Dazzlings, who we're trying to defend their control for the ship) Totally cool! Hang on! I got an idea!

Twilight Sparkle: (as she blast magic at Plankton & Sukorak) Rainbow! This isn't the time to show off!

Applejack: Don't you worry, Twilight. We got Plankton & them Sirens covered!

Milla Basset: (spilling a sack of bottles with Bolo's help, making the Dazzlings' slip & fall, while the Sirens make Applejack tumble & fall as well) My apologies!

Plankton: (riding on a Suukorak, cornering Shantae, Sash Lilac & Rarity & Pinkie on a plank) Blast them out of the water! (making the Suukorak openfire at the group, including Blaze, Amy, Cream & Marine, who quickly dodges out of the way) Nobody is getting in between me & my long forgotten Flying Fortress of a ship!

Rarity: Really Plankton? Must it end this way? This isn't how I envision my sashay down a runway!

Plankton: (charging up Suukorak & his laser gun) You think this plank is a runway to you?!

Pinkie Pie: Runway? Work it, girl! (Rarity quickly clashes Plankton with style & grace, knocking the laser gun out of his hand, while Shantae & Sash Lilac nod & hairwhip at the Suukorak to make him back away)

Sash Lilac: Now! (quickly Dragon boosts at the Sukorak, knocking Plankton over)

Rottytops: (as the Dazzlings let out their siren soundwaves screams at the group, who quickly duck down to cover their ears) That's a pain in the ears! (Notices a couple Coconuts in a barrel, meant for coconut smoothies) Everyone, I got an idea!

(As Plankton tries to recollect himself & Suukorahk, the Dazzlings got struck behind by Coconuts thrown by the group to knock them for a loop, while Plankton got stomped on by Rainbow Dash.)

Plankton: Yeouch! (Crawls out of Rainbow Dash's hoof, thinking that it is an easier way to get to the Egg O' War & getting the Sol Emerald back)

Rainbow Dash: (chuckles nervously, while the others look on with Twilight have a bit of a smug look on Rainbow) See, I totally meant to do that.

Twilight Sparkle: Now that we have your attention...

Adagio Dazzle: (growls a bit) You & your friends are very tough & are trained well as much as we we're, Princess Twilight.

Rottytops: Really? Your a princess?

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, I am a princess. Listen, let's negotiate an alternative. Knowing the 2nd Dark Hunters from our previous encounter, their presence can't be a coincidence. We had settled down in a truce once before, we will have another again. If you can help us, you, the Dazzlings, Bean & Bark will be transported back with us.

Aria Blaze: Is it too late to be a ransom that is more... agreeable? (Got zapped with a good shock by Twilight) Hey!

Twilight Sparkle: Our deal still stands. Help us & you'll be transported back home.

Shantae: You heard the alicorn, we still got you outnumbered. It is the only way of saving the Sol Zone & getting out of here.

Sash Lilac: And to beat these no good pirates out of the ocean.

Plankton: (panting) Ok, ok! We can't bare to be beatened again! Name your commands.

Shantae: You see, that wasn't so hard to cooperate again, now is it? Now I think we understand each other.

Sonata Dusk: You guys are good at playing pirates. What are your orders, Captain Marine? (Salutes)

Aria Blaze: (shaking the charred off of her, dusting herself) (in thought: You can't be serious.)

(With the Tinker Tub MKV, Out on the Sea)

Risky Boots: (looking through the telescope, seeing the Metal Marauder raided by the heroes) That's just peachy... That half genie brat, dragon girl, the ponies & especially that fire cat got ahold of the Metal Marauder with Plankton & the Dazzlings in them! Including that deadly laser!

King K.Rool: (as the Barraki race for the Sol Emerald while fighting back against Carapar & Nocturn) It's not like they would use it against us! Even they wouldn't have the guts to do so!

Klump: (as the Tinkerbats, Hunterbats & Kremlings continue sailing the Tinker Tub MKV, while the 2nd Dark Hunters keep themselves out of their sight) Afirmative, but where would those Dark Hunters be hiding? They're disappeared.

Krusha: But General, the Dark Hunters helped Bean escaped & Plankton to turn on the captain.

Risky Boots: (as Klump looks dumbfounded on the revelation) What?! They were like snakes...!

Klump: Oops.

King K.Rool: Oops? What kind of explination is "Oops"?

Klump: Not a very good one, your swash buckliness, sir. Confidence is high, but their a lot more quiet & deceiving since they spoke with Plankton & Bean... sir.

Risky Boots: Are they our allies or not?!

Klump & Krusha: (sighs) No.

Risky Boots: (Begins thinking) Hmm... Now that you mentioned it, they were too smart for our own good to be our allies. We knew this victory is too good to be true! These 2nd Dark Hunters are a lot more clever & crafty than last time!

King K.Rool: Which means, they're still out there, trying to preform more of their tests to anyone, including the Mane 6! But not before we take the Sol Emerald back!

Risky Boots: (spots Johnny at a distance, approaching to Captain Whisker's ship) And there she is! Prepare to bring her about!

(On Captain Whisker's ship.)

Johnny: (arrives at the ship & lands on board) Good day to you, captain. I think you'll be interested on the plunder I came across today!

(Apporaching to Johnny is the robotic Eggman Nega shaped robot, in red & golden pirate gear, with a white moustache, white skull shaped sleeves & belts, along with two floating green & blue henchbots, Mini & Mum.)

Captain Whisker: D'arr Har Har! It be a Sol Emerald!

Mini: Wow! Johnny did something right for a change!

Johnny: (swats at Mini & Mum) Quiet, you!

Captain Whisker: Where came he by this, lad?

Johnny: Snatched it right out from under the noses of Blaze the Cat & your favourite rival, Captain Metal!

Captain Whisker: I hope that sticks in their gullet! I'll reckon with them both, especially Risky Boots, K.Rool & them Barraki! Like I did with that Metal SpongeBob 3.3 partner of his!

Mini: Too bad you can't keep that emerald.

Mum: Yep. Gotta hand it over to the boss.

Captain Whisker: D'arr! Don't remind me! I be under Nega's thumb fer now. But he'll get his commupence along with the rest!

Mini: Uh huh.

Mum: We've heard that one before!

Captain Whisker: (swats at both henchbots in response) Insolent curs! I'll have the hide off Ye fer mockin' me, yer captain!

Mini: (scared with Mum) Everyone else does it!

Captain Whisker: If everyone else walk the plank, would ye as well?! (Seeing Mimi & Mumu escaping to the inside of the ship) (Chasing after the two) Whelps!

Johnny: (spots the sails of the Tinker Tub MKV & the Metal Marauder & including Carapar & Nocturn vs. Pridak, Ehlek, Mantax & Kalmah) Sails, ho! (Also seeing the Metal Marauder's sails now has the symbol of the Elements of Harmony while the Metal Marauder actually boarded by Blaze, Marine, Amy, Cream & Cheese, the Mane 6, Shantae's group, Team Lilac, Carapar, Nocturn, Plankton & the Dazzlings) It's Risky Boots' ship, coming in fast! The Barraki are closing in as well! And there's Captain Metal's ship, but it looks like Blaze & that Raccoon has taken command! It be a Fatal Four Way!

Captain Whisker: Five, if the rumours of the 2nd Dark Hunters are true! Johnny, m'lad, Beat to quarters! Let's send'em to meet ol' hob.

(Back on the Metal Marauder)

Bolo: (having Plankton & Dazzlings help the heroes instead) We're still keeping an eye on you to make sure you don't try anything else.

Plankton: (as Rainbow Dash is steering the Metal Marauder with Twilight Sparkle) What else is new?

Rainbow Dash: Argh! How does it look, First Mate Sparkle!

Twilight Sparkle: Should be close to battle against Captain Whiskers, Risky Boots & the Barraki in no time. Carapar & Nocturn are keeping them busy.

Rainbow Dash: Excellent!

Shantae: Now were more than ready to claim the Sol Emerald back! Hopefully this will all be worth it in the end.

Sash Lilac: I know, having to see an entire dimension in peril is about as frightening as Lord Brevon's corruption, manipulation & power.

Milla Basset: (comforting Sash Lilac with Fluttershy) It be alright Lilac. It might be scary out there, but we manage to beat Brevon... (a bit saddened) Even thou you had no choice to get past me first, that is even out of my control. (Cuddles Sash Lilac) Lilac... I...

Sash Lilac: (sighs sadly as she cuddles Milla Basset) I know, I am deeply sorry too.

Blaze: Should we not come into the wind for a better position in battle?

Marine: Oi! You worry about settin' things on fire, and let the Captain, that's me, navigate the vessel!

Blaze: (smiles while she holds her hand to mean no offence) I meant no offence!

Marine: (bows) No worries, mate! (Get back to commanding the crew, while Blaze fold her arms, smiling a bit) All hands about ship! Starbound tack into the wind! Loose topsails and...

Bean: (coming aboard upstairs on deck from the lower deck wearing a large captain's hat, pretending to be a regal captain, with Bark following suite with a Large sack) Loose topsails? I prefer to run a tight ship.

Adagio Dazzle: (as the heroes surround Bean & Bark) And where have you been?! We're under attack by them ages ago!

Amy: Watch these two, they're trouble!

Carapar: (fending off against Pridak, while Nocturn is trying to fend off Ehlek, Kalmah & Mantax from the ocean, overhearing the conversation) I generally doubt that!

Marine: What're you doing on my ship?

Bean: (waving his finger regally) You're ship? My associates Bark, Plankton, the Dazzlings & I came upon it here at anchor, and by laws both Ancient and immutably, we being the finders, are now the keepers.

Sonata Dusk: And the pirates being the losers, are now the weepers, right? (Squee)

Bean: Eeyup.

Carol Tea: Can't argue with tradition. We won it fair & square anyway.

Bean: (takes off the captain hat & holding it close to his chest, becoming dramatic) The shiny loot in the hold below is the only thing that can assuage my heartbreak over losing... the shiny. Alas for my beauty! Lost! Nay, ripped from my bosom upon the kindling of our love! Torn from my embrace by a fiend from the pit! I shall find Ye! I will captain this vessel to the ends of the, err, whatever this planet is called, if I must! Oh brightest of baulbes! Oh glossiest of gems! Thou it shalt be mine once more!

Rarity: (shedding tears, amazed from Bean's surprising drama play acting) Bean, have you been reading my stories? It was so beautiful...

Marine: (as Bean put the captain's hat back on) You're starkers! I'm the captain of this barky!

Rainbow Dash: We've already raided this ship fair & square, what makes you think you can be captain now?

Bean: (smile while pointing the captain hat he's wearing, much to Rainbow & Marine's annoyance) Uhhh... captain's hat, helloooo?

(However, with a single flame shot from Blaze's finger & a fireball shot from the palm of Shantae's hand, the two ladies burn the captain's hat leaving a surprised Bean with a charred part on the top of his head, while Blaze, Shantae & Lilac smirk from the result.)

Shantae: (as Rottytops giggle from the sudden response by Blaze & Shantae) You were saying?

Bean: (folds his arms, frowling & a bit annoyed himself) Who wants to be a dumb old Captain anyway?

Twilight Sparkle: Now, back to business.

Applejack: And help Carapar & Nocturn stop their former Barraki partners, along with Risky, K.Rool & Captain Whisker, while we're at it. They arent doing much good without the 2nd Dark Hunters.

Blaze: Amy, please help the rest on keeping those two in line as well. We should keep them, Plankton & the Dazzlings close by so I can send them home with you as well like Twilight promised.

Amy: You sure you don't want to keep them?

Twilight Sparkle: It is for the best.

Pridak: (getting pushed back with the Barraki by Carapar & Nocturn) (growls) Your a lot stronger & a lot more smart than last time, Carapar.

Carapar: I'm no longer under Takadox's control, so my intelligence has been restored to it's former glory!

Risky Boots: (on the Tinker Tub MKV with the Kremlings) Avast ve, ladies & Whiskers! Hand over the Sol Emerald immediately!

King K.Rool: Or we will blow your ship to smithereens. We gave the Ocean Tornado an example! We can do the same to you!

Shantae: We're not giving up without a fight too, Risky Boots & King K.Rool! Don't you know of the consequences on what's happening to Blaze's world?

Sash Lilac: And as for you Barraki! Blaze is itching to melt you down for recycled Metal!

Ehlek: Melt us down? You can barely escape death by laser Cannon! Your either resilient or lucky! But your luck just ran out!

Rainbow Dash: Barraki, you don't even have a ship anymore!

Pinkie Pie: Your chances of winning are a bit of a stretch, don't you think?

Mantax: (feeling something underwater & smirk with the Barraki) Then come get me... hit us with your best shot!

Marine: (as the heroes get ready to openfire the cannons) Hard a'port! Gun crews prepare to fire!

Risky Boots: K.Rool! Prepare the crew to lock & load! We'll send them all to a watery grave!

King K.Rool: (as the Tinkerbats, Hunterbats & Kremlings begin to lock & load the cannons with fiery cannonballs, getting them ready) Tinkerbats! Kremlings! And Klump & Krusha, get ready to sink every last one of them ships!

Klump: Yes sir! As Captain Skurvy & his crew would say, we do what pirates do best. Steal booty!

Captain Whisker: Load the cannons, me hearties!

Carapar & Nocturn: (charging at the BarrakI) For the Dark Hunters!

Risky Boots: Men...!

Marine: Ready...!

Captain Whisker: Aim...!

(Suddenly, with a grin from Pridak, a giant robotic squid sea monster suddenly emerges from the deep blue sea, between the three pirate ships, carrying the Barraki with them, while pushing Carapar & Nocturn back on the Metal Marauder, revealing to be the Kraken, which it was released into the ocean by Captain Metal earlier on, much to the shock of everyone else who have witnessed this monstrous behemoth.)

Marine, Risky, Captain Whisker & Pridak: Fire!!

(Cannons begin blasting at the behemoth, thou it bounces right off of the Kraken, as ordered by Pridak to attack at the 3 ships with its tentacles. However, it was intercepted by the Giga Mermaid, rising from the sea to ambush the Kraken to stop him from sinking the Metal Marauder with the heroes on it.)

Neera Li: (blasting ice shard blasts at the Kraken & the Barraki, while the Barraki quickly dodge quietly, while Neera clashes with Ehlek) No effect?

Carapar: (trying to smash & crush a tentacle of a Kraken) Grrrr! Careful it's a big one!

Nocturn: (as the Giga Mermaid begins wrestling with the Kraken) The mermaid's back!

Shantae: (as she transforms into Elephant form to jump & stomp at the Kraken's tentacle) Seems like this is the emergency that is too huge & scary to handle.

Amy: (whacking at the Kraken's tentacle with a piko Piko Hammer, as Applejack tried to lasso & stomp at another Kraken tentacle) No kidding, this squid is tough!

Bean: (counting the gems in his sack, while Sash Lilac dragon boosts & dragon cyclones at the Kraken & Bolo smacking his flail at the Kramen) I know. They make for terrible sushi. So chewy!

Johnny: (seeing Risky Boots & the Barraki closing in on him & tries to fly away but was grabbed by Captain Whisker by the foot) Let go! I don't wanna die!!

Captain Whisker: (clashing against Pridak, while holding onto Johnny) Ye'll not abandon yer post, Ye coward! Keep firing!

Mantax: (quickly Rams Captain Whisker & Johnny to the deck, while Kalmah wraps his tentacle weapon at Mini & Mum) Were not letting you slither away like the snakes that you are with that shiny gem! We fight for it! For the death!

Risky Boots: (blasting more fiery cannonballs at the Kraken & Captain Whisker's ship, while seeing an opening within the Kraken's mouth) K.Rool! Recharge the laser & openfire! It's time the Kraken goes on a diet!

King K.Rool: (begins recharging the laser Cannon) Let's see how you like, deadly lasers once more!

Blaze: (blasting flames at the Kraken, while Twilight & Rarity blasts more magic at it as well, while Sky tries to slash at a Kraken with a scimitar & openfire cannonballs at it) Nothing seems to harm this beast!

Sky: (as Uncle Mimic is help Bark lift a Kraken's tentacle) No duh, it's armour is very strong! Titaninum strong maybe!

Carapar: (as Rottytops tries to bite at the Kraken's tentacle, while Rainbow Dash tries kicking her hind legs at the Kraken) There's got to be an easier solution!

Cream, Fluttershy & Milla: Oh, my! (Turn to Bean, looking at a gem, while Bark is lifting one of the Kraken's tentacles, while Plankton & the Dazzlings dodging the best they can, while blasting lasers, Suukorak's rhotuka spinners & siren soundwaves at the Kraken)

Plankton: (as the Giga Mermaid got herself in a bind, before she quickly rips one of the Kraken's tentacles off with her strength, while grappling more of the Kraken) Quick, quick! We gotta send it back to the deep!

Adagio Dazzle: What does it look like we're doing? We can't even put a dent or a crack!

Cream: (rushing over to Bean, begging with Cheese, Milla & Fluttershy) Oh, Mr. Bean? I know you can make bombs appear and you're good at blowing thing up! Please help us stop this monster!

Milla Basset: (quickly shields the group from an oncoming Squid launcher & kraken attack, before she performs a shield burst & Blaster at the Barraki & the Kraken) Pretty please? We can't hold on much longer!

Fluttershy: (communicating with a Suukorak) Plankton & the Dazzlings, please. The Suukorak thinks that it is a good idea too.

Sonata Dusk: (while Neera Li tries to freeze the tentacles of a Kraken) We would...

Bean: I could...

Cream: That's wonderful...

Bean: If I get to be captain.

Carol: (as he she is tangled in a Kraken's tentacle, while squeezing her way out of the Kraken's grip with Blaze's help on burning the Kraken for a moment for Carol to escape) Are you serious?!

Neera Li: Still trying to claim that it's your ship, Sparrow?

Sonata Dusk: (as Nocturn helps smashing at a Kraken's tentacle, since he can only damage the Kraken with his brute strength) Please accept Bean's request. I can't even tell who's captain anymore, but I like Bean better.

Shantae: (as Pinkie blasts more cannonballs at the Barraki, Risky & the Kraken with her Party Cannon) Blaze? We're gonna need all hands on deck, including Bean's hands with this.

Blaze: (blasting more flames at the Kraken) Fine! You're captain! Now throw some bombs at this thing!

Marine: (offended on the change of captains) Oi!

Bean: (stands up) Fear not, gallant crew! (Summons a huge bomb over him) With this behemoth bomb, your courageous captain will level that leviathan and... (suddenly drops down, getting crushed by his own behemoth bomb, in which Bark & Nocturn picks it up) ...Save you all.

Nocturn: (as he & Bark pick up the giant bomb) Pardon me miss...

Rarity: Nocturn! Dazzlings! Set Bean & Bark up!

Plankton: (spots an opening within the Kraken & commands Suukorak to blast at the mouth of the Kraken to at least stall it's mouth long enough) In there!

(The Giga Mermaid quickly breaks out of the grip of the Kraken, feeling a bit of pain, but quickly pry opens the Kraken's mouth, snapping it open, for Nocturn & Bark to toss the bomb in the Kraken's mouth, with Risky & K.Rool has their laser Cannon warmed up before they openfire at the inside of the Kraken's mouth, before the Giga Mermaid quickly dives down & smack the Kraken away with her gigantic Mermaid tail like a baseball bat that sends the Kraken backwards near Captain Whisker's ship)

Risky Boots: (as the laser openfires at the inside of the Kraken) Bon appetite!

Pridak: Do you have any idea on who you were dealing with, Whiskers?! (grabbing the Emerald, trying to pry it off of Whisker's hands, only for the group to notice both the bomb & the laser hit the inside of the Kraken) Not again!

(The Kraken explodes with a large hole on it's left side, with the explosion sending 3 ships rocking a bit, with the heroes, Risky, the Kremlings hanging on tightly, mostly Captain Whisker's ship is rocking the heaviest out of the 3, that are sending the Barraki & Captain Whisker backwards, accidentally dropping the emerald.)

Ehlek: (as the Barraki & Catapin Whisker were sent back to the Edge of the deck of the ship) Damn you, Nocturn!

Captain Whisker: Shiver my girders! The Emerald!!

(Pridak, Ehlek, Mantax & Kalman quickly dives for the emerald, but when Pridak catches it, so does a familiar blue left arm belonging to the Captain Metal, who was rising from the sea by submarine.)

Blaze: (notices this in shock with Twilight, Shantae & Sash Lilac) No!

Captain Whisker: (as both the Metal Marauder & Tinker Tub MKV close in on the submarine, while Plankton & the Dazzlings) (angrily) D'arrr! Captain Metallll!

Pridak: You finally decided to show up here at last!

Captain Metal: Thankee all fer collecting the Sol Emerald to me, Whisker & the Barraki! Mayhap Ye ought to be me cabin boys!

Pridak: Don't forget that we're on the same page on conquest, never forget that!

Captain Whisker: (shaking his fist in anger) Upstart scallywags! I'll have yer gaskets for garters!

Ehlek: Upstarts? Upstarts?! The Barraki have been trying to commit conquests for thousands of years, even awaiting the day we retrieve the Mask of Life!

Risky Boots: You do not the understand on what kind of trouble you gotten yourselves into! That Sol Emerald we stole first, fair & square! And now you will reap what you've sown!

Carapar: You almost kidnapped the 2nd Dark Hunters for it! Now we will take you down to the briny deep!

Neera Li: You know very well of the consequences if the Sol Emeralds were separated or stolen from her! Don't you?

Blaze: I offered you mercy once. I won't make that mistake again. This ends now, you filth!

Captain Metal: A surely lot you are, especially the Barraki! But there's no need for Ye to be crabby.

Rarity: What do you me- (noticing Captain Metal's new upgrades, when he begins to crawl out of the submarine, getting everyone's attention in surprise) he-he-heee?!

Captain Metal: (now has a large right crab arm & claw with crab legs, much to everyone & especially the Barraki's surprise that he has changed to a more deadly form, as the shadowed figures of the 2nd Dark Hunters were still closing in, getting ready for their right time to strike) Ye can leave that to me.

Risky Boots: I must admit, you do surprise me. Thou your gonna have a whale of a tale! (With the Kremlings activating new features, The Tinker Tub MKV begins to transform into a much larger & intimidating form with a new Kyogre shaped whale form of a new mech) Too bad with the TinkerTub MKV's new Moby Tink Form, you won't live long to tell the tale at all!

Pony Pirate Plunder Panic: Mane 6 & Team Rose vs Risky Boots & Kremlings (Part 4)Edit

(Blaze, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Marine, the Mane 6, Shantae's group & Team Lilac, even the Giga Mermaid look on, getting ready to fight, while Risky Boots, King K.Rool, Klump & Krusha are also ready, feeling a bit determined on sinking those that are against them with help of the Kremlings & the Tinkerbats. Captain Whisker, Johnny, Mini & Mum are also ready, Even Captain Metal, Swash & Buckle are ready to defend the Sol Emerald, even with the Barraki willing to take it, especially when the 2nd Dark Hunters, especially Carapar & Nocturn are more than willing to strike at the right time.)

Blaze (voice over): My quest to gather the Sol Emeralds has been long and difficult. I've had many trials and found all, but the seventh and final Emerald. It is in the clutches of not only the Barraki, but an barbarous robot pirate, Captain Metal. My friends and I now face he, Risky Boots, King K.Rool, the Barraki & Captain Whiskers.

Blaze, Twilight, Shantae, Lilac, Risky, K.Rool, Carapar, Nocturn, Pridak, Captain Whisker & Captain Metal: (look on before they sound off the signals) FIRE!!

(The Ships & Submarine begin to openfire at each other with cannonballs, while Kremlings & TinkerBats & Hunterbats begin raiding the ships, only to clash against their opponents during their raid, while the Tinker Tub MKV ram at the two ships & the sub with it's large & durable size, while the Giga Mermaid also ram at the oncoming Captain Whisker's ship, trying to push it back.)

(During the battles, the Mane 6 quickly ram & kick the Tinkerbats & Hunterbats off the boat, while clashing scimitars at the Kremlings. Shantae quickly hairwhips at the oncoming Tinkerbats & Hunterbats as well, Sash Lilac, Carol Tea & Milla Basset & Neera Li quickly use their dragon cyclones, cat scractes, green cube blasts & ice staff freeze attacks at the Kremlings, before Lilac can Dragon boost the Kremlings sky high into the sea near the Tinker Tub MKV.)

(Klump & Krusha quickly clashes with Sky, Bolo, Rottytops & Uncle Mimic, trying to grapple at them, while Uncle Mimic quickly knees at the gut of Krusha before he headbutts at his noggin, while Sky, Bolo & Rottytops dodges Klump's blunderbuss, to counter with Sky's strategic seagull charge & sudden bird summons to low sweep Klump & make fall back.)

Rottytops: (as she uses her own leg as a weapon & Bolo using his flail to smack the enemy pirates overboard) Who know the pirate's life can be this much fun! (Noticing Blaze jumping up & using burst hover to reach to Captain Metal & Pridak, who had the Sol Emerald) Hey, where are you going?

Cream: (as Plankton & the Dazzlings try to take out the Tinkerbats, Hunterbats & Kremlings, while Plankton spots a flying Nivawk overhead) Oh, Miss Blaze! Be careful! (fly & dropkick at a Tinkerbat, while working together with Cheese for tag team attacks)

Shantae: (jumps down with Twilight & Sash Lilac as well, after seeing Risky & K.Rool is also after the Sol Emerald as well) Twilight, Lilac, with me!

Twilight Sparkle: Risky! Metal! Pridak! This is your last chance! We've been more than reasonable, but your giving us no choice!

Blaze: (as Carapar & Nocturn climb aboard as well, seeing the 2nd Dark Hunters nearby getting ready to strike) Your piracy ends now, Captain Metal!

Risky Boots: (readies her scimitar with the others follow suite getting ready for a duel) Care to settle this like ladies & gentlemen?

Captain Metal: 'Tis yer end which be at hand, princess. The bitter end.

Pridak: (readies his signature swords) Let's see how much blood's in ya!

(The group charge forward to clash with their scimitars, Pridak's swords & Blaze's flames formed into a fire sword.)

Shantae: (as the Giga Mermaid Rams at Risky's ship, since it is a much bigger ship than the rest) (clashes with Risky, while Twilight & Sash Lilac clash with K.Rool, dodging his crown throw & blunderbuss attack) Risky! This is between us & your crew! You started this whole ordeal & brought every pirate in conflict!

Risky Boots: (as Carapar & Nocturn clash with Ehlek, Mantax & Kalmah as well) You know very well why we're interested on what makes the Sol Emeralds tick since you mentioned about it's purpose! Why does these gems keep this world together? That's were about to find out.

Blaze: (clashing more at Risky, Pridak & Metal) I will have the emerald! This world will fall apart if all seven are not reunited!

Pridak: (dodging & clashing with Blaze, Twilight, Shantae & Sash Lilac) Yes, but the Barraki will more than happy to take it from you...! If it can keep your world together than it's ultra strong to power anything destructive & powerful!

Captain Metal: Sadly, I be needin' it to power me Flyin' Fortress. So it be hanging onto it for now.

Plankton: (quickly pulls out a Mind Control Remote to plug into the Nivawk, after being thrown by the Dazzlings to get to the Nivawk closer) You mean my ship that you stole?! (Controls the Nivawk to swoop down at Captain Metal, trying to snatch the Emerald)

Sash Lilac: (dragon boosts at Kalmah, who tried to ambush her) What?! Your allowing to let this world suffer?!

Blaze: (as Metal clashes his claw with Blaze fire sword, while Twilight ducks down from the swoops with Shantae & Sash Lilac while clashing more with Risky Boots & King K.Rool) Hrrn! Look at the storm around us! This world is crumbling! Soon you have nothing to plunder!

Pridak: (as Blaze jump & clashes with Risky, Pridak & Metal) Oh please... It's only one world, we can always conquer another one, since the white fog situation is concerned!

Twilight Sparkle: (in shock, while Risky & K.Rool were a bit surprised as well, but remains focused) Metal, Pridak! Have you lost it?!

Captain Metal: Yer forgettin', princess. The Egg O' War can take us to other worlds. (Quickly grabs Blaze by the tail & slams her to Risky & K.Rool, who we're getting up slowly) So this world be welcome to rot! (Electrocutes the group before taking an unconscious Blaze with him)

Sash Lilac: (angered by Captain Metal & Pridak) That would be insane! Your the worst kind of monsters!

Pridak: (quickly grabbing Sash Lilac) Then you'll know what we can do next! (Quickly slams her to Shantae & Twilight)

Captain Metal: But before I can set sail, I need yer other six Emeralds. I'll be gettin' 'em outta ya. One way or anotherrr.

Plankton: (quickly swoops in & snatches Blaze & the Sol Emerald) Hand them over & MY ship!

Captain Metal & Pridak: (noticing Plankton & the Dazzlings & a Suukorak flying away on a Nivawk to the Egg O' War) Hey! (Chases after them, but getting pulled & slammed to the side of the ship by Risky & King K.Rool, before K.Rool suckerpunches the pirates down with a boxing glove & Risky blast both priates with her signature Cannon) Guah!

Risky Boots: Aha...! Quickly, I know a shortcut! (K.Rool turns on his helicopter back pack to fly, while propelling Risky upward when she used her pirate hat as a glider to fly towards the Egg O' War)

Ehlek: Pridak! Metal! Quick, dont let them escape! (Chases after the Plankton & Dazzlings with Mantax & Kalmah by swimming)

Carapar: Get back here! (Swims after them with Nocturn) Catch that Nivawk!

Nocturn: For the Motherlands!

Twilight Sparkle: (slowly getting up with Shantae & Sash Lilac, noticing Plankton & the Dazzlings take off with Blaze & the Sol Emeralds) Blaze!

Captain Whisker: (coming aboard the Metal Marauder with Johnny & his crew, brawling with the heroes & Risky's & K.Rool's crew as well) I'm back, and I've brought company!

Rainbow Dash: (pounding at Whiskers' crew) Come on! We'll take you all on!

Amy Rose: (as Klump & Krusha continue to raid on the Metal Marauder) You're part of this crew now too, Bean & Bark! Help us repel these boarders!

Pinkie Pie: (as Marine, Fluttershy & Milla notice Blaze being taken by Plankton & the Dazzlings) And a pair of crackerjack crocs to go with it!

Fluttershy: Eep! Blaze is kidnapped!

Marine: (notices in a panic) Strewth! Plankton & the sirens are makin' off with Blaze! And Risky, king of crocs, the sharp pirate thingo & a crab pirate thingo are right behind them!

Neera Li: We should've known. We best hurry & chase after them, before this world Dimension falls apart!

Marine: Cream! You, Amy, the Mane 6, Team Lilac, Shantae, Sky, Bolo & Rottytops gotta chase down Captain Metal! They nabbed Blaze & flew off toward that Egg-Ship Doovalacky!

Neera Li: It's pronounced Egg-O-War, Marine! But we're on it. They won't escape justice!

Cream: (get determined as Cheese holds a scimitar in determination) We'll save her! Won't we, Miss Amy?

Amy Rose: Marine, can you handle these pirates with just Uncle Mimic, Bean & Bark?

Marine: (smile) No worries, mate.

Uncle Mimic: Do not worry, with age comes wisdom... (quickly uppercuts at Klump) and experience...!

Shantae: (transform into her Harpy Form, while grabbing onto Sash Lilac's arms with her harpy feet, who she grab onto Shantae's legs) Be careful, Uncle... we'll be right back with Blaze & the Emeralds. (Begins flying up with the group, with Twilight, Rainbow & Fluttershy carrying Rarity, AJ, & Pinkie as always, while Sky, Bolo, Rottytops & the rest of Team Lilac climb aboard Wrench who transformed into Warbird for transportationm while avoiding the openfire from both pirate ships, especially the Tinker Tub, that is blasting more fiery cannonballs at the Metal Marauder, Captain Whisker's ship & Captain Metal's submarine with TinkerBats, Kremlings & Hunterbats continue to swarm)

Amy Rose: (as Cream begin to fly upward, carrying Amy with Cheese) Kick some pirate booty for us!

Marine: Too right! (Gives a thumbs up before clashing with Klump, dropkicking at his head & helmet)

Pinkie & Rottytops: (giggling) You said pirate booty.

Rainbow Dash: You know what we mean, Pinkie & Rotty.

Klump: (clashes with Marine) Krusha! Run & punt!

Krusha: (charges forward at Uncle Mimic, who quickly grabs at Krusha to try & push him back, with both men feeling their feet grinding on the metal deck) Give us back the princess & the shiny emeralds, please?

Marine: (as Bark punches at Captain Whisker, who charges at him, but got hit during the charge) Bark! You keep Whiskers busy! You lot force these pirates back to theif own ship! (as Uncle Mimic sends Krusha to the sail mast, by using Krusha's momentum against him) Uncle Mimic! Same with Klump & Krusha along with these tinkerbats & kremlings busy!

Uncle Mimic: I maybe a bit rusty, but I'll see what I can do, since I may have past my prime long ago.

Marine: (as Bean jumps onto the sub, playfully tossing bombs at Swash & Buckle who quickly began to panic & dodge the bombs the best they can to avoid Bean's insanity) Bean! You keep Captain Metal's cronies busy while we mop up them mongrels! (Kicks Klump back, while climbing the ropes of the mast) Have at 'em, men! Let's show these tin plated pirates not to mess with the Great Captain Marine!

Klump: (climbing up the ropes after Marine, while blasting his blunderbass of Klaptraps at her, while she quickly dodges the Klaptraps the best she can) Get down from there you ankle-biting bucaneer!

(The 2nd Dark Hunters, especially Carapar & Nocturn nod to each other, knowing that the time is right to strike.)

(Meanwhile... Aboard the Egg O' War...)

(Plankton & the Dazzlings manage to make their way to the energy core generator of the fortress & hook Blaze up to metal straps with coloured tubes that are the same colour of the Sol Emeralds.)

Adagio Dazzle: (as Plankton places the Red Sol Emerald into the core generator of the fortress) There, that should get this Flying Fortress powered up.

Sonata Dusk: Sleep tight, Blaziken. We'll be airborne in no time.

Plankton: (begins working on the computers to try & power up the Egg O' War) Thou my memories a bit foggy on how to start it up, but according to my calculations. We should have enough power to take off.

Aria Blaze: Good, the sooner we get this oversized egg airborne, the sooner we get back to Mobius to round up the rest of the Alliance.

Ehlek: (quickly arrives with Mantax & Kalmah in a surprise ambush, much to their surprise) Avast ye!

Mantax: Hand her over & the Zone's treasure!

Sonata Dusk: You forgot to say the magic word.

Adagio Dazzle: (groans a bit) You just don't know when to quit, do you, Barraki? Get out of our sight!

Kalmah: (angrily) Make us! We're not letting you steal everything from us! Our vengeance! Our Ultimate Engine! Our Conquest! Everything!

Sonata Dusk: Ok, ok, no need to be in a road rage! Just as soon as one of you goofus doofuses make us!

Risky Boots: (arrive with K.Rool, behind the Barraki) (aim her scimitar at the Barraki with King K.Rool aiming his large blunderbuss) To be fair, I was the one that started this whole ordeal & now I'm going to finish it!

Dazzlings/Barraki: (happily/angrily): Risky Boots!

Plankton: (surprised on more stowaways) And King K.Rool!

King K.Rool: (readies scimitar & blunderbuss) Plankton, Dazzlings, Whiskers, Barraki & Metal...! This time you will be sent out to sea! Don't you realise what we can do with the Sol Emeralds in one hand & soon the Chaos Emeralds in the other? This white fog situation may bring out drawbacks, but this is the most convient of times on we have more worlds to discover, more oceans to take over!

Pridak: (while the Barraki went from angrily to grinning evilly from hearing that certain voice) Correction, we have you! (Aim swords at Risky & K.Rool with Captain Metal's help)

Plankton: (facepalm in annoyance) Oh come on! More stowaways on my ship!

Captain Metal: You mean, my ship, Plankton!

Sonata Dusk: (gulps) Maybe we should've lose them first when we have the chance.

Risky Boots: Captain Metal, you know very well on how it all started. And it's time we end this!

Captain Metal: (as he & Pridak ready themselves) To think, you have me fooled Risky Boots, but now the games are over for all of you! I'll throw Ye all overboard for your treachery!

Ehlek: (turn to Risky, K.Rool, Plankton & the Dazzlings) Who's the goofus doofus now, mates?

Sonata Dusk: (giggles nervously) Yeah um, that be me.

Nocturn: (offscreen) Guess who?

Carapar: (arrive with Nocturn & the rest of the 2nd Dark Hunters, Krika, Storm Minion, Portal Egg Tank, Lurker, Tyrant, Spinner, Kraata-Kal, Minion, 5 Vorok & 5 Zesk, while the other 2nd Dark Hunters are battling out on the ships outside) Mind if we cut in?

Pridak: (turns to the 2nd Dark Hunters) YOU?!

Plankton: (angrily on more stowaways) What is even happening anymore?!

Makuta Krika: You should know better that you should never underestimate your foes, especially when they have labyrinth themed mindsets for every plan, including setbacks! Now shall we duel?

Risky, K.Rool, Pridak, Captain Metal: To the Death! (quickly clashes with Ehlek, Mantax, Kalmah, the Dazzlings & the 2nd Dark Hunters, while Plankton continues powering up the Egg O' War)

Plankton: (waking up Blaze) Oh Blaze? Blaze? Wake up Sleeping Beauty!

Captain Metal: (clashing Risky Boots with his claw) Wake up, lassie.

Blaze: (slowly waking up) Wha... (notices the group of villains & pirates on board) Risky! Metal! Pridak! And Plankton!

Captain Metal: Captain Metal, if you please!

Blaze: So your behind this abomination, arent you?

Plankton: (as Carapar, Nocturn & the Dazzlings clash against the Barraki, while the rest of the Dark Hunters help their new allies) Yes, yes! It was my long long "abomination" the entire time! Behold, the true name of the fortress, the Wily Egg / Death Bucket MK2. I'd registered the Death Bucket, so don't think of ripping me off! With this, Eggman, Wily & I can conquer many more worlds in the multiverse.

Risky Boots: (as Portal Egg Tank smacks at Captain Metal, while Plankton & Risky continue the start up sequence) But thankfully we salvaged it & now were going to use it to plunder many of the worlds oceans & their treasure! Prehaps new crewmates to boot.

Blaze: (as Pridak clashing more against the 2nd Dark Hunters & King K.Rool) As Captains, Pah! You're monsters. And neither you nor this abomination belong in this world! And to think, Risky. You had a hand in on stopping Neo Metal!

Carapar: (as Krika, Storm Minion, Lurker, Tyrant, Spinner, Minion & Kraata-Kal clashes against Captain Metal who tried to slam at them) Of course, it wasn't from your world. It was from past timeline that you & Silver miraculously know about.

Risky Boots: (clashes with Ehlek) And we were forced to team up by the 2nd Dark Hunters! What do you expect? They were threatening us all!

Captain Metal: (clashes with the Vorok & the Zesk with his sword & claw) Maybe so, but here I be, thanks to the Barraki. And the emerald be givin' power to the abomination as we speak!

Plankton: (manages to start up the Egg O' War, while Suukorak blasts at Mantax who blasts back at it & Plankton, while he barely dodges) Whoa! That's it!

Pridak: (feeling the Egg O' War coming to life) It's alive! It's alive! Now our reign can truly begin!

Captain Metal: (as the Egg O'War begins to take off from the ground & sea, as Marine, Bean, Bark, Uncle Mimic, the 2nd Dark Hunters Soldiers & pirates on the ship & Captain Whiskers' Crew looks on) At last me fortresss be takin' to the skies! Now I have the powerrrr to rain death and destruction wherever and whenever and whomever I see fit!

Plankton: (as Plankton, Dazzlings, Risky, K.Rool, 2nd Dark Hunters, Barraki & Captain Metal clash against each other even more with their swords, scimitars & other melee weapons) This is MY ship & I go where my Alliance want!

Risky Boots: It's time I teach you a lesson on why I was dubbed the Queen of the Seven Seas, scrap metal!

(Back Outside)

Uncle Mimic: (felt a bit worried) Well I'll be... it's taking off.

Krusha: That's no good.

Johnny: (terrified as well) Uh... Captain, I don't like the look at that thing.

Captain Whiskers: Darrr', neither do I, me lad. I think it be time to haul our wind for some other port at call! (Quickly retreats, jumping back onto his own ship with Johnny, Mini, Mum & the rest of the robotic pirates, leaving Marine, Bean, Bark, Uncle Mimic, Klump, Krusha & the 2nd Dark Hunter Soldiers & pirates behind)

Klump: Hey! The enemy's retreating.

Marine: (smiling while shaking her fist) Aye! That's right! Flee from the might of Captain Marine, you scurvy cowards!

Klump: (as he get ready with Krusha) Don't forget, you had us to deal with, as the great General Klump of the Kremlings, I'm willing to do anything to retrieve the target & it's gems of power!

Captain Whisker: (smirks, thou while annoyed of Marine & Klump) Let's give "Great Captain Marine", "General Klump" & the 2nd Dark Hunters, a parting shot, shall we?

(Mini & Mum openfires a missile from a Cannon to pierce through the Metal Marauder before it explodes near the Tinker Tub MKV, forcing it to return to it's original metallic form.)

Uncle Mimic: This doesn't look good.

Klump: Evasive retreat Troops! (escapes to the Tinker Tub MKV & Submarine with Krusha, Uncle Mimic, Bark, Tinkerbats, Kremlings, Hunterbats, 2nd Dark Hunters Soldiers & pirates, while carrying Marine to safety while the Giga Mermaid helps them climb aboard the Tinker Tub, as the Metal Marauder begins to slowly sink into the sea)

Marine: Well, I'll be stuffed. This is the second ship I've lost this week. (Notices Bean still having fun, chasing Swash & Buckle around the sub)

Bean: (chasing after the two, happily) Shiny robots! Shiny shiny robots!

Swash: (begins retreating into the water with Buckle, while both robots are panicking) Hang this, mate! Abandon ship!

Buckle: It'll be a long, wet walk back to pirate island!

Swash: Worth it to get away from that loon!

Bean: (seeing Swash & Buckle swimming away back to the island in a panic) (sadly) Shinies go bye bye.

Marine: (to Bark) Looks like our pirates jumped ship for Whisker's crew. Yer mate there scored us a sweet little sub & the Tinker Tub too, thou we're not sunk yet.

Uncle Mimic: (sighs) Your right, Marine. Thankfully we maybe out of danger for now, but it seems like there's still one last job left to finish.

Marine: Let's hope Blaze & the girls & Bolo can say the same.

Uncle Mimic: (begins thinking) Risky Boots, what are you planning?

(Back inside the Egg O' War)

(Risky, K.Rool, Plankton & Dazzlings continues clashing against Captain Metal & the Barraki, while the 2nd Dark Hunters were clashing & blasti against both sides, who were barely dodging from the blasts & sword slashes, when Captain Metal & Pridak saw from the monitors that Captain Whiskers' crew had fled from battle.)

Captain Metal: Harr! Captain Whisker had turned tail and run! His usual tactic! (Rams Risky near the controls with Pridak's help)

Risky Boots: (getting pushed back, but not willing to give up as she gives Nocturn an anchor for him to use against the Barraki & Captain Metal to whack at them with it) Now it's between us for conquest rights on this fortress!

Kalmah: That's fine with us!

Carapar: You have gone too far Barraki & Captain Metal! Now it's time we finish what we started!

Captain Metal: (pinning Risky, while Mantax tackles K.Rool & Kalmah & Ehelk push the Dazzlings & Plankton back) (setting the machine to Sol Emerald drain, while clashing with Krika) No matter! After the Barraki & I pull the power of the Sol Emeralds out of Ye, there'll be nowhere to run. Your world will collapse and we'll be off in our Egg O' War to plunder!

Nocturn: (trying to push the Barraki with the 2nd Dark Hunters help) You can't!

Pridak: (Rams at the 2nd Dark Hunters, Kraata-Kal, Spinner, Lurker, Minion & Tyrant with the Barraki's help) Now you'll witness the true power of the Barraki! (Pulls the switch to activate the Sol Emerald draining process)

Blaze: (feeling the Sol Emerald drain begin to painfully hurt her, while the rest try to reach for her) AARGH!! Why, you monsters?! Why?!

Pridak: Why? WHY?! I'll tell you why!!

Cream: (offscreen, interrupting Pridak) Because they're a group of big meanies!

Pridak: ?! (Turn with Metal & the Barraki & the rest of the group to see Cream, Cheese, the Mane 6, Shantae's group & Team Lilac) (screams in frustration) ARRGH! Shiver me muskrats!

2nd Dark Hunters: The girls!

Bolo: (offended) I'm still right here...!

Plankton: (facepalm) Ok, you know what. Next time, I'm upgrading my security!

Risky Boots: So you were here after all.

Twilight Sparkle: (with the group, angrily at the enemies for hurting Blaze) That's far enough, all of you!

Cream: Stop hurting Miss Blaze, you bad pirates!

Sash Lilac: You've already caused enough damage to this world & Blaze!

Shantae: We're going to knock you overboard for hurting our friend!

Captain Metal: More stowaways. Blaze, your friends and foes have such bad manners!

Amy: (suddenly jumps high ambushes the pirates with The aid of Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rottytops & Neera Li) Yeah! We're always dropping in uninvited! (quickly destroy the geneter tubes with Amy's Piko Hammer & Neera Li's ice staff to free Blaze to stop the draining to rescue her.) Of course, holding people captive is hardly the polite thing to do, either!

Pridak: (as the 2nd Dark Hunters smile from the turning point) (turn to the group) What?! (Got ambushed by Rainbow Dash, Rottytops & Carol) Hey-!

Rottytops: (as Rainbow lands on Pridak with a kick) You've been very naughty, I wonder how barraki brains taste!

Cream: (quickly pulls Captain Metal's jacket to cover his eyes with Fluttershy & Milla's help) I think you need a time-out, mister!

Captain Metal: (as Milla blasts green cubes at Ehlek, while Shantae hairwhips at Kalmah & Twilight, Applejack, Rarity & Pinkie Pie attacks at Mantax, with Twilight's alicorn magic, Applejack's kicks, Rarity's diamond magic & Pinkie Pie's party Cannon) (tears through his own jacket) Why you!... (got smacked hard with Pridak by Amy with one might swing of her Piko Hammer)

Pridak: (seeing Ehlek slashing at Milla, only to get rammed by Sash Lilac's Dragon boost & Carol's claw slashes, Mantax trying to battle against the Mane 6, while getting pelted by Sky's bird attacks & Dazzling's siren magic, while Kalmah trying to fight against Shantae's hairwhip with his tentacle weapon & squid launcher, thou getting overwhelmed by Bolo's flail attacks & mostly the 2nd Dark Hunters attacks) You should know that I'm not going down without a fight! (seeing Risky, K.Rool trying to reach for the emerald) Get down from there! (Powers out of Rottytops, Rainbow Dash. Carol & Bolo & chase after them, only for Cream to fly between his & Metal's legs with a thick green energy tube wire)

Captain Metal: Wench! When we get hold of ye... (trips with Pridak when Cream, Fluttershy, Neera Li & Milla pull the wire to make them trip)

Amy: (smacks both Metal & Pridak with her Piko Hammer) Hands and claws to yourself, ugly! (Seeing Risky, K.Rool & Plankton climbing after the Sol Emerald) Blaze! Go for the emerald! We'll handle these creeps!

Risky Boots: (as the BarrakI continue clashing & quickly pushing back Sky, Bolo, Rottytops & Neera Li) (quickly clashes with Shantae, Twilight Sparkle & Sash Lilac, who are helping Blaze go after the emerald as well, the best they can) So it's come to this...!

Twilight Sparkle: (as she, Shantae & Sash Lilac clashes at Risky & K.Rool & Plankton even more) Risky! You have a choice to make! Your either with us or against us!

Risky Boots: (smiles while seeing Ehlek, Mantax & Kalmah trying to give chase) Oh, but I already had. (The group we're confused on what Risky is talking about, while preparing themselves)

Cream: (as she spots Captain Metal & Pridak getting up & about to ambush at Amy & the rest of the girls from behind with a claw & Pridak's sword attack) Miss Amy, Look out!

Captain Metal & Pridak: (got blasted by Blaze's flames) Garrrr!

Fluttershy: (stepping back) Oh my goodness, oh my goodness...!

Amy Rose: Thanks, Blaze! Now go get that Emerald! (Jump & swing her Piko Hammer at Captain Metal)

Applejack: (seeing Ehlek, Mantax & Kalmah near Blaze, Twilight, Lilac & Shantae) Whoa, that's a little too close. We're coming! (Rushes up with Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Carol Tea & Milla Basset)

Captain Metal: (as Pridak grab hold of the Vorok by the tail & swing them like a bat at the Dazzlings, who got sent back near Plankton & the 2nd Dark Hunters, who steps back while catching the Vorok) (quickly catches Amy's hammer while she land her foot on his claw) No! That Emerald be mine! (Tosses Amy to Cream & Cheese & even Carapar, Nocturn, Krika, JO-EGG-BERN & Storm Minion to make them join with Sky, Bolo, Rottytops & Neera Li) (enraged) I'll peel the flesh from your bones fer ruining me plans!

Pridak: (turns to the group with an enraged look on his burnt face, while grabbing at Carapar & Nocturn's necks, while stomping at Neera, Sky & Rottytops) You've pestered me long enough! (as Ehlek, Mantax & Kalmah are grabbing hold of Blaze, Mane 6, Shantae, Team Lilac, Risky, K.Rool & Dazzlings, while Plankton thinks long & hard on what he must do) And he shall smite the wicked and plunge them into the fiery pit!

(Suddenly a huge blast of flames, bursts through Ehlek, Mantax & Kalmah, burning not only the 3 Barraki, but also melted Captain Metal's claw & left burning scorch marks on Pridak's back that cause Pridak to scream in pain. All while Ehlek, Mantax & Kalmah were left scorched & withered & tumble to the metal floor near Pridak.)

Pridak: (turn to the 3 Barraki in shock & horror, while the heroes smile happily from the sudden save, even the 2nd Dark Hunters know what this means as they stay back) Ehlek?! Mantax?! Kalmah?!

Captain Metal: (as he & Pridak look up & notice in deeper shock & horror) No! Nooo!

(From what both villains saw are not only the return of Blaze's super transformation, Burning Blaze of glowing pink fur with red & white variant clothes with enhanced fire powers, but also the burning Sol energies that have surrounded the Mane 6, Shantae & Team Lilac into achieving super natural burning abilities upon sharing the Sol Energies, while the Mane 6 now has a fire variant of rainbow power magic, glowing with coloured flames.)

Burning Blaze: (smiling with the Burning Rainbow Powered Mane 6 & fiery Shantae & Team Lilac) (as the Sol Emerald circle around her & the group) Oh yes, Captain Metal & Pridak. It's over.

Pridak: (stepping back in deep fear) That's not true! That's impossible...! (Tries to slash at them, only for his swords to be burnt off of his hands by the Mane 6, Team Lilac & Shantae)

Twilight Sparkle: It is possible, Pridak. We believe the Sol Emeralds had brought us all here for a reason. And it is that very reason that this Dimension must be protected & preserved from the likes of you pirates!

Pridak: (dropping his melted swords & tried to openfire squid launcher, but got whipped out of it's hands with a burning effect by Shantae) Yeow! How are you doing this?

Shantae: Don't ask me. (Turn to Risky, smiling to her)

Risky Boots: (wink to the group with King K.Rool, knowing that they're behind this turning point) Wink...

Plankton & Pridak: (surprised with the Dazzlings, that Risky Boots truly did a U-Turn on Captain Metal & the Barraki's plans) What?!

Risky Boots: (glowing as well, while wielding a newly powered Sol Scimitar as well) There can only be one ruler of the Seven Seas. You understand.

Nocturn: (as the 2nd Dark Hunters nod in approval) I believe that's our cue to vamoose.

Carapar: (as the 2nd Dark Hunters begin to leave) We'll leave you to it. Ta-Ta, forever. (Shoves Pridak in front of the heroes, before the 2nd Dark Hunters close the doors as the 2nd Dark Hunters make a retreat)

Pridak: (got shoved, while seeing the doors locked shut) No! You can't leave me like this!

Sash Lilac: Your all alone, Pridak! We won't forgive you for what you've done!

Burning Blaze: You might want to move, girls & Bolo. We're about to turn up the heat.

Captain Metal: (as Amy, Cream, Cheese, Neera, Sky, Bolo & Rottytops run away to a safer distance) Nay! 'Tisn't over yet! Me Egg O' War be powered up! I can still plunder! I can still fight! I can still fight! I can...! (Suddenly got interrupted by Pinkie)

Pinkie Pie: (covers Metal's jaw, which it's melted & it's voice box destroyed) Yeah yeah, we get it. (Powers up her pink Sol flames) LIGHT 'EM UP LADIES!

(Burning Blaze unleashes a blazing fire blast from the palm of her hand, the same could be said for the Sol energy powered Shantae with red flames, Sash Lilac with lilac flames, Carol Tea with dark green flames & Milla Basset with light green coloured, Twilight with magenta flames, Applejack orange flames, Rainbow Dash rainbow flames, Pinkie Pie pink flames, Fluttershy yellow flames & Rarity cyan flames & even Risky Boots with a fiery sword slash of purple flames, all aiming at Captain Metal & Pridak. Thou Pridak quickly grabs hold of Captain Metal to use him as a body shield, but to no avail as Captain Metal begins to melt from the extreme heat & fire power of the Sol powered flames in a combined Rainbow Blaze attack.)

Rainbow Dash: Rainbow Blaze!

Burning Blaze: (as Pridak is screaming in deep pain, as he is also engulfed in highly concerntrated flame blasts by Burning Blaze, Mane 6, Shantae, Lilac, Carol & Milla) Burn, Captain Metal. Pridak. You. Can. Burn.

(Pridak screams as he is suddenly blasted through by the Sol powered Flames while he is engulfed in colourful flames as he, Ehlek, Mantax & Kalmah we're falling off the balcony, burning through the Egg O' War, much to the surprise of Plankton, the Dazzlings & even King K.Rool, as they witness the 4 Barraki slowly burning & melting away through the Egg O' War to the outside like an escape hatch, while the Barraki scream for their doom as they were sent crashing into the ocean with a big splash.)

Aria Blaze: (looking down, while the first to break the silence) Whoa... now that's hot to the touch.

Rainbow Dash: (smirks) Another pair of villains burnt & busted. We did a great job, everypony! We are awesome pirates after all!

Pinkie Pie: Goody two-shoe pirates, to be exact!

Plankton: (is flabbergasted on what just happened) Risky! You mean all that hassle is so that no other pirate would rival you in your title of Queen or King of the Seven Seas? Was that all part of your plan the entire time?!

King K.Rool: Not all of it. I suppose Blaze is right for a change. Maybe we should recosinder this one time only.

Shantae: Does that mean...?

Risky Boots: Yes. I did said that I was learning the secrets of the Sol Emeralds & I did. Thou it does have a purpose for staying here. And with those pirates & other Thieves after it, it made things difficult to keep this world stable. Right now, I respect her wishes since I'm much too sentimental for my own good. After all, you did see me as something else that the rest of you couldn't since... well... the Pirate Master. (Shantae giggles a bit)

Fluttershy: (seeing Captain Metal's melted body, that only his hat remain) Oh dear...

Plankton: Ok, now that daddy's home in the Death Bucket, I can fix that. (place a sign that said "Death Bucket" over the "Egg O' War")

Sky: (groans a bit while keeping Plankton in check with Bolo, Rottytops & Neera Li) Oh would you give it up already?

Neera Li: You can't be serious...!

Amy: (seeing the melted body of Captain Metal & the hole that the burnt Barrak went though as well with Cream & Cheese) Uh... wow. You don't mess around, do you girls?

Captain Metal: (voice within the Egg O' War, that the group suddenly hear) Harr! Harr! Harr! Harr! Nor do I little wench!

Sonata Dusk: Zoinks! (Quickly jumps on Aria Blaze) He's a ghost!

Aria Blaze: Hey!

Plankton: (noticing this in surprise) Oh what's wrong now? It should be my ship!

Captain Metal: (voice within the Egg O'War): For the last time, Plankton! The Egg O' War belongs to me!

Amy: Captain Metal? How?

Cream, Fluttershy & Milla: He's a ghost?

Sonata Dusk: (panicking) I knew it, he's a ghost! (Got placed down by Aria) Oof!

Captain Metal: (voice within the Egg O' War) Arr! Ghost in the machine, one might say. Y'see, I downloaded me programming wirelessly into the Egg O' War before the princess & her friends burn me to cinders.

Adagio Dazzle: (surprised with Plankton, Aria & Sonata, knowing now that the plan of taking back the Wily Egg / Death Bucket MK2 is a loss cause now, while anger builds within Plankton from the revelation that Captain Metal had done) Then taking back Plankton's ship is a loss cause!

Captain Metal: (voice within the Egg O'War) (Sending out living multiple wires at the group) I dont need the Barraki or a body to fight ye, Blaze! Now I am the Egg O' War! You're trapped! I'll rip the Sol Emeralds from Ye, destroy yer world! Move on to others and destroy them as well! There's no escape! Prepare to...

Plankton: (couldn't take anymore of Captain Metal's ramblings) Ahhhhhh Shaddap! (Blasts the main controls on the word "Shaddap!" with his laser blast, Suukorak with King K.Rool's help with his blunderbuss, blasting a Cannonball at the main controls to paralyse the Egg O' War's movements & wires, causing the Captain Metal to scream that it can only stay airborne in one place)

Burning Blaze: (burns the living wires away) Enough of that. (Blasts a fireball at the escape hatch to open it, while the Mane 6, Shantae, Lilac, Carol & Milla continue to use their Sol energies to blast flames at the living wires to protect the group from danger)

Applejack: Plankton! Your ship is already lost! We need to destroy it now!

Plankton: But we couldn't just leave it! Eggman, Wily & I worked on it for a very long time during our team-up!

Shantae: What choice do you have now since there's a "ghost in the machine"?

Sash Lilac: You will leave this part of the past behind you, Plankton!

King K.Rool: (as Plankton begins to think) Got anymore bright ideas?

Burning Blaze: You all hurry to safety! I'm going to fry this Egg'O War!

Twilight Sparkle: (smile a bit) We'll take your word for it, this time.

Shantae: We can help you out if anything happens.

Amy: (as she, Cream, Cheese, Mane 6, Shantae's group, Team Lilac, Risky, K.Rool & Plankton & the Dazzlings quickly rush into the escape tube) Go for it, Blaze!

Plankton: (giving up) Ok, ok! You win! Scramble this Egg O' War!

(The Mane 6, Shantae & Team Lilac use their Sol energies to fly with flames, while carrying Sky, Bolo, Rottytops, Risky, King K.Rool & Plankton, while the Dazzlings turn to their flying Siren Forms to carry the team as well, while Cream flies with her ears flapping, while carrying Amy Rose to safety with Cheese.)

King K.Rool: (as Burning Blaze begins to fly up to the core & charge up her flame powers with help of the Mane 6, Shantae & Team Lilac, who were charging up their Sol Energy Flames) I'm getting too old for this!

Computer: Internal Temperatures increasing to Dangeous Levels!

Captain Metal: (voice within the Egg O' War) Shut up, Computer! i know!

(Cream & The Dazzlings continue to carry Amy, Cheese, Sky, Bolo, Rottytops, Neera Li, Plankton, Risky & King K.Rool to the Tinker Tub MKV & the submarine to regroup with Marine, Bean, Bark, Klum, Krusha & Uncle Mimic while they are witnessing the spetical.)

Computer: (as Burning Blaze, Mane 6, Shantae & Team Lilac continue to charge up their Sol Energy Flames to new heights) Warning, Catastrophic Failure Imminent!

Captain Metal: (voice within the Egg O' War) Blaze! Stop this! Call your fiery friends off right now! I will not be defeated!

Burning Blaze: BURNING FIRE BOOST! (unleashes a powerful Burning Fire Boost that pierce through the Genesis Reactor, destroy it in a fiery inferno with the help of the Mane 6, Shantae & Team Lilac who quickly assisted Burning Blaze in the Burning Fire Boost attack with their own coloured variants of the move to blast through the Egg O' War's insides & out of it like a firework display to rejoin with Burning Blaze)

(A melted, burnt & damaged Pridak, Ehlek, Mantax & Kalmah slowly climb out of the ocean & on a small rocky Boulder, flickering, to barely witness the Egg O' War's destruction right before their very eyes.)

Captain Metal: (feeling lots of critically damage to him from the multiple colourful Burning Fire Boosts attacks) Curse you, Blaze!! You cannot win! (Blaze, the Mane 6, Shantae & Team Lilac nod as they charge up their Sol Energy flame powers for something big) You cannot beat me!!

(Burning Blaze, the Mane 6, Shantae & Team Lilac unleashes their combined massive fire blasts that tears through the Flying Fortress with a giant hole through the centre, which sends it plummeting to the sea, crashing & sinking into the deep & also crashing on top of the 4 screaming Barraki that we're crushed underneath the massive weight of the Flying Fortress debris. With the flying fortress sunk, Burning Blaze, the Mane 6, Shantae & Team Lilac fly back to the Tinker Tub & the submarine.)

Pinkie Pie: Now those are some fireworks!

Uncle Mimic: (smile) That's one way to end the battle. Well done to you all.

Sky: (happily with Rottytops, Bolo, Uncle Mimic & even Neera Li who also smiled from the girls' accomplishments) Girls! You did it!

Krusha: (confused on the Fire special from earlier) Uh, what did they do?

Marine: (happily with Amy, Cream & Cheese) You are one rip-snorter, twist & twirl!

Amy: Way to go, Blaze! You too, Mane 6, Shantae & Team Lilac! Sonic, SpongeBob & the others couldn't have done it better!

Adagio Dazzle: (smile with Aria & Sonata) It is, dare I say it, a Dazzling perforcemance.

Klump: (acting naturally, after on what he just witnessed) Oh uh... yeah.

Plankton: All my Wily Egg / Death Bucket plans... ruined! That does it, I'm doing this the old fashion way.

Rarity: Why thank you, it is very smashing that we've all band together as a team...

Cream: (as Twilight, the rest of the Mane 6, Shantae & Team Lilac return to normal form, returning the Sol Energies to the Sol Emeralds) You look pretty when you're on fire, Miss Blaze?

Cheese: Chao, chao!

Burning Blaze: Thank you, my friends. (Holding the 7 Sol Emeralds) The Sol Emeralds are in unison and this world is stable and safe once more. And it wouldn't have happened without your help.

Bean: (looking at the Sol Emeralds while gazing upon it) Shiiinniees! (Got pulled back a bit by Bark, who warned him not to take them)

Blaze: (returning to normal when keeping the Sol Emeralds safe) It's alright, Bark. (To Bean, Bark, Risky, Kremlings, Plankton & Dazzlings) I don't approve of your mercenary & piracy ways. But it's clear that you had a part to play in bringing the emeralds back together. My memories of your world maybe vague and fuzzy... but I know when we last met a connection was made to the Sol Emerald that I was hunting down. The emeralds have a will of their own. Somehow they knew I would need your help to defeat Captain Metal & the Barraki. That is why you were summoned to this world.

Plankton: Wait... the connections to the Death Bucket...

King K.Rool: (nod with Risky) Our past pirate lives...

Sonata Dusk: And our connection to the Mane 6....

Sash Lilac: And the bonds of friendship we've made in our previous adventures....

Shantae: (smiling happily with Sky, Bolo, Rottytops, Uncle Mimic & the Giga Mermaid) All mixed together into one big journey on reuniting the Sol Emeralds...

Fluttershy: Do we realise what that means?

Rarity: We all had a connection In the previous adventure & the previous life & to one another with the Sol Emerald and we didn't even know it.

Twilight Sparkle: (is surprised) Oh my gosh, it's acutally genius!

Pinkie Pie: (gasps & turn to the viewers that the Sol Emeralds have a will of their own) It knows.

Blaze: (smiles happily) My quest is at an end! I dont know whether to laugh or cry!

Carol Tea: I don't know, possibly both.

Plankton: Oh brother...

Applejack: Well Plankton, hopefully y'all learned a valuable lesson.

Plankton: (sarcastic) Oh I certainly did. (Normal voice) Next time with the correct emeralds, I'll do it right. (Laughs a bit, before getting stepped on by Amy's boot for that remark) Ouch!

Cream: Were so happy for you, Miss Blaze!

Cheese: (happily) Chao!

Pinkie Pie: This calls for a big vacation party to celebrate!

Milla Basset: That sounds like fun!

Sonata Dusk: Ooh ooh, will there be tacos there?

Amy Rose: Now that is through, you should take a holiday! You deserved it!

Shantae: Yes, you've earned it very much.

Sash Lilac: Yes, but may we remind you there could still be other threats & places that are still out there to be discovered.

Blaze: Lilac's right. A holiday sounds nice, but I must keep the emeralds safe. There is still much evil in my world to defend against!

Neera Li: Indeed, we all have a part to play on suppressing the chaos to maintain order. Thou right now, I'm more than willing to rest for a bit. But I have a feeling you won't, Blaze. (Smile a bit) I respect your determination & Spirit.

Marine: Ha! Ol' Blaze wouldn't chuck a sickie if her life depend on it!

Amy Rose: (sighs, while Sonata tried to pull Plankton out from under the sole of Amy's Boot) No rest for the weary.

Rainbow Dash: (smiles) Eeyup.

Blaze: No indeed, and I suspect you have work waiting for you at home, my friends.

Twilight Sparkle: Of course. The top secret project that the Freedom Fighters have been working on. We've forgot about it.

Amy: I'm not sure why, but with all this white fog situation recently, I have a feeling "home" is never going to be the same again.

Twilight Sparkle: (wondering what is Amy thinking on her mind, thinking it had something to do with her past life in the Pre-Genesis World as well) I know. Me too.

Shantae: Right, so it looks like we & Team Lilac are along for the ride.

Neera Li: Agreed. We don't know what else is next for us.

Cream: But how will we get back?

Risky Boots: (gets an idea) We should've known. The Sol Emeralds, of course.

Blaze: Correct. The Sol Emeralds have brought you here in their darkest hour. Now that they are United once more, they have the power to send you home.

Fluttershy: We we're enjoying spending our time together. Despite our... scary close calls. At least we enjoyed our bond together along the way. Even thou there's no place like home.

Amy: (as she, Cream, Cheese, Blaze, Marine, the Mane 6, Shantae, Sky, Bolo, Rottytops & Team Lilac join in the cuddle, while Neera Li feels a bit hesitant on the cuddling) Good luck to you, Blaze!

Cream: We'll miss you!

Rainbow Dash: (getting all emotional & sappy) Hopefully we will see each other very soon. I promise myself I wouldn't cry.

Neera Li: (feeling a bit too much affection as Bean, Bark, Risky, K.Rool, Klump, Krusha, Plankton & the Dazzlings look on, even Sonata bring Risky & the rest of the Dazzlings to join the cuddle, while Bean wipes a tear from his eye with his red handkerchief, Bark smiling with Uncle Mimic, while Klump begins crying, while Krusha comforts him) Ok, that's a bit too much affection. Can we at least cuddle one at a time? Hello? (Sighs while feeling a bit emotional)

Klump: (as the group gather together, while Blaze & Marine face them, with Blaze ready to send the rest home) I'd miss'em already!

King K.Rool: Show your dignity, Soldier.

Blaze: Goodbye, my friends. Until we meet again. (Begins using her fire powers & the Sol Emeralds to teleport Amy, Cream, Cheese, Bean, Bark, Mane 6, Shantae's group, Team Lilac, Risky, Kremlings, Plankton & the Dazzlings back home on Planet Mobius)

Marine: (waving goodbye) Lob in any ol' time! And say g'day to Sonic and Tails for me!

Shantae: We will. Goodbye Blaze & Marine!

(As the group we're teleported away, Blaze & Marine we're left alone on the submarine)

Marine: (crying waterfall tears) Baw!!

Blaze: What's the matter, Marine?

Marine: I miss 'em already too!

(In Underwater)

(The camera moves into the depths of the deep underwater sea where the remains of the Egg O' War & the 4 Barraki were seen, only the 4 Barraki's heads, mask, armour, arms, legs, weapons were left scattered in the bottom of the sea.)

(4 Beings walk up to the masks of Pridak, Ehlek, Mantax & Kalmah, having picked up the heads & masks & it is shocking to reveal that there's another Pridak, Ehlek, Mantax & Kalmah, who were actually cured while wearing Sea Monster like Armor to help them breathe underwater, meaning the 4 Barraki that the heroes & villains faced & with Captain Metal are defective clones.)

Real Pridak: I'd told you these clones are defective.

Real Ehlek: And they think they fought & beatened the real thing. Very similar & yet so identical.

Real Mantax: And by then, we will be long gone.

Real Kalmah: Yes, thankfully it manage to please our upper management.

Real Pridak: (turns to two approaching figures with a group) Speak of the devil. Took you long enough.

(The 2 figures appear to be Carapar & Nocturn along with the 2nd Dark Hunters)

Carapar: Everything is all placed. The defective clones had been taken care of. Thanks to you.

Nocturn: Yeah, it be like old times!

Real Pridak: (drops Fake Pridak to the sea floor) Still, no word on Takadox's whereabouts?

Carapar: Not yet. But right now, it's good to finally know that the Real Barraki have came home to the 2nd Dark Hunters. Let's go.

Real Mantax: I actually owe the Dark Hunters for this gratitude of reviving you both on the Red Star. Only this time, we got you out of there this time.

Real Ehlek: Thou that does beg the question. In past times, the first Dark Hunters kill & collect for the sake of profit & protection to avoid facing torture or worse. Death's too easy by the way.

Real Pridak: But back on the subject at hand, why you two & the 2nd Dark Hunters go through all this trouble to collect a lot of ultimate gem & objects of power & force others to help you, only to release them soon after? And testing each of & every heroes & villains with... tests of unity?

Makuta Krika: All in due time. Only the 3 Leaders know about labyrinth theme plan & mindset. Once you know the secrets on our involvement, let's just say that it is a preparation of an omen of things to come in the near future.

(The 2nd Dark Hunters & the Real Barraki reach to the surface of Pirate Island where they enter through Vanisher's portal back to base. However, as they leave. The eyes of the Egg O' War & the 4 Fake Barraki barely flickered before their eyes shine bright with red light, indicating that they're not finished yet.)

(Back on Planet Mobius in Mobotropolis.)

(Amy, Cream, Cheese, Bean, Bark, Mane 6, Shantae's group, Team Lilac, Risky, Kremlings, Plankton & the Dazzlings were seen teleported back in the centre of the city, thou most were happy to be back, Amy & Twilight were shown concerns upon arriving back.)

Shantae: Whoa... did it work?

Cheese: Chao?

Cream: (happily with Cheese) Miss Blaze did it! We're home!

Pinkie Pie: Home sweet home!

Plankton: Thank goodness. We're glad that's over & done with.

Amy: (a bit concern with Twilight, even thou her mind's a bit foggy, while Twilight's memory is clear) We are?

Sash Lilac: What is wrong Amy & Twilight? Arent you two happy to be back?

Amy: Well yes, but the truth is... (looking around) Things seem to be a little off to me. Different somehow...

Twilight Sparkle: (noticing something very different, seeing the kingdom is all natural & not made of nanites) You might be right, Amy... the timeline really has changed.

Risky Boots: Since we're done with the redecorating, I'll be off now.

Pinkie Pie: Hey guys, somepony's here to see us! (Point to the familiar town next to the Castle of Acorn & Mobotropolis)

(The group we're surprised to see that a colourful group of equestrian Ponies were baffled & confused on what's going on, as the mysterious white fog had struck again with the towns of Equestria, mostly Ponyville & Canterlot had appeared within the Royal Hill Zone by the mysterious white fog, secretly Genesis Portals, which is happening more & more frequently as of late.)

Rottytops: (breaking the silence) I like it.

Milla Basset: (is surprised) Oh my goodness... What happened?!

Twilight Sparkle: (noticing this with a group, in a panic) Not again!

Shantae: (is surprised) Is that what I think it is?

Amy Rose: (is surprised as well, while Twilight is trying to breathe in & out to calm down) I think we need to find Sonic, SpongeBob & the rest of the Crossovers...

The End

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