Adventure Idols! is a Japanese animated television series.

Plot Edit

Season 1 Edit

2 girls are adventurers who suddenly became idols!

Season 2 Edit

A new villain arrives!

Season 3 Edit

The girls find a ship and they became the passengers of it.

Characters Edit

Main Edit

  • Ayaka (彩花) - The main protagonist.
  • Chiyo (千代)

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  1. Starting Now... (今から始める... Ima Kara Hajimeru) Release Date:
  2. First Activity! (最初の活動! Saisho no Katsudō!)
  3. Adventures and Idols (冒険とアイドル Bōken to Aidoru)
  4. Step Up! (ステップアップ! Suteppu Appu!)
  5. The World is Go (世界は行く Sekai wa Iku)
  6. Solo, Complete! (ソロ、完全! Soro, Kanzen!)
  7. A Special Treasure Song (特別な宝の歌 Tokubetsuna Takara no Uta)
  8. Personality Switch! (人格スイッチ! Jinkaku Suitchi!)
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